Best Best Mascara for Thickening and Lengthening

Mascara 12 Aug 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. LOreal Paris Voluminous Original Black

LOreal Paris Voluminous Original Black

Volume building mascara. Up to 5x full lashes. The brush lifts and builds lashes.

Brand: L'oreal Paris

👤This mascara is amazing. Trust me! I have about 10 eyelashes on each eye, they are pretty much the opposite way I would like them to be, they can be really weird at times. If I were in a dust storm, my eyes would be very well protected. I have tried every mascara on the market. It takes me a long time to put it on, and sometimes it doesn't look like I have mascara on at all. My coworker swears by my weird eyelashes, so I bought this. She was correct. It took little effort, and it usually takes me a while to apply it. It lasts all day from 7am until evening time. I am very pleased with this mascara. Thank you for that!

👤Over the years, I have tried many different brands of mascara. Dollar store, high end drug store, department store quality... I always come back to this one. The color is rich. My lashes are long and full. It doesn't make my eyes water, it doesn't deposit gunk in the corner of my eyes, and it has a very low odor. Doesn't last very long. I really like the curved brush, it is new to me.

👤I couldn't tell the difference between the mascara at the store and the ones I bought at Walmart. It's black, doesn't clump, and it doesn't smudge. That's all I'm looking for. I've tried many different brands and haven't found any that produce noticeable results, even with the more expensive brands.

👤The reviews on this product are great. I've used it for six weeks and it's not great. I threw it in the trash this morning because I thought it would hit the "sweet spot" of some mascaras. It's too wet. I have to get a spoolie to separate my lashes from spider legs because they are clumps. It doesn't add enough volume or length to make it worth it. It doesn't hold curl if you apply it after using an eyelash curler. A very disappointing product.

👤I'm giving this a two because it's gross. I think it's the curved brush. I've always liked L'Oreal, but I won't buy this one again. The brush has to be clean to apply to lashes. Oh, well. Next time, I'll buy a straight brush. The formula seems to work. It's just clumpy.

👤Is that a creature of habit? I don't know. It was almost impossible to deal with change. I find something that works and go to it every time. Yves Saint Laurn was my first mascara. (Sic)! It was made from gold. It was wonderful! I was young. It was gone one day. Couldn't find it. The cost was an issue because I was adulting. I tried many brands that promised everything. I was disappointed after disappointment. This mascara is cheap, yet it delivers. I won't have any other types. Individual lashes amplification and wonderful length. Buy it.

👤I absolutely love this mascara, it's my number one all-time favorite, and I get to where they can say it can be weighed down, but I'm the one who does my eyes.

2. Honest Beauty Extreme Length Mascara

Honest Beauty Extreme Length Mascara

The formula is the same, but packaging may vary. The double-sided mascara is an award-winning product. A 100% tree-free paper carton. Jojoba Esters are made with. Made without: Parabens, Paraffins, Synthetic Fragrances, Silicones, Mineral Oil.

Brand: Honest Beauty

👤This might be my new mascara. I have the smallest lashes of all time, they stick out from my eyelid and I don't use mascara. It is difficult to find mascaras that make my lashes look lush. The primer is amazing. I put it on my lashes and they grew over twice in length. It dried in about 20 seconds and I put on the coal black mascara because it didn't clump and separated my lashes like whoa. Ladies! Vavoom! Absolutely gorgeous lashes. I have not experienced any flaking after wearing for long periods of time, it hasn't smudged or melted when I'm dancing up a storm or getting my workout on, and the length of my lashes is amazing. It is not proof. It is easy to remove and does not tear out my eyelashes. I have a host of random allergies and am allergic to many products, but luckily I am not allergic to this magic mascara. This doesn't smudge on my bottom lashes either! I am almost 40. I have never found a mascara that didn't smudge on my bottom lashes. Even waterproof ones didn't work because I'm so oily. I stopped wearing it on my bottom lashes for anything but photo shoots after 20 years of age, because the smudge made me look like an old lady with terrible makeup skills, but now I can once again rock liner on my bottom lashes! I tried to crop the picture so you could see how amazing this mascara is, I hate getting my picture taken. I want to see the results of people using the product, so hopefully it helps. I don't have mascara on my bottom lashes as I didn't know it was possible until I bought a tube for my bestie.

