Best Best Lip Balm for Men

Balm 8 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Burts Bees Conditioning Exfoliating Crystals

Burts Bees Conditioning Exfoliating Crystals

The overnight care is over. Let their Conditioning Lip Scrub do the work while you rest. The next day, their treatment will help to remove dry lips and create a smooth canvas for a flawless lip color or lip balm application. There are someOURISHING INGREDIENTS. Their treatment uses Beeswax Exotic Oils and Exfoliating Honey Crystals to leave your lips smooth and soft. The Conditioning Srub leaves lips feeling smooth and primed. All natural. You can rest assured that the treatment touching your lips will keep you glowing on the inside just as much as the outside. Every night, give yourself an at home spa experience. The overnight intensive lip treatment from them will enhance your naturally beautiful lip.

Brand: Burt's Bees

👤I am researching more about overnight treatments for my lips. I like the chapstick from Burt's Bees. I thought I'd give this away soon. The initial application dried up in 5 minutes. It's not an 'overnight treatment' when it's needed the most in the dry air of winter. I don't recommend this device unless you're obsessed with it, and ideally you should be asleep because it's overnight.

👤I have been using this for a week. I use the O'keeffe's lip balm during the day and at night. The results have been amazing. I tried to keep my lips from drying out, but they would peel every day. Immediately after this night treatment the next morning, I say results. My lips have not peeled in a week. This has been a problem for me for a long time and I think these results are amazing. I will use this at night to see if I can cut down on the use of stick balms, and I might even use it during the day to see if I can do that. I was worried that this night treatment would cause me to fall onto the pillow, but I have not had such problems. It's not greasy. I don't feel like I have to be careful with it. In the morning, lips are soft and smooth.

👤The smell is delicious! It is made up of natural honey crystals and is more gentle than other sugar based lip scrubs. If you like rough textured grains like sugar in your lip exfoliator, I wouldn't recommend it. The reason I rate this product five stars is because of the silky smooth finish and delicious natural honey-sweet scent it leaves behind on the lips. I have tried other lip scrubs, but they are not as natural as this one. Well worth trying!

👤If you have cracked lips, this may not be the product for you. Go to town if that is the case by mixing olive oil and brown sugar. I use this every night and it's high quality and my lips are soft. Someone thought it was pure honey? That is not true. It's not sticky like honey and the scent is amazing. I think it will last a while. The price is a little steep and probably won't buy again. The Elf Scrub Stick is $3 and gets the job done.

👤I won't purchase again. I'll make my own. I love the products from Burts Bees, but not this one. The jar was really small for the price. Really disappointed.

👤This is the best lip treatment I have ever had. I apply in the morning and night. These two applications are all I need. I had to change the stuff I used. It was worth every penny. I use a bit of honey and sugar to get rid of dead skin on my lips every couple days.

👤This stuff is great for the price. I used to pay a lot more for beauty. I was buying from the brand fresh. The overnight intensive from burt's bees is better. You use less product to get 10x the result. The Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask is very good, but this one by Burt's Bees has the same level of hydration on your lips for a fraction of the cost. That is a huge win in my book. I will only buy this product from the 4 pack of all-day moisturizers from Burt's Bees as they do the same job for less than a quarter of the price. I was able to compare all of these products a week at a time and a month at a time, and every time the Burt's Bees products did better than the other brands I've mentioned above.

2. Peppermint Naturistick Natural Chapstick Children

Peppermint Naturistick Natural Chapstick Children

7 Lip Balms in Classic Black Tubes are made from Beeswax. 100% certified beeswax and natural ingredients. There is no oil, chemicals, or Parabens. Non-GMO. Proprietary Formulation is safe for adults and children. Never tested on animals, the packaging is eco-friendly. The best year-round lip protection for the whole family. If you're dissatisfied, you can get a full refund or replacement.

Brand: Naturistick

👤The 32 variety pack of this chapstick was purchased by me. I have at least 3 on me as an extreme chapstick user. When I received it, I was a bit skeptical but I have been using this chapstick for a while. I've never used any other brand that was better than the one I have. It has a nice subtle smell and lasts a long time. I would recommend this to anyone. That's an added bonus because it's 100% natural. When I run out, I will definitely be buying again.

