Best Best Mascara for Lengthening

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1. Paris Telescopic Original Lengthening Mascara

Paris Telescopic Original Lengthening Mascara

Lengthening Mascara: Telescopic Original Mascara has a unique effect on your lashes. It's suitable for contact lens wearers and sensitive eyes. Choose from their innovative volumizing formulas and variety of brushes, and get the long, full eyelashes you love with L'Oreal Paris mascara. They have a collection of Voluminous mascaras, smudge proof eyeliner, brow Definers, and eye shadow palettes with shades made for every eye color. L'Oreal Paris Makeup helps you create the look you want with their full line of makeup including foundations, concealers, highlighter makeup, brow pencils, eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks and much more. L'Oreal Paris Infallible Never Fail Mechanical Pencil Eyeliner is a perfect match for you.

Brand: L'oreal Paris

👤I have tried every mascara under the sun, and the first time I used it, I was blown away! It is what I have been looking for. Separating your lashes so they don't clump. Left with long eyelashes. I would recommend it to everyone. My eyelashes grow straight out, they are resistant to curling and separation, and they all clump together. This is mind-blowing. 5/5

👤If you haven't tried it, this mascara is worth trying. I think it is pretty decent. The wand doesn't put a lot of product on at a time, so it takes several coats to get the desired look. That is not always a bad thing. It added a good amount of volume to my lashes. My lashes are not very long. This mascara held my lashes in place all day. I will buy again.

👤I gave up expensive mascaras for this because it worked better and was more affordable. I have been receiving an inferior product since last spring. I thought I'd opened an old tube in my drawer. I used to get 2 tubes every two or three months, but I went to one tube a month on subscribe and save. I thought one of the tubes had gotten mixed up. I made excuses for a while, maybe I got it mixed up with an old one. I threw out the ones I had and opened the new one when it arrived. Same problem. I went to Walmart and bought a tube thinking I was getting old stock from Amazon. It was just as bad. I have been looking for a new mascara for two months. I wasted $60 on L'Oreal plus three other tubes of random mascara I tried before finding one that works better, but I don't know what happened with this fabulous mascara. Not as good as the old L'Oreal, but better than anything else I've found. It was a terrible disappointment. It's a pity.

👤I have gotten several friends and family members to switch, including my sister who has incredibly sensitive eyes, because I am still using this stuff. This stuff is amazing. I have been a bit high maintenance regarding my mascara in the past. I've tried drugstore brands here and there, only to be disappointed that I look like a crack whore with spidery eyelashes. I'm not going for that look. For the past 15 years, I've been looking for the perfect mascara that will give me beautiful lashes. I liked a few of them, but they were all over the place at $25-35. After a while, it gets expensive. One of my favorite mascaras was the one from Lancome Definicils. After running out of my last tube and needing another, I did a lot of research to find out what people liked and disliked about each of the mascaras. I probably did research for a few hours a week. I do this on most of my purchases to get a cost/benefit analysis to make sure the product will meet my needs. The reviews had a problem with me. Drugstore mascaras that had good reviews were rated by people who wanted a natural look that would compliment what they already have. I wanted volume, length, and whatever, so those "highly rated" drug store mascaras did not work for me. I have blue eyes, fair complexion, freckles, and medium brown hair, and need the help of others to emphasize my eyes. I like the L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara. The Wand! You can grab lashes with this wand. If you do another coat, you can get more volume and definition. Don't apply too many coats or you may have to get a spooly to separate your lashes. There are two more The Formula! I've been wearing this stuff for a year and it doesn't give me any problems. I don't have any issues with this mascara, I have hooded lids. I promise that it's fantastic. It lasts a while. I don't think this mascara will dry out very quickly, so you can use it for more than a month or two. The shelf life of the more expensive brands is longer. There are four The price! If you pay $30 for a more expensive mascara, and use each tube for two months, you're spending $180 on mascara for the year. Compare that price to this tube. You can get this mascara for $8 with tax and use it for two months, that's $48 for the year. There are eight dollars. That's a savings of $132. One year of expensive mascara can buy you about three years of L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara. If you tell me, that's an awesome cost/benefit analysis. This review will help you. I think you'll like it. I will not switch back.

2. Maybelline Stiletto Ultimate Washable Mascara

Maybelline Stiletto Ultimate Washable Mascara

The Lengthening Washable Mascara instantly builds longer-looking lashes with a dramatic wide-eye look and is formulated with Pro-Vitamin B-5 to condition and smooth for patent shine. The Ophthalmologist tested it for contact lens wearers and it was suitable. It's all in the eyes, from the subtle lines to the smokey vibes, their eyeshadow, eyeliner, brows and mascara collections are designed to transform your look. Make eye looks with eyeshadows, brow pencils and eyeliners, and perfect your lips with lipsticks and lip balms. The number one makeup brand in the world is Maybelline, and it is Diverse, on the pulse, inspired by the city and tested on its streets.

