Best Best Man Proposal Gifts

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1. Spa Natural Luxury Basket Sandalwood

Spa Natural Luxury Basket Sandalwood

The spa treatment is at home. A relaxing and refreshing spa-like experience is what you can get after a hard day. A variety of men's products are included in the bath and body set. The 7-PIECE SET is made of seven pieces. SpaLife has a collection of seven products. The gift set includes shower gel, bubble bath, body lotion, body wash, bath crystals, and a sisal sponge, nicely arranged in a paper suitcase. ReLAXING is a therapy. You can smell great and cleanse your skin. The pleasant smell will make you feel relaxed and refreshed. Go ahead and do it yourself. SpaLife bath products can be used to take a shower or relax in a bubble bath. Spread body lotion on your skin for an instant effect. A perfect gift set. SpaLife men's products are a great gift for birthdays, holidays and other special occasions. A gift that will make him realize how sweet he really is is a gift.

Brand: Spalife

👤Not what a man would use. Bubble bath, bath salts, and body scrub? Shiko, conditioner and shave cream are good options.

👤I gave this to my husband for the holiday. The poof is made of foam. He said he couldn't use it because it just ripped it out. It's a nice set, but I wouldn't call it luxury. It lathered well. It smelled like other sets I could have purchased for less. He was more excited about the bag.

👤This is not a gift for a man, the bottles are small, the bath salt paper box was crushed and spilled all over the box. The tote bag is small and cheap, and you could get it at a dollar tree. Don't buy this for your man.

👤The bag reminds me of a lunch box, so I thought it could be more decorative. I bought the product in hopes that it would be worth it. I was disappointed with the lack of scent. I could have gone to Bath & Body Works for less than $25.00.

👤The bad can be used as a lunch box or a beach bag.

👤It is a perfect gift for a man. The products are packaged well.

👤Disappointed in the quality. The scent doesn't last. It looked like it was cheap when it was picked up at the dollar general. I've never seen a luffa made from any material. The carrying case was made of glue.

👤The gift was received in a beautiful way and the scent was heavenly.

2. Groomsmen Proposal Cards Mustache Envelopes

Groomsmen Proposal Cards Mustache Envelopes

JinMING has different packaging quantities for what you need. If your order is not satisfied, you can contact customer support. The AWKWARDNESS: A fun and classy way to ask your groomsmen to be part of your wedding. Go the extra mile. A unique proposal idea makes the moment photo-worthy and says "thanks" in advance for every gentleman's support. Will they be your groomsmen? Tell them you mustache them. The groom is challenged to accept the role by sending a picture of them with their fake facial hair. There is a self-administered mandatory requirement. Mustaches are included with random shapes. Mustaches come with a self-adhesive tape on the back to peel. Each proposal card has a white envelope included. The Groomsmen proposal cards are 5" in length.

Brand: Heather & Willow

👤These were hilarious. The photos from my groomsmen were great. The mustache was almost non existent because of the glue. It was great if it was the only thing. One of them said they used tape to take a picture. Would still recommend.

👤These cards are not bad. I wish they were better quality with card thickness and other things, but they are not horrible. The mustaches are stapled on but they stick well and I was disappointed at first. Fast shipping. It was worth it. It's funny to see your friends in mustaches.

👤These turned out to be so cute, we put them in our proposal boxes. It is the perfect scenario. The pictures will have to be included in the wedding slideshow.

👤They look similar to the photo. There are different styles of mustache. A budget friendly way for my fiancĂ©e to ask his groomsmen to be in the wedding.

👤The groomsmen and best man loved it. Everyone had a good laugh.

👤Everyone had fun with the mustache.

👤These were the kind of invites I needed. Just needed one stamp to mail. They got to their destination.

👤The way to invite my groomsmen is fun.

3. DreamJ Birthday Groomsmen Anniversary Shopping

DreamJ Birthday Groomsmen Anniversary Shopping

100% customer satisfaction: They are confident that you will like their product. The materials they choose are the best to make them last. For 30 days, they will guarantee 100% satisfaction for their customers. roomsmen gift bags are made of high quality paper and handheld. They are durable. The gift bag is made of bow tie, cuff links and three-dimensional neckline pattern, making it look like a real tuxedo, which will definitely surprise your guests. There are 12 black leather handbags. Their gift bag is perfect for bridegroom, groomsman, father's birthday, anniversary, wedding guests or any special occasion. Take their groomsmen gift bags and prepare a surprise for the best men. They will be happy.

