Best Best Office Chair for Good Posture

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1. CHADIOR Ergonomic Kneeling Stool Chair

CHADIOR Ergonomic Kneeling Stool Chair

The kneeling chair can be used to adjust the angle of your lower body to make it easier to sit in a chair. The knee pads help keep you from leaning too far forward while you are working. The rolling knee chair height can be adjusted with the turn lever under the seat. The stool can be adjusted from 22 to 28 inches. The x-frame kneeling stool is built to handle an upper weight limit of 300 lbs. It is stain and tear resistant. Thick foam is filling the seat pad and knee rests to give you extra comfort. The 4 well built caster wheels allow you to move around in the chair relatively easily, with two of the wheels locked to prevent unwanted movement. The kneeling chair for work desk is sleek and all black, it's the perfect fit for your home, office, classroom, and anywhere you need a little extra support. Their simple set-up design and easy to follow instructions make it fast and easy to assemble your kneeling office chairs. Their simple set-up design and easy to follow instructions make it fast and easy to assemble your kneeling office chairs.

Brand: Chadior

👤I wanted to try a chair like this. I was skeptical at first, but I am very happy with my purchase. The chair has thick cushions for the seat and knees. It seems very sturdy so far, and it is convenient that the height can be adjusted. It helps me to keep my posture straight. I plan to use it for eyelash extensions and facials to see if it would be useful. It arrived 4 days earlier than expected. If you are considering purchasing, do so!

👤My wife told me that the chair was difficult to assemble and that there were concerns about understanding the directions. The chair came with all the parts, no extras, and only 3 tools to assemble it. The directions were much more clear than the translations from Chinese to English. The drawings clearly showed where the parts went in relation to the chair. Nice! I put it together in 15 minutes while watching a rerun. There were no issues.

👤My spouse was missing her kneeling chair from work so I got this chair for her. She uses this chair for half the day and a normal office chair for half. Installation was a little difficult at times.

👤If you have chronic Scoliosis pain, you should buy this chair or continue to suffer from frequent fatigue, limited breath capacity, and stabbing/burning/numb pain. To work well for you, this chair needs to be in the correct position to do its job. It's better for someone to watch you so they can suggest whether it's better to go up or down based on your height. Further analysis: Most products on the market for back pain are not intended for people with a genetic condition. I've been sitting since I was 11 years old. I had to go to physical therapy in college because of Scoliosis, which affects breathing, energy levels, and concentration. I need those things to do my job. My spine is made to curve and my body is trying to compensate. Chronic physical pain and fatigue are the result of an internal struggle. When I left college and started working in an office, I found that I was exhausted about half way through the day. It was understandable that I would get tired so quickly because I was still working to support my 150Ibs, even with one of those stupid foam pads behind or under me. When I sat at my desk, my breathing was shallow. Unless I used my core and thigh muscles to maintain a straight and upright position, my right lung is in the way, and my diaphragm isn't able to fully expand. I still have to do the following to make sure I am not in pain: keep the angle of my feet slightly pigeon toed, have a slight bend in my knees, and tilt my pelvis. My tailbone drops, my hips come forward, my shoulders are back and my neck is extended. I will give an award to anyone who stands for more than 5 minutes while also working on a computer. I stumbled upon the kneeling chair design. I am so happy I did. Sometimes I feel like crying because I dread coming back from a lunch break. There is a This particular design will not hold up for more than a year due to my weight, but it is not a huge issue. I plan to use this at home. The padding will break down after a year. If your shoulders are back and hanging down, then your forearms should make a ninety degree angle at your elbow, and your wrists should follow your forearms. This is the best position for pain free sitting according to my Chiropractor. If you're used to having pressure on your shins for extended periods of time, you'll need to understand that unless you're used to having knees above the edge of the padding, they will hurt from pressure. I am not suggesting that. If you do that, you could end up with bruised shins, that is an extreme, but it does happen in skiing. I think shin pain is a small price to pay for me to be able to work without being miserable, have full breath capacity, and not be exhausted after an hour.

