Best Best Nail Glue for Gel Nails

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1. Nailive Curing Needed Rhinestone Acrylic

Nailive Curing Needed Rhinestone Acrylic

The tiphulan nail glue is perfect for false nails, small nail art decorations, nail salon and home use. All kinds of nail tips are compatible. It can be used as nail glue for acrylic nails to stick the fake nail tips or soft full cover gel x nails, and it can be used as nail art gel to get more shape decoration. It is easy to use and can meet multiple nail art job need at the same time. The gel nail glue needs to be used with a lamp. It will take 1-2 minutes to cure. It makes the fake nails stick to the nail beds. It is a healthy eco-friendly material that is light odor, non-toxic and harmful to your skin and natural nails. 100% money back guarantee. If you have any questions about your shopping, you can shoot them a message and they'll get you a full refund.

Brand: Nailive

👤I waited to do the review until I used it. I used it on one nail and it held up great. But... I decided to try it on the entire set. It's very easy to use and makes it easy to glue the nails. I liked it for its easy instructions and use. They didn't hold very well, that's what I don't like. Some are holding well while others aren't. I had to glue them back down. It's more of a try and see how it goes. Would I buy again? Maybe not this brand. I would be willing to give it another try, because of the ease and simplicity of it.

👤The screw top was open. The foil had been removed. Some of the product is missing. I have never seen anything like this before. It should be brand new. I paid for that. Not all of them used dried out glue. I want a brand new one. I paid for a new car. I want a new one. I don't want to get a refund. I want the item I ordered.

👤I returned the product the same day I received it. I was excited to try it, but it doesn't work. I tried different things. They didn't stay on. No problem, I could just pop them off. There's good heat under the light.

👤No skin contact is what it says. There is a video with someone using their fingers. The smell is toxic. Couldn't even use it because it was solid. Don't buy. I tried to get a refund but it is taking longer than Amazon said it would. I bought this. I was able to do my nails for my bday, but the process of getting my money back is taking so long I can't replace it in time. Balling on a budget. This was not worth it.

👤It looked like it had been dried out, and so it was returned.

👤I think I didn't prepare my nails right when I used this to glue them on. There is a It is very easy to use, better than acrylic.

👤Think gel isn't wet enough to stick and the nails started popping off within a couple of days.

👤This is the easiest way to put on long lasting nails. When product runs out, you can easily wipe it off. You have to nuke it in the lamp to keep it in place. Will never use regular nail glue again.

2. Nail Glue Acrylic Nails Multifunctional

Nail Glue Acrylic Nails Multifunctional

It's necessary to Curing Needed. The nail must be used with a lamp. The UV nail glue will not dry without curing it, please remember to cure it at least 60s after applying the nail glue. There are 4 different uses for the INFELING gel nail glue for acrylic nails, which is a unique product in the previous market. Bring this product back to your home and start using it. It will take a lot of happy experience to you and your friends. There are four different uses of the INFELING gel nail glue. It can be used as a slip solution to prevent poly nail gel stickness, and can be used as base coat nail polish to make your nail design long lasting. It can be used as a nail strengther. The nail glue gel is harmless to skin and nail and has a certificated and quality guarantee. You can use this product with someone you care about, and not worry about hurting their health. If you have a question about their products, you can contact them via the Amazon message center. The satisfaction solution will be provided by them.

Brand: Infeling

👤The nail glue is amazing. I use regular nail glue in a tube and it ends up all over my desk. It was much easier to be precise since the glue was applied with a brush. Since it is gel, I don't have to worry about it getting on my hands. The glue is strong. The false nails are securely attached. I did my friends nails with it, and when she took the false nails off, there was no damage to the nails from the glue gel.

👤I use this product a lot, it has a super grip, and I did a video a few days ago to see how long it took to keep them on, I wanted to see if anything was different. I will be ordering more soon. I did a video a few days ago that showed how long it took to keep them on, and I wanted to see if anything would fall off, but it did not. I will be ordering more soon.

👤I love this product. I use this product to make my own nail system. It is perfect. I kept my nails on for 4 weeks. They looked great for my first time. If you want to save a few coins and do your own nails, it's highly recommended. My friends want me to do it. If you do your friends nails, have them pay you, it is time consuming, but the better you get, the faster you get at it!

