Best Best Mop for Hardwood Floors

Mop 5 Feb 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Bucket Cleaning

Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Bucket Cleaning

The exclusive mop bucket design features a built-in wringer that allows for hands-free wringing while Splash Guard keeps water splash and spray inside the bucket when wringing or transporting the bucket from room to room. The machine is washable. The EasyWring Microfiber Mop Head is machine-washable. The mop head refill should be replaced every 3 months. Deep cleaning microfiber. O-Cedar's EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop & Bucket Floor Cleaning System uses millions of strands of advanced microfiber to effectively capture dirt and grime with just plain water, eliminating the need for harsh chemicals. All hard flooring is safe. The EasyWring Mop can reach and clean deep into corners, under furniture, alongside baseboards, and between tile thanks to the patented triangle mop-head. 3 months of cleaning is required for 1 refill. Each EasyWring Microfiber refill lasts up to 3 months, and this offer includes one. Save time and money with mop head replacements. Handle extension is full to 48 inches. Anyone can mop comfortably with a telescopic handle that is up to 48 inches. It's better to clean with a microfiber mop. Their microfiber mops are streak-free and are better for dirt, dust, pet hair, and messes than a traditional cotton wet mop. It can be wet or dry.

Brand: O-cedar

👤It looks like a toy. The pictures they show are not what they appear to be. Take a look at the pictures and see how small it is. It will take hours to clean a decent room. You can't return it.

👤I am a cleaning lady. I clean every week. I was skeptical of the new client that had this mop. I loved it when I tried it. There are inevitably streaks to some degree or another, and I have to make it a 2 step process job after the mopping to get it clean, I then windex or some other thing. I can say that those days are over. You have to be careful with real hardwood, it's not good to have a lot of water sitting on the floor, and the swifter wet jet or the bona doesn't get it clean. There was a review that said the spin mechanism made it off balance when you lifted it. I have never had a spill when I fill the water to the SUGGESTED water line. I've never spilled a drop in any of the rooms I've visited. The reviewers stated that the durability andFunctionality was an issue. I clean everyday and have not had any issues. If someone had bought it for their own use, it would have been used more. I waited until I had the chance to use it a lot. Most of my clients have purchased this for me to have in their homes, so I should consider if I should get kickbacks or commission from this company. They trust my opinion and it makes my job more efficient. Thank you, O-Cedar... Nothin could be very neat.

👤The box broke during the first use. We filled the bucket, dunked the mop, and started mopping. The pole attachment is broken. The locking mechanism to set the length of the mop is not very good. I wouldn't recommend this product.

👤I've been excited to try this mop since I found it on Amazon. This thing is very good in a market of sub-par household cleaning devices. I love this mop so much, I mopped my house twice in a row. The mop picks up the floor. Pet hair and pebbles can be left on the floor. This mop picks up things. The wringer is perfect. I do a two step process where I first get the floor wet and then I go back to get the mop as dry as I can get it. The floors are completely dry in about 5 minutes. Love is love! Please buy this mop.

👤My review for the O-Cedar Easy-Wring Microfiber mop needs to be qualified so that I can say that I am blessed to be able to pay someone else to mop my floors. I tried to mop the floor myself because she couldn't make it over a few weeks ago. I found a mop pole with a sponge tied on to it in her utility closet. It was literally. I can't tell if this is what she has been using for the last year or so, but I can tell that it's not what she's used before. I used it, had to adjust the sponge and plastic bag rope, did a horrible job, dropped it on the floor, and then ordered this mop online. I would give five stars to anything better than a sponge on a stick. I have never used O-Cedar before. I loved it. It was assembled quickly and easily. A salad-spinner uses a foot pedal. Genius! Step on the gas for the dryer sponge. I'm not a mop expert, but it seems to me that keeping the mop head lightly damp allows you to exert more pressure to pick up more stubborn grime without creating puddles. The floor dries faster. Lift the handle and the mop head will come off. I can't comment on how clean it gets, but I will lay it out to dry. There is a bonus feature of doubling as a salad spinner. If you push forward on a wood floor you will cause strands to bunch up into a "tail", which will cause your floor to be scratched. My toddler daughter and grandson were so confused by Mom/Grandma doing so much manual labor that they were genuinely curious. They fought over the mop. This is a testament to how easy the mop is to use and how bad of a mother/grandmother I am. My cleaning lady came back last week and I gave her a raise. I am considering letting my cleaning lady retire so I can take advantage of this free child labor, even though I have tried the O-Cedar Easy-Wring Microfiber Mop. I will be looking into other O-Cedar products to get for their birthdays.

2. BISSELL 2554A CrossWave Cordless Wet Dry

BISSELL 2554A CrossWave Cordless Wet Dry

Purchases from Bissell help save pets. Bissell supports the mission of the foundation to save homeless pets. You can vacuum and wash your floors at the same time. A 36V battery has up to 30 minutes of cleaning power. Pet hair gathers along baseboards and in corners of your home, so it's important to pick it up on the edge. It's safe for use on tile, sealed wood floors, rugs, linoleum, rubber floor mats, pressed wood floors, and more. Area rugs are refreshed. The self-cleaning cycle helps maintain the machine's performance. The cleaning path width is about 10 inches. Two-tank technology keeps formula separate from dirty water.

