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1. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Single Serve

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Single Serve

The story is called BRAND. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters was born in the mountains. It's where they developed their commitment to improving the lands through coffee. Be bold. Be alive. Get out there and grab a cup. The taste is. A blend of rich flavors from African beans, carefully woven together with robust Indonesian beans and a touch of smoky French Roast. The full-bodied, balanced blend has caramel, chocolate, and dried fruit notes. Coffee made with 100 percent Arabica beans is certified Orthodox Union Kosher. There is resilience. It is committed to 100 percent coffee. The genuine K-Cup coffee makers are compatible with the genuine K-Cup coffee makers. Simple recycling k-cups It was delicious. It's Recyclable. Enjoy the same great-tasting coffee you know and love, and when you are done just peel, empty and recycle. Not all communities recycle. There may be different packaging.

Brand: Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

👤I have never had a problem with these before. The cups are bursting from the side and ruin the coffee. There are pictures here. I thought it was my coffee maker, but it is not. This is the second box I have had. The coffee is great, just these little cups. The box is brand new.

👤Tired of cups that aren't good. I have to run a clean cycle when I get an order with bad cups, or I have to spit out half a cup with all the grounds. Some box's have bad cups and some have good cups. The quality of the plastic cup supplied by who ever makes them is probably at the top of the acceptably spec. Will not buy any more coffee from Green Mountain. I have had a problem with Green Mountain K cups for the last 5 months.

👤I've purchased this product many times and have been happy with it. Each Kcup I used, erupted in the unit. I tried another Kcup after cleaning the unit. It blew up in the unit. This can happen with Kcups. They say that the Kcups have too much air in them or they are not properly sealed. I haven't received replacement cups or refunds. I am not happy with this product.

👤I agree with the review. I threw out my last one and bought a new one thinking it was the real thing. I'm angry that I wasted so much money. Coffee that is counterfeit or low quality is a problem. Coffee PodsFlavor Name: Nantucket BlendSize: 12 Count (Pack of 6) was reviewed in the United States. I used to buy Green Mountain Nantucket Blend at the grocery store or through a coffee maker, but I stopped doing that a long time ago. I used Amazon to buy this coffee in bulk and save money. I am sad to report that I have received counterfeit coffee or a lesser quality product. I suspect this because of three data points. Product packaging is the first point of data. The two K-Cups in the picture I have posted are very different. The K-Cup on the left was purchased at my grocery store. The K-Cup was sent from Amazon. You can see that the packaging is very different, and only the grocery store bought K-Cup matches the picture on the Amazon listing. If you look at the second picture, you can see that the store bought K-Cup has more coffee in it than the Amazon K-Cup. The taste of the coffees is my last data point. The store bought the K-Cup and it tastes exactly like I have always known it to taste, while the Amazon K-Cup tasted terrible. The taste of the Amazon K-Cup was not as good as the store bought K-Cup. The Amazon bought K-Cups that tasted like cheap, low quality, bitter, and overly burnt coffee. I believe that the K-Cups I bought on Amazon are fakes. I will never buy K-Cups on Amazon again. The cost savings aren't worth the risks to my health that counterfeit coffee may impose.

2. Amazon Brand Breakfast Compatible Brewers

Amazon Brand Breakfast Compatible Brewers

A blend of coffees from Latin America and Africa. The Nutty aroma harmonizes with the medium body and acidity. It's compatible with 1.0 and 2.0 k-cup brewers. They're proud of their products. If you don't like it, they'll give you a full refund within a year of purchase. 1-877-485-0385

Brand: Solimo

👤I thought I'd compare what I'm used to for those who are in the same category, since there are so many reviews on this coffee. The Starbucks Breakfast blend is the gold standard for K-cups. It's not the top tasting, but it's pretty great to my taste, so use that as a reference. If I pay.75 per cup, that's a win. Donut Shop has always been my budget pick. It tastes good to me, and is consistent. McCafe', Tim Hortons, 8 O'Clock and the like are some of the places I've tried. The donut shop won for me. I tried the French roast of Solimo because people said it wasn't strong enough. I have never had French Roast, so it was quite bite and bitter for me. That's the point though. The price of Solimo Breakfast Blend is crazy. I like it a lot. It is close to the donut shop. I'm all in for the money. I'm just starting out on the 100 count box, so I'll post back if my opinion changes.