👤They have great flavors and scents. I gave them to my mom for Christmas. I will definitely buy more of them soon. They will make great gifts.

👤Naturistick is all natural and lasts longer than my favorite. I love lip balm. I have a new favorite lip balm. It lasts much longer than any other I have tried before, and it doesn't make your lips feel dry when it wears off, like some other brands can do, leading to a constant cycle of reapplication. I use it about 3 to 4 times a day. I got the 7 pack and gave it to a few friends, they agree with my comments and are also finished looking for the perfect lip balm. The winner is Naturistick.

👤This was a great stocking stuffer for my daughter because she always likes to use lip balm or lipstick on her lips, so it was an attractive stocking stuffer. She gave me one of the sticks because she won't use them all. I always have my lip balm in my purse during this weather. I like this stuff. I find that I have to use this lip balm less than I do others, and there's no icky taste that leaks into my mouth. It's been enough often that it's put on before going to bed. The ingredients seem to be better. Since we've both been using this for several weeks now in intense, dry weather, we think this brand might be better at protecting our lips from getting chapped in the first place. It doesn't think it's just hydrating. Excellent stuff.

👤I have been looking for the perfect mint lip balm and finally found it! I have been using the Chapstick brand for a long time, but I never like their flavors and I have also used C.O. Bigelow mint glosses. I love the tingles that this lip balm gives and my lips feel nourished after just a couple of hours of use. All 7 came in the box. 100% will buy again.

👤I found the best natural product in a good price.

👤The product arrived on time. Most lip products make my lips peel. I'm allergic to a lot of things. I've only tried the pomegranate passion flavor. The smell and taste are not obvious. The product is very thin and lasts a long time. Very hydrating. I haven't had a negative reaction.

👤I like the package. The set is thoughtful and a gift for others. I haven't used the holder, but it seems like it can be useful when you put your lip balm in a crowded bag. There are three reasons why I chose this. 1. Good ingredients include: no oil, 100% Beeswax and other good stuff. I know that I can use a substance on my skin, but I wanted to find something else. 2. Unusual flavors that I could not find elsewhere. I was a bit worried, but I like the flavor. I like the green tea flavor, which is not strong, but I couldn't check all. It smells like leaves. 3. It was a reasonable price for me. It can be shipped to South Korea. Many variety packs can't be shipped to Korea, but this one could. I received the email from the seller for the first time, and I have not yet decided if I like their product or not. They take care of their customers and are proud of their work. In the future, want to shop more of their products.

3. Burts Bees Natural Moisturizing Superfruit

Burts Bees Natural Moisturizing Superfruit

LIP PROTECTION: The four naturally hydrating flavors of the balm are Pink Grapefruit, Mango, Coconut & Pear, and Pomegranate. Total toxicity: Their lip balm is packed with fruit extracts and beeswax, which will help you smooth out dry lips. Their conditioning lip balm is long lasting and leaves your lips feeling refreshed all day long. All natural. The balm on your lips is made from 100% natural ingredients and will keep you glowing on the inside. The value 4 pack provides you with a lip balm no matter what fruity flavor you are craving. Take one at home and keep it on the go so you can use it whenever you want.

Brand: Burt's Bees

👤The box contained a sealed tube of the grapefruit balm, which was a most disappointing and disturbing purchase. I ordered along with a balm that was previously used and filthy. In the same box.

👤These lip balms are wonderful. Each tube has a different smell and taste. I like the mango flavor. My lips are soft and supple because they all condition them well. They're all natural. The ingredients are listed as follows: Sunflower seed oil, Cocoa butter, Castor seed oil, Lanolin Aroma/Flavor, Tocopheral, Rosemary leaf extract, and Canola oil. It was a great deal. I believe they were less than $9. I could pay up to $3 a tube at my neighborhood grocery store. That's a lot of money. I'm getting these with a buy three get one free deal. I would recommend giving the program a try. If you purchase five items, you'll get an extra 15% off of each item, and baby products are given a 20% discount. Some of the items I've bought have been less than $1, but they were natural cat treats. If you can find a few items it will save you a lot of money. It will take longer for your items to be shipped, but I think that's why they offer the discount. Please press the helpful button if this review helps you. I don't get any free or discounted products because of this. I like to know that I've helped people. Thanks!

