Best Best Mattress Topper for Back Pain Twin

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1. Niagara Sleep Solution Mattress Breathable

Niagara Sleep Solution Mattress Breathable

CertiPUR-US certified memory foam has a 3-year manufacturer's warranty. If you want to make your old mattress new, use their mattress topper Twin Xl, it will transform your old mattress to a new comfortable and extreme soft mattress as it serves as a mattress reviver, do not throw the old mattress away. Natural Ultra Soft Bamboo fabric is used for a mattress. Twin Xl Cooling is made from natural Bamboo fabric which is soft in touch and provides an enhanced sleeping experience. Bamboo is silky to touch, which makes it easier to sleep. Quilted mattress cover is extremely Breathable. The twins are Twin xl. Natural bamboo helps regulate body temperature by keeping it cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It is like sleeping on a cloud with the Quilted Mattress Topper Twin Xl 2 Inches Bed Size Extra soft premium mattress topper. Good for people who want extra cushion between them and the mattress, and looking for quilted mattress topper protectors or pillow top mattress protectors. Adding cushion between the mattress and the sleeping area helps ease back pain. Money Back Guarantee: Quilted Mattress Topper Twin xl college dorm is backed by money back guarantee. If you don't like the product, you can return it.

Brand: Niagara Sleep Solution

👤I ordered bamboo. My back, neck, and rotator cuffs are permanently injured and I am in pain every day. It was one of the most comfortable things I have ever done. I feel like I'm getting a hug when I lay down. I am sleeping better. I ordered one for each of my kids and am back to ordering for my guest bed. If they stop selling them, I will order another bed. Wow!

👤The pad is puffy. I put it on my bed. It keeps you cool and adds a lot of comfort. It was the best one I've had. I got my daughter a queen size and she likes it. I got it out of the package and let it expand for a few hours because I didn't include instructions. It makes my air bed very comfortable.

👤Very happy. It was soft and comfortable. Excellent wrapping. Good price.

👤I don't write a lot of reviews. I had to do this. I am a troubled person. Wake up several times a night. Throw and turn. I brought back from the UK an older memory foam mattress that I am using now. I did some research. I was sad. New mattress? What about foam? Is lavender infused? Is it charcoal? There are too many options that risk more back pain or mold. I ordered it. Buy it. I sleep better. It was soft but not too much. It was cozy and comfortable. I almost slept through my alarm because I slept so well. That is a good thing. It's a good thing.

👤The sides were not like a fitted sheet. It had an elastic strap to fit over the mattress. It is not bamboo and is more like a featherbed. It will work in the pinch, but I am not happy about it.

👤It is!!! Improper read. If you have a full size mattress. I have a mattress from the 90s. I know. I can't afford another. Yes, it's a pretty good score. It adds comfort but not as much as pictured. The full size doesn't fit a full sized matteress. The corners are the only part of the side that has a pad. It's annoying. It will be usable, but you won't have padding on each side for 4 inches. At least you will have all the coverage you need.

👤The products from the aloe bamboo must be soft.

👤It's soft and comfy. I didn't buy the highest quality mattress for the occasional guest because of my budget. I got this to help with the hot weather in Florida, so I can escape my noisy household for a nap. It is nice and makes a difference. I feel like I'm on a cloud. There is a bamboo is cooler to sleep on than a matress cover which I also have. I bought cheap mattress protectors because of my dog. She can't jump onto the bed anymore, so I can get nice bamboo ones. It is okay. She got a nicer dog bed.

2. Marsail Mattress Ventilated CertiPUR US Certified

Marsail Mattress Ventilated CertiPUR US Certified

Premium quality that is very skin-friendly can be found in the mattress topper made of CertiPUR-US certified materials. Their quality is above average so you will receive the best quality on the market. Tired of sleeping on a hard, old, and worn-out mattress and waking up with body pains all over? Say no more! Adding a 3inch mattress pad on top of your existing mattress is the best fit for your body and soul. Clean way to sleep. Most people don't know that the memory foam is good for your mattress because it reduces the smell of your bed. It's not just comfortable, it's also good for you. The mattress topper has a gel- infused memory foam layer that is soft, curve, and coolness to your bed, and a cool air tunneled design to prevent sweat and fewer spots. Their 3 inches memory foam topper is a good option for protecting your expensive mattress because it won't flatten or bottom out over time.

Brand: Marsail

👤The mattress my son picked out was too firm so I got this top hat. Selecting a mattress is a very subjective thing, and what works for one person does not work for another. I like my mattresses a bit more on the firm side than my wife does. We let our teenage son pick out his own mattress and what he got was a piece of wood covered in fabric. This thing was like sleeping on a brick and I like mine on the firm side. I was not going to buy another mattress, so the next best thing was to find a mattress that would be more comfortable, and this was the solution. I am not crazy about memory foam, but I am in the minority as most people like it. I found the memory foam to be quite comfortable after lying on it, so I might have to rethink my opinion of it.