Brand: Bissell

👤The CrossWave Max All in One Wet-Dry Vacuum Cleaner and Mop is available in Bissell. This is a great vacuum by itself. Almost all premium brands on the market are vacuumed. It's very maneuverable, but it takes a little more force to push it than other brands. That didn't have much of a problem. The water solution cleaning feature did well. It did a good job of cleaning up regular messes. I found it difficult to get rid of the stains. The stains could not be removed by hand, so I won't blame the machine. This machine is used for cleaning. The cost of a replacement Bissell floor/carpet solution can be as high as 10 dollars depending on the formula and amount, so keep that in mind. The machine is easy to disassemble. That will save the machine's life and make it easier to use. The 30 minute charge is the biggest draw back. It takes 4 hours to get 30 minutes. It's not practical to clean a large home. The machine is used for cleaning smaller areas. The machine is expensive. For an honest evaluation, I received this machine for free. Would I spend that much money to try it out? The battery charge life situation is what makes me say no. If it lasted an hour and the charge time was less, I would be in favor of it. I can only give it 3 stars. The vac from Bissell does work and vacuum very well.

👤I was hoping that I would like this. It was a big miss for me. 1. There are many steps to cleaning parts after use. The roller is the only thing that self cleans. You have to clean out the water bin, the filter, the base, the crevices in the vacuum and then after you run the roller, you get to clean it all again. The cleaning process took so long that I could have manually mopped the floor. It didn't save me any time. 2. The vacuum and water tanks are supposed to separate from each other. There was a lot of dry debris all over the place. I think this made the clean up much messier. 3. The mop did not clean the floor well. I own a ceramic tile and a laminate shine floor. The mop didn't pick up any spots even when I held down the cleaning solution and went over the same area a few times I could have lived with a lot of streaks on the floor if the mop had cleaned it. 4. There isn't an indicator that tells you when to stop mopping and when to start the roller cycle. I had to make more in order to clean the roller after measuring it out to mop. The process was so tedious and messy that it defeats the purpose of a two-in-one design. I got it the day before. I heard good things about the Bissell Spinwave Cordless Mop so I ordered it. Everyone could see the difference in mopping effectiveness if I posted a picture.

3. Microfiber Mop Spray Floor Cleaning

Microfiber Mop Spray Floor Cleaning

The floor mop focal points are made of high-quality material and a high-hardness aluminum microfiber mop rod, which make the hand feel more comfortable and last longer. 3 in 1 spray floor mop has odor,lock water, and clean in one. The 3 improved microfiber pads are more economical than disposable cleaning pads. The wood floor mop cloths have millions of fibers that grab dirt, dust, pet hair, crumbs and moisture and reach deep into cracks to pick up more dirt than disposables. Exo microfiber mops with pads can be used as both a dry and wet mop. The mops come with the water tank, so you can sweep all of your rooms at once. The bottle allows you to fill it, and the enhanced Trigger makes spraying easier. Are you prepared to shine your hardwood floors, wood, vinyl, ceramic, concrete, tile, laminate wood, floors and etc? No bending over or relaxing your back, this floor mops have a head that can rotate 180 degrees and can reach all corners of the house. Make cleaning easier by not bending over for the extendable pole. The most stubborn dirt on your wall, windows, living room, ceiling, under furniture, and even corners can be eliminated with a dust mop. After you purchase their mop for wood floors, you will get a 12 month guarantee and product warranty. The floor mop is about 15 inches in length and 2.35 pounds in weight. The packing includes a floor mop, water tank, mop pads, and scrub brush. This spray floor mop with mop cloth can be used again and again, and can be used for less waste in the trash.

Brand: Exego

👤I vacuum and mop. I have several animals and if I don't, the hair would get out of control. I have used the wet jet before. I don't know how much I've spent on pads. The mop is bigger and better. I can mix my water and pinesol and save a lot of money. The pads are much larger than the wet jet. The wet jet liquid left a film on my floors. I found a mop. Buy it if you are looking. You will not be sorry. The microfiber spray mop is goodbye.

👤I have used mops for my wood floors before. Swiffers are expensive to buy and the pads are also expensive. This is less expensive than a swiffer and comes with 3 microfiber pads. You can use any cleaner you want in the bottle. I use this daily to go over the floors with my pets. You control how much cleaner you use and the pads wash up nicely. I don't dry them. I have made a purchase in a long time. There was no streaking. I love it!

👤Just picked it up. Put it together quickly. I added a solution of hot water and Dawn. The handle was squeezed and then whalla. I am cleaning my hardwood floors. The microfiber cloth on the end works well.

