Best Best King Size Pillows Medium Firm

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1. XIXILY Sleeping,Luxury Collection Alternative Supportive

XIXILY Sleeping%EF%BC%8CLuxury Collection Alternative Supportive

The outer cover and inner liner can be washed and dried in your household machines. The shredded form is hard to clean. When the pillow is tumble dried, it can expand back to its original shape. Give it to a loved one on any occasion to help them sleep better. The soft bed pillows are suitable for lying on your side, lying on your stomach, or lying on your back and can bring you high-quality sleep. The pillow is strong enough. It is in line with science. The person can sleep peacefully at night because it makes them feel less stiff. 36*20 inches is the size. The pillowcase of the pillow is made of 100% polyester fabric, which is soft and Breathable. There is a layer of silver piping on the edge of the pillow, which adds a luxurious atmosphere and looks elegant. They recommend that customers use a pillowcase when they use the pillow, as it will increase the use time of the pillow. When opened, their pillows will bounce back to their original shape after being sealed in packaging. The filling material of the fiber can mimic the feel of down, so it can be machine washed and used after washing and drying. If you have any questions about their products or have more information you want to know, please contact them on Amazon and they will provide you with service within 12 hours.

Brand: Xixily

👤I bought 4 of them thinking they would be great and fluffy. I fluffed them out after they were wrapped and they were flat. I tried putting some of it there, but it looks like it doesn't have any fluffing to it. It didn't work. I wanted my bed to look nice and I also wanted my husband to hug a pillow while sleeping. I bought two pairs of pillows so he can have two pillows. It doesn't seem to be working out for us. Not like in the picture. I spent a lot of money on these pillows and they don't seem like hotel quality pillows. I can't buy myself any other ones. Sorry. I was not happy with this buy.

👤I put these in my pillows. When I opened them, they looked like they had two throw pillow size pillows on each end, but the middle was completely flat. There was no change after I fluffed and flopped them. These might be two inches if the average pillow is several inches thick. It was just flat. The stuffing would still be thin and flat if you took it from both places. Did I say that is things and flat?

👤I bought these pillows to use on my bed. The pillows are very thin and will have to be replaced. They don't fill out like the picture suggests. It would take two of these to make a fake.

👤The pillows I bought from this company are not the same pillows that I bought from these sets of pillows. The pillows are flatter than the first set I bought. I would like a refund. I order a couple of sets. The material goes flat after one night of sleep. Why are they so cheap? Please give me back my money!

👤Immediately, taken out. Have never been the size of a king pillow. The second photo is a comparison of a regular size pillow. Your head goes all the way to the mattress on this King size pillow. There was no support at all.

👤The pillow was made from good material and quality. It is perfect if you want to sleep. I feel comfortable sleeping on a thin pillow so that I don't feel elevated. I hug it and sleep because it's a bit uncomfortable for me to sleep on it. I gave it 4 out of 5 because of that. It fits my pillows just right.

👤A box is rolled up. They are flat after you get them out. I would rather go to the big box stores and see the pillows, at least they have some fluff. I have to put them back in the small box they arrived in. The money was wasted. Don't buy them.

👤I took two to make one sham full. I can't imagine using this to sleep. Will not buy again.

2. Beckham Hotel Collection Pillow 2 Pack

Beckham Hotel Collection Pillow 2 Pack

Their cups are protected by foam and packed in boxes to make sure they are intact. If you have a quality problem with their products, please contact them and they can help. Their pillow is encased in a 250 thread count cover and filled with a soft down alternative. If you're looking for a cool queen/king size pillow for night sweats, the breathability of their bed pillow can offer welcome relief. The bed pillows are made in an OEKO-TEX Standard 100 factory that ensures they meet high safety and environmental standards. The side sleeper pillow is easy to clean and makes life easy. They can be popped in the washer and dried. Their cooling pillows for sleeping can accommodate a wide range of sleeping styles. The bounce-back design will make your favorite position.

Brand: Beckham Luxury Linens

👤The first night we used it, we found a bed bug on the pillow. I had no idea what a bed bug looked like until I found one crawling on me. We put them in the washer as soon as possible, but now we are scared. Don't recommend!

