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1. COOFANDY Workout Bodybuilding Weightlifting Training

COOFANDY Workout Bodybuilding Weightlifting Training

The material is 10% Spandex. The bodybuilding shorts have a high quality lightweight and 4-Way elastic fabric with quick dry technology that makes them comfortable and stress-free to wear. The men's gym shorts design has an elasticized waist with a solid color and two side pockets to keep your phone or mp3 player from falling out when you exercise. You can wear jogger shorts with tank tops and t shirts all day long. Gym shorts are comfortable for all seasons and are suitable for workout, gym, running, jogging, fitness, bodybuilding, basketball, squats, lunges, deadlifts, boxing wear, training, cycling, exercise, vacation, fishing, outdoor leisure or trendy casual wear. It is machine washed. Do not dry clean, wash cold, and tumble dry low.

Brand: Coofandy

👤It's a great time to be alive when these no-name products are as well-fitting as those from Nike and Adidas, with similar levels of quality. These shorts are very stretchy, no problems with a deep squat, and even though I would've liked them a little more tapered towards the knees, there isn't much to complain about functionally. Even though the rear pocket to hold phones/keys was too small for my late-model Android, I'd expect these things to fit still. One star off for that. Great product!

👤I like the material and the fit. The pocket on the back is in the middle of your crack. It's advertised so you buy it without knowing. You assume it's in a normal spot.

👤Good for working out. The material is not very comfortable. They are easy towrinkle. The style is cool. There is a pocket in the back. The quality doesn't seem to be there. The dark gray shorts didn't block out the butt sweat from the heavy sweaters out there.

👤It's great for exercising at home or in the gym. Any type of fitness routine can be done with material.

👤You will not regret it! I took these to Turner Falls Park to hike and swim and they worked very well. The materials dried very fast. These are great for working out. A very versatile piece of clothing.

👤There is a pocket in your butt. Who came up with this? They don't tell you that in the description, but I am not wearing shorts to the gym. Imagine putting something in that pocket. Will you root around your butt crack to put things in it or take them out? How about doing a bench press with something in your pocket?

👤I took em out of the package, and I like the stretchy material. I thought to myself, "These fit weird, don't seem like they have the cut to allow for much movement." I did an air squat to see if they could do it. inspected the center seam and could see a few places where the stitches had snapped and started to pull out. I do not have thick thighs/butt, and the waist fit fine.

👤I bought these for my husband and son. The blue and orange are medium while the gray and yellow are large. We couldn't tell the difference in size. They all fit the same. My son cinched up the drawstring to wear them. I would have returned them and tried a different brand if I had the time. They were good quality and quick to dry. The large fit my husband well. Our son is 6' 140# and he's 5' 195#. The medium had a smaller waist than the x-large. Silly me.

👤Many people said their shorts were too small. I couldn't be happier with the fit. I got exactly what I saw in the picture, so if you want 2 pairs of cheap shorts for casual wear or working out, these are great. They're light, comfortable, and have a pocket on the back which I didn't know about, but my shirts cover it. No biggy. If you don't fold them fresh out of the dryer, they are pretty much useless, and I find they are loud when walking because of the material. These are worth the money if you don't mind wearing nylon shorts and don't have any irritation from it.

2. Hanes Jersey Short Pockets Medium

Hanes Jersey Short Pockets Medium

The cotton-rich jersey blend is soft. The elastic waistband has a drawstring.

Brand: Hanes

👤If you are looking for premium, soft shorts, look elsewhere. The material leaves a lot to be desired. They feel like cotton material. After a few washes, hopefully they will be soft. They are still comfortable. I'm 5'11" 158 lbs and I ordered medium. The waistband is not tight. It is just right. The length is a little shorter than I would prefer, but they are fine. I bought them for the house. They are worth the $6.00 I paid. If this helped, please clickHelpful.

👤The product is made of cotton and polyester. 50% cotton, 50% polyester. This is false advertising.

👤I bought all three of them because I didn't know which was the best. All three are very similar. I bought a smaller size because of the stretchy waistband. I like the fit on all 3 and am glad I went smaller. I don't like baggy clothes. The Hanes are acceptable, but I preferred the Fruit of the Loom for deeper pockets and a more sturdy fabric. The three are fine for lounging or working out.