👤I love this mop. It is very easy to use and does a great job. I was told by my sister that a mop test would be good to try on because they don't deep clean very well. You can mop your floors multiple times and go back over the same spots with a Clorox wipe, but the wipe will still be dirty. I preferred this mop because of the large microfiber covers, but I wanted to test it out. I went over the area that gets really dirty by the back door because I have two large dogs that come in and out all the time. It cleans very well. I mopped it back and forth. It picked up most of the items. There was barely anything on the Clorox wipe. A video was to be shown. This purchase was very happy with me.

👤I live in an apartment and I only have hardwood floors in the bathroom entry and kitchen, which is perfect for a small space. It has a squeeze handle to get the cleaner out onto the floor, so it would be easier if you had an automatic one. It's light and thin and can fit under a refrigerator stove and it was a great price for $21.

👤It's lightweight! It is easy to use, wet mop or dust mop. I have a problem getting bottle out to fill. My son does it for me. Thanks for making a lightweight mop.

👤I like the mop. I would like the seller to respond to my inquiry about purchasing extra bottles. I wanted a mop with nature's miracle to clean up after my elderly cat, because I have to clean up after her a lot. I would like to replace my mop with a bottle of floor cleaning solution and be able to fill it with a separate bottle. If I ever hear back from the seller, I'll change to 5 stars.

4. Cleaning Refillable Washable Hardwood Laminate

Cleaning Refillable Washable Hardwood Laminate

Are you tired of traditional mops and want a spray mop, Reusable microfiber pad and etc? You can do cleaning without having to bend or crouch. Make cleaning the floor easy. Time-SAVING & LABOUR-SAVING:- You can spray as much or as little liquid as you want with the responsive spray head. moping up water is time consuming and frustrating. Get around heavy furniture without the hassle of moving it all around with the help of their 180swivel head. Two disposable cleaning pads are more economical than two disposable mop cleaning pads. You can save money by prolonging the service life of the spray mop and by using a manual spray handle, which is also eco-friendly. Are you tired of lugging around a heavy bucket and mop to clean your floors? The microfiber spray mop allows you to choose the best cleaning solution for your needs, no more buying expensive chemical solution refill. The ASOGO spray mop has a bottle that you can fill with any cleaning solution of your choice. You can add a small amount of cleaning solution to the water in the bottle. A 350 liter bottom water tank makes a floor mop in 10 to 15 minutes. The bottle is left by the factory quality inspection. Feel free to use the new product.

Brand: Asogo

👤I bought a steam mop several years ago and I like it. Sometimes I just want a quick wet mop and the steam mop is a bit of a production. I saw this and thought I had nothing to lose, as it had a feature that was important to me, after having had to use WetJet Swiffers that were so expensive, they kept costing me money in floor pads and their "special" cleaning solution that was ridiculously expensive. I can use my choice of cleaning solutions, such as bleach in the kitchen or a lighter cleaner on other floors, and this is much lighter than the Swiffer. If you are looking for a lightweight wet mop, this does the job because of the high value to cost. Just what I was looking for, have been very pleased.

👤We wish we would have replaced this sooner. The mop is better. You can add your own cleaning fluid and it is not tied to buying a floor cleaner that fits the mop. The sprayer is easy to use. There is no more accidental bumping the sprayer button. More floor is cleaned in less time with the extra wide mop head. No more replacement pads will be purchased with the microfiber cleaning heads. We love it! Don't hesitate to purchase. This is the best purchase we have ever made. We might need to buy another to keep the fights to a minimum. We love cleaning.

👤I liked the spray mop I bought from Homegoods. It was heavy and didn't glide over my fake hardwood floors. The floor cleaner broke and leaked all over the place. It went to the trash. I ordered this mop. I was not impressed when it was in a small box. I thought it would be a piece of trash. I filled it with my favorite cleaner and gave it a try. I was surprised. It glides over my floors and even came with an extra pad. I would definitely recommend this mop.

👤I absolutely love this mop. It is very easy to use. The only problem is that the little container with the cleaning solution in it constantly lifts up and disengages, so you have to push it back in to spray. I need to ask the company for a replacement part or an idea on how to fix it. I'm very happy with this purchase.

👤Don't waste money on this mop. There were no instructions on how to assemble it. It wasn't hard, but I had to look at the picture on the box, and I have no idea what it is. The box didn't have a picture of it on it. That was nothing compared to what I had to do the first time. The pressure where the pole goes together kept popping apart when I sprayed the cleaner. I had to put a lot of duct tape around the pole to keep it from doing it. Had I known what a piece of junk it was, I wouldn't have paid $1.00 for it. I'm going back to the steam mop.