👤I bought a box of coffee in October of last year and am finishing it. I have a cup in the morning to clear the67531s out and move on, so I don't drink it all day long. I took a chance on the box, but I decided to go big or go home. I like the coffee and am glad I did. It's smooth, has a good taste, and doesn't leave me with an acid attack like stronger blends do. I don't know how you can go wrong at the price, and I don't know what's wrong with other reviewers' taste buds, but what tastes good to me may not taste good to you. It tastes better than the one I was drinking before, and it's cheaper, so I am buying another box. I would recommend that Amazon sell a small demo of the various Solimo coffee flavors to give people an idea of whether it's reasonable to buy a big box. If you want better coffee, you probably shouldn't be using a coffee maker.

👤Had low expectations but that is ok. I am not a coffee snob, I just want some taste and a boost in energy for my mornings. When I compared it to another brand of coffee, it was obvious that there was less coffee in the Solomon. I have a 99 brown water Pod. I think you get what you pay for with coffee. I have learned the hard way.

👤I will buy them again. I bought the dark roast, but I think I'm a light roast girl. If you want it to be stronger or a medium for most of the time, this is the cup for you. It tastes similar to Green Mountain. I like the price.

👤Amazon is trying to take over another product category from its competitors. The price was good. That isn't always the priority. My company produces K-cups and this coffee is just okay. For a few more dollars, you can buy it from a small family company that doesn't want to buy another yacht, vacation home or airplane.

3. Tim Hortons Original Single Serve Compatible

Tim Hortons Original Single Serve Compatible

Their original blend coffee is roasted to deliver a perfectly balanced flavor with a smooth finish. Only three people know the recipe for their signature blend, which has not changed in over 50 years. The Original Blend coffee capsule is compatible with the single-serve coffee brewers from K-cups. They only use 100% Arabica beans from the most renowned regions of Central and South America that are carefully selected by their experts to deliver the best blend possible. They care about the earth and their community more than they care about the quality of their coffee. If it is available in your area, they encourage you to empty the grounds of your used Pod. They have a wide variety of coffee, tea, and specialty beverages that feature their signature flavors, ready for you to enjoy any time of day.

Brand: Tim Hortons

👤I have ordered the same product 3 times. I ordered it in a Tim Hortons box. It is thrown in a box for the second time. I was also shorted by a couple. Just tossed in a regular box. When I counted this order, there was 73. I would like the difference.

👤I have ordered the same box of coffee for over a year and have always loved it. I have never had a problem. The box of Tim Hortons was terrible. My cup was full of grounds and thepods exploded in my pictures. This happens to all of them. The third picture shows the new and old Pods on the same side. The product has been rendered useless by the change in Pod. I tried it in another coffee pot and it worked the whole time. The company won't take them back. I have bought this product before.

👤I have run 160 K cups of this product through my K-cups without a single overflow or break. The plastic cup is a bit more rigid than domestic K cups here in the US, but if one takes their time in loading the cup into the machine, these problems can be eliminated. I live in the Pacific Northwest and this is the best place to go for coffee every morning. Even though I didn't pay for Prime, the service was great as the shipment comes out of Las Vegas and takes about 35 days for delivery. I live in the South of Portland, Oregon to give an idea of the service. I've converted half of my town to having this coffee as my standard since I started having it. Starbucks and Dutch Brothers are the main beers here.

👤We love coffee. We forgot the name and kept searching for it. When we tasted it, we knew the taste immediately. Coffee is rough on one of us but not this. It has to be the best coffee out there. I enjoy it both mornings and afternoons. It settles well. This is a brand where we like it so much that cost won't be a factor. It has great pickup power for a smooth coffee. Wow, just simply amazing!

👤I discovered Tim Horton's coffee in the 1980's and have been a fan ever since. I knew who Tim Horton was, but not until we went to visit relatives in New York. We stopped for coffee. We took the cans of the grounds home with us. We would go to Tim's for coffee when we were back home. I still get Tim Horton's coffee when I can, even though my wife has passed on. It was a stroke of luck that I found this on Amazon for this price point.

