Best Best Nursing Shoes for Men White

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1. Reebok Royal BB4500H2 Basketball White

Reebok Royal BB4500H2 Basketball White

85% Leather, 15% Textile. The shaft is from the arch. The material isdurable and light. The leather and mesh upper of these game sneakers give them a blend of support and comfort. There is adequate foot support. The trainers feature high abrasion rubber, which adds responsiveness and lasts many jogs and games. The replaceable orthotics INSERT is available. This footwear has a cushion and accommodates orthotics.

Brand: Reebok

👤Everyone in high school wore Reebok leather high-top sneakers. The leather became more supple over time and they were very comfortable. I was excited when I found out that Reebok still made these shoes. The new version is a joke. The "leather" is cheap and will never get softer, and there is no arch support. It's so uncomfortable! I should be surprised. 35 years ago, Reeboks cost $60 a pair, and these were only $45. I guess you get what you pay for. Don't pay for these, for God's sake.

👤There are two big issues with the shoes and the upper. The inside of them has a lot of dye in it, and it has never lasted more than a day or two with any other shoe. Several other reviews have mentioned how thin the soles are, and it's no joke, they are not every rock pebble hard edge soft edge you feel. I bought these for work because I needed all black, and I've done this hundreds of times with even $10 shoes from walmart, and it's never been a problem with these, they went right through the sole with no resistanse. The purpose of shoes is to protect your feet, but Reebok shoes are a disgrace and I will never buy them again.

👤The toe box is small and narrow. It's not worth it to mess up your feet.

👤I bought these against my better judgement and got a half size larger than I usually take. They felt cheap and stiff when they were taken out of the box. I knew they were too small when I put them on. I put the other one in the box and immediately returned it. They were too small and uncomfortable and I'm wondering if they are real Reebok's. I got the same Pumas that were cheaper and fit better than the other ones. If you're looking at these, you might want to check out Pumas.

👤Excellent purchase! My husband was stuck in the shoe phase. The same shoe every year. The same shoe style is new each time. I began to notice other Dads when my kids told me what they were wearing. It's true! I had to stop the cycle and stat. The arrived in less than 24 hours. All leather is very comfortable. He's looking fresh now that he's sporting new kicks. Our kids said that.

👤The toe area is not very snug. I am sure it will stretch out after a while. The soles feel thinner than they did before, as I can feel the ground and stones more than my old pair.

👤I had to poke a needle through the lace hole in the right shoe. I felt pain across the top of my feet as I walked and thought they needed to be broken in. I don't think they are leather across the top, but a stiff vinyl material. The return was painless and 4 stars for Amazon.

👤The shoes were in good condition when they arrived. You would have to hold the edges of the leather in your hands to see them. The lines were clean. They look great! They're retro and clean in the red, white and black version. People were checking them out in the hallways. I paid less than $40.00 for that attention and impact. The price is visible in the soles. You can bend them with your hands. I don't think this shoe will last long, but for a once-in-a-while style choice, they'll be fine. I hope I'm wrong. I would add an accessory, but it would be very tight in the toe box. My normal size would have been sent back if I had ordered a bigger one because I felt it on the knuckle of my big toe. The leather from the toebox meets the tongue and laces at the point where the lacing starts. The narrow shoe pinches my feet when I first put them on, but it relaxes over the course of the day. I don't know if this is going to relax over time, or if it is crushing my foot. There's a lot of leather and stitching at that junction so hopefully the leather flexes before the stitching does, without looking beat-up or ratty. 3 stars for looks and price. Depending on longevity, may go up or down.

2. Under Armour Charged Assert Running

Under Armour Charged Assert Running

Made in the USA or imported. The lightweight mesh upper has a digital print. The leather is durable for stability and locks in your midfoot. Soft, step-in comfort is provided by the EVA sockliner. The Charged Cushioning is made of compression molded foam. Solid rubber is more durable and has less weight.

Brand: Under Armour

👤I work for FedEx. I only use these shoes when I'm on the clock. I average around 15k-20k steps per day according to my fitbit, and do heavy lifting, pushing and pulling hand trucks, climbing in and out of vehicles, and working in all weather conditions. I need lightweight and durable shoes, and for the price, these are some quality shoes. You can't go wrong with a pair of these if you don't need safety shoes. I can't speak for anyone else, but I've had good luck with all my previous under armour shoes and will continue to purchase them.