Brand: Maybelline New York

👤This stuff is the best. It makes my lashes look longer. It doesn't clump, it washes off easily, and it doesn't break. You can see the comparison in my photo.

👤It worked well and made my eyelashes longer. I am a beginner in mascara and this mascara made it very easy for me. Love it.

👤This is my go-to mascara. I usually purchase it at the store. It was cheaper to try it on Amazon. When I opened the tube, it was a little dry. Maybe I got an old tube. If you're undecided about trying this mascara, don't be! It makes my lashes look long. I've tried many other mascaras, looking for something new that will WOW me even more, and I always end up coming back to this. It stays on very well and doesn't clump. Consider buying it somewhere else.

👤I have tried many brands of mascara but always go for the more expensive ones. I hate spending money so I always go back to Lancme. This is probably the closest dupe I can find and I will be buying it for a long time.

👤Just got this and went to the bathroom to apply. It seems to work well, application was smooth and it did an ok job at lengthening my lashes. I expected my lashes to be a little longer than average, but I still like them. A makeup wipe will take it off. I don't know if it will stay put or not. When I have, I will update more.

👤I love this mascara. I've used many different brands and this one is my favorite. It's perfect for everyday use. Not clumpy and gives a great definition. Product is light and doesn't look like you are wearing makeup. It comes off very easy. I have found that waterproof mascara and more expensive ones are hard to take off, and often my eyelashes fall off when I try to take it off. This one does not do that, it uses regular soap and water. There is a If you're looking for makeup for a night out, special occasion, or somewhere where you'd come in contact with water, this isn't what I'd wear. If you want something light for everyday use, then this is it.

👤I didn't like it at first. I don't like soft bristles and I like dramatic lashes. This mascara is great for a natural look. If you wanted to layer, you could get a more noticeable look. I really liked the results of my coat in the picture below.

👤I don't know what make up is. I don't use it very often. Make up loving girls will be talking about how they love xyz. I don't know what they're saying. It's the same for most of the time. The mascara ran out five years after I received it. I didn't know what the brand was. Over the years, the labeling has been removed from my purse. I bought stuff here and there. It never applied the same. It looked like I had 5 eyelashes that looked like cartoon characters. I realized that not all make up was the same. I used a magnifying glass to find the manufacturing number on the plastic tube and did more research than I ever did in high school to figure out what kind of mascara it was. One tube can last over five years for someone who hardly ever wears make up. That's saying something about how much I enjoy this stuff. I have a favorite mascara.

3. Essence Princess Effect Mascara Cruelty

Essence Princess Effect Mascara Cruelty

The mascara that you receive is not from essence cosmetics. No bones needed! The Lash Princess False Lash Mascara separates lashes while defining them. Dramatic volume is delivered by the conic shape fiber brush. Go about your day without being affected by fading or flaking. This mascara is perfect for all day long use. essence cosmetics is acknowledged as a cruelty-free brand by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. They don't test their products on animals.

Brand: Essence Cosmetics

👤I got tired of spending money on mascara after using Lights, Camera, Lashes by Tarte for a year. I immediately fell in love with the idea of the false Lash Effect. It has great volume and dramatic length. I look at my eyelashes in the mirror every single day and they look amazing. It is very long wearing. I go from an 8 hour work day to the gym and sweat like crazy. I love it!

👤I can't find mascara that will give me the volume I need because my lashes are so thin. This mascara is very good. It was a perfect result for an affordable price. 100% would be in favor of it.

👤If I could, I would give this zero stars. It runs for about 30 minutes. There is no use in using a mascara that does that. I will not use this product again. It's too much for a terrible product, even if it's cheap. Most of the people in the group who purchased this also complained about it, so it's not just one person. The pic shows it after only 30 minutes of wear. The longer I wear it, the worse it looks.

👤I love this mascara. I decided to try it for $5 because I thought it was as good as the $20 mascara I was using. I can wear it all day at work and then go to a high intensity class. It still looks great. If you warm up the mascara with body heat, it will go on smooth, as far as the reviews are concerned. My only complaint is that I posted this picture on social media. In the past week, about 30 of my people have ordered it, off of that single post. I went to order a tube for my friend's mom and was shocked to see the price was fifteen dollars. The price was from 3 days ago. ulta still has it for $4.99, even if you don't want to spend more than that.

