Best Best Nail Glue for Acrylic Nails

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1. Tiphulan Brush Nail Broken Nails

Tiphulan Brush Nail Broken Nails

The built-in brush is easy to use and spread evenly on nails. It's suitable for repairing broken nails. The nail glue is long lasting and fast drying. No worries, you can take cooking and cleaning with you. The nail glue is made with Ethyl Cyanoacrylate, no harm to the natural nails, and it has been certified by the sgt. One bottle of nail glue can be used for 50-60 nail tips, and can be used for 3-6 months. Their nail tip glue is perfect for false nails, small nail art decorations, nail salon and home use. It's very convenient to use with all brands of nail tips.

Brand: Tiphulan

👤I've used nail glue for a long time. I got back into the habit of doing my nails. The brush on glue was neat and didn't make me stick to myself. If you don't wash your hands, don't have to pull up pants, and don't type all day, this glue is great for fake nails. I did all of those things and the nails popped off even though I used a lot of glue. If I used too little, they popped off, if I used a lot, they popped off again, and if I used a just right amount, they popped off again. I wouldn't buy it again.

👤I prefer the 3-second and Orly brands of nail glue because I break my nails all the time. It dries quickly, isn't as brittle as the others, and so far, the top hasn't sealed shut. Great price too!

👤I have a broken nail and it has been there for over a year. I am using the tiphulan brush on my nail to hold it together and mend it.

👤The dried solid was completely closed. I have never had an issue with any other nail glue. I will never buy this one again. If you have to throw it all away, what is the point of buying a bigger bottle? The tiny tubes that come with the nails are better for me.

👤This is the best you can do, just stick the nail on and it will be the best you can do. It's so easy to use, you just have to squeeze the drops out of it, and it's the only one you need to buy because it's so easy.

👤I use great glue for nails that get split from not wearing gloves and having my hands in water too long. The packaging is clear. I had a bottle of eye drop and another bottle of glue. "Nuff said" It was very bad... I threw the glue out.

👤I keep nail glue around in case a nail breaks. I want to save it. I like the way the brush is applied. This is easy to use. It works well. It's in place. Having the product delivered makes it even better.

👤My daughter worked to glue on the nails after buying this. The nails came with something that wasn't good enough, but did the trick. The brush made it easier to use than a squeeze bottle of super glue.

2. Saviland Acrylic Nails Solution Needed

Saviland Acrylic Nails Solution Needed

The nail glue gel set contains 2 pieces. One gel can be used as a base coat for your nail design, can be used to stick the nail tips or nail decorations, and can be used as a slip solution to prevent poly nails gel stickiness. The glue gel for nails is easy to use, it has superior self-leveling properties, is large in capacity, and is suitable for nail art lovers at home. Long-lasting and resilience are two words. Glue gel for nails can last up to 3 weeks on your nails surface, it has a strong bond to nails and nail decorations, will not shift, and is easy to fall off. The 4-in-1 nail glue gel is made from healthy ingredients and is non-toxic. There areARM tips and service. Before using, buff the nail surface and clean it. If you have a question about the nail glue gel set, please contact them and they will be happy to help. Happy shopping!

Brand: Saviland

👤I made a custom press for my daughter and I am very impressed with the apex curve on her nails. I didn't need to change at all. I would like to see them make other nail styles. I will purchase again. I cut the nails in my winter blue set. When I trimmed them down, they didn't crack.

👤I was hesitant because a few people said that the nail bed had too much of a curve. The tips are very sturdy and flexible, I didn't have that problem. I think it's a problem if the person wearing them has very flat nails beds, where they should be using nail forms. I dropped 2 on the carpet when I opened the box, but they are clear. I'll step on it when vacuuming. I jammed my hand in a drawer and they didn't break or pop off. A great set of tips.

👤It's really amazing. The nail tips are the best ever. Even though they are a little bit thinner, they are still strong enough to not bend your nails at the tips. It doesn't leave a white mark if you bend the nail, and that's ideal when dealing with clients with a strong c-curve to their nails. If you like to do polygel nails, they are thin enough to use as dual forms and you can just pop it off if you don't buff the inside of the nail! That is ideal because there is already a shape. The set I just did is holding up well.

👤I use this product for all of my nail needs, it is reasonably priced, and I use it as a base coat when I am doing dip powder or putting on a coat.

