Best Best Laptop Bag for Women Crossbody Targus

Women 8 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Targus Newport Convertible Backpack TSB948BT

Targus Newport Convertible Backpack TSB948BT

Easily converts from a tote into a backpack with a convenient front pocket. There is a cradle for a slim laptop. There is a capacity of 12 liters. There are padded shoulder straps for different carrying preferences. Premium metallic hard trims and badging. The accents are high-density water-repellent. Products purchased from 3rd party sellers are not covered by limited.

Brand: Targus

👤If most of your carrying items are thin, this may work for you. I wanted to keep this bag for the looks, but it won't work for me. I could use it if it were deeper. My daily carry load is a 12.9 inch iPad pro with a flap cover, an apple keyboard with minimal case, a 6.8 x 8.25 notebook, a zip pouch of various pens, and various documents. Everything else has taken up all the interior space, the "various documents" would never fit. Everything fits just barely without the various documents. I like bags that have pockets and are wide. The two main compartments are barely acceptable. I find retrieving anything from the smaller pockets to be very annoying because they are tailored to be well concealed. I have small hands and still feel like the openings are restrictive. The backpack straps are narrow, which I think makes it look more feminine. The backpack was well packed.

👤I received this and the bag. I will post if it doesn't hold up. It is advertised as having a padded strap, but it is not. The strap has no padding. I need a padded strap to make cross-body bags comfortable enough to use so I need to buy a cushion that I can add to the strap. They need to update their post or provide a padded strap.

👤Great back pack! There are hidden pockets on the back of the bag. The main two are not included. The outside is wet. The inside has two pockets and can fit my dell laptop with ease. It still looks professional. I don't know how long it will last, but I will update review if need be. Love the look and the pockets.

👤I have no regrets about putting this bag through its paces at work. I had a soft-side convertible laptop bag fall apart on me, and looked at dozens of bags on Amazon before taking a chance on this one. It fits my laptop perfectly. I get a lot of compliment on this bag because it looks good and has health benefits. It has a lifetime warranty as well.

👤I bought this for my larger laptop, which is over 15 inches. The bag looks great, but has some flaws. There isn't a lot of room left for my laptop with the power cord and accessories. It is a slim design. I would have liked a water bottle pouch pocket and a slip panel on the back of the suitcase. It has neither. The straps are light duty and don't have a lot of flexibility. It would be nice if I could shorten the straps. I don't think these straps will hold up for long if your computer is heavy and you carry a lot of stuff. I haven't had an issue yet, but I wouldn't press it. The last issue is that the pockets in front have a nice over flap design, but it is hard to get things in and out. I don't want to put things in those pockets because opening them is so annoying. For the price, it's a nice bag that will hold a large laptop for days when you don't need to carry half your office with you.

2. Targus Rolling 16 Inch Laptop TBR003US

Targus Rolling 16 Inch Laptop TBR003US

It is a warranty. It is a perfect gift for Christmas or any other occasion. The bag comes with a one year replacement warranty, and it's Birthday's Anniversaries and any occasion that calls for a gift. The large secondary compartment is good for books. Zip down a workspace for pens, business cards, and other small accessories. The handle is soft touch. The laptop compartment is 15.30 inches by 10.50 inches. The material is water resistant and the hardware is durable.

Brand: Targus

👤My girlfriend got her first job as a teacher after I brought this bag for her. It was a sentimental gift from me, as I was proud of her and how far she had come. 4 months later. The handle bar will not come up from its down position. The thing about the warranty is that if anything goes wrong with your product, you have to pay for a 7 pound bag to be sent. It would cost me half or more to ship the bag ups ground and over the amount I paid for it, it's for a teacher who needs it for her job, and she needs it asap. They think it's fair for the customer to pay for the bag and for them to have to ship it because of their mistake. That is not true! If you need to rely on it, I don't recommend buying this.

👤Purchase this cart because it was the same cart as before. It lasted 2 years. The wheels split after just over a month of use. So sad!

👤I bought this bag because I needed a bag that could help me with my books and not hurt my back and arms. The bag is stable and does not tip over, which is a 888-609- I don't have to worry about how heavy and tired I'll be when I carry my books at the end of the day because I can put another bag on top. I also have a laptop. It's an apple. The pc compartment has good padding so it doesn't take much space. The bag is large for me. I tried to see how heavy the bag is and it's holding up. I gave this a four because I felt like the handle would break and my package was late. I still recommend it.

