Best Best Nail Glue for Press On Nails Long Lasting

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1. BTArtbox Nail Glue Acrylic Clipper

BTArtbox Nail Glue Acrylic Clipper

Beauty Maxima is the seller of the ship and sold it. The package includes a nail glue and a nail clipper. Adequate quantity to meet your needs. BT Artbox nail glue for acrylic nails can last for up to 30 days. If you apply nail glue, make sure you don't have air bubbles or water on your nails for at least an hour. The Arcylic nail clipper is made of high quality metal blades that are great for cutting or trimming your nails. It's a perfect tool for manicures. It's great for nail art such as fake nails, broken nails, and small nail art decorations, as well as salon-like nail art or professional salon use. No question asked! You can contact them if you don't like this product. They will do their best to fix your problem.

Brand: Btartbox

👤I had very harsh nails this winter. They were peeling and breaking. I decided to cut them down and give them a try. I went for this kit instead of the glue, and I am very happy about it. It was easy to cut and shape the fake nails with the clipper. It is very easy to use. The glue is strong. I am only on day 2 with my fake nails, but so far they have held up well. The glue is strong. Don't get it on your skin, please! I was very happy with the purchase. If you are considering using fake nails, it is highly recommended. The process will be easy with this kit.

👤I was excited to try a new brand of glue and was a licensed nail tech. I don't recommend this glue in a salon setting where you apply tips that you would like to dry in 5 seconds or less. I will use these glues in my press. There is never enough tip cutter.

👤The product was described. The nail glue works well. The nail clippers are very easy to use. Good choice!

👤I used it on my nails and it held for a while.

👤I am not a fan of glue that is hard to squeeze out of a tube and not as strong as other glues.

👤The product works well and the price is fair.

👤This item is great for cutting your nails. I use it to save money on my nails.

👤It works for what it needs to do, despite being a bit flimsy.

2. MD MAD DOLL Nail Glue


Lifetime Technical Support, backed by 24 hour friendly customer service, 8 bottles of Super Strong Nail Glue, and 120-140 nail tips, is what you'll get. This nail glue with brush is easy to use and bonds nails quickly and stays long- lasting, perfect for instant manicures with press ons, false nails, glue on/stick on nails. For nails made of acrylic. The nail tip glue can be used for nail arts with false nail tips. It works great for broken nails. The nail bond glue comes with a built-in brush for smooth applying just like polish, get a perfect mani in just seconds. Quick dry. The brush-on nail glue is very easy to use and dries quickly, perfect for strong bonding of the nail to the tip. The nail tips glue is made with no harmful ingredients. Feel free to contact them anytime via Amazon if you have a question or issue, they have a 12 month warranty with easy-to-reach customer support.

Brand: Md Mad Doll

👤I bought this because it's easier to use and less messy. I use it for press-ons. The last set of nails stayed the whole week. Would definitely recommend. I'll be trying them on some decors next time I want to make some new styles.

👤Good glue for nails.

👤I like that nail glue comes in a brush-on application. The original application of putting a dot in the center of the nail never worked for me. You can control the amount and application with a brush. I am not sure if you can trust what the ingredients are, but it was easy to brush on and apply the nails. The first time I used it, I used a thin coat to apply the nails and the set I had lasted a good week before something popped off. I applied a thicker coat to a different set of nails, but it didn't stick. The set lasted three days. I think it will work once I figure out the right ratio of glue. A good glue for a quick set of nails.

👤I used this glue to apply fake nails to my own. This was a great product. Once it dried, it was on there. You have to go through a lot to get the nails off, so make sure you get them where you want them. This is a great nail glue. I need more. If you do your own nails at home, I recommend you try this product. You will see how good this glue is.

👤I like this nail glue. I use glue on my nails a lot. They need to be able to survive my momming. The glue is strong. The application is easy to use. There is no strong odors and a great value for the amount of product. This is my new go-to nail glue.

👤I got this for my daughter, who is doing nail projects here, and she loves it. She tried to use the glue to put on her nail but it didn't work and she said it works for her intended purpose. No complaints this way. I recommend it to anyone looking for nail glue.

