Best Best Men[sq]s Workout Shorts 7 Inch

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1. Liberty Imports Heather Training Pockets

Liberty Imports Heather Training Pockets

The material is 98% Polyester, 12% Spandex. It was designed in the USA. There is an elastic closure. A set of 5 women's active shorts. The fabric is lightweight and comfortable. Tagless. There is an internal drawcord. The stretch waistband is comfortable and low on your waist.

Brand: Liberty Imports

👤They are great! I have big thighs and they don't ride up when I run. You can imagine how much I have to move. I am thankful for shorts that are not revealing and that I am not constantly tugging on them. They have pockets with mesh on the inside. I put them in a zip up for extra air. These pants are made of cotton. I have been looking for a long time. I am a size 10 in jeans. The designer needs to get into designing things for women. So thankful.

👤The shorts are very comfortable. It makes them light and airy because they are thin. I love the pockets. Many workout shorts don't have pockets, but they have a bonus of a zip. The large phone fits in the pocket, but it sticks out a bit, because the zip is in place. The phone doesn't flop around while walking, which happens in some shorts. They don't breathe well where they are tighter, or there is no air flow between the legs, so it can feel a bit hot and sweaty. Things cool off quickly once you are up and moving. It seems like there is a tiny bit of chafing where my legs brush against each other while walking, but folding over the waistband and hiking them up helps that. I don't like anything tight around my waist so I tend to wear pants/shorts a little lower. I'm 5'8" 179 lbs with hips and thighs, and size Large fits me perfectly.

👤These shorts are great. The material is soft. The waistband elastic has a functional drawstring inside. The shorts don't have a tag, so no itchy tag to worry about. The pockets are made of mesh material and have pockets. The phone in the hard case barely fits in the closed position. I weigh 130 lbs. My measurement is 33 inches at the hips. I ordered them and they fit right.

👤I like that they are light. I love them, but they fit a little big.

👤I fell in love with these shorts the second I put them on. The material does not stick to your skin when you start getting sweaty. I was able to tolerate being in them for half of the day because they quick dry. I would buy again.

👤For a great price, these are nice shorts. They are larger than expected. I am 5'8" and weigh 160 pounds, so I ordered them in large and they fit like an XXL. I fall between a medium and large. I decided to go for the size of comfort because I am past the age of wearing tight clothing and short shorts. The shorts look wide all the way around the waist and leg when rolling the waistband down. The seller is not responsible for that because it's most likely due to the pockets. I will only wear them around the house.

👤I bought these shorts to work out in. I broke my foot and am using them for recovery. It is so soft. It is so light. The elastic band is comfortable. I weigh in at over 200 lbs. Initially, Amazon told me it wouldn't fit me. I tried it. It fits perfectly, not tight or loose. I am usually a size 14. I am sure that they will be perfect when I am able to work out.

2. COOFANDY Workout Bodybuilding Weightlifting Training

COOFANDY Workout Bodybuilding Weightlifting Training

The material is 10% Spandex. The bodybuilding shorts have a high quality lightweight and 4-Way elastic fabric with quick dry technology that makes them comfortable and stress-free to wear. The men's gym shorts design has an elasticized waist with a solid color and two side pockets to keep your phone or mp3 player from falling out when you exercise. You can wear jogger shorts with tank tops and t shirts all day long. Gym shorts are comfortable for all seasons and are suitable for workout, gym, running, jogging, fitness, bodybuilding, basketball, squats, lunges, deadlifts, boxing wear, training, cycling, exercise, vacation, fishing, outdoor leisure or trendy casual wear. It is machine washed. Do not dry clean, wash cold, and tumble dry low.

Brand: Coofandy

👤It's a great time to be alive when these no-name products are as well-fitting as those from Nike and Adidas, with similar levels of quality. These shorts are very stretchy, no problems with a deep squat, and even though I would've liked them a little more tapered towards the knees, there isn't much to complain about functionally. Even though the rear pocket to hold phones/keys was too small for my late-model Android, I'd expect these things to fit still. One star off for that. Great product!

👤I like the material and the fit. The pocket on the back is in the middle of your crack. It's advertised so you buy it without knowing. You assume it's in a normal spot.

👤Good for working out. The material is not very comfortable. They are easy towrinkle. The style is cool. There is a pocket in the back. The quality doesn't seem to be there. The dark gray shorts didn't block out the butt sweat from the heavy sweaters out there.

