Best Best Nursing Shoes for Women with Arch Support

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1. Vionic Sneakers Supportive Three Zone Orthotic

Vionic Sneakers Supportive Three Zone Orthotic

Man-made upper. There is a covered EVA footbed. The rubber outsole is durable. The Seal of Acceptance was received by the American Podiatric Medical Association. This lightweight active lace-up is your new favorite shoe for women. It keeps feet cool. There are walking stalkers features. The advanced motion system technology combines a lightweight upper and forefoot with a flexible outsole. Features a 1st Ray technology in the insoles. Support for work, play, and everyday is what you should be doing. Every day support. Every pair of Vionic sandals, slippers, active shoes, and flats have a unique three-zone comfort built into them. Flat feet, high arches, and lower back pain are some of the issues that help to relieve. There are VIONIC SHOES. Three-Zone Comfort has innovative features that deliver enhanced stability with a deep heel cup, superior forefoot cushioning, and ultimate arch support. All of their casual, dress, active, and slipper styles hug your foot's natural curves. The Vionic difference is on-trend fashion, a great fit, and feel-great. Vionic is about style and comfort.

Brand: Vionic

👤I'm a hairdresser and stand on concrete all day long and I get plantars fasciitis, the worst case of it I've ever had, I noticed a huge difference in my heels after wearing these shoes for the first time.

👤My shoes are falling apart after a week of use.

👤I bought this shoe for my trip to Italy. I have a lot of other vionics and I love them. The shoe is comfortable. As you put your foot in the shoe, the heel folds up. I've tried using a shoe horn. It rubs on my heals. I have blisters on my feet. I wouldn't have been able to return because I bought them in July. I can not continue to wear them as they were not cheap. It would be great if there was a response. I will not buy any more vionics products in the future because of this pair.

👤AWFUL! These sneakers are not supported. There is no support for the insert. It's the same as the champions they sell at Payless. Vionic flipflops are my only relief from pain and I am obsessed with them. You can put your inserts into these sneakers if you take the insert out. They are soft and flimsy. For $100, I can get saucony or something else.

👤I ordered a 10 W because I normally wear a 9/12 M. I pulled the shoe out of the box. I assumed the wrong shoe had been sent because it was so small. Checked both boxes. The shoes are not as wide as normal 9 1/2 M shoes in other brands. I couldn't get my foot inside. The support for the arch seemed minimal. I don't think they make a shoe wide enough for my not very wide feet, so I'm not going to try another size. I'm not going to bother buying 2 sizes up.

👤I bought this shoe because I was going to be walking a lot in another country. The fit was good. I had issues with the shoe and the heel. The back of my foot was short on the heels. I'm not sure if it's because the inside of the shoe is more supportive, or if it's just not made well. The second issue is that it's hard to get the heel back up when I put my foot in the shoe. The heel is very uncomfortable because of this. I was disappointed in the shoe overall because they are not inexpensive. I wore them with a lot of walking. I'm hoping they feel better if I wear them for longer. I will not be buying another pair.

👤These shoes were disappointing. I have problems with my feet. I was hoping these shoes would be good because of the high arches and arch support that this brand is known for. The quality is not up to par. After wearing them for less than 2 1/2 months, mostly for my treadmill work outs, and the last 2 weeks daily around work, I'm done. My feet hurt a lot. They seem to have broken down and not given any support. I had a new pair of shoes that I bought in July and I put them on today and they feel great. I wasted $90 on Vionic shoes and will never wear them again.

2. Fasciitis Insoles Supports Orthotics Inserts

Fasciitis Insoles Supports Orthotics Inserts

Arch support improves foot and leg alignment, enhances comfort, and helps ease stress and uncomfortable caused by flat feet. Protects your foot from the impact of landing while walking or running with the Deep Hoof Cup. PREMIUM EVA MATERIAL It is great for shock absorption and foot fatigue. Moderate control and support is provided in walking and casual hiking shoes. For all types of footwear. If you are not satisfied with their service, you should contact Walkhero customer service. They will offer a solution to make it up for you. WalkHero insoles are packed in a bag that is free to open and seal. Please do not use scissors to open it because Amazon will refuse your return request.

