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1. Luzianne Sweet Single Serve K Cup

Luzianne Sweet Single Serve K Cup

Iced tea single serve Pods are made with real tea leaves for a refreshing taste and are easy to make with no boiling necessary. There's nothing like a glass of iced tea at home to make you feel refreshed, and these K cups are easy to use, just stir to chill for a refreshing cup. 30 percent of their tea supply comes from Rainforest Alliance certified farms, and their tea leaves deliver perfect flavor every time. Their iced tea and coffee blends have been a fan favorite since 1901, and they have an array of products like single-serve K cup Pods, iced tea bags, concentrates and bottled drinks. The founder of Luzianne helped spread the popularity of tea and coffee across America.

Brand: Luzianne

👤The Luzianne name is tainted by this product. I was excited to find a sweet tea k-cup by a brand known for their taste and flavor, and I grew up on Luzianne tea. I didn't know that the tea was sweetened. I was excited to brew a cup and taste it, but it tasted horrible and I spit it out. I read the box too late and that's my fault. I wouldn't recommend this product unless you're used to it. This is not close to the Luzianne Sweet Tea that I brew from the bag and drink. They didn't get this right.

👤The Luzianne kcup iced tea was reviewed. I've had iced tea and Luzianne. The Luzianne tasted better to me. If you buy any kcup hot tea blend, you can run it over ice. I still prefer the Luzianne. You have the option of choosing the size of the cup of ice. If the kcup is strong enough for you, run it through.

👤The discontinued Celestial Seasonings K Cup Southern Sweet Tea is always ordered. Then, onto the tea from the K cups. Beating the 2B diabetic heart will keep you alive. It was over the top. Everything has to be so sweet in America. I tried cutting it with water but it wasn't very good. The next KCup Sweet Iced Tea will be on the way! LUZIANNE is a woman. This is perfect. People who think that tiny K cups are not going to contain enough sugar to make iced tea are going to have to rethink that. Think about how much sugar you have to put on your spoon to make it taste good. A lot? There is going to be a sugar substitute. Don't drink five gallons of it a day or use regular sugar. Cheers.

👤I was excited to find this. To be prepared to read the ingredients list. I was going to make a glass of tea, but I thought the cups were too light. I read the ingredients. They have artificial sweeteners. I don't like artificial sweeteners and they make me sick. They were left in the break room after being taken to work. Good old natural sugar is what I wish companies used.

👤I can only find this brand of tea in stores, but I can not find fresh iced tea in any stores. I bought several of them because I was happy to find these. I like my iced tea freshly made and a pitcher at a time just didn't make sense for me. These are very easy. Throw them in your coffee maker and brew. Very happy.

👤I was worried that the coffee would not be good. I use the empty cycle to clean the coffee and then use the tea in the empty cycle. The taste is great. Very happy!

👤If you think this is authentic Southern Iced Tea, you will never have sweet tea in the South. This tea leaves a bad taste in your mouth. This disgusting product cost $8.69 and was wasted. It gave me an instant headche, but that could just be my experience. Unless you want that fake sweetner sweet tea taste, don't try it.

2. Twinings London English Breakfast K Cups

Twinings London English Breakfast K Cups

A new flavor: FRESH FLAVOR. There is one box of English Breakfast Tea K-Cups. Black tea is selected from a number of countries. Press the 6-oz. container with a Keurig Brewer. The button is for optimal flavor. Only the finest quality is required. Their expert blenders source the finest leaves from trusted growers around the world. They hand-select the leaves from the tea gardens. English Breakfast is their most popular tea. They carefully selected the finest teas from five different regions to create this well-balanced blend. The history of Richard. Thomas Twining opened a tea store in London in 1706. Twinings still sells teas from the original store in more than 100 countries. Twinings natural teas are hand selected for your home. Twinings of London Tea is a tea that you can enjoy if you like Bigelow Tea, Lipton Tea, Harney and Sons Tea, Davidsons Tea, or Prince of Peace Tea.

Brand: Twinings

👤I was looking forward to a good tea. After trying this, my only conclusion is that all the good reviews are fake. I tried a large cup and it tasted bad. I want to try a normal size tomorrow. I try the 8oz size the next day. The water still tastes dirty. I immediately try the smallest 6oz option because I am getting worried. It tastes like dirty water. There was no flavor. It was like dirt mixed with hot water.

