Best Best Lip Balm for Severely Chapped Lips

Balm 29 Jan 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Abreva Healing Cream Moisturizer Ultra Hydrating

Abreva Healing Cream Moisturizer Ultra Hydrating

There are 2 great products in a pack. Abreva heals cold sore faster than any other. Abreva can be used to get rid of cold sores. Docosanol is the only nonprescription ingredient proven to shorten healing time. SPF 15 sun protection is provided by the formula of the chapstick. A lip balm called the chap stick.

Brand: Abreva

👤I had two cold sores in my mouth. I decided to wait for them to heal naturally. It wasn't going away after five days. I couldn't open my mouth completely without it being painful. On the sixth day, I finally ordered this. It was received overnight. I used it 3 times on the first day, even though it said 5 times a day. My mouth healed faster with this cream. On the second day, the scabs were falling off. I don't feel the redness when I drink or eat acidic food. Very happy with the product.

👤I needed to use Abreva again, but my tube was flat. They delivered the next day after checking Amazon. Another wonderful product was included, and is now being used every day. Thank you Abreva and Amazon.

👤It sounds like you get 2 Abreva plus a chap stick since the description is deceptive. You only get one Abreva. Product is great, only wish I could give it a 5 star.

👤Abreva Cold Sore healing cream works quickly. Excellent product.

👤I had a cold sore and it was gone in 2 days. Would recommend. Will buy again.

👤Only abreva was received.

👤A small amount is needed for cold sores. I have never used anything like this before.

2. ChapStick Hydration Coconut Flavored Contains

ChapStick Hydration Coconut Flavored Contains

One lip balm tube. A flavored chapstick has unique ingredients like madecassoside and botanical oils that are rich in omegas 3, 6 and 9 to help improve lips. There is a tropical coconut flavor. It's easy to put hydrating coconut chapstick in desk drawers and bags. A line of premium lip products provides advanced formulas with unique ingredients. You can apply the lip balm whenever you need it. It's a great treat for yourself or a gift for someone else.

Brand: Chapstick

👤Not the usual stick. You will be amazed! There is a My new favorite! I have dry lips and have been using lip balms for years. I have them all over the place in my house, in my purse, and on the floor. I used to like YESto coconuts, but they are out of business. I haven't found any of that lip balm in a year. I kept the container as part of my search for those buggers. I had to look for something else. The chap stick total hydration is closest to the "yes" brand and is the best one I can find. It is now my favorite. It is so different from a regular ol'chap stick. I like that it is light-weight, smooth and moisturization is offered. I don't have to use it as often as with other brands. It tastes good. I like to have a good feeling, but I don't like the taste.

👤My lips are very dry and I like to use all kinds of lip balms. I bought the coconut hydration flavor from the chapstick. This balm is not made with flavors. There is no taste at all. There is no scent at all. I was looking forward to the smell and taste of coconut. It is not there. The entire long list of ingredients is not even in this balm. The stick is not like regular chapstick in that it is clear and not waxy. It is kind of oily because of the oils in the balm. It is thin and heavy on my lips. While it is on them, it does hydration, but it wears off quickly and doesn't leave any lasting hydration. I am not impressed. This chapstick is fine for me. It adds a little shine to my lips. It wears off fast and has no flavor or scent which is a negative for me. It won't work well for me outdoors during the day due to the lack of SPF but I will use the tube I have along with other richer balms inside. I will not do that again.

👤Really like this product. I haven't used their product in a long time, but they have come a long way, they feel good, smell good, and stay on for a long time. I would recommend it.

👤When I saw this made by a well known brand, I had to have it because I am a huge fan of the eucalyptus mind lip balms. I usually go by the ones by small independent companies or Rugged & Dapper, which are all great! It dried out my lips very fast. I had an alcohol wipe on my lips but it didn't feel clean. It is a waste of money.

👤I love this product. I can't find it in many places anymore. I buy it in larger quantities here. It's not a greasy feel and SPF too. I never leave home without one of these handy. Case seems to hold up well, carrying around everywhere. Please don't stop making this chapstick.