👤The bottom tread is already detaching after 20 days of ownership. 20 days! I thought I would save money after being a Nike guy for decades. Garbage.

👤I like the look and feel of these shoes. They are great on the treadmill and I wear them when I go to the gym. I was happy with my purchase.

👤I got these because I am tired of the decline of new balance and under armor offers. These are true to fit. I can't tell you if that's consistent or not because it's my first pair. I will buy another pair when it is time. The shoe's insoles are weak, but most people wear upgraded ones anyway.

👤The shoes seem to be well constructed but the top is fabric. The soles are good, but the all fabric tops do not support my feet. I will not purchase them again.

👤This is the mist comfortable shoe that I own. It's lightweight but supportive. Lots of stops and starts. Highly recommended. I just bought a second pair.

👤The shoes under my feet are very comfortable. I used to wear a hat. I like Under Armour a lot more. I will buy another pair of shoes when they are old because I will use them for yard work. I can't say how they would be used as running shoes. If I were to start running long distance again, I would probably upgrade to a more expensive one. I would highly recommend these shoes for their price and the fact that they are good for athletic use.

👤These are my first pairs of shoes. I usually buy New Balance or Asics for the 4E size. I decided to try something different after reading the reviews. I have not been disappointed so far. When I first wore these running shoes, they felt like they had been put to use for a while. They immediately made their mark on my foot. The wide toe box is important for someone with a flat foot. The mesh covering on my foot protects it from rubbing on the material causing pressure and creating. A callous. The rubber outsole provides excellent traction, which is essential for polished concrete surfaces in an industrial warehouse. The design of the show allows for a natural roll in the weight transfer between the toes and the heels. There is no damage to the cushioning. I've worn New Balance and Asics running shoes that have more forefoot cushion, which makes them less likely to hurt my knees. When running on concrete for 20,000 to 30,000 steps each shift, shock absorption is important. I will consider that a good return if I can get 6 months of wear with these. This was a great purchase. I will be purchasing under armour again in the future. I hope the shoes will hold up. You have nothing to lose if you buy these shoes.

3. Crocs LiteRide Pacer Black White

Crocs LiteRide Pacer Black White

Shaft measures are not applicable to the arch. The Heel measures approximately 0.8. There is a new kind of Crocs for men. The LiteRide tennis shoe collection was created to be worn at any time. The next generation of foam insoles are super- soft and light. The workout shoes for men offer innovative comfort.


👤I like these sneakers. They are comfortable and look great. They are crazy. I thought I got a bad pair when I returned my first pair. The sole of the left shoe was not smooth. After a couple of hours, the left shoe began to squeaking, this time along the lower half of the sole. The attached video has something to say. The squeaking is so bad that it can't be worn in a college room or a library. These are meant to be worn in places like these during the summer as they look like regular sneakers. I'm wondering if I should return these as well.

👤I had plates pins and a rod added to my ankle and it was hard to find a shoe that didn't make me want to take a saw to my foot when I was done working. I found it! These shoes are as light as a cloud and are similar to walking on a pillow. I have no ankle problems when I wear these and I have spent a lot of money trying to find the perfect shoe for my problems. You can't beat these at a price. I bought another pair of them in a different color because I was so happy with them.

👤These are amazing crocs and I have always loved them. I have a big foot. I wear a 11 1/2 -12 in women's shoes when I buy men's shoes, and I bought the 11 in the men's size 11. I tried them without socks and they were very comfortable. If you wear a size 11 in women's, your foot won't be as big. I would recommend getting a size 10.

👤As I get older, I have stopped caring about how cool my shoes are but more about how comfortable they are. I fell in love with my first pair of crocs, they are very versatile and durable. The only issue with clogs is that they don't fit in your feet like shoes do, that's where these come in! I couldn't believe my eyes when I first saw them. I received them this morning. They blew my expectations away. It's super comfortable. I would recommend these to anyone who has to be on their feet all day. I work in a restaurant, auto technician, and liquor store. I wear these to two out of three and my feet have not felt sore.

👤It's so versatile and instant comfort. The Crocs are stylish enough for casual occasions with jeans and chinos and perfect for shorts, and all with or without socks. They can save suitcase space for at least one other pair of shoes when they go on a holiday. Reviewers have said they are big. I have a high instep which uses all the width they provide and they are a half-size too long for me. It's easy to sort the length. It's comfort plus and totally ventilated. Happy feet! Good to go! 6 months later... Great. They can be seen in the Red Rocks and Grand Canyon, as well as on the streets of Vegas. These shoes have an amazing comfort value and have worn well, but they are not suitable for tramping boots and don't provide much ankle support for that activity. There are a few scuffs but they are easy to clean up. Highly recommended.

