Best Best King Size Pillows Extra Firm

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1. MyPillow Premium King Available Levels

MyPillow Premium King Available Levels

Care instructions. It is a good idea to spot clean the pillow or wash the fabric. The patented interlocking fill gives you the exact support you need. The king is 16.2 x 32. The machine is machine washable and dry. Made in their home state of Minnesota. MyPillow promotions are not offered on Amazon.

Brand: Mypillow

👤Nobody spends 80 dollars on a pillow sober, I bought this pillow drunk. It feels like a cotton bag filled with cotton balls and it's stiff. The bees knees were like my pillows in the commercial. It's not the bees. He gives perfect support. My neck is at a 90 degree angle. I've used rocks that were better pillows than this one and I'm not picky. I'm not a picky person, but this pillow just sucks.

👤The worst pillow ever. I spent a lot of money on a pillow, and I can't believe it. I have neck problems with my pillow. I bit the bullet. It is not what I expected. The other half of my pillow is empty. I have to fold my pillow in half to get all the foam in one place so I don't rest on my mattress. The worst pillow ever... I am writing this review in the middle of the night because my pillow is making me sleepy.

👤After a month of use, it goes flat. I am trying to replace it because they have a 10 year guarantee that it won't go flat. You have to leave a message when I call customer service. I have left two messages and haven't received a call back. It may take 10 years to replace it.

👤I kill pillows. I usually don't flatten a pillow for a couple days, but there isn't a comfortable one I have owned. The only pillows I have not ruined were made of foam and they were always uncomfortable because they never conformed to my head and neck. My Pillow extra firm fill was entered. I was not sure. I've seen the silly TV commercials for years. The pillows in the commercials looked flimsy and I was going to throw them away. I was on the hunt for my next victims after I had enough of the two goose down pillows I have been using for the past two years. I gambled and purchased the My Pillows with Amazon rewards points. I am happy that I did. My first night of sleeping on a firm pillow, it took me a while to get used to. I used to support my head and neck with my arm under a crappy pillow, but I didn't like having my arm laying at my side. I slept through the night because the pillow supported my head and neck. I was surprised by two things when I woke up. I was in the same position I was in when I fell asleep and my hips did not hurt like they usually do, I was about to get a new mattress because of hip pain. I don't understand how head position helped me with my hips. The second night of use made me happy. The My Pillow is soft and comfortable, but the extra firm fill was still supporting my head and neck, so I fell asleep. I had a good night's sleep. I have been using the My Pillow for only four nights. You can see that the one with the pink cover is very close to the one without the cover. I haven't used the uncovered one yet. This is the best pillow I have ever owned. I will give it more time to sleep. I have owned pillows that have collapsed like this one. I will look at it. So far, so good! There are a couple tips. Make sure you put the pillows in the dryer to fluff them up. I put mine in the dryer for 30 minutes. I recommend getting a firm pillow. The more fill it has in it, the more firm the pillow is. Something to think about. I would buy this pillow again. I just bought two more of them.

2. NEIPOTA Pillows Sleeping Collection Alternative

NEIPOTA Pillows Sleeping Collection Alternative

Soft pillows for sleeping are easy to care for because they work the air into them. For a full performance, leave the pillows for 48 hours. The pillows can be washed. It was tumble dry. Don't iron or dry clean. The secret of the R&D team. There is a new type of elastic fiber in Switzerland. This material can be restored to its original shape no matter how pressed, so it can offer great support. They found through many experiments that coating the outer layer of the fiber with silicone oil will make it more lasting, so long-term use is still perfect. The filling structure is unique. The middle layer is filled with plush gel fibers, while the top and lower layers are filled with elastic fiber. The structure can circulate the air inside the pillow so that it stays at a constant temperature. The mid-loft design of the pillow is great for back, stomach, and side sleepers. This is a special pillowcase cover. The imported organic cotton fabric has a special ratio of Tencel that will keep it clean. The cotton pillow cover and golden piping make the hand feel more soft. It's not possible to make a hasty substitution and it's easy to care for. The pillows are carefully washed to make sure they are free of harmful substances. vacuum packaging is used to achieve a clean environment. It stays fluffy and is machine washed. You'll never have to worry about the care being difficult. They are so confident that the NEipOTA pillow is what you have been looking for, that they have made a guarantee. 120 nights money-back and 1 year to protect your pillows against manufacturer defects is what every pillow will enjoy.

