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1. Remington PG525 Lithium Powered Groomer

Remington PG525 Lithium Powered Groomer

There are 9 attachment for your grooming needs: Full Size Trimmer, Foil Shaver, Nose, Ear, and Detail, Vertical Body Hair Trimmer, Hair Clipper Comb, and 3 Beard and Stubble combs. Up to 70 minutes of power with a battery. Steel blades are used for long lasting performance. Just rinse under the faucet. The warranty is limited to 2 years.

Brand: Remington

👤I had the trimmer for 3 months and it worked well. The foil head and hair trimmers were a good bonus and I mostly used it to trim my beard. After the first charge ran out, the trimmer wouldn't hold a charge at all. I don't know if it's due to water damage from rinsing the heads under the sink, or an issue with the battery. Having the battery fail after not even a single charge at home is not good for the credibility of the product, and really destroys the ability of the product to be a good trimmer. I'm not sure what the solution would have been if the device had been taken apart.

👤The battery stopped charging after a few weeks. Now it won't run at all and would recommend buying something different.

👤I have been very satisfied with the purchase of this trimmer. This is the best trimmer I have ever owned and it was a great price. I used this to trim my hair and beard, but it is suitable for any purpose with the attachment included. It has never had a battery or blade issue after using it a lot. The blades are sharp. The 10 pieces in the box can easily be organized with the included organizers. There are no issues with it. Some pictures have been included to help. I did not like one thing about this. When fully charged, the battery light is not supposed to turn green or turn off. I had to call them to make sure that it was fine and they told me that it wouldn't change the color. Awesome for the price.

👤I bought this trimmer after reading positive reviews and it's not charging when I plug it in. I can't return the product anymore, it's worthless now. After plugging it in overnight, I was half way through my hair trimming when it suddenly stopped working. I had to go to work with half my hair cut.

👤The blade isn't powerful enough to get a good shave. I had to go over areas multiple times to get everything. It didn't irritate my skin like my other razor did, so I will give it. It's really inconvenient that it doesn't tell you when it's finished. I had to leave it plugged in before I went to sleep. I couldn't clean it out because the hair got inside the machine to the point where I couldn't see it. The power stopped working when I had too much pressure on it. The battery only worked for a short time before it died. You get what you pay for.

👤I bought this trimmer set to replace a better one that I wore out. The one that I had previously, made by Visage, is no longer available. The product is a bit more expensive, but less capable. It's like the folks at Remington decided to create a stage prop instead of a functional trimmer set. The accessory holder is the most annoying feature. It's not important, but it's awful. The base where each accessory is installed holds it in a notional manner. The accessory part falls over sideways when it is weakly balanced in the hole. Each time I put a piece back in this rack, it causes a domino-like cascade of parts to fall over. It's idiotic. There is a set of trimmer standoffs that attach to the blade. The place that is supposed to hold them doesn't fit them. The photo of the assembled stand shows the three of them installed at a 90 degree angle. The photo is small and dark. My guess is that they used glue or tape. I've used the trimmer for a week or so and it has worked well. The trimmer blade standoffs snap on top of the trimmer to make it cut at a set distance. I was able to figure out how they attach after a few minutes. There is no diagram, just a sentence or two on the instruction page. The previous trimmer that I used had two blades that could be set to different depths with just your thumb, and it cost less than this set. This trimmer set was designed to be less useful. There is a There are two items that are not included in the attachment. It doesn't have a nose hair trimmer attachment. If the interior of your nose is flat, you should use a narrow flat bladed trimmer. It doesn't have a vertical eyebrow trimmer. I don't know how any of these accessories would work for that. I would be interested in finding out if someone has.

2. Remington HC4250 Quick Cut Clipper

Remington HC4250 Quick Cut Clipper

Sideburn and neck area can be cut easily with design. The design makes it easy to sit in the hand. 40 minutes run time is powered by liquified gasses. There are nine fixed combs.

Brand: Remington

👤I was not sure about this product. It only has a 40 min battery life. I have used it twice now, and I trimmed my head in around 5 minutes. It is a cutting surface. You get great coverage. No more trying to get an even finish. If it would get close enough, that was a concern. My regular clippers did not have a guard on. I was immediately a huge fan. This is perfect if you are looking for something that is easy to cut and doesn't require a lot of skill.

👤I've been shaving my head with one of the shortest combs for months. It's easy to use. I can cut my hair on one charge.

👤This works well for the price.