👤This is my favorite mascara. It doesn't dry fast so you can build as much as you want. It comes off easily with my eye makeup removal. I love the wand, it glides on my mascara and seperates my lashes. The purple tube has a curved wand where this one is straight with individual spikes, and I prefer it. The purple curved wand made me get more mascara on my eyelid than on my lashes. I have been using this stuff since January. You can't beat the price and quality. The first pic is with the green tube. The other eye picture is with a purple tube, it still gets the job done. I am not wearing makeup. The magic of the mascara is what you see most of the time. It's a good time to buy it!

👤When I received my mascara, it was in an unissued box with a sticker over the seal to show it was new, but I'm not sure if it was a new bottle. I used it a few times, but didn't like it very much. It made my lashes look messy and the mascara was crazy. When I take it off at night, it takes forever and even when you think you have it all, you don't. I don't wear makeup everyday. I hadn't used makeup on my face for weeks, then I used this mascara for 2 days in a row. By day 2 my left eye was so irritated that I had to have it removed. I had a painful stye on my bottom lashes. I have never had a stye before and I have to say that it is from this mascara. I believe my stye is a result of this mascara because I can't say it wasn't used.

4. Maybelline New York Lengthening Washable

Maybelline New York Lengthening Washable

Zero-clumps, clean definition, and luscious length can be achieved with the use of the Define-A-Lash Lengthening Washable Mascara. The brush is shaped to the lashes and the formula is easy to use. It is available in black. The Define-A-Lash Lengthening Washable Mascara gives definition and shape to long lashes. The shaped-to-the-Lash brush accentuates lashes. The perfect amount of formula is delivered to each eyelash by the revolutionary wipers and brush. You can reserve this mascara for your own use. Give your eyes the care they need. This product should not be applied in a moving vehicle. Do not mix with water, saliva, or any other substance. After use, cap tightly. It's comparable to other mascaras like Lash Princess, Mia Adora, and Too Faced. / This zero-clump mascara shapes for long lashes. The eye doctor tested. It is suitable for contact lens wearers. Do not use if there is a change in smell or appearance. If your eye is injured, irritated, or infections, you should consult a physician immediately.

Brand: Maybelline New York

👤Thank God! A mascara that does what it says. No confetti! I'm happy! I can't stand mascara that clumps. I have always used volume mascara, because it never left clumps. All of the ones that I tried have left clumps on the first day. This one is true. So happy about that. The brush is great. The brush style makes it easy to apply heavy volume. I have been unable to find the location of Skyline by NYC. They changed their branding and their new option left clumps. I have tried a few different brands in the last few months. I highly recommend this, and I am so happy to have found it.

👤I was looking for a mascara that was longer. I like this one. It goes on very smooth, coats well, and does lengthen. I like the way the mascara wand works, but I don't like poking myself with the applicator like I do with other mascara wands. I can finally get the full length of my lashes, even the very thin tips, without them looking too thick or clumpy. The result is pretty. It still works great even though it has gotten a little thicker. Make sure to apply while wet. Curl your lashes before using mascara, it will glue them to the curler. It's easy to remove. The value is great.

👤One of my go to mascaras. I always try new mascaras to see if I can get a better one, but so far this has been the one I keep coming back to. The price is great and does everything the other more expensive ones claim to do. It's best to layer it and use an eyelash curler. It's good for people who have clumping issues. I like my eyelashes to be separated and long. This mascara is long. To make it look more "full", you need to apply a couple coats.

👤I have straight long eyelashes. It's hard to get mascara to show up on my lower lashes. This is the only mascara that can do that and the only mascara I've ever used doesn't clump at all. I don't mind having to apply 2 or even 3 layers in order to get the volume I need as long as there are no clumps. The brish is slightly curved and the brush is uniform, which makes applying it to the lower lashes much easier. Glad they are on Save. I will definitely be buying regularly.

👤I love this mascara because it makes my lashes not clumpy or stuck together. I use a back and forth motion when I place the brush at the base of my lashes. It works well to get my lashes covered. The only problem I have with this mascara is getting the brush back into the tube. It is a problem when I am in a rush. I love it.

👤I really like this medication a lot, and I recommend it to anyone who is using it for the first time. I think that not all mascaras are easy to use. The ones that give your lashes more volume take more time. I always go back to using Maybelline when I try a different brand. I'm not one of their employees, but I really like their mascaras and other makeup. I've worn all of their mascara at one time or another. This one is so easy to use that it makes putting on one's makeup that much quicker. I like to get out the door as quickly as possible. The reason we use mascara is because I love how it looks. To make our eyes look better. The name says it all. It makes them much longer. Even though I'm blonde, I still use the blackest color. I recommend this one so highly because of that.