👤The pillows were not good and I wrote a two star review. The company reached out to me multiple times in order to get me to remove the review. I initially refused but after they said they were really trying to do better, I agreed. There is a As soon as I deleted it, I was ghosted. The way to do business is crooked. You get a one star review now.

👤I am a real buyer and I was not paid to review this pillow. I'm not doing that. I want everyone to know what I'm saying. The "Beckham Hotel" pillow is the same as the others. There is a small bar-coded sticker on the Beckham Hotel re-branding sticker on the package of the two pillows. There are 3 more There is no smell. There's no mold. They were shipped in a nice plastic container bag. There are four They are dead flat. They start to fluff up when you remove them. They are ready to use after an hour or so. You can sleep on them if you fluff them a bit. It is not necessary to put them in a dryer. Not sure. I waited a month to write this because I wanted to make sure I liked the pillows. I do! 6) I had some doubts about how soft they would be, but after a couple of nights, I thought they were firm enough to support my head and neck. When I sleep on my side, I end up on my back. 7) They're heavy enough to not move around, but not heavy like a memory foam pillow. They are put in other words. 8) I bought the queen sized ones. It was interesting to me that these are 20 inches wide and a queen size pillowcase is also 20 inches wide. A pillowcase is flat and a pillow is high. It takes some effort to squeeze the pillow into the pillowcase. Maybe this makes the pillow seem a bit more firm than I thought it was. It works and these have worked out well for me. I woke up in a hotel with neck pain about 4 years ago. It didn't seem to get rid of it. I tried several other pillows that I got from the local store. They all went back. I got these pillows and continued on with my neck stretches and now I'm feeling fine. I woke up a week ago with no neck pain. That's a relief. I can't tell you anything about Amazon shoppers. Buying a pillow is a wilderness of choice. I spent a lot of time here. The comfort of pillows is very personal and subjective. I can only say that these worked out for me. I assume you can return them if they don't suit you. I don't know. I'm not a member of the Prime program. Best of luck finding yours! -MSW

3. WENERSI Premium Pillows Feather Treatment

WENERSI Premium Pillows Feather Treatment

You will receive a package and a warranty. All inight pillows come with a lifetime warranty. You can purchase with confidence. The feather down pillow has high-quality filling that makes it supportive. 100% COTTON: A medium density shell with a silver piped edge. Just make it your own! After receipt, pat gently and air them for several hours to recover their full loft. The most perfect pillow was the result of a lot of hard work by many designers. The gentle support ensures a great sleeping experience for all sleeping positions.

Brand: Wenersi

👤It was advertised as a pillow. Disappointed to learn it is 30%.

👤I had neck surgery a few years ago and so began a journey for a comfortable pillow. I have spent a lot of money on pillows, but nothing compares to the pillows I have. I got the extra firm because of other reviews, and they are just right, and no funky smell, Finally, my search is over!

👤We've been looking for the perfect down pillows. We tried two different companies. One company we paid a lot more for was not a fan of how the pillows felt. We like pillows that are soft. I tried another company from Amazon and it felt like the pills had too much air in them in our heads and were flat on the bed in the morning. We love them the best after trying them. They are soft and comfortable, but still provide a good amount of support because they are soft down pillows. You can fluff them back into shape. We have slept well on them. We found a small hole in one of the pillows after a few weeks of use. Wenersi offered to send us a free pillow so we wouldn't have to go through the hassle of shipping it back to them. The pillows were in bags. I put them in the dryer for a few minutes. They were perfect. It is a great value for what you are getting. Although they provide good support compared to other soft pillows we have tried, they will still provide less support than a medium down pillow. Great pillow! We will probably buy another pair once we have a guest room.

👤A few weeks ago, I had a partner. The beds at the Wyndham were amazing. Since then, I've been trying to make our bed into the "Heavenly Bed". I bought new pillows from the WENERSI Luxury Hotel. I read all of the reviews and thought they would be better than the memory foam and standard pillows we bought at the store a year or two ago. We both agree that the pillows have made a difference, even though we have only been sleeping on them for a few nights. I didn't want to have to take them in often since they recommend getting them dry cleaned. I decided to buy a set of pillow protectors. I received them a few days after placing my order. The Queen Firm pillows were 20x28 inches and the Standard size pillow protectors fit them perfectly. We are loving our new pillows. I will purchase a set of Queen Soft pillows and the WENERSI Premium goose down comforter.