👤I have only used it twice, but it is easy to use, cuts nicely, and the battery is good. It doesn't have a blade for trimming around the ears or a trimmer for the neck or sideburns, which I dislike. I prefer this over the previous one.

👤Two haircuts and living the easy way.

👤Does not cut as close as I thought.

👤I enjoy my short hair. I use a 2.5mm comb. It was going to take 36 miles to get to the barber shop. I wanted to cut my hair myself. I found this gem in Amazon and thought I would give it a try. It is very easy to cut hair. I love it.

👤It's not a triple zero cut if you're looking for it. Had to use my corded shaver to get a close shave. Very disappointing.

👤My wife used to cut my hair before I started cutting my own. I have always used a professional hair cutter. The corded clippers that were bought to replace are more expensive. I have found it difficult to cut my own hair with them, so I decided to try and find something that was a little easier. I decided to try them out after a bit of research. They are better than the traditional clippers that I am replacing, and I used them for the first time. Please watch the video to see how I got on with them and to see how I cut my own hair. They are much easier to use than my other ones. The blades fit my head better because they are curved. Keeping the blade flat against the head is much easier with the fit into the hand that they have. The absence of a chord enhances this. If you cut your own hair, they are much easier to use. If you get someone to do it for you, this also applies. They were easier to keep flat on my head. The clippers, a soft carrying case, instructions, charging, cleaning brush, oil for the blade, and nine different sized combs are inside the box. In the video, I use the clippers without a comb and they cut my hair short. The clippers have a battery. It took me around 5 minutes to cut my hair and beard, so there were a lot of cuts on one charge. It can be charged from a flat in 4 hours. The ability to use them from the mains sockets is a brilliant feature. It is possible to cut your hair with a cable of around 6 feet. The life of the battery will be shortened if you constantly use the clippers via the mains. I like the fact that the clippers have a feature that only works if I run out of charge. If the battery runs out, the unit has a quick charge feature that will allow you to finish a cut. 10 minutes charge time will give an emergency burst of running time. The clippers are easy to clean. They are water resistant and can be switched on and washed under a tap. The clippers can be cleaned with the brush provided. I showed it in the video after I cut my hair. The clippers can be put away if there are three drops of oil on the blade. The Quickcut is more expensive than the Shortcut. The Shortcut is waterproof and can be used while showering to keep the mess down. I like to cut my hair in the shower before I turn it on. I like to make sure I have not missed anything in the mirror before I shower, so the Quickcut is fine for me. These clippers are great. They are quicker than my old ones. You can cut your hair wherever you want. They fit nicely in the hand and are easy to use. They didn't feel like they were unsafe or that they had the ability to cut me. I was comfortable using them. I can't vouch for how long they will last, but I think they will be a good purchase. If you are fed up of using conventional corded hair clippers, you will use them too.

3. Remington NE3845A Trimmer CLEANBoost Technology

Remington NE3845A Trimmer CLEANBoost Technology

Clean blades from the inside out to maintain peak performance. The shower has wet/dry technology. It makes for easy cleaning. eyebrow comb evenly trims eyebrow hair Help prevent nicks and cuts with the Comfort Trim Blades.

Brand: Remington

👤If you're reading this review, then you've probably searched the world for a nose trimmer that works. I've tried many. I used a metal manual trimmer that worked well but did not completely remove hair in spots, even though it was of good quality. I used powered trimmers like Panasonic and it worked well, but still left hairs in certain spots. I would usually use a combination of trimmers and scissors to get the center of the target. It was hard to get targeted effectiveness. This could cause you to be crazy if you are slightly obsessive. The trimmer has a unique head and is solid in the hand. A person can angle the trimmer to get the center and sides to be perfect. The hair will be cut close. It's not completely skin close. It will be effective for a week or so. The user will rarely see hairs left behind after using the Panasonic or metal manual version. After washing and running the blade, I recommend putting a small drop of oil on the trimmer. Make sure you push the thumb on the water to get the head away from the trimmer. You turn the base clockwise. If the trimmer seems stuck or not working, simply use your thumb to separate the head from the unit and turn on. The product is 5 stars because it works. It may not last a year. It works. I would purchase another one if needed.

👤Negative postings are correct and waste of money should have listened to them. The device gets hot very quickly after turning on. You can feel the heat coming from it before you even get close to the hair cutting area. I waited too long to try it out, and now I'm stuck with a product that won't cut anything, and I don't mind the heat risk if it would cut something, but I don't mind it if it won't cut at all. It's really disappointing that this is being sold on Amazon and needs to be pulled from inventory and sent back to engineers to re- evaluate what they were thinking. I thought that Remington had a major corporation to uphold. I think that went out the window with this product. Did they not test the product out to see if there are any major issues that affect customers? I am at a loss for words, I will be tossing the product and buying another non-remington model.

