Best Best Lightweight Vacuum for Wood Floors

Vacuum 26 Jun 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Hoover FloorMate Deluxe Cleaner Moondust

Hoover FloorMate Deluxe Cleaner Moondust

There are Hardwood, Madame, and Vinci. SpinScrub Brushes are used to clean sealed wood, vinyl, tile and grout. The dual tank technology keeps clean and dirty water separate so you don't put dirty water on the floor. The wash-dry mode uses brushes to clean while the dry mode stops the brushes from sucking up water. 120 Volts is the maximum for a motor vehicle. Fingertip control. Extra detergent is applied to stains and heavy traffic areas. Light weight: The floor mate is easy to carry, even up and down stairs.

Brand: Hoover

👤I finally figured out how to care for it after having at least 6 or 7 of them. When you are done, remove the waste pick up tank and let the Floormate run for a while. That is because the "wet" air is sucked through the motor and causes rust on a steel sleeve piece. I don't know why this wasn't painted or zinc plated, unless the decision was made to sell more machines. Without the tank the problem is solved. The last Floormates worked hard for 21 months and then broke their internal hose, which was a stark contrast to the life of 5 to 9 months for our previous Floormates. There is a We live at the edge of the woods and have three Great Danes, plus people going in and out all day. We do a lot of floor cleaning. I have been designing small electrical and mechanical devices for more than 30 years. I spotted the problem when I did a tear down. Keep the pick-up head clean. I have to clean it more frequently than I would like because Great Danes shed a lot, so even with vacuuming before scrubbing, I have to take the head off. That is not a machine failure and is easy to do.

👤Over a year. It didn't work. Thought it was the switch when he opened it. The hole motor is rusted. How does this happen?

👤Many reviewers love this thing. Many reviewers hate this thing. I had an older model that lasted me a decade. For the past few years, it wouldn't clean. I mixed some from a bucket and used the Floormate to scrub and pick up the water. It was worth it for that. I got a new one. $131.50 was paid. If it lasts only 2 years, I won't complain. It keeps me from scrubbing the floors on my hands-n- knees, it saves my back, and it sucks up the dirty water. It is not perfect. It probably isn't intended to scrub horrible messes. It cleans my tile floors just fine. It works well on my tile floors. It doesn't clean the baseboards. Nothing does. I use a Swiffer or damp paper towels. It doesn't dry the floors completely. It leaves a few wet spots, but it squeegees up 99% of the water. So what? I can wipe up a few spots with paper towels. Leave them to dry on their own. It is easy to fill and empty. I will use it until it dies, then get another. If you expect more than I have described, you will probably be dissatisfied. It is a great time saving, back saving tool if you can appreciate the helping hand it gives.

👤The conversation I had with Hoover was about the tank. In my message to Hoover, I asked if it was covered. I was told no. I wrote the line about adjusting my review hoping the rep would offer me a replacement part at a low cost. I had an item fail on my Shark vacuum cleaner and when I called to ask if it was covered, I was told no! The person from Shark Vacuum Cleaner said they could give you a 50% off replacement part. Take a lesson from Hoover. Michael G is here on the 16th of August. Thank you for choosing Hoover. How can I help you today? I purchased a floor mate from Amazon and the cleaning solution tank was behind Michael G. The part of the cleaning tank where the water comes out when installed in the machine is called FH40160PC. The valves on the tank? The part for my model is at the bottom of the Hoover tank. Okay. I will re- write my review of the product. Have a great day, thank you for contacting Hoover Customer Care.

2. Cordless TASVAC Powerful Lightweight Hardwood

Cordless TASVAC Powerful Lightweight Hardwood

New S8 hardwood floor carpet vacuum with a soft brush can protect your wood floors. It will not scratch or damage the finish on hardwood floors and stairs. The display has a power display, brush lock display, low battery reminder, and duct blockage reminders. If you need it, you can learn about it in real-time. No Secondary Pollution S8 vacuum cleaner has a whole machine function. 99% of particles are as small as 0.1 microns. Clean air is expelled. It is safe and friendly to families with children. If you have pets or allergies, it may be worth investing in an S8 for its ability to capture and retain both hair and dander. The vacuum stick has a longer lifespan, up to 50 minutes on standard mode and 20 minutes on max mode. The high power and low power loss of the vacuum cleaner is ensured by the unique battery-saving technology. If you have a lot of hardwood floors, this corded cleaner is very convenient. Featherweight Versatile Maneuverability Stick Vacuum is a product. The S8 vacuum cleaner is only 1/3 of the weight of major vacuums on the market, so it's extremely suitable for one-hand cleaning, and it weighs only 3.75 lbs. You can easily convert a handheld vacuum to a handheld one. The electric broom vacuum with 260W electric floor brushes has an ultra- quiet Hurricane vacuum that picks up debris, cat litter, crumbs, and pet hairs from a variety of surfaces. Peacefully cleaning with no noise for your family and pets.