👤The cost of living in Alaskans is high. Especially in the city of Fairbanks. This coffee is the best tasting coffee ever. It's a wonderful coffee. If you can purchase this coffee in the case of 80, you should. You will not be disappointed. It costs 0.499 cents per cup. Rounded up 50 cents. I'm not talking about a very cool American rapper. If he is a coffee drinker, he may like this coffee as well. That's cool if he isn't. Democracy is at its best. If you can get it with Prime Shipping, it's better than all of its competitors coffee, so I highly recommend it.

4. Amazon Brand Cappuccino Assorted Breakfast

Amazon Brand Cappuccino Assorted Breakfast

There are 100 coffee Pods in three varieties. The Kona blend has a delicate body, vibrant acidity and mild sweetness. The Breakfast Blend has a medium body and nutty aroma. A medium-light roast with a smooth flavor and clean acidity. It's compatible with 1.0 and 2.0 k-cup brewers. They're proud of their products. If you don't like it, they'll give you a full refund within a year of purchase. 1-877-485-0385

Brand: Solimo

👤Starbucks Frappuccinos have been my favorite coffee product. That is an expensive habit. Two years ago, I stopped drinking diet soda. I allow myself a cup of coffee on days when I'm not feeling well. I drink my coffee with a flavor enhancer. I am not a coffee drinker. I don't think one can go wrong with this purchase. My family and I have been drinking this coffee for a long time. It is less than 30 cents per cup and takes little effort to prepare thanks to the one-cup machine. When coffee drinkers visit, I bought a variety box to offer more choices. I gave this four stars vs five because I have had other brands that coffee drinkers seem to be more impressed with. This works for me. I will be back again when the box is empty. If you found my review helpful, please click the icon. Thank you so much for stopping by!

👤I like coffee that is dark. The pack was so cheap that it was cheaper than any name brands. It's worth it, I don't like much of a difference.

👤Coffee tastes great, however I have yet to find a coffee inside the partially open Pod. It's not a big deal if there is only one bad Pod, but I thought about the quality control. I wonder what else they are missing if one bad Pod gets through the production and quality inspection. I will probably not buy this product again. I will try to return what is left if I find another opened Pod. The coffee tastes great if you don't.

👤I was disappointed that Amazon didn't live up to it's brand. The flavors are bitter and not very rich. I would recommend making the coffee pallettable by only making 6oz per cup. I'll be looking for more promising brands for my next box of coffee.

👤Coffee has a pleasant taste. I liked all 3 of the flavors that came with this group. The value for money is the same with Amazon's products. I gave it a star rating because of the ground rules. I don't like having coffee grounds in my cups. I experience this issue when trying other brands and put it up to the construction of the Pod itself because my keurig can make a cup without getting grounds in the coffee as it has many times. I'm not talking about a whole ton of grounds in the cup, but I would say a few grounds floating around or a small amount of grounds left in the last sip of coffee. It's annoying. I would order them again, but I hope they can figure out why they do this.

👤The Dark Roast is something I have purchased before. I wanted to try the other flavors. I like my coffee basic and not with a bunch of non coffee flavor enhancers. The dark roast was milder than I expected, but it was fine for most people. The French Roast was strong even on the largest brew size. My wife will use my used Pod if I add water to make it not so bold. It is not the fault of the coffee, it is just the way it tastes. It wasn't our favorite. Solimo coffee's are a good value and have a good flavor.

5. Two Rivers Flavored Compatible Brewers

Two Rivers Flavored Compatible Brewers

There are flavors of coffee that include maple, chocolate, cinnamon, ChocolateVanilla, and Hazelnut. Individual flavor may be different. The Two Rivers Coffee box is the top selling coffee box. You don't need to have 40 different boxes just to have different coffees. 40 delicious coffees in one box. It tastes better. Two Rivers Coffee Sampler packs allow you to enjoy a variety of beverages. Coffee, tea, hot cocoa, cider, and Cappuccino headquarters. Yeah... They have you covered. It is compatible with the 2.0 K-Cup Brewer. People with sensitivity to coffee should not drink it. Two Rivers Coffee is not endorsed by Dr Pepper. Green Mountain and K-Cup are registered trademarks of Green Mountain.

Brand: Two Rivers Coffee

👤Awesome variety pack, however would be happy if you added more flavors. This set was great to start with k cups. They were all thrown in a box but can't be picky, so I assumed things would be more presentable. Great flavors. The first order product was great. Pods arrived with an orange substance on them. The substance wouldn't come off with washing. Product arrived with unknown orange substance. It was also very dirty. Very disappointed in this. Will not purchase from this company again.

