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1. SAN FRANCISCO BAY Compostable 35001

SAN FRANCISCO BAY Compostable 35001

There is a pack of dark roasted vegetables. The SF Bay Coffee OneCup variety pack has four delicious coffee blends. KEURIG COMPATIBLE: It's designed for use with K cup style single serve brewers. SF Bay Coffee is not affiliated with Green Mountain. The OneCup Pods are made from plant-based materials and are certified fully commercially compostable by the BPI. The coffee is of high quality. San Francisco Bay Coffee uses only arabica coffee. Their coffee is ground and packaged fresh. They back it with a satisfaction guarantee because they're so confident you'll love it. SF Bay Coffee is an American made company. If you're not happy with your purchase, please call them at 1(800) 829-1300 and they'll make it right.

Brand: San Francisco Bay

👤I still love my Starbucks coffee, but those Kcups are soo over priced, it's ridiculous. Sometimes you are paying more for something than the store will accept. Starbucks kcups cost 70 cents per kcup, so I wanted a kcup that was similar to Starbucks, but didn't have the same feature. I've bought a few brands on Amazon, some where a hit and others a complete disaster. There was a brand that had a great tasting coffee and was also economically friendly. The closet tasting coffee is San Francisco Bay French Roast Coffee. I did a blind taste test with a fewbucks-loving guest I had at my home. They didn't notice. The cost for this coffee fluctuates daily, which is the only "Con" I can think of. I bought 80 cups for $30, another for $25 and another for $22. If you feel discouraged with the price, wait and it will go down. I rely on Amazon for reviews of almost everything. I like to review items myself. If my review helped you make a decision, please click the "yes" button to let others know and Amazon know that I helped you.

👤I have been drinking San Franciso Bay K-cups for at least 2 years and have been purchasing them on Amazon. When the 80 count packs were still available, I used to buy them, but have since switched to the 36 count or 120 count. I liked the idea of the K-cup being green, and the great taste didn't hurt either. The bottom has changed as of my last two purchases. It used to feel well contained. It feels weak now. I had to clean the K-cups after they fell apart, it was a pain. The packaging is pictured above. The grounds are spread out inside the bags and around the cups so you end up with grinds in your coffee regardless. San Franciso Bay's new K-cups are very poorly made and I hope they return to their previous construction. I have had issues with both fog chaser and rain forest blend.

👤If you have a coffee maker, this is the best. When you buy coffee, they put 5 or 6 of them in a vacuum-sealed package so that they stay fresh until you use them. You are greeted with a wonderful coffee aroma when you open a vacuum sealed package. It's almost like a small coffee farmer is sitting in your kitchen with a fan blowing coffee beans into your nose. Sometimes I will open a package of San Francisco Bay K-Cups vacuum packaged coffee bag and smell it when I am having a bad day at work. I'm telling you that it's very good. San Francisco Bay K-Cups and other brands of coffee are available in my office. The San Francisco Bay is better than the other brands. Don't take my word for it, buy some for yourself. The best coffee that comes out of a machine is this stuff. I drink too much of it. Can you drink too much coffee?

2. Roast Ridge Single Flavored Variety

Roast Ridge Single Flavored Variety

You should be able to survive on theRIDGE! Roast Ridge Coffees were inspired by the quality of coffee beans produced at high altitudes. One of the world's most affordable coffees can be found at coffee farming at high-altitudes. The high lifespan is high. Roast Ridge coffees are grown between 1200 and 1800 meters above sea level. Their coffees come from small family owned farms. They offer a variety of coffees in your flavor profile. There is a single broom. Roast Ridge Coffee Roasts single batches of premium coffee beans for prime flavor. Their variety of origins, blends and roasts bring you the best coffee to brew and serve with a smooth finish. Coffee single serve Pods are available from the Roast Ridge Coffee Company. Roast Ridge Coffee K-Cups are perfect for coffee lovers on the go who need the convenience of single serve brew. It is compatible with the K-Cup brewing systems. The Flavored Variety Pack is perfect for all coffee lovers. Enjoy a sweet experience on any occasion. The variety pack contains some of the most popular coffee flavors. They're sure you'll find a favorite between the French Vanilla, Hazelnut, Salted caramel, Southern Pecan or Chocolate Mocha.

Brand: Roast Ridge

👤Over the last 7 months, I have purchased many brands of coffee from Amazon and have no problems. I thought I would give it a try and buy $30 in coffee. The k-pods have opened on the top while I brew the coffee, creating a liquid mess on my countertop and/or grounds in my cup. Since the product is nonreturnable, I have to watch closely each time I make a cup of coffee, and I am out $30. Definitely not a happy camper.

