Best Best Nursing Shoes for Standing All Day

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1. New Balance Nergize FuelCore Sneaker

New Balance Nergize FuelCore Sneaker

50% mesh. It is Synthetic. The shoes have a performance fit. You should order a 1/2 size bigger than your usual size. The New Balance sneakers feature a lightweight, responsive ride and a midsole cushion that provides a good fit for all-day wear. The everyday shoe for women was made for wearing anywhere and everywhere, with an underfoot comfort insert that offers a plush feel with every step. The bootie design has a sleek design and supportive fit. The bootie upper construction hugs your foot for a snug fit. The lightweight feel of the upper on these cross-trainers is due to the use of mesh and synthetic materials.

Brand: New Balance

👤I like these. They are comfortable. Hopefully these run a bit smaller. I am a size 7.5 in Nike and ASICS shoes, so I don't need to order the size you would normally wear. I have never had to size up. So... Next time, I will order an 8. I don't like the feeling of my toes close to the edge. I would recommend these shoes. I like the way they look.

👤I like the look and feel of these shoes, but they are not appropriate for extended wear. The sole is very thin and you can feel it on the rock you walk on. I wouldn't wear these shoes for long periods of time like at Disneyland or while traveling. The firm support needed for a day long walk is barely any arch support. I wanted to take these to Europe because they were light. I know they won't give me the support I need for extended sight seeing after wearing them for a day around town. Things. I like that it's light weight and no socks needed. I like the roomy toe box, no pinching, and easy on and off, but I don't like the lack of arch support and overall support. I decided to reduce my rating to 2 stars because of thearch support.

👤I wear athletic shoes in favor of crocs or clogs when I work as a nurse in the intensive care unit. I work 4-5 days in a row between two jobs and am on my feet a lot. My last pair of shoes lasted almost a year and were very supportive. I have worn this pair of shoes three times and I am looking for a new pair. These shoes are not for you if you want to be standing or walking for hours at a time. If you want something light weight and flexible on days where you aren't going to be active, they'd be fine. My feet are in pain and they were a nightmare for me. I am pretty sure that they have caused me to have plantar fasciitis, so I am not sure how other reviewers could say they could wear these comfortably.

👤I ordered an 8&1/2 D. The width is perfect if I wear thin socks, but I'm having trouble with the sewn in tongue. It leaves little room for the height of my foot. I have to wear a very thin socks if the shoe is loosened. The widest part of the shoe is hitting at the widest part of my foot, so it appears I have the correct size. I am able to wear my inserts, but not my bands. They have a nice feel, but are not like walking on air. They are very cute and light weight. I will keep them because they will be great for work. I teach. I don't think these are appropriate for walking for more than 6 hours. You don't have the support in your shoe or arch. They are cute. These have become my favorite work shoe. I put in power step inserts after ripping out the foot insert. It's fabulous!

2. OOFOS OOcloog Clog Black Finish

OOFOS OOcloog Clog Black Finish

Synthetic and smooth leather. The OOCloog is a versatile clog that brings a lot of comfort to your everyday work or leisure routine. It features the patented footbed and is similar to every other OOFOS shoe. The technology is called OOfoam. The stress on your feet, joints, and back is reduced by 37% with their revolutionary technology. The closed-cell foam is machine washed and designed to minimize odor. Their patented footbed cradles and supports arches to reduce energy exertion in the ankles by up to 47% compared to competitors footwear. It is easier to walk. Recovery is quicker. And it feels better. Backed by Science, research shows that OOFOS reduces load, decreases forces, and supports foot mobility when compared to traditional footwear. The American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance is carried by every OOFOS style.

Brand: Oofos

👤I'm a nurse in the intensive care unit and I'm on my feet most of the time. I developed a foot problem. I was out of work for a while because of the pain. I tried new balance running shoes and Crocks. Nothing helped. I gave Oofos a try. These shoes are amazing. While I had a bit of pain in my heels, I was not limping. Started wearing them all the time and now the pain is gone. My whole unit will be in them soon because I've been singing their praises. I wish they came in more patterns and colors. I ordered a 9 because I am an 8.5 shoe size. They are large. I ordered a size 8 in the flipflops and they fit perfectly.

