Best Best Mattress Topper for Back Pain 2

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1. HYLEORY Mattress Topper Stretches Pocket

HYLEORY Mattress Topper Stretches Pocket

Unlike most mattress toppers in the market, theirs has a machine-washable cover, which means you can keep it clean, and it will last longer to some extent, eliminating the need for frequent disposal of the mattress topper and causing waste. This mattress is extra thick and filled with spiral fiber which makes it fluffy. The 2-inch quilted microfiber filling of the mattress topper can make you feel soft and relieve stress. BREATHABLE AND COOL. The mattress is very soft. They use the newest HNN Cooling Technology in their mattress pad to help you sleep comfortably and to keep you cool. Being hot and sweaty is not good. Skin-friendly. The snow down alternative filling protects your mattress from stains, perspiration, and pet dander. You can have a dream that is sweet and not have any problems with your eyes or nose. Queen size 60''X80'' fits a mattress up to 21 inches. The fabric sides can fit mattresses up to 21 inches thick. The quilted square and stream pattern style prevents fill from shifting. Machine washable. It can be washed in cold water and dried on the low setting. They advise you to leave it for several hours before you use it, so that it can be fluffed up and added to your mattress.

Brand: Hyleory

👤I usually don't write reviews but I found this amazing mattress topper and wanted to give it back. The new bed was supportive but we were missing the "skoosh" factor. We wanted a top hat that made me sleep hot. I was researching how much they weighed. The others were not as much of a factor as this one was. That sold me! The topper is very fluffy and beautiful. It fit on our mattress. Our bed has been made to feel like we were missing. Stop looking. You have been looking for this.

👤I am a 70 year old woman with lots of arthritis and this helps with the pressure points that have always left me in a lot of pain when I get up. When I was sleeping on my side, I had pinched nerves, but they have not reappeared. After a short run in the dryer, it fluffed up. The bed is deep enough to cover my mattress. We are going into winter so it does hold in the warmth. I wonder if it will be too hot in the summer.

👤I am very pleased with this mattress. It was sealed and air tight. When I opened the package, I saw that it was thick and plush. It has deep pockets and is perfect for the mattress. I bought this for my son. I decided to get myself one as well after seeing how he melted into it. I have one complaint. I noticed a couple of small black spots after removing it from the packaging. It was like grease. I would have preferred not to have that there. This is a very comfortable mattress pillow top.

👤As much padding as a regular comforter can be given. Not recommended to me. The Bamboo brand is 3” or more. You will pay more, but it is worth it.

👤It was a little flatter than I thought, but still fluffy enough to add padding to the mattress. It should sit for 24 hours before being put on bed. I woke up hot the first couple of nights. I had my husband turn the air to cooler. It felt like a sting on my feet or legs, and back where Skin was touching the pad. It felt like fiberglass. I thought it was me but my husband woke up and said it felt like he was in fiberglass. I knew it was the fibers in the mattress topper when I felt it. We had to take the Topper off and change the sheets. At midnight tonight! We are very disappointed. I need to know who to contact to try and get a refund or something that will solve our problem. Right back where we started.

👤I decided to get a mattress top to see if it would make my mattress more comfortable, since I haven't been sleeping well and tossing and turning every night. Without spending hundreds or thousands on a new mattress. It's soft and comfortable. I have been sleeping better since I started using it. There are more expensive and less expensive mattress toppers. I am very happy with this one and recommend it.

2. Niagara Sleep Solution Mattress Breathable

Niagara Sleep Solution Mattress Breathable

CertiPUR-US certified memory foam has a 3-year manufacturer's warranty. If you want to make your old mattress new, use their mattress topper Twin Xl, it will transform your old mattress to a new comfortable and extreme soft mattress as it serves as a mattress reviver, do not throw the old mattress away. Natural Ultra Soft Bamboo fabric is used for a mattress. Twin Xl Cooling is made from natural Bamboo fabric which is soft in touch and provides an enhanced sleeping experience. Bamboo is silky to touch, which makes it easier to sleep. Quilted mattress cover is extremely Breathable. The twins are Twin xl. Natural bamboo helps regulate body temperature by keeping it cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It is like sleeping on a cloud with the Quilted Mattress Topper Twin Xl 2 Inches Bed Size Extra soft premium mattress topper. Good for people who want extra cushion between them and the mattress, and looking for quilted mattress topper protectors or pillow top mattress protectors. Adding cushion between the mattress and the sleeping area helps ease back pain. Money Back Guarantee: Quilted Mattress Topper Twin xl college dorm is backed by money back guarantee. If you don't like the product, you can return it.