👤It came in. It's shaped like any one of a half dozen designs I've seen at other stores, with one huge flaw! The on/off is at the bottom of the device. The battery will pop out if it's turned too far in one direction. If the switch worked reliably when you put it in the ON position, then it would be an annoyance, but a functional one, and you can twist it one way, back to the other, and again the other way. PITA. It drained the battery I had put into it. If you want to trim some nose hairs, snorting an open flame will yield better results than this engineering abomination.

4. MANSCAPEDTM Weed Whacker Nose Trimmer

MANSCAPEDTM Weed Whacker Nose Trimmer

The weasel deserves the best care. The Weed Whacker is all you need to keep your ears and nose trimmed. The Weed Whacker is the latest offering from the engineers at MANSCAPED. Benefits/ features: A premium motor powers a dual-blade system. The cone tip is made of hypoallergenic steel and can be used against cuts or pulls. The 600mAh li-ion battery can hold charge for up to 90 minutes of use and is easy to charge with a cable and AC. The angle of the nose and ear is matched by the design. MISSION: The tools and products created by MANSCAPED were designed to take care of a man's face, body, and important bits. Their products help you care for your skin. Their goal is to create superior products. They want all men to be the best versions of themselves. They pride ourselves in crafting products that help men feel better. How to charge your device. Slowly insert the cone tip into your nose or ear. Allow The Weed Whacker to clean the device after he trims it. To keep your Weed Whacker working well, make sure to change out your blades regularly.

Brand: Manscaped Refining The Gentleman

👤I decided to rate this product as well after giving a great review on Amazon. I'm not coming here to praise the nose/ ear hair trimmer. I caught wind of this company because they were bombarding me with commercials for their products. After my last nose hair trimmer gave out, I decided to look for a better one. I was surprised that this company made the product I was looking for. When I finally took it for a spin after taking the leap, I felt a sense of satisfaction that I had never felt before. The thing barely did any trimming and it sounded like it had a hard time staying on. The device screamed quality, but it was sad. It comes down to how it performs and sadly not very well, but I'm sorry, but quality build, easy to use and so on, but I'm sorry, at the end of the day, it comes down to how it performs and sadly not very well.

👤Move along. Don't look any further. The product is junk. I charged this thing up, turned it on, put the tip in my nostril, and blew my nose after five minutes. There is only one plausible explanation for why my Weed Whacker works so poorly. My wife thought it was a problem of user error. I have successfully used similar products in the past and I followed the limited instructions provided with this product. I'm also not stupid. If you're still reading this review, please stop. If you hit the back button a couple times, you can start a new search. Don't waste your time and money on this.

👤The build quality of the handle is very good, but the product doesn't work. It can not cut hair. I can hold it up against a patch of ear hair and it spins. I think something is wrong with the cutting blade dropping down if I turn it upside down. Either poor quality control or poor product design. I had high hopes for this. Very disappointed.

👤Excellent high quality trimmer. The hair is moving down from the top of my head and out through my nose and ears as I get older. The shift in the hair is gradual but noticeable. It used to be possible to manage what with tweezers and cuticle scissors. The weed whacker was used. I went from having nose whiskers that could scrub the bottom of my coffee mug to a clean that heightens my sense of taste and smell in one day. I love this product. The quality, craftsmanship and price were perfect. There was no tugging or pulling on the hair of this puppy. Highly recommended.

👤I bought this nose hair trimmer and it worked great. It was smooth and left both nostrils free from hair. I am completely satisfied after one use.

👤This is my second manscaped purchase and I am just as happy as I was with the lawnmower. I don't cry because it doesn't tug or pull my nose hairs, and it's just the right size, sleek design, and most importantly I'm not crying because it doesn't tug or pull my nose hairs. I will get one for my dad on Father's Day.

5. Remington PG6171 Crafter Grooming Platinum

Remington PG6171 Crafter Grooming Platinum

The self-sharpening blades in the 11 piece kit make it easy to manage all of your facial trimming needs. The power of Li-ion gives long lasting, consistent, high performance cutting for the duration of the runtime. A quick charge saves you time in a pinch. It's incredibly easy to clean, and you can trim up in the shower if you want. The kit is easy to clean and can be kept in one place with a zip-up storage pouch. The self-sharpening blades in the 11 piece kit make it easy to manage all of your facial trimming needs. The power of Li-ion gives long lasting, consistent, high performance cutting for the duration of the runtime.