👤I borrowed a pair of the Ooriginal for a day and was impressed. I bought the Oocloog for my foot issues. My foot hurts when I wake. It becomes really annoying after 2500 steps. I'm limping at 10000 steps. I work on concrete floors. The shoe "ooffers" relief to feet and back. I usually wear a size 10 and buy a size 10. The length is perfect, width is good and there is plenty of room for wiggling toes. They are too snug around the band, only allowing room for thin socks. These may not be for you if you have thick feet. Without socks, they will make your feet sweat. I think they will be great for me. I've never worn a shoe that feels good.

👤The first day I wore them, the patent coating began peeling off. It was a small area where the shoe flexed when I walked. After wearing them for less than three months, there is so much peeling that they look old and beat up. They are so comfortable that I'm disappointed. I work on hard hospital floors and they keep my feet happy.

👤A friend gave me the flipflops and I love them. The only thing I could wear that would take away the pain was the flips. I decided to try the clogs, and I have to tell you, they are divine! Those with a high instep should definitely go up a size. Since these don't come in wide width, I went up to a size 9 and wear a 7 1/2 or 8 W shoe. Without socks, your feet will really sweat, and they are a bit snug with socks. I have been wearing thin socks, and my feet are happier than they have ever been. If you have heel pain, try these. I would have given these a 5 star rating, but I think the manufacturer should work on making a wider version for people with high instep feet.

👤These shoes are the most unattractive a person could put on their feet. They are just bliss to wear. I had to start wearing my expensive running shoes to my job at a veterinary practice because I had to ditch my cheaper athletic shoes. I bought a pair of oofos flipflops to wear at home since I was advised to avoid going barefoot as much as possible. The flipflops were a blessing. I bought these to wear to work because I didn't want to wear out my running shoes. They are the most comfortable thing you can put on your feet. These fit perfectly with thin athletic socks and I have small feet. I wore a women's 9 and these were better for me than the flip flop which I felt was too big. Shut up and buy them.

3. Under Armour Charged Assert Running

Under Armour Charged Assert Running

Made in the USA or imported. The lightweight mesh upper has a digital print. The leather is durable for stability and locks in your midfoot. Soft, step-in comfort is provided by the EVA sockliner. The Charged Cushioning is made of compression molded foam. Solid rubber is more durable and has less weight.

Brand: Under Armour

👤I work for FedEx. I only use these shoes when I'm on the clock. I average around 15k-20k steps per day according to my fitbit, and do heavy lifting, pushing and pulling hand trucks, climbing in and out of vehicles, and working in all weather conditions. I need lightweight and durable shoes, and for the price, these are some quality shoes. You can't go wrong with a pair of these if you don't need safety shoes. I can't speak for anyone else, but I've had good luck with all my previous under armour shoes and will continue to purchase them.

👤The bottom tread is already detaching after 20 days of ownership. 20 days! I thought I would save money after being a Nike guy for decades. Garbage.

👤I like the look and feel of these shoes. They are great on the treadmill and I wear them when I go to the gym. I was happy with my purchase.

👤I got these because I am tired of the decline of new balance and under armor offers. These are true to fit. I can't tell you if that's consistent or not because it's my first pair. I will buy another pair when it is time. The shoe's insoles are weak, but most people wear upgraded ones anyway.

👤The shoes seem to be well constructed but the top is fabric. The soles are good, but the all fabric tops do not support my feet. I will not purchase them again.

👤This is the mist comfortable shoe that I own. It's lightweight but supportive. Lots of stops and starts. Highly recommended. I just bought a second pair.

👤The shoes under my feet are very comfortable. I used to wear a hat. I like Under Armour a lot more. I will buy another pair of shoes when they are old because I will use them for yard work. I can't say how they would be used as running shoes. If I were to start running long distance again, I would probably upgrade to a more expensive one. I would highly recommend these shoes for their price and the fact that they are good for athletic use.

