Best Best Juicer for Oranges

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1. Rated Zulay Commercial Orange Squeezer

Rated Zulay Commercial Orange Squeezer

STAINLESS STEEL CONSTRUCTION The Electric Juicer for Oranges and Lemons has a premium build and construction that is perfect for any kitchen style. Its compact design will look great on your counter. The most efficient squeezer is a professional quality juicer. It gets the maximum amount of juice from fruit with no seeds. Pull the comfortable firm grip handle down for the fastest and easiest juicing. The Commercial Grade Hand Press Extractor is made of heavy duty cast iron. The juicer uses leverage and gravity to get the job done. It does the work for you. Powerful and secure crushing capabilities. You can crush and squeeze a variety of small fruits and veggies in the kitchen. The 5" cup allows it to be used with different types and sizes of fruit, it can handle most of the largest fruit. Mexican elbows are easier to hold than hand held juicers. You and your family will love the healthy juices you can get from apples, pineapple, Meyer lemons, Key limes, limequats, Mexican limes, Eureka or Lisbon lemons, Rangpur or Tahiti citrus limes, from Florida, California or abroad. Easy clean is to wipe clean in seconds. The strainer cup is dishwasher friendly. Exprimidor electrico, naranjas, limones, jugos, and manuel de jugos are all present. The heavy cast iron citrus juicer with built with rubber feet stays firmly in place to help reduce sliding around, tipping and falling. Even when using a press juicer.

Brand: Zulay Kitchen

👤Very disappointed. The vendor has different colors for this item. They don't tell you that those colors are spray painted. The one we ordered arrived yesterday and the photos are in the box in ten minutes. We didn't use it yet. The first picture has peeling paint. This is how it came out of the box. I will be throwing this away and buying from a company that doesn't spray paint their tools meant to be used in the kitchen for food prep. This is not acceptable.

👤We purchased this a few months ago and waited until we juiced a few hundred fruits to write a review. We've juiced limes, lemons, oranges, and tried pressing non citrus fruits because, hey, why not? You get a high yield and if you strain it to remove the pith, it's completely solid. We're big fans, but we want to make sure it's right for you. It's heavy, so keep it in mind for storage and access. We put ours on top of the fridge so only one of us can take it down. It's very sturdy, but you have to place a free hand on the juicer to prevent it from leaning forward, because you're pulling the lever in a forward arcs. If you're shorter than 5'5", you're going to struggle handling it if you place it on your kitchen counter. Zulay, if you're listening, consider adding more weight to the rear of the unit to address this in future models. There are 3 more The lever is heavy and sturdy, so I understand people's concern for safety by leaving it in the upright position, but it is slightly balanced more than 90 degrees in the other direction, so my guess is, "if" it falls forward, people are bumping into it more than gravity We are not overly concerned by this. You don't have to be very strong to use this. We need to hold it steady, but don't mistake the feedback for being a body builder to crush a fruit. The hinges and weight do the work until the last inch. It requires a little strength, but people who are not strong should be able to press through the fruit. You don't need an apron per se, but small amounts of juice will spray out of the sides when pressing, so either slow it down to contain the juice, or prepare to wipe up with a quarter sheet of paper towel when you're done. The steel press, two base pieces and upside cone-like piece are the main pieces of the press. The press is attached to the unit so it's a little harder to clean the latter two. It only touches the outside of fruit. We've heard that the paint is chipping on some units. We're not seeing it. If you use a wet sponge, we'll have to see, but we're not terribly concerned about this. Our hands are less cramped, we're juicing more limes faster, and here's a trick, we're filling ice cube trays with 1-oz pours of lime juice and freezing them so we can pull them out one at a time and make the juice last longer. Good work on this one, Zulay!

