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1. SAMSUNG Wireless Cancelling Bluetooth Lightweight

SAMSUNG Wireless Cancelling Bluetooth Lightweight

Your ears did not have it. It's so good. The booming sound of the ear buds makes you feel like you're on stage with your favorite band. Listen to the noise. In Voices: Active Noise Cancellation blocks out unwanted sounds, so you always have the perfect audio level for every moment, and Low Latency Ambient Sound mode picks up the sounds you want to hear, so you always have the perfect audio level for every moment. It feels good. While looking good. The low profile design of the second Buds is 10% smaller and lighter than the first. You might get to the end of your song before you remember. The earbuds have 3 microphones and noise reduction technology that ensures voices are transmitted crisply and clearly, whether you're chatting with a friend or leading a high stakes conference call. If you love music so much you want to keep playing it, you should invest in a long- lasting battery that's up to the job. Touch control is the best way to control your phone and music, no more fumbling for your phone to change a song. The earphones detect what connection you need and instantly shift audio to that device.

Brand: Unknown

👤The ANC for the Buds 2 is described as "Meh" by a lot of early reviews. This is my first experience with that technology. I don't have any other frame of reference so bear that in mind. I think over the ear headphones are the best. How much can they do? Do you want to wear headphones while you mow the yard? My old $20 wired cheapies were compared to the new Galaxy Buds 2. I ran a noisy box fan and turned on ANC. The volume was halved. I almost turned off the fan. I turned on ANC after running the lawn mower. The volume was halved. I still heard it, but it wasn't as loud. Cars drove down the street in front of my house when the mower was not on. I didn't hear them. There are four If I put my head in front of the fan, I could hear the wind blowing. When my coworkers call me from the golf course and assign me extra duties, it's just like that. You know what I'm talking about. I could still hear the fan and the mower, but I was able to turn down the volume of my show to hear clearly. I like the idea of listening at a lower volume to protect my hearing. I'm not sure if it's too late for anyone to read this review, but I'll update it tomorrow after I take care of yardwork for any of you who have an interest in that. It's the same thing. It's not the "cone of silence" from Get Smart. It's worthwhile. A regular guy is not comparing it to tech 4x as expensive.

