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1. Price Mattress Ventilated Memory Topper

Price Mattress Ventilated Memory Topper

You can upgrade your sleep quality with a 4-inch ventilated memory foam topper. Ventilated design reduces trapped body heat. You and your partner will get undisturbed sleep with the responsive active suspension isolates motion. CertiPUR-US certified memory foam. The manufacturer's warranty is three years.

Brand: Best Price Mattress

👤Not even a single person! Don't buy this product for yourself. This type of quality is hard to sell.

👤I went with the 2.5 inches because the thinner pad was on sale. It was nice to sleep on, but I need a sleep surface that doesn't move in the middle, and I have hip or back pain because of my side sleeping position. I just got a new pillow-top mattress after moving. I needed to modify it with something affordable because it was too firm for my sleep posture. It seemed like it would work. After sleeping on it for two months, the center has fallen completely, and my butt/hips have been in a crater for the past two months. The fiber in the center of the mattress is so degraded that I can't flip it. After visiting family for Thanksgiving, spending 5 days miraculously pain-free, and then spending one night in my bed, my back is in sad shape. The return window is past, so I would return it if I could. I'm 5'5" and 185 lbs, but I'm not a huge person. It would be thought that something called "memory foam" would have a better memory.

👤It arrived very quickly. Well packaged. The poofs are gradually increased to the full size. It was very comfortable and the bed was perfect. There is no smell to it. I was afraid of a chemical smell, but it wasn't. I love it so far.

👤The foam mattress is well packaged. It took less than a day to fluff it back out of it's original size. In my case, the other reviews said it took 24 hours. I bought a foam mattress to make it more comfortable because the queen mattress that came with my RV is not very comfortable. The 2 inch foam mattress fix my junk RV mattress and saved me a lot of money.

👤I had a back injury and it was hard to sleep on my firm bed. The foam top was in order. It's difficult to gauge firmness foams because they vary in size and weight. I thought the thickness was more important. I wanted the foam to be thick enough that my shoulders and torso would sink to the mattress below, while my body would receive some support. I thought a 2.5” foam top was about right for a big person. I used to sleep in my recliner. I was able to sleep in the bed again, though I was a bit stiff and sore by the morning, due to my back injury. I believe that the thickness of the toppers is more important than the hard-to-gauge firmness. I think a 1.5” to 2.5” frame is enough for the average-sized frame, 3” to 4” for the big weight-lifter frame of person. It is not to say that a thicker foam wouldn't be okay, but I was selecting it based on the needs of my back, which is doing much better now. When it arrived, it was packed tightly into a box and put into a plastic bag. Let it air out for a while. I put it out for a week in the garage. Before un-boxing and un-bagging it, you should get it to your airing destination. There is a little foam debris on the padding, but I didn't find it excessive. I used a shop broom to clean the padding. If you open it up on the bed, it won't slide well, so fold it into quarters. Even though I aired it for a week, the air is trapped in the padding and will not fully air out until you sleep at night. I was not going to wait for a year. The smell is very noticeable through the second week, but it goes away after a month. People with bad sinus problems may find it difficult. Even though it cost a little more, I liked it so much that I got a second one. I noticed how much it had yellowed when I saw the attached pictures. When it arrives, it is a bright white. The result of arriving 103 days apart is a difference in color. I don't find a difference in texture, it's just for your edification.

2. Best Price Mattress 4 Inch Memory

Best Price Mattress 4 Inch Memory

Memory foam provides amazing comfort. No disruption for your sleep partner because of responsive active suspension isolates motion. There is a mesh cover. Deeper sleep. 2.5 inches of foam and 1.5 inches of foam. Let the air dry.

Brand: Best Price Mattress

👤I waited until I had slept on the thing before posting a review. It is a little over 4 inches thick. I measured with a ruler for the first time two months ago. It is very comfortable. It is not too soft for me because my mattress is underneath it. I have no problem with this because I am definitely a large person, and I read in another review that if you are a large person, you may have some pressure points. It takes some finagling to figure out the most comfortable way to sit on it if you do a lot of things on your bed. I live in a studio apartment and my bed is not the only one. My back pain is gone, that's the most important part. I had a 2-inch gel/foam thing that helped with my lower back pain for a while, but after five months I started hurting again. I think this one might do better. The other one was less durable. It's well worth the price. Someday I'll spend a lot of money on a bed, but until I do that, this is more than adequate. 15 months ago, I got this top spot. It is still comfortable and has given me more time with my old mattress. Don't buy another mattress or topper for a while. It has been almost 2 years since I bought this mattress, and it has given me a lot of extra life. No back pain, still super comfy. It was very swell that was worth it.

