Best Best Man Gifts for Wedding Flask

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1. Shot Flask Built Collapsible Everything

Shot Flask Built Collapsible Everything

The smooth finish resists fingerprints. SHOT FLASK! It's easy to drink from the Shot Flask. Take the shot glass from the shot flask and drink it. Put the shot glass back on the side of the flask after you're done. The Shot Flask set has a screw-down cap to prevent spills and a funnel to ensure a perfect pour of your favorite spirits. Shot flasks and glass are made out of STAINLESS steel, which will never rust or corrode, and has a handsome black finish for added style. The shot glass holds a 2-ounce pour, while the shot flask is large enough to hold 8 ounces of your favorite liquor. A perfect gift for any occasion is the Shot Flask gift set. Do you need a drinking accessory that is functional and a conversation starter? The BarMe Shot Flask Gift Set is perfect for you if that's the case.

Brand: Barme

👤I bought a product to take with me on a trip. Let it air out after being washed and cleaned. I sealed the lid tightly so that I could not open it. Half the whiskey had leaked out when it arrived at the destination. I was not happy. Whiskey was poured into a glass. It was black. I am not sure what caused this, but I was disgusted. hrew out the flask I would not recommend this product to anyone.

👤I purchased this item earlier in the week and it shipped without a hitch, and got here on time, which I really appreciated. The shot glass is a great addition to the item and it was the reason I bought it in the first place. It's great for parties and I used it the other night and received a lot of praise for the cool shot glass feature built inside. A lot of girls around me don't like drinking from a flask but they will take shots so the built in shot glass came in handy. I would recommend to a friend the fun I had.

👤There was dirt inside the product or the metal was poor quality. I had to clean out the included funnel because there was hard gray stuff stuck to it. I kept some whiskey in a flask. I think the same stuff I found in the funnel was in the flask. This is going to the trash.

👤This was picked up for tailgating at the beach. I am surprised at how well it works. The flask has a pop up shot glass and a funnel for filling it up. The shot glass rattles when folded up, since each metal section is smaller than the next. It seems sturdy and holds liquid without leaking. The shot glass holds more than a typical 1.5oz shot and is more like a double shot. It's important to keep it tightly open. It doesn't fold back up if there is liquid inside. I recommend washing the inside of the flask and all the parts before using it because the wide base is nice. The outside is free of bubbling and seems to be glue on. This summer, the product will be very convenient.

👤I ordered one for my brother and one for me. It is what we needed, especially on road trips. The flask holds our liquid. The shot glass works well if you give it a gentle rotation so it doesn't leak. The only issue is that when the shotglass is in place, it sometimes makes a little noise/jingling if you have it in your pocket. 5 stars for me, still!

👤I have had a flask for a week and I love it. It was surprised that it was so cheap. The shot glass is a great idea. Thank you for making that! Recommendation: 1. Measure the amount of liquid before you put it in the flask. 2. They give you a funnel that is very slow to pour. The rubber clasping funnels are what I use. Work harder.

2. FF Elaine Black Stainless Funnel

FF Elaine Black Stainless Funnel

It's ideal for camping, fishing, boating, hiking, and other activities. Great gifts for a husband, father, brother, man, or anyone who loves a good drink. The quality of the flask is very good, it is not too heavy and definitely not light. The size is great. There is a silver funnel for filling the flask back up. Great price, nice touch. 100 % leak proof - high-frequency welding. The cap seals tightly to make sure that no booze will leak out and get wasted. Attach the cap to the flask so it is not lost. Each flask has its own box. This flasks are great for a lot of occasions. It makes a great gift for the groom.

Brand: E Elainfia

👤I was happy when they looked like what I was looking for. I got them just in time to personalize them for my trip to Vegas. I gave them to us before we left our rooms. The idea was to give them a gift as a thank you for coming to celebrate my birthday and to allow us to bring a drink of choice. I was embarrassed because most of them couldn't be opened, only a couple opened with the screw off lid, others wouldn't open at all. Only one was brought out by one girl and she didn't use hers but another friends who was able to fill. I was not sure if it would leak at that point. I paid a lot of money to have them made for us. I didn't have time to look at them and make sure they weren't bad, so I was wondering if the 5 star reviews I read before buying had a chance to open and use before their review. I reached out to the seller but never heard back. I have 2 that I can send back for a refund, I hope this isn't an issue. I didn't want to take back the gift I personalized because it couldn't be used for what I wanted. I paid to have that done. I will see the response when I return. I would expect the customer service to understand why I didn't collect the flasks. The customer service will be updated in this review. I would expect them to do what is right now.

