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1. VENETIO Bucket Cleaning Filtration Spinner

VENETIO Bucket Cleaning Filtration Spinner

The iMOP has a Patented Water Filtration System that separates the dirty water from the clean water so that it doesn't get reintroduced to the floor. It's a lazy spin mop. The iMOP uses only half a liter of water per clean, which is 80% less water and floor cleaner than the other mops currently on the market. The savings add up over time. The iMOP helps you to rinse and wring the mop head without getting your hands dirty. Push up and down of the handle for a few seconds and you'll get the mop. You can change the humidity of the mop head. iMOP is a sustainable, deep-cleaning mopping solution that helps you effectively clean most surfaces. The telescopic handle extends to 55.25” so that you can reach hard-to-reach areas in your home. The iMOP Bucket with Patented Water Filtration Reservoir is one of the things you'll get. Happiness is guaranteed for 100 days.

Brand: Venetio

👤I have never been a fan of cleaning without enthusiasm. I have always been that person who insists that the floor is clean only if you scrub it on your hands and knees. Finding a new method was necessary because my knee went south recently. It's uplifting music. I used the iMop today. The number of diagrams in the instructions was a bit daunting but it came together pretty easily. I followed the directions to put the mop in the double walled bucket after using the prescribed 1/2 gallon of water. The pad is wet enough to clean without causing any problems. The kitchen was clean in less than half the usual time with a lot less effort, and the floor was eggshell white, so it was obvious where the iMop had already been. The handlerod is strong and doesn't bend. The bucket stays light because you are using so little water. I didn't like the upper/lower system because I could see grey water in the upper tank. I wanted to dump it and start over, but the floor was still clean. When I emptied the bucket, I was able to see that the junk had been successfully taken to and trapped in the bottom, meaning that it wasn't getting put back on the floor. A round mophead doesn't get into corners very well. On the other hand, you get a clean without the need for water or rinsing. I will take that tradeoff and go and look at the corners. The iMop is made in China, but I was excited to support an American company. This isn't the mop you'll reach for when you have a big spill or water in the basement- you'll still want your spongemop or ragmop or whatever for its ability to absorb a lot Swiffer said that it was an annoying job so people wouldn't mind doing it more often. Swiffer doesn't clean well, the newer version has a weak handle, and you're stuck in an endless cycle of buying their pads or making your own or looking for decent generics. It never worked out, and will be out on the curb this Monday. If you are like me and have been reading reviews for similar products, you might have reacted like I did, wondering if I really want to spend 40-50 bucks for a mop that people seem to love. Yes. You do. You will be happy to know that your floors will be cleaner. Your knees may thank you too.

👤The iMop is perfect for dog owners. I was interested in this mop because it said it could filters the mop water so that hair and other particles wouldn't be reintroduced to the floors. Dog hair is annoying when mopping. Even if you sweep before the event, you will still end up with a mop pad full of dog hair. You are left with clumps of dog hair on your floors because it's gross. I was looking for a mop that could handle dog hair better. I didn't sweep before mopping. I wanted to test its power. The results were amazing. My floors are clean and not dirty. The spin clean station and water filter inside the bucket did what they were advertised to do. If you are a dog owner, this recommendation is highly recommended.

2. Cleaning Separates 3 Chamber Reusable Microfiber

Cleaning Separates 3 Chamber Reusable Microfiber

Their Yocada brand is registered and has large factories to support, so if you have a problem with the product, please contact their support team. They would be happy to serve you. The X3 is the first to separate dirty and clean water. There are 3 microfiber mop pads for a variety of floor types. The mop shaft has a rotation of up to 350 for hard to reach areas. Wet or dry are used for dusting floors, ceilings, windows, and other surfaces. That's right, there's a lifetime replacement guarantee. They will replace your X3 Mop for free if it ever breaks.