2. Eurolux Electric Squeezer Grapefruit Stainless

Eurolux Electric Squeezer Grapefruit Stainless

The final-Spin feature extracts more juice. Eurolux ELCJ-1900 Electric Citrus Juicer uses a new and improved motor gear that offers a quiet yet powerful juice extraction at only 120 Watts. It is the same power as a 160W juicer but is more energy efficient and is expected to last longer. An automatic one-tOUCH operation. The Orange Juice Machine has a clear, see-through top press that only requires a minimal amount of pressure to start the juicing process. Press the handle down to start. It has an auto-on/off function. All the time, pure and healthy ice. You will enjoy a seedless, fresh orange juice or lemonade all the time with its integrated filter. The filter is able to capture pits. It gives you twice as much juice. Most fruit shapes and sizes are compatible. You don't have to change the cone lid for a specific fruit. The juicing cone is designed to be versatile. It helps avoid messy squeezing and secures the fruit in place. STAINLESS STEEL CONSTRUCTION The Electric Juicer for Oranges and Lemons has a premium build and construction that is perfect for any kitchen style. Its compact design will look great on your counter.

Brand: Eurolux

👤The power is like a hias under the hood. Sometimes I have tough juicers that I have to use. The juicer gets all the juice out. I was interested in a press-down handle or lid, but it actually works well, saves your hands. The plastic lid is good enough, but not as strong as a metal arm type. The strainer is thin and easy to clean, and the spout works fine if you forget to pop it up. I think the company could provide a container that is perfect for the unit. The height of the spout is low for taller glasses, while shorter glasses don't take enough juice. Very well built, 5*. I think it will last a long time. I've never tried a juicer that beats all the others I've tried, and the price is great.

👤I bought this juicer a few months ago, and it works great. I tried to contact customer service through Amazon and Eurolux's website to get a replacement juice tray after the spout broke off, but there is no way to contact either of them. I don't want to buy another one because this one works great, but I can't find replacement parts. I am angry and upset about this. Both Amazon and Eurolux's customer service are terrible. I will not be buying anything like this from Amazon anymore. It was very upsetting in AMAZON.

👤Works well. When used for several dozen, did shut down for a period to cool down.

👤The ease of use made me like it, but the motor overheated easily. This is not the juicer for you if you need to do a lot of juicing. If you are juicing less than a quart at a time, it will perform well.

👤I made juice out of it. Oh my! Sooo great! You must have it! It didn't make the noise I had from it. This one is so much better because it squeezes all of the pulps out. The product is worth money and definitely a must have. You can go by the size of the lime. It works well on all sizes. When I used it on lime, I forgot to post it. It worked well.

👤It's easy to use. The instructions are in English and have a foreign language tinge to them. Don't put the dishwasher in because it's easy to clean. The first time I disassembled it, the lid came off easily, but it won't come off with force and I'm afraid I will break it. I wipe it off with a cloth. This will do just an orange or two whenever I want juice, and it saves my hands from using a manual juicer.

👤Product was too large for our tasks.

👤I only used this once since I bought it. I juiced thirty lemons from a Meyer Lemon tree. I hope it continues to work well.

👤This juicer is very convenient and easy to use. When it's free of paper.

3. Proctor Silex Juicit Citrus Juicer

Proctor Silex Juicit Citrus Juicer

The product has a 1 year limited warranty. Fresh juice can be made using oranges, lemons, limes, and other fruit. The electric juicer can be used to make salad dressings. It works well as a lemon and orange juicer. It's best to eat small to large citrus fruit. The electric juicer has two reamers for small to large fruit. It's a good idea to juice everything from Key limes to grapefruit. The juicer automatically reverses when it's needed the most. The large 34 Oz. can be used to serve a CROWD. PITCHER: The easy to read measurement markings on the juicer pitcher make it easy to follow juice recipes. The pitcher serves at the table after collecting the juice. The PULP level is easy to control. You can adjust the amount of pulp in your juice by sliding the control dial. The pulp can easily be discarded. The pitcher, lid, reamers and pulp control basket are dishwasher safe and make it easy to clean. Kitchen cabinets are orderly with nested storage.

Brand: Proctor Silex

👤Some people had a problem with this unit breaking, but I believe their issue was "use error", which is not an industrial unit. If you don't jam the fruit down, it will work. I have juiced about 200 oranges and 59 lemons. She has had hers for a couple of years after I borrowed a friends unit. If the measuring indicators were black or white it would be much easier to read.

