Best Best Luggage Sets 2022 Samsonite

2022 26 Jun 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Samsonite Winfield Hardside Checked Luggage

Samsonite Winfield Hardside Checked Luggage

Cross straps for increased packing organization. The set includes a carry on size of 20 and a carry on size of 25. The ideal checked bags for longer trips are maximized by the spinners. 10 year limited warranty Their products are tested to make sure they meet strict standards. The bag has a 10-year warranty against defects. Re-engineering lightweight, four multi-direction outer wheels are for effortless mobility. Carry handles that are self retractable maintain a low profile when not in use. The side-mounted TSA locks act to deter theft, and only you or a TSA agent have easy access to your belongings when traveling. The newOCKET REVERSIBLE panel maximizes organization with no extra weight or bulk. The telescopic handle has a locking mechanism. It's tough and scratch resistant.

Brand: Samsonite

👤I used the bag for a domestic trip. The bag arrived and it was as expected. It looks very nice! The pros and cons are listed below. There is a lot of space. The addition of the organizer is nice. 2. The outside 3 has strong zippers. It was nice to have internal straps on both sides to hold clothes in place. Cons 1. The item was received with stitching and didn't expect this from the brand. When on all 4 the wheels did not roll easily. It was hit or miss when you transitioned to 2 wheels. 3. The handle was flimsy and weak. It felt like it was about to break every time I pulled the bag and I had no idea that it would hold up over time. 4. The internal straps were not very durable and the clasps were cheap. I wouldn't recommend this line of bags. I've heard similar stories of purchases from other outlets, maybe it was because it was purchased from Amazon. I won't consider this line in the future, at this time, it's a no buy for me.

👤I used the 25" suitcase for one round trip. I transitioned from baggage claim to the rental car location and it was great. When I received my bag on the return flight, it had a large dents on a corner, and I thought it would be easy to fix. I was wrong to think that spending a little on a Samsonite would make it better. I'm pretty sure that this bag will hit this location each time, until the material fails. I was a great size for a week long trip but need more space for longer trips. I'm not sure who tests your products. It was called the Samsonite. Maybe I should suggest Delta's baggage handlers... It might give you a better idea of how long it will last.

👤Poor quality, but attractive. Order 2 for a trip with my son. The net lining is torn. I will not have time to return the carry-on when I leave for a trip in 4 days. Disappointed.

👤I've used it with 3 major airlines in the U.S so far and it fits in overhead and is nice looking. The small pockets and the fact that each side of the luggage has a strap make me happy. How is it expanded if needed. I was disappointed even though I was not sure if this was designed like that. The handle is shaky when pulled out all the way. I decided to keep this because of the 10 years warranty, I've had a great experience with Samsonite, and I decided to keep this.

👤I don't know how this suitcase will work because I haven't left for my trip yet, but it's damaged before I use it. So. That's terrible. I have to leave for two days so I don't have time to replace the warranty. I have never bought luggage that was nice. I work too hard to have a lot of money spent on something that is broken so I should have just stayed with my local thrift shop.

2. Samsonite Freeform Hardside Two Piece Spinner

Samsonite Freeform Hardside Two Piece Spinner

Ultra strong shells are impervious to modern travel. The body dimensions are 27.6" x 20.0" x 13.0". The dimensions are 31.1" x 20.95) x 13.98. Ultra-light, strong shells are impervious to modern travel. There is no weight on your arm or shoulder with four-multidirectional double spinner wheels. Multiple pockets to keep belongings organized are included in the cross ribbon and divider. The cases expand with added packing capacity and the TSA combination lock provides security.

Brand: Samsonite

3. Samsonite Hardside Expandable Luggage Spinner

Samsonite Hardside Expandable Luggage Spinner

The actual product color may appear slightly different than shown on the site due to differences in monitors. The set includes a carry on of 20 and a spinners of 28. 10 year limited warranty. Their products are tested to make sure they meet strict standards. The bag has a 10-year warranty against defects. The Micro-diamond polycarbonate texture is scratch-resistant and keeps cases beautiful. The side-mounted locks of the TSA make it easy for you or a agent to access your belongings when traveling. The oversized spinner wheels are lightweight. The book opening case has a mesh divider and a modesty pocket. Expansion to pack more items and compression to keep clothing pressed. Push-button locking handles make it easy to extend out from the suitcase and store it inside when not in use.