Brand: Toptier Products

👤I've been researching these mops for a while. I feel like I'm in a crazy town. The mops all require that you dry the mop head in a way that the dirty water doesn't run into the clean. The mop does less than the others. The little waterfall of dirty water goes into the dirty reservoir, whereas in all the others it goes into the clean. Not perfect but better than the others. Here's a great idea: put a clean water side and a dirty water side in the bucket. Put a slot for the mop head. Don't let those world's collide, that's a revolutionary idea. If the bucket must be a little wider, so be it. Why isn't this done? What year is this? What is missing here? I will not sleep tonight because of this. The way this mop-bucket works is that you fill a single bottle with clean soapy water and turn a knob to get some of it into the centralpping chamber. This makes no sense because you end up with a small amount of partially polluted water in the dipping chamber. The instructions say to keep adding clean water to the dipping chamber as the partially polluted water is used up. You end up mopping with 50% dirty water. The diverter valve was blocked. The dirty water would blend with the clean water. Not just a squirt. I am mopping with water. The slot that squeezes water off the mop head is the only useful part of this unit. It would be better to use two buckets. Never the twain will meet. There is a newarachne. I enlarged the opening to make it apping station. I kept the diverter valve shut. I have separate worlds of clean and dirty. The observer will note that there is only one drying station and that I have to clean both a clean and dirty mop in it. The dirty water falls over to it's own reservoir. The dipping station is deep enough that the mop doesn't get re-contaminated.

👤It is okay. The mopping systems that are out there only have one compartment, so you are essentially using dirty water to clean your floors. The system has a separate compartment for clean and dirty water, but it is not great because of a design flaw. The other designs had a separate dry and wash compartment. The wash and dry squeegee are the same thing. Since you can't get rid of all the dirty water, you end up mixing mostly clean water with a small amount of dirty water. They have a knob that you can turn to let the clean water into the wash tank. They designed the opening so you can't put the mop in. To make good on their promise and make an excellent product, all they have to do is replace the clean water portion with a wash squeegee and you don't have to worry about using dirty water on your floors.

👤I didn't use the mop and bucket. There are lots of other reviews. The mop head was too small for some reviewers. The size of the mop head is clearly shown in the photos on the Amazon page. You can't blame the seller. I would expect better quality at the purchase price of $54.95. I have owned similar plastic products before. To loosen the mop pad, you have to press down. There are photos 1 and 2. The tabs are held in place by a raised plastic. This part will no longer function in time. Part of the mop head needs to be bent downward to secure the mop pad. If bent too much, this plastic part can break. You can see photo 3. The top of the bucket is secured to the bucket by two plastic tabs which will lose their spring action over time and will not retain a tight fit. The carrying handle is attached to the top so it would not be a big deal. You wouldn't be able to carry the bucket by the handle anymore. There are photos 4 and 5.

3. Worthland Telescopic Stainless Washable Microfiber

Worthland Telescopic Stainless Washable Microfiber

The handle is stiff and comfortable for carrying. The system is hand-free. The system is hand-free. The whole process takes a few seconds. Made of high quality steel. Those hard to reach areas have a rotating head. It is suitable for all types of flooring. A superior cleaning system. White bristles are used to remove dust from a mop, while plastic teeth are used to remove hair. It makes mopping cleaner easier. It's more convenient to receive and pour water with the inner bucket. The new drainage system is designed to reduce the backflow of sewage. There are fewer water stains on the floor and the floor dries faster with the upgraded dry scraper. There are 4 microfiber mop pads for free. Quality mop pads are used. The fabric is extremely absorbent. You can use them for the rest of your life. If you are dissatisfied with any of the places you visit, they will return or refund you for free within a year.

Brand: Worthland

👤I've been doing the housework since I retired and my wife isn't. We have flooring. A mix of alcohol, water, and water works well for cleaning without streaking. The Worthland Flat Floor Mop/Bucket set is so vertically oriented that it's a big problem for me. The section of the bucket for the cleaning solution has to be almost completely filled in order to get the flat mop fully wet. When I fill it with the amount of cleaning solution that I normally use, the flat mop barely gets wet. One can't flip it the other way to wet the other half of it. The reason it was given three stars was because of the true problem with this product. I only need 1 cup of alcohol, 1 cup of vinegar and 3 cups of water to get the regular mop soaked, so I went back to using my wide, oval shaped bucket and regular mop. The Worthland set is sitting in the garage in case there is another use for it.

