Best Best Lip Balm for Dry Lips

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1. Burts Bees Moisturizing Original Peppermint

Burts Bees Moisturizing Original Peppermint

LIP PROTECTION: With its freshness and hydrating qualities, the lip balm from Burt's Bees is a must have. The lip balm is made with vitamins E and Beeswax, and has a hint of peppermint oil. The conditioning lip balm leaves your lips smooth and refreshed all day long. All natural. This natural lip balm is made with 100% natural ingredients. The refreshing tingle of original Beeswax lip balm is what makes Burt's BEES LIP BALM TIN different.

Brand: Burt's Bees

👤My review is not about the chapstick. After a happy transition from Carmex, I have been using Burt's for over a year. This set is not new. That is the best description I can give. It feels weird. There is something wrong with it. Do not place your order here.

👤The Gods asked what they could do to improve the quality of life. Niles asked if he could make a chapstick that would last the test of time. Niles was told by the God that chapstick will make a difference. Niles thought he was going to prove the Gods wrong and went to work. The Gods had just returned from the desert and they were dehydrated and their lips were dry. The Gods took turns using the Burt's Bees chapstick produced by Niles. Niles was proclaimed a genius and offered lap dances for the rest of his life. The point of the story is that this is the best chapstick in the world.

👤My lips can get very dry. I learned a long time ago that wax sticks don't allow air to get to the lips, so they aren't good for chapped lips. Lip balms don't heal lips. People who always seem to be putting something on their lips. But... It is different. Air helps heal your lips. You can apply the Bee Balm again when you need it. It works for me. The stick is made of a substance called a petrochemical.

👤I buy the bees at the store. The 4 pack I bought on Amazon was different. It had a burning sensation and did not go smoothly. This is either fake or rancid.

👤I have been using this for a decade. I've tried many other lip balms and treatments, but still go back to this, my holy grail. It stays on longer than others and has a thick consistency. When my lips are cracked, the refreshing peppermint is soothing. The multipack is the best value I have found. I keep it in my bathroom, bedroom, purse and kitchen. I use it every night before going to sleep and wake up with better lips. They get very dry during the winter. Can't be without it.

👤It's not like any other oil on lips. As comforting as a fire. Sky Organics is a waste of money, but it provides relief.

👤The Beeswax flavor is not honey, these are lip burning pills. Before you try to give away unwanted chapsticks, read this. They ended up in the garbage, and I was looking for HONEY BEESWAX.

👤I have been using this product for a long time. The ones I just received are not real, even though I have previously ordered from this distributor. I tried all of them and they tasted like petrol and didn't have the same scent or effect.

👤My lips are soft and smooth because of the lip salve I use. Each tube lasts a good six to eight weeks. A four pack saved you money. The delivery was done in a couple of days.

2. Blistex Lip Medex 3 Count

Blistex Lip Medex 3 Count

It was made in the United States.

Brand: Blistex

👤I've tried to take care of my big lips. I don't like chapsticks as they tend to dry my lips out more and I have to reapply them constantly. I started using this to reduce the appearance of fordyce spots. Fordyce are harmless but can appear on the lips, face, and other parts of the body due to oil production. I'm one of the lucky ladies who have them. It made my lips plump and soft, and it made the appearance of the spots on my lips disappear with continued use. I love that I didn't have to apply this balm every time I wanted to drink water. The amazing part is that I started the drug Accutane last month. My lips began to peel and dry out. The most common side effect of Accutane is this. I increased my use of the balm and it worked well. My lips are plump and soft, and it took care of any cracking of the corner of my mouth, which was peeling and drying. If this works well with someone on Accutane, it will help a lot of other forms of dry lips. When I showed up for my check up appointment with soft, moist lips, my dermatologist and her nurses were very interested in what I was using. This product is very good.