👤The wheels on this bag are made of a hard plastic and do not hold up, which is sad because I really like this bag. This is my second purchase, I bought this bag in July of last year. I thought it was a coincidence that it happened again after the first purchase. The bags have the same problem with the wheels open. You can see the photos below. They should make the wheels out of rubber so that they can be changed out. You can't change the wheels on the bag for a new one because it's in good condition.

👤I bought this case from Amazon and it's important for my laptop case to carry my business on a daily basis. It's critical to me. If you don't call Targus Customer Service, you will be expected to pay for the warranty again. The plastic wheel covering which is at least 5/8" thick completely came apart from both wheels. The wheel dragged until it was out of round because the case wouldn't roll properly. Targus told me that I would have to mail the case back to them and they would look at it. I would have to give them my credit card number to get another one. I am asked to pay for the warranty that was not included in the cost of the bag. Targus has something to learn because I am left without a vital piece of my business equipment.

3. Targus EcoSmart Checkpoint Friendly Backpack TBB019US

Targus EcoSmart Checkpoint Friendly Backpack TBB019US

Made from recycled material. The design is patented and can be used to lay flat for screening. A dedicated pocket for tablets helps to protect your device. Trolley pass-throughs allow the bag to sit securely on top of luggage. Convenient pockets to keep your gear dry. Products purchased from 3rd party sellers are not covered by the limited warranty.

Brand: Targus

👤I only use a bungee pocket for my water bottle when flying, so I was willing to deal with the switch from a bungee pocket to a mesh one. The quality of the straps is something I can't let go. The back pack straps were unbalanced and I only traded up because I didn't have a receipt anymore. There were a lot of broken zip ties. The new bag hasn't lasted 4 months carrying the exact contents of the other. The strap is falling apart. I hope I can sew it to work. I find the added split for airline travel to be a waste of space. If you don't find the right place to leave the zip up, it will not work. I would have loved to have bought the old one again, but I will not be buying one again because of the excellent service I received by the last one. This price is for the current quality.

👤The bag is pretty good. It has a lot of space for my laptop and accessories. It has lots of pockets to hold things like electronics, lunch, and files. The bag seems to be built to last, with good materials and straps. I agree with other reviewers that the grab handle on top makes it awkward to carry, and that it makes the bag list when carried by it. It's not a deal killer for me, but that detail of the bag doesn't seem very well thought out, and not really in line with the rest of the quality. I didn't think this was a big deal, it's a small complaint. I have to deduct one star for the lack of padding on the edges and corners of the laptop because I like this bag so much. I use the bag for ferrying my computer back and forth to work in my car, so it's not a critical issue for me, but I don't feel the computer would be well protected in case of rough handling.

👤My husband received his first Targus bag about 5 years ago. It wasn't damaged. It was broken and worn when it was new. My husband used it daily to put his laptop and work supplies. I bought him a bag for our anniversary and he was very happy. He is so in love with his new bag that he gives me a kiss when he walks into the house. There are so many extra compartments. Quality material and very sturdy. I am certain this will last a long time. My husband wants to buy a bag for his co worker because he loves his bag so much. Great bag! A great purchase! Don't hesitate to buy. So happy with the purchase.

👤I got through the airport with this open. It is working well so far. I will be updating my review based on one issue. There is no padding at the bottom of the laptop compartment. If you put this bag down on a hard surface, you could damage your laptop. I've never seen a laptop bag with less padding. It is similar to nylon. I cannot recommend this bag, and I will likely get another one to resolve this.

4. Targus Messenger Designed Laptops TCM004US

Targus Messenger Designed Laptops TCM004US

Products purchased from 3rd party sellers are not covered by the limited warranty. The models have an extended battery. There is a comprehensive business workspace with a lot of things to carry. There is a padded notebook compartment. There are two separate pockets for files and magazines.

Brand: Targus

👤I still use the Targus case 12 years later. It is still in great condition and has stood the test of time. Quality is what it says about it. The price is reasonable. 5 stars.

👤My previous laptop bag was purchased at a local thrift store for $2 and it was a poor design, so a few extra items were destroyed. The flap over on this case with a fortified center handle is a very traditional briefcase design that has been used around the world for many years, in part because it can last through a lot of abuse, also the flap protects the lower portion of the case. The Targus case has met all of my expectations so far, and seems to live up to the hype. There's adequate padding, a large front pocket, and some thin pockets at the front for commonly used items. The design is functional for most users.