👤The pad was what we needed. We were both suffering from sore shoulders and hips every morning. We wake up refreshed. Thank you.

👤Since I got this thing, I've experienced a lot of shoulder, neck, and joint pain. I have had pain all the way down to my fingers because of the pressure on my joints. I need a soft mattress topper because my shoulders can't sink into it while I lay on my side, and I have broad shoulders for a woman my size. This thing is made of memory foam and high density foam. It's similar to the cheap egg crate foam that people used to use on their beds. It's difficult as a rock. I paid half of what I did for this thing, so I might as well have gotten a 1.5 inch top.

👤I decided to go with this foam top. I was worried because I was on the heavy side. I would sink through. I can't be happy anymore. It took it's shape after opening it. There was a slight smell to it but it was not overpowering. After a day or two, the smell was gone. I slept on it the same day and I can't get over how durable it is. I didn't want to wake up, I slept like a baby. I had to show everyone that came over that I had a bed. Call me crazy. I would definitely buy another one if I needed one again. It's been over a year and it's still holding up.

3. Price Mattress Ventilated Memory Topper

Price Mattress Ventilated Memory Topper

You can upgrade your sleep quality with a 4-inch ventilated memory foam topper. Ventilated design reduces trapped body heat. For a relaxing night's sleep, lavender is infused. You and your partner will get undisturbed sleep with the responsive active suspension isolates motion. CertiPUR-US certified memory foam has a 3-year manufacturer's warranty.

Brand: Best Price Mattress

👤I have never had a bed that was this nice. All hip pain, back pain, shoulder pain, vanished in the first few nights. I stayed in the blissful cloud that is my bed for 15 hours and watched Brooklyn 99. It was nice and cool. For the first time in a long time, I'm not woken up by a nestea commercial. Pulling the cover over it was like watching a fight scene from They Live. I was named after the man. Obviously. There is a The dogs and cats love it. Too much. They jump up when a spot opens. I have to change my sheets more often than a brothel. Buy this. It's amazing.

👤Awesome purchase! I didn't want to buy a new mattress that I would have to leave behind, so I went for a topper. I found this one after reading reviews and researching. It sounded great initially. You think there is more foam. More foam means you'll sink into your bed. Which is what I needed. The mattress I have is a 5 year old, basic, $200 innerspring with a crappy "pillowtop". It's been worn and seen better days. I finally had enough of it poking me in the shoulder and hips. I went with the green tea version after learning that thicker toppers aren't better for support. Not sure what the bad reviews say about it taking hours to reach actual size or air out the odors. I spread the top on my mattress after opening the box. I stretched it just a tiny bit to even out the edges, but within 15 minutes it had fully expanded and was a perfect fit on my mattress. There is no real smell of chemicals. There is a faint hint of green tea. It smells like the green tea you get at Starbucks. I am happy that it smells good. After covering it with a mattress cover and a fitted sheet, I layed down on it and knew what I was looking for. It is not like your typical dense, heavy memory foam. This is more airy and has more spring to it. If you push your jand into it, pull it away, it won't leave an impression. It springs back quicker than it was before. I'm trying to say that you won't really sink into it, but instead your body is cradled into an ideal sleep position. My majority weight is in my hips and torso area. I feel like my body is straight. I like that I can lay down and be very comfortable in the position I'm in. I would rather have to move around until I fall asleep. I just put my head on the pillow and it's all I have to worry about. Its great. At night, the topper keeps me cooler. Since it's an airier type of foam and has air flow holes in it, I'm able to have all my blankets on top of me. I don't have to add or remove blankets when I keep them on. It makes the bed feel cleaner, I guess, and it also makes the overall feeling of being in bed feel better. It gives a nice crisp feeling under the covers. It makes the comort of my bed better and it's just a lot more enjoyable being in bed. If you want to save some money and try to get a decent mattress, then you should definitely use this as a last resort. If you need a little extra support for your body or back, you can't afford a decent quality mattress. I will recommend this to a few people in my family who will benefit from the 40 dollar investment. This was the best 40 bucks I have spent in a year. Get it! You will be happy you got it. It is a good quality foam, smells good, and is not a big risk when you compare it to a cheaper one, because it could save you 400 dollars on a whole new mattress. It worked for me. If you are on the fence about it, get it. I have had a number of expensive mattresses in my life. I found a mattress that was as comfortable as I had in the past, thanks to the Pillowtop. And for 40 bucks. When you wake up after the first night of rest, thank yourself for buying it. Good night to the people of the Amazon.