👤There is a watch out. Your seller could be ending the product for you. For the record. We have been advocates for the past 10 years or so for the products of the Bee. If you use the same lip balm every day, you will know that it is smooth and silky. Since we started buying our lip balms on Amazon, we have made at least 36 purchases of this item. The most recent time we ordered it, every single one of the lip balms was horrible. One of two things are happening when you use grimy lip balm. The lip balms were out in the heat for a while before we received them. They were loose and free in the package, as well as not coming in the typical 2 pack cardboard box, as we have received 35 other times. It's sad that we have had such a bad experience and you don't want to waste your money on something that's not what you've come to expect from Burt's Bees. We aren't blaming the seller, we are blaming the buyer.

👤I like the chapstick from Bert's Bees. It's the only kind I buy. This is a great deal for 4 of them. I didn't pay much attention to the flavors, so make sure you know they are Mango, Coconut & Pears, Pomegranate, and Pink Grapefruit. I like the pink grapefruit and the pomegranate. I would have liked to have had one original in the mix. Stay on my lips for a long time. I use them before I go out to run. I keep one in my purse, my car, my bed, and my workout bag.

4. Aquaphor Repair Fluid Ounce Carded

Aquaphor Repair Fluid Ounce Carded

The Original Beeswax Lip Balm is a refreshing balm that can be used to make your lips look better. Formulated with vitamins and butter. It's proven to soothe and relieve dry lips. The seals help prevent dryness. It gives lips a little shine. Preservative and fragrance free.

Brand: Aquaphor

👤I bought it based on reviews and recommendations because I have very dry lips. Was expecting great results, but was disappointed. The squeeze tube has a design I like. The lip balm is not greasy or heavy and feels good on the lips. The tube claims that it does a decent job of soothing and hydrating. I need to reapply more often than I want because it wears off quickly. It helps heal the skin. There is a In my opinion, nothing special. I'll be using Dr.Dan's Cortibalm while I'm on the medication. I'll be sticking with my Carmex when I go off the drugs.

👤The product is a lifesaver. My lips were so dry in academy that they would bleed. I never had dry lips and was applying chapstick nonstop. I bought this product hoping it would help my lips, but after one night I felt better. I bought an additional for work after two weeks. This product is for people who have seriously chapped lips.

👤I bought this as a replacement for my usual small pot of aquaphor advanced therapy healing salve that I can't find anymore. I like to use it at night as I have bad lips that regular chapsticks don't help. I bought this one because I thought the packaging would make it easier to apply, and I could take it with me everywhere. I don't like it. It tastes like poison. I know I'm not supposed to be eating it, but you're going to taste a little bit of it, and the first time it happened, I almost threw the whole tube away. It feels like I need to apply a lot of makeup to my lips to get good coverage, and it doesn't do as good of a job as the healing salve. I'm going to use the rest of this, but then I'm going to search for my usual aquaphor because this was a little frightening to use. I think it won't last long because of how much I need to use each time.

👤This really works! My son is very dry. He scrubs his lips after every drink or sip. He looks like he's been out all night with the vampire when I wake him up, because he's got blood on his pillow or his mouth. The corners of his mouth were cut when he pushed large chips into his mouth. I was worried that he had a deficiency in vitamins because of the split corners. I tried everything to heal his mouth. Nothing worked until I used this stuff. It made a difference immediately and even the hardest to heal mouth corners are almost completely healed after a week. People won't think he's abused or neglected, and I won't be worried about him being in a zombie gang.

👤I like this stuff. I've tried a lot of different things in order to get my lips dry. I bought a tube of the lip treatment hoping it would help my lips. It made my lips sticky and it made the dead skin more noticeable. Aquaphor was a super cheap cart add-on and within two uses my lips were smooth. It works instantly and is the most hydrating lip balm. I've used before. I convinced three of my friends to try it. I will never buy another lip balm again.