👤I wanted to try a new coffee and give it a try. It was a big mistake. The cup fills with coffee grounds when the lid blows open. It happened with the first one I put in. I thought my coffee maker was malfunctioning. I cleaned everything up, made sure there was no coffee left in the pin, and gave it another try. I took photos of it a second time. Don't buy. If I could, I would give less.

👤I didn't check the reviews on Amazon before buying this coffee, I bought it because of the high ratings. The 5-star reviews of this coffee were rated an "F" by that site. I now know why. The first time I put in a K-cup, it overflowed and I dumped a stream of grounds into my cup on the floor. When a KCup fails in this way, it jams the grounds into the needle that allows water to flow through. Even with a quality KCup, the Keurig couldn't function. I had to disassemble the cup holder to get the machine to work again. A lot of time was wasted. The coffee tasted ok, even though I tried to avoid the grounds. It's not worth the risk of a big mess and a malfunctioning K-cup. There are other brands of KCups that are the same price as the one that is supposed to work. Look for them.

👤I have a single-serve coffee maker that accepts loose coffee, tea bags, and K-cups. I mostly use the tray for the K-cups, but I've never had a problem with any of the cups I've ordered from different companies. I've tried every cup from the Roast Ridge collection and it's ruined my coffeemaker. Coffee grounds go everywhere once the hot water starts entering the cup, but the cup sits down in the cup-holder just fine with a snap. I've tried peeling the top off the cup and dumping it into the loose coffee tray for my coffee maker, but the grounds still seem to be in the tray, leaving a mess to clean up. The structure of these cups is the same as the other k-cups, but I believe the problem is with the size of the coffee grounds, it's too finely ground, causing the grinds to form a paste that prevents the water from flowing through.

👤My first cup tasted great, but then I started spitting out coffee grinds. I opened the machine and found a mess of grinds. The grinds were leaking out of the top when the seal broke. I cleaned the machine thoroughly until it was clean, then tried another one. Same issue. I bought a keurig cleaner and did research to make sure there was no problem with the needle. I used a different brand and it worked well. After cleaning the keurig, I tried these again. I tested them on another keurig at work and it did the same thing. I spent about a month trying to fix the machines, buying machine cleaning gadgets, and testing multiple keurigs, and I was out $30. If I get to return and replace these flawed ones, I'll consider a better rating.

3. Friendlys Flavored Brewers Variety 40Count

Friendlys Flavored Brewers Variety 40Count

Friendly's Variety Pack is perfect for people who enjoy Flavored Coffee. Extra fresh and filter brew, using the highest quality Arabica coffee beans. The flavors of the coffees include Vienna mocha chunk, chocolate swirl, and mint chocolate chip. The taste of ice cream can be enjoyed in a coffee mug. Buttery butterscotch, creamy chocolate marshmallows, decadent Vienna mocha chunk, cool mint chocolate chip are some of the flavors that will satisfy the biggest ice cream craving without all those calories. Try the friendly's ice cream flavors and have fun with someone special. A small amount of roasted coffee is blended with ice cream flavors. Enjoy ice cream and coffee at the same time. Individual flavors can be different. Friendly's Coffee is not affiliated with Dr Pepper. K-Cup, Green Mountain, and Keurig are trademarks of Dr Pepper, Inc.

Brand: Friendly's

👤It says 100. 40 count was taken. You have the option of 40 or 100 when ordering tab. The main description states 100 count. There is a It says 40 in the title. There is no way to get in touch with anyone to take care of this matter.

👤Stick with me on this. I'm not a fan of coffee. On those occasions when I stop at my local Wawa to get a cup, I usually pour in a generous amount of creamer. It is probably healthy to have more sugar than creamer. Since I'm paying for coffee, I'll leave some room in the cup for a splash or two. Coffee is the catalyst for combining a lot of flavors into one hot brew. I was on board with the unlimited library of exotic and sometimes goofy Pod flavors immediately after they came out. Over the past nine or ten years, I've tried hundreds of flavors from many brands. Home runs are what I consider must-haves. Half are fine, as expected. Some of the ones that are interesting or creative are not ones that I need to experience in the future. It's just a matter of whether you like the featured flavor or not, almost all of them have a decent coffee base. The Friendly's Pods don't do that. There is very little actual coffee flavor, and so what you are drinking seems to be weakly flavoured hot water. The Butterscotch may be the best of the bunch because of its flavor. The most interesting is the Cherry Chocolate Chip, which is a far cry from the traditional ice cream treat, but is still interesting because it reminds me of my father's tobacco pipe. I don't want you to know.

👤I used to be a Soda Jerk for Baskin Robbins in the 80's when they used ice cream as a substitute for creamers and sweeteners. The flavor is an attempt to duplicate it. The mint flavor is more noticeable in a regular setting than it is in a bold brew. The taste of chocolate in either brew setting is almost completely absent. To get the flavor I was expecting, I needed to add 1-2 teaspoons of actual mint chocolate chip ice cream for every 12 ounces of coffee. It is time to check other manufacturers and/or alternative flavor enhancers to get the taste I had hoped this product was going to provide.