4. Hawkwell Lightweight Comfort Resistant Nursing

Hawkwell Lightweight Comfort Resistant Nursing

The platform measures 0.75" It has a slip-resistant outsole that allows you to work quickly and confidently. The precise lift is provided by the one-and-one-half inch heel. The outside has a sleek look, built using durable, stain-resistant, full-grain synthetic leather uppers that are easy to clean. The neutral arch design provides important comfort and support for your feet. The shoe has a padded collar that makes it irresistibly comfortable, and they have a lace-up system to assure a great fit. If you rely on your feet to get you through your day, wear a shoe that can do the job. This nursing shoe is the perfect shoe that can go from the medical environment to the office and beyond with ease.

Brand: Hawkwell

👤I think it is worth it for its price. I loved it so much. I am a size 8 and that was too large for me. Go for a smaller size. I recommend this seller because they ship their items fast.

👤I wear these every day at work and I think they are excellent. I used to work in a kitchen that had concrete floors that made my feet and back hurt like hell, even when I wore inserts. I haven't had foot pain or back pain since I wore these. I think they are stylish and comfortable. These shoes are great.

👤I was worried about the quality because of the price, but at this time, I could afford it. I ordered a size 6 but it was too snug. I went up a size. I'm happy. The reviews stated that the shoes were large. I am normally a size 7.5 and a size 7 would suffice, but I got a half size up and returned my size 6 pair, which made a small difference, but that was all I needed. I suffer from a pinched sciatic nerve and I just wore these on my first clinical and I'm happy. The cushion was shock absorbing. I barely had a limp today. I will be updating you. Thank you AMAZON, it's worth the buy, easy and free return.

👤The shoe is light and comfortable. It's white and comfortable. You can feel the support of the foot. It doesn't come in a size 5.5. Slips are not allowed because the bottom of the shoes have grips. The box was nicely packaged and it was recycled.

👤I use a shoe insert to support my bad ankles. I want tennies that aren't so sloppy and sporty and something with a cleaner, slimmer, nicer look for casual wear as I get older. I am very happy with these! They are light, they have a honeycomb insert for air flow, they are supportive, and they look nice! I chose the laces because they work for me and I have wide feet. I had to remove the honeycomb insert to make room for my ortho inserts, but they are not too hot and have a good gripping sole. The price! It's so sad. I will buy a second pair if the price goes up or they stop selling them. This is a nice looking tennis shoe-style that I have not been able to find anywhere else. Even though they are work shoes, they are perfect for mom. Love them! I don't know how they will wear long-term but for the price, I'm not worried.

👤These are easy to clean and perfect for clinicals. They are very affordable. I tend to trip on them. They are comfortable with compression socks.

👤It's the same size as my normal one. They are light and comfortable. I use them for 12 nursing shifts.

👤I work in a hospital and walk a lot. These exceeded my expectations. They are very comfortable, flexible, and have gotten rid of the source of my foot pain.

5. Crocs Clock Slipon Medical Professional

Crocs Clock Slipon Medical Professional

The sole of the thermoplastic Elastomers. The Heel measures approximately 0.85" Do your shoes work for your career specialty? Men and women need Crocs work shoes for long days and nights. It is easy to clean. Crocs work clogs are easy to clean with soap and water. What size should I buy? They recommend ordering a size down to the next largest whole size for a relaxed fit.


👤I have flat feet that look like flippers. No one has my feet so these were an A+ fit for me. I have a few shoes with them. I have gotten 6 months out of my 12 hour days. That's great for me. I think they look. Goofy. They are comfortable. I wonder what happened to that guy I was in high school. I accept the fact that these look better than the corrective shoes that I like. With that said. I highly recommend these shoes to men that are already married, just don't care or are looking for women with low fashion standards.

👤There are few options for male nurse shoes. You ladies have a lot of choices, but we are left with the ugly, bulky, and clunky NBs. These are comfortable. They clean well. If you imagine all of the substances that can come out of a person's body from birth or recently added by Smith and Wesson, being able to wipe and clean these shoes is important. Is they attractive? They handle a 12.5 hour shift on floors made from a hexagonal diamond material, and I don't have to limp off the floor. I wore them once without socks and they made a noise when I walked. I think that is funny. Farts are funny.