👤I think this glue is going to stay. I like this way more than tube glue. This is the first time I've tried it. I was only going to put one nail on to see if it worked, but now I'm going to put them all on. I will come back and give an update on how long it lasts.

👤It is easy to apply nail glue. I've always used the brush in the tube, but now I'm hooked. I haven't had any issues with the glue coming loose. This will be my go to for applying glue because I wear press all the time. Very happy with it.

3. Tiphulan Brush Nail Broken Nails

Tiphulan Brush Nail Broken Nails

The built-in brush is easy to use and spread evenly on nails. It's suitable for repairing broken nails. The nail glue is long lasting and fast drying. No worries, you can take cooking and cleaning with you. The nail glue is made with Ethyl Cyanoacrylate, no harm to the natural nails, and it has been certified by the sgt. One bottle of nail glue can be used for 50-60 nail tips, and can be used for 3-6 months. Their nail tip glue is perfect for false nails, small nail art decorations, nail salon and home use. It's very convenient to use with all brands of nail tips.

Brand: Tiphulan

👤I've used nail glue for a long time. I got back into the habit of doing my nails. The brush on glue was neat and didn't make me stick to myself. If you don't wash your hands, don't have to pull up pants, and don't type all day, this glue is great for fake nails. I did all of those things and the nails popped off even though I used a lot of glue. If I used too little, they popped off, if I used a lot, they popped off again, and if I used a just right amount, they popped off again. I wouldn't buy it again.

👤I prefer the 3-second and Orly brands of nail glue because I break my nails all the time. It dries quickly, isn't as brittle as the others, and so far, the top hasn't sealed shut. Great price too!

👤I have a broken nail and it has been there for over a year. I am using the tiphulan brush on my nail to hold it together and mend it.

👤The dried solid was completely closed. I have never had an issue with any other nail glue. I will never buy this one again. If you have to throw it all away, what is the point of buying a bigger bottle? The tiny tubes that come with the nails are better for me.

👤This is the best you can do, just stick the nail on and it will be the best you can do. It's so easy to use, you just have to squeeze the drops out of it, and it's the only one you need to buy because it's so easy.

👤I use great glue for nails that get split from not wearing gloves and having my hands in water too long. The packaging is clear. I had a bottle of eye drop and another bottle of glue. "Nuff said" It was very bad... I threw the glue out.

👤I keep nail glue around in case a nail breaks. I want to save it. I like the way the brush is applied. This is easy to use. It works well. It's in place. Having the product delivered makes it even better.

👤My daughter worked to glue on the nails after buying this. The nails came with something that wasn't good enough, but did the trick. The brush made it easier to use than a squeeze bottle of super glue.

4. EBANKU 50Sheets Adhesive Double Side Stickers

EBANKU 50Sheets Adhesive Double Side Stickers

You can cut the tabs into small pieces to fit for nail decorations. It's not easy to fall off the Upgraded Jelly Gel. Keep away from water for 3 hours and don't keep your hands in water for long. You can apply self-adhesive to decorate your nail. It is suitable for professional use or home use. A gift for women who love nail art. It is easy to remove, leave no harm to your nails, and can make the false nail reuse, great for. Less wear and tear and allergic reaction are environmental friendly.

Brand: Ebanku

👤They work. Nice hold. It's a bit tricky as I've never done it before and I made a few mistakes, like putting the wrong size tabs on the nails, which causes my press to float a little. These are mistakes to avoid. I am pretty confident in them for temporary wear because I pick and pry my nails a lot and haven't lost one yet.

👤Love! They work perfectly, no issues at all for two weeks.

👤It is easier to use and replace regular nail glue. A very strong hold.

👤I also ordered these on Amazon, so I bought them too. The glue stayed on my nail. The glue dots would come off after a while. If you are looking for something to wear for a while, then go for it. Make sure your nails are the last thing you do before getting ready. They are decent.

