Best Best Laptop Deals This Week

Deals 30 Sep 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. HP Generation I5 1135G7 Graphics 15 Dy2024nr

HP Generation I5 1135G7 Graphics 15 Dy2024nr

The standards include transit drop, temperature, freezing, dust, humidity, and low pressure. 2A was measured according to the criteria. The tested product has the Intel Celeron Processor N4000. Depending on network environment, usage patterns and other factors, battery life may vary. You can take this PC anywhere and see more of what you love with its thin and light design, micro-edge display, and screen to body ratio. Ultra-wide viewing angles and seamless multi-monitor set-ups with a 15.6-inch, Full HD,IPS, micro-edge, and anti-glare display are what renaissance entertainment provides. The convenience of a thin and light laptop is one of the benefits of the Intel Iris Xe Graphics. The 11th Generation Intel Core i5-1135G7 processor is unstoppable performance, which delivers instant responsiveness and best-in-class connectivity. It's possible to get up to 15x faster performance than a traditional hard drive with a 512 gigabyte M.2 storage and 8 gigabytes of RAM. Work on the go with a long battery life of up to 7 hours and 15 minutes, and HP Fast Charge lets you go from 0 to 50% charge in 45 minutes. Thanks to the familiar feel of the Windows 11 Home operating system and the HP 1-year limited hardware warranty, you can do more with greater peace of mind.

Brand: Hp

👤This is a decent laptop for college students. Not for personal use. The sellers site has deceiving specifications. The screen quality is not what it says. It's a typical screen that has a little more brightness than the older one. It doesn't have backlit keys or keyboard lettering. The laptop is cheap and fragile. I worry when carrying it. The hard drive is not upgradeable. The battery life does not last as long as was stated in the site. We used several programs to run tests. It isn't designed for creative design. It's good for home use, school kids and college students. Even though it is a little light and overpriced, it is not good for traveling. We gave ours to the school.

👤The camera and microphone did not work. Called for help. I was told that it was a refurbished computer that couldn't fix the problem. It takes a long time to get your money back. Be aware!

👤I am correct that this is LOUSY and I do not need the frustration. When I called for help, it told me to go to the website, after saying I wasn't hooked up with Microsoft. I got a human being, and they said we could get away with it. When doe sTHAT becomes a problem? I had to shut down my helicopter to do that. No way... It is going back to Amazon in the morning. I didn't pay all this money because of irritation or frustration. I don't know when I'll ever order another computer.

👤A new, light, well designed product is the HP 15 laptop. The camera is acceptable for an online class. This version can handle advanced features like virtual background. It was easy to set up.

👤The keyboard has grey lettering. Who thought that was a good idea? Definitely not this customer. The keyboard should be backlit but it is not. I ordered a Dell that I can use to read the keyboard. Will not think about another HP if the keyboard is this color combination. It's sad that a good computer can be hampered this way.

👤I'm working remotely from my job as a Senior Business Intelligence Developer. It is false to say that this laptop is good for students. I'm able to do everything without problems. I use Soundtrap in my spare time. I'm able to create multi-track songs by plugging a keyboard and microphone into my laptop. I have no issues with my caps lock and it has an indicator light that works. Some people are looking at an earlier model. I bought my Windows 11 Home operating system in February of 2022. I bought two for myself and one for a family member who does graphics with Gimp. We have no complaints about the laptops.

👤It was easy to set up. The keyboard and screen are great. The price was great. I'm happy it's not a big deal. If you really need it, I would only recommend that feature. Things were messed up by brushing hair or lint off the screen. The laptop has been great so far.

2. Acer I7 1165G7 Graphics Fingerprint SF314 59 75QC

Acer I7 1165G7 Graphics Fingerprint SF314 59 75QC

The display is Micro-edge. The Intel Core i7-1165G7 Processor has up to 4.7 GHz, 4 cores, 8 threads, and 12MB of Intel Smart Cache. A 14" Full HD (1920 x1080)IPS WidescreenLED-backlit 100% sRGB display. The Intel Iris Xe Graphics is a graphics card. There are 8GB of onboard memory and 256GB of NVMe. 1 -usb type-c port with up to 10 Gbps of bandwidth, 1 -usb 2.2 port with up to 10 Gbps of bandwidth, 1 -usb 2.0 port with up to 10 Gbps of bandwidth, and 1 -usb 3.0 port with up to 10 Gbps of bandwidth Up to 16 hours battery life is possible with the Acer Bio-Protection Fingerprint Solution. Up to 16 hours battery life is possible with the Acer Bio-Protection Fingerprint Solution.

Brand: Acer

👤It's a nice laptop, it's lightweight, and the display is sharp. I am giving this 1 star because after a week, it's failed catastrophically that requires factory repair which the tech estimates will take weeks if not longer as they believe it is a motherboard failure. The quality of laptops should be better than this. Good features can't make up for poor quality. There are many choices. I wouldn't recommend it because of the terrible experience.

👤I was impressed with the price point of this computer. I got a 1tb version of the hard drive. We got a blue screen error after about 10 minutes of the first start up. I was told to do any updates on the software that was available. We have had 2 more blue screen errors since the update. The computer has not been used for more than 2 weeks. One reviewer said he had to send his computer back after a major failure. The cause was thought to be a problem with a computer board. I am afraid that this may be the problem with ours. I am going to watch the situation and read reviews to see if this becomes a major issue.