👤My old item finally wore out, so I bought a new one. I like this product a lot but it's annoying that it's loud. I would like to see that feature worked on a little. The motor does wear out eventually but my old one lasted a long time so for the price, that is not bad. It is very easy to clean.

👤I needed a juicer to help with carpal tunnel. This was perfect because I didn't want to spend a lot of money. It was smaller than I thought. It stores really easy for me. The assembly is back in place and it is easy to clean. There were no issues.

👤The juicer was in a bad packaging. The box with the juicer fell out when it was opened. The plastic sticker seal on the juicer box was missing. The juicer was damaged. I tried to take it apart and wash it, but I didn't know how to do it. This item seems to have been a return. I washed a manual I found on the internet. The orange juice I produced was excellent. I like the item. I used to buy returns which were in great condition but were advertised as such and were cheaper. I usually return the items I received back to AMAZON. I will keep this one since I like it, but I would appreciate at least to be informed about what I am getting.

👤This is a great juicer. It is easy to clean. The cord is easy to store when not in use because it is wrapped around the bottom. Well designed. Only time will tell if it is durable. I am very glad I chose this brand and model, because I read a lot about other brands. It's perfect for my needs.

👤The product I ordered was based on a review. The product overloads the GFI circuits in the kitchen after I use it. I tried different plugs on different circuits. Same results. I returned the item and received a second one, thinking the first was faulty. The same thing happens with the replacement item. In order to juice limes and lemons in our house, we need two people, one to run the juicer and the other to reset theGFI circuit.

👤My manual was not an option because I needed to juice a bunch of limes and had shoulder surgery. After reading lots of positive reviews, I decided to try it, even though I wasn't sure if it would work. I am impressed. It works well and didn't cause any problems even with the smallest filter. The maximum out of the fruit was achieved. It's easy to clean, just take it apart and put it in the dishwasher. I highly recommend this little guy. I put it to a good test over the weekend. If the review breaks soon, I'll update it.

4. Vinci Hands Free Electric Citrus Juicer

Vinci Hands Free Electric Citrus Juicer

Have you ever heard of a place where they lived happily ever after? That's the story with OTOTO's household products. Why? When you have cute gadgets to explore, chores are no longer boring. Their team tries to create products that are quirky and unexpected. They hope that you like the fun and magic that they do and that you feel the same way. It is easy to use and clean. A simple press operation. It's much easier to use a handheld juice squeezer. The parts are dishwasher safe. The Tritan Plastic Juicer Bowl holds up to 12 ounces. Make your own fresh juice with vitamins and minerals. Lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruits, and other organic citrus fruits can be used. It's great for healthy drinks and cocktails. The included 2 pulp filters are low and high interchangeable.

Brand: Vinci

👤The lid broke on the 16th lemon. The folks at Vinci were very helpful and replaced the juicer after hearing of the issue with the latch.

👤This is my favorite juicer. I will never drink juice in a different way. If you love fresh squeezed orange juice like I do, you need a juicer. Trust me, you will never drink juice in a different way. I don't like buying store orange juice that is high in sugar. The machine is easy to use. I was able to figure it out, even though I didn't read the instructions. I cut the orange in half, opened the top, closed the lid, and pressed the power button. It was easy to clean. I washed it after removing the top part. This appliance is my favorite.

👤This is a below average item. The secure twist feature that holds the top and bottom when squeezing the juice will come undone every 2 or 3 fruits. I have to hold it so it won't twist. The tongue or latch piece that lets the juice out of the receptacle came with one small piece that was broken and the juice will spill as you squeeze it. The receptacle is small, if you are looking for a perfect juicer, this is not the one, it is made in China. I won't buy from them or give a fake review and I don't want to return my money.

👤The cheap plastic juicer broke after a few uses. The cover snapped and plastic broke. I tried to attach a photo but it was not possible. Don't buy a juicer.

👤I loved the idea of a juicer. It is a wonder. The clear bowl broke and I am getting a refund. I wish a well respected company would pick up this idea and make it stronger. I will buy again when it is stronger. I loved this machine.

