Best Best Laptop Bag for Women Backpack

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1. Backpack Teacher Waterproof Anti Theft Charging

Backpack Teacher Waterproof Anti Theft Charging

A well-knit luggage strap is very convenient for you to fix the laptop bag on the trolley of your luggage, making your journey and traveling more convenient wherever you go. The large backpack purse for women has a weight of 1.83 lbs. There are 2 compartments and 18 pockets. It's easy to organize school supplies and fit up to 15.6" laptops. The main compartment of the backpack is large enough to hold a nurse bag. It is a practical gift for women. The backpack is made of heavy duty and durable material. Their backpacks have a built-inusb charging port, which makes it easy to charge your phone when on-the-go. The LOVEVOOK backpacks have a 30-day no-reason return and 3-year warranty policy.

Brand: Lovevook

👤I wanted something different than what I had before, so I was afraid to choose orange. I love the color, it's a burnt orange, and I took the risk. It feels sturdy and roomy, and has many pockets. I am 5'3 and it didn't feel overwhelming.

👤I love this backpack. I take it with me wherever I go. The material is strong and sturdy for holding items. The backpack has a lot of space for different things. The product is supported by the picture. I like my backpack.

👤Pros: I get a lot of praise. I would buy it again, it's very much anti theft, has lots of pockets, and looks very clean even after a lot of wear. Maybe. The straps are very rough. I feel like I'm always being scratched by the short sleeved shirts that I wear. The opening of the bag is so annoying that parts of it are coming apart. It's difficult to reach the back of the backpack because I'm short with short arms, so it's IMPOSSIBLE to steal it. The bars on the inside are strong.

👤I love this! Several uses! There are a lot of pockets and pockets on the inside and outside of the bag, as well as places to put pens, supplies, and a bottle of water. It works perfectly with the laptop. The straps can be adjusted. I use this for nursing. I use this for school. I use it for an overnight bag. I use it to hold stuff for my kids at a water park. I used it for the beach. I've gotten positive feedback on this bag. It has held up well. You will be surprised by how much you can fit in this bag.

👤Very cute bag. I ordered this to have a backpack to hold all of the things I need while traveling with my daughter. The bag has a lot of pockets to keep your stuff safe, and a small pocket on the side of my back that was perfect for keeping my wallet safe. I found the straps to be very uncomfortable, and even though I made them loose, the straps rubbed on the sides of my arms, which made it hard for me to wear the pack for the whole day.

👤I can fit a lot of things in this bag. I was worried about the items I needed for the 12 hour shift when I got it. It does and more. I can keep full bottles of Motrin and Tylenol. I keep my wallet, keys, phone, and computer. I still had room for all of my things when I was a nurse. I'm pretty sure I'm missing some things. I am very shook by the amount of things in there. I can find each item quickly and easily.

👤I upgraded from a simpler version and am very happy I did. As a project manager in the construction field, it's nice to have all the pockets to keep my laptop essentials and other items. I thought it would be softer. It is a waterproof material which is an added bonus. I might add my company logo to it. The laptop pocket is not wide. I have an iPad which is very thin. Someone with a large laptop would be disappointed.

2. Backpack Business Charging Resistant Computer

Backpack Business Charging Resistant Computer

The internal dimensions are 14.7" x 2.2" x 11.2" There are two separate laptop compartment that hold both the 15 and 14 inch laptops. A roomy packing compartment for daily necessities. The front compartment has many pockets, pen pockets and a key fob hook, which makes it easier to find. The soft padded back design with multi-panel ventilated padding gives you maximum back support. The shoulder straps relieve stress. The handle is padded for a long time. A luggage strap allows a backpack to fit on a luggage/suitcase and slide over the upright handle tube for easier carrying. There is an anti theft pocket on the back. It is a travel gift for men. Theusb backpack has a built in charging cable inside and a built inusb charger outside. It's a great gift for him from his family. The backpack doesn't power itself, but the charging port is easy to use. The material is made of water resistant and durable. It is important to ensure a long- lasting usage. Provide you with a professional office work bag, a slim charging bagpack, college high school big students backpacks, and more.

Brand: Matein

👤I traveled through Europe in a backpack. I used a few space saver bags, but was able to bring a few things twice. It fit dimensions for WOW, Vueling, and EasyJet.

