Best Best Men[sq]s Workout Shorts 5 Inch

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1. Hanes Jersey Pockets Charcoal Heather

Hanes Jersey Pockets Charcoal Heather

The cotton-rich jersey blend is soft. The elastic waistband has a drawstring.

Brand: Hanes

👤If you are looking for premium, soft shorts, look elsewhere. The material leaves a lot to be desired. They feel like cotton material. After a few washes, hopefully they will be soft. They are still comfortable. I'm 5'11" 158 lbs and I ordered medium. The waistband is not tight. It is just right. The length is a little shorter than I would prefer, but they are fine. I bought them for the house. They are worth the $6.00 I paid. If this helped, please clickHelpful.

👤The product is made of cotton and polyester. 50% cotton, 50% polyester. This is false advertising.

👤I bought all three of them because I didn't know which was the best. All three are very similar. I bought a smaller size because of the stretchy waistband. I like the fit on all 3 and am glad I went smaller. I don't like baggy clothes. The Hanes are acceptable, but I preferred the Fruit of the Loom for deeper pockets and a more sturdy fabric. The three are fine for lounging or working out.

👤All Hanes, 4 pair, assorted colors. Every pair is a 50% blend of cotton and polyester. They'll make good dust rags, shame at the cost, these are premium dust rags.

👤Black gym shorts are very basic. The pockets are large and fit what I need when I work out, which is a cell phone and inhaler. There are pockets. The waist band does not interfere with the fit. The color does not run in the laundry when it is washed in white or lights. During light and intense workouts, breathes well. I haven't tested it in salt water, but it works well as a backup bathing suit. After 2 weeks of use and washing, stitching has not 888-405-7720 888-405-7720. The price is exceptional. My two boys and I were dressed for 15 dollars. I will have gotten my money's worth if they last 6 months. My shipping was free because I bundled these items with a larger order. I was very pleased with the packaging. There was a light plastic bag and no super strong shrink wrapped bags. The plastic bags are not good for toddlers or small children. If you want to return the shorts, be careful because there are no tags on them. If you are looking for shorts that are not too long or too short, this is the model for you. They are compliant with nearly any school dress code. Carrying essentials can be carried in basic pockets. I didn't see metal eyelets, so they should be okay for hospital, doctor visits, and the like, but please check with the provider first to make sure. I have no doubts about giving this product 5 stars.

👤These shorts aren't great, but they're exactly as expected, which isn't always the case nowadays. The fabric is not too thick or reedy. The number of threads is not high. The pockets are large. The shorts fit which, in my case, means I can order a size or two smaller than today's norm so I can approximate my favorite shorts from the '70s and '80s...and not the basketball / capri / flood shorts everyone seems to wear today. Short legs demand shorts. I hem these when I'm sufficiently motivated. They have a small inseam. I bought six more after sampling a single pair.

2. Dragon Fit Pockets Workout Running

Dragon Fit Pockets Workout Running

The material is 98% nylon, 12% spandex. Perfect for yoga, exercise, fitness, any type of workout, or everyday use. The Dragon Fit Compression Yoga shorts are made of compression fabric. The Dragon Fit workout running yoga shorts for women are made from the highest quality fabrics to remove water from your body. The fabric is designed to fit perfectly to your body. There are big side pockets for mobile phones. If you don't like their products, return them within 30 days. Pick your favorite color and add it to the cart.

Brand: Dragon Fit

👤It is almost perfect. I love these shorts, they fit perfectly, they don't roll down or up, and they don't have a butt wedgie from the seam in the back. The shorts I got for an LX are not squat proof and I will probably get another pair, but beware, they are not squat proof when light hits them. I think a bigger size might help, but as of right now, this is my reality. I only walk and cycle in class when the lights are off.

👤I bought these shorts to expand my running wardrobe for the summer months, and I absolutely love them. I'm 5'4 and 155 lbs, and am an 8 in most pant sizes, and the Large fits perfectly. They are not a muffin top or a camel toe, they are true to the definition of high waist and sit right at my waist. I was worried that the pictures would be too short, but they are a great length and prevent the "chub rub". They stay in place without falling down. I can fit my phone in the side pockets with no fear of it falling out. The material is not see-through, as others have mentioned. These are my new favorite running shorts. I would buy them again.

