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1. Hanes Jersey Short Pockets Medium

Hanes Jersey Short Pockets Medium

The cotton-rich jersey blend is soft. The elastic waistband has a drawstring.

Brand: Hanes

👤If you are looking for premium, soft shorts, look elsewhere. The material leaves a lot to be desired. They feel like cotton material. After a few washes, hopefully they will be soft. They are still comfortable. I'm 5'11" 158 lbs and I ordered medium. The waistband is not tight. It is just right. The length is a little shorter than I would prefer, but they are fine. I bought them for the house. They are worth the $6.00 I paid. If this helped, please clickHelpful.

👤The product is made of cotton and polyester. 50% cotton, 50% polyester. This is false advertising.

👤I bought all three of them because I didn't know which was the best. All three are very similar. I bought a smaller size because of the stretchy waistband. I like the fit on all 3 and am glad I went smaller. I don't like baggy clothes. The Hanes are acceptable, but I preferred the Fruit of the Loom for deeper pockets and a more sturdy fabric. The three are fine for lounging or working out.

👤All Hanes, 4 pair, assorted colors. Every pair is a 50% blend of cotton and polyester. They'll make good dust rags, shame at the cost, these are premium dust rags.

👤Black gym shorts are very basic. The pockets are large and fit what I need when I work out, which is a cell phone and inhaler. There are pockets. The waist band does not interfere with the fit. The color does not run in the laundry when it is washed in white or lights. During light and intense workouts, breathes well. I haven't tested it in salt water, but it works well as a backup bathing suit. After 2 weeks of use and washing, stitching has not 888-405-7720 888-405-7720. The price is exceptional. My two boys and I were dressed for 15 dollars. I will have gotten my money's worth if they last 6 months. My shipping was free because I bundled these items with a larger order. I was very pleased with the packaging. There was a light plastic bag and no super strong shrink wrapped bags. The plastic bags are not good for toddlers or small children. If you want to return the shorts, be careful because there are no tags on them. If you are looking for shorts that are not too long or too short, this is the model for you. They are compliant with nearly any school dress code. Carrying essentials can be carried in basic pockets. I didn't see metal eyelets, so they should be okay for hospital, doctor visits, and the like, but please check with the provider first to make sure. I have no doubts about giving this product 5 stars.

👤These shorts aren't great, but they're exactly as expected, which isn't always the case nowadays. The fabric is not too thick or reedy. The number of threads is not high. The pockets are large. The shorts fit which, in my case, means I can order a size or two smaller than today's norm so I can approximate my favorite shorts from the '70s and '80s...and not the basketball / capri / flood shorts everyone seems to wear today. Short legs demand shorts. I hem these when I'm sufficiently motivated. They have a small inseam. I bought six more after sampling a single pair.

2. Under Armour Shorts Black Graphite

Under Armour Shorts Black Graphite

The material is 84% Polyester. There is Elastane. The fabric of HeatGear is very soft and light for extreme comfort. The construction moves better in every direction. The material dries fast. The relentless pursuit of innovation and passion for design is what Under Armour is all about. Where did they start? An idea to build a superior T-shirt started it all.

Brand: Under Armour

👤The item is not real. I own the real version of these shorts, and they are a cheap imitation.

👤My Nike-brand shorts were better quality for the same price range. The Nike Dry Fit has pockets that hold a cell phone in place while moving in the gym, but deep pockets that won't hold wallet or keys while hiking. A guy is hit in the crotch. Poor. stitching on outside

👤These are not under armour shorts. The material is very thin and the stitching is different. It looks like the material will fall around the bottom. When my son wears them, I will update. He has a lot of shorts from the University of Alabama. We liked the length, they weren't short like a lot of other shorts on sale are. 3 stars is a benefit of the doubt. Maybe these will hold up? After a few washes, I'll let you know.