👤I was excited to find a mop like this on Amazon because I own a home cleaning business. I opened it as soon as I got it and put it in a bag. Here is a list of things I did and didn't like about this mop. Likes 1 It can break down easily for storage. 2. It comes with pads. I can't think of anything else. The two stars. Dislikes 1. The bottom piece of the handle that is attached to the actual mop doesn't stay intact as the peg won't stay in the hole. It was still usable despite being frustrating. 2. You are dipping your mop into the water. I should have taken a closer look at the product description. It is the reason I bought the mop, but I can see where it would be annoying because you have to fill your mop bucket a lot depending on the size of the area you are mopping. I would not put dirty water on the floor. If the water goes back into the wet side, then you need a two-sided bucket. 3. The side of the bucket that is dry does not work very well. It was fine the first time I used it, but the second time, after several failed attempts, I gave up and used the other mop. This mop is not worth the money.

👤This did not meet expectations. I am pretty sure the mop rod would break if you put pressure on it. You have to fill the bucket to the rim or the whole mop pad won't get wet. I could only mop a few strokes before it felt like I was using a dry mop. It wasn't what I expected.

👤The drying side just pushes the pad off after 2 uses. Worthless. Don't waste your money.

👤This mop is light weight and versatile. I have used it both ways. The dry mop is great for picking up dog hair. It's also great for cleaning up messes. I used it to wash walls and it worked well. I don't have to buy refill every time I mop. The pads are washed easily. I am very pleased with the product.

4. Rubbermaid Commercial Heavy Duty Corrosive Resistant FG296300RED

Rubbermaid Commercial Heavy Duty Corrosive Resistant FG296300RED

The flat mop and bucket system is easy to store in the corner of your house. Heavy-duty wall construction. It's easy to pour and accurate. The package dimensions are 26.03" L x 29.21" W x 30.48" H.

Brand: Rubbermaid Commercial Products

👤The water splashed all over the place when it first came into the bucket. When I turned the bucket over, it worked great. The water took the shape of a bucket and went to the lowest point. The top of the water was level when I finished filling it. The water stayed there until I poured it out. I tried it a number of times. I only gave it four stars because it has no lid and relies on gravity to do its job, and you have to supply gravity as its internal gravity is not enough for use off-planet. If you keep the top up, it will be fine for Earth use. This is a bucket, so be careful not to kick it. Kicking the bucket can be dangerous to your health.

👤Does not work with sponge mop. I thought it would work because I measured my sponge mop and it was 9 inches. Advertising 10.25 inches only goes down two inches for the expanded lip, then the bucket narrows to 9 inches and then even further as the bucket goes into the bottom. A sponge mop is 9 inches across.

👤This almost killed my fish. I wanted to change the water in my aquarium. Nothing seemed off when I opened it. It started sudsing up with bubbles and a horrible chemical smell after I washed it with nothing but tap water. It got splashed on my skin when I moved it. I don't know what to do with the chemical that got on me. I can't get anyone to help me.

👤It is red. It is a bucket. It's a rubbermaid. What's not to love? I was looking for a bucket that was small but also large for home use, so I could toting around with soapy water and a rag. Most of the buckets here were too big or too small. This bucket was close to the perfect size at 10 quarts. It's bright red and will be hard to miss in my garage or in the depths of my cleaning supply closet, and as a bonus, it's a cheery colour which will make cleaning around the house a little bit less drudgeryful. Two soapy thumbs up!

👤A great bucket for cleaning. I love thick, it can hold up to being dragged around in a car. I use this bucket to clean my car interiors. The handle is very strong and secure. I have posted pictures of the quality of the bucket and the handle and compared them to cheaper ones at retail stores. If you are a professional, this bucket needs to be added.

👤It was torn off when it arrived broken and had a sticker from another store on it. The sticker had to be removed. I would not purchase from this seller again. If you fill the bucket up to the top with water, it will break off, because it is made from thinner plastic.

👤I wanted to refill my dogs' water bowls. I don't feel safe using the bucket to refill my dogs water bowls because it was filthy and I didn't know what was in it. I use it for other things. It's sturdy and can carry and pour. It's not easy to clean grease out. It was mailed to me, but it is still in it. It's been a long time.