👤We have paid over $250.00 per pillow, because we know you can spend over $300.00 per pillow. We prefer the Wenersi Premium pillows over the expensive ones. The pillow has a version called theFIRM. It is soft and offers a slight improvement on support. I think they add more goose-down. It was almost forgotten! We put our pillows in the dryer for 5 minutes. They came out clean. Enjoy... I know you will.

4. Bedreamy Soothing Mattress Ventilated Flocking

Bedreamy Soothing Mattress Ventilated Flocking

Cheer Collection offers complete customer satisfaction. Their customers are more important than their sales. They will replace or refund your order if you are not happy with your pillow. Contact them. They will take care of you. They would love to help. The latest in sleep technology is a cool gel memory foam layer for temperature regulation with layers of ventilated egg crate foam for breathability and high density base foam for maximum comfort and support. They have an eco-conscious pillow for you, whether you are a side sleeper or feel best on your head or neck. Their memory foam uses a porous, open-cell design that allows for greater circulation and it's 800-338-4 standards for performance, emissions, and durability. The frame and base are not included in the box that the mattress is delivered in. The feel is medium-plush. The mattress they designed is firm so you don't sink in.

Brand: Bedreamy

👤I wasn't sure if I should switch to this type of pillow. I'm so happy I did. This one is very firm and I like form pillows.

👤This pillow was bought for another family member. They are so comfortable that they have improved my sleep a lot. Excellent seller, arrived early.

👤The pillow is comfortable. My husband and I both have side/stomach sleepers. My neck pain is gone and I am getting a good nights sleep. Both of us are happy with them.

👤It's everything you need in a pillow. It's very soft and can be used as support.

👤The pillow is thin and has a cheap cover. It is not nice. I think the other reviews are paid, because there is no way this pillow deserves a rating as high as it has. It is tightly packed. I left it to expand for over an hour and it was still thin and terrible. I will not keep the pillow if my return is not accepted. I don't think it is worth forty dollars. I don't think it's worth anything.

👤A tiny bit on the firm side is what it is. The right thickness for back sleepers.

👤This was a present for my child. She used it for 3 days and decided she didn't want it anymore. It is stiff but tries to conform to your head, and I and my husband have used it a few times. But not as squishy as we like.

👤I love this pillow. I was pleasantly surprised by the comfort and sleep quality of this pillow. It can be used for my back and neck. It is necessary to sit up most times to avoid pressure. I need the support. What a great value.

5. AmazonBasics Alternative Pillows Stomach Sleepers

AmazonBasics Alternative Pillows Stomach Sleepers

The bed pillow is ideal for stomach and back sleepers. It's a great option for allergy sufferers. A smooth, soft surface is provided by a 100% microfiber shell. Allow 24 hours to decompress, then fluff, and ship in a vacuum-sealed pack. Allow 24 hours to decompress. The king size pillows are 20 x 36 inches.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤Pictures make it look like it is. A thick pillow. It is not. It was very cheap and over priced.

👤I'm not sure if this will help or not, since what people want in a pillow is so varied, and it looks like what is manufactured isn't at all consistent. The ones I got were so soft that they compressed with no resistance at all. The stuffing moves out of the way of the weight. If you were to lay on your back, your head would be level with the pillow cases between you and the matress. The pillow popped up around your ears and face because the stuffing shifted out of the way of weight. I put them back in the box and sent them back for a refund.

👤I dislike everything about this pillow and have been using it for a few weeks. It feels like it is the offspring of a porous sponge and a clown wig. It's too fluffy and it's not straight. It doesn't cradle or cushion your head as you lie on it, but rather tries to push your head off of it The filling is angry that it is being smushed. It is in the wrong field of work and should look for other employment. I have a few other pillows on my bed that I tend to rotation between, and I often use this pillow to get comfortable, since I am trying to find a go-to pillow. In the middle of the night, I have pulled the pillow from under my head and preferred the mattress. The shipping was great. There are props to the warehouse.