👤These are amazing quality and aren't see through, so it's nerve-wracking to buy white. They are sleek and thick. The pocket is flat and handy when I need it. The waist is the perfect spot to flatter and not get in the way of movement. I can't recommend them enough. I have a 26 waist/36 hips and bought a small. It works great.

👤I like these. I have a big butt and thick thighs and these are so flattering. The length is perfect for me. I feel like they hold me in and make everything look good without being too tight and making unflattering bulges like I've experienced with other shorts. I have already bought 6 pairs. I only like black. I feel like the marble ones or navy blue don't fit the same as they look, but maybe it's just not as flattering a color on me. I love these shorts, they're the best shorts for working out, hanging out in the house, sleeping, whatever. They're the best.

👤I have bought a lot of workout shorts in the past year to find the best ones. This is the only pair of shoes I have ever purchased that does not give me wedgies, does not squeeze my tummy fat or thighs when I sit down, and makes my butt look good! They're very comfortable to sleep in. I might buy more. I am aware that this sounds dramatic. I've never been so excited about a workout item. 10/10

👤The shorts fit perfectly. When I put them on, I thought I would love them. I bought them to run in, but I will not be able to do that again. They were in place while running. Did not run up or fall down. They are not able to absorb water. It is a hot day. I would expect to sweat in my clothing, but these shorts pooled water in the wrong places. I looked like I had wet my pants. I did a much more strenuous run in the same weather yesterday and didn't have the issue with other bottoms. I can't run looking like I'm wet.

3. BALEAF Running Athletic Shorts Zipper

BALEAF Running Athletic Shorts Zipper

The shorts are made of 5% spandex and the liner is made of 92% Polyester. Quick-Dry woven fabric helps keep you dry. The mesh briefs have a supportive fit. There are two side pockets and a Zip pocket. The drawcord keeps shorts from sliding down. It has a 5" inseam that helps you move freely on any type of run.

Brand: Baleaf

👤I'd like to say hello to everybody. I'm 70 years old and I'm not Steve. I'm married to Steve. I play tennis three times a week and am 20 pounds overweight. I can't fit into the cutsey women's size. Academy, etc. I've given up trying to shop there. Shame on them for not carrying any women. I don't wear a skirt that flashes your AQQ every time you bend over to pick up a ball because I play tennis with married men. Don't be naive. It is not okay. I have to look for Men's XL shorts that don't look masculine. It is hard to find what I need. Enter Baleaf. I bought two pairs of shoes. Do they have a fabric that is light and airy? Check! The perfect length? Check! Is there deep pockets to hold my tennis balls? Check! Is the elastic waistband nice? Check! Is it possible to have strings at the waist? Check! Look how strong they are! A subtle logo design for men who want to scream their game, not scream their brand would be great. Check! Girls would like great colors, not just grey and navy. Check! Is it built in brief? You bet! Check! They used clever, stylish brief colors to compliment and contrast the outside. How about the price? Check! $18 instead of $45. The big boys have better quality. Finally, they fit. They wash well. Wait! There is more! Act now and you will get a pocket with a zip in the center back to hold your money and keys. Thank you, Balef! I love you all.

👤I started running ultras and was looking for shorts. I was looking for a light weight and non cotton fabric, a back pocket with a zip, and a waist string. This seemed like the perfect fit after reading the review. I'm 5'6 and 145 pounds with a 30 inch waist. The elastic on it makes me dislike it, but it does all of the above requirements. I realized that I don't like the extra length until knees. There is a compromise between short and side pockets. I want the side pocket since I can put my cap on during the race so that I can feel the wind in the hair. The cap is in the open prairie. It's convenient when you can stuff the stuff when you walk to the car with your wallet and house keys. If you find my review helpful, please click the 'Yes' in the review. I keep sharing more experiences with the community.