👤The thickness of the sticker was not something I considered while reading the reviews. It sticks up a lot when you apply it. It may look lifted when you apply your nailpolish. I would not recommend these for daily use because they can easily get caught on things, even if they are fake nails. It's okay but not for daily use.

👤They don't stay on even after following all the directions. These would be great for little kids playing in nails, but not for adults to wear them out the house.

👤These tabs are very strong. I glue the press on to the tab with alcohol and a buffer and can get up to 2 or 3 weeks of wear.

5. Nail Glue Acrylic Nails Professional

Nail Glue Acrylic Nails Professional

You can take cooking and cleaning with them, no worry about them popping off, they are perfect for 14 to 30 days. When applying nail glue, make sure you don't have any water or air bubbles on your nails. Their nail glue bottle is flat cap design, keeping it in a sealed state. It's very convenient to use and store without having to cut the lid. There is a bottle of nail glue with a semi-sealed state. 45 bottles of glue can be used for 15-20 nail tips, so 45 bottles can be used for 600-900 nail tips, equal to 50-75 times manicures for two hands, and can be used for 3-6 years. The nail glue is made with Ethyl Cyanoacrylate, no harm to the natural nails, and it has a certificated. Their press on nail glue is perfect for false nails, small nail art decorations, nail salon and home use. All brands of nail tips are compatible.

Brand: Tiphulan

👤At least 25 of the 45 have been busted and leaked. They are stuck in the pack. I won't be ordering again.

👤When the product was received, I opened one and dried it out, the next one took about 6 hours, and I found one that wasn't dried out.

👤It was over night for me. I sell press n nails and my go to for vendor events is the top right one, but to be xpected considering science and temperatures. I love glue. I have been through Kiss Rofrn and a few randoms and it lasts 2 weeks for me. The quantity and quality of the price can not be beat, I did weeks of buying and changing to find the right price for me.

👤I have never had a better glue. I kept the nails on for two weeks. This will be the glue of choice.

👤Good price but not good quality glue. I got to work and my press was falling off. I was a bartender and by the end of the night all the nails were gone. Purchase some better quality if you save your money.

👤The nail glue is terrible. It causes chemical burns on my fingers and fingernails, and it does not work. Two weeks ago, my fingers healed. Don't buy.

👤The package was in great condition. I had my nails on for a day and still got my nails on.

6. Acrylic Multifunctional Curing Needed Solution

Acrylic Multifunctional Curing Needed Solution

It can be used as a base coat for nailpolish to make it last longer, and as a slip solution for fake nails. It will take 1-2 minutes to cure under a nail lamp after applying nail glue on your nails. It makes the fake nails stick to the nail beds. Long Lasting up to 3-4 weeks, no more popping off, no more shifting. It can be used as a base coat for nailpolish. To make your nail art stay longer, apply a thin and average base coat gel. It can be used with nail decorations. Gel nails are just like peeling off in a salon. It is a new typed nonvolatile and poly-nail-gel-soluble slip solution that helps you spread and shape the poly nail gel easily. When applying slip solution too much, no more volatilization. The 3 in 1 acrylic nail glue gel is made from natural resin and has a certificated quality guarantee. The curing needed nail glue for press on nails is suitable for all beginners and professional manicurists and can meet multiple nail art job need at the same time.

Brand: Ecbasket

👤drugstore bought Kiss Press-on French Tip set so you don't need to use specialty nailpolish. Two weeks is how long the sets last. Works with a lot of press-on types. It was Cured in 60 seconds. It is thick so use as little as you can. It's easy to soak off. It saves me over $100 a month for nail care and less damage to my nail beds from over-buffing. Highly recommended for nail dosers.

👤This gel glue is very good. It works better than using the base polish. It is thick enough to cover the entire nail without leaving bubbles or air pockets. I'm not sure how long they last, it's my first time using this glue. After I remove the nails, I will post an update. The glue is perfect. My nails are strong and sturdy after 3 weeks. I want a new color, so I'm taking them off. This glue is worth 10 stars.