Brand: Tasvac

👤I needed a quick and convenient way to clean the new hard wood floors in the house. First impressions were that this item is easy to attach and take apart for certain functions. It is great for cleaning out the cars in the family because it can convert to a hand held vacuum. It is lightweight and works well on our stair case. All of the attachments are capable of getting into crevices and hard to reach places. The soft brush is made for hardwood floors and will not cause scratches to your flooring as with a harder type of brush. The led display is well lit and can tell you when the battery is low and if there is a problem. If you want to clear the obstruction, you can either take it apart or use a pen or finger to pull it out. This is expected of someone with kids and pets. It's hard to use a vacuum of this type. The battery run time is efficient and the item does a great job even though I put it through.

👤Unless you have a good vacuum, you may not realize how important it is. It's a blessing in disguise that you don't have to plug in the vacuum when you go from room to room, because it's a lightweight, portable vacuum that you can carry around. It has made our cleaning routine simpler. It has enough space to be used for daily needs for things like food crumbs, dust, dirt, and so on. It shows the battery amount in the display so we don't have to guess when to plug it in. The power settings are useful when you need more power to suck up stuff. The vacuum would be heavy if the battery lasted a bit more. This is a perfect balance between lightweight and battery life.

👤We have dark hardwood floors and rugs in our house that show every crumb and pet hair. I wanted a light weight that was easy to grab the vacuum. I could easily spot it. The vacuum has been great. It has a powerful charge that lasts a while. It is perfect for the wood and rugs. The adjusting height makes it hard to reach spots that are easy to interchange. The vacuum head is very thin and it fits under all the cabinets. This is a great vacuum. I don't have to get out my broom and pan all the time. I highly recommend!

👤I used to use a vac. I've been looking for a lighter vac that is better for stairs. My must-haves are great suction, attachment for stairs and baseboards, and a long- lasting battery, which can easily fit under my furniture. When it arrived, it did not fail to impress me. I just cleaned the stairs out of the box and was impressed with the amount of dust and the power of the vacuum. I like that I can lock the button. I don't have to hold it down. I can vacuum without charging with 50 minutes of battery.

3. Vacuum Cordless Detachable Rechargeable Assistant

Vacuum Cordless Detachable Rechargeable Assistant

You don't need an outlet to store the S65 vacuum cleaner and its attachment tools. The smart voice assistant will remind you to place on the charging dock, clean dirty water tank, fill up with clean water, start self-cleaning and etc. This function can be turned off. The set includes a HEPA Filter and a roller brush. For whole house cleaning, a corded vacuum is good, and for hardwood floors and carpets, it's fine. No water stains are left when you vacuum, wash and mop at the same time. The 30s Super Fast Self-Cleaning System could only be applied when charging. If you want to avoid getting stinky, unplug the power supply and clean the dirty water tank. You could easily know the cleaning mode, working time, remain battery, lack of water and etc. The battery is replaceable, so you don't have to move the whole machine or charging dock. It's easy to store and not bulky for the elderly. They don't need a heavy vacuum to clean. The charging dock has an attachment to hold rollers so they can dry after use.

Brand: Acekool

👤You can mow through spaghetti on the floor, it works well on both carpets and hard floors. It's easy to use and the self-cleaning is great. There are no spare parts for this. I contacted the manufacturer to confirm this. It's odd considering that it's been designed with ease of maintenance in mind, and that the battery on the back is replaceable. The brushes, filter and battery will need to be replaced after a year or so. For the money, its a 4 star product, maybe 5. It's not acceptable for products such as this to be thrown out at this point because you may end up having to throw this out a lot sooner than you thought. I had the idea that there would be a way to find spare parts, and that new sources would show up in time. I searched faily well and nothing came up. If they do, I will review this review again and note down where to find them.

👤There is no easy access to replacement parts for the unit. An extra battery and spare microfiber rollers were what I was looking for. Why have parts if I can't easily buy them? I think a Bissell Crosswave is better. Customer services are important for a long term relationship with me.

👤All my floor cleaning tools have been replaced by this wet dry vacuum. I use the wet vacuum to clean the house, it works well on hardwood, tile and vinyl flooring. It's easy to use: charge the battery before use, fill the water tank with water, turn on the vacuum, and spray away. As you move the vacuum, dirt, hair, dust and water will be collected into the dirty water tank. I usually switch off the voice assistant incorporated into the vacuum because I don't find it to be very helpful. The auto- clean function is the best feature. The self-cleaning mode makes cleaning the roller brush much easier and quicker. I let it run for two auto- clean cycles to get the brush extra clean.

👤The machine does both vacumming and mopping. It saves a lot of time and my floor looks great after it's been cleaned. Don't hold the release water button while mopping. Press it occasionally so it won't be messy. The battery can last for a long time.

👤The vacuum is perfect for my wife. We clean the floor twice a week. You don't need a wet floor in this vacuum, it does all clean and wet. It saves a lot of time and energy. Our home is made of wood. I am also happy.