👤I wondered if the people were using the light to cure the bad reviews. This needs to be cured with an light. The learning curve is correct when done properly. The nail bed needs to be prepared correctly. Then a primer. Press on to your fake nail with a little paint on the back of it. If you put the fake nail under the light, it will slip off. You will see the cures in seconds if you get it. It is amazing when it cures that problem. I will not be without this product.

👤I decided to do my own nails. I started with polygel and am doing press ons. I used this as a nail glue for my press ons and it works great! I am always afraid that the nails will pop off, so I wanted something stronger. No fear of that with this. My nails are very secure and it is thick. It must be cured under the UV light for at least 60 seconds. A small amount goes a long way. Game changing. Will only use this type of solution in the future. It was okay for the nail glue. It lasted about a week before it started lifting. There was a bad smell from the glue. It will get the job done, but not for me.

👤I had to learn about this glue. You don't need a lot. I washed my hand and they didn't budge. You can't wet until 30 minutes, but I was fine. I had to redo 2 nails. I couldn't hold it and dry it. I found a good technique and used polygel clips. I need tighter clips. Pictures do not do justice to the cute nails that came out. I bought two that I didn't know about.

3. Makartt Rhinestone Adhesive Rhinestones Crystal

Makartt Rhinestone Adhesive Rhinestones Crystal

Feel free to send them a message for a solution if you have a question about this glue gel set. They would always be able to help in 24 hours. You can contact them through their store. The nail art glue is designed for stick gems jewels, it's sticky and won't fall off easily. TRENDY NAILWELRY GEL. A proper operation can bring a beautiful result for at least 2 weeks, the nail decorations gel glue are super sticky, excelent in securing gems jewels beads nail rhinestones on your nails, good for creating your sparkling dazzling nail art, a proper operation can bring a beautiful result for at least 2 weeks The kit comes with a tube design and a jar of nail gel, it's easy to squeeze out as much as you need for nail art bling design, no mess! No spilling at all! The Jar one is a good choice for big nail decorations. Makartt nail diamonds gel are vegan and cruelty free and made from natural resin. How to use - 1. The glue should be applied to the nail. cure the rhinestones for about 3 minutes and make sure to cure it until it is completely dry. For large or non-flat-back rhinestones, fill a little more glue into the gap and the base to make sure its double secured, cure it again and then dry.

Brand: Makartt

👤My gems have fallen off many times. The application process can be messy. I'm looking for a new gem stone glue. Sending back! Queenie doesn't approve.

👤This is the best thing I have ever gotten. It is important for me to have the best products for my clients. It's not good to worry about whether or not a rhinestone will fly off. When I use this gem gel in my travel kit, I have no worries. It is very user-friendly and you can have precise control of placement. I can't say enough about this product.

👤I put a 3 for ease of use because I feel that people who don't have a lot of experience with gel will have a harder time using it. It's incredibly secure so far. I have some larger pieces of jewelry that I think would not last very long, but they have not budged one bit. You can see in the images that the rhinestones are large. I hope I can get them off when I need them. I think so.

👤It was easy to apply and place my rhinestones, but the staying power is not as good as the other reviews say, and I followed all the instructions on the product, but luxabase has better staying power than this.

👤I used this product for the first time and it was easy to use, but I only put the glue under the nails because I didn't want them to look smeared. I put my hands in the light. 2 times, top a clear coat. Not a single stone has fallen off.

👤The glue is amazing. It holds all the stones in place for weeks at a time. Highly recommended. I had no complaints from my customers.

👤I used pointed back stones. I had them on for at least two weeks before I took them off, then I filed through some of it and took nippers to it. I had to get the stones off. I used the one in the pot at home.

👤I recently started using this product and will update on how long it lasts. I use it to glue down my cured builder nail extensions since the builder gel falls off when curing in the lamp. It's very sticky so be careful where you get it. Don't get it on your nails because it will lift. I would love to give Markatt more than 5 stars. They replaced the whole thing after my product was either broken or malfunctioning. Will buy from them again.

👤3d Charms ist es jede empfehlen der Ngel.

👤Hlt seit ber 2 wochen obwohl. Steinchen was gut aber etwas grere wei. Dreh, alles in allem wrde, ist ergiebig.

👤I bought it to get the gel. It's useful to use with a 3d mold. I am happy with the quality.

👤Highly recommended stone glue.

👤Great product. It is smaller than I expected, but you don't need that much when using it. Less is definitely more. Highly recommended.