Brand: Samsonite

👤This suitcase is very good. It was the first hard case I've ever bought. I am satisfied, but I wish I had more information before I bought it. If you are buying your first hard case, read these important tips. The case closes with a ZIPPER. It doesn't have a door. Hard cases that are only made of shirless material are more vulnerable to malfunction because of the stress and wear that the zippers can experience. If the case splits, you can use a latch to keep it closed, but you may find yourself in a situation where you need to check your bag at the airport. If you buy this case, you should also buy luggage straps. Luggage straps are very effective to keep your case closed and will help prevent damage to the zip. You can write your initials on luggage straps with a permanent marker. This will help identify your bag in a busy airport and make the straps less desirable for thieves. I wanted to have plenty of space to pack for long international trips so I bought a very large version of the case. I wish I'd bought a smaller size because filling up a case like this with normal items will put you over the airline weight limits and be very heavy to lift. The case is very light, but I can only fill it up about 75% to avoid paying the "excess weight" fees. With the case being 25% empty, I have a lot of open space in the bag. When I arrive at my destination, I often find my belongings disorganized. I will buy a suitcase that is a tad bit smaller so I can fill it all. My belongings would be more secure when they were filled to 90- 100%.

👤My last carry on suitcase served me well for over a dozen years, and I used it on many trips, usually over-stuffed, through the winter weather, slush and rain, and dragged across the cobble-stone streets in Berlin. I admitted it was time to move on after the handle ripped off and the inner lining tore a small hole on my most recent trip. My initial inclination was to buy cheap, I have student loans and I don't need fancy luggage. I was looking at options in the $30 - $40 market and there were some that looked ok. I would read the reviews and see if they had broken on the first trip, or had stuck wheels. I put off the purchase for a while because I was not happy. I was startled by how flimsy some of the models were when I looked at them in person. They were not built to handle the abuse of air travel. I put off the decision again. My flight is Friday morning, and I didn't purchase a suitcase this week. I pull my old carry-on out of storage and debate if I should take it on one last journey. The suitcase doesn't want anything. I have to go back to Amazon again to find this suitcase. It's not cheap, but it's not expensive, and it's sturdy in the photos. I bite the bullet if I'm still undecided. The suitcase arrived in time for my flight. When I thanked my roommate for carrying the box upstairs, she commented on how light it was. As soon as I opened it, I was relieved that it was a strong and sturdy suitcase. The handle is long and slides out easily, unlike the other flimsier models. Wheels seem to be good quality. The body is scratch resistant and has a good quality. There's a lock. It's useful for people who overpack because it holds a lot of stuff for how small it is. There is an update. Over the holidays, the suitcase held up perfectly on four flights, but two of them had to be checked because the flight was full. It was easy to travel with, it was rolled smoothly and easily, and there were no signs of wear.

4. Samsonite Underseat Spinner Port Black

Samsonite Underseat Spinner Port Black

Sturdy aluminum telescopic handle. It's a good idea to fit under most airline seats for easy access to your belongings on the way. Multi spinner wheels allow for rolling in multiple directions. You can charge electronics on the go with theusb port. The Push Button Locking Handle is designed to fit in your hand. Increased packing organization of smaller items can be achieved with quick stash exterior pockets. A padded laptop compartment is found in the main compartment. As the laptop peeks out of the pocket, it has an elastic band on it. The bag can be placed over the handle of most upright luggage pieces.