5. Maybelline Volumizing Buildable Lengthening Multiplying

Maybelline Volumizing Buildable Lengthening Multiplying

This volumizing mascara is made with bamboo extract and fibers for long, full and lightweight lashes that don't smudge. The Flex Tower mascara brush is suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers and has an eye doctor and allergy tested. It's all in the eyes, from the subtle lines to the smokey vibes, their eyeshadow, eyeliner, brows and mascara collections are designed to transform your look. Make eye looks with eyeshadows, brow pencils and eyeliners, and perfect your lips with lipsticks and lip balms. The number one makeup brand in the world is Maybelline, and it is Diverse, on the pulse, inspired by the city and tested on its streets.

Brand: Maybelline New York

👤Four years ago, I had cancer and my lashes were very thin. I buy mascara for different lengths. My lashes were long because of this mascara. Even my husband noticed.

👤The Maybellone Sky High mascara looked like a possible match for the Hourglass Unlocked Mascara which is $29. I feel like this is a good substitute for the Hourglass mascara and I will be buying it again. The size and width of the mascara tubes are very similar. The mascaras are about 1-2mm shorter. The Hourglass component is heavier than the Maybelline mascara which makes it feel like it's a luxury product. You can see that the brush application is almost the same as in one of my images. Both of them have plastic applicators with short bristles. The short bristle makes it easy to grab and extend the lashes that are hard to reach with bigger mascaras. The biggest difference between the two mascaras is that the Hourglass one is more flexible. I found it difficult to apply the mascara to the root and push it through to the tip of the lashes because of the flexibility of the Maybelline mascara applicator. This isn't so flexible, I usually like a mascara wand. I can use the firmness to help push the formula into the roots of the lashes. Due to the flexibility of the wand, it was extremely difficult to do this and it took me a while to apply the mascara to get a fanned out effect. When I applied the mascara, it looked great. The mascara feels the same when I gently run my finger through it. The Hourglass feels softer to the touch than the Maybelline one. I asked my roommates if they noticed any difference after I put the mascara on one eye and the other on the other, and they said they liked it more. They both said there was little difference between the two, but they preferred the one with the separated lashes. Both mascaras make your lashes long. I like that look and they don't give too much volume. I know some people don't like that look. I prefer long individual lashes that look like my natural lashes. Both of these mascaras are easy to remove with warm water and makeup removal products. They have the same power. If you want to try the Hourglass Unlocked Mascara, but it is not in your budget, I would highly recommend you get the other one, the Maybelline is $9 and the Hourglass Unlocked is $29. It is a really good dupe. I am so glad that this mascara is out because I am supposed to change my mascara every 3 months. I don't feel bad if I lose this mascara or it's expired.

👤I requested to review what I received and what is pictured in the product listing doesn't seem to be the same item I received. I included a picture of the bottle because it was great and I would buy it again at a lower price. This is better than some of the more expensive mascaras I've used. I included a picture of one eye with the other without it and it's obvious that this works well and its buildable. I really like the product I received and I will be buying it again.

6. NYX PROFESSIONAL Volumizing Lengthening Mascara

NYX PROFESSIONAL Volumizing Lengthening Mascara

Their Worth The Hype Volumizing and Lengthening Mascara has a buildable formula that leaves you with long lashes that will make everyone go batty. Their Worth The Hype Volumizing and Lengthening Mascara comes in natural blacks and browns, plus bold gemstone shades, and it's not only natural. All Eyes On Eye Makeup includes NYX Professional Makeup eye makeup products from eyeshadow to mascara, eyeliners, and setting sprays. They don't test their products on animals, and they believe animals belong in their arms, not in a lab. NYX Professional Makeup has a wide range of makeup and beauty products, from eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara and false lashes to lipstick, foundation, primer, blush, bronzer, brushes and more.

Brand: Nyx Professional Makeup

👤I don't like mascara. I want my eyelashes to be close to my face. This mascara is the best formula I have ever tried, from $30 high end mascaras to $2 drugstore mascaras. Unlike other mascaras that have the same effect, it doesn't change its appearance. It adds a lot of volume and length to my lashes. I can not recommend this enough.