👤These shoes are very comfortable, as are all the croc shoes I have owned. These have a small profile. These are less heavy than the bistro. They have a thick insole that provides a lot of cushion. The crocs feel smaller than the regular ones because of the closed heel. I had to put them in the dryer to warm them up and stretch them out for better comfort. My regular crocs loosened up after some use, so I hope that happens with these as well. I have traction when I go from wet ground to a tile floor with the nonslip sole. They are easy to clean with a rinse and wipe. These shoes are great for working on the floor.

👤Still going strong, tread is wearing down slightly but still has a good grip. I will buy a second pair soon. The design is great, the fit is good, and the look is clean. I ordered the 11s because I have wide feet. The fit on the foot bed is very good, and the cup holds my foot in place very well. If you have lower arches, its a great shoe. If the top of your foot bulges up, it will be uncomfortable at first. One week left. They have formed to my feet. They are easy to clean. One wipe with a dirty rag is good for them. As they break in, the traction is getting better. Someone once told me to put cement on the bottoms. They work great if you take a walk on cement and wear it correctly.

👤They fit just like the original style crocs. The design of my toe box gives me enough room for swelling, and I feel secure in the mid and upper foot. The heal is supported by a quarter inch insert and foam from the shoe. crocs is a brand I love. I work at a restaurant and will test the grips on them. I felt pain and feet fatigue within the first hour of my shift. The arch support was too high for me and I tried it with the original insole. I felt pain in my arches within 40 minutes. The flat foot bed didn't help with the pain. I swapped out the org insole for a Spencos brand one, and it helped a bit. It was a little bit more pleasant, but I needed to rest for a while before I could return to work. Do I not recommend? They're not that comfortable for extended wear, so I'm knocking them 3 stars.

6. New Balance MW577 White Walking

New Balance MW577 White Walking

The Abzorb is in the foot. Medicare may be eligible for the code A5500. The midsole is made of Polyurethane. The accents are designed to catch the light.

Brand: New Balance

👤I ordered these to wear at work because I suffer from a foot condition. They are not dress shoes, but they look good with khakis and a sweater. I had to return one pair and order a larger one. I was a little nervous because they seem stiff when put on and they don't always fit right when I walk. It was easy to put in my shoes because the insoles are not glue in. They are comfortable and look good. The review will be updated after they're broken in. Over the past two weeks, I've worn these shoes a lot. They look good and are comfortable. They still have a hard time when I walk. The squeaking has not improved, but I'm having fun using it to drive my co-workers insane.

👤The doctor told me to only buy New Balance walkers after I had foot surgery. I was excited to try this new one because I have worn out many pairs before. It fits perfectly and my foot is comfortable, but the damned thing does not. I weigh over 300 pounds and have never had a pair of shoes squeak. The US Capitol has marble walls, tiled floors, and arched ceilings. I only wore them once and only once. It sounded like a parade. I entertained hundreds of visitors with my shoes. Thanks to the person who said it. I will not be buying this model again. I was so embarrassed.

👤The shoes are comfortable. I only give it 4 stars because the website description does not mention that this is made of 100% leather. I was reassured that this pair of shoes is "Assembled in the USA in an American factory" but this was not my question. Is this shoe made of leather or not? The upper material appears to be some type of material, but it's important that you know the truth about it. I am happy with the fit and the shoes are comfortable.

👤I received a new balance shoes in march. They feel comfortable to me now that I am wearing them regulary. In the right show, the ieather has torn apart near the connection to the solia and the seam was not revealed. The shoes can't be used. I want to be able to wear my shoes without tears or raptures for at least a year. Amnon goldberg is real Hi Amazon. I was disappointed that you didn't reply to my request. I asked for a new pair of shoes after the last one was torn apart. I sent pictures. It is not likely that the shoes need to be torn apart after a month and a half. I need a new pair of shos that are the same kind. Amnon Goldberg, best regards.

👤The second pair I returned was due to the inside left foot tongue having extra material and bunches up on top of the foot. I have been wearing New Balance shoes for a decade. The quality has been bad. I have returned 4 pairs due to the same issue. I had this issue for about 14 months. New Balance has a new manufacturer. I have to think about a different shoe. It's not certain if it will be New Balance. Will have to watch. Very disappointed lately. I like the shoe. I wear them all day. I needed to change the number of stars. Sorry for the confusion.

