Best Best Man Gifts for Wedding Brother

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1. Whiskey Globe Decanter Set Glasses

Whiskey Globe Decanter Set Glasses

Press the button to open the watch and it will be easy to use. The full set includes a decanter, engraved world map glasses, wooden stand, bottle stopper and pouring funnel. The universal alcohol carafe replaces all your bottles and can be filled with any kind of alcoholic beverage. Romantic item for him. luxury gifts for parents made from lead-free safe glass are only available from skilled artisans. It is better than the crystal one. A safe gift box is a personalized luxury decanter set with a map. Birthday, anniversary, and wedding presents for whiskey lovers. For a man who has everything. It's for every interior and home decor. The best place to get the Kemstood decanter set will be determined by the use you choose. Decanter is good for celebrations. Choose where you want to travel with the antique world map.

Brand: Kemstood

👤I didn't get to see the actual product until after I received it, and the recipient is very upset by the size of the product. The look of the product out of the box is smaller than expected. I would not order from this company again.

👤The gift set is beautiful. My son in law loved it. Can fit in a whole bottle at one time.

👤My brother is hard to shop for, so I bought this for him on his birthday. I thought I would give it a try because he likes maps and globes. He loves whiskey and it seemed like a good match. He loved this set so much that he went home and put it on display. When you see it in person, it is a beautiful piece, even though there is liquor in it. Seemed was very well made and was correct to picture. It's a great buy, slightly smaller than expected.

👤I bought this for my husband as a gift and was a little uncertain as to what the ideal decanter was for brandy, but the price for this decanter was very reasonable. I am very happy that I ordered it. You could drop the decanter from the roof. My husband immediately filled it and put it on a shelf in his office, he was very impressed with the quality and craftsmanship. The glass ship inside the globe decanter adds to the visual appeal. The glasses are the perfect size and the glass seal will keep your liquor fresh. Silicone ice balls will be used, but you have to be careful when storing them as they do fall apart easily. I bought it for him and he is very happy with it. If you're on the line, hit the buy button.

👤This Whiskey Decanter set is for love. You also get the decanter and two matching cups. He is a big fan of Whiskey and my finace is hard to please, but he loved this when he got it. This is worth the money. It looks like the picture. I would recommend anyone to get a nice looking decanter for their Whiskey collection.

👤This is a great item. If you are afraid of breaking it, be gentle. I am not trying to break it, but the glass at its smallest part feels like it could break with little pressure. The whole package was great for the price. This decanter is the best way to pour whiskey if you like it. The glasses are even better and I got a coupon for 2 extras and I am excited about them. One of my better purchases.

👤The product is beautiful. The product was shipped without a stand. I had to give the gift without the stand because customer service was very responsive and it came later. Otherwise it was perfect.

👤The decoration in the center broke as I was on my way to my house. A product without a fragile piece of glass in the same area is what I would choose.

2. NETGEAR Wi Fi Range Extender EX3700

NETGEAR Wi Fi Range Extender EX3700

Digital Card balances can be shared across Nintendo systems, but only on a single Nintendo account. It can connect up to 15 devices, including laptops, phones, speakers, cameras, and more, and it has a range of up to 1000 sq ft. The AC750 is a dual-band and patented FastLane technology that provides up to 750Mbps of performance. It works with any wireless or cable modem. Plug in game consoles, streaming players, or other nearby wired devices using the one 10/100M port for maximum speed. WEP and WPA/WPA2 are wireless security protocols. Simple to set up. Press the button to connect. The NETGEAR app can be used for optimal location.