👤This bag will keep your laptop dry when it rains. There is a problem with it, if you carry more than you think, that is visible in the default images. If you put the smaller compartment under the flap until it's full and you have pens or pencils in any of the four holders, you can accidentally stab yourself with them if you're not careful. If you try to open the bag while standing, the tips can protrude from under the flap, and it can be difficult to avoid if you support the bag with your arm. I still give it four stars because it's a laptop bag and I can use my power supply, a few games, mouse, and a few other peripherals in the small compartment and not worry about it. If you're using this for college or a setting where you might put books in the small compartment, you may want to look elsewhere.

👤We bought this way in December 2010 and have been using it for almost 6 years. My husband uses this bag a lot and it has held up well. For the price, it's simply not possible to beat. He has a few bags that haven't lasted as long. He is rough with his bags and this one has not ripped, the handles have not loosened and the straps have not worn out. This bag is lightweight and rugged, as his usual travel laptop bag. The bottom of security conveyor belts and airplane floors has not worn out. There is plenty of room left over in this place, which holds his work Dell, his leather zip binder, presentation folders, notebook, and other items. There are lots of things to keep your stuff in. This bag is a great buy, as you are getting a lot of bang for your buck.

👤I bought this bag for $16 but it's only $20 now. I bought a new laptop for my home entertainment center and didn't want to travel much with it, so I intended to get a good bag. The bag was perfect. The first thing to look for in a bag is padding. Anyone who has had a laptop for a long time will tell you that. The laptop is kept in this bag with a decent amount of padding on all sides. I accidentally dropped the computer off the ground and it didn't damage the computer at all. The padding isn't strong enough to protect you if you throw this from a long distance. This should be enough for everyday situations. If you're going to travel a lot with your computer, you may want to look into a bag with more padding. It has plenty of room despite being a thin bag. It was one of the things I was worried about before I bought it. The laptop pocket has a strap that is short and can be used in case you forget to zip it or it breaks. The pocket in front of it is semi-accordian style so that it can expand if you put a lot of stuff in it. There are pockets that I clip things onto and put things in, which is depicted as being for CDs. There's a pen/pencil loop and an additional pocket for a small electronic, but I keep my mouse in there. It has a slip pocket in the back for thin items, like loose paper, that I keep my ethernet cable in. I usually keep my laptop, the battery, an ethernet cable, a dust cloth, pens and pencils, hand sanitizer, and my mp3 player in this bag. I have a big external hard drive in there. The cloth quality is nice, and the strap is sturdy, as is the handle on top. The bag feels a bit heavy, but the strap doesn't hurt me and it's quite a while before weight becomes an issue. I recommend this bag for the price conscious laptop bag shopper. It's the best I've seen so far.

5. Targus Laptop Bag Briefcase Messenger

Targus Laptop Bag Briefcase Messenger

The dimensions are 300mm x 25mm and can hold 14 inch laptop. A computer bag that's both slim and lightweight is perfect for on-the-go professionals. The computer bag is designed to protect your device while you are on the move. The laptop bags have a spacious design with larger slots for files and a laptop and smaller slots for notepads, power bank, etc. There are various carry options, including grab handle, shoulder strap, and rear trolley strap. The foam padded laptop compartment in their luxury computer cases for laptops will protect your computing devices from shocks, bumps, drops, scratches, and a lot more. The density is just right for the job. Their computer bags for laptops are strong and durable and will be your favorite travel and workplace buddy for a long time. It is produced with top-grade material that is reinforced with premium stitching and metal pulls. Their laptop carrying case can be used for anything. Carry files, business cards, keys, storage drives, power bank, laptops, tablets, and other on-the-go essentials. This is the briefcase you need to travel.

Brand: Targus

👤The bag is shown on the product page as a 16 bag. Targus calls their bag the TCT027, which is a small bag. I have verified that Targus puts the product tag on the exterior dimensions. I needed that extra half inch for my application. The bag is well constructed for this price point. It is not made in China. The anchor D-rings on the bag are riveted. The handles are made of box and X. A bag that is flexible but still holds its shape is possible because of the bead welt on the exterior face and the interior hems that are finished with webbing. The quality of the zippers is very good. If you slip your laptop in and forget to zip it up, it cannot fall out of the bag. The rest of the bag feels like it is padded internally with a small amount of closed cell foam. The exterior is a nice grade of "Cordura" type material and the interior is grey.

