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1. Das Keyboard Professional Mechanical DASK3MKPROSIL

Das Keyboard Professional Mechanical DASK3MKPROSIL

Plug and play. Simply connect their corded keyboard to any laptop or computer with ausb port and start typing, without the need for drivers. You will never have to worry about changing batteries because they are not needed. High quality and high performance. The mechanical keyboard feels amazing on your fingers and offers two different sensations - click and soft. Your fingers will love it. The media controls now include access to the most common media functions. The best-in-class Cherry MX Brown mechanical key switches provide a premium soft touch experience so accurate it allows you to execute every keystroke with lightning-fast precision. Enjoy a mechanical keyboard with just enough sound to satisfy you and not annoy your coworkers. Your new mechanical keyboard life can be up to 50 million keys. The best contact and typing experience can be found in gold-plated switches, because they do not rust. Model S allows full N-key roll-over with 6 keys and a PS2 accessory. It's great for fast typists. There are 2 portusb 2.0 hub. You can now charge your devices and simultaneously download content through the internet at your convenience. The extra long cable has a single type-A connection. Special Media Keys include sleep, brightness, volume, sleep,

Brand: Das Keyboard

👤I have a job where I spend about 10 hours a day in front of a computer coding and doing other typing-intensive tasks, and I wanted the best, so I bought this. At that time in April. It was an outrageous investment in a keyboard, but I figured it would be an investment that would pay off in increased comfort and productivity for years to come. Ha! The first problem was in June of 2017: That's right, it's only been 3 months. When I was single pressing, some of the keys started to register double-presses. The problem got worse after I followed instructions from support. I got a new one after I refurbished the board. I'm sure they confirmed the hardware was faulty after receiving my board. The second board lasted a bit longer. If you're keeping track, the new board began to come back on after a few seconds. I tried different ports and the problem followed the board. It sounded like the control board was malfunctioning. Same as before. The warranty is only one year. They offered me 30% off a new board after I pleaded my case. Just wow. I don't know how to make keyboards that fail this frequently. I've owned keyboards for over fifteen years and never had a single one stop working properly. It is outrageous that this cost me more than competitors and is backed by a single year warranty. If you want a mechanical keyboard, you should buy a different brand. You will feel dumb if you spend money on these keyboards, they are a joke and overpriced.

👤2 years + of daily use, and the same as new. I have experience with the best Cherry switches. I chose the Cherry brown switch to minimize the noise and give less feedback than the blue switch. If this one ever wears out, my next one will be even better. If you're old enough to remember the IBM selectric and IBM PC keyboards, ping is a good thing. Good feedback. There are 2 ports on the keyboard. If you lie, you have media keys. The keyboard layout is great. Good strain relief can be achieved with the hard-wiredusb cord. No worry about the sockets failing. * There are spare parts available. The. If you look straight on, the lights are not visible. Not normally seen. There is no description of specific keys on the website. They are straight-forward. I have had a Rosewill mechanical that failed theusb connection to the keyboard. I'll never be without a Das Keyboard. I've typed extensively on Selectrics and IBM PC keyboards. I find that feedback is necessary for accurate and fast typing. The keyboard has it all.

👤I just uploaded a video of the amazing keyboard, no words can describe it.

👤Computer users searching for the next best thing in mechanical keyboards will be interested in models made by Das and Matais. I have keyboards for both brands that sell for $125. This one is for my Mac Pro and Matais Tactile Pro 4 for my PC. I bought the Matais several months ago and liked it so much that I wanted to buy the same model for my Mac, Pro with the Mac-specific keys. I didn't like the look of the Matais Tactile Pro. The whole thing looked messy because the keys were cluttered with icons and letters. I think the Steve Jobs design ethos has worn off on me. Matais says the Mac keyboard is very similar to the Apple extended keyboard. You'll probably like the Tactile Pro if you remember and like that keyboard. I decided to try it after reading good things about it. My opinion? I give the Matais a slight edge because of my personal preference for the feel of the switches and not the features or quality of the keyboard, which are first rate. These keyboards are built to last. I think most people would be happy with either brand. I have been a journalist for more than 30 years and know a good keyboard. I used to love the fat keyboard that came with my earliest Mac, IBM's early keyboard and the Atex newspaper publishing system keyboards, but I'm getting off track. The Matais and Das use Cherry MX switches. The Matais is more "clicky" than the other switches, so you'll have to do your own research to learn about the differences. To get a response, you have to poke the keys. The keyboard action of the Das is slightly softer and you don't have to tickle the keys with the same commitment because they're not as springy and don't travel as far as the Matais. The difference in keystroking is not dramatic. If you like to bang away on a keyboard and like the sound it makes, you'll like the Matais Alps. The Das Cherry switch has a nice feel. Most keyboard buyers go for that. If you're in an open office, you might prefer that it's a bit quieter. If you're low on ports, keep in mind that the Das has two ports on the side and a cable with two plugs on the end. The letters on the Das are all lower case, so it might make a difference to some people. The maker uses a crisp unknown-to-me type on the keys. I'm tempted to send this one back and try the Tactile Pro 4, despite its looks.

2. Razer BlackWidow Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Razer BlackWidow Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The system requirements are Windows 7, 8, 10, and a wired connection. The package includes a per board. The NPD Group, Inc., U.S. retail tracking service, gaming designed: keyboards, mice, PC Headsets, and PC microphones The signature mechanical switch for gaming is ideal for typing and gaming with a satisfying clicky sound and 50 G of force. The ultimate personalization and gaming experience with the Razer Chroma is fully syncs with popular games, Razer hardware, and gear from 30+ partners, supports 16.8 million colors on individually backlit keys. All keys and keypress combinations can be remapped to execute complex commands. The Magnetic Wrist Rest is made of plush to maximize comfort. The metal top plate supports up to 80 million clicks.