👤I give this mascara 4.5 out of 5. If you look at my pictures, you will see that this Honest Beauty mascara with primer made my lashes look longer and thicker. It didn't clump them up. The primer did a great job of building my lashes. The primer is everything. I've used other mascaras with the primer for a different look and it has worked well. I wish the brush was a little more full. When I use this mascara, my eyelashes look full, long, and thick, even though I put on the primer 30 seconds after. I was hoping for longer looking lashes and this delivers!

👤I have tried a lot of non toxic mascaras. I don't like big brands like Honest because their standards aren't always up to par. I was surprised by the ingredients list. I decided to give this mascara a try after hearing rave reviews. The one wand design of the primer and mascara is genius. The primer and mascara work perfectly together to give you separation and volume. The primer is white and the mascara is black. The mascara wand has defined bristles that make it easy to separate your lashes. The wand is small and makes it easier to maneuver and get every eyelash. I don't have any issues with eye watering, eye smudge, or flaking, it does not budge until I wash it off at the end of the day. The green beauty mascara is the best for money. It's amazing that you can get it on subscribe and save 15%. If you need to get a new mascara that is affordable and amazing, then try this one.

3. Essence 3 Pack Princess Mascara Cruelty

Essence 3 Pack Princess Mascara Cruelty

The convenience 3-pack is a way to stock up on your favorite mascara and reduce the effects of multiple shipments on the environment. No bones needed! The Lash Princess False Lash Mascara separates lashes while defining them. Dramatic volume is delivered by the conic shape fiber brush. Go about your day without being affected by fading or flaking. This mascara is perfect for all day long use. essence cosmetics is acknowledged as a cruelty-free brand by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. They don't test their products on animals.

Brand: Essence Cosmetics

👤I have always used mascara. I use their best volumizing mascara in addition to their cls booster in order to create the fuller/longer effect because I have very fine/ short eyelashes. After reading about this product in a magazine, I decided to check it out for $5 and see if it was as good as the reviews said it was. It's better than the products of Lancome. I don't need to use the booster. I have purchased this product multiple times and the result is the same. It gives the effect of long lashes. I've seen complaints about it being clumpy. I have not had this problem. beeswax is the second ingredient and it is necessary to provide the effect it does. If it's cold, beeswax will clump. You can rub the bottle in your hands for a minute and there will be no clumps. I will save an extra $70 on my 2 Lancome products by continuing to purchase this mascara.

👤When I needed to use mascara for a virtual meeting, I was scared to use the stuff in my drawer because it was well over a year old. clumps of dried black shit fell out of the bottle after opening the drugstore mascara from my drawer. Yuck. Didn't use it, but wanted to replace it with something else. I heard about this brand on a beauty show and thought, "What the heck?" I opened the bottle to try it out. I was disappointed with the wand and brush, but I went ahead and tried it anyway, even though I was disappointed with the wand and brush. I'll be horrified! It went well. The first application was a light amount, but it gave me all of my lashes. The scrawny eyelashes started to show up after the second brushing. I did several coats to see how much I could get on my lashes. There was one spot on each eye that was easily fixed. I'm very happy with this brand and wish I'd known about them a long time ago. "Lover Girl", "L'Ordeal", and "Smaybelline" are no longer for me. The brand is perfect for me. When I'm ready for another virtual cocktail party, I will add a picture.

👤I was very excited to receive this mascara because I currently pay $30 for my current mascara and who doesn't want to save a buck or two on a product that works. I was impressed with the price I paid. I think I will keep my Milk Makeup Kush mascara. This mascara is better than a lot of the drug store brands, but it is not for me. I had a long day of wear and I definitely had a look that was similar to a raccoon. If you don't want to spend a lot of money but still want an okay product, I would recommend it.

👤I loved it when I first got it. My eyelashes were thick. This is not difficult to remove, there are other mascaras that are easier to remove. I sent it to other friends because I thought it was great. I wanted everyone to try it. The last couple batches were unwrapped. It was just a tube of mascara, without any sanitary covering or wrapping. It goes on differently now than it did before. I don't keep my mascara long. This is only good for a couple of weeks and I have to separate my eyelashes because they are clumpy. I don't want to have to do that. Before I give this mascara a great review, I have to throw it away because it gets clumpy and goopy so fast.