👤This was a poor excuse for French Chai Lattr. The armona was not very good when it was being made and when I finished it it looked like a mudpuddle. The taste was terrible. I was stuck with 11 of these little ghosts. This is what I did. Add 1 cup of Bolthouse Vanilla Chi Tea to my water in my Keurig. Drink and stir. I don't want to use my Bolthouse that way, but it works and makes the tea drink.

👤The'subscribe and save' feature on Amazon can save 15%. I like the Green Tea K-cups. I've been drinking green tea for almost two years now and it has helped me stop drinking soda. Since I'm able to drink green tea, my soda intake has gone down a lot, which also means my calories have gone down as well. Long story short... Green tea's health benefits make it a plus, as well as the possibility of removing something else from your daily regimen that isn't good for you. The'subscribe and save' option on Amazon saves us 15% on this purchase. You can choose between a delivery once a month or once every six months. One less thing that we have to worry about is thanks to the 'order and forget' approach. We are pleased with the green tea and the subscribe and save feature on Amazon. Please let me know if you found my review helpful.

👤Twinings Chai Latte is French Vanilla. I have both tea bags and k-pods. I thought there was something wrong with the tea after making my first cup. The tea was pale in color. It had no smell or taste. I should have read reviews before buying it. Everyone felt the same way as I did. Twinings is a well known and trusted brand. I thought I use 2 tea bags. It didn't help. I used a tea bag and a Pod. It didn't help. It is not a show. I'm very disappointed. It cost over 11 dollars for something I can't use. Always read reviews of brands.

👤I drink coffee but sometimes tea sounds good. When those times come, I reach for this tea. It's comforting to drink, like being wrapped in a blanket. It's smooth and you can taste all the spices, but they are not over powered. I add some cream with a little stevia. A coffee drinker would recommend this tea for a warm hug on a cold day.

👤My wife and I drink only decaf coffee and tea, and the downside to that is the lack of choice in coffees and other products, particularly choices that have a good taste. We've only recently begun using a Keurig machine, and I decided to try this Twinings Earl Grey Breakfast decaf tea - we've used Twinings products for many years and it felt like the logical choice, at least to give it a try. I like the taste of this tea. It has a good tea taste, and I don't detect any of the aftertaste that is present in many decaf products. I think that it is a good alternative to regular tea, since it is not that difficult to brew a cup of tea, so using the K-cup as a more convenient alternative is not as significant of a factor as it would be for coffee. I've had a lot of cups of tea made with these decaf Pods and I'm very satisfied with them. The price is good, less than many brands, and this will be our go-to when we want to brew decaf tea with our machine.

3. Amazon Brand Compatible Brewers Previously

Amazon Brand Compatible Brewers Previously

This product was previously a Solimo product. The product is the same size and quality as it was when it was part of Happy Belly. 24 Chai Latte cups. Shake the cup to get the best results. It's compatible with 1.0 and 2.0 k-cup brewers. They're proud of their products. If you don't like it, they'll give you a full refund within a year of purchase. 1-877-485-0385

Brand: Happy Belly

👤I bought these to make quick Chai in the morning. The k-cups of the latte taste bad. There is too much artificial flavor. There are 15 ingredients that I looked up. Chai should have 4-5 ingredients tops, Milk, Black tea, Chai spices, sugar and that's about it. This one has 15. The taste of fake sugar and terrible artificial flavor left my mouth for a while after I had one sip. I had to brush it off. I called the customer service number that was posted on the product detail page and they gave me a full refund. Please read the reviews and save yourself some time. I wouldn't recommend this drink to anyone.

👤The flavor of the chi tea mix is so bad that I will be returning to grove square.

👤It was horrible, it did not taste like Chai Tea.

👤This is terrible. I don't know what they thought they were doing. Chai doesn't include pepper as one of the spices. You shouldn't have a sweet taste in your mouth after drinking. I have never wanted to return a food item that was so bad. Chai is my happy place and this is a nightmare. This is offensive. I'm not sure if this is the first time someone has had Chai. So gross.