Brand: Razer

👤The keyboard is a dream. Colorful, nice feel and laid-out. Why the one-star? If you want to have full access to your own keyboard or mouse, you have to register and accept the conditions, which include the right to share your data with our partners. I thought I had left my rights to privacy when I bought a keyboard. Why is corporate America entitled to know everything about you, sell your information, track you, market merchandise and make you pay for the privilege of giving up one's privacy, all in the name of providing you a service? ... Do you think they could come up with a way for you to not have to do that? The question took them by surprise and they are studying it.

👤I got this keyboard in the evening, unboxed it, and requested to return the next morning. The keyboard is very nice. It's pretty decent. It could have been a good keyboard. The mechanical keyboard is good, but the CONS software defeats it. There are pros and cons. It's pretty-self explanatory. I'm not going to elaborate on the advantages. For most of the time, it speaks for itself. You can just watch any review. Cable management can be better. Wire does not stick to it's molded path, but software/drivers are more serious than that. The software is bloated. Depending on what modules you install, it will take about 250 MB to download. It requires the creation of an online "cloud account" to set up lighting, settings, and so on. You can save up to 4 profiles into the keyboards internal memory with the on-board memory feature. This could allow you to switch between profiles on other computers. You can change settings on other OSes. On-board profiles don't include color/lighting schemes. There are only macros. There is very little internal memory. There was false advertising on the part of the company. * This keyboard is unreliable on the software. If you log-out of your account, you lose your settings and it goes to factory default mode. If the Synapse process crashes, you lose your settings and are reverted to factory default. Most settings don't get saved to the internal memory. If you log-in to the software, your settings are restored. Poor portability is implied by dependency on Synapse software. Good luck connecting this keyboard to your computer. You will have to install it. You're stuck with Windows if you have dependency on Synapse. The Mac version of Razer is not offered. You are stuck with Windows. There is no Mac or Linux support. The OpenRazer project is an open-source project that reverse engineers the hardware and software of Razer so that they can work on Linux. The OpenRazer project team has no official support for this model and it has been out for almost a year. I'm under the impression that Razer complicates interoperability. Considering how bad the software is, you might be better off with another brand of hardware. * I'm reminded of how a printerOEM came out with good printers, but defeated their own hardware products with terrible software and drivers totaling 250-500MB in size. * They say that your mileage may vary a lot. I'm returning it asap to resolve buyer's remorse because it's a terribly crippled product.

3. Logitech MK345 Wireless Combo Right Handed

Logitech MK345 Wireless Combo Right Handed

There are keyboard support for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP. It works with all major brands of computers. The full-size keyboard layout has a generous palm rest, spill-resistant design, and easy-access media keys. The wireless mouse has a comfortable right-handed shape for all-day comfort and smooth scrolling for easier navigation. Reliable Connection: An advanced 2.4 GHz wireless connection is reliable and fast and can be used at home or at work. You can get up to 3 years of battery life for the keyboard and 18 months for the mouse with the extended battery. Plug in your laptop or desktop computer and begin using the keyboard mouse set. For increased comfort, try the combo that includes a full-size mouse with soft rubber grips, and a wireless keyboard and mouse.

Brand: Logitech

👤I almost gave this wireless keyboard/mouse a one star rating. I battled with keyboard lag for the first few hours. Waiting for it to wake up and accept my commands. It was very frustrating. I was about to send it back when I tried to position the PC so that the keyboard and mouse weren't in the way of the USB dongle. Aha! Both worked well. This was not a practical solution as I didn't want to use up one of my front ports, so I added ausb extension cable to the rear port I was using, and then positioned the dongle in line of sight of the keyboard and mouse. If you are about to throw yours, try this solution. It's working well now. There were no delays.

👤Despite trying everything recommended on the websites, the keyboard still stalls sometimes between words. There is nothing to do except wait until it decides to work again. It will stall between transactions when I use QuickBooks. I've tried different things. I don't want to give it to Goodwill, no one should go through this.

👤This is a basic combo that works well. I got it because of the mouse problems I had with the other combo. This one works well. The erratic behavior of the keyboard is a problem that many reviewers discovered. It will lag behind what you are typing before showing up on the monitor. I found a document on the Internet that talked about the problem. It is due to the interference by the ports on theusb 3.0 andusb 2.0 devices that the keyboard-mouse combo operates on. This is a known industry wide issue that occurs when theusb 2.0 transceiver is located in close proximity to ausb 3.0 port, cable, or device - for more information please reference the white paper below. The issue is due to radio interference with the devices. This can happen with any type of wireless device and any type of port, cable, or device. HP recommends that you separate the dongle from the devices. I put the dongle in one of the ports on my monitor and the problem disappeared. I have been testing the keyboard for a few days and it's perfect. This combo works well. I don't know how it would respond to gaming, but for ordinary computer use it's great.

👤This is a low-use computer and has served its purpose well so far. I think I can clear your mind by reading the negative comments. The mouse is small, not a dealbreaker if you have smaller hands, or use the computer frequently. What else is small? This is associated with theusb dongle. It's easy to swap between computers like in my case. The keyboard/mouse had a good response on my Macbook and PC. The middle of the road wireless combo set is what this is. I would recommend to casual users. It's not for hardcore office desk warriors. If you're in the sweet spot, it's a good idea to get a setup like this from a reliable company like logitech.