👤I have a mattress. My hips are not normal. My ability to sleep was changed by memory foam. It's too hot. I went from no sleep because of hip pain to no sleep because of excessive sweating. I've tried a number of standard mattress toppers that claimed to be cooling. None of them worked. This was my last attempt. I'm happy to say that it was a success. It's perfect. My body temperature is matched by the topper. It's warm. It doesn't cause the heat to go up and down. I don't feel like I'm laying on snow. It was perfect. I look forward to climbing into bed. It's comfortable no matter how I lay. Like sleeping in a cloud. It is very delicate. One of my cats squeezed the top of her claw and it sank in the floor. I got the sheets on and it was safe. There is not a lot of scent. I have a strong sense of smell. The top score wasn't a problem. I can't give 5 stars because there isn't any information included with the topper. Zero. Not even the size. I would have liked to verify that it was the correct size before opening it. There is no information on how to care for the top dog. There is no information on possible allergic reactions. Nothing. This is very confusing to me. Thoughtless, careless and irresponsible.

👤I didn't think it would be able to expand as much as it did. It was too short and narrow to be a pancake. Wait 48 hours for full expansion. My son slept on it for 6 hours. He said that it was much better than his hard bed and he did not feel hot, but it was expanded to fit the whole bed. This is a good alternative to a new mattress because it is cheap. We are happy with it.

👤This Matt is in your bed. It's thick. Extra deep pocket fitted sheets are recommended. It didn't take long for him to reach his full size. The wrapping fit my bed perfectly. If you don't like a bed that is soft. This may not be for you. I recommend this if you want to sink deeper. It doesn't make me sweat or make me hot at night. That's another plus for me. I love this foam mattress.

3. TEKAMON Mattress Decompression Removable Cover Queen

TEKAMON Mattress Decompression Removable Cover Queen

CoHOME aims to provide satisfying pre-sale and after-sale service. If you're not happy with their products, please contact them. They will try to find a solution to your problem. All of their customers deserve the best mattress. The raised areas can effectively reduce the pressure of the human body at different contact points, providing specific sense of comfort, which allows you to sleep soundly and wake up without back pain. It's ideal for side, back or stomach sleeping. As soon as you sleep on it, notice the difference. The top layer of the mattress is infused with temperature-adjusting gel beads. It can absorb heat. The bamboo charcoal memory foam is put on the bottom to use the greenhouse effect of bamboo charcoal to eliminate odors and improve sleep quality. The bamboo fiber bed cover is cooled by a six-side 3D air layer so it has better air permeability, so it makes you sleep more comfortably. It is also convenient and durable that theremovable zipper makes it machine-washable and can effectively protect the mattress cover. CertiPUR-US and OEKO-TEX certify their mattresses. It has low emissions for indoor air quality, which can assure you enjoy a good night's sleep, and it has specific standards for content and performance. They have a ten-year warranty on their mattresses. A risk-free sleep test is provided by QIANGWEI. They promise a 10-year warranty. If you're not satisfied with anything, you can contact them for a full refund. Rest assured to buy.

Brand: Tekamon

👤This thing is amazing. This is a must have for cooling and comfort. I went from a cheap 2 inch foam mattress to a more expensive one that was more comfortable, but I needed to invent something else. I did a lot of searching for "cooling" mattress toppers, but I found one that is more comfortable than my last one, and it is actually cool to the touch. I have slept through every night so far. It doesn't happen often as a hot sleeper with secondary insomnia. I decided on this one because it was the only one with lots of reviews that mentioned the cooling effect. If you are a hot sleeper, this is the best one for you.

👤The most comfortable one I have ever had! It supports all your curves. The quality was better than I expected. I was skeptical at first. Wow! It was so amazing to see how the addition to the mattress made it feel like a brand new mattress. I did not hesitate. You will absolutely love me! I can't believe how supportive this thing is. Ed saved me and now I have no back pain. It is great on a firm mattress. You will wake up pain free if you fall in love with your bed. I am telling you that this is the best yet. I've spent a lot of money on mattresses and foam. I just ordered this and it is the best. I have been trying to find the right memory foam since I was 20 years old. This is for me.

👤I bought this item in order to relive some back pain I was having from my latex foam mattress. The "10 year warranty" and the "180 day risk-free sleep test" were things that I felt reassured about with my purchase. The "memory foam" seemed to lose its memory after a couple of months and my body impression seemed permanent in the foam. The same indentation caused by the same rotation resulted in back and neck pain, even though I promoted the needed support for another couple of months. I reached out to Tekamon through the Amazon website, asking them to stand by their sleep test and warranty. I reached out again after 30 days without a reply. There is still no reply. It was made right by Amazon. Please rest assured to buy. The item description was false.