4. EDILLY Mattress Removable Hypoallergenic Pressure

EDILLY Mattress Removable Hypoallergenic Pressure

Your order includes a 120-day money-back guarantee, 3-year worry-free replacement warranty, and a lifetime of friendly customer service. Please let them know if you have any questions or concerns. 40D The Cooling Gel Memory Foam is made of 40D high-density aviation grade memory foam and gel- infused beads, which would keep your body from overheating easily, and would maintain a cooler constant temperature than ordinary memory foams to improve your. There is a bamboo fabric cover. The mattress cover is not permanent. The bamboo cover has a surface mesh backing to prevent sliding and a premium metal zipper to make it easy to disassemble and wash. Improve Sleep Quality: 3” memory mattress topper is a great way to relieve pressure and pain, allow air flow and provide a great night sleep. The most luxurious feel is offered by the cover made of rayon and polyester with the latest weaving technology. CertiPUR-US Certified is a low risk factor. Reliable ingredients. They offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with any issue, please feel free to contact them.

Brand: Edilly

👤We have a three year old economy memory foam mattress that was starting to lose support. We read many reviews and chose this one because of the number of positive reviews. This is the top. We unboxed it after it arrived. It is. Something. The manufacturer suggests that you walk on it to help the foam expand. It was ready to sleep on after 10 minutes. We slept. I sleep between 5 and 6 hours a night because of my back pain. I am sleeping 7 hours a night after a week.

👤This is for you if you are a side sleeper and have a firm mattress because your wife or girlfriend likes it. I haven't gotten a good nights rest in 84 years. I slept like a king on the first night. I did not move positions all night. I felt refreshed as if I had just spent the night in the sky. I didn't notice any heat issues. I now sleep for 8 hours a night. Even though my wife prefers the firm mattress, she loves it.

👤It took 10 minutes to get to 3 inches. I allowed it to sit for an hour. It's like sleeping on a cloud. I fall asleep in the same position I woke up in. I was saving to replace it. I'm happy I took the chance. If you are on the fence, jump over and get it. There was no smell. I wish it had straps to keep it in place. Yes... I did not take any star's off. I knew it had nothing when I bought it. I feel like I won the lottery.

👤I love this mattress. It is not too soft. I got the memory foam to see if it would help my right side, which hurts on my regular mattress. I only had it for a week, but my husband and I love it. It comes with a nice zip cover. I didn't have any smells.

👤We were very impressed with the comfort of the king-size topper we ordered. It is soft enough to prevent sore muscles in the morning, but firm enough to not feel like you are sinking into the bed. Would definitely recommend.

👤I loved the mattress from the beginning. I love how soft and comfortable it is. It slid about an inch to the side I was sleeping on after sleeping on it for 3 weeks. I moved to the other side of the bed to sleep a couple of nights ago. I hope it will slide back to the other side. This is not a big deal. I'm sure it will correct itself. I think the 3" memory foam mattress gives me the comfort I need, which is why I bought it.

👤I had shoulder surgery about 6 weeks ago and have been sleeping on a hybrid mattress. It was so hard to sleep on my side because of my stomach. We had some regrets we didn't purchase the tempurpedic mattress, but thought we could try a memory foam mattress topper before doing a whole exchange. I slept well for the first time in months last night, thanks to this mattress topper. I had no pain during the night and the mattress was still supportive. It took about 12 hours to inflate. We chose this one over the others because of the reviews, and we are very happy about it. It has a cooling feature and is a pure memory foam. 5 stars.

5. ViscoSoft Mattress Gel Infused Responsive Adjustable

ViscoSoft Mattress Gel Infused Responsive Adjustable

Their gel memory foam mattress topper is strictly certified by the ISPA. You can contact them for support at any time, and they have a 5-year limited warranty. The Gel Mattress Pillow Topper is made in the USA with revolutionary gel- infused latex foam. The 2-inch responsive gel latex has better support than traditional memory foam. The gel latex formula has a rebound effect. The feature of latex alleviates pressure point pains better than traditional foam. The gel latex foam of the Sleep Cooler has the highest heat transfer coefficients of any foam. This helps the topper stay cooler for a longer period of time. The cotton over prevents heat from getting trapped while you sleep. The Gel Latex mattress topper comes with a machine-washable pillow top mattress cover. The cover is soft to the touch and provides a high-quality, cloud-like comfort feel. The elastic skirt makes it easy to fit your mattress. No matter what position you are in, their latex foam eliminates body ache no matter what. Certi-PUR-US certified, their topper is made without ozone depleters, heavy metals, and has low VOC emissions for indoor air quality. Treat yourself with a luxurious addition to your mattress. As a leading USA-based brand, they stand behind everything they make and are committed to providing you with premium products for improving your quality of life. If you change your mind within the first 60 days after purchase, you are free to return the item for a full refund. All ViscoSoft toppers have an outstanding 3 year warranty for manufacturing defects.