👤All Hanes, 4 pair, assorted colors. Every pair is a 50% blend of cotton and polyester. They'll make good dust rags, shame at the cost, these are premium dust rags.

👤Black gym shorts are very basic. The pockets are large and fit what I need when I work out, which is a cell phone and inhaler. There are pockets. The waist band does not interfere with the fit. The color does not run in the laundry when it is washed in white or lights. During light and intense workouts, breathes well. I haven't tested it in salt water, but it works well as a backup bathing suit. After 2 weeks of use and washing, stitching has not 888-405-7720 888-405-7720. The price is exceptional. My two boys and I were dressed for 15 dollars. I will have gotten my money's worth if they last 6 months. My shipping was free because I bundled these items with a larger order. I was very pleased with the packaging. There was a light plastic bag and no super strong shrink wrapped bags. The plastic bags are not good for toddlers or small children. If you want to return the shorts, be careful because there are no tags on them. If you are looking for shorts that are not too long or too short, this is the model for you. They are compliant with nearly any school dress code. Carrying essentials can be carried in basic pockets. I didn't see metal eyelets, so they should be okay for hospital, doctor visits, and the like, but please check with the provider first to make sure. I have no doubts about giving this product 5 stars.

👤These shorts aren't great, but they're exactly as expected, which isn't always the case nowadays. The fabric is not too thick or reedy. The number of threads is not high. The pockets are large. The shorts fit which, in my case, means I can order a size or two smaller than today's norm so I can approximate my favorite shorts from the '70s and '80s...and not the basketball / capri / flood shorts everyone seems to wear today. Short legs demand shorts. I hem these when I'm sufficiently motivated. They have a small inseam. I bought six more after sampling a single pair.

3. Champion Mens Short Pockets LARGE

Champion Mens Short Pockets LARGE

The mesh has a tricot lining. The internal quick cord can be adjusted. There are side pockets for storage.

Brand: Champion

👤The standards for athletic shorts are very simple. Are they connected? Is there an elastic waistband? Do the legs stop at my knees? The answer to all three is yes. I'm not an athlete. I think athletic wear is best for sitting on a couch. I have tested these shorts on the road and found them to be up to snuff. I also wore them to mow the lawn, and they are fine for that. The majority of my testing was sofa-based. The bonus with these is that they are very lightweight.

👤I have a 34 inch waist. I'm very fit. I work out 4-5 times a week. The Medium's fit me perfectly. I have big legs, and they give me plenty of room, even with a Medium size. These will fit you perfectly if you have muscular thighs but not a waist. The shorts are all about the waist. If you're 30 or smaller, go small. If you're over 36, go with the large, they'll fit you perfect. The elastic band and infinite draw-string are nice touches to these athletic shorts. I bought 3 pairs of them.

👤They fit as I expected. I usually wear a 34 and 36 size pants, but I can also wear a 34 and 36 size one. Mediums are usually too tight for my ham sized thighs. I wore large in these, they are baggy on me. The shorts are shorter than other athletic alternatives, but still ride down to the knee. The shorts are not completely transparent. There is a double layer build, but both are thin. The world may be able to spot that if you are wearing bubble-gum pink underwear. The shorts had a problem with the drawstring snapping after only 2 uses. Due to the waist and length being a little big for my "Marge" "large-medium" size build, the drawstring was necessary for me to keep these shorts on while working out. The string popped when I put these on for the third time. The shorts are only useful for lounging. It's disappointing that this happened while being new. I paid around 10 dollars for these, so it's not a big deal. These are not high-dollar quality shorts. If you want shorts to pound some iron for a long time, these aren't for you. If you want to sit around and play on the internet, or if you just want to go to Wal-mart and shop, then you should save some money.

👤Good shorts and cheap price. You should buy this instead of buying some Nike stuff. It is comfortable and breathable.

👤I wear these shorts most of the time. I love wearing these shorts at the gym, when I lounge on the couch, and sometimes even when I go to bed. I was very disappointed by these shorts. I have known all of these shorts for years and they did not have the patented split on the sides like in the product pictures. The comfort difference without the split was noticeable. These shorts were not as sweet without the side splits. The shorts were tighter on my thighs. The staff at Champion told me that they did not make a design change. The shorts should have the splits on the hem. The champion staff considered the Imposter shorts. Where could I find my champion side splits? It was a big let down. I hope my next order has splits. I need more of these shorts so I can use them when shopping in Walmart or on my electric cart when it's cold outside.