👤I got this product in March, after ordering it in November. I thought it was amazing the first time I used it. It was easy to use and it cleaned my floor well. The next time I used it, the mop shut off. The dirty water tank was not noticed. I don't know if it's a sensor issue or if the water tank is just a tiny bit off when it clips into place. I have kept the mop on the charging station for a few days and then loaded it up with dirt to clean the floor, but the mop claims it is not charged. This was the biggest issue I have had with the mop. When you go to clean a mop that is sitting on the charging port, it says the battery is dead. I have had this mop for about 4 months now and have used it maybe no more than 20 times. I have used it to mop and vacuum, but the fan on the mop was too powerful and kept blowing the fur away, rather than sucking it up. I bought this product because I am pregnant and use a traditional spin mop. I thought this mop would be easy. To be fair, when it works, it works well. It picks up dirt on the wood. It has sensor issues and doesn't keep a charge.

4. Simplicity Spiffy Bagless Cleaner Hardwood

Simplicity Spiffy Bagless Cleaner Hardwood

PreTTYCARE offer 7* 24hrs customer service and a 24 month 100% satisfactory after-sales service for the powerful vacuum cleaner. Buy with confidence. The no-slip carrying handle makes it easy to transport this slim, lightweight vacuum wherever you please. A 30 foot cord is included in the broom vac. You can clean longer without changing outlets. That's a lot of cords. You can adjust your speed as you please. The electric broom vacuum has a powerful force. Great for carpets and rugs. The 4 Stage Filtration System includes a certified HEPA filter, as well as a certified HEPA Media filter, which filters 99% of dirt, pollen, and dander and other small particles. Simply press a button and the dirt will build up in your bagless vac dust bin. Are you tall or not? No worries either way! The aluminum wand can be adjusted to the most comfortable height. Need to get to base boards? Remove the flexible head and replace it with the crevice tool attachment.

Brand: Simplicity

👤Better choice is a battery-operated device. This is a great product. I researched options for stick vacuums to use in the kitchen and bathroom. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a Dyson or other model that has a lot of uses. I was looking for a stick vac that was easy to use. I would have preferred a rechargable unit for ease of use, but they are unreliable for long term use and expensive. Two high end units I owned died after a year or two of infrequent home use. I have spoken to several people that have had similar experiences and they all said that the batteries stop taking a charge and the units and motors can't match up to a high quality corded unit like this Simplicity model. The S60 has a very strong 2 speed motor and is comfortable to use with an easy to empty bin. The 30 foot cord allows me to cover a lot of ground. The quality is apparent because of the wheels and bumper. The Dirt Devil corded vac that we use in the lower level works fine but does not compare to the quality and ease of use of the Simplicity. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked this unit. The battery operated models need to be replaced frequently. The unit is a little more expensive than the others, but it seems that Simplicity makes high quality products that have proved themselves over time. I like the fact that the unit has all of the filters that I don't find in the less expensive models. I appreciate the fact that I don't have to plug in a battery to charge or worry about the battery running out of juice. I can use the corded unit as long as necessary to get the job done because it avoids all of the issues.

👤Here's the deal. If you want a good vaccum, you need to shell out 200 dollars. I recently purchased a vaccum on Amazon and it had tons of good reviews, I believe it was a vanhos brand. I realized that these reviews must be fake. The vaccum was not clean. You can't get a good vaccum for a cheap price. I did some research on the Amazon site after seeing this vaccum. It received good reviews. I bought this because of the great return policy on Amazon. The power cord was very heavy when I opened the box. I turned it on after assembling it. My hand was sucked to the bottom of the vaccum. I was scared and excited at the same time. The small stick style vaccum has a mind blowing power. I took it to my home the next morning. It picked up a heavy rock sale that was tracked into the house and the cat litter went into the amazing canister without any dust from the awesome filter system. The battery life of my old vacuum was horrible and the wand allowed the kitty litter to fall down onto the floor. If I had seen it before buying, I would have paid more. I don't feel anything under my feet on my hardwood floors. When I get another vaccum, this brand will be my go to. If you have a large home, the cord might not be the best option for you, but for one story homes, this vacuum is the best. If you are going to go for a corded vaccum make sure to shell out 200 to 300 hundred or you will get a inferior vaccum. I learned the hard way that most of the Amazon reviews are false. This vaccum is very good. The wand feature was amazing as the body flips over for the handle. The crevice tool was perfect for cleaning.