5. Mopnado Deluxe Stainless Rolling Microfiber

Mopnado Deluxe Stainless Rolling Microfiber

The power zones are for improved floor cleaning. Their mop system is perfect for cleaning all types of floors, including hardwood, tile, vinyl, stone, and concrete. Money-saving value is provided by their microfiber mop heads. The extendable mop head makes it easy to reach under furniture. You can clean windows and ceiling fans with a long handle. It's easier to use the competition. The mop head is easier to rinse with their patented mop plates. You don't have to spend a lot of time getting the mop head to spin. It is guaranteed that you will be satisfied. The best quality is found in their Deluxe Model, which has large wheels and 2 handles for easy mobility while cleaning. Their competitors use plastic or aluminum, but their basket is made of STAINLESS STEEL. The Mopnado handle is made from STAINLESS STEEL and backed by a 1 year warranty. The kit includes a mop bucket, a scrub brush attachment, and a cleaning solution dispensers built into it. Make cleaning your floors a Breeze is a great way to clean your floors. Cotton mops are more expensive than mop heads. The lock on the mop head makes it easy to reach under furniture, and the 180 degree turn of the mop head makes it easy to clean windows. Clean your floors in half the time.

Brand: Mopnado

👤The mop handle was cheap. The handle fell apart while I was mopping. I only had it for a week and a half. If I saved all of my packing material, I would send it back. Right out the window, that was $70.00 You can't get a replacement handle. I don't recommend this product to anyone. They need to make the mop handle stronger.

👤This is the worst online purchase I have ever made. I read reviews from different websites. I liked the idea of a competing brand having a foot pedal, but I didn't like that it breaks often. This was a huge outlay for us. I don't like the function of this mop. I like the green color. This is going to kill your back if you are shorter than 5 feet, because the mop is going to flip all around. It is heavy. I have to work harder with this mop than I have ever worked before. My grandmother commented that she had never seen such an apparatus, but it seemed like I was working myself to death. I was! I would prefer to get on my hands and knees. I am hugely disappointed. I will try the competing brands when finances allow. I will get a squirt mop at my local store. R2d2 was great, but could follow around at will. Imagine having to carry that thing. When I was out of town I didn't have time to use it in time to get a refund, so I ordered it when I could.

👤If possible, I would not give this a star. The first time I tried to use it, it broke. I have to throw this away because this seller has no return policy.

👤I bought a Mopnado spin mop a few days ago and it broke after the first use. The mop was useless because the handle broke. The customer service person from Mopnado was very rude and disrespectful. I contacted Amazon to get my money back. It seems to me that it could have been a simple defect, which could have been fixed quickly. I hope someone else sees this product review and works on customer service. I think that a one-star rating is appropriate if a mop breaks after the first try, and I also think that if you watch the video, follow the written instructions, and read the FAQ, you should be fine.

👤The system is great at cleaning the mop head, even though it is difficult to use anf. The mop head is on the floor. It doesn't hurt the floor, but it's awkward. If you want the pole to work, you have to keep it at 90. The position is hard on the back. I lost all the threads on the first use. I missed the 30 day return window by a week because I didn't try it out right away.

👤The bottom neck broke after using this mop less than 5 times. The most common problem with this mop is not sold by Mopnado. There are no other options other than buying an entire new set, as Mopnado does not sell this specific part. The bottom neck is the most important support when mopping and on this mop it is weak and poorly engineered. I bought this mop because of its reviews and ergonomics. It was a total waste of money. I don't recommend this mop.

6. Cedar EasyWring System Extra Refill

Cedar EasyWring System Extra Refill

Powerful hard surface cleaner is used to clean and sanitize floors. Add your favorite cleaning product to the spin bucket. The exclusive bucket design has a built-in wringer. Microfiber absorbs and removes dirt. Do not expose to excessive sunlight, as it can cause spin wringing. Is compatible with the mop refill. The handle expands to 51 inches.

Brand: O-cedar

👤I am very disappointed with this bucket. Product arrived quickly and in good condition. This mop is a joke, I am 5'3 and it is for a child. You have to squat while mopping. Don't waste your money, it's so short. I was upset that I opened this product without knowing how short the mop is. After I filled the bucket with water, I wet the mop.