👤The silver top part of the flask is made of plastic. This is something you should know when buying this product. I liked them until I opened the packaging and realized the top was plastic.

👤Do you like to drink? Are you trying to pack light for a trip, but still get drunk? Do you have a family event coming up that would be unbearable without the sweet, sweet taste of whiskey on your lips? Give these a try. If you feel bold, hide one in each pocket and bring them for friends. If you have already started getting lit, they come with little funnel things that make pouring easier. The bottoms are up.

👤I didn't expect the cap to be made of plastic, but I liked the funnel and boxes they came in. It's difficult to put it on and off. I was surprised when I got the pictures, but I was expecting an all-metal construction. The hinge point was very weak. I can easily see that it is breaking. I bought these to engrave and resell, but I think I'll look for another brand that is more sturdy.

👤They are not close to 8 ounces. When I got the flasks, I was curious because I had brought a flask that claimed to be 8 ounces, but the one I bought was much smaller. I put one of the flasks into a measuring glass and it turned out that it wasn't even close to 8 ounces. The 200 liter flask has a capacity of 6.7 ounces. I was supposed to be selling these to my customers this week and this is extremely disappointing and very innacurate in the online listing, the flasks even say 8oz on the bottom, even though they are not. I don't see an option to get a refund.

3. Emergency Drinking Stainless Whiskey Military

Emergency Drinking Stainless Whiskey Military

Your Chef's Vision Cosmos Series Knife Set has six essential knives to cover your food preparation needs. If you don't like your Chef's Vision Kitchen Knife Set, you can return it for a full refund or a replacement. They are certain that you will love your beautiful Chef's Vision Knives, from the very first slice, to all the beautiful dishes you prepare with them. 6oz of your favorite liqueur. You can put any liquid you want in this flask, including Wine, Whiskey, Coffee, Tea, Water, Vodka, Rum, Tequila, and Gin. Don't forget to rinse and dry it after you're done. It is made with high-quality STAINLESS STEEL. They used premium # It's going to last. There are no broken seals, leaking or crappy quality construction here. A great gift is made. They've been told that this flask is a great gift for the office, a perfect Christmas stocking stuffer, a hilarious addition to a men's gift set, something to pair with cute Valentine's Day chocolates, and overall just an awesomely original gift to get. How fun is this funeral? You could get a knife, pen, golf club, grill accessories, or a pair of exciting socks. Or you could get a flask that is something your man, your woman, your significant other, your teacher, your favorite person, or you will actually enjoy it! It's guaranteed. They're a small business with a lot of happy customers and unique gifts. Let them know if something isn't right.

Brand: Swag Brewery

👤I have noticed my coworkers admiring it when I use it to add the creamer to my coffee because I keep my non-dairy creamer in at work. Some of them were whispering to each other. I think this may be a good luck charm. I started using it this morning. I was told by my boss that we're going to a private meeting with the head of HR this afternoon. I think it's about the promotion and raise I've been waiting on.

👤I bought some for my friends. They loved them and use them on a regular basis. They fit nicely into pockets and bags. I have not heard of any of them leaking anything. The twist cap is nice and doesn't stick as you try to screw it.

👤I use a smaller 6oz flask to carry in my purse or overnight bag. Very pleased with the purchase. The slogan on the front is cheaper than therapy. The quality of the materials is great. There was no metallic taste in the liquor or the flask. Excellent quality. The price was a little high compared to other flasks of the same size and amount. Overall, I am satisfied with the purchase. Thank you!

👤I needed a replacement for my old flask. This is light and well made, and it fits in my hip pocket. The slogan on it is funny and the price was right. I took it to Vegas after I bought it.

👤This is a great flask! When I know I'm going to be somewhere with cheap tequila, I fill it. It's a good size and can fit in my pocket. It would be great if it came with a funnel to make filling easier.

👤My son opened the box that said tears of your enemies on Christmas morning and the bottle that said emergency water supply, and it was awesome. Either way, he was happy. Check what's inside the box.

👤I ordered the "tears of my enemies" flask for my husband, but it was an emergency drinking water. This was on Monday. I had the new one by that Thursday, so I can't complain. I was hoping the size of the flask would be solid. I think my husband will like this too.