👤This is not a pretty lip product. This is not a product for you if you want to get something for your lips. I don't have issues like cold sores, but my lips get very dry in the winter despite not being out in the cold. The Vapo Rub is a lip Rub. I don't mind that smell, but it also smells like virtual reality. This stuff is sheer and gives a bit of a shine. Avoid getting in mouth, it's not pleasant. It's ideal for getting your lips back to kissable, but not for kissing. The jars were sealed in a clear plastic bag and sent to this retailer. The seals were intact. I remember this great stuff from 20 years ago when a classmate's mom recommended it.

👤It is like gold. I bake it on my lips at night before I go to sleep and they will be perfect the next morning. I take a medicine that dries my skin out. I had tried a number of things, but no luck. My lips were always bleeding. I put a bunch of it on my lips before I went to sleep and it was magic. They were healed! It was really bad having broken up and bleeding lips all the time. No girl wants to kiss that. This stuff is amazing. I think it's just petroleum jelly that is a little bit thick, but it's perfect and there must be some other magic in it. Really helped me regain my self-confidence.

👤I can't find this product in stores. I have used the product for over a decade. The shine made me give up my lipstick. It can help soothe lips and cold sores. The best lip balm on the market.

3. Qtica Intense Lip Therapy Balm

Qtica Intense Lip Therapy Balm

Lucky Magazine called the lip balm the best product they had ever seen. Qtica Intense Lip Repair Balm works miracles on dry cracked lips. Is it offense or defense? QTICA Intense Lip Repair provides both lip repair and maintenance. The Qtica Intense Lip Repair Balm is a miracle balm that heals cuts, cracks, and cold sores within days. It acts as a base for your lipstick by plumping up the lines on the lip. SPF 4. Relief and improvement in lips can be seen and felt. The bestELLING The rich, thick concentration of honey, beeswax, vitamins, aloe, tea tree and essential oils defends against the elements and helps relieve and seal the most dry, irritated lips overnight. Before applying lipstick, you should see an improvement in your lip skin. Widely use and excellent specimen. The Qtica Intense Lip Repair Balm is used by a lot of people. Qtica Intense Lip Repair Balm is made from the walls of beehives and has a substance that increases cell hydration and reduces skin wrinkling. To use, apply daily to soft, supple lips.

Brand: Qtica

👤I have enjoyed it! I've been buying it for a long time. The formula was different when I re-examined it. I noticed that the box said the same thing as the tube said the same thing. You can see that in the picture. Which was not what I ordered. I thought I got a wrong item. I contacted Amazon about it. The manufacturer told me that they are changing the name of the product to therapy balm. The wording on the box might not match the product inside. I did not know this. If I were to buy it again, they said I could get a mismatch item. They changed the formula as well. It was a little thicker and would last all day and night. It's thinner now and doesn't last as long as it used to. I use it at night. If my lips are dry, I would use it during the day. It's alright. It is not as thick as before. It works well, but not as well as before. I will use up what I bought, but I'm not sure if I'll buy it again.

👤This stuff is amazing. I apply chapstick constantly. It doesn't matter what season it is, my lips always crack in the center. I can't wear tinted chapstick or lipstick because the color always layers in those areas creating an even hue. I applied it after receiving it in the afternoon. It's thick and sticky, but not so much that it's bothering. I reapplied it before I went to sleep. I felt better the next morning and went about my day. I forgot about it until the evening of the second day. I didn't apply chapstick that day. That is the first in a decade. I use this product once a night before bed and sometimes in the morning. My lips are very soft and supple. Some of the fine lines have been reduced. I can't believe the difference in a short period of time. I would definitely recommend it.

👤I assumed I was supposed to have dry lips all the time. I have a lot of different lip balms in my purse. I would have to apply again after an hour. No. Releif. Ever. I have tried many lip products. It worked. Neosporin lip repair is the only thing I have ever really liked. I haven't been able to find it in stores. Well. This is the closest thing I have found. It has a bit of a white cast, but it goes away after a few minutes. I use it twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. My lips are not peeling during the day. They have not cracked. I could not be happier.

