Best Best Keyboard for Gaming

Keyboard 29 Jan 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Razer Huntsman Tournament Tenkeyless Keyboard

Razer Huntsman Tournament Tenkeyless Keyboard

The keyboard has a 2 year manufacturer warranty, double the lifespan of most competitor keyboards. The Razer Linear Optical switch technology uses optical beam-based actuation, which is 30% shorter than other linear switches at 1.0 millimeter. The ultimate personalization and gaming experience with the Razer Chroma: fully syncs with popular games, Razer hardware, and gear from 30 plus partners; supports 16.8 million colors on individually backlit keys. The construction is covered with an aluminum top frame for increased structural integrity. A tenkeyless design with a cable for the internet. It provides a portable form-factor for on-the-go gaming. The Doubleshot PBT Keycaps are made of high grade PBT for a more durable and textured finish. All keys and keypress combinations can be remapped to execute complex commands.

Brand: Razer

👤After loving the wired viper and purchasing the ultimate, I decided to give the Huntsman TKL another try. I didn't like either of the boards I had. The first one was odd. I thought it was the distance of the optical switches. I returned it. I decided to try another keyboard after I was disappointed with the one I used. I was determined to get used to the switches, because I figured it was best to go with the one that was already installed on my computer. I went for 3 weeks with the second TKL. I blamed it on my heavy hand when I felt like my character was moving without a key. I was wrong. I caught it. My character in the game began moving in a direction I didn't want it to, so I pulled my hand off the board and my character kept moving in one direction. Some people claim the Huntsman TKL is just really sensitive, but I have used the Cherry MX Silver switches before and they have the same issues. I don't trust this board and wouldn't recommend it to anyone. It is a shame. The decision to move to double shot pbt, standard bottom row, and subtle branding on the board are A+ decisions. The optical red switches are where the board goes south for me. They went too far. I question their long-term reliability because they are too sensitive. If you're looking for a mouse, I can suggest two models. The wired and wireless versions were perfect, and I have come to love the side buttons. I can't recommend the TKL for keyboards.

👤I deleted a lot of the review as I have learned more about the keyboard and software since I bought it. I am able to keep a static color now that I have removed Synapse. I deleted the update on the 11/13/2019. I still had Synapse installed, but at times I would open it and then uninstall it, and that's why it was changing my colors. If I uninstall the keyboard or keep it inactive, I will remember my color even after a restart or sleep. There is an update on 11/11/2018. You can only change colors via the keyboard if you hold down the FN and CTRL keys along with keys 1, 2, 3 and 4. The second key is the one you use to cycle through the static colors. It isn't very intuitive. If you play with them, you will figure. Someone in the comments mentioned it when I watched a review on the video sharing site. I didn't see how to do this in the manual. I would recommend the Steelseries TKL Omipoint to you after finding out about this. The Steelseries is nice, but I prefer the Razer and the price was less when I bought each one. The Razer was listed as used and in good shape. The keyboard was new and the packaging was damaged. I have found a lot of products on Amazon that are damaged, but the packaging is in perfect condition. I have saved $200 each on some items, like a motherboards and a graphics card, that I buy and use again. The initial review was very brief and just some initial impressions. I have a new mouse and keyboard, but am having issues with the software. I will add feedback as I use the devices. I like the mouse and keyboard, but it's not a good thing that they don't store color profiles, it's a big negative for me. I have the new Steelseries Apex Pro TKL with the Omipoint switches and they are quite a bit easier to use. The Steelseries is louder than the Razer keyboard. The Razer sounds cheap but feels very solid when used for typing or gaming. The Steelseries can be used without any software installed and you can change settings directly via the keyboard. The keycaps from the Razer are better. They have a heavy and heavy feel, similar to the Steelsires smooth keycaps and light feel. If you're okay with having the software installed and a loud keyboard, I would go for the Steelseries. The Steelseries with the Ominipoints adjusted to.4mm feels just as fast as the Razer. It is easy to set them off if you rest your fingers on the keys. I am adding my review of the mouse because Amazon won't let me post a review saying "Amazon has noticed unusual reviewing activity on this product." Due to this activity, we have limited this product. I bought the mouse from the online store. You have to install the software to get rid of the lights on the mouse and charging base. Without the software you will not have a way of knowing the battery level without it. I have a g903, G203, Model 0 and Model 0-. I prefer them in this order. The G903 is my favorite for general desktop use.

2. Razer Cynosa Chroma Gaming Keyboard

Razer Cynosa Chroma Gaming Keyboard

The flexible kickstand has a 40 tilt so you can always have the right angle for the task at hand. Remove the keyboard and enjoy your iPad screen without having to worry about it. Able to execute up to ten commands at the same time with built-in key rollover anti-ghosting. The ultimate personalization and gaming experience with the Razer Chroma: fully syncs with popular games, Razer hardware, and gear from 30 plus partners; supports 16.8 million colors on individually backlit keys. The design is spill- resistant. All keys and keypress combinations can be remapped to execute complex commands. The construction supports up to 80 million clicks.

Brand: Razer

👤I give this keyboard a 1 star because of the intrusive software that you have to use to control the lighting. You have to log in to use the software to control the keyboard, otherwise you have no control of the lighting. They capture everything you do on the web, and then they take everything you make, Scan your PC for hardware, and track everything you do on the web. Before you use the software, read the agreement.