👤This bag is perfect for a personal item on a plane. There are lots of places to keep your stuff. It's small yet fits a lot of stuff. It was sleek. The security pocket was something I liked. There is no cushion on the bottom of this bag. There is no cushion on the bottom of the compartment. The backpack was hung on the hook of the bathroom stall. It fell off and slammed into the floor. I knew something was wrong when I heard the sound. I opened it and found my laptop had been damaged from a 5 foot drop onto tile. The whole thing was warped and there was internal damage that was malfunctioning. The mouse no longer works. I spent a lot of money on a new computer. I wish I had spent more money on a backpack.

👤I would give this backpack a 10 stars. It exceeded my expectations in many areas. The amount of pockets and space in this backpack is amazing. I needed a new backpack that would hold my laptop, textbooks, binders, and other things, and this was perfect. Since I am only 5'2 and most backpacks ride low and make my shoulders hunch forward when it's heavy, this backpack is perfect for me. There is a lot of padding on the straps, back, and inside of the laptop that I feel comfortable with. The side pockets fit my huge water bottles and they don't fall out of the pockets like it did with my last backpack. I can fit a 40oz hydro flask in the side pockets. I was charging my phone on the backpack while taking photos because the phone charging connection works. I will use the backpack for travel this summer, even though I got it for school. I only paid $29 for this. I have never made a better purchase on Amazon.

👤I used this bag for a few months before writing a review. Still loving it! I use it for work during the week. The bags on wheels tend to slow me down a bit and the briefcases for me are tight on storage, which doesn't match my organizational preferences. The bag is the perfect office for me. There are a lot of rooms and storage. There is a laptop, a MacBook, a big size happy planner, a classic size happy planner, lots of highlighters, pens, a binder, textbook, and still more room to go. I use it on the weekend for our daughters volleyball tournaments. I pack my laptop, med kit, lunch, snacks, iPad, tripod, and a pair of sneakers in case I need to change shoes. It's also used as a carry on bag. The bag is well made and useful. I am very happy that I bought it. This was a great purchase and I am very picky when it comes to bags.

3. Backpack LIGHT FLIGHT Backpacks Business

Backpack LIGHT FLIGHT Backpacks Business

The large insulated lunch bag is made of water-resistant fabric which will not rip, tear or scratch but is also lightweight. It's convenient to carry the pads on the shoulder straps. It's the best Birthday and Valentine's Day gift idea for women. Large Calibration. The laptop compartment can fit up to a laptop of that size. The large main compartment is big enough for daily necessities, such as A4 folders, magazines, tablets, and clothes. The pocket on the front of the pocket allows you to organize your small items. There is a hidden pocket to keep your phone. There are pockets for an umbrella or water bottle. You can charge the phone via the side pocket's hole, so that you don't need to take the portable charge all the time. Keep your phone handy and be on the go. The pressure on shoulders is alleviated by the mesh padded shoulder straps. The back luggage strap is easy to carry. It is a work backpack, travel backpack, school backpack and a nappy backpack.

Brand: Light Flight

👤I don't like reviews that pick apart good products. You get what the ad says. The fabric is water resistant. The pocket is lined with fabric. This is the pocket that has a lock. Some reviews were confused about the lock on the zippers. There is a secret pocket on the back of your wallet. I am very happy with this bag. I was tired of juggling my purse, lunch pail and laptop and decided to stop working for the company. The large purse was very heavy and uncomfortable when I used it. The bag is small enough to not be obnoxious, but large enough to fit my large items. They have plenty of pockets and pouches to keep your stuff organized. I only have it for a few days and use it for work. I think this will be a good everyday bag. I hope this helps someone. If you need a cute everyday backpack, this is for you.

👤I love this backpack. I was worried that it would be a bright pink. It is very soft and toned, which is what I wanted. The small anti theft pocket on the back of the laptop is perfect for phones or wallet and it is made with a soft protective fabric. I can fit everything I need for school here.

👤I took this on the subway, overground trains and buses when I traveled internationally for two months. It still looks new after two months of use. It is so durable. It's really comfortable on the shoulders and back. The storage space is large. I love it. I only write reviews if it's good. This is a good one to buy.

👤My daughter is a junior in college. She wanted something more feminine. This backpack is perfect for her. She was warned that it is prone to get dirty if proper care isn't taken. A lot of books can only be carried in it at a time. It is more dainty than sturdy. It depends on what you are looking for. My daughter likes that this one is more style than substance.

👤I can't speak on long term use orDurability, but I can say that it seems to be great quality. The material feels strong. I love the pockets. It looks like the picture is accurate. The gold is gorgeous. It's the perfect size for me. I didn't want it to be too big. I am a college student and I only carry my Macbook Air, iPad, mouse, and AirPods. I don't carry a lot of books and didn't want something heavy. The backpack is the right size. My laptop is perfect in it, it doesn't have to be too snug or have a lot of space to slide around in. It's perfect. I will be happy with my purchase if it holds up. It came in almost an entire week sooner than anticipated. I was very happy.