4. Just My Size Plus Size Stretch

Just My Size Plus Size Stretch

Cotton and Polyester. The cotton-blend short has a tag-free elastic waist. A classic 9-inch inseam. Flat-locked non-chafe seams are easy on the skin.

Brand: Just My Size

👤I ordered the 3x to combat the chub rub under dresses because I am a size 24. I was surprised that they were completely opaque. They are cotton and not slick material. I have not noticed them rolling up while wearing them. They are a lighter shade of black than pictured, but that's not a big deal to me.

👤I am a plus size semi fashion forward girl and sometimes I look for a simple not too expensive Biker shorts to wear with my cool oversized shirts. I checked a lot of places and found some that were overpriced and others that had bad reviews, but then I checked out Amazon and found these babies. These are very comfortable for a child. These are perfect for Plus Size Queens to wear on their own for the summer, either under a dress or on their own. I have thunder thighs and they hug my thighs just the way I wanted them to, without a restricted waist band that makes you feel uncomfortable or that would give you any. I can imagine that they have a lot of stretch and will stretch out a little more just like any other piece of clothing. If you can understand what I mean, then you are still Black. I don't think that's a big deal for me, they came fast with no damage so I would definitely be buying more so I can survive these brutal summer months, don't hesitate to get you some too! I almost forgot to mention that they are not seen. You don't have to worry about everyone seeing your butt because you wear a shirt.

👤I bought the black one. I am currently 8 months pregnant and weigh 243 lbs. These fit perfectly over my babybump. Very comfortable! I went back to get another one. My thighs are large and this is perfect for eliminating chub rub. The band doesn't cut into my belly. If I have to leave the house, I could live in these since I don't leave the house or wear tunic dresses. Highly recommended!

👤Finally found shorts that don't roll and fit well. I got these in a 1X because they fit great lightweight and breathable. I will be buying more. These shorts are recommended by me.

👤I like to wear this under my dresses. I would like it to be an inch or two shorter.

👤I had been looking for cotton shorts like these for a long time. I thought they were too thick, they're not made of typical legging or bike short material, they're a bit thicker than a hybrid of typical legging material and super-thin sweat pants. I liked their thicker fabric once I wore them. I needed something to wear under my skirts and dresses to avoid the "chub rub" and these do the trick. They've become an instant staple of my wardrobe and I bought a few dozen of them. I can be more active with these. They are affordable enough to buy multiple pairs without spending a lot of money. I went to the Just My Size website and bought more because there was a limit of 7 on Amazon. I call them my modern bloomers, because they're basically what I wear around the house. I wear them as underwear. They're comfortable, they keep their shape, they're well made, and they bounce right back to size, they don't ride up or bunch up, and they're well made. I wouldn't wear them in public without a dress or skirt. They are not a good look as shorts. They run a lot. You can buy a size smaller than what you usually wear and they will fit perfectly. I like the way they fit and feel, even though they come up very high above my waist. I feel contained and covered in them. They're small under skirts and dresses but not big enough to deter me from wearing them. I washed and dried them. They did not shrink. They use 10% spandex to keep their shape. I have black hair. I read that the heather grey has a higher percentage of spandex. The black is a bit faded and not as bright as a true black. I don't call them bike shorts but they are great. I hope they don't get discontinued.

5. Persit Spandex High Wasited Athletic Leggings

Persit Spandex High Wasited Athletic Leggings

The material is 75% Polyester, 25% Spandex. These yoga shorts are designed to show off the best assets of a person. yoga shorts can outline your line curve, make you look very fashionable and special, whether it is dating or everyday wear. The print design is unique. There are leggings for women with active fashionable patterns. The leggings don't shrink or fade after washing, because of the high-quality print tech. yoga shorts can outline your line curve, making you look very fashionable and special. MoistURE wringing closes your skin and regulates your body temperature. You can move more freely. There are 2 pockets. Pocket holds a key, cards, phone, and other items when you work and run, it makes you feel more comfortable and convenient, and you can focus on your runs.