👤These are my first pairs of shoes. I usually buy New Balance or Asics for the 4E size. I decided to try something different after reading the reviews. I have not been disappointed so far. When I first wore these running shoes, they felt like they had been put to use for a while. They immediately made their mark on my foot. The wide toe box is important for someone with a flat foot. The mesh covering on my foot protects it from rubbing on the material causing pressure and creating. A callous. The rubber outsole provides excellent traction, which is essential for polished concrete surfaces in an industrial warehouse. The design of the show allows for a natural roll in the weight transfer between the toes and the heels. There is no damage to the cushioning. I've worn New Balance and Asics running shoes that have more forefoot cushion, which makes them less likely to hurt my knees. When running on concrete for 20,000 to 30,000 steps each shift, shock absorption is important. I will consider that a good return if I can get 6 months of wear with these. This was a great purchase. I will be purchasing under armour again in the future. I hope the shoes will hold up. You have nothing to lose if you buy these shoes.

4. HKR Walking Platform Sneakers ZJW1839quanhei42

HKR Walking Platform Sneakers ZJW1839quanhei42

You don't have to worry about the risk of walking or your money back. 30 days of wearing a test. Free shipping and returns. It is important to notice that. The size you are buying matches your ideal. Many customers bought the wrong size. The platform is about.78. Their shoes help you move more comfortably with a variety of materials. Are you tired of lacing your shoes every time? These women's walking shoes have a small tab at the backs to help users pull them on. The women's walking shoes with Arch Support insole and Memory Foam construction are great for women who suffer from foot pain, and they provide support where it's needed most. The rubber outsole will keep you safe and comfortable on any terrain. The work shoes for women are both functional and attractive. These socks for women are great for any day of the week, such as walking, long time standing, work, food service, nursing, gardening, shopping, traveling, driving, jazz, tap dance, street jazz, leisure, athletic, workout, indoor and outdoor activities.

Brand: Hkr

👤I rarely leave reviews, but this product needed one. I work as a nurse and am on my feet all day. I was in need of a new pair of shoes. Since I go through a pair of athletic shoes about once a year, I searched for a new pair but hated that they were so fast. I found these. I wouldn't be out that much money if they didn't last for six months. I took a chance. I wasn't sure if I liked them when I looked at them after they arrived. It felt like I didn't have anything in my hand when I lifted them up. I couldn't believe they were so light. They felt great when I put them on. I have a wide foot and sometimes it's hard to find a ahoe that fits. I could have gone down a size, but these are wide enough for me. They are easy to slip on. I have no foot pain since I started wearing these shoes. I get a lot of praise from my patients. They look great with scrubs and jeans. I tried to dislike them, but they are awesome.

👤I love these shoes. I needed a sturdy shoe for walking and working. You feel like you are walking. It's almost like Dansko, but cheaper. It was a good thing that I ordered down 1/2 size due to previous reviews. I have a big foot and I wear some tennis shoes. The 9 1/2 are too large for me. I mean very small. I like these shoes.

👤It feels like you're walking on clouds. I ordered a second pair of shoes because I was so happy with my first one.

👤I love these shoes. I've had people ask where I got these shoes, they are so sexy and comfortable. I had no choice but to go back and order every color because I live on the edge and that's huge. I have been searching for great shoes for a long time but have been unable to find them because I am on my feet all day. My feet sweat so bad, but these shoes are so Breathable, they don't sweat. They were water friendly when I assisted my client in showering, they were fine through the sprinkles of water that got on them. I didn't slip or bust my butt when walking through the shower.

👤3 of the 4 shoes I ordered were between $55-$100. The fourth pair, in black and white, were the most attractive and best fitting. The shoes are easy to pull on. You can get away with wearing them with the wrong pants to more formal events if you wear them with the right pants. I am 5'1" and like the boost in height these shoes give. I love them!

👤Like it. I walk a lot in my job. Highly recommended. I received a lot of praise.

👤I wore these shoes for the first time this morning and I love them. It's like wearing house shoes. They fit my size as well. It was very comfortable to walk in.