👤The carabiner clip on the shoulder strap is very flimsy and can easily snap off your shoulders. The strap doesn't move freely like other brands, which will cause it to tangle around and contribute to clip snapping. The front zip ties and shows it won't last long. There is no divider to separate the laptop from the paper. The laptop may get scratched if you put stapled paper with it.

👤The seller says the internal width is 16. Its not! The outer dimensions are not counting the handles. I checked with two tape measures, but I don't know who is measuring this. The fit of my laptop is tight. It could work, but it's hard to get it in and out because you need another hand to open the flaps, and it hangs up. I would say that my laptop is the max, even though it is 10 tall. The makers of these bags should give simple and accurate LxWxD dimensions. I'm sending it back. It's a nice case for the money. There is a On February 13, 2020.

👤The shoulder strap has failed two times since I bought this bag. The catches sometimes work their way out of the clasps when you sling it over your shoulder. The first time it happened, I was standing in grass and the bag hit the soil. If I hadn't been worried about the strap coming loose again, I wouldn't have caught it in time and I am afraid of what would have happened to my laptop. The case is okay, but I would rig your own strap or carry it by the handles.

👤I wanted to surprise my roommate with an office laptop bag when he started his new job, so I bought it. The handles have a cushiony effect, which makes it easy to carry, and the shoulder strap has a padding which doesn't hurt the shoulder. I wish it had a red thread work because it makes it look different than any other bag.

6. Targus Drifter Backpack 16 Inch TSB238US

Targus Drifter Backpack 16 Inch TSB238US

The material is water resistant and the hardware is durable. A computer bag that's both slim and lightweight is perfect for on-the-go professionals. The computer bag is designed to protect your device while you are on the move. Targus laptop backpacks are made of waterproof fabric and premium stitching and last years of use. The device will be securely held at all times, even when you're on the go, because of the metal zip. There is an air mesh panel and a covenant. – The laptop bags are comfortable. The air mesh padding at the back allows for adequate air flow while also providing a soft surface for your back. The strap makes the weight manageable. The computer backpack is strong and durable, which will make it your favorite travel companion for years. It is made of top-grade fabric with premium stitching and metal pulls that are light weight. Their computer cases for laptops have a padded section that can hold 16 laptops and a secondary compartment that can hold other essentials.

Brand: Targus

👤I bought this bag a little over a year ago and it is starting to wear out and I need to replace it. If I knew how to sew or knew someone who could do it, I would be able to get my bag repaired and use it for several more years, but I don't so that's not an option for me. I want to hit all the main points of the review, but I don't want to get winded with it. The bag is large. There are a lot of usable space. The mini inner pockets are great for taking advantage of the wasted upper areas. I have found the best combination of laptop compartment, main compartment and front compartment in any bag. It is comfortable to carry. Good straps. That is where the tear eventually took place. The elastic helps keep them out of your shoulders. The handle is strong. I have used the handle to move my bag around, fully loaded, and it has held up for over a year, just a little cracking in the plastic. For future improvements, I would suggest going to a more malleable rubber with cable reinforcement or a stronger metal handle. It looks good. It is not a bad bag. The middle pocket is my only con. There is a pocket between the main compartment and thepen. The main compartment uses more space in this pocket than it does in the main compartment. It would be better to cut the material out between the two pockets and use the zip up for the main compartment, or just do what I have and not use it. Either way. I will talk about the wear and tear if you want to add to the con pile. The shoulder straps on my bag are giving up the goose. If I can find someone who knows how to do it, I will see if they will stitch this boy up again. A metal eye hole has popped out. Don't ask, the picture of the circle of melt is due to an accident. It didn't go all the way through after I got the back. It is still sturdy. I took pictures to see if I could give a good idea of where the pockets are and where the wear and tear will occur over time. I put all the stuff in each to compare, and one picture to the Drifter II next to the kitchen sink. I ordered another Drifter II after sending the Oakley back. Enjoy!