Brand: Viscosoft

👤We decided to upgrade our innerspring mattress to see if we could get rid of the back pain we were having. We tried a gel infused 3 inch memory foam topper and it was so hot that it made the back pain worse. I was told that latex was a better choice for having more "bouncy" support than memory foam. I can't say enough good things about this topper, it rejuvenated our existing innerspring mattress and saved us hundreds of dollars on a new one. It's a little more expensive than memory foam, but it sleeps cooler, has better "spring," and doesn't have the obnoxious odor of memory foam. The icing on the cake is the plush.

👤The work was more expensive than the regular foam. I needed a firm mattress. This gives the right amount. I woke up with a backache, it happened with other people. I used to wake up with a sensation in my arms. I've used this for a while now, and it's no longer an issue.

👤Many people have bought foam mattresses online that come straight to their home in a box. It promised luxury sleep, but it was too soft. The mattress caused a lot of pain. Being an avid runner, I was in physical therapy. I injured myself. It took me a while to realize it was the mattress. I did some research to make sure I was not going to throw out the mattress and spend money on a new one. I decided to try it. I am pain free now. The product reduces the pain in the low back, hip, andglute. I can sleep peacefully now that I have had the top off for a couple weeks. It is a huge improvement. I hope it lasts!

👤I got a firm mattress to help my muscles recover from running and weight training. I need to sleep on my side, but my mattress is too stiff. I woke up with terrible hip and shoulder pain and needed a solution. I decided to try this instead of buying a new mattress and am very happy I did. I haven't had any pain since I started using it.

👤This product is amazing. Every sailor has asked to order it after laying on it, because I purchased it for my husband to take on the ship. Definitely recommend. It doesn't smell like plastic and is a perk.

👤Not what I was expecting. As you can see by the picture, I put it in the bed foam crack. It's cheap.

👤The early review will be updated. Have slept on it for 5 nights and have slept better. Have both the spine and shoulder injuries repaired with one shoulder. The foam and pillow top fit perfectly on a full Numbers bed. The packing was reasonable. There was no odor or defect in foam. I expect foam to be used for 3 to 4 years. The 10 year manufacturer warranty is not known. If you speak to Customer Service at Amazon, you don't have to worry. I feel it is heat retaining, but have never used latex or memory foam. The pad is about 2 inches and there are pockets with a raised border. This border was not significant to me. It was quite comfortable to increase my number by 5%. The foam might tare if it is handled too rough, and the foam pad has a 1/2 punch throughout. After 12 hours, I noticed no change to the odor or the topper. Being fair gave it a 5 as slept without awaking due to arm numbness or shoulder pain but will have to see if it keeps this quality or fades away. If I get 3 years out of this setup, I will be content with the results I have seen and the cost will be reasonable. Time will tell. Can recommend this to others who have a numbers mattress. Relieves pressure points that aren't prevented by numbers. It is desirable that you sink into it. No odor, springs back, fits a full size bed without difficulty, seems a little warmer than the fabric and air of a numbers bed, but the cover doesn't have the same appearance of the advertisement. I wonder about washability. The foam was kept in place with the attached straps. All in all, it was better than the popular TV advertised toppers, but I didn't care for the feel, the washing cover was poor and the stitching was poor. I have only slept on it a week but I wanted to give the pros and cons of it so I wanted to share the results with other people. I was not interested in returning. The first one I ordered was damaged in shipping and was returned to me. The cost toke was paid for 4 days and will be credited and reordered in 2 days. This review is not made using a standard mattress.

6. Subrtex Gel Infused Ventilated Relieving Protector

Subrtex Gel Infused Ventilated Relieving Protector

It is possible to fall asleep easily and stay asleep throughout the night with the help of memory foam mattress topper. The memory topper can adapt to different sleeping positions. To wake up feeling energetic. The gel infused material helps with the air flow and creates a cooler and more comfortable sleeping environment. The longevity of their mattress toppers is ensured by the 3.5 pound density memory foam. Their foam topper helps prolong the useful life of your old mattress and saves you money on a new mattress. Purchase one of theirs and you can experience luxurious sleep at a fraction of the cost. Leave the memory foam in aventilated area for 48 to 72 hours before use. It's important to find a suitable temperature to shorten the time. All Subrtex toppers are backed by a 10 year warranty. They will take care of you if you need help after you purchase, and they are committed to helping you improve your sleep quality. All Subrtex toppers are backed by a 10 year warranty. They will take care of you if you need help after you purchase, and they are committed to helping you improve your sleep quality.