👤I have been looking for a Chai tea Latte ever since I got a box of K cups. Finding the right cup for tea can be a lot of trial and error. There is a I popped on of the cups after I got these. I followed the direction as the random box has no instructions and my apple cider ones did not. Adding milk didn't help with the overpowering first sip. I decided to try it again. I added some sugar to it. Absolutely perfect. I went back for another cup. I will buy this again before I run out.

👤The flavor is unique in that there is ground anise seed in the mix, giving a not necessarily desirable flavor. This is a product that is made in China, which would not be that big of a deal in days gone by. There is a recycle symbol on the shells. This product is one that has Amazon as the distributor, which explains the name "Happy Belly", which is kind of a dead giveaway of it's origins. I am not surprised that Jeff Bezos cares about his pocket.

👤The cups are used in the brew. It tastes like medicine because of the strong flavor. Extra water, creamer and cinnamon are what I use to tone it down.

👤This isn't the same as "English Breakfast" black tea. English breakfast tea is supposed to be a strong black tea, but it's not very strong when using the strong settings on the Keurig. I recommend the Solimo English Breakfast Black Tea if you are looking for something strong.

4. Lipton Iced Black Sweet K Cup

Lipton Iced Black Sweet K Cup

The most convenient way to enjoy iced tea is in a k cup. The tea k cup is made from real pressed leaves. You can use the K cups with the machine. Iced tea k cups are made with tea. Iced tea is made from this box.

Brand: Lipton

👤My husband is a big tea drinker. I've been buying these cups for a while. He's enjoyed them. He said that the new batches are awful. We did a side by side. A taste test with a box from a previous order. The old tea is sweeter than the new tea. He says it's hard to drink. It's clear that Lipton changed their formula or at the very least their sugar-to-tea ratio.

👤I apologize, but I don't like water. I am also a sugaraholic. A major addiction! I don't like pop either. southern sweet TEA is the only thing I drink. I use a cup or two of sugar per gallon. Well no more! This stuff is perfect! The leaves have been treated, so it may not be sugar free, but it really does taste like sweet tea should taste, and I didn't have to add sugar to it. I usually order a case at a time, because people out here don't really know what sweet is and it's hard to find in stores here. Please, please, They started making it in K cups as well. Some people think that sweet tea leaves a bitter aftertaste, so they add a pinch of baking soda.

👤This tea is mostly what I love. It's convenient and delicious. I add my own sweetener when buying the unsweetened kind. There are 72 small animals in this large box. There are at least one bad Pod in each of the individual boxes. It comes out of the machine and is undrinkable. I have taken a clear glass of water through the machine to make sure it is clean. It's still murky. It appears murky in other machines as well. This means it's the Pod to me. I really wish they were all usable. I use tea bags to make pitchers of tea once a day, in the morning.

👤We like to know the strength of the tea we brew. We used to buy a brew over ice Black Tea K-Cup, but it was our favorite K-Cup Ice Tea. We were disappointed when they stopped making it. We tried the tea bags and the K-Cups. It wasn't the same. I found these on Amazon. We ordered them with reservations because we probably won't get what we expected. We were wrong. They are good for the brew over ice. Thank you for filling a void in our lives.

👤I love the iced tea Pods from Lipton. I make mine with a coffee maker. The largest cup setting was followed by the same k-cup on medium setting. Pour hot tea over the ice in 2 glasses. My glasses are made of insulated metal. 2 fresh glasses. I like sweet tea, but prefer the undrinkablepods. There is only one tea that is important. I have tried others but always come back to their best.

5. Lipton K Cups Refresh Sweet 24Count

Lipton K Cups Refresh Sweet 24Count

The perfect cup of sweetened iced tea can be had in seconds with the Lipton Iced Sweet Tea K-Cup Pods. The black tea in these K-Cup Pods is made from real tea leaves that have been picked and pressed. Enjoy this sweet iced tea as a refreshing cold beverage whenever you need it. The same delicious flavor that tea lovers expect from traditional tea brewing methods can be enjoyed with the Lipton K-Cup Pods. The box makes 24 cups of tea. Only Rainforest Alliance Certified teas are used in Lipton's teas.