5. Felt Pads X PROTECTOR Protectors Protectors

Felt Pads X PROTECTOR Protectors Protectors

Are you tall or not? No worries either way! The aluminum wand can be adjusted to the most comfortable height. Need to get to base boards? Remove the flexible head and replace it with the crevice tool attachment. The best protection for wooden, laminate or tiled floors is the X-protECTOR FURNITURE FELT PADS. Their furniture coasters create strong shields between furniture, desks, and tabletops, which protect them from scratches and scuffs. There's enough fringe for everyone in their big pack with all sizes and many big fringe pads. Best floor protectors for furniture legs. The size of theECTOR anti scratch furniture pads. A lot of chair leg floor protectors are large enough to fit all of the furniture in the home. Their wood floor protectors for furniture are perfect for any chair legs, furniture feet and home furniture, electrical and other items. It is easy to stick felt floor protectors to furniture and items. X-protECTOR is a REGISTERED TRADEMARK. Their customers will get 100% satisfaction with their datememe pads. They will return your money if you don't like their protectors. It should be ordered. Press the button to add to the cart. Right now! X-protECTOR is a REGISTERED TRADEMARK. Their customers will get 100% satisfaction with their datememe pads. They will return your money if you don't like their protectors. It should be ordered. Press the button to add to the cart. Right now!

Brand: X-protector

👤The big pack was only a bit more for felt fuzzies. I had chairs that scratched my floor. I used some to stop the picture frames from vibrating after fixing the chairs. I put it on the bottom of the vases and bowls to stop them from vibrating. I stacked the desks together to stop the desk from slamming. I leveled the lamp and table. I put some of the strips along the frame of my bedroom door. I stuck a couple to the walls to protect them from chairs and doors. These things are amazing.

👤The fuzzy stick that is on the bottom of our kitchen chairs is four years old. After a few weeks, the fuzzy things separate from the glue. That's bad enough, but the glue is now on the floor. Don't waste your money.

👤The reviews say that these are the best felt chair leg pads out there. I can't return them at this point. They stick for a short time, then fall off, causing my wood floor to be scratched. I have replaced a bunch of them after only a few weeks of use, because they are constantly coming undone, and I can't see why they wouldn't stick. The felt was flat in a very short period of time. They are not very useful. I'm not going to buy them again if this is just a bad bunch. Maybe it's a bad batches, but they work well for others. What we have doesn't work.

👤There are pros and cons. It's a must to protect hardwood or laminated floors. Pads are soft and won't scratch the floors. It works well as a door stop to prevent the door handle from hitting the wall, and also as a padding to protect the wall. It is possible to move heavy furniture very easily and glide across the floor, especially useful when vacuuming and cleaning the house. It allows furniture to glide very easily, and can be dangerous around small children, as it allows furniture to glide very easily.

👤These are doing a great job so far. I applied them to furniture as we lay down bamboo flooring. We have not had to move the items too much, but this far these do a good job of balancing allowing movement while not slipping too easily, and have prevented any damage to the new floor plank.

👤The shapes were larger than usual. Not good for dining chairs. It doesn't stick on. If you have skinny dining chair legs, it is over sized and will eventually come off. I sweep them up.

👤The furniture pads got all used up after being happily used. I like to add new furniture when I replace the ones on our dinner chairs. The floor was saved from a lot of scratches. I recommend changing them out frequently on high traffic items as they collect dirt and debris and get flattened. They seem to be fine. We've been in our house for about a month and a half and we have these on every room in the house. The glue is sticking well. They're holding up great for now, but I'm sure after a while it will be time to replace them. The sizes and shapes were great for our furniture. I used multiples of furniture feet to cover the space, but it isn't noticeable. It's better for furniture that is small. I think I should have gotten no slide feet for our furniture since it's too easy to move our couch or baby's crib when I'm just leading against them. I'm not docking a star, I'm just throwing it out there because it's not a down-side for this product. I would recommend buying non-slip feet for items you don't want to move so quickly.

6. Ultra Quiet Detachable Lightweight PRETTYCARE W300

Ultra Quiet Detachable Lightweight PRETTYCARE W300

There is one button that can phlegm. The bagless vacuum cleaner has a high-capacity dust cup that can handle long cleaning sessions, and you don't have to use the one-button to empty it. The transparent dust cup can be used to check the capacity of the dust. A user friendly design makes it easy to use the best stick vacuum. The new PRETTYACRE VAC is an upgrade to the old one and it has powerful suction to meet all of your cleaning demands. Stick vacuum does a good job on all kinds of hardwood floors, carpet, stairs, windowsills, sofa and bed, desk and curtain. LED Touch display with 35 minutes. There are two modes, "+" is the max level and "-" is the standard mode, the stick vacuum cleaner has built-in batteries which are perfect for vacuuming. A full charge is enough to clean your home. Pure air for your family and an excellent cleaning experience can be provided by the PreTTYCARE vacuum cleaner. Good suction can be maintained by regular cleaning of the filter. After it is completely dry, use the filter. The vacuum cleaner has various accessories for use in handheld mode. It can be used as a handheld vacuum with versatile attachment, allowing you to reach corners, stairs and crevices for a full deep cleaning. The corded vacuum cleaner has a motorized brush head that can be turned sideways to capture dirt under furniture. It's lightweight and easy to use, even for a whole house cleaning. It can be placed on the wall and charged at the same time.

