Best Best Luggage Sets 2022 Usa

2022 8 Oct 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. COOLIFE Luggage Expandable Suitcase Spinner

COOLIFE Luggage Expandable Suitcase Spinner

It is a perfect streamlined design and has two-wheel design which is more durable and smooth. The textured finish of the material prevents against scratches. The upper part of the luggage has a beveled edge. There is a 2 year warranty worldwide. The lock on the bag allows only the agents of the TSA to inspect it. Quiet airplane spinner wheels and an aluminum telescopic handle allow you to quickly maneuver in tight spaces and it is more sturdy than most of the other telescopic handles on the market. There are three different sizes of luggage: 20inch, 24inch and 28inch.

Brand: Coolife

👤It was the first international flight. The largest piece broke on the first flight. After this review, customer service gave me a quick contact and replaced the broken luggage. Customer service is great, they stand by their products.

👤I was looking for a set of suitcases that were lightweight and sturdy. I was disappointed with the materials of my suitcases. The COOlife set is made of a material called ABS. The light weight of the 4 double wheels made it easy to maneuver them. I traveled from the USA to Brazil, then to Barcelona, Spain, and there were barely any scratches on them. The combination lock is accepted by the TSA and it's one of the reasons it's a plus. It's great that there's an expansion zip up to add more room to an already roomy interior, which has been very helpful for me to adjust to my destination: zip up from the USA to Brazil and from Brazil to Spain! I feel like I am finally traveling without my luggage being a burden, because it is practical, sturdy and stylish.

👤It was used for our trip to Florida and Michigan. Everything worked well. Even after being "handled" by porters, loaders, and a TSA agent, the cases held up great. If you don't want a TSA inspection, don't wrap wind chimes in towels in a bag.

👤Well constructed, doesn't feel like it. Heavy duty zippers function smoothly. It's easy to use and change locks. The divider system keeps items in one half. Extra separation of items is possible with the divider. It is easy to move, fully loaded, even on carpet. They don't last very long if you owned fabric type. Trying these hard shells for the first time, so can't comment on longevity yet, but from all indications, they should last longer and be easier to clean.

👤I've traveled with them a lot since I owned this set a year ago. There were no issues with function or durability. I needed to change from the awkward 2 wheel duffle to something that I could manage more easily. The grab handles are both on one side. I'm usually a heavy packer, but I've started to use packing cubes. I'm amazed at what I can fit in, the small size works great if I'm gone a week or more, and the larger size is great for those extended trips. A few scratches from travel but a great purchase. The purple color is beautiful. I would buy them again.

👤I like my luggage a lot. It is lightweight and looks good. There are two main issues that I have. The title is misleading. I thought the three pieces were extendable. Only the large suitcase can expand. It was not as roomy as people said it was.

👤I used my new luggage for the first time and it got stuck. They wouldn't let me take it on the plane. I am very disappointed in the quality of this luggage.

👤This is my first set of luggage and I am not disappointed. I was worried that the suitcase would get damaged during my flights, but it held up well. The suitcase was scratched due to the baggage handler. There is a box next to the suitcase to show the size. The second and third pictures are of a suitcase that was scratched during a road trip. The suitcases fit together nicely. The luggage space beneath the section which is labeled for shoes, dirty clothes, and bottles of body wash is the greatest thing about this set.

2. Kenneth Cole Reaction Renegade Expandable

Kenneth Cole Reaction Renegade Expandable

The actual product color may appear slightly different than shown on the site due to differences in monitors. There are 8-wheel spinners for effortless handling. It expands by an additional 2 inches. The main compartment has several organization pockets and elastic shoe pockets. The trolley handle is retractable. Corner guard reinforcements help protect your bag from damage. Overall dimensions are 22" H x 14" L x 9-11" D. The packing dimensions are 20 H x 13 L x 10 D.

Brand: Kenneth Cole Reaction

👤I read many reviews before buying this luggage. I loved it! The top corner was damaged on the first use. I was very disappointed that this had such good reviews. The Kevin Cole Company was listed on the luggage tag that I contacted. It said it had a ten year warranty. I followed the instructions and was sent a new suitcase that was exactly the same as the one that was damaged. The company was wonderful to deal with and only asked for pictures and an explanation. My new luggage arrived a week ago. Kevin Cole will be a loyal customer. The luggage is perfect. I pack a lot because it is lightweight and more than enough room. This luggage is not enough for me. It's important to keep the tags with the information.