Brand: Remington

👤The crafter has smaller heads with more of an angle, which is nice. When your battery is low, there is an LEDs that flashes. If you press the on switch again, you'll get a mode called a turbo. The mode is not a novelty. I shave with the main head first and then use the mode called "Turbo mode" to make sure everything is clean. It makes the blade glide across the skin when it is cutting at a highrpm. The main head is cut closer to the skin. I think The Crafter does a better job of shaving than I did, because I used the PG6025 for a long time. The attachment points are more snug when you switch heads. Less noise is made. It makes less noise. It has a longer battery life. Is heavier. This isn't a positive or negative thing to me. The detail trimmer is my most used head because I usually maintain a facial hair style. I liked the shape of the detail trimmer more than The Crafter did, it is a bit easier to use.

👤I've used shower trimmers for many years and it's convenient to shave my head and beard in the shower. The best one I've tried is the Remington, and I've been using it since April. The other's are ok, but have some problems. They are. The battery life is far beyond anything else I've tried, it lasts several weeks of daily use, always on high speed. And charges very quickly. * It shaves well, but shaves close for a trimmer, and is easy to get to where I need to go. * The nose and ear trimmer design is really good. I'm curious about the foil head. * I found a simple arrangement that works for my partial beard, but there's a lot of options, including an option to adjust the head. * It's easy to include a compact in my travel kit. It seems bullet-proof. The blade assembly doesn't have enough room to hold all the stuff. The general quality of operation, the extreme run between charging, and the compactness of the device make it a real win, and this is an unreserved recommendation.

👤I had the chance to compare the two products side-by-side. They were the same price. I wanted to give it a thorough comparison. I purchased a second version of the same model after I was so pleased with the older version. I noticed that the on/off switch felt plastic when I turned it on. I felt like I was going to break the little plug when I had to pull it hard to charge the battery because it was so tight. The internals of the PLUG broke in the older model, leaving me no ability to charge my Wahl groomer. Everything worked perfectly. That is the problem. It worked as good as new after 4-5 years of daily use. I hated throwing it away because of the internals. I bought a different brand of kit from the same company because I was not satisfied with how good it was. The Wahl had a few advantages, but I chose the Remington. Both have batteries. Both have a case and multiple beard guides. I wouldn't use it for cutting hair because it's something I wouldn't use for other things. It had 1-minute charging. The R does not allow you to use it when plugged in. This feature was very important to my older Wahl since the battery wouldn't hold a charge if not plugged in. I kept it plugged in for most of the time. This is after 4-5 years of use. I couldn't tell if the beard detail trimmer was better or worse. The attachment guides are the same as before, with the R offering an attachment that can be adjusted in smaller amounts. The R only offers one motor speed, the W, but I always use the faster one on the R, which is essentially the same as the W. The foil shaver was the biggest advantage. He had a double head. It was more thorough when I shaved my neck and face. This alone was enough for me to keep the Wahl. The advantage made me feel like I was going to break it because it seemed so cheap. The pieces did not fit easily. I was afraid of breaking it that I tried to avoid switch to the other head. The R requires a simple twist of the head both off and on, whereas the R requires a bit of a struggle. I don't fear that my nose trimmer will break if I switch to another one. The whole thing feels very sturdy. There is a push button behind waterproof rubber. The W is not waterproof, but the R is. I think the reason my older Wahl broke was because it was not waterproof. The larger rubber connection of the Remington doesn't seem to break inside. The switch jiggled around as I mentioned. The ability to switch it on and off was not affected by this, but the plastic-ness and not solid feel really turned me off, as I give it just 6 months to a year before it breaks. The nose trimmer was different. The quarter-inch version of the trimmer was used by Wahl. It reached into my nose. The Remington has a more functional design that goes further in and around the nose. If you have a big or long honker, you will want the Remington. The little bag for the W was better than the R so that didn't matter to me. The Remington is built more solidly. The plastic-fantastic cheaply-made feel of the Wahl was too much for me, even though I had a long history with it. If you use the foil shaver a lot for a large area of your neck and face, the Wahl's version is better. I hope the plastic pieces inside the heads don't break when you switch between the two.