Brand: Walk·hero Comfort And Support

👤This product has changed my life and I never leave reviews. I've had flat feet my whole life, but one flat foot that swells up after walking all day. I'm a healthy young man, so people never understood why I walked so slowly and how much pain I was in. A grinding sensation began to occur in my knees after the pain traveled from my ankle to my knees. I was so depressed that I felt like I was going to have surgery soon. The Good feet store in Northern California said that I would have to pay $400 plus tax for the inserts. My wife and I didn't have any extra money. I told her to try these because we can't afford the other ones. The inserts helped the problem but they completely fixed the pain in my knees, ankle, and lower back. I cried the first few days I wore these, a problem that has been bothering me for 27 years, was fixed with a 15 dollar purchase. These have changed my life and will be a new standard for any shoe I buy in the future. I would give more stars if I could.

👤I'm a dog walker, so I have to be on my feet all day. I don't have a huge problem with my feet, but I can't wear ballet flats because I'm not a masochist. The previous tennis shoes were put out of their misery by a cantankerous corgi who would chain smoke and pass out naked on her lawn if she was a human. After walking for about an hour, I started to get pain on the outside of my foot. I needed arch support like a crack addiction. I liked these. It took about an hour of walking to get used to them, and when I pulled them out of the box, I was a little leery because they looked like a temple. I'm pretty sure the words came out of my mouth. My last relationship was not as stable as that arch supports. After four hours of walking, my feet are still happy, and I don't even feel them anymore. They were true to size for me, and I really like the support. If you're going to wear these with a shoe that's low on the sides or in the back, I'd go a half size up in the shoe. It's like a muffin top. Eventually, it will be able to squeeze itself out of there. After the next sacrifice, I'll buy them again.

👤I was a little disappointed when I first used them. I took my feet with me to the appointment. He smiled when I showed him one. "These are perfect", he said. "You don't want arch support to hurt." I can sell you a pair of my shoe inserts for $50, but the ones you have are better. We could make you a pair of custom inserts for $400, but these are better for you. He asked where I bought them and how much I paid and he wrote them down and will recommend them to other patients. Doesn't get better than that! I ordered two more pairs so I don't have to take them out of my shoes. These are great for the price. It was made to make my foot more comfortable.

3. KUBUA Running Supportive Breathable Sneakers

KUBUA Running Supportive Breathable Sneakers

The platform is approximately.75" in length. Arch support and rubber sole. A lightweight, flexible response. Synthetic upper materials offer a snug fit in women's running shoes. Tennis fabric is lightweight and comfortable. It is ideal for natural running because of its flexibility, comfort, and platform adaptability. neutral runners have a versatile running shoe. It's perfect for running, walk, work, weight training, park, boating, cycling, jogging, garden, lawn, equestrian, basketball, rowing, athletics, tennis, volleyball, football, driving and yoga. Casual daily shoes can bring more pleasure to your life.

Brand: Kubua

👤I usually stick to expensive name brands when buying athletic shoes, but I was a bit uneasy about buying cheap ones. I was shocked. These shoes are just as nice as some of the pricier shoes I have owned, and they are super comfortable for a 13 mile walk this morning. I am not sure how they would be running in, but for me, they are great for walking and aerobics, even if you have foot issues. The neon yellow is bright, and I love it! I need to buy the purple now. I bought a second pair of this shoe because I love it so much. I usually buy size 8.5 in athletic shoes, but I chose size 8 because they are the same length as my other 8.5 shoes.

👤There is a reflective strip on the back of the shoes. The design is comfortable and stylish. The shoes allow perspiration to evaporate. My wife says that these are true to size for the US size 9 she ordered and she just loves them.

👤I am very happy with my shoes. I didn't know the brand so I was hesitant to buy them. I was unsure if they would work for running. I buy my running shoes a half a size larger so that I can put in good innersoles. These weren't in half sizes but they were perfect once I put in the innersoles for the size I bought. They are comfortable and cool looking, whether I use them for running or every day wear. Buying other colors is a great deal for the price. So happy.