2. DRAGONN Ergonomic Kneeling Adjustable Office

DRAGONN Ergonomic Kneeling Adjustable Office

All tools and user instructions are included, so it's easy to assemble. Please email them directly, they will offer you satisfactory solutions asap, because this office chair has a 2 years warranty. They have your back, and your knees, shins, and behind. The mesh three-inch thick cushion on your kneeling chair will ensure excellent support. It has the same freedom to move as your old office chair. When first using or changing positions throughout the day, it is best to get used to the different muscles in a kneeling chair. There is no need to hunch over your desk for hours on end. The posture chair has a functional design that makes it easier to stand and to sit in one place. It will keep your back at an upright position, distributing your weight evenly throughout your legs and buttocks. The heavy duty kneeling stool has a strong metal base and is constructed to last. The chair supports up to 250 lbs. The new kneeling stool is sleek and all black, it's perfect for your home, office, classroom, or anywhere you need a little extra support. The DRAGONN chair can be adjusted to the size that suits you. You can find the perfect position from 21" to 31" You will wonder why you didn't get this earlier when you sit in their chair.

Brand: Dragonn

👤I bought this chair because of the positive reviews. I feel a warning to anyone looking to replace their current office chair with one of these is justified, based on my painful experience, because my problem with the chair is likely not do to this specific make or model, but I feel a warning to anyone looking to replace their current office chair with I work at a desk job where I sit in front of a computer for 8 hours a day. I was hoping a kneeling chair would help with my posture problems. I used the chair for 3 days after I received it. I noticed a gradual increase in the amount of pain in my knees on Friday. I discovered blisters which did not heal after 6 days. If you spend only an hour or so in the chair with constant breaks, kneeling chairs are fine. I can't imagine why anyone who sits so rarely or little would care, especially if they paid over $100 for a chair, so I can't imagine who these are good for. There is a It was a complete waste of money, so I would recommend you try one of these before buying, and use it for at least 2 days.

👤Back was killing me, I'm 215 lbs. I took a week or so to build up the muscles in my shins in order to get used to the new weight distribution. I'm very happy with this chair, but I'm going to get a nicer one down the road.

👤The chair was reviewed from the perspective of my own. The chair is more comfortable than the bottom. The knees are more comfortable than the old kneeling chair. The eye is the epitome of kneeling-chair design. Kneeling is cool, right? The brain is self-impressed by feats of assembly, about 20 minutes from box opening to kneeling, excludes the week of Procrastination.

👤Better than the Sleekform chairs. This chair has a tilted seat which you need to use in a kneeling style chair. It's highly individualized for people who are short and tall because of its seat height and knee height. Despite being young and healthy, I have chronic hip and lower back pain and this has saved me when I need to sit and work at the computer. I have a standing desk with a balance board, but I can't stand all day, so this chair has been great.

👤I was overwhelmed with research when I was thinking of getting a kneeling chair. There were so many available that they looked the same. I went with this one because of its rating. Many of the chairs were rated for 220, and I am about 220 lbs. The chair was easy to put together. I thought the instructions were missing, but they were inside the bag with one of the cushions. I had to use a mallet to get one of the pins through the hole, but other than that it was fine. The chair is strong. Casters are a standard issue furniture component. I like the thicker pads. I am new to this kneeling chair business, so I am still getting used to the feel, but that is usually alleviated by re-positioning, to find the "sweet spot." I bought this for my office and am thinking about getting another. It is recommended.

3. Ergonomic Kneeling Computer Cushion Assemble

Ergonomic Kneeling Computer Cushion Assemble

If you play a lot of video games, investing in an appropriate chair is a must. The chair must protect your body from the damage of wear and tear. The use of kneeling chairs for teenagers can help prevent hunchback, correct and improve poor sitting posture, and promote better physical development. The kneeling chair is used by adults to promote blood circulation and relieve neck pain. The wooden pieces are firmly connected to the natural Birch Material stool. The ups and downs of the human body during the manufacturing process are taken into account to reduce the fatigue of sedentary sitting. The kneeling chair is suitable for people of all ages and weights less than 220 pounds. It's suitable for a table over 23.6" The surface of the cushion is made of cotton and linen fabric, which is anti-wrinkle and skin-friendly. The seat cushion is 2.2 inches thick and filled with a high density sponge to create a comfortable sitting feeling. This chair needs to be assembled. The package has drawings and hardware tools.