👤This product is much more than I anticipated. It is easy to use and clean, and it extracts all the juice and fruit. I have resisted buying an electric juicer because I knew they wouldn't do a good job. I was surprised. We decided on this one after previewing every juicer from $25-$250. I think we were lucky to have found this juicer.

👤It was easy to operate and clean. I juiced 8 Meyer lemons in less than 20 minutes and stopped a few times to clear the strainer. It didn't get into the peel. The spout did not leak. I plan to make my own cleaning solution with lemon peels. I bought a bag of oranges to juice later in the week because I was so happy with the results. I am happy with my purchase and plan to recommend it to friends.

👤I bought the Vinci Juicer on Aril 5, 2020 and it was delivered on April 10, 2020. I had to hold it from spinning while in use because the top unit of the receptacle was not locked in place, which defeats the purpose of being Hand-Free. I didn't want to have to return it since I could still make juice by holding the receptacle down and preventing the top unit from spinning. Two months after using the product, pieces of the plastic receptacle break off and the back of the black cover that holds the receptacle comes off, leaving the cover stuck to the receptacle. I have to throw it away because it cost me $104. The manufacturer use cheap Chinese plastic materials on the top part of the product, but it is not cheap. Buyers beware! If you don't register the product within a month, it won't be covered under the warranty. The information is not displayed before purchase. I missed the one month window from the date of purchase to register the product because I found out that it was not covered under the warranty.

5. OXO Good Grips Citrus Juicer

OXO Good Grips Citrus Juicer

30 W is the wattage. The small reamer is good for lemons and limes. There are measurement markings up to 1. 5 cups/350 liters. The body is shaped for a comfortable grip. Reamers are used to clean and nest for storage.

Brand: Oxo

👤I don't think I should expect much at this price point. The juicer is not very good. If you only use one orange, it will work. The second half of the orange is slower to get into the cup than the first because the orange's reamer slows down the juice to get into the cup. It's almost impossible to do a second orange without taking the pulp out. OXO makes a lot of high quality stuff. The cup is very slippery.

👤The package was opened and there were scratches on the container and one of the reamers was dirty. It is unacceptable. Returned for a refund.

👤I can't believe how easy it was to squeeze lemons using this product. I have been making my own salad dressings and having to squeeze the lemons by hand was inefficient and annoying. It was fun to use this product. It is very sturdy and well made so it can squeeze the life out of lemons. The cleaning process was very easy to do. Definitely recommend!

👤I didn't have enough to return it. I juice a grapefruit with 2 oranges every morning and was hoping this would simplify the process. It doesn't. The container and scraper lid are not as big as I thought. As I juice it keeps popping loose. * The scraper catch is so small it can only hold two oranges.

👤This works well for lemons, limes, and oranges. I get more juice from it. Storage is the only real downsize. You can't just put it in the drawer. It's difficult to line up the orange and yellow pieces so they can be put away. I've been frustrated by this every time I use it. It works well. I could have used the orange and yellow parts. I don't need a measuring cup. I'm dumb. The orange/yellow pieces have slots on the lip of the cup. They click into place when they go in a certain order. Less frustration now. The measuring cup is useful but I could use the glass measuring cup instead. The orange one is probably the only one. You can buy a reamer. I'm keeping my rating since this does work well but you can save some space.

👤Here is the thing. I told myself I was going to make orange juice and have a supermom moment. I was sick. I ran to buy oranges after I got it. I bought blood oranges because I am the cool mom. I slayed this juice and my kids are going to like it. I juiced 2 bags of oranges. I had enough juice for four glasses. I know what you are thinking, it is a review for a juicer. It takes a million oranges to make juice. If I had read a review that said I would be pressing down and manual juicing for an hour to have 4 tiny glasses or juice, I wouldn't have done it. It has a problem with pulp. After 5 oranges, you use your fingers to push the juice through the spoon, it now lives in the junk drawer in the kitchen.