6. Remington F5 5800 Shaver Electric Razor

Remington F5 5800 Shaver Electric Razor

Flex Foil Technology stays close to the skin for smooth results. 60 minutes of battery life. Use a damp cloth to clean the shaver's external surfaces. You can use a detail trimmer to finish touches on your facial hair. Do not use strong detergents. It is easy to clean under the faucet.

Brand: Remington

👤My first electric shaver is not my first one. I decided to ignore the negative reviews because some people can't be pleased or they don't know what to expect from an electric shaver, so I ordered it anyway. As good as any other brand electric shaver, the Remington gives a good shave. After a dozen shaves, it's still at 80 percent charge. It is very easy to use and clean. I've never had a burning sensation, no pinching of the skin, or any other uncomfortable issues. I've used it on my hair. I'm happy with this purchase, it's a good electric shaver at a reasonable price, and the replacement heads are less expensive than the other brands I've used.

👤This razor is the best, don't listen to any of the negative reviews. I have proof. If you look at my picture, you'll see that I bought the best razor. TWICE was what the cost of the F5-5800 was. I should get it because they have a great reputation. I'm sorry. It was Wahl. The kind of shave from the Remington doesn't match the best razor you have. The shave is close, there are no razor bumps, and I am black so my skin is sensitive. The Wahl is a minor league player while the Remington is a major league star. There is a bonus. The back of the Remington has a flip up trimmer. It trims better than my clippers. I'm serious.

👤My experience with this razor has been positive since I had it about 6 months ago. I was hesitant about buying a razor from a company that was known for its razors because I was worried about how well it would work. The foil guard snaps on tight and does not come off by accident, which is the Pros. The clear guard on my old Braun would jump off if you just looked at it funny, which was very bad and messy for traveling. I have not needed to replace it yet, but the replacement foil is cheap. It takes many days or a week to charge fast and last a looong time. Pull off the foil and rinse under water. I was expecting it to be useless and flimsy but my experience shows it works better than I thought. The two bars of blades pop out of the holders when I take off the foil. Maybe it is supposed to do this. It is very easy to put them back on. The razor was a great price and I am very happy with it. The price of a good Braun is more than the price of about 4 - 6 of these. I have facial hair and shave with it everyday. I hope that helps you make a decision.

👤I have been shaving since I was 17 years old. I'm 99 years old now. Do you want me to do the math? It was 82 years ago. I was in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in 1936 and I don't know what razor I had. It was a gun. I only had to shave a few hairs from my face. I was discharged from the army in 1946 after having a gun for all of WW 2. I use a 12volt radom in the car and this new F5-5800 razor enhances it. I may have to stop driving at 99. I'll give the 12v to the museum. I have a lot of my stuff in the hall of my house, so hang it there. It was a great honor to welcome to the family, Remington!

7. Remington MB4700 Settings Rechargeable Cordless

Remington MB4700 Settings Rechargeable Cordless

The previous trimming lengths are in the memory settings. The digital touch screen displays the.1mm increments on the motorized comb up to 175 length settings. It is easy to clean and maintain theAAA. Up to 50 minute use with the power power cord. The auto turbocharger senses and adjusts cutting speed for your beard.

Brand: Remington

👤I'm not complicated. I was a child before cell phones were a thing. I view technology as something that enhances rather than dominates. It's nice to say that using technology for its own sake can be just as difficult as not using it at all. Sometimes it creates its own problems. This is a good trimmer on its own. I like that the speed changes with the thickness of the hair, which makes it easier to run the trimmer through my beard. The thicker part of the beard does a good job in the evening. I got more than the one hour billed, but it was in real world use. It's easy to clean. Without the smart features I would not be satisfied. It's the features that make me happy. The motorized beard comb is a bit gimmicky. With adjustments to the tenth of a millimeter. What is the size of the meter? It ends up being too precise. I'm a simple guy and don't care about the beard length. Of course, YMMV. I wish it had a narrower head for the same detail work that the comb allows for. I wish my existing beard trimmer did the same as it has two heads that I can swap out if necessary. You don't have to remember what length you want to use when you have three programable "profiles" on this trimmer. Again, okay for what it is. I'm not sure that it offers much real world utility. Having it saved as a profile is not something that gives me much since I use 9mm every week. Is this technology for the sake of technology? The physical design of the comb is decent. This is not a general purpose trimmer. If you try to trim down long hair the comb will get stuck. It should be on the beard. The leading edge of the comb is too long for the area right under the nose, so you have to attack that area via several different directions. It's an issue with trimmers in general. I think it's a decent trimmer, but I found it hard to use the Smart Features when I wanted to set the comb length. It's easy to use and clean, but the rest of the features aren't something I use a lot. If it had an mp3 player on it.