4. U Shinein 2x10ml Acrylic Polish Manicure

U Shinein 2x10ml Acrylic Polish Manicure

100% Money Back Guarantee if items are damaged or have serious quality problems, and any questions will be answered within 24 hours. Solid Nail Gel U-Shinein solid nail glue is a new type of nail glue. It can protect your nail bed and enhance the quality of your nail gel. It saves you money. The nail glue is easy to use. It is repositionable and won't be sticky. You can enjoy your nail art design wherever you are. The Glue Gel is healthy. The nail glue is made from healthy ingredients and is friendly to the environment. There are no corrosive materials that will hurt their nails or skin. You can use safe ingredients. Nail Art Glue Gel. The nail glue is portable. It is suitable for people who work in a salon or are beginners. It helps you show off your nails in a stylish way and get the attention of other people. Good service. They will make sure their customers are happy and satisfied with their purchase. Problems with their nail glue gel will be solved quickly. You can contact them anytime.

Brand: U-shinein

👤I have had to learn how to do my own nails at home since the Pandemic hit, and have been doing so for almost 2 years now. I've tried a lot of the techniques, but not all of them. I feel pretty comfortable doing my own nails and having them look salon fresh. I use the beetles gel the most when my natural nails are too short and I need some length but one or two would occasionally pop off after a week or so. Is it this one? This will stay on when applied correctly. Like wow. I was lifting something heavy and thought one would pop off, butnope, every single one stayed on so securely. It is easy to use. I like that I don't have to press on the nail while curing it. It sticks even after you cure it. I will never use something else again.

👤Just cover your natural nail with a ball. Push the nail down. You can remove excess wipes with your finger. I couldn't believe how easy it was.

👤I have oily nail beds and I have tried a lot of different nail products, but I would spend an hour doing my nails just so the minute I used my hands they would fall off. If I washed my hands, took a bath or did dishes, my nails would fall off. I gave up on believing I could do my nails at home because I saw a video about this type of glue. The game has changed over the last week and a half and the nails are still strong. I don't have to go to the nail salon anymore and I can save money by investing in my own equipment. I love you, who invented this?

👤I don't like it. My nails stayed on for less than two hours. I did the same thing as I do for polygel and hard gel. It never hardened like I expected. I will use it for other things.

👤What base gel do you use before putting on a nail? Do you have too?

👤I tried it 2 more times with different curing lights and it did the same thing as the first time. I was very disappointed that I went off the 5 star review and I don't understand how it could be that it was supposed to be -5

👤When I first used this product, I didn't use a base coat, but they popped off days later. Adding a basecoat after you prep your nails helps a lot. To make sure the product coats the hole nail without air bubbles, I appy them to keep extra product off the sides. Scoop a small pea sized amount with the nail itself. Spread the product on the nail with an orange stick or other flattened tool on the areas it will cover the natural nail 3. The nail should be moved down the finger with gentle pressure. If there are air bubbles, you want to make sure there are no large ones or uncovered natural nail in glue, slide the nail back up and move the product around again to cover the nail tip. It can hurt if you pull it off.

5. Rhinestone Gel Polish Decoration Dual Purpose

Rhinestone Gel Polish Decoration Dual Purpose

There is a glue for nails. There is a pot of 15g for artificial, natural, small, and large gems, as well as the non-flatback or large gems jewels. The dual-purpose brush has 2 PCS of GEL. These nail brushes are a must-have for nail design. You can use the nail tools to pick the rhinestones. The gems gel glue are great for securing gems jewels beads on your nails, a proper operation can bring a beautiful result for 2 weeks. Beetles nail gems glue kit. It is a thoughtful gift for a female friend or family member on a holiday, birthday or other special occasion, it comes with a delicate gift package, including 15g glue gel and a dual purpose brush. It is possible to produce an allergic reaction by skin contact. Carefully read directions for use. Only for professional use. Only used for nails. Don't touch eyes, mouth, and skin. If the product comes into contact with them, rinse them. Contact the doctor if there is an incident. If redness and itching develop, stop using the product. If the symptom continues, you should see a doctor. Don't allow children to reach you.

Brand: Beetles Gel Polish

👤I have been using this nail glue for the first time and I am very happy with it. I use a lot of rhinestones in my nail art and this glue is perfect for that. I have never had a fall off of my nail because of this glue. It is thick. When placing the rhinestones on the nail, it doesn't slip and slide before you cure it under a lamp. The container can collect excess glue and make it hard to open, so it needs to be cleaned frequently. If you found the review helpful, please give it a vote.

