Best Best Nonstick Frying Pan 14 Inch

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1. Blue Diamond CC002196 001 Pan 12Covered

Blue Diamond CC002196 001 Pan 12Covered

High heat performance. The deep frying pan can be used for stove-to-oven recipes. Blue Diamond's ceramic non-stick is 10x longer lasting than traditional coating and is 5x harder. Blue Diamond cleans up quicker than copper because Diamonds are 4x moreconductive. Free of lead, PFOA, and other harmful substances. The forged base of the warp control base prevents warping, wobbling, or degrading over time. The oven and Broiler are safe up to 600F. It's dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. The glass lid is oven safe and easy to use.

Brand: Blue Diamond Cookware

👤Yesterday we received this pan. When we washed it up, the finish was chipping. I am upset and disappointed. I don't use non-stick pans because I'm worried about the finish chipping off. I had read some good reviews of the commercials. We used our new pan to make scrambled eggs. We only used a wooden spatula to make the eggs because we were cooking on medium heat. My husband showed me that small chips were all over the pan while he was washing dishes. I'm shocked. We used to buy cheapo pans from Walmart and they would last a year before they started to chip. We stopped buying them because they were trying to move to better pans that would last a long time. It's completely unacceptable to have anything that is used to prepare food break down after only one use. Will not buy again and will return for a refund.

👤I don't know if it's common or if I just received a bad product. It was almost impossible to get off the pan because it had an area that sticks the food on. I thought it might be because it was new, but after using it a few times, it became a permanent problem. I kept it for too long. There is a If I could return it, I would, but I will just eat the money. I didn't return it quickly enough so, if it sticks like mine, use it a few times right away so you can return it.

👤I am a single dude who cooks his own meals and I wanted a bigger pan that I had. The pan was too small and the surface was starting to erode, but it was still a smaller pan. I can eat this baby but the pan is small. You can fit a lot of ground beef in here. The pan is so easy to clean that you don't even need cooking spray for eggs. I use it to take care of the pan. You should be able to get it off with some water and scrubbing. The weight of the pan is good for me. I guess if you are a small woman, it is my responsibility. If you use an electric stove, the bottom is flat so it will heat well. I use a stove. I would be confident with electric. The lid helps keep smoke out of my apartment.

👤I finally found a pan that wouldn't warp, most of the cooking is on medium heat or less, and after about five or six uses I noticed Big Blue had a slight wobble, I cook on a smooth surface stove.

👤Really, love it. It is a good weight to handle and it is pretty. It can be slow to heat up and it can take a while to lose heat. I turned my stove top to 6 for a grilled cheese and saw slow progress, but I kept cranking it up and it ended up burning one side and finishing the other in a quarter of the time. It is something to be aware of when adjusting to a new pan. I bought the tiny egg pan and the 8 inch after and have been happy with them all.

2. HexClad Stainless Nonstick Commercial Cookware

HexClad Stainless Nonstick Commercial Cookware

Eggs omelette sausages, beef bacon burgers, or vegetables are ideal. There is a patented technology. The laser etching process creates a non stick surface for the hexagon design. The dual surface allows your pan to sear still while using less oil, grease, and butter. Why choose him? The patented laser-etched hexagon design and tri-ply construction of the HexClad makes it PFOA-free, oven safe up to 500 degrees, and ready to use. High-quality materials. Tri-ply construction is needed to create durable cooking pans. The first and third layers are made of steel and aluminum, and they conduct consistent, even heat distribution. It is easy to clean and maintain. The pan is dishwasher safe and can be cleaned using steel wool pads since the pan is scratch resistant and won't wear down from the use of metal utensils. There is a lifetime warranty. All non stick cookware is backed by a lifetime warranty. Add it to your cookware sets. It's a perfect size pan for eggs, omelets, or single chicken breast.

Brand: Hexclad

👤This pan becomes a regular non stick pan after a month of use. Eggs will stick and burn to it if they are given oil. You have to scrub it clean after cooking because it sticks to this and burns. It is not advertised and is heavy. I regret buying this pan because it is the worst in my kitchen. Save yourselves, friends.

👤I am not happy. Don't get them if you cook on high temperature. You have to cook low. Everything sticks if the temperature is too high.