👤I bought a firm memory foam mattress from ikea and wanted a softer top. Since I live in Arizona, I decided to get a cooling gel mattress since I tend to run hot. Within a few hours, the topper firmed up and fit perfectly on the new mattress. The 3” thickness was sufficient to give some added softness while maintaining the benefits of the underlying mattress. I have found the new mattress to be more comfortable because of the good job of the topper. If I need another one, I will order another product from this one.

👤We got this yesterday and I slept on it. It was soft and comfortable, but it was even better because I stayed cool all night. This thing is a life saver because it makes me feel better to sleep when the mattress is like a sauna.

4. Oaskys Mattress Stretches Cooling Alternative

Oaskys Mattress Stretches Cooling Alternative

The cotton top and down alternative fill are 100% cotton. There are tips. Spread it for a few days before use. It would return to normal thickness. Fluffy Again. It should be laid in the sun for a few hours. It's cool,breathable,ultra soft,beautiful. The new shape of the diamond quilting seam is more supportive and soft than the normal one. The filling is prevented from running around. It is easier to install in the elastic fabric pocket. The spilled fluid can be wiped quickly. It is machine washed. It is easy to maintain a tumble dry on low. Natural drying. The material is made of 83 GSM pongee reverse.62 oz and has high quality fitted fiber that gives you superior comfort against your skin without extra heat and sweat.

Brand: Oaskys

👤My wife decided to replace our mattress with the hardest slab of concrete I've ever had to sleep on. I ordered this cover hoping for a little bit of relief. I was able to sleep again after the first night, it doesn't slip off even with my tossing and turning, and it stays cool. The mattress cover probably saved my marriage. Thank you!

👤I bought this to see if I slept cooler on my memory foam. I do! It's not a miracle worker, but I am sleeping better with it. I'm not completely sinking into the bed like I did with my heavier weight memory foam, because it did firm up the bed a little. As a Texan who sleeps with 73 degrees on the AC, I was able to decide whether or not to buy these things.

👤I didn't want to write a review until I used it a lot. I didn't have high hopes for it because of the price, and it was wrong. This thing has made my bed softer. I do a lot of that in my bed when I work from home. Doing this was killing me because of my lower back problems. I barely want to wake up for work after buying this mattress. I could spend the entire day on this thing. When you take it out, don't be alarmed at how flat it is. I put it in my dryer with wool dryer balls and ran it through a 60 minute cycle. It was so fluffy when I pulled it out. There is a I already had mattress protectors on my bed, but the deep pockets fit perfectly. My sheets fit perfectly. It does not slide around. As soon as my dogs jump on the bed for the night, they pass out. If you want to make your night incredibly cozy, buy this! The only thing I noticed was that it makes your bed super warm, which is a good thing. I can see that being an issue if you are a hot sleeper, because I am always cold anyways.

👤The product was in a bag. The mattress topper was completely covered in mold when it was taken out of the packaging. It was disgusting and damp to the touch. Horrendous. Return for a refund immediately.

👤I have bought so many toppers in my life that I have given up trying to find one that is perfect for me, and I finally decided to try one more. This is like lying on a bed of marshmallows. I don't want to get out of bed. This is the best purchase I have ever made for bedding. I am not a lightweight because I hold it shape every day. It has been a long time since a great night sleep.

👤I never write reviews but this item deserves it. We bought a new mattress and returned the old one because we were unhappy with it. The pad is tucked away in the guest room. All of it's fabulous reviews were seen after this one. It doesn't have the price tag we would expect to pay for quality, so we were skeptical. We went with it and were very happy. Two weeks before Thanksgiving, my husband and I are still making comments about how it transformed our bed after we bought it back in August. We're not sure why, but it definitely feels like it! I don't have menopausal sweats. They seem to be not worse. You wont regret buying it!