👤The keyboard is wonderful. I use it for a lot of writing and gaming. It works well for all standard functions. It's a great price and the keyboard is very quiet, but it's not as good as I would expect from a gaming keyboard. Even for long periods of use, it is very comfortable. The backspace and space bar would sound a little weird when pressed occasionally. It wasn't noticeable, didn't interfere with the functions, and disappeared after a few weeks. I included it because it made me feel bad. Occasionally. The keyboard lights turn on or off when the driver doesn't boot up. It is easy to fix by opening the driver program. The driver could be more user-friendly. It's fun to mess around with once you get used to it. A great keyboard for the budget. I wanted something that would work with my gaming, but also not be loud as I do a lot of typing. The Cynosa Chroma checks all of my requirements. I would not trade my keyboard for anything else. It still runs like a dream. The lighting is strong and no keys need to be replaced. If possible, I would give it 6 stars.

👤The peripherals that are controlled by Synapse 2.0 are: Death Adder Chroma, Diamondback, Mamba, Tournament Edition, Naga, and Anansi. The BlackWidow Tournament Edition is a variant of the DeathStalker, a variant of the Orbweaver, and a variant of the Kraken. You will have to install and run both of the devices at the same time because the device won't control it.

👤I grew up playing games on a keyboard. I switched to mechanical keyboards a year ago using the Corsair K70 LUX. I like that keyboard. I was missing the feel of the keys. I fell in love with the keyboard after giving it a try. The key presses are very quiet and it has a soft feel. The polling rate is 1000hz and it is very responsive. I have been using this for a while now and it has become my daily driver. Excellent keyboard!

👤I have the best keyboard I have ever had. The keyboard is perfect. The upgrade to the Chroma is the best decision I have ever made. Will buy more products from the company.

👤I love it. As described. The lighting mode is fun to play in. Good feeling. It is very comfortable for work and play. There were no issues with the bars squeaking. All is in perfect condition. I've had it for about 8 months and would buy it again. It is noisy according to my roommate, but I think that a game would be noisy if it was at 2 am.

3. Redragon S101 Keyboard Ergonomic Programmable

Redragon S101 Keyboard Ergonomic Programmable

The musical teaching keyboard is perfect for beginners. Your kids can enjoy wonderful music with an external microphone. Kids can learn and play music. If you are not satisfied for any reason, please contact them for a full refund. There is a gaming keyboard and gaming mouse. The all-in-one PC gamer value kit is great for gaming. There are 7 different lighting modes and effects on the keyboard. The clear uniform backlighting WIN key can be disabled for gaming. The PC gaming keyboard has been designed to be a great typing tool for office work. The gaming keyboard is built to hold liquid spills. The wrist rest is integrated so you don't have to worry about it. The gaming keyboard has 25 conflict free keys and 10 dedicated multimedia keys. Quiet keys are designed for longevity and deliver precise feedback. It comes with a gold-plated corrosion freeusb connection and a full numeric keypad. The Redragon RED Backlit Gaming Mouse has a user-friendly 800/1600/2400/3200 DPI setting. There are 6 buttons. The High-Precision Sensor and the Gaming Grade Micro Switches give you an even greater edge over your competitors. There are keyboard support for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP. It works with all major brands of computers.

Brand: Redragon

👤The computer I got from my job had broken feet and the previous guy had nastiness all over the keys. I decided I had waited too long to have them decide when to replace the stock keyboard with another one. I might as well make my own computer if I'm going to be staring at it for 8 hours. I dropped a couple of bucks and got a keyboard and mouse that is perfect for an office environment. Why? I forget I am trapped at a desk because my boring office has something unique to it. I am trapped at a desk with better peripherals than anyone else. It's not a big deal to you, but I think it's better to do the mundane tasks on a keyboard that visually distracts me with colorful bliss. The excitement I get from double clicking on the mouse gives me the feeling of dread that I had when I clicked the stock mouse. I'm sure I could use it to play games. I bought a gaming mouse and keyboard for my office computer. I'm awesome. It must be comfortable for people to sit there for hours and double-click to use the sword. Logic.

👤I was looking for a set that I could use to play games on my PS4 and this is what I got. I had to plug it in to work. There was no extra hub, no adaptor, and nothing else. It works out of the box. The mouse has a fabric wire which is nice to have, and the cords are long. I am very happy with my purchase, I really like this set. Awesome stuff.

👤I was expecting this combination to work out of the box. The keyboard does a good job of working for what I want it to do. The mouse... There is no spring back for the mouse buttons. I am not happy that this factory issue made it all the way to my doorstep. I may send this back. Poor quality control. The top and bottom pieces of the mouse body were not aligned correctly, and the mouse had been moved at the factory. I had the mouse repaired after I watched a video on YouTube about how to disassemble and reassemble the mouse. I will be covering this on my channel since I will be reviewing this combo set. Redragon makes it very clear that software is included with this package. It is definitely not. They hide the software from the end user. I plan to test the software links before sharing them here. If the package works out well over the long haul, I will raise the review one notch, but I can't give Redragon a 5 star rating because of the mouse issue and poor web site support. I was able to correct the issues with the first mouse and the software works just fine. I have bought this combination of mouse and keyboard 3 more times and have no issues. I've made this a standard setup on the 3 gaming systems I've built so far. The mouse on the website is called "Redragon M601-3 CENTROPHORUS 3200", which is odd. The Windows 10 version of the mouse works just fine. It is nice to be able to change the mouse parameters if necessary since I rarely run the software.