👤The dell xps 13 is a good laptop with good specifications, but not great, but it is light and portable, and the keyboard and screen are good. After using the fn + f shortcut to set fan profile to silent mode, the machine is very quiet and the fans almost never come on. You must use the intel graphics driver versions on the acer's website. You will experience frequent bluescreens if you use any other intel graphics driver. The random bluescreens went away when I rolled the driver back from the windows update version to the stock acer driver. Corrected: 5/29/21 The intel drivers offered by windows update are a newer version and no longer seem to be broken. I updated this machine to Windows 11 and had no issues.

👤I want to use this laptop. It has great features and a moderate battery life compared to the competition. I can't get past the quality control issues. I have had the laptop for 35 days. The speakers have become crackly and failed to work at times, the battery has refused to accept a charge, and the device has gotten hot to the point that I fear for the longevity of the device. I would suggest people stay away from this laptop until more quality control is done by Acer. I would encourage people to take their money elsewhere if they saw a $700 laptop fail this badly. The laptop died this week. The baby was 4 months old.

👤I am very sad to have to write this review. I'm disappointed that I'm going to have to return the laptop. The machine is beautiful, light, and the performance is great. The build quality is not as good as I would expect at this price range. The fan is loud. It is surprising that you can hear the fan at minimal load. The fan ramps up if the machine goes above 20% of the total usage. It is terrible. It happens when I open a video call. This machine is not usable because 80% of my workload is video calls. I am very upset about this machine.

3. ASUS Processor NumberPad Microsoft L210MA DB01

ASUS Processor NumberPad Microsoft L210MA DB01

You can do more with the performance of the mobile processor and graphics from anywhere. You will experience responsiveness that leaps into action for productivity, gaming, and content creation with more cores. The Intel Celeron N4020 processor has a 4M cache. The HD resolution is 1366 x 768. The display is slim. There are 64GB eMMC flash storage and 4GBDDR4 RAM. Windows 10 is in S Mode. The portable is 0.7” thin and weighs 2.2 lbs. The portable is 0.7” thin and weighs 2.2 lbs.