4. X9 Performance Keyboard Wired Antimicrobial

X9 Performance Keyboard Wired Antimicrobial

Silent keys have a low profile keys construction design. Don't worry about bothering others. The keyboard is compatible with Windows 2000 and other operating systems. The keys and outer covers of the laptop keyboard are made of silver zinc zeolit. Their wired computer keyboard is ideal for shared work environments where there are multiple users. Plug the 5ftusb-a cable into your device to begin. The wired keyboard can be used on any Windows computer, and can also be used as a Chromebook keyboard. The full size keyboard has a 104 key layout with 12 shortcut keys, a 17-keynumeric keypad, and a couple of indicators. They want to make sure you are taken care of. Along with their keyboard, you will receive lifetime support, hassle free returns, and up to 2 years of warranty.

Brand: X9 Performance

👤This is a budget keyboard. It tends to stay in place. The placement of the Scroll Lock key is not ideal, and the CAPS LOCK key doesn't have a spacer, so it's easy to turn on the "A" key. The keys are not loud. It's a little bigger than I wanted, and took some getting used to.

👤I was hoping for a better feeling, just what I got. This is a great keyboard if you want a traditional keyboard. Would buy another.

👤The keyboard is designed to be responsive, not too loud, and can be used in multiple situations. I am able to use this for both work and gaming. The product is top notch and has withstood my heavy use for months already with little to no show of wear. I am happy with the purchase.

👤The keyboard was what I was looking for. It was perfect in every way. The bonus is coated with silver zinc zeolite, an antimicrobial surface. I need a new keyboard and this is what I need. The product was described. It was well packed and arrived quickly. This is the one for a replacement wired keyboard. Excellent price and quality.

👤I ordered this keyboard for the longer cord because I don't have a computer set up like a normal person and need a longer wire to plug into it. I am very happy with the purchase. The key is easy to use. I'm very happy.

👤pressing each key takes too much time. Just got it and was going to buy something else.

👤I didn't read the one star reviews because they are spot on. The A key would stick if I replaced the old key board. The keys are a total waste of money.

👤The keys are not a good touch. It's not useless for a speed typer. The keys stuck in the down position after only a few days. Don't waste the money at any price.

👤This one is even lower than the other ones. The keys need a lot of pressure to work. I feel like I'm trying to get the keys to work. The keys need to bottom out before a character can be created. At the level where goop meets key, the antimicrobial aspect is good. This is a sort of misleading feature because grease or food particles on the keys will still have activebacteria on top of them. If the cable has to run to the back of a desk and then down to the PC on the floor, it can be a blessing. The whole thing is lightweight, but I found that it moved too quickly on the desktop. The top row of "F" keys have a variety of functions in Windows. This is an expensive option since the only useful antimicrobial treatment that other keyboards in this class don't have is this one.

👤A very ordinary keyboard. It's not expensive or fancy, and in the past it would have been just another device in a sea of similar devices. There is a This is the era of COVID, and this keyboard has a hidden feature. The plastic has silver/zinc in it. It is a good choice for multi-user workstations, or for working near sick or vulnerable people. I want to note two things. The indicator lights are so dim that they are hard to see at close range. It's not a big deal, but can be annoying. 2. I've used curved keyboards for so long that I can barely type on a standard one anymore. If the manufacturer offered a curved version, I would go for it.

5. Logitech K350 2 4Ghz Wireless Keyboard

Logitech K350 2 4Ghz Wireless Keyboard

There are MacBook Pro 14-inch, 16-inch, MacBook Pro/ Air M1, MacBook Air, Mac Mini, iMac, and iPhone 13 Pro Max. The Mini, iPhone 12 Pro Max. newer Mac devices include Mini, iPhone 11 Pro Max and Pro11. Constant Curve layout is used for wave design. The layout guides hands into the right position. It is easier and more fun to work with a cushioned palm rest. The battery time is longer. You can get up to three years of battery life with this feature. An office environment has an estimated 2 million keystrokes per year. The user experience may be different. The tiny Unifying receiver stays in your notebook, so you don't need to plug it in when you move around. Adding compatible wireless mice and keyboards to the same wireless receiver is easy.