👤It's perfect, just what you're looking for.

👤The shoes are very comfortable.

👤I ordered it in a size 10 and it fit right. It's definitely not a size 10 nice sneaker and color and fill haven't really had a chance to break it in yet, so I got it today.

👤I got on here to buy my usual pair of running shoes. It is time to replace the running shoes because of the pain in my knee. I checked them out after reading the reviews and watching the video and thought I would give them a try. I have a torn knee and the support sounded appealing. I was so glad I did. I usually experience knee pain midway through my walk. I received these shoes a few days ago and have not felt any pain.

👤I needed more support than the crocs I was wearing. I ordered other colors for the coming spring and summer because I liked these so much.

4. Gravity Defyer Proven Relief Athletic

Gravity Defyer Proven Relief Athletic

Patented technology can be used to relieve pain in the knees. The roomy toe box has more room for comfort. The Front Rolling Design is designed to reduce foot stress by isolating bones, joints, and muscles. The Breatable Mesh is durable. Full-body alignment and perfect biomechanics are provided by free corrective fit orthotics.

Brand: Gravity Defyer

👤I need to talk about them. My story is that I have a bone spur in my foot. I have been resting, taping, trying to stretch, and just decided to have surgery to fix this. After seeing another surgeon, I was told to give physical therapy a chance first, and that I should just go ahead and walk. I tried walking with a few pairs of shoes, but I was limping when I got home. I ordered these shoes out of desperation. I put them on and by a miracle my left foot does not hurt. I don't know why but it doesn't. I had to remove the notch from other shoes because it hurt so bad. The first day I wore these shoes, I walked 10,000 steps. I think my hips felt a little uncomfortable but it was expected. I don't care. I am happy if I can walk and not have my feet hurt. I am so grateful to the shoe company for creating a shoe that will allow me to get out and get exercise that I desperately need. Regarding the size. I am a size 11 and even with my arch supports, they don't pinch my toes or hurt my feet. They are true to size. I recommend these shoes if you have foot pain. They are worth it.

👤These shoes were purchased to help with my foot pain. The company wouldn't answer my call or respond to my emails until after the money back guarantee. When you call the company, they will show you your account from your phone number. I was hung up on every time I called. The shoes did not fit well and my feet slid around inside of them. The shoes were too high. Even though the shoe was long, your foot was not secured. I am stuck with two pairs of shoes because the company refuses to return them since I am out of my 30 day money back guarantee period. I wouldn't recommend this company or their products to anyone. They don't want to take care of their customers.

👤I absolutely love these sneakers. I was limping for 2 days from my foot injury, but I was walking without a limp after wearing this sneaker for 2 hours. I only had these sneakers for a day so I will have to update in a month. I give them all the stars right now. I have a floor mat on my job. I'm on cement when I walk off. I don't wear them every day because I want to keep my sneakers fresh. I believe these have helped me a lot.

👤Pick the Mighty Walk if you're choosing between the two. I think it is better made. Both shoes are great. I've been buying Gravity Defyers for a long time. It helps with knees and back pain.

👤I bought a pair for myself and a pair for my girlfriend. We both suffer from the same disease, so we agreed to only wear these shoes for a month. After a month, the pain was so bad that we decided to keep going. The pain is worse after 7 weeks of wearing these. We are both in pain. It cost $300 down the tubes.