Brand: Samsonite

👤You want an underseater. If you are like me, you have been searching for a long time trying to figure out if any of them will fit under a seat, reading reviews and comparing published bag sizes to airline restrictions. If you are like me, you are frustrated because the dimensions of the bag listed on the website you are looking at are different than the actual dimensions. Maybe this will help. I have tried 6 of them and this is how they stack up. I wanted to replace my purse so I started looking for an underseat bag. I always carry a checked bag. I have stopped carrying a bag on my back or shoulders. I have stopped carrying anything. I fly between the US and Canada often. The trip requires going up and down stairs, standing in long lines at customs and security, and walking a lot. I usually do this in a heavy parka in Canada. I carry tote bags, backpacks, crossbody bags, and purses. I have some medical issues that affect my strength and I am done carrying. Anything. I wanted a purse on wheels, but not on 2 wheels. There is a search for an Underseat Spinner. I found a list of maximum dimensions for domestic and Canadian airlines. It was clear that there is no spinner bag that will fit the requirements of all airlines, especially since Air Canada and United are the two airlines I fly most frequently. I wanted that option because there are some that will fit under some seats. I accepted that on most airlines I would have to put my bag overhead. I wanted the smallest bag I could find that would roll beside me through corridors with ease, a solid handle that pops into place and folds without effort, and a sturdy grab-handle that I could easily grip when going up and down stairs. I agreed that I needed to double my budget. I address my Personal items at the end of this tome, but eventually realized I needed an additional bag. There are items for under $100. The lineate can be found for under $200. I bought the 2 Hartmanns for $200. As I went through the testing period, a built-inusb port became highly desirable. None of the bags listed here come with a battery pack, just the port. If you don't use that feature, you can use the dedicated pocket for something else, or leave it empty. The smallest bag I tried and would probably fit underseat on most airlines was the one I rejected. It is a purse on wheels. The bag wouldn't roll in a straight line because the handle was wobbly and poorly built. This was true whether full or empty. After a few tests in my apartment, my wrist and hand were throbbing with pain after the zigzagging motions of the bag jerked on my wrist. The empty padded sleeve took up a lot of unused space in the bag because it was too small to fit my Surface 6. I wouldn't expect this bag to last long. The handle of the bag is flimsy and loose, which is the same problem as the Underseat Spinner II. I didn't bother to check to see if the issue was fixed by packing it, because I rejected it for that reason. This was the second smallest bag I tried, coming in at about 16” x 13” x 8” The bottom of the case is 14” x 9” because the wheelbase protrudes beyond the edges of the bag. Is shoving it under the seat in front of me any different than putting it under the seat handle? It's hard to know until you try. I compared this bag to another bag. Without measuring, I could see that both of them are the same size. The Lineate/Silhouette case is larger than the other one. I can't understand why a smaller case would be better than a larger one, except to save money. I can't see why anyone would buy this bag, it's the cheapest I've tested and costs 1/3 of the superior Samsonite. It has nylon carry-handles that hang on the sides. I tried to get them into my hands with a firm grip, but they wouldn't let me. I knew that it would be frustrating because it just takes too much work. I had to turn the box upside down to shake it out since there was no handle on the top of the bag. I was initially willing to overlook the bag's drawbacks because it was the best-looking bag I had tested. This bag is larger than advertised, coming in at 17” x 16” x 9” and is the largest bag listed here. The way it is designed makes it awkward to pack and it does not have the largest capacity. The front pockets are useless because they are flush to the bag. It has a domed top, which is a poor design, as that is where the non-removable tablet sleeve is. That means you have a hard item under the cover. It resulted in a lot of wasted space. The handle is the real dealbreaker. The more I played with it, the harder it was to get the handle into place. Sometimes it wouldn't. Sometimes I have to travel with a 15” HP laptop. I tried to fit the laptop in all of the bags. This is the only one that slipped into it easily, and it was on the bottom of the bag. The only bag it fit in was the Lineate/Silhouette. None of the bags reviewed here would fit a 15” laptop on a regular basis. The Metropolitan 2 Underseat Carry On Spinner arrived along with the Herringbone Deluxe Underseat Carry On Spinner. I found the Metropolitan 2 to be a little bigger than the Herringbone, so it had already lost out. I knew that the zip-around flap covering the pull-up handle was going to drive me crazy after a bit of messing around. It is a nice touch and gives it a bit of a luxury feel, but it was not going to work for me because of the many times I tried to get to the handle. I know my underseater handle will be6753167531675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531 If I already have some better-designed bags to compare it to, I may have been willing to overlook this. My Surface 6 fit into the laptop sleeve with room to spare, because this underseater is otherwise well-made. The laptop sleeve snaps out of the bag, making it completely useless. I would suggest that all computer sleeves be designed this way. It makes the bag a million times easier to pack, and in some cases, users might