Brand: Prettycare.

👤I've never found a perfect one. I have pets so I have bought many. The pros and cons are listed here. It is light weight. It is fairly quiet. It picks up good on hard floors. There is a The batty power lasts about a half hour. The vacuum power must be turned on when going over rugs. When the power is turned on, the battery life is short. I mean very quickly. There is a The collection tank loosens if bumped. When this happens, the brush and light turn off. There is a It won't stand up easily even when proped against a wall. I don't like to put screws in my wall to hang a vacuum. I don't want to have to paint my wall every time I get a new vacuum. I have to place my trash can against the corner of my laundry room to keep it from falling over.

👤The vacuum is great. The corded vacuum doesn't pick up messes on hardwood or carpet, but the suction power of the vacuum does. It is very light and easy to maneuver. The controls are easy to use. The battery can vacuum multiple rooms. You can see the battery percentage on the screen while vacuuming. It charges quickly. It is extendable and Shrinkable with the floor attachment. You can use it to pick up messes on couches. The vacuum exceeds expectations.

👤Hello. I got a vacuum because I had a bird. A bird is messy. An incredibly messy bird. I didn't want to have to vacuum my floor every day for the feathers, food and dander that were in his corner. I'm also allergic to birds. Yes, sure am. The vacuum is small and has good suction. I don't think my big vacuum would get all the bigger feathers. It has kept my home clean. It's easy to clean. I will say that every once in awhile the floor brush part stops spinning, but I believe it's either a user error or I refuse to read directions. They might be blocking it up a bit.

👤I thought it was ok after the first use. We need a good vacuum because our chocolate lab sheds a lot. The hair got stuck in the tube. The roller bar fell out again. The third time it worked, it shut off. The battery wasn't dead, it just wasn't turning on. The vacuum turned on for the fourth time and did the best job it has ever done, but it wouldn't turn off. I had to remove the battery to stop it from running. I see a lot of good reviews, so maybe I got a dud. This is almost nothing like a Dyson. It is worth buying a similar dupe that has a well known name brand.

👤The vacuum is garbage. Do not waste your time. On bare floors, it has very little power for carpets. It falls when you lean it up against any surface. And look at your foot. Even if you think you have secured it well, it will still fall. It is a waste. I bought a different one from Jashen. This thing is very good. When leaned correctly, it will stand. The other reviews giving this 5 stars are not legit.

7. EUREKA Cordless Efficiency Headlights Convenient

EUREKA Cordless Efficiency Headlights Convenient

The Greenote GSC50 vacuum cleaner has a unique buckle design, which can easily switch between long handle and short brush with a light press. The design can be placed anywhere after the cleaning is done. The handle is light and easy to use. The lightweight design of Grab & Go makes it easy to use and perfect for daily cleaning. Storage is easy to organize with the wall mount. Easily converts to a handheld vacuum. Dust and debris can be easily cleaned under furniture and cabinets. The two cleaning modes allow you to change the power on the controls to increase the amount of air in the room. There is up to 30 minutes of run time on the battery.

Brand: Eureka

👤The vacuum is awesome. The bin is not attached to the pole of the vacuum, which makes it lighter and easier to use around the house. It has strong power that it can take in dust and dirty before I get to it. It's easy to empty the dust container and perform well on bare floors, it doesn't leave dust or dirt behind.

👤I'm revising the review because my vacuum is trashed. If you get this vacuum, please be careful with it. I made the mistake of putting it against a wall because I knew it wouldn't stand on its own. The bottom piece won't stay on after it fell. The piece of plastic broke when it fell. I knew it wouldn't stand, but I thought it would be fine for a few seconds. This is a design flaw that should be fixed. I only got 7 months of service out of this thing. I bought this vacuum to use on my screened porch, where I have two cat litter boxes, to clean up all the bits of cat litter they tend to scatter around. I'm storing it in a very screened porch, where no rain can get to it, and I'm not using it outside. It looks like it's going to fulfill that mission, even though I only had it a day. It sucks up the litter. With no problem. There are flaws in the design. Other reviews have mentioned the first one. Why didn't they make it a charging stand or a place where it could stand? My house and screened porch walls are made of vinyl. I can't hang this thing up by drilling holes in my siding. I was trying to figure out what to do with the hanging hardware when it fell over twice. I had a box of vinyl siding that I used to hang a Christmas wreath. One of them worked well. I'm including a picture. I stuck it under the siding and slid the vacuum on the little hook to work. I guess I'll live with it because the hanger is going to fall off when I remove the vacuum. If I ever decide to move it, I have to keep up with the hanging hardware. Which leads me to my next issue with the design. I can't see how you can attach the device while it's in vacuum mode. When it's hung up, you have this spare part, the crevice thing, just hanging out. Good luck remembering where it is because it will have to be stored somewhere. It would be so convenient if it was attached to the vacuum or charging stand when it wasn't being used. I couldn't figure it out and the instructions weren't very helpful. I am hopeful that this will work for me, but I wish some of its flaws had been fixed.