👤It's great for exercising at home or in the gym. Any type of fitness routine can be done with material.

👤You will not regret it! I took these to Turner Falls Park to hike and swim and they worked very well. The materials dried very fast. These are great for working out. A very versatile piece of clothing.

👤There is a pocket in your butt. Who came up with this? They don't tell you that in the description, but I am not wearing shorts to the gym. Imagine putting something in that pocket. Will you root around your butt crack to put things in it or take them out? How about doing a bench press with something in your pocket?

👤I took em out of the package, and I like the stretchy material. I thought to myself, "These fit weird, don't seem like they have the cut to allow for much movement." I did an air squat to see if they could do it. inspected the center seam and could see a few places where the stitches had snapped and started to pull out. I do not have thick thighs/butt, and the waist fit fine.

👤I bought these for my husband and son. The blue and orange are medium while the gray and yellow are large. We couldn't tell the difference in size. They all fit the same. My son cinched up the drawstring to wear them. I would have returned them and tried a different brand if I had the time. They were good quality and quick to dry. The large fit my husband well. Our son is 6' 140# and he's 5' 195#. The medium had a smaller waist than the x-large. Silly me.

👤Many people said their shorts were too small. I couldn't be happier with the fit. I got exactly what I saw in the picture, so if you want 2 pairs of cheap shorts for casual wear or working out, these are great. They're light, comfortable, and have a pocket on the back which I didn't know about, but my shirts cover it. No biggy. If you don't fold them fresh out of the dryer, they are pretty much useless, and I find they are loud when walking because of the material. These are worth the money if you don't mind wearing nylon shorts and don't have any irritation from it.

3. Gradual Workout Running Lightweight Pockets

Gradual Workout Running Lightweight Pockets

The material is 5% Spandex. The material and performance areESH. The G GRADUAL men's running shorts are made with 5% spandex, lightweight, quick-dry fabric and are designed to keep you comfortable for workouts and practice. Zip pockets on both sides. Their running shorts are made with two deep pockets so that you can keep your phone or other valuables safe and secure during your workouts. There is an elastic band and an inner draw. The elastic can fit your waist. The shorts don't slide down when running, which makes it easier to do the exercises. There is an overarching purpose. Running shorts are perfect for a perfect fit workout, gym, running, fitness, training, basketball, jogging, exercise, cycling or other outdoor activities. The design of their workout shorts makes them popular among fit men of all ages. The running shorts have pockets.


👤It's just fine, you can fit a little small. Medium probably would have been too small because of the large waist. I don't like wearing them because they're too snug in the waist. A large, too tight elastic band was ordered for the waist.

👤I wore these for my most recent marathon, and they were just about perfect. They're not big or small and the pockets are great. I'm very particular about my running shorts and the pockets. These aren't the kind of pockets that can sway a cell phone inside. While I didn't carry my phone with me during my last marathon, I was able to pack my pockets full of fuel. I don't lose anything because of the zippers. I have had these shorts through a lot of laundry, and they are holding up well. If I have a choice of all my shorts, I'll choose these. Definitely buying more. The original review is eight months old. The original black pair is holding up well. I bought a red pair of shorts and now have two navy blue shorts. They are all consistent in their size and quality. They're my favorite shorts.

👤It's very weird. Chinese size is definite. Run small in the waist and butt. These are not 7” inseam and are just above the knees. More like a 9” or 10” Will be back.

👤Most of the time, the shorts I wear fit well for Russell, Nike, Under Armor, etc. This was not the case for these shorts. I was excited to get them. They were small. I am not sure if a XXXL would fit.

👤Normally I would wear an sr but since they were just lounging shorts, I went sr and are still small. I don't think I'll wear these at all. It should be true at $15.00.

👤I bought two pairs of shorts. These are lucky if they're even a small size. When I go on another diet, I have to save them.

👤It was a very tight fit. I got an xl and it was tight but I didn't want to risk it. I was able to return for free and get a refund.

👤I would not recommend the shorts. They are fine for sitting around the house on a hot summer day, but outside you will get sunburnt.

👤The zips are strong and good quality, I want them so I can access my phone easier than I can from an SPIBelt, while not having to worry about it flying out of a pocket as I do with most other jogging shorts. I ordered a second set of 2 so I can keep a set in the car for jogging and another for swimming.