5. ELEMUSE Mattress Pillowtop Overfilled Alternative

ELEMUSE Mattress Pillowtop Overfilled Alternative

You can get a 120-day trial and 3-year warranty on the Nelaukoko memory foam queen mattress. They offer a 120-day trial with a full money back guarantee and a 3-year warranty to protect your investment. The microfiber fabric is extremely soft and comfortable. It's also durable, no risk of being ripped. It's double filled with 3D snow down alternative filling and it's soft, plush and warm. A person who has sensetive skin can be helped by clean materials. Elemuse mattress topper is extra thick and supportive, offering pressure-relief properties that provide greater support for your hips, shoulders, back, and knees. Down alternative filling retains less body heat than memory foam, which makes it less warm or hot during the night. The cooling mattress pad can help you sleep better and make you feel better when you wake up. The elastic deep pocket will wrap your mattress perfectly so the pillow top will stay in place and you can toss and turn during the sleepy nights. Box pockets are left to hold the filling and keep it evenly distributed. The morden stylish designed bed skirt and sewing pattern add more appeal to your bedroom. It is possible to wash ELEMUSE mattress topper in a large capacity washing machine with cold water, mild detergent and gentle cycle, which helps save huge time and energy over hand washing. It is clean and fluffy after being dry in a large capacity dryer. 100% Customer SatisfactionELEMUSE aims to provide satisfying pre-sales and after-sales service. The ELEMUSE service team will always be available to answer questions. Superb products and excellent service are what you'll get here. Purchase it for yourself or your loved one. All of you deserve the best mattress.

Brand: Elemuse

👤We bought a new king mattress that was too firm and knew we needed a mattress topper. We were going to buy a memory foam that was more expensive but after looking online we found mixed reviews and a lot of people selling theirs for less than the sticker price. The memory foam is too firm and hard to position in, they hold heat, and even though they are triple the price, no one seems to really love them. We found and bought this mattress t-shirt and it is perfect. It is three inches thick and filled with fluff. I noticed that the box says hotel comfort and that is exactly what you get, it is awesome. It is still a firm mattress, but it is softer on top. I bought a cheap pillow top mattress, but at a fraction of the price. It does look small when taken out of the box, but it stretches immediately and fills out very quickly. Within 5 minutes of having it on, I was ready to sleep. It only took 2 minutes to put it on the bed, just like a fitted sheet, and my regular fitted sheet still fits on top. I read that it can be laundered, so it is a bonus. It is a good idea when you never know what the kids are going to do in your bed. If I ever make the mistake of buying an uncomfortable mattress again, I will definitely buy this again. Thanks for saving me from a lot of headaches. I think so.

👤My wife and I invested in a king size mattress from Tempurpedic about 7 years ago and we have been satisfied ever since, until about a year ago when the mattress began to feel too firm. When we woke up in the morning, we both had sore shoulders and hips. We wanted to extend the life of the mattress and add more cushion, so we looked at scores of mattress toppers, and finally settled on the ELEMUSE King White Cooling Mattress topper. It has been a blessing. Both of us are sleeping without sore muscles. The cover is soft and it is machine washed. We are very pleased. We are buying a queen for one of our beds. Highly recommended!

👤It is so soft and absorbent that it is the perfect replacement for my expensive mattress that should not need a second one.

👤This will not turn your mattress into a pillow top. The fibers on a pillow top mattress are very firm. The pad is so heavy that it's like sleeping on top of a comforter. It adds comfort but won't cure a mattress that is too firm. My daughter uses this on top of a memory foam pad for her dorm mattress. The pad is too hot. The mattress at her school is the most comfortable.

👤I had my first night of sleep in a year. In March of 2020 I bought a new mattress and woke up every day with lower back pain. I couldn't return the mattress because of covid. I bought this mattress top up and it was amazing. The comfort. I washed it first when it came out of the package and it dried and poof. It went on my bed. I slept through the night last night. No ache. I am pain free this morning because I did not flip flop. Thank you! Thank you!

6. ViscoSoft Memory Mattress Density Ventilated

ViscoSoft Memory Mattress Density Ventilated

This bed topper is an ideal gift for occasions such as a baby shower, wedding, anniversary, and housewarming. The surface pad is cloud-like and adds extra comfort to the beds. It is easy to store and carry. The 3-inch gel- infused memory foam is designed to reduce body heat and improve sleep. It helps prevent body ache caused by sinking by utilizing thousands of testing hours and reviews the topper's designed to balance of softness and support. The innovative gel foam formula is designed to prevent sinking into the foam. Testing from labs such as TV ensures compliance to deliver superior feel and quality. The sleeping position on the mattress topper will distribute body heat evenly and relieve pain. The cover is machine washable and has a slip resistant mesh and elastic straps. It is secured to your mattress without the need for re-adjustments. Money back guarantee for 60 days. They stand behind all of their products and are committed to producing premium products. If you change your mind, you can get a full refund within the first 60 days after purchase. All ViscoSoft toppers have a 5-year warranty.