👤The flavors and packaging were better than I expected. I would say that the negative reviews are pickiness in terms of taste and improper usage of the cups. I followed the advice of a reviewer who said that the cups should be pushed down on the needle before closing the machine. The relief of pressure allows for the prevention of overflow. I didn't receive a cup of grounds after my coffee was made, but I did receive a cup of packaging. Every one was on point. I was surprised at how accurate they were. The mint chocolate chip is special. One should always be aware that there can be errors in manufacturing, but one bad experience shouldn't stop someone from trying again. If I had listened to the negative reviews, I would have missed out on some great coffee.

4. Crazy Cups Flavored Variety Sampler

Crazy Cups Flavored Variety Sampler

The Flavored Coffee Pods Variety Pack from Crazy Cups is a must have. Enjoy drinking these GUILT FREE (0 calories). Death By Chocolate, French Vanilla, Hazelnut, Caramel Flavor, Cinnamon coffee, Maple, Southern Pecan, and many others are included in the flavor assortment. The Crazy Cups Single serve cups contain an average of 35 percent more coffee in each cup and are compatible with both the 1.0 and 2.0 K Cup Brewers. It's also great for enjoying a cold brew. All Crazy Cups are vegan, Kosher and Pareve. Crazy Cups use natural and artificial flavors in their coffee. The K cups are used with the brewers. Green Mountain coffee and K cups are registered trademarks of Green Mountain.

Brand: Crazy Cups

👤I like to try new flavors of coffees. You will find at least one flavor that you will love in this pack. I have seen some reviews that say that their coffee grounds were left everywhere, or that their Pods sometimes did not work. I did not have a problem with any of thepods in my pack. There were a few that seemed to have bubbled. The sides and top of the Pod were bubbled. The coffee in them tasted good. I have no problems with my K-cups working with the Mini Plus. I received a pack of flavors, and here is a breakdown of what I thought of them. The smell is similar to Captain Crunch and Strawberry Quick. The strawberry has a bitter taste. This one is pretty good. It tastes like a chocolate donut, but it doesn't have a bitter aftertaste, so I'm happy with it. Double Donut Coffee has a Cinnamon French Toast flavor in their k-cups. I thought that it tasted like burnt coffee with cinnamon. I guess that makes sense. I was not a fan. The Crazy Cups version of French toast? A completely different experience. The cinnamon/maple smell was very similar to french toast. The same flavor was present: cinnamon with a hint of maple. The Double Donut Coffee version of toast had some sort of toasty flavor, but not the one I got. There was no bitter aftertaste. This one was lovely. The cookie is toasted. My thought was that this would be similar to the French toast flavor. It smelled like Oatmeal Cookies baking, which is weird but good. I was thinking about what an oatmeal cookie could have looked like here...butter and brown sugar? The taste was not exactly carmel. Again, a lovely flavor. The butter pecan swirl has a nutty aroma. The flavor is nutty. I don't know if I like this one. It tasted like a peanut butter cup, but had a vaguely peanut butter smell. It had a weird flavor to it. Some people would argue that peanuts have a weird dirty flavor, and they wouldn't be wrong, so maybe this is spot on in terms of flavor. I don't know if I would drink it all the time. There is chocolate and a fruit. When this is being made, I smell the raspberries. A hint of chocolate is present in the flavor. The White Chocolate Strawberry was bitter at the finish. Maybe it's due to the berry flavor? Death by chocolate. This has a more chocolatey flavor than the others. You can get dark chocolate suckers from Sees Candy. I love salted caramel, and this smells amazing when I brew it, so it's one of my favorites. It is also good. The finish is very caramel. This smells and tastes like bananas and caramel. I have tried other banana flavoured things that taste a little fake, but this coffee did not make me want to eat a banana. It has a nice pumpkin Spice aroma, but not too strong. Not a fan of this one in general. The finish is nice, but not a lot of pumpkin spice flavor. There is a chocolate beverage called chocolate mocha. This one was okay, but could have used a bit more of the candy. It is easy to go too far with the peppermint, but a little more would have helped here. This one was better than Hazelnut. If that is a word, I love hazel-nutty. I have had some coffees that are more chocolate or taste more like Nutella, but I am fine with that, this one is more hazelnuts than anything else. The cinnamon Churro was a bit disappointing. It could have used more cinnamon. I have tried this twice and both times I was disappointed. There is a definite smell of a chocolate coconut candy when this is being made. This one has a nice chocolate/coconut taste and is very similar to an Almond Joy or Mounds. The same as the Pumpkin Spice above. A nice aroma of Pumpkin Spice while the beer is being made, but it had a layer of caramel that was really delicious. It's amazing as well. This is one of my favorites so far. It was a good one for the fall. This smelled like a glazed donut while it was being made. The taste has a pleasant but mild flavor. This one didn't know what it wanted to be, caramel or vanilla. There was not enough of either flavor to distinguish it. I prefer the caramel flavor and the vanilla flavor. A good strong chocolate flavor can be found in Chocolate Meltaway. This may be one of my favorites.