👤They are nice. I now have 3 of them. Some of them do corn up a bit.

👤They were for my husband. He wanted a second pair in a different colour and they are very comfortable. It is true to size.

4. MaaMgic Athletic Shorts Elastic Workout

MaaMgic Athletic Shorts Elastic Workout

The material is 80% Cotton and 20% Polyester. Soft enough and more flexible, the terry fabric is lightweight and comfortable. tumble dry low The waistband is elastic. 5. There are shorts. Two side zip pockets and one back zip pocket keep stuffs from dropping out. The deep side pockets are large enough to hold a phone, and the back pocket is large enough to keep your wallet in place. The fabric keep from pilling after repeated washing. Their athletic casual shorts are perfect for all athletic activities. Click their brand. There are many casual, classical and stylish mens casual shorts or athletic sportwears waiting for you. You are looking for mens shorts. The search bar has a maamgic mens casual shorts option. There are many men shorts on your screen. If you have a question, please contact them.


👤I am a heavy set woman. I'm 5'4" and 250 pounds. I have thick thighs and a large butt, and I have never been able to find shorts that fit. Most women's shorts are too short. The ones that I find fit are hideous. I have been buying mens shorts for a while because they are more comfortable. I decided to try them out. Mens shorts are usually long. These are great! They are the perfect length, they fit everywhere, and they don't ride up when walking. They are a nice thick material and they have nice big pockets which zip up. If you're a woman looking for something that covers everything but still looks cute, these shorts are for you.

👤I have a 34 waist. I received a pair of shorts that were very long in the legs.

👤The new shorts are 100 times better than the last ones. The problems at the bottom hems are gone. We have a lot of orange teams in Texas. People love the length of these orange shorts, and they ask where I got them. I like the new style of shorts. The pockets are large. I love the length. Not too long or short. The quality of these is top notch. Like the way the rope is pulled. You can wear them socially if you like, they are great to work out, lounge around, watch the game, and wear them socially. It washes and dries well. I ordered the pink one because I like them so much. You will be happy to get these shorts. It was worth every penny. I got the pink and navy. I got them large because I love them. The material is great, it has good quality, good seams, and good pockets. I have not noticed any fading. If I could, I would give these 10 stars. My only request is more colors like hunter green and royal blue.

👤For reference, I wear a size 32 to 33 in Levi's and Wranglers. I ordered the medium and it fit perfectly, so I didn't use the draw strings. The material is soft and thin. I will probably wear shorts in the winter but also in the summer. When I ordered these, I didn't know that all 3 pockets had zippers, but I really like them.

👤My 16 year old son is 6'1" and weighs 140. He is very picky when it comes to clothing and shoes. These shorts fit the bill because they wouldn't cover his knees, but they were comfortable. He is very happy with the fit, length, and comfort of these shorts, even though they do not have a famous logo on them. He gave me a 5 star review.

👤It's hard to find good men's sleeping shorts. They are either too flimsy or too long legged. The Mens Athletic Gym shorts were perfect for me. They have substance and are not flimsy. I prefer to sleep in because they are short legged. The waist is the most important. My waist is 38-40 and I weigh 215 lbs. It was a good fit. If I'm wearing these outside my unit, I use the drawstrings. You offer a wide range of colors. The army green was out so I bought light gray. Your stock is back in, so I just bought one in army green. Sometimes shorts fit me like pajamas. The material of these pants feels more supportive than it is expensive.

5. Leidowei Workout Lightweight Training Fluorescent

Leidowei Workout Lightweight Training Fluorescent

Outer shorts are made of 5% spandex and built-in compression shorts are made of 10% spandex. The built-in compression shorts with tight fit offer support thigh muscle to improve performance and provide a more generous fit for extra mobility. The multi-POCKET design has a lot of features. A liner phone pocket to keep your phone out of the way; 2 front zippered pockets to keep your phone, keys and wallet safe; and one back Silver Reflective Pocket Design for Increased Visibility, makes you safer at night outdoor activities. The elastic waistband with internal drawcord is easy to clean and retains its shape even after multiple washes. There is a new style of workout shorts for men. There is an overarching purpose. Running shorts are perfect for a perfect fit workout, gym, running, fitness, training, basketball, jogging, exercise or other outdoor activities. The package includes shorts and a backpack.