Brand: Viscosoft

👤I will keep an eye on it, but this ViscoSoft 3.5 lbs. is the one I will update if anything changes. The Density 3-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper (Queen) seems a lot better quality than the many I've purchased in the past, including the highly-reviewed NovaForm one that ended up being a dud. I feel like this one is different because it's much heavier and doesn't stay in a straight line like the others. It's hard to explain, but it's soft. After only a few months of bliss, the Serta pillowtop mattress failed and sunk in the middle. All mattresses are terrible quality these days, so we had to get creative with toppers, which led us to the long road to this one. My husband and I both have neck and back issues, and we both can't sleep on a firm mattress. It seems like this is the right thing to do for both of us. I like all of the unique characteristics that the guy in the video talked about, and I watched their video. If the bedding situation in this country changes, I will change the review because I am tired of being cheated. I don't think this will happen here, because there seems to be pride in workmanship. We stopped using the one we had but will likely buy another one. We have found that all memory foam degrades, though most are 6 months to a year before you start feeling the effects, this one has lasted longer. We replaced our regular mattress with a "Sleep On Latex" one, after watching videos on You tube that said the problem was not the springs, but the memory foam layers. The no good premade mattress problem will be solved by this lifetime mattress set-up. I still prefer to have the memory foam on top, but it will need to be swapped out every couple years for the latex ones, since the latex ones remain a stabile foundation. This is a great test that should give you a few years of rest. The old one will be put on a guest bed. There is a new update on 4/16/19: still great! 3 months later, still loving! There was an update on 12/09/2018: 5mos in and nothing changed. It's a good thing.

👤This has fit the bill for what I was looking for. It is very comfortable and appears to be of good quality. I got the Queen size and I'm loving it. It is heavy and dense and has a plushy feel. You don't feel like you're sinking into it when you roll over, it's easy to do. I have a bed from Bowles Mattress that is HD and I wanted to make it my own. I got this and put on top of it because it didn't feel like a cloud and now I'm in heaven. I have not had any pains in my lower back. I have a medium firm cloud temperpedic bed which is so comfortable when you sleep in it, but I would wake up in pain in my lower back, so that led me to this bed I have now. This is a good mattress top for me. This doesn't have an odor, it doesn't slip around on my bed, and it doesn't sleep hot either. If I could give this person more stars, I would. Thank you to the company that makes this and to Amazon for making it available to us. I'm still happy and loving my top. I still have positive reviews on this one, it is a great one, it has been worth every penny in my case. I didn't regret getting it. November 29, 2019) is the new date. This top is still great, holding up well, looks and feels the same as the day I got it, and I am very pleased with it. I highly recommend. This is the top. The mattress topper is still very comfortable. I will definitely be buying another one of these if this one does wear out. I should get a discount for the good reviews I give, but I like INRDeals I like seeing people share their opinions of products, as long as it's honest.

7. SLEEP ZONE Mattress Overfilled Athletic

SLEEP ZONE Mattress Overfilled Athletic

The formula for memory foam is designed to be soft and responsive. The mattress pad with the new NANOTEX Coolest Comfort Technology balances your body temperature throughout the night. The sleep surface is treated with an Embossed process, which is usually applied to sports fabrics, making it more stylish than ordinary material and bringing an advanced dynamic vibe to your bedroom. 120gsm thick brushed microfiber is used as the sleep surface. The 12oz 5D spiral fiber is thicker than most on the market. A state-of-the-art fiberfill has a feeling of being down. The mattress pad is super fluffy because of the fiberfill. You can enjoy the hotel level of comfort at home. The mattress pad is designed with three zones in mind. The head and foot areas use a wavy design to make sure the edge is not bent. The body area in the middle uses a cloud-shaped design to provide a larger body supportive area that will help the body resist sagging. It helps to keep your body limber for sleep. The skirt pocket can be easily placed on most mattresses and stretches up to 21 inches deep. The elastic trim is high quality and can hold your wrap in place, making it easy to fit and remove. It will make sure you get a good night's sleep. Do not use bleach in the machine wash. SATISFACTION PROMISE - SLEEP ZONE has more than 40 years of experience in the design and manufacture of high-quality bedding. Their products are free of harmful chemicals. Their excellent product quality and customer service will give you confidence to buy from them. They will get back to you within 24 hours if you have any questions.

Brand: Sleep Zone

👤It's Meh... It's okay. I was expecting more honestly after reading the reviews. The padding is not thick. I don't think the difference was noticeable. It's not terrible. Some of the reviews are inflated.

👤I usually don't write reviews if it's terrible. This one is great. I'm a disabled veteran with 6 back surgeries and a sleep disorder. My ability to sleep for more than a few hours is a huge challenge and I spent a couple thousand dollars on a Temperpedic bed. The bed wasn't very comfortable on certain areas and it was incredibly hot. I'm 6ft tall and 135 lbs, but I have thin hips. I noticed that my hips weren't killing me as soon as I put this mattress pad on my bed. Adding this mattress pad would make a huge difference. I was excited to go to sleep that night and see what else it had to offer. I was not disappointed. I didn't spend a lot of time trying to get comfortable. I did wake up twice, but it wasn't because I had to move my position. It wasn't because I was sweating so much. The one thousand dollar helped with comfort and temp. I put this over the Temperpedic and it made a difference. It is amazing. If you're thinking about trying it, just do it, you won't regret it, and if you do, you can just return it. I bet you won't want to return it.