👤I love this bag! I used to travel with a backpack. This changed my life. The organizational pockets in this bag are amazing. I can fit two suits and two shoes for at least four days. I checked the bag once and everything held up. It fits in every aircraft I've been on, and I've used it on 20 trips so far. There are flights from small regional to international.

👤I fly between 120k and 150k miles a year. I have had 2 of these bags for the past 6 years and have loved them. With my amount of travel, each of the first 2 bags lasted 2.5 years, which is pretty good for a suitcase in the $60 to 70 range. I ordered another identical model a few months ago because it was time to replace it. The first bag lasted 1 trip and the cloth around it ripped. I got a 2nd after thinking I might have a one off bad one. The lining fell out on the 2nd trip, but that one lasted 3 trips before that happened. The bags couldn't make a combined total of 4 trips in about 6 weeks. The quality is not what it used to be. I had to find a different suitcase. If you have had these in the past, stay away, you will be disappointed.

👤It's loving the airports, being dragged around in buses for 15 days, and then back onto more airplanes. Not a scratch or a dent. If you pack it full, you will be overweight. Even when overstuffed, the wheels roll well. The price is perfect.

👤The measurement is 18 tall, 9 deep and 13 wide. It can be expanded to add another inch and a half to the depth. There are a lot of things in this place. I had four t-shirts, a pair of tennis shoes, five pair of underwear, a hawaiian shirt, two long sleeved linen shirts, a pair of jeans, one pajama lounging pants and a small toiletry bag. The case is at minimum width. If you expand it, you can fit more soft items in there. The quality is average. Not the best wheels. They seem good enough and you won't be letting it out of your hands. The handle can be a bit sticky. I think it's worth the money.

3. Travelers Club Hardside Expandable Luggage

Travelers Club Hardside Expandable Luggage

There is a 2 year warranty worldwide. The set includes a Carry on luggage, Boarding tote, and Travel kit toiletry case. Extra packing space can be achieved by expanding luggage. The Luggage has spinner wheels that are easy to use on the wrist. The luggage material is light and durable. The back strap of the tote can be attached to luggage trolleys.

Brand: Travelers Club

👤The majority of negative comments seem to be related to customer error, so make sure you are selecting the correct option. The order section has sections to select 3 piece, 4 piece, and 5 piece. Some colors are not available in a certain size. I'm in love with this set. It's perfect for storage because they all stack inside of each other. The image of the big one has all of the smaller sizes in it. I like the plastic for water proof. The carry on bag that comes with it is small. It's only good for over night or two night trips, but still wonderful to have included! It arrived two days early. Which is always a plus. I'm looking forward to using them in the future.

👤This set is nice. It is turquoise green. Good value for money. I own a lot of expensive sets and they all get damaged. I bought the assurance warranty from Amazon for 4 years since my last set cracked. If you travel a lot like me, you should get that. This set is a beautiful color and has a scratch proof exterior and is expandable. Good quality for an expanding set. I had to call Amazon to get a credit back after I added the accessory and sis didn't receive it.

👤I bought the set in red. I'm not a fan of luggage, but this set seems acceptable so far. It seems sturdy and light. I think it would take quite a bit of force to push in on it, since it's not stone solid or like a metal case, but it does have a bend to it if you push in hard. It came in a timely manner, and nothing was damaged on arrival. It was a pretty color. I bought this set to take me from the US to Pakistan. I might update after the trip if that's possible. I am wondering if I should have gotten something more hard-cased, but we will see. My luggage went from the US to Islamabad and back without a hitch. There was no damage or anything.

👤Excellent quality and a great price. I got what the description said, even though many of the reviews said it was misleading. I am very pleased with my purchase and I will buy from this seller again.

👤Is Amazon serious? Is it possible to send a damaged product to my house? The box was damaged. I have no luggage when I leave the country. It is actually 3 pieces not 4. I got that. Don't waste your money.

👤The picture on line is not accurate. The luggage with pull up handles is not a true representation of what comes in the set. I failed to look at the dimensions and found it was not the size I was looking for. I will return the order.

👤I love these! I never thought I would get excited about luggage. The navy blue 5 piece set arrived in perfect condition, but the box was wrecked. Everything is in each suitcase. Quality was nice and the colors worked great. The wheels are very smooth. They are so quiet that they look like roller blade wheels. Light weight! The top was used for storage. It has its own zip. I am very happy with this and the price is a steal.