4. GK61 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Programmable

GK61 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Programmable

The construction supports up to 80 million clicks. The full RGB backlit gaming keyboard has 16.8 million color combinations, a number of different lighting effects and a number of different brightness levels. Plug and play, no drivers needed. The Gateron knives are the best choice for getting an advantage in gaming. It is possible to hot swap with other optical switches. No solder or desolder is needed. The switches have a rating of 100 million keys. Full programmable includes macro recording, advanced lighting effects and customizations through software. Features multimedia keys. Full Anti Ghosting Mode n-key Rollover is ideal for ideal games. The mini layout has 61 keys and individual backlighting. Dust and spills are resistant. The included key puller can be used to change the doubleshot keycaps. Compatibility with Windows and Mac OS is compatible. The ideal keyboard works with all computers. It's compatible for home and office use. There is a cable for a type A cable.

Brand: Hk Gaming

👤I fell in love with this thing, I really like it.

👤I bought this to use with my Macbook Pro, and it says it comes with a cord. That's true, but the part that plugs into the keyboard has a regular head on the side you want to plug into your computer.

👤I've had a number of keyboards, starting with the Blackwidow Chroma, Corsair, and the G Pro. I thought this would be a good place to start. This board is made using the GK61 PCB from ePathBuy, which means you can modify it to your liking. I found another case for this PCB that I will put into the board. Gateron Optical switches are less than $20 and you can find them in 70 packs. The keyboard software is garbage. I don't know how to change the static lights from green to another color, but if you can read Chinese, you might be able to figure it out. The keyboard is great for the aspiring keyboard junkie.

👤I will start this review by saying that I like this keyboard, it's my first mechanical keyboard and I will keep it for a while, but it's not perfect and I have tried more high-end keyboards. This will be based on the typing and gaming experience so it can be perfect. The keyboard, cable, key popper, switch popper, and manual are in the box. The gold ends of the braided Type C cable look nice. The keyboard has a plastic case that I thought was going to be cheap, but I like how it looks and doesn't look cheap at all, and the option of theremovableType C connection is good, but talking about the exterior, the little thing that it could. The PBT keycaps allow the keyboard's functions to be seen, and the fonts is not terrible as some others keys. The typing experience is great, but not as good as it could be because of the stabilizers that are stuck to the plate and keys like shift and enter that are not as smooth. In gaming, you don't need all the keys, the features are great, and you can press as many keys as you want, fast response time and the switches that you pick are great for gaming. I ordered the blue switches and they worked as expected. They only work with optical switches, this could be a problem for some. I would recommend giving it to the gaterons. If you expect to use any of the basic colors in the RGB, it's not good. Some cases will not be that color, but they will look horrible. The software has a lot of options like breathing, wave effects and could even be used to create your own. I was surprised to see that you can change the functions that you set in it, including the function key, and set each key for something different, including the or any other funcions from the spanish keyboard. You can change the profiles with the in board memory of the keyboard and the software open. You will need to know some chinese or pass a lot of time trying the options, but you will find it when you look for the link in the software. The stabilizers are stuck to the board in the pictures. It feels cheap and looks gross, this is my biggest complaint with the experience of typing and gaming. If you have more than 80$, and you only have a 50$ budget, I recommend you look for another option, because this 50$ keyboard is the first one that I own with the pros and cons that it has.

5. Razer Huntsman Elite Opto Mechanical Multi Functional

Razer Huntsman Elite Opto Mechanical Multi Functional

The light-based actuation of the optical switches of the Razer company is 30% shorter than that of the clicky switches and has satisfying clicky feedback. The ultimate personalization and gaming experience with the Razer Chroma: fully syncs with popular games, Razer hardware, and gear from 30 plus partners; supports 16.8 million colors on individually backlit keys. The construction is covered with a matt, aluminum top frame for increased structural integrity. Keycaps-Regular. The Magnetic Wrist Rest is made of plush to maximize comfort over extended gaming sessions. All keys and keypress combinations can be remapped to execute complex commands. The keyboard has a 2 year manufacturer warranty, double the lifespan of most competitor keyboards.

Brand: Razer

👤The feel of the keyboard is really nice. This keyboard is top-notch and it feels great to type and play games on it. Like many mechanical keyboards, typing on this keyboard can be loud. I wouldn't recommend it for office use. It's perfect for my home use. I replaced the keycaps with something else. I found that the keys felt more comfortable on the keyboards I've used in the past. I don't have to press as hard for the keys to register. The keys on the Huntsman require less force and register quicker than other keyboards, according to the company. This keyboard feels broken-in for lack of a better term. It just feels good. The keyboard has 4 media buttons and a dial that can be pushed in and out, as well as being rotate, all of which can be remapped to your liking. In my case, it was set to control music playback. I never really planned on using these media controls, but now that I have them, I can't go back. It's great when I'm playing a game with my own music running, but also being able to pause that music when the game starts to play - all by pressing a button. The lack of macro keys andusb ports is a shame, as they would be a great addition to the keyboard. It would have been nice to have this for some users. When I had keyboards that had macro keys, I never used them much. The passthrough port is on the expensive keyboards. The Huntsman does not have this as well. Most mechanical keyboards are loud and can annoy people who are close to you. If you are in an office situation, I would recommend using a keyboard that has quiet mechanical keys, like the Corsair keyboard or the Razer Blackwidow keyboard. Unfortunately, there is not a more quiet version of the Huntsman Elite at this time. The keys on the Huntsman are bright, even when compared to other offerings. While the letters on the keys of the Huntsman are significantly brighter, the Ornata Chroma's underlying membrane is also illuminated giving the keys the illusion that they are floating on a bed of light. I am happy with the extra bright letters, but I would like to see a way to duplicate that bed of light effect. The lighting on the Huntsman can be tailored to your specifications. I replaced the keycaps on my Huntsman with Doubleshot PBT Keycaps from HyperX, after seeing a popular Youtube personality replace his. HyperX's own mechanical keboard is the reason why these Keycaps are meant for. I replaced most of the HyperX Keycaps because they weren't compatible with the Hunstman's switches. The keyboard is now even more illuminated. The bottom of the HyperX Keycaps react with the lighting to give a brighter glow to the keyboard. I would assume a fair number of other keycaps types would work for the Huntsman since it seemed that the keycaps on it seemed to work. Do your own research before purchasing. The Huntsman has twousb connections. You must download the latest version of the game. This is the all-in-one software for the PC keyboards, mice, etc. After using Synapse for over a year, I've gotten used to using it. It's easy to use, but it could use some improvement. Most users can easily get to the most important things, such as lighting customization, re-assigning keys, and making macros. The software needs a login with your information for it to work. If you use the same products on several PCs, you can use the same settings. I think most people don't use this feature, but I actually do. This works well for me because I use Razer products at my home and work. I can easily assign settings that I make at home to my work. The Huntsman is a pretty expensive keyboard. The keys are stable so that there is minimumobble. You have an excellent high-end keyboard if you add the "fast" actuation feel. typing and gaming feel great. If you can forgive the "loud" keys, this is an excellent option if you're looking for a high-end keyboard.

