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1. Maybelline Volumizing Buildable Lengthening Multiplying

Maybelline Volumizing Buildable Lengthening Multiplying

This volumizing mascara is made with bamboo extract and fibers for long, full and lightweight lashes that don't smudge. The Flex Tower mascara brush is suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers and has an eye doctor and allergy tested. It's all in the eyes, from the subtle lines to the smokey vibes, their eyeshadow, eyeliner, brows and mascara collections are designed to transform your look. Make eye looks with eyeshadows, brow pencils and eyeliners, and perfect your lips with lipsticks and lip balms. The number one makeup brand in the world is Maybelline, and it is Diverse, on the pulse, inspired by the city and tested on its streets.

Brand: Maybelline New York

👤Four years ago, I had cancer and my lashes were very thin. I buy mascara for different lengths. My lashes were long because of this mascara. Even my husband noticed.

👤The Maybellone Sky High mascara looked like a possible match for the Hourglass Unlocked Mascara which is $29. I feel like this is a good substitute for the Hourglass mascara and I will be buying it again. The size and width of the mascara tubes are very similar. The mascaras are about 1-2mm shorter. The Hourglass component is heavier than the Maybelline mascara which makes it feel like it's a luxury product. You can see that the brush application is almost the same as in one of my images. Both of them have plastic applicators with short bristles. The short bristle makes it easy to grab and extend the lashes that are hard to reach with bigger mascaras. The biggest difference between the two mascaras is that the Hourglass one is more flexible. I found it difficult to apply the mascara to the root and push it through to the tip of the lashes because of the flexibility of the Maybelline mascara applicator. This isn't so flexible, I usually like a mascara wand. I can use the firmness to help push the formula into the roots of the lashes. Due to the flexibility of the wand, it was extremely difficult to do this and it took me a while to apply the mascara to get a fanned out effect. When I applied the mascara, it looked great. The mascara feels the same when I gently run my finger through it. The Hourglass feels softer to the touch than the Maybelline one. I asked my roommates if they noticed any difference after I put the mascara on one eye and the other on the other, and they said they liked it more. They both said there was little difference between the two, but they preferred the one with the separated lashes. Both mascaras make your lashes long. I like that look and they don't give too much volume. I know some people don't like that look. I prefer long individual lashes that look like my natural lashes. Both of these mascaras are easy to remove with warm water and makeup removal products. They have the same power. If you want to try the Hourglass Unlocked Mascara, but it is not in your budget, I would highly recommend you get the other one, the Maybelline is $9 and the Hourglass Unlocked is $29. It is a really good dupe. I am so glad that this mascara is out because I am supposed to change my mascara every 3 months. I don't feel bad if I lose this mascara or it's expired.

👤I requested to review what I received and what is pictured in the product listing doesn't seem to be the same item I received. I included a picture of the bottle because it was great and I would buy it again at a lower price. This is better than some of the more expensive mascaras I've used. I included a picture of one eye with the other without it and it's obvious that this works well and its buildable. I really like the product I received and I will be buying it again.

2. LOreal Paris Voluminous Original Building

LOreal Paris Voluminous Original Building

The Volume Maximizing brush is suitable for sensitive eyes and is designed to make lashes smooth and creamy. Choose from their innovative volumizing formulas and variety of brushes, and get the long, full eyelashes you love with L'Oreal Paris mascara. They have a collection of Voluminous mascaras, smudge proof eyeliner, brow Definers, and eye shadow palettes with shades made for every eye color. L'Oreal Paris Makeup helps you create the look you want with their full line of makeup including foundations, concealers, highlighter makeup, brow pencils, eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks and much more. It's perfect to pair with. L'Oreal Paris Voluminous Lash Primer instantly builds dramatic volume and length on each eyelash for use under Voluminous mascara.