Brand: Neipota

👤When I laid my head in the middle of the pillow, the side of the pillow went up around my face, because my head sunk to the bottom of the pillow. They need to put more stuff inside. I have purchased many pillow sets that are the same. Give it a few days. I put the dryer in, but it didn't help. The problem is that they don't have enough stuffing in them. If you had enough stuffing in them, you wouldn't have to put them in the dryer. I don't like pillows.

👤I love pillows. For comfort, wash and dry first. The pillows keep their shape and help me sleep better. My roommate is also buying some. I've told friends who are going to buy them. Highly recommended. It's definitely better than high end pillows.

👤I haven't had a chance to use them yet since I just got him, but so far they are great and I can't wait to use them.

👤The pillows I ordered were delivered in time for my in-laws to visit. The pillows were nicely packed in a double box. I slept on one of the pillows and it was very comfortable. Some of the new pillows I bought had weird smell, but the pillow does not. I'm not sure if it's a pillow that's made for people with allergies. I'm very happy with my purchase. I will buy more pillows for my kids room.

👤I love these pillows. I don't know how people had issues with them expanding if they weren't following the directions on the pillows. You have to follow the directions. I didn't have any issues with them expanding properly. I allowed them to expand on their own for 24 hours, and would flip and press them every few hours, which is in the directions included in the box. After the 24 hours, I wrapped them in towels and ran them in my dryer on low heat. I did one pillow at a time in my dryer. That gave each pillow room to expand. I would flip the pillow and run it again for 20 minutes after one cycle. I used both pillows. I may have done each side twice on low heat and the fluff cycle. They fit my king size shams. They are a great firm without being too firm. I will continue to buy pillows from this company. I highly recommend them. You have to be patient and let them fluff out. I took a photo of one inside of the sham and one outside of the sham after about a week of using them. I have to work to get them in and out of the shams because they are such a perfect fit. They fluffed up exactly as they should have. I will buy these for my regular pillows as well. They are actually queen size. I needed to get a king size comforter and shams in order to fit my bed because I have an oversized queen. I can't say enough good things about them.

3. MyPillow Premium Pillow Queen White

MyPillow Premium Pillow Queen White

Allow at least 24 hours for the vacuum packed king pillows to fluff up completely, and be assured to buy them. Each pillow comes with a year of protection against manufacturer defects. 2 Std/Queen Premium White Level MyPillow's is included. You can adjust MyPillow to your individual needs regardless of sleep position. Std/Queen is a 28.6 x 26 x 1.5 inch piece. The machine wash is tumble dry. Their home state is Minnesota.

Brand: Mypillow

👤Not comfortable at all. It feels like I have foam chunks in the back of my head while trying to sleep. You can here the foam shifting together with every movement you make. I would not recommend.

👤I replaced my last My Pillow with a miracle bamboo pillow. Immediately ordered a new My Pillow, no comparison, regretted very quickly.

👤I have had mine for 5 years. I have been through a lot of washings and still feel comfortable. My purchase was for a wedding gift. They will love them as much as I do.

👤The pillows didn't meet expectations.

👤The King size pillow Green is not as firm as was stated. A good nights rest is not supported by the pillow. I own 2 queen size firm pillows that are 3 years old and they are not as good as the King size pillows. Even after fluffing it up in the dryer, the pillow still has space to spare. If you want a firm pillow, I recommend you go for the Extra Firm Blue color, it seems to work, no neck pains. I received them and they held up well for the first night. I will rate the new set after I use them for a week.

👤I've tried many pillows and still have trouble with them. The pillow is the best I have ever gotten.

👤It's super comfortable. The medium is perfect. My wife has the medium as well, but is considering the one level down. She will buy another one with less fill because she thinks this may be too much support.