👤I received a backpack. I'll update this review after I've had the chance to use it on the road. I love my previous backpack since I'm an IT guy and travel a lot for work. I need a backup power battery for my phone, a backup power battery for my laptop, a backup mouse, and a backup storage for my medicines. The reason I bought the Targus Drifter II was to find a similar backpack, with the same amount of pockets, but that doesn't make me look like a turtle. The Drifter is thinner in profile than the customer images show. The Targus Drifter II backpack is almost the same as the one in the. It has the same pockets, but there is a hidden pocket in the back of the pack that is almost invisible. Pocket 1 has a small zip in the front, Pocket 2 has a small zip in the front, and Pocket 3 has a thin zip in the front. The work horse of the pockets is divided into two sections, one of which has a mesh pocket that I keep my spare hat, water bottles, bandana in. If I had a bigger laptop power supply, it would also go here. If you needed to stuff a few days worth of clothing, you could do that here. The 5th zip from the front. My pocket is quick. This is a great place to store items. I use this in the security line to keep my belongings out of the metal detector so I can grab them quickly after I make it through. The 6th zip from the front. The laptop sleeve and small mesh is great for Macbook air power supply and a wireless mouse, as well as a few other smaller items. Pocket 7 is a pocket. I'll find out next time I'm at the airport. I keep my phone and tablets in the side pockets. I hope that my concerns about ruggedness and quality prove to be unwarranted, as this is a great bag. If there are any issues or findings that develop, I will update.

7. Targus Neoprene Slipcase Shoulder CVR217

Targus Neoprene Slipcase Shoulder CVR217

There are two separate pockets for files and magazines. The SafePort Air Cushion Bar is Patented. The design is patented and can be used to lay flat for screening. Softly lined, dedicated tablets protect them from scratches. There is ample file storage in the secondary compartment. The trolley strap slides over it. The nylon handles have a comfort-grip. Products purchased from 3rd party sellers are not covered by a limited warranty.

Brand: Targus

👤The star rating on the TSS898 was less than 4.0, and I was concerned about the lack of reviews. I am happy that I ordered the bag. I was trying to find a small bag that would hold my laptop, power brick, and a few small accessories, but it was hard to find a slim bag. The bag does an excellent job. The bag thickness is not correct on the Targus website and on the Amazon website. I couldn't understand how a bag with a front pocket could be 1.1 inches. I found the bag to look exactly like the photos, but was thicker than stated. The front pocket bulges 1/2 inch more at the top and 1.0 inch more at the bottom of the material that wraps the sides and bottom. I was happy to see this was the case since I was concerned that the 1.1 inch would not be enough room. I could fit two of my laptops in the main compartment. A slim laptop has more room for accessories in the main compartment or the front pocket. This bag is much lighter than my old Targus bag. The only negative I have with the bag is that I would have liked to double the cushion on the bottom. Either two layers of foam. A rubber base. The rubber base on my old Targus bag protected it from the elements, and it also protected it from water if the ground was wet.

👤I bought one of these a long time ago and it lasted a long time before showing signs of wear. I used it almost daily and took it on many flights. After the original broke down, I finally ordered this one. It has been about five months. You can touch your laptop with your finger, even in an area that takes a lot of strain, because the fabric under the pouch has ripped clean through it. Not sure if this is a real quality. I think it's a sign of a decline in quality. I was surprised by this one's performance and I have to find a new daily use case before this one just shreds one day and my laptop falls out the bottom.

👤I traveled a lot with my first laptop. I have a bag to protect my laptop. It was a very old and heavy bag and it protected the laptop very well. I wouldn't buy a laptop again because it's very cheap. I think this product is good for a business professional who travels frequently.

👤I like to keep my briefcase simple and this is all I need. It has a great side compartment with a pen holder and a main storage compartment that holds more than enough. Does not get dirty. I have been on one for ten years.

👤I use this case for my Macbook Pro. I was not able to find a case for it. I chose this one partly because it got good reviews and partly because it was cheap. The laptop case is too big. There is a gap between the edge of the laptop and the case. The room in the case is larger than the laptop. I could stack 2 on top of each other. The width is fine. The quality of the case is good. The smell of plastic when you open the case will fade as it outgases. I was hoping the pocket would be a pocket with flaps. The main opening is the only one on it. There is a hook and loop pad in the front pocket. If you turned it upside-down, it could fall out. This will work for my needs, but it is not perfect for a Macbook Pro 17.

8. Targus Backpack 16 Inch Laptops TSB705US

Targus Backpack 16 Inch Laptops TSB705US

Their computer cases for laptops have a padded section that can hold 16 laptops and a secondary compartment that can hold other essentials. There are pockets throughout for organization. A built-in cord and headphone jack are included. The trolley strap is easy to attach to your luggage. A padded back panel provides air flow. It was designed to stand upright.