👤This product is my go to for full press on nails and base coat. I bought 3 bottles so I could try it out and keep my collection. I cured my natural nails and put on two coats of gel to protect my nail bed. I cured the nails with my Uv lamp. They were snugged on my nail for 3 weeks. People thought I went to the salon when I got so many nice comments on my press on nails. I did the foil and cotton ball wrap removal on my nails for 30 minutes and they soaked right off. The longer they need to soak, the tighter the nail is. The nails came off without a scratch on the nail bed. I ordered 3 bottles of this product and I will keep it in my collection as long as this company keeps making it. This solution is very affordable and should not be changed. Ladies grab this gel glue and one more thing...prep the inside of the nail and etch it for a better hold. Put primer on the nail and let it sit for a while. A small amount goes a long way. Hold the nail under the lamp until you can feel it sticking. It will last a long time. You will be amazed when you get this.

👤The glue is amazing. I used nail tips. The pics are 8 weeks apart. Normally, I wouldn't wait that long to redo. I wanted to see if the glue was durable. They are still attached to my real nails and are still holding up. Make sure your tip is straight because it cures fast. I had to redo a few.

👤I loved this gel resin. I used it to glue my nail tips and it was great that I was able to move them around and cure them under UV light, they stuck as if I used glue. This is a must have.

👤I can't get this to hold because I bought it to use in place of glue. I've held it but still want a cure or stick. I wouldn't recommend this product for use on nails. I think it might be good for a overlay. I don't have time to try this stuff anymore because it's a waste of money and I don't have time to try it again. This is an update. 1st. I said I wasn't asked to write an update on this product or the company. I want to thank the company for what they did, they know I wasn't happy with the product and reached out to me, too. They went beyond the call of duty to fix the problem, so thank you for that. I received a new bottle with nail tips 0-9 that I didn't pay for, but was asked to try the new and improved product again, as a apology from the company. I appreciate that this company tries to fix the problem, not like some on Amazon who don't. I don't have time to deal with things that don't work. I did a client nails a week ago and she still has her nails on, but the tips came off like nothing was holding them on, as soon as she took her hand out of the UV light. They did improve when I said they did. The new improved glue really works. If it didn't work, I wouldn't write this review and I got a new bottle for free. The glue and tips I received are top of the line. I didn't know they sold full tips. They are thick and don't bend like other tips so that was a plus. I said I wouldn't buy again if this product was still the same, since they made an improvement, but if they told me that it would work, I would buy again. This company did more than just make a better product, they went beyond that to make sure I was satisfied with their product, and that is more then I can say about other companies I've ordered from on Amazon. This is the first company that has ever tried to fix the problem in order to get something in return. I want the leave with this. If you buy this, you will not be disappointed. The instruction tells you to have a UV light.

7. MAGIC ARMOR Nails,Super Professional Glue,Press

MAGIC ARMOR Nails%EF%BC%8CSuper Professional Glue%EF%BC%8CPress

The brush design makes it easy to use, clean and sanitary. Professional Nail Glue polish uses natural, healthy and eco-friendly ingredients. The odor can quickly evaporate without causing any damage to your skin or nails. There is no need to worry about nail glue quality. It is easy to carry pockets or handbags with nail glue. The glue is hard to waste. It is a good accessory for travel. To apply, WIDELY use and EAST to apply. The nail glues are great for creating beautiful nail designs in seconds, they are perfect for sticking false nails art,broken nails and small nail art decorations such as bead and gemstone. If you want to remove the artificial nail glue, use acetone polish remover and not destroy or peel off the nails.

Brand: Magic Armor

👤You must re-glue every 2 to 3 days because water is glue's enemy. I am a manicurist.

👤It works well and doesn't dry up. Can use again and again.

👤I get manicures because I like my nails to look nice. Sometimes a little chip will start on my nails. The problem is solved when I pull out the nail glue. I can save my manicure by glueing the chip.

👤I have never used 3rd party glues before, I used to use the nails I bought. This is great, but you have to be quick because it is very strong. The brush bottle has a spill saving insert in the top. I have knocked this thing over many times and it only started leaking. It's very easy.

👤The nail glue is not strong enough. My nails came off. Walmart has nail glue.