Brand: Asus

👤I'm giving this engine a five star rating. Why? It's two hundred dollars. I'm reviewing it for two hundred dollars. It would probably be three stars if I compared it to the Macbook Air M1. I would compare it to a Microsoft Surface in three and a half. It's a small, budget laptop, and it's excellent. It blows my mind how good of a job they did. I've used a lot of computers, and this one impressed me. If you've ever had a cheap or even more expensive laptop, you'll feel the difference immediately. It has a few issues, none of which are deal breakers, but it has many pros. Read on. The Pros is an excellent price to performance ratio, with no cheap parts, a small and lightweight design, and a full-size keyboard. It's $200 and I have a full Windows 10 license. There is no backlight keyboard on the 11.6 model. I've divided the review into individual sections, so you can scroll down to the one that's closest to you. The weight and build keyboard and trackpad screen battery performance are the first ones. There are a few things to know about the Webcam Speakers & Sound Software Linux Other. I have only been using it for a few weeks, so I have enough time to get a good idea of its capabilities. There are a few things I've noticed that I've added to this review. If more arise, I'll add more. It made me wonder if it was worth it. $200 is a good price. The second caveat is that there are a few reviewers who say that A, they got a dud, or B, it clunked out on them after two years. This is no exception with any product. I won't deduct stars from my review if mine goes on the fritz. It's a good product if you use it for two years. Just buy another one. Let's get into the details with that being said. This is one of the strengths and it is one of the strongest. It's not a flimsy toy, there's no creaks, no cheap plastic waiting to shatter, it's not a toy. It's an electronic. It feels right in your hands, on your lap. Many laptops try and woo you with larger screens or better specifications, and end up being cup coasters you have to plug in. Not this. It feels like it has something left in it. It's not obscenely light, like a MacBook Air, but you can use it on your lap without strain. The weight is sufficient if you are traveling. I would be able to carry it through the airport. The screen hinge is durable and will not break anytime soon, and when you set it at the position you want it to stay, it stays. The laptop is thin, and that's a nice bonus. Steve Jobs used a slightly larger envelope than you could fit it in. Keyboard and tracker. I'm in love with the keyboard. It's full size, no small keys or accidentally presses. It feels good to use the give, it is decisive and gratifying. The keyboard is the only thing they cut that's too close to the corner on. There is no light. I'm not sure, but mine doesn't have a backlight. I got the 11.6 model. I'm considering getting a book light because this can be frustrating. I can type in the dark. This is a two hundred dollar laptop, so it is what it is. I will make due. The 'delete' key is next to the power key. It's a shame. The computer goes into sleep mode when I press the delete key a few times. This is more of a hassle. You can press the power button again and it will start again. I'm sure you'll learn quickly to be cautious if you're doing sensitive work. The 'enter' key is green. I thought it was odd, but I really like it. It's hard to explain. The click on the trackpad is decisive and gratifying. It's very good at doing what I expect it to, and I don't have any issues accidentally pressing it. The mouse clicks if I click or tap. If I click on the right, it clicks. It is very easy to scroll. The keyboard has a nice touch, but I would have swapped it for a backlit keyboard. This is a two hundred dollar laptop, going back to where we started. You're not getting a large display from Apple. There are some viewing angle problems you have to deal with. Everything looks good if you look directly at it. If you bend the screen back, there's a noticeable change in tone. It won't interfere with your work, and it is what it is. It's not a good idea to color grade it for professional photoshoots. The screen resolution is correct. The screen is small, but there is enough room to do what you want. This is one of the most important factors. If it was cramped, it would make you have a headaches and strain your eyes. They did a good job of making sure that there was breathing room and a buffer zone around what you're focused on. You feel like you can engage in more than one thing. Some reviewers think it's not a touch screen. You can't please everyone. It's not something I feel is missing, especially for $200. ATTERY. The battery life is holding up. I watched two movies and used them for four hours, and still had 17%, even though the time remaining Windows estimates seems to vary quite a bit. It's the kind of thing you can charge at night and it will last you the day. It doesn't have quick charge, but I'm not worried about it. Most of the time, I'm near a power outlet. If quick charge is an issue for you, you're in the wrong price point. The charging port plugs in. You need to give it a push to pull it out. Which can be pro or con. The whole thing will go flying off the table if you trip on the cord. The cord can fall out, but you can re-position the device. This is one of its biggest strengths, and I was surprised. The components come together to make a seamless experience. I was worried about the name of the Intel Processor, but it turns out it's actually an Intel Celeron. Only four gig of memory? Doesn't seem like enough. It has some left over, and managed to muscle out the minimum. I think this is due to the SSD. A few years ago, laptop manufacturers had two options for storage: a physical hard drive, which was expensive, bulky, and a power drain, or some sort of memory like a thumb drive. Both were big bottle necks. This thing has a solid state drive. That makes the difference. With a decent processor, just enough memory, and the SSD, it will do any task you ask it to do without a hitch. Performance should never be a problem under reasonable conditions. The original 40K: Dawn of War series is one of my favorites. Even with mod, this plays it perfectly. Which is very welcome. I can imagine it can play other games, like Age of Empires, Among Us, Terraria, and maybe evenMinecraft. is a great place to look for great old games. The NVMe slot is a must have for light gaming. The lack of RAM is starting to become an issue after using it for some weeks. Even day-to-day tasks can overwhelm memory, but Windows has done a good job of managing it. This means that the system has run out of memory and that there are stopped applications, dropped tabs, and system notifications. After a restart, Windows wanted to help set up my system, which is a big error. My files, settings and programs were all intact. It's kind of frightening. I was running a few programs. If you're planning on using this for more, be aware. TheWebcam is about what you would expect. There are no dropped frames, and the color processing is good. It's due if you need aWebcam on the fly. If you use a webcams for serious purposes, I would suggest investing in a nice one, which you were probably going to do anyway. The device will be able to handle it. The microphone is actually great. Audio is clear and audible. The video quality won't be great, but you won't have a problem being heard and understood if you use the onboard webcam. Speaker and sound. The speakers are pointing down. It doesn't distort the sound and makes them impossible to hear. I haven't had an issue hearing the movies because they get loud. I'm not a huge fan of audio, but I can say that these speakers are good. They're not bad, but they're not as good as Beethoven's 5th. The bass and other parts of the sound are balanced and clear. If you're using it for casual media use, the lackluster sound quality will fade into the background and you'll be able to enjoy whatever you're doing. They didn't skimp on the headphone amplifier. I tested it with a pair of studio monitors that have a higher than average impedance. The amplifier produced clear and pleasing sound despite not reaching optimal levels. It has a nice kick to it. It's more than adequate for an onboard amplifier. If you use an external amplifier to amplify your sound, it's important that it can be boosted. There are a few pieces of software you want to uninstall. MyAsus, MyAsus. If you don't know what bloatware is, ask the techy in your family to remove it for you. Fortunately, none of them are hardcoded into the software or hardware, so uninstall them is straightforward and easy. The laptop comes in Windows S mode, which is suppose to be a simpler version of Windows, but has some limitations for power users. It was easy to convert into regular Windows 10. I haven't had to worry about it since I clicked a button. I'm not a huge fan of Linux. I know enough to install and use it on a day-to-day basis, and for low- performance computers like this one, Linux is exciting. There isn't any support for Linux or the WiFi card in the system. Most people who need or prefer Linux have taken to using ausb wi-fi antenna. I don't know enough about the situation to speak about it. The SD Card Slot is helpful. It comes with 64 gig of storage. I like to watch public domain films. It's easy to plug in an SD card, set up uTorrent to load all the unfinished and finished torrents onto the card, and that's all it takes. You can download movies and play one at the same time with any of the fastSD cards you buy. The reviewers pointed out that it has a slot for an NVMe SSD. If you don't know what it is, it probably doesn't make a difference. It's a very helpful addition if you do. Applause. It has a lot of ports. There are two ports, ausb-c port, and an auxiliary port. I use the HDMI port on my TV to watch a movie. The quality of the movie file will make a difference, but the sound compression changes that are necessary with downloaded media help a lot. Performance doesn't seem to be affected by what's happening in a scene or the amount of sound. It's what you want if you're planning on using it for presentations. Plug and play. You wouldn't be able to tell if it's on when it's unplugged. It does heat up if you're running a process intensive program or have it plugged in. It's possible to use it on your lap. I don't think heating is an issue. If you live in a dusty environment, it's a big deal that it's fanless. You won't be running it into the ground just by using it, as the fan will try to compensate for all the dust. It will turn off if it gets too hot. It won't hurt it. I like taking care of my computers, so I like the ease of cleaning them. A lot of the issues you would come across are alleviated by being fanless. It will be interesting to see how that plays out, as you can't access behind the keyboard. You might be able to remove each key and clean it out, but I wouldn't try it without doing some research and weighing the benefits and risks. Either way, you should buy a small pack of Q-tips, a little bottle of house hold cleaner, and lens clothes and throw them in the bag or case you're carrying the laptop in. You can use the lens cloth to wipe down the exterior of the keyboard if you go over it with the Q-tips. I don't know if it will add to the life of the machine, but it will feel better. It is worth taking pride in your devices. The bottom line is, is it worth it? Everything from the build quality to the performance to the keyboard makes it a very enjoyable and complete experience. It's great for day-to-day use and has a little strength to it. The product is real and has something to say to higher end laptops. I think you will be very pleased if you decide to go with this.