Brand: Dreamj

👤We just prepare a gift at our company for Father's Day and it will meet the quality and size needed.

👤I bought them for the favors I was putting together for my husband's birthday party. I wanted something masculine, but still cute. They were perfect for the job. They were at my front door less than 12 hours after I ordered them. Medium size bags are cute.

👤I plan to use the cute bag as a centerpiece for the dinner field at the rehearsal.

👤The groomsmen loved the cute bags. A decent sized bag and a pretty sturdy one. It was large enough to hold a shot glass. Highly recommended.

👤These are high quality bags. I was pleasantly surprised. It is incredibly sturdy.

👤It's perfect for the groomsmen, the ring bearer and fathers of the groom.

👤The bags are nice but not what I expected.

👤I used this bag for groomsmen gifts. Excellent quality.

4. Premium Bullet Sharped Whiskey Stones

Premium Bullet Sharped Whiskey Stones

There areurdy boxes that can hold cups, perfumes, jewelry, crafts, candles, soaps or cupcakes. It's ideal for wrapping gifts. Whiskeys with ice in them lose their rich flavor and subtle aroma. If you want to enjoy the mature taste of an old single malt or a dash of Bourbon, these JUMBO ice cubes are for you. They have a secret non-toxic gel inside that will keep the consistency of your drink intact. The unique cypress gloves are sturdy, sophisticated, and secure in the palm of your hand. The perfect clarity of the lead-free crystal glasses will elevate your drinking experience and transform an ordinary act to a luxurious ritual. The perfect size for a shot of Scotch, brandy, rum or cocktails, their large whiskey tumblers hold 11 ounces. This luxurious whiskey set by Frolk is a unique gift, perfect for every occasion. Father's Day gifts, groomsmen gifts, or gift for grandfather or boyfriend are some of the options you can give. The complete whiskey stones set includes 2 Crystal Glasses, 10 whiskey bullets, Velvet Pouch, 2 Slate Stone Coasters, and Tongs. The whiskey stones and glasses set is sure to be used again and again. You can find everything you need for a sophisticated drink in the box. Natural slate stone coasters, professional non-slip tongs, stunning crystal glasses, and a smooth velvet pouch are examples of luxury and style. This is the perfect gift for the novice drinker or seasoned whiskey enthusiast. There is a right and a wrong way to enjoy a glass of whiskey. The Whiskey Glasses Set will help you enjoy the spirit in the right way. They have a 90 days money back guarantee if you feel they didn't achieve their goal.

Brand: Frolk

👤I bought this for my husband. The bullets were selling points. We leave them in the freezer and don't water them. The coasters and glasses are heavy so they don't feel cheap. The box is the only other down side. It feels like you can find cheap wood at hobby Lobby. It is easy to damage the box. This is a great set. If they make a better box, the price is on point. ... I finally asked my husband what he thought about the gift, I wanted to give him some time with it. He said the bullets don't keep the drink cold. He keeps it cool by using 5. He tried it with all of them, but it wasn't cold enough for him. The purpose of the set is lost because of the use of all the bullets for one glass. I dropped it down because of that. If your husband is good with whiskey, then this is a good gift idea, but they prefer it to be in the cold. Maybe the rocks would have been a better choice.

👤I am happy with the product. The wood color is a good color, no damages to it, and everything inside was secured in a nice thick foam. The wood is cheap but I think it looks good. The glasses feel heavy and not cheap. They had a foggy look inside the glass. One of the glasses had foam stuck to the rim and was hard to get out of. It seemed like a glue, but I could rub it off. Bullets have been pretty heavy duty. They haven't seen how cold they get or how they maintain. Just like normal tongs. There are a few things that made me question the price, but I am happy with it. It is going to be a gift for my boyfriend.

👤This was a Christmas present for my husband and he loves it. The coasters are heavy stone and aren't flimsy. The bullets are of high quality, and the glasses are beautiful. You can put them in the freezer with the velvet pouch. The case is gorgeous and it's a great product.

👤It was the perfect gift for our family exchange. Everyone wanted it after it was stolen the allotted amount of times. It may have caused a few fights, but that means it is good. The reason I gave it 4 stars was because the bullets were not in the foam as they were in the mail, and we were lucky that they did not break the whiskey glasses. They hit the glasses inside the box. That is my only gripe.

👤Excellent quality! This was a gift that my veteran loved. It's an excellent price and the box is beautiful. I've bought two of them.