👤The only reason I bought them was because of a review that said they worked as dual forms for polygel. They don't work like dual forms of the polygel sticks, they stay inside the fake nail when you pop it off. Do not buy this product if you want to use it as a dual form. They are cute for that purpose only, but not for dual form polygel!

👤Highly recommended tip. As strong as the apres tip. I used a gel base coat as an glue, filed the inside of tips, buffing, and cleaning up the nails before applying gel polish and top coat. The shape is easy to apply. They are long coffins. I cut mine because I didn't want them long. These tips are a cheaper alternative to the apres nails. Will update when this set lasts.

👤I received a less than half empty box of nail tip.

👤The nail tips fit the nails. It is nice and straight, side view which I really like. Some nail tips go up or down, but this one stays straight. I use nail clippers to clip the tips because they are very strong. I usually use scissors to trim the tips, but they are a little difficult to trim with nails or tip trimmers. The tips have curves. I like the finished product from the set I did for one client. Will update when she returns. I like these tips so far. The coffin shapes lovers are strong and narrow.

3. Nailest Ultra Strong Brush Glue

Nailest Ultra Strong Brush Glue

After applying the gel, hold the nail tips and cure for 10s to prevent them from falling off or moving, then let go of your hand and cure another 50s. It is more convenient to put the nail lamp on its side before curing, which will make it easier for you to inspect it during curing. Their formula bonds like an acrylic. No harm to your nails. The easy twist-to-open cap eliminates messes. The built-in brush makes it easy to apply glue. It's perfect for false nails, small rhinestones, and broken nails. There is a warning Eye Irritant bonds skin quickly. Point the tube away from you. If eye contact happens, flush with water and get medical attention. Do not pull if skin bonding occurs. Put acetone or nail polish in a container. Keep children away from you. INGREDIENTS: Polymethyl methacrylate, ethyl cyanoacrylate

Brand: The Nailest

👤I lost a nail on day 10. I work out and wash dishes so I'm pretty sure that's why it fell off. The rest feel safe. I think using a brush on glue on your natural nail and a drop of glue on a fake nail helps with longevity. Good quality nails help to use. The ones pictured are from her website and wish she had more of her designs on Amazon. The glue is much better than the glue that costs fifteen dollars. Good luck.

👤I started using IG nail products during the Pandemic. I used to get their products on their website, but now they're on Amazon, so I'm happy. Make sure to buff the nails and clean the nails well with the alcohol pad thoroughly for maximum benefit, as this nail glue keeps my The Nailist nails bonding to my fingernails for longer than a week without any problems. Every once in a while, my strong natural fingernails will bend backwards, causing it to crack in the middle of my nail, and I will need to temporarily fix/repair/save it, or else it will get stuck on everything, making the nail rip further before I can clip it. I have used other nail glues, but this one takes the cake. I can keep my nail in one piece until it grows out and can be clipped. Thanks to The Nailist!

👤This is a hold. I would like the bottle to be bigger, but I have a big hold on a little bottle. I will order again.

4. DEADGAL Professional Superior Adhesive Artificial

DEADGAL Professional Superior Adhesive Artificial

The formula is quick to dry. 5 layers of glue per nail is needed to prevent it from drying too quickly. Use a nail buffer block or nail file to buff the nail beds. The rough surface makes the nails stick to it better. DEADGAL Professional Nail Glue Formula is an ultra strong formula that can survive hot showers, rigorous chores, and more. Pro manicure results are long lasting. There is a top choice for professional nails. DEADGAL's high performance nail glue is a reliable nail glue that can be used for all types of nails. The strongest salon quality formula is supplied by the best acrylic nail glue. The usefulness of the beetle. You can apply fake nail glue with the help of the nail glue brush, no-drip, and easy nail glue application. The glue bottle will not dry out. It distributes your nail bonder evenly and is convenient to store. Their bottle is safe to store in your purse because it seals completely when twisting the top. Long lasting nail glue is used by professionals for nail gem application and for real nail split repair, when your real nail cracks or breaks from acrylics, you can use their glue to repair the nail before applying a new nail on. It isn't an issue anymore with DEADGAL press on nail glue, because you don't have to worry about your long press on nails coming off. Before applying any type of glue, it's important to get your nail beds ready. Rub alcohol on excess oils and dirt to remove them before applying nail art. Do not use their nail bond if you are going to take your nails off in a few days. The nail glue will keep your nails on for up to four weeks. SATISFACTION is guaranteed.