👤I don't know how, but after putting this on it looks pretty nice, but it weighs down the curl so I avoid putting it on the base of my lashes. I noticed that after I laugh, they tend to stick to the bottom of my eye. If you have an eye smile, they will go onto your under eye area. I'll finish using it, but the amount of touch ups and attempts to clean the area that the mascara smeared to is not fun after you have a good laugh. I'd like to have good everyday laughs without my mascara getting everywhere, so I'm not going to change it.

👤My eye lashes look longer and longer. I am easily allergic to some mascaras, but not this one. This mascara doesn't make me have a headaches. Very good price.

👤Most mascaras end up under my eyes when I try them. This is the only mascara that doesn't waterproof. A friend of mine has the same issue.

👤If you have sensitive eyes, I warn you about this mascara. I put it on and it was burning in my eyes. I put it in the car so I could wait until I got home, but I removed it after several hours. My eyes were burning and watering the next day. The skin around my eyes was burned and raw. I would have liked it if this had worked out for me. I have been looking for a mascara that is waterproof, won't smudge or clump, and is gentle on my sensitive eyes, but I haven't found it. I have found many that don't bother my eyes but miss in other areas. I had high hopes for this mascara, based on reviews and professional makeup artist's reviews. Too bad.

👤I was not happy with this mascara. The consistency of the formula was not good. It didn't dry quickly enough for me and left marks on my eyes. It didn't dry quickly when I tried to remove them. It was messy. I don't recommend this mascara for straight short eyelashes. Building is not an option unless you have a lot of time to dry it. It might be better for someone who wants to keep their full lashes. It wasn't right for me. I don't think I'll be buying it again.

👤I usually don't give a review but I saw this mascara on a website and it looked so beautiful on him that I decided to try it and it's everything I thought it would be.

👤So far, it is. Okay. It won't give you crazy dramatic lashes like other mascaras I've used. It gives some color. I just put it on so I can't give a full review on taking it off and if it lasts but I think I like the feel of this more than my last mascara. I was using a product that was too thick and clumpy and it was hard to get it all off, so my eyes were irritated and my lashes broke off. This is not like that. It feels light. So spider legs. The wand is interesting. It is definitely not my favorite. If my eyes don't get irritated and this saves my lashes from breaking, then I'm happy! If this mascara turns into something worse, I will update.

7. Honest Beauty Extreme Length Mascara

Honest Beauty Extreme Length Mascara

The formula is the same, but packaging may vary. The double-sided mascara is an award-winning product. A 100% tree-free paper carton. Jojoba Esters are made with. Made without: Parabens, Paraffins, Synthetic Fragrances, Silicones, Mineral Oil.

Brand: Honest Beauty

👤This might be my new mascara. I have the smallest lashes of all time, they stick out from my eyelid and I don't use mascara. It is difficult to find mascaras that make my lashes look lush. The primer is amazing. I put it on my lashes and they grew over twice in length. It dried in about 20 seconds and I put on the coal black mascara because it didn't clump and separated my lashes like whoa. Ladies! Vavoom! Absolutely gorgeous lashes. I have not experienced any flaking after wearing for long periods of time, it hasn't smudged or melted when I'm dancing up a storm or getting my workout on, and the length of my lashes is amazing. It is not proof. It is easy to remove and does not tear out my eyelashes. I have a host of random allergies and am allergic to many products, but luckily I am not allergic to this magic mascara. This doesn't smudge on my bottom lashes either! I am almost 40. I have never found a mascara that didn't smudge on my bottom lashes. Even waterproof ones didn't work because I'm so oily. I stopped wearing it on my bottom lashes for anything but photo shoots after 20 years of age, because the smudge made me look like an old lady with terrible makeup skills, but now I can once again rock liner on my bottom lashes! I tried to crop the picture so you could see how amazing this mascara is, I hate getting my picture taken. I want to see the results of people using the product, so hopefully it helps. I don't have mascara on my bottom lashes as I didn't know it was possible until I bought a tube for my bestie.

👤I give this mascara 4.5 out of 5. If you look at my pictures, you will see that this Honest Beauty mascara with primer made my lashes look longer and thicker. It didn't clump them up. The primer did a great job of building my lashes. The primer is everything. I've used other mascaras with the primer for a different look and it has worked well. I wish the brush was a little more full. When I use this mascara, my eyelashes look full, long, and thick, even though I put on the primer 30 seconds after. I was hoping for longer looking lashes and this delivers!