👤It's all marketing, there is nothing unique about the pan, and it's ridiculously expensive. The attached picture shows that does not live up to its claims.

👤I paid full price for this pan, but the lid was not included. Very disappointed.

👤My breakfast is usually a omelette with vegetables. I used coconut spray since the instructions said egg whites wouldn't stick. My previous pan was marble based and didn't stick for 18 months. Changed to one star. The pan is bad for omelettes.

👤I bought one a year ago. I loved it until I noticed the finish was missing. It was falling apart when I owned it. I left a one star review. They kept running a Facebook ad. They told me to email customer service. Which I did. They immediately sent a replacement pan after asking for photos of the damage. Hopefully this one lasts longer. I'm very impressed with the prompt service. One star for my pan. Five stars for the company. The average is three.

👤This is not a stick and it does not have a lid. It needs to come with a lid. The pan is probably the worst I have ever used.

👤We cook at least two times a day. I've been cooking with PFOA free non stick pans for years and have been frustrated with how many don't work. This pan has been the best in a long time. I have tried a lot of ceramic titanium, but this pan is the best I have tried. I think that the peaks of non-stick and the valleys of non-stick are something that HexClad is onto. It's time to see how it holds up over the next 6 months. I would buy it again.

👤My eggs stick to the pan. Shame on you celebrity chefs.

👤The 10 inch frying pan was purchased for $275.00. I followed the correct procedures. Everything sticks. Not worth what I paid.

3. OXO Grips Non Stick Dishwasher Frypan

OXO Grips Non Stick Dishwasher Frypan

Frypan is oven safe to 400 degrees F and has a sturdy, dual-rivetedstainless steel handle. The highest rated skillet is from Cook's Illustrated. Excellent heat conduction and scratch resistance can be found in the hard senna body. The German engineered coating uses less oil and is PFOA free. The handles are comfortable. The oven is safe up to 220C. The edges are rolled for pouring. It's compatible with most stovetops.

Brand: Oxo

👤The pan performs well, however the non-stick surface is peeling off after less than a year of use. We were expecting better.

👤The first pan was scratched to the heavens the first night it arrived. We used it to heat a couple corn tortillas and just put them in the pan on one side and flip the other side for about 30 seconds. When we removed the tortillas low, there were scratches all over the surface. We waited for the pan to cool to room temp and then washed it with a non-abrasive sponge, but to our disappointment the scratches were still there. After one use, it's definitely not a nice sight, and we paid over fifty dollars for this pan. We returned this because we think we did nothing wrong. We did not use a utensil and flipped them by hand. The return was accepted. We replaced the same pan thinking it was a mistake. Maybe something was wrong with that pan. We used the replacement to cook eggs and other things. We used it to cook pupusas over the weekend. Soft masa dough is used to make pupusas. We heat a little oil in the pan and cook them on each side until they are crisp on the outside, but still nowhere near what you would think it would take to cook a pan. It's unbelievable. When we removed the food, it was covered in scratches. You could feel the ridge with your finger when you ran it over the scratch and the finish was already coming off in the middle. The pan was only heated to medium and never used on high heat. Medium did the job well and we found out that it can warp pans, so it wasn't needed. If it is too hot. This second pan is going to be sent back for a full refund. We will be taking our money elsewhere because we are disappointed in this OXO Pan. It's a shame because when the pan arrives it is so beautifully packaged and the shine and shimmer on that pan is so elegant, but how is this worth anything when you have to fear it scratching like this? If we were using metal utensils and trying to cook something rough, but never expected the turnout, I could understand. If you buy this pan, I hope this helps you. It's specific on what you can't cook in it.

👤If the finish hadn't degraded so quickly, this would be a five-star review. The exterior finish is great and the handle and weight are nice. The cooking surface is the only problem. We treat our skillets the same, no metal utensils, hand-wash only. The other brands have started peeling quicker than this one. We won't be buying another model of this one because it's time to replace it.

👤America's Test Kitchen said that this was the best one. The surface of the skillet looks like it has been in use for 5 years after only a few uses. That is not acceptable. That is not the best skillet. There is no way that can happen.