Brand: Scalpa

👤I have used many glues, but this is the worst one. I wanted to see if there was anything stronger than using Nailene. This was a waste of money. I prepared my nail the way you were supposed to because I have done it before. They fell off in a day or two. I use nailene the best glue. If you don't put the nail on within two seconds of applying the product, you're too late and have to apply another coat. It is easy to use and that is the only good thing about it.

👤I have tried every glue on the market. Deadgal is the best I have ever tried. The thin brush controls how much glue comes out of the bottle. I made my own press. I wanted to try the glue for myself first before I recommend it to my customers. I am on day 14 of my press on nails and I have no lifting. I highly recommend it.

👤I wanted a nail glue that was easy to remove. I only wear my nails for a week at a time because I am a hairdresser and my hands are wet all the time. This glue is very strong. It holds up well, the smell is not overwhelming, and it doesn't damage your nail if you remove it. I don't apply nailpolish to my natural nail. I gave it 4 stars because it dries fast and doesn't apply heavy. You have to work fast to get the glue in and nail set because it is almost too thin. It is worth it to switch.

👤It is so easy to apply this glue, it is the strongest glue I have ever tried, and it is so fast, you just need to apply one layer on your natural nail and one layer on your fake nail. It's a great choice and highly recommend.

👤The first time I used this, I only applied tips. My nails stayed on for two weeks after I used a gel dip. I used this glue on my artificial nails and they didn't last long. I had one nail pop off on day two and I reapplied the glue and it came off again after a long time. The nails came off after three days of wear. It could be the full artificial nails I used. Maybe they didn't curve to my nails right because there was a gap. I am ordering a different glue, hopefully it will work better for full artificial nails. There is no room for error if you place a nail slightly off center. It is staying.

👤This mail glue is very good. I was skeptical to try it. I am glad I did. I am a nail tech. I use basic mail glue in the little tubes that crust up, the cap is hard to come off, and I have been using it for a while. Not DEADGAL! You can change the game by removing the cap and polishing the glue. When I applied my first tip, it stuck as soon as I put it on, it was very strong and not messy. I will be ordering again.

5. MD MAD DOLL Nail Glue


Lifetime Technical Support, backed by 24 hour friendly customer service, 8 bottles of Super Strong Nail Glue, and 120-140 nail tips, is what you'll get. This nail glue with brush is easy to use and bonds nails quickly and stays long- lasting, perfect for instant manicures with press ons, false nails, glue on/stick on nails. For nails made of acrylic. The nail tip glue can be used for nail arts with false nail tips. It works great for broken nails. The nail bond glue comes with a built-in brush for smooth applying just like polish, get a perfect mani in just seconds. Quick dry. The brush-on nail glue is very easy to use and dries quickly, perfect for strong bonding of the nail to the tip. The nail tips glue is made with no harmful ingredients. Feel free to contact them anytime via Amazon if you have a question or issue, they have a 12 month warranty with easy-to-reach customer support.

Brand: Md Mad Doll

👤I bought this because it's easier to use and less messy. I use it for press-ons. The last set of nails stayed the whole week. Would definitely recommend. I'll be trying them on some decors next time I want to make some new styles.

👤Good glue for nails.

👤I like that nail glue comes in a brush-on application. The original application of putting a dot in the center of the nail never worked for me. You can control the amount and application with a brush. I am not sure if you can trust what the ingredients are, but it was easy to brush on and apply the nails. The first time I used it, I used a thin coat to apply the nails and the set I had lasted a good week before something popped off. I applied a thicker coat to a different set of nails, but it didn't stick. The set lasted three days. I think it will work once I figure out the right ratio of glue. A good glue for a quick set of nails.

👤I used this glue to apply fake nails to my own. This was a great product. Once it dried, it was on there. You have to go through a lot to get the nails off, so make sure you get them where you want them. This is a great nail glue. I need more. If you do your own nails at home, I recommend you try this product. You will see how good this glue is.

👤I like this nail glue. I use glue on my nails a lot. They need to be able to survive my momming. The glue is strong. The application is easy to use. There is no strong odors and a great value for the amount of product. This is my new go-to nail glue.

👤I got this for my daughter, who is doing nail projects here, and she loves it. She tried to use the glue to put on her nail but it didn't work and she said it works for her intended purpose. No complaints this way. I recommend it to anyone looking for nail glue.