Brand: Niagara Sleep Solution

👤I ordered bamboo. My back, neck, and rotator cuffs are permanently injured and I am in pain every day. It was one of the most comfortable things I have ever done. I feel like I'm getting a hug when I lay down. I am sleeping better. I ordered one for each of my kids and am back to ordering for my guest bed. If they stop selling them, I will order another bed. Wow!

👤The pad is puffy. I put it on my bed. It keeps you cool and adds a lot of comfort. It was the best one I've had. I got my daughter a queen size and she likes it. I got it out of the package and let it expand for a few hours because I didn't include instructions. It makes my air bed very comfortable.

👤Very happy. It was soft and comfortable. Excellent wrapping. Good price.

👤I don't write a lot of reviews. I had to do this. I am a troubled person. Wake up several times a night. Throw and turn. I brought back from the UK an older memory foam mattress that I am using now. I did some research. I was sad. New mattress? What about foam? Is lavender infused? Is it charcoal? There are too many options that risk more back pain or mold. I ordered it. Buy it. I sleep better. It was soft but not too much. It was cozy and comfortable. I almost slept through my alarm because I slept so well. That is a good thing. It's a good thing.

👤The sides were not like a fitted sheet. It had an elastic strap to fit over the mattress. It is not bamboo and is more like a featherbed. It will work in the pinch, but I am not happy about it.

👤It is!!! Improper read. If you have a full size mattress. I have a mattress from the 90s. I know. I can't afford another. Yes, it's a pretty good score. It adds comfort but not as much as pictured. The full size doesn't fit a full sized matteress. The corners are the only part of the side that has a pad. It's annoying. It will be usable, but you won't have padding on each side for 4 inches. At least you will have all the coverage you need.

👤The products from the aloe bamboo must be soft.

👤It's soft and comfy. I didn't buy the highest quality mattress for the occasional guest because of my budget. I got this to help with the hot weather in Florida, so I can escape my noisy household for a nap. It is nice and makes a difference. I feel like I'm on a cloud. There is a bamboo is cooler to sleep on than a matress cover which I also have. I bought cheap mattress protectors because of my dog. She can't jump onto the bed anymore, so I can get nice bamboo ones. It is okay. She got a nicer dog bed.

3. RECCI 2 Inch Mattress Pressure Relieving Viscose

RECCI 2 Inch Mattress Pressure Relieving Viscose

We offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with any issue, please feel free to contact them. Pure Memory Foam - RECCI 2-inch mattress topper queen uses 100% pure memory foam for better performance in softness and support, and you can enjoy a cloud-like sleep and get enough support at the same time. Pressure-Relieving Comfort is a topic. The mattress topper shapes your body and helps lower your head, neck, shoulders, back, and hip pain. You will get a good night's sleep and an energetic morning. The memory foam mattress topper with a 3-sided zipper cover that you can remove and wash when needed, and it has four straps over the corners that can help hold it in place, is called the Washable Cover. The inner foam is enhanced by the cover. CertiPUR-US and OEKO-TEX certify that the queen memory foam mattress topper can last its original shape for a long time. It is an ideal choice for a bedroom, guest room, living room, or college dorm. Please be careful not to scratch the inner product during the unpack process. Before use, please put the foam mattress topper in aventilated area for 48 hours. Contact them if you have any questions.

Brand: Recci

👤The mattress I received was a box spring. It feels like a good quality bed if you put this guy on top. I wouldn't feel the pea at all if I were the girl from princess and the pea. 5 stars.

👤I tried a few different types of foam. I found a lot of them too soft and felt like I was sinking into it. I knew that many of the toppers I purchased were not covered and that they would start to oxidize after a while. I know that this top is firm and will last a long time. The price was reasonable and I would recommend it.

👤I was thinking that I should have bought the 3 inch mattress topper, since I ordered the 2 inch one. The pleasant surprise is that the 2 inch topper is very sturdy. It makes a big difference in sleep comfort and quality. I love it! I am happy I bought this item. The product is high quality.

👤Sometimes I need to wake up at 4:00am. I fall asleep with this mattress. I wake up refreshed. Coffee and music are usually needed to get me out of bed, but with this mattress those things are not always needed. I forgot to drink my coffee because I was so tired. It is a game-changer if you make a small investment in your health.