5. Variety Assorted Sampler Bradford Coffee

Variety Assorted Sampler Bradford Coffee

There are 8 different varieties of coffee. 20% more coffee per cup. Small batches of roasted and blended after roasting. There are 14 of each: Donut Shop Blend, Breakfast Blend, Dark Roast, French Roast, and 10 of each: French Hazelnut, Cream, and Caramel Cream. For use with all K-Cup compatible brewers. If you have a question or concern, contact them directly.

Brand: Bradford Coffee Roasters

👤I tried these cups for the same reasons as everyone else. The cost. I'm buying k-cups in the store, but I want a more cost-effective alternative. I've purchased k-cups from a variety of places to try to reduce my cost per cup. If you want to buy Green Mountain coffee in bulk, you can get it for less than 50 cents per cup. I enjoy different flavors of coffee and don't want to pay more than I need to for a cup. Find a place to store them. Here is my review so far. Coffee was shipped in a box. Not a big deal for me. I didn't get many flavors in my variety pack. It wasn't a one-sided distribution for me. The packaging of the k-cup is very good. If you've tried to take the filters apart for projects or to recycle them, you know that they are glue-laden. The k-cups are not glue and can easily pop out. I like to use the old cups for seed starting, and I'm always looking to recycle my k-cups. Coffee is good. If your coffee is branded "Colombian", I would recommend trying it first because it should be similar to the one I tried. I set my K200 for 8oz, and was not disappointed. It tasted like coffee from South America, and wasn't watered down. I have many more flavors to try, so take this review with a grain of salt. I wanted to see what was inside the k-cup anyways so I decided to see if the claim of 20% more coffee could be tested. See the pictures I took. I tried to make the grounds the same height as the grounds mound to make it more accurate. There were more grounds in the k-cups than in the Nantucket. Beer is my favorite beverage, but a stronger cup per brew should come from more grounds. The best price I could find was $0.38 per k-cup. I tried a brand I've never tried before and it was good. The bonus for me is the reuse factor. I didn't get many cups.

👤There was nothing to dislike. I was a little hesitant at first but I decided to go after the positive feedback. I need to order for my office. It was getting more expensive at the store. It's time to make a change. We wanted to try something new. We are very happy with our choice. I don't care if there wasn't the same amount of choices per flavor, since there was never a claim that there would be the same amount of all flavors. All of the selections are very good and we will be ordering them again. Again, great coffee. There were no complaints. This is the second review I have done. Everyone loves it in my office. The price is right and we are very happy with our purchase.

👤Wow! This is a real review. I prefer dark coffees, but I don't like Starbucks, and it's common that the roast coffees are too weak for me. This brand is better than the others. The French Roast is full of flavor and darker than the columbian. I would say the coffees are medium roast. I will most definitely be purchasing again, I am enjoying all of the flavors. Highly recommended! I don't have to use the 6oz button on my coffee machine. I use the largest button.

6. Crave Coffee Flavored Variety Compatible

Crave Coffee Flavored Variety Compatible

What do you want? Is it Butter Toffee? Vermont Maple? Is it a berry? You can have all of the coffee in the variety pack. The flavors and distribution of the pack may be different from what is pictured. It's what they do that's flavor. They are passionate about creating coffee that will make you happy. Their flavors will add some fun to your brew. They have it! Enjoy guilt free coffee. No calories or sweeteners. You can get a fresh roasted Arabica coffee with your favorite flavors. The coffee is compatible with the K-Cup Brewers. It is important to note that this is not a new thing. Coffee Pods should be opened and closed early to avoid a brewing error. The coffee is not related to the company.

Brand: Crave Beverages

👤It tastes good, but I don't know what fake chemicals are in it.

👤Real talk. The babies here are called D. I am addicted to the Green Mountain Southern Pecan, and these taste like it. I decided to roll the dice on them. I wanted to see what other brands version of Southern Pecan tasted like. 2. I could get a box of 40 count for the same price as a box of 24 count of Green Mountains. If you're a fan of GM, you'd be foolish to keep buying from them, because I'm telling you right now that it's the X Act Same Taste. Like 98%. I'm happy I found this deal. When I find something I like, they usually raise the price or stop selling it, so I'm going to stock up, because I know how my luck usually goes. I can't say anything more, but I will save some for you.