Brand: Lipton

👤I was excited to have some tea. There is no way that this is sweet southern tea. Southerners don't use sucralose in their tea. You have never been to the south to drink sweet southern tea, so you made this tea k-cup, Lipton. I took a big gulp and then another before I lowered the glass. I was so excited. As it all went down, I licked and hit my lips. I was not happy about it. It has the taste of sugar. I was not happy. I need to learn to read all the ingredients instead of seeing the cover and only seeing what I want to see. I will drink what I have, but not purchase again. If you want to make sweet southern tea, you should go to the south and learn what real sweet southern tea is.

👤I love this tea. I'm very disappointed in false advertising. I paid $24 for four boxes of tea. I received one box. I called Amazon and they didn't understand what the 4 COUNT means. They promised to correct it and send more. My new box was only 1 additional box. I am still short two boxes.

👤The person who made out is the other person. I just received one box. Some people are talking about 48 and 96. Can get the same price at Kroger's.

👤This post is false advertising. I only received one box of the 4 that it advertised. I got ahold of customer service and was told a replacement would fix it, but only got one box of tea. After several attempts with customer service, I finally got my 4 pack of teapods.

👤This is only good if you have two glasses. I noticed the bitter taste of the ice tea when I made a tall glass. There is more than just a small amount of tea leaves in the Pod. There was between 3 and 4 liters. Thus resulted in a bunch of bitter tea. I used the tea bags from the Lipton and they never gave me a bitter taste. This tea is disappointing. You pay more to get a low quality product. I had to fill the four glasses with ice to get the tea down. I prefer healthy beverages, but it is probably good with the sweetened version.

👤I have been drinking this tea for about a year. It's easy to make the right amount of sweet. The last batches of K-cups have no taste. I am not sure if there is a mistake in the packaging or not, but this tea is not the same tea I have been getting. It tastes like tea. It is not sweet at all, my husband agreed to try it. I will keep the cups and add splenda, but I didn't get what I paid for.

👤I didn't know how to use the iced function on my machine until I got these. I am not disappointed. I have to say something. It is a lot easier than having to wait. The flavor is more concentrated. I get more tea in one brew. It does not taste any stronger. A perfect flavor of iced tea from a fresh brew. That is what I like about these. I can get about 4 beers out of one drink. My run rate so far is 1 Pod and I have provided 4 glasses of iced tea. The flavor is still there even after the ice is added. I'm really glad I tried it out, I'm looking forward to drinking it more often.

6. Perfect Reusable Coffee Filters Compatible

Perfect Reusable Coffee Filters Compatible

The sweet essence of cacao makes it a great coffee to drink. Everything you need to start filling and using your own coffee is included in the all-in-one bundle. Includes a coffee scooper with built-in funnel and 2 ground coffeepods. 4 simple steps. Convenient and efficient design allows you to scoop the exact portion needed to refill the k cup filter while reducing mess. You can use your favorite ground coffee or freshly-grinded whole beans with the refillable capsule.

Brand: Perfect Pod

👤Finally coffee is no longer weak. The cost of K cups is ridiculous, not to mention the waste of plastic, but I have been using a Keurig for 7 years and love it. I have had different cups in the past but the quality and strength of the coffee was always compromised, until I got this one. My coffee is the same as the one I buy at the store. Clean up was easy and there were no issues. Will be buying a few more.

👤I had a message on my keurig that it was not compatible.

👤I like the convenience of the single cup system. I was worried that the replacement wouldn't work in the Series 2 machines, but they work in both. The units fit well in regular Pod holders. You can store them until you need them, by filling them with your own coffee. I recommend buying paper filters. Cleanup is easier and there is less debris in the bottom of the cup. It was quite satisfied.

👤I just bought the Eco-Fill scoop. I have only used these products a few times. The scoop is very easy to use and it makes filling thepods very convenient. The coffee is being processed by the Pods. I'm using my coffee maker to brew espresso grind coffee. The grind is too fine to work well in thepods. The water has to be forced through the coffee packs in the Pod by the Keurig. This isn't a reflection on the Eco-Fill Pod. The coffee I use will function perfectly once I switch to a more coarse coffee. I recommend the scoop and Pods to anyone using a K-cup. I think these products will be very durable. Thepods are easy to clean.

