Best Best Nose Hair Trimmer for Women 2021

Trimmer 30 Sep 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. True Conair Ladies Battery Powered Trimmer

True Conair Ladies Battery Powered Trimmer

No pulling, nicks, or cuts are guaranteed. The ear and nose can be trimmed with their patent-pending blade system. All hair is cut evenly and cleanly. The battery operated ladies ear and nose trimmer is portable, compact, and pretty. The battery is not included. Hypoallergenic foil for less irritation protects sensitive skin from irritation. The True Glow by Conair Ear and Nose Trimmer has a head that is easy to clean. Conair makes high-quality grooming tools for men and women. The personal care line from Conair includes high-quality skincare tools, lighted mirrors, haircut kits, beard and mustache trimmers, ear/nose trimmers, ladies shavers and oral care. Every personal care tool is made by Conair.

Brand: Conair

👤I am hairy. People would think that filling out a Mason Pearson hairbrush with my hair is an improvement. That also means that my hair has been broken before. I only had one way to get a wife, and that was by not taking my shirt off in front of her, being irresistible, and having a gorgeous head of hair. Since that time, the locks atop my head have moved to my nose, ear canals, and ear lobes. I said I was charming, but I am still married. I have destroyed hair trimmers if they are on the market. I work with hair trimming products. Creams that remove hair are moving away from me. The one time I tried laser hair removal, the diode chose to reflect its beam off a mirror and shoot itself in the lens. After my most recent ear- and nose-hair trimmer died, I returned to Amazon to get another one. The Conairman battery- powered ear/ nose trimmer was recommended by Amazon. I was skeptical. The mushroom-capped tip reminded me of something else that I wouldn't want to shove up my nose. Positive reviews were plentiful. These must be bots, and this probe is a sham. I was desperate. I parted with my money and waited for the Conairman trimmer to arrive after years of performing as The Incredible Velcro Human. I went to my bathroom after setting the bag and sideburn trimmer attachment aside. Since I last hacked through the jungles in my nose and ears, there were many strands of hardened keratin to slay. I heard an orphan cry as I twisted the device and inserted the battery. Immediately, the promiscuously shaped tip and its peripheral side slots entered my nose like a space wizard. The hairs fell victim to the Conairman's magic as if they were powered by a crystal from the caves of Ilum. I examined the device and checked my nose, which was smooth and free of pain. Can it be? I asked quietly. I proceeded to remove the overgrowth from the nostril. The ConairMAN set to its task as eagerly as a lumberjack, and neither hesitated nor complained. I proceed to free both ears with my nose clear. I felt as though I waved a magic wand over those hairs, demanding that they yield to my new tool. I was not done. Is it possible that this painless and effective cutting tool could engage the beast that is my beard? I did not use the tool to cut my beard. Do you think I would abandon my double-chin covering so quickly? Please. I used the Conairman to tidy up the edges that go toward my lower eyelid and collarbone. The ConairMAN is sitting on a throne in my bathroom's medicine cabinet, where the toenail clippers and tweezers feed it grapes. I am hairy. I am no longer without hope, but my nose and ears are without hair.

👤It's reasonable to assume that a product advertised as "lithium powered" is rechargable. lithium and "rechargable" have been synonymous with personal grooming products over the last decade or so. A single non-rechargABLE ENERGIZER LITHIUM AA is included in the package, which is a premium over the version advertised as AA battery-powered. I don't care about how well it works, and it's cheap enough to not be worth the hassle of exchanging for another version and using my own AA non-rechargable batteries. It was a shameful ploy.

2. Removal Yoove Painless Rechargable Electric

Removal Yoove Painless Rechargable Electric

It's safe and painless. The Facial Hair Remover for Women can remove peach fuzz on your upper lip, nose, chin, eyebrows or cheeks. Super lift-cut technology. The Epilator uses technology that lifts hair before it is removed to prevent skin damage and redness. Rounded protection heads are easy to use. It is possible to haveABLE and RECHARGEABLE. The portable lip razor has a built-in light to show hairs. The electric hair shaver is more efficient than battery powered devices. Waterproof: The ladies facial hair removal device can be used under the shower. It is easy to achieve a flawless look with replaceable heads and waterproof attachment design. It is value for money. A multi-purpose hair removal tool can be used to shape up your legs, arms, and bikini line. Say goodbye to painful razors.