👤I don't grow a thick beard like shown in the examples and my facial hair growth is minimal. I ordered this because I found a cheaper brand on Amazon and the difference between the shortest setting and the second shortest setting was full scruff or shaved. I had hoped that this trimmer would allow for.1mm adjustments, but it did not. I can cut my scruff to the length I want. There are settings for memory. I trim my neck to a 2.0mm, my mustache to a 2.2mm, and the rest of my face to a 2.5mm and it's perfect. I don't know of any other trimmers that allow this type of precision. The product has been very good so far. I have had a similar Remington in the past and it was useless as the guard broke. This one seems to be more durable than previous versions. Will update this review if there are any changes.

8. Remington HC4250 Shortcut Self Haircut Clippers

Remington HC4250 Shortcut Self Haircut Clippers

9 Length combs cuts 1/16 to 15 millimeter to achieve the exact look you want. 40 minutes of battery life. corded hair clippers can be used for maximum convenience. The 13 piece kit includes combs, brushes, and oil. The Shortcut Pro Hair Clipper has an extra wide curved blade that gives you a close, even cut. Do not store in temperatures over 140o.

Brand: Remington

👤I liked this trimmer very much when I got it. I like the design of this trimmer and have used it many times to cut my own hair. The wide-contour trimmer made it quick and easy, but just 3 months later the trimmer stopped working. Buy something with your money. I thought I'd give it a chance after learning my lesson.

👤I would have liked to have read reviews before buying this. The battery won't hold a charge after a month. The charge didn't last more than 5 days after I charged until full. When I tried to use it, it was unplugged the entire time, because I left it charging for 6 days. I will try to call Amazon, but it's a hassle for something I had hoped would last for years.

👤This is a great machine for people who don't want to spend a lot of money on a haircut and want to keep their hair short. Although I used to keep my hair longer, I've decided against the coiffed look in favor of neatness. I don't want the look of a shaved head when I buzz my hair. I gave up shaving a long time ago. I used to wait in a barber shop to get my hair cut every couple of weeks. I began to look for alternatives. I found this shaver and couldn't be happier. It takes about 3 minutes to get my hair to the length I want, and then I have to clean the shaver. I do this a couple of times a week. The shaver will pay for itself in 6 weeks. What more could I want?

👤I've been using a Wahl clipper for a decade, and thought I'd teach it a little. The guards didn't clip onto the unit very well, which meant they'd pop off occasionally when shaving, but I didn't even get through one head shave because the clipper was so dull that it yanked on my hair the whole time it was cutting. I shave my head once a week because I have thin hair, but this ten-year-old Wahl has never given me trouble, I've never had it sharped, and I don't shave my head very often. This is cheap and painful, and I expected more. I'll use my old barber clipper until it breaks. Disappointing.

👤A dog's hair can be cut with a clipper. We have a 4 year old Westie, named Millie, and I have always cut her hair myself. I had an older clipper that was helpful, but this new one was amazing. I gave my dog a haircut. She got a very even cut that was not too close or shaved. I used the longest blade guard. I could scoop her hair off with my bare hands. I used a movement like I was brushing her. I would go one way and the other way to get an even cut. I was able to do her legs, neck, body, head, and most of her face with this thing in a short period of time. This is quieter than other clippers and does not scare a dog. I have my dog lay down and roll around until she is clipped. I have her stand or sit and do a closer job. I know that the dog is being groomed, but I think she is calmer when she doesn't have to stand the whole time. The shortcut charged up in a few hours and held a full charge for the entire time that I was cutting it. I was happy with my purchase. Thanks for reading my review.

9. Remington PG6025 Lithium Powered Grooming

Remington PG6025 Lithium Powered Grooming

120 VAC and 60 Hz is the voltage. Simply rinse under the faucet to clean the Washable Attachments.

Brand: Remington

👤I bought this a year ago. I use it to trim my hair before I shave. Ladies. Why didn't anyone tell me about this? Do not get an electric razor down there. I only paid a small amount and it's still doing well. No more razor burns. No fancy razor blades. The time and effort of shaving is reduced by more than half. It used to take me thirty minutes, but now it takes five or less. I can't recommend this enough.

👤It died after less than a week. Took it apart to see what was wrong. It looks as though this shaver is cheaply made, with numerous points throughout where wires and solder make contact with other components, causing it to short out. It's disappointing to say the least. I hope the seller and/or Remington reach out to make it better. I will return to my straight razor until then. The battery is still a rechargeable AA, as a previous reviewer found. They didn't make this unit with longevity in mind.