Brand: L'oreal Paris

👤I have used many brands of mascara. ... Mary Kay was the cover girl. I have long lashes, but I am blonde and fair. I need mascara. I swear this adds length to your lashes. I don't want to be on the fake eyelash bandwagon. It sounds like a pain. I don't think I need them. At least not with L'Oral Voluminous Original Mascara. I rediscovered this mascara a few years ago. I lost track of the brand when I wore it as a young adult. Never again! When I wear it, I get praise. I get asked if my lashes are my own. Is there criticisms? Sometimes it can come out of the bottle. I keep a roll of paper towels in the bathroom. I brush it lightly on the paper towel to get rid of excess. Simple as that. Otherwise it goes on without a hitch. The only problem with this mascara is that it is a booger. A simple facial wipe may not be enough. You don't want to rub at your eyes if you take it from someone my age. That is how you end up with baggy eyes. I use a cream based eye makeup and an organic liquid to remove it, and I use Amazon'sVitamin C wipes to wipe my face clean. Take care of your skin after you take off your makeup. Before bed, apply the eye cream. If you stay out of the sun without sunscreen, your face will look better as you get older. For years to come, you will look better with this mascara. I would recommend this product. It is so reasonable on Amazon. If you found something helpful in my review, please click/tap on the yes icon. Thank you so much for stopping by!

👤Due to the fact that I have small lashes, I am constantly trying to find a mascara that makes them look longer and fuller, and I read the reviews on this prior to purchasing. I went to the mirror to try it out. There are a few things you need to watch when using this product. 1. When you open it, make sure it's not clumped together. 2. The brush 3 needs to be wiped off. Start at the base of your eyelash. You don't want the second coat to be completely wet as it will clump your lashes together. If they are completely dry, it will not be that bad. This mascara will make your lashes long and beautiful. The price of this mascara is a lot cheaper than any drugstore. I love L'Oreal's mascara and the volume and length you get from it is amazing. When I put this on, I get a lot of compliment on my eyes. I use soap or lotion to remove it. It's hard to believe but with lotion it will come right off. I hope the review helped someone.

👤I got this mascara. Since I was a teenager, I haven't worn mascara much, but in the past year or so, I have begun to wear it occasionally. I don't have long lashes so a bit of Mascara is good to wear. It's fragrance free and doesn't clump or irritate. After, lashes feel soft. There is a video. I hope it helps. Sabiene:)

3. Vivienne Sabó Cabaret Première Artistic

Vivienne Sab%C3%B3 Cabaret Premi%C3%A8re Artistic

The secret to French beauty. This everyday classic mascara has a single coat. Make the look even thicker with fanned lashes. It's a soft, natural look if you clump free and light weight. SMUDGE PROOF & LONG LASTING formula doesn't transfer. Saybonjour to length, thickness and volume that last all day. The wand is easy to apply. It is easy to remove makeup without damaging your lashes. It's free. Their products are not tested on animals. Money-back guarantee and 100% SATISFACTION. Their return policy hasSLE-FREE, so they stand behind their products. If you're not satisfied, please contact them for a full refund.

Brand: Vivienne Sabó

👤I am a total mascara snob, I don't go anywhere without mascara on. I have been using Lancme for over 20 years and I have never tried the next greatest mascara. I read lots of reviews and could not believe that this product was so amazing. I was expecting a good mascara, but it wasn't good. I was wrong. The first time I tried it, my lashes looked great. I have a lot of mascaras that clump my lashes together. The ones that don't clump seem to have any noticeable results. This mascara gave perfect coverage from root to tip, and it is a perfect level of thickness. There is no collapsing. I use it because I find that I get less under the eye mascara as the day goes on. The lashes look long, thick and defined when I haven't. There is a It is the best product I have ever used. The brush took a few tries to really feel like I got it, but making sure the tip is wiped is key to a random blob on my lid. I admit that I stabbed myself in the eye the first time I used a different brush, but that was my fault. I use a waterproof mascara that stays better in heat and humidity, however it has amazing staying power. When I get up, this is still looking great, even though I don't remove my makeup when I fall asleep. I don't need eye makeup removal. This was the best purchase I have made in a long time. Everyone needs to try this. I will add pictures if I can. I have tried a few others since buying this, but this still is the best mascara I have ever used, and I have given it as gifts multiple times. I don't get the waterproof version because it stays put so well, but I usually get the waterproof version. It is not clear how inexpensive it is. Everyone I have given this to has ordered it.