4. Acer Display Octa Core Processor SF314 43 R2YY

Acer Display Octa Core Processor SF314 43 R2YY

You can switch to regular Win10 if you want, see the detail in the product description. If you don't have a Microsoft account, you can sign in with one. Click on refresh once Office is ready to open a document. Accept the license agreement. Powerful Productivity: With the power of the Ryzen 7 5700U Octa-Core Processor with the graphics, you can run your most demanding apps with lightning-fast responsiveness and hyper- efficient battery usage. The 14" Full HD, 100% sRGB display has a screen-to-body, 16:9 aspect ratio and narrow-beacked screen. The internal specifications include 8 gigabytes of on-board memory and 512 gigabytes of solid-state drive storage. Windows Hello has a Biometric fingerprint reader and sign-in options to help keep your PC secure. There are connections to the internet. The wi-fi 6 has dual-band 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. The Purified is the name of the company. Enhanced digital signal processing makes calls clearer, improves speech accuracy, and makes talking to an Asking a question is more difficult than using the voice assistant on your PC. Just ask and the smart speaker will check your calendar, create lists, answer questions, read the news and more.

Brand: Acer

👤After spending more time with the laptop, this was updated. I bought two of these. My son is in the military and the first one was for him. I can say that my power brick works well and that the pigtail fits into it. The reviewer got a dud. There aren't any upgrades because the RAM is soldered on. It's fast and also in dual channel because it's low power. Most people should be able to fit 16 gigabytes of data in their computer. It's relatively quick because it's a PCIe 3.0 x4 device. It's also the latest version of NVMe, which isn't the most recent spec according to HWInfo64. The SSD is made by SK hynix and performs well. Two M.2 slots are inside. The first slot is called NVMe/SATA. The second is only NVMe. Both slots are supported by the Ryzen 5000 series. If you want to upgrade your storage, you need to plan on moving it to a faster computer later. The P31 Gold is a good choice for a second drive. I put one in my son's Swift X. The internet is made by Mediatek. There were a lot of issues with this card. It wouldn't connect to my Fios wireless network. The card was very slow. I bought an Intel laptop for my son and it worked out. The speed and connection is better with an Intel card. The laptop does not have enough ports on it. You might want to get a dock that has more than one port. The graphics card is next. This is not a gaming laptop and it does not claim to be. This is a low power version of the RTX 3050. Ti. You will be disappointed if you buy this with gaming as your primary focus. Dedicated gaming laptops will do a better job. The laptop is capable of doing some lighter gaming and doing it well. It will perform better than other solutions. Think about playing a game in your hotel after work. The lower power edition will have less performance than the other ones. Ti is running at a higher power. There is a graphics card in the software. The laptop is primarily used for work. A comparable laptop with Intel Xe graphics will not be as good as a laptop with onboard Radeon graphics. Screen is doing well for its segment. The sound is ok. It would be a good idea to have headphones on. The keyboard backlight was an issue for me. The gold keys make it hard to read with the white backlight on. The keyboard was more readable in a lit room. The middle right section of the keyboard was dimmer than the left side and right edge. It made the keyboard even harder to read. My son's laptop didn't have an issue. A tech at an authorized repair shop told me to just send it back as I would have the situation resolved much more quickly. I swapped it for a laptop that better met my needs. I still like the brand and bought another one. I needed a bit more upgradeable and beefier. My son has more computing needs than I do, so it's a great laptop for him. It seems like a good laptop for the price. It's not fancy, but should do it's primary tasks well, with a little extra for entertainment. This is better than the other thin and lights I've owned. You should be quite happy with the purchase if you go in with reasonable expectations.

5. ASUS F512JA AS34 VivoBook I3 1005G1 Fingerprint

ASUS F512JA AS34 VivoBook I3 1005G1 Fingerprint

A stunning 88% screen-to-body ratio can be seen in a 15.6 inch Full HD (1920x1080) 4-way NanoEdge display. You can run the classroom on Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer 11. The latest 10th Gen Intel Core i3-1005G1 has a 3.4 GHz clock. There are 8 and 128 gigabytes of memory and a M.2 flash drive. The backlit keyboard has a fingerprint sensor. An improved typing position can be achieved with the exclusive Ergolift design. There are comprehensive connections, including the following:usb 3.2 type-c,usb 3.2 type-a,usb 2.0, and HDMI You can learn more at the website. Windows 10 in S mode only runs apps from the Microsoft Store. To install an app that isn't in the Microsoft Store, you need to switch out of S mode. There is no charge to switch out of S mode. Windows 10 in S mode only runs apps from the Microsoft Store. To install an app that isn't in the Microsoft Store, you need to switch out of S mode. There is no charge to switch out of S mode.