👤I applied the layer too thin, so I took a one time learning curve. I wash my hands frequently because the stone hasn't budged despite using a moderate layer and it fell off in a few days. It is lit.

👤Even after not being used for at least 2 weeks, seeps can be seen through a container. I left it alone because it was leaking. It was left alone for another week. Terrible packaging. It worked well when I used it, so I gave it two stars instead of one.

👤I love all of the Beetles items. I ordered the Beetles glue because I like the nail polish so much. I wasn't disappointed. It worked well. I used a lot of rhinestones for my nail design, but they didn't feel off. Great product!

👤The picker broke on the first use. I didn't want to have to exchange it. I put it back together with a coat. Everything else is good.

👤I think I like it. I wish it was bigger. Or even more firm. I have to chase after the stones after I've moved on to the next place because they slide around when I place them. When doing full bling nails or more bling styles, it's annoying because it can become unbalanced.

👤It's very easy to apply. You can't see it when you put it on. The UV light sets very quickly when you go under it.

👤I was excited to do my nails at home for the holidays, but the wax pencil was missing from the kit. I was hoping that this kit would allow me to create a fun design on my nails. There are items in the product description that aren't in the instructions. It takes the fun out of it all. It is more difficult to return an item than it is worth. Had I known, I wouldn't have ordered because I wouldn't have read the reviews. I would have purchased another kit just to keep from spending 3 hours in the nail salon if I had not purchased my kit.

6. Nail Tips Glue Gel Kit

Nail Tips Glue Gel Kit

The gel nail kit includes a gel nail glue, 500Pcs square nails, 1 pc acrylic nail cutter, and a portable nail lamp. Stick the nail tips and file the nails to satisfy your needs. There are four different uses of the INFELING gel nail glue. It can be used as a slip solution to prevent poly nail gel stickness, and can be used as base coat nail polish to make your nail design long lasting. It can be used as a nail strengther. 500PCS of square nails are made from high quality ABS material. They are made from a kind of green friendly environmental material. No harm to your body, no smell, and the nails are natural and durable. All gels are gel fast and efficient. Well compatible with gel, polish, poly nail gel, builder/nail extension gel, base coat, top coat. It is easy to design your own nail art styles. The professional nail clippers are made of high quality STAINLESS steel. You can cut the length as you please.

Brand: Infeling

👤Excellent dupe for higher priced systems. These nails are sticking out. I have done many sets of nails since purchasing this. The gel glue is amazing. If you are considering buying, just do it. This is the same as cement and has no damage to the natural nail.

👤The beetles nail kit is very similar to the original aprs nail tips, and I found out about it on a recent video. The beetles were already sold out. I bought this. The sky gelly nail tips were not worth the price. This is the kit. $20? What! I have beautiful and easy-to-use acrylic nails. The little gel nail lamp leg broke and I haven't had it in 24 hours. Buy. You will not regret it.

👤Do you want to do your nails? Are you on a budget and don't have everything you need? Don't look farther! The nail kit is perfect for someone starting out. You can use the gel on your nails in 3 different ways. Since it's a gel base coat, you can use it for a base, glue, or dip powders, too. I used it as a base and glue. It was better to glue on my tips. They were solid and never left. For the last week, I didn't lose a tip. I took them off before they came off. This holds up well. I used this as a base. There was a yellow undetone in the light. I thought it would be yellow. It didn't. It was clear and nice. The tips are clear. And very long. They are strong. I don't think I've ever had a sturdy nail tip. They are usually flimsy. You can either have long coffin nails or short squar nails. When I trimmed the nail tips, they were still their original shape. When you do this with coffin nails, they become very flat. Each baggie has a size 0through 10 wrapped in it. The nail lamp is the last one. I didn't think the lamp would cure anything. It says it's for led and UV. I tried both. It cures UV. It just takes longer. To get a short timer. You hold the button. If you just press it, it will cure in 45 seconds. I am very happy with this product. I didn't find anything wrong with it. The little lamp is powered by the internet. You can take this anywhere. So portable. Highly recommended.

👤I had never tried these before. They are thick and sturdy like the salon nails. When you clip them, they don't crack. The GLUE is large. It is a fast drying glue. And it sticks! I will order from them again.