👤I appreciated all of the other reviews that led to my purchase of this product. I received the Qtica Intense Lip Therapy Balm a week ago and it helped my lips. My lips were dry and cracked in the winter. It was hard to open my mouth. I tried several remedies over the course of two weeks. The situation didn't improve. I applied the Qtica immediately after I received it. My lips felt better when I woke up the next day. I applied the Qtica about three times a day for the next two days. My lips were fine on the third day. I was able to apply lipstick over the thick formula, that didn't bother me at all. When you first apply it, you will feel a minty sensation on your lips, but it will fade in a few seconds.

4. Truvani Conditioner Moisturizing Ingredients Artificial

Truvani Conditioner Moisturizing Ingredients Artificial

ORGANIC LIP CONDINER. It was designed to make you feel soft all day. This can be used all day or before bed. There is a clean ingredient. The lip conditioner is made with wonderful ingredients and is made with an olive oil base. Your lips will be thanking you. PARABEN is free. Truvani is dedicated to making the best quality products which means using the best possible ingredients and keeping nasty ingredients out. The lip balm is not colored and is not completely nude. Everyone will benefit from this lip conditioner. Truvani will offer a full refund within 30 days, because they are so confident in their products. No questions asked if you love it or want your money back.

Brand: Truvani

👤The Truvani Organic Lip Conditioner is better than I anticipated. If you experience dry lips, people will suggest that you increase your water intake. I drink water and my lips are still dry and flaky. My lips are hydrated after using this lip conditioner. It keeps my lips soft without the look of a stick to everything. It works well under the masks to keep lips supple and soft. It's worth it.

👤I don't like the ingredients in most lip balms so I make my own. I read the ingredients and it's almost exactly what I make, so I wanted to try it. If I'm not using my own lip balm, I'm using this. It keeps my lips hydrated. It's clean, simple, and organic and that's what I love about it, it doesn't have a flavor, just the natural ingredients. Truvani lip balm is perfect.

👤I buy all lip products. There are balm, stain, lipstick, moisturizer and conditioner. I've had lip enhancements. Dealing with dry skin is always a factor. I like that this lip conditioner glides on and makes my lips feel smooth. I received 2 for free as a gift after buying one. My husband is a police officer and he deals with the weather. He liked the well.

👤I like that the product is all natural, but I don't like the texture. It feels very soft. It is from the oils used, but it is not for me.

👤I love this product. It is very smooth. It has a faint smell but no taste. I use it every night before bed for several months. I'm not near using it up. It lasts a long time. I don't like my lip balm very much. It needs to stay smooth and not have a taste or smell. It doesn't get tacky. It works great on its own or with lip liner. They sent out the other two deals right away because this was a buy 1 get 2 deal. This company was very impressed with me.

👤I got a few of these because my mom was looking for an alternative to chapstick. This has a slight scent of Rosemary but other than that it is not scent-free. I apply conditioners or chapsticks so that I don't have to lick my lips, but so far it seems pleasant and it doesn't appeal to my toddler, so that's good! There is a It protects my lips and leaves them soft. I keep them in my purse and nightstand.

👤I bought this because there was a deal where you would get 2 free if you purchased one. I was expecting the product to be a little bigger. It's a nice product, but not any better than any other lip balm that uses natural ingredients. I would have knocked it down a star if I hadn't gotten the 2 extra for free.

👤This lip balm is perfect for when I am sleeping and I have to have something on my lips. If I get up in the middle of the night, I reapply it. I like to keep my lips moist. The deal of buy one get two free was great. I will purchase again when it is gone, because I am stocked for a long time.

5. Eos Organic Stick Lip Balm

Eos Organic Stick Lip Balm

LIP BALM 4 PACK If you're looking for a lip balm that will make your lips look better, then this is the one for you. The #1 organic lip balm is strawberry Sorbet. All natural lip balm with strawberry flavor! Natural butters, oils and waxes lock in hydration to give you the healthiest lips and long lasting hydration. Lip balm with all natural ingredients, such as coconut oil, jojoba oil, and beeswax, leave lips feeling smooth. Sustainably Sourced shea butter is made from wild grown, sustainable shea butter to make your lips feel soft. All Natural Lip Care is vegan, vegetarian and free of animal testing. The ORGANIC lip balm was reported for prior 52 w/e 6.15.20.