👤I'm an avid outdoors person and my primary activity is running. I own all the major brands of running shorts. The shorts from Baleaf meet the performance of the more expensive brands in practically every area. The liner is true to size, it has plenty of support but isn't too tight or scratchy, it stretches, and it has a back pocket. I spent the money after doing the research. Buy these shorts now and save some money. They are a superb value because they are as good as the more spendy brands. You could buy 3-4 of these for the price of one of the more mainstream brands. I will say one more positive thing. They have side pockets that are good for tennis, the beach, or any outdoor activity where you need the extra storage. These shorts are very popular. I plan on buying a couple more pairs in different colors.

4. Liberty Imports Heather Training Pockets

Liberty Imports Heather Training Pockets

The material is 98% Polyester, 12% Spandex. It was designed in the USA. There is an elastic closure. A set of 5 women's active shorts. The fabric is lightweight and comfortable. Tagless. There is an internal drawcord. The stretch waistband is comfortable and low on your waist.

Brand: Liberty Imports

👤They are great! I have big thighs and they don't ride up when I run. You can imagine how much I have to move. I am thankful for shorts that are not revealing and that I am not constantly tugging on them. They have pockets with mesh on the inside. I put them in a zip up for extra air. These pants are made of cotton. I have been looking for a long time. I am a size 10 in jeans. The designer needs to get into designing things for women. So thankful.

👤The shorts are very comfortable. It makes them light and airy because they are thin. I love the pockets. Many workout shorts don't have pockets, but they have a bonus of a zip. The large phone fits in the pocket, but it sticks out a bit, because the zip is in place. The phone doesn't flop around while walking, which happens in some shorts. They don't breathe well where they are tighter, or there is no air flow between the legs, so it can feel a bit hot and sweaty. Things cool off quickly once you are up and moving. It seems like there is a tiny bit of chafing where my legs brush against each other while walking, but folding over the waistband and hiking them up helps that. I don't like anything tight around my waist so I tend to wear pants/shorts a little lower. I'm 5'8" 179 lbs with hips and thighs, and size Large fits me perfectly.

👤These shorts are great. The material is soft. The waistband elastic has a functional drawstring inside. The shorts don't have a tag, so no itchy tag to worry about. The pockets are made of mesh material and have pockets. The phone in the hard case barely fits in the closed position. I weigh 130 lbs. My measurement is 33 inches at the hips. I ordered them and they fit right.

👤I like that they are light. I love them, but they fit a little big.

👤I fell in love with these shorts the second I put them on. The material does not stick to your skin when you start getting sweaty. I was able to tolerate being in them for half of the day because they quick dry. I would buy again.

👤For a great price, these are nice shorts. They are larger than expected. I am 5'8" and weigh 160 pounds, so I ordered them in large and they fit like an XXL. I fall between a medium and large. I decided to go for the size of comfort because I am past the age of wearing tight clothing and short shorts. The shorts look wide all the way around the waist and leg when rolling the waistband down. The seller is not responsible for that because it's most likely due to the pockets. I will only wear them around the house.

👤I bought these shorts to work out in. I broke my foot and am using them for recovery. It is so soft. It is so light. The elastic band is comfortable. I weigh in at over 200 lbs. Initially, Amazon told me it wouldn't fit me. I tried it. It fits perfectly, not tight or loose. I am usually a size 14. I am sure that they will be perfect when I am able to work out.

5. BROKIG Bodybuilding Running Lightweight Waistband

BROKIG Bodybuilding Running Lightweight Waistband

8% spandex for stretch. Elastic waistband with draw cord, adjust the fit to your liking. The side panels have a dry-fit andwicking ability. Light weight for running, lifting or gym fitness, sweat shorts fit,functional, close-fitting and comfortable. There are two pockets on both sides and one back pocket for secure storage. The size chart is as follows: S,M,L,X,Waist 36-40,X,Waist 39-42. You can go up a size if you prefer a loose fit.