👤I usually get eyelash marks just below my eye brows, but I don't with this mascara. The photo was taken after I wore it for about 10 hours and did a deep clean on my house, my hands feel wrecked but my eye lashes are on point. I used to use Benefit mascara but am now in a masters program so budgeting is real, this mascara works wonderfully and is easy to wash off as well, which is a big plus for me, I really don't like busting out all my Potion just to get my mascara off. It is washed with soap and water. There is a Yes. This product is recommended by me. I am a reader of reviews and skeptical at the same time. When I bought this product, I trusted the reviews but now will be a repeat purchaser. I am not being paid to say anything.

👤I don't write reviews for things, but I felt like I had to because of this. My friends are used to me wearing thick coats of mascara all the time. I got a lot of compliment on my lashes this week. People asked if I had extensions. This mascara makes your lashes long and defined, and it doesn't clump. Although it isn't waterproof, I've never had any problems with it, and I've used eyedrops, tears, and even gotten stuck in the rain without them. I'm thrilled that I have my new holy grail mascara.

4. Maybelline Express Colossal Waterproof Mascara

Maybelline Express Colossal Waterproof Mascara

The volumizing mascara has power colors for bold lashes and a formula that delivers 9 times the volume in just one coat. The Big Shot brush has unique, wavy bristles that cradle lashes, while the collagen formula delivers dramatic volume. If you want long lashes or thicker eyelashes, there is an icon brand of mascara by Maybelline for you. The possibilities are endless with their eyeshadow and eyeshadow primers, eyeliner, brow makeup, and mascara collections designed to transform your look in the blink of an eye. Make eye looks with eyeshadows, brow pencils and eyeliners, and perfect your lips with lipsticks and lip balms.

Brand: Maybelline New York

👤This is a lie. I've been using this mascara for a long time. The picture shows the tube I had and the one I received from Amazon. The tubes I received from Amazon were not functional. There was no way to squeeze off the excess from the full wand. I would not recommend it, it looks different than the ones I get. I initially got a new one, but it was the same as before. I have to return it to the store. Time and money are wasted.

👤The mascara I received is not real. The front of the tube is the same color as the back, but it doesn't say the same thing as the back, and it comes out way too clumpy. The price was too good to be true.

👤They stopped making the original Volum' Express mascara, so I bought this to try. The wand is easy to apply and wash off. It makes my eyes look bigger, I get a lot of compliment on my eye lashes. The formula used to smudge in hot weather, but it stopped after I bought it a few more times. The price is unbeatable and it's one of my favorite mascaras.

👤It was pretty good for the price. It doesn't clump but it does have some structure. After the first coat is dry, add the second coat to make lashes thicker. I have thin lashes, so wanted something that helped with length and thickness at the same time. Stick with 2 because the 3rd coat will be too clumpy. A coat is about 10 strokes to distribute and separate. If this mascara can separate lashes well enough during the second coat, it's great for glamour drama.

👤If you're looking for a mascara that will survive a waterfall landing on your face, or the whole world suddenly died off, you have nothing to do but cry. This is the one for you. It is waterproof. It's difficult to take off my makeup remover because it's waterproof. The context of 'no clumps' is a joke. I have a lot of eyelash and they are long. I got this mascara to make my eyelashes pop but they have clumped together. Not cute. I won't be using this kind of mascara again because it does the job that mascara is intended to do.

👤This was bought for a trip to Mexico. Being in the pool was perfect. It stayed on. I had to scrub at my eyes at night to get it off, but I'm fine with that if it means I don't have mascara all day.

👤There is a claim to be waterproof. Went to the pool and applied mascara. I love the length and volume, but it is not waterproof. I did not go under water. I waded through the pool to watch my kids. My regular mascara has the same results. Not returnable. I don't have the money. To find a different one with better results. Oh, *sigh*

👤Lots of lashes. The brush is light yet it applies nicely with one or two strokes. I think the original Maybelline Great Lash is still the best mascara and will return to it. I would love to take this brush. Black is the color. I can't tell the difference between black, blackest black, extreme black and similar titles. I like buying black mascara. I don't use mascaras that are blue or brown. I write reviews because I appreciate other people's reviews. Amazon reviews help me find the right product. I sort product choices by average customer review to help decide which item to buy. Customer reviews are helpful and I hope that I am paying it forward by providing this review. Thank you to Amazon for selling and shipping the mascara so quickly, and to Maybelline for making it. I love shopping at Amazon.