4. Calphalon Classic Nonstick Saute Cover

Calphalon Classic Nonstick Saute Cover

It is suitable for all stove tops. Lifetime limited warranty, oven safe up to 350 degree, dishwasher safe, PFOA, lead, and cadmium free. The 2-layer, PFOA-free interior makes it easy to clean up. Hard-anodized aluminum cookware is strong and resistant to damage. The handles on the stove are made of steel. It is safe to use on gas, electric, glass, and halogen stovetops.

Brand: Calphalon

👤My son-in-law is the reason I'm buying these pans. He ruined my pans by not following instructions. These are the rules for any non-stick pan that you want to keep non-stick. There was no high heat. The pans work well at both low and medium. The metal will warp and the non-stick coating will be damaged if these pans are pre-heated. Hand wash only! Automatic dishwasher detergents can ruin non-stick coating and damage certain metals. No spraying! The non-stick coating will be damaged by things like Pam. There are four There is no cold water on a hot pan. Who does that? I've seen him take a hot pan and run the cold water from the faucet on it. Really? I'm pretty sure he does that to get the grease out of the pan. Doing so will warp the metal and ruin the non-stick coating. No metal clasps! Again, who does that? I've seen a lot of things on my pans. Don't do that. Calphalon brand pans are some of the best on the market and will last years if they are treated with care and respect. I own a full set of Calphalon pots and pans. I have full confidence that everything I cook in them will turn out great, and I am very pleased with them. It was a good purchase. Five stars.

👤The pan was faulty just received. The pan cannot be lay flat on the stove because the handle is positioned lower than the pan bottom. I'm returning set.

👤If you're going to use hard anodized skillets, this skillet looks wonderful. I have not been able to use mine. I've washed it by hand 4 times already, once with a nylon scrubbie sponge, and once with a towel. I assume this black stuff is going to ruin the food I cook in this pan so I haven't used it yet. Is there anyone else who has experienced the same? The manufacturer should help me out here. What is this black stuff? I have attached a picture of what is coming off the pan. It shows what I see when I rub the pan dry with my fingers. There is an update. Calphalon was more than helpful and sent me a replacement pan after I contacted them directly. I experienced the same problem with the new pan, so my review must remain the same. That's enough for me. I don't have the time or energy to deal with this further, so I'm out of the original cost as well. Does anyone know if the pans would be recycled? I don't know how to dispose of the one I have. There is a One more thing... The "black stuff" is not known. I've never put this pan in the dishwasher, but Calphalon said it was perhaps something from my dishwasher, but I was unable to identify it. shrugs>

👤Many of the reviews of this pan seem to be for a set or other product. I would prefer reviews that are specific to the item. Calphalon has been used by me for over 20 years. The price point of this pan was too low for a high quality Calphalon pan. I don't know if this is a lower quality line or the pan is malfunctioning. The pan does not evenly heat up. One half of bacon is barely cooked. I have to move the food around in the pan to keep it from burning. It is easy to clean up. I gave it 2 stars because of that. I don't know how it holds up in the dishwasher because I never put cookware in it. I am not happy with this pan. It has damaged my trust in Calphalon.

5. Rachael Ray Hard Anodized Nonstick 14 Inch

Rachael Ray Hard Anodized Nonstick 14 Inch

It's compatible with most stovetops. There's a flying pan with heat distribution. Frying pan is made of hard-anodized aluminum and it heats quickly and evenly. There is a dishwasher safe non-STICK. Fry pan is dishwasher safe and has a long- lasting interior for easy food release. The hands are dual-riveted. The frying pan's handles are double-riveted for strength. OVEN SAFE: The frying pan is oven safe to 350F and is part of the collection of Ray. It's built for convenience. The large frying pan has a handle that can be used to move large portions from stove to oven to table.

Brand: Rachael Ray

👤The product was easy to clean and non-stick. I never put metal in the dishwasher, or on it, because I followed the directions. It lasted about a year before it started peeling and cracking, and then it was useless because it was peeling up in large chunks. I had to toss it because it was getting stuck on the spatula. I thought it had a lifetime warranty. That's what led me to this. The warranty is not good. They give examples of "inappropriate use" on their site that voids the warranty. Some of the pictures are not good for cookware. "Overheating" is one of the excuses that are used to void the warranty. I think my own use would be voided on a loophole. If you want a pan that will work well for the first year, this is it. The lifetime warranty is only valid if the skillet never leaves the shelf.