5. FULORIS Waterproof Platform Sloggers Resistant

FULORIS Waterproof Platform Sloggers Resistant

The shoes are light and comfortable. Water, oil and sand can enter the shoes, but the upper of the shoes is not an outlet. The soft insole of the work shoe is easy to clean. The shoe's massage granules are suitable for people who have been standing or walking for a long time. The sole of the shoes is made of rubber, which can make the shoes more antiskid. It's suitable for cooks, nurses, gardeners and others who wear them in wet and slippery places. It's easy to wear on and take off. It's suitable for many activities indoors and out, such as a house slippers or sandals, home uses, garden works, beach entertainment, shower, Swimming pool, Gym, Nurse shoes, shopping, bathroom, hotels, and just have a walk with dog. The wide head design of shoes will be loose and suitable for obese feet. Their size would be larger than normal. For suggestion, go down one size. Their products are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a LIFETIIME warranty policy.

Brand: Fuloris

👤I am always on my feet as a certified nursing assistant. It is difficult to find a shoe that is comfortable. I give this shoe a 5 because it feels like you are walking on a cloud and after a few hours my feet don't hurt. The best shoe I have ever bought.

👤It seems like it's durable and super comfy. The wide option was really wide. I have ordered wide shoes many times and they don't seem much wider than normal. These shoes are a little big. I wear a size 8. I ordered a 7.5, but it was still too big even with thick socks. You should order a smaller size than you normally wear. The company was willing to help out when I messaged them about my issue. Will definitely be looking for more products.

👤I like these shoes, but I ordered a smaller size than I would normally wear because of the reviews. Most reviews said that they run big. I was shipped a full size too large. I thought they were huge, maybe on everyone. They were so large that I added extra inserts and still feel a bit large as I walk. I can't return them because they are dirty and can't be used again. The shoe is printed on a European size, but you can choose an American size. I was certain that they were what I ordered. I don't think I can get them back. I ordered a size 7.5 and they are 39 instead of 38. When you get them, check the size and fit right away.

👤These shoes are comfortable. I read the reviews before buying. I chose the 8.5 wide because some said the size ran large. They are a tad big in the toe, but the heel secures nicely and I am not slipping out of them. I would buy them again in my actual size. I reached out to the seller and we were able to work on my order. They were professional and quick to respond. Email them to get proper descriptions if there is a question.

👤These shoes are very comfortable. I think the cushion will last a long time. I have been wearing them around my house and they are very comfortable. I usually wear a size 7 1/2, but I would advise to get a smaller one. The 6 1/2 for these shoes is better. I think they will be great for when I am working in a kitchen all day and have to walk a lot.

👤I loved these shoes. They were big for my feet. They don't have a small enough size to fit me. The Customer Service of QiSu were so caring and quick to get a size that fit me. I'm looking to see if they have another style that would fit me. I will definitely buy from them again, thank you so much. There is a person named Penny.

👤So far, it's quite nice. If they last 6 months or more, buy again.

6. Skechers Stamina Cutback Lace Up Charcoal

Skechers Stamina Cutback Lace Up Charcoal

The tongue and collar are padded.

Brand: Skechers

👤The product I ordered was in two different colors. One of the colors did not include a memory-foam insole, but the other did. The manufacturer's website revealed the following. The product is called "Skechers Sport Men's Stamina Nuovo Cutback". The shoe is incorrect. There are two models in Skechers: Nuovo and Cutback. The Cutback has a memory-foam insole. The Nuovo does not have a memory-foam insole. One last thing to say. The navy is more like gray with a hint of blue. If you didn't see my navy and gray side by side, you would think it was gray.

👤I have problems with my feet. I always look for good shoes. People say that the shoes are very comfortable. I bought those shoes based on that review but couldn't wear them for long and couldn't wait to get them off my feet, so I don't know what that means. I have wide feet. I am comparing apples to shoes because I wear extra wide shoes. These shoes are the best I have ever worn. It almost feels like my feet are bouncing when I walk. The inside of the shoes are soft. I have to wear custom shoes to support my feet. It's not a big deal when I am walking and my feet don't get uncomfortable. There is no movement of my foot inside the shoe because they fit around my foot well. This means no blisters or rubbing. I am buying another pair of this shoe for when my current one wears out.