4. Bedsure Sleeping Supportive Alternative Hypoallergenic

Bedsure Sleeping Supportive Alternative Hypoallergenic

Purchase with confidence. Customer satisfaction is their top priority. The five-star rating of GOHOME store is your confidence guarantee for worry-free purchase, and it is also the driving force of their continuous improvement. If you have a question about their products, please contact them, they will be happy to help you solve the problem. Click to add a cart. This firm pillow is made of 850 sg 7d hollow virgin fiber filling and it provides excellent support for sleepers across different sleeping positions. The cover is made of 90 smilion Washed cover. It provides a comfortable sleep experience. The bed pillow is manufactured by a professional hotel supplier that has been producing beddings for 14 years. OEKO TEX certified, this pillow is STANDARD 100. The product has been found to be harmless for humans after being tested for harmful chemicals. Easy care is to blow up the pillows by grabbing both sides. For a full performance, leave the pillows for 48 hours. The pillows can be washed. It was tumble dry. Don't iron or dry clean.

Brand: Bedsure

👤I was surprised at how they shipped. They were rolled up tight into a roll and then expanded into pillows. They are soft but still have some give. They don't become floppy or flat after you sleep with them. Good quality pillows for a good price.

👤I bought a pillow online. After reading the description, I decided to try it, even though I'm terrible at picking them out in the store. I love them. They are the best pillows I have ever purchased.

👤The Bedsure pillows have been a solution for a long time that has enabled my wife and me to sleep well. It is the first time in my life that I wake up on my back each morning without sleeping on either side. Excellent!

👤I was skeptical about the pillows, but they were cheap enough to take a chance. They're better than I thought. It was very comfortable. They're not like cheap pillows that will be flat in a week. I have slept on these pillows for the past 4 days and it's amazing. I would recommend these to anyone looking for a quality pillow.

👤If you get a stiff neck from pillows that are too firm, look no further! The pillows are soft and fluff up nicely. If you try them out, you will be pleasantly surprised. I can wake up without a sore neck. They are machine washed. Thank you!

👤I would have two new pillows if Bedsure had packaged their product well. I have a new pillow and a lining that is leaking entrails. They don't have a piece of cardboard between the taped seam on the box and the pillows inside. I opened the package with a small controllable sharp edge. The pillows had no buffering between them and the tape. As I cut the tape, the pillow inside pressed tightly against the box. Bedsure asked me for a picture and a tracking number after I email them about this. They have yet to reply more than a month later. I wanted them to replace the pillow, not both, just one, because who opens a box from both ends to destroy two pillows? A piece of cardboard between the tape and the pillow would be less expensive than walking down a sidewalk for half a minute. No response yet. Bedsure is one of the worst customer service companies I have ever worked for. When you open those pillows, make sure you don't use a sharp edge, otherwise you'll be swimming in stuffing, and without a place to rest your head for the night/day... Whenever you lay down.

👤The pillows are flat and didn't give any support.

👤The pillows I bought are wonderful. I can sleep. I had memory foam pillows that were so uncomfortable that I developed insomnia. I have been tossing and turning for over a year. I couldn't stand the pillows anymore. The pillows are like sleeping on a cloud. Had to switch months ago.

👤They are pretty good for $39 dollars. I had low expectations for the $39 dollars, but they are squishy and don't sink. They come vaccuum sealed and you need to fluff them up if you tell them they are flat. I took a star off because I mistakenly ordered regular size instead of queen size, but the order still went through, even though I requested to cancel them a few minutes after setting the order. They are small on my bed. It would be a perfect 5!