5. Bestidy Mascara Waterproof Thickening Lengthening

Bestidy Mascara Waterproof Thickening Lengthening

Bestidy Fiber Eyelash Mascara can give you a boost of volume and length instantly. Make the look even thicker with fanned lashes. The smooth and creamy mascara sweeps across all lashes without clumping. You can remove your makeup at the end of the day. This waterproof and long- lasting Mascara formula ensures that your eyelashes stay long and thick all day through rain, tears, and sweat. Saybonjour to length, thickness and volume that last all day. The 4D silk fiber lash mascara is safe and friendly for sensitive eyes. Warm tips can cause a warm feeling on sensitive skin, which should go away in a few minutes. If there is no redness after 48 hours, then use the product without risk.

Brand: Bestidy

👤This mascara is amazing. BEAUITFUL bottle, like everyone is saying, is not flaky of the glitter. The mascara is the best I have ever used. It lasts all day, even when I work outside. I take mine off with oil. The pictures are attached without any mascara, and then one with one with mascara, and 10 seconds of an eye curler prior to application, it lifts and lengthens, without having to use 5 coats and looking like a spider lives on your eye. The brush was great. This doesn't bother me, and it tops the Too Faced Better Than Sex. I plan on buying more.

👤The case alone makes this mascara amazing. So beautiful! I am pleased with the performance of the mascara. I don't have a lot of lashes, but it definitely added length. I read a couple of reviews before I bought it, but I disagree because of the way it removes. There are mascaras that make a mess on removal. The mascara came off in pieces. I wiped away some of the remnants on my face after I rubbed it and my eyes got teary. When I washed my face, I splashed it with water first and the mascara stayed put. I always get mascara on me. I have tears that eat through all mascara. After a day of wearing this along with my eye cream, it seems like a quality mascara that doesn't run on me and performs exactly as advertised. I would recommend this!

👤I gave this product a 4 because it is very messed up. You should have a Q-tips or a rag nearby when you put this product on. It makes your lashes long which makes them messy. The first time I applied, I made a huge mess and ended up washing it all off. I only recommend putting on one or two coats. I tried to apply this like normal mascara by putting on multiple coats, but it was very messy. If you put too many coats it will make your lashes clump together. I wiped the product off the tissue after applying it a second time. I put a coat of product on my lashes and then went back to put more on the ends. I used a tool to separate my lashes. It looked great. The lashes are too long for the lower lashes. Pros: makes lashes really long, comes in a pretty container, nice plastic comb-like brush. It is very messy to the point that you should wait to put on the rest of your makeup until after you have done your eyes or keep Q tips handy. If I was short on time, I wouldn't put on this product because of the amount of time it takes to clean it. It takes longer to dry than normal mascara.

👤The difference before and after is amazing. The mascara is quite dark and subtle. The before/after picture shows a huge difference, but when you look at it on both eyes it's just gorgeous. It's waterproof makes it great for everyday wear. The packaging is gorgeous. I want to cover my life with rainbow glitter and rose gold.

6. Perversion Mascara Bigger Blacker Perversion

Perversion Mascara Bigger Blacker Perversion

BigGER, BADDER LASHES - Perversion Volumizing Mascara is a volumizing mascara that delivers feathery, fanned-out lashes. It is the deepest, most intense black color. You can pile on coat after coat with this clean, clump-free finish. Their formula has a smooth texture that never gets brittle or clumpy. The high-tech, vehicular buffing The small corner and lower lashes are captured by their mascara wand to build volume from root to tip. Hairdensyl is a blend of proteins and amino acids that stimulates eyelash growth. Sea idrolized elastine stimulates hair follicles and marine collagen protects. Play well with other people and coat your lashes with Subversion Primer before applying Perversion Volumizing Mascara. The ultimate eye look can be achieved with Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide-On Eyeliner Pencil.