Brand: Asus

👤I was angry at seeing a fake screen. It is a 178 view angle according to the description. There is a screen. I saw this one in 1997 and it has a 20 degree view angle. Maybe it is a fake computer. The screen was extinct in the 21st century. You can't figure out what color the screen is. Not at all. Even if you move slightly, the screen brightness stays the same. No matter what the distance is. It is very bad. The top and bottom of the screen have different colors.

👤Ok. Let's talk. There was no fake optimism. This purchase was the best I have ever bought on Amazon. The laptop exceeded all expectations. When I saw the laptop for the first time, the screen was bigger than I anticipated. I like the feeling of the keys. There are a lot of reviews complaining about the screen quality. Ok. The screen is great. I'm not seeing anything wrong with it. There is nothing wrong with those people being computer experts. I wanted to do some gaming. That's right. The laptop is great for gaming. It has taken everything I've downloaded so far and is still purring. This is a great laptop. I think you should get it.

👤Really like this purchase. Core i3 1005G1 has 128 gigabytes of storage and 8 gigabytes of RAM. It is very responsive. The fingerprint logon is very fast and is one of the reasons I chose it over the cheaper one. My wife only needs the most basic specs, so I got this for her. I wanted to get a 10th generation Intl Core or a 4000 series. I would not change anything about it for the price, except that it should have had more storage. They could have invested $10 more for a larger SSD, but they chose to pay $20 for a small one. The laptop I have has less RAM than my one, but it does not feel slow. There was no bloatware from Asus. Office365 is pre-installed in three different languages. It takes 7 minutes to uninstall each language. Are they hoping that you lose patience and give up the install so it won't pestering you? The only reason I helped my wife set up the laptop was because Windows S Mode was disabling. It has so little bloatware that it might be the reason. There are pros to ports! It's nice to have 4usb ports and one of them being a flash drive and a 1920x1080 display. The core i3 is responsive. Light weight and slim. Thin edges. The plastic case is very premium and lighter than the aluminum HP Envy it replaced. Excellent keyboard and track pad. There is no wired LAN. It surpasses my exceptions in everything except storage. There is a small amount of storage on the small side. I would rather upgrade the storage later than buy a larger drive. The price point makes it hard to pick out the best colors for the liquid crystal display. I don't care if the viewing angles are on the poorer side or not. I was getting stutters when I used the FireFox browser to run Zoom VideoConferencing and Google Sheets. The system resource meter showed the utilization of the resources. 70% of the memory usage is used. It means it was doing pagefile swaps. I had a stick of 8GBDDR-4 2666 laying around so I replaced the 4GBDDR-4 3200 to get a total of 12GB RAM. That was the trick. For the same workload, memory utilization is 50%.

6. HP Touchscreen Computer Quard Core Bluetooth

HP Touchscreen Computer Quard Core Bluetooth

10th generation Intel Core i5 processor. Full-power multitasking can use 12GB system memory. There is a solid state drive. The display is Micro-edge. The display is Micro-edge.

Brand: Hp

👤I waited to write this review until I had a computer for a while, and I can't say enough good things about it. This is a great buy and I am very happy with it. I highly recommend!

👤A nice laptop. I had to uninstall Microsoft apps to install other software. The camera is good quality. I had to purchase a separate adapter to get more because I wish it had more slots. I have a great processor and plenty of RAM. You don't have a CD/DVD drive, so it's very light. I would recommend and purchase again. HP laptops are of the highest quality.

👤The laptop is light. That's a good thing. The touch screen can be slow to respond. It takes a while to get back on the internet after waking the computer. The video quality is not good. Audio is good. Audio out. I have to depend on the computer I intended to replace when I need reliable. Don't.

👤The laptop is great, it has everything, the screen works perfectly, and the speed is great.

👤The wife wanted a laptop. I ordered what she asked for. She had some issues with Windows 10S. She is satisfied since it says HP.

👤The picture quality and speed exceeded my expectations. Very nice with my laptop.

👤We don't ask a lot of this laptop as it is used for basic stuff. No problems have arisen so far.

👤This lap top is not a good idea. I have owned this lap for less than 3 months and it is useless. After talking to one of their technicians. This is a common problem with the lap top and the Bios in the mother board. HP is getting a lot of calls about this lap top. I am looking at a turn around time of 5 days for it to be fixed. It did work, but on a positive. It had a nice screen.

👤Ten problemas con la cmara.

👤Funciona bastante para tareas cotidianas, such as word, excel, power point, and ediciones bsicas. Un buen producto conclusin.

👤The unico detalle del diseo is favorable, pero la tipografia y color de las letras are not.

👤No me gust, lo producto viene de importacin, todo lo dems est excelente.

👤una computadora

7. Newest HP Light Weight Bluetooth Accessories

Newest HP Light Weight Bluetooth Accessories

You can switch to regular windows in Windows 10 Home in S mode by pressing the "Start button" bottom left of the screen. If you see an "Upgrading your edition of Windows" section, be careful not to click the "Go to the Store" link that appears there. Enjoy your entertainment with the great quality and high-definition detail of 1 million images on the 14" HD display. The 3020e is a mobile processor that has 2 Cores and 4 Thrades, a 1.2 GHz base clock, 2.6 GHz max boost clock, 4MB L3 cache, 6W TDP, and is built in 3 Cores. High-bandwidth RAM to run your games and photo- and video-editing applications, as well as multiple programs and browser tabs all at the same time, has been upgraded to 8GB. It's possible to store a large number of files with the upgrade to 64GB emmc + 128GB SSD, it's also possible to open large files at a faster rate. You can switch to regular Win10 if you want, see the detail in the product description. If you don't have a Microsoft account, you can sign in with one. Click on refresh once Office is ready to open a document. Accept the license agreement. You can switch to regular Win10 if you want, see the detail in the product description. If you don't have a Microsoft account, you can sign in with one. Click on refresh once Office is ready to open a document. Accept the license agreement.