👤We love coffee. The coffee tastes great. There is a lot of variety in one pack, and the coffee smells great when it's Brewing. The problem is with making coffee. The packaging is incompatible even though it fits. It keeps jamming in the machine and will only brew half of a cup, spilling grounds and coffee all over the machine. Otherwise it's good coffee, the product packaging needs to be changed. I wouldn't buy again until the packaging is changed.

👤I am sorry for the flavor chemist who came up with this. They have never tasted caramel before. It tastes like burnt sugar, gasoline, and sadness. I suppose you get what you pay for, and in this case, I got something that tastes like corporate ennui, like someone distilled a training video into a k-cup. Do not recommend. The poor soul at my work was enamored by the cheap price and bought a big sampler pack for the office. I've been going through the flavors slowly out of either optimism or masochism. I tried the drink. The plastic-y listerine strips were in packs and dissolved on your tongue. Imagine if someone stuck one of those in a cup of something vaguely, perhaps, at one point, coffee, and you could get "mocha" from them. I plan to try it next. Please pray for me. It's not terrible, the blueberry vanilla is. The taste of the berry is similar to a muffin, but it doesn't mesh well with the coffee flavor, and it kind of pulls my taste buds in two different directions. I would drink this one if I had to. Did you know that the flavor of raspberries used to come from the anal glands of the beavers? The flavor seems to have gone retro, but they left out the fruit. It's mostly made of beaver butt, with a faint memory of coffee. I forgot my lunch while trapped late at work. I ate a nut that had been trapped at the bottom of my bag for half a year. It tasted better than this coffee. Surprisingly, chocolate cherry is not as objectionable. I think the flavor chemists at Crave are good at mimicking fruit flavors. It tasted a bit like coffee mixed with milk. Imagine you took the cheapest syrup on the shelf, watered it down, ferment it, and then mixed it with something that was once, coffee, and you'd get something approaching this flavor. My tongue recoiled from buttered toffee. It's like licking the interior of an old popcorn machine, and it coats my entire mouth unpleasantly. Does it smell like motor oil?

7. Brooklyn Beans Assorted Variety Compatible

Brooklyn Beans Assorted Variety Compatible

The application of professional skill and precise precision to produce specific flavor profiles for a truly exceptional cup of coffee is what gourmet craft coffee is all about. You know your coffee is made with love and care when it comes from Brooklyn Bean. Brooklyn style Are you in the mood for some fun this morning? Do you like a mild taste or a bold one? Brooklyn Bean Roastery says who cares about them all? Brooklyn Bean gourmet coffees are small batches roasted. Small batches of roasting give them more control over the roasting process to make sure that the bean is roasted to its fullest potential. When done right, they end up with a coffee that is rich and full of flavor. Quality assessment How do they know when a coffee is perfect? Their master roaster inspects every one of them. It is every coffee lover's dream job. All Brooklyn coffees are made with 100% Arabica beans. Brooklyn Bean coffee is compatible with K Cup Brewers. Brooklyn Bean Roastery is not affiliated with Dr Pepper. Dr Pepper is a trademark of Keurig Dr Pepper Inc.

Brand: Brooklyn Beans

👤The manufacturer has sent me a box free of charge, that no longer explodes, so far...5 cups in out of the 40 pack. Customer service and coffee are excellent. Thanks. There are images of 2 different flavors of coffee exploding, one after the other. I was almost late to work this morning. Coffee grounds are all over my counter and cup after cup after cup after cup after cup after cup after cup after cup after cup after cup after cup after cup after cup after cup after cup after cup after cup after cup after cup after cup after cup after cup after cup after cup after cup after The grounds were splattered in all the nooks and crannies of the coffee maker and it was quite a chore to clean it. I have attached a picture that shows the culprits are the specific K-cups. I made a Kuerig Dark Magic k-cup. Don't drink this coffee! I had a few cups and they were very good.

👤We tried this as a replacement for Tully's French Roast because my wife drinks decaf and the news that they've dropped it from the subscription service was disappointing. We don't have an objective review of this product, but we think it's not for us. It lacks the full body and depth of the Tully's. My wife said the flavor was like medicine. We tried to return it after three days without a tolerance. Amazon does not accept returns on this type of product, but they found a very fair solution. What were the thoughts of two Pacific Northwesters when they ordered coffee from Brooklyn? Doh.

👤I found this variety pack after trying the Maple Sleigh. I wanted to post that this is a great variety of coffee, and we're looking forward to trying them. The price for K-cups is reasonable. I received 40 k-cups in 15 different blends andflavors, none of them were decaffeinated. Corner Donut Shop has Breakfast Blend, Maple Sleigh, Brooklyn Bridge Blend, and Boardwalk Blend. x2 French Roast x2 Express-O

👤I saw a bunch of reviews mentioning issues with thepods from last year and assumed it was the past. This assumption was a poor one, as thepods are very hit or miss, and when they miss it is a rather large mess. The coffee was very good when thepods would comply. I don't want to clean up a mess when I'm not having coffee because I rely on liquid gold to keep me going. Disappointed. I'm still looking for a good amount of coffee.