👤I think this glue is going to stay. I like this way more than tube glue. This is the first time I've tried it. I was only going to put one nail on to see if it worked, but now I'm going to put them all on. I will come back and give an update on how long it lasts.

👤It is easy to apply nail glue. I've always used the brush in the tube, but now I'm hooked. I haven't had any issues with the glue coming loose. This will be my go to for applying glue because I wear press all the time. Very happy with it.

6. Acrylic Lasting Professional INFILILA Adhesive

Acrylic Lasting Professional INFILILA Adhesive

A manicurist uses a nail enlarger. It is also suitable for professional nail salons. Their nail glue has many advantages that should be found in other nail glues. You can use their professional glue for nail art. The great value set is:0.07oz/2g. Each PCS is in one kit. Each nail tip may need 0.05-0.1g glue, one tube of 0.07oz/2g glue can be used for 20 to 40 nail tips, so 12pcs glues can be used 12 to 24 times manicures. Healthy material can be used in many ways. The INFILILA nail glue is made of ethyl conjugateacrylate,natural resin,slight odor, no harm to your natural nails. Their nail glue is great for sticking false nails, broken nails, and small nail art decorations. The salon can use nail glue. If you want to make your fake nails last longer, make sure you don't have air bubbles or water on your nails for at least an hour when you apply nail glue. Wait for more than 10 seconds until the glue dried, then do your next steps for decorating. If you want to remove artificial nail glues, please soak in acetone polish remover until they break. Please be careful when using and keep it far away from your kids and pets. Feel free to contact them via email or the customer center if you have a problem. They will try their best to get you 100% satisfaction.

Brand: Nxj Infilila

👤I have used nail glue for several months for three different types of nail tips. The glue held them until I was ready to take them off. The glue sticks to my natural nail and tips, creating a long lasting grip. This nail glue is very good.

👤It held my clients nails. This was very important.

👤The glue is good for the price. The glue is still good after a week after I cut the tip off. I haven't used it on tips yet, but it seems to be pretty good nail glue. I used it to glue some of my stuff together and that is still holding together, so I think that is a good sign. It will go all over if you don't hold it straight up.

👤You only need a small amount on each tip for it to stick properly, and you can use each tube more than once. I don't recommend this glue for beginners because it sticks to your nail when it touches, so if you put it on crooked it will stick. When putting the tips on, just take your time. 10/10 recommend this nail glue. I have been doing my own nails for about 6 years, but I am not a professional nail tech. I am still learning how to properly shape and file them.

👤It worked well to reglue the lifted nails.

👤I got it! One of the glue was leaked, but it was fast shipping. It's a pity. I can't wait to use it. Thank you for the update! They sent me a new set. I am happy with the product. Thank you so much.

👤It works so well. Don't expect Salon quality glue, it's worth it for the price.

👤The glues are good for applying tips to my nails. I used them to apply a full set and have been wearing them for almost a week.

👤You have to place the nail correctly from the beginning because the glue dries very quickly. This glue works better than any of the ones I have bought at the drug store, and it costs less. I have tried many nail glues.

👤Be careful! The glue is strong.

7. Nailene Ultra Quick Nail Glue

Nailene Ultra Quick Nail Glue

Nailene Ultra Quick Nail Glue is a fast and easy way to set artificial and natural nails. It's perfect for nail repair. The nail care kit essential has a precision tip for dry nail glue. It sets in seconds and holds firm for extra-long wearing, making it a must-have for your manicure kit or cosmetics bag. For artificial nails, spread a thin layer of glue over the nail, press and hold for 5 seconds. If you want to repair a nail, place a drop on the break or tear, hold the repair in place with a pair of scissors, and buff the area smooth. Their artificial glue-on nails are easy to apply and designed to impress. If you want a beauty routine that is fresh and simple, try Nailene. They make salon quality artificial nail products that are easy to use and affordable for everyday wear.

Brand: Nailene

👤This glue? It's phenomenal. I swear my life has been enriched by this glue. It only takes a small amount and can go a long way. I like press on nails but they seem to always come off. I use this glue, buffing my nails first and then adding a single drop to the tip of my press on nail and then holding it to my real nail for 5 seconds- boom. It is on there for a minimum of 2 weeks. This is a great deal because you get multiples for a cheap price. If this nail glue doesn't work for you, I will give you a refund.