👤It's worth what you pay for. I like the pattern and length. I usually wear a medium for shorts. For reference, I am 5'8" and 145 lbs. They fit well. The seam at the bottom of the legs is not very tight. The waist band had a little extra fabric, but not enough to make it gap or something. I really like them.

👤I got these because I don't like wearing leggings all the time, but I'm too big for shorts. I ordered an extra large and I wear any size from 12-16 in pants. The bottom part of them was not very snug. They don't see through, and there are no cellulite shows. I will be buying them in more colors. Don't ride up, they aren't itchy. They are stretchy but not too loose, as in they are pretty thin. These are not the most flattering pics. I was trying them on to give you an idea. 10/10!

👤I was cautious of these. I don't like this type of shorts because they don't stay put if you move too much. These were comfortable when I tried them on, were exactly the length I was hoping for, and they stayed put when I moved around. I wore them to kickboxing. The waist, legs, and feet were squat proof. I like them. If you'll excuse me, I have to buy more of them.

👤These are very cute. The quality is amazing. I was worried that they would be too tight, but they are perfect, true to size. These are highly recommended.

👤These are amazing! So soft and comfortable. A lot of shorts move around while working out, but these did not. I want to get more for workouts and just hanging out. I love them. They fit perfectly and look like the picture. I usually wear a small in leggings and they are great. I'm 5'3" and have a build weight of 125-132.

👤It's super soft, stretchy, and comfy, and I could sleep in it. The thigh elastics do cut into my thighs, but with 0 compression, the waist line does keep rolling down a bit. I'm keeping it for home work outs, otherwise I'd go with my other preferred one. I received their xxl update. After 3 days of wearing them. The stitching is coming out of the thighs and waist.

👤I like the fact that I didn't have to worry about pulling them up during my workout, I love these shorts. I ordered my normal size even though I saw a few reviews for it. They had a weird smell but it went away after washing. I will order more.

👤These shorts are so good that I can't speak highly enough of them. I am usually a large in bottoms and a large. I carry most of my weight in my thighs. I weigh in at 168 lbs. They are comfortable and fit well. I prefer the comfort of the large and could have gotten a medium for that. I love them. They are very soft and comfortable. You don't feel compressed or uncomfortable because they are very stretchy. It hides the tummy. The length did not cause any chafing. I sweat a lot when I work out because I use my sweet sweat waist trimmer and it leaves me with the embarrassing "crotch" sweat. These shorts don't show sweat. It is like it eliminates any water. It saves me from being embarrassed while working out and also saves me a trip to go home and change while I'm on the road. I like these. I will recommend it to my friends. Please get more colors.

6. Persit Pockets Wasited Running Athletic

Persit Pockets Wasited Running Athletic

The yoga shorts for women have 2 pockets for convenience. The shorts are designed to show off the best assets of a person. yoga shorts can outline your line curve, making you look very fashionable and special. High Rise: Running shorts have a tummy control wide waistband that helps you shape your body. Biker shorts are made of quick-drying fabric that keeps your skin dry. 4 Way-Stretch: The fabric to keep workout leggings shorts stay up and in place, comfortable fit and allow for a wide range of movements.


👤I didn't think they would be this good. The material is very soft and stretchy. I have a long torso and they are very comfortable. The pockets are sturdy and can hold my phone. The color is cute. The shorts are perfect for running.

👤This style didn't agree with my body type. I'm 5'7'' 130 lbs and ordered a medium. The center seam gave me a serious look. The hidden pocket in the waistband isn't anchored in, so it moves around and bunches up uncomfortably, especially when you have stuff in it. I have a soft muffin top and like some high waist compression, but it seemed to squeeze me in places that highlighted my problem areas. The stitching on the fabric felt good. It didn't work for me.

👤I usually wear a 27-29 pant size, but these fit perfectly, because the legs are too tight and the waist is too loose. The material is softer and they fit better in the crotch than the 90 degree shorts. P.s. I get a cameltoe in both, but who cares? Women, dudes don't feel weird showing off their bulges in basketball shorts, so feel free and embrace your body for all it has to offer.

👤I work out five to seven days a week. These are the best yoga shorts I have ever worn. The fabric looks great. I worry that leggings will get stretched out, but they are solid. The design is flattering. I own pants that retail for $100.