👤I have tried a lot of non toxic mascaras. I don't like big brands like Honest because their standards aren't always up to par. I was surprised by the ingredients list. I decided to give this mascara a try after hearing rave reviews. The one wand design of the primer and mascara is genius. The primer and mascara work perfectly together to give you separation and volume. The primer is white and the mascara is black. The mascara wand has defined bristles that make it easy to separate your lashes. The wand is small and makes it easier to maneuver and get every eyelash. I don't have any issues with eye watering, eye smudge, or flaking, it does not budge until I wash it off at the end of the day. The green beauty mascara is the best for money. It's amazing that you can get it on subscribe and save 15%. If you need to get a new mascara that is affordable and amazing, then try this one.

8. LOréal Paris Makeup Lengthening Mascara

LOr%C3%A9al Paris Makeup Lengthening Mascara

Two Step Ultra-Lengthening Mascara: Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara is a revolutionary mascara that provides up to 80 percent longer-looking lashes and is suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. Choose from their innovative volumizing formulas and variety of brushes. They have a collection of mascaras, smudge proof eyeliner, add definition to your brows, and eye shadow palettes with shades made for every eye color. L'Oréal Paris helps you create the look you want with their full line of makeup including foundations, concealers, highlighter makeup, eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks and much more. L'Oréal Paris Infallible Never Fail Mechanical Pencil Eyeliner is a perfect match for you.

Brand: L'oreal Paris

👤Even though I have dark hair, my lashes are not very dark. You need to apply the white conditioner and mascara. It goes on well and doesn't cause a lot of clumping. It makes my lashes look long, but it doesn't do much for thickness. If I'm going with minimal eye makeup for a more natural look, I will use this. If I use more eye make-up, I will use the L'Oreal Voluminous mascara because it makes my lashes thicker and more visible. I am posting pictures of an eye with and without mascara.

👤This is the best mascara I've ever used. It is easy to apply and it comes off with water. I freaked out the first time I took a shower. I thought my eyelashes were falling out because of the latex clumps. I have been using this for years, and paying over $10 at the pharmacy, until I found it on Amazon. I highly recommend this mascara if you haven't tried it before. I used L'Oreal Double Extend Maskera to take the before and after photos.

👤Finding smudge-proof mascara is a challenge for me because I have monolids. The loreal lash paradise waterproof and asian-based mascaras are the only ones that are able to survive my oily monolids. After hearing about the wonders of tubing mascara, I gave it a try. It didn't budge even with oil, sweat and eye rubbing, as I had given it a good go around in texas heat. There are two sides to the analysis. There is a primer and a mascara. The sides after opening are shorter than the standard wand lengths, but it's not a big deal as the brush stays the same. I found that the brush shape really separates the lashes. The primer side is great because it helps boost the length and volume of your lashes. The mascara is black and applies smoothly. It takes a little while to dry, but it is budgeproof after a few minutes. This is the best mascara for unmovable mascara. The removal of the mascara is interesting. The formula envelopes your lashes instead of simply coating them with pigment. It will come off like small tubes when you want to remove it. Don't think you're losing lashes without a closer look. I can't think of a similar analogy for tubing mascara. When you take the glove off, it retains some shape. Warm water and a bit of gentle rubbing will remove the tubes. Really easy. This mascara doesn't budge with other makeup removers like micellar and oil makeup. I tried using the Simple Micellar water. My holy grail doesn't take off much, even more than micellar. If you're lazy like me, you'll need to get up to the sink for removal. I highly recommend this mascara, it does a great job staying where it is.

👤I really like this mascara. It is a tube ortubing mascara, which is my favorite type of mascara. It forms little tubes around your lashes, which prevents them from getting flaky. It's great for people who wear contact lens. Some reviews state that you need a special technique to apply the white and black. I've found that it works regardless of the technique. First you apply the white. If you let the white dry for a few seconds before applying the black, it doesn't make a big difference. I have both eyes in black and white. It stays on all day. I don't need to use a cleanser or eye makeup removal to wash off my mascara. Warm water can be used to loosen the mascara. With the eye closed, use the side of my index finger to swoop downward over my eyelid. This pulls the mascara off my eyes. It looks like you pulled your eyelashes out, as other reviewers noted. It's not your eyelashes, it's the little tubes of mascara that were around them. The product has lasted over a month for me.

9. Mascara Waterproof Lengthening Clumping Smudging

Mascara Waterproof Lengthening Clumping Smudging

Instantly, their Fiber Eyelash Mascara gives your eyelashes a boost of volume and length. It can compliment your makeup look and bring out the beauty of your eyes. Stay in place all day. The waterproof and long- lasting Mascara formula ensures that your eyelashes stay all day long. You don't need to reapply it or have a bad mood all day. Excellent application and REMOVAL: Your morning routine will be easy. The mascara sweeps across all lashes without clumping or drying them out. It creates attractive and flawless eyelashes with one single application. It is easy to remove with makeup and warm water. There are natural organic ingredients. A natural and non-toxic formula will protect your eyes. The 4D silk fiber eyelash mascara is safe and friendly for contact lens wearers. They stand behind everything they sell. They will give you 100% money back if you don't like it. Their 4D Silk Fiber Lash Mascara is safe for you to try.