👤I've been a big fan of the OGGalaxy Buds for the past two years, so naturally I was interested in these new ones. I couldn't get them to fit in my ears, and I also encountered a lot of small irritations that bothered me to the point of giving up on them. The audio quality is better than the original Buds. The audio has more depth to it and there is a lot more bass. I can't say how these sound in proper terminology, but they sound great to me. Ambient sound mode is better than the original Buds. It's much easier to hear what's going on around you, and there are several levels of ambient sound so you can get exactly the amount of outside sound you need. It doesn't have the ambient sound mode of the original Buds. One of the major selling points of these earbuds is. Active noise cancellation is a method of noise cancellation that helps you hear what you're listening to more clearly. The ANC on these earbuds doesn't do much. It didn't make a difference if you're a musician or not, and the constant hum of an air purifier in my room wasn't cut down by that much. I would expect the ANC to work well, but it doesn't, and the hit to battery life isn't good. The original Buds have better noise cancellation because they fit in my ears better and provide a better seal for noise isolation. They wouldn't fit in my ears, no matter what eartip size I tried. This is the most fundamental aspect of a pair of earbuds, it doesn't matter how many amazing features they have if they don't fit correctly. They have a better chance of falling out and getting lost because they don't have wingtips like the originalGalaxy Buds, so they have a better chance of falling out and getting lost. They would come loose in my ears when I yawned, ate, or did any other kind of jaw movement, so I had to grab the buds and push them back into place. I will discuss the next few points after this. One of the main reasons to buy the ANC over the original Buds or Buds+ is that it is worthless when the earbuds are loose. I don't like the design of the Buds 2. They are very small, round and glossy, which makes them very difficult to hold. The lack of wingtips makes this worse, as I find myself gripping the wingtips when I put in my Buds or take them out. I don't think the design of these buds will make them any more comfortable, and trying to grasp them is incredibly frustrating, even though they are smaller and lighter than previous versions. I was worried I would drop them when I put them in my ears. The wingtips, the touchpads on the ends, and the plastic surfaces in the middle of the original Galaxy Buds made them easy to grip when you wanted to put them in or remove them. The larger size did not hurt. On the other hand, the new Buds are a unibody design, so it's not clear where the bud surface ends and the touchpad begins. The touch areas are not defined. It seems like every time I want to use them, I can't get them to work, and when I just want to adjust the buds in my ears, they just pause or skip whatever I'm listening to or watching. It's not clear where the actual touch surface is, so accidental presses are constant, and since they didn't fit me well, I was constantly having to touch the earbuds to adjust them, meaning plenty of accidental touches were had. The triangular touchpads of the original Buds were easy to feel out, as compared to the rest of the buds. I felt like the original touchpads were more responsive to my touches than the ones on these were. I realized how much I use the touchpads on my original Galaxy Buds, and how functional they were, because of the frustration I experienced with these. The case is not as good as the original. The cases for all colors were white, with the color of the buds in the middle. Why? I have a white case. I don't get a black case unless I shell out $20 more for a quality external protective case, which adds bulk, and I prefer a dark color, but I don't get that option unless I shell out more for a quality case. I used the original Buds case as a phone stand. It is well-suited to this purpose because of its wide pill shape. It is not possible to use the Buds 2 case for this purpose. When the phone is in landscape mode, pressing the sides of the screen will cause the whole thing to collapse, which is annoying. The glossy finish makes it too slippery to be used for this purpose. I find the glossy finish on the new case inferior for several reasons, including the fact that it is not as sleek as the original case. One is a fingerprint magnet. I'm afraid I'll lose my earbuds when I'm out and about because the case is so slippery. The original case didn't have either of these problems, the matt finish was grippable enough and didn't collect finger oil like a phone screen. The square shape of the case makes it impossible to charge it on a stand. The pill shape made it possible to stand it up on its short end and the wireless charging coils would meet up, meaning it could be charged on stands and pads. I used the extra level of flexibility many times. This new case is not an option. The snap when you close this new case is inferior to the original case. It's great to close your ear bud case with a satisfying snap, but it's not as much here. Eartips are not that great. I had problems with the fit and the tips of the earbuds turned inside out half the time, which required correction. I don't know if they're using inferior materials or not, but I have to deal with a significant portion of the time when I want to stop using them. When opening the case, there is no popup. There is a card at the bottom of the phone screen that shows the battery content of the buds and the case. When I opened the case of the Buds 2, I never got a popup like this. Why? It was nice to be able to see the battery percentage when opening the case, without having to use the app or create a dedicated screen for it. The animation of the buds flying out of the case and to their respective positions on the popup is a nice touch borrowed from Apple. It's possible that this needs to be enabled in the app somewhere, but I never had to do that with the original Buds 2 I have, and I don't think it's a bad idea. I'm sorry if the review is long and nitpicky. I want to give you a more complete picture of what you might be able to expect if you buy these earbuds, so I'm just interested in presenting every thought I had throughout the course of trying to like them. They aren't bad by any means, but when you get annoyed by a small problem and a larger problem and so on, the nitpicks add up to a lot of frustration, and that made me quit even trying to sell these to my brother. I am considering buying the Buds+ for my return to college as they combine the tried-and-true design of the original Buds with the best features of the Buds 2, notably better audio quality and ambient sound mode. The Buds 2 have 7.5 hours of time with ANC off, and 5 with it on. The case is $50 cheaper than the new ones, and it's also much better. Hopefully this helped you make a decision, and I hope you have a great day. Josh H.

2. Samsonite Ascella Softside Expandable Checked Large

Samsonite Ascella Softside Expandable Checked Large

The 29" Inner Luggage is the ideal checked bag for longer trips. 10 year limited warranty Their products are tested to make sure they meet strict standards. The bag has a 10-year warranty against defects. The packing dimensions are 28.25" x 19.0" x 10.5" and the overall is 31.5" x 19.5" You can separate pack damp or soiled items with the WETPAK compartment. Four, multi-direction oversized dual spinner wheels for effortless mobility are re- engineered lightweight. Cross-straps are kept out of the way while packing with smart fix bucks.

Brand: Samsonite

👤The item is advertised as 20 inches, but is actually 23 inches, which is too large to fit in the cabin of most airlines. People shouldn't be fooled into buying products that are too small.

👤The bag is nice. It is a one star rating because it is large to check with most major airlines. United and Delta have a maximum height of 62” and depth of 18” The bag is over 64 inches.

👤It does not fit for a carry on. Had to pay the luggage fee.

👤I don't recommend buying a suitcase for international travel. Only used once after purchase, the product is not durable enough to survive a one way flight. Considering the cost, it's very disappointing.

👤I need to carry nice clothes for work or visit with customers when I travel. I bought different brands and styles of suitcases. This bag is large to fit all of my cloths and I usually fly with just under 70 lbs, it's my new preferred travel bag. It's easy to carry as a checked luggage with United airlines.