👤I have to check the warranty because the middle section of the stick apparently wore out and I have to duct tape it to keep it on. I am sure I will jinx myself by giving this five stars and it will break down tomorrow, but in the meantime it's everything I could ask for in a lightweight vacuum. I have low pile carpeting that works well on bare floors, and it is strong enough to handle that. I already have the dustbuster option, so I haven't tried it yet. I don't like taking stuff apart. The charge lasts more than an hour and stays in storage. I paid a bit too much for this vac, but I am very happy with it, even though it won't stand upright by itself and it's a pita to find places to rest against without falling down.

8. ORFELD Cordless Lightweight Rechargeable Min Runtime

ORFELD Cordless Lightweight Rechargeable Min Runtime

The ORFELD team provides a 1 year warranty. Dust and debris can be emptied directly into the Dust Cup. The 2200mAh 6-cell battery and 2 ball bearing motor has 120 watt of power. Up to 40 minutes of Eco mode ensures thorough one-time cleaning of an average house. One charge is equivalent to twice the time of most other machines. You can charge at any outlet. Their design allows you to stop and start whenever you please. It's easy to carry and store with a 180 folding handle. This is an excellent choice for a cost-effective machine, whether it is your first vacuum cleaner or secondary to other bulky vacuum cleaners, this is great for quick and easy Cleanups. You can try it yourself and see why others have made this one so popular.

Brand: Orfeld

👤I should have listened to the other reviews. For 6 weeks, this vacuum is an absolute dream. The light stopped working and the brush stopped spinning, so it doesn't suck up anything. I loved how light and maneuverable this vacuum was. They will charge you a 20% restocking fee when you break. I received an email asking me to remove a negative review in exchange for a gift card. Business practices that are shady.

👤I was tired of lugging the vacuum to my house. I hit the buy button on this machine. I am glad I did. It appears to be a pretty little toy, dark blue and bright orange, and could be used by a child. I was amazed at how light and maneuverable it is after an easy assembly. The handle can be turned slightly to allow for the direction of the 10" wide floor piece. I can vacuum under the bed. The cabinet is 4.5" above the floor. No more mops! It's not loud like with the big screaming vacuum cleaner. The main part of the vacuum is the handheld Dust It does a good job of catching flies and moths. The stuff that bigger vacs can't handle, like pine needles, dog furballs, and general dirt from outdoors, are easily handled by the strong and easy-to-use Suction. It does a good job on carpets and throw rugs. The rotating brushes do a better job than the big vacuum on things like pine needles. The hand held device is very easy to disassemble and clean. The paper filters are strong and can be cleaned with water. A spare filter is included. Everything is designed well. The plastic surfaces are easy to clean. The tile floor in my 1100 sq. ft. house is completely cleaned on one charge. The vac stands vertically on the station in the corner of the room, with 3 white lights flashing to indicate charging status. It can take a couple hours to charge back up. I plan to give my sister a vac. Highly recommended! Ignore all the glowing comments I just made. The vac has failed, to my great disappointment. Even though the unit has been cleaned, it will no longer pick up the dirt and debris. The brush is no longer spinning. The light goes off. The upright floor feature is useless. There is a I bought one for my sister. I am embarrassed about that. I have given it a one star rating.

👤It is a surprise to me. I bought this one because it's cheap and I don't want to wait for hours to clean since my Dyson runs out of battery very fast. The vacuum is light and flexible. My Dyson is sitting at the corner for a few days after I got it. My daughter is doing the vacuum everyday since the school closed, and I am very happy with the new vacuum. She is happy.

👤I have always wanted a vacuum with a corded option, since I dread vacuuming my apartment because of the extra work of plugging in and pulling off. The price tag deterred me. I decided to get one because it seems to be cheaper and has good reviews. Wow. I am not a believer. The quality of the vacuum is really good, and it's nice to not have to worry about the cord. I love how I could take off the main body part and move around, or take off the roller in the suction, or fold the handle. The handle can be turned to make it easier to get to smaller spaces. It is easier to turn the handle with an angle than it is to turn it vertically. The instructions are somewhat clear. I sucked a small rock by accident and no one complained about the power. So far, so good! Sometimes the hair can get caught in the roller, that's the only complaint I have. I need to figure out a way to clean them better. The roller recently slowed down after a few uses and I was disappointed because it was soon after the product was purchased. I reached out to customer service and was able to get a response, but it turns out that there is a problem with the vacuum head. They said that they will ship the parts. I'm very impressed with the customer service.