not want a sleeve in their bag at all. I found the case to be sturdy, with handles that snap up to multiple heights, soft rubber that is comfortable to grip, and wheels that float like a dream. I bought 2 Hartmann underseaters because of the wildly different exterior dimensions on the website. I wanted to compare them since they looked similar online. I measured the Metropolitan 2 at 17” x 14” x 8.5” larger than the Herringbone Deluxe, which was empty. I will add that my measured dimensions do not correspond with the ones that Hartmann has, which means that both underseaters are larger than what I measured on my own. Go figure. The Silhouette 16 Underseat Carry-On Spinner is also sold as the Runner-Up 5. This is a nice bag. I have never been drawn to the name or aesthetic of the bag, but this one has completely changed my mind. It is built with care and thought. The laptop sleeve is completely replaceable. The front pocket is wide and zips all the way around, which is different from the bags I tested, and it lays flat when you open it. It has an elasticized back slip pocket that runs the entire width of my Surface, both with and without the cover. Excellent! I could remove the interior laptop sleeve and increase the usable space inside the case. The top interior flap of the case has ausb port inside. The side pocket of the bag makes it difficult to access the port, and it also creates a bulge on the bag. I packed my personal items in a leather pouch with the same items as the bags, and tested each bag's capacity. The case fit all of the above, with 2 of the small packing cubes stuffed to capacity, and left me with room to spare. Like a lot of room to spare. The reason for this is that I didn't need the laptop sleeve at all. I was sorry to say goodbye when I packed this bag into its box. It is a well-designed bag. This is the bag I would recommend if longevity is your top priority. The fabric is high-quality, the handle and wheels are top-notch, it's got a very solid sturdy build with reinforced corners and even a little hand slip on the bottom of the case to aid in lifting. It is better looking in person than online. The wheels and handle can be adjusted to different heights. The carry-on version of this bag is something I am considering. The material on both hand grips is a minor downside. They are covered in rubber. I have a medical condition that makes my skin very sensitive to rough texture and after a full day of traveling, I think it would cause a fair amount of irritation. For the average person, this will probably be a non-issue. Carry On Spinner The Unicorn is a song by the Hartmann Herringbone. This bag is fully packed and measures 16.2 x 14 x 8. According to the airlines, it will fit underseat on all three of them. It might work on Southwest in a pinch. Allegiant. This is not the best bag I tried. It is an actual underseater, it fits all my criteria, and is the one I am keeping. When the case is empty, it is a little tippy. It glides along without a hitch. The sides of the body have some flexibility and give, which is why I am considering a pro rather than a con. The body is not nylon and is less durable, and the trim and top-handle are made of faux leather. Since there is no mention on the bag itself or the website of the bag having authentic leather trim, I am assuming it is fake. This bag is from the least expensive collection and is from the entry-level to luxe range. I contacted Hartmann and they confirmed that the trim is genuine leather. My laptop sleeve is snug in. It will fit everything I need. I fit 2 small packing cubes and all of the stuff mentioned above, but left some empty space. The handle is comfortable to hold and adjusts to different heights. The grab-handle pops up from the top of the bag, so it's easy to slip my hand in and lift it. It is easy to pop on and off my suitcase. The front pocket is large enough for my pouch. There is a built-in port. It is exactly what I have been looking for. It was sold. I love the Hartmann vintage style. I got this in black and the pattern is dark and grey, but it has a black extension handle and trim. It is quite smart looking. There is a style clash on top of my Victorinox Spectra hardcase. I realized that my purse needed a purse when I replaced my purse with a small suitcase. I would need a way to get to my personal items at airports and my airplane seat. For me, those items are: phone, passport, wallet, earbuds, small pillcase, lipstick, lip balm, compact mirror, hand cream. I have 2 purses that are too fat to fit into any of the cases, and they are both structured with hard sides that are too fat. The problem was solved by purchasing a padded leather pouch that was 9” x 7” In some cases the pouch can fit in the underseater's front pocket, but in others it can only fit in the bag's interior. It will fit into an airplane's back-of-seat pocket, making it easy to slip into my seat when boarding. I put all of the bags on a suitcase. The stacked bags need to be guided by the handle of the underseater because it is impossible to get around with the underseater sitting flush against the Victorinox handle. The lock positions on the pull-handles of both the pricier and cheaper ones make it easy to pop the handle into place when it is stacked on top of another bag. The cheaper bags did not have this feature. All dimensions are approximate, but I tried to measure each bag accurately. Soft-sided suitcases are difficult to measure because they are not square, and in most cases the dimensions change when packed versus empty. When the bags were full, the bags were packed full with the Measurements for the Samsonite Lineate/Silhouette, London Fog, and Hartmann Herringbone were taken when the bags were packed full. I haven't traveled with any of these bags and I didn't test them in airport sizers. The airline's published rules as of June 2019) are the basis for their true underseaters. YMMV.