👤My experience with this razor was terrible. I trimmed my beard once a week. After only 6 months, it stopped working. The razor wouldn't turn on, so the lights wouldn't go on. I tried to get in touch with the company to see what they could do for me. I went to a battery store to get a new battery and they told me it was dangerous. I used this razor to snatch my money. The nose trimmer doesn't do anything.

👤The price is unbeatable and this is the best trimmer I've ever purchased. I can see why this item is a highly reviewed item. I have bought many trimmers over the years and they have varied in performance. I use the trimmer for buzzing my head and face/neck down to 1mm, which is the standard military cut for those parts of the year. If you only get a few years of use from this product, it would still be a great purchase, but I think this product will last many years if properly maintained.

👤The blade is small, has many attachment that work well, and it has fine teeth that cut hair. Con The battery failed after two uses, and it's all in recycling now. I didn't leave it plugged in for days, I just stopped it from working, and I didn't empty the battery. I recycled the entire thing and wrote it off as a bad purchase, I didn't try to return it or contact anyone about it. I bought another popular brand of trimmer from a brick and mortar store.

👤If you're looking for an all metal unit, look elsewhere. It feels light in your hand. This thing is great. I shaved my beard several times after I charged it for 15 minutes and had no loss of power. I like the shape of the head when shaving with the clipper, but it is more effective for shaping a beard line. The razor, and clipper work great, but I haven't used all of them. This thing is awesome. It will be more than worth the value if it lasts a year or so. I can't belive spending 75 dollars on things when there is no reason to.

10. Panasonic Trimmer Vacuum Cleaning System

Panasonic Trimmer Vacuum Cleaning System

The ER-GN70-K is the most powerful Panasonic nose trimmer yet, it has a high-velocity motor that drives blades smoothly through thick, coarse hair. A slim design can be used to trim nose or ear hair, trim brows or trim away facial hair. Men can use the Panasonic nose and ear trimmer. The dual-edge trimmer blades cut hair at the top and sides for efficient trimming of both long and short hairs. Powerful vacuum collects cut hair for less mess while trimming, run under water to flush out clippings, and nose trimmer body rinses clean. The ergonomics design makes it easier to hold and the battery-operated design provides up to 40 minutes of use.

Brand: Panasonic

👤I browsed the 1 star reviews of this product and found that most of them mirrored my own experience, even though I thought it was just my bad luck. The product works great at first, then degrades quickly. The problems started in month 3 and by month 4 it was dead. I had hoped that this one would last a few years and I really don't like disposable tools. I am extremely disappointed to see that this is endorsed by "Amazon's Choice", shame on Amazon and Panasonic for not addressing the recurring issue. A 1 month return policy for a product that dies after 3-4 months feels like a fraud on consumers. I just submitted my claim on the clunky website of Panasonic and will see if this goes anywhere. I don't like the feeling that I've been ripped off because the cost of my time to address is probably going to exceed the cost of just ordering a different replacement.

👤I bought this on December 14, 2016 and it is dead now. My nose hair doesn't grow quickly and I only used the trimmer for a few weeks. It cut clean and close when it worked, but only lasted 9 months.

👤When I saw this and the reviews, I had to get it. It's great until about 6 months, when the blades start to lose their power. I'm sure anyone reading this will understand my point. The unit runs well, but the blades don't last long. It costs the same to buy a new unit. There is a blade on panasonic for $13 and others for $9 at Ebay. It's crazy and not cool. I was on hold with panasonic for 30 minutes and I decided to write this review. Get something that has self sharpening blades.

👤I died after 2 months. Doesn't look like it's returnable to Amazon. Will check the warranty policy. It wasn't any different than previous Panasonic versions. This junk cost $22. Oh well. Live and learn. The Panasonic warranty is only 1 year. p and l I have to pay for shipping and handling both ways. I am giving up on Panasonic products because of this product. They have fallen so low.

👤There is a bar. No returns. The cheap plastic tip kept coming off and the tiny crucial part went down the drain. POS craftsmanship. More is expected from Panasonic and Amazon. I have been an Amazon customer for over a decade. I would order another one. You know the saying, "fool me once, your shame." I will fool you twice.