Brand: Eos

👤This is one of my favorite lip balm's. I have 50 lip balm's in my house and I used to get them in the round ball, but I couldn't stand it. I decided to try the strawberry and vanilla because they had one more like a lipstick. The flavor wasn't strong enough for me. The strawberry is amazing. I keep licking it off my lips. Ha. I got two orders of strawberry on my Amazon subscription. These are the best. I would like that on my lips all day. It's very smooth. My hair does not stick to my lips like many of my other lip balm's and lipgloss. The container and application is better than the round one. I haven't used this product in a long time, but I'm hooked again. The strawberry is very good.

👤What did you think about it? A balm stick is a good thing. I think it can be used on your body. Its organic is certified. What did I not like? It has no smell, flavor or tint. I was expecting it to have a pink tint, but it didn't. I realized that the pictures never showed the inside of the tube. I wanted to buy a tinted lip balm, so I wouldn't have bought it. It was a major disappointment. It has shea butter in it so it will make your skin soft. I think it's a fault of the marketing that they let it show up in the results. Really disappointed. I can either give it to someone else or put it in a drawer. I need to find a pink lip balm, but I will make sure to look for the color I want.

👤I have already purchased twice. It will last a little less than the regular chap stick, but it will do a better job. Every time I order them at Walmart, something happens to the package and it takes forever to be delivered.

👤I was skeptical about the quality of eos lip balm. I got those two because of this cute pink color. I loved it right away. Am I late for the game?

👤I keep them on my nightstand and end table. The smell is great and the flavor is pleasant. I apply it several times throughout the day because it's not long wearing. I love these!

👤A nice strawberry scent hit my nose after opening the container. It's quite hydrating so far. Just started using it.

👤I use good lip balms to make my dry lips last through the day and have tried many of them over the years. When I apply this eos lip balm, it's nice, but once it's wiped off, my lips feel dry, which feels weird. I'm still looking for something to compete with my Bioderma Moisturising stick, but this is not one of them. The plastic looks cheap. It's safe to say that your lips will feel very hydrated immediately after application, but make sure you carry around with you for re-application if you want to have dry lips.

6. Dr Dans CortiBalm Lip Balm

Dr Dans CortiBalm Lip Balm

All types of lips are treated with the Chapped Lip Treatment. It helps heal mild to severe chapped lips due to harsh weather, allergies, cold sores, cosmetics, medications, and more. This treatment contains 1% hydrocortisone which stops the inflammatory cycle and allows the natural healing process to begin. The original lip care products are still available. The blend is free of harsh chemicals, flavors, and colorings. Ordinary lip balms contain ingredients that can cause irritation and prevent healing. Highly effective! Within 24 hours of application, you will see the results that other lip balms failed to deliver. Dr. Dan's All Natural Lip Balm is great for healing. DISCOVER CORTIBALM. Dr. Dan's lip care is made with a blend of natural ingredients. Less is more.

Brand: Dr. Dan's

👤Be careful with this. I swore it was the only thing that worked that healed my lips. It was recommended by my doctor after I complained of dry lips. I used it for two years because nothing else worked. My lips would burn and dry out if I tried another chapstick. I realized that I was dependent on hydrocortizone, and that it was hurting my lips, making me think I needed more, only to keep feeding the cycle. I was able to throw all out and use all natural lip care. I was able to stop because my lips felt like they needed cortibalm and couldn't manage without it. I did more research about the dangers of hydrocortizone on delicate skin, so I wouldn't use it.