6. Breville 800CPXL Die Cast Stainless Steel Motorized

Breville 800CPXL Die Cast Stainless Steel Motorized

The Breville Citrus Press Pro has more variety, more juice with less fuss, and it has a Quadra-Fin acid-resistant cone that maximizes the extract of all citrus fruits. There is a guillotine guillotine. The juicing cone design is dishwasher safe and can extract the maximum juice from all sizes of fruit. There is a dual blade safety. The safety switch won't allow the cone to spin until both the arm is lowered and sufficient pressure is placed on the top of the cone, and the juicers triple hinged arm ensures downward pressure throughout the juicing process. The ACID RESISTANT DIE CAST CONE is a movie. The die-cast body of the Breville Citrus Press Pro is resistant to corrosive citric acid, which makes it a great juicer. Stop the ICE sting. The drip stop system on the citrus juicer makes it easy to keep the juice out of your countertop. The Fruit Dominica is a fruit tree. The juicers fruit dome is easy to clean. The dishwasher is safe. Cleaning up the juicing cone, juice collector, juice filter, and fruit dome can take a lot of time. The product has a 1 year limited warranty.

Brand: Breville

👤The product is going to be delivered to my home. It is a solid build appliance, however, after less than five pounds of orange press the drive shaft cracked. A long vertical fractured is not a small crack. This little shaft is made with poor quality plastic and no matter how strong the rest machine is made of, it is a disappointment. I called the USA number on the back of the User Guide, but was put on hold for a long time. I give up holding the phone number and come here to write a report. I hope Breville can tell me what to do with the appliance.

👤After minimal use, died. The unit wouldn't work for a while. There is a smell of rubber. I will have to deal with Breville on repair/replacement because my return window is closed. I would not look for fruit if it was more than 30 pieces.

👤I like this machine. It juices fruits. You don't have to keep emptying the strainer because the two fins keep the juice flowing even as the pulp builds. It can handle a lot of fruit. The part that juices the fruit fits onto a plastic rod is my only complaint about it. The plastic rod doesn't look very strong and can't hold up. The first one I got, the rod was damaged on the first try. The fact that the rod got damaged so easily is a little disconcerting, but perhaps there was a little user error in that the juicer part wasn't lined up correctly. The whole item is built out of good materials and seems high quality, except for this critical part. I got it replaced and have not had any issues with the new one, but I'm a little paranoid. This may be the best citrus juicer on the market.

👤I expected the machine to work out of the box, but it didn't. I bought a 15 year old Braun Citromatic Juicer for $25 and it works better. If I am juicing, what happens when I get a lot of juice at the same time, but it leaks from the spout? Half the juice spills over the counter from the sides of the spout if I close the spout and try to open it. I did some research online. If you watch the video for 33 seconds, it shows a leak. I looked at some 3rd party reviews and all of them did not juice with the spout closed or never opened, so I got a replacement from Amazon. The looks are solid. It looks great on the counter. The basic functions of a juicer are missing. The top part that comes off is hard to pull out and plug back in. They could have done a better job. The inside is made of plastic and harder to clean. The strainers and the cone that I have to wash are rough steel, not smooth, so it is slightly harder to wash away, but that is something I can live with. There is a Breville used to include two strainers with this product. They only include the one that is pulpy. Even though most people would prefer more pulp, it does bother me that they removed one item from the original product. I think it is a love and hate relationship, because I like the way it spills and I hate it when it does. If I decide to keep the juicer, I will have to be aware of the flaw and never juice with the spout closed. I hope that helps.

7. Squeezer Measuring Grater´╝îMulti Function Multi Size Non Slip

Squeezer Measuring Grater%EF%BC%8CMulti Function Multi Size Non Slip

STAINLESS STEEL CONSTRUCTION The Electric Juicer for Oranges and Lemons has a premium build and construction that is perfect for any kitchen style. Its compact design will look great on your counter. The orange/lemon/lime juice squeezer can be used as an orange/lemon/lime juice squeezer and has a brand new Flip-Top design for space-saving storage. The garlic grate is perfect for potato, cheese, and ginger. The Lemon Squeezer Citrus Juicer Manual Space Saving Kitchen Tools is made of food-grade ABS material, and it has an Anti-Slip Non-Marking Silicone Base to make sure that it will last for a long time. A multi-size ReamersUpgraded Green reamer is designed to extract maximum juice, fully squeezing every lemon or lime, while a transparent reamer applies to extract orange and other bigger fruits. You can take out the juice quickly. This manual juicer container is perfect for camping and has a 16oz capacity. Measurement markings help you add juice to your food exactly, perfect for fresh juice marinades, flavors, and cocktails, and more. It is dishwasher safe and easy to clean, the citrus juicer can be placed in the top rack. You will love it if you try it. This will be a good choice. The quality of the manual juicer is something they are confident in. If you have a problem, please contact them. They will give you a replacement or refund based on your preferences.