👤The seller contacted me and immediately sent me a new backpack. The backpack is nice. I was excited to receive it but was disappointed when I couldn't find the charging hole. I realized it was just 2 cuts that ruin the backpack, more like a rip than a hole, as I looked closer. I was excited for the hole so I could charge my phone at school, but they ripped it and ruined it for me. Maybe you will get lucky because the backpack and material and pockets were nice. Unlike me.

4. KROSER Backpack Computer Repellent Men Black

KROSER Backpack Computer Repellent Men Black

The great companion for all occasions. Practical gifts for people of all ages. The quality material is PU leather/Nylon, which is water-repellent. The built-inusb port is convenient to charge your cell phone. The power bank is not included. Multiple-compartment: There is room for your laptop and tablets. Perfect storage for small items is provided by one open pocket and mesh pocket. Black leather pullers are the best choice of fashion because of their simple and practical design. The bag is light and easy to carry. The perfect shape of the bag and its sturdy and convenient features are maintained by reinforced edges and steel frame. The leather handles match the shoulder straps. A well-knit luggage strap is very convenient for you to fix the backpack on the trolley of your luggage, making your journey and travelling more convenient wherever you go. The backpack is a great companion for college, travel, business, everyday use and outdoor activities. Practical gifts for teens, boys, girls, friends, mother, father, her or him.

Brand: Kroser

👤This bag is in such great condition after 3 years of use. We traveled a lot there for a while, so it got used a lot. A laptop, a tablet, books, wipes, two side pockets for water, it's perfect. Flight attendants always ask me about it. The Swiss Army has too many pockets and zippers to look for things. I keep my passport in the front. I know of many friends who purchased this as well. 3 years and going strong! One can become urbanized by moving from country to the big city. Taking the metro or walking will help me be more organized. I wanted to go to pick up and run item which keeps me organized. I like the sleek style of this purse. It is simple in design, yet functional. I had a backpack but the front zip was open exposing my phone and wallet. I was fixated on a loss. This allows me to take a plane easily. It is a power puncher. I will be using it a lot this week for travel. I made a video for a friend. She badda bing! Also, bought as well. The phone and luggage strap are bonuses. I have a cute briefcase. Since my shoulder surgery, backpacks make carrying easier. The blue inside material was the only negitive. It feels like it could be waterproof or water resistant, and it could be sturdy enough to be with me for a long time. I will update in a month with 4 more trips.

👤I love this bag. I am a bag snob. I don't like having to switch bags all the time, and I have a hard time finding a bag that can do what I want it to do. If it is large enough to fit my laptop, it is either a messenger bag that kills my neck and back, or it is a big ugly backpack that I couldn't take to professional meetings. Trying to put the random stuff I need throughout the day becomes a hassle. I try to find one that will work as a personal item on the flight. This bag does it all. I ordered the smaller bag because my laptop and leather folder were small enough to fit in it. I couldn't fit the leather folder in my laptop because it barely fit. Everything else fit and fit well. You can see everything from the beginning when the bag opens on top. No digging, no shuffling, no unzipping multiple pockets looking for what you need, no flaps hanging over and getting in your way. It is beautiful. The smaller bag was too small to be comfortable and I was worried that the larger bag would be too big and bulky. That is usually the problem. I took a risk and ordered it. I didn't mail the smaller one yet, but I compared it to the larger one. You have to really look to see if one is larger than the other. I decided to take pictures of the two bags side by side. The smaller one is on the left in all of the pictures. I took pictures of how my stuff looks in the bags. Even though the bag doesn't look much bigger on the outside, it feels a lot bigger on the inside. It is the Tardis of bags. I love the bag. I ordered an after-market chest strap to go with it, but I probably won't use the special charging cable, as I do a lot of biking and wanted extra support. I hope they never stop making it so that I can keep buying it. I love this bag, don't make things harder for us.