Brand: Yoove

👤I have always been nervous about having my face shaved. Would I have a stubble like a man? Five o'clock shadow? Or razor bumps? This has kept me away from anything that would cut off the hair. My epilator has been retired because of that. The cute hair removal system walked into my life and changed my way of thinking. This product is beautiful. It is very efficient. Cuts hair on the lip and chin without causing any problems. It's cute and easy to keep with you when you travel. What is not to love?

👤The first one was slow and didn't do the job. Returned it and received a new one. It was slow, but it worked. The battery doesn't charge after only 5 months with very little use and 2 months with higher use. After each use, it was cleaned and maintained. This item has a "lifetime warranty" according to the packaging. I contacted the company, but was told they couldn't help me because the order was processed through an Amazon Fulfillment Center. The Amazon help center sent something. I received the same reply. This company doesn't back their product and the warranty is useless. I bought a different brand of shaver. Flawless hair removal by finishing touch. It has a AA battery. It does the job better and takes less time. It doesn't have a nail file.

👤I ordered the Yoove facial hair removal because the Flawless facial hair removal needed batteries. I used my facial hair removal after a couple of hours. The machine was easy to use and smooth over my face. The ease with which this machine was used was amazing. I bought the Yoove Facial Hair removal machine after reading reviews of previous buyers and comparing it to others.

👤I liked the product. It was in a nice box. The product is small and light. The shaver works well on small places on the face. I used it for my toes as well. I could use it immediately because it was delivered with a charge. Sometimes I miss a few hairs around my ankle, and I could see how this could be good for taking care of those too. I continue to use this product. I had a skin care specialist tell me that hair will not grow in thicker or darker colors and that I should use a product like this on my upper lip. It is a myth.

👤This product is a perfect fit in my purse, it comes in a cute box for display or storage. I didn't have to charge it at the first use because I used it right away. It was light and it lightly removed my unwanted hair. The nail filer and size of item were all good, but the UV light isn't as bright and I have to go around twice for those tough little hairs. The product was ready to use. It left my skin smooth. I will purchase these items again for a gift.

3. Lithium Rechargeable Professional Waterproof Painless

Lithium Rechargeable Professional Waterproof Painless

The IPX7 waterproof Ear and Nose trimmer is a smart way to clean hair. The cleaning system draws tap water in and spins it around through the ear nose hair trimmer, so they don't have to worry about losing any parts. How to use aSTAND BYLED DISPLAY: Charge your trimmer before use. The travel lock at the bottom of the device should be pressed long enough for the display to show the NOOA logo. Put the tip into your nose or ear. Allow the trimmer to trim hair for 30 seconds and then clean it. Lithium-ion power andusb rechargeable are available. The nose hair trimmer has a built-in battery. You can trim hair with this nose clipper. The nose hair trimmer has a protective cover and is portable. A smooth trim is provided by the dual-edge blades and high speed. Light hair removal such as beards, sideburns, facial/neckline hair styles, body hair can be done with the eyebrow trimmer head. 1 year warranty Since they started selling on Amazon, customer satisfaction has always been their top priority. If the package is damaged or the product doesn't work, please contact them to replace it.

Brand: Nooa

👤I like the sleek and modern design of the device, it is easy to use and clean, it is a sturdy little device. It's nice. I've had trimmers that were difficult to clean. This one has a good feel to it, and it fits nicely in your hand. It has a lot of power and can be used to cut quickly and cleanly.

👤The product is nice, but there are two complaints that need to be addressed in the design. Touch on/off is a nice idea, but you often shut it off accidentally when holding the barrel. Good idea in theory, but bad execution. The protective cover does not fit the blade cutter. Simple design needs to be fixed. Once you get used to holding it, it works great.

👤It's perfect for hair removal all around the ears, in an out of the nose. It's got a very sleek slim design that fits well in the hand and doesn't feel like it's cheap to make. The motor is so quiet that you can't hear anything. It's not loud when used around the ears. A good product and design.

👤It was easy to use. It has a bag to put everything back in. I can keep it all together and put it in a drawer when I'm done. It looks more expensive than it is.