7. New Balance MX623v3 Comfort Training

New Balance MX623v3 Comfort Training

The shaft is low-top from the arch. All references to 10mm drop are approximate due to the development and manufacturing processes. The foam footbed is made of Ethyl Vinyl Acetate. The Imeva foam is flexible and firm.

Brand: New Balance

👤I have purchased a second pair of the 623s. My first pair of shoes was purchased a year ago and were very comfortable. Just from my 2.5 mile morning walks, I put over 650 miles on my first pair. The rear sole began to wear out after hundreds of walking miles. The clean-up is done well by the NB623s. I'm looking forward to another year of walking comfort because my new pair of NB623s fit perfectly. I will update my review if I experience any issues with the new pair of NB623s. Like most Amazon shoppers, I rely on honest reviews. I hope this review helps you make a purchase decision.

👤I've been buying these shoes for my husband from a local store for at least 10 years without any issues. The size 16 is no longer sold. I went to Amazon to get them. What is wrong with these? Are they factory rejects? Is the leather shoe splitting after 5 weeks? These were a total waste of money, they won't last another month with this craftsmanship. I think I deserve a new pair of shoes. This is not acceptable with a New Balance shoe. Completely dissatisfied buyer.

👤I don't know what's happening at New Balance. The company has lost its way. They were usually their home and have wide feet. The quality has deteriorated in the last few years due to shoddy designs, too short laces, and soulless padding of the soles. The 2E's used to be comfortable in some models. They are not very wide. The 4E's are similar to the "D" in other brands. What should be done? Thanks to Amazon's fast return models, I can just drop it off at a store and get a receipt. Within hours my account is credited and I have ordered the next hope. For the first time in a long time, I am looking for alternate brands after returning three different models the last time. Maybe the next pair will fit. I am hopeful but not sure. I hope New Balance can solve whatever problems they have or make a public announcement that they are abandoning their former customer base. They will be clobbered by Nike and others if they are.

👤Don't make the same mistake. I would love to get my money back. I'm stuck because I waited too long. I hope this review will help other people. Unless you're into foot pain, don't buy junk. I've been wearing New Balance shoes since I was a young man selling them in a sporting goods store. They were the best shoes anyone could buy. I was not allowed to wear sneakers in work when I was an Engineer. The support and cushion that my cross trainers provided was not found in regular shoes. I found the cross trainers in black and no one noticed. I've been a customer of the company for a long time. Finding them in 11D was a chore. The store I visited had the wide or extra wide width, not the medium. I was overjoyed when I found these on Amazon. That was a short lived event. These shoes were the worst I've ever owned. They were fine for about a week, then began to show signs of wear on their leather uppers. They started hurting my feet. I'm not talking about making them sore. I felt like someone had put nails in my heels. The sole is no longer elastic. I tried to add Dr Scholls insoles, but they didn't help. They were too far gone. I ordered online from Famous Footwear, who will be getting my business from now on. I think these are factory seconds. The differences between the two sets were obvious. The prices were nearly the same. Go figure.

8. Fila Mens Memory Workshift M White

Fila Mens Memory Workshift M White

The shaft is from the arch. Sturdy performance is achieved by durable leather and synthetic overlays. There is a reaction to superior toxicity. Though designed to help prevent slips, you should always exercise caution on slick surfaces. All day long. For additional comfort, there is memory foam sockliner and midsole. ReLAXED STYLING: Perforations for a more comfortable fit.

Brand: Fila

👤I have been wearing this shoe for 3 years. The tread was very durable and comfortable at first. I could detect almost no wear after 150 miles on concrete. I replaced each pair at around 500 miles because I had to work in a hot vehicle. The quality has been inconsistent over the last few pairs. Reeboks were replaced by one supplier, which was less comfortable and supportive inside. The uppers of my most recent pair were synthetic and did not have the traditional yellow toe tag. The price has gone up. I have to give only a 3 star rating to these shoes because of the doubts I have. I hope this information is useful.

👤I used to love these shoes, but they've changed, I just bought two pairs, the same size I always buy, they fit tighter, and they started falling apart within a couple weeks, and I was so uncomfortable in the meantime! I don't know what's changed between the last time I bought a pair and now, but I wouldn't wear these for free unless I had a choice.