👤The product is better than I expected and I decided to write a review. I had a blue mattress topper that had the texture of moose foam with holes on it, but it turned yellow and I had to replace it. This one has a cover and foam that is more supportive. The cover can be taken off to prevent it from turning yellow. It has the elastic trap to be in place with the mattress, unlike my old one, which I had to move back and forth between. The price for this is less than my old ones. Recommended.

👤I don't want to leave my bed. Getting up for work is hard. I don't find it to be hot. I'm usually hot. I was worried that it would be very hot. So far, it has been great. You can't beat this price.

👤I bought the twin mattress topper to go on the side of my new king mattress that was too firm for me. I floated on top of my husband's mattress because he weighs more than I do. I started researching foam toppers because of my shoulder and back pain. The cover is soft and washed up well, which I like. I followed the directions and let it rest for a day. I am very sensitive to smells and did not notice a smell. I was worried that it would be too soft at first, and then I was worried that it would be too firm. It provides the perfect amount of support for me, and it doesn't move on my side of the bed. I put it between the mattress cover and the fitted sheet. I have not had shoulder or back pain since using it.

4. Sure2Sleep Memory Mattress Topper 3 Inch

Sure2Sleep Memory Mattress Topper 3 Inch

EXPERTLY PACKAGED. Simply unbox, unroll, and voila, this topper expands to its original shape within 72 hours, thanks to their technology. Total comfort is provided by the Cool GEL SWIRL Infinite Memory FOAM. Cool Gel Swirl infused memory foam and their open cell technology keep your bed temperature neutral and comfortable for a night of sleep. It's a great way to get rid of old matTRESS. It's easy to put your mattress cover under it. It's a great sleeping surface for futon beds. The total pressure point relief. The Sure2Sleep Cool Gel Swirl memory foam mattress topper is easy to install, and it will conform to the curves and shape of your body. CertiPUR-US certified materials are used in the Sure2Sleep Cool Gel Swirl memory foam topper. The Sure2Sleep Cool Gel Swirl memory foam topper has been analyzed by independent, accredited testing laboratories. Made in the USA. The 30 night no risk sleep trial is covered by Sure2SLEEP. If you are not satisfied within the first 30 nights, contact Sure2Sleep for a full refund. It is covered by a full 3 year warranty. The dimensions and size are listed.

Brand: Sure2sleep

👤I noticed that it was torn and damaged when I let it expand. It's not a big deal, but it seems like it should be left in the box.

👤I bought a bigger mattress and box spring. I like a firm mattress, but the one I got was like sleeping on a board. I decided to go with the memory foam route and see if it helped, rather than having to exchange it. It is like a new experience. More comfort! The bed is still firm, so no bouncing, but the memory foam adds a squishy comfort. I am happy with this purchase. Other reviewers said that there was no weird chemical smell.

👤We were surprised by how good this is. We left it for about an hour, some people said it might have an odor, but it did not. It was a perfect fit for the queen mattress. I asked if we could use a mattress heater with it, and was told that it could only be used if it was approved. After sleeping on it for a week, we don't need a heating source. My wife said it was like sleeping on a marshmallows. You understand the idea.

👤Next day, arrived and inflated fully. The thickness is right for my needs, and there was no odor. I didn't see a difference in my shoulder pain. It is very comfortable. If the "cool gel" part of the description was true, I would have given it 5 stars. It doesn't seem to be cooling at all, but the last one I had that claim didn't either. So far, so good!

👤I am miserable and the bites are painful, but I know the bugs were in this bed and I put it on my bed.

👤It takes getting used to. It feels like you are stuck in the foam, but still comfortable. It takes a little more effort to roll over. If you want to move or flip it, get a cover for it.

👤Comes with bed bugs. You can clearly see it is a bed bug. I lost all day dealing with this mess and now I will lose 2 more until someone picks it up. You can get a refund up to 7 days. I lost a lot of time and money. No one cares. Don't buy from this brand.

👤After reading the wonderful reviews on this website, I purchased this top hat. Yesterday it arrived. I put it on the floor so it could air out. I was going to let it rest for a full night before I put it on my bed to make sure there were no chemical smells. I was admiring my new purchase a few hours after opening it and I noticed there were holes in it, as well as a small tear, though I wasn't too concerned about that. There was no rhyme or reason to the holes. There were holes. I found out that someone else had holes in their topper as well. Bed bugs. I ran upstairs to make sure there were no bugs. Guess what? When I stacked two pairs of eyeglasses to look at the bugs, I could only see their tiny legs. I found 5 gross bugs. I have wall to wall plush carpeting and so god only knows how many tiny bugs could have been in the rooms it had been through, so I vacuumed the hell out of my house. I need to get traps to see if I have bed bugs, and if I do, I will need to hire an Exterminator to the tune of $2000. I'm disgusted! The grossest part? The bugs are going for a ride, as Amazon is sending a package to my house today to pick up the damaged and disgusting top. Someone will likely send the topper to another person. It is horrible. I'm sending it back because I want my money back. I can't believe they are taking it away. This thing should be thrown in the trash and marked "danger/bedbugs" I've been on Amazon for a long time. I have never left a negative review. I wouldn't recommend buying a bed product from Amazon. I can't believe they would take the item back.