Brand: Infant Shining

👤When I saw that some people had complained of knee pain, I had reservations about buying this chair. I tried it out on the computer for about four hours after I bought it. I did not experience any pain. I was very happy with the purchase.

👤It's a nice chair, but not a discreet one.

👤The chair is easy to assemble. The tool is used for assembly. I found a spare bolt. The quality is worth what I paid. I've never used a knee chair before, but I really like it. It is easy to hold your back. My back is not as tired as it was before I started using this chair. Thank you for making this product, I received what I paid for. Thank you again!

👤It was difficult to figure out how to assemble from the paper. I went with instinct and was successful.

4. Serta 43675 Leather Executive Chair

Serta 43675 Leather Executive Chair

It's for an executive. The Serta Big and Tall Executive Office Chair is a great option for enhancing your office experience. The big and tall is able to support up to 350 pounds. The dating experience. There are deep layers of plush body pillows. There is an adequate napkin support. An elevated head rest for taller people. It's easy to move around with multi-surface, dual-wheel designer casters.

Brand: Serta

👤I was a college student who got their first desk chair and bought a room full of furniture from the last tenant of my house for a couple hundred dollars. I loved my chair because I could sit criss-cross applesauce and lean back so much that I could sleep. We spent a lot of time together because it had no butt support and the entire thing was held together with packing tape. I appreciated it more than rational thought. The final straw was when I was napping and one of the legs snapped, almost hitting my head on the corner of my bookshelf. I kept this chair for another 8 months because I loved it so much that I taped a tide Pod box to the broken leg and played russian roulette every time I leaned back. I decided it was time for my Tide Pod Box Chair to go to the big office after I got a student job. TPBC's legacy is to emphasize how picky I was when selecting a chair, and how reluctant I was to get a new one. I searched for days before ordering this one. It seems that every chair in the world has a different review. One review says it's comfortable, tall, and has great support, while another says it kicked their dog and stole money from their savings account. I assure you that this chair is good. It took me less than half an hour to assemble it. I sat in this desk chair and had no idea what support felt like. While I can't sit completely criss-cross, I can twist my body into many comfortable positions with how wide the seat is. I don't think it would give me a lot of wiggle room for my friends, but I'm happy with what I have. The perfect angle for me to tilt my head back and rest is when I lean back, because the top of my head goes a couple inches above the back of the chair. The legs are strong. I'm leaning back as far as I please, and I think after a bit of use it will lean back as far as I'd like. The lowest setting for my desk is a little high, but my legs fit under it. The baby looks just like the picture. The cushions provide good back/spine alignment and the cushion at the front of the seat provides more support and prevents me from tipping forward, which is not a bad thing. The height adjustment and the twisty thing do their jobs perfectly. If you don't want to spend a lot of money on an executive chair with a lot of confusing reviews and you don't have the ability to find a chair in a store, this is a really bad idea. Great chair.

👤This is not true advertising. The item description says serta, but it is not a serta chair. I have a Serta chair at my office, but I wanted it at home. This chair is not a Serta. Very disappointed and dissatisfied.

5. Sleekform Amsterdam Shoulders Comfortable Circulation

Sleekform Amsterdam Shoulders Comfortable Circulation

Reducue Pina The open hip angle of the Amsterdam encourages an active upright posture. The kneel position is comfortable for bended knees. A chair that improves posture. The Amsterdam has a thick seat and comfy memory foam knee rest cushions, 3 metal cross bars, and is able to last longer. It is easy to keep clean with the faux leather. It has a weight capacity of almost 260 pounds. The cushions are heavy-duty. It's perfect for anyone who is 5'3" to 6'3" and is table height 29” The Amsterdam is a perfect posture corrector for meditation, study, writing, computer work, gaming, a sewing or crafting chair or a posture correcting chair. The rocking motion provided by the Amsterdam helps increase blood flow and energy and helps you relax for long periods of time. The balance and rocking make sitting comfortable for tailbone, coccyx. The rocking motion provided by the Amsterdam helps increase blood flow and energy and helps you relax for long periods of time. The balance and rocking make sitting comfortable for tailbone, coccyx.