👤Amazon sent me a replacement for the last batches that contained exploding Pods. The same thing happened when I tried 6 more. They are already opened before you use them. Bad glue? I have tried more than a dozen times with both batches, and no one has ever given me a K-cup. I had to clean and rinse my machine after the grounds contaminated the inside lines. They can't replace my 14mth Keurig. I'm calling the company today. They know there is something wrong with this product, and they continue to sell it. I've read through all the reviews and seen that many other people are experiencing this as well. Not fair. The last box had bad coffee. They opened the machine and cup during the brew. What a mess! An immediate replacement was issued by Amazon. I'm hoping it's a one time occurrence.

👤6 of that, 2 of that, 5 of that... You should like mint and raspberry. Some of the flavors shown in the product pic weren't included. Won't order again.

👤Not what I expected. Someone asked if the coffees were just coffees. I asked if I wanted tea and was told "yes just coffee". Not mine! Let me explain it to you. I only got 6 of what I would call normal coffee, and a number more that I would consider bordering on unusual flavors but still close to normal. It would be fine if that was the case, at least it would be ground coffee. I also received 6 hot chocolates, 5 teas, and 3 instant coffee in a K cup. I haven't tried all of them yet, so more may be instant coffees. I don't drink coffee in k-cups. It is a fancy way to mix dried powdered into hot water.

👤I didn't get much of what was pictured or written in the description. One of this and 8 of another. It is a very random assortment that does not include all of the teas pictured or listed. I didn't see 13 of the teas in the picture.

👤I've had several instances where my machine stops making brew when I tell it to be careful, be careful, clean the needle, etc. The glue that holds the filter paper to the top of the white plastic around the rim just doesn't hold when I autopsied the ones that went bad. The paper detaches. The coffee machine needle goes through the bottom of the filter to make a hole. All the water is coming from the detached filter. You get a mess, coffee grounds and water going everywhere, and you have to plug the machine in. This seems to be a common complaint in the other 1 star reviews. Amazon should be ashamed of themselves.

6. Lavazza Coffee Variety Single Serve Brewers

Lavazza Coffee Variety Single Serve Brewers

There are 64 mixed single serve K cups in this box. Medium roast to dark espresso blends are available. The blends of Gran aroma, Gran selezione, and perfetto are 100 percent Arabica. It was roasted in Italy. Can only be done with a brew using a machine.

Brand: Lavazza

👤I don't like Lavazza coffee this time. The K-Cups fell apart. I mean in my coffee maker. It was a mess. I will not be buying them again. Very disappointed. It was more than one time. This happened many times. I know it wasn't my coffee maker. The other brands worked well. Bummer!

👤Think of Italian coffee as strong. This is not the case in some brands. Not true here. The variety 4 box pack is #1. I've never tried the brand before, but it's $8 off the 4pk price. It seems to me that if a newer company wanted a 5 rating on a coffee product, they would need to consider 3 things. If you are marketing your coffee to the world, you should note 50% of the drinkers of fine coffee, like strong FLAVOR, and a strong punch for the effort. #3. It would be nice to have some oil in my cup. It's a perfect time for a book club party. It's all over. 5 a.m. seriously look elsewhere, you need to ready your self for the day, seriously... Green Mountain Dark Magic is a kcup of ballsy coffee with oil. The La'Lose'o brand kcup coffee was a complete bust, and the Espresso was no better. No flavor, no strength, no oil.

👤I was impressed with the assortment of coffee, but at least every other Pod bubbled over and sent coffee grounds into my mug and left grounds all over the area of my Keurig Hot. It was very annoying to have coffee grounds in my coffee. The coffee was good and I would think it was a huge issue with thepods.

👤I was looking for a rich, deep, mellow flavor that I had heard of. All I got was a one note watered down, flat flavor, and lack of cup of coffee, no matter which roast, expresso, dark roast or medium I got. The same lackluster cup of coffee was produced by the expresso size cup. I'm not sure if I got a bad coffee with all 4 of them, but the flavor faded long ago. I switched back to Solimo after cancelling future orders and they delivered a full cup of coffee.