Brand: Phiwicsh

👤If you're going to use a juicer to get fresh squeezed juice then you should at least get some juice, I believe, because I've been trying the metal hand squeezer juicers and call them old fashioned. The other juicers only squeeze out a small amount of juice. The old fashioned juicer gets all the juice out of the fruit. I can get a whole glass of juice from one orange or lemon. It's very easy to clean and it's easier to use. It's strong. The value is great.

👤All the seeds fall into the juice because of the wide slit. The bowl is made out of plastic. It became a weird texture after being used for the first time and we didn't store any juice in the bowl.

👤I've been looking for a juicer. This is the best type that I have had. The size is perfect for a lemon. The juice dropped right out when you twist it. The seeds are caught by the strainer. I wish it had a pour spout. It is stable.

👤I was looking at an electric juicer, but didn't want to spend money. I wouldn't use that much. I have arthritis in my hands, but the ease-of-use and sturdiness of this juicer is excellent.

👤I used this product to juice some limes. The cheap plastic bowl looked like it had been scrubbed with steel wool. The acid of the limes was too much for it. Why would you use a bowl that can't handle the juice from a lemon? A waste of money.

👤It was easy to use. It's great for making lemonade. Sturdy and strong. It is easy to clean. I love making my own juice in the morning. Great purchase. Inexpensive. A great gift. Recommended.

👤It's pretty simple. The juice comes out when you push down on an orange. You drink it. It's not good. It is easy to use. It was pretty straight forward. It came with a cheese plate.

👤I don't like the fact that OJ products have so many preservatives. It is very easy to clean. It has a longer top. It's possible to remove it to juice limes and lemons. I have yet to use the tool. I got this for freshly squeezed OJ. I will not drink from the store again.

8. Cuisinart CCJ 500 Control Brushed Stainless

Cuisinart CCJ 500 Control Brushed Stainless

3 year limited from the bestselling juice extractor brand - Includes access to dedicated USA customer support team of Hamilton beach employees It's a super function. The sleek brushed steel Pulp ControlCitrus Juicer gets out more juice. Must-have features include a reamer with 3 control settings and a universal juicer cone. There are additional features. An extra-long snap-up spout that accommodates more glasses and prevents drippings is part of the Final-Spin feature. The Juicing Cone can hold small limes to large grapefruits. Refer to the user manual for questions surrounding warranty policies and the product is free.

Brand: Cuisinart

👤I thought that the juicer was for lazy people who didn't want to juice their own lemons. I was wrong. I bought this juicer because I watched the Barefoot Contessa use it on the Food Network and now I know why. The benefits of using an electric juicer over a wooden one are laid out. If you need to measure out a precise amount of juice for a recipe, it is much easier to put a measuring cup under the plastic snap-up spout of the electric juicer than it is to use a wooden reamer. Electric juicers get more juice out of lemons than a regular lemon squeezer. The direction of the reamer is controlled by the Cuisinart juicer. Electric juicers have a benefit that manual juicers don't have, which is the fact that the juice won't squirt into your eyes. The "Final-Spin" feature is similar to the one in a clothes washing machine. The final-spin feature works when you press the clear plastic lid down onto the juicer and the reamer will spin really fast and you will get all the juice out of the remaining fruit. You can't do that with a wooden reamer. The Cuisinart juicer filters out the pulp. Most electric and manual juicers have this feature, but not all. Every part of the Cuisinart is dishwasher safe, which makes it very convenient for cleaning. I mentioned the snap-up spout in the review, but I didn't explain what it was. If you don't want lemon juice all over your counter, the snap-up spout is a good idea. The Cuisinart juicer has a nice looking body and will last a long time. A lot of electric juicers' motor noise is very loud, but that isn't the case with the Cuisinart. The Cuisinart isn't loud and won't interrupt conversations. If you're willing to purchase one, I would recommend the Cuisinart for it's final spin feature and it's steel body. Pros and Cons: - Quieter than most electric citrus juicers - Unique "Final-Spin" feature. If you found this review helpful, I would appreciate it if you clicked the "helpful" button. Thanks!