👤The high tech in the pictures is nice, but it's not the main problem. It has a pressure sensitive on off switch and a hidden off switch. To turn it on, you have to push the hidden switch to 'on' so that the pressure switch works. It's pointless to need 2 'on' switches. If you accidentally touch the pressure switch, the trimmer will turn off. It is very annoying. The motor is weak and the trimmer does not cut hairs as well as my other trimmers. Search for the Norelco. Even if it uses batteries, it's a better trimmer.

👤Would have given it 5 stars, but it's a little funky to turn it on and off. It seems like he does a good job.

👤The on/off touch switch is a pita, but it is waterproof. You get it turned on and start using it. You turned it off. I was not allowed to turn in back on. It won't turn on after 7 tries. The power button on the bottom should have been the only power button, but I am not an engineer in the fine arts of Chinesium manufacturing. The nose hair trimmer barely cuts the bushes growing in my nostrils. The openings on this one are a lot tighter than on my other one. The head of the trimmer loves to pull my hair. Mr. Chinese trimmer man, calm down, I am not that kind of girl.

👤The cap won't close if you switch out the nose hair trimmer for the eyebrow trimmer. It turns itself off 9 times out of 10 if you touch it with your face. There is a It doesn't do anything to trim your hair when it's turned off. What is this product good for? It beats me. We're left with a product that doesn't work because it's not worth the effort to return it.

4. Panasonic Mens Trimmer Hypoallergenic Blade

Panasonic Mens Trimmer Hypoallergenic Blade

The blades are made of steel. The dual edge blades trims nose, ear and facial hair. Beards and eyebrows are included. The blades of the Hypoallergenic are clean and have no skin or hair irritation. Dry or wet convenience, a fully waterproof personal groomer is made for nose and ear trimming convenience. The cleaning system draws in the water from all sides and spins it through the cutter head for easy cleaning. A protective nose clipper cap and cleaning brush are included.

Brand: Panasonic

👤This piece of s**t lasted four months and then stopped working. It didn't do a good job of trimming nose hairs when it worked.

👤I have a Panasonic nose and ear hair trimmer. The first one died after six months. There was a new battery, but nothing. I thought I must have done something wrong when I bought the product again. Nope. The second device died as well. I put a brand new battery in and in the "on-position" there are only weak spurts of the motor and only when the device is held at a 45 to 90 angle, totally insufficient to cut hair with. I tried. I don't recommend this device.

👤The trimmer worked well. After continued use, once every 2 weeks for a few months. I had run into many instances where the product wouldn't turn on, but the battery wasn't the issue, as I encountered the same issue whether it was a new battery or not. I had to open the battery port and rotating the battery without rhyme or reason in order to get the product to turn on. There was a foul smelling odor coming from the battery port in some instances. It looked like it was leaked battery acid. I don't know how or why this would happen, but I can make a rational deduction based on the smell and where the odor was coming from. I think the battery terminals did very quickly. I can't think of a reason for the battery acid odor. The nose trimmer is advertised as waterproof, but it doesn't seem to pass that litmus test. I'm stuck with a terrible product that doesn't work because Amazon referred me to Panasonic for being out of my return window. It's difficult to contact Panasonic because it's only available during working hours and it's hard to get in touch when you're at work. Unless you're willing to fork over some cash, Panasonic doesn't offer a good discount on more below average products. I don't recommend this product as you will have to replace it shortly thereafter.

👤If there was quality control on this product, it would be discovered that the blade gets caught up in the tip while trying to be spun. If you look at all of the reviews on this product, this is the most common complaint. This is the worst product I have ever purchased on Amazon. It doesn't work for more than a day or two according to the reviews. I agree with the good customers of Amazon who have had similar experiences. I will no longer purchase from this vendor. The backing on this product should be corrected by Amazon.

👤I've used the first rotary trimmer. It works! This is a good one. I hope it lasts. There was an update on Dec. 2018? My last statement was, "I just hope it lasts". This thing has been unreliable for months now, but I am late in posting this update. I jiggle the battery because I thought it might be the issue. To get the thing to turn on and then to see how long it will stay on. When it does stay on, it isn't as powerful as it was when it was new. Very disappointing. The one is in the trash.