Brand: Leidowei

👤A Medium is what I have. It was a perfect fit. Bixerbriefs are underneath the shorts. Right above the knee, but slightly longer than the actual shorts. It was just right.

👤I didn't normally buy clothes without trying them on, but I trusted the positive reviews and gave these a try. The liner in these is baggy instead of giving a more compression fit and they fit too large. The vertical seam that goes from the middle of the front to the middle of the back is a bigger issue for comfort. This is not the ideal place for a seam for a man. I decided to wash the tags to see if it helped so I wouldn't have to return them. I can't wear them because they're not comfortable to me.

👤The shorts seem to have been made very well. I was very excited to try the yoga training shorts out. They were a bit too small for me and wouldn't fit me. I would suggest buying a bigger size. The seller was very understanding and easy to deal with, and I received a full refund with no problem. These shorts are exactly what I was looking for, so I wish they had my size. I give them a full 5 stars and highly recommend them.

👤The search for the best workout shorts ended here. I ordered a bunch of more after trying them out. The quality of these shorts is very good. The materials and quality are excellent. These shorts are great for exercising. The material is substantial and with the built-in compression short, may not be as good of a choice as a running short. The fit of my build is very good. The shorts were sent directly from the manufacturer and the projected delivery was about 6 weeks. I was pleasantly surprised that they arrived within 2 weeks. I think the long delivery projection was due to uncertainty. The comments that are not positive are the ones about the length of the drawstrings. High quality, but long. I would like to see the backpack eliminated to reduce the cost.

👤I was able to give these shirts their first test run today because of the good weather. They have a pocket for your phone, but it doesn't work for that purpose. If you put your phone in the pocket, it will slide down and rub your knee. You have to pull your shorts up over and over again because this process pulls them down at the same time. They have the right idea, but it doesn't work in execution. On the plus side, they are comfortable, stylish, and would be great for other purposes.

👤The shorta are comfortable for working out. There are lots of convenient pockets. The lining pocket for your phone is not very secure and it bounces around in your pocket while running. If the pocket was big and low on the leg, it wouldn't be so bad. I got these because I wanted to carry my phone, but I won't use this to work out. All of them were pretty disappointed.

6. Russell Athletic Baseline Pockets Heather

Russell Athletic Baseline Pockets Heather

Most generous, relaxed fit. There is more room for movement and comfort. After wash, it stays soft and durable. A secure fit is ensured by the elastic waist.

Brand: Russell Athletic

👤I'm reading the reviews of the shorts and they are laughing. One star for an $8 pair of shorts? Are you serious when you say that these people have changed since they bought the same shorts eight years ago? They are simple, cotton blend workout, sleep, lounge around, yard work type of shorts. I should know that they fit. I'm 6'5 and 200 lbs and have dealt with ill fitting clothing and shoes for an entire lifetime. I can't speak for people who were sent the wrong item, but my shorts fit exactly as I anticipated, and that's a good thing. I reiterate. The shorts are $8.

👤The shorts were shipped together by Amazon. I received 2 different cuts of shorts even though they were marked the same online. The shorts that Russell Athletic on the Tag states are black and generous both in the waist and in the length are shipped. My husband loves them because they are 100 % cotton and have pockets. These fit him well and he has plenty of room in them. The other pair of shorts that I ordered in navy blue were shipped with the same wording in the discription. I will post photos of my invoice. Is it possible to say GIRDLE? The labels on the outside say Russell Workout - Stay Drier and more comfortable. The shorts are at least 5 inches tighter in the waist and 3 inches in the leg. It's crazy. The blue pair has no pockets. They both said Russell Athletic Mens Cotton Performance when I ordered them. Disappointed in the blue shorts. The man loves the black ones.

👤There are a pair of Black Heathers in a Medium. The product was received on June 17th. I have a 34" waist. I plan to wear these baggy shorts around the house in the summer because they fit perfectly at the waist and are very comfortable. They come down to the top of my kneecaps, which is a couple of inches longer than the model, but this doesn't bother me at all. The construction appears sturdy, with the 1.25" waistband sewn tightly at the top and it looks like double sewn stitching at the bottom for even longer lasting wear. There are two large pockets. A great pair of shorts.