👤What is that smell? I received these in a small box that was about to burst open. I could smell the smell of pillows as I was carrying them up the elevator. The smell is strong and gassy, which is associated with memory foam. This claims to be made of a substance called polyester. I put them in the dryer for an hour. The smell is still strong. I share my bed with my pet. Baby powder and lavender spray have not been able to eliminate the smell.

👤It was rather flat. This is not a supportive pillow, and it is good for a scrunchy pillow, that you like to wiggle up into the curve of your neck. I didn't think it would be firm. I bought a density. The fill is not much. I was going to put them in my guest room. I think it looks better in the photo.

👤The negative reviews are correct. The pillows have very little support. I bought a cheapo pillow from Walmart. When you put your head to them, they fall apart. These are not very decorative. It's pretty much like hugging a pile of blankets, but you could use it as a body pillow. Not a good idea.

👤I was so nervous when I bought these pillows because of all the reviews. I love my new shoes. Ignore the bad reviews. Take a chance! If they don't work out, return them or be happy you didn't spend 50$ on a crappy pillow. It was worth the risk. I am a very picky person when it comes to pillows. I have had one pillow since I was 13 years old. It was on its last leg. I don't like being too full or flat. These are great!

6. WEEKENDER Ventilated Memory Foam Pillow

WEEKENDER Ventilated Memory Foam Pillow

100% foam. CertiPUR US certified memory foam provides superior pressure relief and comfort. It has a temperature regulating gel for better sleep conditions. Theilated design maximizes air circulation. The mid loft pillow is King size and has a 5 inch loft.

Brand: Weekender

👤I was excited to get this pillow to replace my old pillows and liked the reviews it got. I followed the instructions to let them sit for 24 hours after I received them. They were soft and had no smell so it seemed like they were perfect, until I noticed a few spots on them. Wrong... They were small bugs on the pillows. Some are still alive and moving around. This is probably a rare occurrence. It is not acceptable. The pillows have bugs on them.

👤This. There is a pillow. I used this pillow for a few months before writing a review because I wanted to give it a fair test. I'm one of those people. I'm not a fan of pillows. Over the years, I have spent over $2,000 trying to find the perfect pillow. I'm mostly a side sleeper. I end up on my back. I have tried them all. The shredded foam, My Pillow, is a favorite of theirs. I have tried a lot of things, but Japanese sobakawa pillows, gel, air bladders, memory foam, you name it, I have tried it. And every. danged. Time. I reverted back to my Bed Bath and Beyond foam rubber pillow, which had finally started to show its age. I saw this one. All the reviews were positive. It was only $30. And I thought, why not? If I hated it, it could join my son in the corner of the bedroom where all the other hated pillows are, or in the room where I have delegated many others. I got this pillow and thought, "That is too tall, my neck is going to hurt in the morning!" Let me tell you something. I have slept with this pillow every night for the past year and a half. I put it in my suitcase when I travel. Love, love, love. Only thing that I dislike? It's a standard size and looks silly on my King sized bed, wrapped in a King sized pillow case. I would buy it in a heartbeat if it was in King size. I might buy a few more just to have more spare parts. Is it me or when you find something you love, they stop using it? It's really bad. I don't think so. Try this pillow. You will love it. There's a 3 year warranty if you don't like it. $30 is the best I've ever spent.

👤The pillow is soft and comfy but provides just enough support. It was in a damaged box and there were yellow stains on it and little lint balls all over it, it wasn't even in a plastic bag inside the box. It looks used. I am supposed to sleep on it, but I am grossed out by the whole thing. The pillow is decent but makes you wonder where it came from. Yuck.

👤I bought one of the pillows for my boyfriend as a Christmas present. I thought that a better pillow would serve him well. I bought myself one after I loved it so much. My mom asked me to buy her five for herself, my dad and my sister after she felt it. I recommend these pillows to anyone who is looking for a good pillow. When they first come in, they smell like foam and are a little stiff. I suggest washing the cover and spraying the pillow with fabric spray so that it doesn't smell like foam when you sleep. I would recommend giving the pillow a few days before judging. The pillow is a little firm at first, but after a few days it warms up and is great. 5 stars all the way.