👤This is a very small and light weight flask. Most are 8oz. It is a cool gift, but not SWAG since no one will carry it.

👤The price is a bit high for what it is. I was able to find this exact flask for $4 at the dollar store during the Pandemic. They don't stock those anymore and I have to buy them elsewhere. The engravings they have would make an awesome gift, and the job was done in holding my juice. If you aren't looking for a specific size like I am, I would suggest buying elsewhere, as I saw an 8oz one for $5 cheaper with next day prime shipping, and it was expected to arrive by friday. It came on Sunday.

👤The hinge on my copy seems plasticy and not robust. It is impossible for it to stay locked. There is a small impact on the bottom. It's not noticeable unless you look, but it's there and the flasque doesn't sit straight on a desk because of that.

4. DELUXY Engagement Wedding Romantic Potholder

DELUXY Engagement Wedding Romantic Potholder

50% cotton, 50% Polyester. Every couple who receives a unique and memorial gift will have a smile on their face. No matter the occasion, the perfect Christmas gifts for couples who have everything unique, are engaged, have a wedding shower or anniversary gift for him. This gift will be used and appreciated for a long time after their special day has passed. Their matching aprons are the perfect gift for couples to bond. Matching aprons are an ideal choice for couples who enjoy spending time in the kitchen, as they protect the clothes from all sorts of accidents. These aprons are great for grilling, baking or BBQ. The perfect cooking utensil. It is a giftable bridal shower or wedding present that is ready to give. No gift-wrapping is required. A romantic recipe book is included that sets the mood for the evening. They assure you that you will have a lot of fun when you take your partner by the hand and turn on the stove. Premium quality design and printing is carefully crafted for those who appreciate distinctive elegance and quality. Their graphics are machine washed. Their aprons are built to last. The aprons provide great protection from kitchen grease, spills and food stains. It is risk-free! They are not happy until their customers are happy. If you are not satisfied, they will give you a full refund. Add to cart now and spread the joy of giving.

Brand: Deluxy

👤It should be in every couple's kitchen. My wife and I use these all the time when we cook together. They are fun. Our guests are always asking where we got them, I will definitely be giving a couple of these as gifts to friends as well.

👤After our wedding, we got these aprons personalized and have enjoyed them. The time we spend in the kitchen is bonding time for a newlywed couple like us and it is more enjoyable with these matching aprons. We like to cook the same meals many times and can't wait to try some of the recipes in the cookbook. This package is great for a newlywed couple who want to have fun in the kitchen.

👤I bought this item for my cousin's wedding as a gift. This will be my new item to give away. I will be ordering this for myself as well. The package was nice and pretty, but I didn't want to open it, so I had to make sure the item was decent enough to give as a gift.

👤My wife and I received these aprons as a gift. I was expecting to get 2 aprons, but didn't look at anything else. The items were received in a beautiful box with a gift card and a card game. After opening some nice words. Beyond expectations. You will receive a lot of kisses from the Misses and it is definitely giftable.

👤This was the sweetest set I have ever gotten for my friends wedding and they are going to love it! I have always been taught that if you cook together you will grow closer. Wait to see their reaction.

👤The package was perfect when I received it. I am giving a gift to one of my friends that are newly weds and I am going to open the box to find everything is well package. I like how it has a recipe book and everything is perfect for them. I would recommend it to a friend and family and also for myself in the future. Would buy again.

👤I brought this to my best friend's bridal shower because she loves the idea of couples cooking together. She needed an apron and mittens, so she was excited about it. The package has a cute packaging that makes it a great gift. Which means no wrapping. Thx to the seller.

👤This is one of the best wedding gifts I have seen in a long time. The packaging is very cute and it is a unique bridal shower gift. The bride and groom are happy with their aprons. This gift will be remembered for their relationship. I have bought Mr and Mrs gifts from this same seller before and they impress me.

👤Los artculos respond. Son de excelente calidad.