👤I bought my first pair of shorts about a year ago, and they are my favorite pair of shorts to wear on leg day. The elastic waist provides a snug fit and the 5inch inseam shows off my quads. I decided to buy another pair of shorts because I was tired of wearing shorts that weren't brokig. I think I'll try the classic green next time. My first pair was small. They fit well. I wanted to test the fit for the small size. I bounce between a 28-30 waist size. I'm not very tall. I have wide legs and my weight fluctuates between 147 and 155. I don't know which size will suit me better. I have two thoughts. The snug fit of the thighs is what I like, but the Christmas cookies feel a little tight around the waist. The medium is not as tight as it could be, but it is short. The quads get a lot of airtime. I try not to be vain, but it is important that you feel strong in your gym clothes. I will stick with the medium size in the future, but the small will be more comfortable once I start cutting in the new year. I wear a size 28 pear of pants. These shorts are small. I have had chintzy shorts torn during clean or snatch practice, and I practice a lot of olympic lifts. This ruins the workout and makes it so I have to finish early or flash everyone else at the gym for the rest of my practice. Neither is enjoyable. I have complete faith in these shorts. For the last year, the confident stretch has held up even the deepest squats and catches. I'm not concerned because I haven't tested the size small yet. The company makes quality products. I am definitely a satisfied customer.

👤I didn't have high hopes, since I've never heard of brokig, but these are comfortable, stretch well, and don't impede my workouts. I like them.

👤The weight is 6'3 233 lbs. Size large. It's fine and flexible. If you like more compression, it's a little snug.

👤Some reviewers want to go up a size. I'm usually a small and a small fit me perfectly. It's snug at the waist and loose around the quads for running well. I'm 128 lbs, 5'7" with a 29" waist.

👤These are shorts for swimming or working out. They have an inner liner. If you're a 32 to 34 waist, you should order a LG vs Med. They fit well and serve the purpose. I use them to work out. If you have extra large legs, order one size up. These are long enough to cover your legs without fear of popping out but still short enough to allow for a good view of your legs while working out. If you order a form fitting size, it might not be the case. The pocket with the zipper is shifted further back than the regular pocket, which is a little strange at first but very minor. Unless you need to put your hands in your pockets a lot, this won't bother you. It was worth the buy.

6. Sunzel Control Athletic Workout Pockets

Sunzel Control Athletic Workout Pockets

The material is 75% Polyester, 25% Spandex. Approx., high waisted compression shorts. The left of the size selection chart has a size chart. The features are a seamless waistband, squat proof, soft, 4 way-stretch, sweat wicking and spacious side pockets. Compression high waist over belly button is stylish and sustainable. Sunzel Women's Naked Bike Shorts are perfect for yoga, cycling, volleyball, exercise, fitness, weightlifting, running, lounge, or everyday casual wear. Black, plain colors, leopard, camouflage, snake, crocodile, peacock, stone, and leopard prints are some of the unique and flattering designs.

Brand: Sunzel

👤These shorts were not up my crotch or tight. My fat did not hang over. They are very soft with no compression. They are stretchy and squat proof. I will love buying more.

👤If you are on the curvy side, these are not it. I took a chance on these because they have great reviews and pictures of skinny fit girls. I carry most of my weight in my butt. I have a small stomach. I have a small roll. They are not on the legs on the picture. If your legs are thick, they will roll up to your moose toe. Yes, they are high-rise on the waist. It is game over once you sit or bend. They roll down. I don't have a lot of fat in my midsection. These are not for curvy women.

👤I carry my weight in my thighs and rear. These run true to size and are my Hips 43” Waist 30” They are soft and made well. I would hang dry and machine wash. The tag says you can put these in the dryer, but this type of material always lasts longer and stays looking newer, longer, if you hang dry. I like the large more than the medium because they won't have to stretch out as much in order to fit. I prefer that the large leaves some space around my waist. The green camo is a greenish grey color when in regular lighting. It looks green in natural light.

👤These shorts are amazing. I thought I would give these a try because I usually buy more expensive brands. They feel like $50 shorts. The fabric feels good. The fit is flattering and very soft. Don't spend your money on shorts that are expensive. I want these in every color. Very comfortable!