5. Microfiber Cleaning Washable Hardwood Laminate

Microfiber Cleaning Washable Hardwood Laminate

Beyoco spray mops are brand new. If the goods you received are used, please contact them. Beyoco dust mop spray made of a new generation of liquid release device, with enhanced responsive Trigger, Improved the problem of leakage of other brands of microfiber floor mops after use, make floor cleaning easy and simple. Premium long handle kitchen mop means you don't need to lean over a lot and it won't hurt your back. The hand feels more comfortable and lasts longer with the help of high-quality material and a hard aluminum mop rod. The cold water mist is needed to clean the floor. Make cleaning easier with the rotating mop head. It's ideal for removing dirt from your wall, windows, living room, ceiling, under furniture and even hard corners. Bring a clean environment to you. There are 3 replacement cleaning pads for the floor mops. It can be used to replace your wet or dry mop. The spray mop pad is easy to absorb the smallest dirt and dust. You can add your favorite cleaning solution by filling a 400ml bottle with water and adding 2 small amounts of it. Also, note: It is normal if there is a small amount of water inside the pipe, because their mop was tested with water spray before packaging to ensure that you can use them normally. Contact them if you have a problem.

Brand: Beyoco

👤This mop makes me happy. You get to use the cleaning solution of your choice, and I love that! Which helps save money. I'm all about saving. I use this mop to clean my floors after I vacuum them. I use "Pinesol Multi-Suface Cleaner" as my cleaning solution to actually mop/disinfect my floors. You can use the Bona cleaning solution in this mop. This mop makes mopping a lot easier. My mom bought this mop after I told her about it. My dog's trainer bought the mop for her and her mother and sister. I agree! They all love this mop, and thank me for telling them. You will love this mop as well. Promise! I don't use this mop in my bathroom, that's my preference.

👤I bought this mop to replace my broken one. I clean my floors all the time because I have hardwood and tile in my house. The box was small and lightweight, and I couldn't believe it when it arrived. The box was larger than a roll of paper towels. I thought I had received the wrong thing, but once I opened it, I realized it needed to be put together. It was very easy to assemble. I was surprised at how light this mop is. I use this mop for my typical cleaning routine, which includes vacuuming, steaming, and ending with a pinesol spray and wipe. It makes my house smell clean and my floors shine quickly. I think it deserves all 5 stars and have had no issues with it so far.

👤I like the new mop. It snapped together and stayed there. I've spent a lot of time glueing a broom and dustpan set that didn't. This isn't cheap like the broom and dustpan set. It sprays well. It doesn't leak like my old one. The pads can be washed with a machine. I usually use a commercial mop set. This is great to use in between mops. It's light. The commercial mop has light. It makes cleaning up messes easy. There is always a clean one on the three pads. The pad is absorbed all the way. The pads seem to absorb a whole bottle of fluid. The apartment has a fluid capacity of 3bd. It can spray all the floors. I highly recommend this spray mop. It makes mopping easy. Doesn't leak. It sprays well. Absorbs well. It is easy to wash pads. It is easy to attach and detach pads. It makes mopping easy.

👤This is love! This takes the cake because I have a swiffer. No batteries or electricity required! It took me 15 seconds to assemble and I was confused. It's true! Rheumatoid Arthritis has been approved. This is the best mop I have ever purchased. You can put your own liquid cleaner in the container with the 3 microfiber cloths. This is the simplest and most effective tool I have ever used.

👤This mop didn't work out. The holder of the cleaner stopped holding it. It would leak when I put it on the mop. Nothing would spray out if I somehow got it to not leak. I had a bad experience with this mop. The mop fails once it is used for a long time. The poor quality handle began to work. Completely poor design. The price is over priced. The mop was not usable within 3 months. When I contacted the seller about the problems I had already encountered, they promptly responded with a 2 star customer service rating. I would rather have a mop that worked as described. Despite the high reviews, I don't recommend. You need another mop for your needs. There is no longevity in this spray mop. All very unfortunate. I got the mop out of the small box today. I moved along despite the small box being concerned to me. There was a mop portion, 2 straight poles, and a sprayer. This cane has no instructions on how to assemble. Some things are not easy. It was easy to attach the first pole to the mop portion. There are holes in the inserts that allow the pieces to be attached. The next insert was a challenge. This is where directions would have been useful. The stability of the mop pole was questionable because there was no button inserts at the bottom. The sprayer has a top attached to it. There is a thin metal piece in the middle which was loose. It didn't appear that cleaning fluid went through it, so I didn't know it was purpose. The installation is short. I thought I was going to break it to figure out how to get the cleaner holder out. I doubt the longevity of this mop. I was expecting something a little more user friendly, but not something that would last for a long time. The picture description makes the cleaning reservoir look bigger than it is. You may have to refill if you clean too much. I finished my areas before it was empty. The time was spent figuring it out, but no directions. The release of the cleaning solution was acceptable and covered a wide area. After washing the floor, there was a noticeable difference. The mop was attached well and was capturing dirt. It is difficult to see how dirty the mop pads are. There are 2 extra mop pads that come with the moo. I threw the used mop pad in the washer because it was cold. It is hanging to dry. The hype is not present for me. I expected it to be easier to assemble. I will add that the swivel does move nicely. I don't know how long it will last. I hope my experience is as good as the 5 star reviews. I think I deserve a 3 star experience. I will update my review with future positives or negatives. There are many different versions of this mop on the market. I hope this holds out for me. I would recommend looking at my initial experience.