5. SDolphin Sneakers Breathable Lightweight Athletic

SDolphin Sneakers Breathable Lightweight Athletic

Women's running shoes are light and comfortable. It feels like walking on cloud. Good arch support and soft sole. The elastic Breathable Mesh upper is perfect for gloves. Will be surprised by how durable the top material is. It's so comforting that you forget you're wearing them. It's easy to run long distance, comfortable for casual days, working all day long, or do a lot of walking. Women's slip on sneakers with elastic cuff are easy to slip on and off if you don't want to tie and untie your shoes. The shoelace makes the sneakers fit your feet. The collar has a soft lining. Cushioning absorbs the impact force in motion for an amazing step-in feel and protect for knees and feet. The speed experience of these gym shoes is fast and lightweight. All rubber anti skid sole is non slip. Reliable stability is provided by providing sufficient friction. It's not suitable for wet slippery and oily kitchen surface. Ladies running, jogging, walking in shoes. The nursing sneaker is comfortable. Gym, cycling, table tennis, volleyball, basketball, tennis sport shoes. Hiking exercising travel essentials. All match fashion sneakers are black, white, green,beige, gray, blue, purple.

Brand: Sdolphin

👤I love them, I am not going to lie. I paid 70 dollars for a shoe that hurt and these are going to save my feet, I am a 7 in most sneakers. I will be getting a 6 and a half because I feel it will fit better for my foot because of the material, and I hope that helps me have them in almost every color now.

👤I got these the day before my trip to DisneyWorld in June 2021, but I was a little hesitant to take new shoes to the park without breaking them in, but the reviews were so good. I knew my regular running shoes wouldn't cut it. I took these because of my gut. I walked in these bad boys for five days and my feet were fine. At the end of each day, I felt a little bit uncomfortable from walking so much. I knew a good night's sleep would reset that. I leaned back on my heels when I stood on my feet because the sole was so comfortable. The width of my feet is perfect because they are on the wider side. I usually wear a 9 and these fit perfectly with ankle socks. To tighten the laces, you have to start at the bottom and work your way tighter to the ends of the laces. If you use a stick, you won't have to worry about the blisters on the ankle because you'll break them in. These would definitely be a good purchase again in another color because they are very comfortable and stylish. My friends loved them and my husband wanted his own pair. These are used for long haul walking.

👤These have become my go-to shoe. They're comfortable to wear for a long time. I haven't tried running or exercising in them yet. They're nice but not the best when wet. For a fair price, shoes are cute and comfortable. Depending on the type of shoe, I wear between 7 and 8. I ordered a size 7 and 8 to see which fit better since they don't offer half sizes. The 8 felt a little too roomy for my liking, as I walked in the 7. The thicker one I replaced with seemed to help. I decided to keep the 8 because they are comfortable and I have my own insoles in them. The tongue is attached to the shoe so there may be some bunching.

👤I can't believe how comfortable these sneakers are. They are light and soft. I got a 9. The navy is beautiful. It is gorgeous in person, but nothing could prepare me for the comfort and feel of these sneakers. I have been looking for the perfect sneakers to work out in. I wore them for workouts and have no problems after. These sneakers are beautiful. I spent all the money on name brands. I'm going in for another pair.

👤People are trying to figure out what size. I hope it helps. I am a definite half size person, so I was worried. I chose the nine because the shoe had no half sizes and I was an 8.5 size person. It is a little bit roomy. I can pull it in with the lacings, but an 8 would have been too snug in my opinion. I will see if I have to update this after I run with them.

6. Hawkwell Lightweight Comfort Resistant Nursing

Hawkwell Lightweight Comfort Resistant Nursing

The platform measures 0.75" It has a slip-resistant outsole that allows you to work quickly and confidently. The precise lift is provided by the one-and-one-half inch heel. The outside has a sleek look, built using durable, stain-resistant, full-grain synthetic leather uppers that are easy to clean. The neutral arch design provides important comfort and support for your feet. The shoe has a padded collar that makes it irresistibly comfortable, and they have a lace-up system to assure a great fit. If you rely on your feet to get you through your day, wear a shoe that can do the job. This nursing shoe is the perfect shoe that can go from the medical environment to the office and beyond with ease.

Brand: Hawkwell

👤I think it is worth it for its price. I loved it so much. I am a size 8 and that was too large for me. Go for a smaller size. I recommend this seller because they ship their items fast.