5. Electric Underarms Painless Rechargeable Portable

Electric Underarms Painless Rechargeable Portable

Women are 5 in 1 with electric shavers. The shaver has replaceable heads. This razor can help you personalize the shaving effect for your face, arms, legs, nostrils, and bikini area in a few minutes, without leaving any. The blade of the electric trimmer is durable and painless. This electric razor can protect sensitive skin. It will make you feel less pain. It is safe to use the electric shaver wet or dry. The blade head is easy to clean and can be submerged in a sink. After using the shaver blade, keep it dry. Don't immerse the shaver body in water, the Host is not waterproof. The women's electric shaver is portable and can be charged through a variety of devices, including a power bank, computer, laptop and sockets. It is small in size and has a small handle, making it ideal for travel and travel. It is a perfect gift to give to friends, lovers and elders. If the product has quality problems, please contact them. They can give you a replacement or a fast refund.

Brand: Anfoos

👤The eyebrow trimmer doesn't work and you have to push down more. So not very happy.

👤I have partial use of my right hand and this is light enough to hold.

👤I was sliced up and down. I like the panasonic.

6. Professional Painless Battery Operated Portable Pen Shaped

Professional Painless Battery Operated Portable Pen Shaped

High performance hair trimming from nose and ear is provided by the Hypoallergenic dual-edge blades rotation system. The nose hair trimmer is easy to use. Clean the trimming head with water. It's small and portable, so you can put it in your pocket. Quiet enough to be comfortable. Men and women can use a pen-shaped nose hair trimmer. It won't fall easily if it has a magnetic protective cap. The nose hair trimmer is powered by a single battery. If you have a problem with your product, please contact them.

Brand: Acorel

👤The small size of the magnetic cap makes it easy to put it in my purse. I would recommend it.

👤A lot quieter than others.

👤It works better than my last one.

👤The Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer worked well. It's easy to hold and operate. Smooth running with no problems. I would recommend everyone.

👤I couldn't avoid giving in and submitting this review in exchange for some assistance, even though it's a bit soon to leave an accurate review for any electronic product. The item is solid and feels like a good quality build. The hair trimming is quick and painless. I have a hunch that it will be easy to clean it after reading the instruction manual. My only concern is that the motor housing is not dry, which is what killed my previous hair yanking el-cheapo trimmer.

👤I buy a lot of stuff from Amazon. The 4th photo is close to the body of the trimmer before the cap self closes. I have four trimmers and this is the best one. I took an unflattering video to show it off. It's light on weight and size so it will travel well.

👤It is the perfect size to carry with you. It is very easy to use and a great value.

👤A simple but effective way to remove hair. My partner says it works well on nose and ear hair, simply cutting the hairs with a rotating small blade at the top of the pen. The shaving time is so quick that you would expect this battery to last for months. When you hear the blade cutting through the hair, you only know it is working when you see the inner top tucked away. I assume that a neat top sits on the cutting head to prevent damage. The set included a small cleaning brush, a head that removes with a twist, and a brush to remove hair. There is a A good hair trimmer, very effective, and a very good price; I was pleased with the purchase.

👤I looked good and was promising but stopped working after purchase. Amazon is good about refunds. I don't think you're lucky to get an item that lasts more than a few months. I'm reluctant to buy cheap again, but I think the fortune being charged for a cheaply made product is ridiculous. May have to get used to it.

👤After my initial excitement, the niggles started. I changed the battery because it wouldn't always turn on, but it was the product. It was sent back because it became unpredictable when using and trapping hairs. This is a small tool. You don't have to trap hairs and compact to take away with you. It is about the size of a marker pen. The last trimmer I had felt a lot more powerful than the one you have to provide your own battery for. The magnetic lid is a bonus. It's a good recommendation!

👤The battery keeps the weight to a minimum. A high speed usually only seen in more expensive trimmers is stated in the attached sheet. The magnetic cap is a great idea. Don't hesitate to recommend.

7. Finishing Touch Lumina Fintchld82W6 Painless

Finishing Touch Lumina Fintchld82W6 Painless

The world's first painless hair removal. You can reach those hard-to-reach places with the help of the pivoting head. Lighted so you don't have to worry about your hair. The painless hair removal comes with a battery and brush. Instructions for wiping clean.

Brand: Finishing Touch

👤I had one for a long time and finally gave it up, so I'm re-buying it. Works well!

👤I was very excited for this product. I liked the light. It didn't remove hair or peach fuzz. I tried it and it didn't work. It's not right...