4. Rockland Melbourne Abs Luggage Champagne

Rockland Melbourne Abs Luggage Champagne

The back strap of the tote can be attached to luggage trolleys. Three piece set of suitcases with spinner wheels and interior zip compartment. There is a 20 inch, 24 inch, and 28 inch upright. Sturdy aluminum telescopic handle. The actual product color may appear slightly different than shown on the site due to differences in monitors.

Brand: Rockland

👤I bought this because I was flying from Ohio to the Alaska peninsula for work and I didn't want to check my luggage. I flew on two airlines. The carry-on was large enough to hold 13 pairs of underwear, 13 pairs of socks, 6 bras, 6 pairs of blue jeans, 4 tee shirts, 3 long sleeve shirts, a pair of sneakers, and a hooded zip up fleece safety jacket. My sister remarked that I was a packing ninja. I was able to fit it into the overhead bin without a problem once I boarded the plane. Don't expand it for that extra room. Unless you want to take it out when it won't fit. The carry-on fit through the bin opening. I walked to a different terminal after my layover in Chicago, which was a million miles away. The wheels worked perfectly, the handle was sturdy, and I was able to set my back pack on top of it without any trouble. The shell is rugged and the zippers perform as expected. I played with it to see if it worked, and it did. I don't baby things and I expect a product to stand up to everyday wear and tear. The carry-on did not fail to impress. It has been banged around, dropped repeatedly, and slid on its front across a parking lot, but it is not as bad as you would think after a lot of use. Don't mess with the lock until you read the instructions on how to operate it. This carry-on exceeded my expectations.

👤I know that this item has over 600 reviews, so there is little to no chance that I will be seen by a customer when they make a buying decision. Please read the three points below if you're interested in reading this review. The luggage is so cheap that it's worth the price. The mine broke within 5 uses. The "WARRANTY" policy is a complete joke, as shown in the image below. Customer service department is hard to get a hold of and then is a completely rude excuse. You will want to search for "Fox Luggage" on the internet. The Rockland brand is terrible luggage. Don't be like me, penny wise and pound foolish. You can avoid the mistake I made. Go with a real company if you spend a little more money. Anyone who travels frequently will rip through this luggage in a few trips. You will be left with a trashed bag, a crappy customer service department, and out $125.00, wishing you spent a little bit, because Amazon's Return Period will be over in 30 days. If you want to check out the luggage, just type the ASIN into the search bar. Click on links below.

👤Don't buy this set. It is junk. The pieces fell apart after only two trips. The only way to get Customer Service is through email, but it is hard to find on the Fox Luggage website. After five emails and no response, I called the phone number and insisted on talking to someone. They wouldn't let me but promised I would get a response via email which I eventually did...but it didn't answer my specific question which was do I have to pay $40 per suitcase for handling? This is a bad deal since I only paid $139 for all three, and it would cost me $120 for all three plus shipping. You have to pay $40 per damaged suitcase to take advantage of the warranty. Do not buy anything made by either Fox or Rockland Luggage. From my mistake, learn. My only other option is a bad review. Hope it helps someone.

5. AmazonBasics Hardside Spinner Luggage Piece

AmazonBasics Hardside Spinner Luggage Piece

2 Way Audio: Listen in and talk back through the built-in speaker and mic on your phone. You can talk to your family and friends from anywhere in the world. For work travel, vacations, or as international carry-on, there is a hardside spinner luggage set. The spinner has a protective extra-thick ABS hard shell and a scratch resistant black finish. Smooth-rolling mobility is ensured by 4 double spinner wheels. Sturdy telescopic handle for comfortable maneuvering. The interior organizer has a divider and 3 pockets for storing smaller items. Up to 15% more packing space can be expanded. Product dimensions are 10 x 14.9 x 22 inches and 12.7 x 21 x 30.7 inches.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤I was concerned that the size would fit with the carry on regulations. People just uploaded pictures of issues and what we really need its pictures with luggage in action. My experience in images is perfect.

👤I travel a lot as a flight attendant. I've been looking for a suitcase that can handle a lot of use. I received my suitcase this week. I have a new suitcase that I love and I am traveling for the first time. It rolls with ease. It's strong too. My arms and back are not stressed. It feels like it's floating. The smaller bag is attached to the top and still feels light. I don't think the handle moves will be a problem. The handle on my last bag moved and I had it for years. I would like to thank Amazonbasics for making my travel life easy.