👤I stopped buying Sketchers because they fell apart so quickly. My last pair only lasted 6 months after I switched to a competing brand. I thought I'd try them out. They are the same price I had been paying. I have only been wearing these for 14 days, and they are falling apart already. This is ridiculous. I work from home and use these as daily wear. You decide. Is it worth it? I have a perception of the Sketchers brand that goes back to 6 years ago. I can return these, but I don't want the same thing or brand. I have to give these things a 1 out of 5 and try to be fair on my reviews. They are comfortable. They are not durable at all.

👤I just got these, and I'll keep you updated if they fall apart, but out of the box they are awesome! These shoes are made of brick. Sturdy stitching in the right places. It seems like the tread is solid. I hope these last a while. Time will tell if I will use these for my daily 4.5 mile runs. The memory foam out of the package is very dense. It's super comfortable!

👤I am a residential carpenter, but do all kinds of residential work, sometimes on roofs and sometimes under houses. I have worn about 10 pairs of these in the last 3-4 years and have no need for any other tennis shoes, they are made large all the way around and are good for my slightly large wide foot, but may be too wide for guys with skinny feet. 3-6 months is what you can expect from a pair of these in residential construction, which is all I want from a pair of work shoes to maintain good foot health. The size 12 reg. is comparable to the size 13 in other brands, if you plan on using your own, you can get the stamina nuevos without memory foam for $10 more.

7. Under Armour Charged Assert Running

Under Armour Charged Assert Running

The material is 84% Polyester. There is Elastane. Made in the USA or imported. The shaft is low-top from the arch. NEUTRAL: Runners need a balance of flexibility. The lightweight mesh upper has a digital print. The leather is durable for stability and locks in your midfoot.

Brand: Under Armour

👤I discarded my other shoes because I felt like I should do it. I stand for the National Anthem and this pair is very comfortable.

👤The shoes fit well, look good and feel good. I need to replace them every six months or so because they will be used primarily for running. I couldn't pass them up because the price was so good during the Prime Day Sale.

👤I am so impressed with these shoes. I have always been a fan of Under Armour, but without being able to try them on at the store, I was skeptical of the fit. These are the most comfortable shoes. I work in a prison and the concrete floors give me great support. I will be ordering more.

👤My son wears a size 15 and was in need of black sneakers. The delivery was great and the sneakers fit him perfectly. Thank you.

👤I am keeping these. They are great running shoes. I started using them at my gym. Overall, a great investment. This is a great quality shoe. I walked around my apartment after trying these on for a while. The colors are nice and contrast one another. I also have small feet, so I think this shoe is a little wide. It wasn't a big deal. It's noticeable. The sole has patterned groves that would provide a solid grip. It should be great for running. There is a Yet to wear them for a long time. Will update if something changes.

👤Steven diversos de calzado de la marca, pero no tener una paridad. No se llevarn una sorpres, pero estos tienen a su talla.

👤One of my favorite shoes is under armour. The style is great. They have wide sizes which can be hard to find. My first pair was this one. I'm looking for my third pair. If you aren't rotating your shoes, they can be destroyed by the weight. I'm in the 300+ category and anyone that is a member in good standing knows that. If you can do it, they will last much longer and wear better. I recommend these for anyone who is looking for a good looking shoe.

👤I only have one other experience with the UA line of shoes, a pair of Charged Bandit 3s that I have been using for gym use. I was a little disappointed by the first pair of shoes, but most of my family's other products meet or exceed expectations. They were not very comfortable and they kept my feet very hot despite having HeatGear socks. The Charged Assert model came up at a very good price during Prime Day. I decided to roll the dice since they were so cheap, and I could also put them in the gym if I didn't like them. This purchase is different. They do not make my feet feel too hot when I wear them all day. The jury is out on this, but so far I am very pleased with the shoes for the price paid and how they perform better than the Bandit model.