👤I will write a second review after a week of using the mattress cover. I will tell you that it is very wrinkly. It will bother you if you have pet peeves like me. I put it on my bed and it seemed to cooling down. It warms up just like any other material. It is a hot day in Texas. The material is a little warmer because my window shades are open. I closed them and will see how it goes tonight. I didn't feel a difference when I napped a few days ago. It adds a little padding to your bed. I expected a fluffier feeing. I am sort of sad. It is almost like sleeping on a cheap bed. I like the way it drips to the mattress. I don't think it will come off if you're a crazy sleeper like me. I don't like when sheets come off easily. I got a Queen size mattress, but it was a tad small and tight. I assume that is to keep it in place with a good grip. The material is thin. So far, I see good stitching. I feel a bit more cozy as I lay down. That is a plus. It was almost like sleeping on a cloud. I lint roll it because it picks up dog fur very easily. I tried covering it with a sheet, but it came off easily. I just used this as a sheet. If you need some fluff to your bed, this will add a bit, but don't expect a whole extra layer of fluff.

8. Subrtex Inches Gel Infused Removable Ventilated

Subrtex Inches Gel Infused Removable Ventilated

The Subrtex mattress topper uses 3.5 pound density memory foam and has a ventilated design that reduces body heat and air flow. The bamboo rayon cover is made of skin-friendly knitted fabric and comes with elastic straps which fit mattress depth up to 12 inches, and mesh fabric backing to prevent sliding, and a premium metal zip for easy removal and washing. CertiPUR-US and OEKO-TEX certify their memory foam mattress topper for its performance and content. No harmful chemicals. If you want to use advanced shipping, leave the memory foam in aventilated area for 48 to 72 hours. It's important to find a suitable temperature to shorten the time. They will provide peace of mind for your purchase, because they are confident with their mattress topper. Buy with confidence. If you have any issues within 10 years of your purchase, contact them.

Brand: Subrtex

👤No doubt, this is comfortable. This is a huge but it moves around on the bed and pulls the sheets off. I have slept on it for a few weeks and every morning, I have to remove my sheets and blankets and put the mattress protectors and fitted sheet back on. The fitted sheet and mattress protectors are pulled off of the mattress every morning because I am one person and no vigorous activities are taking place in this bed. The extra deep pocket sheets are baggy and the extra fabric under me makes it uncomfortable. I bought this thing to alleviate my shoulder pain, but the intensive moving of the bed and topper every morning was making it worse. It is very hot to sleep. The first week of April was cold, but when the temperature hit 80 degrees in May it was too hot. I returned it. It was a lot of work. A kayak came in a box. I was able to lie down in and close the box with more space than me, it was taller than me. Three grown men and four rolls of duct tape were needed to get this thing in a coffin-sized box. If you don't like it, you're going to need a giant box to return it. Even if you don't like it, you need to keep it. Cut it up and make something. I understand that it's a 4 inch thick mattress, but it's in a small box, so you may think you'll be able to return it with ease. Not even the $20 wardrobe box from the hardware store could hold this beast. I want you to not think that I'll try it out. I can always return it if I don't like it. It's difficult said than done, my friend. It's not easy said than done.

👤Even though they said it wouldn't be hard, my memory foam bed is very hard. Three years ago, I purchased a cool gel memory foam topper to try and fix this problem. It did not help the heat problem. I began the search for a new memory foam top hat after my old one started to wear out. I am very happy that I chose this memory foam topper. I'm sleeping better than I have in a long time because it is comfortable and holds its shape. It took a while for this product to arrive. It was about 3 weeks from the order date to the shipping date. It was disappointing, but it was worth it. The first couple nights it was a little stiff, but after 24 hours it was very comfortable. There was no smell from the foam. Great purchase. I'm happy.

👤Very happy with this. I measured it and it has no smell. I am sensitive to smells of memory foam and new car smells, so I was worried before buying this. I didn't notice a smell after unwrapping it, but I let it air out and expand a couple days in case. You sink into it, but in a relaxing way. Laying on my side is no longer hurting my hip bones. jamming them against springs It would be comfortable to sleep on the floor with one of these. One thing to note is that this is a thick foam, and your old sheets and bedspread probably won't fit with this on, but this is true with any memory foam topper, just something to remember. I don't have to worry about foam failing after a couple years or a big dip forming in one side of the matress pad because of the long 10 year warranty.