👤I decided to spend a little more on quality. This suitcase was lightweight and durable. The color is striking. Excellent!

👤If you don't mind washing things while you travel, it's just right for a week to 2 weeks. It is a great piece of luggage.

👤The suitcase number one is a great value for the money, it is a top loading suitcase, and I could fit so many things in it, I couldn't believe it.

3. Samsonite 56846 2849 Checked Large Brushed Anthracite

Samsonite 56846 2849 Checked Large Brushed Anthracite

The 28" spinner luggage is the ideal checked bag for long trips. The packing dimensions are 28.0" X 19.75" X 12.5" and the overall dimensions are 31.0" X 20.0" X 12.75". 10 year limited warranty. Their products are tested to make sure they meet strict standards. The bag has a 10-year warranty against defects. The lightweight spinner wheels are multi-directional for effortless mobility. The side mounted locks of the TSA make it easy for you or a agent to access your belongings when traveling. Compression keeps clothing neatly pressed and you can pack more items. The custom design on the front and back shells hides any scratches or scuffs from your journey.

Brand: Samsonite

👤I purchased a spinner for personal and business travel. The suitcase is large and has multiple pockets. I am aware that this will likely be scratched after being loaded and unloaded. The lock feature is something I like. It's made of plastic and people have commented on its integrity. I'll use one of my approved locks if it breaks. This isn't a necessity, but rather a nice-to-have. It comes with a soft cover. I don't think there's a better suitcase on the market. It looks good, has a quality name, and will fit in with other business travelers, who have often paid 4-5x the price. Thank you for rating my comment.

👤The looks of the luggage is different to other luggage. We have 6 of these, both carry on hard cases. When the bag is free at the gate, I check it occasionally. My credit card allows me to get a free checked bag, so we always check the larger versions when we are on extended travel. The bars of the handle became bent due to the gorilla baggage handler in over 60 flights last year. I opened the case and made a fix by hammering and rearranging the assembly. If you're a good packer, the carry on hard case is enough for 4 days of clothing. There are scratches on the wheels and case that are caused by plastic being rubbed onto the finish that comes off with a cleaner. The soft case on top is easy to carry around the airport with, and the case can fit down the seat aisle on all 4 wheels. After more than four years, still working well, and over 1000 flights now. It shows wear and tear on the wheels, but it looks brand new. I traveled for 20 weeks and over 60 flights last year with this little case, and I'll pass on a few hints I use to pack if anyone is interested. Less wrinkling is achieved by the fewer folds. Don't fold small with undergarments, undershirts, socks, etc. They should be placed on top of other clothing in a thin layer. Place the dress shirts in the top section and fold them in 3rd. I pack dry hair in a pencil case. There is a heavy duty freezer bag. Carry your personal items in a soft carry on to avoid spills and save space. unpack as soon as possible. Purchase some zip-lock style shrink bags. I use these to store worn clothes for the trip back, and they create a lot of space when packing to come home. It is easy to vacuum seal by covering a hotel pillow and laying on it. Wrap your shoes with plastic shopping bags to protect them from spills. They can be used in CA without bags at grocery stores. I carry a back pack with my iPad, MacBook, toiletries, and a few snacks, a collapsable water bottle, and a small bag. I try to change my clothes at least a day before I check my hard case to make sure it doesn't get lost. Maybe there's something in there you can use to add to what works for you.

4. AmazonBasics Hardside Spinner Luggage 24 Inch

AmazonBasics Hardside Spinner Luggage 24 Inch

There are spinner luggage for work travel. A spinner with a hard shell and black finish is included. Smooth-rolling mobility is ensured by 4 double spinner wheels. Sturdy telescopic handle for comfortable maneuvering. The interior organizer has a divider and 3 pockets for storing smaller items. Up to 15% more packing space can be expanded. The product is 26.7 inches in width and 18.3 inches in height.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤I was concerned that the size would fit with the carry on regulations. People just uploaded pictures of issues and what we really need its pictures with luggage in action. My experience in images is perfect.

👤I travel a lot as a flight attendant. I've been looking for a suitcase that can handle a lot of use. I received my suitcase this week. I have a new suitcase that I love and I am traveling for the first time. It rolls with ease. It's strong too. My arms and back are not stressed. It feels like it's floating. The smaller bag is attached to the top and still feels light. I don't think the handle moves will be a problem. The handle on my last bag moved and I had it for years. I would like to thank Amazonbasics for making my travel life easy.

👤Very disappointing. It was purchased in October of last year. Couldn't hold up during travel, but looked good on arrival. The handle came off and the front wheel broke. No longer usable.