👤I've been looking for a good pair of shorts to wear to the gym that would fit in all the right places. The shorts do that. The material is very soft and I love it. They were not lying when they said it was like wearing a second skin. It's weird to sit on my legs in a weird way, but it gives me more coverage for my inner thigh, and I love it. They fit well.

👤I love these shorts. Great material. I have a lot of workout shorts, but these are my favorite. There are pockets on the side that are perfect for a phone. Will be purchasing more.

👤The chart is accurate. The fit is perfect and comfortable. I like the two pockets for my phone. There was no chafing at all. Light and limited sweating. I don't have to worry about bending over and having a belt buckle. The tummy control is not as strong as I 888-276-5932s would suggest. Never cared for the low rise. Overall happy with them. I bought three different colors.

👤The fabric and stitching is of the highest quality. I can fit a phone with a popsocket in my pockets and still have room. Did not shrink in the wash. It was snug but not too tight. The legs and waist did not ride up and down when I was hiking and wearing a baby carrier on my back. This is a problem with other clothes. I will definitely be buying more.

7. Dragon Fit Pockets Workout Running

Dragon Fit Pockets Workout Running

The material is 98% nylon, 12% spandex. Perfect for yoga, exercise, fitness, any type of workout, or everyday use. The Dragon Fit Compression Yoga shorts are made of compression fabric. The Dragon Fit workout running yoga shorts for women are made from the highest quality fabrics to remove water from your body. The fabric is designed to fit perfectly to your body. There are big side pockets for mobile phones. If you don't like their products, return them within 30 days. Pick your favorite color and add it to the cart.

Brand: Dragon Fit

👤It is almost perfect. I love these shorts, they fit perfectly, they don't roll down or up, and they don't have a butt wedgie from the seam in the back. The shorts I got for an LX are not squat proof and I will probably get another pair, but beware, they are not squat proof when light hits them. I think a bigger size might help, but as of right now, this is my reality. I only walk and cycle in class when the lights are off.

👤I bought these shorts to expand my running wardrobe for the summer months, and I absolutely love them. I'm 5'4 and 155 lbs, and am an 8 in most pant sizes, and the Large fits perfectly. They are not a muffin top or a camel toe, they are true to the definition of high waist and sit right at my waist. I was worried that the pictures would be too short, but they are a great length and prevent the "chub rub". They stay in place without falling down. I can fit my phone in the side pockets with no fear of it falling out. The material is not see-through, as others have mentioned. These are my new favorite running shorts. I would buy them again.

👤These are amazing quality and aren't see through, so it's nerve-wracking to buy white. They are sleek and thick. The pocket is flat and handy when I need it. The waist is the perfect spot to flatter and not get in the way of movement. I can't recommend them enough. I have a 26 waist/36 hips and bought a small. It works great.

👤I like these. I have a big butt and thick thighs and these are so flattering. The length is perfect for me. I feel like they hold me in and make everything look good without being too tight and making unflattering bulges like I've experienced with other shorts. I have already bought 6 pairs. I only like black. I feel like the marble ones or navy blue don't fit the same as they look, but maybe it's just not as flattering a color on me. I love these shorts, they're the best shorts for working out, hanging out in the house, sleeping, whatever. They're the best.

👤I have bought a lot of workout shorts in the past year to find the best ones. This is the only pair of shoes I have ever purchased that does not give me wedgies, does not squeeze my tummy fat or thighs when I sit down, and makes my butt look good! They're very comfortable to sleep in. I might buy more. I am aware that this sounds dramatic. I've never been so excited about a workout item. 10/10

👤The shorts fit perfectly. When I put them on, I thought I would love them. I bought them to run in, but I will not be able to do that again. They were in place while running. Did not run up or fall down. They are not able to absorb water. It is a hot day. I would expect to sweat in my clothing, but these shorts pooled water in the wrong places. I looked like I had wet my pants. I did a much more strenuous run in the same weather yesterday and didn't have the issue with other bottoms. I can't run looking like I'm wet.