7. Serta Illusion Hypoallergenic Pillows Sleeping

Serta Illusion Hypoallergenic Pillows Sleeping

The microfiber is 100% Polyester. The down free fiber has exceptional levels of fluffiness for cradled support. The 300 Thread Count Twill 100% Polyester Microfiber Fabric is soft and lightweight and retains its softness after washing. The product contains Allergen Barrier Weaving which prevents dust mites and other common household allergens. The set of 2 pillows is King size and measures 20” x 36” Allow 24 - 48 hours after unpacking for pillows to expand and reach full fluffiness. CONVENIENT care is worry free.

Brand: Serta

👤It's not a bad pillow, but the name is unfortunate since it behaves nothing like down. I found these at a store and liked how they felt, but they were out of stock. I felt confident to buy them online since I'd already seen them in person. I could not tell what it was like down to my hands. The main quality of a down pillow is that it is soft and supportive. The pillows were so strong that they felt like they were fighting me. They didn't have enough to give. I like using them as clutch pillows, but I haven't found a substitute for a down pillow yet.

👤We rented a highend waterfront cabin that was over $700/night, which was more than I would ever spend on an accommodation again. They had the best pillows, just like the most expensive hotels we have stayed in. The pillows were Serta. We ordered them and they are the same. A wonderful pillow. I have spent a lot of money on pillows and the quality was not up to par. They are like a nice, heavy down pillow, one that feels good to rest on after a long day. I am a fan of Serta.

👤Buying pillows is difficult if you can't find the same make and model of pillows you want to replace. Also there's comfort levels, firm, medium or soft (and combinations), side or back sleepers, and finally what they are made of, down, down alternative and foam. My guests love the Serta pillows on my bed. It's time to replace my bed and my husband's, but I couldn't find his pillows. I bought this set a week ago and we love it! It's difficult to describe the illusion. The pillow holds your head. I sleep on my side and back. They work for both. Medium firm, that's how they describe them. It was perfect! This product is very good.

👤I just bought these Serta pillows, they are not firm pillows, they are very squishy, but they are nicely made, soft, and a little bounce back from the microfiber, but I can tell they will wear out over time. I will lay on the memory foam pillows instead of using them. I like them, but they don't provide support for people who need a firm pillow and sleep on their side. I will be buying a vinyl cover to keep them clean, as they come with no extra cover.

👤Great soft pillows. I'm a slide sleeper.

👤These pillows are very soft. It's super comfy!

👤I looked at all the pillows and had given up, until I found this Serta pillow and the positive comments convinced me to try it. I have had my best sleep in a long time. I will get a few more for the guest bedroom. The pillow is soft and provides good support for my neck.

👤These babies are sleeping better with great pillows. The wife and I love them. It is soft and comfortable to sleep in.

8. Nestl Bedding Moisture Reducing Infused

Nestl Bedding Moisture Reducing Infused

Hey hot snorers! Do you want to flip your pillow over to the cooler side? It is time to chill out on a pillow that is designed to keep you cool. Say goodbye to sweaty nights once and for all. You will enjoy peaceful nights ahead. The Nestl Cool gel pillow has been designed to be absorbent. It regulates your temperature throughout the night so you stay asleep. It's perfect for all types of sleeping. Support and encouragement! The pillow has cooling ice silk material on one side and soft bamboo rayon on the other side. With a variety of fill options. Remove or add foam fill to adjust the pillow's height and density. You can change the feel and fit of the pillow to your liking. The machine is washable. You can clean spills and stains by using the pillow cover. Every Nestl purchase includes a 100% money-back satisfaction promise. Their goal is to provide you with unparalleled customer service, and they are only happy if you are happy. No matter what, they have you covered.