5. Mattress Protector Breathable 8 21Inches Hypoallergenic

Mattress Protector Breathable 8 21Inches Hypoallergenic

EXPERTLY PACKAGED. Simply unbox, unroll, and voila, this topper expands to its original shape within 72 hours, thanks to their technology. If you want to make your old mattress new, use their mattress topper, it will transform your old mattress to new comfortable and extreme soft mattress as it serves as a mattress reviver, do not throw the old mattress away. The Bamboo Quilted Mattress Topper Queen Cooling is made from natural Bamboo fabric which is ultra soft in touch and provides enhanced sleeping experience. Bamboo is silky to touch, which makes it easier to sleep. It helps regulate body temperature by keeping it cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It is like sleeping on a cloud with the Quilted Mattress Topper Queen 2 Inches Bed Size Extra soft premium mattress topper. It's good for people who want extra cushion between them and the mattress, and they're looking for quilted mattress topper protectors or pillow top mattress topper protectors. Adding a cushion between the mattress and the sleeper can help alleviate back pain. Money Back Guarantee: Bamboo Mattress Topper Queen with One pillow protector set are backed by money back guarantee. If you don't like the product, you can return it.

Brand: Niagara Sleep Solution

👤The mattress topper is very nice and cheap. It fits my queen bed perfectly and is very soft. I needed a cushion to alleviate my lower back pain in the morning, and I felt better after the first night. I only had to wait a short time for it to expand fully. The quality of this topper is really good. I highly recommend!

👤I thought something like this would work for now because our mattress needs to be replaced. I was a bit skeptical of the price. I was not sure if it would live up to what others said, but I am glad I did. It fits our queen mattress well. A standard size pillow case was included. The cover didn't have a nasty chemical smell. It grew quickly. Go ahead and get it if you are on the fence. You will love it!

👤It's so comfy. I was not expecting much, but I read the reviews and decided to order it myself. I bought a memory foam mattress that was too firm, but I have added a bamboo mattress cover to make it softer, and it makes a difference. I had a great night's sleep last night and my bed is very comfortable. I ordered a second one for my guest bedroom. The pillow case is very nice.

👤This is a very soft top. I put it in the dryer for a few minutes after spraying it with some freshener. It plumped up very quickly. My bed feels like it's floating in the air.

👤I will write this again because my original 1-star review was never posted. This product could be worth a four-star rating. The product that arrived with blood stains was the reason for the original 1-star review. I took pictures of the larger stains, but there were several smaller spots throughout the whole thing. If I ordered a used one, it might have been lightly expected, but when you want someone to believe that something is new and not something that someone might have returned for dissatisfaction then you wouldn't send it like that. Even if the stain were used, it would still be disgusting. I contacted Amazon and returned the first item I received, and got a new one because it seemed like it would be what I was looking for. I thoroughly inspected the replacement and did not find any stains. I washed it in a top loading washer. I put it in a dryer on a low setting and took it out and flipped it to dry it without putting it on a higher setting. I am happy with the level of comfort it gives. It feels like lying on a high quality blanket or comforter. It made my sheets feel even softer than usual. I agree with a reviewer who said it was too short. It fits well at the top and bottom of a queen, but it leaves a gap on the sides. It's not too big of a deal if someone tends to sleep towards the edge. We haven't noticed a change in temperature from previous toppers and just the plain mattress, but it definitely doesn't seem to be making us hotter. If you still want to try this, I would suggest putting something waterproof underneath it, because it is not waterproof. I really do like this product, minus the short sides. It is very soft and comfortable and I am glad I tried it again. If I were to order it again, I would get the king size to try to get more coverage on all sides.

6. Price Mattress Queen Crate Topper

Price Mattress Queen Crate Topper

The comfort from the foam is amazing. No disruption for your sleep partner because of responsive active suspension isolates motion. Pressure relief is provided by body- conforming memory foam. lavender is a natural relaxant for sleep.