Brand: Netgear

👤If this review doesn't convince you to avoid NETGEAR, read the reviews from other customers. If you purchase a NETGEAR product after reading those, you will get what you deserve. I thought NETGEAR would be a good choice for an extender and was completely unprepared for the big scam attempt that happened. My goal is to warn people away from NETGEAR at all costs, so I will give 1 star for this device. After 30 years as a Database Specialist, I am tech literate enough to setup a simple device. The setup requires that the extender become aware of your router so that it can extend your signal. The booklet that comes in the box with the device has a page titled 'Connect with Web Browser Setup'. The photo is attached. Step 3 tells you to click on the New Extender Setup button on the page. You are on a page that looks like a NETGEAR page, but there is no new setup info or support chat. I am amused and surprised at how bad this support is, but not suspicious, until shady tech calls. He tries to trick me into giving him access to my computer by pretending to be a legit tech company. Is that true? He tried to defend his actions after I confronted him. The origin of this transaction was the NETGEAR Quick Start Booklet, so I was not on my guard. I am pretty sure lots of people get hooked on this and see The Sept 2018 1 star review telling the same story. NETGEAR is not a legit tech company as they do not know this is happening. Amazon is responsible for some things. Do you want to avoid NETGEAR products? I tried a number of ways to get in contact with someone at NETGEAR, but it was not possible. I went in circles for over an hour. If you still want to buy NETGEAR, read the 6-14-19 review by Chu, 9-23-18 by Miller, 6-11-19 Monteith, 2-21-19 Hughes or 10-5-18 with 'Beware' in title. One person says that SCAM tech support left them with a non-functional PC.

👤The 2.4g channel has stopped working on all devices after about 9 months of light use. After 90 days, they want you to pay for support, so they only offer complimentary support on this product. I found several posts with the same problem after researching this issue online. The settings are correct after a factory reset and a firmware update. A paid subscription is required to get a return authorization number, which can only be obtained through technical support. This doesn't seem right. I would not buy this product, but I will definitely consider other manufacturers for future purchases.

👤I bought this because I read that it could increase the speed of the internet up to 750 Mbps, and that it could increase the speed of the internet up to 100%. The gem on page 7 of the user manual is that data traffic routed through the extender is inherently slower than traffic routed directly from the network. The results of the speed test with internet service. 156M is down and 42M is up. 122M is down and 41M is up. The range extender is close to half the speed. Total waste of money.

3. SIBOSUN Groomsmen Groomsman Wedding Father

SIBOSUN Groomsmen Groomsman Wedding Father

Quality Laser Personalized Pocket Watch. There must be a unique gift for your best man. The best man for a day is said to be their laser engraved pocket watches. The best friend for life. Are you looking for the perfect men? There is a sticker on the watch cover that protects it from being damaged during the long trip. Please tear the watch after you receive it. Off. You will see the pattern is real. Each pocket watch is well packed in a gift box. To your groomsmen on your wedding day. Please be aware that different batches of watches and individually laser tailored watches can cause different colors. Thank you for your understanding. You will get 1x Pocket Watch, 1x Cowboy Chain, 1x Cleaning Cloth, and 1x Manual's Instruction. Each watch is packaged in a quality gift box. No need to wind up before every use of the battery powered pocket watch. There is customization available. If you need a pattern, please contact them. --- Before placing an order. Click on the name of the seller on the product detail page if you want to search. 2. On the next page, click ask a question after placing an orde. Find your order in the list. 2. Click to get help. Their professional customer team is in touch with you. Within 24 hours.

Brand: Sibosun

👤My brother was asked to be my best man by my fiancée. My brother loved it. The chain is the perfect length for a pocket watch and the watch was easy to set. My brother is going to have this in his pocket on my wedding day. The gift is perfect!

👤Great quality. The guys were excited to receive a pocket watch.

👤Absolutely stunning! Excellent quality!

👤It was absolutely perfect for my wedding and my best man loved it.

👤We spent a lot of money for a bridal party.

👤The writing on the watch is a bit too heavy in the picture.

👤This is a beautiful watch. Well done. Good quality. Highly recommended. The seller was more than accommodating and sent out another watch free of charge after I contacted them to inquire about the watch I had ordered.