6. SteelSeries Apex Hybrid Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

SteelSeries Apex Hybrid Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Compatibility with Windows and Mac OS is compatible. The ideal keyboard works with all computers. It's compatible for home and office use. There is a cable for a type A cable. A smooth switch with a blue one is hybrid mechanical gaming. There is a smart display that can be configured with game info, messages, and more. The frame is made of aluminum alloy and is unbreakable. Dynamic per-key illumination with gorgeous color schemes and effects. The magnetic wrist rest provides full palm support. The 900 x 300 x 4 millimeter is 35.43 inches in length.

Brand: Steelseries

👤SteelSeries wanted videos of the broken key, documentation, photos, and I would get an RMA after I tried to get support from them. I was told that I should just send it back. They would give a credit for something they had in their store. No thanks. Going back to a different manufacturer that supports their own products and doesn't treat the customer as the problem. I don't know how this has a high score. I had trouble with the question mark key. It would do a backslack. The second one had a dead Nine key. I don't know how it can be only me. I tried different keyboards. On different computers, the same issue was encountered with the Apex 7. This is comfortable and had a great wrist rest. If a key doesn't work, it would be worthless.

👤The thing just started going bananas. The keyboard is starting to do over 13 thousand key strokes a second. After my PC crashed, I had to change my computer's software because of the damage it caused.

👤The review is about the keyboard, not the other way around. The adjustment of the actuation is great. I can feel the difference in the games. I have a lot of typos with the super fast actuation. It's not a problem because you can switch profiles on the fly and have one of the best typing experiences on the market. It's like having multiple keyboards at once, and being able to change them easily. Not waterproof is one of the disadvantages I'd like to point out. Be careful with it. Only the main block has omnipoint switches. It's not a big deal if you don't use the other keys, but it's a good reason to make a 60% or TKL Keyboard with only omnipoint switches. I really like the extra space after using TKL keyboards. The TKL version is better than the full one. I didn't like how O-rings felt on the keyboard, and it will prevent the 3.6mm actuation point from working properly. The keyboard is silent even without any O-rings.

👤I have owned a Steelseries keyboard before and was disappointed with the switches it used. I had a m750 with the qx2 switches. They just felt off, not really sure how to explain. I am not a fan of linear switches as I tend to have a heavy hand and accidentally hold shift or ctrl, which messes up my movement and gets me killed. Not only that. I have to go back to revise more frequently when I type essays for college because I mess up more. I needed a new keyboard that would allow more space for my mouse as I play on a low dpi keyboard and was looking at various models from various companies. I was going to go with the G Pro from Logitech instead of the G Pro Wireless, but then I realized they had Romer-G switches. I tested them out and found them to be alright, but lack of customization and market keycaps was a turn off for me. The new switches from the TKL, called the OmniPoint switches, are linear switches and you can change the point at which the switch moves. I am not a fan of linear, so this disappointed me as the rest of the keyboard caught my attention. You can choose your switches out of the 3 options they give. I chose the browns because I wanted something fast, but with some feedback. I was impressed with the size and beauty of it when it arrived. The keyboard is the best I've owned so far. There are a few features you won't find on a TKL keyboard like the display, but the switches feel nice. The magnetic wrist rest is more like a flat rubber surface than a plush one. It is a pain to clean as it is a dust magnet. They feel cheap and are my main gripe for a premium keyboard, however I luckily had higher quality shine-through keycaps from previously. I am satisfied with the keyboard and would recommend it to anyone.

7. Redragon K580 Mechanical Anti Ghosting Dedicated

Redragon K580 Mechanical Anti Ghosting Dedicated

You can fully personalize your G213 with the help of Logitech gaming software. Set the lighting, save time by assigning functions, and much more. There are 5 macro keys on the keyboard which can be recorded on the fly without any additional software required. It is easy to make your keyboard. The multimedia controls allow you to quickly play, pause, skip the music and not interrupt your game. The wheel in the upper right side of the keyboard makes it easy to adjust the volume and brightness of the device. It's very convenient and cool. N-key Rollover allows you to simultaneously click multiple keys. The floating keys and Redragon blue switches will give you a great gaming experience. 50 million times a keystroke test, 60g actuation force, and 2.3mm short travel are Durability. Special double-shot injection molded keycaps are waterproof and dust resistant. The 18 backlight models allow you to type in the dark. You can change its brightness with a control wheel. There are five modes of side edge lighting. The color of the key lighting on the keyboard can be changed without the need for software.