5. ChapStick Moisturizer Protectant Original Sunscreen

ChapStick Moisturizer Protectant Original Sunscreen

One pack of three 0.15-ounce chapstick original lip balm tubes, SPF 15 and skin protectant. The chapstick Original Moisturizer protects your lips from the sun's rays for up to eight hours. It is familiar and comforting. The SPF stick is portable and easy to apply when you need it most. SPF 15 lip balm is non-tinted and free of Parabens. If you have a purse or drawer, you can put this lip balm in there for healthy looking lips. You can carry this lip balm in your pocket, purse, or drawer.

Brand: Chapstick

👤You can't go wrong with plain old regular chapstick. Most people won't read a review of this because they don't know what we're getting right. I have something to tell you that changed my life. I have been chewing chapstick for a long time. I wanted every flavor. In the last few years, I started getting cracks at the corners of my mouth after eating certain food. There is a medical term for it, but it escapes me. I found out that the flavored chapstick fuel the fire but these plain, unflavored, moisturizing ones will help. The cracks can be very painful. I definitely didn't want to add to that. Everyone knows I love chapstick, but I had to be very clear about not buying the flavors. It was a disappointment for all of us. I was able to make the switch to plain chapstick. I couldn't be happier. I'm leaving this review for this regular mundane product as part of an online challenge, a game I'm participating in. Every word is true. Happy chapsticking!

👤My husband is a mailman. He needs to have a good skin care regimen. He has been using this chapstick for a long time. He'll use it the only way he knows how. He likes the original. If he doesn't eat it will stay on for several hours. He drinks his water all day long. His lips are protected from the heat of the sun. The scent of the 'original' is not really something to speak of. It doesn't have a 'taste' either. It's pleasant to use.

👤You know how chapsticks seem to be hydrating but when they rub off your mouth after a few hours, it leaves your lips dry and flaky. This is the only chapstick where this doesn't happen to me. I only buy this kind of thing from the brand that has the little blue water drop on the cap. It works like a charm. Keep them in every bag, purse, diaper bag, etc. That is yours!

👤When I was a kid, I used chapstick and I wanted to try it again when I had cracked lips. I applied chapstick for a while but it didn't improve. Within 3 days, my lips started to heal after I bought vaseline healing jelly. The main ingredient for healing lips is 42% white petroleum, which is what the chapstick has. The vaseline is made of white petroleum so it works better. chapstick says on the front that it's for 8 hours, but when you read the small instructions on the back, it says to not use it on broken lips, which makes me angry. As kids our bodies healed quicker so we were fond of chapstick. vaseline does a better job at healing lips as an adult.

👤The "new formula" version of the original is reviewed. It has a horrible texture that breaks apart into chunks on your lips, an extremely strong smell that causes headaches, and an offensive fruity flavor reminiscent of a 90's tween's "lipsmacker." This is supposed to be the "original" flavor and variety, why is it fruity and smelly now?

6. Burts Bees Natural Moisturizing Vanilla

Burts Bees Natural Moisturizing Vanilla

LIP PROTECTION: The lip balm is made with all natural ingredients and has a complex all natural flavor. There is a man named Moisturizer. Hydrate and soothe dry lips with the help of vitamins E and bee wax. SMOOTH LIP BALM: This conditioning lip care leaves your lips smooth and refreshed all day long. All natural. This natural lip balm is made with 100% natural ingredients. Treat your lips to a relaxing retreat with this refreshing lip balm that naturally beautifies and revitalizings your lips with sweet, comforting vanilla flavor.

Brand: Burt's Bees

👤It has no taste at all. It was perfect! I can drink water without taking my chapstick off. I'm happy with the natural ingredients because I'm trying to transition to items without chemicals and metals. It doesn't make my lips burn or tingle and it feels great on my lips. I have tried their other one, and I prefer the one with the vanilla. Is it because it feels better on my lips? It smells good but isn't strong, which is great because I like to have my lips close to my nose, and if a chapstick smells strong it might bother my sinuses. Not sure about sun protection. If you're going to be out for hours, a thick layer of chapstick as a protectant sounds better to me than putting sunscreen chemicals in my food and water. I haven't tried hiking with it. Maybe I'll update later.