4. Premium Bullet Sharped Whiskey Stones

Premium Bullet Sharped Whiskey Stones

There areurdy boxes that can hold cups, perfumes, jewelry, crafts, candles, soaps or cupcakes. It's ideal for wrapping gifts. Whiskeys with ice in them lose their rich flavor and subtle aroma. If you want to enjoy the mature taste of an old single malt or a dash of Bourbon, these JUMBO ice cubes are for you. They have a secret non-toxic gel inside that will keep the consistency of your drink intact. The unique cypress gloves are sturdy, sophisticated, and secure in the palm of your hand. The perfect clarity of the lead-free crystal glasses will elevate your drinking experience and transform an ordinary act to a luxurious ritual. The perfect size for a shot of Scotch, brandy, rum or cocktails, their large whiskey tumblers hold 11 ounces. This luxurious whiskey set by Frolk is a unique gift, perfect for every occasion. Father's Day gifts, groomsmen gifts, or gift for grandfather or boyfriend are some of the options you can give. The complete whiskey stones set includes 2 Crystal Glasses, 10 whiskey bullets, Velvet Pouch, 2 Slate Stone Coasters, and Tongs. The whiskey stones and glasses set is sure to be used again and again. You can find everything you need for a sophisticated drink in the box. Natural slate stone coasters, professional non-slip tongs, stunning crystal glasses, and a smooth velvet pouch are examples of luxury and style. This is the perfect gift for the novice drinker or seasoned whiskey enthusiast. There is a right and a wrong way to enjoy a glass of whiskey. The Whiskey Glasses Set will help you enjoy the spirit in the right way. They have a 90 days money back guarantee if you feel they didn't achieve their goal.

Brand: Frolk

👤I bought this for my husband. The bullets were selling points. We leave them in the freezer and don't water them. The coasters and glasses are heavy so they don't feel cheap. The box is the only other down side. It feels like you can find cheap wood at hobby Lobby. It is easy to damage the box. This is a great set. If they make a better box, the price is on point. ... I finally asked my husband what he thought about the gift, I wanted to give him some time with it. He said the bullets don't keep the drink cold. He keeps it cool by using 5. He tried it with all of them, but it wasn't cold enough for him. The purpose of the set is lost because of the use of all the bullets for one glass. I dropped it down because of that. If your husband is good with whiskey, then this is a good gift idea, but they prefer it to be in the cold. Maybe the rocks would have been a better choice.

👤I am happy with the product. The wood color is a good color, no damages to it, and everything inside was secured in a nice thick foam. The wood is cheap but I think it looks good. The glasses feel heavy and not cheap. They had a foggy look inside the glass. One of the glasses had foam stuck to the rim and was hard to get out of. It seemed like a glue, but I could rub it off. Bullets have been pretty heavy duty. They haven't seen how cold they get or how they maintain. Just like normal tongs. There are a few things that made me question the price, but I am happy with it. It is going to be a gift for my boyfriend.

👤This was a Christmas present for my husband and he loves it. The coasters are heavy stone and aren't flimsy. The bullets are of high quality, and the glasses are beautiful. You can put them in the freezer with the velvet pouch. The case is gorgeous and it's a great product.

👤It was the perfect gift for our family exchange. Everyone wanted it after it was stolen the allotted amount of times. It may have caused a few fights, but that means it is good. The reason I gave it 4 stars was because the bullets were not in the foam as they were in the mail, and we were lucky that they did not break the whiskey glasses. They hit the glasses inside the box. That is my only gripe.

👤Excellent quality! This was a gift that my veteran loved. It's an excellent price and the box is beautiful. I've bought two of them.

👤My Fiance loves this present, it was a birthday present. The bullets are perfect and they have a bag to keep them in. The coasters are awesome and the glasses are gorgeous. I was going to buy glasses and bullet stones separately but found the perfect combo package and it was amazing. Happy holidays, thank you.