5. Samsonite Carry On Midnight Black

Samsonite Carry On Midnight Black

Push-button locking handles make it easy to store a suitcase inside when not in use. It's possible to pack a 20-inch slipper and still fit in a carry-on. The packing dimensions are 19.0" x 13.5" x 7.75" and the total dimensions are 22.0" x 14.0" x 9.5" 10 year limited warranty Their products are tested to make sure they meet strict standards. The bag has a 10-year warranty against defects. The battery is not included. Tie-down straps should be kept out of the way when packing. There is a built-in organization that includes a WetPak pocket and a mesh pocket. There is no weight on your arm or shoulder with the four multi-direction double spinner wheels.

Brand: Samsonite

👤I have a week trip under my belt with this bag. The thing was wheeled over all types of terrain. There are no flat spots on the wheels. They seem like they should keep going. The bag has a solid feel and is well constructed. I use mine all the way extended, and it has adjustment stops if that's your thing. Even when filling the bag to its limits, the zips are easy to use. There are lots of pockets inside and out for what most people need. I like the brick pocket and charging port. There is a male and female charging port, but the brick is not included. The brick pocket is closed. A rubber plug covers the charging port. I used Hibag Travel Compression bags for carry on luggage and was able to fit the following: complete sets of shorts, polo shirts, socks and underwear, additional polo shirts with underwear and socks, t-shirts with spare socks and underwear, and a swim suit with extra underwear. I just got fresh clothes from my dirty clothes and this strategy worked out well. Everything fit back into my luggage after my trip. I will most likely use this bag for every trip I take between 3-7 days.

👤This product is terrible. I have been using the same suitcase for years and have never had a problem, so I bought one for my husband. On our first trip, the suitcase had broken zippers. The front large pocket was wide open because the front top pocket tab had broken off.

👤The wheels held up well to being dragged across the cobblestones in the Netherlands.

👤My old suitcase was 15 years old. I took it with me to South Africa. It's roomy, has lots of extra pockets, and is great for hard surfaces. All in a great purchase.

👤The case is easy tomanuever and fits nicely in the overhead bins, even on a small commuter plane where others with carry-ons had to gate check. I needed something lightweight that I could easily lift over my head into the bin, and this checks that box. It seems like a solid construction for a lightweight case. Not that much more than my laptop bag, but it's a small packing space. The pockets don't run the full width of the lid and are not very well-designed, further limiting what you can pack. The wheels protrude down from the bottom of the case, taking up space that could have been used for case interior. If I had been able to see this product in person before buying, I would not have bought it. I had to use the bag for an emergency trip the day after the case arrived, so I can't return it.

👤We have had a couple of the Softside Expandable Spinner suitcases for over a decade. The bags look really good and the wheels and zippers still function perfectly, we have gone on many trips with them. We wanted a wheeled carry-on bag, so we bought this 20” bag. We will be using the bag for the first time next week, so this review is just a comparison on quality and construction that Samsonite offers now vs 10 years ago. The denier is used to determine fiber thickness. The thicker the fabric is, the more durable it is. It is telling that they are not rating the fabric. The wheels on this suitcase are made from a softer plastic. The older suitcases have plastic wheels that sit closer to the bottom of the bag so they are more protected. There are several current reviews about the new luggage that include photos, as well as mention how easy it is to damage the wheels. The new bag costs more than the older ones. I don't mind paying more for new items because of the increase in cost of materials. I expect to pay more, but it's not good that we pay more for less quality. I kept the Star rating at 3 because I haven't used the bag yet. The quality is not there and I can not see this bag lasting more than 10 years. I had fewer options on bags because there seems to be a lot of other options unavailable. I will be happy to update my review if I am pleasantly surprised by the bag. I am really disappointed to see a quality decline in materials. The bag is lightweight and should fit in the overhead compartment nicely.