Brand: Best Price Mattress

👤The quality of the foam is not good enough for us and makes sleep too hot. The company charges a 40% restocking fee for any topper that is out of its original packaging. How can a customer know if this is a good idea? We won't be purchasing from this company again.

👤It was very comfortable and helped relieve stress points. Only had 30 days and it cracked all over.

👤Update! The company stands by their product. No questions were asked when I received a new one. I submitted the warranty claim form and thought I'd hear back from them with something like "it's used, get lost", but I never heard back and a new one just showed up one day! Update! The structure used to hold it's shape but it has started to fall apart. One part of their website says the warranty is 5 years. I'm not sure, but it should still be covered. The price went from $75 to $95. Even if they don't honor the warranty, I'll still buy another one. I've had a good couple years of sleep on it and it's still the best. The best sleep ever! I had this for a couple of nights, but it didn't help that I slept like a baby both nights. The lavender smell is strong, but it's better than the chemical smells I read about and I'm sure it will diminish over time. I bought a Serta Memory Foam topper a week ago. The "Egg Crate" top wasn't present. I couldn't sleep even with the sheets off of me because I was so hot on that thing. It's like a heating appliance. Even with the sheets on, this one stays cool.

👤I was considering buying a purple mattress, but I have a new one. I was attracted to the concept of cradling pressure points and aligning your spine by the fact that my hips would be sore when I slept on my side. The $1,000 price point did not. I found this mattress topper for $79.99 and it changed my sleep. I don't wake up with hip pain, my old mattress feels brand new, and I'm sleeping better. My dog seemed to like it too. The lavender smell was overwhelming when I took it out of the package, so you can ignore the reviews that said it was too overwhelming. I don't notice that it changed the temperature by making it cooler or warmer.

👤When I received this, I put it on my couch. I let it air out. My room smelled like lavender for a day. I put it under the mattress after removing all the sheets. When it plumped up, it took a few hours to be fully done, but it was every bit of 3 inches. The first night I slept on it, I smelled the lavender scent and it made me sleepy. The scent was a little more faint the next night, but I love it. The level of comfort is amazing. I have nothing but positive things to say about this.

7. Green Natural Latex Mattress Topper

Green Natural Latex Mattress Topper

Please be careful not to scratch the inner product during the unpack process. Before use, please put the foam mattress topper in aventilated area for 48 hours. Contact them if you have any questions. Firm provides strong support. You can adjust your body instantly. Naturally stays cool. Natural latex was Harvested from rubber trees. GOLS is a certified organic latex standard. Fair Trade Certified.

Brand: Sleep On Latex

👤We bought a very expensive mattress 18 months ago and it has not lived up to its name. I have had a backache for the last 6 months. I thought it was almost impossible to make a soft mattress firm until I found the Pure Green website. As a last resort, I ordered the firm topper. I didn't want to order the 3rd tier because it would make the mattress really high. It was very heavy when it arrived. I decided to do this myself because I didn't want to bother my husband. I cut the box to get the pad out. It is very tight. I took it down the hall to the bedroom. I couldn't have picked this up on my own. I opened the pad in the bedroom and it grew to the king size I had ordered. As it grew, it became a full size within a plastic bag. I left it in the bag until I got it onto the bed so I wouldn't tear it. The bag made it easier to slide on the bed. After wrestling with it for about 5 minutes, I got it positioned and slid the bag off. The easiest part was that. I let it air out for a few hours before I put it in the bed. I woke up this morning without back pain for the first time in months. I could change my positions without back pain with the 2. Don't wait for those skeptics. You should order it. I'm happy I did.

👤I was unable to afford a new mattress this season due to my lower back and neck pain, but I was able to purchase a mattress top. It's firm, but not uncomfortable, and gives a lot of support. There was no bad smell. I bought the medium firmness but swapped it for the firm since I still felt the same sensation on my mattress with the medium. My original purchase price was quicklyRefunded by Amazon and Pure Green. Not every seller will allow you to return the topper. I'll consider it a good investment if it lasts until next year when mattresses go on sale, and I think it's affordable. It is advisable to invest in a cover for the top of your mattress to keep it safe and warm. If you do return it, you can get it back in the box by keeping the plastic in which it was sent, wrap it up and suck the air out of it with a vacuum hose. Wrap it with packing tape. It was a two person job.