Brand: Hp

👤The battery on the laptop wouldn't hold a charge when I bought it. I kept the laptop plugged in for a day so it wouldn't die after being unplugged. I was charged a $50 restocking fee for returning the product. I don't understand how I'm responsible for the cost of a faulty product. That is not my issue and I am not selling this product. The seller gets a 0 for customer service.

👤This is not a gaming laptop, first of all. If you use this for gaming, you will have a bad time. It seems to be everything it says it is, if you buy it for a simple budget laptop. When I travel, I buy it for stock trading. Everything looks good after I set up my trading software. I would expect it to move at a fast pace. I have 16 gigabytes of ram. I don't know how people survive on 8gb. The Windows 10 S format is very easy to change, as the description states. It was like two clicks. When you get Windows update, you should make sure you have the latest and greatest from both Windows andAMD. The weak link is the processor, so you only get so much out of it. I had to change it manually because the time won't sync. This seller is not to blame for a big deal. I'm not going to hold it against the seller when I can change it manually, because it's a known issue with Windows 10. Automatic changes to time due to daylight saving time will be annoying, but hopefully an update in the future will fix it. A small machine for simple tasks. The amount of resources used by Chrome is a crime. If you want to have 50 tabs open plus a bunch of other programs, you can't do much other than buy a more expensive laptop. If something changes, I'll be back to update.

👤I didn't realize how bad a 1366 X 768 display would be. The screen on this computer is 1920 X1080 and it will give you headaches if you stare too long. If you are buying a computer for regular or long term use, this is not a good idea.

👤Small and portable. What I was looking for. The keyboard is perfect for adults and kids. It was very easy to set up.

👤The computer was well packaged and delivered in a timely manner. I'm very pleased with the computer, it was only used for three days. Excellent screen quality, fast response time. HP's setup instructions and promotion for additional services and features are a little disappointing. These are available for a fee. The promotions say they are available.

👤I have a laptop for a month but I am very pleased with it. I don't know much about tech. It was easy to set up. You have to step by step through the process. I was a little nervous but it was painless. The screen is good. I can't speak on that because I don't do any gaming on it. I mostly use it for email, shopping online, and Microsoft things. This laptop is a good one. It is light weight.

8. Windows BiTECOOL 1920x1080 Display Laptops

Windows BiTECOOL 1920x1080 Display Laptops

Up to 16 hours battery life is possible with the Acer Bio-Protection Fingerprint Solution. Powerful Intel dual core laptop. Built-in Intel UHD Graphics 600 support 4K@60Hz and burst frequencies up to 2.7 GHz, powered by the 10th Generation Intel Gemini Lake Celeron J4005 2 Cores 2 Threads. The large memory and storage space pc laptop has built in 6 gigabyte of memory for smooth operating and 120 gigabyte of solid state drive storage which can be expanded to 1 gigabyte, it can satisfy most people's requirements. Windows 10 Pro Operating System laptop computer is ready to use with your windows 10 OS and has a full high definition display through the screen of the 15.6 inches. The MosBook Laptops have multi-ports, which include a headphone jack, Micro SD, and DC. The lightest ultrabook is only 2.7LB, 9mm thin, and 14mm thick, making it portable and easy to carry. The lightest ultrabook is only 2.7LB, 9mm thin, and 14mm thick, making it portable and easy to carry.

Brand: Bitecool

👤I usually buy a lower spec laptop or PC for my software projects, because it's better for the performance of my software. This laptop has the right specifications for me at an affordable price. I was not disappointed. The laptop was delivered in a brown box. The laptop was well protected. The box contains a laptop, wall charging and user guide. The setup was quick. I was able to log in quickly. The Windows 10 updates took a while to finish, but it was able to install all the latest updates without any issues. I installed LibreOffice to test productivity tasks and it works well. I was able to open multiple files at once. The laptop only has 2 ports, one on the left and one on the right, which can be used for a mouse. I would love for this laptop to come with a charging port. It would be great to have the processor and board for charging. The quality of the speakers, mic, and webcams are good, something you would expect from this price point. Not the best, but usable. It's important to use a headset or speakers for entertainment. I like the big touchpad in this laptop, it makes scrolling and moving windows easier, as I can do them with one long stroke. The keyboard has a good feel. The screen is bright and excellent when sitting directly in front of the screen, but at odd angles the colors may look washed out. The laptop is not for gaming, but casual games like Candy Crush, and even Roblox, were able to be played on it. I upgraded the M.2 drive to a higher capacity for my project. The drive has an easy access panel at the bottom which makes it easy to upgrade quickly. I decided to stick with Ubuntu even though I was able to test PopOS on the laptop. The hardware works well with Linux. If you have enough swap memory, this laptop will work better than in Windows. The laptop's battery life is rated at 8 hours, but I was able to get around 6 hours on average. 6 hours for me is impressive on a 34.2Whr battery, even though 8 hours may be doable at very light tasks and low settings. This laptop is very good for its price. Vey can do daily productivity tasks. The laptop is perfect for students on a budget who need to browse the web and use applications. The value for the price is well worth it. Highly recommended.