👤I received the Rachel Ray pan and was excited to try it. I immediately got a bunch of scrambled eggs. It was warped from the heat when I put butter and eggs in the pan. I like my pans to sit firmly on the heat source so the food cooks evenly throughout the pan and the food doesn't slide to one side from the unlevel pan. The pan did not make it to a high heat. I don't need the pan to be level with the heat source when it is at a level bottom. I'm very sad. I'm going back to Tramontina. The non-stick surface began to chip after a year, but never warped. Will be sending this back tomorrow after already requesting a refund.

👤I used this pan a few times and had no problems. I had a pan on a burner and another pan on a burner while I was cooking. The burners were set to medium. I was using a range. The pan filled my kitchen with black smoke when the handle melted. It can't be used on a gas range. I recommend getting rid of this pan because it's a fire hazard. They are allowed to sell it. The handles are made of plastic, and they smell like it. I don't understand why you would put a plastic handle on a pan like this.

👤I was upset to find that the pans started sticking the first week I bought them. They are not pans that are non-stick. Stater Bros has better pans than this. I bought 3 of them. I would like to have a test before buying more. It wasn't that easy to clean my eggs if I used spray.

👤Rachel ray cookware is the only pans I have used in a long time. I am not happy with this one. The pans are great for my stove top. It doesn't cook evenly on the bottom so it twirls around when I stir. I will not be using it anymore.

👤It's a pan. It's a cheap pan. It does what pans are supposed to do. I made it with eggs and spam. The secret is to let it heat up, never use anything but soft plastic or wooden utensils, and never apply more than medium heat. My lid was dropped and now it won't fit. Even though it has a handicap, it keeps on panning away like the big boys. Amazon does not have a star rating for human incompetence.

6. Nonstick Titanium Ceramic Coating Dishwasher

Nonstick Titanium Ceramic Coating Dishwasher

There is a warranty. Lifetime warranty. With over 30 million happy customers, Gotham Steel has redefined kitchens across the world with the introduction of the ceramic copper cookware. Their award-winning frying pans have been improved in every area, including the exterior finish and the fact that the pan doesn't scratch. They are excited to have you join the family. The large 12.5” frying pan is perfect for a larger cooking surface and is ideal for family style dinners and nearly every other cooking situation. Making sunny side ups, sauteing vegetables, steaming broccoli, whipping up pancakes, scrambled eggs and omelets, grilling burgers has never been easier! The ULTIMATE CERAMIC NONSTICK is a cooking surface that is coated three times and reinforced with diamonds. No seasoning or oil or butter is needed, makes for a healthier eating, and provides for a hassle free clean up. The Y shaped handles let the heat escape and keep the handles cool to the touch. The frying pan has a handle that is easier to use. The pan's coating is made of synthetic diamonds, the strongest material on the planet, which makes it durable enough to hold up against metal utensils, spatulas, spoons, whisks and even electric beaters. Spend less time with clean up. Place cookware in the dishwasher for a quick and easy clean up after cooking. It's compatible with all stovetops and oven safes up to a sizzling 500 F.

Brand: Gotham Steel

👤I used the same pan for two years and this purchase is replacing it. I'll try not to elicit any emotional rebuttals because it seems many people are passionate about this pan. I will compare advertised claims with real world applications. No stick without the use of lubricants is claimed. Videos of s'mores and cheese sliding out of a pan are not true. Both of these foods have a lot of fat in them. There was no surprise here. There are videos of eggs cooking without using any fats. This may have held some water, but it was quickly gone. A very small amount of fat is needed to achieve this claim, along with a low heat setting. It is possible to achieve this claim by cooking s'mores first and then wiping the pan with a dry paper towel. Not much is washed with soap. There is a claim of scratch resistant. I would think twice before using a metal meat mallet to sound the dinner bell, but it is definitely better than average. The dishwasher is safe. Does this claim mean that the pan is safe to use? It is safe for your dishwasher. After repeated washings, your pan will most likely die. Depending on the chemicals used in your dishwasher. What is the conclusion? It is best to wash your hands with soap and water. The pan can stand up to 500 degree oven temperatures. This one is stupid. The temperature of the pan will never get to 500 degrees if there is food cooking in it. The handle may be, but so what? It's made of steel. Do you want to test their claim in the broadest sense? Place your empty pan in a 500 degree oven and cook it for 30 minutes. The point is, do not put an empty pan in the oven or on the stove top. There is a This pan has performed better than any other pan I have used. It has better non-stick potential, better longevity and better bang for your buck. Unless you decide to boycott this style of cookware in the future or give up the chore, this will not be the last non-stick pan you need to purchase.