5. Flasks Liquor Leather Stainless Funnel

Flasks Liquor Leather Stainless Funnel

The exquisite black box is in line with the temperament of men. The hip flask has 1 x 8 oz and the large funnel has 2 x cups. Hip flasks for liquor for men are made of 18/8 304stainless steel, the structure is very strong, the material is safe and non-toxic, and it has good corrosion resistance. Hip flasks for liquor are covered in black PU leather. It is easy to hide this leather in your suit, jeans pocket, jacket, fishing box, beach bag or travel bag. The leather flask for men is still warm even in the cold winter. The Flask funnel for liquor has a thick steel screw cap which is tightly sealed to ensure that no alcohol is leaked or wasted. You don't have to worry about the small lid being lost, you can open the lid and drink whenever you want. PERFECT GIFT Whiskey hip flask is an ideal gift for birthdays, Christmas, weddings, housewarming, graduation, Father's Day holidays and fishing, hunting, camping, barbecue outdoor activities. You can enjoy drinking whenever and wherever you want with the 2 mini cups in the gift box. The hip flask set is the best gift choice, it has an 8oz hip flask, 2 small cups, 1 funnel, and a stylish gift box.

Brand: Unknown

👤This is a cheap flask. The pictures make it look like a nice gift, but I wouldn't give it to anyone. Save money. Purchase something nicer if you spend a little more.

👤It looks like it came from the dollar store. It doesn't have the nice leather details that are in the picture. A cheap looking flask. Would not buy again. A mistake.

👤I bought this as a gift for someone I wanted to read the reviews to see if what is being shipped isn't what it's advertised to be. The quality is terrible. I am very disappointed in this seller.

👤I ordered two for gifts. The boxes were crushed and broken. The glasses, funnel, and flask were not damaged, but were not depicted in the photos. The flask or glasses are not wrapped in leather. There is no faux leather in the product. I am stuck giving a cheap set. Terrible.

👤This is not what I ordered. It was supposed to have leather. I needed it for a gift.

👤I love the shot cups and the little flask. Premium drinks were not available at the location where we took this, so it was great to have it. I recommend this to anyone looking for a flask with a little more.

👤It was delivered the next day after I bought it at the last minute. I was not expecting much. Wow! This set is very nice. It's perfect for a gift. It was very nicely packaged. Excellent quality. Very happy.

👤I got a flask for a friend and I think it is very nice. The attachment that comes with it are very cool. The leather on the flask is a little shoddy or cheap, and that's the only complaint I have. It's hard to notice unless you look for it.

6. Collins Co Groomsmen Gifts Wedding

Collins Co Groomsmen Gifts Wedding

The Groomsmen and Best Man can put the labels off of the bottle and put them in a photo album. They will be able to re-read and remember the special occasions that made you closer to each other. Today is the day to add to cart. The groomsmen gifts set is for your big day. The set includes a hip flask, can cooler, gift bag, and groomsman sunglasses. The 8oz. is made from the same type of steel as the Flak for Keeps. The hip flask is perfect for holding liquor. It is packed in an elegant wooden gift box and may be engraved to add a personal touch. The groomsmen gift bags are great for giving away. It has a real bow tie and fabric handkerchief on both sides, unlike others that are only detailed on one side. Drink your beer in style. The groomsmen gifts bundle includes a can cooler that expands and contracts to keep drinks cold. Coolness overload. The groomsmen gifts kit includes retro sunglasses and a straw. The sunglasses have a vintage look while the straw is resistant to rust and scratches.

Brand: Collins & Co. Gifts

👤Story time! I am getting married this year. I was looking at things to buy my groomsmen. Hope was lost until I found these items. I would like to be known as a baller on a budget, or just as a person who isn't the wealthiest man. This stuff is cheap for what you get out of it. Everything is wrapped up. It is nice. The picture is what you get. The product speaks for itself. My specific order included not one, but four credit card sized multi tools. It is free. The little things are bad for the bone. There are more things on there than you will need. I promise. Say thank you to Amazon and Collins & Co for making your life better by buying these things. The cherrywood box was great to open. I can't wait to give these to my friends because the steel and gold shine brighter in person. Have a great day! The mic dropped.

👤The packaging was done well. Everything was safe and sound. The items were of great quality. Nothing was cheap. The koozie was made of high quality neoprene. The wooden box for the flask can be used as a container for other things. You can't beat this for $30. I am very happy with this purchase and will keep an eye on this vendor in the future.

👤Our groomsmen received this gift at our wedding. It was a one stop shop for gifts. It came with a gift bag so I could put everything in. We decided to personalize them at home for each of the guys.

👤This thing is big. You want to give your groomsmen everything. Excellent quality for the price. The gift bag is very cool. My groomsmen liked this. I wish this included cards for me to write a warm note in each gift, but hey, this is great on it's own. This is the best option for the price.

👤This is nice looking and decent quality. It is like 5 inches long and not sure what the straw is for. I received a bonus gift.