👤About 25 minutes ago, I got this laptop. It worked for a while, but then I noticed a line of dead pixels in the middle of the screen. I wanted to restart it to see if it would go away. I can't log into the machine anymore because I can't type my password, and the button it shows doesn't do anything.

👤There are a lot of viruses and software that can't be removed. It came built-in. One day the Chinese government will pay for its crimes. The only way to fix this is to replace the hard drive. The screen is terrible, the colors are terrible, the viewing angle is 0, and each head movement will cause changes to the viewing experience. Absolutely not acceptable in the year of 2022. For light work, like web browsing and word processing, the computer runs well. It lasts 3-4 hours on the batteries. I wouldn't have bought it if I'd known about it, but I think I deserve it, you get what you pay for.

9. Dell Inspiron Computer Processor MaxxAudio

Dell Inspiron Computer Processor MaxxAudio

The lightest ultrabook is only 2.7LB, 9mm thin, and 14mm thick, making it portable and easy to carry. The upgrade seal is only open for an upgrade, a 1-year warranty on upgraded RAM/SSD from Snow Bell, and a one-year Manufacture warranty on remaining components. The HD display has an Anti-Glare Energy-efficient screen. There is plenty of high-bandwidth RAM to smoothly run your games and multiple programs. Save files fast and store more data with the 128GB PCIe SSD. It's great for major gaming, multiple server backups, and more, with plenty of storage and communication power. Intel Celeron Processor 4205U. High-efficiency power to go is provided by dual-core, two-way processing. The full size spill-resistant keyboard with 10-keynumeric keypad allows you to enjoy comfortable and accurate typing. Solid image quality for internet use, movies, basic photo editing and casual gaming can be achieved with shared video memory. Waves MaxxAudio Pro and Integrated HD Webcam with Single Digital Microphone have 2 tuning speakers. The Windows 10 Home includes a 3-Cell, 42WHr Integrated battery. 14.96” x 10.06” x 0.78” 2xusb 3.1 Gen 1, 1xusb 2.0, 1x Headphone/ Microphone combo, 1xSD Card Reader, 1xHDMI, and 1xRJ45 Black, wireless-ac + bluetooth. The Windows 10 Home includes a 3-Cell, 42WHr Integrated battery. 14.96” x 10.06” x 0.78” 2xusb 3.1 Gen 1, 1xusb 2.0, 1x Headphone/ Microphone combo, 1xSD Card Reader, 1xHDMI, and 1xRJ45 Black, wireless-ac + bluetooth.

Brand: Dell

👤The license key was already used by Windows when it arrived. They sent me levels to send it in to be repaired after I called support multiple times. The support process was annoying and should have been fixed before it started.

👤I got Window 10 Home in "S MODE", which is what I wanted, but the listing said Windows 10 Home which was what I wanted. I returned it immediately because I don't want anything to do with "S MODE". Beware of the buyer.

👤The unit is light and works well. I had an issue with it because I was looking for a windows 10 machine, even though it was advertised correctly. The seller discounted the machine and explained how to load windows 10 back on it.

👤I paid for a new computer, not refurbished or used, but the search history shows searches made months ago before I bought it. There is no way to find out why this is.

👤It was on time. Really good product! Using for simple things like e-mail and web surfing.

👤The product was great until the screen went black.

👤The computer is very good. I plan to buy another one just like this one.

👤The on and off buttons on the computer stopped working.

10. Acer A515 56 36UT Display I3 1115G4 Processor

Acer A515 56 36UT Display I3 1115G4 Processor

2 xusb 3.1 Gen 12 (Type-A), microSD card reader, HDMI, microphone, and Earphone combo are included in the ports. Powerful Productivity: 11th Generation Intel Core i3-1115G4 processor is the most powerful processor on the market. You can get up to 4.1 GHz with the help of the technology. It's stunningly Stunning: Experience sharp details and crisp colors on the Full HD display with 82.58% screen-to-body, 16:9 aspect ratio and narrow bezels. The keyboard has an ergonomics design that lifts it for a better typing experience. Internal specifications include 4GB of on-board memory, 128GB of NVMe solid-state drive storage, and a hard drive bay. The Purified is the name of the company. Enhanced digital signal processing makes calls clearer, improves speech accuracy, and makes talking to an Asking a question is more difficult than using the voice assistant on your PC. Just ask and the smart speaker will check your calendar, create lists, answer questions, read the news and more. Windows 11 Home (S Mode) comes with advanced security features built right in, so you don't have to think twice when navigating to a new webpage or download an app.

Brand: Acer

👤Don't waste your time with this. I thought I would ignore the bad reviews of this product because it was affordable. I need it for simple Word documents. The mouse pad is not working on the computer for the second day in a row. It looks like this has happened to many people. I threw the box away because it was a terrible purchase. This purchase was the worst of the year.

👤The laptop becomes unresponsive when the lid is closed for a few minutes. The screen is black, there is no keyboard or mouse, and the fan makes a loud noise. The power button needs to be held down for 10 seconds to perform a hard reset. Every time I use the laptop, it must be powered down, powered up, and rebooted. I tried to restore factory settings that had been removed. The issue remained after the issue was reset to factory state.

👤The only way to hear anything is in a dead quiet room, not that great even connected to a speaker. The battery life is less than 5 hours. The laptop I bought was disappointing. It will have issues turning on randomly. It has become a daily task trying to get it to turn on.