6. VENETIO Premium Cleaning Washable Refillable

VENETIO Premium Cleaning Washable Refillable

The microfiber cleans with just water. The spray mop has a lightweight body and is easy to use. You can fill the bottle with water and your favorite cleaning solution. The microfiber mop head can help you effectively clean most surfaces and it can rotate to make it easy to clean narrow floor spaces. It picks up dirt and dust more quickly than traditional mops. Quick cleaning is designed to make cleaning easy while saving you from fatigue. It is a great pick for cleaning larger homes because it has an extra large mop head. You can wash a mop pad in the machine if you have 2 mop pads. Work great in homes, kitchens, apartments, Dorms, schools, offices, restaurants, garage, and basement! The kit includes a 53" long handle, mop pads, and a bottle. It is an affordable spray mop that does a great job.

Brand: Venetio

👤I ordered this one because I couldn't find the Rubbermaid version that I liked so much. I was hesitant to try another brand because I was sold on the one I had. The price was very good. I had a version of the Rubbermaid that worked the same as this one. This one seems to weigh less. I thought it would be less sturdy. I can report no problems after using this one for months. The refill bottle makes it easy to refill, and the Trigger sprayer is good for hands with arthritis. The pads are not wet. I am rough on mops, but this one has held up well. The head makes it easier to clean behind the toilet in the bathroom and corners are easy to reach. I would buy this one again. It is as good as the Rubbermaid one that I paid more for.

👤My replacement mop has stopped working. My kids knocked the original mop over, so I had issues with it. The first one was leaked. The current one stops after 3 sprays. If I take the bottle out and put it back in, I get a few more sprays. This appears to be a mop issue. I will be replacing it with a different brand. I ordered the first mop in March, around the time the Pandemic hit the US. It was lost in transit. The Venitio product was not on the packaging, but it was open and had Chinese characters. The third was open but in the correct box. I wanted to try this product because of the good reviews I saw. The bottle is easy to remove and refill with your own solution, and the cloths adhere perfectly to the mop head. The bottle does not leak, the cloths do not shrink after washing, and the sprayer provides wide and even coverage. This product is very good. I gave it 4 stars because of the shipping problems. I've used the products since they first hit the market, but I was tired of buying the solution, batteries and pads. I have a steam mop but it is not enough for day to day cleaning.

👤I've been using this mop for a while now, and I'm really happy with it. We have tile baths and hardwood floors. Swiffer was so convenient that I started using it many years ago. I wanted to use something similar that would allow me to use any type of cleaner and pads to save money. Over the years, I've had several Swiffer mops break. The newer mops I tried broke. This one seems stronger. The bottle is larger than the other mop, so that's great. The mop cleans well. There were no complaints.

👤I'm in love. I watched a video on cleaning high gloss floors and they recommended this mop. I hate these floors because they are hard to clean. I used an Armstrong cleaner and microfiber towels to clean my hands. My floors were streak free in about 10 minutes. I didn't have to push hard like some other mops and everything dried out. I will buy more pads.

7. Bissell Sanitization Flip Down Scrubber 1940A

Bissell Sanitization Flip Down Scrubber 1940A

Handle extension is full to 48 inches. Anyone can mop comfortably with a telescopic handle that extends up to 48 inches. It is possible to clean and sanitize sealed hard floors without the use of harsh chemicals. Power through tough messes with the easy scrubber. The smart set digital steam control will let you choose from high, medium, or low steam. There is a 23 foot power cord. It is ready to use in 30 seconds. Includes microfiber soft pad, microfiber scrubby pad, microfiber spring breeze fragrance discs, and a carpet glider. 1500 watt power rating. The power source is corded. Graphics on packaging may be different. The Easy Scrubber reaches down to the crevices.

Brand: Bissell

👤I love this steam mop, however I am disgusted by the customer service of Bissell. I bought my steamer in February of last year and today the cap broke off the water tank. I called the protection plan and they said it was still under warranty. They said they could replace the cap. I was put on hold for 20 minutes and then told they didn't have the part in stock. She told me that I would have to pay for the part and gave me a phone number. I told her I would not pay for the part because I have an extended warranty. She told me I had no choice. I can either give a bad review and warn others that Bissell's customer service is bad or I can do nothing. I will not buy Bissell again.