👤Very disappointing. It was purchased in October of last year. Couldn't hold up during travel, but looked good on arrival. The handle came off and the front wheel broke. No longer usable.

👤The first time we used this suitcase, a wheel fell off.

👤I loved this spinner on my first trip. The telescopic handle broke the day I flew out after I used this. It's unbelievable.

👤The luggage set is okay. It's fairly cheap. There are three pockets inside. Rolls were smooth. The cheapest hardside luggages are made from the material. The material can be damaged by rough handling and the one I ordered had huge dents in a corner. There is no lock on the bags. The only way to lock the tips of the sliders together is with a separate lock. The 20-inch bag has a weight of 7.2 lbs. Excluding wheels, the height is 18 inches. The width is 13.25 inches. The depth is 9.75 inches and the expansion is 1.25 inches. The bag weight is 9.6 lbs and the height is 23.25 inches. The width is 16.25 inches. The depth is 11.00 inches and the expansion is 1.25 inches. The bag weighed in at over 11 lbs. 27 inches is the height without wheels. The width is 18.5 inches. The depth is 12.25 inches and the expansion is 1.25 inches. The wheel's diameter is 49mm.

👤The best carry-on luggage. I usually buy my luggage from Ross, Marshall's, or Burlington Coat Factory. Medium to large suitcases can be had for as little as 69 dollars. I was not happy with the prices at Ross and Marshall's, I was looking for a carry-on luggage. The cheapest I could find was $69 and it was the same price as a luggage. I was surprised to see one from AmazonBasics when I looked for more affordable carry-on luggage. I had to get it. The products from Amazon are pretty good. The price! The price for a carry-on hard-side luggage is $49.99 and you can't get a better price. I was able to fit my luggage into the overbin for Delta, Ryan Air, Olympic Air, and SAS Airlines. The size of the luggage was in line with what I had listed. I've flown to Italy and Greece many times via American Airlines and had no issues with the luggage. The quality of the AmazonBasics luggage was comparable to the Samsonite luggage I had just bought, and the color choices were good. There is a I like the little compartment pockets. I rolled this bag through the rocky roads of Europe and they survived! The handle doesn't feel sturdy, sometimes I felt the handle was going to break off. But it did not. I had difficulties getting the handle to go up and stay up, but I am not sure if it is just my luggage that is faulty. I think the bolts were loose, that's why the handle kept falling down. It is an amazing carry-on luggage and the price is too good to pass up.

6. Samsonite Winfield Hardside Checked Luggage

Samsonite Winfield Hardside Checked Luggage

Cross straps for increased packing organization. The set includes a carry on size of 20 and a carry on size of 25. The ideal checked bags for longer trips are maximized by the spinners. 10 year limited warranty Their products are tested to make sure they meet strict standards. The bag has a 10-year warranty against defects. Re-engineering lightweight, four multi-direction outer wheels are for effortless mobility. Carry handles that are self retractable maintain a low profile when not in use. The side-mounted TSA locks act to deter theft, and only you or a TSA agent have easy access to your belongings when traveling. The newOCKET REVERSIBLE panel maximizes organization with no extra weight or bulk. The telescopic handle has a locking mechanism. It's tough and scratch resistant.

Brand: Samsonite

👤I used the bag for a domestic trip. The bag arrived and it was as expected. It looks very nice! The pros and cons are listed below. There is a lot of space. The addition of the organizer is nice. 2. The outside 3 has strong zippers. It was nice to have internal straps on both sides to hold clothes in place. Cons 1. The item was received with stitching and didn't expect this from the brand. When on all 4 the wheels did not roll easily. It was hit or miss when you transitioned to 2 wheels. 3. The handle was flimsy and weak. It felt like it was about to break every time I pulled the bag and I had no idea that it would hold up over time. 4. The internal straps were not very durable and the clasps were cheap. I wouldn't recommend this line of bags. I've heard similar stories of purchases from other outlets, maybe it was because it was purchased from Amazon. I won't consider this line in the future, at this time, it's a no buy for me.

👤I used the 25" suitcase for one round trip. I transitioned from baggage claim to the rental car location and it was great. When I received my bag on the return flight, it had a large dents on a corner, and I thought it would be easy to fix. I was wrong to think that spending a little on a Samsonite would make it better. I'm pretty sure that this bag will hit this location each time, until the material fails. I was a great size for a week long trip but need more space for longer trips. I'm not sure who tests your products. It was called the Samsonite. Maybe I should suggest Delta's baggage handlers... It might give you a better idea of how long it will last.