👤We found the perfect one. After researching several other toppers, we found one that works for my husband and myself. Our situation? Both of us have discs in our neck that need fusion due to age and arthritis. My husband has back issues that include a mild case of scoliosis, as well as shoulder pain, arthritis, and other pains of getting older. Both of us would benefit from losing some weight. It was not comfortable to sleep at night. We wanted to keep the mattress in good shape after we replaced it. So we. I put the memory foam mattress topper on the bed after buying it. After about 2 years, it began to show signs of flattening and not being supporative. It was replaced with another brand at the store. The mattress was in great condition, so we tried sleeping without the top. The bed was very firm in the mornings. We were looking for a different mattress topper because we wanted to protect it from sagging. We learned a lot about the different types and materials of toppers after searching websites for "the best one for back pain". 4-5 lbs of density is softer and 2lb density is harder. To us, memory foam is the most readily available kind of topper and the least expensive, but they seem to offer the least support. We purchased a "layer" of 4lb density on top with 5lb density underneath, I think. It was returned the same day after being tested out for less than 15 minutes. It felt like we were in a candy store. That was supposed to be firm? latex lasts longer than memory foam if you lay it on the floor, and it's much harder if you fall on it. There are two types of latex toppers, one of which is 40% latex and the other 40% latex and other man made materials. They are different ways of making them. It is more expensive to use 100% latex. You get what you pay for. Firm was what we needed and 100% natural latex was what we wanted. Pure Green is a result of more research. I spoke to the customer support person and she asked about our needs and gave us recommendations. We decided on the 2 inch firm top that has a density of 5.9 lbs and an ILD rating of 44. I'm glad we did. It is firm, but it still protects our shoulders and hips. We both wake up feeling good because we didn't get sucked down into the topper like with memory foam. This sucker is heavy. The box that says "Heavy Cautiion Lifting" isn't just there because they are pretty, it's also because it's king sized. If you are looking for a latex top hat, do your research and look at Pure Green 100% latex top hats. We are very happy about it.

8. LUCID 3 Inch Memory Mattress Topper

LUCID 3 Inch Memory Mattress Topper

3 inches of gel memory foam adds pressure-relieving comfort to your mattress at the shoulders, hips and knees. Special memory foam formula is very soft and responsive. Theilated design improves the air flow for a more comfortable sleep climate. The plush gel material in memory foam captures heat to control the temperature. New foam scent is normal and will last over the first 48 hours after opening.

Brand: Lucid

👤I was where you are now, reading reviews and getting confused, because some people like it and others don't. What is it that gives? The difference seems to be very simple. This is a great achievement... Only if you have a medium firm mattress underneath it. The mattress is firm, and I have found a new way to sleep. I am not exaggerating. I am an insomniac and I move a lot at night. I get into a deep sleep at night and wake up feeling tired. I am more productive in the morning. I can't speak for the long term integrity of it yet, but I will say that it doesn't create "valleys" where your body was. I used to get frustrated with my pillow situation, but now it's not. The pillows are fine now because it creates the right shape to support me and my neck. I think a lot of the reviews on here say that it is difficult to crawl across, or that it sinks too deep, or that they put their top on a mattress that wasn't very firm. I hope that if you are considering this mattress and you know that your bed is a little soft right now, you should consider that there are some issues. If you have a firm bed, I'm pretty sure you'll love this. I have had this for over a year and it still feels new. I'm still happy with this thing. I have not moved the topper's orientation as I was expecting, but still do not see any indication of body indentation. This thing is amazing. If you want to make the mattress softer, then get it. Just get it.

👤We've owned memory foam toppers before, and this is the worst one we've ever purchased. It doesn't offer any support at all, sinks almost all the way to our mattress, and makes our spine twist awkwardly. My husband and I are not heavy people, but this mattress still sinks ridiculously. I roll to the end of the bed because of the mound between us and the side injury on my side. Be careful. I'm looking for a new one after only having this one for a month. I will never trust him again.

👤I ordered this item because I felt it was too soft for my needs, but within 6 months it started to tear in 2 areas, and eventually the tears grew. The company wouldn't give me a refund. I have not heard anything after sending at least 3 emails. I don't want to write a negative review but I feel I have a legitimate complaint that hasn't been addressed. Would not order again.

👤When I first opened it, I was skeptical as to how it would be able to expand because it was so small. I set it out, but once I looked at it a couple hours later, it had fully expanded and looked perfect. It made our bed feel like a brand new mattress, both me and my boyfriend have gone through a lot. Our dog used to love sleeping on her dog bed, but now she doesn't want to. It's easy to fall asleep now. We have been sleeping through the night since we got this. Serta has the same thing for $260, but you can't beat the price. Definitely recommend!