👤I got this glue today and did a pre-test before putting it on a full set, but it wouldn't come off even after I tried to pull it off. It was difficult to remove the nail after the test. Make sure to clean your nails. It's a good thing.

👤I like this product because it will last roughly a week if done right, but sometimes it will last less with this glue, and I prefer it this way since I get bored with my nails by that point. If you stick a dotting tool or something thin enough to fit into the top you can clear the way after a few uses. I get them in a four pack instead of one at a time, but I am a regular buyer of this product.

👤I bought a different nail glue. One nail would pop off. There was a bottle of nail glue. I got a bundle of 4 of these for less. I don't regret anything. This is the best nail glue I have ever used. I would give it 10 stars.

👤I had my nails done for 2 weeks. I did everything that I did, including bathing kids and dishes. 2 nails pop off, but they come back on. This product is very strong and very recommendable. It's a pack of 4. A great buy.

👤Lifting and breaking with this glue was never a problem for me. These last several weeks before I decide to remove them. The acetone solution causes the glue to break. The application can be a bit tricky, you need to wait a bit until it gets tacky so it can bond to the false nail, otherwise it will pop off.

👤I had to buy a 4 pack to get the good price because the glue does the job and is so cheap.

8. INFILILA Professional Acrylic Adhesive Lasting

INFILILA Professional Acrylic Adhesive Lasting

The best nail glue. It can last for up to 30 days with Inila acrylic nail glue. If you apply nail glue to your nails, make sure you don't have any air bubbles or water on them for at least an hour. It's easy to apply these applications. It is possible to stick false nails, broken nails, and small nail art decorations with INFILILA nail art glue. You can make a beautiful decoration on your nail tips at home with their glue, but also do a professional nail salon with their glue. You can use your imagination to create unique nail designs with their glue. The tote is 7ML. It's easy to use, store and carry around each bottle. 2 bottles of their glue can be used 14-28 times. INFILILA nail glue is made of ethyl cyanoacrylate, natural resin, slight odor, and has been certified by the safety agency. If you want to avoid wasting, please be gentle with it, but be careful when using it, and keep it away from your kids and pets. If you have a problem, you can contact them via the Amazon Customer Center.

Brand: Nxj Infilila

👤The nail glue is dangerous. I use it on my press on nails. For 2 to 3 weeks, your nails will stay on. To 1 is the key. You should wash your hands. If they need it, file your nails and cut them. Take an alcohol pad to clean your nails. Pick the correct nail sizes for your fingers. Put glue on your nail and on the back of the press. Press down for 10 to 15 seconds. Make sure there is no air bubbles. Apply oil to your skin. If you do this, your nails will last for 2 to 3 weeks. If you want to take the press on nails off, you should soak them in warm water or nail polish remover for 15 minutes. This is a brush for nail glue. I have used nail glue before on press on nails, but this is the best I have ever used. I will use this nail glue for now. I have a Kiss Jelly Press on my nails.

👤I did my nails last night and they are fine. Something that could hold off was needed on vacation. I think this will last. I have never done press on nails with glue. I think I made the right choice. P.s. I lost most of my nails due to a chronic condition and they don't grow back so the nail bed is firm and doesn't usually hurt but I will come back to leave an update.

👤This is the best nail glue I have ever used, and I have used other nail glues as well. I took the advice of another buyer to use alcohol on your nails first to clean them well, and to apply glue to the nail and the artificial nail as well. I have not had a problem after 2 weeks because I wash my hands a lot. I have tried many artificial nail wear glues and this is the longest one I have tried. Thank you!

👤I put glue on the paper pieces to make them stick. I cut out the white polish from the back. I've tried many methods to hold them on until I get the 2 coats of gel top coat on. Most of the time, it's dry and thick to create texture. The glue dried quickly. There was no texture or smooth. I would highly recommend this for any nail use.

👤This glue works well. If you're a girl like me and like to do things like hardcore cleaning or yard work, it works well. I have had to reglue a few of them because of doing rough things that cause them to pop off, but I love the nail glue, it works great only a few of my nails have popped off. I would recommend this glue to anyone who wants to do their own press on nails and not have to pay the salon prices, it's good for the price. It is smooth and dries quickly, and it doesn't come outChunky.