👤I thought the box had a lot of stuff inside. It was easy to pack and ship. Everyone loved the boxes they received.

👤Better than expected. Love the details and quality.

👤Absolutely worth it.

7. American Men Food Stainless Liquor Menghao

American Men Food Stainless Liquor Menghao

The hip flask set is the best gift choice, it has an 8oz hip flask, 2 small cups, 1 funnel, and a stylish gift box. Hip flasks for liquor for men are made of 18/8 304stainless steel, the structure is very strong, the material is safe and non-toxic, and it has good corrosion resistance. The Flask funnel for liquor has a thick steel screw cap which is tightly sealed to ensure that no alcohol is leaked or wasted. You don't have to worry about the small lid being lost, you can open the lid and drink whenever you want. PERFECT GIFT Whiskey hip flask is an ideal gift for birthdays, Christmas, weddings, housewarming, graduation, Father's Day holidays and fishing, hunting, camping, barbecue outdoor activities. You can enjoy drinking whenever and wherever you want with the 2 mini cups in the gift box. You will enjoy the unique design and nice feeling with non-slip durable PU leather in your hand, that gives you a safe firm grip while drinking from it or taking it up from your pocket or suit. Genisys wants you to be absolutely happy with your purchase. If their product doesn't work for you, you can return it for a full refund. You don't take any risk by ordering.

Brand: Gennissy

👤It is cheap but decent. It won't last as a priceless heirloom to pass on to my kids but it will hold my Jack while I sit at Thanksgiving dinner wondering why I decided to come to my in-laws for the fifth year in a row. Maybe I should have ordered 2.

👤Really like this product. Quality is good.

👤I got for a secret Santa party and the shot glasses seem a little thin, but hopefully someone will take home the gift.

👤My boyfriend loved this set. He'd been wanting a flask for a while and steel and leather are perfect for him. The box was slightly damaged, but the set is perfect. It's a good idea for anyone wanting a USA flask set.

👤I have a collection of flasks. This one is made well. I didn't find any problems with it. Who cares if it's fake leather? I'm not going to pay a lot for leather. A flask. It's nice to give someone a gift.

👤The men in your life will love the flask. Good purchase.

👤It was a hit when I bought it as a gift. It was made well, sturdy and durable. The prices would buy again.

👤I gave these to my husband for Christmas and he loved them, but the leather around the shot glasses makes it difficult to wash.

👤Correct pour je prix.

👤It's du bouchon. C'est déj trop, trs peux.

👤The product is very good for the price. Excellent, pour le prix.

8. Gifts Infinity Hip Stainless Flask Set

Gifts Infinity Hip Stainless Flask Set

It's guaranteed. They're a small business with a lot of happy customers and unique gifts. Let them know if something isn't right. The set of 6 is from GiftsInfinity. Excellent quality 18/8 STAINLESS STEEL. The width and depth of the flask are 3-3/4". Attach the cap to the flask so it is not lost. The smooth finish resists fingerprints.

Brand: Gifts Infinity

👤I thought the flasks were food grade. It didn't say that one should rinse out with water and good shakes. I put some whiskey in it. I filled the half full flask with high proof whiskey and put it in a flask for 2 days. When I poured it into a cup, I was surprised to see that the liquor was cloudy and dark. I did not have it tested. I'm pretty sure that that was not good. My guess is that it's lead. I now own 6 flask shaped paperweights. I'm not happy about it. I hope this saves someone from a bad purchase. Don't buy these unless you plan on filling them with sand and closing them.

👤The product changed my life. I used to get stared at when I drank. People look down on you when you pull a bottle out of your coat. I can indulge my alcoholism in public without being shamed. I thought about inviting five friends to do it with me, but I got hammered and came up with an idea. The whole bar should be with me wherever I go. I have six flasks and some baggy clothing that I can mix any drink with. I'm alone and my body is failing, but the party doesn't have to stop. This is the best purchase I have ever made. I lost my wife and kids in the divorce and with five spare, it doesn't matter if I lose one. I depend on my flasjks to be there for me.

👤They are great. The first time there was no funnel. That was corrected. This was the third order. The individual boxes were not included in the double order. It was annoying but ok. I cover the flasks with leathers. The boxes are useful when I sell things.

👤I expected that. A basic flask. When you order in packs of 6 you can't expect to get anything better than that. I was able to use the other 5 despite one of them being damaged. My groomsmen's names were engraved on them. They turned out well. They are hard to clean. The opening is small and it would be difficult to get any kind of sponge or soap in there. The cap is attached to something. Let me know if you have any questions after reading this review.