👤Russell made some pretty good athletic wear. This is not one of them. The material is very thin. The shorts went through the wash and the threading at the seams began to come apart. The elastic band on the waist began to detach. The shorts are not the same. The materials and workmanship on these shorts were cheaped out by Russell. I bought the Russell Athletic Men's pocket shorts at the same time I bought the Champion Men's Jersey shorts. I wanted to order more of the one I liked the best and compare the two brands of shorts. The shorts I ordered from Champion have a better quality. I will not order any more Russell.

👤I like a fabric that has cotton. The blend is perfect for my tastes. I wear a 36 inch waist jean. Even though they were washed, they are still comfortable. I think they would be a bit snug if I had gotten aLG. I like mine on the loose side. The shorts are comfortable and fit right for me, so I like them. I like the Russell Athletic brand, and these are a good price point.

7. Anthem Athletics Hyperflex Crossfit Training

Anthem Athletics Hyperflex Crossfit Training

Better and better. You spoke. They listened. They upgraded their entire line of Hyperflex, Evolflex, and Isoflex to premium YKK zippers in July 2020. Pulls smooth. It's in place. It was built to last. The best zippers on the planet are made by YKK. What else? The drive to create the best training shorts on the market has resulted in a number of recent improvements. There are key features. The fabric is strong and the flatlock stitching is high. The side pockets are designed for cross-training and functional workouts. There are pockets cut at an angle to keep items from falling out. It's designed for cross-training, fitness, functional training, yoga and gym workouts. Usually falls 1-2" above the knee. A modern, athletic fit. American size. It was designed in the USA. Buy with confidence. The price to value is unrecoverable. They will never be the cheapest option on the market, but you get what you pay for. Their products feature an unparalleled combination of style, quality, fit and performance, all at a reasonable price. The look needs to be completed. The Anthem Athletics Hyperflex shorts, sweat pants, and workout shirt are now available. There are separate listings. The right fit is what you want. Follow the product specific sizing chart for product fit guidance. Do you still have questions? They will get back to you within 24 hours if you shoot them a message.

Brand: Anthem Athletics

👤I bought the new G2 generation shorts, which apparently addressed many of the issues other reviewers were having. These shorts feel great. They are not too long or short. I can't stand when I'm squatting and my shorts catch on my knees. The shorts ride up above the knee and do not impede my performance. Depending on how often I go to the gym, I am a 5'11" male with a range of 155 lbs-180 lbs and a waist size of 30-32. I bought the medium and they fit very nicely, with a relaxed fit, and a lot more room to grow, as I am currently 160 lbs and 30” waist. The zippers seem sturdy enough. I have been in love with these types of shorts since I had previous shorts with 2 front zippers. The pockets are straight down so you won't loose anything if you use the decline bench. Attached are photos of the iPhone 8 Plus. I am super excited on these things.

👤I like the shorts. They're not too long, they have a snug fit, and they're proving to be great for workouts. The quality is high. The side pockets are my main complaint. The opening is so small that I can't get more than two or three fingers in to try and get something. A phone or timer remote is easy to use. If you put keys or change in, you'll use the other hand to push it up from the bottom until your fingers can wrap around them. I would buy more pairs if the pocket openings were usable.

👤I'm 5'10 and 220 lbs. I ordered an extra large and they fit perfectly. The material, the stretch, and the cut of the short are all great. I like wearing these in and out of the gym. My boyfriend thinks they make my butt look better. The design has 3 critiques summarized as hoist, fish, and shuffle. 1. The draw string doesn't go all the way around the waist. The draw string moves from hip to hip. You'll be hoisting the game if you go for a run with full pockets. If you need a tighter fit, you're out of luck because the draw string is too short. 2. The pockets are too deep and I like the location of them. They run the entire length of the thigh. One pocket is perfect for the iPhone X, so depth isn't a problem there. If you keep your keys or ID in the other pocket, you're going to have to go fishing to get them. Maybe a long pocket and short pocket would work. Asymmetry is cool. 3. When you have to pocket fish for your keys or ID, the pocket holes aren't wide enough to hold your hand in. It could be awkward to do a pocket shuffle when you're at the check-in desk or outside your car. I've got average keyboard computer hands and not the ham-hamlets of some gym goers. I can't imagine what they would have to do. The pocket should be widened by 1-2 centimeters.