👤I was not happy with the coffee. It is advertised as a dark roast coffee, but I have had bolder medium roast coffee. I like my coffee bolder so that it has a bit of a bitter bite and a smooth finish. I had to use two Pods to brew it in the same mug so that it was the same strength as any other dark roast I've ever bought. The coffee is good, fresh, and has a smooth finish, but it's missing the "bite" of boldness that dark roast drinkers enjoy. I swirled the coffee around on my tongue trying to find the "bold, smokey flavor with a smooth finish" but I could mostly just get a hint of coffee flavor like I get when someone gives me a light or medium roast. I feel bad leaving this review. Please remember that taste is a subjective thing and varies from person to person. I'm sure the beans are of good quality. They needed to be roasted a bit longer to release the essential oils that go into making a dark roast.

8. Keurig Caribou Favorites Variety Single Serve

Keurig Caribou Favorites Variety Single Serve

There is a 1 K Cup Pod from 4 popular Caribou varieties. It's a shame: VARIETY: You can sample different coffees from a wide variety of brands. It is possible to have authentic K Cup Pods that are compatible with all Keurig K Cup coffee makers. Orthodox Union Kosher and Rain Forest Alliance are certified. K Cup Pods are not in the original packaging and may look different.

Brand: Caribou Coffee

👤This coffee is usually what I love. I have been drinking it for a long time. The last batches tasted muddy. It almost tastes like it wasn't roasted all the way. It has a bad taste in my mouth. All boxes taste the same. The return window was closed on 31st. I don't know what to do next. Maybe this was a bad batches that got through Quality Control?

👤My friends and I had a coffee tasting morning after Pods came out. We made a lot of coffee. We decided on two and one, and the other one was called the Caribou "Blend", not the other one that has stayed my coffee. It's a soft blend. Sometimes it can be found in food stores but I have to order it. I do a search to find the best price. I drink my coffee with both powdered coffee creamer and heavy cream. We all know to keep spoons of sugar away from us when I do it this way. I can drink the coffee that way with this blend. It tastes like coffee.

👤I have been ordering these k cups for a couple years and I don't know what happened to them. They were always right on the money but my last two shipments were so bitter and burnt tasting that I had to add mounds of sugar and liters of cream to make it drinkable. I add water to it after I add sugar and cream but it still has that bitter taste. I like my coffee strong and not bitter. There is a difference. They equate strong with bitter but real coffee should not have that burnt taste. I have gained a lot of weight because of the added sugar and cream. I lost a little bit of my gain when I switched coffees. I lost 3 lbs using less sugar and cream. It is on my small frame. I promise you I am not crazy. I really wanted to love this coffee as I had for the last two years, but at this point I can't afford to keep spending money on large orders if I'm not going to drink it. I have to mix it for 10 minutes before I can drink it because it is so burnt and bitter that I have to force it down. I want to enjoy my coffee again, so I am done with this flavor. It hurts me to say it but it is time.

👤These kcups were very weak. I've been drinking kcups from the caribou brand for 9 years. I'm used to it. The kcups tasted different than that. The kcups were not expired. What was so good should be changed. I will be changing to something else. Very disappointed!

👤I bought two other places before this purchase. I fell in love with the rich taste. The coffee from this purchase was unremarkable and bland. My other beers taste good, but I would attribute it to my brew. I have never heard of Caribou. I had a low expectation for the Carabou Kcup since I usually prefer a dark roast brew. Who knew I would fall in love with this coffee? I like the taste of the "Donut Shop" kcups, which are similar to a cup of coffee from a can. I assumed it would be the same. This blend is bold yet smooth and has no bitterness. I am confident that anyone would enjoy this cup of coffee.

9. Victor Allen Variety Compatible Brewers

Victor Allen Variety Compatible Brewers

Count: There are 54 single serve coffee Pods. It's a shame. A variety of decaf options are perfect for any time of day. There is a variety of decaf coffee, including 27 Decaf Donut Shop, 9 Decaf Morning Blend, and 9 Decaf French Roast coffee. Coffee products do not contain any genetically modified ingredients. The decision is SELECTION. Victor Allen offers a wide range of coffee choices from light, medium and dark to everyday and seasonal flavors in a variety of formats. COMPATIBILITY: For use in all single serve systems. Coffee Pods for K-Cup Brewers. Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. is a trademark owner. K-Cups is a trademark of Knugge Green Mountain, Inc.