9. Sleep Innovations Mattress 10 Year Warranty

Sleep Innovations Mattress 10 Year Warranty

The dual layer gel memory foam mattress topper has a soft quilted pillow top and cooling gel memory foam. The gel foam mattress topper has plush support for all sleep positions, and the pillow top cover stretches to fit your bed like a fitted sheet. Relieve pressure points, enjoy deeper sleep, and wake up feeling refreshed with their line of memory foam, gel memory foam, dual layer, and pillow top mattress toppers. CertiPUR-US certified, their memory foam mattresses, mattress toppers, and pillows are all made in the USA. The memory foam mattress is in a box and they continue to innovate to give you the best night's sleep.

Brand: Sleep Innovations

👤This product has been with me for about 5 weeks. I loved this product in the beginning, but after sleeping on it for a week, I felt like I was sleeping on something that wasn't right, so some comfort is lost. Certainly not a foam item. The real problem is that it still provides some comfort with the foam. The white fitted cover was the real problem. One person is washing in a large washer. The white fitted cover falls apart, leaving stringy particles of fiber in the washer. It was a nightmare of a day. Not sure if my washing machine has been damaged. Time will tell. My husband had to snake our drain after cleaning our washing machine. The photo shows what the cover looks like now, but the fill is not smooth. I am not sure how the manufacturer can sell an item that is not clean. Can you imagine how much it would cost to dry clean the white fitted topper when you wash it? I wash our bedding a few times a month. If that is the solution, there is too much expectation. Be careful. I spoke with Amazon Customer Service and suggested the seller rethink selling this as a set. Although it has been a challenge, I would like to commend Amazon for allowing me to return the items for a full refund even though I am a few days over my return day. Thank you Amazon.

👤I realize that I must not seem like a cliché, so I will get to that part later. I bought this topper for my king size bed two years ago and it is still perfect in every way, but it has been put to the test far more than most people could ever imagine, and sadly not like certain dirty minds would think. I immediately purchased a water resistant mattress protectors to put over it, but I'm on my 3rd one now just to be safe. I must say that this mattress topper immediately changed my life and how I sleep as my mattress was very hard and uncomfortable. I will buy the same one again if it ever wears out because it has been tried and true. I haven't gotten to that yet. I have recently checked out the king size My Pillow mattress topper for $499 and wasn't impressed at all, but I will only say that I hate their straps that are supposed to hold it in. Again, not what dirty minds are thinking. I run a no-kill dog rescue with over 300 dogs. I brought my NINE to be euthanized because it is near impossible to re home rescued adult pit bulls that people think are bad, unpredictable and possibly turn on them. I allow 4 or so of them to sleep with me each and every night because I am an older single man with no mate to yell at. If their torturing this top dog by constantly probing it with their strong feet and down and deep into it is not the perfect test of its long-term endurance, then absolutely nothing else could be. I am telling you that the Sleep Innovations mattress topper is just as good as it was when it was first introduced. I have taken the liberty of having the fiber-fill topper part laundered twice and it still looks just as good as it did when it was new. I hope that the Sleep Innovations one is still available. Thank you so much, Sleep Innovations!

10. Best Price Mattress Trifold Topper

Best Price Mattress Trifold Topper

The memory foam top has a high density base foam layer. The portable trifold is great for camping, overnight guests, car trips and sleepovers. Spot clean only, 100% poly jacquard cover with slip proof bottom. CertiPUR-US certified foams have a 3-year manufacturer's warranty. The top of the box has a top rolled in. Allow up to 72 hours for the topper to rise and for the odors to go away. The product dimensions are 75'' x 33'' x 4''.

Brand: Best Price Mattress

👤Beware of BED BUGS that arrived with the top. The RV mattress was received on Sunday 5th and allowed to unfold to full size and then saw hundreds of little purple/dark red bugs crawling all over the seams in between the 3 mattress compartments. This nasty surprise was returned.

👤We were skeptical about buying this mattress. When it arrived, we were concerned that it wasn't as deep as it was described, as it was in the bag. The mattress was fully inflated after we cut off the bag surrounding it. The mattress never separated at the trifold areas. You don't feel the trifold areas when you look at it. It is a single piece, even laid out. It was very comfortable for our guests, and we used it on an RV hide-a-bed. They said they had never slept on a mattress like that. After they left, we decided to try it out for ourselves, and we found it to be a great memory foam mattress that gave us a great night's sleep. It was not too firm or soft. It was correct. Compared to other awkward-to-store, one piece mattresses, the ease with which this mattress folds up for storage is a plus. We recommend this memory foam mattress to anyone who wants a good night's sleep. Don't hesitate. The mattress is the best for the price and for comfort. Let me assure you that this is not a fake review. I have back issues and love this memory foam mattress.