👤This is the first nose trimmer I have. I was hesitant about putting a spinning cutting machine up my nose because of my fear of cutting hairs. I became confident that this thing wouldn't do any of these things after gingerly using it. In 8 years, it may have pulled a hair once or twice when the battery was dead, and also 2 or 3 times when I got too aggressive and accidentally turned to an off-angle. This machine will do it's work efficiently and painlessly if you respect it. I use it for a lot of things. Spot trimming near my mouth and nose is a result of facial hair. I like this machine. Throw in your travel bag when you run a long time on one AA battery. Until 6 months ago. It started cutting out and then revved up again. This is not cool. The shaking of the unit seemed to help. Changing the angle seemed to help. The battery was changed. Did not clean the battery contacts. I thought maybe the battery contact got compressed, so I bent it up a bit. I checked the reviews to see if I could buy another unit. One person said that it was the battery contact that fixed their symptoms after getting past all the critics. I tried again, this time with needle nose pliers and pulling the spring up, it was not a big deal. That fixed it. It took me 6 months to believe it could be that simple, but it was. If you have the same symptoms, please give this a try. I can't say that my unit is the same as what they make in 2021, but I think this is a high quality product.

11. ROYAL Allergy Free Battery Free Waterproof Dual Edged

ROYAL Allergy Free Battery Free Waterproof Dual Edged

You don't need to struggle to pull out the batteries before your flight. It doesn't need a battery. Patented mechanism makes it easy to trim with patented Twelve dual-edged blades technology. Be happy smoothing. If you still trim the hair with scissors or tweezers, it can hurt your skin. The cutting blades of the Royal Trimmer are not in contact with the skin. This gift is for loved ones who still trim their hair with scissors or pinset. The SAFE&Painless Gadget is safe and painless to use. They will remember you and your love when they use it. Made in Korea. They are proud of the manufacturing experiences they have had in Korea. They make and control their metal products. If you're not satisfied, you can get a 100% money refund or replace. Their shop ROYAL has more beauty and pedicure products.

Brand: Royal

👤This is good. I've used electric nose hair shavers and trimmers for a long time and I think they were ok. The electric nose hair trimmer is not as good as the manual one. It is smooth and cuts clean, and it does not have any unpleasant motor noise or sudden pulling. I didn't know these things were so bad until I used a nose hair trimmer. This is the best nose hair trimmer I have ever owned.

👤This is one of the best things I have ever bought. I have to tell my wife how much I love this nose hair trimmer. I know that might sound weird but it is amazing.

👤I was expecting the product to be brand new and sealed. The package was open when it was opened and the product fell out. I could see someone else's hair in the trimmer as I looked at the product. If this product is going to be used with someone else's nose hair and boogers, I would not recommend it.

👤I couldn't believe I had to use small scissors to trim my nose hairs. I like that it doesn't need batteries or charging, it's usable with one hand, and I love the golden one. I kind of expected that this wouldn't work on hairs around the ears, so there's no complaints. This is a small product.

👤The electronic versions only lasted about a year at a time of $25 a pop, so I had high hopes for this product. This product works well for nose hair, but trimming one's own ear hair is impractical. It is great if someone helps, but how realistic is that? There is a The battery-powered version is back.

👤Brand new wouldn't cut my hair. The hairs are pulled out rather than cut. Stick with the electric.

👤I bought this product because I didn't like the sound of my electric trimmer. I feel like I'm going to damage my hearing because of the loud electric trimmers that I own. The product solved my problem. It does a great job of trimming. It appears to be very well made.

👤The husband likes these more than any of the power trimmers. The larger cutting surface doesn't need batteries. Does the best job in the least amount of time.

👤It looks good and small, but it pulled a few hairs that was a big let down for me. I don't know if I'll use it again as it's not meant to pull hair, but it was a big selling point for me.

👤I have tried many different types of trimmers and have always experienced pain. The clippers are a perfect solution. They are finger operated so that you don't have to worry about any pain. When a hair is clipped, you can hear a very satisfying crunch and know it is doing the job right. It does the job it is supposed to do, but it is slightly difficult to use. Everything you could want for the price, lasts a lifetime and no batteries, plus- small and discreet.


What is the best product for best nose hair trimmer remington?

Best nose hair trimmer remington products from Remington. In this article about best nose hair trimmer remington you can see why people choose the product. Manscaped Refining The Gentleman and Panasonic are also good brands to look for when you are finding best nose hair trimmer remington.

What are the best brands for best nose hair trimmer remington?

Remington, Manscaped Refining The Gentleman and Panasonic are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best nose hair trimmer remington. Find the detail in this article.

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