👤I tried this product after reading an article about other lips products that have an ingredient that is not found in Burt's Bees. I don't remember the details of this information, so it's not helpful. I remember that this brand was recommended. I have tried plain Burt's Bees before, but they were bad. TheVanilla Bean is not the same as the other ones. I have noticed a change in my lips. It doesn't burn or dry out. I feel like I'm wet. It's a great choice and highly recommend!

👤I like the feel of the balm more than other balms that can make my lips oily or cakey. The pack of four fruit flavors was perfect for me. It was expensive, but probably not as expensive as buying them in a store. I keep them in a number of places around the house, my car, and my purse. When my lips feel dry, I don't have to scramble to find one. The cucumber mint is the one I like the most.

👤I have used the most expensive lip balms and the cheapest lip balms, and I have found that the best one is the one from Burt's Bees. It is easy to get several at this price, you always have one within reach. My only suggestion to the design department is to create a tube of lip balm for the night stand that doesn't roll off onto the floor in the middle of the night. Why does everything have to be straight?

👤I thought the box was clean, but it wasn't. The box was slightly damaged, but there are some mismatches on the back that make it unattractive. A big shipping sticker on the back of a product feels a bit too professional. I like the lip balm so far. I don't like scented food, but it does make my lips feel better than I thought they would. The scent doesn't stay after application. The product is good, but the packaging is not good.

👤I love this lip balm. I used to buy lip balms from a serial buyer who was always looking for the best product and smell. I haven't bought another lip balm since buying this one. My lips have been left hydrated longer than any other product. One application keeps my lips hydrated. The scent of the bean is amazing. The product lasts a long time. This lip balm is for sale.

7. Burts Bees Natural Tinted Botanical

Burts Bees Natural Tinted Botanical

There is a value 2 pack. You have a lip balm. You can protect your lips at any moment by taking one at home and one on the go. Adding a hint of sheer, pretty red color to the lip balm will make it look natural. Total toxicity: Dry lips can be hydrated and softened with botanical waxes and butter. The conditioning lip balm will nourish your lips for up to 8 hours. All natural. This lip balm is made with 100% natural ingredients. The shade of the lip balm will compliment your natural lip and make you kiss it.

Brand: Burt's Bees

👤I just bought the Rose color and wanted to compare it to my complexion. I drew on my wrist and thought I would share it. I have neutral skin and silver hair. When I had brown hair, my favorite colors were Zinnia & Hibiscus, but with silver grey hair, I now prefer Rose & pink blossom. I love these for the house. I have sensitive skin and smell, that is a big plus for me. When I want more color, I like to layer the lip tint with the Bert's bee lip crayon. My Yorkies dry itchy hot spot skin has completely cleared up with the help of a conditioner from the Bee. Hope this helps someone. It's a good thing.

👤It was too expensive for two small lip balm tubes. It would be more reasonable if it cost $3.50 per tube. The scent of the balm is mild and pleasant. The tint color is Rose. The Rose color on my skin doesn't show very well if I don't use makeup. The lip tint color pops better with some makeup on. I took a picture of myself in a natural lighted room.

👤This stuff has changed my life. I stopped wearing makeup when I started wearing this. It adds a bit of healthy shine to your lips and gives you a pop of color that is just a hint of natural red. I cannot stand mint or fruity flavors that interfere with what I am eating or drinking. I use it on my cheeks as a stain. I have fair skin, blond hair and blue eyes, but my brunette bestie and dark-haired, olive-skinned mama both use this shade as well, and it is beautiful on them as well. I think this is the most flattering beauty product on the market.