Brand: Subrtex

👤I can't imagine not having a density foam bed top. The previous topper was poorly made and didn't last. We have had a few. It's good for the money. Wife is over 100 lbs. I'm over 300 lbs. Both of us enjoy it. If you are a back or side sleeper, give it a try.

👤There is nothing we don't like about this mattress. I was unsure if the 2 inch would support, but it did. It is the perfect combination of firmness and softness. The holes in the memory foam provide good air flow. My husband and I are hot sleepers and have never complained about being hot since using this. When we wake up in the morning, we have experienced less back pain. It has far exceeded our expectations. I can not recommend this enough.

👤Nope! It was damaged, dirty and stained when it arrived. I have been tasked with repackaging an expanded memory foam. A square peg in a hole. Before cutting it open, give it a quick once over. I ordered this based on the reviews that said it was more on the firm side and I was looking for back support. It is not firm at all. If you are looking for an overall, cloud-like feel to alleviate the pain of a firm mattress, you would probably be satisfied with this one; if you are lucky enough to receive the topper pristine clean and not damaged.

👤I got the 3 inch version for over two months. When you first lay on it, it feels amazing. It hugs your body just right. When you lay on it, it starts heating up and loses its support. You start sinking in it when it gets too soft. It is harder to get out of the sunken spot you are sleeping in if the areas around your body are cooler. If the firmness stayed the same the whole time you are in bed, this would be a 5 star mattress topper, but I wake up with my lower back throbbing from sleeping in a "U" position. I'm stuck with the return window closed. Don't let the reviews fool you.

👤I had mine for about two weeks now and it has helped so much that my mattress was relatively new but uncomfortable, and it was so hard that it started hurting my hips. I left it for a day just to fully inflate it and make sure it didn't stain my bed. It has helped my back and hips tremendously and the holes seem to keep it cool if you are a cold sleeper like me, but there will definitely be a change if it is available in a 4 inch instead of two. I will be buying another one to give it a bit more foam but once I put my mattress protectors and sheets on it stopped being a good idea. I will be updating my review in about 2 months.

👤Regular foam is expensive. I contacted Amazon through chat and got a pick up.

7. LUCID Inch Memory Mattress Topper

LUCID Inch Memory Mattress Topper

A deeper sink that cradles your body more than a thinner one is achieved by adding 4 inches of thick, plush gel memory foam. A cooler memory foam experience can be achieved with gel material. Theilated design improves air flow. The weight is distributed evenly and conforms to curves. This product has a 3-year warranty and a new foam scent.

Brand: Lucid

👤The memory foam will be more dense. The density is determined by volume. How much each foot weighs is determined by memory foam. The dimensions of the memory foam are 80" by 60" and the thickness is 4. You would divide those three numbers by a square foot, which is 12 by 12. There is a lot of memory foam in the top of the building. Next, divide the weight of the top dog by the weight of the rest. 1.96 lbs per cubic foot is what it is. The firmest memory foam is 5 lbs and the lightest is 3 lbs, according to the general consensus. The memory foam top is too soft to be comfortable for people who prefer soft memory foam. I can confirm that it is too soft to be comfortable. 4 inches is a great thickness, but not when it's so soft.

👤This doesn't have any support! It is soft and plush, but it sinks right to your mattress. I felt like I was trapped when I lay on it for a while. The seller refuses to answer many questions regarding the density, if you look through the reviews and questions. The density range for memory foam mattress toppers is 3 to 5 pounds per square foot. It would be much easier if the seller was honest. They will have to pay for special handling to get it back.

👤I was hoping for a good result. It is a nightmare. It is very hot. Don't worry if you are a hot sleeper. It's so soft it's like fighting an animal all night long. I wrestle with it to get out of it. I tried it for four nights and ended up in my lazy boy. I don't like it! I want my bed back. It's a queen! How do I get this monster back? The manufacturers don't think of that. Do not buy it. I want my money back. Don't buy this one, it is not what you think it is.

👤The foam memory mattress is the best thing I have ever slept on. I have arthritis in my neck and back. I've been sleeping all night. It's great!