Brand: Logitech

👤I've been using computer keyboards since before Apple or Microsoft existed. I've had the chance to use a lot of horrible keyboards over the years. I preferred the feel of keyboards that relied on mechanical key switches because I found it to be more precise. The key mechanism had very tight tolerances, unlike most other keyboards. If you pressed the key slightly off center, the key wouldn't flex side-to-side or front-to-back. The mechanical key switches made a lot of noise. I can assure you that the extra noise was substantial, as a fast touch-typist who wrote millions of lines of code before I retired. The noise level was acceptable for me because the feedback when pressing those keys was great. I played music through headphones while coding. There were no proper keyboard designs back then. The carpal tunnels in my wrists were damaged over time when I used a straight row keyboard. I began searching for alternatives. The original Microsoft ergonomics keyboard design was purchased by me immediately after it was introduced because I thought it might reduce the pain and irritation of my keyboard use. I tried using a split keyboard design for a while, but it made my wrists worse. The hump in the center of the keyboard made me twist my wrists to get to the outer edges of the keyboard with my pinkies. The design required extra wrist motion and eliminated any semblance of natural movement for your ring finger and pinky, so it was canceled out by the design's ability to help your index and middle finger move more naturally. Being analytical in nature, I realized that a truly ergonomics design would need to be more W-shaped. The keys in the center portion of the keyboard should be elevated because the middle finger is shorter than the index finger. The longest fingers on the keyboard should be the middle finger keys. The outer edges of the keyboard should be raised to the center to eliminate the wrist rotation and finger strain that can be caused by reaching the keys. I saw the Wave keyboard design. "Finally!" I thought. Someone looked at the length of human fingers and designed a keyboard to accommodate them. The key rows were slightly curved in a way that keeps your wrists straight from your elbow to your hands, resting near the center of the keyboard. The joints designed to rotation your shoulders are now properly handled for the slight inward rotation of your forearms. I was hooked after buying one. I was able to put off wrist surgery for a while because of this keyboard. Since I started using the Wave design, I have not tried any other keyboards. Everyone who has tried my keyboard has bought the same model. If you are sensitive to strains on your wrists or fingers, you will appreciate the neutral joint positions and natural finger movements you are able to maintain while using this keyboard. How does it compare to my beloved mechanical switch keyboards? The feedback is not as good. The benefits of using this keyboard compensate for the reduced feel of classic mechanical switches. The sound level produced by typing is much lower than that of mechanical switches. This is the first keyboard shape which deserves the "ergonomic" designation. The keyboard has good key travel and minimal sloppiness compared to most other keyboards. If you are a heavy Windows andMS Office user, the added media, application, and zoom keys are useful. I use it on all of my Windows systems, but I haven't tried it on my single Mac. You will need to install the software bundle in order to get the extra functions. I think this keyboard is a great companion for my favorite mouse, theLogitech MX Master, with both devices using a single "unified" 2.4 GHzusb micro-dongle. This type of radio seems to work better than the other one. This keyboard is definitely a step up from anything I've used before, including my beloved mechanical switches. Normal typing on this keyboard produces noise, but the sound it makes is mostly from your fingers hitting the plastic keys. The majority of the sound you hear is not generated by the keyboard mechanism. You can tell it's true by resting your finger on a key and pressing it repeatedly. If you don't leave the keys, you'll find that the slight jiggle of your fingers hitting the plastic disappears. The space-bar makes twice as much noise as anything else on the keyboard, and this is due to the metallic clunk. The sound that remains when you press keys while maintaining constant contact is a very quiet thump, which is generated when the key switch bottoms out. It is impossible to type anything useful without moving your fingers around to hit different keys on the keyboard, because the mechanism is not the source of most of the sound. It's impossible to eliminate the "clack" sound when you move your fingers to press other keys since you have to make and break physical contact with the keys. I don't find the noise level disturbing, but I was 800-273-3217 The keyboards are very quiet compared to what I was used to. You might feel differently. The keyboard can handle multiple falls if you have cats who push a wide variety of things off desks, counter-tops, and bookshelves. I would say that the durability is quite good. The keys have text on them. The letters "E," "N," and "S" disappeared within the first month of use. Many keyboards have the white letters molded into the key-caps using two different colors of plastic during the injectionmolding process. This particular feature was cheap-out by Logitech. It's puzzling why a company would make a keyboard that has letters on the keys and then paint them white. The keyboard is of excellent quality. It looks great with the black and silver color scheme and the leather wrist rest. It looks great until the paint rubs off half the keys. It looks like garbage. If you're reading this, I want you to charge me 5 bucks more and use higher quality key-caps with molded-in lettering for this keyboard. The white paint is not good. Why purchase wireless? I'm a big fan of wireless keyboards and mice for a number of reasons. The wireless keyboard is exceptional. This one requires batteries to operate. The batteries in the Logitech keyboard last an incredibly long time. After a couple of years of heavy use, I haven't needed to replace the batteries. I don't try to extend the battery life. The power switch on the keyboard is always on. It's amazing. The draw must be infinite. Most people don't think about the huge advantage a wireless keyboard and mouse has. I live in the desert and it is very dry. There is a lot of static electricity in the air. One day, before I switched to the wireless versions of the keyboard and mouse, my wife lightly touched my shoulder while I was using my corded mouse and keyboard. When she touched me, a big spark of static electricity traveled from her fingers through me, out of my own hands, and into the computer's board. Most of the chips were fried by that single spark. The graphics card, the processor, and the RAM were all fine. I had to order it online because it wasn't available in a retail store near my home. I was without a computer for nearly a week while I waited for the replacement to arrive and then found the time to install it. I was trying to come up with a way to prevent it from happening again after I realized my computer had fried. My approach was to attach a strip to my desk to rest my wrists on. I realized that approach would only work if my wrists were in contact with the strip. There was still a chance that I would fry another board. I realized that if my keyboard and mouse weren't attached to my computer, it would be hard to discharge static into it. I never looked back after I switched to wireless keyboards and mice. I keep spare parts around in case of static fries. It never has. I highly recommend this keyboard for users who are sensitive to the joint strain caused by poor wrist positioning and excessive finger curl required to use more generic keyboard designs. Those with carpal tunnel issues may notice a slight reduction in their pain levels. This was the case for me. I highly recommend this keyboard to anyone who can't afford the hassle and expense of having a static discharge on their computer. It's cheaper to replace a wireless keyboard than it is to replace a motherboard. I recommend this keyboard for fast typing. I believe the keyboard increased my speed by at least 10%. It's amazing how fast your hands can move when all of the joints are in their natural orientation. I would recommend this keyboard to anyone who spends more than a couple hours a week at their computer. The rub-off white paint is not a big deal for non-touch typists. You could always repaint them or buy labels for the blank keys. I replaced the keyboard when my keys wore off. Highly recommended!

6. Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard Pillowed Compatible

Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard Pillowed Compatible

Your satisfaction is valued a lot at X9. Along with the computer keyboard wired, you will also receive lifetime support, free returns, and up to 2 years of warranty. The split keyboard divides the keys into 2 zones and keeps the posture of hand and forearm at an angle. The keyboard is designed to encourage healthy wrist and arm positions. It's perfect for Office-men who need a long time to work with a keyboard. The palm rest and curved design has a built-in pillowed wrist rest with skin-friendly synthetic leather, so that hand typing comfortably maintains the same level with the keyboard, and the natural curved keys imitate the curved shape of the fingertips with a kickstand to improve the overall comfort. Plug & Play is used to design the 2.4G Wireless Keyboard with approximately 33 feet (10 m) operating distance. The sleep mode can be switched on and off with a separate ON/OFF switch if the button is pressed for 8 minutes. The full-sized 113 key layout with 19 shortcut keys will help you increase productivity. One-key cutting, one-key copying, achieving efficient work, and attention: MAC doesn't support the use of multi- shortcut keys, and the wireless PC keyboard has indicators to remind you of the battery condition. Silent keys have a low profile keys construction design. Don't worry about bothering others. The keyboard is compatible with Windows 2000 and other operating systems.

Brand: Nulea

👤For the past 30 years, I punch my keyboard more than the steps I walk. I need an ergonomics keyboard for my wrist. My current keyboard is close to its end of life, having served me over 15 years. I got a Nulea wireless for its replacement. It arrived in a nice package. The transmitter works well with the distance, even though my tower PC is under my desk. The keys make the stoke bounce. My typing speed is about 80 char/min. I can do that on this keyboard as well. The wrist rest is soft and supports hands in a natural position, which is as good as the keyboard. The keyboard has a power switch button. The keyboard only needs a single AA battery. I don't know how long the single batter can last, but I think turning off the keyboard will help. The power switch should be on the side of the keyboard. I am very pleased with this product.

👤I have had this keyboard for a while now, and it is starting to not type some letters, and type doubles of oohers. Not happy at all. I replaced the battery and it still works. It makes it hard to type. The keyboard is pretty decent, I only have it for a few days. I had to replace my other one because the guides on the J and F key were worn down and the other keys were slippery. I thought I'd have a problem with the split design of the keyboard, but I didn't. I don't have an issue with the split space bar. When I hit the shift key on the left, I sometimes end up hitting the caps lock, which is the only thing that's not really an issue. When I think I'm hitting deletion, I'm hitting "Insert" because some of the other keys are different. The keyboard has been working fine for a short time. There's no indication of how the battery goes in, that's what a lot of people complained about. It took several tries to figure it out. I'm here to say that's not true. It's clear how the battery goes in when you look inside it.

👤This keyboard is very good. The vibe of the room made it easy to rest your hands as you type. I was surprised by the cut copy and paste buttons. Make work a little bit easier.

👤I've been using the Microsoft Ergo 4000 for a long time, and I was looking for a wireless alternative when this struck my interest, but I might buy 100 more for my agency. Many letters go missing and the keys don't have good feedback, which makes typing accuracy a big hit. You have to rely on spell checker. Your thumbs have never been restricted to a small area before, so the lack of a full space-bar is a real issue. If they could fix the feel and upgrade to a full sized space-bar, it would be a nice board. I can't roll out this keyboard without making my users angry at me, so the hunt goes on.

7. X9 Performance X9JJKEY

X9 Performance X9JJKEY

KINESIS has been manufacturing their products in the USA for 3 years and has stood behind them 100 percent since 1992. Equip your workspace with a simple and reliable wired computer keyboard that will improve productivity, save space, and look great. The keyboard is built to be used on a computer. Enjoy a direct connection to your device. It will make for a great laptop keyboard or office keyboard as it does not require batteries and has a reliable connection. The full typing experience consists of a 104-key layout with 14 shortcut/media keys and a 17-key numeric keypad, which will allow you to complete any task with ease. The keyboard is 0.79" in height, completely plug and play with PC/Chrome, and designed with a kickstand for typing comfort. Your satisfaction is valued a lot at X9. Along with the computer keyboard wired, you will also receive lifetime support, free returns, and up to 2 years of warranty.

Brand: X9 Performance

👤The keyboard works well. The configuration is perfect for office use because the keys don't stick. I have to use the escape and fn keys to turn off the fn key when I start the computer. It's not a problem, but it's annoying. I didn't give it 5 stars because of that. I lowered my rating to 3 stars because of a new complaint. The characters on the keyboard are hard to read on the most used keys after a month or so. I was able to fix this by applying the MOSISO 2 Universal English US Keyboard Stickers that were available on They restored the visibility of the characters to greater contrast than the original keys. I will have to wait a year or so to see if it lasts, but so far it has.

👤I liked my wired keyboard from Amazon for about 6 years before the letters began to wear off. I was a little worried about the X9 Performance keyboard, but now that I have had it for four days, I like how it feels. It's a low-profile, PnP keyboard that works. I hope the letters stay in the keyboard. Upon completion of warranty registration, the keyboard comes with an additional year of warranty. The keyboard letters are included in the warranty. If the letters wear off or an issue crops up, I will update later. I give it 5 stars as I like the way it is built and how it feels. It is not as loud as some other keyboards. It's nice to hear the sound of clicking keys.