9. Royal Mattress Hypoallergenic Overfilled Alternative

Royal Mattress Hypoallergenic Overfilled Alternative

The mattress topPER provides unbeatable comfort and gentle support. The queen is 60x80 inches and filled with 600GSM, 65 Ounce 100% Down Alternative fill. There is a microfiber shell cover. Hypo-allergenic. The machine wash is done. The anchor bands hold the t-shirt in place on the mattress. The item is packed tightly. Remove it from its packaging, fluff gently, and allow several hours to recover their full loft.

Brand: Royal Hotel Bedding

👤Great price point! The mattress is beautiful. The bed was very hard. Now very comfortable with the top. I was saved from buying another mattress. Before buying this one, you must have read reviews on several websites. Quilted baffles are strategically sewn. There are elastic bands sewn to the mattress. This product met my check list, it was soft, well-made, and will fit a deep mattress. Will order another for the guest bedroom. It was sold.

👤Oh my god! Its beautiful! As soon as I opened it, it wanted to come out. It was like sleeping on a cloud all night. A product that looks like the picture. Thank you Royal Hotel for making this great. It's probably about 2 inches thick. I jumped right in bed and it was so lush and gorgeous that I will attach my pictures.

👤My sleep was not as good after I set up my King size bed set. I bought the Royal Hotel mattress topper because of my back feeling bad every morning. I don't want to leave my bed because of the pillow top feel. The corners have straps on them. This is important to me because I am 6'9" 300 lbs and when I sleep, everything moves as well. I think this product is very good.

👤I read the reviews. It looks nice out the bag, but it's not a fluffy cloud dream everyone is making it out to be. After you lay on it, it's probably an inch. It does help my new queen bed a bit, but it's not something to write about. After having it for over a week, I can say that it is useless. It is flat. I will return it.

👤I was really excited about this item because I needed some cushion after I bought a new mattress and it was still a little firm. I was hoping for comfort, but one of the straps ripped and I've been trying to use the other 3 straps, but it still slides all over the place. The straps shouldn't snap this easily if I'm going to pay this amount of money for a top. My mattress is within the suggested dimensions.

👤My daughter's dorm bed is firm so I ordered this top hat. I ordered two more for her brothers because she loved it so much. I would recommend this product to anyone who was looking for more comfort and support for their mattress.

👤I was skeptical at first, but decided to try this one, it was $69 for the king size. The new king size mattress is very firm. We tried Serta's memory foam topper, but it didn't work for us very well. The product arrived on the second day after the order was placed. The box was nicely packed. Light on the weigh. My wife fell asleep on it within 5 minutes after we installed it on our bed. It was very comfortable. Both of us woke up without pain. I've been using it for a week now and I'm loving it. I highly recommend this addition.

10. Bamboo Charcoal Memory Mattress Topper

Bamboo Charcoal Memory Mattress Topper

Memory foam conforms to your curves. The increased comfort of your mattress is due to the addition of memory foam. For a clean sleep environment, memory foam resists the growth ofbacteria. bamboo charcoal helps regulate temperature and odor. This product has a 3-year warranty and a new foam scent.

Brand: Lucid

👤This is more than two months after the event. I only gave this one star because I had to. It isn't worth a single star.

👤I bought this padding and it won't expand. Half of it is expanded and flat. The other half is the same as it was when it was in the box. It has been sitting on the floor of an unused room for 3.5 days, and it appears that it won't expand. I submitted for an exchange. I paid an extra $50 for one day shipping when I first bought it, but I got one that isn't working right. They sent me a new one with 2 day shipping. It was pretty bad in my opinion.

👤I bought this 3 inch top in Cal King. There is a smell in the box. It's a new foam and it smells good. The item was wrapped with a mesh fabric protection and a letter opener so you don't have to worry about damaging it. It was easy. Just open it, lay on the floor, and my top got to it's 3 inches. I put my ceiling fan on to speed the process, but I will have to sleep on it for 48 hours. I hope I can make it that long because I was in Heaven and laid on it briefly. I closed my eyes and thought I was in a cloud. I swear I could hear angels and see a flying bird. I'm very hopeful that this will help my hip and lower back pain. You know about the wide spread pains we get, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. The fibro elves take turns stabbing you with small knives. Oh my gosh! I don't like them! I really like the construction of this top hat. It's infused with charcoal, which is an added benefit. It seems awesome, but only time will tell. I'm in my 30s and sleep heavy. My husband tosses every 10 minutes. He has neck and back pain. Too many years of playing hockey. We are both looking forward to sleep therapy. It has a 3 year warranty so that makes me happy. I will update after a full week of sleep. I wish there was a bamboo cover for it. It's possible that you need to purchase deep pocket sheets. I bought this review, which is completely unbiased. Someone is excited about using this item. You can check back for an update. May 24th update. Man oh man! This item exceeded my expectations. This person has been sent to heaven. My joints feel less tender and sore because of it. The lower back pain has decided to stop moving. Being well rested has made my Fibromyalgia episodes less frequent. I have been able to slowly start doing yoga again after the joint pain and wide spread pain lessened. I needed my body to be fixed first and this helped. My kids fight over who gets to sleep in the bed. It helps to keep the water out. Especially when with bamboo sheets. I will replace after the warranty is up because I want to make sure I get the best product. I can't believe how good I am. I will update again in 6m. If you're over 300lb try to go up to a 4-5 inch top for added support. It is a blessing for better sleep to all.