Brand: Targus

👤I only take one backpack when I travel. There is room for a change of clothes and electronics in this one. If you take both, the laptop has a sleeve for a tablet. My daughter pointed out that it's over the dimensions quoted for a personal item, although clearly smaller than carryon dimensions. I have not had a problem carrying it on with a suitcase. I don't like gate checking my bag on flights so I use a smaller carryon. It has worked well on the smaller planes. There is a It has a good hip belt, and that is essential in my opinion, as it is large and heavy. There are two handles in the center of the front. This is good for situations where you might be concerned about someone getting into your backpack. There is a I use all the pockets. The insulated food pocket is good for snacks. The backpack is attached to the rollerboard handle with two carabiners. This makes it easy to roll a load for traversing airports. The backpack can be slipped on when stairs are involved. I haven't used the raincover, but I like the ability to use the sidepockets for waterbottles or easily accessed storage. I travel with a european rollerboard for a week or less. They won't fit under the seat. They would make me check one. The rollerboard is easy to use during travel.

👤A great backpack with lots of pockets. For serious, dood! Things you didn't know you needed to find their way into this backpack. All of a sudden, you ask if I have chap-stick. "Hell yeah you do!" is what this bag says. I got you! "You pull your laptop out, and your power adapter says "Yo, don't forget me, man!" I've been hiding here securely, but not with an ugly bulge, because there's so much room in this motha. It did to me that your stuff didn't talk to you.

👤The Targus Voyager II backpack can carry everything a person could possibly need. Period. Nine years ago when I was in undergrad, I chanced upon the Targus Voyager II 16" backpack. I had just gotten my first laptop, but I didn't know much about backpacks. I wanted something that could fit that and protect it, but also have enough room for my books. Did that backpack deliver? Over the last nine years, it has protected and carried my stuff across multiple countries, cities and work places. I decided to get a new one because it was starting to wear out. This is the Targus Voyager II backpack. I knew I wanted to get another Targus Voyager, and this backpack has continued the tradition of my old one in terms of having great protection, ability to hold a lot of stuff, and comfort on my back and shoulders. This is larger than my previous one, but it's good that I bought an Alienware M17x laptop, which will fit into this backpack even with a case on it, and into the protective padded area of the backpack. There is a protective padding area in front of the main laptop that can fit a 13-14" laptop. There is room for books and paperwork. There is a compartment in the front that is insulated to hold lunch or food. There is a full cover that is stored in a pouch at the bottom of the bag that has great water resistance and is similar to my previous backpack. The full black color makes this sleek enough for professionals and not bulky enough to be awkward. I am happy with my purchase and I am confident that this will last me years like my old backpack did. I would recommend it to anyone and will buy it again in the future if they have the right version at the time.

9. Targus Groove Backpack 16 Inch CVR600

Targus Groove Backpack 16 Inch CVR600

The backpack is high quality. Protection to the device. The product is durable. Design that can deliver high availability, flexibility and price. A padded sleeve protects laptops. The front storage section has padded CD and mobile phone pockets with port holes for headphones, pen loops, and key clips. The bottom is durable to protect against water. There is an extra pocket for files.

Brand: Targus

👤I have purchased a few backpacks. The first one ended in 2012 The second one lasted from 2012 to 2017: It seemed reasonable considering the price. The third one lasted about a month before falling apart. The manufacturer offered to fix it but it would have cost more to ship it for repair than it did to buy it. The internal compartment linings on the latest backpack have ripped and several of the zippers are broken. This makes it a big sack with no way to organize things. I can no longer recommend this backpack.

👤I hated the backpack I bought to replace the two bags that had been in my possession for 15 years. The only real wear on my old one was that it was getting old. You'll be frayed when you're nearly 90. I've been using this backpack for many years. Why do I like it? - It fits on my back very well, even when I only wear it on one shoulder. There is plenty of room for my stuff, including my phone and umbrella, and I have the right amount of pockets in the right places. My hearing aid case, a bottle of aspirin, a water bottle, and books, pens, and whiteboard markers are included. . You understand the idea. The price is $30. It's less than $4 a year. I think this is a great idea. Can't wait to buy the next one.

👤I thought the pack would be a little bigger. This one is small enough for my laptop. I've carried a Targus pack for several years and they are built the same way. There's room for a computer, a notebook or a folder inside. It's definitely not an overnight bag. There are a couple of pockets for small accessories. A good bag for a commuter, but probably not to travel.