👤Wow. I'm glad I went with the 4. I was worried it wouldn't be soft. I wouldn't be able to breath if I were to sink to much, because of the side of my head against the surface. It's funny. It doesn't affect breathing when you are laying down. I was worried that the mattress protectors wouldn't fit on it. My new Dynasty bed had no issues with the protectors being on. I need to get deeper pocket sheets. It's funny. I love how it feels. It was very comfortable. It's a little bit softer than a marshmallows. You need to be careful opening and placing them for people who seem to be getting ripped ones. The memory foam toppers are very delicate and need to be handled with care. It is a good idea for anyone wanting one to read all the reviews first. I will give an update in a few weeks.

8. Serta ThermaGel Memory Mattress Topper

Serta ThermaGel Memory Mattress Topper

Breathable gel infused memory foam is engineered for comfort and support. The ThermaGel particles help provide a comfortable sleep surface. Adapts to the individual shape of the body to provide enhanced support and comfort. It extends the life of your mattress.

Brand: Serta

👤This is very comfortable. The way it arrived was the reason for the 3 stars. It seemed like Saran Wrap. I had a weird feeling about the way it was packaged. There was a hair on the topper and multiple punctures in the memory foam when I opened it. I think this item was used. I would like to return for a new one.

👤This review is for the Serta mattress. We love this mattress. It has no smell, and it is perfect for a firm mattress by providing a wonderful cushion. I have chronic muscle and joint pain, but I am very happy with it. My husband likes it too. I would be happy to purchase it again. The other mattress toppers were good, but this one is better. It keeps us cooler. Highly recommended. We bought another one. I was concerned that some of the reviews were not good. The reviews for different types of Serta toppers seem to be mixed by Amazon. This particular one is very good, arrived correctly, etc. I put it in a spare room for 4 days. No problem with smell. The Topper keeps us comfortable. I think this is better than memory foam and other types of toppers. Couldn't be happier.

👤I got a Queen or Full-sized topper even though the foam stayed out and expanded, even after I ordered a King-sized one. I would never buy from this vendor again because I am very unhappy with this purchase. I paid a lot for this item but didn't get anything. I'm on a fixed budget and I can't get the topper I need after 2 hip surgeries. A lying rip off.

👤The package was opened and rolled as instructed. The last one I bought smelled a bit better. Since I put my hip and back pain on the bed, it has been greatly reduced.

👤Supposed to be a mattress. 2” Out of the box. I laid it on a flat surface for 48 hours, and it did not expand to the stated size. I was disappointed because I have always loved Serta.

👤It's so disgusting. The item was used. When I opened it, it was not as big as the one I ordered a few years ago, and it was wrapped in Saran wrap. I turned it over to see the body hair stuck under the wrapping and what looked like a melted part of the foam. I was hoping the reviews stated they received a used item. I received the same. I was able to dispose of it rather than sending it back. I really need a mattress top. I like the Serta quality, but I'm praying the second arrives new.

👤The first one I received was AWFUL. It was beige and orange. It had no density at all. The side of the mattress rolled on you as you lay down. I contacted Amazon to complain. They ordered a replacement and set up a pickup at my door step. I had low expectations for the replacement, but it came in a completely different box with cute sheep on the inside flaps, and it was the correct color and denser. This one is better than the 1st. We wish it was denser. It helps relieve joint pain in my knees and my fiancées shoulder. It is supportive, but I use a gel memory foam mattress, and we wish it was more supportive. This is a great pick if you need a thick soft top, but if you need more support for your back, this is not a good choice. I research more dense ones. We will keep this until we decide we need a new couch. It wasn't the award winning birthday present I was hoping for, but I was satisfied.

9. EASELAND Mattress Mattress Stretches Alternative

EASELAND Mattress Mattress Stretches Alternative

The cotton top and down alternative fill are 100% cotton. Queen mattress pad is 60x80 inch and has a deep pocket of 49 ounces. 30oz down alternative filling will add great softness to your mattress. The cotton surface is skin-friendly and will absorb sweat. Filled with alternative filling. The deep pocket design of the fitted sheet will allow it to stretch up to 21 inch with 130GSM single-track elastic fabric, no matter how you move on the bed, this pad will keep neat. It can be machine washed and dried under the sun.

Brand: Easeland

👤This was very nice. I thought it would be a little bit thicker but it will work for me. I like the fact that the video shows the thickness and that it hugs the mattress well.