👤I bought this and wasted my money. I think it is worthless. Junk. It doesn't shave facial hair. I was excited to see how it worked after I trimmed my arm hair. I didn't have to face or chin anything. There was no removal. I will be back to start my search again.

👤The battery runs out pretty fast. You have to hold the battery inside to put it inside. I had it for less than a month.

👤The quality has gone down since I bought this to replace the one I bought a long time ago. The men's version is made to remove hair.

👤I always buy a Gillette at the beauty store to trim my eyebrows, but they never last, so I was happy to find this affordable one and better upgraded version. I love it! It works well. I trimmed my brows quickly and am very pleased. It's easy to use and it fits in the pocket book. I have no regrets. The delivery person dropped my package at the wrong address and I almost didn't get to enjoy this awesome device. When I was told that the package was delivered, I was not happy. A quick check. I was correct. Thank God for honest people. All in a great product.

👤The first mini shaver I ever bought worked great, but it was many years ago. I could easily see and feel it working, but not anymore. I hear it but it doesn't seem to be doing anything. I have tried many different brands in the past few years and they are all junk now. I don't want to shave my face with a razor because I have dark hair. I don't want to use something that irritates the skin.

👤I wanted to like it more. It's good for fine body hairs, but don't use it for coarse ones. Don't worry if you have a small blemish underneath. When I use it on my upper lip, it irritates the skin. I'm not the most skilled at hair removal, and the blades are67531 for me, but that may be different for everyone. I checked to see if I could return it. I wouldn't buy it again. For the price, it's okay, but not for me because the battery has lasted through a few uses.

👤I had left my finishing touch behind while travelling, so I bought another brand facial trimmer. I bought this one as a back up in case they stopped or something. The very best work for many years. I think my last one is 10 years old.

👤I bought it for my sister. She says it is very easy to use. It does what it says. The extra attachments are helpful. She liked that the product is small and not thick so that she can carry it in her purse. The product provides a painless experience. It is definitely a value for money product.

8. TOUCHBeauty Silicone Cleansing Waterproof Cleanser

TOUCHBeauty Silicone Cleansing Waterproof Cleanser

Two replaceable trimmer blades are used to trim different areas of the face, body, eyebrow, ear or nose. The nose and facial trimmers have dual-edge blades that are easy to trim. The nose trimmer head has curved blades that are hypo-allergenic. The IPX5 water-resistant design makes it easy to use in the shower. The lightweight design makes it easy to trim your hair at home or on the go.

Brand: Touchbeauty

👤It is not as smooth as the more expensive brands. It does the job.

👤I like this. It's easy to use. There is no pain trimmer.

👤The best I have ever bought is definitely not the worst. The battery cover comes off when I try to open it.

👤I am happy with the purchase. Does the job I need it to do, is not sure about the sturdiness. It doesn't take a lot of space in my drawer.

👤I was looking for 2 of the same thing. Most have one or the other. This works great because I have smaller features.

👤It works well. There is a A small piece of the nose trimmer broke off after being used. It works, but not as well as it could.

9. Micro Touch Titanium Lighted Trimmer

Micro Touch Titanium Lighted Trimmer

The MicroTouch Titanium MAX is a multi-purpose personal grooming device that can be used in many different ways. It is possible to clean up necklines, sideburns, eyebrows, nose and ear hair. The MicroTouch Titanium MAX comes with a battery and brush. It's great for travel and everyday use.

Brand: Micro Touch

👤This is a toy. It barely cuts the hairs.

👤The one I bought from Amazon didn't work because it was delivered in the rain. I bought one in the area. Bad move. I was surprised to read that the head can not get wet. I don't know about the rest of the people in the world, but I have to wash anything that gets stuck into my nose or ear. --- The On-Off button is on the back of the unit. Would it be easier to use if the button was on the front? One must hold the device with one hand and push the button with the other. --- The two trimmer heads are useful. The 1950's "Dad's gonna cut your hair" clippers are similar. The light is in the perfect spot to see what you're doing. --- It's a handy little gizmo if you don't plan to clean this thing and don't mind a fumbly-bumbly on-off routine. Quiet, too.

👤Poor quality terrible cutting blade doesn't make a difference if you buy it.