👤My Fiance loves this present, it was a birthday present. The bullets are perfect and they have a bag to keep them in. The coasters are awesome and the glasses are gorgeous. I was going to buy glasses and bullet stones separately but found the perfect combo package and it was amazing. Happy holidays, thank you.

5. Groomsmen Proposal Cards Envelopes Wedding

Groomsmen Proposal Cards Envelopes Wedding

If you are not completely happy with your purchase, they will give you a full refund. Made in Europe using the highest quality materials. The AWKWARDNESS: A fun and classy way to ask your groomsmen to be part of your wedding. Go the extra mile. A unique proposal idea makes the moment photo-worthy and says "thanks" in advance for every gentleman's support. Fun and classy are what I like. The funny groomsmen card will speak of your fun personality. In a unique and fun way, propose to your friends. The quality of the print. Premium quality cards. They will complement any bridesmaid cards and wedding theme ideas. Each proposal card has a white envelope included. The Groomsmen proposal cards are 5" in length.

Brand: Heather & Willow

👤These were pieces of cardboard. Nothing special. It got the job done, but not great quality.

👤His friends thought they were hilarious and they were perfect for men who are too manly.

👤Excellent product, sturdy, large. Beautiful!

👤The card was funny and simple.

👤Great items. It's perfect for what we need to include in our save the dates for the bridal party.

👤When I ordered my groomsmen cards, there was only one best man card and 7 groomsmen cards. I was embarrassed to give these to my wedding party.

6. Whiskey Stones Glass Gift Boxed

Whiskey Stones Glass Gift Boxed

Whiskey rocks are a great gift for the man in your life. Add a bottle of his favorite drink to the set and it will make his day. Their whiskey set comes with 8 granite chilling rocks to keep your drink cool. The soft edges of the glasses prevent scratching. They'll be cold in a few hours if you put them in the freezer. Their heavy 11oz glasses and premium granite whiskey stones help you appreciate whiskey's unique flavors. The set comes with tongs, coasters, and a velvet pouch. Their twist tumblers are made for tasting the full flavor of your whiskey, whether you're a Scotch or Bourbon man. While you sip and enjoy, Granite chilling stones keep your whiskey cool. Raise a glass to the whiskey enthusiast in your life. Each whiskey gift set is packaged in a wooden box. There are glasses and rocks inside.

Brand: Cool Stones

👤I thought it was great. I had to return it because I am not a whiskey drinker, but I bought it for a guy I was dating and he turned out to be a loser and ghosted me before Christmas. I allowed my new boyfriend to drink all the whiskey I bought for him. I would buy again if the guy was a winner. P.S. I left him on read when he tried to ask me again.

👤The box was presentable and the idea was great. It looks like it has been used. The glasses were dirty and the granite cubes had some wear and tear. Huge disappointment! This is going back tomorrow. If I could, I would give it zero stars.

👤This was a gift for my brother, who is a big whiskey fan, and I wanted to show him that I am a big fan of the drink. The glasses were in topnotch shape, no smudges or cracks, probably due to the packaging, and the box was real wood and looks amazing. The witch was put in the Amazon box with even more bubble wrap. It's a great present for anyone who enjoys a drink from time to time.

👤I bought this for my friend's 50th birthday and was so unhappy that I opened it. There is a white smudge on the top of the box. There is a film on the glasses. The ice tongs have marks on them. It was supposed to be new.

👤This was a great choice for a Father's Day gift. My husband and I never had the right glasses on hand or "rocks" when we were out and about. I knew it would be perfect for him. He has used it once since he received it three days ago. The glass was clean. The coasters are easy to use. The stones keep the drink cold. Anyone looking? This is a great present.

👤The wooden box that the glasses arrive in is described in the ad. There are two rubber coasters on top of the glass. The stone ice cubes and tongs are in different places. The ice cubes will be placed in a nice velvet bag. This is a nice gift and was on sale so it was a perfect last minute addition. The glass is light and strong.

👤I bought this for my husband. There was a black mark on the top when it arrived. It had an odd odor, but it has gone away. The glasses are beautiful, but the rocks take a long time to get cold. He uses them for his old fashions.

👤I bought this for my husband when he came back from deployment. I got this for my dad on his birthday and they both love it. It is not cheap glass and it comes in a nice wooden box.