👤Use insoles. The soles have gunk on them. It lasts 5 months. I bought them for work. I'm critical on shoes because I work in a kitchen and I'm on my feet from 8 to 30. I've had a lot of kitchen shoes. Berkies, Dansko, Skecher, New Balance, and others do well. They all fail. Some of it is the soles and some of it is the insoles. The struggle is happening. Things fall apart. You pay for things to fall apart sooner than others. I'm reviewing these because time is ending. I only wear them at work. They are good for work. I ordered a half size larger and extra wide pair after reading some reviews that said they fit small to size. Hey memory foam! It was neat. I have a bed that is very comfortable. Not so with these. There is no arch support under the thin memory foam portion. I had bought a few pair of insoles, for other shoes, and so forth, since I was pretty thorough in my search for comfort. What? I have other shoes. I put the floppy insoles into the foot bed. My arches are a bit like walking on a cloud with the right in. A honeymoon cloud. My feet were in a state of bliss for a couple months, but then things got worse and I was left with a throbbing ache in the lower back. Is it time for a new set of insoles? The soles are very strong. They are anti- clean. The rubber soles are hard to remove. They are hard to clean in my line of work. Yes, it is safe. Is it easy to clean? Nah. There wouldn't be a problem if you were in a carpeted environment. I keep them at work and they get the Mr. Rogers experience. I wouldn't buy these again because of the hard to clean aspect and stiff, flat, footbed.

9. Skechers Equalizer Persistent Slip Sneaker

Skechers Equalizer Persistent Slip Sneaker

Textile and Synthetic. There is a memory foam insole. The shoe has a slip on fit. The FlexSole is lightweight and shock absorbing.

Brand: Skechers

👤My husband is a car salesman and he walks a lot. He needs shoes that are comfortable but look nice. It is like walking on clouds. These were brought based on recommendations from coworkers. They are fine, even though they didn't look as nice close up, because his wife is picky about how he looks. They are not showing any signs of wear after a week of use. We don't expect them to last more than one winter but at a third of the price of the Pro Oxfords it seems like a win. He put the inserts on top of them because he couldn't take out the inserts and put them in as normal. His shoes would have been too tall if it wasn't for it. It was just right width wise. We were a little surprised by how much extra room there was for taller people in these. If you found the review useful, click yes to help others see it.

👤I fell in love with these shoes. Standing in the OR for hours at a time can make your feet tired and leave you moving from side to side to distribute the pressure better, and I was getting tired of being more focused on my feet than the surgery. I was worried that the material would be too soft and that I would get fluids into my shoe, but that has not been the case. These shoes are so comfortable that they are like walking on pillows. They are a great price and the quality is better than some of the more expensive options out there. My size 12 shoes are slightly larger than my foot, so I think it's a good idea for people with a narrow foot to get a half-size smaller. If you've been researching different options for work, you should settle on these because they're more affordable and will give you more return on your investment.

👤I've been wearing these for about 8 days now, and they're pretty good. I want to get my money's worth, so I have high expectations of products. These haven't disappointed me. First things first, size matters. I ordered the 12 Wide and had to exchange them for a 12 because I was a size 12. The fit is perfect. These are not tight and feel like a glove. They seem to have found a balance between fit and comfort. The gel pads are amazing, no more hard steps, for lack of a better word. They look basic and blend in with my other clothing. I think they did well.

👤These slip ons are very comfortable. When you walk, it's soft and cushiony. Even if you know your shoe size, it's important to do the size chart calculation on the page just above the size you want. I was going to order a size 11. I went through the chart and it said to buy a 10.5, not an 11. I take an 11 in everything else, but the 10.5 fits perfectly. Very happy with the slip ons!

10. New Balance Casual Comfort Trainer

New Balance Casual Comfort Trainer

The impact is absorbed through a combination of padding and compression resistance. The Imeva foam is flexible and firm. Midfoot structure and support are added by the internal midsole shank.

Brand: New Balance

👤The toe box on the 608v5 is much smaller than the one on the 608v3 in the picture. I bought the same size and width as the ones I replaced, and they were the same size and 888-270-6611 The old 608v3 shoes fit my feet perfectly, but the new 608v5 shoes are too narrow up front, causing my big toe to jam into the side of the shoe. The width and length of the rest of the shoe are the same. I don't know why New Balance would change the fit in such a drastic way, but keep the same model number. Very disappointing.

👤I've been wearing the 608 V4 for a long time. Love them. I don't like the new version. I've tried to break this pair in, but I've given up. I can see a slight difference in how the shoes fit around the ankle when I compare the Version 4 to the Version 5. It causes my little toe to go spastic because it presses against the bottom of my ankle. My ankle and little toe are not feeling well a mile into my walk.