Brand: Sleekform

👤I've had a few kneeling chairs, so I knew what to expect. My biggest complaint was that after sitting for long periods of time, my posture starts to slip. The rocker legs on this one have completely changed the situation. The entire experience has improved because I can make small adjustments quickly and easily. I can sit for a long time. The padding on this is exceptional. A lot of other kneeling chairs use less than this one. They're good enough at first, but not long after. This one is going to last a long time, and will be used more often. Everyone in my house has liked it and I had reservations about it not being adjusted. The chair was very different in heights and weights. No changes were needed. I think that will give this chair more longevity since it isn't being switched around a lot and doesn't have all those possible points of failure as some of the different versions do. Great product and company. It is highly recommended to anyone considering it.

👤I have a L4 L5 disc. The back specialist recommended this chair. I bought a non rocking one for work. It doesn't have the right slant when I kneel and it hurts my knees. The rocking chair I bought for home was the older style. I really like that feature. The kneeling chair was famous because of the older style. I watch TV in my living room. It's more comfortable with a disc in the back. The padding on the knees is thick. The rocking allows gravity to tilt you in a certain way so your back is straight. It's better than the one I have at work. My adult children tried to take it with them. I told them to go by themselves.

👤The chair needs to be comfortable for someone much larger than me. I can't perch on the edge with my weight on my knees because my a55 won't reach the seat. The leg supports are so far apart that it feels like a birthing chair. The position this contorts me into is worse than a regular chair for my sciatic nerve. My partner is not a giant at 5'8". The foam, metal tubing, and black material are all of the same quality and look as a piece of cheap exercise equipment.

👤I have lower back pain and have spine issues. I had back and neck pain and had headaches because I was hunching over in a regular chair. It is impossible to hunch over in this chair unless you want to faceplant into the table in front of you. I used it for a few hours last night and it didn't bother me at all.

👤I liked the chair. I was 5 feet 10 and 180 lbs, and it worked for my spina-bifida-related arthritic lower back pain, but after only 2 months one of the metal bars snapped, making the chair unstable. I had never put too much stress on the chair while I was sitting on it. I tried to get in touch with the seller to see if they could offer a replacement part, but I was unable to get in touch with an Amazon employee who said the product was outside of the return window. I guess that's why Amazon asks you to buy insurance on furniture purchases. My review would have been better if I had been able to get service in a timely manner. I tried another kneeling chair, but didn't like it as much. I was able to fix this one with Gorilla Tape, and it works just fine if it's a bit noisy. I would pay more for a style and dimensions that is made with better quality materials and components, but this was cheap, so in the end it was worth it.

6. Gaming Office Chair Executive Computer

Gaming Office Chair Executive Computer

SAMOFU Home Office promises to provide you with zero-profit product accessories if there are any quality problems. The chair with flip-up arms is a racing style gaming chair. If you want to get something more compact or have more freedom in your movements, the armrests can flip up when not in use. Keeping you comfortable for long hours of work or game. The comfortable padded seats allow for good posture. Lower back pain can be prevented by sitting in one position for too long. It's a good option for every type of gaming. The long-period use of the High Density Sponge Cushion is assured. The fully-wrapped cushion alleviated pressure on the tail bone to provide the highest level of comfort possible. Leather chairs can be titled up to 112 degrees, which will allow you to lean forward or back, which will make you feel relaxed and reduce muscle pain. If you are a regular game player, investing in an appropriate chair is a must. The chair must protect your body from the damage of wear and tear.

Brand: Olixis

👤A child could do it. If they had big arms. There were all the parts and spare parts. I had to remove a few bolts and put them back in, but it's working as it should. It took me 15 minutes. Functions are simple in a standard chair. Lock and lean back. Functions as they should. The caster wheels might slip a little on the hardwood floor. The leather tops on the armrests are nice. COMFORT. The seat, backrest, and armrests are great. It's quite comfortable. I like the lather and padding used in the chair and feel like it will be good for a long time. The seat is a little bigger than standard office chairs. I like to cross my legs on my chair. The only complaint I have is that the backrest is too low. I could rest my head on it. It was easy to assemble and it was a comfortable chair.

👤My office chairs are sinking and the cushions are flat. I've been looking for a cushion that could take a long time to sit down. The chair is very comfortable and does not have a thick seat cushion. It is in a heavy box. The wrench that comes with it makes it harder than it should be. To make this build painless, be sure to have a good set of tools. It will take 15 minutes with a screwdriver and 30 minutes by hand. There is a Be careful when you sit in this, the wheels on it glide. It has the smoothest glide of any chair I have had. I prefer it that way because it doesn't have back support. I would rather have a cushion that is adjusted so I can get where I need it. It's a nice chair for the money.