Brand: Nestl Bedding

👤There are positives and negatives to the nestl bedding heat and moist reducing ice silk and gel infused memory form pillow. I bought a body pillow. The pillow is comfortable. The pillow covering is of good quality. It is flexible to meet an individual's pillow comforting needs. The ability to remove the cover is a plus. It is nice. The gel infused memory foam is soft to touch, but it is of a good quality. There are things that are definitely not in the description of the pillow. Being advertised as the most cooling pillow out there is not something I would approve of. There is no cooling effect from this pillow. The memory foam does not control the temperature. It doesn't control temperature all night long. It is definitely not for hot sleepers. There is nothing about this pillow that relates to the temperature control period. The pillow is made of foam and has a soft cover. That is it. The pillow covering is described as a silky ice fabric blue. No. The bamboo is soft to the skin. Yes. I don't understand where memory comes into play with the pillow. The pillow I received was not the same as the one in the description. It is deceptive advertising at a price that does not match the quality. The 100% money back guarantee is nice, but this pillow was packed in a small box, which it fit nicely. I had a large pillow after opening it. I would not have a bag or a box to return it to. The thought crossed my mind. I decided to keep it, even though I wanted to return it for my money. The pillow was not firm enough for me. The benefit of adding additional foam is great, but there is no link to the pillow description to find out what kind of foam I was buying. I searched for foam but found nothing. I decided to contact them as I read that their top goal is to provide unparalleled customer service. They claim that they are happy if customers are happy, and that one can shop with confidence because no matter what we have you covered. This isn't what I experienced, it was a disappointment since the pillow was disappointing. I inquired about the pillow and the foaming issue. The link for the foam was found in the reply. I was told to contact Amazon since they fulfilled my other concerns. The case of a unhappy customer was equaled by the zero customer service that came with the pillow. I wanted my experience to be known. I don't think this pillow is a good idea. I would pursue another. The positives I felt the pillow provided are reflected in my 2 star rating.

👤The pillow was purchased based on reviews. The pillow is flat, does not hold shape, and is very uncomfortable. We bought 2. I had a headaches and my husband had neck pains. The gel side of the pillowcase felt cool to the touch and I would say it was nice. Pillow shopping is not good.

9. Viewstar Sleeping Alternative Hypoallergenic Supportive

Viewstar Sleeping Alternative Hypoallergenic Supportive

Only the highest quality materials are used. The case is made with proprietary Lulltra fabric, a blend of bamboo-derived viscose rayon and polyester that provides breathability and softness. You can wake up refreshed. Unlike other pillows, they manufacture their foam ourselves. If you need a higher loft, a bag of fill is included with your order. Sleep on a Cloud Viewstar hotel luxury pillows are filled with squishy down-like fiber for a plumpness. The side band design makes the pillow hold its shape. The plush fiber shell makes you feel like you are sleeping on a cloud. The set of 2 pillows are made with a great balance of supple soft and plump firmness, providing gentle support and adequate comfort for head, neck and body, making them suitable for side, stomach and back sleepers. The pillows are made with high quality materials to ensure a comfortable night's sleep. The king pillows measure 20 x 34 inches and will fit in both king and king size pillow cases. Once opened, the pillows will start to fluff up. You should leave 24 hours for the pillow to be full thickness. The bed pillows are machine washed with a tumble dry low and will always look new. The pillows are constructed to be durable to daily use.

Brand: Viewstar

👤I can't believe I can actually write a review. I have been trying every pillow known to man for 10 years, and I have been Goldilocks. I can't find pillows that provide neck support, don't go flat after a week, and I struggle to find pillows that are actually comfortable. I don't have to constantly adjust to my surroundings. There is a I decided to give it one last chance before I decided to just buy pillows from the store. I was hesitant because they seemed flimsy a few hours after being opened. I can say that it is a miracle. I now have the most comfortable pillows I have ever owned because they puffed up 48 hours later. I hope they start this way because I love these pillows.

👤I was interested in the Hypoallergenic aspect of the product I ordered. It is nice to have pillows for our children's room and guest bedrooms because there are many people in our family who have allergies. My teenager is used to using a memory foam pillow. She said the pillows were not hard enough because she had used them before. My son loves him and uses them. The pillows are the same as advertised. They are a good size pillow if you let them go for 24 hours. I am very happy with them. My daughter who didn't like the pillow at first said to me that she likes it now. It's like putting my head in a cloud. ha!