👤I bought this to use on my floors. Keeping my floors clean is a full time job, I have 3 dogs and a cat. This is the best mop I have ever used. I bought a steam mop, but it was much better. I had to rinse sand out of my mop bucket because the microfiber mop head grabbed the dirt. It's awesome that you can easily touch baseboards. Since the mop fibers are white, I was expecting it to be black and ruined by the time I finished mopping all the rooms, but it held up great and is barely discolored. The price made me think twice. I'm glad I did it. I am very happy with this purchase.

👤The mop is terrible. This is not microfiber, it's like a stuffed animal filling. The handle doesn't stay extended to the longest length. I never used the mop head because it is falling apart. The mop head barely fits in the spinner. This is something. I would expect to get something for $10 at the dollar store.

👤We were very excited to get the O-Cedar spin mop, but were shocked when it split at the connection joint after 4 uses. We've never had a tool do this. The split created a razor-sharp edge that almost sliced my finger. I hope this is not a manufacturing defect. We're right over 30 days for an exchange/refund from Amazon, so we're hoping O-Cedar can shed some light on the issue. The metal of the mop shaft could be thicker.

👤Even though the picture and description clearly show 2 mop heads, the package only included one mop head. The extra refill made this a decent value. It would have been simpler to buy it retail. Sending the whole thing back is a pain. You promised me an extra refill. Not happy. Looks like I'm not the only one.

👤Over the past year, I have broken two spinning mops. I'm an aggressive and powerful mopper. I like to scrub. I have bent the frame before and the head fell off. I am very impressed with this mop. The corners are more clean with the triangular head. The fiber cloth fabric seems to work the same way. The spinning pedal is my favorite part. You can push the lever with your foot if you stick the mop in. Give arms a break.

👤The concept is great but the pole won't stay in place. The bucket is very cheap and can spill water all over the floor. I wouldn't recommend this. Very cheap done!

👤Love, love, love this mop. No mess daily mop. The commercial equipment is bulky and fast, but I am a previous owner of a cleaning company. The spin mop is efficient and durable. It's perfect for home. The length of the mop handle is the only downfall I have personally. I am 5'11 and the handle is made for someone taller. It's painful to bend while mopping.

7. Simpli Magic Bucket Wringer Quart Yellow

Simpli Magic Bucket Wringer Quart Yellow

50,000 Cycles Wringer - Side Press wring is easy to use and is designed to perform up to 50,000 wringing cycles for heavy-duty mopping. Effortless Mobility 4. The toughest jobs can be made easier by using Non Marking swivel casters. For reliability and long-term use, resistant polyethylene can last from -40F to 180F. Storage convenience is provided by Compact Design.

Brand: Simpli-magic

👤This is not a cheap imitation. I have problems with Amazon in general. My employees send me home to get the real deal. Favor stars or reviews should not be trusted.

👤I opened the box to get my mop bucket. The return time is expired a month after I got it. I don't like the quality. The wheels are not level. I had a hard time getting them to go in all the way. The wringer on the top shoots water out of the back and onto the floor. It would have been better to spend the extra money on better quality plastic.

👤The bucket and mop make cleaning large floors easy. These buckets are great for large floors. If you use a small bucket, you will end up spreading dirt all over large floors because the bucket holds less water. The water gets dirty too fast and doesn't get the job done. The bucket is perfect for large floors. Couldn't be happier when I mop the floor at the office because of this bucket.

👤The bucket is ok. The important part is that it works. It seems to be out of proportion in relation to the bucket and draining parts of the set. The back of the bucket has two grooves that are supposed to be used for the draining part of the bucket. It was very easy to assemble. If the bucket was aligned better, it would be better.

👤The bucket does not sit level on the floors. There is no adjustment on wheels or bucket. I'll let everyone know how it performs after using it in a follow-up report.

👤Thin plastic. Each time, the ringer part sticks. It feels like you are going to break it. Does not take a long time to push.

👤I have no idea how to contact the manuf because one of the white/clear plastic inserts that the wheel goes into is missing. To get the missing part.

👤This is the one that gets the job done. It has wheels and a strong spring that wrings out your mop good. It is hard to store.