👤The first time we used this suitcase, a wheel fell off.

👤I loved this spinner on my first trip. The telescopic handle broke the day I flew out after I used this. It's unbelievable.

👤The luggage set is okay. It's fairly cheap. There are three pockets inside. Rolls were smooth. The cheapest hardside luggages are made from the material. The material can be damaged by rough handling and the one I ordered had huge dents in a corner. There is no lock on the bags. The only way to lock the tips of the sliders together is with a separate lock. The 20-inch bag has a weight of 7.2 lbs. Excluding wheels, the height is 18 inches. The width is 13.25 inches. The depth is 9.75 inches and the expansion is 1.25 inches. The bag weight is 9.6 lbs and the height is 23.25 inches. The width is 16.25 inches. The depth is 11.00 inches and the expansion is 1.25 inches. The bag weighed in at over 11 lbs. 27 inches is the height without wheels. The width is 18.5 inches. The depth is 12.25 inches and the expansion is 1.25 inches. The wheel's diameter is 49mm.

👤The best carry-on luggage. I usually buy my luggage from Ross, Marshall's, or Burlington Coat Factory. Medium to large suitcases can be had for as little as 69 dollars. I was not happy with the prices at Ross and Marshall's, I was looking for a carry-on luggage. The cheapest I could find was $69 and it was the same price as a luggage. I was surprised to see one from AmazonBasics when I looked for more affordable carry-on luggage. I had to get it. The products from Amazon are pretty good. The price! The price for a carry-on hard-side luggage is $49.99 and you can't get a better price. I was able to fit my luggage into the overbin for Delta, Ryan Air, Olympic Air, and SAS Airlines. The size of the luggage was in line with what I had listed. I've flown to Italy and Greece many times via American Airlines and had no issues with the luggage. The quality of the AmazonBasics luggage was comparable to the Samsonite luggage I had just bought, and the color choices were good. There is a I like the little compartment pockets. I rolled this bag through the rocky roads of Europe and they survived! The handle doesn't feel sturdy, sometimes I felt the handle was going to break off. But it did not. I had difficulties getting the handle to go up and stay up, but I am not sure if it is just my luggage that is faulty. I think the bolts were loose, that's why the handle kept falling down. It is an amazing carry-on luggage and the price is too good to pass up.

5. Travelpro Luggage Lightweight Expandable Suitcase

Travelpro Luggage Lightweight Expandable Suitcase

The 21 inch spinner is a half pound lighter than maxlite 4. The H20 Guard protects the interior lining. 4 wheel spinners are rotating for a smooth roll. The PowerScope handle stops at 38 inch and 42.50 inch and has a patented grip with touch points for easy maneuvering. The unique bottom tray design increases lifespan. The packing capacity can be maximized by expanding up to 2 inch. Features low profile top, side and bottom carry handles, two exterior compartments, full length interior lid pocket, side accessory pocket and adjustable hold down straps for packing convenience. The cost of repair for damage from airline or other common carrier is covered by the trusted companion promise. The interior is 21 inches x 14 inches and the exterior is 23 inches x 9 inches.

Brand: Travelpro

👤TravelPro makes bags that are meant to work and live out of. The front has a slant so it doesn't become top heavy and fall over when fully packed or with your personal bag, and the side carry handle is 10x more comfortable. There are two versions of this bag. They are not the same in capacity. If you fill it to the brim, you won't want this version. The bag is fantastic and has an incredible warranty. You will tire of it before you stop using it. As a consultant, I live out of carry-ons. I started paying attention to the brands of frequent travelers and crew members when I started traveling a lot. TravelPro dominated. I picked up the MaxLite 2 or 3 and it has been abused, but not much more, over the years. I wanted to point out the size difference. Between the bag's new "slant" and the 1" bigger version, you lose a day's worth of clothes. For me, the smaller suitcase fits into the regional jets I must often take to get back home to Cleveland. If you're the type to pack carry-ons full and never take regional jets, you might consider the slightly bigger version. The bag is even lighter than the old one. It was the first thing I noticed about it. I had to put myself on a 'packing diet' and it was easy to hoist into the overhead. I can't speak highly enough of the handle. This is one of those silly things that makes you wonder why no one has thought of this before, because your wrist will thank you every time you get on and off a plane. I have always had a spinner bag and would never leave it. It's nice to push the bag through the terminal and take the strain off of your arms. If the wheels get gummed up and need to be cleaned and oiled, they seem to be easier to get to. It's a professional, ready-for-anything carry-on that you'll be happy to own. I like the new pattern on the interior of the bag. TravelPro knows what they're doing when it comes to luggage, and it's nice to see a splash of color when you open it. You'll be happy to own and have this rugged, thoughtfully-executed carry-on. Travelpro backs it with a lifetime guarantee if you break it, and I'm 100% confident that it will work for years to come. I can't think of anything they could do better than the ones that cost 2x more. I have been a fan of TravelPro for a long time. I uploaded two pictures of it next to the bag to see how it compares. The old one is in good shape after about 5 years of use and a lot of travel. The bag has a handle with a color that's called "traVELpro". The old bag has a nice colored interior while the new one has a grey one. I received it through the Amazon program. Let me know if you find it helpful.