👤I put the steam mop through its paces and I'm going to write a review. It took five minutes to assemble. A caveman can do it. I followed the directions given to me by other dissatisfied reviewers. After a short warm up, fill the reservoir with distilled water and then choose the lowest steam setting. I vacuumed all of the floors so they were free of dirt. Our house is made of both stone and laminate floors. We live in a house that is chemical-free and fragrance-free so I stopped using the discs. We don't need the fake smells. I went with the lightest setting since I didn't want to over-hydrate the flooring. I did a careful pattern to make sure I went over the wood twice. The steam was laid down by the upstroke and then the downstroke made sure the mop head did its job. There were dirt, smudges and streaks on our floors after the family holidays. Two dogs that seem to love bringing anything they find outside into the house made the state of the flooring worse. The floors looked clean even though they were damp. The mop glides over the flooring and I liked it. A little music and I'm cleaning. I lifted the mop and put my hand under it to see how hot the steam was. Word to the wise... The steam is hot. It's steam because of that. And steam hurts. After the floors and stairs, I moved on to the kitchen and bathroom. I felt that it was cleaning it well. A dark grey color now adorns the formerly white pad. This was doing the trick. The steam was increased to the middle setting when I entered. I assumed that the extra steam wouldn't hurt the stone because it's the dirtiest part of the house. The mop became a dirt-busting dervish with nothing standing in it's way. The steam adventure was completed quickly. It took just a minute to clean and store mops. I spent fifteen minutes admiring my clean floors. My wife commented on how nice everything looked. This must be how an early man hunter-gatherer felt after bagging a mastodon. I highly recommend this steam mop. It's lightweight, easy to use, and best of all, you can impress the misses.

8. Cedar Dual Action Microfiber Telescopic Handle

Cedar Dual Action Microfiber Telescopic Handle

99% of bifida has been removed. Just water. The O-Cedar Hardwood Floor 'N More Microfiber Flip Mop is a great way to deep clean your home by removing dirt, grime and over 99% ofbacteria with just water. The machine is washable. disposable mop heads are machine-washable, compared to microfiber mop head replacements. The microfiber mop head needs to be replaced every 3 months. Hardwood floors. This mop is easy to clean. The wet and dry mop can be used on many hard surfaces in the home and kitchen. The O-Cedar dual-action microfier flip mop refill lasts up to three months of cleaning. Save time and money with long lasting mop head replacements. The refill should be replaced every 3 months. A dual-sided stench mop. The O-Cedar dual-action microfiber flip mop has a mop head for wet and dry floor cleaning. The microfiber scrubbing strips remove embedded dirt giving you twice the cleaning power, while the ultra-dense chenille is great for pet hair pickup, dusting and sweeping. All the hard to reach spots should be cleaned. The dual-action microfiber flip mop head rotates so you can clean around corners, under furniture, and more. The mop is compatible with people of different heights because of the extendable handle.

Brand: O-cedar

👤You would expect the quality to be better for $20 The handle is made of cheap aluminum and doesn't stay extended. It feels like I could just snap it in half. The house is coming apart at the seams, I mopped it once and it was equally bad. I think I could have bought this at a dollar store. I will be returning this product soon.

👤The handle wouldn't lock even if I twisted it hard. I gave up after almost bending it in the process. I was not able to return the extra refill I purchased because O-Cedar wouldn't refunds the entire purchase price. Will not buy this brand again.

👤It's an easy way to clean hard floors. A dry mop is more efficient than a sweeping. Unlike sweeping, hair sticks to this and it doesn't just move the dirt. I shook out the debris over the trash can after cleaning my kitchen and bathroom. It works better than a Swiffer vacuum and is more maneuverable than my Dyson vacuum cleaner.

👤I've owned a lot of cleaning and dust mops. Most brands on the planet! I bought this one because of an excellent review by a professional house-cleaner. She has a lot of ways to make housework easier. I adjusted the handle after I bought it and put it to use. It's so easy to use, it's way into tight places and around the table legs. One side for dust and the other for floor mopping. I can't say enough about this item. I was not paid to say this. I will tell you why a product is bad. This mop is fantastic and it is easier and faster than I have ever owned. Thank you. O-CEDAR for making life easier for those of us who work hard.

👤The stitches are coming apart after only 3 uses and washes in the washing machine as directed. The thread is completely open on one of the microfiber edges. It doesn't look like it will last 100 washes.

👤We have wood floors and it's the BOMB! Even though the mop covers a large area quickly, it is very easy to maneuver into corners and tight places.

👤I feel bad giving this one star because I don't know how the product works, but it is broken so I can't vouch for it. It didn't seem broken, but when I tried to lock the handle, it wouldn't I tried everything my husband did and there was no way this thing was locking. It is impossible to even use it without the handle locking. I had to return.

👤I waited to post because I was worried about the quality of the mop head. I can say that I am pleased with the quality of the head after washing it a few times and buying a spare. The mop handle is easy to use and it is also variable. I don't know why I didn't buy a dust mop earlier. It is easier to clean up with this than it is to use a broom. I can easily get under the train tables because of my head. The mopping side has been great for quick clean ups of spills.