7. Lillian Rose G116 MH Champagne

Lillian Rose G116 MH Champagne

It is possible to store it in a wallet or other small space. Whenever you need it, it is at your fingertips. It's a great tool for beer lovers. It's a great gift for parties, BBQs, and traveling. It holds 8oz. It is easy to hold the glass. The word "Maid of Honor" is printed down one side.

Brand: Lillian Rose

👤I am getting married and wanted to pop the question to my bridesmaids and maid of honor with little boxes full of cute wedding related trinkets. I bought champagne glasses from a company that had a bride and a maid of honor on them. My daughter broke the glass when she knocked over the box a week before my maid of honor came. I was so upset that I would have to do without. I ordered this glass because I found it. It arrived in time to be given to my maid of honor. She likes it.

👤These glasses are gifts for my bridesmaids. The glass is of great quality and the lettering is perfect. Two of my bridesmaids brought glasses with them when they came dress shopping with me. I recommend them. I ordered one that says bride.

👤This glass is very nice. The lettering is very clean and straight with the glass, and you can't feel any raised bumps when you run your finger across it. It is not a large, bulky glass, which means less champagne in one serving. I think that makes for a fine glass. I am happy.

👤They look exactly like the photo. These were perfect for my bridesmaides gift boxes.

👤A fun addition to our daughters bridal shower. I don't know how the script would hold up in the dishwasher, because it was hand washed.

👤I think it is overpriced. You can make your own vinyls and buy them off the internet.

👤I loved these. The text is not a cheap material that you can easily pull off. I was not expecting the text to be seamless. It was much better than I anticipated. Especially for the price.

👤It was packaged very nicely. Beautiful glass. Getting for my sister. Happy with the purchase!

👤The product arrived shattered. There is no place for me to report that, only to mark it as damaged and ask for it to be returned. It is not possible as it is all shared glass. Please tell me what to do.

👤They came scratched and with bubbles in the glass, so I had to order them again. I don't want people to look at them and think I'm returning them again. 6/09/

👤Overall, very happy with the purchase, as described, great quality and overall. Definitely recommend this item.

👤I bought one for my mom and one for myself. We took pictures with our glasses. It is cute! Love it. I bought one for the groom as well.

8. Grillaholics Stuffed Burger Press Recipe

Grillaholics Stuffed Burger Press Recipe

A perfect gift set. SpaLife men's products are a great gift for birthdays, holidays and other special occasions. A gift that will make him realize how sweet he really is a gift. The name says it all: Grillaholics. They are addicted to this stuff. Being the master grillers that they are, they bring you a professional burger press that makes perfect round burgers. You can get the ebook for free with your order. The burger press is a great companion for your kitchen. It's easy to make patties or stuffed burgers. You can cook them on your grill or indoors. No matter how many burgers you make with your burger press, clean up is easy with their dishwasher safe press. Premium materials are made of heavy duty durable plastic material so you can make burger patties instead of a mess. All of their products are backed by the Grillaholics Promise, which means you can purchase with confidence knowing that you will get a product you love or they will do whatever it takes to make it right. You can try yours for free. Consider getting one for you and one for your best friend.

Brand: Grillaholics

👤This is very cool. My wife got me a different burger press for February 14th, and it had many issues, the first being that it would make only tiny burgers, the second being that the well for the stuffing was small, and the third being that the burger got destroyed trying. This is crazy! You don't want to ruin what you've just made with a push up plate under the burger. That's what this burger press has, and it solved the other two issues as well. I read a lot of reviews and ordered this on Prime and we made great burgers that night. I thought it was easy to use. As I waited for it to arrive, I searched around for other videos that I could use and got ideas on what to do. I came up with about 5 different ideas. I used 2 pounds of grass fed beef, and then in a large bowl, I mixed in some Worcestershire and soy sauce, along with fresh cut cilantro and some basil, sea salt and ground pepper. I used a dough scraper to divide the meat into 4 even amounts, and I ordered that at the same time. I put the stuffing out and added in some garlic, pepper rings, mushroom, and shredded American cheese in a small bowl. Divide the meat into 1/3rds for the base and 1/3rds for the top. The base requires a little bit of pressure and a little bit of turning to get an even patty. I used a paper towel to get more grip when taking the cover off the well press. Add that 1/3rd portion for the top patty to make sure that there is no excess meat that comes out. Put the cover back on, make a patty with 1/3rd of the patty, just close enough to put on top of the base, then press and turn again, trimming any excess off for the next burger. If you want to get the patty out, just press up in the center of the base, and then place the patty on the plate face first. The patties looked great! I did notice some slight sticking that one reviewer mentioned, but it wasn't as bad as the other press. I made 4x 12 pound burgers without any issues. There are two more I'll try to get the cover to the well press on and off, but a paper towel seemed to help. I couldn't find any information about the ebook on the packaging or the Grillaholics website, so I may have to call. These are all very minor things. I'm very happy with this after suffering through a poor product. We will be eating the other two burgers for lunch today, and I can see the use of this press for many years to come.