👤I buy this coffee all the time and it is amazing. Thepods taste like water. They lose their flavor and get watered down if you make more than 6oz with them. If you can only get a half cup out of each Pod, they are very expensive. I changed my review to 5 stars. The 10oz brew is fine in a K-cup. They don't brew well in my Flexbrew but that may be their fault. Coffee is good.

👤One out of every four or five of these coffee Pods will burst and spill grounds out of the inlet hole, which is an unacceptable detail. We have never had this issue with other coffees that we use. It's difficult to drink a cup of coffee full of grounds, but not sure if it's the grind or what. The ones that don't burst are pretty darn good, but they aren't worth the 1-in-5 shot.

7. Folgers Morning Coffee Brewers 12 Count

Folgers Morning Coffee Brewers 12 Count

There are 12 boxes of the Morning Café Mild Roast K Cup Pods. Light roast coffee has a blend of mild and clean flavors. Carefully crafted by their experienced roast masters. The touch of a button makes a brew. The K-Cup is designed for the Keurig brewers. K-Cup Pods can be recycled. Not compatible with all communities.

Brand: Folgers

👤We all tried different brands of coffee when we first heard of K-cups. Donut House Dark Roast was the most popular option for my family. They kept raising the price because it became so popular. We started looking again. The regular Donut house is half a cup better for taste than this one. I switched to the Folgers K-Cup because it does nothing for me. It is quite good. Black Silk came down in price. I ordered it. I have my Dark Roast coffee again, and I don't feel like I'm paying too much for it because they can. This is a smooth cup of coffee. I drink my coffee black. It's important to me that it doesn't bite. The coffee is well balanced and is available on the Amazon program. Black Silk is a good cup of coffee. You can save money and love your coffee at the same time.

👤The gourmet k-cups I ordered were the 100% Columbian ones. The gourmet coffee is a lot cheaper. I have 72 k-cups of coffee that I don't like. I ordered the orange one, not the red one. My order shows what I ordered, but it is not what I received.

👤The worst tasting coffee I have ever had is from the country of Colombia. I will not waste your time with more words. Don't waste your time buying this.

👤My favorite beverage is coffee. This order was different from the others. The boxes don't match the ones in the Pods. I don't know if I got the real thing. 3 boxes were marked wrong and were supposed to be 6 boxes. Very curious! Update! This was ordered again. Same thing. There is a strange packaging for another language. 3 of 24 were not 6 packs of 12. It was more bitter. Not trying again.

👤Do not place an order from this seller. It is not the product they advertise, the first Pod caused a malfunction in my keurig, I was able to get it to make a cup, but it was horrible tasting. I love the black silk from the Folgers. Another listing is the real deal.

👤Okay... Quality is most likely going to mean you're going to pay a little more. I have tried a lot of different brands of coffee over the years. I have had everything that is less expensive under the sun. I purchase in bulk. I've tried all of them, but there is always a taste or quality that just doesn't hit the spot. I decided to just spend a few extra bucks and enjoy my coffee after years of being so tight.

👤My go to coffee is this one. The flavor is smooth but still wakes you up in the morning. It is packaged in 12 count boxes, so you can open one box at a time, but still keep the others tidy in the cabinet. I've tried tons of K-cups and a lot of them caused my machine to malfunction, but these have never done that. I will continue to get that buy.

8. Mountain Coffee Roasters Breakfast Single

Mountain Coffee Roasters Breakfast Single

The story is called BRAND. The mountains are special. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters was born there. It's where they developed their commitment to improving the lands through coffee. They want to bring a better cup of coffee to the world. Be bold. Be alive. Get out there and grab a cup. The taste is. An eye-opener that is as delightful as the dawn itself. Clean and bright, with balanced sweet and nutty flavors. It's a shame. The coffee is certified Orthodox Union Kosher. State of readiness There is resilience. By the end of 2020 they will be committed to 100% coffee. The genuine K-Cup coffee makers are compatible with the genuine K-Cup coffee makers.

Brand: Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

👤Not happy at all. I got these with my coffee maker. I used those and they worked well. I've been testing different kinds of k-cups, making sure they all have the same picture on the box. There were no issues. I ordered these because we liked the Green Mountain Breakfast Blend the most. The first box I opened failed 8 out of 12. Yes, 8 of them. I followed all the instructions for cleaning the needles after the first failure. 8 times. I popped in one of the Donut Shop ones and it made a perfect cup. It's the same with the grounds everywhere. Quality control needs to be kicked up a notch because there are more complaints coming in.