5. Backpack Charging Resistant Durable Shoulder

Backpack Charging Resistant Durable Shoulder

Please contact them if you have any problems with your bag. They will solve it. The backpack's color may be different from the picture due to the different screen of display or reflection. The large laptop backpack has a capacity of 20L. The stylish work travel design can accommodate everything you need, from a college women backpack to a backpack for women at work. There are 2 front pockets, 4 inner small pockets, 2 outside pockets, 1 main pocket, and a laptop compartment with padded for 15.6inch. The perfect shape of the bag and its sturdy frame keep it safe from theft. The padded back panel and shoulder strap provide a comfortable carry. The travel laptop backpack has a rectangular frame to keep the mount large and an easy access doctor bag style opening. No more digging. It can be wide open. The shape of the bag is kept perfect by the reinforced edges and steel frame of the main compartment. The college backpack has a power bank pocket and a built in power bank cable that can be used to charge your electronic devices. It allows you to charge your phone when you are carrying a backpack on the road. The front pocket of the laptop backpack is designed to block the signals from the high-pitched radio waves known as radio-frequency identification, and it protects your valuable information such as passport, credit cards, debit cards, and driver's licenses.

Brand: Falanko

👤This is large. There is room for several days of clothes and shoes here. There are many pockets. The fabric feels like a canvas and the color is cute. The purse strap things are useful for moving it. I think it's too large for what I'm looking for, but it would be a great college student bag.

👤I love this backpack. It's practical. I mostly use it for travel. My laptop and iPad are in the padded pockets. The rest of the space is large. You could put a purse in there. The two front packets are great for things you need to grab quickly. You can carry it by the handles or backpack straps. There is a The water bottle pockets on the side of the backpack fit my 40oz hydroflask very well. I like to carry a big bottle of water. Most backpacks can't fit this in an outside pocket. I got the maroon color. It's better than your typical black backpack and not too pink. I filled it up so it would stay open when I first got it. Two small negatives might bother others more than I do. Everything is in the main compartment, which is deep. I put my sweater in the bottom so it was easy to find things. The decorative straps/magnets on the front are longer than the backpack so as you use it, they're starting to curl up. I wish they were the same length as the backpack.

👤I saw this bag and thought it was cute, so I left a review. It looks nice and big and I can carry a lot of notebooks and school books whenever I'm out. There were many pockets, which was the only good side. The main pocket isn't large enough to access everything. The shoulder straps dig into your skin, making carrying it very uncomfortable, and I had to use only one strap to spare my other shoulder. This bag is perfect for middle schoolers who don't have to carry a lot of things or for those who don't mind having the shoulder straps digging in their skin all the time.

👤The luggage strap made it easier to travel in the airports. It's nearly as large as my carry-on and has so many compartments. I plan to put it under the plane seat because I think it will fit there perfectly. The secret pocket in the back is great for the more valuable items. I was disappointed that the blue I bought was more of a denim blue than a navy one, but it turned out to be more of a denim blue than a navy one. I still love the denim blue, but that would be my only complaint. You can see the color better in photos taken near windows with plenty of natural daylight. It's a keeper!

👤I was using a shoulder bag to carry my laptop and books, and it was killing my back. I need something for easy travel because I am constantly back and forth between places. I added a luggage trolley because the backpack has a strap for setting it on top of a suitcase. The back pack is very cute and durable. There are many pockets. The only negatives to this pack are 1. It says it fits a computer of that size. I have to manipulate the zippers to get them to close. 2. There are only two of my classes in there. I need a few extra books and a music notebook, but not both. It would be great if it was an inch deeper.

6. Convertible Daypack Laptop Backpack College

Convertible Daypack Laptop Backpack College

The nylon material is waterproof. The weight is about 1 Pounds. The white part is not pure white. The built-inusb port design allows you to charge your cell phone without opening your backpack. The power bank is not included. The nylon fabric is water resistant. The shoulder straps are padded and fit around your shoulders. The laptop lining can fit an escort laptop. There are two front pockets with a zip and two side pockets with a zip. The wide open design has a rectangular opening. Not too heavy but roomy for everything you need. It can be used as a college school bookbag, business travel backpack, laptop backpack purse, carry-on bag, doctor teacher backpack, diaper/mom bag and a luggage for short trip. Please contact them if you have any problems with your bag. They will solve it. The backpack's color may be different from the picture due to the different screen of display or reflection.

Brand: Cyureay

👤This is what I was looking for when I was searching for a bag. I needed a way to be mobile because I have a hybrid schedule. I have a laptop, power cord, and mouse. The front tall pocket is perfect for 8 1/2 x 11 paper. I carry my complete gym clothes, my breakfast, coffee, and a bottle of water. I could fit my lunch as well. I am very pleased with it and would buy it again.

👤This is the best backpack of all time. The style can be used in many different ways. I have been wearing it every day for the past few weeks and it still looks new. I carry a lot for work since I travel with a laptop, 5 subject notebook, files, office supplies, 2 cell phones, and personal items. It doesn't hurt my shoulders when the backpack is fully loaded. I keep a whistle and pepper spray in the hidden back pocket. The power bank shown in the phones is great with the bag. I wish there was a power bank holder so it doesn't float around. I can deal with it. I recommend you buy this bag because it's so nice. Shipping was fast. The product is perfect and the price was fair. I am getting a credit for sharing my review, but I can assure you that it did not affect my review. This is a great bag.