👤The attachment that finishes the press is difficult to remove because of the handle that presses meat with a depression. It is nearly impossible with greasy burger hands. It takes a lot of effort to line the press up to put the divot in the patty. I stopped stuffing burgers because the payoff is a little too much. When the burger is done, put your bacon pepper jam on it. If you press the patty too hard, it can result in a different thickness. It is easy to remove the meat from the ring. Pre-weighing the meat gave me the best results. It can barely fit 8 ounces of meat, but it will make mondo burgers. I would like a mechanical press that can deliver patties at this size. I use it often and I don't regret the purchase.

9. Folding Wooden Comb Striking Viking

Folding Wooden Comb Striking Viking

Thousands of people worldwide have enjoyed the fun and fashionable hair and beard comb for men. The Striking Viking Folding Comb is the perfect grooming accessory to elevate your game to the next level. The wooden comb is static free and can be used to promote healthy hair growth. The smooth rounded teeth glide through all types of hair and beards. The combs for men are made from 100% sandalwood and will stand up to daily use, travel, and the thickest of tangled mats. The flip style makes it easy to fold. Good looks and Spiffy Style. That is you. They want to help you get the best look for your hair and beard. Striking Viking folding comb is a must have accessory for your hair. It's easy! Try it risk free and feel like you're getting a good deal, no hassles, and no questions asked.

Brand: Striking Viking

👤This comb was the only gift my viking received this season. He likes the smell of fresh sandalwood, which reminds him of his first raiding days. We can't have a sad viking moping around the village because he lost his comb. I just ordered two more and he lost one. From one shieldmaiden looking for the perfect gift to another, you've found it! It's SKOL!

👤The viking comb I bought was a few dollars cheaper than the one HAWATOUR advertised as being made of wood. I bought them to side by side. I don't know what sandal wood smells like, but it's obvious that they both smell the same, which would lead me to believe that they are the same except for the price difference. The sides are cut the same way, the hardware holding everything together is the same height, length, and width, and the pocket comb is nice. No complaints, just share observation with other consumers who are debating to buy or not to buy the more expensive one. Save the couple bucks and buy the viking.

👤I got this comb from my wife for Father's Day two years ago and I loved it. People would comment on how awesome it was. My four year old found my comb and thought it would make a good drum stick, until it broke. I ordered a replacement right away. When I saw my package arrived, I was so excited. I was surprised that the comb was in a tin. I thought it was silly. I was excited to take the comb out of the foam. The comb had marks on it. There was a crack where the screw rested. The worst part was when l opened the comb, it went limp for about two seconds. Nothing happened when a man tightened the screw. I contacted the company, but haven't heard back. Don't buy if you're warned. It smells good, that's the only good thing.

👤I used a wooden comb for the first time. The wood itself does a nice job of preventing static and the quality of the wood is impressive, however, between the teeth of the comb are not being too fine, and the usable length of the comb is so short due to an already short length and a somewhat bulky handle, this product fails The screw that connects the comb and handle has come loose after only two days, and it is extremely difficult to tighten. I don't think I would purchase this product again. I have been unable to amend this issue because of a screw choice that seems to have been chosen in order to appeal to the look and style over the ability to adjust. I think it would be great for beards if I could just remove the screw and use the comb, since it will have some use once I have the time to take it apart.

👤Next day, nice packaging, purchased for a gift. Good quality, well made folding action. Dove tailing on head of comb, no tangles on hair. The wood is beautiful and has nice grain. I purchased the Striking Viking and the Hawatour folding combs. The design is almost identical, I include side by side comparison images as shown in the last photo. I will note that the finish of Hawatour is slightly more polished. The hinge is slightly loosened. The comb is not as rounded. The Hawarour has a rounded design. The box the hawatour arrives in is larger and more sturdy.