👤Poor quality, but attractive. Order 2 for a trip with my son. The net lining is torn. I will not have time to return the carry-on when I leave for a trip in 4 days. Disappointed.

👤I've used it with 3 major airlines in the U.S so far and it fits in overhead and is nice looking. The small pockets and the fact that each side of the luggage has a strap make me happy. How is it expanded if needed. I was disappointed even though I was not sure if this was designed like that. The handle is shaky when pulled out all the way. I decided to keep this because of the 10 years warranty, I've had a great experience with Samsonite, and I decided to keep this.

👤I don't know how this suitcase will work because I haven't left for my trip yet, but it's damaged before I use it. So. That's terrible. I have to leave for two days so I don't have time to replace the warranty. I have never bought luggage that was nice. I work too hard to have a lot of money spent on something that is broken so I should have just stayed with my local thrift shop.

7. Samsonite Hardside Expandable Luggage Spinner

Samsonite Hardside Expandable Luggage Spinner

The tote is made of Polyester. The set includes a carry-on size restriction for those traveling domestically and looking to stay light. The ideal checked bags for longer trips are maximized by the spinners. 10 year limited warranty Their products are tested to make sure they meet strict standards. The bag has a 10-year warranty against defects. The brushed-texture shell reflects light and protects from scratches. Four, multi-direction oversized dual spinner wheels for effortless mobility are re- engineered lightweight. Cross straps for increased packing organization.

Brand: Samsonite

👤I ordered this for her for a surprise 23 year anniversary gift and she was very surprised, but when she opened the box that was barely taped, she saw the non-scrutch product. Yes, that is correct. She doesn't want to send them back at this time because we have trip planed very soon, we paid over $300 for a non snuff product that we are very dissatisfied with. She is worried that we wouldn't get a new set in time. When I went into customer service to tell them about it, they don't come to your house to get it, as being older individuals this would be very hard to load and unload! We watched videos that said they were scratch resistant. It's sad that you spend a lot of money on a well known product and get it done to you. It would not allow me to choose between the two, so I had to choose one star on all, without using it on a trip.

👤I had to find a new carry-on for my trip because my puppy chewed off the zip of my previous one. I think I had the Omni 1 before, so this one had a few noticeable differences from its predecessor. Better wheels. The wheels roll more quickly. The other suitcase rolled okay, but now that I have seen these in action, they are a huge improvement. I would easily take over those. It is quite light. SLIMMER. I was horrified to take this out of the box because how would it fit? It was able to fit a long weekend's worth of clothing, including platform Doc Martin's, a pair of flats, and ankle booties, after it was able to open the expansion zip and pack everything up. I packed my toiletry roll in my husband's checked bag as an overpacker because I could have gone without a few nice pieces of clothing. I was shocked at how much the bag could hold in a slim profile, as I fit everything else in it. I think they may have found a way to keep the packing space the same, but reduce the thickness of the plastic and the size of the suitcase. The days of fighting the handle are over. If I press the button, it drops into place. I can adjust the height of the handle by pressing the button. It was less smooth to operate in the past, which is a big deal in a busy airport. The suitcase has a rubber plug on top of it, which covers the femaleusb port. You can charge small electronics in your power bank if you put a wire inside of the suitcase with theusb plug. The power bank in the suitcase can be used as a way to charge your phone without having to remove the bank from the suitcase. It isn't necessary for me, but it could be useful on a longer trip where I don't have an outlet in the airport to charge my phone. The separator is a better product than the one I had before, but I do miss the zip pocket on it, just don't tell my dog that she did me a favor by forcing me to upgrade.

8. Samsonite Carry On Midnight Black

Samsonite Carry On Midnight Black

Push-button locking handles make it easy to store a suitcase inside when not in use. It's possible to pack a 20-inch slipper and still fit in a carry-on. The packing dimensions are 19.0" x 13.5" x 7.75" and the total dimensions are 22.0" x 14.0" x 9.5" 10 year limited warranty Their products are tested to make sure they meet strict standards. The bag has a 10-year warranty against defects. The battery is not included. Tie-down straps should be kept out of the way when packing. There is a built-in organization that includes a WetPak pocket and a mesh pocket. There is no weight on your arm or shoulder with the four multi-direction double spinner wheels.