👤I spent a lot of time researching and decided to try these. My main questions were 1) whether they would leak and 2) whether I needed to use paper filters, which would be a hassle for me. I'm happy to report that after two weeks, I'm pretty sure these were worth the money. I use the scoop to measure a good amount and it's spill-proof. I don't get coffee grounds in the coffee. I make sure that I don't get any coffee grounds on the lip of the cup because that could mess with the seal. I have been using k-cups for a decade, and I'm not going to change. I enjoy the freedom to buy coffee I want, and I'm glad I didn't add to the landfills the way I used to. It takes a few seconds longer than tossing a k-cup in the trash, but I take the used Pod out, bang it on the inside of the trash can, and then run it under the faucet to get the small. If you're making coffee in a row, you might want to get one for each person. It's easier to clean if it's cool. When I tried to use it, I had some leaking, it was when I used it again instantly. I packed it wrong or had some issues with the lip. I only happened once a week. These are reliable. The leak never happened again. I washed it and used the other one. When I switched back, it worked again. I think it was something I did. I would buy them again.

7. Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Portion 24 Count

Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Portion 24 Count

The aroma and flavor are perfect. Orthodox Union Kosher.

Brand: Celestial Seasonings

👤My daughter recently made a lifestyle change and began to eat a Keto Diet, so I purchased these for her. She was trying to find a compromise to her favorite Starbucks drink. She adds ice, whipping cream and sugar free dolce or caramel syrup after she has made one. She says it tastes great. She goes to drink and eat in the morning and then has a treat in the afternoon. The cost to make her happy is worth it.

👤I don't like tea. I fell in love with Lemon Zinger after a friend, Diana, made me a huge amount of it, because I was a coffee drinker and had a rather bad habit of drinking coffee. I know I'm a heretic, but I'm not much for black tea. When you size up a 4XL shirt because your weight gain had been increasing, it becomes clear that you have a lot of health problems, and I either accept big and tall sizes or tell that part of me, enough. I gave up beer at 314 because I hate it. I started with no baby steps, but I was able to ease into it over a month. It was the worst month of my life. I don't get a bad night's sleep. I provided some for my neighbors, but they brought their own, so that's how the story goes. Nothing will prepare you or scare you off alcohol quicker than a bad night of partying. You are out of options and excuses by this point, I decided to stick with keto. I could find something I liked that had that kick. I drink a lot of water and take supplements that make me lose salt, so by chance I bought the Celestial Seasons Lemon Zinger. I would like to give the Zinger award to Stash for being the cheapest with a fresh lemon flavor and strong ginger notes. It's own thing, not a pure approach, a very bold, strong, rich, and beautiful flavor and color that is perfect. I'm 85 lbs lighter, an XL instead of a 4X, and my deep apathetic depression is over, but having any good ones is better than none for years. I drink a lot of tea. Do you want to know if you have lost your teeth? I drink tea 24oz at a time. I might have three different kinds of tea in rotation. I am addicted. Do I have a room full of emergency backups to carry me through shortages? I'm the reason there are shortages. I drink it through a straw because I can get it down more quickly. If I'm active, I should drink a gallon of water a day. I had to find something that would make me drink more fluid. I haven't had a drink, but I have a one-keto hangover. I would only suggest that you consider a much larger bulk size of 250 kcups or more, because you made such a great product. Let's get that price down a bit. Twinnings Lemon Zinger is an honorable mention due to flavor inconsistency. I drink it too, so don't take the criticism too seriously. Bigelo is the only bad lemon zinger that I have, it made me sad to throw it away, but I needed the room and accidentally grabbed it thinking it was the good stuff. It is an original flavor, but lemon zinger is not. It's like a Chai cinnamon latte with ginger and lemon scented pledge. I'll never know how you get it to taste like it has something going on. This was too long. If you're on the fence about whether it's worth the extra quarter a cup, we'll groan and moan, but I never run out. I apologize for the length of the review. If you made it this far, I would appreciate you continuing my babbling way of communicating. It is like a leaking faucet.