👤Use caution and update! The product did not clear up the bumps around my mouth. I used it for months and it broke my skin barrier. I stopped using the lip balm because it made my skin very irritated and caused me to go through withdrawals. I had to use Elidel cream for a month because of the antibiotics. It was finally cleared up! I thought that the problem was not my problem. Do not use this product for a long time. I developed a disease several months ago. I have tried a lot of things for months. Nothing would clear this up. It was frustrating and embarrassing. It has been completely cleared up. My lips have always peeled when I use lip balm or lipstick. This is the first lip balm that doesn't make them peel. I am waiting on test results from my doctor to see if I am deficient in something that is causing the chelitis. This stuff is preventing it from happening.

👤This is the only lip balm I have found that keeps my lips moist. My lips were cracked and bleeding before I used it. Within a day after use they were soft and supple, and within three completely repaired. If I wait too long to apply it will be almost instantaneous relief. If you don't eat or drink anything for a couple of hours, the balm will last you a couple of weeks. I don't know why it works so well, but I would definitely recommend it to any other users of the drug. There is a I use a cream-based face wash and First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream Intense Hydration if you're looking for other products to use. Since I started using them, my skin hasn't gotten any worse.

👤My daughter has dry lips. They have been like this for a couple years now, getting better in the spring and summer, and worse in the fall and winter. I've tried many things to get her lips clear. Some things work temporarily and make it a little bit better, but nothing really heals it. I have been using this for 4 days now and her lips are almost completely healed. The first picture was taken four days before the last. It's not good to use hydrocortisone for a long time. I'm thankful that I found something that cleared it up quickly and that I can use it when she has a flare-up.

7. OKeeffes Unscented Repair Cracked Stick

OKeeffes Unscented Repair Cracked Stick

There is a form that is CRUELTY-FREE and PARABEN-FREE. Their products are free of harmful substances. No product trials on animals are included in the formula. The Leaping Bunny Program certified them as a cruelty-free brand. O'Keeffe's Lip Repair provides instant relief to extremely dry, cracked lips. It heals, heals A multi-layer barrier that moves with your lips helps keep your lips dry and cracked. ItAbsorbs quickly to provide soft, smooth lips. It keeps lips moist for 8 hours. It keeps lips moist for 8 hours.

Brand: O'keeffe's

👤My daughter has had lip chapping issues her whole life. She is 17 years old. I have tried everything from therapy to chapstick. It was like when I brought this home. "Here's another one to try." She came back a few months later and said she needed more because she had run out of the only thing she had ever used that helped heal and keep her lips moist.

👤When I was put on the breathing tube after a surgery, my lips were destroyed. My lips were cracked, the corners of my mouth were a mess, and I had a bad case of mouth disease. I went to Walgreens in a desperate attempt to get back to eating without pain, and picked up every type of lip cream/ointment or balm they had. O'Keefee's was one of the things I picked up. Within a day of using this, my lips healed up and the cracked corners began to mend. I was able to eat again without being in pain. I had a couple more relapses with the corners and every time I found this magic stuff it would beat it back within a day, but before I could open my mouth I had to take a week or more to get used to it. Since then I've kept a steady supply on hand and use it as my daily lip balm as I always have to have one nearby. My husband is a member of the fan club and takes one from my collection. The balm keeps my lips moist. Your lips don't turn white because there's no substance in them. I highly recommend this if you're looking for a new lip balm.

👤I have dry skin and lips because I am on the drug Accutane. I use this product to keep my lips hydrated. They don't compare. I will put this on my lips at night and it will stay on in the morning. My husband doesn't usually use anything, but he likes it.

👤I love it. I have very dry lips. My lips peel because I am allergic to lip stick. They peel even if I don't wear anything on my lips. This product helps me and is awesome. I've used everything, but nothing helped until my husband found this. I use this product every day. It also last along with that. I carry one of them on me at all times. I can only wear lipstick if I wear this product as well. I think it's a good recommendation. If you suffer like I do, give this a try. You will not be reprimanded for it. Hope it helps.