Brand: Keurig

👤This coffee is frightening. Decaffeinated coffee is a necessity for me because I love coffee and drink 3-4 cups daily. I like to drink all kinds of coffee. This brand is the worst I have ever had. The first few K cups were okay. They were weak and tasted watered down even on 8oz brew. I drank a cup with a mild chemical taste. I brew another because I thought I did something to my cup. The coffee had a chemical flavor. I was using a Starbucks cup and thought the green cup might be leaking. I made a different brand of coffee in a mug and went about my day. The next day I tried to brew it and it tasted like a chemical smell and taste. The entire box was thrown in the trash. It's not worse if you worry about chemical carcinogens being eaten. It was worse if I had it in a K cup. I'll never buy this stuff again and I'm considering using a K cup instead of a main brand coffee. I don't know if the taste was due to the coffee or the poor quality of the K Cup, or if it was due to the chemicals released when the water was hot. Coffee or K Cup? Who knows? So beware, but scary.

👤I'm new to coffee and K-Cups. I wasn't sure which option to get when I was looking for decaf options. I bought this variety pack to try different flavors and I'm happy I did. The donut shop blend was three times as many as the others, but that was disappointing. I had expected there to be similar amounts of each kind, because I hadn't read the description carefully. The donut shop blend isn't bad, but I don't like it as much as the others. I drink them black when I make 8 ounces of coffee at a time. The French roast is my favorite of the four flavors. It's not bitter. I wish I could buy the French decaf roast alone. The donut shop blend is coffee. It's good to drink daily. The morning blend was bland and weak for my taste, and I wouldn't drink it unless it was part of a variety pack. The Colombian was bitter and needed something added to make him like it. I wasn't disappointed with this purchase, but I can't say I won't look for other alternatives.

👤I wanted to stop drinking coffee, but I found a cup of joe comforting. I snatched this product in the hopes of doing that. In the early hours of the morning, I start with a decaf K-cup. The flavors work well with my syrup. I don't need a cup of coffee until 10am. That's progress for me. If I need something warm and comforting in the evening, I'll get another cup of decaf. The variety pack has a lot of flavors.

👤I liked all of the flavors. None of them have an off taste. I wouldn't have identified them as decaf in a blind test. The morning flavor is not strong enough for me. I drink a medium amount of coffee. The flavor is close to a medium coffee. It's not bad, but it's the plain white bread version of coffee. I like the coffee at the Columbian. It's a deeper coffee than the morning flavors. The French roast is my favorite. It tastes like coffee. It doesn't seem to be available on its own. It seems to be in the variety pack. The brand of coffee I've been drinking is delicious but expensive. I think the Victor Allen decaf coffees are a good value and rank well among those I've tried. I've tried a lot of brands in my quest to find a good decaf that is good but not over 50 cents a cup that I can substitute for a cup of coffee later in the day. The morning and doughnut flavors are available in single flavor packages. The French roast is something I would like to see as well.

10. Victor Allen Variety Compatible Brewers

Victor Allen Variety Compatible Brewers

Count: There are 42 single serve coffee Pods. It's a shame. A mix of roasts from light to dark. The Victor Allen 42 count Variety pack of K cups has a dozen Donut Shop Blends, 10 Morning Blends, and 10 French Roasts. Coffee products do not contain any genetically modified ingredients. The decision is SELECTION. Victor Allen offers a wide range of coffee choices from light, medium and dark to everyday and seasonal flavors in a variety of formats. Compatability: For use in all single serve systems. Coffee Pods for K-Cup Brewers. Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. is a trademark owner. K-Cups is a trademark of Knugge Green Mountain, Inc.

Brand: Victor Allen

👤I ordered the Morning Blend. 100% Colombian 10 French Roast I received a donut shop blend. The 7-morning blend is here. 100% of the country ofColombia 7- French Roast and 21- Donut Shop Blend.

👤The cost of K-Cups is getting too much. I thought this was a good way to get a cup of coffee at home. The coffee has a decent flavor and I can live with that. When I put the k-cups away, I was concerned that the quantity per flavor listed on the box was not what was in the box. If you're looking for a specific flavor, make sure you compare it to the packaging, because if you don't, you'll end up with a bad flavor.

👤Most of the individual K cups have an expiration date in less than a week. You are selling a distressed product. I can't believe you did that.

👤People are upset about the strength of the coffee and take it personally. It's called "weak tea" and the like. I use a variety of coffee makers at home, use the golden cup ratio, and grind my own beans, because I'm an engineer. I love coffee. Here's the thing. These people are from K-Cups. All expectations should be kept in mind. Coffee cups are weak compared to other methods. If you like strong coffee, you shouldn't drink K-cups. The K-cup machines don't have perfect temperature control. You probably don't want jet fuel, you're drinking coffee. If you're drinking coffee that's flavoured, you don't need to use the best beans in the world as the flavors would overpower great beans anyway. If you are looking for a coffee drink that will make you feel good without the shakes and jitters, these are the ones for you. The price per K-cup is top notch. My wife and I have tried all of the variety packs Victor Allen makes on Amazon and have yet to find a single one that we don't like. The variety packs that these are in offer a great value per cup with some really good flavors. Are they the strongest? No. They're not that expensive compared to other options. Your review is yours. These are my go-to for the cost per cup. They aren't great coffee and that's okay because we're all busy and sometimes K-cups are convenient.