8. Chocolate Variety Sampler Brewers Duplicates

Chocolate Variety Sampler Brewers Duplicates

The Perfect Sampler Variety Pack has a wide range of holiday beverages to keep you warm this winter season. Their variety of single-serve artisan coffee, tea, cider, and hot chocolate is great for entertaining at home or at the office. There is a wide selection of taste. Coffee flavors include Dark Roast, White Chocolate Strawberry and Caramel Apple. Black tea, Jasmine tea, Darjeeling tea, and English Breakfast are some of the tea Pod types. The flavors are subject to change. You will receive popular brands like Harry & David, Double Donut, and Guy Fieri with this coffee, tea, and cocoa mix. It's comparable with Keurig slaughter machines. All K-Cup brewers from Keurig, including the 1.0 and 2.0, are engineered to use individual, single-serve capsules. Green Mountain and/or K cups are registered trademarks. The Custom Variety Pack has no affiliation with either Green Mountain or Keurig.

Brand: Perfect Samplers

👤I'm very disappointed but I know I will never order this again. The main selection pictured for this item on Amazon made me choose to buy an assortment of coffees, teas, hot chocolates and ciders to give to our Christmas guests. There were many Christmas and Winter flavors on the photo, like gingerbread, sugar cookie, white Christmas, Santa's White Christmas, Winter Warmer, and Chestnut. Almost all of the coffees it showed were flawed. 3 or so unflavoring blends. It showed a lot of coffees, especially holiday ones, and just a little bit of tea, ciders, and cocoas, so it seemed perfect to me. That is not what I got. I didn't get any special holiday flavors. There were 11 coffees in this box, of which one was a light roast, 5 were dark/bold, and 5 were unnamed. I would not have ordered this sampler coffees if I knew I would get more than a few unflavored coffees. 3 Lattes, 3 Cappuccinos, 3 Teas, and 5 Black Teas. I assumed that the sample photo pictured on Amazon was similar to the one pictured in the Christmas/Winter selection. If it wasn't before Christmas, I would send it back to get something else. It is true that I did not get any exact duplicate of the same brand in the same flavor, although you may get duplicate flavors in different brands. I know from experience that I will enjoy the Crazy Cups coffees and lattes. Lesson learned, in that maybe next time, I should just order a custom selection of samplers or get a variety of samplers that list each flavor in writing to make sure I get the type I want. If you don't make the mistake of thinking your selection will be similar to what is pictured for this product, you may love this selection.

👤I tried to cancel my order but it was too late. After reading all the reviews, I was sure I wasn't going to like them, but let me just say, these are great! I am excited to try the flavors, but they didn't come damaged or expired like I thought, it's a great variety. An amazing purchase. I will update after I have one. I have had them all, and they did not fail. The coffee and cappuccino were my favorites. It was a little upsetting that it only came with tea, but I enjoyed what it had. My kids loved the hot chocolate but apple cider was not too excited about. It was worth it.

👤I was very disappointed in this product. I was looking forward to receiving this variety pack as it advertised an assortment of cappuccinos, teas, cocoas, and ciders in addition to black coffee. When I opened the package, I found that half of the k-cups were different flavors of black coffee, with only 2 teas, 2 ciders, and a handful of hot chocolates. The product is advertised in capital letters, which is a let down. There were 5 sets of duplicate in my box. One would be an oversight, but 5 is false advertising. This was my first k-cup purchase after purchasing my first k-cup. I won't make this mistake again.

9. Two Rivers Assorted Sampler Compatible

Two Rivers Assorted Sampler Compatible

Black tea, Herbal tea and green tea are included. Individual flavor may be different. You can find Earl Grey tea, Yunnan Gold tea, Chamomile herbal tea, Lemon infused, Pomegranate infused white tea, peach infused oolong tea, peppermint herbal tea, Black Ceylon Tea, Green tea, Darjeeling tea, and vanilla infused Chai tea. Two Rivers Coffee sampler packs allow you to enjoy a variety of beverages. Coffee, tea, hot cocoa, cider, and cappuccino headquarters. Yeah... They have you covered. The Brewer is compatible with the K-Cup. Two Rivers Coffee is not endorsed by Dr Pepper. K-Cup, green Mountain and Dr Pepper are trademarks of Keurig Dr Pepper.

Brand: Two Rivers Coffee

👤Awesome variety pack, however would be happy if you added more flavors. This set was great to start with k cups. They were all thrown in a box but can't be picky, so I assumed things would be more presentable. Great flavors. The first order product was great. Pods arrived with an orange substance on them. The substance wouldn't come off with washing. Product arrived with unknown orange substance. It was also very dirty. Very disappointed in this. Will not purchase from this company again.