👤I received a pair of these a year ago. I fell in love with the comfort of the ones that fit my current size. A break from the heat. I got 2 different colors, and they seem to be the same fabric. They are plain with pockets. Nothing fancy. The good fit at the waste. I can wear a 36 in denim pants, but the L size is not too tight. The larger size is loose and still fits fine. If you wear a 36-38 consistently, I recommend the L or L-T. I got both! The inseam is 2 inches longer when the T is used. The waste band is not the same as normal elastic. The fabric is 4 way stretch so it is comfortable. Excellent in the heat. It's like you have nothing on if there is a wind. They are light even with no wind or indoors. I wear these to bed in the winter. There is a The fabric is light and thin. I have washed them with darks in a normal washer and they still look like the new ones. They are expensive. It's worth it. The fabric is so thin it's almost see-through with a light source behind it. There are more "trendy" or others with stuff printed on them, but I don't care what others think. It's a pleasure to wear them and other people might think they're bad. I think they look good. There is a The shorts weigh less than the phone in your pocket. The pockets are nice to have, but running or being active can cause the pockets to bounce around and hit you. If you like a product, pay close attention to the details. They have a lot of different fabrics. It's difficult to find the exact same thing that you own. I'm pretty sure they have changed or discontinued some of their models, but overall, they are excellent if you get an item that fits - and is made of the kind of fabric you like. The cotton shirts I've worn are some of the best I've ever worn. I got a pair of these that are called the "UA 9" Qualifier Woven." I think this fabric works better for shorts for me. They are not the same fabric. It's not a bad thing, but it's not as good for me. Refer to neutral section. The strangest magnetic, static electric, dust collecting properties I've ever seen was in the shirt I got from the University of Alabama. It was not usable.

3. Russell Athletic Baseline Pockets XX Large

Russell Athletic Baseline Pockets XX Large

Most generous, relaxed fit. There is more room for movement and comfort. After wash, it stays soft and durable. A secure fit is ensured by the elastic waist.

Brand: Russell Athletic

👤I'm reading the reviews of the shorts and they are laughing. One star for an $8 pair of shorts? Are you serious when you say that these people have changed since they bought the same shorts eight years ago? They are simple, cotton blend workout, sleep, lounge around, yard work type of shorts. I should know that they fit. I'm 6'5 and 200 lbs and have dealt with ill fitting clothing and shoes for an entire lifetime. I can't speak for people who were sent the wrong item, but my shorts fit exactly as I anticipated, and that's a good thing. I reiterate. The shorts are $8.

👤The shorts were shipped together by Amazon. I received 2 different cuts of shorts even though they were marked the same online. The shorts that Russell Athletic on the Tag states are black and generous both in the waist and in the length are shipped. My husband loves them because they are 100 % cotton and have pockets. These fit him well and he has plenty of room in them. The other pair of shorts that I ordered in navy blue were shipped with the same wording in the discription. I will post photos of my invoice. Is it possible to say GIRDLE? The labels on the outside say Russell Workout - Stay Drier and more comfortable. The shorts are at least 5 inches tighter in the waist and 3 inches in the leg. It's crazy. The blue pair has no pockets. They both said Russell Athletic Mens Cotton Performance when I ordered them. Disappointed in the blue shorts. The man loves the black ones.

👤There are a pair of Black Heathers in a Medium. The product was received on June 17th. I have a 34" waist. I plan to wear these baggy shorts around the house in the summer because they fit perfectly at the waist and are very comfortable. They come down to the top of my kneecaps, which is a couple of inches longer than the model, but this doesn't bother me at all. The construction appears sturdy, with the 1.25" waistband sewn tightly at the top and it looks like double sewn stitching at the bottom for even longer lasting wear. There are two large pockets. A great pair of shorts.