👤I wear these every day at work and I think they are excellent. I used to work in a kitchen that had concrete floors that made my feet and back hurt like hell, even when I wore inserts. I haven't had foot pain or back pain since I wore these. I think they are stylish and comfortable. These shoes are great.

👤I was worried about the quality because of the price, but at this time, I could afford it. I ordered a size 6 but it was too snug. I went up a size. I'm happy. The reviews stated that the shoes were large. I am normally a size 7.5 and a size 7 would suffice, but I got a half size up and returned my size 6 pair, which made a small difference, but that was all I needed. I suffer from a pinched sciatic nerve and I just wore these on my first clinical and I'm happy. The cushion was shock absorbing. I barely had a limp today. I will be updating you. Thank you AMAZON, it's worth the buy, easy and free return.

👤The shoe is light and comfortable. It's white and comfortable. You can feel the support of the foot. It doesn't come in a size 5.5. Slips are not allowed because the bottom of the shoes have grips. The box was nicely packaged and it was recycled.

👤I use a shoe insert to support my bad ankles. I want tennies that aren't so sloppy and sporty and something with a cleaner, slimmer, nicer look for casual wear as I get older. I am very happy with these! They are light, they have a honeycomb insert for air flow, they are supportive, and they look nice! I chose the laces because they work for me and I have wide feet. I had to remove the honeycomb insert to make room for my ortho inserts, but they are not too hot and have a good gripping sole. The price! It's so sad. I will buy a second pair if the price goes up or they stop selling them. This is a nice looking tennis shoe-style that I have not been able to find anywhere else. Even though they are work shoes, they are perfect for mom. Love them! I don't know how they will wear long-term but for the price, I'm not worried.

👤These are easy to clean and perfect for clinicals. They are very affordable. I tend to trip on them. They are comfortable with compression socks.

👤It's the same size as my normal one. They are light and comfortable. I use them for 12 nursing shifts.

👤I work in a hospital and walk a lot. These exceeded my expectations. They are very comfortable, flexible, and have gotten rid of the source of my foot pain.

7. Platform Walking Sneakers Comfortable Lightweight

Platform Walking Sneakers Comfortable Lightweight

Breathable liner inside and mesh upper allow your feet to breathe freely. These walking shoes have a classic lace-up closure and are easy to put on and take off. The tennis shoes are light. The MD is lightweight. It is lightweight and elastic and provides shock absorbing. The MD is durable and soft. Natural movement of the feet is possible with a soft, comfortable elastane heel. There are OCCASIONS. It's a good fit for walking, tennis, running, casual, outdoor, sports,gym,athletics, travel, exercise, and any activities.

Brand: Stq

👤Everyone loves my shoes because our company color is "aubrigine", I'm a nurse. They are light and comfortable and good for being on your feet for a long time.

👤All sneakers should be made like this. The toe box is large. The padding on the insoles is good. I felt like I was running on clouds after jogging 8 miles in these. I wear them casually because they are cute with skinnies. I haven't changed my mind. I still enjoy it.

👤I have been looking for these shoes for a while. I hadn't ordered. I grabbed a pair just to try them. I was so glad I did. They are the most comfortable shoes I have ever bought. When I wear slip on shoes, I don't usually have a rib or a blisters on my feet. Nothing this time. The shoes are a little loose on me. A pair of socks can fix anything. I would buy them again. I'm looking at other colors as well as the one pictured.

👤Just received my order. I recommend ordering your regular size with this product because it fits true to size. If you need something absorbent as well, it is lightweight, comfortable and supportive. These are a running shoe alternative and will be considered.

👤These shoes are for walking. They were completely worn out in less than a month. There were holes all the way to the bottom of the soles. I got a 60 percent refund one day after requesting it. If you plan on wearing them often, I wouldn't buy them.

👤These are perfect for casual use. Roomy in the toe area. Can be used as slip-on's around the house. To make them less athletic, I removed the label from the tongue. There is some arch support and roomy enough for an additional insert. Would order again.

👤The shoes were the perfect color. I was worried that the rubber part would be different than the fabric, but it was almost the same. I have my own inserts. The shoes aren't tied right in the picture, so no worries.