6. Travelers Club Luggage Piece Black

Travelers Club Luggage Piece Black

The interior divider has organizational pockets. A small pouch between the hardshell can hold things. Backed by a 2 year worldwide warranty. Showkoo luggage provides 100% satisfactions. Contact them if you have any issues with purchasing. The suitcase has a weight of 8.4 lbs. The carry-on spinner luggage has a weight of 7.2 lbs. The tote is 10" H x 15" L x 5" W. The travel kit toiletry bag case is 5" H x 10" L x 5" W. Extra packing space can be expanded with this design.

Brand: Travelers Club

👤The handles feel like they will break if pulled too hard, so let's see if it holds up to travel. I will fly out on Saturday. Will report back if they break. Good news is when there is no news. My luggage held up well on my first trip. NYC to Panama. So happy about that. I hope it doesn't break, but will definitely update this if it does.

👤Everything about this luggage set is very important to me. The quality and color are excellent.

👤Everything was in the box.

👤Everyone got luggage sets for Christmas. The set is large and strong and has a lot of compartments for organizing. The bathroom bag is beautiful. She liked the set. The wheels glided perfectly and they were well made.

👤The quality of this set is really good. I've looked at a lot of luggage sets and found them to be sub par. I am very happy with them and I took a chance on them. The quality is really good, even the handle is more sturdy than others I have tried. The suitcases expand and the 4 wheels work perfectly. The matching bags that come with it seem to be a bonus for the cost and quality. Definitely recommend this set.

👤Sper feliz y emocionada, me encantan. Son bellsimas. Sper satisfecha, mucho antes de lo esperado. Gracias.

👤I received mine today. Don't get me wrong. This piece is disappointing to me. This one was my favorite out of all of them. I don't know if it's a oil stain or something, but I received it. The rest of the pieces are in good shape. It is just this one. I loved them but this piece is making me unhappy.

👤I was expecting something to go wrong with them, but it was a good deal. They were packaged and undamaged. I am very impressed with the quality of them, they look exactly like the picture. I buy these for when I travel home on the weekends. I won't be flying with them because they feel sturdy. They are not sure if they would survive travel. This set is definitely recommended by me. It would be hard to find a better deal.

7. Tile RE 20004 Pro 4 Pack

Tile RE 20004 Pro 4 Pack

The actual product color may appear slightly different than shown on the site due to differences in monitors. Attach the powerful Pro to keys, backpacks, purses, or anything else you need to keep track of regularly and use their free app to find them. Give them to your friends and family as a gift, or keep track of more for less. If you want to find your Pro, use the Tile app or ask your Smart Home device to find it. Tile works with a number of digital assistants. If you are outside of the range of the Tile app, you can use it to find your Tile or use the Tile Network to find it. Even when the phone is silent, use your tile to find it. Premium or Premium Protect provides enhanced services such as Smart Alerts, and Free battery replacement.