👤I absolutely adore these pillows. I'm apillow snob. I like my pillows to be firm and supportive. I don't like them to lose their shape over time. Over the years, these pillows have been the best I have bought. They're soft and fluffy, but still firm. They sometimes get a little "compacted" from continuously using the same pillow or sleeping in the same position over and over again, but folding the pillows four different ways to re-fluff them back up works great. I'm amazed at how well they bounce back. The life puffs back into them with little to no effort.

👤Words can't express how great these pillows are. I apologize for the length of the review, but I have to tell you the whole story. I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, so sleep is important. In the past I have purchased pillows from different stores and even from TV shows that claimed to help with various ailments. The muscles in the center of my back began to ache when I used the other pillows that I bought. I don't want to add pain to my condition, I already ache enough. I gave up and went back to using my old ones. The pillows that have been washed many times and used many times still look terrible when you make your bed. Those type of pillows? It's funny. Those were the only ones that did not hurt my neck. I like to touch the item I purchase before I buy it. I am glad I ordered these pillows because I took a chance. The pillows are soft and comfortable and help me sleep. I was not sure if they would fit in my bed or if the size would be a problem. I have never experienced a bed that was as comfortable as this one, but these pillows add a level of comfort that I have never experienced before. I recommend these pillows to anyone who wants soft, fluffy pillows. I bought some for my guest bedroom because I loved them so much.

10. Falmn Sleeping Alternative Sleepers Quilting

Falmn Sleeping Alternative Sleepers Quilting

It is easy to clean the pillow hand wash. Do not use bleach. You can buy with confidence because of their excellent product quality and customer service. If you have a question about the product, please visit their store. The soft cover is made of 100% Microfiber fabric. They are specially designed to make you feel cooler in the night and to keep your neck dry. The pillows are supportive and cozy because they are filled with 100% microfiber. Their cooling pillows are for you if you prefer soft pillows. Their bed pillows have a good balance of soft and firm. 2 pack of pillows come in a variety of sizes, mostly to match bed sizes. Standard is 18 x 26 x 1.5, Queen is 18 x 28 x 1.5 and King is 18 x 34 x 1.5. Once opened, their pillows will start to fluff up. It is recommended that the pillows be left for 24 hours to get to full thickness. Their pillows are machine washed. Don't iron or dry clean. Buy with confidence! They think their pillows will exceed your expectations. Customer satisfaction is their top priority. If you have any questions, please contact them, they will spare no effort to help you solve the problem, you can exchange for a new pair or a full refund.

Brand: Falmn

👤The size of these pillows is great. I will vacuum seal them and give them a day or two to fluff up. The material of the pillow is thick and durable.

👤The delivery was on time and the box is much smaller than regular pillow deliveries so don't mistake it for the wrong product. The design of the outside cover is sturdy. I would describe the pillow as the middle between soft and firm, but not firm. The user's preference and comfort zone is often that. I am very happy. I don't have a kingsize at the moment, so I was able to fit it in a regular pillowcase. It makes it hold tighter. I am very pleased with the washing instructions. I haven't washed it yet.

👤Everyone has different expectations for sleeping. It seems like this is a longer pillow than my other pillows. Only had to cut off a few threads. I like a softer king pillow that I can mush down, and this did not do it for me. It says it is firm. It is ok to read in bed behind my sleeping pillow. The price is good. I used to buy big down pillows that I will not buy anymore, as I have seen how feathers are ripped out of ducks while they are still alive, and hope they heal to be ripped out again all bloody for my selfishness, now that I know.

👤10 out of 10! I don't have anything bad to say about these. As soon as the package is opened, they come vacuum sealed. They are soft and smooth and don't have a funny smell. They fit in my queen pillow cases. I'm happy!

👤I needed new pillows for my bed, so I was going to try the "Down Alternative" Pillows. I'm happy I did. They are very firm, yet soft and comfortable. I usually don't fall asleep very quickly, but with my head on one of these, and my arms wrapped around the other, I fell asleep very quickly. I cannot recommend these Bed Pillows highly enough and I am very, very glad I ordered them. Five stars, easy!