Brand: Redragon

👤I returned the keyboard because I didn't like the blue mechanical switches. I didn't realize how loud those are until I owned one. This product is not available with different switches, which is the only knock against it. The Corsair keyboard has the tactility of the Blues, but with more quiet operation. I think the Reddragon keyboard is as good as the Corsair keyboards. It has a good feeling. The feet don't slide easily on my desk. Corsair's application is more user friendly than the keyboard software. The lighting is beautiful and can be adjusted to your liking. The light strips on the sides are very nice. The media and volume controls are required for any keyboard that I buy. I don't see why you should spend more money on a Corsair if you like Cherry switches. The quality is the same to me. Red, Blue, Black, and Brown are the switch types in the box. I know Reddragon have brown switches. If anyone from that company is reading this, please offer this keyboard with Brown switches. I would recommend your product to others.

👤I think this is a great keyboard on a budget, but it is just a great keyboard period. The quality of the keyboard is beyond what I expected. The keyboard feels good. I can't tell you enough. The brown switches are perfect for someone who didn't like the clicky-ness of the blue switches and didn't like how easy it was to push down the keys on the red switches. If you are like me, you should recommend more. There is a The keycaps and switches were great, but I wanted to change it out with some white keycaps to match my white case, so that's why it looks different in the pictures. They don't smudge easily and feel like good quality caps. Volume nob works as intended. The keyboard looks great, and it is easy to mess with using the "fn" key and the buttons above the arrows. I was a little disappointed to find out that there is no real functional RGB software for this board, so any colors you want to do will have to be through the provided options in the RGB setup on the actual board. The side lights are nice. Don't do anything, but they look pretty and that's all you can ask for. The white color is more like a pink than it is. Every other color looks great. It's hard to go wrong with this board. Don't pay too much for a board when RedDragon makes a really great keyboard for a fraction of the price.

👤The Vata is a keyboard that has all of the features I needed to work and game on it. There is a The "on the fly" macro recording is great for work. The redragon's site has a software that is very useful to reconfigure any key or set macros. I did not buy the keyboard for the function but it is nice to be able to match your color scheme with other equipment. The pros are 1. Outemu blue keys are loud and clacky. I put clear rings on the switches but they were not different from the cherry switches. 2. I love being able to change songs on Windows Media Player. 3. You can use the default G1 - G5 to record or use the software to set any key to be recorded. The customer support helped me understand this before I bought the keyboard. I couldn't find a review that mentioned this. 4. It seems like there are a lot of options. 5. It helps light up my mouse-pad at night, but I turn it off. 6. The volume wheel can be used as a bright wheel. 7. The keyboard is a little bit lower than my other mechanical keyboards. The cons are 1. I suggest avoiding the feature ofremovable switches. The plastic housing on the outemu switches is too fragile, so I think it's great that they ship a few different switches to let us swap. I was able to swap out a few switches to browns but I broke the default installed switch housing using their guide and the tool correctly. I could use more blue switches in the future. 2. The media keys are still lit even when the computer is turned off. This keyboard is very good. It has everything the major brands have to offer for half the price.

8. Razer Huntsman Mini Gaming Keyboard

Razer Huntsman Mini Gaming Keyboard

The construction supports up to 80 million clicks. The #1 best-selling gaming peripheral manufacturer in the US is Source. The light-based actuation of the optical switches of the Razer company is 30% shorter than that of the clicky switches and has satisfying clicky feedback. The ultimate personalization and gaming experience with the Razer Chroma: fully syncs with popular games, Razer hardware, and gear from 30+ partners; supports 16.8 million colors on individually backlit keys. The construction is covered with an aluminum top frame for increased structural integrity. The Doubleshot PBT Keycaps are made of high grade PBT for a more durable and textured finish. All keys and keypress combinations can be remapped to execute complex commands.

Brand: Razer

👤I used the keyboard for a few hours in Black Ops 4. It is responsive the way a keyboard should be. I was impressed with how quiet the linear switches were. The Space bar has a rattle but everything else is great. It is a plastic keyboard and if you are used to aluminum keyboards at first glance you might feel a bit turned off. Don't let this stop you from buying this item. I came from a 60% keyboard. If you can find my review, it is worth reading. I am more than satisfied with my purchase. At the end of the day, a lot of that doesn't matter, even if I was a little put off by some of the reviews. The space bar has a noticeable rattle and no dust cover, if that is all I can think of. After 3 months, I will give a final verdict, but so far it has gotten a recommendation from me.

👤This keyboard is not a scam. This keyboard is something I should know about. The gaming scene has many companies in it. I like seeing their name pop up everywhere when I buy their products. I had a slow, old, ugly keyboard that wasn't keeping up with the speed I needed in game. I was looking for a new one. Swing all the pros and put down enemies with this keyboard, it really pushed my desire for the thing. I did not want to be dumb. I watched reviews, read reviews, and checked more commercials. This is the time when I start to doubt the keyboard. I was worried if I should buy this keyboard after seeing how bad it was. I decided to buy it. It made me think if it was really that bad. I will not regret this decision. I found myself in love with the keyboard. The people had said things that were not true. I put HyperX on. The pudding key caps worked. The software was easy to use. It will still satisfy your hunger even though the RGB could have been better. The switches were great. I was blown away by the speed at which they were at. The small form factor helps players like me. The weight didn't bother me at all, and the keyboard didn't slide at all, even though I put it on my mousepad. The look is sleek and simple. If you are a player in the first person shooter genre, please buy this keyboard. It is worth it. You will not regret it. I recommend putting this on your mousepad to make the keyboard feel faster. I recommend that you download the Chroma Studio for better control of your RGB. The original keycaps that the keyboard comes with are so comfortable and sleek that I would recommend staying on them. That is from me. I hope you consider this keyboard because I did. I didn't regret it. I hope that you all stay safe during these times, and that you cave in to your gaming desires. Have a great day, thanks for listening!