👤The chair was well packaged. That is one of the things I look for. Nothing was damaged. I was able to assemble the chair in 20 minutes after removing the box. The instructions were easy to understand. I loved the chair after everything was assembled. The back of the chair leans back too much when in the first position, and the back of the chair is too upright where your back and legs are straight. The chair is perfect. The first upright position is correct. I don't feel like I'm sitting on a plastic chair. The material is very comfortable. I like the design and the padding. The back part of the star was not glue all the way. I will have to adjust, but the chair is great.

👤This is one of the easiest chairs I've ever assembled, all the parts fit together without issue, and there was no need for another hand for it. It's not overpadded but it's soft and it feels much sturdier than I expected. If you're around 6', you won't have any support from the neck. The height is set up too high for people under 5'4 to sit in without having to use their knees. It's one of the better quality chairs I've seen, and it's still comfortable, even though we don't have any alternatives. This chair is great if you don't need neck support.

7. Sleekform Kneeling Ergonomic Adjustable Breathable

Sleekform Kneeling Ergonomic Adjustable Breathable

ALUMINUM POLISHED. Five-point base and twin-disc nozzles. It allows for easy rolling on carpet. It's perfect for home or office. Reducue Pina The Tokyo chair has an open hip angle that encourages an upright posture. This will support your back, shoulders and neck. DURABLE The thick cushions allow you to sit comfortably at a desk without sinking through the core of the chair. All of their cushions are made from recycled foam. The seat angle can be adjusted to fit your needs, whether you have a desk at an atypical height or are small. The Tokyo kneeling chairs are perfect for meditation, computer work, gaming, a sewing crafting or home office chair. The wheels are imitations. The chair has universal castor wheels that can be tailored whenever you need them. The wheels allow it to be easily moved through your space.

Brand: Sleekform

👤I stumbled upon the idea of kneeling chairs after suffering back pain from sitting in my office chair during tax season. I had purchased a mini desk top, a laptop stand, and a pillow cushion to make sure I didn't hunch over while using my laptop, and I had also purchased an ergonomics keyboard to make sure my desk and chair were the right heights. I stretched throughout the day and did yoga in the morning, lunch and evening. None of it helped. I had to take a couple days off work because of my back pain and one day I spent the entire day in bed. 2 different massage therapists couldn't help my back. I searched the internet for solutions and found kneeling chairs. People with horrible back pain were able to sit at desks again for long periods of time, thanks to the reviews I had seen. It was too hard on the knees. I chose this chair because it wasn't necessarily cheap. The back support and the thickest cushions were important. I picked this one for 2 reasons. The back support has made a huge difference in making sure I am sitting up straight. If you don't pay attention, you can still sit in it. I am sitting up straighter. The handles on the sides are useful when I am adjusting positions. The cushions are thick. The material is easy to clean if it gets dirty. I worry about the lifetime of the knee cushion after kneeling for hours. I have had it for a month and it still inflates. I will have to update again after more time has passed. After sitting for hours, I start to feel the weight on my knees and legs, so I will either sit on the chair a different way or try to get out of it. Let one leg rest. If I am really into what I am working on, I will even sit on the knee cushion part. After a full day of kneeling, I will get tired and need to switch back to my regular office chair. You should not get rid of your other chair while you adjust. I don't think anyone can fully adjust to just using this chair. Our body needs breaks just as much as we need to sit for extended periods of time. I love this chair. It is a more natural way of sitting. I thought it would be weird and awkward and I wouldn't know where to rest my feet when kneeling. It felt natural from the first moment it was put together. I don't hunch over nearly as much with my back pain because it has helped. I think any other chair would have sufficed and solved my problems, but I chose this chair specifically. Highly recommended!

👤The chair is as described, but it can't be set up to be used in a way that works for me. If the seat is adjusted, it will be too tilted and the whole thing will be too low because I am 5'3" and the knees are too far away. My knees, hips, and back were all hurt when I sat in this chair. It saves my back, but it's not good on my hips and knees. The design worked well for my father when he bought it early on, and he didn't have to change it. He is taller than most people, so perhaps his legs were long enough to be cradled without bending his knees. I think that the longer the support below the knees is, the more fatigued my leg joints became. They were not able to stay in one position and keep from sliding around.