👤I had to change my 5 star to 3 because the sides started coming up in the first week and I was so happy with the thick sturdiness of them. I will try it again with a bonder/primer. These are not the prettiest because I was so excited to try it. I decided to use a set of press on nails first to save the hassle of cutting and filing, but this glue is awesome! I enjoy press-ons. Most of the time they pop off sooner than acrylics. These feel like a full set after you use the gel to glue your nails and as a base coat. You don't need a good top coat if you use a good top coat and your nails are hard as a rock. I will update on how long the wear lasts. The lamp is not great, I have seen some that are more convenient to use. The glue bottle is bigger than I expected and I would pay $16 just for this glue, which is why I give it 5 stars. The glue is worth it for the price, but I wish there was a better file.

7. Double Side Sticker Adhesive Transparent Flexible

Double Side Sticker Adhesive Transparent Flexible

We make salon quality artificial nail products that are easy to use and affordable for everyday wear. Environmental protection colloid is brand new and high quality. The nail stickers are a convenient way to stick your fake nail. It is easy to remove false nails. This sticker is a little thicker than the ordinary sticker and it is more firm. It lasts for a few days. There are 6 sizes and 24 stickers per nail sticker. This gel replaces nail gel. It's easy to use, portable and affordable.

Brand: Mwellewm

👤Since I can't justify spending so much money on a salon every few weeks, I started using press-on nails. I like to paint my nails, but I don't like using acetone to remove them. I pick at the polish to get it off. Since I pride myself on having nice natural nails, I started looking for alternatives that wouldn't cause that much damage to my nails. There is a learning curve to these stickers. They stay even after a shower, sleeping, and washing dishes because I am light and wear gloves most of the time. It's easy to remove them by soaking them in warm water with soap for a few minutes. The only complaint I have is how wide the tabs are. I trim them down a bit with scissors, but they leave a gap between the fake nail and your natural nail. If I run my hand through my hair, it will get caught under the fake nails. I think this is great for cosplays because you don't have to worry about touching your hair and the stickers are easy to remove. There are other alternatives like glue or double sided tape that won't leave a gap.

👤I make my own fake nails, stick them on with sticky tabs on the weekends, and pop them off on Sunday because I can't have my nails done at work. They were very long-lived. When I washed my hands multiple times, they didn't come off, but they were easy to peel off when it was time to take them off.

👤I found that they work great if you place them as far back on the nail as possible without using nail glue or skin. You should wash your hands, dry your hands, and buff your natural nail first.

👤These are easy to use. There is a gap on some nails. I had to press several of them down after testing them for about an hour. Hope they hold up. There is an update. One came off over night. It seems to be holding up well if you put it back on. There are more coming up. I wanted them to work. After washing my hands last night, one came off. Think you can use them for a short time. Not holding up for long periods of wear. I think I will use them for designs and quick nail jobs. I can wear the kiss press for 2 weeks without any problems.

👤The product is great for younger people. I only put one in my thumb because it was hard to get the top layer off. Glue was used for the other nine fingers. I got dressed and left. I lost my thumb nail when I was in the car. The one that has the tab.

👤Good but only stays there for a few days. There was no nail damage.

👤I tried these because I wanted to use something other than nail glue. I washed my hands and used nail polish remover to make sure there was no old nailpolish that could mess up the sticker. I put my nails on and it was hard to remove the protective plastic from the sticker. The whole sticker was pulled off a few times. It took several tries and stickers to get them all on. They held my nails in place after I applied the stickers. I waited to make sure the bond was good. One of my nails came off as I was getting ready for the night. I was surprised to see it come off. I waited for my nail to dry. I was doing other things when another came off. If you don't put stress on your nails, these stickers work great. If you put a lot of pressure on writing with a pen, it will come off. Don't open anything and hold anything. They are fine. Absolutely doable?

8. Nail Glue Acrylic Nails Professional

Nail Glue Acrylic Nails Professional

Fast drying, quick bonding, perfect, can last for up to 30 days with professional nail glue. If you apply nail glue, make sure you don't have air bubbles or water on your nails for at least an hour. Each nail tip may need 0.05-0.1g glue, one tube of 0.07oz/2g glue can be used for 20 to 40 nail tips. Healthy and Safe with the certificated, the nail glues are made of Ethyl Cyanoacrylate,natural resin,slight, and no harm to your natural nails. It is easy to apply and remove the nail glues. If you want to remove the glues from the nails, soak in acetone polish remover. Wait for more than 10 seconds until the glue dried, then do your next steps for decorating, be careful when using, and keep it far away from kids.