👤Food was stuck after a few uses. I followed the instructions. Quality control is a problem. I bought the product on Amazon and the customer service wouldn't honor the 90 day guarantee. They said it must be purchased from them.

👤I've only been using it for a few weeks, but it started sticking with food, and I can't even fry eggs on low heat without them sticking... I would like my money back, but apparently my window of return is closed... really? If you want a pan that only works for two weeks, I wouldn't recommend this pan.

👤When frying eggs, the directions say not to use oil or butter. Eggs stuck to the pan after I followed the directions. Why?

👤I recommend them to friends who are most unhappy with them because I loved them when I first purchased them. They looked good for the first month, but then they scratched, even though I only use plastic pot scrapers, and they are not non-stick. I was told to return them for a new one. The shipping would cost me more than a better set of frying pans, so no-thanks! Don't believe the advertisement!

7. T Fal Ultimate Anodized Nonstick Dishwasher

T Fal Ultimate Anodized Nonstick Dishwasher

A true workhorse in the kitchen, hard anodized aluminum has a stronger protective layer than the original metal and it won't react to acidic foods. T fal's heat mastery system is a recipe for perfectly delicious cooking results every time, with a non stick coating, anti warping, and patented thermo spot technology. The ring around the spot turns red when the pans are ready to cook and the proper preheating is needed. The hard titanium reinforced, scratch resistant and toxin free nonstick interior is durable and makes cooking and cleaning easy. The handles are rivetted and the lids are vented. Silicone handles are designed for comfort and safety, Vented glass lid are designed for visibility, and trapping heat and moisture for perfect results every meal.

Brand: T-fal

👤The online product description states that the product is safe to use in the oven. The handles and knobs are only oven safe at 350 degrees according to the instruction sheet. The online product description says it's dishwasher-safe. The instruction sheet states that it is not a good idea to place cookware in the dishwasher.

👤This is my second one. I bought my first one 4 years ago and it is still being used. It only took 5 months for the coating to come off and the center to bow up. The current production is not the same as the one I bought four and a half years ago. After 4 years, the original had not lost any of the coating to the aluminum, but this new one has lost it after being run through the dishwasher. No steel utensils were used. It looks like the board of directors decided they could make things cheaper and still sell them. Don't be one of them.

👤It has been a good pan. We use it a lot. After two years of use, I wanted to post a picture.

👤The glass lid on this pot exploded when I cooked a regular dish a few nights ago. I put water in the pot to make a stew, so it wasn't overheated. It only cut my finger. Don't buy it before you think about it. Don't buy it if you want to live.

👤We bought this pan again, since we were so happy with the first one. The bottom is not flat. Oil runs to the site from the center. We will not buy it again if that is a single failure or if others see similar problems.

👤A barely a year old non-stick coating is not up to par. I never used this pan in my oven. 11mo is a very short life for a skillet, so I am very disappointed.

👤The T-fal stuff is not flat. The ones I've bought are raised in the middle so the oil doesn't get stuck in the pan and the edges don't get damaged. I wish they'd get their act together because it was too inexpensive to return. Is it really difficult to sell a frying pan with a flat bottom?

👤The quality is great, the weight is nice, the handle is non-slip, and the non-stick capability is decent. The glass lid is sturdy, seals nicely, has a sturdy non-slip handle, and a small hole to vent steam and protect from vacuum sealing the pan when it's been off the heat, which could be dangerous if you tried to force it off. My husband and I make breakfast every weekend. I make sunny side up eggs after he makes the bacon and hash browns. I turn the heat up to medium, spray a little Pam, add the eggs, cover the pan, leave it on the heat for 1 minute, and then off the heat for 45 seconds. I can see the albumen over the yolks as they cook, leaving them nice and runny. I've found that a lot of restaurants don't make good sunny side up eggs, but with this pan, they're perfect every time! These pans have a lot of depth. I can't wait to make some of my favorite dishes that need a good volume and a tight-fitting lid. There are some dishes that come to mind. The shape of these pans is perfect for flipping whatever is in the pan. If you shake the pan, it wants to flip. Great shape.