Brand: Samsonite

👤I have a week trip under my belt with this bag. The thing was wheeled over all types of terrain. There are no flat spots on the wheels. They seem like they should keep going. The bag has a solid feel and is well constructed. I use mine all the way extended, and it has adjustment stops if that's your thing. Even when filling the bag to its limits, the zips are easy to use. There are lots of pockets inside and out for what most people need. I like the brick pocket and charging port. There is a male and female charging port, but the brick is not included. The brick pocket is closed. A rubber plug covers the charging port. I used Hibag Travel Compression bags for carry on luggage and was able to fit the following: complete sets of shorts, polo shirts, socks and underwear, additional polo shirts with underwear and socks, t-shirts with spare socks and underwear, and a swim suit with extra underwear. I just got fresh clothes from my dirty clothes and this strategy worked out well. Everything fit back into my luggage after my trip. I will most likely use this bag for every trip I take between 3-7 days.

👤This product is terrible. I have been using the same suitcase for years and have never had a problem, so I bought one for my husband. On our first trip, the suitcase had broken zippers. The front large pocket was wide open because the front top pocket tab had broken off.

👤The wheels held up well to being dragged across the cobblestones in the Netherlands.

👤My old suitcase was 15 years old. I took it with me to South Africa. It's roomy, has lots of extra pockets, and is great for hard surfaces. All in a great purchase.

👤The case is easy tomanuever and fits nicely in the overhead bins, even on a small commuter plane where others with carry-ons had to gate check. I needed something lightweight that I could easily lift over my head into the bin, and this checks that box. It seems like a solid construction for a lightweight case. Not that much more than my laptop bag, but it's a small packing space. The pockets don't run the full width of the lid and are not very well-designed, further limiting what you can pack. The wheels protrude down from the bottom of the case, taking up space that could have been used for case interior. If I had been able to see this product in person before buying, I would not have bought it. I had to use the bag for an emergency trip the day after the case arrived, so I can't return it.

👤We have had a couple of the Softside Expandable Spinner suitcases for over a decade. The bags look really good and the wheels and zippers still function perfectly, we have gone on many trips with them. We wanted a wheeled carry-on bag, so we bought this 20” bag. We will be using the bag for the first time next week, so this review is just a comparison on quality and construction that Samsonite offers now vs 10 years ago. The denier is used to determine fiber thickness. The thicker the fabric is, the more durable it is. It is telling that they are not rating the fabric. The wheels on this suitcase are made from a softer plastic. The older suitcases have plastic wheels that sit closer to the bottom of the bag so they are more protected. There are several current reviews about the new luggage that include photos, as well as mention how easy it is to damage the wheels. The new bag costs more than the older ones. I don't mind paying more for new items because of the increase in cost of materials. I expect to pay more, but it's not good that we pay more for less quality. I kept the Star rating at 3 because I haven't used the bag yet. The quality is not there and I can not see this bag lasting more than 10 years. I had fewer options on bags because there seems to be a lot of other options unavailable. I will be happy to update my review if I am pleasantly surprised by the bag. I am really disappointed to see a quality decline in materials. The bag is lightweight and should fit in the overhead compartment nicely.

9. SHOWKOO Luggage Expandable Suitcase Double

SHOWKOO Luggage Expandable Suitcase Double

Product dimensions are 29 inches high x 17 inches wide x 10 inches deep. The luggage is more durable, lighter and impact-resistant because of the extra-thick PC+ABS materials. The textured finish keeps the cases beautiful after a trip. For carryon, 20in is the best, 24in is the best and 28in is the best. The capacity is 20in38L 24in60L 28in 93L. luggage moves very silent and smoothly with double wheels, thanks to brand new soft TPU and lubricating balls inside the wheels. The luggage passed the perfect drop test. A professional luggage quality test shows that luggage can carry 15 kilogrammes and walk 40 km at a speed of 10 km/h. It's the best choice for long-term travel. The sturdy aluminum 3-step telescopic handle allows you to maneuver in tight spaces. Smooth ups and downs for a more comfortable carrying. 2 Soft rubbers that aim to protect your fingers when lifting heavy stuffs have been added to the flip side of the top carry handle. The lock on the side mounted TSA is not damaged when traveling. It's not easy to pierce the zippers with sharp tools, such as pens, that protect your stuffs in luggage and privacy. Increased packing organization can be achieved with a full-ZIP interior divider and cross straps. The interior divider has organizational pockets. A small pouch between the hardshell can hold things.