👤I love putting the brush on glue. It kept my glue on for a long time.

👤The glue and fake nails saved me. I was told by my doctor to try this remedy. The fake nail can be held for up to 2 weeks with one application of this glue. When the nail pops off, I just re-bind the nail bed to remove the old glue and apply the same nail. The fake nail should be set right the first time.

👤So embarrassed. I bought this nail glue because I thought it would be strong. I put on the glue on my nails without putting them on until I left, so they were securely on. One popped off on my way to my date and one by one a couple more fell off on my date. If you have to go into your purse for something, you may lose a nail. It was embarrassing to have to hide the missing fingers. Someone will be surprised to find a nail. It's a good thing. Oh, yeesh. Don't waste your money.

👤Incredible glue! I had my nails done for 2 1/2 weeks. I have had pop offs. I am rough! The brush is easy to use.

👤I decided to do my own fake nails and test them out before paying a salon for them because I am new to them. I am very pleased with the product I purchased. Pros: easy to apply, just like a nailpolish only it's glue, minimal scent, small brush to get even sides of nails, lots in the bottle for the price, great deal on my opinion, arrived fast cons: don't get on bare skin It's very fast drying and very sticky. I had to glue my fake nails down before I could move them to the right place. The nail glue has not popped a nail. It's very strong and stays on my nails. I'm very happy with this glue. I will be buying again.

👤This glue is awesome! It works better than the stuff that comes in kits and I love that it has a brush. It's easy to apply fake nails if I keep them on for a while.

8. Nail Glue Acrylic Nails Professional

Nail Glue Acrylic Nails Professional

The Morovan All-in-One Clear Nail Tips and Glue Gel Nail Kit is a good one. Their new kit includes a nail lamp, 8ml nail glue and top coat, 500pcs coffin nail tips, glitter powder, nail file, formula nail cleaner, cotton pad, and more. The nail kit is great for people who love to make nail extensions. 3 in 1 Nail Glue Gel is used for nail tips. You can use the glue on nails as a base coat to make your nail design last longer or you can use it as a normal nail glue. Gel glue can be used as a slip solution to prevent stickness of poly nail gel. The portable and foldable UV/LED nail lamp is portable. The mini nail lamp can cure nail gel polish or glue on nails with low heat. It is very easy to carry and fit into a handbag, you can use it anywhere you please. The 500PCS clear nail tips for fake nails have 10 different sizes to meet the needs of fingers. Their clear fake nails are easy to apply and shape, and can be used to create a variety of nail styles. The Morovan starter nail tips and nail glue gel kit is a perfect gift for mother, girlfriend, niece, and all nail starter lovers.

Brand: Morovan

👤Excellent nail glue! I use natural nails to mend ones. The nail was sealed together. My nail has never cracked. This nail glue is very good.

👤I was looking for a good deal on the glue I bought. It did a good job of holding the nails, but it leaves a thick coat when you take the nails off, so make sure you have extra time to get it off your nails. I used this for the first time and it worked out well for me, I only had to remove two of them within a week and a half and other people may use it better. If you have the money, there are better options out there.

👤I was a little disappointed because of the excellent ratings this nail glue had, but I don't think it's any better than what you can buy at the local Dollar General. My recommendation is to keep looking.

👤It takes longer for tips on my nail trainer to be used on a client so there may be a difference. I love the easy cap bottle.

👤I was happy when I opened them, but over half of them were dried out. Very disappointed.

👤Great nail glue! I only use this glue for my full coverage press. Only one nail popped off after four days. I wash my hands a lot. A must buy.

👤I got 10 nail glue and 5 of it was damaged in the bag. I wouldn't recommend this nail glue, the packaging needs to be better.

👤This item arrived quickly. My daughter received a nail kit. She needs this to help her with her hobby. The glue worked well. She is able to use it and it lasts.

9. Pcs KDS Nail Tip Glue

Pcs KDS Nail Tip Glue

Beauty Maxima is the seller of the ship and sold it.