👤I like coffee. I like coffee. My office has a rule against hotplates/coffee pots/anything useful, so the only access to coffee at work is the Keurig machine. I've been complaining about finding good k-cups for a long time. The Blue Horse is too expensive for regular use. I was told to try the green mountain by a number of people. None of the Green Mountain varieties are better than mediocre. This breakfast blend is not good. It has no flavor at all and is light. Light roast doesn't count as coffee. The reason for trying this blend is that light roasts have more caffeine, but I've found few effects from this at all, which leads me to believe that the amount of coffee in the cup is small. This doesn't make coffee, it makes slightly tan water.

👤I like drinking my Green Mountain Decaf Coffee first thing in the morning even though it is decaffeinated. I have been drinking decaffeinated coffee for years because of a heart-health issue, but I love the taste of coffee, so I didn't want to give it up completely. Green Mountain Breakfast Blend Decaf Coffee is my choice because I have tried several brands of coffee. I don't feel like I'm missing out because it tastes like the real thing. I don't have to worry about being kept awake for hours at night. I was thrilled to discover that I can order it online in larger quantities, since I would not be able to find it in my store. We have ordered this item several times and it always arrives in a perfect condition.

👤I have a new coffee machine that has needle errors and other defects that were described in the reviews. I have used other brand K-cups for the past two days. I used the Green Mountain before canceling the new purchase. I'm not sure if Green Mountain or Amazon will give me a refund as I used up a lot of k-cups thinking they were the problem with my coffee maker. In addition. There are many questions and concerns about the breakfast blend K-cups. I had a new K-cups for my coffee machine but I realized that the hot water and grounds on my counter and hardwood floor were caused by the K-cups not my coffee machine. I am so disappointed that Amazon would continue to sell faulty products, with many clearly and similarly described harmful issues, such as sieved hot water, error issues that freeze up use of the coffee machine, pouring 1/2 cups with grounds etc. Amazon sponsored products are to blame for wasting your purchased product. This includes a no return policy. It's convenient for everyone. I do a lot of business with Amazon and they are very appreciative. This is unethical business practices.

9. Gevalia Colombia Blend Medium Coffee

Gevalia Colombia Blend Medium Coffee

The coffee Pods are Medium Roast KCups. The perfect cup is provided by Gevalia Colombian Coffee K cups. Medium roast coffee can be delivered to your home. Prepared, heat and serve. Their coffee is made from 100% Arabica coffee beans. The Gevalia Coffee K cups are compatible with all of the brewing systems. Slow roasted, snap cooled beans are used in their single serve Pods. The medium roast KCup Coffee Pod is Kosher.

Brand: Gevalia

👤My wife and I liked the coffee. Several boxes were on sale at the supermarket. We searched for comparable prices on Amazon as our supply dwindled and we couldn't find it locally. The vendor had excellent reviews and the customer ordered the 72 count. The order did not come in a cardboard box, but in 4 boxes of 18 that were taped together. I looked at the k cups and leery boxes and they seemed legit. The coffee we tried had a distinct chocolate taste and less body than the one we tried first. I tried to return the order but I didn't know that this product wasn't eligible for a return or refund. I kept drinking it and my wife bought a different brand. The local supermarket had a great sale and we bought several items. The coffee we bought was very similar to the one we had before the Amazon offering. I decided to look at the boxes and cups closely. The cups have a different look to them in the photos I have uploaded. The Amazon offering has a small black circle that says "Keuring Brewed" around the perimeter of the cup. The retail version of the unit has a Q code printed on it, as well as the words "This unit not labled for retail sale". I looked at the boxes and found they were the same, but I saw the retail box's expiration info. I only realized that the Amazon box had a strip of white tape over the information when I saw it. I peeled back the tape and saw that the box had an expired date of May 8, 2016 The seller tried to obscure the information with white tape. The boxes had the same tape and dates. I uploaded all of the pictures for this review. I contacted Amazon directly and received a full refund, which they will investigate and follow up with the seller. Don't buy from this vendor. Coffee that is years beyond the expiration date can't be trusted because it is fraudulent.