👤If you drink coffee black, you may like all of the flavors. I love fall flavors. The cinnamon roll is delicious. Truly. Cream and sugar are a good match. There is an Apple crumb. Cream does not go with this flavor in any way. The apple is what I was most excited for, and that was a mistake. It's like drinking hot apple juice. Nothing good. Pumpkin Spice is very spicy. Sugar makes it a bit better, but you have to load it to lose the flavor. Pumpkin spice is supposed to have a hint of spices, not a strong taste. It was gross. It's too bitter to be called a pie. If you don't want a quarter cup of sugar in eight ounces of coffee, it's gross. The cinnamon roll flavor is the only one that gets three stars. If you want it to burn, you can either like the pumpkin spice or the BITTER. I don't know if anyone would like the apple, but to their own.

11. Keurig Coffee Lovers Collection Variety

Keurig Coffee Lovers Collection Variety

The Original Donut Shop Regular, Green Mountain Coffee Breakfast Blend, Newman's Own Organic Special Blend, and many more are included. It's a shame: VARIETY: You can sample different coffees from a wide variety of brands. The authentic K-Cup coffee makers are compatible with the authentic K-Cup coffee makers. K-Cup Pods are not in original packaging and may look different than in the image. Coffee varieties include light, medium, and dark roast coffee.

Brand: Keurig

👤I rated each and every capsule on a scale of 1 to 10. It's important to note that different people enjoy different flavors of coffee. This is what I like. If you mix coffee with other things it will taste different, so I like to drink coffee black to get the full flavor. Now... My ratings are listed from best to worst. The best medium roast coffee I have ever had was from Dukale's Blend. 2. Another really good medium roast is here. 3. The blend of Caribou is delicious. These guys make good coffee. The daybreak was delicious. 5. Rev - No Surrender: Very Good! The Italian Roast was pretty good. 7. Gloria Jeans Hazlenut is a good coffee, but don't normally like flavors in coffees. I got a little bit of indigestion from drinking this one. There are 8. The Special Blend Medium Roast is not as good as the above medium roasts. There are 9. Newman had a French Roast. It was pretty good. 10. This one is better than I expected. It's not bad at all. 11. Donut shop is dark Way to go to the donut shop. There are 12. This one was decent, but don't normally do a lot of flavors in coffees. 13 The Green Mountain Medium Blend is ok. Tully's. The blend is Hawaiian. 15 is enough. Gloria Jean's Butter Toffee is not my kind of coffee. 16. Green Mountain Coffee, Dark Magic, getting into the just ok but not great ones. 17 The man is laughing. Didn't care for this one. There is a new item on the market. Laughing Man Roast. Not the greatest. 19 Getting into the bad ones is now Krispy Kreme Smooth. I used to think the coffee in the store was just old, but it's actually pre-olded. 20. I think this one is gross. It might be the worst coffee I've ever had. I drank a couple of sips before throwing the rest out. It tastes like maple syrup. If you love pancake syrup, you might be able to stomach this one. Otherwise... avoid. I know which ones I'm ordering thanks to this Variety pack. I'm ordering the top 5 so that I can have a variety from day to day. The adventure of this variety pack was very enjoyable. It's well worth the money, and it will give you a lot of variety from day to day. I was only trying K-cups 1-by-1 before this. If I didn't like one, it was taking forever. I was stuck with it until I ran out. This variety back was amazing. It's worth noting that mine came with 2 of each. Some of the reviews here say that some were missing or mixed up. Maybe they have gotten better at quality control. I was just lucky. Hope this is helpful to someone else.

👤If you like surprises, you can try a new flavor each time you dive in, because the Pods are tossed together in the shipping box, which is expected, and it has the added benefit of being a "mystery bag" so you can try a new flavor each time. The flavors are great, but some will be more your style than others. If you enjoy k-cups or are looking for a new flavor, then this is a good way to try a bunch of new Pods without committing to a full box. Revv and Newman gave me two new favorites. The only reason I can't give this a full 5 stars is that my shipment wasn't complete. If someone said they were taking away nearly a full business week's worth of coffee from you, you would be let down too. It adds up to four days of missing coffee, which isn't much, but it does make it so that each Pod is worth $0.70 instead of the advertised amount.


What is the best product for best k cups variety?

Best k cups variety products from San Francisco Bay. In this article about best k cups variety you can see why people choose the product. Roast Ridge and Friendly's are also good brands to look for when you are finding best k cups variety.

What are the best brands for best k cups variety?

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