👤I was frustrated with my lips being dry before using this product. After using this product for 16 hours, my lips became more dry, and by the time I woke up this morning, the skin was peeling off in clumps. When I applied the stick to my lips, they felt moist for about 15 minutes, and then I felt a strange sensation in my lips, like when your fingers get puckered from soaking them in water. My lips felt weird and not in a good way. It was alarmingly plump. I have to wash my face.

8. Aquaphor Repair Fluid Ounce Carded

Aquaphor Repair Fluid Ounce Carded

The Original Beeswax Lip Balm is a refreshing balm that can be used to make your lips look better. Formulated with vitamins and butter. It's proven to soothe and relieve dry lips. The seals help prevent dryness. It gives lips a little shine. Preservative and fragrance free.

Brand: Aquaphor

👤I bought it based on reviews and recommendations because I have very dry lips. Was expecting great results, but was disappointed. The squeeze tube has a design I like. The lip balm is not greasy or heavy and feels good on the lips. The tube claims that it does a decent job of soothing and hydrating. I need to reapply more often than I want because it wears off quickly. It helps heal the skin. There is a In my opinion, nothing special. I'll be using Dr.Dan's Cortibalm while I'm on the medication. I'll be sticking with my Carmex when I go off the drugs.

👤The product is a lifesaver. My lips were so dry in academy that they would bleed. I never had dry lips and was applying chapstick nonstop. I bought this product hoping it would help my lips, but after one night I felt better. I bought an additional for work after two weeks. This product is for people who have seriously chapped lips.

👤I bought this as a replacement for my usual small pot of aquaphor advanced therapy healing salve that I can't find anymore. I like to use it at night as I have bad lips that regular chapsticks don't help. I bought this one because I thought the packaging would make it easier to apply, and I could take it with me everywhere. I don't like it. It tastes like poison. I know I'm not supposed to be eating it, but you're going to taste a little bit of it, and the first time it happened, I almost threw the whole tube away. It feels like I need to apply a lot of makeup to my lips to get good coverage, and it doesn't do as good of a job as the healing salve. I'm going to use the rest of this, but then I'm going to search for my usual aquaphor because this was a little frightening to use. I think it won't last long because of how much I need to use each time.

👤This really works! My son is very dry. He scrubs his lips after every drink or sip. He looks like he's been out all night with the vampire when I wake him up, because he's got blood on his pillow or his mouth. The corners of his mouth were cut when he pushed large chips into his mouth. I was worried that he had a deficiency in vitamins because of the split corners. I tried everything to heal his mouth. Nothing worked until I used this stuff. It made a difference immediately and even the hardest to heal mouth corners are almost completely healed after a week. People won't think he's abused or neglected, and I won't be worried about him being in a zombie gang.

👤I like this stuff. I've tried a lot of different things in order to get my lips dry. I bought a tube of the lip treatment hoping it would help my lips. It made my lips sticky and it made the dead skin more noticeable. Aquaphor was a super cheap cart add-on and within two uses my lips were smooth. It works instantly and is the most hydrating lip balm. I've used before. I convinced three of my friends to try it. I will never buy another lip balm again.

9. Mentholatum Natural Ice Balm Original

Mentholatum Natural Ice Balm Original

Mentholatum Natural Ice (R) Sport Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Medicated Lip Balm has twelve 4.5 g tubes. Broad Spectrum SPF 30 is designed for extreme weather conditions. Natural Ice Sport sunscreen lip balm protects your lips from the sun, wind, cold and heat. The lip balm tubes have broad spectrum protection. 15 minutes before sun exposure, apply liberally, only as directed, and ask a doctor before use for children under 6 months. 15 minutes before sun exposure, apply contents of lip balm tubes.

Brand: Natural Ice

👤This is the best lip balm on the market. It works for lips that are cracked, sunburned, bothered by the cold, or licked too much from any element. It heals your lips after 1 or 2 applications, but it burns the first few times. I enjoy the burn and feel the Natural Ice gives me. I order a lot of this because I'm afraid it will be discontinued. I used to buy it at the local box store, but now I can only find it online. Amazon is the lowest of prices, so subscribe and save! I don't enjoy the cherry as much as the original flavor.