5. Mother Bride Something Wedding Handkerchief

Mother Bride Something Wedding Handkerchief

A unique moment. The Happy Tears for women and men is embroidered on 12x12” white cotton with small lace edges. Father and mother of the bride gifts from daughter, groom gifts from bride, brother or sister of the bride gifts for her or a bridemaids gifts from bride for her sweetest day are some of the beautiful bride accessories. The hankercheif present idea is ideal for wedding momentos for guests, groom to bride, son from mom, maid of honor to mother, dad from daughter, son to father, bride from best friend, ring bearer, grandma, grandpa or step mom gift in a flat envelope box A bridal buddy ladies handkerchief special gifts for bridesmaids from bride, a unique fun bridal shower gift for bride, wedding coordination kit or registry search are included in the wedding day emergency survival kit. The best in law wedding gift idea is for new parents, father and mother of the groom.

Brand: W&f Gift

👤This arrived quickly and was great. We needed this immediately because the other present I bought for the bride never arrived. It was a relief to find this. It was presented in a nice box with a ribbon and a card to write a note to the recipient. My mother gave this to my sister for her wedding. She liked it. The expression "happy tears" was a favorite of all of us. The handkerchief is of good quality. Would definitely recommend.

👤I used this on my daughter's wedding day. It was just a small piece to have at the ready when needed.

👤I gave this to my friend for her wedding as she loved it.

👤This is what I wanted and I am very happy with it. I will give it to my mother-in-law on our wedding day.

👤My friend pulled this out of the gift bag and there were happy tears. It is extra special because of the packaging.

👤I gave the mother of the bride a gift that she liked very much.

👤It was on time and in good shape. I would buy another one when need arises.

👤A gift for the mother of the bride would be cute.

👤I was not able to give this as a gift because of the damage it was in when it arrived. I don't have time to get another one as the wedding is this weekend. I paid for a special delivery which cost £8.00) and I am so sad that I don't have a full refund.

6. Scotch Glasses Set Chilling Anniversary

Scotch Glasses Set Chilling Anniversary

Also, note: The ring should be less than 2.3 cm high. All-in one. Whiskey rocks glasses are made for tasting the full flavor of whiskey. The granite wisky stones kit keep the drink cold and saturated. The classy Bourbon gift set includes tongs and 2 slate table coasters. The velvet bag is good for a long time. The whiskey glass gift set is a great gift for a whiskey drinker. For any reason. It's perfect for birthday, retirement, wedding, anniversary, housewares, housewarming gift, Independence day, Father's day, Memorial day, best friend day, Labor day, Christmas, Thanksgiving day, Valentine's day, flack friday, New Year, Veterans day. This Whiskey gift boxed set is a great present for your boss, boyfriend, brother, uncle, son, grandfather, husband, best man, dad, father. The wooden box is handcrafted. Whiskey glasses and chilling stones set is in a luxurious wooden gift box. The whiskey gift set is a must-have for any whiskey lover. A gift with chilling stones is a great way to make someone happy. You can make a cocktail with Bourbon. Treat your friends. High quality and natural materials are lead-free. The scotch whiskey rocks glasses are made of high quality safe lead-free glass and have a unique shape. Whiskey chilling stones are made of natural granite and can be used to chill whiskey. The polished stone is clean. Slate coasters are stylish and rich. Use tongs to place stones in glasses. The concierge service. They make it easy for you. Their broken glass replacement policy is for the beloved scotch whiskey glasses set. WHISKOFF's whiskey glasses and stones wooden box set is a great gift.

Brand: W Whiskoff

👤It's a nice set and it's quick to ship. This is not made in Tennessee. The answer was given in a previous question. The glasses are Art Deco, but please lower your expectations. It is strong. It sparkled once all the smudgy fingerprints and film was washed off. The glasses in no way have the weight or sparkle of an authentic lead crystal. It is a great gift idea if you have a best man, friend or dad who kicks back with Johnny Walker. If this is for someone who knows the difference and has a preference for single or blended, the bottle is over $100. This is not easy. If you have ever held a Baccarat in your hand and taken a sip out of it, you know what I mean.