3. Dr Dans CORTIBALM 4 20 Pack

Dr Dans CORTIBALM 4 20 Pack

All types of lips are treated with the Chapped Lip Treatment. It helps heal mild to severe chapped lips due to harsh weather, allergies, cold sores, cosmetics, medications, and more. This treatment contains 1% hydrocortisone which stops the inflammatory cycle and allows the natural healing process to begin. The original lip care products are still available. The blend is free of harsh chemicals, flavors, and colorings. Ordinary lip balms contain ingredients that can cause irritation and prevent healing. Highly effective! Within 24 hours of application, you will see the results that other lip balms failed to deliver. Dr. Dan's All Natural Lip Balm is great for healing. DISCOVER CORTIBALM. Dr. Dan's lip care is made with a blend of natural ingredients. Less is more.

Brand: Dr. Dan's

👤My 16 year old son is taking a prescription called isotretinoin that is also known as brand name Myorisan, which has a side effect of dry skin and dry lips. I have bought him a lot of lip products, including Aquaphor, Vaseline, and more. I went online and read about people who had taken or were taking Accutane and what they found effective to treat their lips, because none of them seemed to be working. I ordered it on Amazon because I couldn't find it in the store. My son says this works the best out of all the products he has tried.

👤I had a bad case of the disease this winter. Nothing was working. I found this product before I bought it, and it worked like a charm. It worked like a charm. If you have lip problems, buy this. I put it on before I go to sleep. The next day they were good.

👤Aquaphor did not help my lips when I was on my 3rd month of Accutane, I tried many brands of chapsticks, but none of them helped my lips. I stumbled upon this and thought I had nothing to lose. It cleared my lips. The day after I received this product, I had my monthly check up with the Dermatologist, and he mentioned how the Aquaphor didn't work. She brought up Dr Dan's. Thanks to Amazon, I found the product before my doctor thought to recommend it. You usually need a prescription for this stuff, but they don't sell it in stores.

👤I've tried everything to get this to go away, and I'm sure you'll agree that I've tried everything. My lips were red and irritated. I woke up to my lips stinging, and I was so angry that everything I ate burned. This is a lip balm. After applying my lips, they changed completely. I am happy. The pictures show it all. The thicker, waxy formula stays on as I like it. A lot of lip balms are too slick, scented or have something in them that I am allergic to. This is a balm that works better than anything I have tried before. I received a prescription from my doctor. This lip balm can be used if you are at your wits end. It may help where other things are not. This has hydrocortisone in it. This is not to be used for more than a few weeks. I hope my lips will return to normal after 1-2 weeks. I will update this review if they don't.

👤My lips were bad. Students commented on how bad I was as an educationist. I am pretty sure it was my skin condition, but on my lips it was a nightmare. I tried everything, including Eczema Honey, Gelmicin, and a prescription like Neosporin from my Dermatologist. Nothing would clear up and come back. I used it all day Sunday and I can say my lips are back to normal. This helped my self esteem a lot. I was glad to try it after reading a lot of positive reviews. I am thankful for the creators of this product. It's seriously. Thank you! The smell is not terrible but the taste is not the best and that is only minor. From applying it, it will happen. Happy customer for sure!

4. Aquaphor Lip Protectant Sunscreen Ointment

Aquaphor Lip Protectant Sunscreen Ointment

Formulated with vitamins and butter. It's proven to soothe and relieve dry lips. Broad Spectrum SPF 30 protects your lips against harmful rays from the sun. It is specially formulated for sensitive lips. Preservative and fragrance free.

Brand: Aquaphor

👤Aquaphor's other product, "Aquaphor Advanced Therapy Healing Ointment", is more effective at keeping the lips moist, but it doesn't have SPF. I wear the Aquaphor over night and the SPF in the day. The SPF lip balm is thinner and doesn't keep lips moist as long, but it's still good. It has a sunscreen taste so you have to be careful not to get it in your mouth. I wish Aquaphor would use the same formula as Advanced Therapy Healing Ointment and add SPF ingredients. "Chapstick Lip Moisturizer and Skin Protectant - SPF 15" is a good SPF lip balm. It is very affordable to have one application that lasts at least 5 hours.