9. Razer Ornata Chroma Mecha Membrane Individually

Razer Ornata Chroma Mecha Membrane Individually

The 900 x 300 x 4 millimeter is 35.43 inches in length. The soft-cushioned rubber dome switch is suitable for gaming. 16 million colors on individually backlit keys are supported by the gear from 30 plus partners. All keys and keypress combinations can be remapped to execute complex commands. The Wrist Rest is made of soft-touch leatherette and has built-in magnets for convenient alignment. The construction supports up to 80 million clicks.

Brand: Razer

👤An overall performance overview is the top half of the review. The update about quality control and slow replacement issues made me change my review from a 4- to a 3-star review. I didn't purchase a keyboard for gaming. I work in transcription and have many of the same problems as a video game player. When the keyboard gives me the right feedback, it can't be too loud, the key spacing needs to be on-point, and ghosting is a problem, I type faster when the keyboard gives me the right feedback. The Ornata is one of the best keyboards I've ever used and it has increased my productivity. I'm a heavy-handed typist, meaning that it's easier for me to use. I like a good click. Having a 'tickity-tack' sensation with depression helps me stay in the zone while I type. I use my Macbook Pro keyboard the most when I'm not working. The Macbook keyboards are a sort of hybrid like the Ornata, which is the main reason I went with it. You still have a gentle touch. The Ornata has a more aggressive click than a Macbook keyboard, but it's still that hybrid sensation. The Ornata is advertised as a mid-profile key on the Razer website, but it definitely isn't by gaming keyboard standards. I liked that idea. It can be hard to hit multiple keys at the same time when typing at high speeds. The Ornata has keys above the keyboard base. The end effect isn't as dramatic as high profile keys, but it's still on the higher side. I expected it to be shorter. If you're a heavy-handed typist, key height can be a factor in hand fatigue. It would be closer to'mid-profile' if they set the keys into the base of the keyboard. The trade-off for this key seating is easier cleaning. When typing quickly, I often have a problem where I'm hitting the next key in a sequence before my finger disengages the previous key. I've never used a keyboard that means ghosting. I would get thes instead of these. The Ornata improves my work efficiency. I usually have to deal with thethoug's, but I spend less time fixing them. This is a mid-volume key. It's much quieter than my Macbook, but it's nowhere near as quiet as a 15-year-old desktop mechanical. A friend of mine who works on the phone said that their customers would be able to hear their typing even without the key volume being used. The volume is too loud for a hybrid key. It seems like it's trying to make a sound. I think that's the biggest problem with it. It doesn't feel native to the key feel. It would be great if it was the same volume but less sharp of a sound. This isn't a keyboard you're looking for. Programability: no. I use a number of macros while I work, but I haven't messed with this yet. I'll make a new review after I fiddle with it. The keyboard updates are not that bad. I found out the hard way that your keyboard won't work until you restart your computer. The software Synapse leaves a lot to be desired. I'm on the new version of the public test. It works better, but the interface is ugly and slow. There is a lot of negative space. It doesn't have the capabilities you would expect. The interface of the keyboard can't be changed to only show the options you use. The Chroma screen is still awkward to use, but it works better than it used to. The color and color programming is phenomenal. It makes my work day more interesting because of the color. It's lovely and rich with a good color-to-color shift. There are some problems with programming. The software needs to be worked on, though the new version of the software works better than the old one. I still have problems with the keyboard, it suddenly reset the color cycle to default after an update. Someone asked a question about the keyboard and made me realize how easy it is to clean. Fur builds up between keys in keyboards, so I have dogs that shed nonstop. I don't get as much fur between the keys because of the spacing of the keys and the floating set. I can tease anything that falls between the keys with a napkin or my nails. It would be easy to clean up with canned air or a paintbrush. You could get the Q-tip off if it was stuck to the membranes. It's definitely recommend for heavy-handed typists that need speed and accuracy. I knocked off a star for it overcompensating on the click loudness and the keys being taller than they should be. The keyboard started malfunctioning after about eight months of use. I've dealt with the customer service personnel of Razer twice and they're great. The original keyboard was sent back to the company. I appreciated free shipping both ways. It took almost a month for me to get my replacement. The black coating on my space bar is starting to wear off six months after I received my replacement. I have a section that's worn off and is about to wear off, but it has a heavy gloss from wearing down. I had a bad keyboard for five years. This didn't happen on my last Ornata after six months of equal use. I called customer service. The agent checked with a particular department about my issue after I got prompt, professional replies. This is normal wear and tear, and my warranty is from my original purchase date. When I contacted customer service, the replacement key caps were out of stock. You would think a gaming keyboard would be tough enough to handle heavy press abuse. It's just six months. This could be a quality control flub, but if so, the Ornata definitely has QC issues; this marks the second time something has gone wrong with a brand new Ornata within less than a year. There is a I wouldn't care if this were a $30 keyboard. You can't have a keyboard with a $100 price tag and have quality issues like this. That is the same as it is.