👤I have been to many different makes and models in the last few years and have been disappointed by every purchase. My left ankle was shattered in an accident and I have arthritis in both of them. I was buying shoes for the cushion but they bothered my back and hips. My shoes only lasted about 10 weeks. I have been wearing this pair for 4 months and they are still supportive and comfortable. I hope New Balance doesn't mess with a good thing. I would recommend these to anyone who needs a supportive shoe. I live in SW FL. It rains there every day. I wore a new pair to work. I was caught in the rain. I had to walk in the sand because my shoe lost its support when it got wet. The shoes were only a week old when I rolled my foot. I walked on the side of the shoe. I had to wear them walking on the side for 2 more days while I was out of town. I had to crawl through the house because I couldn't walk. I couldn't put any weight on them for 2 more days. I ordered another pair of New Balance after just trying them on and it felt awkward. I took a mini square and was amazed at how far the shoe was. The top part of the shoe was not straight. See the picture. I ordered a pair of Reeboks to try.

👤My old New Balance 608V2 shoes wore out quickly. I came across these 608v5 models when I was looking at the newer versions. They feel like they're broken in right out of the box. Lighter than the older ones. These are the shoes that I wear to church as well as the shoes that I wear everyday. It's worth every dollar.

11. Skechers Energy Afterburn Lace Up Sneaker

Skechers Energy Afterburn Lace Up Sneaker

The shoe lining is soft.

Brand: Skechers

👤I got these for my husband because he loves golf shoes. The doctor told him to take his shoes off after he went to his foot doctor. She took the shoe apart and examined it thoroughly. The doctor said she would recommend the shoes to her patients. She used to tell him to wear New Balance, but after seeing how well the Skechers were made and the support they offered, she was going to start telling her patients to get the Skechers shoes instead. She said she never looked at a pair.

👤As a 6 mile walker, I expected these shoes to be comfortable. The are not comfortable. They lack cushion in the sole which is what I was hoping for and they are a heavy shoe. I walk on the sidewalk. It's almost like I'm wearing socks. There is no shock absorption. The problem was solved after visiting the local store. Don't get me wrong, the shoes are attractive and okay for walking around without a fast pace. If you want a shoe that feels like walking on marshmallows, then this is not it. I'm going to keep them as "knock around" shoes. I'll return to another brand. Skecher's didn't hold their reputation because they didn't try the items on. It's a shame.

👤I have nerve pain in my feet. I tried on a running shoe but it didn't offer the support that this shoe does. These fit well and feel good. They don't offer the memory foam insole, but my feet still feel good at the end of the day. These are an exceptional deal for the money. Since I have only had them for a short time, I can't say if they will last a year, but I will be happy if they do.

👤I bought these shoes on January 25, 2016 These shoes are very nice. I am giving them 4 stars, but I could almost give them 5 stars and still give them 4 1/2 stars. These shoes are not soft, but they are well-made, even rugged, and support my feet. They are comfortable. The only problem I have with these shoes is that they are a bit longer than I normally wear, but I ordered the correct size and have worn it for years. I don't notice any problems if I just wear them around the house. If I go on a walk in our neighborhood that has slight hills, I notice my feet moving a bit in the shoes and that causes my feet to get hotter as well as making them a bit uncomfortable. I bought these shoes again in a different color and a smaller size. The new set seems to be right. I don't have the same problem with my original pair when I have tested them more. Here is my conclusion. Well-made, semi-rugged, with good support, including arch support, and a slightly wider size than average, but that is nitpicking.

👤The shoes fit. The New Balance shoes seem to have a high heels. I bought these for yard work as they were the cheapest I could find with all leather uppers that were not like the lightweight Champion I bought, which have a mesh top and let in water when the grass is wet. They are a bit overpriced at $39.99. I usually buy the classic court trainers from the company, but they have not been carrying them for a while, so I went with this. I reserve New Balance for my workout sneakers.


What is the best product for best nursing shoes for men white?

Best nursing shoes for men white products from Reebok. In this article about best nursing shoes for men white you can see why people choose the product. Under Armour and are also good brands to look for when you are finding best nursing shoes for men white.

What are the best brands for best nursing shoes for men white?

Reebok, Under Armour and are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best nursing shoes for men white. Find the detail in this article. Hawkwell, New Balance and Fila are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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