Brand: Ecbasket

👤I don't think anyone talks about how hard it is to use nail glue. There are two openings. I tried the top first and it was sealed shut. I thought you should pierce it open with the cap, but I had to look through the reviews to see that was not the case. A little goes a long way. Apply just a small amount. Apple is too much. It will get all over your skin. Get this to the top so it can help more people.

👤I bought some fake nails here and was looking for a good glue to keep them. When I was watching "A Christmas Prince Royal Baby" on TV, I ended up glueing two of my fingers together instead, because I was too busy. I put too much glue on my finger because I was so distracted. They came apart after a small panic. The glue on the nail works great for me. I tried to remove one that I put on a little too much, but it didn't budge.

👤My video is pretty good. I'm impressed. I had to test if the nail tip would stay. I used an 80/80 coarse file since it was my practice hand and there was no nail damage. All four brands of tips passed my test. The quality is on point, and the price is right. You wont be disappointed if you try it out.

👤I absolutely love this product. My nails stay on for at least a month. The glue is easy to dry and my clients have not had any complaints about it. I used to pay 4 times the amount of money and the glue was not as good as this one. I don't have to hold the told for 10 seconds anymore because it dries in 3 seconds. This nail glue will definitely be purchased again. I have done like 15 sets of glue and I am still on the first tube.

👤This glue is the best glue I have ever used and it only takes one tube to get me through three sets of press on nails. This glue lasts for weeks and will not lift your nails. I have used many brands of glue and have never seen a product like this before. It takes about fifteen seconds before it sets.

👤This glue is amazing. It's a good value for the amount you get. I was nervous to start doing my own press on my nails. This glue works very well. I use this glue to pop my nails back on and wear my sets for a couple of weeks before I lose any.

👤I did a lot of research before buying any products for my do it at home nail dip. I can attest that this product is easy to use and works well. I have not had any issues with this glue. I don't know if that's part of the cap or not, I had to use a hatpin to pierce the opening. I am going to check to see if the nails have hardened in the tube after doing a few. I got a bundle in case. The whole process made me nervous because I have never applied tips before. The easiest part of the powder gel routine was applying glue and tge tips. I will stick with the glue and the tips if I need to apply the gel's in the future. Lady French is the nailpolish.

9. Makartt Rhinestone Adhesive Rhinestones Crystal

Makartt Rhinestone Adhesive Rhinestones Crystal

No question asked! If you don't like this nail glue, you can contact them. They will do their best to fix your problem. The nail art glue is designed for stick gems jewels, it's sticky and won't fall off easily. TRENDY NAILWELRY GEL. A proper operation can bring a beautiful result for at least 2 weeks, the nail decorations gel glue are super sticky, excelent in securing gems jewels beads nail rhinestones on your nails, good for creating your sparkling dazzling nail art, a proper operation can bring a beautiful result for at least 2 weeks Convenient for use with tube design, the 30g stones nail glue gel is easy to squeeze out as much as you need for nail art bling design, no mess! No spilling at all! It's a super glue. Makartt nail diamonds gel are vegan and cruelty free and made from natural resin. How to use - 1. The crystal glue is applied to the nail. cure the rhinestones for about 3 minutes and make sure to cure it until it is completely dry. For large or non-flat-back rhinestones, fill a little more glue into the gap and the base to make sure its double secured, cure it again and then dry.

Brand: Makartt

👤I am a nail tech and I love this gel. The stones last a long time when applied correctly. It has a thick consistency that holds the stones in place. This is aGEL and it must be covered with a light source. The bad reviews came from people who didn't use it correctly.

👤Since the Pandemic happened and the nail shops were closed, I have adapted to having my own nails. I've tried a lot of different glues to get my nails to stay. All have failed. Simple craft glues that didn't deliver include construction glues, nail glues that weren't strong enough, and craft glues that didn't deliver. I spent so much time on my nails that the rhinestones fell off. My entire life has been changed by one instance of using this one. It's not messy, it has a precise tube, and there's a lot of product. You don't have to do anything else, just set it and whatever you use will not fall off. If you need a nail glue, the story is worth reading. This one is for sale!