10. Logitech LIGHTSYNC Spill Resistant Customizable Multi Media

Logitech LIGHTSYNC Spill Resistant Customizable Multi Media

All keys and keypress combinations can be remapped to execute complex commands. Based on independent aggregated sales data, the world's NO. 1 best selling gaming gear brand is based on units from the US, CA, JP,KR, TW, and ID. A spectrum of over 16 million colors is illuminated by five individual lighting Zones. Change colors to match your setup or show off your favorite colors. Light up the room with other Logitech G devices. The low light leak around each keycap means less light comes through the lettering. There are less leaks around the keycaps. It's easier to find your keys in the dark if the illumination of each key is more brilliant. The G213 Prodigy is a full-sized keyboard that is comfortable and durable. The slim body is built for all levels of gaming and has a durable construction that repels liquids, crumbs and dirt. It's comfortable to use the keyboard even during the longest gaming sessions with an integrated Palm rest and feet. The best in performance with multi-key input is brought together by the G213. Each key on the G213 is designed to enhance the experience by delivering fast, responsive feedback that is up to 4 times faster than standard keyboards. The anti-ghosting gaming Matrix is designed to keep you in control of your gaming performance. Control your background track with dedicated media controls. G213 has dedicated media controls that can be used to play music and videos. You can adjust the volume or skip to the next song with a button. You can fully personalize your G213 with the help of Logitech gaming software. Set the lighting, save time by assigning functions, and much more.

Brand: Logitech G

👤The keyboard worked for 2 hours before I noticed the spacebar was malfunctioning. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't, and sometimes it didn't work at all. I can't use space to play games. This isn't a gaming keybaord. I searched for a way to fix it and found many others had the same problem. Don't waste your money.

👤The keyboard is great, except for one glaring issue, the spacebar doesn't allow for double pressing, it gets stuck and 888-270-6611 This causes either two or one when you want several. This is annoying because I can't jump sprint at times when I want to and when I am typing it results in double spaces that nobody asked for. I found this issue to be consistent with the keyboard.

👤The title is exactly what it says. There are certain keys that are repeating inputs. Unnaceptable q/c. I have a friend who says his is worse than the space bar. Contacting support for a possible replacement. It's a good keyboard, I was able to use it quickly. It's got a nice color scheme. It has a ramp for your palms. 2 stars. I want a new one.

👤I am a huge fan of Logitech but also have one of their expensive keyboards. They did not hold up to the longer wear and tear. Especially for the money. I had keyboards from the 90's that held up better than the modern ones. I found the K740. I used the K740 for work and play since it works well and holds up to work like 3D Modelling and such. A real work horse is also comfortable. It only had white back lighting and I wanted better light coloring. The G213 keyboard is worth a try because I accidentally found it on Amazon. The keyboard feels similar to the 90's 'clacker' keyboards and is noisy when typing. The K740 has a larger gap between the keys than this keyboard, which has a slightly smaller top. It took 3 weeks of solid use to get used to them. The keyboard in all other aspects is excellent. It looks great. It does not move around on the desk. The build quality is what was expected. If you are looking for a keyboard with a lot of gadgets and a great price, then you are in the right place. This is the one.

👤The mailman left a crater in the box that would rival the South Pole-Aitken. The keyboard was in perfect working order despite this. The keyboard looks solid. The cord is huge. It's the same size as a cable. The keyboard is very strong. It doesn't hold back. If you have big hands, the keys are huge. The keyboard is roomy and nice. It's nice to use. The more I type this review, the more I like this keyboard. It's good. There's nothing else to say. I'm not a professional photographer, but I hope my photograph shows the variety of lights available to you. They are easy to modify using logitech's software. The keyboard is split into 5 different regions and each has its own color picker. You can change it depending on what game you are playing. You can change it instantly. I don't know if you can set it up with other programs. I'm sure you can. I have not had a chance to experiment. The program is easy to use, but it's slow to update. Poor internet connection might be the reason. 10/10 would keyboard again.

11. Logitech Tenkeyless Lightspeed Mechanical LIGHTSYNC

Logitech Tenkeyless Lightspeed Mechanical LIGHTSYNC

All keys and keypress combinations can be remapped to execute complex commands. The Wireless gaming gear brand is based on independent aggregated sales data from the US, CA, CN, JP, KR, TW, ID, DE, FR, RU, UK, and so on. Lightspeed wireless has pro-grade performance with flexibility and freedom from cords. A clean aesthetic is created for battle stations. 40 hours on a single charge. Lightsync technology provides lighting that is synchronized with any content. Personalize each key or create a custom animation with the G HUB software. A mechanical switch with a distinctive sound and feedback is called the GL Clicky switch. There are three options: GL Tactile, GL Linear or GL Clicky. More room for mouse movement is provided by the ten keyless design. The back of the keyboard is where theusb receiver should be kept. The G915 TKL uses aircraft-grade aluminum alloy to create a thin but rigid and durable design. Enjoy 40 hours of game time on a single charge. There are low battery warnings on the keyboard battery and via pop-up notification. Quickly replenishes in 3 hours.