5. GOHOME Adjustable Sleeping Hypoallergenic Alternative

GOHOME Adjustable Sleeping Hypoallergenic Alternative

The most comfortable Fluffy Bed Pillows are this one. GOHOME sleeping pillows feature an attractive velvet cover with a lattice pattern that provides an incredibly soft and comfortable tactile impression for every user. The three-layer quilted technology is more durable than the ordinary pillow. The quilted design creates more than 1000 squares in the outer cover, which made the pillow become more fluffy and comfortable. The lattice pattern design can perfectly match your indoor or outdoor decoration. Each pillow is adjusted to fit each customer's needs. Whether you prefer a firm pillow or a softer one, these down alternative pillows have you covered. The 2 packs of pillows are made with microfiber that can reduce allergies in the bedroom and help you sleep better. Maintenance of its reusability and fresh appearance can be achieved with the machine wash capabilities. After washing, air or tumble dry. Within 48 hours after release from the vacuum-sealed package, the set of 2 pillows would rebound to their original king size. After long-term use, fluff the pillow to retain its shape. Purchase with confidence. Customer satisfaction is their top priority. The five-star rating of GOHOME store is your confidence guarantee for worry-free purchase, and it is also the driving force of their continuous improvement. If you have a question about their products, please contact them, they will be happy to help you solve the problem. Click to add a cart.

Brand: Gohome

👤These pillows are very comfortable. I have severe neck pain from disc degenerative disorder in my neck and these pillows offer the support I desperately needed and now have, they are perfectly comfortable. They are correct. My head melds into the pillow as it should, and it's perfect, I don't want my head to sink into the pillow like many other pillows, these pillows offer the perfect amount of firmness so that doesn't happen I told my family and friends that I loved them so much that I was ordering extras and a guest room. Thank you for making these and giving me the support and comfort I have been looking for!

👤We buy pillows every few months because they go flat. We finally found ones that are holding up. I was skeptical at first because the pillows were vacuum packed. They are absolutely amazing. I like that they are changeable since I like to sleep in. I was able to remove some of the fluff from the pillow to make it the perfect amount. They send a bag to keep the pillow fluff in it's place. If you like the big fluffy pillow look on a freshly made bed, then these pillows are for you. Not like those cheap ones that only fill your pillowcase. Will recommend these to friends and family.

👤This pillow has a feature that can be taken out to reduce its height. I feel like the pillows I have used before are too high for my neck. You could use the extra filling for a baby doll. It's funny.

👤So far, so good. Straight to the point: Would recommend Soft inside and out, it works for different types of sleepers, no bag for stuffing, and they are the best pillows I have owned. They were vacuum sealed. I had no issues with the packaging. I didn't need to set them out for any reason. I was able to sleep with them. I like being able to put the pillow in my comfort zone. They don't give you a bag to put the stuffing in, but it would be nice. The outer cover is soft. This is a good pillow from my limited experience but my husband once owned a $100 pillow and it was not better than this. I like that I got two pillows, it's a nice pillow for the price. I like to point out that my husband and I are both belly and back sleeping. He seems to be satisfied with himself as well. I would recommend these pillows.

👤The pillows are very soft. The support is amazing. My husband folds pillows in half and we have had a hard time finding a supportive pillow. We don't have to look any further because we have a lot of name brands and the ones sold on T.V. You get excellent support when you sit up in bed to read. We are loving it. It took me a while to review because I wanted to make sure that we were getting what we were looking for. This is a great deal because of fast shipping.

6. Acanva Soft Cushion Stuffer Sleeping

Acanva Soft Cushion Stuffer Sleeping

The microfiber is 100% Polyester. It works well for side and back sleepers who prefer a softer feel. Ultra- soft filling provides gentle support for the neck and back throughout the night. Premium fabric shell has high thread count. It's easy to clean, it's easy to wash, and it's easy to tumble dry. They will be vacuum packaged and will take a couple of hours to fluff up. Year-round use. There are essential backup pillows in the bedroom, living room and guest room.

Brand: Acanva

👤These pillows are very good. I decided to try the other brand instead of buying the normal soft down pillows. It is amazing so far. No neck issues and a great night sleep. These pillows are very good value for money.

👤I accidentally bought two sets of four, and I am so glad I did. I have trouble with my neck and the older and flatter my pillow, the better. The pillows were flat on my bed. No more! I love pillows. They are big and fluffy, but soft enough to support my neck, but not so big that I can't breathe. When my bed is all straightened, they are big and fluffy and add real beauty to the whole picture. If anyone wonders what I did with the extra four, I retired the old pillows and filled them with the old, flat insert of my body pillow, which serves as the front piece on my bed. They are soft and fluffy and can fill that out. These are perfect if you don't want a complete, hard structure in your pillow.