👤Russell made some pretty good athletic wear. This is not one of them. The material is very thin. The shorts went through the wash and the threading at the seams began to come apart. The elastic band on the waist began to detach. The shorts are not the same. The materials and workmanship on these shorts were cheaped out by Russell. I bought the Russell Athletic Men's pocket shorts at the same time I bought the Champion Men's Jersey shorts. I wanted to order more of the one I liked the best and compare the two brands of shorts. The shorts I ordered from Champion have a better quality. I will not order any more Russell.

👤I like a fabric that has cotton. The blend is perfect for my tastes. I wear a 36 inch waist jean. Even though they were washed, they are still comfortable. I think they would be a bit snug if I had gotten aLG. I like mine on the loose side. The shorts are comfortable and fit right for me, so I like them. I like the Russell Athletic brand, and these are a good price point.

4. Champion Mens Short Pockets LARGE

Champion Mens Short Pockets LARGE

The mesh has a tricot lining. The internal quick cord can be adjusted. There are side pockets for storage.

Brand: Champion

👤The standards for athletic shorts are very simple. Are they connected? Is there an elastic waistband? Do the legs stop at my knees? The answer to all three is yes. I'm not an athlete. I think athletic wear is best for sitting on a couch. I have tested these shorts on the road and found them to be up to snuff. I also wore them to mow the lawn, and they are fine for that. The majority of my testing was sofa-based. The bonus with these is that they are very lightweight.

👤I have a 34 inch waist. I'm very fit. I work out 4-5 times a week. The Medium's fit me perfectly. I have big legs, and they give me plenty of room, even with a Medium size. These will fit you perfectly if you have muscular thighs but not a waist. The shorts are all about the waist. If you're 30 or smaller, go small. If you're over 36, go with the large, they'll fit you perfect. The elastic band and infinite draw-string are nice touches to these athletic shorts. I bought 3 pairs of them.

👤They fit as I expected. I usually wear a 34 and 36 size pants, but I can also wear a 34 and 36 size one. Mediums are usually too tight for my ham sized thighs. I wore large in these, they are baggy on me. The shorts are shorter than other athletic alternatives, but still ride down to the knee. The shorts are not completely transparent. There is a double layer build, but both are thin. The world may be able to spot that if you are wearing bubble-gum pink underwear. The shorts had a problem with the drawstring snapping after only 2 uses. Due to the waist and length being a little big for my "Marge" "large-medium" size build, the drawstring was necessary for me to keep these shorts on while working out. The string popped when I put these on for the third time. The shorts are only useful for lounging. It's disappointing that this happened while being new. I paid around 10 dollars for these, so it's not a big deal. These are not high-dollar quality shorts. If you want shorts to pound some iron for a long time, these aren't for you. If you want to sit around and play on the internet, or if you just want to go to Wal-mart and shop, then you should save some money.

👤Good shorts and cheap price. You should buy this instead of buying some Nike stuff. It is comfortable and breathable.

👤I wear these shorts most of the time. I love wearing these shorts at the gym, when I lounge on the couch, and sometimes even when I go to bed. I was very disappointed by these shorts. I have known all of these shorts for years and they did not have the patented split on the sides like in the product pictures. The comfort difference without the split was noticeable. These shorts were not as sweet without the side splits. The shorts were tighter on my thighs. The staff at Champion told me that they did not make a design change. The shorts should have the splits on the hem. The champion staff considered the Imposter shorts. Where could I find my champion side splits? It was a big let down. I hope my next order has splits. I need more of these shorts so I can use them when shopping in Walmart or on my electric cart when it's cold outside.

5. Champion Training Short Black Medium

Champion Training Short Black Medium

Champion Vapor technology is a quick drying technology. The technology keeps the skin moist. There is an internal drawcord and side vent.

Brand: Champion

👤These shorts are light and comfortable. I've bought a total of 4 pairs. They fit as expected when I chose the large size. Don't tighten the waist string if you stay in place. I have carried my car keys, cell phone, and wallet in my pockets at the same time, and they have stayed securely in place. I don't need to have jeans on when I wear a pair of light and comfortable shoes. The material is a little on the thin side but it's flexible and allows for a lot of flexibility. The mesh type pockets have been durable so far. I included a photo in the review. I would recommend these shorts to others. I will update this review if something changes.