👤I am so indecisive when it comes to choosing a pant size, I go back and forth between S and M depending on the brand, material, etc. It was difficult to make up my mind after reading all the reviews. I am very happy I bought a M in these. I think a S would have cut into the thighs a little too much because of the stretchy shorts. These shorts are soft and hug all the right places. They do not ride up on me, that's a miracle since Judy tends to ride up all the time. I like how they fit on my hips, but are still snug around my waist. Trust me, if you are similar in measurement, go with the M. I wear black and blue.

👤I bought these shorts after seeing them. I was excited to find shorts that were flattering to clean and lounge in. If I don't pull them down, they cut into my thigh. I don't think my thighs are that big. I don't have a problem with any other shorts. At all. Maybe I should order a bigger size. My husband says they are comfortable around the waist. I love the fabric, thin, but hold it in a kind of fabric. I will wear them for cleaning.

7. Amazon Essentials 2 Pack Loose Fit Performance

Amazon Essentials 2 Pack Loose Fit Performance

Roomy fit through the hip, thigh, and leg. The active stretch fabric is lightweight and absorbent. The draw cord is at the waist.


👤Stitch came out after 3 months.

👤Cheaply made. After 2 trips through the laundry the seams are falling apart because the material is too thin. Save money by buying a better pair of shorts. I don't think the item should have the Amazon name.

👤I have a 30” waist and these shorts are comfortable and good fit. They are comfortable and soft. I have a 30” waist and they fit great in the size that I am. I like the fact that the shorts have pockets, I don't like having pockets. I would recommend these shorts.

👤I wear shorts that are large. These are what I think of as 2XL or 3XL. They are measured across the waistband with no tension. The draw cord is not very helpful if you have to rely on it. These should fit a person with a 50-54" waist. If you wear a 38" waist, buy the Large and they will be loose and baggy, but acceptable.

👤The shorts are nice, but they take on everything. They should be a little more durable.

👤I was not expecting much from these shorts. I play basketball frequently. I was looking for a mesh-like short that could be used for a lot of activity. These shorts fit the bill. The large fit is perfect for me, I am 215 pounds. The shorts end above the knee. You can't beat it for $6 a piece. The pockets are deep enough to keep items from falling out. I would buy again.

👤I have a 38 waist, I ordered a large, great fit, and I am 6 feet tall. These shorts have the same silky feel as the Champion shorts, but they cost less, and I haven't washed them yet, but I do cold wash.

👤I was very skeptical about purchasing these as the only reviews available at the time, but I can say without a doubt that they match and exceed any other gym shorts that are brand name. I had a small issue with one of the pairs of shorts when I put things in the pockets that were close to me. The pockets are not aligned quite as well as they should be. I will definitely be buying more of these in the future.

👤J'ai beaucoup de ce produit. Je m'ais donc des produits de pitre qualité, je pensais pour l'instant. s'ils vont durer longtemps, il reste voir s'ils. Je ne recommande pas du tout. The finalement la qualité est trs médicocre.

👤These shorts are huge for my large size. They fall down even when I do up the drawstring as tight as possible. If I could get them to stay up, the material would be good for working out. Buy a smaller size than your normal one.

👤Es precisamente. My son is perfecto, he is ligeros para ejercicio, para dormir. Ahora, con el covid-19, a diario en casa. Is it possible to recomiendo ampliamente?

👤The husband says they are light and comfortable, but the waist is large. He has to pull the strings tight. I just bought him more larges because he doesn't want a smaller size.

8. ODODOS Pockets Waisted Pattern Athletic

ODODOS Pockets Waisted Pattern Athletic

There are either 76% or 22% sputnik. The 4 Way Stretch fabric provides protection and comfort. The fabric stays dry and comfortable. The high waist and wide waistband has maximum coverage while bending and stretching. The high waisted gives women confidence to look and feel their best. There are two side pockets that fit a smart phone and keys. Chafe-free and flatlock seams increase comfort. The crotch has been set for greater freedom of movement. It's perfect for yoga, running, biking, dancing, hiking, exercise, fitness, and everyday use.