👤I was excited for the glue but I wouldn't recommend it. It did not glue the rhinestones onto my fake nails. I put the glue on the nails and left it to dry for 24 hours. 1. The consistency of glue is ok. It is very sticky. 2. The glue does not adhere to anything. It didn't adhere to my jewels. It was wet and sticky after 24 hours. The glue on the nail was sticky as some of the rhinestones were sliding off. Some of the rhinestones were completely off, while others looked like they were stuck in, but we were easily removed when I plucked them off. The glue is everywhere. 3. I used to glue my artificial nails onto my natural nails with the help of the Kiss brand brush on glue from Family dollar, but they didn't work as well as they could have. The rhinestones stayed in place for almost 3 weeks, because they dried quickly, didn't leave a mess, and didn't leave a mark. 4. I use this glue to pick up the wind stone and place it on the artificial nail, as shown in the video. I put a little bit of it on the tip of my brush and use it to pick up the rhinestone and place it on the artificial nail with the Kiss brand glue already on the part of the artificial nail. Purchase again. I wouldn't recommend this glue to anyone and I wouldn't purchase it again.

👤It wasn't dry after 2 hours. Junk.

👤I am glad I bought this. It holds my large stones well. It is hard to squeeze out but will be my go to stone gel.

👤I bought this gel to use. It's in a tube with a pointed end, so it would be easy to apply. It gets really hot when curing. I almost died from the heat spike it gave during curing. I don't know if it's the gel or the thin nail. I'll be careful when curing, but I will continue to use it.

10. Saviland Nail Tips Glue Gel

Saviland Nail Tips Glue Gel

The all-in-one kit contains nail tips and glue gel, coffin nail tips, mini U V/LED lamp, and a nail file. It's best to function in one product. The 4-in-1 nail glue is perfect for nail art. The glue gel on nails can be used to stick diamonds. To ensure the nail tips and decorations will not move, and to make it easy to fall off, let your nail design stay on for 3-4 weeks. The 500pcs nail tips with 10 different sizes (50 pieces of each size) are easy to choose the suitable size for every finger. Poly nail gel and nail glues gel are perfect for the design of Coffin shaped acrylic nails. It looks natural, holding the color without bending, making your tips beautiful. No harm to your body, no smell, and no nails that are toxic make them durable and natural. The portable nail lamp can cure all gels fast and efficiently, compatible with U V nail gel, gel polish, poly nail gel, builder/nail extension gel, base coat, top coat. The cute mini U V/LED nail lamp is very suitable for travelling, or for any occasion to design your nail art. There areARM tips and service. Before using, buff the nail surface and clean it. If you have any questions about the kit, please contact them and they will be happy to help. Happy shopping.

Brand: Saviland

👤Since there were no reviews when I made the purchase, I thought I should leave a review. I have used gel nail polish for a while, but I am not a nail professional. This was easy to use and they came great. There was some trial and error when it came to the directions for how much of the gel to use. I found it helpful to add a drop of gel in the middle of my gel nail after a coat of gel on my nail. The gel did not come out of the edges. The light weight of the lamp makes it a little awkward. Just took some getting used to. The nail cutting tool is very sharp and I am very impressed with it. I am very happy with the results. It is an all inclusive kit. I only used the kit's contents, including my own nail polish. I will update on longevity in a few weeks, but I can't comment on longevity because I just did them today.

👤This is what I wanted. I've been doing polygel nails with dual forms for a few years but the underside was always a hassle. No more guessing the length or thickness of polygel, thanks to these. I spent a lot of time trying to get the shape I wanted and now it's all ready to go. The 4n1 base coat is the star of the show and I was skeptical about it. The 4n1 was able to glue my nail back down after I popped it. I've tried other nails and they didn't stick to the polygel, so a few days later the nails would fall apart, once the tip is cured to the polygel is one solid piece. The C curve makes the nails stronger. The tiny light does a good job, even though it might seem like it won't work. The kit does not have a charging brick, so you will need one. This is the first purchase of its kind. I can't wait to see what else they have. My nails are saviland tips and base gel, dark nude polygel, and a star burst glitter.