8. OXO Anodized PFOA Free Nonstick Skillet

OXO Anodized PFOA Free Nonstick Skillet

Tramontina item # 80114/537DS America's Test Kitchen has the highest rated skillet. Excellent heat conduction and scratch resistance can be found in the hard senna body. The German engineered coating uses less oil and is PFOA free. Sturdy handle with stay cool, non slip silicone. The oven is safe up to 200C. It's compatible with most stovetops.

Brand: Oxo

👤It is a rare review from my side. I use OXO for years, a good brand for kitchen gadgets, so I tried the frying pan. The photos tell the whole story after 3 weeks of use. I only use wooden spoons and utensils if it says "scratch resistant". To make the long story short, stay away from this piece of junk. I have never peeling after 3 weeks using the cheapest Teflon pans. I will serve you well with Cuisinart. What a mistake. The photos were taken before the arrival of my new pan. The "German engineered" non-stick coating peeled off like it was new to me. German engineered it is not junk. If you decide to buy this frying pan and follow all the 5-star reviews, be aware that your next omelette will contain an additional German engineered non-stick coating. It's Bon Appetit!

👤I have used my pan for six months and have had great results. I decided to get another one after six months because it finally started sticking to the point. It won't last forever, just be aware.

👤America's Test Kitchen recommended these to me. I don't buy expensive non-stick fry-pans, you can spend $200 on a non-stick pan, but it won't last for ever, no matter how careful you are. A non-stick skillet can be had for 2 years. 2 of these were $40 and that is a very good deal. Since my husband cooks as well as I do, they don't get very careful handling at my house. Over the years, I had a lot of them. Some were better than others. I think the OXO skillets are one of my favorites. Eggs are non-stick and a dream. The non-stick coating on the grip makes it easy to wash. I bought a set for my son because I like them so much. I recommend them. The skillets are still performing great a year later.

👤Couldn't tell you how it was done. One was damaged. One side did not take a picture. This one was damaged after the replacement was received. I took pictures. Not sure who is to blame. There was no padding or anything in the box with the pan.

👤I received a nice note from Amazon apologizing for the issues and promising to resolve them. The pan is great, so I changed to 5 star. Make sure yours is undamaged. This is the best pan I've ever owned. When I tried to order another one, it was damaged. The next one was damaged when I returned it. I'm hoping the third time is the charm.

👤I have had a non-stick skillet for 3 months and it had 2 small places where the coating was coming off. I use cooking on the average of 2 - 3 times a week. I wash it. I will apply for a refund. Customer service answered my first email promptly. It went downhill from there. It took 26 days and 2 more emails to get a refund posted to my account. The purchase price of the skillet was stated in the warranty. There was no shipping cost for Prime members, but there was a sales tax. The shipping cost was $11.75. I paid $12.97 for this skillet. A good quality product can be costly, but this warranty is similar to many others.

9. Tramontina 80114 537DS Professional Restaurant

Tramontina 80114 537DS Professional Restaurant

For all stovetops. The 3004 heavy-gauge aluminum is certified by the National Sanitation Foundation. A dishwasher-safe, high-performance reinforced PFOA-free. The handle is rivetted and has a red silicone sleeve on it. Works with gas, electric and ceramic glass. Tramontina item # 80114/537DS

Brand: Tramontina

👤Tramontina does not respond to any requests for warranty support despite their claim of a lifetime warranty. I suffered from a warped pan bottom despite the extreme care I took to avoid rapid heating or cooling. After a few months, this is normal household use. Despite multiple attempts, they have failed to respond to what I feel is a manufacturing flaw. If you have a gas stove, your grate will hold the pan regardless of its warp. If you have a glass-top or flat stove, I suggest you look at another product.