11. GOHOME Adjustable Sleeping Hypoallergenic Alternative

GOHOME Adjustable Sleeping Hypoallergenic Alternative

The most comfortable Fluffy Bed Pillows are this one. GOHOME sleeping pillows feature an attractive velvet cover with a lattice pattern that provides an incredibly soft and comfortable tactile impression for every user. The three-layer quilted technology is more durable than the ordinary pillow. The quilted design creates more than 1000 squares in the outer cover, which made the pillow become more fluffy and comfortable. The lattice pattern design can perfectly match your indoor or outdoor decoration. Each pillow is adjusted to fit each customer's needs. Whether you prefer a firm pillow or a softer one, these down alternative pillows have you covered. The 2 packs of pillows are made with microfiber that can reduce allergies in the bedroom and help you sleep better. Maintenance of its reusability and fresh appearance can be achieved with the machine wash capabilities. After washing, air or tumble dry. Within 48 hours after release from the vacuum-sealed package, the set of 2 pillows would rebound to their original king size. After long-term use, fluff the pillow to retain its shape. Purchase with confidence. Customer satisfaction is their top priority. The five-star rating of GOHOME store is your confidence guarantee for worry-free purchase, and it is also the driving force of their continuous improvement. If you have a question about their products, please contact them, they will be happy to help you solve the problem. Click to add a cart.

Brand: Gohome

👤These pillows are very comfortable. I have severe neck pain from disc degenerative disorder in my neck and these pillows offer the support I desperately needed and now have, they are perfectly comfortable. They are correct. My head melds into the pillow as it should, and it's perfect, I don't want my head to sink into the pillow like many other pillows, these pillows offer the perfect amount of firmness so that doesn't happen I told my family and friends that I loved them so much that I was ordering extras and a guest room. Thank you for making these and giving me the support and comfort I have been looking for!

👤We buy pillows every few months because they go flat. We finally found ones that are holding up. I was skeptical at first because the pillows were vacuum packed. They are absolutely amazing. I like that they are changeable since I like to sleep in. I was able to remove some of the fluff from the pillow to make it the perfect amount. They send a bag to keep the pillow fluff in it's place. If you like the big fluffy pillow look on a freshly made bed, then these pillows are for you. Not like those cheap ones that only fill your pillowcase. Will recommend these to friends and family.

👤This pillow has a feature that can be taken out to reduce its height. I feel like the pillows I have used before are too high for my neck. You could use the extra filling for a baby doll. It's funny.

👤So far, so good. Straight to the point: Would recommend Soft inside and out, it works for different types of sleepers, no bag for stuffing, and they are the best pillows I have owned. They were vacuum sealed. I had no issues with the packaging. I didn't need to set them out for any reason. I was able to sleep with them. I like being able to put the pillow in my comfort zone. They don't give you a bag to put the stuffing in, but it would be nice. The outer cover is soft. This is a good pillow from my limited experience but my husband once owned a $100 pillow and it was not better than this. I like that I got two pillows, it's a nice pillow for the price. I like to point out that my husband and I are both belly and back sleeping. He seems to be satisfied with himself as well. I would recommend these pillows.

👤The pillows are very soft. The support is amazing. My husband folds pillows in half and we have had a hard time finding a supportive pillow. We don't have to look any further because we have a lot of name brands and the ones sold on T.V. You get excellent support when you sit up in bed to read. We are loving it. It took me a while to review because I wanted to make sure that we were getting what we were looking for. This is a great deal because of fast shipping.


What is the best product for best king size pillows medium firm?

Best king size pillows medium firm products from Xixily. In this article about best king size pillows medium firm you can see why people choose the product. Beckham Luxury Linens and Wenersi are also good brands to look for when you are finding best king size pillows medium firm.

What are the best brands for best king size pillows medium firm?

Xixily, Beckham Luxury Linens and Wenersi are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best king size pillows medium firm. Find the detail in this article. Bedreamy, Amazon Basics and Weekender are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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