👤It was in perfect condition. I picked this for two reasons. The wood box is not too odd with its lettering. 2. The glasses were of good quality and not too thin. It is a wooden box with a swing clasp. It comes with two glasses, whiskey stones, whiskey stone draw string storage bag, slate coasters, and tongs. Everything is protected with foam inserts. The glasses are comfortable. I wanted a glass with a heavy bottom and good grip, and also have a decent thickness to the glass up through to the rim. I didn't want paper thin glass, it was hard to tell from other products, and even this one I wasn't sure about until it arrived. The glasses are in perfect condition. Exactly what I was going for. The box was important because I wanted to focus on our 5th anniversary. We did not have glasses that were suitable for the Old Fashioned because my husband likes it. I thought the set was perfect when I saw it in the box. Between the box set and a selection of different types of whiskeys, the gift was complete. I thought I took some pictures. I will return to post soon.

👤I bought this gift set for my son-in-law. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the box. It comes in a cardboard box with their logo on top. The wooden box looks very elegant. Everything is presented well in the box and the contents are neatly placed inside. The glasses are wrapped beautifully in tissue paper. This is a great value for the price and it is a wonderful gift.

👤Whiskey glasses and stones are nice. I bought this for myself. The glass is clear. The weight is nice. The stones keep drink delution from happening. The box is doable. I keep my glass in a box and stones in the freezer. I like this set. The value is great. Anyone who loves their whiskey will love this glass set.

👤I brought this set as a gift and I like it so much I will be purchasing a set for myself. The glasses have some weight to them, the box is well designed, and the chill stones are already cold, so it's a great gift for anyone who likes a little liquor every now and then.

7. Cosmos Kitchen Knife Set Gift

Cosmos Kitchen Knife Set Gift

Father Gifts or Father In Law Gifts come with a Brand Jewelry gift box. Chef's Vision Knives have colorful blades that show a stunning image of the unfolding universe. The best is yet to come. Chef's Vision is more than the most gorgeous knives you have ever seen, because their superior materials, ergonomics and quality manufacturing make them a great value. Chef's Vision Knives look beautiful and can prepare your favorite dishes, but they also make a stunning, unique present, whether it's for Christmas, wedding gifts for couples, housewarming gifts for new homes, or an anniversary or birthday gift. The blades are high quality and sharp for cutting. The handles are color-coded so busy chefs can easily find the right knife, and they are designed for a balanced, secure grip. The pictures on the blades are beautiful, but they also serve as a great non-stick coating, which makes cutting, slicing and paring much easier, because even the smallest cucumber slice just slides right off the blade! Your Chef's Vision Cosmos Series Knife Set has six essential knives to cover your food preparation needs. If you don't like your Chef's Vision Kitchen Knife Set, you can return it for a full refund or a replacement. They are certain that you will love your beautiful Chef's Vision Knives, from the very first slice, to all the beautiful dishes you prepare with them.

Brand: Chef's Vision

👤The knives are very sharp. I use them every day for 50 hours a week and haven't needed to sharpen them yet. I had them for three weeks. They can be used in many ways. Every time I pull one out they're noticed by guests and everyone in the kitchen because of the color coding. We have an open kitchen where we interact with guests. These knives were a treat for me. I have a tattoo and I love buying things. You can't go wrong buying them for yourself or the chef. I also got the sheaths. I bought a knife roll separately. About 80 bucks. They don't have a block or holder for home use. I promise you won't have these knives in your drawers.

👤Great set of knives. The performance is surprisingly good, but the graphics are top notch. A quality steel with a great edge will hold up. I'm very satisfied with the price point, but the handles are not perfect. They draw the eye.