Brand: Kds

👤I have been doing my own nails at home. Sometimes I'll do a full set or press on types. I needed a good glue to hold the nails in place. I decided to check it out after reading all of the good reviews. The first time I used it, I put nail primer on my nails and drilled them. I assumed it was because my nail was raw after all the prep, and one drop of this glue and my nail bed felt like I had dropped acid on it. It felt like rubbing alcohol on a cut. I thought no more extensive prep was needed before using this glue. A nail came loose. I decided to fix it. The glue was too pure and fast and fell on my jeans. It was soaked through my jeans. I yelled. I took my jeans off and looked at the scar on my thigh. It's the same as when you're frying something and the grease is on you. My thigh still hurts from the glue. So buyer beware. The glue is strong and works. It can burn you and is very dangerous. Use with care.

👤I love this nail glue and will continue to buy it. It has held on to the press on the nails for 2 weeks at a time. I clean and wash my hands by hand on a daily basis. This glue is the best nail glue I have ever seen. I thought about using Super Glue, but I didn't think it was a good idea. I wanted a nail glue that works. Look no further. This is the real thing. You will not be sorry. I read the reviews and decided to try it. I am very happy that I did. I am paying it forward. Cheers to the reviews that are valid.

👤I used this to do press-on nails. I am the dish-washer in my house and I take bathes. They use the same glue in the salon. The glue and nail make contact and it dries quickly. I accidentally had my nails stuck to my finger. When I left my nails long they kept coming off, but as soon as I cut them short they stayed on and were hard to wash off. I think I made a mistake by not drilling the surface of my nails before applying glue. This is a great deal for your money.

👤A small amount of this glue holds for weeks. Doesn't get wet at time. Store upright. I recommend.

👤The sender took a long time to actually ship the item out. They let the package sit for a week until I complained. They want to take out shipping when you return. The seller was not good and the glue was not good. This product does not stick. I tried to keep my nails from being damaged. I was so disappointed that I ended up with duds. I don't think this product is a good idea. I spent a lot of time ruining 2 sets.

10. Brush Nail Glue Broken Nails

Brush Nail Glue Broken Nails

The built-in brush is easy to use and spread evenly on nails. It's suitable for repairing broken nails. The nail glue is long lasting and fast drying. No worries, you can take cooking and cleaning with you. The nail glue is made with Ethyl Cyanoacrylate, no harm to the natural nails, and it has been certified by the sgt. 1 bottle of their glue can be used for 50-60 nail tips, so 4 bottles can be used for 200-240 nail tips, equal to 20-24 times manicure for two hands, and can be used for 1-2 years normally. Their nail tip glue is perfect for false nails, small nail art decorations, nail salon and home use. All nail tips are compatible.

Brand: Tiphulan

👤This nail glues. Sucks like waking up on a cold, rainy Monday morning at 5 am, stubbing your toe on the side of the bed, and stepping in dog poop after the dog ran away the day before. The coffee machine is broken, and the hot water isn't working, when you take a shower. After you locked your keys in the car, you see two flat tires while going to your car. After an hour on the phone with theAAA, your phone dies. This explains how bad nail glue is.

👤Thank you for this glue, I will start by saying that. The brush is easy to use. If you are looking for ways to save money, this item is for you. I paid $20 for my nails and everything else. I get a lot of compliment and ladies ask me, "girl who did your nails?" I did!

👤This glue works. It is the longest glue I have ever used. There is a Do not use this glue if you want to take your nails off. It takes some effort to get this glue off. I prefer it to be strong and strong enough to hold my nails in place. I wear fake nails everyday and this is my favorite nail glue.

👤My daughter uses fake nails. The 4 count is in a box. The bottles had tight lids. Liquid nail glues were not dried up like some of the other nail glues. The brush is easy to use and holds a perfect amount for a single nail bed smudge. The only reason I didn't rate five stars was because of the glue. My nine year old may have been tempted to change her colors more frequently but the glue just didn't want to hold up for more than four days.

👤I used it on my nails.

👤This is a brush on glue, so no mess. It works well. It's used for press-on nails. There is a value.