Brand: Tile

👤There is an update on Oct 29th. It's not working consistently. We went on vacation and I couldn't find my keys. They were in my purse, which I held in my hand. When I opened the app that was running in the background and pressed to find my keys, it said that I was out of range. I was not out of range, it was just inches away. I thought I had thrown my keys in the trash when I found them in the compartment. They didn't call! I don't know why I keep this on my keys. Total waste! The original review was not a good one. I was excited to use these tiles with the app to find our keys. I downloaded the app to my phone and found that it was easy to set up, and at first everything went well. I went to the app to find the keys that were sitting right beside me, but the tile app said they were not in range. That is upsetting. After looking around the app for a while, it started working again. I don't have any issues with other things that connect via bluetooth. I found it odd. I tried to download the app on my iPad to see if it could find my phone, but I got an error message when I tried to call the phone. If I double pressed the tile button, it would send the same tone to my phone. It seemed to indicate that it was trying to call my phone, but I am not sure how it could do that since I never gave it my phone number. I deleted the app from my iPad in case it was confusing. You can send a link to your PC, but it doesn't work. I can't find a place to enter my phone number. The find my phone thing doesn't work when I press the tile button twice, even though I tried to uninstall the app. That leads to another error. I double pressed the tile button when I was sitting and it didn't ring my phone. I checked the app and it was running in the background, but it sounded like it couldn't find my phone. It did work after opening the app and trying again. I don't think this thing will really be a lifesaver if I lose something. It works half the time and the other half of the time it doesn't. I had two tiles in my account. I only put up one of the tiles, so I am not sure what is going on. I am going to use my husband's phone and keys to set up the other tile. Maybe the tiles were from the same box. There is one other thing. Considering the price of these, and the fact that they work via my bluetooth, I am not sure why I keep getting urged to sign up for tile premium. If the tiles were only $5 each, I could see that, but I think the new ones are at least $50 for two of them. I shouldn't be prompted at every turn with an ad for Tile Premium. The range. It says up to 400 feet. I put the keys in the middle of the house and walked out to the mailbox to find that the tile was out of range. I think I was 80-90 feet deep in my lot and our backyard is way longer than our front. If your keys are in an open area, that's what it would be. I wouldn't assume that 400 ft applies unless you are in an open field. I'm really disappointed. I don't think these are worth the price. These are not reliable for something that is designed to find something lost in a stressed out situation. If I lose my keys, I won't know if it's because they're out of range or if it's just malfunctioning. Thanks for reading my review.

8. Coolife Luggage Expandable Suitcase 20in24in28in

Coolife Luggage Expandable Suitcase 20in24in28in

The textured finish of the material prevents against scratches. The upper part of the luggage has a beveled edge. 20inch The 24inch luggage is perfect for business and personal travel. Sturdy aluminum telescopic handle system provides a smooth experience. The silent wheels will not make any noise when they are rotating. The lock on the bag allows only the agents of the TSA to inspect it. There is a 2 year warranty worldwide.

Brand: Coolife

👤This is my first set of luggage with hard sides. I was a little hesitant to buy hard sided luggage due to the storage capacity and breakage. I ordered this set after looking at reviews and researching. I was still skeptical when I placed my order, but I did not get my hopes up too high. I received the luggage yesterday and I loved it. The bags are the same color and shape as the pictures show. The first thing I noticed was this. I looked at the design, feel, material, and other things as I was unpacking each bag. I was surprised at how light each bag was. I was not expecting that. The lock was easy to use. I rolled it around my house because the interior was more roomy than I anticipated. I am excited to use my first trip for the first time next week. My expectations have been exceeded.

👤After reading some negative reviews, I ordered these for the trip. We gave them a try because my thoughts were not good for everyone. Absolutely delighted we did. We loved them so much that we had no issues. I travel more than 300 days a year. I decided to use mine at work despite my wife's objections. My luggage has held up well after 3 months. Absolutely no issues, what so ever. I will order another one for myself so it looks like my wife.

👤This is what my bag looks like after I stepped off the plane. Not impressed! This is the first time I have used this bag. The company did not send an email to contact them. Hopefully you see this because it needs to be replaced. It's unacceptable!

👤I bought two sets of luggage. The orange and wine are the same color. They were used on our trip to Germany. I would give them a 5 star rating, but one wheel broke halfway through our trip on the wine color set. The wheels are made of plastic. I hope I can get a replacement from the company. I really like them. They are light and can be locked up. They roll nice, except for the wheel on the one piece. I want to give them 5 stars. I gave this luggage a 3 star rating. I will give it a 5 star rating. Customer service was in touch with me. They worked with me until they were completely satisfied. I was told that they couldn't replace the middle one because they sold them as a set. The replacement they sent in matches very well. I am happy with it. The customer service they provide is the best I have ever worked with. The company is amazing. There was a new email at my door after they called me personally. These suitcases and this company are recommended by me.

👤I needed a new set as I was going to Spain with my family. I chose these for their color choice, the price, and the fact that they came with three suitcases, not two, after reading reviews on a few different sets. From Albuquerque, NM to Los Angeles, Los Angeles to Washington DC, Washington to Barcelona, and back again. I am very impressed with how well they held up. It was expected that there would be scratches on the exterior. All of the zippers worked great. The locks work well, and they roll very easy. I couldn't be happier with the price. I have already recommended them to friends and co-workers.