Brand: Ododos

👤I don't know what to say. These are amazing. I am 5'2 and 150 lbs. I wear size 9-11 jeans. These fit in a glove. Both squats and runs are proof. Don't have to pull them up constantly. I don't buy my workout bottoms from lululemon anymore. I will be ordering more from here. The fit is perfect, the pockets are a plus, and the quality is great. I highly recommend them.

👤These shorts are very soft. They fit like they should. They hug you but not too tightly. I have purchased three more pairs of pants and capri pants from ODODOS. I will definitely buy more. I bought a baby. Since I am losing weight, there is an extra room for me in size 18.

👤The shorts are very comfortable. I wear a size 12 and these are not an issue for me. I ordered a big one. They fit around my thighs. They don't ride up. I ordered two more pairs because I was happy with them.

👤It was a perfect fit. They are good for running. The big waistband is comfortable and doesn't fall down when you run. Love the pockets! I will be getting more for future runs. Thanks!

👤I got this product in a medium and large because I was unsure and they were cheap. I don't know what my normal size is. I needed a L according to the weight/size chart. My butt is bigger than my waist and I am 5' 4. I love both sizes. The medium is snug. There is a The large is loose fit. Both sizes work for me. The medium is good for sleeping and exercising.

👤It felt like it wouldn't ride up because of the fit, so I gave it 4 stars. I'm returning it for the same reason someone else did. That seam was very tight. It's very obvious, right down to the crotch. It's always a darker color, even on the black, so it cuts through the lady parts, creating an instant toe of the camel. Not appealing. I thought I had finally found shorts that didn't ride up into the crotch, which really sucks. There is a bad design flaw. If that doesn't bother you, it's very comfortable.

👤I needed something that covered my ass without riding up or folding down, so I bought this pair. It's cute, covers what it needs to, and it's tight at the thighs, preventing riding up. It's not flattering for me to be confident, so may be used for home workouts. I bought the leopard pair a few months ago. The thigh hem is not as tight as it could be. Also has longer pockets. Amazon comes with the territory because of the inconsistent products. Do you want to buy again? Probably not. Hope this helps someone.

👤I bought two pairs of shorts to wear under sundresses. They both met my expectations. I have no curves. After reading reviews, I got a size medium that fits me just fine. The size chart suggested large. The high waist is one inch below my belly button. The pockets are large enough to fit my Note in its case. Even the white shorts are modest because the fabric is so thick.

9. Leidowei Workout Lightweight Training Fluorescent

Leidowei Workout Lightweight Training Fluorescent

Outer shorts are made of 5% spandex and built-in compression shorts are made of 10% spandex. The built-in compression shorts with tight fit offer support thigh muscle to improve performance and provide a more generous fit for extra mobility. The multi-POCKET design has a lot of features. A liner phone pocket to keep your phone out of the way; 2 front zippered pockets to keep your phone, keys and wallet safe; and one back Silver Reflective Pocket Design for Increased Visibility, makes you safer at night outdoor activities. The elastic waistband with internal drawcord is easy to clean and retains its shape even after multiple washes. There is a new style of workout shorts for men. There is an overarching purpose. Running shorts are perfect for a perfect fit workout, gym, running, fitness, training, basketball, jogging, exercise or other outdoor activities. The package includes shorts and a backpack.

Brand: Leidowei

👤A Medium is what I have. It was a perfect fit. Bixerbriefs are underneath the shorts. Right above the knee, but slightly longer than the actual shorts. It was just right.

👤I didn't normally buy clothes without trying them on, but I trusted the positive reviews and gave these a try. The liner in these is baggy instead of giving a more compression fit and they fit too large. The vertical seam that goes from the middle of the front to the middle of the back is a bigger issue for comfort. This is not the ideal place for a seam for a man. I decided to wash the tags to see if it helped so I wouldn't have to return them. I can't wear them because they're not comfortable to me.