👤I have used this to repair broken nails, both with and without the Orly Nail Rescue nail repair kit. It doesn't dry out quickly, has a good brush, and flows well. You get four bottles for a great price, so when one of them becomes thick or strong, there are three more bottles as backups, so I won't run out of bottles for a long time.

👤The brush on nail glue has changed my life. I cannot recommend this nail glue enough if you are a person who has struggled with other nail glues and already applied nails. I wear press ons a majority of the time, with a few days off in between sets to let my nails breathe. This glue has not caused any damage to my nails and comes off easily. I have had times where I needed to take my nails off sooner and have been able to do so easily with this glue. I like the way the press works. It's a win if you have a glue that doesn't get everywhere, as even a little getting on top will ruin the finish. If you are like me and want to carry one of these with you in case a nail comes off, it's extra nice because I have not had any issues with the glue itself leaking or shutting down. 10/10, highly recommend!

11. Makartt Acrylic Applicator Professional Lasting

Makartt Acrylic Applicator Professional Lasting

Super Strong- Makartt professional nail glue bonds nails quickly and keeps your fake nails or press on nails durable and long lasting. The brush on nail glue is easy to apply and lasts 10 seconds. If you want to use nail glue for nail repair, please make sure you don't have air bubbles or water under your nails. It's widely used, including glue for false nails, glue on nails/stick on nails, small rhinestones with flat bottom, and broken nails. False nail glue is a healthy ingredient. The nail tips glue is made from ethyl conjugateacrylate. The capacity is 7 liters.

Brand: Makartt

👤This glue is very strong. Do not wear it on your clothes. I spilled this on my pants and they started burning. They started smoking and the glue ate my pants. I had to rip my pants off and wash my leg with cold water. There were burn marks and dried glue on my thigh. It was frightening.

👤I worked in my garden without gloves and not a single nail budged. I have used nail glues that can't do my gardening. This one is amazing.

👤I've used the product to repair a broken natural nail, even though it's intended for use on false nails. It works perfectly. Use a tea bag cut to fit over a broken natural nail, apply nail glue, buff out ruff areas and allow your nail to grow out. Remove the nail glue with a regular nail polish remover.

👤Let's talk about the glue and the press. I have never had a stronger bond with press on nails until I used the Young Nails dehydrator and the protein Bond, and I am going to have to soak these babies off.

👤I put a few coats of this on before I use gel kiss nail glue and it makes my press on nails last a month. It makes them last a long time.

👤The brush is not useful. I'm not quick enough to remove the cap, put the brush on my nail and then return it because the brush got hard and gunky in 2 days. Is it a word? The brush fell at the bottom of the bottle. No problem. I can put it on a nail. The glue will stick around the opening. I apologize to the reviewers who say this stuff is cheap, but I expect this bottle to last longer than a few days. I have to use a steak knife to get the rest of the liquid out of the bottle. It's a waste of time and money.

👤The glue that comes with the nail glue doesn't really work and leaves your nails white underneath. I bought this one three weeks ago and I was amazed. They gave me a free one and it came in the mail right away. I love this product and would recommend it to anyone.

👤The nail glue is the best I have ever had. It works well for nail dipping and faux nail application. It dries quickly, but still gives you time to apply. It doesn't dry out at the base of the bottles so I don't have a problem opening it.

👤It worked and thought it would last, but some nails fell off after a week, so I don't think the bottle was full. I feel cheated because there wasn't much glue in that bottle.

👤I used this glue for 3 weeks on my nails.

👤Strong glue. Only a few of my nails have come off.


What is the best product for best nail glue for press on nails long lasting?

Best nail glue for press on nails long lasting products from Btartbox. In this article about best nail glue for press on nails long lasting you can see why people choose the product. Md Mad Doll and Tiphulan are also good brands to look for when you are finding best nail glue for press on nails long lasting.

What are the best brands for best nail glue for press on nails long lasting?

Btartbox, Md Mad Doll and Tiphulan are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best nail glue for press on nails long lasting. Find the detail in this article. Ebanku, Tiphulan and Ecbasket are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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