👤I own a gym and wanted to add a little color to my lips. I feel weird putting on makeup. A girl likes to look a little pretty as she is my full time job. I bought this hoping that it would give me some color and hydration. The color doesn't look like lip color because it goes on sloppily. You are just a messy eater. It is not that hydrating. I don't care for the texture of the product. The stick is hard and shiny. When you apply it, it warms up and it makes you feel better. For a little girl, but not for me. I am not happy with this product. I will use it as a chapstick, but not as a lip color. I am back to lip color. I will not be buying again.

👤This is what I wanted, it enhances my lip color while hydrating. It's also 100% natural. The lip balm is on the left side in my picture. I can get a deeper red with the build ability of the color. Will try other colors.

👤I go to this place every single day to dress up and work on projects at home. The product is great and the Rose matches my tone perfectly. The cover is moist, soft, and not greasy when drinking. The color is lovely and the texture is notexistent once you apply it. You just forget about it and go on. The stay power for me is very long and I work as a hospital scheduler with tons of calls and talking. I never reapply until after the sun goes down. If you want to try and get a price for two tubes of the same color, give this seller a try and order with confidence. I have ordered several tube sets from them for the last few years.

8. NIVEA Moisture Lip Care Moisturizing

NIVEA Moisture Lip Care Moisturizing

Enriched with Provitamin B5 Instantly, lips are glowing. The scent is lightly fragranced with the classic NIVEA scent. All day, keeps lips moist. Comes with six. .17 ounces. Sticks.

Brand: Nivea

👤The original product had a lower melting point so it was very smooth and soft, but it had a soft shine that didn't look like gloss. After it was rubbed off, my lips looked better and more hydrated for a long period of time. The new stuff feels like it is trying to repel water. The lips don't feel nourished after it's rubbed off.

👤Update. I wouldn't order this unless you plan on playing $16 for one chapstick. I ordered 6 and only received one. I had read that they only received one lipstick. I thought it was a coincidence.

👤The new formula is terrible. I get a six pack every three months. The pack I received in November was completely different. It used to be light and slick, now it is waxy and heavy. I agree with the reviewer who said that the new formula didn't make her lips feel hydrated. I haven't opened the package yet. If the new shipment is as bad as the last, I'm going to cancel my subscription and look for another company. The new formula is terrible.

👤A good friend recommended this to me while I was talking about being on meds that dry out our skin and lips. I fell in love with this product and it only took a few days for my lips to look better. The original formula was used. The packaging design changed when I ordered again. It didn't glide on as easily as I thought. My lips hurt a little, but it also made them tingle. It was definitely not pleasant. I was sent the original formula after ordering again. The original formula of lip balm is worth it, even though I have never spent so much on it. I think they stopped it. The balm that arrived today was a new formula. That may have made me angry. I will no longer be ordering under this listing. I only received one of the tubes. I called Amazon to get my money back. There is a new word for it.

👤I used to use this product. The old formula is the good one, with the logo in a circle on the tube. The new formula is based on the tubes with the logo on the package. It's terrible. This listing is hard and waxy and I bought it because they showed the old packaging in the pick. You get the new formula. bait and switch are two different products. I don't recommend this product or seller.

👤Normally, I only use cocoa butter, so I didn't have high expectations. I don't like chapstick form as it doesn't have the same hydrating powers. I was wrong. My lips have been very dry since I started taking the drug for acne. I tried out a lot of different brands, and it was my go-to recently. I use it all day long. It takes about 20 minutes to get used to the magic of the Nivea Kiss of Moisture, which will make my lips look and feel brand new. I like that it protects my lips, but it's not as thick as Vasoline, so it doesn't feel like I have a coat of glue on my lips. Love, love!

9. Eos Organic Balm Sphere Stick

Eos Organic Balm Sphere Stick

Their lip balms are all-natural, sustainable and delicious. There are two ways to protectLIP care. Butters, oils and waxes are used to protect your lips. All natural flavors are used in eos lip care products to give you the healthiest lips. SMOOTH ON LIP MOISTUIRZER. This lip care balm is made with all-naturalShea Butter and will leave your lips feeling hydrated and smooth all day long. The #1 organic lip balm is in the market. Eos lip balms are made with all-natural ingredients and are good for you. All-natural shea butter is used in lip repairs to make your lips feel soft and supple. Eos lip balms are free of many harmful substances. A bunny is certified. There were no products tested on animals.