8. Promover Control See Through Workout Compression

Promover Control See Through Workout Compression

75% nylon, 25% spandex. The yoga shorts are made with a soft and stretchy fabric that will provide both compression and support. The yoga shorts have a hidden pocket for your keys, card or other small items. There is one inner pocket and no outside pockets. High-rise waistband workout shorts are designed for tummy control and ample coverage while bending and stretching, keep you feeling covered, secured, and controlled perfectly to your body, giving you a streamlined look. Flatlock stitching reduces irritation and allows for maximum freedom, comfort and wearability. Their spandex shorts for women are perfect for yoga, running, hiking, exercise, fitness, any type of workout, or everyday wear. If you have an issue with their yoga biker shorts for women, please contact them. They offer a 30-day money back guarantee and a one-year replacement for defects in material or the quality of workmanship.


👤I was expecting a lot from these shorts, but they are definitely worth the price. I got a large because I don't like how tight shorts can be around my thighs, but I could have fit a medium as well.

👤I love these shorts so much. They were so cute, they didn't ride up or roll down during my workout. I would say they run a little bit on the smaller size, unless you like a tight fit, I would size up. I wear a size 16/18 in pants.

👤The material is shiny and soft. I like the design of camp. I tried it on and it was cracking so I was not sure how stretchy they are. I have a large one. I weigh about 148 pounds and have big thighs. They are soft and hide my panty lines. These are nice for compression because I can't see my fat part, but it's a plus that I can hide my fat part. It felt like I was breaking them when I put them on, so I would size up with this. I washed them in hot water and they didn't shrink, but still had crackling. I needed a size large in this brand. I am m-L for the other brands. The pockets are large and fit my phone well. I wore them all day and they were good. I wonder what an xl in this brand would be like.

👤I'm usually between a small and a medium, 5'3" 130 lbs, 29in waist, 39 in glutes, 22in thighs, and had to size up to a large so these didn't dig in to my thighs. I couldn't get the size small past my thighs, and the medium fit well everywhere except my thighs. I had to send the thighs back because of the tight seam. There is very little support in the waist and no tummy control because I went with a large. The top seam doesn't dig in because I sized it up. They don't slide down while working out. They have very little ride up. Because of this, they are completely worth the money even though they are not a perfect fit, because every other pair of workout shorts I own are very expensive and ride up my thighs and gather in the crotch area. I had to size up because these have a small amount of extra fabric in the lower tummy. The white snake skin and charcoal snake skin colors were 888-282-0465, which was 888-282-0465 for me. The white snake skin is not a true white. It's not white. It's perfect for me since my white clothes end up looking dingy over time. They are very soft, stretchy, and high waisted, but they have pockets on both sides and no crotch toe issues. The skin patterns of the snake are very soft. You could barely see the panty lines because I wore underwear with prominent seams. The white snake skin material is black on the inside, so when the material stretches, it doesn't get really white like other patterned bottoms do. The seam across the top of the buttocks is straight and plain, but it doesn't make it look short. I consider these 4 out of 5. They would be perfect if they fixed the tight thigh seams and gave the booty seam a slight V shape.

9. Amazon Essentials 2 Pack Loose Fit Performance

Amazon Essentials 2 Pack Loose Fit Performance

Roomy fit through the hip, thigh, and leg. The active stretch fabric is lightweight and absorbent. The draw cord is at the waist.


👤Stitch came out after 3 months.

👤Cheaply made. After 2 trips through the laundry the seams are falling apart because the material is too thin. Save money by buying a better pair of shorts. I don't think the item should have the Amazon name.

👤I have a 30” waist and these shorts are comfortable and good fit. They are comfortable and soft. I have a 30” waist and they fit great in the size that I am. I like the fact that the shorts have pockets, I don't like having pockets. I would recommend these shorts.

👤I wear shorts that are large. These are what I think of as 2XL or 3XL. They are measured across the waistband with no tension. The draw cord is not very helpful if you have to rely on it. These should fit a person with a 50-54" waist. If you wear a 38" waist, buy the Large and they will be loose and baggy, but acceptable.

👤The shorts are nice, but they take on everything. They should be a little more durable.

👤I was not expecting much from these shorts. I play basketball frequently. I was looking for a mesh-like short that could be used for a lot of activity. These shorts fit the bill. The large fit is perfect for me, I am 215 pounds. The shorts end above the knee. You can't beat it for $6 a piece. The pockets are deep enough to keep items from falling out. I would buy again.