Brand: Urban Decay

👤This is not a full size mascara but a very small trial size. The trial size is not communicated in the listing. One would expect a full size product to be available for less money. I'm not happy with Amazon for stocking this item.

👤This formula is ok, but not the real perversion mascara from Urban Decay. I have been using this mascara for a long time and always buy the travel size. I added pictures from two travel size mascaras I had that were almost empty because it was not the real thing. I bought 13$ a piece from Ulta. Don't buy it, it's not real.

👤I will never buy Perversion Mascara from Amazon again. The size I received was either the travel or the 4.0 oz. I thought it was a full tube. It's ridiculous to pay $30 for a travel size. I am aware of buyer beware. I bought the full size and travel size of this mascara from Amazon for $47. It would be a full size tube for $30, so I'm really sorry. It was a ripoff.

👤I have ordered this product before and received a full-size version of the mascara that I loved. When I ran out, I ordered the same item and it looked like a sample size. I feel like I'm being tricked.

👤I thought it was the same as the picture. The travel size is related to the price of the big one. I don't know where they store it. As if it were new, it was dry. I decided to get it on Amazon because I was already shopping at the store. Would not order it again.

👤The mascara came in a box with 2 slots and was built for primer and mascara. The box says it's for the primer and mascara. The store-bought version of the mascara has differences on the bottle.

👤I've been looking for this mascara for a long time. I used to apply makeup. I damaged my eyelashes so badly that clumps of them fell out and took over 6 months for them to grow back. I have been looking for a mascara that will increase my volume and length without having to use a primer. I wanted it to be easy. Perversion is what it is! The first coat is not a big deal. Add a second coat and they pop! Sometimes I put on a third coat. I just bought 3 more before the price went up. It's only $17.50 on Amazon right now and retails for $25 everywhere else. Stock up!

👤The package had little to no makeup in it. $40 is gone! Horrible.

7. Revlon Fierce Mascara Blackest Black

Revlon Fierce Mascara Blackest Black

Length and volume are over-the-top. Your lashes are the best ever! The length gives the appearance of extensions. Their So Fierce Mascara is made with lash- lifting polymers, paraffin, and rice-bran waxes, that extend and amplify your lashes for a large, extravagant look. For hours upon hours. There is plenty of time to slay with this glossy black eyelash mascara. There is an application for pantyhose. The molded, tapered wand combs and grabs the mascara to coat the lashes from root to tip. It separates with precision. The mascara comes in three striking shades; Blackest Black, Black and Blackened Brown. Live bold with makeup. You need high-quality makeup to be yourself. They have longwear color eyeshadows, eyeliners, matt or shiny lipsticks, and more.

Brand: Revlon

👤I used to have long lashes. My lashes seem almost invisible with age. I always look for mascaras that don't clump and really work, because I have issues applying false lashes. I think I found a winner with this one. Here's why. This mascara has a wand. Normally I don't like this type of application as it never seems to get any product on my lashes and I end up pretending I have mascara on. I like the brush wand. This mascara has a wand that works. I can actually see my lashes because it grabs each one and puts enough product on them. I was surprised by it and I love it! 2. I was afraid it would clump, but it hasn't. It makes my lashes look like they used to. It doesn't do much for volume, but I like the length. 3. It stays all day. No disappearing act. I have noticed that it takes a bit more time to dry, but it is not that big of a deal. There are a couple of things that are not good. It takes a while to dry. I can't do multiple coats at once. I need to apply a coat and wait a few seconds. I don't need to apply additionaly coats because this mascara coats so well. 2. I use micellar water to remove my eye make-up, but it takes a few more touches to make sure it's gone. Sometimes I need to use a second cotton pad. It's a small annoyance. I haven't been happy with a mascara for a long time, but I really like this one.