4. Almay Thickening Mascara Black 0 26

Almay Thickening Mascara Black 0 26

Make thicker lashes with no clumps or smudges. A specially designed brush wraps mascara around each eye for a full, lush, high-volume look. It is infused with vitamins B5 andAloe to condition lashes. It's suitable for sensitive eyes and contact-lens wearers. As always, clean, and cruelty free.

Brand: Almay

👤I purchased this because it claims to be hypoallergenic and for sensitive eyes, but it looks beautiful when applied and removed. I tried this one hoping for a different result after suddenly developing an allergic reaction to other mascaras. After the first application my eyes became swollen and bright pink. It takes three or four days for my eyes to return to normal. I don't think this mascara is for me.

👤I have mixed feelings about the mascara. I gave it four stars because it looked alright, but it took a while to finish. It clumped really bad. It was really bad. I had to play with it for at least 5 minutes to get it to look the same as my drugstore mascara. It didn't take as long the second time I applied. I have an issue with it because it isn't curling. It's un-curling. I curled my lashes before applying and they were back to normal. It really bugs me. I try to use one product before I use another. I know this isn't the best mascara, but I don't plan to buy it again. I want the eyeshadow out of my photos. I was trying out a new eyeshadow.

👤Terrible product. The item you receive is not what it is pictured. You get a product. The seller should update the picture if this was a packaging change. I thought I would give this a try because I love almay products. I have sensitive eyes and need oil free products. This product makes my eyelashes look thin and awful. It doesn't wash off easily with water. It sticks to your skin like paint. So bad! I have long lashes and this product made them look longer, which is a positive thing, but it's not worth the mess and poor appearance of thin lashes. Don't waste your money. I pitched the two tubes I bought.

👤If the correct product description was sent, I would have given 5 stars. If you try the higher end Dept Store brands, they always come back to Almay. It's safe and easy to apply, but no weird chemical smells. The product description was wrong, but the slender purple one was delivered. The white tube has a curved brush that is easy to apply. The purple brush seems to get my eye lid and corner of eye no matter how careful I am. It's a trick! I use the brush from the white tube to separate after applying purple. You can dip the curved brush into the purple comtainer or choose your own brush. Still a buy.

👤The mascara is not damaged. The mascara looks good and I like the wand. I ordered the formula thinking it would be similar to their mascara. Nope. Within hours my eyes start to burn. I have learned my lesson.

👤If you are sensitive to mascara, this is not the one. If on for more than 4 hours, I will have a serious headaches. The length this provides and keeps all day is the best I have ever used. What my lashes look like after I put them on. No curling needed! If you don't have sensitive eyes, this stuff is amazing.

5. LOreal Paris Voluminous Paradise Washable

LOreal Paris Voluminous Paradise Washable

Volumizing and Lengthening mascara has a full lashes fringe that is feathery soft, with no flaking, no clumps, and no clumping. Choose from their innovative volumizing formulas and variety of brushes, and get the long, full eyelashes you love with L'Oreal Paris mascara. They have a collection of Voluminous mascaras, smudge proof eyeliner, brow Definers, and eye shadow palettes with shades made for every eye color. L'Oreal Paris Makeup helps you create the look you want with their full line of makeup including foundations, concealers, highlighter makeup, brow pencils, eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks and much more. L'Oreal Paris Infallible Never Fail Mechanical Pencil Eyeliner is a perfect match for you.

Brand: L'oreal Paris

👤I lost my lashes 3 years ago and never thought I'd be able to bulk up my regrowth. I need to combine my makeup bags to make me look like I have lashes. This product is a miracle for me.

👤These pictures speak for themselves. I would say that this is one of the best mascaras I have ever tried. It's a better mascara for two faces. If you apply a second coat, you will get nice volume as well as nice length. The pictures have coats on. I have worn it all day long. I left it on overnight and it still looked amazing even after a full 24 hours of wear.