8. SDolphin Running Sneakers Comfortable Lightweight

SDolphin Running Sneakers Comfortable Lightweight

Women's running shoes are light and comfortable. It feels like walking on cloud. Good arch support and soft sole. The elastic Breathable Mesh upper is perfect for gloves. Will be surprised by how durable the top material is. It's so comforting that you forget you're wearing them. It's easy to run long distance, comfortable for casual days, working all day long, or do a lot of walking. Women's slip on sneakers with elastic cuff are easy to slip on and off if you don't want to tie and untie your shoes. The shoelace makes the sneakers fit your feet. The collar has a soft lining. Cushioning absorbs the impact force in motion for an amazing step-in feel and protect for knees and feet. The speed experience of these gym shoes is fast and lightweight. All rubber anti skid sole is non slip. Reliable stability is provided by providing sufficient friction. It's not suitable for wet slippery and oily kitchen surface. Ladies running, jogging, walking in shoes. The nursing sneaker is comfortable. Gym, cycling, table tennis, volleyball, basketball, tennis sport shoes. Hiking exercising travel essentials. All match fashion sneakers are black, white, green,beige, gray, blue, purple.

Brand: Sdolphin

👤I love them, I am not going to lie. I paid 70 dollars for a shoe that hurt and these are going to save my feet, I am a 7 in most sneakers. I will be getting a 6 and a half because I feel it will fit better for my foot because of the material, and I hope that helps me have them in almost every color now.

👤I got these the day before my trip to DisneyWorld in June 2021, but I was a little hesitant to take new shoes to the park without breaking them in, but the reviews were so good. I knew my regular running shoes wouldn't cut it. I took these because of my gut. I walked in these bad boys for five days and my feet were fine. At the end of each day, I felt a little bit uncomfortable from walking so much. I knew a good night's sleep would reset that. I leaned back on my heels when I stood on my feet because the sole was so comfortable. The width of my feet is perfect because they are on the wider side. I usually wear a 9 and these fit perfectly with ankle socks. To tighten the laces, you have to start at the bottom and work your way tighter to the ends of the laces. If you use a stick, you won't have to worry about the blisters on the ankle because you'll break them in. These would definitely be a good purchase again in another color because they are very comfortable and stylish. My friends loved them and my husband wanted his own pair. These are used for long haul walking.

👤These have become my go-to shoe. They're comfortable to wear for a long time. I haven't tried running or exercising in them yet. They're nice but not the best when wet. For a fair price, shoes are cute and comfortable. Depending on the type of shoe, I wear between 7 and 8. I ordered a size 7 and 8 to see which fit better since they don't offer half sizes. The 8 felt a little too roomy for my liking, as I walked in the 7. The thicker one I replaced with seemed to help. I decided to keep the 8 because they are comfortable and I have my own insoles in them. The tongue is attached to the shoe so there may be some bunching.

👤I can't believe how comfortable these sneakers are. They are light and soft. I got a 9. The navy is beautiful. It is gorgeous in person, but nothing could prepare me for the comfort and feel of these sneakers. I have been looking for the perfect sneakers to work out in. I wore them for workouts and have no problems after. These sneakers are beautiful. I spent all the money on name brands. I'm going in for another pair.

👤People are trying to figure out what size. I hope it helps. I am a definite half size person, so I was worried. I chose the nine because the shoe had no half sizes and I was an 8.5 size person. It is a little bit roomy. I can pull it in with the lacings, but an 8 would have been too snug in my opinion. I will see if I have to update this after I run with them.

9. Comfortable Working Non Slip Adjustable Breathable

Comfortable Working Non Slip Adjustable Breathable

If you are not completely satisfied with their shoes, you can return them for a full refund. There is free shipping and refunds. Git-up is considered by millions to be the most comfortable and stylish ORTHOPEDIC SHOES. They offer a 100% money back guarantee. The design makes the slipper loose or tight. The sole has arch support. A wide round toe breath cloth with elastic hollow out knit upper keeps your feet comfortable. The best way to get rid of flabby legs is to wear perfect legs. The shoes are perfect for standing and walking for long periods of time. The air cushion is double the effect of shock absorption. It won't make you tired if you wear it for a long time. Women's Athletic shoes with extended width are one of the applications of this description. Standing, walking to the mailbox, taking out the trash, watering the lawn, walking the dog, cooking in the kitchen, visiting neighbors, driving, indoor, office, shopping, standing, working, etc. You can wear all day and match your pants and tops. This is the best gift for family and friends.