👤I've been looking for the perfect teacher bag for a long time. I love that this backpack is water resistant. Running with open totes from the parking lot to the school building is no longer possible. I'm happy! I'm happy with how deep the inside is. If you are against this bag, just buy one. You will not be disappointed. There is plenty of space for everything.

👤This bag was purchased for a trip. It has a sleek look while being spacious. There are two pockets on the outside, but no pockets on the inside. It has a pocket on the inside for a small device, but there is no padding. The tote bag straps are not padded at all and cut into my shoulder after a few minutes of use. I had to use the backpack straps in areas that were subject to theft. The backpack straps have a bit of padding. The side pockets do not fit my water bottle. The backpack is stylish but flimsy. If you don't plan to use much of the space, I recommend you keep the bag's weight down.

👤I live in the city and commute on public transportation. I don't know how to explain how much I love this bag. I needed a change from the bulky shoulder bag I've been carrying. I almost sent it back because I thought that the price for this one was cheap, but I decided to keep both. I love the variety of pockets, the water bottle slots on the side, and the fact that there's plenty of room for my laptop and binders. It saved my shoulders from the undistributed weight of the shoulder bag, but it's easy to switch to one shoulder. If I have to take my bus pass off my back, I have easy access to it. I like the material because it's surprisingly durable and I won't be messed with if I get caught walking or waiting for the bus in the rain after forgetting an umbrella, although this is yet to be tested in my case. I bought a battery pack since it has the hookup, which has already saved me several times, and I really liked how secure it felt hooking my charge directly to the bag instead of having to fumbling around with a phone, battery pack, and bag. I highly recommend it.

7. Backpack Insulated Backpacks Reusable Waterproof

Backpack Insulated Backpacks Reusable Waterproof

The front pocket of the laptop backpack is designed to block the signals from the high-pitched radio waves known as radio-frequency identification, and it protects your valuable information such as passport, credit cards, debit cards, and driver's licenses. The insulated lunch box compartment is made of foam and aluminum and works to keep food and drinks warm while also keeping drinks cold for hours. Allow you to eat food at any time. The food container compartment can hold up to 10 cans. The women's lunch bag has a big main compartment with a laptop sleeve compartment and 2 side pockets for umbrella or facial tissue. It's convenient for a lot of things, from storing food and snacks for lunch for yourself and your family to using as a laptop backpack. The main compartment area will be reduced to provide more space for the food container. When you don't need to carry food, the insulated layer can be folded so that you can carry more items in the main pocket. A laptop backpack and a lunch bag. This womens backpack is something you must not miss. The laptop backpack has all the features of a backpack but with a thermal area. The luggage straps allow you to attach to a luggage case and slide along with it, the card pocket on the shoulder strap allows easy access to your cards when in need, and the anti-theft pocket on the back allows for your valuables to be kept safe. It's a perfect partner for traveling and business trips. The large insulated lunch bag is made of water-resistant fabric which will not rip, tear or scratch but is also lightweight. It's convenient to carry the pads on the shoulder straps. It's the best Birthday and Valentine's Day gift idea for women.

Brand: Matein

👤This backpack is good for travel and work. It's perfect for a full-time working mom who needs to have the essentials at all times. The food compartment is more useful for snacks than full meals.

👤I can fit a full lunch, my notes books, laptop and a change of clothes just like the picture shows.

👤The bag is practical and comfortable. It has pockets for everything and makes it easier to use. It is a perk to have it be black because it matches with everything.

👤I love everything about this bag.

👤It is sturdy and comfortable for me. It has a lot of pockets. I love it. I can bring my lunch with me to work. The item is a true bag.

👤The only reason that this was rated 3 stars instead of higher was that it gave the impression of a separate lunch section. It is a separate pocket that you can put your food in, but the space used for it is underneath the main two pockts. If you have anything in the above pocket, it will fall down where the lunch would fit if you don't empty out the bag. I don't like that I have to empty my back every time I want to use the lunch box portion. The seller has contacted me multiple times requesting that I remove my review in exchange for a refund. I don't want other people to be deceived by this product, so I don't feel comfortable doing that.

👤The bag is great. Holds more than I thought.

👤The backpack has a lot of room and is perfect for any occasion.