11. Marsail Mattress Ventilated CertiPUR US Certified

Marsail Mattress Ventilated CertiPUR US Certified

Premium quality that is very skin-friendly can be found in the mattress topper made of CertiPUR-US certified materials. Their quality is above average so you will receive the best quality on the market. Tired of sleeping on a hard, old, and worn-out mattress and waking up with body pains all over? Say no more! Adding a 3inch mattress pad on top of your existing mattress is the best fit for your body and soul. Clean way to sleep. Most people don't know that the memory foam is good for your mattress because it reduces the smell of your bed. It's not just comfortable, it's also good for you. The mattress topper has a gel- infused memory foam layer that is soft, curve, and coolness to your bed, and a cool air tunneled design to prevent sweat and fewer spots. Their 3 inches memory foam topper is a good option for protecting your expensive mattress because it won't flatten or bottom out over time.

Brand: Marsail

👤The mattress my son picked out was too firm so I got this top hat. Selecting a mattress is a very subjective thing, and what works for one person does not work for another. I like my mattresses a bit more on the firm side than my wife does. We let our teenage son pick out his own mattress and what he got was a piece of wood covered in fabric. This thing was like sleeping on a brick and I like mine on the firm side. I was not going to buy another mattress, so the next best thing was to find a mattress that would be more comfortable, and this was the solution. I am not crazy about memory foam, but I am in the minority as most people like it. I found the memory foam to be quite comfortable after lying on it, so I might have to rethink my opinion of it.

👤I have a mattress. My hips are not normal. My ability to sleep was changed by memory foam. It's too hot. I went from no sleep because of hip pain to no sleep because of excessive sweating. I've tried a number of standard mattress toppers that claimed to be cooling. None of them worked. This was my last attempt. I'm happy to say that it was a success. It's perfect. My body temperature is matched by the topper. It's warm. It doesn't cause the heat to go up and down. I don't feel like I'm laying on snow. It was perfect. I look forward to climbing into bed. It's comfortable no matter how I lay. Like sleeping in a cloud. It is very delicate. One of my cats squeezed the top of her claw and it sank in the floor. I got the sheets on and it was safe. There is not a lot of scent. I have a strong sense of smell. The top score wasn't a problem. I can't give 5 stars because there isn't any information included with the topper. Zero. Not even the size. I would have liked to verify that it was the correct size before opening it. There is no information on how to care for the top dog. There is no information on possible allergic reactions. Nothing. This is very confusing to me. Thoughtless, careless and irresponsible.

👤I didn't think it would be able to expand as much as it did. It was too short and narrow to be a pancake. Wait 48 hours for full expansion. My son slept on it for 6 hours. He said that it was much better than his hard bed and he did not feel hot, but it was expanded to fit the whole bed. This is a good alternative to a new mattress because it is cheap. We are happy with it.

👤This Matt is in your bed. It's thick. Extra deep pocket fitted sheets are recommended. It didn't take long for him to reach his full size. The wrapping fit my bed perfectly. If you don't like a bed that is soft. This may not be for you. I recommend this if you want to sink deeper. It doesn't make me sweat or make me hot at night. That's another plus for me. I love this foam mattress.


What is the best product for best mattress topper for back pain 2?

Best mattress topper for back pain 2 products from Hyleory. In this article about best mattress topper for back pain 2 you can see why people choose the product. Niagara Sleep Solution and Recci are also good brands to look for when you are finding best mattress topper for back pain 2.

What are the best brands for best mattress topper for back pain 2?

Hyleory, Niagara Sleep Solution and Recci are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best mattress topper for back pain 2. Find the detail in this article. Sure2sleep, Best Price Mattress and Sleep On Latex are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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