Brand: Git-up

👤I saw the biggest complaint when I decided not to buy these shoes, which was people saying they were cheaper than Skecher Shapeups. But hello! When they came out, they were a hundred dollar shoe, but now they're like $300 if you can find one. This one is close to $30. I don't regret taking a chance. I wanted a Mary Jane shoe for the summer and it is working for me. I can't say that it's a bad thing that it doesn't have the shapeups "rocker" type of sole. I liked the shapeups because of the amount of cushion in the sole, which would allow me to wear them all day at work, and not have my feet hurt by the end of the day. The old shapeups are not as soft as the new ones, but they are more resistant than any other sneaker I have seen. I can wear them for about 6 hours before my feet start saying I need a break. It's still better than most regular sneakers. They fit well, are comfortable, and have a lot of cushion. What more do you want? They seem to be well made. I owned every pair of Skechers and they all came apart. The shoes are holding up great so far. I will buy more.

👤I have multiplesclerosis. It's been a year since my first difficult relapse and I'm still having problems with my feet. One minute I was playing soccer with men and on the treadmill, the next I was in bed with a heating pad on my feet. My dad has the disease. My dad used to wear special shoes when he was fifty, and I have had them ordered from orthodics specialists. They were 400 dollar shoes and a 75 dollar copay from my insurance with extra depth and tailor made diabetic inserts to boot. The second they were put on my feet, I was overcome with pain. I have given most of my shoes away and can wear them for a couple hours. I don't remember the last time I wore a pair of shoes that I could walk in. My feet were narrow when I was younger. I am 44 years old. I have a high arch on my foot that is related to multiplesclerosis. The problem is that when I get 888-353-1299 I can't lace up the top if the shoe is slipping off of the heel. I'm an 8 wide these days, a normal change with age. I expect the strap to keep the shoe on because it could be softer or higher for comfort. These shoes are wonderful for me. I bought these shoes because I like to zip around in them all day and I just came from a long walk with my friend and our dog and I am so happy I did. After a year of worrying if I could wear shoes at all, I got them in black, grey and white. I know they work. I would be foolish to not stock up considering the price. I want anything these guys make. I'm so happy. A life change. If you have any issues that I described, please let me know. BUY THEM!

10. RUMPRA Sneakers Lightweight Breathable Athletic

RUMPRA Sneakers Lightweight Breathable Athletic

The sole of the thermoplastic Elastomers. The shaft is from the arch. The platform is approximately 1.25" in length. Women running shoes use tennis fabric, which is comfortable and lightweight. There is a lace-up. You can quickly adjust the width according to your feet. The running shoes use an air cushion design to provide support and cushion for the feet.

Brand: Rumpra

👤A great shoe. I wore a 10 but ordered an 11. I wish they had a bigger bit. I use inserts and thicker socks. I am on my feet all day. After pounding the floors for decades in a hospital, I always say I will design the perfect shoe for those of us on our feet, but these are good for the money. If you are ordering an exact size, that's what you should do. Sometimes 10 can be tight, so I went up a whole size. I like them. Hope this helps. They are sturdy enough to walk on.

👤I'm impressed by the quality of these. There is a The quality is better than a pair I bought at the same time. The clear plastic area in the back of the shoe is only an area for appearance purpose, so I took off 1 star. They still look great! I will definitely buy in the future.

👤I bought these shoes for my wife. Beautiful shoes. The shoes have an air cushion at the bottom. It is good for running.

👤Most of the shoes I wear are 11's, so I ordered an 11. I have a little wiggle room in these shoes. Not bad in this case. I ordered another pair to see if it will fit better.

👤The black and pink color combination makes the sneaker very comfortable.