👤Very happy! There is a beautiful and wonderful place. Great quality comes in a nice box. Very impressed!

👤This was a great gift because my husband is into both space and kitchen knives. I bought a clear knife stand to hold them. He says they're not as good as some of the other knives, and I noticed on the first use that one of the smaller ones wasn't as sharp as I expected.

👤Didn't stay sharp for long. It looks nice.

👤I bought these knives for my husband's birthday. The knives look exactly as pictured, as well as being very sharp and durable. The colors are bright and the pictures are clear. The handles are very stable. There is a space between the blade and the picture to prevent the picture from being torn off. We love them and would recommend them to anyone.

👤I was skeptical because of the low price and print pattern. These knives are not cheap. The thickness is decent. Highly recommended.

👤For Christmas, I bought these for my partner. The knives are sharp. The build quality is excellent. The knives are light and not flimsy. Good, solid, cooking knives look amazing. These are high-quality blades. They come in a nice little box to give it a professional presentation that will make your favorite cook very happy. I think she'll be. They're pretty awesome in my opinion, and I'm pretty big on knives for cooking, hunting, sporting, collecting, etc., if that helps with my opinion.

👤When my friend got her new place, she received a gift that she loved: dinosaurs.

👤My son received these as a present and he says they are perfect.

👤These are my favourite things to own. Who knew you could get functional knives? They are very well made.

👤So I bought a second set.

👤I wanted to show them off. They are sharp and cut a treat. Happy bunny.

8. Whiskey Globe Decanter Etched Antique

Whiskey Globe Decanter Etched Antique

The best place to get the Kemstood decanter set will be determined by the use you choose. Decanter is good for celebrations. Choose where you want to travel with the antique world map. The full set includes a wooden stand, bottle stopper and pouring funnel. The universal alcohol carafe replaces all your bottles and can be filled with any kind of alcoholic beverage. Romantic item for him. Preserving freshness is achieved by a fitted silicone-glass stopper. A safe gift box is a personalized luxury decanter set with a map. Birthday, anniversary, and wedding presents for whiskey lovers. For a man who has everything. It's for every interior and home decor. The best place to get the Kemstood decanter set will be determined by the use you choose. Decanter is good for celebrations. Choose where you want to travel with the antique world map.

Brand: Kemstood

👤This was a gift for my father in law's 61st birthday. The item description states that it comes with 4 map glasses, but it did not. We let that go because the glass stopper pops out when they try to put it in. Sometimes it flew across the room. This was a gift and it was disappointing. I've never left a bad review on Amazon. I am not happy. It wasn't cheap to buy it and it shouldn't be so cheap to use it.

👤A cool gift idea. There is no way that it will not break during shipping and handling. People handling the box don't know not to throw it around because the box doesn't say fragile. I was disappointed to find that the hand blown glass was broken when I opened the box.

👤I received this decanter the first time and it was smudged with water spots and remnants of what was put into it. The first one I received had the same things as the second one, but there was a black spot at the base of the decanter.

👤The decanter was exactly what it was described as. The ship has more detail than I expected. I thought it was small but it will hold a lot of liquid. I wanted to replace homemade Raki from Albainia. The world globe and ship were both fitting.

👤I received one as a gift. I liked it. I ordered a new one after it was destroyed. The first one was saved by me. It was a nice piece of art, as you can see in the picture. It was what I liked the most about it. The new one doesn't look like a ship. You can see in the second photo. I don't like the second one.

👤It was perfect. My husband is very happy with the gift.

👤I bought this for my husband. It is beautiful! I bought the decanter because I was unsure of the quality of the set that included a separate tray and glasses. I wish I would have bought the set. It is a nice addition to my husband's office. We will purchase the SET for Christmas and birthday gifts for family and friends. It arrived in a sturdy package. The seller reached out to us immediately after delivery to make sure everything was in good condition. Excellent service!