👤I had to tell you how much we love our new mattress pad. Our mattress is about 4 years old and needs something to make it more comfortable. It's a night and day difference after we purchased this mattress pad. I love how thick it is. It's very comfortable and durable. It used to take me a long time to fall asleep, but now I fall asleep in minutes. I love how well this mattress covers the sides of the mattress. The mattress pad can't slide off a corner during the night because it doesn't fit around the mattress. It's perfect! I love sleeping in our bed, and wake up feeling great.

👤After reading all of the reviews for this mattress cover, I had to leave a review that recognized all the different opinions on it. The cover is vacuum sealed so it is small. It also comes from China. I left the package on the sofa after opening it, and it was still fairly flat. I put it in the dryer for 30 minutes after I remembered one of the reviews, and it puffed up. If you're looking for a mattress pad that will make your bed more comfortable, this isn't it, it's a mattress pad with a bit of fluff to it, but I wasn't looking for anything to make my son's bed more comfortable. The cover is perfect for that. It's not a pillow top mattress topper, but it adds a decent size layer to the bed to add a bit of comfort and allow for airflow. It is very unlikely to come up during the night because it has so much edging material around the bottom of the mattress. This was a huge bonus for me. My son thinks he sleeps a bit cooler with it on. Don't be if you're on the fence because of the reviews. This is a great mattress pad.

👤This is amazing. We needed a mattress protector but he didn't want one because he gets hot and sweaty at night. He said the previous mattress protectors made it worse. The price and good reviews made this one worthwhile. I could not be happier. He loves it. It's very comfortable and he stays cooler at night. When you first lay down, it's very cool. It takes a long time to dry in our dryer because it takes a long time to dry after 2 cycles. Maybe it's our dryer. I think it's due to the size of the protectors. My size is a King. Definitely a great purchase!

👤I didn't read the instructions at first. When it was taken out of the box, it was flat. I put it in the sun for a few hours after reading the directions, and it was just as fluffy as I had imagined it to be. It fits around my queen size bed and is so soft that the angles in the clouds know how I feel. I love this. A must buy for someone who dreams.

10. ViscoSoft Memory Queen Mattress Topper

ViscoSoft Memory Queen Mattress Topper

Money back guarantee for 60 days. They stand behind all of their products and are committed to producing premium products. If you change your mind, you can get a full refund within the first 60 days after purchase. All ViscoSoft toppers have a 5-year warranty. The Serene 4” High Density topper is made from 2.5 inch of temperature neutral gel memory foam and 1.5 inch of plush down cover to provide comfort and support. Relieve Pain and Soreness by utilizing thousands of testing hours and reviews the topper's designed to balance of softness and support. Alleviate back, hip, and general soreness associated with a firm or old mattress. Changes to their innovative foam formula have enhanced its strength and stability. Testing from labs such as TV ensures compliance to deliver superior feel and quality. The dual layer has been tested for shrinkage, piling, appearance and other standards to guarantee durable comfort. Follow the instructions for washing the cover. Money back guarantee for 60 days. They stand behind all of their products and are committed to producing premium products. If you change your mind, you can get a full refund within the first 60 days after purchase. All ViscoSoft toppers have a 5-year warranty.

Brand: Viscosoft

👤Please watch the video to see it in action. I bought a king size mattress. The foam is soft and supportive. The design of the pad was good. I wanted to make the extra firm mattress softer. I'm hesitant when I see 1 star reviews but if you have Amazon prime, just try it out. You can return it if you don't like it. On my lunch break, I opened everything up and went home. It was wrapped tightly. It probably took 5 hours to fluff up. Get one!

👤I've always been leery of purchasing a memory foam top since I'm a walking space heater and my least favorite thing is sweating in my sleep. If you dream of swimming in your Beverly Hills mansion backyard pool, enjoying the spoils of being rich and famous, and then waking up to realize your Beverly Hills mansion is your sad two bedroom apartment, you're not alone. The sleep spongecake helps keep me comfortable all night. I'm getting a whole new world of comfort because of this mattress topper. It doesn't help me stay cool when I'm trying to talk to women. Still need some help. If you come up with a product for that, I will hit you up. This helped turn a sad sack of a bed into a fancy-pants bed for someone who can afford to add a bowl of carnitas. I can't think of anything else to think about except going back to sleep.