👤Do not buy these shoes. I received them on September 8th. They are now completely different on the bottom. The shoes should not have fallen apart in less than 4 months because I am not hard on them. These are the most uncomfortable shoes I have ever owned. They feel stiff when you walk. My feet and legs were sore after I went for a walk. I take this walk every day. I know it isn't my feet.

👤The item fits well without a socks. If you're going to wear a shoe, you should order a larger size. I usually wear socks, but these are so comfortable I'll keep them.

👤The shoes are light. They are good for jogging. Absolutely. A long walk would be great. The combination of orange and black is young.

👤I was very disappointed that they were not a 5.5. It was too small. A nice trainer. When I returned them, it was £13. So disappointing.

11. Hawkwell Lightweight Comfort Resistant Nursing

Hawkwell Lightweight Comfort Resistant Nursing

You should order a 1/2 or 1 size down from your normal US size if you want to avoid the size 6.5 to Size 9 that run large. Thank you in advance. The platform measures 0.75" The synthetic leather upper is easy to clean with soap and water. The neutral arch design has soft foam padding for all day comfort. Clean lines on a chic style. The construction is designed to give you a comfortable fit.

Brand: Hawkwell

👤I waited to write this review until I wore them and tested them out, but they are amazing! These are my first nursing shoes and they are very comfortable. They don't hurt even after being on my feet for a long time. I usually order a size up when I read the reviews. Since I have a narrow foot, I ordered a 7 since they fit true to size. The width of your foot is what determines the size of your foot. You can't beat the price of these shoes.

👤I love these shoes, but they are too big for me and I have to order smaller ones. Well on my foot. I wear a size 7 and it's more like size 8 way too big and there's a lot of room. I thought ordering 6.5 would fit my feet perfectly. No room is still available. I don't fit my feet well when I walk. It's more like size 7. If you're a size 7 or 6 you should order the shoe size 6.

👤These are nice looking shoes, but they hurt my foot every time I wear them. I had a surgery a long time ago that made my old wounds worse. I tried putting my SuperFeet in the insoles, but they didn't help. It was so much pain. I took the shoes off. I cannot wear these anymore because of the problem. I really like them.

👤I bought these shoes for my clinicals as a nursing student. The shoes were a bit stiff at first, but loosened up in a couple hours. My previous shoes were not as comfortable. I had foot pain at the end of the day, but didn't have any with these. The only issue I have is that the back of the shoe rubs. thicker socks help with this. I like the slip on design. The leather was appreciated when bodily fluids spilled onto the shoes. They are easy to clean and have lasted through the semester so far. These shoes are very good.

👤It seemed like a nice shoe. I was asked to buy white shoes when I started my nursing program. I thought I'd give them a try because they are popular on Amazon. I got 7 which is my normal size. They were too large. The right shoe bent in a way that hurt my foot, but 6.5 fits me just right. Not the same case for my right. We need these shoes for a long time. I want them to be comfortable. I might return.

👤I was in dire need of new nursing shoes after my last one became slip resistant and I have been wearing them for many years. I found this one on Amazon and figured it was only $20. They were exactly my size when I got them. It's tight when I wear my socks. I'd rather have a little bit more privacy than a lot. It's padded so it's comfortable, but it still feels like it's on the ground after a long shift. My feet start to hurt by 6 hours into my shift, and I guess because it's a little bit too snug, my feet smell at the end of the day because there's no air for my feet to breath. It's slip resistant and I can wash these shoes without damaging them. I wouldn't say these are the shoes for you if you're looking for comfort. If you're just looking for cheap shoes, then you should.


What is the best product for best nursing shoes for standing all day?

Best nursing shoes for standing all day products from New Balance. In this article about best nursing shoes for standing all day you can see why people choose the product. Oofos and Under Armour are also good brands to look for when you are finding best nursing shoes for standing all day.

What are the best brands for best nursing shoes for standing all day?

New Balance, Oofos and Under Armour are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best nursing shoes for standing all day. Find the detail in this article. Hkr, Fuloris and Skechers are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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