👤My sister is a school teacher and I bought her a laptop in June. She used it lightly over the summer and then heated it in class last week. It won't run now. Amazon has a 30 day guarantee. The call center lady wanted to help me, but she didn't have the authorization. She could not give me the phone number of the manufacturer because they wouldn't answer their phone. I am shocked by this. This is the third computer I have bought for my sister. They used to last 3 years with heavy classroom use. But not this one. Caveat Emptor.

👤I did a lot of research before buying this laptop. It was a good computer for the price. The reviews said it was short on memory. The built in ram was not large enough and the small drive was not good. There is an open slot for a second hard drive. A pack of hard drive screws with instructions on how to install a second drive was included by the company. I had a new 1tb laptop drive and a 8gb memory card, so I didn't waste time. The upgrade was easy. I have no complaints with this laptop. Some people were unhappy with the screen. It's clear to me that I don't know why. I am not on it for hours at a time because I am just a home user. I can still hear what I need even though the speakers are pointing down. I don't mind the touch pad on this one, I hated it on my last computer. This is not the best choice for someone who is a gaming or graphics enthusiast. I would definitely recommend this laptop for home use.

👤This thing is awesome so far. It is an i3 and it is very fast. I don't save a lot of my data so I don't need a bigger hard drive. I still have plenty of space, even though I did load the Microsoft Suite. I have never had a laptop that was as fast as this one. It is very user friendly and comes with Windows 11. I need a PC and I just gave it away because I was trying to navigate a Chromebook. If you plan to use an external hard drive to download a lot of documents, photos, or music, this will be perfect for you. I have only had it for a couple weeks and so far it has been smooth sailing.

11. HP Business I5 7200U Bluetooth Accessories

HP Business I5 7200U Bluetooth Accessories

Up to 11 hours of battery life is possible with just 0.63" thin and 2.65 pounds. A mobile processor with graphics. The 3050U is 2.3 GHz up to 3.2 GHz. A reliable laptop can keep up with your daily tasks and help you get more done faster. A 14-inch diagonal HD, anti-glare, micro-edge, WLED-backlit display. It gives you the space and clarity you need to complete your work. The weight is 3.24 lbs. The 0.8" thin Ultrathin and ultralight is the perfect size for portable use. High-bandwidth RAM is needed to smoothly run multiple applications and browser tabs at once. The drive has 512GB of solid state drive. While offering less storage space than a hard drive, a flash-based SSD has no moving parts, which results in faster start-up times and data access, no noise, and reduced heat production and power draw on the battery. You can transition from morning meetings to evening entertainment without plugging in with 10 hours of battery life. You can switch to regular windows in Windows 10 Home in S mode by pressing the "Start button" bottom left of the screen. If you see an "Upgrading your edition of Windows" section, be careful not to click the "Go to the Store" link that appears there. You can switch to regular windows in Windows 10 Home in S mode by pressing the "Start button" bottom left of the screen. If you see an "Upgrading your edition of Windows" section, be careful not to click the "Go to the Store" link that appears there.

Brand: Hp

👤I like that it is light and small. It's not bulky like other laptops. It works great for my home based business. When you first set it up, it is set as Windows 10 S and you can't install apps that aren't approved by Microsoft. Similar apps can be found on the Microsoft store. You can switch to Win 10 from either the Microsoft store or your settings. Extra security protection is one of the features that will be lost. There is only 5 gig of one drive space, which is why I gave 4 stars on storage capacity. If you have a family or business version of Microsoft Office, then you'll get the full 1 terabytes of drive space. The hard drive will be upgraded to a 1 terabytes in the future. It is a great buy and perfect for what I need. I kept the Win 10 S as the operating system. I just transferred my files to my account with Microsoft Family. I have all my files. After I uploaded my secondary account, I just deleted what I don't need from my main account. If you want to link Microsoft accounts to each other, you need to make sure you choose the account you want to use, because once it is set, it cannot be changed.

👤It's good if it's plugged in. When I bought this PC 8 months ago, it was good, but in the 3rd to 4th month, it started freezing a lot. For no reason. The PC is freezing a lot.

👤My chrome laptop was replaced by this laptop. The screen is clear and it is fast.

👤I got my computer. I was feeling more comfortable with it for about 2 weeks. My mic stopped working. They were unable to repair it over chat. I was told to purchase a warranty and send it in for repair. I was reluctant to do so. This is the second or third product I have purchased through Amazon and it has flaws. I would not buy through certain websites if I was unemployed and on a tight budget. They are not for people who are poor.

👤The seller came through and gave me the correct AC adapter. I stated earlier that my old laptop is slower than the standard Windows 10 Home, but now everything is working great and much faster. I had to switch to windows 10 home so I could install quickbooks. I had to use my old one because it ran fast, but I hope the seller sees this and sends me the right one.

👤I returned the laptop because it was too basic and too small for my liking. I was made to pay a $100 restocking fee by the seller. I have never seen something like that before. It was taken from my refund. Don't buy unless you're sure. The seller is not unreasonable in the refund aspect of the laptop. It took 10 days after they received the item for me to get my money back.


What is the best product for best laptop deals this week?

Best laptop deals this week products from Hp. In this article about best laptop deals this week you can see why people choose the product. Acer and Asus are also good brands to look for when you are finding best laptop deals this week.

What are the best brands for best laptop deals this week?

Hp, Acer and Asus are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best laptop deals this week. Find the detail in this article. Asus, Hp and Hp are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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