👤You don't have to always wear Under Armor, Nike, etc. to try these. Same quality, less expensive, and do all the things you need to work out. Or just sitting down. I don't judge.

👤I paid $12 for a pair of black ones. I went to the store to get some and the average price was $20, which was on sale too. Some brands would go up to $35. These are a steal. They are great for working out or being in the house all day because they feel very comfortable. I am a size 32 in jeans and weigh 170 pounds.

👤Normally love these shorts, but this most recent time, the size of the large suddenly changed from the previous order, even after washing and drying. I didn't notice the difference until after washing.

👤These are long. These come down past my knees when I hike up. This is not what I was looking for when I wanted to work out in the house. The logo is cracked and coming off on my first wear. They are a bit baggy. I'm not sure they will hold up to a bunch of washes, they have some stretch but feel a bit cheap. They seem to breath well. They have mesh pockets which are pretty deep. I don't think I'll be buying these again. If you are working out on your back, you should expect these to slide up and show a lot of leg.

👤I was skeptical at first because of the low cost of these shorts, but eventually I warmed to them. I am happy I went with theses, they are a good price and the pockets are deep enough for my phone. They are light and stretchy. I don't have to worry about stretching them too far and not losing the string because the drawstring is long. I know I'm dressed in 2020 because they are long and stylish. There is a hint of translucence to the material if you look at the pictures with the flash off, but you can't see through them. After a few washes, the material feels really durable and it has not been damaged. A great pair of shorts.

👤It was a great fit. I order this for myself. Because... Guy shorts are so much more comfortable. And pocket. It is hard to find a pocket in the women section. I absolutely love this short. My favorite thing to do is run short.

6. DEVOPS 10 Inch Loose Fit Training Black Steel

DEVOPS 10 Inch Loose Fit Training Black Steel

Dri-fit technology keeps you cool and dry, while Breathable construction offers great ventilation that helps release the sweat from the body. Multi-Functional Fabric Quick-Dry / UV Sun Protection / 4-Way Stretch. The person is being overthrown. The Active shorts are versatile and can be used for a lot of things. The relaxed fit drapes off the body for ultimate comfort. Storage for all your small eseentials is provided by pockets on the side seam.

Brand: Devops

👤I'm 5'7" and 260 lbs. I was pleasantly surprised when I received a two pack of gym shorts for under $20, but I wasn't expecting much. The shorts are light and thin, unlike a lot of gym shorts today. It's like shorts that are like underarmor. The inseam is below my knee cap. These are only for the gym and I prefer 11" inseam. They'll do that. The shorts that ride above the knee are for Canadians, Europeans, and the French. The washing/drying instructions on the label are the only thing that concerns me. I usually wouldn't read it, but the skull and cross bones label caught my eye. Don't tumble dry, it says. I'll update my review if something happens, I'm going to tumble dry them anyway.

👤These shorts are lightweight, cool to the touch, knee length, no back pocket, good looking, and can also double as sleepwear. I like these shorts. They have a elastic waist. They fit like a pair of Levi's jeans. I'll be buying more of them. Don't eat these shorts, they have a skull and crossbones tag. They are likely to be a choke hazard.

👤After reading all the reviews, I ordered the larger shorts. They fit. Reviewers are not lying, these things are so thin you can see what's going on underneath. If I put a quarter in my pocket, you can tell it's George Washington's head. I'm not going to wear them out in public because they're great for working out in my home gym. It seems that upsizing was a mistake after a couple of wearings. The shorts feel like they are falling down when the waistband is loose. I'm not happy that I paid more for these than other reviewers.

👤They fit right. Good material that is thin enough to not make you sweat while lifting. The shorts touch your knee. Kids are not wearing crotch huggers. I bought 4 pairs and plan on buying more. Highly recommended.