👤Amazon sent me a replacement for the last batches that contained exploding Pods. The same thing happened when I tried 6 more. They are already opened before you use them. Bad glue? I have tried more than a dozen times with both batches, and no one has ever given me a K-cup. I had to clean and rinse my machine after the grounds contaminated the inside lines. They can't replace my 14mth Keurig. I'm calling the company today. They know there is something wrong with this product, and they continue to sell it. I've read through all the reviews and seen that many other people are experiencing this as well. Not fair. The last box had bad coffee. They opened the machine and cup during the brew. What a mess! An immediate replacement was issued by Amazon. I'm hoping it's a one time occurrence.

👤6 of that, 2 of that, 5 of that... You should like mint and raspberry. Some of the flavors shown in the product pic weren't included. Won't order again.

👤Not what I expected. Someone asked if the coffees were just coffees. I asked if I wanted tea and was told "yes just coffee". Not mine! Let me explain it to you. I only got 6 of what I would call normal coffee, and a number more that I would consider bordering on unusual flavors but still close to normal. It would be fine if that was the case, at least it would be ground coffee. I also received 6 hot chocolates, 5 teas, and 3 instant coffee in a K cup. I haven't tried all of them yet, so more may be instant coffees. I don't drink coffee in k-cups. It is a fancy way to mix dried powdered into hot water.

👤I didn't get much of what was pictured or written in the description. One of this and 8 of another. It is a very random assortment that does not include all of the teas pictured or listed. I didn't see 13 of the teas in the picture.

👤I've had several instances where my machine stops making brew when I tell it to be careful, be careful, clean the needle, etc. The glue that holds the filter paper to the top of the white plastic around the rim just doesn't hold when I autopsied the ones that went bad. The paper detaches. The coffee machine needle goes through the bottom of the filter to make a hole. All the water is coming from the detached filter. You get a mess, coffee grounds and water going everywhere, and you have to plug the machine in. This seems to be a common complaint in the other 1 star reviews. Amazon should be ashamed of themselves.

10. Grove Square Latte Single Serve

Grove Square Latte Single Serve

Features rich spiced notes with the flavors of sweet cream and tea. Extra creamy, steamy, and even dreamier than imagined. It's a great way to escape and indulge. All 1.0 and 2.0 Brewers are compatible with single serve cups.

Brand: Grove Square

👤I don't like this chia tea. It tastes terrible to me. The black nasty stuff tastes like Licorice. I will have to drink my Tazo Chai Tea Latte. I was hoping to find something to use in my coffee maker. I would like to have samples delivered. It's hard to blindly torture my taste buds.

👤It was very delicious! The tea latte is delicious. I have a bad sweet tooth. I don't mind. I put it on the largest cup setting. I wouldn't recommend the small size settings because I don't think the sweetness is any more concentrated. I like tea latte. I was spending over $6 per drink at the coffee place. This doesn't taste as creamy or thick as the Starbucks version, but it's still a fraction of the calories. It's delicious for what it is. Great pricing too! The price of a cup of tea is not comparable to other tea latte k-cup prices.

👤I didn't expect Starbucks Chai to taste like that, I'm used to it. The anise taste is strong and dominates the flavor according to other reviewers. I like anise. I add a small amount of French vanilla coffee mate creamer to make it less bitter. I don't know if I'll buy them again, but I'm enjoying them at the moment. Adding to my original review. These are great to order more of today. I add a tea bag.

👤The packets were in a cardboard box, not in the grove square packaging. They were thrown in there randomly. Who knows if they have been tampered with. I bought this flavor when I first got my coffee maker, it was the best hot cocoa I had ever had. These taste good. I'm not sure if they changed the recipe or if they have been tampered with. The flavor is bad now. It's definitely not great anymore. I won't be buying again. There is a trend on Amazon. What you see in the image is not what you get anymore. Amazon is starting to look a lot like eBay.

👤I bought this since my regular supplier of herbal was out. I read reviews of different brands that claimed the product had a strong black licorice taste. This one does as well. I could smell it when it started to brew. The smell is a mixture of bad breath and senna. The taste is terrible. Both of these are subjective. If you like those tastes and smells, they are overpowering. I had to push the lidded cup to the other side of my desk because it was so strong. I need to get back to the kitchen.