8. Neleus Workout Running Shorts Pockets

Neleus Workout Running Shorts Pockets

Lining: 100% Polyester. The third picture has a size chart. Extra Ventilation is ensured by the mesh fabric, which helps release water from the body. The fabric is drying quickly. The elastic waistband has pockets on the side seam. Their liner has been tested at the maximum strength. It's suitable for all seasons and can be worn all day.

Brand: Neleus

👤These shorts are great. I was looking for a material that was comfortable and thick. I ordered a bigger size than I usually do, and they fit perfectly, even though I'm an athletic 6'1" 200 lbs who usually wears large but ordered XL in these. I listed the size as " somewhat small" but the XL fit me perfectly. You'll be set if you order a bigger size than everyone else recommends. There was some concern about the pockets in other reviews. Maybe this was from people who were getting a smaller size than they thought, but the pockets seem perfect to me. You'll love these shorts if you order a larger size.

👤I have a muscular build with a 31" waist. The small size fit perfectly. When standing straight, the bottom of shorts reaches to the superior border of the knee cap. The general look is better than regular shorts. It makes you look more fit and you can say hi. I'll be buying a second set soon. I can get rid of my bball shorts that look stupid on me, and feel like I'm wearing a skirt with those things.

👤They fit as expected. We got the medium because my husband is 6” and 155 lbs. They feel like cheap quality. I hope the don't rip easy. He says they are pretty comfortable.

👤I'm not sure if the shorts I was sent were used. The inner has a weird stain that looks like it was done by someone. Disgusting! Where is the quality control?

👤I'm a short guy at 5'5" and this shorts fits me well. The waist band is on my hips. I like that it has underwear in it that keeps my boxers from popping out when I'm working out. If it's anything like their shirts, then you will be happy.

👤It fits well and is comfortable. Not sure what the purpose of the semi "underwear" inside is. The pockets are small and the fabric is soft so when you are running with a wallet or keys, it bounces up and down. They are smaller in length than regular shorts. My shorts are usually below my knees but these are 2 inches over. I wish the companies that design these shorts made good pockets for running that would prevent objects from bouncing up and down.

👤The liner has a dislike in it. Grab a pair of scissors, they are now perfect. I use my gear to work out.

👤I read reviews before buying. I wear a 38" waist and it's tight, but 40 can be loose quickly. I am floating in these after buying the XXL. I have to pull the draw strings to tighten them up. The mesh liner is too large. I think I would have been better off with a bigger car. If you use these for lounge shorts and are someone who is used to that baggy look or you are in that generation where you wear these types of shorts and expect an all purpose baggy short, get the larger size. You'll probably want to tear out the liner. If you want to work out mostly around the yard, the normal size should work.

9. Amazon Essentials Drawstring Short Black

Amazon Essentials Drawstring Short Black

A weekend- perfect washed twill casual short with elastic waist and functional drawstring. There is a single set-in back pocket on the right. It hits just above the knee. They listen to customer feedback and fine-tune every detail to ensure quality.


👤I'm short and have a 42'' waist and 28.6 inseam. Yes. It's time for a diet. I have a bad time getting short. I put them on. I'm not sure if I want to take them off. They are a good fit for me. I'm going to order more pairs. I love them. They are very comfortable and come a little bit above my knees. It's hard for me to find shorts that fit, are the right length, and don't look like a "sack" on me when I'm sitting in public because of being so baggy. These are outstanding for the price. They would be outstanding at twice the price.

👤I was unsure when I ordered these, but they have become my favorite pair of shorts to wear. These are not dress shorts, but I love them. I wear them all the time. They are very similar to baggies. I ordered a large and wore a 34-36 waist. They hit me above the knee.

👤The size large fit me perfectly, I am 6'1" tall with a 36" waist. There are a lot of options for cinching them up. I walk a lot as part of my daily exercise routine and was looking for something other than gym shorts. These fit the bill. They are lightweight and comfortable to move around in. There is a variety of colors to choose from and the price is unbeatable. I am a huge fan of Amazon products and never hesitate to purchase anything branded under their name. The quality to price ratio is very high.