👤I have a 38 waist, I ordered a large, great fit, and I am 6 feet tall. These shorts have the same silky feel as the Champion shorts, but they cost less, and I haven't washed them yet, but I do cold wash.

👤I was very skeptical about purchasing these as the only reviews available at the time, but I can say without a doubt that they match and exceed any other gym shorts that are brand name. I had a small issue with one of the pairs of shorts when I put things in the pockets that were close to me. The pockets are not aligned quite as well as they should be. I will definitely be buying more of these in the future.

👤J'ai beaucoup de ce produit. Je m'ais donc des produits de pitre qualité, je pensais pour l'instant. s'ils vont durer longtemps, il reste voir s'ils. Je ne recommande pas du tout. The finalement la qualité est trs médicocre.

👤These shorts are huge for my large size. They fall down even when I do up the drawstring as tight as possible. If I could get them to stay up, the material would be good for working out. Buy a smaller size than your normal one.

👤Es precisamente. My son is perfecto, he is ligeros para ejercicio, para dormir. Ahora, con el covid-19, a diario en casa. Is it possible to recomiendo ampliamente?

👤The husband says they are light and comfortable, but the waist is large. He has to pull the strings tight. I just bought him more larges because he doesn't want a smaller size.

10. Anthem Athletics Hyperflex Crossfit Training

Anthem Athletics Hyperflex Crossfit Training

Better and better. You spoke. They listened. They upgraded their entire line of Hyperflex, Evolflex, and Isoflex to premium YKK zippers in July 2020. Pulls smooth. It's in place. It was built to last. The best zippers on the planet are made by YKK. What else? The drive to create the best training shorts on the market has resulted in a number of recent improvements. There are key features. The fabric is strong and the flatlock stitching is high. The side pockets are designed for cross-training and functional workouts. There are pockets cut at an angle to keep items from falling out. It's designed for cross-training, fitness, functional training, yoga and gym workouts. Usually falls 1-2" above the knee. A modern, athletic fit. American size. It was designed in the USA. Buy with confidence. The price to value is unrecoverable. They will never be the cheapest option on the market, but you get what you pay for. Their products feature an unparalleled combination of style, quality, fit and performance, all at a reasonable price. The look needs to be completed. The Anthem Athletics Hyperflex shorts, sweat pants, and workout shirt are now available. There are separate listings. The right fit is what you want. Follow the product specific sizing chart for product fit guidance. Do you still have questions? They will get back to you within 24 hours if you shoot them a message.

Brand: Anthem Athletics

👤I bought the new G2 generation shorts, which apparently addressed many of the issues other reviewers were having. These shorts feel great. They are not too long or short. I can't stand when I'm squatting and my shorts catch on my knees. The shorts ride up above the knee and do not impede my performance. Depending on how often I go to the gym, I am a 5'11" male with a range of 155 lbs-180 lbs and a waist size of 30-32. I bought the medium and they fit very nicely, with a relaxed fit, and a lot more room to grow, as I am currently 160 lbs and 30” waist. The zippers seem sturdy enough. I have been in love with these types of shorts since I had previous shorts with 2 front zippers. The pockets are straight down so you won't loose anything if you use the decline bench. Attached are photos of the iPhone 8 Plus. I am super excited on these things.

👤I like the shorts. They're not too long, they have a snug fit, and they're proving to be great for workouts. The quality is high. The side pockets are my main complaint. The opening is so small that I can't get more than two or three fingers in to try and get something. A phone or timer remote is easy to use. If you put keys or change in, you'll use the other hand to push it up from the bottom until your fingers can wrap around them. I would buy more pairs if the pocket openings were usable.

👤I'm 5'10 and 220 lbs. I ordered an extra large and they fit perfectly. The material, the stretch, and the cut of the short are all great. I like wearing these in and out of the gym. My boyfriend thinks they make my butt look better. The design has 3 critiques summarized as hoist, fish, and shuffle. 1. The draw string doesn't go all the way around the waist. The draw string moves from hip to hip. You'll be hoisting the game if you go for a run with full pockets. If you need a tighter fit, you're out of luck because the draw string is too short. 2. The pockets are too deep and I like the location of them. They run the entire length of the thigh. One pocket is perfect for the iPhone X, so depth isn't a problem there. If you keep your keys or ID in the other pocket, you're going to have to go fishing to get them. Maybe a long pocket and short pocket would work. Asymmetry is cool. 3. When you have to pocket fish for your keys or ID, the pocket holes aren't wide enough to hold your hand in. It could be awkward to do a pocket shuffle when you're at the check-in desk or outside your car. I've got average keyboard computer hands and not the ham-hamlets of some gym goers. I can't imagine what they would have to do. The pocket should be widened by 1-2 centimeters.