👤I wondered why I didn't discover it earlier. I'm not being paid to write this. I have used a lot of mascara in my life. It is the best product I have ever used. On the first try, it gets every single eyelash. The brush on the first coat builds them. I've called many of my friends to let them know that this is the best product on the market.

👤I like this more than Too Faced BTS.

👤I needed a new tube after finishing this mascara, I bought it in black. I wanted to see if the mystic black was lighter or darker than the regular black. The first tube did not get this formula all over my eyelid. Within a few hours of wearing it, it smudges and creates raccoon eyes. Black smudges are terrible. I don't like the mystic black.

👤I was curious about this because I have been a loyal follower of the group for a long time. It is decent. The best drugstore mascara I have ever used is definitely the one I have used. I don't think it's a great volumizer, but it's game is amazing. It lasts through the work day.

👤If you want to add some serious volume to your eyelashes, then this L'Oreal can help. It works well to make your eyelashes look longer. The only thing to keep in mind is that it tends to clump a bit more to give a thick spider lashes look. Does not cause eye irritation. - The included mascara is large and does not stop at the end making it difficult to reach the roots of your lashes, especially the lower ones. This works well to prevent excess mascara on the applicator. I took away one star because the thick applicator may not work for very thin eyelashes.

👤I've tried a lot of mascaras from the drug store. I've tried expensive ones from Dept stores. I have never owned a mascara like this one from L'Oréal and I will never try another one. I sweated my butt off running around after my niece and nephew, and they don't clump with one application. I love this stuff. I don't know how I heard of it. I accidentally found it on Amazon when I was looking for a new cheap mascara. I tell you that I love at first sight. All the 5star reviews are true. The bomb diggity is what this stuff is. This one will do all that and more for a fraction of the price, so don't waste your money on expensive mascara. They don't do it any justice with the pics I added. You won't regret it if you buy this.

6. Perversion Mascara Bigger Blacker Perversion

Perversion Mascara Bigger Blacker Perversion

BigGER, BADDER LASHES - Perversion Volumizing Mascara is a volumizing mascara that delivers feathery, fanned-out lashes. It is the deepest, most intense black color. You can pile on coat after coat with this clean, clump-free finish. Their formula has a smooth texture that never gets brittle or clumpy. The high-tech, vehicular buffing The small corner and lower lashes are captured by their mascara wand to build volume from root to tip. Hairdensyl is a blend of proteins and amino acids that stimulates eyelash growth. Sea idrolized elastine stimulates hair follicles and marine collagen protects. Play well with other people and coat your lashes with Subversion Primer before applying Perversion Volumizing Mascara. The ultimate eye look can be achieved with Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide-On Eyeliner Pencil.

Brand: Urban Decay

👤This is not a full size mascara but a very small trial size. The trial size is not communicated in the listing. One would expect a full size product to be available for less money. I'm not happy with Amazon for stocking this item.

👤This formula is ok, but not the real perversion mascara from Urban Decay. I have been using this mascara for a long time and always buy the travel size. I added pictures from two travel size mascaras I had that were almost empty because it was not the real thing. I bought 13$ a piece from Ulta. Don't buy it, it's not real.

👤I will never buy Perversion Mascara from Amazon again. The size I received was either the travel or the 4.0 oz. I thought it was a full tube. It's ridiculous to pay $30 for a travel size. I am aware of buyer beware. I bought the full size and travel size of this mascara from Amazon for $47. It would be a full size tube for $30, so I'm really sorry. It was a ripoff.

👤I have ordered this product before and received a full-size version of the mascara that I loved. When I ran out, I ordered the same item and it looked like a sample size. I feel like I'm being tricked.

👤I thought it was the same as the picture. The travel size is related to the price of the big one. I don't know where they store it. As if it were new, it was dry. I decided to get it on Amazon because I was already shopping at the store. Would not order it again.

👤The mascara came in a box with 2 slots and was built for primer and mascara. The box says it's for the primer and mascara. The store-bought version of the mascara has differences on the bottle.