👤This lip balm was not good. aquaphor is used regularly by me. I bought the lip product when I saw it. The product is thin and watery. My lips don't feel hydrated or comfortable. It has a bad taste.

👤The products I used to fight sores cold are shown in the picture. I was taking huge amounts of pills to try and decrease the number of cold sore flares, but it wasn't working very well. I decided to shorten the life of my breakouts. The lemon balm tastes terrible. It smells like pine sol and I don't like it. It works. I put a layer of l-lysine balm over my lips to combat the taste. This combination of products wiped out a small problem I had in 2 days and prevented the problem from spreading to my entire mouth. After applying, I use a mouth rinse to combat the taste. The other products are pictured with me. The L-lysine is a great product. I use it when I get out of the shower. The tea tree oil is used in the making of the Breakout Buster. I use this on my nightstand whenever I feel a tingle and it wipes everything out before it starts. I try to use herpacin only for sun exposure and wind protection. I have not been spending a lot of time out but it seems to work. If my lips are particularly dry, I use the Aquaphor. I'm afraid of a break. It helps when I apply it before bed. I encourage anyone who struggles with cold sores to purchase these products, they will clear your sores fast.

👤The best lip balm. I have used before. I've tried over 15 brands and they all taste like sunscreen or coat my lips in a funky film. This didn't do anything. I can't believe it's at this price point. I used it for 15 days and had no issues. You have to get this!

👤I wasted my money on this. It tastes terrible and is watery. It started giving me blisters on my lips. I use the regular aquaphor all the time. I can feel my lips burning. I would like to give zero stars.

👤I have bought lip repair from Aquafor many times. I didn't know that this one had spf added to it. The flavor is so bad that I can not use it.

5. KISSIO Enhancer Extracts Plumping Moisturizing

KISSIO Enhancer Extracts Plumping Moisturizing

The KISSIO Lip Plumper plumps lips and protects them from aging. When you apply the glossy texture of this lip plumping lip gloss, there's a brief burning sensation after which you'll see changes in your lips. Lip plumper's ingredients include ginger extract and white mineral oil. Ginger and vitamins E and white mineral oil plump the lips and make them look younger. The gold packaging looks more luxurious. This is portable and travel friendly. KISSIO is happy to give you this lip enhancer, hope you like it.

Brand: Kissio

👤This works! It feels weird. But nothing crazy. wow the plump It is not like super short. 5 min after I put it on, my mama was very plump. I bought again and didn't use a lot.

👤The product seems to work and I can already feel it on my lips. It's just a small item for the price. My thumb is next to the product.

👤I had a difference. It did burn, but it wasn't painful. When you eat spicy food, it can get on your lips. It does not dry out. I didn't have it for long. I am not sure if I would have had a different outcome. It was on for about 30 minutes. I took a shower to make sure I didn't have a reaction. Burning stops after a while. I have sensitive skin and my lips are red. It makes your lips soft. The bottle is about an inch tall. I don't think it's worth 10 dollars for how small it is. Maybe I am cheap. I think that's correct. If you are wondering what it will do to you, try it. Everyone is different.

👤I love that this lipgloss plumps your lips up making them appear bigger but it burns like hells fires. The cayenne pepper is inside the gloss. If you can endure a few minutes of a spicy burn, you will be able to get the full benefits of the lips.

👤I bought this because of the Tiktok hype. The first time I used it, my lips burned a bit, but I didn't put a lot of pressure on them. The illusion of a puffed up lip is caused by the gloss finish. There was no difference between the before and after pictures. The effect of the burning sensation decreased even more after using it a second time. My lips have become accustomed to it and don't even bother with it. I might have bought a mint colored gloss.