👤Does not do what it is suppose to do. It stinks.

👤Had to return and order it again. My wife said I was stupid for reordering because the first one wouldn't cut any hair. I like the way it is made and the lighted feature. I wanted it to trim my facial hair. It does well. Not for heavy duty trimming. Has not hurt me. I was careful after reading other reviews. Worth the price so far!

👤I thought they would be just a clipper, but it actually does a good job. In my daily use, the light is very useful.

👤Not as advertised. They make it seem like it is a high end product. It is so cheap. It will do the same job and even better if I buy one that is $5 from a cvs store. This product is a joke and he is light in it. This is a joke of a product and you should not fall for it. I am pretty sure you can find this at a dollar tree. That is cheap.

👤Great on nose and ear hair, eyebrow attachment, and hair attatchment.

👤I gave this to my partner and he said it is one of the best grooming devices he has ever used.

👤This works with just one battery and blade.

👤J,en ai un autreusb, il est toujours irrrite le nez. Ont dirait. Plus aucun grand poils.

👤This is the first one that does the job that was advertised, and it is the first one that I have bought. It's great for ear hair and that good old mono-brow.

10. Hair Clippers Cordless Beard Trimmer

Hair Clippers Cordless Beard Trimmer

Utility Home Haircut Kit is designed for smooth, sharp, precise performance that with the finest precision blades, self-sharpening, stay sharp longer to cut all hair types. The edges of the head are not smooth. The blades can be removed. After the haircut, the blades can be washed directly without the need to disassemble, making it easy to clean, which can ensure the use of hygiene, avoid the growth ofbacteria and odor, and always fresh. The power motor and battery are high capacity. With a powerful and advanced motor that provides substantial power and speed. It's very suitable for kids or toddlers, thanks to low noise and safety blades. Up to 150 minutes of running time is possible with the built-in 1200mAh premium and safer Lithium Ion battery cell. STANDING RECHARGE DOCK is safe and convenient. It's convenient to charge your hair clipper without having to hunt for a cable, the best chargers in terms of design with frosted design can be plugged in at any time to keep the grooming trimmer fully charged. The design allows you to trim your hair. HAIR CLIPPERS GROOMING KIT The complete barber set includes a styling comb, cleaning brush, instructions, a charging station, and a full range of high quality plastic guard attachment for different hair lengths. The Multipurpose Clipper combines the functions of a hair and a beard trimmer in one device. It has full-size guide combs that can be used to trim your head and face. This is a great gift for a loved one. If you are not satisfied, contact them and they will give you 100% satisfaction.

Brand: Pritech

👤Excellent clippers. It is safe to use down there with wreckless abandon, I use it on my pubic area and underarms, it doesn't nick me like my last clippers use, hold a charge for a really long time.

👤I gave myself an unfair advantage. For the first time, I think I did a decent job as a barber. It's easy to get your desired length with 3 different guards. They're lightweight and easy to maneuver and work well for sensitive areas.

👤I use it for my bikini area because I don't have guards on it. It can make you bleed.

👤The way to go is corded. I have had a lot of corded and ni-cad trimmers. The corded ones were noisy and hot. The ones I have owned were weak and the power level was very low. All of them would get bogged down. This one is worth the money because it performs well and is well designed. I did not experience any pain or nicks as the other reviewer. I have very thick hair and it didn't getbogged down. Right through. Cleaning is a snap. There were no hairs inside when the head was removed. The motor is sealed. It is amazing. If this was stolen, I would buy it again or shave their eyebrows. The Li-ion batt is lightweight, easy to hold, can stand upright, has a charge base, is easy to clean, and plows through. There is no way to tell the remaining battery%, there is limited amount of clip sizes, and there is no way to adjust blade clearance. The base and cord is all that is included.

👤This product is not waterproof. The instruction manual states that the trimmer shouldn't be used on beard, mustache, nose hair and ear hair. I posted a picture with instructions. The false advertising claims that it can be used to trim the bikini area. If these are the reasons for your purchase, don't buy.

👤I use a shaving cream that causes me to have bumps, so this clipper was useful when I needed it most. I decided to use the clipper. This will solve my problem.

👤I used this before and after for my cut. The charging holder is very lightweight.