👤I've been looking for this mascara for a long time. I used to apply makeup. I damaged my eyelashes so badly that clumps of them fell out and took over 6 months for them to grow back. I have been looking for a mascara that will increase my volume and length without having to use a primer. I wanted it to be easy. Perversion is what it is! The first coat is not a big deal. Add a second coat and they pop! Sometimes I put on a third coat. I just bought 3 more before the price went up. It's only $17.50 on Amazon right now and retails for $25 everywhere else. Stock up!

👤The package had little to no makeup in it. $40 is gone! Horrible.

7. Vivienne Sabó Cabaret Première Artistic

Vivienne Sab%C3%B3 Cabaret Premi%C3%A8re Artistic

The secret to French beauty. This everyday classic mascara has a single coat. Make the look even thicker with fanned lashes. It's a soft, natural look if you clump free and light weight. SMUDGE PROOF & LONG LASTING formula doesn't transfer. Saybonjour to length, thickness and volume that last all day. The wand is easy to apply. It is easy to remove makeup without damaging your lashes. It's free. Their products are not tested on animals. Money-back guarantee and 100% SATISFACTION. Their return policy hasSLE-FREE, so they stand behind their products. If you're not satisfied, please contact them for a full refund.

Brand: Vivienne Sabó

👤I am a total mascara snob, I don't go anywhere without mascara on. I have been using Lancme for over 20 years and I have never tried the next greatest mascara. I read lots of reviews and could not believe that this product was so amazing. I was expecting a good mascara, but it wasn't good. I was wrong. The first time I tried it, my lashes looked great. I have a lot of mascaras that clump my lashes together. The ones that don't clump seem to have any noticeable results. This mascara gave perfect coverage from root to tip, and it is a perfect level of thickness. There is no collapsing. I use it because I find that I get less under the eye mascara as the day goes on. The lashes look long, thick and defined when I haven't. There is a It is the best product I have ever used. The brush took a few tries to really feel like I got it, but making sure the tip is wiped is key to a random blob on my lid. I admit that I stabbed myself in the eye the first time I used a different brush, but that was my fault. I use a waterproof mascara that stays better in heat and humidity, however it has amazing staying power. When I get up, this is still looking great, even though I don't remove my makeup when I fall asleep. I don't need eye makeup removal. This was the best purchase I have made in a long time. Everyone needs to try this. I will add pictures if I can. I have tried a few others since buying this, but this still is the best mascara I have ever used, and I have given it as gifts multiple times. I don't get the waterproof version because it stays put so well, but I usually get the waterproof version. It is not clear how inexpensive it is. Everyone I have given this to has ordered it.

👤I usually get eyelash marks just below my eye brows, but I don't with this mascara. The photo was taken after I wore it for about 10 hours and did a deep clean on my house, my hands feel wrecked but my eye lashes are on point. I used to use Benefit mascara but am now in a masters program so budgeting is real, this mascara works wonderfully and is easy to wash off as well, which is a big plus for me, I really don't like busting out all my Potion just to get my mascara off. It is washed with soap and water. There is a Yes. This product is recommended by me. I am a reader of reviews and skeptical at the same time. When I bought this product, I trusted the reviews but now will be a repeat purchaser. I am not being paid to say anything.

👤I don't write reviews for things, but I felt like I had to because of this. My friends are used to me wearing thick coats of mascara all the time. I got a lot of compliment on my lashes this week. People asked if I had extensions. This mascara makes your lashes long and defined, and it doesn't clump. Although it isn't waterproof, I've never had any problems with it, and I've used eyedrops, tears, and even gotten stuck in the rain without them. I'm thrilled that I have my new holy grail mascara.

8. Julep Boosting Volumizing Lengthening Mascara

Julep Boosting Volumizing Lengthening Mascara

You don't have to use two different formulas with this innovative mascara. Take the wand out of the tube and hold it vertically. The brush should be extended to separate lashes. If you want to build volume, twist the cap in a clockwise direction and watch the brush become shorter, sweep upward from root to tip. Innovative design and ingredients from Mother Nature. The mascara is made of Bamboo Grass that strengthens and volumizes, and is made of Peptides that promote growth. There is no need to choose between length and volume with this mascara. You can have both in one tube. Take the wand out of the tube and hold it vertically. The brush should be extended to separate lashes. If you want to build volume, twist the cap in a clockwise direction and watch the brush become shorter, sweep upward from root to tip. The mascara has a single tube and creates volume and length. Go subtle or bold, and change it up whenever you please. The natural formula will work hard to promote lash growth and condition lashes with Peptides and Biotin.