👤I stumbled across this product after watching a Tik Tok video. It was said that this was the strongest lip plumper that people had found and that it didn't work for me. I knew this was for me. I think my lips look a little more full because of the strength of the gloss. I can see how it could be too much for a person, but it wasn't painful in my opinion. It is terrible if it gets in your mouth. The plumping agent makes your mouth feel weird. Overall a good value.

👤Definitely works. You get used to it. There is a tiny bottle.

👤1 12


👤too small.



6. Weleda Skin Butter Fluid Ounce

Weleda Skin Butter Fluid Ounce

Weleda Skin Food Lip Butter has a tube. This rich, oil based botanical blend is great for hydrating lips. Their plant-oil blend is made with seed oil, chamomile, and calendula. Their products are free of harmful chemicals. Instead, they use flowers, fruit, and root extracts, minerals, and essential oils, each one carefully selected and orchestrated to work with your body's own systems. Plant oils calm your mind and nourish your lips. They have a full range of plant-rich skincare.

Brand: Weleda

👤Disappointed in the product. Thought it would be thick and creamy like butter, but it doesn't absorb very well. It is all around. Would not buy again.

👤I think Amazon sold me a fake lip balm. The package is lighter in color and the smell is different. Amazon is selling fakes.

👤I'm used to the same product. The ones I received were not good and did not hold its shape. I uploaded a picture of what it should look like, and I received a picture from the seller. The only bad thing is that Amazon/seller gave me a full refund.

👤I had given this 5 stars before. I got a different type of lip balm after buying a second tube of it. The one with red writing in the pictures was amazing. I didn't need anything else for hours when I put it on. It doesn't taste like "chapstick" or anything, which is nice, and it has no discernable smell or flavor. When I got the second tube, the consistency is much softer, so that when I tried to put it on, it immediately smashed back into the tube. It should be in a tin and not in a stick. I was going to take one star off for that because I have to be very careful with it. The formula is not the same as it was when I used it. I have to use this as much as any other lip balm because it doesn't have the same staying power as the original. Not sure what the deal is. I'm wary of buying anymore for fear of getting a fake. I would definitely recommend the "real" Weleda Everon, but not sure how to guarantee getting the correct formula.

👤Don't buy! The regular Weleda Everon Lip Balm was not the same as this one. It was very hard. It looked like a cheap knock off. The container was a bit lighter than the original one. I am pretty confident that this is a knock off because of the wax and shade of the container.

👤This is a strong scent. I tried it out without reading the description because I have seen it all over Facebook. If you are not a fan of rose scent, it is okay, but beware. I can smell it even after I am done applying it. Not a fan of this. The lips feel good. I haven't tried it out yet but I didn't notice any major reaction when I used it.

👤One of my favorites to use is Weleda chapstick. When I was at work, we would get free samples from the office in my building. Since I am home working and haven't been able to see my friend at Weleda, I was excited to order it again. I received my chapstick today and it is terrible, nothing like the chapstick I used before. It is melting and so soft that the chapstick fell out of the top portion of the lid. It is so soft that I can not apply it like a regular chapstick, I have to rub it on my lips or it will smoosh. It was almost 7 dollars for one stick.

7. Blistex Lip Medex 3 Count

Blistex Lip Medex 3 Count

It was made in the United States.

Brand: Blistex

👤I've tried to take care of my big lips. I don't like chapsticks as they tend to dry my lips out more and I have to reapply them constantly. I started using this to reduce the appearance of fordyce spots. Fordyce are harmless but can appear on the lips, face, and other parts of the body due to oil production. I'm one of the lucky ladies who have them. It made my lips plump and soft, and it made the appearance of the spots on my lips disappear with continued use. I love that I didn't have to apply this balm every time I wanted to drink water. The amazing part is that I started the drug Accutane last month. My lips began to peel and dry out. The most common side effect of Accutane is this. I increased my use of the balm and it worked well. My lips are plump and soft, and it took care of any cracking of the corner of my mouth, which was peeling and drying. If this works well with someone on Accutane, it will help a lot of other forms of dry lips. When I showed up for my check up appointment with soft, moist lips, my dermatologist and her nurses were very interested in what I was using. This product is very good.