8. Tsmine Bucket Mop Microfiber Replacement

Tsmine Bucket Mop Microfiber Replacement

It was built to meet U.S. requirements. Only in the U.S., it is certified, safety-tested, and warrantied. Tsmine spin mop bucket has better spin wringing performance than those that use pedal, so the mop head is more durable. You don't have to worry about a broken pedal. A great gift for 2020 iswarming Gifts, Thanksgiving, Christmas and holidays. Quality material. The basket, wringer, pallet and handle of the spin mop bucket are made of 304 STAINLESS steel and PP. The upgraded handle allows the mop head to wing dry. The handle adjusts up to 61 inches so you don't have to bend down and suffer from back pain. The luxury spin mop system has two wheels, one pull handle, one carry handle, and it's made for people who can't manage heavy weight. Also have a drain for draining water and detergent dispensers for dirtier floor. You don't have to buy extra mop heads in 1-2 years if you have 6 microfiber spin mop heads. It has a thin microfiber that is absorbent, perfect for tile, glass, and hardwood. Household cleaning can be done with the Tsmine spin mop and bucket system. It will make cleaning easier. Come and buy it!

Brand: Tsmine

👤It was easy to install. Tsmine has a longer mop handle which makes mopping easier and saves you from getting backache. The spin wringing is more effective because Wringer is made of durable STAINLESS. The bucket is large enough to hold a lot of water and it has a soap dispensers which I don't see with other brands. The system has two wheels, a pulling handle, and a carrying handle, it makes the work a lot easier.

👤I like this thing. It's light and easy to push, and it covers very well. You don't have to do a lot of scrubbing to get the full area wet. It doesn't leave any streaks. I use hot water, a few drops of liquid dish detergent, and a cup of water to clean the floor. The floors seem to dry faster than with other mops. I have always used the same solution for mopping and have never had such good results, but there has to be something about this mop that works better than others. I was pleasantly surprised by it.

👤I had high hopes for this mop. I thought it would be the most powerful car on the road. The Spinner has good quality mop heads, wheels on unit, and a drain plug on the bucket. The pictures don't match the parts. I wouldn't post how to attach the handle to the spinner, but I can't remember how I got it on. I had to disassemble and rebuild the plastic thing that prevented the mop from moving more than a 45 degree angle. This was not in the instructions. Handle to pull it around is not really useful. It would be better if they had 4 wheels. If you are a constant dunk and rinser like me, it gets really annoying that you have to lock the handle every time. It did the job well. The assembly was mostly frustrating. Not worth $50, a good purchase. If I had only spent $35, I would feel better about myself.

👤Take the mop head off and let it dry or wash. I got a Hurricane spin mop and another one on the internet. This is one I like. The buckets broke on the older mops. If you want, it can be as wet as you like. It will last if you don't use bleach in the bucket. I use a cap full of white vinegar and a small amount of Mr Clean in the kitchen to make it smell good. I own ceramic tile. I debated which mop to use. I'm glad I got this one.

👤This one is amazing, but I have never tried a mop bucket before. It is easy to assemble, just follow the instructions. The handle is longer than I thought, so it saves a lot of energy. I have to push down harder on the handle when I spin dry because we have wood floor. The mop head is very dry. We love it! The bundle has 6 mop heads, which saves money. It is a fun and easy way to clean.

9. Simpli Magic 79229 Cleaning System Including

Simpli Magic 79229 Cleaning System Including

Their microfiber mop heads are machine-washable and are ideal for all types of cleaning. The Spin Mop is easy to use, and you don't have to spend a lot of energy to get it to spin. The kit includes 3 microfiber mop head refill that can be re-used, and a extendable pole. You can order those at your convenience, but you have to search for the 79161 Spin Mop Head Refills. They are confident that you will love your Spin Mop.

Brand: Simpli-magic

👤It was less expensive than the O Cedar mop I had for years and it would arrive earlier than I was looking to purchase. I loved the O Cedar so much that I figured this was close enough to keep it. I could tell it was made of cheap materials after opening the box. I use this mop to clean a variety of surfaces in the home. The mop was adjusted to all angles with ease. I had to adjust the mop with my hands every time I wanted to change angles. I am short and everything is too long for me, but this handle was short. I would often find myself behind in using it. If you really want a mop of this style, you should buy a regular mop or a better brand.