8. FelixKing Ergonomic Adjustable Computer Conference

FelixKing Ergonomic Adjustable Computer Conference

The wheels are imitations. The chair has universal castor wheels that can be tailored whenever you need them. The wheels allow it to be easily moved through your space. The plastic tripod was upgraded to a high-grade alloy tripod for a larger load-bearing capacity. The second is easy to install and store. FelixKing's chair has an ergonomics design. The support for the back of the neck can last a long time. You can use a desk chair to maintain a relaxed posture. There are multiple adjustments. The chair has a tension knob. The 90flip-up arms can be used to relax muscles. The height can be adjusted to a suitable position. The surface of the office chair is made of high density mesh. The seat cushion is designed for buttocks. It can make you feel comfortable. FelixKing's computer task chair can be assembled in six simple steps. Within 15 minutes, you can complete these processes. The heavy-duty nylon base has a strong bearing capacity. If you have a problem with the desk chair, please contact after-sales.

Brand: Felixking

👤The chair is the right size for an office desk. It provides a lot of support and won't leave your back tired like other chairs. It was easy to build and they gave extra parts.

👤The chair seems to have good support. It wasn't bad to assemble. I could have used someone else. I am happy with this purchase.

👤The chair was easy to assemble. I like the height adjustment and the ability to lift the arms when sitting close to a desk.

👤I want a white chair, but I'm afraid of complicated installation. The chair looks good and matches my room color. It is very easy to put together. It's nice to study and site on. This chair works well for me.

👤The installation is very easy, the chair is very comfortable to sit in, and the waist won't hurt after sitting for a long time.

👤I was not sure if I could believe it when I received this product. It's easy to set up. The chair size is perfect.

👤I love this chair. It was very comfortable. The mesh keeps the air out of my back. The seat cushion is comfortable. The armrest and backrest are a plus. The chair is a good buy.

👤The chair is easy to install, stable, comfortable to sit on, with no damaged parts, intact packaging, soft cushion, non-slip foot, no sound, fast delivery and logistics. There is a chair in this picture. It's very easy. The quality of the material is very good. It's good to have something under the chair. The chair won't move. It's very good.

👤Sitting for a long time in an office chair is not tiring, it feels strong and durable, microcirculation mesh cloth, sweat absorption, breathable, can rebound to release pressure cushion. The back of the chair can be close to the spine, which can make people have a good mood. It's nice.

👤The chair is stable and durable. The chair supported my back. The parts have done a great job. They are easy to adjust and roll well. The design of this chair is easy to setup and I like that. It is definitely worth the price.

👤I bought this chair out of necessity when my previous chairs' support plate broke. I expected this chair to hold out until I could find a better chair, since it was cost efficient and well reviewed. I was wrong. Within a week it will start to make noise and just this week it started to lean. The last chair I had lasted roughly 4 years before it began to lean. Buy a better chair and save money. This is a company that buys good reviews. Don't read reviews that are more than 3 stars.

👤Overall, I think it is ok after using it for a few days. It was easy to assemble, it came with all the necessary tools, and the delivery was very fast. Third, comfort and stability. The chair has a good back support and I can adjust the height as I need. There is a If you want to sit for more than 6 hours, you need a cushion on the back.

9. Jobri BetterPosture Multifunctional Ergonomic Posture

Jobri BetterPosture Multifunctional Ergonomic Posture

The seat shape is slanted. The saddle seat shape has a "waterfall effect" that allows the legs to hang naturally from the stool while sitting, thus reducing pressure on the backs of the thighs, for greater comfort and improved circulation to the lower legs. The steel construction is high quality. Users weighing up to 250 lbs. can use the tubular metal frame and components. Their products are trusted by back and neck specialists all over the world. It is easy to clean. The seat cover is easy to clean and looks good. GAS LIFT HEIGHT ADJUST. The seat can be positioned from 21” to 28” ALUMINUM POLISHED. Five-point base and twin-disc nozzles. It allows for easy rolling on carpet. It's perfect for home or office.