👤These pillows are very good. I used to have soft down pillows, so it took me a little while to get used to them. The pillows are soft and give them a unique feel when lying on them. When I get into the room, I have both pillows on the bed, but when I get to sleep, I remove one. These pillows are very good value for money.

👤The pillows are too soft for my liking. They could be ok for some people. I like that my head is supported all the time.

👤The item description, item photo, and label all show that this item is a two pack of pillows, but it only has one pillow.

👤I love these pillows. I ordered a pillow for my son from Amazon 3 years ago, and it still had its shape, so I went back and got myself a pair. So happy! The bad thing was that it took almost 2 weeks to deliver.

👤These pillows are great. I wanted to buy the cheapest pillows I could find for my daughter's bed. These were the winners. I was surprised when I received them because they are very fluffy and seem to be good quality. I don't know how they will hold up for adults, but my daughter will be able to use them.

👤The king size pillows gave me the best sleep. I like them a lot.

👤Arrivées rapidement. Commandes x 4 paires d'oreillers. The sortie de la Bote was compressées. 15 minutes formes naturelles. Standard parfaites conformes aux mesures.

👤Je m'attendais a mieux, je ne fournissent aucun soutien, meme pou des oreilles cheap. I fais remboursé.

👤The material is soft and firm. A nice pillow.

👤I love the pillow. It's possible to position yourself to what you like. Definitely buying more.

7. Utopia Bedding Premium Filled Pillows

Utopia Bedding Premium Filled Pillows

The mid loft pillow is King size and has a 5 inch loft. This pack of 2 King sized white plush fiber fill bed pillows is 20 x 36 inches. These pillows are filled with super plush hollow fiber and are soft and fluffy, which will provide adequate support to your head, neck and shoulders. The cover is impermeable. Their pillows are encased in a cotton blend cover to give them a luxurious look and feel. The pillow covers are comfortable for sleeping on. It's at home. The no-shift construction makes sure that the pillows don't slip from underneath, no matter which sleeping position you prefer. With their soft, fluffy feel and premium quality construction you are sure to enjoy the experience of a hotel at home. Easy care. It is a good idea to spot clean the pillow or wash the fabric.

Brand: Utopia Bedding

👤I had insomnia for two weeks before I bought these pillows. I thought I had tried everything except prescription drugs to cure insomnia and was always tired at work. I would fall asleep periodically once I got home. My sleeping pillows were comfortable, but they wouldn't have won any top comfort awards. I decided to get more comfortable comforter sets for my bed so I could sleep better. I slept on these pillows for the first time and I have slept like a baby ever since. These pillows are the most comfortable I have ever slept on. When you position them, they are soft yet firm. They have not gone flat. When I turn over in bed, the pillow is as fluffy as it was when I first shook it out of its bag. I have never used a pillow like that. You should shake vigorously for five minutes after opening the pillows. I did not shake them for a full minute. I shook them and fluffed them for about 3 minutes. I took a chance on buying gel pillows. I thought pillows with GEL would be odd. They feel great! I got 8 in all. Purchase these pillows if you want a good nights rest.

👤These pillows were delivered to me. They swell up when you open the package. It could take up to 24 hours to reach full size. I slept peacefully for 2 hours after I was tired. If you're looking for something firm, shop for something else. Look to be well made. I bought new folder cases. My Shi Poo got to the pillow first, he sunk right in as if he had a new bed. He will get the extra one as the order was for a pair. Thanks for the fast shipping and happy with the purchase.

👤I was told that I needed to fluff my pillows over night but that wasn't the case. The pillows got air when I let air in each bag. Like a deep diver hitting the water. You should buy some of these pillows for yourself.