👤There are pictures of whiskey that changed colors in these flasks. High proof alcohol can do that. These are for single-day use. For a great price, these are great flasks. I think they're a good choice.

👤The flasks are amazing. The instruction manual says don't leave liquor in it for more than three days, but I got lazy and left it a quarter full. I left 141 proof in once or twice, but not for three days. I wouldn't dare. I have one unused and one that started to leak from the six flasks. It's weird that stronger liquors don't leak, but putting wine in it does, because I only had wine at the time. The little paper says don't put wine and spirits in it, so that was probably my fault. Red wine was not a good idea. Maybe it was a bad one. I'm not going to hold them accountable for the price. The leak was not from the cap, but from an invisible hole. It's odd. I don't mind because they're all good.

9. SoBoho Stainless Steel Walnut Flask

SoBoho Stainless Steel Walnut Flask

ECO FRIENDLY. The eco friendly gift wrap supplies are made with paper from well-managed forests. These flasks have a water transfer wood look on them. The combination of a real wood look and a STAINLESS steel flask is perfect. Most real wood flasks have a cheap thin layer of wood veneer that is wrapped andglued to a flask and does not last with normal wear. The SoBoho flask is going to work. There are groomsmen gift ideas. Are you tired of coming up with gifts for men? Do you need to ask your friends if they will be my groomsman? These flasks are perfect for groomsmen proposal gift, best man proposal gift, or even his and her flasks. flasks for liquor for women! Are you looking for a gift for women? It can be hard to find unique alcoholic gifts for women. There is a flask for women that isn't the stereotypical pink or leopard print one. There are many options when it comes to selecting a flask for liquor. There are several advantages to using a glass or leather flask. The sleek wood look of the liquor flask is due to the fact that it is made of the same material as the rest of the building. The small flask is the perfect size to be hidden and can hold up to 8 ounces of liquor. The gift sets will come with an 8 oz flask, a flask funnel for liquor, and two shot glasses. The groomsmen box is made for the perfect flask and funnel gift set. To get the most use out of your flask, you should hand wash it.

Brand: Soboho

👤I ordered this product for my boyfriend because he wanted a flask. The original arrival date was not as fast as it was. The box that the product comes in is great for storing and keeping everything safe. He's so excited to use the flask. The dark wood color comes with the funnel and shot glasses. A great deal for a high quality product.

👤It does the job, but the finish looks like marble on a metal flask, not wood.

👤Not real wood but works well. A black box with little shot glasses is perfect for gifts. I loved it.

👤The flask is marketed as a groomsman's gift, but it is so attractive and functional that I would recommend it to a wider audience. The 8oz. flask is made of STAINLESS STEEL and has a screw top, two small shot glasses and a funnel for spill-free filling. It's attractive gift box makes it ideal for all-occasion gifts, but its masculine appearance leans more towards a male birthday, Father's Day, Veteran's Day or Graduation Gift, especially if you pair it with a fine bottle of spirits. In concert venues, picnics, beach parties, and overnighters, the use of flasks is becoming more commonplace. The manufacture of the flask is well made with no flaws, dents, scratches, or bubbles to distract from a perfect image. The small shot glasses and funnel are necessary to properly fill the flask. In the event you don't want to treat yourself, this set is perfect for giving to someone special in your life. The quality and appearance of the set is very good. It is recommended. It was made in China.

👤I own several flasks. This one is not terrible, but it is my least favorite. It has a wood grain look, but it's not real wood. It's just a treatment that is done over metal. It's not a big deal, but a true wood finish would be awesome. The top doesn't have an attachment to the flask. I've lost the top before. I was able to find it. All of my flasks have tops that are attached to the flask so that you can't lose them. It works. It serves its purpose. It's nice looking. So 4 stars.

👤Quality is important for the price. Would buy again.

10. Flask Liquor Stainless Hidden Set,Great

Flask Liquor Stainless Hidden Set%EF%BC%8CGreat

This alcohol flask holds 8oz of your favorite liquor. The U-shaped design of the 8 oz flasks makes it very convenient for the person to carry. The black leather flasks look better for men. Their flasks for Liquor are made of the best 18/8stainless steel material, precision laser welded, anti-corrosion and rust-proof, to protect your health to the greatest extent, you don't need to worry. All hip flask has undergone strict quality inspections. Every hip flask is perfect. Whiskey hip flask is an ideal gift for men birthday, Christmas, weddings, housewarming, graduation, fathers day. The flasks for liquor are suitable for outdoor activities. The exquisite black box is in line with the temperament of men. The hip flask has 1 x 8 oz and the large funnel has 2 x cups.