👤I usually order a different brand of Chai latte K-cups but decided to try this brand. It was a little disappointing, the tea was a dark brown color and the taste was not as good as Cafe Escapes. Guess I learned my lesson. I will donate my usual Cafe Escapes Chai latte to a friend's office.

👤I ordered Happy Belly Tea Pods from Amazon because I wanted to try out the various Chai Latte products that were sold there. I was struck by how they tasted the same. Both have the same ingredients, directions, and information. Is this a coincidence? I like the taste of the product because I have two boxes of it.

11. Super Organics Metabolism Superfoods Probiotics

Super Organics Metabolism Superfoods Probiotics

Super Organics has natural, organic, non-GMO delicious teas. Their brew cups are filled with only wholesome, good-for-you ingredients that are vegan andGluten-free for a difference you can taste and feel. Their coffees and teas are made to benefit both you and the environment because of the care that Super Organics puts into everything they create. Super Organics products are free from chemicals and artificial ingredients, and are made using recycled and eco-friendly materials, so you can feel better every time you fill your cup. Independent pathology. Their probiotics survive it all, because of the high temperatures and harsh gastric system. The heat-resistant Bacillus coagulans that are contained in each Super Organics Pod are designed to survive the hot temperatures of your daily brew and digestion to provide you with lasting probiotic goodness. Their Metabolism Oolong Tea contains natural tummy-taming ingredients like Yerba mate, Orange, and Rose Hip for easy weight management support and a healthy metabolism. It's just a sip away as you look and feel your best.

Brand: Super Organics

👤Imagine a cup of liquid dirt with a dash of mushroom smell and a bitter taste. Yeah...not good. Unless this guarantees me losing a ton of weight, I'm not sure I can drink this without vomiting. This tastes horrible. I don't care if you say it's because it's organic and has a bunch of fancy stuff. It doesn't taste good. Like bad. I drink tea and coffee, so I don't like it, but it's true, it's bitter. If you are trying to lose weight, you shouldn't add a lot of sugar or milk to this. I don't know how this tastes. Hopefully, it does what it says, because it's just enough.

👤I lost 10 lbs in 3 weeks. I am consuming more water and diet juice. My clothes are loose and I feel better. I am enjoying my transformation.

👤I've been using a popular mushroom coffee brand, but haven't noticed an increase in mental clarity or energy. The taste of the coffee was not good. I decided to try it after seeing it on Amazon. It was one of the most delicious K-cup coffee brews I've ever had. There was a gentle spark in my energy, with no crash or negative side effects. I'm very happy to find a coffee that tastes great. I can drink it black and add inulin and cinnamon. I love it! Will order again and again.

👤These are easy to use and the flavor is great. I am very impressed with the fact that the containers are made of recycled material. After drinking the energy boost flavor, I felt like I was getting more energy and I loved that it lasted for hours after drinking regular coffee. I appreciate the fact that they add herbs and the probiotics to it. If you drink coffee with benefits, why not? This maker is for sure.

👤I can't say that it's having any effect on my metabolism because there is no way to measure it, but my wife and I like the taste of the tea. You have to take their word for it, because there is no way to tell if the product is related to your health or not.

👤I like the tea. I didn't expect it to make me gain weight or increase energy, but I enjoy the tea and have it reordered. I mostly use tea bags because they are cheap, but it is a nice treat when in a hurry.

👤Very happy with the product. It was worth the price. It helps ease stomach issues. A slightly floral tone but not overpowering. I drink it almost daily. I start my morning off without the extra energy or sugar.

👤The flavor of this coffee is great. There were six of thepods that blew up in my coffee machine. I have never had that happen with any other brand. It was like they were not sealed well. When I was in a hurry, it created a huge mess to clean up. I couldn't find a way to contact the company.


What is the best product for best k cups tea?

Best k cups tea products from Luzianne. In this article about best k cups tea you can see why people choose the product. Twinings and Happy Belly are also good brands to look for when you are finding best k cups tea.

What are the best brands for best k cups tea?

Luzianne, Twinings and Happy Belly are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best k cups tea. Find the detail in this article. Lipton, Perfect Pod and Celestial Seasonings are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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