👤Totally disappointed in the customer service of Cuisinart. It makes me angry that they don't care. The juicer has a warranty. After 6 months, it stopped working. It took 4 phone calls and hours on the phone with them to find out that it has a 3 year warranty. The cost of shipping could be $25. The product does not cost that much. I asked the customer service rep and manager if there was anything they could do to make it cheaper to ship the product back and forth. This is how they said it was. Don't buy this one if you need a juicer that works. I bought it because of the rankings. I am very disappointed. I'm buying something else instead of spending the same amount on shipping, and I'll have to deal with it in 6 months.

👤Something is not right. I want a new one or I want my money back.

9. Cuisinart Citrus Juicer with Carafe

Cuisinart Citrus Juicer with Carafe

The pitcher, lid, reamers and pulp control basket are dishwasher safe and make it easy to clean. Kitchen cabinets are orderly with nested storage. There is a 24oz. Glass Carafe with lid is easy to pour. The reamer has 3 control settings. Universal juicer cone for more efficient juicing. The cover protects against dust in storage. The final-Spin feature extracts more juice.

Brand: Cuisinart

👤Making orange juice can be messy. We used to own a small grove of oranges. We sold a lot of fruit. There was always a juicer in our house because we were always making juice for ourselves and others. Burned out at least one or two. The shape of the cone and the design of the ridges are important to us. When our neighbor gave us a lot of oranges, I found this one based on the brand. My mixer is a mixmaster, but most of my small appliances are from Cuisinart. The juicer made over a gallon and a half of juice. The strainer was dumped three times because I changed the content of the pulp. It took about 12 to fill the glass pitcher. I put the juice into a bigger pitcher and put it in the fridge. A bag of oranges from the store would fit in a glass pitcher in the refrigerator. The cone does a great job of removing the juice without making it bitter. No seeds will get into your juice because the holes in the strainer are small. You won't get any of the skins from the segments. The part that is good. Clean up is easy if you rinse the parts off. The orange juice can settle and make sticky if there are no small crevices or hiding places. When you're ready to remove the pitcher, the on/off drip catcher is a plus. It helps keep the platform clean. I keep it out of the kitchen counter because it's not tall enough to fit in a cabinet, but it's a small footprint and matches the rest of my appliances. There is a The clear plastic cap wouldn't stay on the top because the plastic tray was slightly out of round. Now that it's been out of the box for a while, it fits and stays on.

👤I decided to purchase this after watching the video, even though it wasn't in stock for a few weeks. The reverse feature and the carafe sold me, even though it was more expensive than the other one. The extract is easy to clean, some of the juice may get lodged in the slots, but a quick brush can remove that. You have to press down on the fruit to apply pressure. If you press to the side, it will stop. It didn't seem to hurt the unit or the user. I don't have the strength in my hand to squeeze things like that anymore and I have 3 different sizes of them. It worked well on lemons and oranges, but not on limes. It makes some noise but is not excessive. I'm happy with it to do what I need it to do. I don't think you would want to use it for a lot of juicing jobs, but it should be adequate for home use. I would recommend it.

👤Two lemons stopped working and I also saw black pieces of plastic in a glass bowl. Stay away!