👤These are the most comfortable shoes I own. It's really cute and fit true to size, no rubbing, and all shoes fit. It's very lightweight.

👤Great shoes. There were lots of nice things to say. Very comfortable and light.

👤Theses were bought as a cute pair of sneakers. I put them on as soon as I got them, they fit true to size, and look nice. I would recommend a shoe that is not a loafer.

👤I liked these shoes at first. There are tears in the back of my shoes which rub against my ankle when I walk. I don't wear them every day, but I walk in them. They are falling apart after 3 months. The quality is terrible for the price.

8. Anywear Journey Healthcare Professional Injected

Anywear Journey Healthcare Professional Injected

The Heel is approximately 1.25 inches. The platform is approximately 75 inches in length.

Brand: Anywear

👤I am surprised at how much I like these shoes. These are amazing labor and delivery nurse shifts. I pick them up easily. It was very soft compared to dansko. The support is good and they grip to avoid slipping. It is highly recommended to any nurse.

👤I bought several styles of Anywear shoes so I could pick which ones to wear for work and which ones to wear in the yard. I took this style to my job and left them in my truck. They were like a fried pork rind. I couldn't get my foot through the opening. After one wore, they went in the trash.

👤These are very comfortable. I have wide flat feet. Just hurt, when you lace up shoes. I can wear these for 16 hours. They are some of the lightest shoes I've owned. If I get a year, they will be more than worth it. The flower pattern is very cute and goes with a lot of colors. I get a lot of praise for them. I wish there were more options. A good sock will make up for the lack of Breathability.

👤These shoes are not good if you are on your feet all day. Even though I got the right size, the back doesn't cover the whole heel, so every time you walk they slip off. I had to pay $10.75 for return postage and the fine print said I was subject to a fee after my refund was processed. I used Amazon prime, but it was not 2 day delivery. I received my shoes 4 days after the expected delivery date. Terrible experience.

👤These were big and uncomfortable to wear with socks, so save your money and get some store crocs. They may be better than these things. The seller made me pay to send them back, which would've cost me $40. No. I will be losing more money than they're worth if I keep them and throw them in my closet.

👤I own a pair of crocs. They are lightweight and make a lot of noise when I walk. You can hear me coming down the hall. I bought them hoping they wouldn't make noise. And they don't. They are even lighter than my crocs and my feet were still happy after a 12 hour shift. I had to run down a hallway for an emergency and they stayed on my feet. I was expecting them to come off my heels but they stayed put. I will be wearing these more often than my crocs.

👤They fit true to size for me and were super cute. I love them! There were tons of nice things to say about super comfortable and tons of compliments. They are a lower rise shoe.

👤I got the 9 because they don't have half sizes for big people. I will wear heavier socks. Like the soles.

👤I help shower clients. I used to get my feet wet from doing that because my shoes were not waterproof. I ordered them as well, because a colleague had them. They look great. I'm a 8.5 and ordered a 9, so they're a bit too large for me. I will get an extra set of insoles to make them better. Overall, nice design, they are non-slip. They are very light. The price is reasonable. My feet are dry.

9. Dr Scholls Dynamo Black Leather

Dr Scholls Dynamo Black Leather

The shoe measures approximately 2 inches. The Lock Step Outsole is slip resistant. There is an anti-compression insole. The lining of Dri-Lex is moist.

Brand: Dr. Scholl's Shoes

👤In the last 3 months, I wear those shoes almost everyday. The shoes were comfortable and fit as expected, but the glue on the sole has come apart and it will take about 3 months to get it back together. The cloth on the interior has worn away. It is not long for my opinion.