👤The shorts seem to have been made very well. I was very excited to try the yoga training shorts out. They were a bit too small for me and wouldn't fit me. I would suggest buying a bigger size. The seller was very understanding and easy to deal with, and I received a full refund with no problem. These shorts are exactly what I was looking for, so I wish they had my size. I give them a full 5 stars and highly recommend them.

👤The search for the best workout shorts ended here. I ordered a bunch of more after trying them out. The quality of these shorts is very good. The materials and quality are excellent. These shorts are great for exercising. The material is substantial and with the built-in compression short, may not be as good of a choice as a running short. The fit of my build is very good. The shorts were sent directly from the manufacturer and the projected delivery was about 6 weeks. I was pleasantly surprised that they arrived within 2 weeks. I think the long delivery projection was due to uncertainty. The comments that are not positive are the ones about the length of the drawstrings. High quality, but long. I would like to see the backpack eliminated to reduce the cost.

👤I was able to give these shirts their first test run today because of the good weather. They have a pocket for your phone, but it doesn't work for that purpose. If you put your phone in the pocket, it will slide down and rub your knee. You have to pull your shorts up over and over again because this process pulls them down at the same time. They have the right idea, but it doesn't work in execution. On the plus side, they are comfortable, stylish, and would be great for other purposes.

👤The shorta are comfortable for working out. There are lots of convenient pockets. The lining pocket for your phone is not very secure and it bounces around in your pocket while running. If the pocket was big and low on the leg, it wouldn't be so bad. I got these because I wanted to carry my phone, but I won't use this to work out. All of them were pretty disappointed.

10. BALEAF Spandex Volleyball Compression Exercise

BALEAF Spandex Volleyball Compression Exercise

The material is 87% Polyester, 13% Spandex. Complete coverage is provided by the stretchy fabric. The high-rise, wide waistband has maximum coverage while bending and stretching. The women's compression biker shorts have big side pockets, which can be used for a mobile phone. As you move from pose to pose and prevent thighs from rubbing, you should have a longer inseam. The crotch has been set for greater freedom of movement. Chafe-free seams for a natural range of motion. It's perfect for yoga, biking, volleyball, exercise, fitness, weightlifting, running, or everyday casual use.

Brand: Baleaf

👤I bought these shorts for the sole purpose of wearing under dresses to keep the chub rub at bay, I know ladies with thick thighs know what I mean. They did their job. The shorts are very stretchy and soft, and as an added bonus they helped keep my belly under wraps as well as protect my thick thighs from chafing under the dress. You can't tell I was wearing clothes. The size chart was correct, I am 5'4" and weigh 200 lbs, so I bought the XL and they fit perfectly.

👤The shorts are going to be a part of the anthem. I wore them for the first time during a 10K race and they served me well. My tummy is in place because of the high waist. The length of the inseam on my thighs is not too long. The legs did not ride up. The pockets were perfect for my phone. My phone didn't come out once. The perfect thickness of fabric passed the squat test. Several of my friends were interested in them. I bought a navy pair. As I train for my marathon, I'll probably purchase a few more pairs. I will be wearing shorts for the Chicago Marathon. I've worn them all summer and they have held up.

👤I'm 5'3". 155ish lbs. You should wear 9-11 pants. I have some junk in my trunk. I wear them all the time and the medium works for me. I also bought burgundy ones. The side pockets are great for hiking. I will buy more.

👤Most of my weight is in my tummy. I bought and xxl based on the chart. The waist goes above my belly button and holds in my muffin top and belly bulge. It stays up even when I jog on light jogs. I never find myself adjusting or pulling them back up. I use them a lot during my workouts or deep cleaning. They are comfortable. There was a red mark around my waist. They are not form fitting yet. I love the longer length, non shiny fabric, and the belly button, so I will be buying more. I only give them 3 stars because I get the tiny fabric balls on the inner thigh area after a few times. They are great for working out, but after a while they start to look shabby and I wouldn't wear them in public unless they were brand new.