👤I have been using this backpack for over four years and it is still holding up. It has traveled around the world and around the U.S. It has been packed tightly with laptops, tablets and textbooks. The zippers have not locked up or begun to cross-thread. No mesh has come off. The only damage I can see is my right shoulder strap, which is slightly fraying but still has tons of thread left. This has been one of the best investments I've ever made because of how useful it is, the beating it has taken, how it is holding up, and the price it was to begin with. I lost a Targus messenger bag in my first marriage. If this is the Targus standard, I will buy another even if I don't need one yet. 6 out of 5 stars. It's all assuming they haven't since outsourced to China or quality has diminished otherwise. The bag I have is amazing.

👤I have had this backpack for a long time and it is still working great. I went back to school two years ago and still use it. I travel with it all the time, use it for camping, and just everyday use, and it has held up great. There is a laptop pocket and lots of pockets to organize your stuff. Despite being put on the ground in a lot of environments, the bottom is strong and does not have any holes. This backpack is very cheap and I would highly recommend it.

10. Targus Compact Rolling Backpack TSB750US

Targus Compact Rolling Backpack TSB750US

It was designed to stand upright. There is a large storage pocket. There is a pocket for the tablets. The carrying top handle has a soft touch. The laptop compartment is 15.25 inches in width. The compartment is 5.50 x 8.25 Inches. There are straps for clothes. There is a workspace. The capacity is 29 liters. It is designed to fit laptops up to 16 and MacBook Pros up to 17 Quiet roller wheels and retractable handle make transportation easy.

Brand: Targus

👤There was an update on 11/24/19. I promised to update when I broke it, but the bottom portion of the handle is stuck in an extended position. Targus has indicated they'll stand by warranty, but I have to ship bag back to them on my dime, which they will throw away, I think this serves as a deterrent for people to take them up on their warranty. I decided to buy a different bag and try another company. I can't recommend a product that won't last a year. Downgraded to one star. The original review was not a good one. Frequent domestic airline traveler/ professional looking to downsize/lighten the load from the rolling business case and get a little more versatile with carry options. The bag strikes a decent balance between reasonable durability, capacity and weight, and was tried several different brands of rolling backpacks. The bag's actual capacity is 27L, not 29L. I use it for carry-on items on flights, so I check my suitcase often. The bags get bigger quicker and are more difficult to carry/maneuver on a plane if they are larger. Standard US domestic carry-on limit is 22” x 14” x 9” and was one of the criteria I used to choose. The bag will fit under most larger aircraft seats and in the overhead on regional jets. This is one of the few bags that doesn't have a cover over the shoulder straps and just 2 attachment points to hold the flap in place. If the flap and straps come loose and you roll it, it will get caught under the wheels. It will wear out in a year or two with frequent use. I'm not sure why Targus doesn't add a snap to each connection point, but it seems obvious. If you push it "wheels-first" into the airport security checkpoint, the strap-flap can peel back. If the bag is the right size, I will take it on airplanes, hotels, cars, trucks and out to the field. It was carried in the field. The bag is lightweight and sturdy enough, but it could use more pockets/organizational spaces, and my laptop does ride inside a separate carry case. Will update when I break it...

👤A few years ago, I received a similar backpack as a prize. This one is better. The wheels don't dig into my back and it's easy to convert it to a backpack because the dirt from the wheels don't get on your clothes. I am 5'3" and the straps work well to take up the bag so it doesn't move on my back. It had room for a lot of clothes and was loaded with three five pound laptops. The front pocket is large enough to hold three power packs. The straps do not get dirty and are out of the way due to the flap. The wheels are easy to scratch. Did not fall over. The padded laptop area can fit a 15 inch laptop. I'm going to take this bag to Vegas as there is so much walking and my suitcase is too big for an overnight trip. I don't need to leave it at luggage check and wait to get it because it doesn't look like a suitcase, so I can take it to my seminar and roll it around. Although I only had a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and minimal overnight clothes, it got heavy on my shoulders and hands when I used a leather bag. If you are a good packer, the middle area is good for a few days of clothing. The area is open and the cubes will help organize it. The handle is padded and locked at two different heights. The side pockets are large enough to hold a larger water bottle. A small padded pocket should fit most mobile phones. I looked at a number of bags, including the High Sierra ones, and this one was the lightest at four pounds. The other bags were much larger. The bag I liked the most was at Levenger, it had the wheels pointing out. The cost was three times the cost of the bag. It can fit a bag of groceries and a little more, so I expect to use it for overnight or short trips. Inexpensive and good contruction to save your back. I will update the review once I go to Vegas and return, I would like to see side cinching straps to take up the excess bag when it is lightly packed.