Brand: Jobri

👤I'm a dentist with back pain, and wanted a saddle chair to help with ergonomics. brOKE After two weeks, I heard a loud "snap" from the base of the chair. I flipped the chair over to see that one of the wheel housings had crumbled, as I am not an overweight person. The relocation part isn't possible. Be assertive. I contacted the seller and was told they would send me a new base. I tried to detach the old base from the chair by using a pressure-lock between the post and the base. I was unable to remove the base. I called the contact number for customer service from the seller and was told that I would have to bring the chair into the store to have the old base removed. The store is close to my house. I waited 4 months to bring the chair into the store because I didn't have time to drive the hour and also take 6 weeks off of work to recover from back surgery, one of the reasons I needed a special chair in the first place. Customer service is provided by the postal service. I was about to go to the store to have the chair fixed today but was told by the customer service rep that they may not be able to fix it, he is not sure if it is under warranty, and he will get back to me. Do not buy a junk chair if it breaks, it is little to no help.

👤I need a comfortable chair for my dental work. I bought a new chair and am very happy with it. I was looking for a chair with no horn. I am a woman and certain chairs can be difficult to use by the end of the day. The saddle on this chair looked flatter at the horn. It is similar to a "lily pad". The tilt option pushes my lower back forward and makes me sit straight. After my husband put the chair together for me, he was very pleased with it. It's correct. Between yoga and this chair, I have better days at work.

👤I used to go to the Chiropractor twice a month for my RDH job, but I have been using this chair for 3 years and it has improved my posture. My back was so bad that I had to see a Chiropractor twice a month to help with it. I prefer the "lily pad design" over the "bicycle seat" design for this chair. I'm over 5 feet tall, and adjusting it to fit me was not a problem. My back would be in bad shape without this chair.

👤I bought this chair after working at an office that had saddle chairs. I realized that my back wasn't hurting after I worked there for 2 days. We have regular chairs at my office. The price didn't break the bank, so I thought I'd give it a try. I am so happy I did. My back has never felt better. I read how to adjust the seat after my husband put it together. My legs are straight and my back is straight, it is perfect. I have read that the saddle is wide, but that is not how we should be sitting. It was not flattering, but it was all about the right posture. My back has never felt better, I am so glad I tried this chair.

10. NOBLEWELL Ergonomic Computer Adjustable Certified

NOBLEWELL Ergonomic Computer Adjustable Certified

ERGONOMIC DESIGN The back of the office chair mimics the shape of the human spine, making it ideal for people with back pain and other back problems. Multi-level height adjustment is supported by the independently adjusted headrest, back support, and armrests. The office chair has a tilt adjustment. BREATHABLE & COMFORTABLE. The mesh design of the chair prevents sweat and heat from building up. The high-density sponge cushion is soft. The chair is sturdy and reliable. The office chair's caster wheel and air roads have passed the highest safety and stability standards. The floor is protected by silent casters. The mesh office chair is easy to assemble. You can assemble in 10 minutes if you refer to the clear instructions. The mesh office chair is easy to assemble. You can assemble in 10 minutes if you refer to the clear instructions.

Brand: Noblewell

👤I bought this chair in October of 2020 but have not used it for 6 months. This review is more than a first impressions review. The butt pad is ok and the back mesh isn't terrible. That's all. I will start from the bottom and work my way up here. * The chair is not parallel to the floor because the post is not square to the wheels. The chair feels like it is leaning in a certain direction because of the orientation of the wheels. The butt part of the chair is not very comfortable over time. If the wheels are in the wrong direction, it can make you feel like you are hunched forward with all your weight on the backs of your knees. * The two arms can't be set to the same height because they have different settings on each side. There is a The reclining feature doesn't grab well, so after you adjust it to any position and lean back, it makes a loud pop before grabbing the back and stopping the movement. If I lean back, the post that holds the back will bend because it is just a pipe that is flatted at one end and welded to the back plate so the flatted end just bends easily. A stupid design. 3 of the 4 threaded inserts in the back panel were pulled out after a month or two of sitting in the chair. I spent a lot of money on a chair and it's too late to send it back, so mine is now just appended to the back panel's post. The post is slightly bent or out of line with the base. The back is tilted to the right. Pros: None. Nothing is aligned properly because of the build quality. I didn't recline it at all or notice the weak back post until it was too late to return. I would have returned it before the inserts came out. The reclining function is getting worse but I don't think the bending back post will last. It's the same thing. I would have liked to have spent my money on another chair. From my mistake, learn. The chair is not clean.