Brand: Logitech G

👤This is a review for something. Premium price, cheap product. You could be deceived. If you are a fan of the company, you should buy this. I can get the same experience in a couple of keyboards for $70. The keyboard should be between $100 and $120. My background is that I've used a lot of keyboards. People praise the switches. This keyboard is not new or unique. I have been using the Same Kailh-based low-profile "choc" switches for a couple of years. I wanted to use wireless. I was sure I would pay for the promised premium product. It was instant regret. I like dual wireless-mode. The mode is wireless and wired. The scroll wheel volume control is on. There are dedicated media keys. You can use any cable on the flush port. The feet are dual-height. I don't like Micro-USB in 2020 because it's cheap. The keycap from the ABS is cheap. A non-illuminated shifted function keycap design is used. There is a sticker on the keycaps. Undiscernible keys when not lit. Brightest is not enough. Plastic parts are very noticeable. $200 is the premium for wireless. The built-in battery will die. Macro is not practical. Made in China. Everything feels cheap in person. The volume wheel has no tactility. The volume wheel cannot be moved. The top layer keys are MUSHY. It feels like a keyboard. Even when disabled, it turns off. G Hub is not easy to understand. There is a keyboard bug that causes random keys to light up differently. Keycaps are too flat and feet aren't high enough for more comfortable angles. A not-so-premium build is what Logitech is demanding. When it comes to premium prices, Apple and Razer have the materials and parts to back it up, but Logitech doesn't. Your money is going to the marketing department. I don't want to pay for their marketing. I want to pay for a keyboard. I use my keyboards for everything. There are lots of coding, gaming, working, and browsing. I use a power source. The price does not factor in the delivery of the keyboard. There are notes (n1). Micro-USB is cheap, stupid, and unacceptable in 2020. It tells a lot about a company when they choose this technology over the modern one. The port can break easily. Your device is called BRICK when it does. I've broken a lot of things this way. I have used magnetic micro-usb cables to avoid this problem.

👤After Logitech fixed their software, it was updated. I went into this with a bit of apprehension because of the low-profile switches. It was nice to type on. I also purchased a Drop CTRL at the same time, and while the feel is completely different, I like the feel of the Logitech key profile and shorter travel. My last mechanical keyboard was a bunch of IBM Model M's that I got rid of almost a decade ago, and most of what I've typed on since has been low-profile. I am more used to that now. The G915 doesn't need a lot of adjustment for people who used to have full size keyboards. The keyboard has some flaws, with the most significant being that the secondary legends are not lit. The keys are printed on them and do not light up. Since the printing is not high contrast, it is difficult to see in the dark. The lack of lighting is annoying, but I have no problem typing with the alpha keys. It's a little confusing when the secondary character is used more than the primary in keys. The lighter of the photos was taken indoors, and while you can see the legends, they don't stand out. They are effectively invisible under dim lighting. This is an especially glaring flaw, given that other keyboard manufacturers have figured out a simple solution to this - print the secondary legend alongside the primary, and let them both light up. This is 2020. Why did the company choose to use micro-USB instead of the standard one? The lack of lit secondary legends was a common complaint on the original G915, and it's clear that Logitech hasn't learned anything from that. The battery life from the lithium battery is great, but I don't want to replace it in a few years if the battery starts losing its capacity. How many of you have had a cell phone or laptop that doesn't hold a charge as long as it used to? It would be better if the battery was replaceable, since you're not constantly discharging the battery fully. There is a I'd rather it use a NiMH AA's battery than a non-replaceable battery, but I'm in the minority. I wish Logitech had gone with higher end keycaps. It's not outrageous to hope for PBT double-shot keycaps on a keyboard. At this price point, a lot of wired keyboards are now including PBT double-shot keycaps, which feel more solid, won't show oil shine, and won't have legends wearing out. It's almost impossible to find third party keycaps in this profile, it's similar to Kailh Choc switches, but I don't have a Kailh Choc board. Most of the mechanical wireless keyboards are still using the same keycaps as before, so you may be stuck with this regardless of when the Keychron K8 comes out. The software was fixed with a software update on release day. The new software will let you change the lighting. You can adjust the time before the lighting goes off. The board won't remember the default lighting mode if you don't have the software to set it. I prefer the color wave, but the board won't remember that if you don't have the software. The pluses... It's quite comfortable to type on. I've come to prefer the light force and short key travel. The Lightspeed wireless is responsive, works simply, and doesn't interfere with my headset, which is a big plus. The primary legends have a pleasant glow if you can get past the unlit secondary legends. The aluminum top panel is attractive and has a decent heft. The bottom of the keyboard is plastic, but it doesn't feel like it has any flex in it. The plastic tip-out feet are cheap, but they still hold the keyboard. wired keyboards are a lot more robust. It's called CTRL. I also purchased an aluminum upper and lower, and the feet are also solid aluminum, but that's not really an apples-to-apples comparison. The clicky and tactile versions of the keyboard felt good to me. The clicky's response is sharper and more noticeable. The low profile version of the tactile switches has less feedback than the full size version. If you're coming from a keyboard with a significant tactile response, the tactile version of this keyboard is definitely going to be more subtle in comparison. The clicky version clicks on both the downstroke and upstroke. This isn't noticeable and isn't off-putting. I had to push the key down as slowly as I could to confirm that the key acteduate before the click, but it is not likely to affect normal typing. The sound is definitely a "click", or "tick", not a "clack". The Kailh click bar based switches are reported to be a bit higher pitched but crisper than the click jacket designs. The last clicky keyboard I owned was an IBM Model M, which isn't really a fair comparison, and this definitely doesn't scratch that itch for me. The click gave a slightly better response than the non-clicky tactile version. The keyboard was still a problem for my wife. The negatives leave me on the fence with this keyboard. The Drop CTRL has better keycaps, swappable switches, and is open source. I'm either going with the G915 because it's the best wireless option with backlit keys, or because I find myself using it. If I had any suggestions for Logitech.


What is the best product for best keyboard for gaming?

Best keyboard for gaming products from Razer. In this article about best keyboard for gaming you can see why people choose the product. Redragon and Hk Gaming are also good brands to look for when you are finding best keyboard for gaming.

What are the best brands for best keyboard for gaming?

Razer, Redragon and Hk Gaming are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best keyboard for gaming. Find the detail in this article.

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