9. Cordless Powerful Detachable Lightweight Hardwood

Cordless Powerful Detachable Lightweight Hardwood

There is up to 30 minutes of run time on the battery. PreTTYCARE is a corded vacuum cleaner motor that has a strong suction power of up to 20000Pa, which is best for debris and deeply embedded dirt, such as cat litter, dog food crumbs, pet hair and so on. TheCordless stick vacuum set has a 4 stage advanced filtration system, which includes cyclone, cylinder, Hepa, and sponge filters. The hardwood floor vacuum has lights that illuminate dark areas and track dusts and dirt. The vacuum cleaner has two speed levels, so you can switch between the highest and standard mode. The storage is lightweight and compact. The stick vacuum cleaner is easy to use and has 6 lbs of weight. It can be placed on the wall with wall-mount and charge at the same time. PreTTYCARE offer 7* 24hrs customer service and a 24 month 100% satisfactory after-sales service for the powerful vacuum cleaner. Buy with confidence.

Brand: Prettycare

👤The weight and style of the product were great. It looked like a good product. The light on it is nice. I needed something for a daily clean up of dog hair, and I didn't want to use it to do heavy lifting. It couldn't handle that. It would pick up a little and then the rest of the time it pushed it all around. After not much time, the unit began to fail. I had to return it because it couldn't handle the lightest of messes. The company has written me more times than I care to remember, but it seems like it was nice at first. They keep asking if I want a refund or a replacement. I have been demanding a refund from the beginning. They want me to change my reviews. They ignore my requests for a simple refund. The product doesn't work and they will never leave you alone, so don't bother with this company. The email with the wrong name told me to remove my review first in order to get a refund. This is ridiculous. I have never been harassed by a seller on Amazon. My review was changed to a single star.

👤The vacuum is amazing. It is manageable for people with less muscle. It does its job perfectly and does not create unbearable loud noise. It was very easy to maneuver. Highly recommended!

👤When I first got this vacuum, I loved it. It was really lightweight and the suction was great. The battery lasted a good amount of time. I was able to take care of the first floor before it ran out. I have a different story. We used it to clean our room. The battery died after being charged all night. I didn't think it was a real problem. I plugged it in again. I used it for 2 minutes when I got home, and it started acting like the lower half of the vacuum wasn't attached. Even though the rest of it was working, the light and bristles turned on and off. After using it for 2 minutes, the battery died. I'm able to return it, so I'll do that. Don't spend your money.

👤I pieced it together and turned it on. The brush roll did not turn, the lights did not turn on, and the power was terrible. The battery was charged to give it a chance, but it didn't do anything. This product was very disappointing.

👤The product is light and easy to use. The product is well designed and you don't need a manual to use it. The multi speed mode can be adjusted with one click. The noise of the vacuum cleaner is not as loud as it could be. This is a great value for money and I can use it to vacuum my car.

👤I was looking for a simple vacuum that I could use to clean my room. The vacuum is amazing. It's easy to maneuver in small spaces. You can hang it up with a wall mount. It has a light attached to it and you can detach the top part to remove stubborn spots. I love this vacuum because I wanted to use it for something.

10. Lightweight Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Simplicity

Lightweight Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Simplicity

Wall mounting is possible after cleaning. It makes storage simpler. The vacuum cleaner has a one-year warranty. If you have a question about the E600 vacuum cleaner, please contact them. The portable vacuum has a carpet and hard floor nozzle, a combo tool with a crevice tool, and a 2-in-1 dusting brush upholstery tool. The S65S vacuum is one of the top apartment essentials for first apartment renters, because it's all-in-one and can clean hard floors and carpets. One-Click and Go is a wireless vacuum cleaner that runs between 10 and 25 minutes and has 2 speed options. The stick vacuum comes with a HEPA Media filter that will remove 99% of dirt, pollen, and and other small particles. You don't need an outlet to store the S65 vacuum cleaner and its attachment tools.

Brand: Simplicity

👤An earlier model of the S65S came with both a carpet and a bare floor attachment. This one doesn't. The description states it comes with carpet and bare floor attachment. This is only one attachement that is supposed to do both. The previous model had the soft roller. If you're buying a hard wood vacuum that comes with a soft roller, read the fine print and steer clear.

👤After all the GLOWING reviews, I wanted to love it. Hmm. If it was for my RV, I would buy it. I think it's light weight and powerful enough to replace a heavy vac. I think for hard floors it's ok. Maybe the carpet is very low. The new version of shag, called the high pile, is a light cleaning vac that you need to use in high power mode so your battery time is not wasted. Overall... disappointing. Don't rely on reviews.

👤The handheld feature is convenient for cleaning couches and the weight makes it easy to use. Dust clumps up in the holes because of the lack of strength in the suction. I'm afraid that it will go on fire if you put it on high power, and the battery will die within a few minutes. It spits out if you lift it off the ground for a second, then it spits out if you shut it off and lift it up. It creates an extra mess when you put it on the charger. I feel like it was a waste of money.