👤I consider myself quite educated average Joe, and I drink a lot of coffee and different brands and varieties, but I am not a coffee expert. The coffee has a great smell that is still present in my house as we speak. It's not bitter, it's mellow, and it's exactly what you expect from pure Arabica coffee. I'm not Johnny to say that it's smokey or earthy, for me coffee is either good or bad, except this one. I like it! You went regret drinking it.

👤I have ordered this product three times because I like the coffee. And was very happy. I noticed that the packaging had changed, but that it was not arabica coffee. The taste has changed. You can see the difference in the labels.

👤I used to see ads for this product when I was younger, so I could get a free coffee maker. I avoided it. I bought these coffee makers because of the price, and it tasted amazing, even though I had bought a dozen other kinds on Amazon. I wouldn't post a review if it was true. It is very worth the money. I think it's a good idea.

10. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Single Serve

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Single Serve

The story is called BRAND. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters was born in the mountains. It's where they developed their commitment to improving the lands through coffee. Be bold. Be alive. Get out there and grab a cup. It's a shame. Coffee made with 100 percent Arabica beans is Orthodox Union Kosher. There is resilience. It is committed to 100 percent coffee. The genuine K-Cup coffee makers are compatible with the genuine K-Cup coffee makers. K-Cup Pods are not in original packaging and may look different than in the image. Simple recycling k-cups It was delicious. It's Recyclable. Enjoy the same great-tasting coffee you know and love, and when you are done just peel, empty and recycle. Not all communities recycle. There may be different packaging.

Brand: Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

👤So unhappy! The first time I ordered this, I received 6 boxes of 12 Pods each of the Single Origin Sumatra Reserve and it was wonderful. I received a box filled with loose old coffeepods that were not the same version as the one I received before, and nowhere near the same quality. I called customer service and got a refund, but I couldn't drink it after trying it. I am disappointed that they couldn't guarantee that I would get the right product if I ordered it again. It isn't nice to switch on Amazon.

👤This coffee is very bold. I like my coffee strong. The roast should be darker. Double Diamond is a new favorite. Green Mountain Dark Magic, Starbucks French Roast, and Tully's Italian Roast are all references. Double Diamond is an even darker roast than those three.

👤I like dark magic. I have tried to add other dark roasts but they are either too bitter or burnt to compliment Dark Magic. My last few deliveries have tasted uninspired. The dates are good, but the K-cups have crumpled foil tops. The tops have been tight in the past. I wonder if these are manufactured for a long time. Maybe that's why the prices go so low.

👤This coffee is very good. I had to stop using it because it kept getting in my coffee machine. I use several other brands of coffee and this one always causes my system to overload. I have stopped using it and it has worked perfectly. A co-worker of mine brought up the possibility that it was the coffee because he had the same issue with this particular Pod. I'm not sure what the issue is but it's too bad because everyone loved the coffee. I'm only rating it a 1 star because I can't use it for what it's intended to be used for.

👤I never tasted a strong enough brew in my travels, which is one of the reasons I don't like the idea of using a coffee maker. When I got a 2.0 maker as a gift, I was able to sample a variety and found the Green Mountain Dark Magic coffee to be the best tasting of all the samples I have tasted, enough for me to order the 90 pack for good measure. I like a bold coffee taste that is honest to gosh flavor. This is my pick.

👤I subscribe to the Dark Magic and Sumatran Reserve and save deliveries. Over the past year, I have gotten several boxes that don't have an adequate seal between the top foil and plastic part of the k-cup. There is no way to tell if the k-cup is good or bad. Coffee grounds are spit into your coffee cup when the pressure of the brewer pops open the foil. When you get to the bottom of the cup, it's not nice. Attached are pictures.

👤I can't function without a cup of coffee in the morning and evening. I like dark roast and drink it black. The flavor is important because I drink it this way. There's nothing worse than a cup of coffee. It is delicious. This doesn't make it my favorite because it has to it. When I ran out of Dark Magic, I bought a few boxes of Starbucks Pods. I purchased Sumatra and French Roast. French Roast suited my needs, but I was still very sleepy after a cup or two of Sumatra. I ordered these after I finished thosepods. The first day I had my Dark Magic, I felt great. I never stopped to think that changing my coffee could make a difference, but it did. I drink my coffee on an empty stomach before I work out. I notice how I feel after. This is the best dark roast I have ever tried.