Brand: Skinosm

👤I love this mascara. First use made my lashes longer. I only had to apply one coat. I coat my lashes with 2 different types to get the look I want. I have short lashes. This will be a positive change. I would like to use a good makeup removal at night. I slept without removing it and it was flaky the next morning.

👤I was very excited that this was on Amazon for a quarter of the price that another company had it listed for. I fell in love with it the first time I used it. I noticed that black mascara was on my face after that. I stopped using it. I went back a week later and it was still liquid. I haven't used it in a while.

👤This is the best mascara I have ever used and I have tried a lot because of my thin lashes. This makes them look bigger. It is water proof. I use baby oil on my eyes and face to remove makeup in the shower. I absolutely love this mascara.

👤I like to curl my long lashes because they are straight. I like waterproof mascara because it holds the curl. This stuff made my hair fall out. So disappointing. Not only that. It seemed to stay tacky all day. It made my lashes stick together, like if I had an itch on my eyelid and accidentally bumped them. It was just horrible. I didn't give it a star because it seemed to be long. This one is not for me.

👤I like this mascara. I put 4 layers on. It made my lashes longer and thicker. My lashes are soft once it stays on.

👤It works well. It was a little thick to me, but it didn't smudge. I like it.

👤Couldn't wait to try. I've been using different mascaras. This one was really disappointing. It's not 4D silk fiber. It works the same as any other mascara. I couldn't even try a second coat because it was too stiff. It's like a generic fiber. You will see if you have experience with mascara. It's Booooooo!

👤I wanted to like this mascara, but it doesn't do what it says it will. When it gets wet, it doesn't waterproof like it says. A lot! It does not make my lashes longer than any other mascara. It comes in a pretty container. I'll stick with my normal maybelline for the price. Bummed.

10. Wander Beauty Mile Length Mascara

Wander Beauty Mile Length Mascara

One of the best selling mascaras in the US was voted the Best of Beauty winner. Pure Wow x Blink Beauty was the winner of the Best Mascara award. The length and volume of lashes are very high. The wand's bristles grab every eyelash for a full and flirtatious effect. The formula strengthens lashes with every use. You've been dreaming about volumizing and lengthening mascara. It's the best mascara for long lashes. The eye makeup for traffic-stop definition is Black Mascara. A black mascara that is smudge-proof, water-resistant, and flake-proof. There are various substances that can be used to strengthen and condition lashes. Mile High Club is where to take your lashes. An award winning mascara. The beauty eye makeup is free of animal products. It's a free of gluten. The Ophthalmologist was tested. It is always free of synthetic fragrances and mineral oil. It's a black mascara that is safe. You've been dreaming about mascara that is black and cruelty free. Show stopping benefits is a black mascara that volumizes in just one coat. Lengthens every time. The blackest color. It feels like a dream. There were no racoon eyes. It is a good idea to wash off with soap and water. Adding Wrinkle and lost lashes can be caused by pulling or tugging at your delicate skin and lashes. The volumizing and lengthening mascara is the best selling mascara in the US.

Brand: Wander Beauty

👤Some tubes seem better than others, but I love this mascara. I don't know why. My first tube was amazing. It lasted longer than any other I've gotten. Tubes since then have been thicker and clumpy.

👤The mascara works as advertised, but it is not as good as the cheaper 4D silk fiber mascaras. I don't plan on buying again.

👤I love this stuff! It stays on all day and can easily be washed with soap and water. You can use up everything in the tube by rolling it up.

👤This mascara is amazing. I've tried many brands. I received one a few months ago and it started to get bigger. I warm it every morning by sitting it in my lap, and it's still working great. I ordered 2 more from Amazon and it was great. I usually wear a waterproof mascara, but have had trouble with the tips of my bottom lashes curling to one side. I don't have a problem with the mascara staying on, it keeps my lashes straight, and I don't have a problem with smudges. I apply a bit of powder to my eyes after they have dried to prevent them from being smudged. Definitely recommend.

👤Not worth the money. If you're going to pay this kind of money, buy Big Monsieur. It advertised one longer thicker lashes. It was so wet that my lashes were not as thick as they should have been. I used a primer on the second wear and the results were slightly better after it dried. After it dried. After it dried. It's not a good idea to dry the mascara to see a result. This is already in the trash.