Brand: Eos

👤Me puse sent la hidratacin en mis labios. Tiene un olor y sabor a menta, me agrada. Tena buscando esto, ya vivo en un pas. In dnde el clima tiende a resecar los labios por el constante cambio de clima. Si, lo recomiendo, lo volvera a 100%.

👤This is my favorite lip balm. It tastes great and is very hydrating. It comes with two. My husband and I both get one.

👤It always comes through! We love the products from EOS. My husband didn't want the same colors or flavors as the rest of us and wanted something different. He chose mint. It works like the rest of the products, and it smells great. This is for people who love mint or don't want a fruity "chapstick" It's convenient because you get two. One for your bag and one for your table. It's a good thing.

👤I've used eos lip balm for a long time and it's the best. Either winter or summer. I live in a weather-extreme state and depend on their balm all year long. I've used their clear balm in mango, mint andVanilla. Great! They included a tube of sweet mint with their globe. When not carrying a purse, it works well in a slim jeans pocket. Cashmere is versatile enough for any skin color, and I liked that shade.

👤It heals dry lips and is easy to do. Everyone in our family likes this over the old favorites. I use it as a base under my makeup.

👤When you put it against your lip, it instantly melted. The quality of the real EOS I bought from Walgreens was 1000% better. The smell, taste, and everything else was amazing. Is this seller a good one? No. Do I think real EOS is a good idea? Yeah!

👤My lips tend to get dry when I spend a lot of time in a dry climate, so I always look for good lip balms. These didn't rise above the run of the mill for me. I wouldn't carry the globe shaped balm in my purse even though it would be easier to find than a tube shaped balm.

👤I have tried many lip balms but have found the best one to be EOS. The smell is not overpowering or waxy.

👤Aos porque es el nico blsamo. Otros quitan rapidsimo. No me hidratan. Tengo labios, por todo, por todo, por todo, por todo, por todo, por todo, por todo, por todo, por todo, por todo, por todo, por todo, por todo, por I hidrata por muchsimo tiempo, pero el nico es una deshacerme. El de menta tiene un aroma delicioso, adems, and a me encanta.

👤Es un buen blsamo, pero est en un gran precio.

10. Aquaphor Lip Protectant Sunscreen Ointment

Aquaphor Lip Protectant Sunscreen Ointment

Formulated with vitamins and butter. It's proven to soothe and relieve dry lips. Broad Spectrum SPF 30 protects your lips against harmful rays from the sun. It is specially formulated for sensitive lips. Preservative and fragrance free.

Brand: Aquaphor

👤Aquaphor's other product, "Aquaphor Advanced Therapy Healing Ointment", is more effective at keeping the lips moist, but it doesn't have SPF. I wear the Aquaphor over night and the SPF in the day. The SPF lip balm is thinner and doesn't keep lips moist as long, but it's still good. It has a sunscreen taste so you have to be careful not to get it in your mouth. I wish Aquaphor would use the same formula as Advanced Therapy Healing Ointment and add SPF ingredients. "Chapstick Lip Moisturizer and Skin Protectant - SPF 15" is a good SPF lip balm. It is very affordable to have one application that lasts at least 5 hours.

👤This lip balm was not good. aquaphor is used regularly by me. I bought the lip product when I saw it. The product is thin and watery. My lips don't feel hydrated or comfortable. It has a bad taste.

👤The products I used to fight sores cold are shown in the picture. I was taking huge amounts of pills to try and decrease the number of cold sore flares, but it wasn't working very well. I decided to shorten the life of my breakouts. The lemon balm tastes terrible. It smells like pine sol and I don't like it. It works. I put a layer of l-lysine balm over my lips to combat the taste. This combination of products wiped out a small problem I had in 2 days and prevented the problem from spreading to my entire mouth. After applying, I use a mouth rinse to combat the taste. The other products are pictured with me. The L-lysine is a great product. I use it when I get out of the shower. The tea tree oil is used in the making of the Breakout Buster. I use this on my nightstand whenever I feel a tingle and it wipes everything out before it starts. I try to use herpacin only for sun exposure and wind protection. I have not been spending a lot of time out but it seems to work. If my lips are particularly dry, I use the Aquaphor. I'm afraid of a break. It helps when I apply it before bed. I encourage anyone who struggles with cold sores to purchase these products, they will clear your sores fast.