👤I bought the Baleaf capris with the phone pocket and wanted to try the shorts. I can't believe how many manufacturers ignore active women who need a spot for their phones. I am happy to discover Baleaf. The pocket held my phone against my thigh so it wouldn't bounce around and I wouldn't get hurt. There was a hidden pocket at the waist that could hold a key, not just a single key. Why don't more makers of activewear think of this? How many people just run out the door when they go for a run, walk or bike? I wear a size 8 and the medium fit the way I wanted it. It was snug and supportive. The legs of the shorts did not ride up as I ran. The fabric was thick, not thin. I'm a fan.

11. EVERWORTH Workout Bodybuilding Running Training

EVERWORTH Workout Bodybuilding Running Training

80% cotton, 20%polyester. If you prefer a loose fit, go up a size. The length of the short is 7 inches. US X- Small: Waist 27.5", US Small: Waist 31.5", US Medium: Waist 31.5", US Large: Waist 33.5", US X- Large: Waist 35.5". The hight performance fabric is 20% cotton and 80% Polyester. Extremly soft lightweight material dries quickly. It is easy to clean and retain shape after many washes. Performance and training design. The design of open flap and short length allow for a better fit, as well as one back pocket for small things like keys and wallet. It's perfect for: Gym, Running, workout, fitness, training, jogging, basketball, fishing, boxing wear and outdoor living are all included. Instructions for care are: Machine wash or hand wash.


👤The shorts are well made and the quality is pretty good. If you know what I mean, a single guy going to the gym in these shorts may attract the wrong type of person because they are short. Let's put it this way, they're so short. They would look good on a woman. I'm thankful that they are free returns on these because they're going back!

👤I have a 30" waist and ordered Large. These shorts are shorter than the description says. Even though they are shorter, I was happy. The first time I wore these to the gym, I wondered if they were too short. It was nice to get more looks than normal because they are a bit snug and shorter than advertised, but they do make you look sexy. The shorter you are, the better the workout since you don't feel the pressure against the front of your thighs from long shorts. My friend said he noticed a few guys looking at me.

👤Yes. They are short. Yes. Guys don't wear shorts. For people to melt down over shorts is silly. I have large legs. I wear a dress. Even deep squats aren't a problem at first, but I was concerned about some slippage. If you want short shorts, get en. Don't think knees should be covered. If you think everyone will be looking at you for wearing them, you must assume everyone cares about what you are wearing. They don't. Do your workout in a way that you are comfortable with and stop doing squats in the squat rack.

👤I have bought 4 of them so far and I loved the first one. The black one was perfect, then two light grey and now the heather grey. The waist is a completely different color than the rest of the shorts, which was unexpected. I will probably keep these, but I'm not happy with the two tone colored on heather grey and something worth mentioning for buyers.

👤The fit and cut were different than I expected. I gave up shorts to Goodwill because I was so disappointed with the product.

👤I thought I needed larger size but this one was too big for me. It doesn't look good. Will give it to someone.

👤The shorts advertised are not as good as the shorts you get. It isn't the same style and isn't fitted. They give you a cheaper version of the shorts.

👤The size chart for these shorts is not correct. The tag is 13” from the waist and 3” from the ankle. These shorts are very short, not mid thighs length. They are nice shorts.

👤I know how hard it is to find a pair of shorts that are different from the norm for a male to wear. It is not the norm for a male to wear a color other than black, but an attractive alternative, so I advise buying a color other than black.

👤The supervisor saw the fabric rip open. The material seems to be of poor quality.


What is the best product for best men[sq]s workout shorts 5 inch?

Best men[sq]s workout shorts 5 inch products from Hanes. In this article about best men[sq]s workout shorts 5 inch you can see why people choose the product. Dragon Fit and Baleaf are also good brands to look for when you are finding best men[sq]s workout shorts 5 inch.

What are the best brands for best men[sq]s workout shorts 5 inch?

Hanes, Dragon Fit and Baleaf are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best men[sq]s workout shorts 5 inch. Find the detail in this article.

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