👤I used to rock a 70's forest. I underestimated how easy it is to trim. I am close to bare, but not quite. I love it because I don't have any irritation. I have used it to trim my hair, but not completely. It makes it less noticeable. If that is what you are going for, it is highly recommended.

👤After I had to send another make back, I would recommend it.

👤If you want to shave your bread with the comb on it is fine, if you want to do detail with the comb off is brutal. If you want to see yourself bleed, buy this! I can't return a product with my blood on it.

👤If the people selling this can get back to me and tell me that this is still within my warranty, then I can send a new one.

11. MANSCAPEDTM Weed Whacker Nose Trimmer

MANSCAPEDTM Weed Whacker Nose Trimmer

The weasel deserves the best care. The Weed Whacker is all you need to keep your ears and nose trimmed. The Weed Whacker is the latest offering from the engineers at MANSCAPED. Benefits/ features: A premium motor powers a dual-blade system. The cone tip is made of hypoallergenic steel and can be used against cuts or pulls. The 600mAh li-ion battery can hold charge for up to 90 minutes of use and is easy to charge with a cable and AC. The angle of the nose and ear is matched by the design. MISSION: The tools and products created by MANSCAPED were designed to take care of a man's face, body, and important bits. Their products help you care for your skin. Their goal is to create superior products. They want all men to be the best versions of themselves. They pride ourselves in crafting products that help men feel better. How to charge your device. Slowly insert the cone tip into your nose or ear. Allow The Weed Whacker to clean the device after he trims it. To keep your Weed Whacker working well, make sure to change out your blades regularly.

Brand: Manscaped Refining The Gentleman

👤I decided to rate this product as well after giving a great review on Amazon. I'm not coming here to praise the nose/ ear hair trimmer. I caught wind of this company because they were bombarding me with commercials for their products. After my last nose hair trimmer gave out, I decided to look for a better one. I was surprised that this company made the product I was looking for. When I finally took it for a spin after taking the leap, I felt a sense of satisfaction that I had never felt before. The thing barely did any trimming and it sounded like it had a hard time staying on. The device screamed quality, but it was sad. It comes down to how it performs and sadly not very well, but I'm sorry, but quality build, easy to use and so on, but I'm sorry, at the end of the day, it comes down to how it performs and sadly not very well.

👤Move along. Don't look any further. The product is junk. I charged this thing up, turned it on, put the tip in my nostril, and blew my nose after five minutes. There is only one plausible explanation for why my Weed Whacker works so poorly. My wife thought it was a problem of user error. I have successfully used similar products in the past and I followed the limited instructions provided with this product. I'm also not stupid. If you're still reading this review, please stop. If you hit the back button a couple times, you can start a new search. Don't waste your time and money on this.

👤The build quality of the handle is very good, but the product doesn't work. It can not cut hair. I can hold it up against a patch of ear hair and it spins. I think something is wrong with the cutting blade dropping down if I turn it upside down. Either poor quality control or poor product design. I had high hopes for this. Very disappointed.

👤Excellent high quality trimmer. The hair is moving down from the top of my head and out through my nose and ears as I get older. The shift in the hair is gradual but noticeable. It used to be possible to manage what with tweezers and cuticle scissors. The weed whacker was used. I went from having nose whiskers that could scrub the bottom of my coffee mug to a clean that heightens my sense of taste and smell in one day. I love this product. The quality, craftsmanship and price were perfect. There was no tugging or pulling on the hair of this puppy. Highly recommended.

👤I bought this nose hair trimmer and it worked great. It was smooth and left both nostrils free from hair. I am completely satisfied after one use.

👤This is my second manscaped purchase and I am just as happy as I was with the lawnmower. I don't cry because it doesn't tug or pull my nose hairs, and it's just the right size, sleek design, and most importantly I'm not crying because it doesn't tug or pull my nose hairs. I will get one for my dad on Father's Day.


What is the best product for best nose hair trimmer for women 2021?

Best nose hair trimmer for women 2021 products from Conair. In this article about best nose hair trimmer for women 2021 you can see why people choose the product. Yoove and Nooa are also good brands to look for when you are finding best nose hair trimmer for women 2021.

What are the best brands for best nose hair trimmer for women 2021?

Conair, Yoove and Nooa are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best nose hair trimmer for women 2021. Find the detail in this article. Panasonic, Anfoos and Acorel are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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