👤These things are great. I wore them down to nothing after I bought a pair and they ripped when I was sitting in a chair. I tried to buy more pairs of these but they don't sell them year-round. I'm in love with my older pair ofkhaki, navy, and grey, and I finally got my hands on three more pairs. There are some notes. The material isn't very strong so don't expect them to last long. 2. The colors are pretty neutral, which is a plus for me, but might be a negative for others. 3. I wear a large. These things go above my knee, which is a plus for me, because I think longer shorts are to restraining. There are no buttons, no zippers, and only a pouch for the back pocket, which has a Velcro attachment.

👤My 15 year old son loves them. He is about 130 lbs. The small fit him perfectly. The material is very soft. The front pockets are large. His phone was perfect. There is a pocket in the back. The ones pictured are olive.

👤I'm looking for more than style at 77. The bill is filled by Amazon. The cat's meow is the nice everything from comfort to price. I own a number of shorts and slacks. I'm not surprised that these are Amazon clothes. They seem to do everything right.

👤The shorts were good, but the legs were too long for me. The legs are too long and they don't fit in the waist. Unless you're very tall, the photo is very deceiving. I'm average height and these short legs go below my knee cap, which causes the hem to rub the back of my knee and actually grab my knee cap when sitting down. If you're a very tall person, they're fine. I had to return them.

10. IUGA Shorts Pockets Control Workout

IUGA Shorts Pockets Control Workout

IUGA is a lifestyle brand that combines style, comfort and performance. The high quality activewear is accessible and affordable. IUGA aims to please both the everyday fashion consumer and the ultimate exercise enthusiast. Over half million active women choose IUGA products every year. Women all over the world have already discovered the amazing look and feel of their products. There are two large side pockets for cell phone and cards, and a hidden inner pocket in the waist band in the yoga shorts. The IUGA yoga shorts are perfect for workouts. The IUGA workout shorts for women are designed with a high rise waistband and tummy control. Their performance gear is non see-through, four-way stretch and crotch which can provide superior comfort and breath ability to support your most advanced flows. Their workouts shorts are made of soft spandex and mate rial that you will never want to take off. COMFORT & COMPRESSION - Each piece helps the wearer to perform at their best by keeping the muscles warm. IUGA running shorts are designed to fit perfectly around your body, giving you a streamlined look. You want to look and feel great when you work out. IUGA athletic shorts are for women. The IUGA Biker Shorts for Women are designed to be versatile enough to wear to yoga, as well as a variety of other sports and workouts, whether you prefer biking, running, or hiking. It keeps you comfortable and confident. The IUGA Biker Shorts are the perfect workout and training outfits because of their combination of style, comfort and performance.


👤I am in love with the shorts I bought. They are very high quality. They are very soft and comfortable and are thick. The best part is that they are tummy control. They fit perfectly, I'm 5'8" and 180 lbs. They hold in my pudge, which I love, I can run and not chafe.

👤They ripped these after a month. I washed them and put them on, but I didn't have them on for 30 minutes because of the rip. I will probably buy another pair, just hope it doesn't rip again. These are great because I have been looking for legging type shorts. The stretchy material is above my bellybutton. I think it has some tummy control, but not that tight that it becomes uncomfortable. It is the perfect length that I will not have problems with during the summer. I'm 182lb and 5'3" It fit perfectly.

👤I am very pleased with the purchase so far. They were comfortable for running. My husband said that the sweat was not bad. The pockets held my phone in place. I bought a small because I thought it was good for a bit of compression but not so tight that I could not breathe or peel them off. I think they passed the squat test. I weigh 120 lbs. and am 5 feet 3.5” tall. I might try their leggings in the future.

👤They are wonderful, they were the first time they were worked out. The leg openings are comfortable and do not roll down at the belly. Most of my weight is carried in the mid section. I ordered both of them to see which one I liked better. I could wear the large but it wouldn't fit the small. Some of you didn't catch that. Ladies, wearing something and fitting it are not the same thing. I'm not sure how I'd feel about going for a fun in them if I lived in a country that didn't fit the material. They would probably be too warm. I was hoping for a true biker length and these were a bit short. They are perfect except for the two adjustments.

👤I had to get a pair of shorts because of the hot weather, but I usually run in pants or capris. These worked out better than my normal running shorts, which tend to ride up during a run. My shorts stayed in place during the marathon. There are two large pockets, one on each hip, which are large enough for a phone and race fuel packets. There is a small pocket on the inside of the shorts which I used to keep my chapstick,GU packet, and a pain relief gel. The shorts are long from the crotch and comfortable for me. I weigh 160 and am 5'7". The medium I bought was a perfect fit. Highly recommended. I will definitely be buying more of these.