Brand: Ns New Scale

👤The giftee was happy with the set. It's not the highest quality, the metal is cheap and I probably paid too much for it.

👤It doesn't get a 5 because I wish there was a way to know you put enough in it so that I wouldn't spill it on me. It is great otherwise. It is big enough.

👤My son received this as a birthday gift. I put his name on it. The value was great. It is a good gift for a man.

👤2 were bought for gifts. Both were well received.

👤You can't beat the value. The flask, funnel, and two little shot glasses are very cheap.

👤I wouldn't "rough it" anywhere. Weak hinge design and glue and unreliable seal. The flask is made overseas for a buck, and then you can add the cover for a few more. It looks nice, but it's not tough.

👤Love them. These were great for the price, but I made them myself to save money. It was perfect gifts for my groomsmen. I will show you a picture of how I dressed these up for a groomsmen gift.

👤I put this in a gift basket and they loved it. The package was nice. I put it in it.

👤Light and handy. Half of them really liked it.

👤Un anniversaire offert en cadeau.

11. Mealivos Stainless Steel Flask White

Mealivos Stainless Steel Flask White

Each flask has its own box. This flasks are great for a lot of occasions. It makes a great gift for the groom. The hip flask is decorated with "Polyjuice Potion". There is a small funnel for filling. The Harry Potter lover is a favorite gift. It is made with high-quality STAINLESS STEEL. They used premium # It's going to last. There are no broken seals, leaking or crappy quality construction here. The LASER WELDED. The hip flask has laser welded joints. The flask won't leak because it has smooth edges. All of the flasks are leak tested. This alcohol flask holds 8oz of your favorite liquor.

Brand: Mealivos

👤A silver metal flask has writing etched into it. The product I received was a greenish color and looked like the design was printed onto the flask. The photo description is very inaccurate.

👤I thought it would be more lazer engraved style etching, but it is cool looking. It looks like a wrap around a metal flask. I can't say if it seals well or gives a metallic taste to my booze as it arrives a couple of hours too late for my trip, but it does look good. Remove 1 star as the wrap doesn't seem to last long and should do well on my shelf until next major outing...

👤It seems very cheap compared to the photo. I thought it was a dark steel with dark writing or etching, but it was actually an off white color wrapped around the steel with dark printing. It feels like it will rub off quickly. It feels very cheap.

👤The quality of the flask is very good. I'm happy with my purchase. I had a small scratch on the top of the first one I ordered. I contacted them at the email they provided in the shipment in case there were any issues, and they immediately sent me a new one. I received it in 2 weeks and it was perfect. Great customer service.

👤It's made in China and it's cheap. It was a great gift to my HP friend and they absolutely loved it. The five stars will still be dropped.

👤It is a great product. The art around it is very good and will probably never come of. It comes with a funnel. The only thing I don't like about the lid lever is that it's plastic. I am very satisfied with this flask.

👤This was purchased for a woman on her 21st birthday. Don't expect it to be your full source of partying. It is perfect for a wizarding world lover. If you actually use it, I don't think it will last much longer than a year or two. It seems like it will be easy to dent.

👤I bought the item because I got fooled by the product photo. The product was made with low quality materials after the printing was peeled off. This is a waste of money, and I recommend everyone not to buy it. I feel frightened.

👤I INRDeals The flask was empty. When I drank from it and added a liquid to it, there was no noticeable physical change. My wife thinks that if I drink a lot more of the liquid in one go there will be a physical change, including slurred speech and an inability to use my legs properly. That isn't what I was after. It would make a great gift for a Harry Potter fan.


What is the best product for best man gifts for wedding flask?

Best man gifts for wedding flask products from Barme. In this article about best man gifts for wedding flask you can see why people choose the product. E Elainfia and Swag Brewery are also good brands to look for when you are finding best man gifts for wedding flask.

What are the best brands for best man gifts for wedding flask?

Barme, E Elainfia and Swag Brewery are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best man gifts for wedding flask. Find the detail in this article. Deluxy, Unknown and Collins & Co. Gifts are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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