👤There are pros and cons. My go-to mascaras are three times the price, and this mascara has effectively replaced them. It creates length and definition. The formula is easy to apply and the wand is light. You don't need more than one coat. I get asked if I have fake lashes a lot since I started wearing this mascara. There are some things that are CONS: The formula takes a minute or so to dry and can transfer to your eyelid. Make sure you have a cotton ball on hand to prevent transfer.

👤I have long lashes. I don't like that drugstore mascara clumps and is not that good. I came to Amazon to find a cheaper alternative to Lancome. I have found it. I purchased it because of the reviews. You can get some good volume with a little work. There was a lot of flaking. I would recommend it.

👤I was buying this to replace the tube I have that is nearly gone, and this is generally good mascara. I was extremely disappointed with my purchase this time because it arrived new in the package but almost completely empty or dried up as if it has been sitting somewhere for decades. I can't tell the difference between my old, empty tube and the brand new one I just received. I have to buy more makeup. It was like throwing money out the window. I don't know if it's the fault of the mascara itself or that of the vendor, but getting old, dried up, empty mascara in a new package sucks no matter who fault it is.

8. KL Killer Lashes Ultimate Extender

KL Killer Lashes Ultimate Extender

3D black mascara and fiber lash extender are included in the limited-edition make up set. Instantly adds volume to lashes. Lengthens lashes without false extensions for a look. It's ideal for special nights out or everyday use and comes with a travel pouch. You can look your best and create killer looks with ease if you enjoy first-class service and "Truth in Beauty."

Brand: Kl Killer Lashes

👤After less than two weeks of use, I think my lashes look longer than they did before, because I have seen no eyelash change with the others. I will definitely continue to use and see if they keep getting better, even though it is not a dramatic change yet. Both before and after photos have no makeup at all. There were no issues with the serum getting into my eyes.

👤I never wanted to pay to have them done frequently. I don't have a lot of time to go to a place to have them done, so it's expensive and adds up quickly. I was glad to try alternative options. This is a great lengthener. I use it daily before bed. There were no eye irritation notes. I love how long my lashes are. It took a while to see the results. I am happy I was patient.

👤I have ever put something on my eyelashes. I threw it away. Don't waste your money.

👤This is a great concept in theory, but it is not a good idea if the fibers fall off and into your eyes and cheeks. It is good if you only wear it a short time and then can remove it quickly. It makes your lashes long and thick.

👤I thought it would be more eye-friendly because it's supposed to condition and protect lashes. I was surprised to see that the brush is made of twisted wire and has a sharp tip. The brush could damage the eye if not used carefully. The fumes from the serum made my eyes burn and dried my lashes. I decided the risks were more important than the benefits.

👤I have been using this product for about 6 weeks. I haven't worn mascara in a while, and when I went to get my lashes tinted, she commented on how long my eyelashes are. I curled my lashes at home. I was impressed. It has taken time to see the results, but I am really happy with them and hope that with this product my lashes will be longer and more healthy than ever!

👤This mascara is so amazing, I use about 30 different mascaras, and it lasts a very long time. When I bought this, I was so impressed that I will use it for the rest of my life. I don't want extensions.

👤I don't know if my mind is playing tricks on me or if I am actually seeing some growth. I noticed my lashes looked better when I put mascara on, but in pictures of my naked lashes, I don't notice much of a difference. The formula doesn't make my eye burn. That is nice and I like the way it works. It makes it easy to apply. I didn't give it more stars because the growth seems to be a bit slow. I will try to change this review if it changes a lot.

👤My lashes fell out due to stress. This has been a blessing. It takes some getting used to and a few passes with both the gel and the fibres. It will pay off for you. It makes my lashes look thicker and longer and it grabbed on to the tiny hairs that are growing back to make them look full. They don't look like spider legs. Will buy this again.

9. Meifen Voluminous Waterproof Smudge Proof Clumping

Meifen Voluminous Waterproof Smudge Proof Clumping

Silk fiber eyelash mascara gives your eyelashes a boost of volume and length. You can achieve your desired look now. Hypoallergenic Fiber Mascara is safe and friendly for sensitive eyes. Go about your day without being affected by fading or flaking. This mascara is perfect for all day long use. The smooth and creamy mascara sweeps across all lashes without clumping or drying out, making it easy to apply and remove. You can remove your makeup at the end of the day. They strive to deliver the best product for their customers. If you are not satisfied with the product, please contact them. They are here to help.