👤I've used an external keyboard before. After the last one died, this one got me through, but I'm really sorry I settled for this one. I have small hands, but my pinkie keeps hitting the caps lock key. Constantly. It's annoying. It doesn't always type where the cursor is. I missed the return window and would have returned the keyboard and bought a better one.

👤I should have known the price. My mistake. The keyboard is loud. The reviews had a lot of quiet in the comments, but for my needs it is too loud.

👤The review is being typed with the reviewed keyboard. Not a fan of wired keyboards but with an extension cable I can use them. It might be noisy for fast typers. I'm not. Keys are visible, have a positive feel, and work for my needs without breaking the bank.

👤Happy once I get used to the click of the keyboard. For zoom calls. I would suggest using earphones so no one else can hear the click-clack. An inexpensive investment makes a nice keyboard. You can tilt the keyboard. I use it as a spare keyboard on the desk while my laptop is suspended high up on a stand for virtual classes. It is reliable and wired. Not slim, but not overlychunky.

👤After a day or two, the keyboard is quiet and I am typing as fast as ever. The kickstand does not lift the keyboard high enough off of the desk, which is why it is held back.

8. Wireless JOYACCESS Mouse Portable Ergonomic Design White

Wireless JOYACCESS Mouse Portable Ergonomic Design White

Great service and wide compatibility. This combo is compatible with Windows 2000 and ME. Works well with computers, laptops, and more. There is a free one-year replacement warranty. They will provide a satisfactory solution if you have any problems during use. The wireless keyboard and wireless mouse have a battery that is not included. The JoyACCESS wireless keyboard has all keys in a scissor-cross low profile structure, which makes it ulra-Slim, and less noise. The portable mouse has built-in noise-free switches. The keyboard and mouse give a world of silence and a morden desktop is great for conference, board presentation, library, coffee shop, night work, travel, etc. The high precption is 2400 in 5 levels. Depending on your activities, you can change the sensitivity of the mouse to 1600dpi, 2000dpi, or 2400dpi. The polling rate is adjusted by pressing the right key and the wheel at the same time. Fast operation with a numerical keypad and multi-media hot keys. The keyboard and mouse combo only use one nano receiver for saving a computer or laptop port, not the fully compatible hot-keys. The mouse is in the storage near the battery compartment. The keyboard has a tilt angle. The wireless mouse is comfortable to use. The optical mouse has a working currency of 0.11mA and can be woken up by moving. If you don't type, the keyboard will come into sleep in 8 minutes. The package does not include a battery.

Brand: J Joyaccess

👤This is a quarter of the price of other set ups. I use my 2020 MacBook Air and have been very happy with the mouse and keyboard. It was easy to set up. It seems like the battery life is very long. It looks like a Mac product. I had an issue where the keyboard would start typing the wrong characters after I changed computers. The letters were okay. Things like # and others were messed up. They immediately offered a replacement or a refund after I wrote the company. The next one had the same problem as I asked for a replacement. They were very accommodating and offered to refund me. I had to change my keyboard preference from Japanese to US after doing more research. The issue was fixed. My bad. They said they would keep the extra keyboard, so I offered to send it back. If you start acting up, be aware of the keyboard language issue.

👤I was hesitant about buying this keyboard and mouse set because I am very picky about my computer input devices. I pulled the Trigger based on looks, as I wanted a white and silver set to blend in with a room that was almost all white. I decided to give it a try because there aren't many keyboards that are this color. I am glad I did. The keyboard is about 14 inches wide and 5 inches tall. The keyboard is slightly tilted due to the thickness from your table to the top of the keyboard being 1/3 of a millimeter. The mouse is 4.5" from top to bottom and 2.5" from side to side. The height is at the front tip of the mouse and at the bottom and middle. It is difficult to measure the height, as it is curved to fit the hand, but to me it is a flatter feel that the Microsoft mouse I was using before. I thought it would bother me, but it's not. I don't have a scale for actual weight, but the keyboard is light enough to carry with one hand, though not so light that it moves or slides around on my table. It seems well made, and does not feel cheap to me. The mouse is very light and slides around my table easily without a mousepad. There is no lag with the mouse. It is fast to move around the screen. I can't tell if the keyboard has a lag or not. Many people have said that it's quiet and some people have said it's noisy. It's more of a thunk but not quite. It's not completely quiet, but it's not annoying. It's a matter of tolerance for anyone. I made a video so you could hear the keyboard. The room is quiet so you can get a feel for how loud my phone is. If you want someone to talk in a normal volume, adjust your speakers and listen to the keys. I like this set. You only have one usb stick to use for both the mouse and keyboard, which is a pro. If you need both a keyboard and a mouse, this is a nice feature. I'm picky about my input devices. I like keys that are easy to push, but not so much that they are mushy. The keys are responsive and springy. I have muscle, tendon, and joint issues all over my body, so this is not unusual for me, and they are slightly hard to push down for me. I haven't noticed if the keyboard has fallen asleep. When I start using it, it always comes to my attention. The mouse will wake up if you press the scroll wheel or other button. A dead battery in the morning is better. Who remembers the on/off switch? The keyboard and mouse have batteries. There are two for keyboard and one for mouse. The base of the keyboard is either aluminum or silver. The buttons have dark gray letters and numbers. The function symbols like volume and mute are black. The mouse is mostly white with a silver border around the perimeter and a small center button that I can't figure out how to use. I use a Windows 10 PC and it works. I had no trouble setting it up. I just had it for a couple of days, but I'm happy that it's a keeper. The only thing missing is a side button that I could use to map a zoom in/out function to my mouse. I have had no other concerns. A good set for the money.