👤The pillows were too soft and didn't plump up as much as I needed when I opened the package. They are soft, but too flat for my needs. If you don't need something really fluffy, they filled up a king pillowcase. One pillow is still in package, the other has been out for a while. You can see how little the pillows fluffed up.

👤I used these to make king shams. They didn't work. They don't have enough structure. The photos of the side and back sleeping areas required a firm pillow, so I based my purchase on that. These aren't firm. I should have looked at the description and not the photos. The description says they are good for stomach sleeping. The misleading photos in the description and the conflicting information in the photos and description are one star for my purpose. If you like a "smushy" pillow for sleeping, you should get a five star rating. Three stars is an average. I will buy something else for the shams and use them for sleeping.

8. Bamboo Pillow Memory Foam Hypoallergenic

Bamboo Pillow Memory Foam Hypoallergenic

easy care It is easy to machine wash your pillows to make sure they are always fresh and clean. It is possible to keep the pillow in good shape by fluffing it frequently. After you take the pillowcase out of the bag, put it in the dryer for 5 minutes and it will oxidize. Relief from snoring, neck and back pain, and temporomandibular joint disorders. The bamboo pillows allow for cooling and air circulation during sleep. The cover is machine washable. The pillow firm is soft and compatible with any sleeping style. The queen pillow measures 19" x 28" and the king pillow measures 19" x 36". The fabric for the pillow is 40% Bamboo and 60%Polyester.

Brand: Golden Linens Llc

👤Wow. This is a lie and took me 2 months to figure it out. Every time my sister comes to town, I always say I need one of these pillows. I had the worst neck pain of my life when I received mine. She brought both of hers with her tonight and they are completely different. The window has closed for my return, but these are not authentic. So angry about this.

👤I ordered two more pillows after I received one as a gift. I sleep better with these pillows because they stay cool. It was very comfortable to sleep on. Anyone considering buying this pillow should be aware of something. They have an odor to them, but it fades after a week. I don't think it's a good idea to put them in the dryer for 5 minutes like the manufacturer recommends, but I'm giving the manufacturer the benefit of the doubt. I don't like the advertising they use. I think the bag the pillow comes in is over the top. I think it does help relieve neck pain, and the reason I say that is it is comfortable and provides great support. I agree with this claim. I have serious doubts about the rest. I've read the reviews that others have written. There are a lot of negative ones. I have 3 of these pillows and none have this issue. After a week, the odor decreases significantly. I think it is a good pillow.

👤I have been using this pillow for over two months. I like it so far. I don't understand the negative comments about the pillow. The instructions are clear and understandable. It bounces back very quickly after a night's sleep. It feels soft when I lay my head on it. I don't wake up with a sore neck because it's important to me. The body pillow was purchased by me as well. This pillow is a good one.

👤This pillow is not good. Ours didn't do much at all. The filling only takes up 1/3 of the interior liner, so you can feel it. It is not comfortable and is super flat. The outer cover is soft, but the rest is lousy. It was not good enough for use on a guest bed.

👤The pillow has no firmness to it. I put it in the dryer and let it fluff. It didn't have any firmness in the dryer. I have used bamboo pillows for many years and love them because they fit me just fine. Not this one. It felt like a feather pillow, big and fluffy with no support. I was disappointed and asked if this was expected so I could return for a refund. Went to get a refund.

👤I was glad I got the king and queen size cases. I fluffed the pillow after taking it out of the package, since it was tightly packed and compressed, and I can tell it is nice. I don't understand the negative reviews. It has a double cover that can be taken off and washed. The cheaper bamboo pillows only have one cover. I helped it fluff and it came out and bulked up. I will say that having head and neck problems after sleeping could be more than just a pillow's quality, such as position, too many pillows, not enough pillows, etc. I like the feel of this pillow even though I haven't slept on it, it was crushed flat like my old pillows, but unlike them, they aren't refluffable. I'm looking forward to sleeping on them tonight. I have kings. I stuffed them inside queen size pillow cases because I thought they were too small, and they are now plump, which is a problem because all pillows need pillow cases. The pillows for the king are too long. The packaging is stupid. I took 1 star off the ratings for the stupid wasteful bag because I don't like stupidity and waste. They are rolled up in a plastic case with faux canvas and even tote handles. One might think, "I'll keep that!" It is impossible to remove the pillow from the case without cutting it off with a knife or scissors. It's still inside a bag. I think it's vacuum packed and hermetically sealed in the inner one, which can be rolled and put in another bag without a canvas, handles or a zip around 3 sides.