👤I wear them all the time. I am buying more. I don't have to do laundry often because I don't want to wear anything else than these god-tier shorts. Wear them around the house, or if I need to, I can take them out for a run. I wear them under a dress. It helps out with the post-pregnancy body. The flabby pouch is compressed so well. They are comfortable enough to sleep in. When I bend over, the only athletic shorts/spanx that roll down the belly are the ones I found. My thighs are always sore after 3 minutes of walking. These are the protective shields that I use against the blisters, ingrown hairs and sickening sticking of legs that have melded together while sitting. There is no doubt that there is absolute magic. I told everyone that they would listen to the message of these shorts. There are some other iuga shorts that have the same compression strength as this one, but they have issues with rolling down the belly or riding up the thighs, as well as other brands that have the same issues. You can get the uncut gift from the gods with this specific post.

11. Cadmus Workout Pockets Control X Large

Cadmus Workout Pockets Control X Large

The size is a bit bigger than your usual size. Using a non see-through fabric. It's perfect for yoga, exercise, fitness, any type of workout. If you don't like their products, return them within 30 days. Pick your favorite color and add it to the cart. Two pockets are large enough to hold a phone, card or key. Flatlock seams increase comfort and freedom of movement. It is possible to keep you dry and comfortable with Quick-Drying and Sweat wicking fabric.

Brand: Cadmus

👤The price and quality are great. I am over 200 lbs. The fit is great. I got The shorts to wear under my dresses. It was perfect. The shorts were tight at first. They are very stretchy. I will be buying more and more colors. I like the pockets. I have room to spare for a pro and I have a pro. The shorts don't show through on me, and I had no issues fitting my phone in the pocket, as these were issues mentioned in other reviews.

👤The price is close to being a great product. The fabric is not as stretchy as leggings I am used to, but it has a thin elastic band at the top that is annoying. I think they are trying to look like a normal waist on leggings, but with an elastic band on top of the butt, it feels like your underwear are falling down. Think of how it feels when you have a sick person in your shoe. The seam/stitch was tight enough to cut my butt in two and give me a set of four cheeks. I should be satisfied with the price, but after wearing quality comfortable leggings I can't decide if I should keep them. I have added pictures so you can see what I am talking about, just not the horrible four cheeks.

👤I have wide hips. I wear anything from 18 to 24. I am 5'10 and 300 lbs. My hips are about 52 inches. These are very stretchy. The band stays high. The inner thigh has barely begun pilling because I have worn them constantly. The pockets are large. I bought a second set. The size 3x was a little big after a while, but it was accurate. The material is cooling in the hot, humid, urban Maryland summer. I love them. I'll never wear nice clothes again after I did church in these shorts on Sundays at home. Quarantine has shattered society's expectations, and the cult of respectability can pry these shorts from my hands.

👤The shorts are perfect, the fit is comfortable, and the length is perfect. The price is $23 for three pairs of pockets.

👤It is a little snug for a large, but it is still comfortable and they fit. I wear a size 10 and am 5'5 and 150. It's good for flattening. There is a good amount of stretch and a nice thickness. It feels like good quality to me. Will update after more use.

👤These were bought after getting full length leggings with pockets on the thigh. This innovation has changed my life as a first-time mom. It's perfect for summer. The pockets are handy and the waistband goes over the belly. I'm giving a 4 because the band on the top edge of the waistband doesn't feel very nice, and it's high and offers tummy control. I would have ordered another size up if I had known this. The butt and legs fit well. My longer pairs are made with elastic throughout the waist panel and are much more comfortable for my mom body. I still wear these often, the pockets are more convenient than the cinching.


What is the best product for best men[sq]s workout shorts 7 inch?

Best men[sq]s workout shorts 7 inch products from Liberty Imports. In this article about best men[sq]s workout shorts 7 inch you can see why people choose the product. Coofandy and are also good brands to look for when you are finding best men[sq]s workout shorts 7 inch.

What are the best brands for best men[sq]s workout shorts 7 inch?

Liberty Imports, Coofandy and are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best men[sq]s workout shorts 7 inch. Find the detail in this article. Leidowei, Russell Athletic and Anthem Athletics are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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