9. Arteck Wireless Keyboard Stainless Rechargeable

Arteck Wireless Keyboard Stainless Rechargeable

The Logitech MK540 combo features a full-size mouse with soft rubber grips, and a variety of shortcut keys. Simply insert the receiver into your computer and use the keyboard. The design is ergonomics and features low-profile keys and a STAINLESS STEEL material. The battery life is 6 months. A high capacity battery with a single charge lasts for 6 months. The Ultra Thin and Light is a small, light weight, full size keyboard with a number pad and arrow keys. The package contains Arteck STAINLESS 2.4G Wireless Keyboard, a welcome guide and friendly customer service.

Brand: Arteck

👤I am a professional graphic designer and photographer with a strong background in IT. I am in the studio all day working on computers. The keyboard is amazing. Specifically for the price. I was initially looking for a keyboard that felt more like a laptop than a keyboard. I read reviews online most of the time. I don't get to test a product before delivery. I think I like the feel of this! The key should be where it should be. I wouldn't say that the key press is silent. The brushed metal on the backside gives it a professional feel. The grips on the back keep it from sliding around on a flat surface. There is no rest for the palm. I pushed the board up a few inches. There is nothing to complain about. It uses the provided cable to charge. There is no reason to buy or replace batteries. It is a joy to work on. I've purchased many keyboards. The gaming keyboard was too heavy to use. I prefer the short X keys over the mechanical ones. I will purchase another machine for the other machine. May 1st 2020 - still going strong and still incredibly satisfied.

👤The keyboard's design is lightweight and easy to use, and my fingers are not straining to hit the keys at all. The keys are quite springy to type on. Arteck's service team reached out to me after I had some issues with my first keyboard. I received a replacement keyboard after the issue was covered by the warranty. The replacement keyboard is much better than the previous one, and it doesn't have any issues that I encountered with the previous one. Arteck and their service team have done a great job and I want to give them my thanks.

👤Clarifying the first part of the article. The replacement item was free of charge. The first keyboard had some issues, but the new one seems to have none of them. I have changed the review from a 3 to a 5. Excellent customer service and a great product. Arteck customer service contacted me after I left a review. They were very friendly and fast and offered to replace the item for free. The review has been changed from a 3 to a 4 because of the great customer service. I will be able to review the new products when they arrive. There is a method for this. The keyboard will mis stoke if you are a fast typer. Especially on double leter strokes. I am typing this on my keyboard and not knowing what it causes. Especially on double leter strokes. The keybard looks great. The keycaps are not too loud and I like them. It gets frustrating when you have to go back and type the same thing again.

👤This is the real deal. Arteck wants you to write a good review. The keyboards I received have the same issue where if I type a word with "ver" in it, I get "veer" as the output. They sent me another item after I had an issue with the first one, but I have never been urged to write a review like Arteck did to me. It's definitely questionable and questionable practices. I would recommend buying the same keyboard from one of the companies that put their logo on the hardware. Maybe you'll get one that wasn't manufactured in the same way as mine. I would give it 4 stars if it wasn't for that issue. I'm writing the real review so that you can make an informed decision after I get my refund and Arteck doesn't bully me. Arteck is working diligently to resolve the issue after I received a couple keyboards with a manufacturing defect. They will work with you to make your purchase worthwhile.

10. Apple Keyboard Numeric Wireless Rechargable

Apple Keyboard Numeric Wireless Rechargable

The Magic Keyboard has document navigation controls for quick scrolling and full-size arrow keys for gaming. A scissor mechanism beneath each key allows for increased stability and 888-349-8884 The keypad is great for finance applications. The built-in battery is very long- lasting, and can power your keyboard for a month or more between charges. There are requirements for a Mac computer with macOS 10.2.4 or later and a Mac computer with a built-in microphone.

Brand: Apple

👤The Magic Keyboard with 10-Key was brought to us by Apple. I've been a Mac user for a long time and always wanted to be able to use a wireless keyboard. After trying both the Kanex Multisync Mac Keyboard and the K750 for Mac, I figured it was a lost cause as Apple's Magic Keyboard didn't include the 10-Key. I picked one up after learning about this one. Pros: 1) It has the same look and feel as the original Magic Keyboard. I've tried many others and they have been flimsy. There are two more The internal battery can be charged via the Lightning port. The same cable is used by the iPhone. There are 3 more It's only about 1lb. Since it's made by Apple, all of the function keys are the same as they were supposed to be. There are five It doesn't have the lag that other keyboards have. 6) It doesn't have the wake-from-sleep issue that other keyboards have. It took Apple a long time to release this. The price is what it is. It is steep. Being an Apple user, I was not surprised. There are 3 more It is only available in the aluminum/white color scheme. Since the majority of Apple computers are the MacBook, it would be nice if it were available in black and aluminum. I'm very pleased with my purchase and plan to buy more.

👤The original keyboard that came with my iMac was ordered to be replaced. The keyboard would be a 5-star if it wasn't flat. It doesn't have flip-up legs to give it a more comfortable angle and less strain on the carpal tunnel. I attacked the wood dowel to give it a lift. It is almost the same as my 4 year old trackpad. I suggest a simple fix for the shortcoming. Maybe Apple will see this review and update the keyboard?