9. Samsonite Carry On Midnight Black

Samsonite Carry On Midnight Black

Push-button locking handles make it easy to store a suitcase inside when not in use. It's possible to pack a 20-inch slipper and still fit in a carry-on. The packing dimensions are 19.0" x 13.5" x 7.75" and the total dimensions are 22.0" x 14.0" x 9.5" 10 year limited warranty Their products are tested to make sure they meet strict standards. The bag has a 10-year warranty against defects. The battery is not included. Tie-down straps should be kept out of the way when packing. There is a built-in organization that includes a WetPak pocket and a mesh pocket. There is no weight on your arm or shoulder with the four multi-direction double spinner wheels.

Brand: Samsonite

👤I have a week trip under my belt with this bag. The thing was wheeled over all types of terrain. There are no flat spots on the wheels. They seem like they should keep going. The bag has a solid feel and is well constructed. I use mine all the way extended, and it has adjustment stops if that's your thing. Even when filling the bag to its limits, the zips are easy to use. There are lots of pockets inside and out for what most people need. I like the brick pocket and charging port. There is a male and female charging port, but the brick is not included. The brick pocket is closed. A rubber plug covers the charging port. I used Hibag Travel Compression bags for carry on luggage and was able to fit the following: complete sets of shorts, polo shirts, socks and underwear, additional polo shirts with underwear and socks, t-shirts with spare socks and underwear, and a swim suit with extra underwear. I just got fresh clothes from my dirty clothes and this strategy worked out well. Everything fit back into my luggage after my trip. I will most likely use this bag for every trip I take between 3-7 days.

👤This product is terrible. I have been using the same suitcase for years and have never had a problem, so I bought one for my husband. On our first trip, the suitcase had broken zippers. The front large pocket was wide open because the front top pocket tab had broken off.

👤The wheels held up well to being dragged across the cobblestones in the Netherlands.

👤My old suitcase was 15 years old. I took it with me to South Africa. It's roomy, has lots of extra pockets, and is great for hard surfaces. All in a great purchase.

👤The case is easy tomanuever and fits nicely in the overhead bins, even on a small commuter plane where others with carry-ons had to gate check. I needed something lightweight that I could easily lift over my head into the bin, and this checks that box. It seems like a solid construction for a lightweight case. Not that much more than my laptop bag, but it's a small packing space. The pockets don't run the full width of the lid and are not very well-designed, further limiting what you can pack. The wheels protrude down from the bottom of the case, taking up space that could have been used for case interior. If I had been able to see this product in person before buying, I would not have bought it. I had to use the bag for an emergency trip the day after the case arrived, so I can't return it.

👤We have had a couple of the Softside Expandable Spinner suitcases for over a decade. The bags look really good and the wheels and zippers still function perfectly, we have gone on many trips with them. We wanted a wheeled carry-on bag, so we bought this 20” bag. We will be using the bag for the first time next week, so this review is just a comparison on quality and construction that Samsonite offers now vs 10 years ago. The denier is used to determine fiber thickness. The thicker the fabric is, the more durable it is. It is telling that they are not rating the fabric. The wheels on this suitcase are made from a softer plastic. The older suitcases have plastic wheels that sit closer to the bottom of the bag so they are more protected. There are several current reviews about the new luggage that include photos, as well as mention how easy it is to damage the wheels. The new bag costs more than the older ones. I don't mind paying more for new items because of the increase in cost of materials. I expect to pay more, but it's not good that we pay more for less quality. I kept the Star rating at 3 because I haven't used the bag yet. The quality is not there and I can not see this bag lasting more than 10 years. I had fewer options on bags because there seems to be a lot of other options unavailable. I will be happy to update my review if I am pleasantly surprised by the bag. I am really disappointed to see a quality decline in materials. The bag is lightweight and should fit in the overhead compartment nicely.

10. American Tourister 3 Piece Pink Blush

American Tourister 3 Piece Pink Blush

An ergonomics grip Lock is included with theadjustable handle. The world has a 2 year warranty for peace of mind. The shell is rugged and durable. The trolley handle is multi-stage. Full expansion on all cases, 12.2x19x28, single spinner wheels.

Brand: American Tourister

👤The item was damaged when it was received. Very sad. The material is not as strong as I thought it would be.

👤I'm a notorious over-packer. I don't fly because it keeps me from bringing what I want. The new carry-on was ordered recently for use on a vacation. I packed my clothes and shoes in this suitcase for my 10-day trip. I put my electronics and snacks in my backpack, but I didn't pack my toiletries in this bag. It was summer, with 5 pair shorts, 7 tanks, 5 bathing suits, gym shoes, sandals, a skirt, one pair of leggings, and a long sleeve shirt. I can't remember how many pairs of underwear and socks there were. It was still carry-on compliant without expanding the suitcase. The suitcase opens like a book and you have to pack in both sides. One side has a mesh zip to keep it all in, and the other side has a criss-cross elastic band to keep clothes anchored. This suitcase is the best I have ever purchased, and we were all happy with the result, we had plenty of room. I brought home a lot of clothes I never wore, since we spent most of our time at the beach in bathing suits.