👤I love this mop. I have back problems that make it difficult to get the mopping done. I've tried different mops. This mop makes mopping much simpler for me. I don't have to bend over. I rinse the mop in the sink at the end of the job to keep the mop head cleaner and I wash every few mops to keep it clean. It was difficult to control how much water was left in the mop, which resulted in too much water on my hardwood floors. This mop will let you use less water on the floor if you want. I'm happy to overlook the fact that it doesn't clean corners well, and it sometimes leaves lint on one of my floors, but I just sweep it up with the broom. I am very happy with this product which allows me to mop as much as I used to. I would recommend it.

👤I love this product. It's not working anymore.

👤The purchase was the worst ever. The stick is very short and will cause your back to go up in flames. The stick breaks apart when it spins because of the motion of the spin. Don't waste your money. I want my money back.

👤My dad is 81 years old and still does everything himself. He doesn't like to see his wood floors dirty. He loves the bucket and mop set. I have had a different brand of mop for years and never thought to get him one until he said he was going to buy a new mop. I will order you one like mine. It makes the job a tad bit easier for your elderly parents who are still independent now that you have purchased this jewel for them.

👤I have used this a few times. My daughter wanted to try it because she was over the other day. She likes the way it is. Can't get very dry when it spins. When we use it, we spin it in the water, then we spin it in the spinner, and then we rinse it and go over the floor again. The water was dirty. Covid has not had many visitors since I moved in. I had been using one of those cleaning pads. I feel like the whole time it has been spreading dirt. When I moved in, my floor had a slippery field. You should be gentle with it. Don't be rushed. We like to be touched.

10. Aifacay Flexible Reusable Microfiber Stainless

Aifacay Flexible Reusable Microfiber Stainless

There are 3 X microwave pads. Cleaning and mopping up spills is fast and efficient because Microfibre can absorb 7x its own weight in water. Microfibre pads are more effective at cleaning. They can be washed many times. You can wash by hand or by machine. It doesn't leave behind anything. Dust and small particles are removed from smooth surfaces. The mop can be dry if the bucket is self-cleaning. The grooves make it easy to clean and dry the mop. Control the level of water by pushing up and down. Keep your hands out of the dirt. There are retractable pads and long hands. The floor cleaning mop bucket system includes microfiber refill that absorb water quickly and remove dust. The handle can be extended to 57.8 inches, avoiding back pain. The microfiber mop has a 280 swivel mop head, it is easy to clean any angle of sofa, bed, narrow gap and corner without stains, and it does not need to move furniture. It's safe for all floors. Dust floors, ceilings, windows, and other surfaces with wet. You can get a shiny, and fresh look to your home with suitable flooring. The flat mop and bucket system is easy to store in the corner of your house.

Brand: Aifacay

👤I love this product. I used to push the mop head and squirt cleaner around on the floor. I usually change the pad halfway through cleaning the floor. I realized I wasn't cleaning as much as I thought. I settled on this option after looking into this style of mop. It looked like the best product. The lid cracked when I received it. I immediately messaged the company, they had a handy QR in their instructions to connect to a message system. They got back to me and asked me for a photo, and then said they would be shipping out a replacement part that day. Awesome. I can not believe how easy it is to use this cleanse. The floors have never been this clean. They looked clean but they weren't. I am very happy with the purchase and the customer service of the company.

👤It works great, but there is no refill for the mop head. That needs to be fixed.

👤I used a spray-and-mop type system before this mop and noticed that it only pushed dirt around instead of picking it up. I have used it once before in my home, which is a tile floored one. I noticed a difference in the appearance of my floors after using this mop. You have to flip the mop head to get both sides wet, but this isn't a major factor for me, as stated in some reviews. I have to put my foot on the top of the bucket to keep the mop from pulling the bucket up with it. It was easy to use and I didn't have to do anything else. The water was grey and yucky, but there were clumps of hair and dirt in the water that would not have been picked up by my old mop. I will have to keep an eye on the end of the mop pad because I noticed some shed on it. I'm pretty happy with it so far.

👤I have a mop in the same style from another vendor and I love it. I ordered this one because I was expecting it to be just as good. The attachment prices are so flimsy that I am positive they will break soon, as the cloths are difficult to attach fully. When I put the mop into the bucket, the cloth catches, and the top of the bucket is torn off. I have to hold on to it so I can hold it all together. The mop head pivots. When I put it into the bucket, it just flops around and I have to use my hands to click it into place. I am angry and disappointed with my purchase.