11. Roast Ridge Single Flavored Variety

Roast Ridge Single Flavored Variety

You should be able to survive on theRIDGE! Roast Ridge Coffees were inspired by the quality of coffee beans produced at high altitudes. One of the world's most affordable coffees can be found at coffee farming at high-altitudes. The high lifespan is high. Roast Ridge coffees are grown between 1200 and 1800 meters above sea level. Their coffees come from small family owned farms. They offer a variety of coffees in your flavor profile. There is a single broom. Roast Ridge Coffee Roasts single batches of premium coffee beans for prime flavor. Their variety of origins, blends and roasts bring you the best coffee to brew and serve with a smooth finish. Coffee single serve Pods are available from the Roast Ridge Coffee Company. Roast Ridge Coffee K-Cups are perfect for coffee lovers on the go who need the convenience of single serve brew. It is compatible with the K-Cup brewing systems. The Flavored Variety Pack is perfect for all coffee lovers. Enjoy a sweet experience on any occasion. The variety pack contains some of the most popular coffee flavors. They're sure you'll find a favorite between the French Vanilla, Hazelnut, Salted caramel, Southern Pecan or Chocolate Mocha.

Brand: Roast Ridge

👤Over the last 7 months, I have purchased many brands of coffee from Amazon and have no problems. I thought I would give it a try and buy $30 in coffee. The k-pods have opened on the top while I brew the coffee, creating a liquid mess on my countertop and/or grounds in my cup. Since the product is nonreturnable, I have to watch closely each time I make a cup of coffee, and I am out $30. Definitely not a happy camper.

👤I wanted to try a new coffee and give it a try. It was a big mistake. The cup fills with coffee grounds when the lid blows open. It happened with the first one I put in. I thought my coffee maker was malfunctioning. I cleaned everything up, made sure there was no coffee left in the pin, and gave it another try. I took photos of it a second time. Don't buy. If I could, I would give less.

👤I didn't check the reviews on Amazon before buying this coffee, I bought it because of the high ratings. The 5-star reviews of this coffee were rated an "F" by that site. I now know why. The first time I put in a K-cup, it overflowed and I dumped a stream of grounds into my cup on the floor. When a KCup fails in this way, it jams the grounds into the needle that allows water to flow through. Even with a quality KCup, the Keurig couldn't function. I had to disassemble the cup holder to get the machine to work again. A lot of time was wasted. The coffee tasted ok, even though I tried to avoid the grounds. It's not worth the risk of a big mess and a malfunctioning K-cup. There are other brands of KCups that are the same price as the one that is supposed to work. Look for them.

👤I have a single-serve coffee maker that accepts loose coffee, tea bags, and K-cups. I mostly use the tray for the K-cups, but I've never had a problem with any of the cups I've ordered from different companies. I've tried every cup from the Roast Ridge collection and it's ruined my coffeemaker. Coffee grounds go everywhere once the hot water starts entering the cup, but the cup sits down in the cup-holder just fine with a snap. I've tried peeling the top off the cup and dumping it into the loose coffee tray for my coffee maker, but the grounds still seem to be in the tray, leaving a mess to clean up. The structure of these cups is the same as the other k-cups, but I believe the problem is with the size of the coffee grounds, it's too finely ground, causing the grinds to form a paste that prevents the water from flowing through.

👤My first cup tasted great, but then I started spitting out coffee grinds. I opened the machine and found a mess of grinds. The grinds were leaking out of the top when the seal broke. I cleaned the machine thoroughly until it was clean, then tried another one. Same issue. I bought a keurig cleaner and did research to make sure there was no problem with the needle. I used a different brand and it worked well. After cleaning the keurig, I tried these again. I tested them on another keurig at work and it did the same thing. I spent about a month trying to fix the machines, buying machine cleaning gadgets, and testing multiple keurigs, and I was out $30. If I get to return and replace these flawed ones, I'll consider a better rating.


What is the best product for best k cups coffee pods?

Best k cups coffee pods products from Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. In this article about best k cups coffee pods you can see why people choose the product. Solimo and Tim Hortons are also good brands to look for when you are finding best k cups coffee pods.

What are the best brands for best k cups coffee pods?

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Solimo and Tim Hortons are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best k cups coffee pods. Find the detail in this article. Two Rivers Coffee, Lavazza and Folgers are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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