6. Samsonite Freeform Hardside Spinner Black

Samsonite Freeform Hardside Spinner Black

The suitcase has a dimensions of 15.4 x 8.7 x 22.4 inches. The Medium- 17.7 x 9.8 x 26.4 -inches Large- 20.9 x 11.4 x 30.3' is only extendable by 28in. The ideal checked bag is the 24 inch Inner Luggage. The packing dimensions are 24.0" x 18.0" x 11.5" 10 year limited warranty Their products are tested to make sure they meet strict standards. The bag has a 10-year warranty against defects. The combination lock provides security when checked belongings. Ultra strong shells are impervious to modern travel. There is no weight on your arm or shoulder with the four multi-direction double spinner wheels. A cross duffel and divider are used to pack and keep belongings organized.

Brand: Samsonite

👤The bag was being wheeled through the airport parking lot on the way to our first trip when one of the spinner wheels came off. The spinner wheel was stripped off as I changed directions. The bag was being rolled when the wheel came off. I could not prove that the wheel was not damaged due to misuse, so they refused to replace it. I had to pay $21.25 for a replacement wheel, which was almost half the cost of the whole bag. The bag with the broken wheel was used for the rest of the trip, causing additional gashes on the wheel assembly. The wheel fell off, causing the original damage.

👤I traveled with this suitcase as my carry-on. When you check in, they measure and weigh most luggage. The bag does conform to their standards, despite being tight. I was able to pack a lot into the suitcase and it was easy to carry. I'm curious to see how the white color will hold up over time, but after two weeks and three countries, it still looks clean. I'm very happy with this suitcase and I'm expecting to use it for a long time. The suitcase has held up well through many trips. The wheels are still white despite the scratches and abrasions from rolling over cobblestones and through wet winter streets. The plastic is easy to clean. I recommend this bag to my friends.

👤Several tailors looked rough, and the end of the zipper could not be pulled up. It seems like it has been used. Very disappointed. She said that the customer service was poor and that she needed to go out and get that luggage, but she didn't have time to come back. I was very disappointed at that luggage and Amazon's service.

👤I bought my wife and daughter different sizes of white. They look great through 5 plane trips. I was worried about how the white would hold up. It gets little marks but they are not visible more than any other color. The expander material is very strong when open, and it is made of well made material.

👤This one-year old suitcase is often used by me when I travel domestically and internationally. It is easy to move around in airports. The suitcases sold by Samsonite will get scratched quickly, but the exterior of the suitcase will get scratched less. The interior room is large and well constructed. The wheels broke off. I am not sure if this was an airline issue or a manufacturer defect. I didn't want to wait 3 weeks for my local repair center to fix it so I contacted Samsonite Consumer Relations and got the wheel back in business. I will stick with it.

👤This is a nice bag. It does scratch. I think it gives the bag some personality. It made it through 6 different airplanes to India and back and still rolls like a dream. The locking mechanism is cool and it is extendable so I could pack for a week with ease. It is close to $300 at Macys.

7. Samsonite Centric Hardside Expandable Luggage

Samsonite Centric Hardside Expandable Luggage

There are locks with a sealed gasket and smooth rolling dual spinner wheels. The set includes a carry-on size restriction for those traveling domestically and a Spinner thatmaximizes packing power. 10 year limited warranty Their products are tested to make sure they meet strict standards. The bag has a 10-year warranty against defects. The brushed-texture shell reflects light and protects from scratches. Re-engineering lightweight, four multi-direction outer wheels are for effortless mobility. Cross straps for increased packing organization. compression keeps clothing neatly pressed and you can pack more items. Push-button locking handles make it easy to store a suitcase inside when not in use.

Brand: Samsonite

👤It looks nice and solid. The telescopic handler has more movement in both directions than my luggage. The handler is not fixed on the bottom of the luggage. I had higher expectations because of the statement that "Samsonite products are rigorously tested to ensure that the travel products you trust meet stringent standards." This is my first luggage. I hope that this won't affect the telescopic handler. I will have a domestic flight in 2 days. I am putting 3 stars and will update my review based on practical usage of the luggage.