👤I read too many reviews, and was confused, but also learned why my ORECK did a bad job on my hardwood floors. I bought a Dyson a year or two ago for a lot more money, but it came in too many pieces. I didn't need to use it on high because it cleans oriental rugs and goes right to wood floors. I missed my light and took a bit of time to get used to "super" maneuverability! It's my new best friend. The cup is small so big houses might have to empty it a couple of times. I sew for a living and have 2 long haired cats, and it's very easy to cut and clean, and it's also hard to keep clean.

👤After only two years of use, my wife's Dyson stick vacuum wouldn't run anymore. The Dyson dealer told me that it was either a $250 repair or a new one, and that it was almost the same price as buying a new one. I came home to check out the Simplicity stick vacuum on Amazon after I saw it at an independent vacuum dealer who wanted $600 for it. It was bought for less than the repair estimate of my Dyson. The vacuum has a sturdier build than the Dyson, and it has a greater amount of suction. My wife likes it. It also has a separate battery pack, which means we can slap in a new one while the first one charges. This is a well thought out device that does its job very well. It's not a replacement for an upright when you need to vacuum the whole house, but it's outstanding for small jobs, which is why we wanted a stick vacuum in the first place. I highly recommend it.

11. Elezon Cleaner Powerful Handheld Hardwood

Elezon Cleaner Powerful Handheld Hardwood

The corded vacuum cleaner has a motorized brush head that can be turned sideways to capture dirt under furniture. It's lightweight and easy to use, even for a whole house cleaning. It can be placed on the wall and charged at the same time. The high-power 500W motor provides continuous 17000Pa. The dual-position floor head can remove dust and debris from hard floors. The power cord is 23 feet long and can be used anywhere in the house. An extension tube that can stretch 17-28 inches allows it to clean curtains or ceilings. The extension tube can be removed to turn the vacuum into a handheld vacuum. It can protect the motor from overheating by using a high-quality seal and high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters. It's suitable for households with pets. It is easy to empty the dustbin. Water can be used to clean the honeycomb and HEPA filters. To maintain effective vacuuming, you should replace the filters at least two to three times a year. Wall mounting is possible after cleaning. It makes storage simpler. The vacuum cleaner has a one-year warranty. If you have a question about the E600 vacuum cleaner, please contact them.

Brand: Elezon

👤This was designed for hard floors. I live in a small house with hardwood and linoleum floors. This vaccum is not for carpets or large area rugs. There is no bar. I have a large dog who sheds a lot. I live at the beach. I want to get up dog hair, dander and sand. It does a great job. There is a It is a small house and the cord is long enough that I only have to plug it in in 2 places to be able to clean my entire home. It has a dusting attachment and crevice tool. I love the extendable wand. It can be adjusted to reach either high or low. There is no need for a step stool. I can clean the baseboards without bending over. Very light. The exhaust is at the top. You don't have to blow dog hair and dust it away before vaccuming it. I like that the filters are clean. I hope I can find them when they need to be replaced. I will keep my rating at 5 stars.

👤The price was very impressed with the quality of the material. It's used on hardwood floors. Does a good job on the rugs. A good way to pick up pet fur is to have 2 dogs and a cat. The cord is long. Highly recommended.

👤The power is small. It doesn't pick up anything when it's fully extended or not. It is what I would expect from a vacuum with a low battery life. If you don't empty the canister immediately after using the full upright extension, the debris falls out of the tube onto the floor. I was not able to get the canister to fill all the way after it was 1/3 full. I am not vacuuming up rocks or anything heavy, just kitty litter and dust bunnies. I wish I could return it.

👤It does a good job. The nozzle attachment cleans hair from the bathroom floor. The power is good for the price.

👤I was hesitant to buy it because I never heard of the name brand. I decided to buy it because it is an amazing cleaner to use on wood floors and rugs and it is also a good vacuum cleaner that one of my friends had to buy.

👤This is what I needed for my hard floors. It is easy to clean my hard floors with this pick up. I highly recommend it.

👤I thought I'd win out on performance by selecting CORDED, this vacuum is a joke, and I purchased it just to replace my dustpan after I cleaned my tile floor. It's acceptable sucking up a pile of dust, but I wouldn't want to sweep my floor with this. Two stars because it's a good dustpan.

👤The bottom part of it isn't motorized, so when you go to vacuum your carpet it doesn't work.

👤I was very happy with this vaccum. The batteries in the cordlees never last. The cord is a decent length and there is no canister on it. I can remove the attachment and clean the baseboards. It works well on hard floors and can be used for a quick clean. I bought more filters to enable washing and still have use of the vaccum. It was a good purchase so far.


What is the best product for best lightweight vacuum for wood floors?

Best lightweight vacuum for wood floors products from Hoover. In this article about best lightweight vacuum for wood floors you can see why people choose the product. Tasvac and Acekool are also good brands to look for when you are finding best lightweight vacuum for wood floors.

What are the best brands for best lightweight vacuum for wood floors?

Hoover, Tasvac and Acekool are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best lightweight vacuum for wood floors. Find the detail in this article. Simplicity, X-protector and Prettycare. are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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