👤It's ridiculous how long it took Apple to come out with a keyboard. I have four of these, two of which are white and two of which are black. It's great to use. I don't care how long the battery lasts, my trackpad needs to be charged a lot sooner than the keyboard. I charge them when the trackpad needs to charge. There is a Con's. I have my own motion sensor lights that I use to back it up. There is a It doesn't attach to the trackpad. Apple could have made the two attach with magnets. Twelve South is not making a bridge. I recommend the following products:

👤I got a new keyboard to replace my older one. The keys have a shorter travel. I wouldn't say the old one was better or worse. It's a different key mechanism. There is no wires, that's the good thing. The keyboard is too flat. The keyboard is much flatter than the older one. I stuck two rubber feet onto the back of the keyboard by lying them around. See the picture. The keyboard is at a good angle for me. I don't have a messy cable that is in the way of the keyboard connecting. If the keyboard had an angle adjustment capability, I would have rated it a 5 stars. I think a lot of people prefer a keyboard without an angle adjustment. It's a relatively easy fix. You might want to get some rubber feet if you like typing on an angle keyboard. You can find them at Amazon, or search for rubber feet glue.

11. LANGTU Membrane Keyboard All Metal Anti Ghosting

LANGTU Membrane Keyboard All Metal Anti Ghosting

The hardware warranty is limited. The keyboard is made of aluminum. The brushed metal panel enhances the texture of the keyboard and also improves the lifespan of the whole keyboard. You don't have to worry about spilled liquids damaging the keyboard because it has a water-resistant function. Soft and retractable keys. The keys are soft to touch and offer precise keys for work or gaming. It has 5,000,000 clicks. Do not worry about dust or dirt, the keycaps are replaceable. The letters will never fade away from the injection keycaps. Cool rain backlight The keyboard has a soft light that won't hurt your eyes, and it has a 7-color rainbowLED backlight that makes it easy to type and play games in a dark environment. You can change the breathing speed and brightness of the backlit. The game world is cool, but the light is not RGB, the color of the light can't be changed. The best design. The scientific stair-step key cap design makes it easy for the finger to reach all keys, maximizing the comfort of your hand to meet the needs of a long-time game or work. Anti-ghosting technology allows you to use more combinations to win a game. The operation of your work or game can be improved with 12 combinations of multimedia keys. Langu gaming keyboard is strong and quality and combines your office and gaming experience. Plug-and-play without a driver. You can support Windows 2000 / 10/8/7. If you are dissatisfied with the product, please contact them and they will be happy to assist you.

Brand: Langtu

👤I love this keyboard. Even though the keys are not completely quiet, they are quieter than your average keyboard and I love that. I use this daily and it works great. The first one I received had an issue with keys sticking, but I was able to get an exchange and the newer one works great.

👤This is not a $100 keyboard. Let's not expect miracles. The board is very quiet. I replaced an old Dell keyboard that had millions of cells of DNA in it and made me want to throw it away. The board was loud when I typed. This thing is not loud. If you're on the phone with someone that's putting you to sleep with their story, they might not know you're typing the whole time. This isn't a keyboard that's pretty. I wonder how the keys will look in the future. The keys are prone to being damaged over time. Based on the architecture and look of the keys, that's just a hunch. We will see. A solid keyboard is $28. It's easy to dim the rainbow lights on the keyboard if you think they don't appeal to you. Press "Fn," then "page up" or "page down" to dim. The keyboard has 12 multimedia keys. Sound volume is fn+F3 and sound volume is fn+F4 and sound volume is fn+F5. fn+F6 is the last track and fn+F7 is the next track. My computer is fn+F12

👤The keyboard is very loud. I wouldn't describe this product as being close to quiet. The space bar has a spring noise when struck, and the keys have a very audible stricking noise. I was typing an email in this video, not just stricking keys, I love the color of it and did not mind at all that the colors were stationary. It connected easily and never gave me any problems other than the noise and the F keys don't have labels of what they do. Returning only because of the sound.

👤The keyboard looks impressive. The fact that it lights up is impressive in its own right, but even before it lights up, it looks way cooler than a standard keyboard, and that is probably why most people will buy it. The key surfaces are soft to the touch and the metallic backboard is really shiny, so even before you plug in the cable, it's great. My current keyboard does not have any sort of backlighting, which is the main reason I was interested in this. I like to keep my living room relatively dim in the evening, but I can't type in it because I can't see. That was solved by this keyboard. I'm sitting in the dark but I have a bright backlit glow that allows me to type in here as well. I've noticed two things since I've been using this. 1. I wish I had this at my office because my nails make a loud click-clack sound on my keyboard and it drives my co-workers crazy, but this keyboard is a little softer to the touch and therefore much quieter to the ear, and 2. You can hear the springs vibrate when you touch the space key, but you don't realize it until you hear it every time. It is loud enough to be noticeable until you get used to it, but I forgot about it within a minute or two. I think this would be a great gift for anyone who uses a keyboard in the dark, it looks great, works great, and seems durable.


What is the best product for best keyboard for typing?

Best keyboard for typing products from Das Keyboard. In this article about best keyboard for typing you can see why people choose the product. Razer and Logitech are also good brands to look for when you are finding best keyboard for typing.

What are the best brands for best keyboard for typing?

Das Keyboard, Razer and Logitech are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best keyboard for typing. Find the detail in this article. X9 Performance, Nulea and J Joyaccess are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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