👤The best lip balm. I have used before. I've tried over 15 brands and they all taste like sunscreen or coat my lips in a funky film. This didn't do anything. I can't believe it's at this price point. I used it for 15 days and had no issues. You have to get this!

👤I wasted my money on this. It tastes terrible and is watery. It started giving me blisters on my lips. I use the regular aquaphor all the time. I can feel my lips burning. I would like to give zero stars.

👤I have bought lip repair from Aquafor many times. I didn't know that this one had spf added to it. The flavor is so bad that I can not use it.

11. Burts Bees Natural Moisturizing Multipack

Burts Bees Natural Moisturizing Multipack

Lip care. The four naturally Nourishing flavors of the lip balm are original beeswax, strawberry, coconut and Pear. Hydrate and smooth dry lips with beeswax and fruit extracts packed into every tube of Burt's Bees Lip balm. The conditioning lip balm leaves your lips smooth and refreshed. This natural lip balm is enriched with 100% natural origin ingredients. Whether you're looking for a refreshing tingle of original beeswax or a pop of fruity flavor, you'll find it in the 4 pack of Burt's Bees Lip balm.

Brand: Burt's Bees

👤I've used the same brand of chap stick all my life and it seems everyone uses it. I have noticed that my lips still get dry no matter how often I apply it. Maybe they changed something. I thought I would try something else. There aren't many options for something else. I decided to try it because so many people like it. I can definitely feel the soothing effect of whatever it is that is in Burt's Bees, I am not a chemist. I like the freshness of the flavors in the Best of Burt's selection. It is a good value and convenient to buy here. It took me a while to figure out how to open the cap after removing the safety tab. It is not hard once you know. They could have made it more obvious for new users.

👤The box looked off because of the wrong colors, style and packaging. This product doesn't have to hold to any health standards and you don't want to mess around with it, so please be careful and don't buy it.

👤Our favorite brand of lip balm is of course Burt's. We've tried almost all of the flavors. The one we like the most is the Blueberry & Chocolate, but it isn't made anymore by Burt's. Next would be Coconut and Pear. Our least favorite is Pomegranate. The strawberry seems to be lacking in strength. Please bring back the chocolate!

👤A sample pack of lip balm from Burt's Bees is an easy way to get a few flavors at a discount. I liked all the flavors. I rank them in chronological order: original, coconut, strawberry. The scent and flavor of the original peppermint make it a great choice. When compared with other brands, none of these lip balms have colors and they all last a long time. The brand seems to have a low melting point. You can kiss it goodbye if you leave it in a warm car for an hour. The whole formula will turn completely liquid and sink to the lowest point of the tube, which is why it is reluctant to ever return. Enjoy this product, but be careful where you leave it. A.

👤I never knew I had an allergy to lip balms. The lip balms smelled great and had a bit of sweet flavor to them. They were nice. I was excited to use all of them. My lips started to swell when I started using one. I suspected that it was caused by stress because I was too busy with work. I never had an allergic reaction to lip balms from other brands. It took about a month before we suspected that this lip balm could be causing the swelling. I tried another and tossed one away. Swelling continued. I tried another one after tossing that one. Swelling continued. I threw them away because the swelling persisted and the swelling began to disappear slowly. If you're considering buying this, I would recommend testing it out at your local grocery store to see if you like it.


What is the best product for best lip balm for men?

Best lip balm for men products from Burt's Bees. In this article about best lip balm for men you can see why people choose the product. Naturistick and Aquaphor are also good brands to look for when you are finding best lip balm for men.

What are the best brands for best lip balm for men?

Burt's Bees, Naturistick and Aquaphor are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best lip balm for men. Find the detail in this article. Chapstick, Nivea and Eos are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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