9. Professional Microfiber Cleaning Stainless Reusable

Professional Microfiber Cleaning Stainless Reusable

It is possible to apply spray mops with pads for wet and dry use to different floors, such as wood floors, cement, ceramic tiles, marble floors, etc. The mop cloth can be rewashed to save costs. Comming with a scraper to clean the floor, remove hair and dirt from the cloth, and remove excess water built up on the cloth after mopping. It has a large 18 inch base that can cover a lot of areas in a single scans, clean and easy to use. The mop head is made of solid aluminum alloy, which is more durable than plastic mop head. The pad is easier to attach and replace. The handle length of the microfiber mop can be extended by up to 45 inches, which is suitable for people of different heights. Furniture, cabinets and other hard to reach areas can be cleaned with the help of a 360 rotatable mop head. A lightweight design for dusting and mopping. The flat mop has 4 replacement pads which can be used again and again. The mop pad can be attached to the mop head and easily removed and cleaned. MICROFIBER MATERIAL--DRY USE/ADSORBING DEBRIS The microfiber mop pad locks up the debris and keeps it out of the fabric until it's washed. It is possible to use a mop pad for drying wiping. SCRUB PADS, WET USE/DEEP CLEAN. The blend microfiber balances drag force and cleaning efficacy, removes and absorbs dirt for an effortless experience. The microfiber is cleaner than the traditional microfiber.

Brand: Conliwell

👤This mop is clean. It is a simple design. I like my old one better. I really liked my old telescopic handle, but this one doesn't have it. I have to tighten and retighten the handle into the base when I use it because it comes loose easily.

👤I like this mop. I need to be more organized in what I carry with me. This fits the bill. I carry a caddy that breaks down easily. It is easy to use. It was perfect.

👤This is the type of mop that I use the most. When I worked for a cleaning company, I used a professional microfiber mop and thought it was the best I had ever used. Luckily, they are sold online, but I couldn't find one in the stores. The mop was easy to put together. It does a better job of cleaning than string, sponge and spray mops. It makes mopping very easy. The mop is more sanitary than string and sponge mops. The comb tool that came with it did a good job of removing dirt and pet hair from the pad, but I was a little skeptical about how well it would work. The mop pad is easier to wring out than mop strings. I have an old house and the floors are old so this mop works better than other mop types. The pole loosens up from time to time, but it is not a big deal as far as I am concerned.

👤There is no information about the mop heads. There is no information.

👤I was hoping this would work out, but it doesn't. The whole thing likes to flip when it comes in contact with any resistance, but using a wet pad doesn't help. When you're just trying to clean the floor fast, the handle un-twists so much that it's annoying. I don't feel like the wet pad picks up anything, it just spreads dirt around, so what's the point? I probably should have returned it.

👤The mop is not 18 inches long as advertised. The mop and the pad are both 17 inches. The mop is small compared to the ones sold at the supermarket. How disappointing. I bought it from Amazon because it was advertised as 18 inches long.

👤The mop can be wet or dry. It comes with a set of pads that fit on the base. It was very easy to assemble, you just had to screw in the handle pieces. The handle is not adjusted. I liked that it could reach under my kitchen island to clean the flooring and get things that dropped and rolled under there. The pads are clean. I'm glad it doesn't come with scratcher type pads because I wouldn't use them anyway. I don't want my new flooring to get scratched. I would recommend this product to a friend.

👤We have pure white tiles that need to be "once over" frequently. The mop is easy to use. I rinse one of the four cloth mop heads in my bucket with a touch of soap and then throw the cloth down on the tile because there are four mop heads that you just get wet. The mop sticks to the cloth. When dust or dirt accumulate, I just rinse it out in the sink and then use the soapy solution in the bucket to clean it up. It is easy and works well.

10. Bissell 2747A PowerFresh Steam Vacuum

Bissell 2747A PowerFresh Steam Vacuum

An R750 robotic vacuum cleaner, along with an array of vacuum cleaner accessories, is what you get. The Coredy R750 is the upgrade version of R700, and you can use the mopping function. You can vacuum and steam your floors at the same time. Sanitize floors using steam. There are 9% of germs. Digital controls can be used to switch between vacuum, steam or both. The cyclonic vacuum helps capture dirt and debris. There is a microfiber soft pad, microfiber scrubby pad and a mop pad tray.

Brand: Bissell

👤Game changing. Throw the mop away. Throw out all of your household items. There are a lot of bodies in this house. There are hardwood floors on multiple levels of the house. There is a one eyed cat, a pit bull, a beaded dragon, three small humans, and a husband. This thing makes my house look like it has been there for 80 years, by myself knitting on my couch and not moving. You will not regret buying this. We used to see a lot of steam coming out of the top of our steam mops. The steam is pushed against the floor. Don't underestimate it. It picks up everything that is thrown at it. I shattered glass because I was so angry with this thing that it sucked up everything on the floor. Throw everything away. The broom is all. This is life. I will use it every day. There were no complaints.