Brand: Meifen

👤There were deception, inaccurate description and more. I was very upset that this mascara is not waterproof and not 5D Silk. I don't think it's just regular mascara. The texture of the mascara was thin and the two that had dried out were the only ones that hadn't dried out. This mascara isn't deserving of a rating. It doesn't deserve to be on the Amazon market or anywhere else. If you want to get a refund or put the amount on your Amazon gift card, you should contact Amazon.

👤I liked how long my lashes looked. It is a good waterproof mascara. I got a tube of mascara with a subscription box and I felt like I was wearing this mascara. It was not waterproof. It looked like black caterpillars on my face if I thought about watering it. I bought this amazing product in the 3 pack.

👤I am not sure about 5d mascaras and all mascaras. I used to always use 2 different mascaras, when my lashes were shorter and before I used growth enhancers, because I wanted to give my lashes a bold look. There are many things that can help with eyelash growth and there are many ways to get long natural looking lashes. I have been using a growth enhancer and it has been 5 millionths. I get a lash lift kit once a month or every other month and it makes my lashes look long, not to mention I brush my lashes everyday. It will look long with added fiber when I use mascara 3D. It is outrageous with 4d, primer and fiber. They all give it a bold dramatic look, 5d barely makes a difference from those to me, if it is really 5d mascara. If I apply one coat of the 5d it will look like I used primer alone, 2 coats look like 4d, and 3 coats look like 4d and primer. Overall it is. It is not messy.

👤I love mascara. It gives a lot of volume and length. It is easy to clean. It never makes a difference. I order this for my daughters and sisters as well. The last order arrived in a different brand. Highly recommended.

👤Particles will burn if they get into your eyes. If they get in, there is something in it that will burn your eye balls. It makes it look like you have lashes. No gain or pain! I think that's correct.

👤This is not the stuff that comes off easily in warm water. It is gross. It leaves a lot of stuff in my eyes. I have one left from this pack. I hate this stuff so much that I'm throwing it and buying the real stuff. Don't waste your money.

👤I liked the 3D mascara so much that I was happy to get even longer, thicker lashes when the 5D came out, but they are not as long as the 3D.

👤I have always had to pay a lot of money for mascara because my lashes are very sensitive. I found this and it works better than the mascara I used to buy. My lashes don't fall out when I use them for a long time. It takes a bit of time but it is worth it.

10. REVLON Fierce Mascara Fluid_ounces Blackest

REVLON Fierce Mascara Fluid_ounces Blackest

Lash tint technology gradually lightens lashes in 7 days with natural dyes. Volumizing was seen by 84% of people in their study. The study showed that 98% of people saw lashes darkened. The big side of the brush adds volume and the flat bad side fans out lashes for a panoramic effect. There is a no-clump, smudge-proof, flake-proof formula available.

Brand: Revlon

👤I tried different mascaras for months because my favorite one stopped being made. This gem was found after everything from drug store to specialty brands. My lashes look great. Brings out the natural shape, thickness and length.

👤The hint is over. I found what I was looking for.

👤I love how easy it is to apply this mascara. The brush is perfect. I always wanted my lashes to look perfect. It only takes a small amount of work to have long and full lashes. It comes off very easy. It takes a little bit of water. The perfect mascara for a fast life. I love it!

👤They don't look like spider legs without separates. I have tried every mascara. I have tried expensive ones, drug store ones and so on. The brush and formula from Revlon is the best I have tried. They have a faithful forever customer in me. Wow, just wow. Please don't change it, don't just don't. Leave it there. It is perfect.

👤Yall are crazy. This mascara is my life. It is so easy to throw on and run out of the house because it can get so bold that I don't even need eyeshadow or anything else. Thank you goddess for the amazing mascara.

👤I bought this after watching a video of someone doing her makeup. I love it and have ordered it again. I used to be a pink/ green tube maybelline mascara user. Have never been to a store. Go to Amazon and order 2 at a time.