👤I got this in April. The head broke in a few months. I can't squeeze out the water from the bucket because the plastic gave out. I would like to know how to get a new one. Maybe this one was malfunctioning. I loved it more than a traditional mop.

11. HAPINNEX Spin Wringer Bucket Self Balanced

HAPINNEX Spin Wringer Bucket Self Balanced

Storage convenience is provided by Compact Design. They upgraded their handle completely and they can give away a replacement mop head for free to anyone who purchases the Hippox Spin Wringer Mop Bucket Set within a year. Applies to all hard floor surfaces. It is true that you should clean your house faster. The Easy-Press system allows you to spin off excess water with only one move, making mopping easy for even the youngest of children. If you're tired of dirty splash spray on your floors and want a basket to hold your wringer, the Splash-Guard Wringer Basket is a great choice. The encapsulated wringer basket prevents all the water from splashing out and only leaves a clean sensation behind, what else do you need? The ergonomics design gives you the chance to feel their intimate caring for your tough mopping task, as the head rotates up to 1800 in order to clean under your furniture and baseboards. There is an anti-slip bucket hand grip for easy carry and a spin washer for getting the dirt out. They also have an extra cleaning brush accessories for you, which cleans the tough job floor. The Self-Balanced Bucket has no foot pedal, plastic spinning axis, or other moving parts that can cause leaks. Unlike other buckets that are unbalanced after water loading, theirs is constructed with self-balanced easywring technology, which means you won't spill water all over during movement. It's easy to carry it around your house.

Brand: Hapinnex

👤This one should be reviewed. I liked the Mopnado. My son was determined to destroy the stick and was able to bend it. I had seen the other kids step on it and mess with it. I wasn't worried until I realized that these mops have to be straight. I wanted to check out the mop market after two years after ordering the exact same mop. I was interested in the fact that Happinex was more affordable. If it was to survive this house, it would have to be smil steel. A smaller bucket... The mopnado bucket is large and heavy. When you wring it, it doesn't splatter water. The feature that made me click the buy button was the lock on the spinning feature on the mop. Mopnado is a nice mop. I hated having to change the locking mechanism on the mop every time I wanted to mop. It might seem silly in writing. It matters in practice. The new mop is easier to carry around the house and get the job done. I have had the mop for a couple weeks now and I have noticed that it is more convenient than I thought. Yes... I was happy to write this review.

👤My mom loves this mop because it's light weight, sturdy, and good quality. The Easy-Press system is the best thing about this product. She can spin off water with one push. Save time and effort.

👤The product works as advertised. It is not faint praise. Many products advertised do not work as advertised. There are too many products advertised. The product is not one of those. If I was asked by the company to make a recommendation, I would recommend they create a product with two vessels in one. One for clean water and cleaning solution and one where after mopping the dirty water can be spun dry and made ready for more clean water/cleaning solution. I recommend this product highly because it works exactly as it is supposed to.

👤I used to use a steam cleaner on our tile floors, but when it stopped working I decided to look for an alternative. The steam cleaner always left streaks, no matter what I tried. I decided to try the Hapinnex spinning mop bucket set after reading the reviews. I am very impressed with this set. Since they were new, our tile floors have never looked better. Absolutely no streaks! I use hot water and the Hapinnex spinning mop to clean the floor.

👤I love this mop. It's everything they say it is. If you've never used a spin mop, it's easy to get used to. The spinner spins really well and there is nothing flimsy about it. When you spin it stays where you put it. The balance when you pick it up is perfect. It's great to have a spinner in the water and out of it to dry. I was happy that I picked this one over the other brands, I tried two of them at friends houses. It is a great mop, either wet or dry.


What is the best product for best mop and bucket?

Best mop and bucket products from Venetio. In this article about best mop and bucket you can see why people choose the product. Toptier Products and Worthland are also good brands to look for when you are finding best mop and bucket.

What are the best brands for best mop and bucket?

Venetio, Toptier Products and Worthland are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best mop and bucket. Find the detail in this article. Rubbermaid Commercial Products, Mopnado and O-cedar are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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