👤I have a problem with this mascara and it's something I love. The first time I opened it, my wand was covered in mascara and I wasted so much product. I wish they would change the packaging.

👤This mascara is amazing. Over the years, I have used many other brands and found that all of them smudge under my eyes at the end of the day. I have oily skin and eye lids, which bled out no matter what brand I used. This mascara doesn't leave you with black under your eyes for a few hours. If it starts to wear off, they are small flakes that will fall but are easy to remove. It comes off very easily when you wash it. The scrubbing that other mascara requires can be damaging, but this comes off easily and leaves noracon eye look after washing. The trade off is worth it, the look of lashes isn't the most extreme compared to others.

👤I have ordered several since I received this in my beauty box. You definitely need a makeup removal. Use a little for a natural look and layer for a dramatic look all day and evening. It makes your eyelashes look bigger. It is a bit pricey but worth it.

11. LOreal Paris Cosmetics Unlimited Lengthening

LOreal Paris Cosmetics Unlimited Lengthening

Lifting and Lengthening Mascara: This stretchable formula glides on lashes to build up any look with no clumps or flakes and lasts up to 24 hours; The bendable brush makes application precise and effortless. The Pro Lash Looks are inspired by the makeup artist hack of bending the wand for added control and ease of application, their unique 2 wand position can be used straight or bent to modify your look. Get the long eyelashes you love with their best mascaras and conditioning and lengthening primers, and maximize your thick, long eyelashes while staying clump and smudge resistant. All Things Beauty has a variety of products to help you achieve any look, whether you need eye makeup for a killer cat eye or face makeup for a flawless complexion. The biggest beauty brand in the world has an unparalleled commitment to combining the latest in technology with the highest in quality for the ultimate in luxury beauty.

Brand: L'oreal Paris

👤I fell for the holy grail of mascaras hype after reading about it online. This is very thick and very tar-like. The brush can be tilted, but it doesn't do much, and there was no lifting of the lashes. It looks awful on. I would rate this towards the bottom of all drugstore mascaras. If you are a fan of L'Oreal, then their Voluminous is a better product. I will not be giving up my mascara for this. Beauty editors get products for free and are more likely to give glowing reviews for mediocre products.

👤I've ordered this mascara from Amazon four times and bought it once. I keep buying it because it's a great product. I end up wasting a lot of money because every single tube has a problem. The rubber collar around the mouth of the bottle is not made of plastic. The rubber collar on the tube pops out after you use it for a while, so there is nothing you can do to remove the mascara from your brush. There is a giant, unusable wand on the mascara and you can't get it to fit the collar. It is a terrible design. I thought it was a coincidence, but it happened again and again. It has happened with every tube. I have wasted my money. I'm looking for a waterproof mascara. Not buying this one anymore.

👤What a waste of money. I bought a different formula of mascara at the drug store. I wanted to try it because it was the same wand I purchased. I liked the mascara and wand. I found this on Amazon and need to get more. Not! This is a different formula than the one I bought. I wanted to try the waterproof version. I thought it would be worth the extra cost because I loved the other one so much. After waiting for it to arrive. I finally got it! I tried it out of the box. You couldn't tell that I had on mascara. I had no coverage after trying coats after coats. It did nothing. It was almost as if there was clear mascara. I wiped the wand with a tissue. I tried again. Same thing. I had to use my old one. I have been using the mascara for many years and have never been so disappointed. Total waste of money. The original formula will be purchased from now on.

👤I bought this mascara several times because I was so excited about it, and I was hoping that the next experience would be better. Today was the end of my experience. I will not buy this product again. There is a rubber ring at the opening to keep the mascara brush from getting wet. The brush is saturated in mascara after that ring came out. I tried to push the rubber ring back in place but ended up with black mascara all over my hands and the sink. I had to use Extra Strength Nail Polish remover on my hands and sink to get it off. It was a mess. This isn't the first time this has happened, but today's experience was the worst. Today is the day that you switch brands.


What is the best product for best mascara for lengthening?

Best mascara for lengthening products from L'oreal Paris. In this article about best mascara for lengthening you can see why people choose the product. Maybelline New York and Essence Cosmetics are also good brands to look for when you are finding best mascara for lengthening.

What are the best brands for best mascara for lengthening?

L'oreal Paris, Maybelline New York and Essence Cosmetics are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best mascara for lengthening. Find the detail in this article. Nyx Professional Makeup, Honest Beauty and L'oreal Paris are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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