9. Falmn Sleeping Alternative Sleepers Quilting

Falmn Sleeping Alternative Sleepers Quilting

It is easy to clean the pillow hand wash. Do not use bleach. You can buy with confidence because of their excellent product quality and customer service. If you have a question about the product, please visit their store. The soft cover is made of 100% Microfiber fabric. They are specially designed to make you feel cooler in the night and to keep your neck dry. The pillows are supportive and cozy because they are filled with 100% microfiber. Their cooling pillows are for you if you prefer soft pillows. Their bed pillows have a good balance of soft and firm. 2 pack of pillows come in a variety of sizes, mostly to match bed sizes. Standard is 18 x 26 x 1.5, Queen is 18 x 28 x 1.5 and King is 18 x 34 x 1.5. Once opened, their pillows will start to fluff up. It is recommended that the pillows be left for 24 hours to get to full thickness. Their pillows are machine washed. Don't iron or dry clean. Buy with confidence! They think their pillows will exceed your expectations. Customer satisfaction is their top priority. If you have any questions, please contact them, they will spare no effort to help you solve the problem, you can exchange for a new pair or a full refund.

Brand: Falmn

👤The size of these pillows is great. I will vacuum seal them and give them a day or two to fluff up. The material of the pillow is thick and durable.

👤The delivery was on time and the box is much smaller than regular pillow deliveries so don't mistake it for the wrong product. The design of the outside cover is sturdy. I would describe the pillow as the middle between soft and firm, but not firm. The user's preference and comfort zone is often that. I am very happy. I don't have a kingsize at the moment, so I was able to fit it in a regular pillowcase. It makes it hold tighter. I am very pleased with the washing instructions. I haven't washed it yet.

👤Everyone has different expectations for sleeping. It seems like this is a longer pillow than my other pillows. Only had to cut off a few threads. I like a softer king pillow that I can mush down, and this did not do it for me. It says it is firm. It is ok to read in bed behind my sleeping pillow. The price is good. I used to buy big down pillows that I will not buy anymore, as I have seen how feathers are ripped out of ducks while they are still alive, and hope they heal to be ripped out again all bloody for my selfishness, now that I know.

👤10 out of 10! I don't have anything bad to say about these. As soon as the package is opened, they come vacuum sealed. They are soft and smooth and don't have a funny smell. They fit in my queen pillow cases. I'm happy!

👤I needed new pillows for my bed, so I was going to try the "Down Alternative" Pillows. I'm happy I did. They are very firm, yet soft and comfortable. I usually don't fall asleep very quickly, but with my head on one of these, and my arms wrapped around the other, I fell asleep very quickly. I cannot recommend these Bed Pillows highly enough and I am very, very glad I ordered them. Five stars, easy!

10. Classic Bed Pillow Pack King

Classic Bed Pillow Pack King

The king size pillows are 20 x 36 inches. 2 King Firm Support Level MyPillow's is included. You can adjust MyPillow to your individual needs regardless of sleep position. Will not go down. It is guaranteed for 10-years. The machine wash is tumble dry. Their home state is Minnesota. MyPillow promotions are not valid on Amazon.

Brand: Mypillow

👤I can't sleep well at night because of these pillows. They affect my conscience. I close my eyes and dream about the company's CEO speaking directly with the president in an effort to meddle with the government.

👤It works well for a few weeks, then it gets a bit bumpy. I wouldn't buy again. I've been looking for a comfortable pillow for a long time, and just can't seem to find one.

👤Terrible product. I had high hopes after seeing all the marketing. The filling is not straight. We've had them in the dryer multiple times, like the instructions say to fluff them. I wake up 10 times a night because the filling has separated from the sides of the mattress.