👤The material is lightweight but durable.

👤I was looking for something that would allow me to work out or sleep in. I like to sleep hot. During the summer I can still sweat, but I usually freeze my family. I will quote a reviewer who said, "I can sweat in an igloo." These shorts are very light and soft. They are coming down to my knees. I will be checking out the brand's other items.

👤The pants are good and comfortable. The white pants are very visible. It makes them useless, but they will do well around the house.

👤These shorts are great. The size is described. There are two pairs with different colors. They are soft and comfortable. I have to be careful when I buy workout pants and shorts because my phone doesn't fit in them. I don't have to worry about it sliding or falling out when I sit down with these. I am 29 years old. The length is perfect. The waist is comfortable. I wash after buying. They are still durable. These are the pairs that I like the most. I'll buy more soon.

7. Under Armour Graphic Graphite X Large

Under Armour Graphic Graphite X Large

The fabric of the University of Arkansas Tech has a more natural feel. The material dries fast. The elastic waistband has internal drawcord.

Brand: Under Armour

👤They are thin, but won't show your wiener.

👤What else are you going to wear to the gym? Are you talking about jeans? Too restrictive. Is that khakis? You would look weird. Nothing? You would be arrested. Everyone else wears shorts, unless they wear leggings. I had to accept that as someone who has worn jeans every day of their life, and never let their legs see the sun light, or feel fresh air, this was a hard truth. My friends pointed, laughed, and screamed at the sight of my legs after the jeans came off, and I suffered through all of it. The shorts are comfortable and sit around knee-level for me, but I haven't actually measured my height for years, so give or take a bit. The waist was just fine, and I wore it with the elastic tie, and it was just fine after I tightened it down. They are very light and don't restrict your legs. I think it's my fault for doing leg day because they tend to ride up on the rear, giving me a bad memory of the wedgies I never received.

👤My husband is going to the gym for a new year, new me type thing and I got him these in two colors. I got him a big one. They fit his body weight. He wanted me to include that they still fit at 175.

👤Way to thin for me. The first thing my girlfriend said when I tried them on was "Nice outline". It's not appropriate for lounging around the house.

👤We haven't washed them yet, they are falling apart, and my husband wore them one time. The seams are falling out. What a let down.

👤I'm not happy with the product as my underwear is visible through the shorts.

👤The shorts were not as long as expected. My husband likes to hit the knee with basketball shorts. He's 5'8" and these sit right above his knee.

👤These shorts are a little see-through for men and are made of a thinner material. It's a must that there is compression underneath. Work for pj's.

👤Sotto consiglio di un'amico. No molto leggeri, il sudre tende ad asciugarsi, sono grazie al. I pantaloni porto la 48, perci ho dovuto fare il reso ed acquistare una. Se soddisfatto della recensione clicca il pulsante.

👤These are a bit revealing due to being tight around the crotch area. The price was good and only used for home workouts. It would probably not wear out of the house. Look great and comfortable. It wouldn't be a good idea to run, more of a workout short.

👤I'm a 44" waist so I went for the XXL as per the size chart. They are a little baggy and need to be tied up, so I could have gone for one size down. They are a great length and comfortable, so I would buy them again just one size down.

👤I have two pairs of shorts in a month. They are some of the most comfortable shorts I have ever owned. Buy them. You will not be disappointed.

8. Champion Jersey Short Pockets X Large

Champion Jersey Short Pockets X Large

Granite Heather is made of 60 percent Cotton and 40 percentPolyester. The fit of the classic men's is made to fit everyone. They use cotton grown in the U.S. that requires less irrigation. Greys and Heathers are a cotton-rich blend. The elastic waistband has a drawcord.