👤I received this product a while ago and am yet to use it. I am happy that it survived and is in one piece, even though it had to be shipped internationally. It is exactly as I had imagined and will definitely be a focal point or at least a piece of intrigue. It is the star of the show at the bar. This was the perfect addition to my other collectibles because I travel a lot. The top won't stay on when I tried to use it. It keeps popping off and hitting a glass. I can't leave alcohol in it for a long time. What is the point? I would like the seller to contact me with a solution.

9. LEVONTA Brother Birthday Christmas Graduation

LEVONTA Brother Birthday Christmas Graduation

Saying Never Falls Off pocket watch with Chain has the saying "To my brother: never forget that I love you forever" I hope you believe in yourself as much as I do. The unique gift will be appreciated for a long time. Best Brother Gift brother gifts for birthday, brother gifts from sister, brother gifts from brother, brother graduation, unique brother gift ideas, brother xmas gifts. A personalized gift for your brother is more than just a gift. You can get a quality gift box and a pocket watch. If you want to present a gift to my brother, you can use the pocket watch as a gift. Premium zinc alloy metal has a shiny black color. A full hunter flip case is polishing in smooth. The dial has an hour, minute, and second hands. Press the button to open the watch and it will be easy to use.

Brand: Levonta

👤The poccet watches is a nice watch and has a great message to a brother which can be received in a variety of ways. When I synchronized my brother and my watch exactly the same time, I noticed that the hour hand was bent and it hadn't worked from the start, so I haven't been able to talk to him since he left. I was happy until the later. "bad timing"

👤Quality was not great. The hook on the chain broke when my son tried to attach it to his belt loop. The color was nice.

👤When I gave my brother this, he had a tear in his eye. We've always been close and this present really touched him. It's a manly thing to do. He was speechless and I loved seeing that.

👤My brother put it in his safe because he loved it so much. I can say its gift is able. I'm not sure about everyday durability, as he says the watch is nice to use. A nice gift!

👤I bought this for my older brother at Christmas, and it brought him to tears. He was very appreciative. This watch is a perfect gift for a brother. Highly recommended!

👤My brother loved opening and closing the gift. It looks more expensive than you pay.

👤Just as in the picture, the cane was packaged beautifully. An army going away.

👤My brother loved it, it was a great price and product.

10. Whiskey Stones Gift Set Accessories

Whiskey Stones Gift Set Accessories

Raise a glass to the whiskey enthusiast in your life. Each whiskey gift set is packaged in a wooden box. There are glasses and rocks inside. The best gift for friends. The whiskey stones gift set is a great gift for friends. The whiskey glass and stone set in a wooden box is a great idea for a bar. A clean tasting drink. Don't drink watery whiskey, Bourbon or other drinks. No other tastes, smells, or water can change the taste of your favorite drink without adding anything to it. The ideal cooling. You can cool your drink with the whiskey ice stones in the freezer. The velvet bag is included in the kit and can be used for the freezer. Premium set for real lovers of good drinks A wooden box with a soft velvet pouch is crafted with exquisite wood. The whiskey stones and glass set is a great gift idea. Money back is guaranteed for 1 year. Their customers ensure the high quality of their whiskey stones and glasses. Soft ice cube sized whiskey chilling rocks/stones are absolutely safe and do not scratch your glasses.

Brand: Brotec

👤This was supposed to be a gift for my husband for our 15yr anniversary, which is supposedly the "Chrystal year". The pictures look better than the product. The whiskey glasses are very small and similar to shot glasses. The glasses don't look like nice ones. My glasses were dirty and dingy. I will have to get my husband drunk before I give him the glasses. It's a pity.

👤I needed something different, affordable, unique and with a nice presentation to be placed in a bourbon basket that I am making for a gift. These are packaged nicely and have a wow factor that goes with the rest of the items in the basket. The little wooden box is very cute. Two of the glasses broke in transport when they were placed in a cardboard box. I don't have to worry about that with these. I would like the glasses to be a little bigger.