👤My Pillow is the worst pillow we have ever purchased. My wife has had difficulty sleeping, so I purchased a pair of shoes for her as a Mothers Day gift, but they turned out to be an embarrassment. The My Pillows look like pillowcases filled with loose stuffing. We ran them in the dryer after following the instructions. We performed the dryer practice three times to make sure we gave the pillows every chance to shape up. The results were the same, two sloppy pillows.

👤I followed the instructions and they came out of the dryers with a lot of hard lump. Will not use it.

👤This is the best pillow. I bought one for everyone in my family. I bought a body pillow because I love it so much. The best night sleep ever. It's so comfortable. Everyone brings their pillow when we travel. I live so I can wash them. You will not regret buying a my pillow.

👤Was surprised by how comfortable the pillow was. My wife requested that I order 2 more.

👤These pillows are uncomfortable. I tried them two nights ago and woke up with neck pain, so don't buy them.

11. Downluxe Hypoallergenic Down Alternative Pillows

Downluxe Hypoallergenic Down Alternative Pillows

If you don't like the pillow, you can return it within 100 days for a full refund. The pillows are filled with premium Bamboo and Polyester blend Fiber which balances support and softness very well. The 100% Cotton cover is durable and comfortable. Measurement The pillows are 20x36 inches. A neatly tailored appearance is created by piping along the edge. The bed pillow is eco-friendly and does not generate pollution. Purchasing a pillow will help create a sustainable lifestyle for you and your family. There are sleep positions. Soft comfort is provided by this pillow for bed. It's ideal for stomach, side and back sleeping. easy care It is easy to machine wash your pillows to make sure they are always fresh and clean. It is possible to keep the pillow in good shape by fluffing it frequently.

Brand: Downluxe

👤I have washed and dried these many times and they are holding up. I spilled tomatoe sauce on one of them. I cried and luckily there was no damage to the pillow. Magical tears. They are soft and push down the way I 888-276-5932 Since my last pillow made my neck hurt, I have a new one under my head. I feel like I have found the one that is right. We have two types of bed linens on our bed, but I have been unable to get away with one of them.

👤When I bought these, I thought they would be new and not be returns. They are not. They are being used. They're sunk in. The material has hair and piles that are standard size. These should not have been sold again. I could have bought pillows for less at Walmart.

👤These are the pillows I have ever owned. It cradles your head and neck with a certain firmness that is still soft and squishy.

👤I have gone through a lot of different pillows and most get flat after a few months. These were not the same. After six months of use, they have not lost their fluffiness. I am amazed. The first day they were just as fluffy. These pillows are the most comfortable I have ever used. If I had to do it again, I would buy these pillows and recommend them to anyone who is tired of flat pillows. I have been using these pillows for 20 months. They are still fluffy, but they are starting to get a bit of a lump in them. I feel like I can get many more months out of them before they need to be replaced. Rate 5-stars and recommend.

👤I like this pose a lot and it was time for us to upgrade some of our pillows in our house and our kids rooms and these are very comfortable and my kids love them, they are very soft and comfy cloud like pillows so the kids were very happy with these.

👤These pillows don't flatten out during the night. They are fluffed throughout the night.

👤These pillows are great. They were in a package. They needed time to get used to the small box. They took a few hours to get soft. I use them every night and they are worth the price.

👤I didn't think much of these pillows when I first got them, but a few months later they've plumped up very nicely and are very similar to my 25-yr-old overstuffed JC Penney Comforels. The clumping that has become a problem with them will be prevented by the slippery fibers. The pillow cover is first class. I'm happy to say I was wrong.


What is the best product for best king size pillows extra firm?

Best king size pillows extra firm products from Mypillow. In this article about best king size pillows extra firm you can see why people choose the product. Neipota and Mypillow are also good brands to look for when you are finding best king size pillows extra firm.

What are the best brands for best king size pillows extra firm?

Mypillow, Neipota and Mypillow are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best king size pillows extra firm. Find the detail in this article. Bedsure, Gohome and Acanva are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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