Brand: Champion

👤The shorts are a good deal and should last a long time. I will either give them to the Salvation Army or return them. I bought a navy and black pair. The inner-waist band is non-cotton and the shorts are cotton. Probably elastic. There is an elastic waist band on the shorts, but they are all covered in cotton. I washed them all at the same time after I wore one pair for a day or so. I wore these shorts almost all day for the next 4 or 5 days. I wear my all-cotton shorts the same way, but then I discovered a terrible rash around my waist. I ordered a pair of KingSize shorts from Amazon at a similar price, but gave up wearing them. Since then, I have not had a rash. The same material of the shorts is covered with whatever lets them expand.

👤The shorts fit well and are constructed well, but the elastic on the waistband is rough and irritates the skin. I have a brand that has an elastic band in the fabric and they are much more comfortable.

👤The Champion jersey shorts I bought are the most uncomfortable, stiffest and weird shorts I have ever purchased. I have bought lots of shorts. I like Hanes jersey pocket shorts. They are soft, comfortable, durable and Wearable out-and-about, casual, to sleep in at night or do light workouts. The Hanes shorts are in place when I stand up. The colors of the Hanes shorts I bought are limited. I bought the shorts because they came in maroon, black and dark blue. I bought the shorts. I assumed they would be soft after the first wash. The tag says cotton. I promise you that they feel like it. The shorts are terrible. The waist band is made of plastic and it is very uncomfortable. I put them on forget with the Hanes. I'm wearing clothes. I know I'm wearing Champion shorts because they are so stiff and uncomfortable. The Champion shorts don't hang straight down even after about a dozen wash/dry cycles. I answered the door. The shorts are so stiff they stick out in front. It looks weird. These shorts are so rigid they don't fall straight down. They are far away from my legs. It was an Amazon delivery person at the door, not a friend or neighbor. I will not wear them in public. I would be embarrassed to have a picture taken of me wearing them. They are $3 more than Hanes. Buy Hanes. Purchase an off brand. Buy anything but Champion shorts.

👤I had a product review that I wore for over a month. The shorts are not comfortable to wear because of the rough elastic band. I will return to the shorts.

👤I buy these shorts for myself. They're comfortable just hanging around the house. They are not cut as tight as women's shorts, the inseam is longer, and they have decent sized pockets. Too many women's shorts are shorter, tighter, and less useful because they don't have pockets. Reviews are one benefit of online shopping. I think women are starting to add pockets to their clothing because of the complaints about the lack of pockets. The cotton used in these is not as soft as the cotton used in many of my t-shirts, they suit my purpose. I'm sitting on my bed wearing a pair of Indian style shoes. Nothing is tight or uncomfortable. I'm sure they'll wash well and won't have a lot of shrinkage because I wash them in warm and dry. These are priced right and do the job for women who care more about comfort and having pockets than they do about being in style. I think the same applies to men, they have two hand pockets and are comfortable.

9. FLYFIREFLY Workout Running Lightweight Training

FLYFIREFLY Workout Running Lightweight Training

The size of the tag is Asia. If you prefer a loose fit, go up a size. Size L, Small 146-171 lbs(65-75KG) is the size chart. Size XXXL, Large187-199 lbs(85-95KG) is the size. The hight performance fabric is made of Polyamide and Polyester. Sweat can be quickly washed away by the soft lightweight material. It is easy to clean and retain shape. Even after multiple washes. The Force Knit Shorts feature an upgraded fabrication and are popular with the aesthetic fit. It's ideal for leg days. The Waistband With Drawcord is a better fit. The product has built-in compression support to improve performance and provide more Generous fit for extra mobility. It's perfect for. Gym, Running, workout, fitness, training, jogging, basketball, fishing, boxing, outdoor living, and many other things.

Brand: Flyfirefly

👤I'm very disappointed in my purchase. I ordered a pair of medium and a pair of large shots, but only got an XXXL pair. They are larger than expected, even though they aren't as large as the tag says. The inner short is the biggest issue I have. The compression short is tight for the phone in the photos. They are baggy and the phone pocket is loose, which can cause the phone to fall out. The phone pocket was the main purpose of the shorts, it would stop falling out of my current shorts pocket. Lesson learned.