9. Nail Tips Glue Gel Kit

Nail Tips Glue Gel Kit

The gel nail kit includes a gel nail glue, 500Pcs square nails, 1 pc acrylic nail cutter, and a portable nail lamp. Stick the nail tips and file the nails to satisfy your needs. There are four different uses of the INFELING gel nail glue. It can be used as a slip solution to prevent poly nail gel stickness, and can be used as base coat nail polish to make your nail design long lasting. It can be used as a nail strengther. 500PCS of square nails are made from high quality ABS material. They are made from a kind of green friendly environmental material. No harm to your body, no smell, and the nails are natural and durable. All gels are gel fast and efficient. Well compatible with gel, polish, poly nail gel, builder/nail extension gel, base coat, top coat. It is easy to design your own nail art styles. The professional nail clippers are made of high quality STAINLESS steel. You can cut the length as you please.

Brand: Infeling

👤Excellent dupe for higher priced systems. These nails are sticking out. I have done many sets of nails since purchasing this. The gel glue is amazing. If you are considering buying, just do it. This is the same as cement and has no damage to the natural nail.

👤The beetles nail kit is very similar to the original aprs nail tips, and I found out about it on a recent video. The beetles were already sold out. I bought this. The sky gelly nail tips were not worth the price. This is the kit. $20? What! I have beautiful and easy-to-use acrylic nails. The little gel nail lamp leg broke and I haven't had it in 24 hours. Buy. You will not regret it.

👤Do you want to do your nails? Are you on a budget and don't have everything you need? Don't look farther! The nail kit is perfect for someone starting out. You can use the gel on your nails in 3 different ways. Since it's a gel base coat, you can use it for a base, glue, or dip powders, too. I used it as a base and glue. It was better to glue on my tips. They were solid and never left. For the last week, I didn't lose a tip. I took them off before they came off. This holds up well. I used this as a base. There was a yellow undetone in the light. I thought it would be yellow. It didn't. It was clear and nice. The tips are clear. And very long. They are strong. I don't think I've ever had a sturdy nail tip. They are usually flimsy. You can either have long coffin nails or short squar nails. When I trimmed the nail tips, they were still their original shape. When you do this with coffin nails, they become very flat. Each baggie has a size 0through 10 wrapped in it. The nail lamp is the last one. I didn't think the lamp would cure anything. It says it's for led and UV. I tried both. It cures UV. It just takes longer. To get a short timer. You hold the button. If you just press it, it will cure in 45 seconds. I am very happy with this product. I didn't find anything wrong with it. The little lamp is powered by the internet. You can take this anywhere. So portable. Highly recommended.

👤I had never tried these before. They are thick and sturdy like the salon nails. When you clip them, they don't crack. The GLUE is large. It is a fast drying glue. And it sticks! I will order from them again.

👤I had to change my 5 star to 3 because the sides started coming up in the first week and I was so happy with the thick sturdiness of them. I will try it again with a bonder/primer. These are not the prettiest because I was so excited to try it. I decided to use a set of press on nails first to save the hassle of cutting and filing, but this glue is awesome! I enjoy press-ons. Most of the time they pop off sooner than acrylics. These feel like a full set after you use the gel to glue your nails and as a base coat. You don't need a good top coat if you use a good top coat and your nails are hard as a rock. I will update on how long the wear lasts. The lamp is not great, I have seen some that are more convenient to use. The glue bottle is bigger than I expected and I would pay $16 just for this glue, which is why I give it 5 stars. The glue is worth it for the price, but I wish there was a better file.

10. BTArtbox Nail Glue Acrylic Clipper

BTArtbox Nail Glue Acrylic Clipper

Beauty Maxima is the seller of the ship and sold it. The package includes a nail glue and a nail clipper. Adequate quantity to meet your needs. BT Artbox nail glue for acrylic nails can last for up to 30 days. If you apply nail glue, make sure you don't have air bubbles or water on your nails for at least an hour. The Arcylic nail clipper is made of high quality metal blades that are great for cutting or trimming your nails. It's a perfect tool for manicures. It's great for nail art such as fake nails, broken nails, and small nail art decorations, as well as salon-like nail art or professional salon use. No question asked! You can contact them if you don't like this product. They will do their best to fix your problem.