👤I love this bag! I was worried that my electric lunch box wouldn't fit in the cooler part, but it does, with my water bottle in one of the side pockets and a portable blender inside of the bag. The cooler part can be extended by an inch to the front. The straps are padded so they don't feel heavy even if the bag is packed. I put my documents in the laptop pocket when I leave for work. I only have one bag now, instead of three, because I didn't want to carry three bags to work. The bag is made of material that I like. I haven't tried the charging cord or the bag yet.

👤I have a bag for work that I can get 4 gatoraids and four booste's in the lunch part, two small stools, spray off sun screen baby wipes and umbrella, and a phone and wallet in a hidden pocket.

👤The bag was what I was looking for. There is a thermal lunch bag in front of the roomie pockets. It's all in the bag, which is convenient since I don't need a lunch bag, purse, or anything else. Nice stitching. Highly recommended!

👤My daughter can fit her laptop, clothes, and books in a small space. She found a separate compartment for her lunch to be very useful. This is a great backpack.

8. Kenneth Cole Reaction Polyester Backpack

Kenneth Cole Reaction Polyester Backpack

The LOVEVOOK backpacks have a 30-day no-reason return and 3-year warranty policy. The exterior of the fashion forward quality is water resistant and has gold-plated zippers. The interior has a fully lined tear- resistant stripe that will stand up to daily use. The perfect computer backpack to keep your business essentials organized while on the go. A padded tech pocket is needed for most laptops with up to a 15-inch screen. The main compartment has a padded pocket for tablets. The front of the building has a business organizer. Comfy & Functional Rear exterior features shoulder straps that relieve stress of shoulders for maximum comfort while on the move. A trolley strap that fits over luggage upright handles is what the rear of the backpack has. There are beverage holster pockets on both sides of the backpack. The top grab handle is easy to carry. The backpack was designed to fit under the seat of an airplane. It can be easily stored. This backpack is lightweight and stylish and is perfect for school, college, travel, hiking, business trips, commute, outdoor activities, or even as a gift. The overall size is 16” H x 10” W x 7.5” D. It fits most laptops with a 15-inch screen.

Brand: Kenneth Cole Reaction

👤I did not use the backpack until after Christmas. The strap broke on January 25th. I use it to carry my laptop, some pens and a notebook. I would expect this backpack to last at least 30 days. It's a very cute and stylish bag, so I'm very disappointed. I was referred to Kenneth Cole by Amazon because it was after my 30 day mark. I haven't been able to reach them yet. Would not recommend it.

👤I wanted a bag like this in my school bag. It is feminine without being feminine. It is more professional for me to look for my doctorate studies. I use a compartment for a laptop in my iPad pro, and one inside for a smaller device. There are a couple of notebooks and a couple of books in this room. There are lots of pockets and zippers for pens, chapsticks, and headphones. I have had it for a month and it still looks great because of the dark fabric.

👤I wanted a backpack that I could use at conferences and also take on an international trip. It fits my laptop well. If you want to take more than a book and a few notebooks, you will find this backpack very small. I didn't have enough room to put things in. I like the blue lining and gold zippers on the luggage. I agree with the reviewers who said that the side pockets aren't big enough for a water bottle and that the straps tend to loosen while on your back. I used the side pockets to carry things. I intend to use in the future, but not for travel.

👤It was stylish and comfortable. It fits a lot of things. The bag is light. A coffee mug is on the side.

👤The backpack is professional and durable and has room for everything. I am in love with this thing, it has pockets and snap compartments for everything, from wallet to keys, and even an umbrella. The pockets are laid out and the organization is good. I can keep my keys and work badges in the front of my backpack, so it's easy to get to them, and my wallet is closer to the middle of the backpack, so it's not as easy to get to it. I could go on and on. I needed a professional upgrade when I switched from working in K12 to college settings. If you are on the fence, I highly recommend spending your money on this bad boy. I can fit my personal nail care kit, like literally everything, in this thing for my long, long days at work and on the road. I love it!

👤Men and women compliment me on this backpack. The navy color of the zippers show up nicely. The quilted pocket has a touch of elegance. Unlike some backpacks, it doesn't collapse when it isn't full. It has a lot of inner pockets, but not a lot of where you put things. This bag is very good.

9. Lenovo Double Layered Protection Dedicated GX40V10007

Lenovo Double Layered Protection Dedicated GX40V10007

The overall size is 16” H x 10” W x 7.5” D. It fits most laptops with a 15-inch screen. The dedicated PC compartment fits up to 17 gaming laptops. 3. Quick access to your tools is provided by perfectly placed pockets. Protect your gear with an ultra-tough, high-density EVA molded front shield lined with water-resistant PU fabric. The laptop backpack has back padding, chest straps, and shoulder straps that provide comfort that never quits. The Legion 17" Armored backpack II combines gaming performance with style that fits any situation. There are separate pockets for your keyboard, palm rest, mouse, headphones, water bottle, and more.