👤This is not a pretty lip product. This is not a product for you if you want to get something for your lips. I don't have issues like cold sores, but my lips get very dry in the winter despite not being out in the cold. The Vapo Rub is a lip Rub. I don't mind that smell, but it also smells like virtual reality. This stuff is sheer and gives a bit of a shine. Avoid getting in mouth, it's not pleasant. It's ideal for getting your lips back to kissable, but not for kissing. The jars were sealed in a clear plastic bag and sent to this retailer. The seals were intact. I remember this great stuff from 20 years ago when a classmate's mom recommended it.

👤It is like gold. I bake it on my lips at night before I go to sleep and they will be perfect the next morning. I take a medicine that dries my skin out. I had tried a number of things, but no luck. My lips were always bleeding. I put a bunch of it on my lips before I went to sleep and it was magic. They were healed! It was really bad having broken up and bleeding lips all the time. No girl wants to kiss that. This stuff is amazing. I think it's just petroleum jelly that is a little bit thick, but it's perfect and there must be some other magic in it. Really helped me regain my self-confidence.

👤I can't find this product in stores. I have used the product for over a decade. The shine made me give up my lipstick. It can help soothe lips and cold sores. The best lip balm on the market.

8. Aquaphor Repair Fluid Ounce Carded

Aquaphor Repair Fluid Ounce Carded

The Original Beeswax Lip Balm is a refreshing balm that can be used to make your lips look better. Formulated with vitamins and butter. It's proven to soothe and relieve dry lips. The seals help prevent dryness. It gives lips a little shine. Preservative and fragrance free.

Brand: Aquaphor

👤I bought it based on reviews and recommendations because I have very dry lips. Was expecting great results, but was disappointed. The squeeze tube has a design I like. The lip balm is not greasy or heavy and feels good on the lips. The tube claims that it does a decent job of soothing and hydrating. I need to reapply more often than I want because it wears off quickly. It helps heal the skin. There is a In my opinion, nothing special. I'll be using Dr.Dan's Cortibalm while I'm on the medication. I'll be sticking with my Carmex when I go off the drugs.

👤The product is a lifesaver. My lips were so dry in academy that they would bleed. I never had dry lips and was applying chapstick nonstop. I bought this product hoping it would help my lips, but after one night I felt better. I bought an additional for work after two weeks. This product is for people who have seriously chapped lips.

👤I bought this as a replacement for my usual small pot of aquaphor advanced therapy healing salve that I can't find anymore. I like to use it at night as I have bad lips that regular chapsticks don't help. I bought this one because I thought the packaging would make it easier to apply, and I could take it with me everywhere. I don't like it. It tastes like poison. I know I'm not supposed to be eating it, but you're going to taste a little bit of it, and the first time it happened, I almost threw the whole tube away. It feels like I need to apply a lot of makeup to my lips to get good coverage, and it doesn't do as good of a job as the healing salve. I'm going to use the rest of this, but then I'm going to search for my usual aquaphor because this was a little frightening to use. I think it won't last long because of how much I need to use each time.

👤This really works! My son is very dry. He scrubs his lips after every drink or sip. He looks like he's been out all night with the vampire when I wake him up, because he's got blood on his pillow or his mouth. The corners of his mouth were cut when he pushed large chips into his mouth. I was worried that he had a deficiency in vitamins because of the split corners. I tried everything to heal his mouth. Nothing worked until I used this stuff. It made a difference immediately and even the hardest to heal mouth corners are almost completely healed after a week. People won't think he's abused or neglected, and I won't be worried about him being in a zombie gang.

👤I like this stuff. I've tried a lot of different things in order to get my lips dry. I bought a tube of the lip treatment hoping it would help my lips. It made my lips sticky and it made the dead skin more noticeable. Aquaphor was a super cheap cart add-on and within two uses my lips were smooth. It works instantly and is the most hydrating lip balm. I've used before. I convinced three of my friends to try it. I will never buy another lip balm again.