👤Usually don't write reviews, but wanted to share this experience. This mattress is wonderful. I ordered it after reading many reviews and trying to find something that would compliment our new mattress. The new memory foam mattress we got was too firm for my husband. I did not get a better score at Bed Bath and Beyond. I received this ViscoSoft topper in 2 days after ordering it through Amazon. The product appeared to be too short when unwrapping. I knew that this type of product was called "plumps" after unwrapping, but I had never seen one this short. I called the customer service number and got an operator right away. She was very helpful and pleasant, but she thought that it would be ok if the problem persisted, so she would send a new one out. It was fine in about an hour. This is the most comfortable mattress topper we have ever experienced. It made our mattress softer and more comfortable. There is no smell like foam products. The elasticized edges of the quilted top layer give the mattress a snug fit. If you need to soften a mattress, it's highly recommendable.

👤Love it! I have a Sleep Number bed, but I didn't want the extra memory foam. It was a mistake because I needed more support and relief from the pressure point, but the add-ons became very expensive. I made this purchase as an alternative option and I don't regret it. My bed tracks my movements so I added photos to support my review. I added this one before the first two. The 3rd is my first night without the topper. The amount of time I was tossing and turning was shown in the photos. Look at the total time before and after.

11. GOBEES Mattress Removable Ventilated Pressure

GOBEES Mattress Removable Ventilated Pressure

It is designed for easy cleaning. It's a breeze to pull off and put it back on, it's also machine washable. Perfect BalanceGobees 3-inch cooling gel infused memory foam mattress cover uses 40D density memory foam, which is cool and comfortable, and provides enough support to prevent the body from sinking. The perfect balance between comfort and support can be achieved. Double FixationBamboo fiber mattress cover adopts the latest weaving technology and is skin-friendly, with a elastic band and non-slip particle lining, it bid farewell to the sliding of the mattress. It is easy to disassemble and clean. CertiPUR-US and OEKO-TEX certified memory foam mattress topper is high-quality. No harmful chemicals. Advanced transportation They use vacuum compression transportation to facilitate transportation and customer receipt. For 48 to 72 hours, place the memory foam in aventilated place until it is fully expanded. There is a ten-year warranty. They have full confidence in their mattress covers. Gobees will provide a 10-year warranty for the mattress, so you can buy it with confidence. They will take care of any questions you have during the 10-year warranty period.

Brand: Gobees

👤If you need a firm top, this is for you. I needed something soft. I ordered this based on the reviews. I like the bamboo cover, it seems very well made. I woke up with even worse pain when I used this top. It seemed like it would solve my sleep problems. There is a I've been researching on memory foam. Some memory foam is denser than others. Not all bodies are the same. Some people may consider firm. Gobees stood behind their product and are trying to help me find the right one.

👤After reviewing many others, I bought this mattress topper. This one has a nice cover for easy removal and washing. I was very pleased with the purchase of the 2 piece topper. I suffer from back and knee pain, and this is a game-changing change for me. It doesn't eliminate all the pain, but it makes sleeping more comfortable.

👤If you found this review, you've probably read more than 250 others trying to find the right exam. To sum it up. If you are looking for a medium-firm comfortable top, this is the one. It's 40D where many of the others in this price range and similar style are. It's not too firm, therefore you don't sink in or get hot. It's perfect with lots of support. These have only been on Amazon for a few months, so they are new production. Within 30 minutes, ours was full and flat. Ours was manufactured 5 months ago, according to the tag on the top. There was no offensive smell. When I woke up, I felt rested after sleeping well and not tossing and turning as much. I think this is a great choice at the current low price point.

👤My bed has been helped a million percent by this mattress topper. I'm a travel nurse and the bed I'm staying on kept me in pain. This saved my back. I love it!

👤We ordered a new mattress from Wayfair and I was waiting for my sleep to improve. I broke down and decided to look for a good mattress top to delay buying a new one. I feel better after one night on this. It's the perfect firmness for me and it has straps on the bottom of the cover to keep it from sliding. Buy it. You will not regret it.

👤Firm without being hard. I didn't toss or turn. It was easy to set up and it fit perfectly. I was extremely happy to have ordered 2.

👤I got a full size bed. I put it on top of a new 8 piece memory foam mattress and it was very good, I was very pleased with the product and the 10 year warranty was a plus for me. I'm a very hot person. There is a I kept it and have no complaints. Would recommend.

👤I like it. It's firm enough. I'm very happy about it.


What is the best product for best mattress topper queen?

Best mattress topper queen products from Best Price Mattress. In this article about best mattress topper queen you can see why people choose the product. Edilly and Viscosoft are also good brands to look for when you are finding best mattress topper queen.

What are the best brands for best mattress topper queen?

Best Price Mattress, Edilly and Viscosoft are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best mattress topper queen. Find the detail in this article. Subrtex, Lucid and Serta are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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