Brand: Lenovo

👤The backpack was nothing but a disappointment. The structure of the item is not very durable and within 2 months the zip on the middle pocket would not work correctly, which makes it useless. I used this backpack as my laptop backpack for traveling to and from work, and it wore out quickly. I would only buy a bag at this price. There are a few things that are slightly above average. The inner organization pockets are well placed and the bag is comfortable. Do yourself a favor and not buy this product.

👤I found a tech bag that was made by the same company that makes my laptop after looking around for a new one. Cool, but that's all it does. The bag has a hard shell on it and it seems to offer some protection for items on the outer side of the bag. The shell is stiff, but it's hard to cram a lot of items inside of it. The only way to get the bag out of the way is to open the bag. You can't fill the bag tons because of its design, but it's not a problem with the bag completely full. This feels like the kmart knock off version from the $150 Ogio bag that fit my laptop.

👤I needed a good bag for my electronics. I was tired of lugging my stuff between home and work. The bag does its job. It fits my off-the-shelf mechanical keyboard, Astro A10 headset, and laptop, all in the right pocket sizes. There are some issues with the bag. Initially, I was hesitant to buy this bag. I have found the zippers to be solid.

👤I was hit by a car on my motorcycle and broke my leg and foot. I had a backpack on my back that held my laptop. I slid 50 feet after bouncing off the hood of the car. My laptop didn't break and the backpack protected my back from the impact. The backpack I ordered after the wreck had the main zip torn out, but I will be ordering it again. The reinforced panel held up well when I was on top of it. Highly recommended.

👤I bought a laptop and a backpack. The laptop is snug in its designed compartment. There is enough room for your equipment. A normal keyboard is too large to fit. The outer shell is very strong and can protect against a fall or hit. The backpack is very comfortable and would recommend to other users.

👤After about six weeks of use, the kewpie broke. I will try to get it replaced and remember to update if it goes well. It will be replaced easily if it was a mistake.

👤The backpack is very good, but the elastic bands that keep the flaps from flapping on the freeway are unthreading, and the inner liner is also unthreading. I love this backpack, but I'm disappointed that it's already coming apart after being treated the same as my motorcycle gear.

10. KROSER Backpack Computer 15 6 17 3 Water Repellent

KROSER Backpack Computer 15 6 17 3 Water Repellent

The backpack is a great companion for college, travel, business, everyday use and outdoor activities. Practical gifts for teens, boys, girls, friends, mother, father, her or him. The material is high quality. The laptop backpack is made of poly fabric, which is environment friendly, and has a function of water-repellent. The dimensions are 18.5"x13.3"x 7.8". The weight was 2.64LBS. There is space for a computer, iPad, A4 files, wallet, clothes, power bank and more in larger roomy compartments. The dimensions of the organizers fit a 17.3 inch laptop. This backpack is large and has a lot of capacity. The power bank is not included, so it's not convenient to charge your cell phone by it. A special design for your computer, with foam close to your back. The logo and pullers are made of PU leather. The shoulder straps and handle are sturdy and offer comfort. A well-knit luggage strap is very convenient for you to fix the laptop bag on the trolley of your luggage, making your journey and traveling more convenient wherever you go.

Brand: Kroser

👤I use this to carry my laptop for business trips. I've used it for 2 and don't like it. It does the job, but not very well. It holds my laptop, has a place to plug in and charge stuff without looking around in the bag, pockets to hold 2 water bottles, a strap that I can place over my suitcase extension handle, and padded. I use the top strap to hold it from falling over, but it doesn't fit my back and there is a noticeable gap. This causes me to have back pains. I almost lost my sunglasses because of the sunglass strap. I would use it again if it was tighter. Never use it again. I travel a lot for work and noticed that some bags come with a buckle above the chest and understand why. I wouldn't have the heavy issues that I have now if the strap on my suitcase was higher. This is what I will use until I upgrade my laptop and can justify another bag. I am very short and don't think it's a huge bag, I took all the pictures from my last trip. If you have a small lap top, this would probably not have as many issues as I have.

👤The quality is excellent. It's a shame that my laptop can't fit in it because I really liked the back pack. It doesn't fit a 17.3 inch laptop. The tolerances for the zippers are not enough to seal them. I'm returning it for that reason. If your laptop is bigger than 17 inches FLAT, do not buy this. The bag is advertised as a laptop bag, but it won't close properly.