👤I chose to review thefits as expected. It takes a couple days to get the true fit of the shoes, and you have to wear them in for a while. The elastic on the sides of the shoes help break in. I will show you the photos. Most of the other reviews were small. I am a 9 1/2 on my feet most of the time. When I read the reviews that were smaller than expected, I decided to go with a 9 1/2 WIDE width. I have worn many of these types of shoes for many years in the medical field and they run small. They run smaller than expected, orTight through the toes, or short on the heels. When I first wore these 9 1/2 Dr. Scholl's wide, I thought they were really good, and not too high on the heels. If you have ever worn these types of shoes, you know that they cause rubbing on the inside of the shoe towards the big toe and small toe. I thought it was because they were wide. You have to break them in around the house for a day or two. I should have gone with a 9 1/2 fit as expected, but I didn't get the "wide" based on reviews. I am not a size 9 and I am not a size 10, so people who are true half sizes already know what I am talking about. When you are a 9 1/2 you can wear a nine wide or a ten depending on how the shoes are made, but not usually. I was going to send the shoes back because I felt like they were too big, and I wanted the true 9 1/2. I decided to keep them with winter coming because I will be wearing thicker socks with them or thicker compression socks with them, and will probably have them worn out by the spring of the year. Pictures are attached! The tread on these shoes is amazing. They will pick it up. I am up and down a metal ramp all day, no sliding, the best tread I have ever experienced. I should get a true size 9 1/2 for free for the spring of the year after this review. 25+ years of work. Proud I have been wearing these shoes for 6 weeks and am currently wearing them for 8 hours a day. I wear compression socks with my shoes every day. The insoles are starting to wear a little bit on the side of the heels, but mostly towards the ball of the feet, from previous reviews. One shoe feels more stretched out than the other. The tread is still very good. Will post another picture.

10. Mishansha Non Slip Lightweight Sneakers Anti Slip

Mishansha Non Slip Lightweight Sneakers Anti Slip

The upper is made of lightweight knitted material that is Breathable and comfortable, and it has strong wrapping, so you won't be sweaty during long-time exercise. The soft sponge inner is used to take care of your skin. Every pair of these women's running shoes have arch support in them, this is a gift, and the arch support in them has excellent shock absorption and pain relief effects. Double air cushion increases elasticity and plays the role of cushion. Can protect the feet from injury. The rubber sole is wear-resistant and durable, and the sole is affixed with an Oxford patch to increase friction, and the anti-skid function is powerful. It's perfect for: running, walking, working, weight training, park, boating, cycling, jogging, garden, lawn, equestrian, basketball, rowing, athletics, tennis, volleyball, football, driving and yoga. Casual daily shoes can bring more pleasure to your life.

Brand: Mishansha

👤I didn't think I would buy a generic pair of tennis shoes. These shoes are great, but I don't write many reviews like this. They have an option to use or keep out. I can't say enough about these shoes, they are very supportive, and for the price you have nothing to lose.

👤I'm so indecisive when ordering things online, I look for the best bargain that meets my standards in regards to looks and comfortability. I searched and found these shoes. My normal size of 7.5 was out of stock until the middle of November according to the reviews. I ordered a size 7. I love them and they came in today. This is not a lie. When my size is not in stock, I will order other colors that I might buy. This shoe is great for a size 7. I love them!

👤These shoes are wonderful. I feel like I'm jumping up and down. They fit very well, but maybe just a little narrow in the toes. I have arthritis, callouses, hammer toes, and one artificial toe in my feet and they're all too wide to fit. I have to get used to them bouncing me down the road but my feet are happy in these shoes. I can now walk long distances in the shoes because they are comfortable, stylish and walkable. These shoes were made by you! Make them a bit bigger in the toes. Many thanks!

👤Oh wow! The shoes are life saving. I have a job that requires a lot of standing and walking around and I have an injured arch in my right foot so I need shoes with good support. I ordered them hoping they would work for me. They are not disappointing. I barely moved after yesterday. We still have to have dinner for the kids with me being the mom in a household with 4 of us. I was happy that the shoes fit. They are very comfortable and giving me all the support I need to get through this day. It is difficult to be safe and still feel normal but these are helping. We will be bringing in the Christmas tree after the curtains are hung. Happy holidays!