11. Targus Intellect Slipcase 12 1 Inch TBT248US

Targus Intellect Slipcase 12 1 Inch TBT248US

Products purchased from 3rd party sellers are not covered by limited. A padded laptop compartment protects your device. Office supplies are organized. Large pocket for small things. The nylon exterior is durable. The ID pocket on the exterior is easy to identify. The slipcase has a large exterior pocket to hold small accessories and essentials. The laptop compartment has a file divider for your documents.

Brand: Targus

👤I wanted to test the Amazon Basics 11.6-Inch Laptop and Tablet Bag with my Microsoft Surface Pro 3, so I bought both of them at the same time. It was a difficult decision to choose between the two bags. I kept the Amazon bag and sent the Targus back because the Amazon got 5 stars. I think you will be happy with the Targus. Read on. The same review has been posted for both items. I liked the bag from Amazon. Fit my Surface Pro 3 perfectly. The Targus is larger than the Pro, so I was looking for the smallest fit possible that still held my items. Better made than the Targus. Solid metal and zip/unZIP are very smooth, and the shoulder strap is nice. The Targus was cheaper than the other one. You can slide it over the handles of the overhead luggage bag with the strap on the back. The Targus listing and the instructions that came with it claim to have this feature, but the bag I received did not have these straps. The Targus bag is more expensive than the Amazon bag. Now, about fit. I don't think the Amazon bag is tight, because everything fits into it perfectly. If you have a lot of extra travel items, this may not work for you. I will list the items that I have in the main pocket and side pocket of the bag. I wouldn't be able to get my mouse into the bag easily. The power cord is placed in the small side pocket. I have to wrap the cable nicely and then slide it into the pocket to shove the power cord into the pocket. The pocket pushes into the larger side pocket, which takes up more space. Take this into account if you are worried about space. I would recommend the Targus bag to this person. Even though I sent it back, I would have been happy with that one as well. The side pocket of the Targus is designed to fit more into it than the side pocket of the Amazon bag, at only slightly more bulk overall. If you have a Surface Pro 3, I think you will like the bag. The Targus 4 is what the Amazon bag gets for me.

👤I needed a new case to fit my tiny Dell Inspiron 3147 laptop, which is a little over 11.75" by a little under8" and 34" thick. My criteria for a good case were simple, it had to fit well, have adequate padding, and have an extra pocket to fit a charging cable, small travel mouse, and an external dvd player. I didn't know how hard it would be to find a case that met the requirements. I looked in both physical stores and online before finding this Targus- branded laptop case. My laptop is snug enough in this case to fit. If you have a bigger laptop than mine, I daresay it won't fit. It isn't the best padding ever, but it is reasonable enough to keep the laptop safe. I wouldn't hit people with it, but you know what I mean. I don't know if it would survive a fall onto its side, but if you're gentle with it, it can survive being set down on its edge regularly. It should be okay if you are careful with it, but I wish it was a bit stronger in the padding. It was slim and svelte, but it was able to hold all my items. The laptop has an interior pocket divider in the big pocket that protects it from getting scratched by things in the other pockets, so this is a good feature. There is a second fabric divider to the larger pocket. I put my laptop in the most padded compartment and put my dvd player in the other, but one of the compartment remains empty. There is a small pocket on the outside of the bag that is large enough to hold my charging cable and mouse. I use one of the small pockets to hold my mouse. I think I should mention that this comes with a shoulder strap and some nice carrying handles. I wanted something that was well-made and durable, and this case fits that bill. Targus struck a good balance between practicality, size, slimness, weight and durability, and I am glad I found a decent laptop bag for my needs. I think it would have added a lot more bulk to the case, so I think they didn't do it. I can definitely recommend it if you have a small laptop.


What is the best product for best laptop bag for women crossbody targus?

Best laptop bag for women crossbody targus products from Targus. In this article about best laptop bag for women crossbody targus you can see why people choose the product. [brand2] and [brand3] are also good brands to look for when you are finding best laptop bag for women crossbody targus.

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