Brand: Showkoo

👤I was a bit worried about buying luggage online after reading reviews that said people were very disappointed in what they received, compared to what they read in descriptions. I recently purchased a new set of luggage from the store, but only the large case has the four wheel set, which is not something I am happy about. When I saw the set had four wheels on all of the pieces, I decided to take my chance. I unboxed the luggage and found it to be as good as the set I had purchased. This set had an additional 3rd piece which is an added value. The construction of the luggage was found to be solid as a rock. I will use it in a week for international travel and I will update this review with photos when I return. I like the built in locking devices on all the pieces instead of just the large bag. I have not had any disappointment in my purchase so far. I posted photos of my luggage after I traveled from one side of the US to the other side and then to Japan, and it made me feel like I was gliding on ice in ice skates, because the movement is so quiet and smooth. I will recommend this seller to my friends. The material is lightweight and the room is large. The small case will not fit under the seat, but it will fit inside the overhead bin on one of the smaller planes. I packed it with fine china. I was not going to let the airline put it in the belly because it wouldn't fit in the overhead. It did. I give this luggage a 6th star.

👤These suitcases are lightweight. We use the smallest suitcase as a carry on, and fill the medium and large suitcase for our luggage. My husband and I use different sizes. They are the perfect size to fit under 50 lbs. It's good that they all have the same wheels which makes them easy to steer. Having the locks on your luggage from the TSA makes sure that your valuables are safe and that the agent is able to check your luggage without breaking the locks. The instructions for setting up the locks are placed in a small pocket of a suitcase. The most important thing is that the suitcases can be stored in the same way as Matryoshka dolls.

👤I bought this luggage for my trip to Las Vegas. I have been looking for a hard shell luggage set for a long time but could not find a reliable brand at a low price point. I don't want to pay a premium for high-end luggage. I flew my family out with me and stayed a little over a week. Why is this information relevant? The bags were packed to the maximum capacity. I had to sit on the top of the suitcases to get them to open. When we arrived at the airport, all three bags were overweight. I know what happens when you overfill this type of luggage, and I have done a lot of research. When we arrived in Vegas, I was expecting broken luggage because of the low price point and two layovers. The luggage held up well. I don't think you get what you pay for with lower priced items. With two hotel changes and two flights to get home, this luggage had plenty of time to be disappointed. They have already exceeded my expectations after walking for 10 miles. I give this set a thumbs up because I don't know how long they will last. Great job! The photos were taken on the day I returned. I didn't try to buff them out or wipe them down.

10. Coolife Luggage Expandable Spinner Suitcase

Coolife Luggage Expandable Spinner Suitcase

The combination of the lock can keep you safe. Made of lightweight and durable PC+ABS material, with an impact-resistant hard shell,Molded corner guard reinforcements for absorbing and deflecting shock for maximum impact resistance. The lock on the side of the case is approved by the TSA and can only be opened by agents. The double spinner wheels add comfort to your journey. The handle has a 3-stepadjustable recessed handle attached to a comfort-grip top handle. For peace of mind, a 2 year warranty. There are three different sizes: 20inch (15.4 x 8.7x 22.4), 24inch (17.3 x 9.8 x 26.4), and 28inch (20.1 x (11.813)x 30.3).

Brand: Coolife

👤The suitcases we took on our vacation to Portugal survived. There are cobblestone streets and sidewalks, 3-story stairs in an historic guest house, 3-level stairs from one street to another, Lisbon subways, and regional trains. There are a few dents and scratches but they are intact and waiting for the next adventure.

👤We travel a lot. Our suitcases were newer than that. We had to be careful with how we packed because they were heavy and the airlines were strict with their weight limits. When we claimed our bags were missing, we had a problem. We looked for better bags. These bags have a hard shell, reinforced corners, eight wheels, and a lock for the zip tabs, and are a dream to roll and push.

👤I decided on the white 3 piece set after doing a lot of homework. Hardside luggage has become a necessity with airlines being strict with size and weight. The set is in line with the airline's restrictions. They look great out of the box. The quality is very good. The white color is gray with a glossy finish. There are small item pockets in the dark blue lining. I had no issues with the combination of the locks. The set has two handles. They are made from silicone. I am very happy. Thanks for the compliment.

👤The mark of good luggage for me is whether it lasts through airline and cruise port baggage handling. So far, so good. There were minor scratches, but they held together nicely. No broken handles, no corners ripped off, no dents or lacerations. It's very easy to get the large suitcase to and from the curb. It's very easy to overpack since the suitcase alone is 1/3 of the allowable weight. The luggage should get the five stars if it continues to perform well.