👤My new favorite! Length and full lashes!

👤It works very well. I like it. It's smooth and makes my lashes grow.

👤This mascara is terrible. I will not use it again because I was excited to dark my lashes. I tried putting it on thick and thin to see if I could master it. There is no mastering it. There is a thick look everywhere. I mean covering the inside of my glasses. It was snowing over my face. Thin was not much better. Spidery lashes, still a mess, and incredibly hard to remove either way. I have never written a make up review, but this was terrible enough that I had to. However, if you want to look like you. Did your make up get damaged. I didn't wash off my make up since last week. Someone blew ash all over your face. This is the mascara for you.

👤I liked the idea of this mascara tint my lashes because they are naturally light but the mascara is terrible. I don't reach for it so that idea is out. I think this mascara should be called "Fiercely Clumpy".

👤It was dried out and clumpy when it arrived. I threw the garbage away.

👤This was thick. I have to spend more time getting rid of the mess than I would normally do. There was no sign of a lasting tint. I wouldn't buy one again.

11. Maybelline York Washable Classic Black

Maybelline York Washable Classic Black

volumizing mascara brush. The brush scoops up an extra shot of plumping formula.

Brand: Maybelline New York

👤This is the best mascara for thick, bold lashes. I started using it as a substitute for DiorShow a long time ago. Lash Paradise makes lashes look longer, but this mascara is still a lot more dramatic and doesn't make lashes flaky. It is widely available at every drug store. Don't wait more than 30 seconds between coats to avoid the sticky tarantula look.

👤The mascara is terrible. I have put up with some subpar mascara, but this one is the worst. It came out of the package messy and brittle. I found a year old mascara in the bathroom closet. I gave it a try after pumping a bunch to try to coat some of the bristles with wet mascara. I need a dried out tube because I can't say anything positive about this mascara. It is not volumizing at all and goes on like you are applying spider legs to your eyes. The mascara is very dull. Please think twice before buying this stuff, it's just a hot mess. It is awful even as a building mascara.

👤Thanks to Amazon's Subscribe & Save program, I no longer have to replace my mascara because I no longer have to. I asked my makeup artist friend for a recommendation and she suggested I try this mascara. She didn't steer me wrong. I run and work out all the time while wearing this mascara, and have never had a problem with it running. It can handle a lot of sweat. I don't like the shape of the brush, it makes my lashes look clumpy, and I have to clean off extra product with a tissue before applying. I can't complain about the price and how often I replace it.

👤I was starting to panic when I saw that the blue mascara was no longer on sale. I bought this by chance and realized it works as well. The only difference I noticed was that the amount of mascara in there was not the same as I'm used to. I have to buy more every few weeks. One tube of mascara used to last me a long time. I've bought this product on Amazon and many other stores. I have noticed the same problem, so I need to put more mascara in there. I put on at least three layers of makeup every day. I use more than most women. If you don't keep it tight, the tube will dry out.

👤It is really weird. clumps of rubber/plastic were in the mascara I received. I am scared to use it. I decided to try a new one and I will definitely use the lash paradise.

👤I took my new mascara to make sure it would last for the whole trip, because I went on a trip for a week. Since day one it was dry. I think I got very old merchandise that was cheaper in a retail store. I did not have mascara on my trip.

👤The best MASCARA ever! I apply this once a day and it lasts til the next day. I have long lashes and this product made them grow. Sometimes I get asked if my eyelashes are fake, but at the same time I get a lot of compliment. They like it. Get the pumped up. I recommend this product. Oh! When taking off the mascara, don't worry, your hairs won't come out like other mascara did to me, it was wayyy too sticky. You will not turn back!


What is the best product for best mascara black volume and length?

Best mascara black volume and length products from Maybelline New York. In this article about best mascara black volume and length you can see why people choose the product. L'oreal Paris and are also good brands to look for when you are finding best mascara black volume and length.

What are the best brands for best mascara black volume and length?

Maybelline New York, L'oreal Paris and are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best mascara black volume and length. Find the detail in this article. Bestidy, Urban Decay and Revlon are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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