10. LEVONTA Gifts Wedding Pocket Watch

LEVONTA Gifts Wedding Pocket Watch

Are you looking for a gift for your best man? Their pocket watch says "best man for a day". Best friend for life. It is the perfect gift for your best man. It will be appreciated as a nice gift on your big day, as the saying will never fall off. A pocket watch is a great gift for your best man on your wedding day. You can get a quality gift box and a pocket watch. The zinc alloy metal has a shiny black hue. A full hunter flip case is polishing in smooth. The dial has an hour, minute, and second hands. Press the button to open the watch, it's easy to use.

Brand: Levonta

👤My father in law and father love them. Not sure how to rate it, it's a momento more than anything to them. A great item for memorie.

👤The box is nice. It was running when I got it, but I'm not sure how long the battery will last.

👤A very heart warming gift means a lot. Very happy. Thank you.

👤The finish and detail of the watch was perfect. The best man at my wedding loved it.

👤I cannot wait until my father receives this gift. It has a perfect gift box and additional chains.

👤We are very pleased with this product. It will be a nice gift for his best man. The gift box is beautiful.

11. SoBoho Stainless Steel Walnut Flask

SoBoho Stainless Steel Walnut Flask

ECO FRIENDLY. The eco friendly gift wrap supplies are made with paper from well-managed forests. These flasks have a water transfer wood look on them. The combination of a real wood look and a STAINLESS steel flask is perfect. Most real wood flasks have a cheap thin layer of wood veneer that is wrapped andglued to a flask and does not last with normal wear. The SoBoho flask is going to work. There are groomsmen gift ideas. Are you tired of coming up with gifts for men? Do you need to ask your friends if they will be my groomsman? These flasks are perfect for groomsmen proposal gift, best man proposal gift, or even his and her flasks. flasks for liquor for women! Are you looking for a gift for women? It can be hard to find unique alcoholic gifts for women. There is a flask for women that isn't the stereotypical pink or leopard print one. There are many options when it comes to selecting a flask for liquor. There are several advantages to using a glass or leather flask. The sleek wood look of the liquor flask is due to the fact that it is made of the same material as the rest of the building. The small flask is the perfect size to be hidden and can hold up to 8 ounces of liquor. The gift sets will come with an 8 oz flask, a flask funnel for liquor, and two shot glasses. The groomsmen box is made for the perfect flask and funnel gift set. To get the most use out of your flask, you should hand wash it.

Brand: Soboho

👤I ordered this product for my boyfriend because he wanted a flask. The original arrival date was not as fast as it was. The box that the product comes in is great for storing and keeping everything safe. He's so excited to use the flask. The dark wood color comes with the funnel and shot glasses. A great deal for a high quality product.

👤It does the job, but the finish looks like marble on a metal flask, not wood.

👤Not real wood but works well. A black box with little shot glasses is perfect for gifts. I loved it.

👤The flask is marketed as a groomsman's gift, but it is so attractive and functional that I would recommend it to a wider audience. The 8oz. flask is made of STAINLESS STEEL and has a screw top, two small shot glasses and a funnel for spill-free filling. It's attractive gift box makes it ideal for all-occasion gifts, but its masculine appearance leans more towards a male birthday, Father's Day, Veteran's Day or Graduation Gift, especially if you pair it with a fine bottle of spirits. In concert venues, picnics, beach parties, and overnighters, the use of flasks is becoming more commonplace. The manufacture of the flask is well made with no flaws, dents, scratches, or bubbles to distract from a perfect image. The small shot glasses and funnel are necessary to properly fill the flask. In the event you don't want to treat yourself, this set is perfect for giving to someone special in your life. The quality and appearance of the set is very good. It is recommended. It was made in China.

👤I own several flasks. This one is not terrible, but it is my least favorite. It has a wood grain look, but it's not real wood. It's just a treatment that is done over metal. It's not a big deal, but a true wood finish would be awesome. The top doesn't have an attachment to the flask. I've lost the top before. I was able to find it. All of my flasks have tops that are attached to the flask so that you can't lose them. It works. It serves its purpose. It's nice looking. So 4 stars.

👤Quality is important for the price. Would buy again.


What is the best product for best man proposal gifts?

Best man proposal gifts products from Spalife. In this article about best man proposal gifts you can see why people choose the product. Heather & Willow and Dreamj are also good brands to look for when you are finding best man proposal gifts.

What are the best brands for best man proposal gifts?

Spalife, Heather & Willow and Dreamj are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best man proposal gifts. Find the detail in this article. Frolk, Cool Stones and Lillian Rose are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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