👤This is a picture of me leaving Jamaica. I had a large suitcase and a large duffel bag at the airport in Philadelphia, but my case broke and I had to take all my belongings home. I was unable to get a replacement suitcase because the case was no longer being made.

👤My first luggage bag and clam shell case are from Samsonite. The design is elegant and the color Emerald Green is beautiful. The feature of the expandable part is that it allows for a lot more luggage. The case is resistant to scratches and the idea of a battery bank is a great one. The wheels seem to be an upgrade over the other models. The size is more similar to 21x13x9 and expands up to 21x13x11 The softside fits just as much as the exterior does. The clam shell design makes it more difficult to pack this thing tightly, you have to fill both sides separately and then fold it together. There is a chance that there is a void between the two halves, but this is the case for all hard side luggage. It takes up a lot more floor space if you are in a small space, so I am going to try to modify it. The wheels are fluid and nice, but I think they might not be as durable if you squeeze them together. The previous model did not have a lock built-in. I am buying a second one and I would recommend it to you. Time will tell about durability. Will report back.

👤The box was damaged when I received the suitcase. I was going to use it for a quick trip to see how it holds up. I don't have a box to return it, so I have a junk suitcase. Don't buy this item!

👤My job requires me to travel over 200 days a year. I spent a lot of money on this set and had it delivered to my hotel. The lining of the carry on piece was sewn backwards. You have to lay it down with the extendable handle up in order to open it. The piece has no handle on the long side. There is no pocket inside the larger pieces. The wheels are small and hard to roll on. It was very disappointing. I've used them for 6 months and am looking into replacing them, but no Samsonite for me again.

👤I've never bought luggage before. I bought them because they were on sale for 1/2 off. They have held up well after a 1 round trip from Memphis to Philadelphia. Light weight makes it easy to pack. There appears to be some light scratches from some thoughtful baggage handlers, but nothing major, and the way the bags are designed with a textured pattern will help hide minor scratching. I am very pleased with this purchase so far. It might be a while before I fly again, but hopefully future usage won't change my opinion. I didn't carry the smallest bag as a carry-on, so this review is more for the 2 larger bags in the set.

8. Samsonite Winfield Fashion Two Piece Spinner

Samsonite Winfield Fashion Two Piece Spinner

Most major airlines have carry-on requirements. There is a sturdy sailboat with 10 oversized zippers and an interior divider with organization pockets. The telescopic handle has a locking mechanism. Four inner wheels are multi-direction and lightweight. Cross straps for increased packing organization. There is a custom design on the front and back shells. The side-mounted TSA locks act to deter theft, and only you or a TSA agent have easy access to your belongings when traveling. The packing capacity is increased by 1.5.

Brand: Samsonite

👤We flew out of the country for the first time last week and had a layover both ways. The luggage held up well despite being thrown around by baggage handlers. I love that you can change the sides of a zippers. I put my dirty clothes on one side so that they wouldn't be seen by anyone else, it was perfect for packing up to leave. Extra containers or bags are not needed. There are more than one extra pouch on the inside. We only used them for one trip, but they are still incredibly sturdy and cute.

👤luggage heavier than 50 lbs cost more at the airport and could not be packed with a lot of clothes. Would not buy again. I arrived at the airport and it had scratches.

9. Samsonite Freeform Hardside Three Piece Spinner

Samsonite Freeform Hardside Three Piece Spinner

The packing capacity is increased by 1.5. Ultra-light, strong shells are impervious to modern travel. There is no weight on your arm or shoulder with four-multidirectional double spinner wheels. Multiple pockets to keep belongings organized are included in the cross ribbon and divider. The cases expand with added packing capacity and the TSA combination lock provides security. Ultra strong shells are impervious to modern travel. The body dimensions are 27.6" x 20.0" x 13.0". The dimensions are 31.1" x 20.95) x 13.98.