👤I have used Mentholatum Natural Ice Lip Balm for at least ten years. It is very rare for a product to stay the same through all these years. Natural Ice is the most effective lip balm to help soothe your lips, but, and this is what makes it so special, it does not need to be re-applied. Most other lip balms work, but they are either too thick and sticky, or you can feel it on your lips for too long, so you need to apply immediately. Natural Ice can be a bit thick, but it will usually be good for several hours. It's an outstanding product because it also contains sunscreen.

👤I love this product so much. I have been using it since I was in college and I don't think I can ever live without it. I had to order it off of Amazon because they stopped selling it in drugstores. I'm happy that it's on Amazon. It is great for lips that are dry. It's great to use on top of the drying liquid lipsticks and lip stains. It isn't fruity, tinted or shimmery. It is very healing. It gives relief to burning lips. It has a wonderful smell of the original Mentholatum that many of us grew up with. It's comforting to us kids when our mom or grandma slaps a big dose of Mentholatum on our chests when we're sick in bed or have a bad lip. My kids thought it was too strong for them when they were little, but now they carry one with them at all times. It's a must have for people with dry skin and dry lips. It's my holy rail lip balm. It's the best lip balm on the planet.

👤I have been using prescription and natural lip balms to help heal my lips after years of suffering from angular Cheilitis. Within two days of using this product, my lips are back to normal. It provides a nice barrier to the water. It has an SPF so it protects. I have stashed these tubes all over the place after I bought the 12 pack. Highly recommend.

👤I have used Natural Ice for 25 years and had bought many tubes of it as I could find, but it was no longer being sold by Wally World. I ordered 12 tubes on Amazon after running out of my own. I compared the current ingredients to my old tube and they have changed the AMOUNT of each ingredient, which is not so effective as it used to be. It seems to last less than a long time. I have to apply again and again. It is still better than all of the other lip balms. I tried all of them. It's not as good as it used to be.

10. Neutrogena Conditioning Hyaluronic Texture Smoothing Moisturizing

Neutrogena Conditioning Hyaluronic Texture Smoothing Moisturizing

0.10-ounce shell case of Neutrogena Hydro boost hydrating lip treatment with Hyaluronic Acid to improve the texture and feel of your lips It instantly infuses dry, cracked, or chapped lips with intense conditioning to help soothe and hydrating them. The lip treatment is made with purified hyaluronic acid, which acts as a sponge to absorb hydration and nourish the skin and lips. Lip balm leaves lips feeling hydrated for 24 hours and helps improve lip texture over time. The gentle lip treatment is available in a neutral shade and is great to take in a purse or pocket for on-the-go hydration.

Brand: Neutrogena

👤My skin is dry. This is the first product that doesn't taste bad and doesn't need to be reapplied more than once, if that's the case, a day that has kept my lips from peeling. It's a bloody mess in the winter but this product is giving me hope for the summer. It doesn't feel slippery. I'm not sure why people are upset about the packaging. I've bought every lip balm I've ever used in a tub. If the thought of your own skin and cells being in your own balm is upsetting, wash your hands first. If this had a screw on lid, it would be difficult to close it with your finger. It's not hard to open. I have arthritis and muscle issues but not once have I "stabbed my thumbnail into the product" or anything close, I was thinking of the reviews I read before buying this product and was a little nervous to open it. So many people had issues, and then confused. It's a slim compact that's easy to carry around. It's convenient. Maybe they re-designed the packaging. The struggle is still confusing.

👤My first review was off-base. This is amazing, I think, because of the user error. The trick is not to use it in a weird way. I was doing that. I didn't have enough time to work on it. The trick is to use it until your lips become conditioned, then use it only when your other lip creams aren't doing the job. My lips became supple and softer after a couple of days. I used my regular tubes of balms to keep them moist. I would use a small amount when my balm was not lasting as long. I see why there isn't more. I was using it wrong. I apologize to Neutrogena for the first time. The price is a bargain for the job this does. I will be ordering more frequently. I expected more from this. The size is smaller than I like. This is not any better than cheaper products. It's not a "WOW!" item for me. I'm not angry. Unless it's on a deep sale, I won't buy this again. The design is compact. It's nicer than a tube for the purse or pocket and it's cute. Still...