👤The fabric is very comfortable. I wear them without underwear because I would be too hot. I recommend these for all your running, training, and comfort needs. These are the highlights of my life. I'm 5'9''. I wear a L/XL. There is a The tights fit a little loose and long, but I got a US L for that. There is a The crotch area is too long. I have to pull them all the way up for them to fit. When I put something in the inside pocket, the tights roll down. The pant on the outside was tight. There is a It hugs my butt and legs. When I wash them, they may shrink a little. The outside might shrink as well. I will not be able to wear them anymore. Is it possible that they are Wearable? Yes. Is they stretchy? Yes. I might cut some inches off the tights.

👤I was looking for a pair of shorts with a pocket to hold my phone. The answer seemed to be these shorts. The shorts have an attractive price point. The issue is with the built in phone sleeve. It is to big. I have a protective cover on my phone that is big for the sleeve. The phone bounces when I run and fall out of my sleeve. The idea of a phone inside a sleeve is a great one, but poor design execution and the fact that the phone shouldn't fit inside the sleeve is a problem.

👤These shorts are not like the ones pictured. They were cheap but also small and should be used by children. I have to pay for the shipping in order to return them. I donated them to the diabetes association because I didn't want to spend a single penny more on this product. It is a complete waste of time and money to pay for the initial costs and shipping. I will not purchase from this seller again.

👤I wear a large men's shorts when I am 165 lbs. These are snug and I bought them in an XXL. The pocket on the liner is nice. It holds my phone. These shorts are not light. I wouldn't wear them in a hot summer. I will have to return them because of the material on the front side of the shorts. They are a decent pair of shorts, but beware. They are small and can have defects.

10. Neleus Workout Running Shorts Pockets

Neleus Workout Running Shorts Pockets

Lining: 100% Polyester. The third picture has a size chart. Extra Ventilation is ensured by the mesh fabric, which helps release water from the body. The fabric is drying quickly. The elastic waistband has pockets on the side seam. Their liner has been tested at the maximum strength. It's suitable for all seasons and can be worn all day.

Brand: Neleus

👤These shorts are great. I was looking for a material that was comfortable and thick. I ordered a bigger size than I usually do, and they fit perfectly, even though I'm an athletic 6'1" 200 lbs who usually wears large but ordered XL in these. I listed the size as " somewhat small" but the XL fit me perfectly. You'll be set if you order a bigger size than everyone else recommends. There was some concern about the pockets in other reviews. Maybe this was from people who were getting a smaller size than they thought, but the pockets seem perfect to me. You'll love these shorts if you order a larger size.

👤I have a muscular build with a 31" waist. The small size fit perfectly. When standing straight, the bottom of shorts reaches to the superior border of the knee cap. The general look is better than regular shorts. It makes you look more fit and you can say hi. I'll be buying a second set soon. I can get rid of my bball shorts that look stupid on me, and feel like I'm wearing a skirt with those things.

👤They fit as expected. We got the medium because my husband is 6” and 155 lbs. They feel like cheap quality. I hope the don't rip easy. He says they are pretty comfortable.

👤I'm not sure if the shorts I was sent were used. The inner has a weird stain that looks like it was done by someone. Disgusting! Where is the quality control?

👤I'm a short guy at 5'5" and this shorts fits me well. The waist band is on my hips. I like that it has underwear in it that keeps my boxers from popping out when I'm working out. If it's anything like their shirts, then you will be happy.

👤It fits well and is comfortable. Not sure what the purpose of the semi "underwear" inside is. The pockets are small and the fabric is soft so when you are running with a wallet or keys, it bounces up and down. They are smaller in length than regular shorts. My shorts are usually below my knees but these are 2 inches over. I wish the companies that design these shorts made good pockets for running that would prevent objects from bouncing up and down.

👤The liner has a dislike in it. Grab a pair of scissors, they are now perfect. I use my gear to work out.