👤I made a platform to be just about the dimensions of a short queen size and bought this mattress to fit inside my camper shell. It is what I was looking for. The two layers of foam make for a comfortable sleeping posture. The cover isn't as good as I was expecting, the mattress I ordered was heavier duty and seemed to last a few washes, but this one is soft and thin. The smell is the main con. I had it airing out for about 5 days and it is still strong, although I believe it is dissolving. Within 24 hours, it was expanded fully. I am happy with the purchase.

👤The work is not up to par. The foams were different in size. The covers are not fastened.

👤This is one of the best purchases I have made in a while. I needed a place to sleep and a sofa to double as, so I bought this when my mom was coming to visit me. This was perfect! I was able to fold it up as a seat because it was the right thickness to not have my back hit the floor when I slept. I bought the full size for myself and my boyfriend because it was large enough for both of us. It would be great if it came with a mattress cover. I slept well and didn't experience any back pain. I used it as a couch when I folded it out.

👤I opened the package and it smelled terrible, I purchased this product 4 days ago. The scent was so strong that I could smell it. I knew that memory foam mattresses give off gas, but I didn't expect it to be so strong. The smell is the same as it was on day one, and I have let it air out in the room uncovered with the windows open and fan on. I need this mattress for a guest this weekend, and I have never considered returning this purchase. I have to keep it. I searched through the reviews before buying and only a few people said the product gave off a smell, and the other reviews were all positive, so I wonder if I got a bad one or something. I am going to use baking soda on it to see if it will cut down on the smell.

11. EASELAND Mattress Mattress Stretches Alternative

EASELAND Mattress Mattress Stretches Alternative

The cotton top and down alternative fill are 100% cotton. Queen mattress pad is 60x80 inch and has a deep pocket of 49 ounces. 30oz down alternative filling will add great softness to your mattress. The cotton surface is skin-friendly and will absorb sweat. Filled with alternative filling. The deep pocket design of the fitted sheet will allow it to stretch up to 21 inch with 130GSM single-track elastic fabric, no matter how you move on the bed, this pad will keep neat. It can be machine washed and dried under the sun.

Brand: Easeland

👤This was very nice. I thought it would be a little bit thicker but it will work for me. I like the fact that the video shows the thickness and that it hugs the mattress well.

👤I had to tell you how much we love our new mattress pad. Our mattress is about 4 years old and needs something to make it more comfortable. It's a night and day difference after we purchased this mattress pad. I love how thick it is. It's very comfortable and durable. It used to take me a long time to fall asleep, but now I fall asleep in minutes. I love how well this mattress covers the sides of the mattress. The mattress pad can't slide off a corner during the night because it doesn't fit around the mattress. It's perfect! I love sleeping in our bed, and wake up feeling great.

👤After reading all of the reviews for this mattress cover, I had to leave a review that recognized all the different opinions on it. The cover is vacuum sealed so it is small. It also comes from China. I left the package on the sofa after opening it, and it was still fairly flat. I put it in the dryer for 30 minutes after I remembered one of the reviews, and it puffed up. If you're looking for a mattress pad that will make your bed more comfortable, this isn't it, it's a mattress pad with a bit of fluff to it, but I wasn't looking for anything to make my son's bed more comfortable. The cover is perfect for that. It's not a pillow top mattress topper, but it adds a decent size layer to the bed to add a bit of comfort and allow for airflow. It is very unlikely to come up during the night because it has so much edging material around the bottom of the mattress. This was a huge bonus for me. My son thinks he sleeps a bit cooler with it on. Don't be if you're on the fence because of the reviews. This is a great mattress pad.

👤This is amazing. We needed a mattress protector but he didn't want one because he gets hot and sweaty at night. He said the previous mattress protectors made it worse. The price and good reviews made this one worthwhile. I could not be happier. He loves it. It's very comfortable and he stays cooler at night. When you first lay down, it's very cool. It takes a long time to dry in our dryer because it takes a long time to dry after 2 cycles. Maybe it's our dryer. I think it's due to the size of the protectors. My size is a King. Definitely a great purchase!

👤I didn't read the instructions at first. When it was taken out of the box, it was flat. I put it in the sun for a few hours after reading the directions, and it was just as fluffy as I had imagined it to be. It fits around my queen size bed and is so soft that the angles in the clouds know how I feel. I love this. A must buy for someone who dreams.


What is the best product for best mattress topper for back pain twin?

Best mattress topper for back pain twin products from Niagara Sleep Solution. In this article about best mattress topper for back pain twin you can see why people choose the product. Marsail and Tekamon are also good brands to look for when you are finding best mattress topper for back pain twin.

What are the best brands for best mattress topper for back pain twin?

Niagara Sleep Solution, Marsail and Tekamon are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best mattress topper for back pain twin. Find the detail in this article. Oaskys, Elemuse and Viscosoft are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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