👤I was hesitant to buy this because of the negative reviews. I was worried that holding the steam button would be difficult and that it would not do a good job. So happy. I was willing to give it a chance. I love it. The two in one feature is amazing. I have 3 kids who are dropping everything on the floor and I have to vacuum and clean it all. I don't have the time to vacuum and mop in the same day. I am able to do both at the same time. It is awesome. I have a shark vacuum and a Dyson. It cleans just as well as the swiffer, but it is even easier to clean tough spots, since I don't have to scrub the area. I agree with some of the comments that the steamer isn't as powerful as it could be, but it still does a great job. This has cut my cleaning in half and made it so I can vacuum my floors daily. Even though we don't wear shoes in the house by the end, my bare feet are usually dirty from walking in the house all day, not anymore. I vacuum the floors daily and now they are being cleaned daily as well, where before I would only spot clean floors weekly. The steam button is located on the handle where you have to grin to vacuum, so it is not a big deal to hold down as you vacuum. It's easy to use and it vacuums great. I can't get over how great this product is. This product is not a panacea for cleaning grout or removing spots, but it does change the way my floors look and feel, and I love it! Ignore the negative reviews. Absolutely worth it.

👤This vacuum/steamer is very good. I have two fur babies that shed in one day, so I can make a wig. I have tile and hardwood floors. The product has changed my life. It is amazing if you don't mind that it isn't corded. Does everything it says it does?

11. Cedar Easywring Microfiber Cleaning Refills

Cedar Easywring Microfiber Cleaning Refills

Removes over 99% of bifida. Just water. O-Cedar's EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop & Bucket Floor System Cleaning is a deep-cleaning solution for all your home needs by effectively removing dirt, grime and over 99% ofbacteria with just water! It is safe on all hard floor surfaces. The exclusive mop bucket design features a built-in wringer that allows for hands-free wringing while Splash Guard keeps water splash and spray inside the bucket when wringing or transporting the bucket from room to room. The machine is washable. The EasyWring Microfiber Mop Head is machine-washable. The mop head refill should be replaced every 3 months. Deep cleaning microfiber. O-Cedar's EasyWring Spin Mop uses microfiber to effectively capture dirt and grime with just water, eliminating the need for harsh chemicals. It's safe for all hard flooring. The EasyWring Mop can reach and clean deep into corners, under furniture, alongside baseboards, and between tile because of the patented triangle mop-head. Each EasyWring Microfiber refill lasts up to 3 months, and this value pack contains 3 extra refill. Save time and money with mop head replacements. Handle extension is full to 48 inches. Anyone can mop comfortably with a telescopic handle that extends up to 48 inches.

Brand: O-cedar

👤The product description is a lie. There is only one additional mop head. It comes with 2 additional mop heads. You should get a total of 3. Be careful. If you decided to purchase based on price, calculated, and adverse amount of mop heads, it's not accurate. I plan to return and purchase a different version since this was the reason for me to not INRDeals The product works great, but I prefer a different version because of the false advertisement of what the product comes with.

👤I already have a mop set, so I decided to add another one to my home. It seems like I got a knock off version. The parts are not said O'Cedar in the picture. The real thing says ocedar on the side of the bucket. I won't waste your time with the details of the rest of my products. I was sent a cheap knock off. The mop handle doesn't extend past 3 feet. The mop doesn't spin because the top of the handle doesn't spin. The bucket is off balance when it is filled with water. I'm not happy with the faux products that are sent by Amazon.

👤I barely mop the floors. I'm aware of cleaning and sterilizing our surfaces now that we're all staying home. I bought this O-Cedar mop and bucket because of the great reviews. I will be adding a 5 star review of my own. The mop and bucket made the entire process easy, even though it only cleaned my floors. I did the entire first floor of my house. I carried the handy handle upstairs so I could have more fun. I don't want to do it again, but this mop picked up a lot of dirt and was easy to put into the washing machine. It came out great. The swirly thing makes a difference. It makes it easy to mop without using too much strength. The mop heads are shorter, which makes for heavier mops. You'll agree if you go for it.

👤I'm not a frequent reviewer. I like the idea of a spin mop, but haven't found one that's good. Had high hopes for O-Cedar, as it was an old trusted name. The bad one. The bucket has a bad balance. The handle is short and flimsy. 3. The mop head is hanging under the spinner. 4. The head of the mop came off. The bad: 1. The mop head is low and easy to get under. 2. I like that the mop head doesn't spin, it's better for cleaning than a spinning head. 3. The foot pedal is better than the compression spinner. 4. The bucket is small enough to fit in a sink. I would like to see a standard broom female end screw on the mop head. You could use any solid handle. This would be a good spinner.


What is the best product for best mop for hardwood floors?

Best mop for hardwood floors products from O-cedar. In this article about best mop for hardwood floors you can see why people choose the product. Bissell and Exego are also good brands to look for when you are finding best mop for hardwood floors.

What are the best brands for best mop for hardwood floors?

O-cedar, Bissell and Exego are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best mop for hardwood floors. Find the detail in this article. Asogo, Beyoco and Venetio are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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