👤I don't know anything about whiskey glasses, but they still look nice. Hope my boyfriend likes it.

👤The shot glasses are big enough to hold 2 stones and still get a full shot. I put my glasses on a shelf and the stones in the freezer because there are many complaints about the boxes quality. Buy it for yourself, not a gift.

👤I did a little craft project with coins and a substance on top. The top of the box is different. I stained it darker. It worked perfectly for my purpose. It is a good set for the value. I received it as a gift so I don't know if the stones work well. I think the glasses are small, but they aren't decieving anyone and I knew this from other reviews. I am okay with that. It is a gift to someone who is not snooty about their alcohol products. It is affordable and looks great, but it is not top quality, so it is a great gift. Great project. The person who received it was very nice.

👤My husband is a huge fan of bourbon. The box it all comes in was really nice and the stones stay cold for a long time. I was surprised that the glasses were small. It makes sense that they are so small because you don't need a lot of Bourbon just a taste.

👤Imagine the look on my face when I see mini items. I bought this for my boyfriend because he is a whiskey lover. They are perfect, but not what I thought I was buying. I am responsible for not paying attention to the description of the product. It's still a great gift. The box is good to keep for storing or traveling.

👤These are not meant to replace ice cubes, they are meant to be a substitute. The whiskey and rocks were in the freezer for weeks, but they were in the room temperature in less than 10 minutes. Shop somewhere else.

11. Accoutrements 11761 Yodelling Pickle

Accoutrements 11761 Yodelling Pickle

It is courteous packaged. The His and Hers Coffee Mug Set is packaged in a gift box that is guaranteed to arrive safely with free shipping through Amazon Prime. A gift for the person who has everything. There are hours of mindless entertainment. The plastic pickle has a small heart at the push of a button. There are batteries included. There is a window box. The ultimate conversation piece is this pickleball.

Brand: Archie Mcphee

👤We bought it for my uncle as a joke. He had no idea what to do with it. It was a blessing in disguise. His father's Alzheimer's was getting worse and he would often end up in a nonsensical rage over little things. He found it hilarious that they got the idea to give him this. They put this in his pocket every time he had an episode and he would forget about what he was angry about and start laughing.

👤The pickle arrived silently and took in the scenery and the chill of the winter. After opening the box, it let out a yodel and took my fiancée away. I can't take away a star for the loss of my love, as I still have the beautiful box the pickle came in. I guess that's good. The yodel is heard in the distance.

👤I bought a yodeling pickle and it yodeled at me. I'm disappointed in the lack of yodel variety. You could have imagined that they would have at least a few guys on staff to give a few more samples. Time is money.

👤I bought this after my husband objected to my purchases on Amazon. Curtains are not frivolous. Organizers are not frivolous. I bought this yodeling pickle to demonstrate a truly frivolous purchase. It does everything required of a statement. 5 stars for making a point at the top of its lungs. My dog hates it and howls at it. There is a video attached. 5 stars for husband related teaching.

👤The best yodeling pickle in the club is mine. Everyone else is jealous. I let them look at it, but never let them touch it.

👤This has been a great addition to my collection of desk top stress busters. Who can fail to laugh when you have a bright green, slightly phallic shaped yodeling pickle by? When the doctors come by my office to see me, I can tell they're after my pickle.

👤This product would be the photo next to perfection in the dictionary. My brother-in-law and I have the same birthday, so to celebrate him stealing, I will give him a very meaningful gift each year. I think he should use yodeling as a tool for his work since he is a sex therapist. I don't know how to top this gift.

👤I was trying to get the baby to calm down when he started crying. The Yodelling pickle worked well. He was confused by the yodeling and was calm again. I was expecting the yodeling to last for a long time, but when it stopped him from crying, I was disappointed. I am just itching for the holiday season, and the product is awesome. I can send a few of them to other people. Oh yeah, Mwoohahahahaha!


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