Brand: Btartbox

👤I had very harsh nails this winter. They were peeling and breaking. I decided to cut them down and give them a try. I went for this kit instead of the glue, and I am very happy about it. It was easy to cut and shape the fake nails with the clipper. It is very easy to use. The glue is strong. I am only on day 2 with my fake nails, but so far they have held up well. The glue is strong. Don't get it on your skin, please! I was very happy with the purchase. If you are considering using fake nails, it is highly recommended. The process will be easy with this kit.

👤I was excited to try a new brand of glue and was a licensed nail tech. I don't recommend this glue in a salon setting where you apply tips that you would like to dry in 5 seconds or less. I will use these glues in my press. There is never enough tip cutter.

👤The product was described. The nail glue works well. The nail clippers are very easy to use. Good choice!

👤I used it on my nails and it held for a while.

👤I am not a fan of glue that is hard to squeeze out of a tube and not as strong as other glues.

👤The product works well and the price is fair.

👤This item is great for cutting your nails. I use it to save money on my nails.

👤It works for what it needs to do, despite being a bit flimsy.

11. Gelike Acrylic Lasting Extension Treatment

Gelike Acrylic Lasting Extension Treatment

The perfect seal. The miracle glue gel fills any space between the natural nail and the extension. It will not peel, chip, shift, or pop off the natural nail for four weeks. 6 IN 1: Combines nail glue, base gel and strengthener. It can also be used as a brush saver. Save money and time. When you look through regular glue under a microscope, there are a lot of holes that cause water to get in and break it down, and gel glue can solve this problem. The 6 in 1 glue gel is more durable than regular glue. Their tips are made from the same material as gel nail polish and are designed to fit perfectly. It is vegan and non-toxic. It's necessary. It will take 1-2 minutes to cure. It is easy to apply and dry.

Brand: Gelike Ec

👤Absolutely in love with the nails! It's perfect for my flat nail beds. These nails are great with the Beetles 2 in 1 Nail Glue and Base Gel. I am not a nail professional. It's funny. I'm a review reader and skeptic. I am very pleased with my purchase and would recommend it to others. The UV light can cure nail glue if you apply the nail before polishing it.

👤Just buy them. They are an alternative to the Apres nails which are sold out everywhere. I will be buying these from now on. The medium round is perfect in shape and length. I wanted you to see the nail from the side because the apex is great and the natural nail beds are natural. Just buy them.

👤I didn't trim the nails so this is the full length. I like them so far. They have a nice curve to the apex. They run a bit big. I used a 2 or 3 for my thumbs. I had to file around the top to make them fit for my finger. I don't mind so it's not a big deal. They seem sturdy.

👤The almond and square were ordered. The almond set has sizes 0-11, while the square set has sizes 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. The square set seem to be accurate, however the almond run is a little larger than expected. These don't feel like gel at all. There is not much give or "flex fit" as advertised and they feel the same as regular full cover nails that you can buy at a beauty supply store for much, much cheaper. The almond set has a nice curve, but since there isn't much give to the nail, you have to apply a lot of gel glue to fill the gap. The smell of plastic is what makes these over priced to be plain full cover nails. These are not soft gel if you are looking for it. I will be back.

👤The gel plastic was wreaked on. The plastic container they are in isn't the one with the smell, it's the tips of the smell. The box I received was not gel tips. They are not supposed to be square. I only received 7 sizes, but every space was filled. I paid for nine sizes and don't need 2x 4 and 6. I feel like they lied to me so they could make money from the full cover tip boom.

👤If you have smaller nailbeds, these will not work for you.

👤Let's talk about how easy it is to use at home or in the salon. It saves time for family to get back to work or for the next client to come early. These gel tips are strong and flexible, they don't crack or stain when bent, and they are the only nail tips I own that are soft. These tips are pre-buffed and are quick to absorb water. The Big Plus+ is one of the many shapes that they can choose from and they will be placed on nails with a strong hold that can last up to 4 weeks. This is great for beginners. The item was shipped fast and has 11nail sizes and a flush cuticle area.


What is the best product for best nail glue for acrylic nails?

Best nail glue for acrylic nails products from Tiphulan. In this article about best nail glue for acrylic nails you can see why people choose the product. Saviland and The Nailest are also good brands to look for when you are finding best nail glue for acrylic nails.

What are the best brands for best nail glue for acrylic nails?

Tiphulan, Saviland and The Nailest are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best nail glue for acrylic nails. Find the detail in this article. Scalpa, Md Mad Doll and Nxj Infilila are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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