👤I read reviews before buying. I wear a 38" waist and it's tight, but 40 can be loose quickly. I am floating in these after buying the XXL. I have to pull the draw strings to tighten them up. The mesh liner is too large. I think I would have been better off with a bigger car. If you use these for lounge shorts and are someone who is used to that baggy look or you are in that generation where you wear these types of shorts and expect an all purpose baggy short, get the larger size. You'll probably want to tear out the liner. If you want to work out mostly around the yard, the normal size should work.

11. Gradual Workout Running Lightweight Pockets

Gradual Workout Running Lightweight Pockets

The material is 5% Spandex. The material and performance areESH. The G GRADUAL men's running shorts are made with 5% spandex, lightweight, quick-dry fabric and are designed to keep you comfortable for workouts and practice. Zip pockets on both sides. Their running shorts are made with two deep pockets so that you can keep your phone or other valuables safe and secure during your workouts. There is an elastic band and an inner draw. The elastic can fit your waist. The shorts don't slide down when running, which makes it easier to do the exercises. There is an overarching purpose. Running shorts are perfect for a perfect fit workout, gym, running, fitness, training, basketball, jogging, exercise, cycling or other outdoor activities. The design of their workout shorts makes them popular among fit men of all ages. The running shorts have pockets.


👤It's just fine, you can fit a little small. Medium probably would have been too small because of the large waist. I don't like wearing them because they're too snug in the waist. A large, too tight elastic band was ordered for the waist.

👤I wore these for my most recent marathon, and they were just about perfect. They're not big or small and the pockets are great. I'm very particular about my running shorts and the pockets. These aren't the kind of pockets that can sway a cell phone inside. While I didn't carry my phone with me during my last marathon, I was able to pack my pockets full of fuel. I don't lose anything because of the zippers. I have had these shorts through a lot of laundry, and they are holding up well. If I have a choice of all my shorts, I'll choose these. Definitely buying more. The original review is eight months old. The original black pair is holding up well. I bought a red pair of shorts and now have two navy blue shorts. They are all consistent in their size and quality. They're my favorite shorts.

👤It's very weird. Chinese size is definite. Run small in the waist and butt. These are not 7” inseam and are just above the knees. More like a 9” or 10” Will be back.

👤Most of the time, the shorts I wear fit well for Russell, Nike, Under Armor, etc. This was not the case for these shorts. I was excited to get them. They were small. I am not sure if a XXXL would fit.

👤Normally I would wear an sr but since they were just lounging shorts, I went sr and are still small. I don't think I'll wear these at all. It should be true at $15.00.

👤I bought two pairs of shorts. These are lucky if they're even a small size. When I go on another diet, I have to save them.

👤It was a very tight fit. I got an xl and it was tight but I didn't want to risk it. I was able to return for free and get a refund.

👤I would not recommend the shorts. They are fine for sitting around the house on a hot summer day, but outside you will get sunburnt.

👤The zips are strong and good quality, I want them so I can access my phone easier than I can from an SPIBelt, while not having to worry about it flying out of a pocket as I do with most other jogging shorts. I ordered a second set of 2 so I can keep a set in the car for jogging and another for swimming.

👤They are nice. I now have 3 of them. Some of them do corn up a bit.

👤They were for my husband. He wanted a second pair in a different colour and they are very comfortable. It is true to size.


What is the best product for best men[sq]s workout shorts 9 inch?

Best men[sq]s workout shorts 9 inch products from Hanes. In this article about best men[sq]s workout shorts 9 inch you can see why people choose the product. Under Armour and Russell Athletic are also good brands to look for when you are finding best men[sq]s workout shorts 9 inch.

What are the best brands for best men[sq]s workout shorts 9 inch?

Hanes, Under Armour and Russell Athletic are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best men[sq]s workout shorts 9 inch. Find the detail in this article. Champion, Devops and Flyfirefly are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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