👤The coating on the pan began to peel from the rim about 2 years ago. We only use this pan for pancakes and rarely use a spatula. I asked Tramontina how to claim the lifetime warranty. They asked to see photos of the pan that I had already included, but I sent more. They said it was worn and tear and offered to sell a new pan for 15 dollars off their website. Even with a coupon, it still costs more to order directly from their website than it does from their Amazon listing. I asked if they'd offer me a coupon for a discount on their pan from their store since it made no sense, but they never responded. Why would they give me a discount if it's wear and tear? They know that it's not a problem and that their "lifetime warranty" doesn't mean anything because you can't do anything about it. Why do you say you have a lifetime warranty when you never honor it? You can find similar stories through the reviews here. Customer care from Tramontina was poor.

👤My son gave me two small Tramontina skillets for frying eggs. I couldn't believe their quality when I received them. They are professional quality skillets. The eggs are easy to flip with a slight jerk because of the butter. They use a little detergent and wipes to clean up. The melted cheese from grilled cheese sandwiches comes right off. The pans were packaged in a way that was impressive with a combination of cardboard and bubble wrap. The pan is the same as before but bigger. It is a pleasure to use. All three of these pans are the best I have ever owned. The cheap, waste of money green pans advertised on TV are included. There was no comparison. It's better than all of these. My wife uses this pan to cook ground beef. It does a great job. It is very easy to clean up. I bought this because other pans have been difficult to clean. The price is reasonable. I wash them by hand. The skillet is holding up well. I made a big omelet to split between my wife and I. The cheese was crisped up on the bottom of the pan. I might have a hard time cleaning, but no! I put the pan in the water and let it soak for five minutes. I was able to wipe the pan clean with a sponge wand. A quick rinse after that. No problem. It was very easy to clean up with a conventional skillet. My wife fried up some cube steak for our dog. We have a hard time getting food into him because he is spoiled. Anyway. Look at the before and after picture. I used hot tap water and a sponge wand to clean this pan. It was easy and quick to clean up. Love it. We've been using this skillet daily for over a year and the coating is starting to oxidize. I've never used plastic spatulas lightly. I washed it by hand with a sponge wand. I don't know if I should be thankful it lasted this long or not. I will miss my kitchen buddy.

10. Circulon Radiance Hard Anodized Nonstick Skillet

Circulon Radiance Hard Anodized Nonstick Skillet

The large frying pan has a double-riveted helpers handle that makes it easy to move large portions from stove to oven to table. A large frying pan with a helpers handle is constructed from hard-anodized aluminum for long- lasting durability and fast heating. Non-STICK FRYPAN: Enlightened. Extra large skillet has the TOTAL Nonstick System of raised circles and PFOA-free metal utensil that lasts 10 times longer than normal nonstick skillets. The conveyor clean-up. The hard-anodized frying pan is dishwasher safe. Frypan is oven safe to 400 degrees F and has a sturdy, dual-rivetedstainless steel handle.

Brand: Circulon

👤I am not happy with these pans. They are great little pans. Little is the word. The inside surface of each of these pans is too small. The pan is only 8 inches at the bottom. The medium one is only 7unches. I thought I was buying a large pan. I got a small pan. I need to find a pan that will hold more than 2 small pancakes at a time. I was annoyed.

👤The lid broke while I was cooking on the stove. There were small glass pieces.

👤The handle is too heavy to sit on raised burners. I bought two of the pans. The company responded with an email saying they would get back with me, but they never did. I sent them another email, with no response. I am not happy. I received replacement pans of a different model after they never responded to my email. They work harder. The handle is not as heavy.

👤I'm very happy with this pan so far. I read some reviews that said it was great on most things, but things like eggs stuck to it. In my experience, nothing is further from the truth. I only cook eggs in the morning for my diet, and I only have a tiny slice of butter in there with them, they slide all around the pan like they are on ice. I don't use it in the oven but it says it's dishwasher safe and over safe up to 400 degrees. I don't use metal utensils in my pans, but it says it's safe for that as well. What more can you ask for? I don't use the oven or metal utensil in that way, but as far as non stick and overallDurability and look, its amazing, I don't have any first hand experience with that.