👤I received a new pair in the next size up and they fit better than the previous ones. Customer service was great. I am going to leave a part of my initial review that is slightly edited so that people can make a good decision. When I ordered them, they were true to size. I can usually wear a 9 1/2. I went with a 10 to be safe. The toe is from the end of the shoe. The shoe is very light weight.

👤I have a lot of problems with my feet. The shoes help with the pain of my injuries and arthritis.

👤Thank you so much. The shoes are so comfortable that I am on my feet most of the day. I could use the extra cushions in other shoes. I like my shoes. Thank you.

11. HKR Walking Platform Sneakers ZJW1839quanhei38

HKR Walking Platform Sneakers ZJW1839quanhei38

You don't have to worry about the risk of walking or your money back. 30 days of wearing a test. Free shipping and returns. It is important to notice that. The size you are buying matches your ideal. Many customers bought the wrong size. The platform is about.78. Their shoes help you move more comfortably with a variety of materials. Are you tired of lacing your shoes every time? These women's walking shoes have a small tab at the backs to help users pull them on. The women's walking shoes with Arch Support insole and Memory Foam construction are great for women who suffer from foot pain, and they provide support where it's needed most. The rubber outsole will keep you safe and comfortable on any terrain. The work shoes for women are both functional and attractive. These socks for women are great for any day of the week, such as walking, long time standing, work, food service, nursing, gardening, shopping, traveling, driving, jazz, tap dance, street jazz, leisure, athletic, workout, indoor and outdoor activities.

Brand: Hkr

👤I rarely leave reviews, but this product needed one. I work as a nurse and am on my feet all day. I was in need of a new pair of shoes. Since I go through a pair of athletic shoes about once a year, I searched for a new pair but hated that they were so fast. I found these. I wouldn't be out that much money if they didn't last for six months. I took a chance. I wasn't sure if I liked them when I looked at them after they arrived. It felt like I didn't have anything in my hand when I lifted them up. I couldn't believe they were so light. They felt great when I put them on. I have a wide foot and sometimes it's hard to find a ahoe that fits. I could have gone down a size, but these are wide enough for me. They are easy to slip on. I have no foot pain since I started wearing these shoes. I get a lot of praise from my patients. They look great with scrubs and jeans. I tried to dislike them, but they are awesome.

👤I love these shoes. I needed a sturdy shoe for walking and working. You feel like you are walking. It's almost like Dansko, but cheaper. It was a good thing that I ordered down 1/2 size due to previous reviews. I have a big foot and I wear some tennis shoes. The 9 1/2 are too large for me. I mean very small. I like these shoes.

👤It feels like you're walking on clouds. I ordered a second pair of shoes because I was so happy with my first one.

👤I love these shoes. I've had people ask where I got these shoes, they are so sexy and comfortable. I had no choice but to go back and order every color because I live on the edge and that's huge. I have been searching for great shoes for a long time but have been unable to find them because I am on my feet all day. My feet sweat so bad, but these shoes are so Breathable, they don't sweat. They were water friendly when I assisted my client in showering, they were fine through the sprinkles of water that got on them. I didn't slip or bust my butt when walking through the shower.

👤3 of the 4 shoes I ordered were between $55-$100. The fourth pair, in black and white, were the most attractive and best fitting. The shoes are easy to pull on. You can get away with wearing them with the wrong pants to more formal events if you wear them with the right pants. I am 5'1" and like the boost in height these shoes give. I love them!

👤Like it. I walk a lot in my job. Highly recommended. I received a lot of praise.

👤I wore these shoes for the first time this morning and I love them. It's like wearing house shoes. They fit my size as well. It was very comfortable to walk in.


What is the best product for best nursing shoes for women with arch support?

Best nursing shoes for women with arch support products from Vionic. In this article about best nursing shoes for women with arch support you can see why people choose the product. and Kubua are also good brands to look for when you are finding best nursing shoes for women with arch support.

What are the best brands for best nursing shoes for women with arch support?

Vionic, and Kubua are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best nursing shoes for women with arch support. Find the detail in this article. Gravity Defyer, Sdolphin and Hawkwell are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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