Brand: Julep

👤I ordered this based on previous reviews. Prior to this mascara, I had been using a similar product. My eyes are very sensitive and many eye products cause itching and watering. I thought I'd try the mascara because I am in love with their eye shadow sticks. The eyeshadow and mascara did not cause eye irritation. I've found that it doesn't take much to get the desired effect with the mascara. I've tried both of the options of the wand, and appreciate the ability to use either or both. Even after a day of wear, it still looks good. This will be added to my list.

👤I was skeptical because all of the Mascaras said it was buildable. This is not the same. It is amazing! It is what I wanted. It continues to look natural because I can layer and layer. I have my own big, thick, black lashes. It looks great subtle, you don't have to go full glamour. It still won't clump, but it's only 1 or 2 or 7. Or act like it! It looks amazing. After you let them dry, you can use a curling iron to make them look like dolls. It makes lashes stronger. It doesn't take long for it to wash off. It is cruelty free. Can't go wrong! I want to try all of their products. I am hooked!

👤Couldn't wait to get this. I like it. It is not the best I have ever tried, but the price and results are worth it to me. I have never been happy with drugstore brands. They are all going up to $10-12 with bad results. I will spend the difference for great results. It is nice. There was no clumping. Great color. I haven't noticed it. If you twist it first and then untwist it, the results are much longer. I thought I would try both ways. I use Benefit rollercurl to curl my lashes. This gave me the same results as before, it seems like my mascara is more smooth. Would definitely buy again. Will have to see the results after curling. There is a no product pic added.

👤I love this product because I know that I will have perfect looking lashes. You can adjust the brush so that you can either dial it up to create full lashes or dial it down to have more control and work on individual areas without making a mess or interfering with my other lashes. I was told about this mascara by an associate at a store that did not carry the same items as the one closest to me, but not all of their stores carry the same items. When I couldn't get another one, I was thrilled to find it on Amazon. I will not use anything else except this mascara. I don't know if you will like it as much as I do, but I love the control it gives me and I never have clumps. I don't wear a lot of makeup, but I always wear mascara and I love it. I hope you do too.

9. Secret Xpress Control Lengthening Smudge Proof

Secret Xpress Control Lengthening Smudge Proof

The 4D Silk Fiber adds volume to lashes and makes you look more glamorous. Your lashes are water-proof and smudge-proof, so they stay fresh all day. It is suitable for all skin types. It's safe for your eyes. It is easy to draw a delicate thin line if you are a beginner or a professional. It is easy to wash off with warm water or facial cleanser.

Brand: Secret Xpress Control

👤I liked the mascara. It doesn't look like fake eyelashes, but it does shorten my lashes. I wanted a good comparison so I posted a few pictures of my right eye with xpress control and the left with natural, curled, or elf mascara. Both mascaras have 2 coats. If you make your lashes too long, they'll clump. Some people think it's hard to take off because it came off easily with makeup wipes. The mascara is waterproof, so you'd have a hard time using it without water.

👤Don't buy this MASCARA! Within 3 hours of using it, my eyes started to itch and burn, and I got 2 styes in one eye. I had to see my doctor to be on my antibiotics.

👤Wow! Girls! This stuff works. Magnetic lashes and glue on lashes just aren't my cup of tea. I have small eyes. I stopped growing my lashes several years ago, thanks to Mother Nature. This really works. The length will grow as the fibers stick to each other if you apply each stroke from the root outward. There is patience. Take your time and you will not be disappointed. I haven't tried to smudge or take it off so I can't rate those topics

👤I like this mascara. It's one of the few that doesn't change my eyelashes after using an eyelash curler. Without the curl, my eyelashes touch my glasses. I've purchased many other mascaras to find one that doesn't smudge under my eyes. This has always been a problem for me because I have long eyelashes. This one doesn't smudge. I've read that this mascara is hard to remove. Jergens Face Cream is able to remove it. It comes off when you massage it over your lashes. It doesn't make you angry. I will buy this mascara again.