9. Burts Bees Natural Moisturizing Superfruit

Burts Bees Natural Moisturizing Superfruit

LIP PROTECTION: The four naturally hydrating flavors of the balm are Pink Grapefruit, Mango, Coconut & Pear, and Pomegranate. Total toxicity: Their lip balm is packed with fruit extracts and beeswax, which will help you smooth out dry lips. Their conditioning lip balm is long lasting and leaves your lips feeling refreshed all day long. All natural. The balm on your lips is made from 100% natural ingredients and will keep you glowing on the inside. The value 4 pack provides you with a lip balm no matter what fruity flavor you are craving. Take one at home and keep it on the go so you can use it whenever you want.

Brand: Burt's Bees

👤The box contained a sealed tube of the grapefruit balm, which was a most disappointing and disturbing purchase. I ordered along with a balm that was previously used and filthy. In the same box.

👤These lip balms are wonderful. Each tube has a different smell and taste. I like the mango flavor. My lips are soft and supple because they all condition them well. They're all natural. The ingredients are listed as follows: Sunflower seed oil, Cocoa butter, Castor seed oil, Lanolin Aroma/Flavor, Tocopheral, Rosemary leaf extract, and Canola oil. It was a great deal. I believe they were less than $9. I could pay up to $3 a tube at my neighborhood grocery store. That's a lot of money. I'm getting these with a buy three get one free deal. I would recommend giving the program a try. If you purchase five items, you'll get an extra 15% off of each item, and baby products are given a 20% discount. Some of the items I've bought have been less than $1, but they were natural cat treats. If you can find a few items it will save you a lot of money. It will take longer for your items to be shipped, but I think that's why they offer the discount. Please press the helpful button if this review helps you. I don't get any free or discounted products because of this. I like to know that I've helped people. Thanks!

👤There is a watch out. Your seller could be ending the product for you. For the record. We have been advocates for the past 10 years or so for the products of the Bee. If you use the same lip balm every day, you will know that it is smooth and silky. Since we started buying our lip balms on Amazon, we have made at least 36 purchases of this item. The most recent time we ordered it, every single one of the lip balms was horrible. One of two things are happening when you use grimy lip balm. The lip balms were out in the heat for a while before we received them. They were loose and free in the package, as well as not coming in the typical 2 pack cardboard box, as we have received 35 other times. It's sad that we have had such a bad experience and you don't want to waste your money on something that's not what you've come to expect from Burt's Bees. We aren't blaming the seller, we are blaming the buyer.

👤I like the chapstick from Bert's Bees. It's the only kind I buy. This is a great deal for 4 of them. I didn't pay much attention to the flavors, so make sure you know they are Mango, Coconut & Pears, Pomegranate, and Pink Grapefruit. I like the pink grapefruit and the pomegranate. I would have liked to have had one original in the mix. Stay on my lips for a long time. I use them before I go out to run. I keep one in my purse, my car, my bed, and my workout bag.

10. Blistex Medicated Lip Balm Count

Blistex Medicated Lip Balm Count

MOISTURIZATION: The lip tissue needs to be kept dry. Relief is used to relieve cracked or chapped lips. Protection: Temporarily protects lips. It is easy to apply. Provides complete coverage.

Brand: Blistex

👤I bought this and immediately knew something was off. The smell was odd and lacked the cooling feel of blistex. I bought another set from Target. The ones from Amazon are probably fake. Both Target and Amazon say 2011. The label on the Amazon tube is blurry and not as crisp as the target tube.

👤I ran out of my existing supply and opened one of the packs after buying two more. I have been a classic-teal user for a long time. It is the only lip balm that works for me. I tried one of the new tubes and it was TERRIBLE. It coats your mouth with a waxy flavor. It tastes and works the same as all the other traditional products, it dries out my lips. This is either a New Formula that stinks or a knock-off product. I think it's more likely that a formula change is happening. I'm looking for a new lip balm. I just ordered two sets from Amazon and am keeping my fingers crossed. The original formula should be brought back. This is worse than New Coke. It's unusable!