👤I was disappointed that the nails did not come in a box, but I never received a size 2 or 5 as those bags were filled with size 7 and size 6. The mini led lamp is great, but the cord is so short that it doesn't reach from my table to the outlet, so I'll have to buy a longer cord. I have not tried nail glue. I am sure that is fine. The tip cutter feels very lightweight and cheap. If you want to buy a different set from a different brand, I would recommend that you buy them separately.

👤This kit is great. The set is nice to start with. The glue gel cures fast in most lamps and it's great for full cover nails and tips. If you like long nails, this kit is great. If you want them short, it comes with avtip cutter. The size of these tips is different from regular tips, so you will probably have to size up. It comes with a mini lamp. The kit was nice for the price.

11. Stickers Adhesion Complete Transfer Available

Stickers Adhesion Complete Transfer Available

15ml*2 Off foil glue gel is off foil. (Cure-Needed) Cure fast, strong adhesion, smooth application, and easy to remove are some of the benefits of a led lamp. Detailed instructions are provided with the product. Enjoy the professional effect of foil. The double lid and strong bottle is better protection against damage during shipping and the small lid is easier to hold and control. Natural extract of Purified Water, Natural Resin, is non-toxic and no harm to skin. No uncomfortable smell. If you're new to using this gel, they recommend you do a skin test. Great Capacity of Perfect for Professional Nail Salon, Nail Art School / College, Nail Artist Use and Nail Lovers, Home use, and other uses. The nail foil glue is great for using. They always stand on the customer's side to ensure the quality of the products. Send them a message if you have a question about this product. They will deal with it quickly and make sure you have a pleasant shopping experience.

Brand: Ga&en

👤I would give this product 10 stars. I have tried many different foil glues and nail foils. This is the best! I cure the nail with a thin coat of paint. It is easy to get a fully covered nail. I bought this product because it is amazing.

👤It is easy to use. I have never tried any type of nail foil or nail foil gel. It went well. There is a learning curve that will take some practice. After curing it for 60 seconds in my led, applying a thin even layer, rubbing it on for 30 seconds, and then just ripping off the paper, a cute snowflake was created. I wasn't sure about ordering it at a cheap price. It is worth it. They are large bottles a well. I posted a picture next to a pen.

👤The value is great. The bottles were well packaged and arrived on time. I've used a few brands, but I love this one. Will definitely order again. The nail lamp must cure.

👤The product was in a black box. The product is amazing! I have been able to do a lot with my foils. The foil glue has a strong scent, but it works well. When applied, each foil is almost completely intact. I have 98% of the foil on my nail. Excellent purchase for your money. I would recommend foils to anyone. I was very happy with my purchase and will purchase again. Fantastic product! 5 stars for sure.

👤I have never used nail foil glue. The instructions for the bottles of nail foil glue were clear and understandable. I bought more foil transfers to use after making so many nail sets with these. I will be buying more once I run out. Is that what it is?

👤I was excited to have a foil glue because I've been doing press-ons with foils. The instructions didn't work. It didn't work again. Cured it longer but it didn't work. Cured a little longer and let air out, but didn't work for the SEC. I was using the same glue for the second time to do my daughter's nails. It's so frustrating. When I had it, I did what I could with it, but I returned it immediately. I'm happy that my daughter loves her nails, but I had to make her own because the glue didn't work. Hope this helps someone out there.

👤Great glue. You get 2 bottles of this for half the price, and it works just as well as my Profiles Backstage Quick Stick It. 2 bottles will last a while. I was able to use the transfer foils after figuring out how to do it. The key to a good transfer is to cure your glue and let it cool for 30 seconds before trying to stick the foil. It worked out well.

👤I bought this to use with my nail foils that don't stick to the base coat. It works better and the foil sticks to the nail glue as advertised, but it didn't hold up. After a few hours of light use with my hands, my nails peeled off, leaving only the base coat behind. I followed the instructions that came with it and left it under the lights for the correct time. The base and top coat of my nails have never peeled off like rubber nailpolish, and I usually get a week out of my manicure before it starts chipping or looking bad on my hands. I was surprised that this nail foil glue did this.


What is the best product for best nail glue for gel nails?

Best nail glue for gel nails products from Nailive. In this article about best nail glue for gel nails you can see why people choose the product. Infeling and Makartt are also good brands to look for when you are finding best nail glue for gel nails.

What are the best brands for best nail glue for gel nails?

Nailive, Infeling and Makartt are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best nail glue for gel nails. Find the detail in this article. U-shinein, Beetles Gel Polish and Infeling are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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