👤It was easy to maneuver through the airports. When we picked up our luggage after the first flight, one of the back casters was broken. I don't know how to contact the company that offers a warranty. I have a suitcase with three wheels. I can not replace the suitcase to match the set. They don't make them like that anymore. I was going to replace the broken wheel with a new one, but realized it was impossible to do with this suitcase brand and style. This suitcase has no way to get past the liner to remove the wheels, unlike most suitcases that have a liner that you can open. I am stuck with a broken suitcase after one use that is not under warranty.

👤The package box had water damage, but the luggage box inside had no damage at all. We'll see how it holds up on the trip to Mexico on 3/12.

👤They arrived in 3 days. Let's see how well they hold up. I have to change my review in 3 weeks. They are easy to walk with because of the wheels. I do not recommend white. They are all scratched up. Still love them! I have been on 8 trips since I first got them and they still go as strong as the first time.

11. Samsonite 56846 2849 Checked Large Brushed Anthracite

Samsonite 56846 2849 Checked Large Brushed Anthracite

The 28" spinner luggage is the ideal checked bag for long trips. The packing dimensions are 28.0" X 19.75" X 12.5" and the overall dimensions are 31.0" X 20.0" X 12.75". 10 year limited warranty. Their products are tested to make sure they meet strict standards. The bag has a 10-year warranty against defects. The lightweight spinner wheels are multi-directional for effortless mobility. The side mounted locks of the TSA make it easy for you or a agent to access your belongings when traveling. Compression keeps clothing neatly pressed and you can pack more items. The custom design on the front and back shells hides any scratches or scuffs from your journey.

Brand: Samsonite

👤I purchased a spinner for personal and business travel. The suitcase is large and has multiple pockets. I am aware that this will likely be scratched after being loaded and unloaded. The lock feature is something I like. It's made of plastic and people have commented on its integrity. I'll use one of my approved locks if it breaks. This isn't a necessity, but rather a nice-to-have. It comes with a soft cover. I don't think there's a better suitcase on the market. It looks good, has a quality name, and will fit in with other business travelers, who have often paid 4-5x the price. Thank you for rating my comment.

👤The looks of the luggage is different to other luggage. We have 6 of these, both carry on hard cases. When the bag is free at the gate, I check it occasionally. My credit card allows me to get a free checked bag, so we always check the larger versions when we are on extended travel. The bars of the handle became bent due to the gorilla baggage handler in over 60 flights last year. I opened the case and made a fix by hammering and rearranging the assembly. If you're a good packer, the carry on hard case is enough for 4 days of clothing. There are scratches on the wheels and case that are caused by plastic being rubbed onto the finish that comes off with a cleaner. The soft case on top is easy to carry around the airport with, and the case can fit down the seat aisle on all 4 wheels. After more than four years, still working well, and over 1000 flights now. It shows wear and tear on the wheels, but it looks brand new. I traveled for 20 weeks and over 60 flights last year with this little case, and I'll pass on a few hints I use to pack if anyone is interested. Less wrinkling is achieved by the fewer folds. Don't fold small with undergarments, undershirts, socks, etc. They should be placed on top of other clothing in a thin layer. Place the dress shirts in the top section and fold them in 3rd. I pack dry hair in a pencil case. There is a heavy duty freezer bag. Carry your personal items in a soft carry on to avoid spills and save space. unpack as soon as possible. Purchase some zip-lock style shrink bags. I use these to store worn clothes for the trip back, and they create a lot of space when packing to come home. It is easy to vacuum seal by covering a hotel pillow and laying on it. Wrap your shoes with plastic shopping bags to protect them from spills. They can be used in CA without bags at grocery stores. I carry a back pack with my iPad, MacBook, toiletries, and a few snacks, a collapsable water bottle, and a small bag. I try to change my clothes at least a day before I check my hard case to make sure it doesn't get lost. Maybe there's something in there you can use to add to what works for you.


What is the best product for best luggage sets 2022 usa?

Best luggage sets 2022 usa products from Coolife. In this article about best luggage sets 2022 usa you can see why people choose the product. Kenneth Cole Reaction and Travelers Club are also good brands to look for when you are finding best luggage sets 2022 usa.

What are the best brands for best luggage sets 2022 usa?

Coolife, Kenneth Cole Reaction and Travelers Club are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best luggage sets 2022 usa. Find the detail in this article. Rockland, Amazon Basics and Samsonite are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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