👤I don't know what happened to this product, but it had a weird smell. It is not like it used to be. There is more chemical taste. Not sure how to describe it.

👤This is the only product that I can use in the winter to keep my lips from getting dry. I have spent a lot of money on lip balms but nothing works except Medicated Blistex. I like the way Medicated Blistex makes my lips feel. My lips don't get dry and cracked because of the medicated moisturizer. I keep them in my pockets and purse. I put the Blistex in my pocket and accidentally washed my pants. There was no leaking of Medicated Blistex in the wash and no soap from the washer. The Medicated Blistex has a secure top. What a great product. The product has always arrived in good condition.

👤If you know how to use it once a day, this lip balm is great. If I dry my lips before bed and then put this blistex on them, I only have to use it once a day. I believe that if you put it on before bed, it will heal quicker and you won't have to worry about licking your lips. The blistex helps speed up the natural healing process on the lips because I feel like the body has a natural healing process when sleeping. The blistex feels like warm wax on your lips when you rub them together. It doesn't taste good if you lick it. If I use a 3 pack of blistex once a day, I will get about 3 months of use. The only way I can get less than a month out of a single tube is if I lose it. Make sure to put the tube in the same spot each time and put something on top of it so it doesn't get lost.

11. NIVEA Moisture Lip Care Moisturizing

NIVEA Moisture Lip Care Moisturizing

This shea butter lip balm instantly makes your lips soft and smooth. The shea lip balm is all-day hydrating. This lip balm is free of Mineral Oil and enriched with Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter. The classic scent of NIVEA is lightly fragranced with the light lip balm. Four sticks of NIVEA Moisture Lip Care are included.

Brand: Nivea

👤This is not the original product. The product in the left is the original, the one in the right is a fake. A sticker is used for the barcode on the Nivea logo. The blue part of the sticker seems to be from the refilled cartridges. I didn't trust the product's safety because I didn't know if it was produced in the right conditions.

👤This lip product is not the same as the one I used to buy. I will never use the box I ordered. This product has a terrible taste in your lips. Disappointed.

👤I have been buying the same thing for years. It's not nearly as silky as this smells. I ignored the warnings and bought it again and again, even though it had been changed for the worse. Not this time in May 2020. It's awful. I can't imagine anyone with a functioning olfactory system wouldn't be disgusted by this product. I will not buy another Beiersdorf product for as long as I live.

👤I think the formula of this lip balm has been changed because it smells and looks the same, but the texture is terrible. I thought that maybe I got a bad product, but the comments on the website say the same thing. It's sad.

👤I love nivea chopsticks, but lately they have been trying to change the original product and it doesn't feel good. I want the natural, simple, healthy chopstick they have. I don't like it when companies try to change their products to attract more customers or to make them more popular in order to ruin their good original products.

👤I've used this product for a long time and just opened my order and saw the packaging had changed. I applied it to my lips and they started to burn. The smell is so strong it's making you sore. I had to scrub my lips with soap to get rid of it. It's a shame.

👤I was happy to find this on Amazon. The nivea lip balm is thick and won't turn greasy after a few minutes. I think the packaging is good. The package design is great because you don't have a small cap orlid that can be lost or dirty. I hope this helped.

👤I have sensitive lips, but I am addicted to the milk and honey balms. I love the 4 pack because I can keep one in my purse, nightstand, bathroom, wherever I go. It's super hydrating! Great purchase!


What is the best product for best lip balm for severely chapped lips?

Best lip balm for severely chapped lips products from Abreva. In this article about best lip balm for severely chapped lips you can see why people choose the product. Chapstick and Dr. Dan's are also good brands to look for when you are finding best lip balm for severely chapped lips.

What are the best brands for best lip balm for severely chapped lips?

Abreva, Chapstick and Dr. Dan's are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best lip balm for severely chapped lips. Find the detail in this article. Aquaphor, Kissio and Weleda are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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