👤I use this skillet for almost everything, even though it's only a 12-inch version. I was looking for one with an included cover and this one is very easy to clean. The heat distribution on my gas range is a little odd but I think it's the burner. It's still a very good skillet. I don't have any cooking problems with it. I use it for most of my cooking. A cast iron skillet is the only thing better. I highly recommend this skillet if you are looking for a general purpose. I would buy other skillets from this manufacturer.

👤I have bought more expensive pans and I was not disappointed with my purchase. I was expecting a stick, but it was better than I had expected, since I had never seen the circular system they use. The non stick doesn't burn or peel even when I leave it in the heat a little too long, it's easy to clean, great purchase, and it's also easy to pay attention to. I would definitely buy again.

👤I have been very pleased with the performance of the cookware I have purchased. I wanted cookware that could be put in the dishwasher. The cookware has held up well. When I got the Circulon set, I bought a large porcelain pan, but it quickly bubbled up in the middle, because it didn't have a large skillet. I have been frustrated with the porcelain pan, but finally purchased a large Circulon pan. I would recommend it.

11. Buyer Mineral Nonstick Stainless Induction Ready

Buyer Mineral Nonstick Stainless Induction Ready

All cook tops have comparables. The carbon steel pan is slippery with better sear. The Darker The Better: A signature beeswax finish protects against oxidation. Kitchen essentials has natural nonstick once seasoned. Made in France, it is engineered and manufactured following the most stringent quality requirements. French maker of premium kitchen accessories, pastry equipment, and cooking utensils.

Brand: De Buyer

👤I was very excited when I got this pan. I love my cast iron, and this seemed like a natural step up. Imagine my surprise when I tried to season it like cast iron, and then with the first thing I cooked, the food was stuck to the bottom, and my fingertips were bleeding and pruned from having to attack it with steel wool. I began to dislike it. I decided to do some research because I didn't want to write off my purchase. I seasoned it with a few cups of oil, a few cups of salt, and a few potato peels, put it on the heat, and waited for the oil to smoke. Reduce the heat by a small amount every few minutes. I seasoned it with a weird mixture and poured it into a jug for proper disposal. After wiping it clean with a piece of cloth, set it aside for a while so it wouldn't be a repeat of the first experience. I wanted to cook crepes. I pulled this pan from the cabinet because it was not dedicated to crepe pan. I filmed it with some oil, heated it to smoking, then turned the heat down to a more appropriate crepe cooking temperature. The best crepe cooking experience ever. Being carbon steel, the bottom doesn't warp the way aluminum non stick pans do, leaving me with perfectly flat, thin crepes. No tearing or sticking. This is my go to saute pan. It is the only piece of kitchen equipment I have ever owned that will let you know immediately if you are not treating it right. It will rust if you don't film it with oil. Food will stick if you don't film it with oil and heat it to smoking before cooking. As it ages, it looks ugly. If it is not well established, acidic food will destroy you. If you treat it right, and give it the respect and maintenance that it is due, it will be the last saute pan you will ever need. It retains heat like cast iron, it distributes heat evenly through its thick base. I can't believe I've never used anything else since I know what I'm doing. For: 1. People who love cooking. People who are patient to maintain it. This is not much more time than it takes to scrub a traditional pan, but it is different and you have to change your habits around it. 3. People cook a lot. This thing is an investment, and will last a long time in your kitchen. Your great-grand kids will be using this pan, and will likely pass it down to their great-grand kids. Not for: 1. People who don't have time to season it and let it develop a good patina before making marinara sauce are the ones who don't havepatience. People who can't lift heavy things. People don't cook that often. It needs to be used regularly to begin to shine. 4. People want cookware that is clean and attractive. This thing is one of the ugliest looking pans I have ever used. The bottom is black, but the sides are not appealing.


What is the best product for best nonstick frying pan 14 inch?

Best nonstick frying pan 14 inch products from Blue Diamond Cookware. In this article about best nonstick frying pan 14 inch you can see why people choose the product. Hexclad and Oxo are also good brands to look for when you are finding best nonstick frying pan 14 inch.

What are the best brands for best nonstick frying pan 14 inch?

Blue Diamond Cookware, Hexclad and Oxo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best nonstick frying pan 14 inch. Find the detail in this article. Calphalon, Rachael Ray and Gotham Steel are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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