👤I have had issues with wrinkling around my lips for a long time. People thought I smoked. I'm not. I put it on in the morning and at night. There was a total improvement. A friend asked what I had done. I bought a lot of these. Try their product. It's the same as top brand names.

👤I use the Hydro boost face gel on my lips and thought I would try the special formula for lips. The lip treatment is ok but not as good as other brands, especially when you consider the price. I would like one application to last longer. I prefer using the hydo boost face gel on my lips, instead of the specially created one.

11. Eos Organic Stick Lip Balm

Eos Organic Stick Lip Balm

There is a top organic lip balm. All natural lip balm with a creamy flavor. Natural butters, oils and waxes lock in hydration to give you the healthiest lips and long lasting hydration. Lip balm with all natural ingredients, such as coconut oil, jojoba oil, and beeswax, leave lips feeling smooth. Sustainably Sourced shea butter is made from wild grown, sustainable shea butter to make your lips feel soft. All Natural Lip Care is vegan, vegetarian and free of animal testing. The ORGANIC lip balm was reported for prior 52 w/e 6.15.20.

Brand: Eos

👤I'm not entirely sure if I just received a bad one, but with severe pain on my lips, after they were okay before using this, it's this balm that caused it. I have dark spots on my lip. I had to apply the balm again after 30 minutes since it would just disappear off of my mouth and I didn't want to eat or drink it. If this is cheap, buy anything else. Over the past few days, my lip was swollen and my mouth was dry. I looked terrible before but now I look terrible.

👤I don't like writing negative reviews, but I have to because this product is abysmal. It tastes like candle wax and is effective. The flavor is not like any other pleasant flavor. If you don't want to do this, you can recommend a wonderful product that is BLISTEX "DEEP RENEWAL" anti-aging lip treatment. It is made of fantastic ingredients and is in a neutral color container. Don't leave it in the car on a hot day. I learned the hard way that the fix was as easy as tossing it in the fridge and it would re-solidify. The DEEP RENEWAL is the best BLISTEX product and it has no camphor or menthol. Hope this helps!

👤Since it is made from organic products and not wax, it doesn't ruin your clothes if you wash and dry your Lip balm frequently. I have ruined a lot of my clothes by using this and it doesn't do anything to your clothes or product left in the tube after you dry it, so there's enough product that you don't immediately have to run out and grab. I have ruined a lot of my clothes by using this and it doesn't do anything to your clothes or product left in the tube after you dry it, so there's enough product that you don't immediately have to run out and grab.

👤I have used many lip balms, but this is the best I have ever used. It leaves my lips soft and well cared for. I like the scent and flavor. I like the tube and the ability to roll the lip balm up and down. The description says that this is organic but to some it doesn't really make a difference, but to others it is a big plus. I don't have to apply it immediately after using this. It lasts a long time. I like the way it feels on my lips. I like the scent. You can smell it, even though it isn't something others can smell. Some of the flavors might make you hungry. Especially the one that's called vanilla. I will purchase this in the future and have already done so several times. You can never have too many tubes of lip balm. Too many flavors. :D I would recommend this to others as well. All lip balms are not the same. I didn't know that until I tried higher priced and higher quality products. It's worth the extra money.


What is the best product for best lip balm for dry lips?

Best lip balm for dry lips products from Burt's Bees. In this article about best lip balm for dry lips you can see why people choose the product. Blistex and Qtica are also good brands to look for when you are finding best lip balm for dry lips.

What are the best brands for best lip balm for dry lips?

Burt's Bees, Blistex and Qtica are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best lip balm for dry lips. Find the detail in this article. Truvani, Eos and Dr. Dan's are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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