👤I'm addicted to mascara. I buy new mascara. I can finally stop looking for the best mascara because this one does everything it says it does. It makes my lashes 10 times longer than any other mascara I have ever used. I work in a warehouse that can get very hot and I don't have any black stuff in my eyes. It comes off in 5 seconds when I'm ready. A gentle wipe on my eyes. That's it! The only thing I don't like is the brush. I'm in love with this product, but it needs some improvement.

👤I wouldn't recommend this. It is like tar and becomes a big blob. They stuck to my eye lid if you touched them. I don't like getting it off. I tried a different applicator and it worked the same as before. I returned it.

👤The shopper's delight! I really like this product. It is easy to use and works. I saw the difference after I applied it. I will definitely use this again because I'm not great with adding lashes so this product gives me length/look without them. I tried to add pictures but they were not in the picture. Thumbs up!

10. Essence Princess Effect Mascara Cruelty

Essence Princess Effect Mascara Cruelty

The mascara that you receive is not from essence cosmetics. No bones needed! The Lash Princess False Lash Mascara separates lashes while defining them. Dramatic volume is delivered by the conic shape fiber brush. Go about your day without being affected by fading or flaking. This mascara is perfect for all day long use. essence cosmetics is acknowledged as a cruelty-free brand by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. They don't test their products on animals.

Brand: Essence Cosmetics

👤I got tired of spending money on mascara after using Lights, Camera, Lashes by Tarte for a year. I immediately fell in love with the idea of the false Lash Effect. It has great volume and dramatic length. I look at my eyelashes in the mirror every single day and they look amazing. It is very long wearing. I go from an 8 hour work day to the gym and sweat like crazy. I love it!

👤I can't find mascara that will give me the volume I need because my lashes are so thin. This mascara is very good. It was a perfect result for an affordable price. 100% would be in favor of it.

👤If I could, I would give this zero stars. It runs for about 30 minutes. There is no use in using a mascara that does that. I will not use this product again. It's too much for a terrible product, even if it's cheap. Most of the people in the group who purchased this also complained about it, so it's not just one person. The pic shows it after only 30 minutes of wear. The longer I wear it, the worse it looks.

👤I love this mascara. I decided to try it for $5 because I thought it was as good as the $20 mascara I was using. I can wear it all day at work and then go to a high intensity class. It still looks great. If you warm up the mascara with body heat, it will go on smooth, as far as the reviews are concerned. My only complaint is that I posted this picture on social media. In the past week, about 30 of my people have ordered it, off of that single post. I went to order a tube for my friend's mom and was shocked to see the price was fifteen dollars. The price was from 3 days ago. ulta still has it for $4.99, even if you don't want to spend more than that.

👤This is my favorite mascara. It doesn't dry fast so you can build as much as you want. It comes off easily with my eye makeup removal. I love the wand, it glides on my mascara and seperates my lashes. The purple tube has a curved wand where this one is straight with individual spikes, and I prefer it. The purple curved wand made me get more mascara on my eyelid than on my lashes. I have been using this stuff since January. You can't beat the price and quality. The first pic is with the green tube. The other eye picture is with a purple tube, it still gets the job done. I am not wearing makeup. The magic of the mascara is what you see most of the time. It's a good time to buy it!

👤When I received my mascara, it was in an unissued box with a sticker over the seal to show it was new, but I'm not sure if it was a new bottle. I used it a few times, but didn't like it very much. It made my lashes look messy and the mascara was crazy. When I take it off at night, it takes forever and even when you think you have it all, you don't. I don't wear makeup everyday. I hadn't used makeup on my face for weeks, then I used this mascara for 2 days in a row. By day 2 my left eye was so irritated that I had to have it removed. I had a painful stye on my bottom lashes. I have never had a stye before and I have to say that it is from this mascara. I believe my stye is a result of this mascara because I can't say it wasn't used.