👤The head rest is the only thing I don't like about this chair. The headrest is too far back to be useful. It's too far back for normal use and I'll use it for a moment when I lean back and rest. This chair is great. I wish you could move the arm rests sideways, but they're good for most of the time. It has a very comfortable back support. The chair is easy to recline in, but you can lock it with the arm. I locked it up because I wanted it to recline backwards, but I would have to hold myself up for it not to do that. We have a thicker carpet that is easy to roll on. The chair is on the highest setting. I have it a little lower than that because I'm a tall guy. I am happy with the purchase and thinking about buying another one because the wife keeps stealing it. Will update if there are long-term issues. The chair is very comfortable, it has a locking recline position, and the headrest is useless when the chair is at its highest position.

11. Luxton Ergonomic Kneeling Memory Cushions

Luxton Ergonomic Kneeling Memory Cushions

ALUMINUM POLISHED. Five-point base and twin-disc nozzles. It allows for easy rolling on carpet. It's perfect for home or office. Experience is important. Are you struggling with back pain? Even after hours of sitting, their kneeling office chair helps keep your spine in a natural alignment. The kneeling desk chair is made of premium memory foam and has a thick seat and knee cushions. It's gentle on the skin. The knee chair is made to last for a long time and can be used for many years to come. The frame supports up to 265 lbs. Are you a fan of the soothing effect of rocking chairs? The same experience can be given to you by their chair. Enjoy better productivity and stay at ease. They're confident that you'll be pleased with this posture chair. Contact them if it fails to meet your expectations.

Brand: Luxton Home

👤I am about 6 feet tall and weighs about 200 pounds. The materials for the chair are high quality. The wood and fabric are better than I expected. The seat is made of foam. At my weight, it's a little thin. The chair is small and wobbly for my size. I got it because it forced me to sit up straight and not bend over. I have to put my feet on the ground after three or four hours of sitting at my computer. I end up sitting on it. My rear gets tired after a few hours because the seat cushion is a little thin. The chair is a good product, but I think it would be better suited to someone who is shorter and lighter.

👤The chair was easy to put together. I used a power drill to speed up the put together. That helped. The chair kills by the backside, meaning not my back. The cushion is not adequate. After an hour it starts to hurt and it looks nice and thick, but it crush down all the way to the wood support. Otherwise it is fine. The upright position and the ability to get close to the table makes me like it. I don't think it has helped my back. I can balance on it. I have a problem getting out of the thing. I've been stuck by the knee rests a few times. It was not good at 73. If you are 200 or more, you might want to consider this purchase. AD2

👤I have to constantly adjust because I am slowly slipping down all day. It has been more difficult on my body, like sitting in a saddle and my tailbone hurts. The foam is not supportive and you sink down. I built it but it needs to be tightened every few days. If I am in the right position, it helps my back stay straight but as soon as I slip down, it is back to my previous position, where I was leaning with out thinking about it, and my shins start to hurt from them. I may return it. My kids like it.

👤I wondered if I could fit on it after I got it assembled. I could. My shins rest on the knee pads. I saw it online and thought it was perfect for me. I have tried to make it work, but I will have to try them out in person if possible, because I think someone will make something similar that will work for me. There are a couple of warnings for those that want to buy. The instructions say to put part D in the nut hole. There are four ways to do that and only one works. Make sure the screw is facing the hole with the side with a slot for a flat head screwdriver. I can be put on one side in two different ways. Only one of those ways will work on the other side. There is no hint in the instructions. I have been having problems with my legs because of my computer sitting and I have been looking for a better way to sit. This is not going to help.


What is the best product for best office chair for good posture?

Best office chair for good posture products from Chadior. In this article about best office chair for good posture you can see why people choose the product. Dragonn and Infant Shining are also good brands to look for when you are finding best office chair for good posture.

What are the best brands for best office chair for good posture?

Chadior, Dragonn and Infant Shining are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best office chair for good posture. Find the detail in this article. Serta, Sleekform and Olixis are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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