Brand: Samsonite

10. Samsonite Ascella Softside Expandable Checked Large

Samsonite Ascella Softside Expandable Checked Large

The 29" Inner Luggage is the ideal checked bag for longer trips. 10 year limited warranty Their products are tested to make sure they meet strict standards. The bag has a 10-year warranty against defects. The packing dimensions are 28.25" x 19.0" x 10.5" and the overall is 31.5" x 19.5" You can separate pack damp or soiled items with the WETPAK compartment. Four, multi-direction oversized dual spinner wheels for effortless mobility are re- engineered lightweight. Cross-straps are kept out of the way while packing with smart fix bucks.

Brand: Samsonite

👤The item is advertised as 20 inches, but is actually 23 inches, which is too large to fit in the cabin of most airlines. People shouldn't be fooled into buying products that are too small.

👤The bag is nice. It is a one star rating because it is large to check with most major airlines. United and Delta have a maximum height of 62” and depth of 18” The bag is over 64 inches.

👤It does not fit for a carry on. Had to pay the luggage fee.

👤I don't recommend buying a suitcase for international travel. Only used once after purchase, the product is not durable enough to survive a one way flight. Considering the cost, it's very disappointing.

👤I need to carry nice clothes for work or visit with customers when I travel. I bought different brands and styles of suitcases. This bag is large to fit all of my cloths and I usually fly with just under 70 lbs, it's my new preferred travel bag. It's easy to carry as a checked luggage with United airlines.

👤I decided to spend a little more on quality. This suitcase was lightweight and durable. The color is striking. Excellent!

👤If you don't mind washing things while you travel, it's just right for a week to 2 weeks. It is a great piece of luggage.

👤The suitcase number one is a great value for the money, it is a top loading suitcase, and I could fit so many things in it, I couldn't believe it.

11. Samsonite Hardside Expandable Luggage Spinner

Samsonite Hardside Expandable Luggage Spinner

The tote is made of Polyester. The set includes a carry-on size restriction for those traveling domestically and looking to stay light. The ideal checked bags for longer trips are maximized by the spinners. 10 year limited warranty Their products are tested to make sure they meet strict standards. The bag has a 10-year warranty against defects. The brushed-texture shell reflects light and protects from scratches. Four, multi-direction oversized dual spinner wheels for effortless mobility are re- engineered lightweight. Cross straps for increased packing organization.

Brand: Samsonite

👤I ordered this for her for a surprise 23 year anniversary gift and she was very surprised, but when she opened the box that was barely taped, she saw the non-scrutch product. Yes, that is correct. She doesn't want to send them back at this time because we have trip planed very soon, we paid over $300 for a non snuff product that we are very dissatisfied with. She is worried that we wouldn't get a new set in time. When I went into customer service to tell them about it, they don't come to your house to get it, as being older individuals this would be very hard to load and unload! We watched videos that said they were scratch resistant. It's sad that you spend a lot of money on a well known product and get it done to you. It would not allow me to choose between the two, so I had to choose one star on all, without using it on a trip.

👤I had to find a new carry-on for my trip because my puppy chewed off the zip of my previous one. I think I had the Omni 1 before, so this one had a few noticeable differences from its predecessor. Better wheels. The wheels roll more quickly. The other suitcase rolled okay, but now that I have seen these in action, they are a huge improvement. I would easily take over those. It is quite light. SLIMMER. I was horrified to take this out of the box because how would it fit? It was able to fit a long weekend's worth of clothing, including platform Doc Martin's, a pair of flats, and ankle booties, after it was able to open the expansion zip and pack everything up. I packed my toiletry roll in my husband's checked bag as an overpacker because I could have gone without a few nice pieces of clothing. I was shocked at how much the bag could hold in a slim profile, as I fit everything else in it. I think they may have found a way to keep the packing space the same, but reduce the thickness of the plastic and the size of the suitcase. The days of fighting the handle are over. If I press the button, it drops into place. I can adjust the height of the handle by pressing the button. It was less smooth to operate in the past, which is a big deal in a busy airport. The suitcase has a rubber plug on top of it, which covers the femaleusb port. You can charge small electronics in your power bank if you put a wire inside of the suitcase with theusb plug. The power bank in the suitcase can be used as a way to charge your phone without having to remove the bank from the suitcase. It isn't necessary for me, but it could be useful on a longer trip where I don't have an outlet in the airport to charge my phone. The separator is a better product than the one I had before, but I do miss the zip pocket on it, just don't tell my dog that she did me a favor by forcing me to upgrade.


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