11. Maybelline Express Falsies Washable Blackest

Maybelline Express Falsies Washable Blackest

Volum Express The Falsies Washable Mascara creates more visible eyelashes and delivers bigger, thicker, and fuller lashes for dramatic volume. No eye look is complete without a good eye makeup product, which is why it's important to choose a good eye makeup product. Whatever your signature eye look, natural or dramatic, Maybelline helps create looks that draw eyes with a broad selection of pencil and liquid eyeliners, highly pigmented eyeshadows, and eyebrow makeup. If you want to create a perfect canvas, eyeshadows, brow pencils and eyeliners for any eye look and lip products, you need to use foundation, bb creams and concealers from Maybelline. To take it all with no rubbing, scrubbing, or tugging, remove the mascara with the Maybelline Expert Eyes 100 percent Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover.

Brand: Maybelline New York

👤Amazon burns me by sending used products, I love this mascara, it gives great length and volume with no clumps. This had been used and taped back into the package. There was dirt on the package. It's really gross that Amazon does this with anything, and something that is going on your eyes. Yuck!

👤These are old ones that are like expired, but they are sold at a good price. I've used this mascara for a few years now buying it brand new from any local store, and buying it for cheaper on here was the worst decision I've ever made. The dried out is cakey and clumpy. I will never get this from Amazon again.

👤I am very pleased with the price. The brush is curved. You can apply multiple coats to your look. I've never experienced clumping with this and usually do a couple coats, which makes my eyelashes look long and glorious! I may change it if I have an event later in the day as a precautionary measure. I am very pleased with the quality of this mascara. I would recommend it.

👤I've told myself for a long time that I would never wear false eyelashes, and now I can because of Maybellines Flasies. I was hesitant on buying this mascara because I heard bad things about it, and it's hard to get off. The cons are worth it. This is the one if you want to increase the length of your eyelashes. They look like false eyelashes because they look so long. I use this and my eyelashes touch my eyebrows. I will return with an update if I find anything better. Pictures are included.

👤This mascara is very good. It's one of my favorites.

👤I don't like the thick eyelash look and this mascara cakes it on. It was still too goopy for my style when I used my fingers to remove product from the wand. Maybelline eyelash sensational is my favorite drugstore mascara. It is a wet formula that separates the lashes and wears all day long. The green tube is my second favorite. The formula is a little dryer, so you have to work to separate your lashes, but they stay put, full of volume and again little to no smudge with this one.

👤I'm on my second tube and this is my go-to mascara. I'm very happy with it. I love it for a number of reasons. I have always hated applying mascara, but I wear it almost every day. The best thing I've ever used is this one, it makes it much faster and easier, and it's shaped like this. It follows the natural curve of the eye, going on without clumps and greatly reducing the amount of smudges left around my eyes that I have to clean up afterwards. 2. It makes my eyelashes look the way I've always wanted them to look. They look a lot longer, forming a smooth arch with nice, tapered, clump-free tips. I have never worn false eyelashes so I can't say for certain if this product lives up to its name, but I can say that my lashes look as good as they ever have with this product. I haven't had a problem with this mascara wearing off unless it's exposed to serious amounts of water or tears. I wiped my eyes with a tissue after cutting onions last night and the mascara came off without leaving a trace around my eyes. It washes off completely with soap and water and also comes off easily with makeup removal wipes. Sometimes I sleep in it, and it doesn't look as good the next day, but it is still decent. 4. I have sensitive eyes and most mascaras will irritate them a little, just to the point where they're a bit red and itchy for an hour. After I wash my makeup off. That doesn't happen with this product. I hold all my makeup to the same standards, and I would prefer a natural, cruelty-free, and organic mascara. Natural mascara is expensive and doesn't last through the day without smudges. I'm satisfied with this mascara because it doesn't irritate my eyes. I'm not usually one to give a rave review of makeup, but I have to say I'm impressed with this product. At the time of writing this review, the price is unbeatable. I plan to use this stuff for a long time.


What is the best product for best mascara for thickening and lengthening?

Best mascara for thickening and lengthening products from L'oreal Paris. In this article about best mascara for thickening and lengthening you can see why people choose the product. Honest Beauty and Essence Cosmetics are also good brands to look for when you are finding best mascara for thickening and lengthening.

What are the best brands for best mascara for thickening and lengthening?

L'oreal Paris, Honest Beauty and Essence Cosmetics are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best mascara for thickening and lengthening. Find the detail in this article. Almay, L'oreal Paris and Urban Decay are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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