👤The bag is well made and looks nice. It has a large compartment for my lunch, water bottle, umbrella, and lots of other items, which is the biggest perk of it. It has a small pouch that fits my wallet, hair brush, phone, headphones, etc., and a slim front pocket for keys, phone, headphones, etc. Two side pockets that are great for a metro card can fit a water bottle. There are two drawbacks to this bag. It is huge. It was bigger than I would ever need. I am responsible for not measuring what I wanted better. I'm a 5'8" female and this bag goes from my tailbone to my neck easily. I think it would fit a 6'2" male. It feels overwhelming for me. The main reason for the storage being so great is the size, but I think it could be 3-4 inches shorter and still have plenty of storage. The second thing is comfort. The black mesh on the back of this bag is similar to many other bags, but it is rough and hard. I think once I break this bag in more, it will become softer, but after 2 weeks, the straps are so wide that it rubs on my neck and shoulders during my commute, if I wear a sleeveless shirt. The bag pulls on my back and shoulders even when adjusted. The back and straps are soft, which makes them comfortable. I would recommend this for anyone looking for a really big/high storage backpack, but they should definitely consider the size before purchasing.

11. Backpack LIGHT FLIGHT Daypack Business

Backpack LIGHT FLIGHT Daypack Business

It is a work backpack, travel backpack, school backpack and a nappy backpack. Large Calibration. The laptop compartment can fit up to a laptop of that size. The main compartment is large enough for daily necessities, like magazines, A4 folders, tablets, and clothes. DedicATED POCKETS allow you to put your small items in an organized manner. There is a hidden pocket to keep your phone. There are pockets for an umbrella or water bottle. You can charge the phone without taking the power out of the bag. The phone and portable charge can be connected via the side pocket holes. The mesh padded shoulder straps are comfortable. The luggage strap is easy to use. It's simplistic, stylish look makes it a work backpack, travel backpack, and school backpack. It's a practical gift for people at work, school and travel.

Brand: Light Flight

👤I bought a backpack to use. I have been using it for months. I am the kind of person who throws my backpack into the car and then drops it on the floor when I get to my office. It is surprising how well it has held up. I can fit my laptop in the laptop compartment. I can not feel all of that in the backpack because of the cushion. The padding on the straps is nice. I can fit a 64oz water bottle, my lunch, shoes, and other stuff on the inside of my backpack. I use the front pocket to carry things with me. It is still very comfortable with all of that in the backpack. My backpack doesn't feel heavy. I am glad I picked this backpack. I will buy another one if it ever falls apart.

👤I bought this backpack for 80% office use and 20% travel. I was looking for a hidden compartment, luggage strap on back, and wipeable nylon, which could be Clorox or something similar. It is sprayable. Is the only one? The nylon makes it heavier than a Baggalini or Vera Bradley because it is wipeable. The interior lining is a light color, so it's easy to find stuff inside.

👤The material is waterproof and has a nice feel to it. It has a lot of pockets inside and out. I like it. My last backpack lasted a decade. I traveled with it and it seems like it will do the same. I got to take my backpack on the road. If you have nick nacks that need separate pockets, it is great. If you need the main body of the bag, rethink it because the pockets take up a lot of space. I still love the bag, but it depends on what I bring, and I have a similar backpack that is about the same size.

👤I knew I needed a sturdy bookbag that could hold a lot of books and my MacBook Pro, so I bought one. When I received it, I put my laptop, water bottle, two big books, a small book, and my planner in it and you can't tell it's holding that much stuff. It is sleek and cute, which makes it very functional. I really like it and I hope it holds up.

👤I just got it in and it is amazing. It was recommended on 11/10. I was scared of it being too big, but it is silky and cute. Everything is what the description said.

👤Don't get me wrong. This backpack is cute. It is on the small side. I would love to have the bigger one. I pack a lot of stuff for school. I can't add school books and a binder. I will make a backpack for travel. For younger kids, I would recommend it. Definitely not college students. I like the extra cushion for the laptop part and the fact that it comes with a little lock to keep it locked. It is perfect if you make it bigger.


What is the best product for best laptop bag for women backpack?

Best laptop bag for women backpack products from Lovevook. In this article about best laptop bag for women backpack you can see why people choose the product. Matein and Light Flight are also good brands to look for when you are finding best laptop bag for women backpack.

What are the best brands for best laptop bag for women backpack?

Lovevook, Matein and Light Flight are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best laptop bag for women backpack. Find the detail in this article. Kroser, Falanko and Cyureay are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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