11. Champion Jersey Short Pockets X Large

Champion Jersey Short Pockets X Large

Granite Heather is made of 60 percent Cotton and 40 percentPolyester. The fit of the classic men's is made to fit everyone. They use cotton grown in the U.S. that requires less irrigation. Greys and Heathers are a cotton-rich blend. The elastic waistband has a drawcord.

Brand: Champion

👤The shorts are a good deal and should last a long time. I will either give them to the Salvation Army or return them. I bought a navy and black pair. The inner-waist band is non-cotton and the shorts are cotton. Probably elastic. There is an elastic waist band on the shorts, but they are all covered in cotton. I washed them all at the same time after I wore one pair for a day or so. I wore these shorts almost all day for the next 4 or 5 days. I wear my all-cotton shorts the same way, but then I discovered a terrible rash around my waist. I ordered a pair of KingSize shorts from Amazon at a similar price, but gave up wearing them. Since then, I have not had a rash. The same material of the shorts is covered with whatever lets them expand.

👤The shorts fit well and are constructed well, but the elastic on the waistband is rough and irritates the skin. I have a brand that has an elastic band in the fabric and they are much more comfortable.

👤The Champion jersey shorts I bought are the most uncomfortable, stiffest and weird shorts I have ever purchased. I have bought lots of shorts. I like Hanes jersey pocket shorts. They are soft, comfortable, durable and Wearable out-and-about, casual, to sleep in at night or do light workouts. The Hanes shorts are in place when I stand up. The colors of the Hanes shorts I bought are limited. I bought the shorts because they came in maroon, black and dark blue. I bought the shorts. I assumed they would be soft after the first wash. The tag says cotton. I promise you that they feel like it. The shorts are terrible. The waist band is made of plastic and it is very uncomfortable. I put them on forget with the Hanes. I'm wearing clothes. I know I'm wearing Champion shorts because they are so stiff and uncomfortable. The Champion shorts don't hang straight down even after about a dozen wash/dry cycles. I answered the door. The shorts are so stiff they stick out in front. It looks weird. These shorts are so rigid they don't fall straight down. They are far away from my legs. It was an Amazon delivery person at the door, not a friend or neighbor. I will not wear them in public. I would be embarrassed to have a picture taken of me wearing them. They are $3 more than Hanes. Buy Hanes. Purchase an off brand. Buy anything but Champion shorts.

👤I had a product review that I wore for over a month. The shorts are not comfortable to wear because of the rough elastic band. I will return to the shorts.

👤I buy these shorts for myself. They're comfortable just hanging around the house. They are not cut as tight as women's shorts, the inseam is longer, and they have decent sized pockets. Too many women's shorts are shorter, tighter, and less useful because they don't have pockets. Reviews are one benefit of online shopping. I think women are starting to add pockets to their clothing because of the complaints about the lack of pockets. The cotton used in these is not as soft as the cotton used in many of my t-shirts, they suit my purpose. I'm sitting on my bed wearing a pair of Indian style shoes. Nothing is tight or uncomfortable. I'm sure they'll wash well and won't have a lot of shrinkage because I wash them in warm and dry. These are priced right and do the job for women who care more about comfort and having pockets than they do about being in style. I think the same applies to men, they have two hand pockets and are comfortable.


What is the best product for best men[sq]s workout shorts 6?

Best men[sq]s workout shorts 6 products from Coofandy. In this article about best men[sq]s workout shorts 6 you can see why people choose the product. Hanes and Champion are also good brands to look for when you are finding best men[sq]s workout shorts 6.

What are the best brands for best men[sq]s workout shorts 6?

Coofandy, Hanes and Champion are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best men[sq]s workout shorts 6. Find the detail in this article.

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