👤I was surprised that there was no handle on the side of the case. It was obvious in the description and photos that it was supposed to have a side handle, but it is not there. I ordered the blue one. I like it. The model is called the Stratum XLT, 20" Spinner. I can confirm that the external dimensions are 22 x 14 x 9 inches, which is the maximum allowed by AllegiantAir. The seller has a lack of handle.

👤The luggage is nice, but we thought it would be harder than that. It was all damaged. The box was crushed. We were wrong to order a hard shell. I was worried about the baggage workers. I did not expect it. They are worse. The product is nice. I received this for a gift. The right size is two inches smaller than mine. I might get one for myself.

👤I need three bags just for a weekend trip, as I am an overpacker. I packed everything in a suitcase for the beach vacation. It's large, lightweight, and good quality. My best purchase so far this year.

👤The suitcase is 9”x14”x22” and meets the airline carry-on standard. It is lightweight, easy to carry and seems sturdy. It has enough space for everything I need for a 5-day trip.

👤The suitcases seem to be of good quality. They are light weight, have a mesh decider on one side, and have a top carry handle. I am 5 feet 10 inches tall and it comes up about 2 inches over my belly button, it has 3 different locking positions for the handle as well. My mom loves the color and she says these are the best suitcases she has ever owned. These suitcases are great and I can't say enough good things about them.

11. COOLIFE Luggage Suitcase Hardshell Lightweight

COOLIFE Luggage Suitcase Hardshell Lightweight

The warranty is for two years. Please ignore the title of the product and select the set you want, only the family set has 4. 3 piece luggage set can be stored into another. There are spinner wheels, multi-directional smooth and silent. For security and peace of mind, upgrade to a TSA-Accepted Lock. Sturdy aluminum telescopic handle. The zip pocket has a full-capacity design.

Brand: Coolife

👤My family travels a lot, which means lots of transfers. Each member has a set. Only one blemish has appeared. We are going to take my mother to London, Scotland and Ireland for the holidays, so we are about to order another set. The middle size is rarely used by us. We check both the small and the large size. I was very pleased with the ability to maneuver on rough surfaces. The retractable handle makes it easy to store things. There have been no issues with the locking mechanism. We have a family of 4 with two kids.

👤I was very disappointed after my first use. It should last more than one flight. The company reached out to address the situation within 24 hours. I was very impressed with their customer service.

👤I was not a fan of the luggage when I first read the reviews. I took a chance because I needed cheap luggage. I am very satisfied with my purchases. My luggage was not damaged on my first trip. luggage covers can get scratched easily, but I don't think that's an issue. My only concern was that my luggage wasn't very good. They were undamaged. The preset lock code worked well and it was easy to change the password. I would definitely recommend this set. It is cheap and reliable.

👤I bought them to go on vacation. I used these once and the zip was not working. On my return flight, I had to open my suit case. The manufacture credited my account for the issues I had with the suit case after the review. The product may need work, but customer service is more important than that. Thank you Mia for contacting me and working with me on a solution!

👤I received this item in time for our trip. The luggage is great. We went to Hawaii for 10 days and kept all of our items. The suitcases are easy to carry. I loved the section that was open. The wheels are rolling well in the airport. The outsides are very strong. You can put your backpack on top of the handle if you want to. This luggage is the best I have ever owned. I will be going to London in December.

👤We blew out a wheel on the last trip, so I had to go to Germany recently. The search began. I wanted a suitcase that was small enough to fit in my pocket but big enough to hold my luggage for 7 - 10 days of business travel and vacations. We found suitcases that would work for my wife and I. These are solid, feel well put together, and seem to last a while. The only thing that I have found so far is that they were a little more hard shelled than I was expecting, but the case popped right back and I brought some hollow chocolate eggs back in my bag. The middle bag was perfect for my trip. I need a large bag when I go on vacation.


What is the best product for best luggage 2022?

Best luggage 2022 products from Unknown. In this article about best luggage 2022 you can see why people choose the product. Samsonite and Amazon Basics are also good brands to look for when you are finding best luggage 2022.

What are the best brands for best luggage 2022?

Unknown, Samsonite and Amazon Basics are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best luggage 2022. Find the detail in this article. Travelpro, Travelers Club and Tile are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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