10. Eurolux Electric Orange Squeezer Stainless

Eurolux Electric Orange Squeezer Stainless

Pour Spout is Drip-Free. The container has a handle and spout. The Eurolux ELCJ-1600 Electric Citrus Juicer uses a new and improved motor gear that offers a quiet yet powerful juice extraction at only 120 Watts. It is the same power as a 160W juicer but is more energy efficient and is expected to last longer. An automatic one-tOUCH operation. The soft grip rubber handle press on the Orange Juice Machine only requires a minimal amount of pressure to start the juicing process. Press the handle down to start. It has an auto-on/off function. All the time, pure and healthy ice. You will enjoy a seedless, fresh orange juice or lemonade all the time with its integrated filter. The filter is able to capture pits. It gives you twice as much juice. Most fruit shapes and sizes are compatible. You don't have to change the cone lid for a specific fruit. The juicing cone is designed to be versatile. It helps avoid messy squeezing and secures the fruit in place. STAINLESS STEEL CONSTRUCTION The Electric Juicer for Oranges and Lemons has a premium build and construction that is perfect for any kitchen style. Its compact design will look great on your counter.

Brand: Eurolux

👤I was skeptical about the quality of the juicer at this price point. I had a few glasses of fresh squeezed orange juice this summer and the oranges were so good, I knew I needed an alternative to doing it by hand or paying Jamba Juice $6 a glass. The reviews for this item were very good and the price was 1/3 of the next juicer I was considering. It was worth trying out, I decided for the price. I was impressed. The juicer works well. There are some people who don't like the fact that they don't get all the juice from the pulp. The amount of juice that this juicer extracts is amazing. I would just eat the non-juiced pulp and get my fiber with my juice, but I don't think the little amount more is worth the effort or clean up. The juicer is easy to clean. I don't know if it's recommended, but I just throw the parts into the top rack of my dishwasher and wipe the rest of the juicer clean. It was very quick and easy to clean up. I was worried about the parts being plastic, but they are sturdy and have no issues at all. I'm not a big fan of small appliances, but I'm sure I will love this juicer for many, many years to come, and I've owned a Kitchenaid stand mixer for over 24 years, and I'm sure that I will be loving it for many, many

👤I bought this for its simplicity and it was great. It is easy to use and clean. Cut the oranges into juice from the bag. The device stopped working after a few oranges. I tried everything to get it running again. The manual says after a few minutes of use it needs to rest. The heat is generated by the motor. It fails to mention how long. I don't think I'm doing this in the hot sun because I run my AC at 74F. The device took about 15-20 minutes to cool down. There are no vents on the side or bottom of the motor. It was a terrible design. I understand that it needs to cool down. But after a few minutes of use? For 20 minutes?

👤The first Eurolux Juicer broke in 15 months. I bought another one because I loved the juicer so much. The second one broke in 6 months. Two tiny screws and two plastic posts hold the spout on. The juicer becomes useless when they break off. We washed the second one. The plastic posts don't hold up to the acid in the juices.

👤I am in love with this appliance. I used to use my arm to squeeze the juice when I was younger. The only thing required is to press the arm down and it will do all the work. It will squeeze the juice out of the fruit. It's unbelievable! I was not aware that you can push the pour spout up when you want to empty your juice into the pitcher. That way it won't fall on the counter. Not even a drop dropped! I use a large pyrex measuring cup. The machine will squeeze a large fruit. If the fruit is really big, you may have to adjust the position of the fruit. It is easy to clean. The machine does not move. It's not messy. I bought a one for my mom who is in her 90's. It is not loud. It catches the seeds. If you are squeezing a lot of fruit, you will need to clean the seed catcher. If you do a large pitcher full, it would be like that. My mom was very happy about it. It is worth it. I bought the warranty. Enjoy!

11. BLACK DECKER Citrus Juicer CJ650W

BLACK DECKER Citrus Juicer CJ650W

The heavy cast iron citrus juicer with built with rubber feet stays firmly in place to help reduce sliding around, tipping and falling. Even when using a press juicer. The auto-reversing juicing cones give maximum juice extract. You can use it in other recipes if you have a control on how much pul collects in the strainer. Markings on the juice container make it easy to read the measurement. Pour Spout is Drip-Free. The container has a handle and spout. 30 W is the wattage.

Brand: Black+decker

👤The Hamilton Beach was our previous electric juicer. A piece was lost so we had to buy a new one. The B&D model had all the features we wanted, but not the durability. You get what you pay for here. This one lasted less than a year. The bowl locks into the base with a small twist. I grabbed the handle and gave it a twist to the right to open it from the base, and the side of the bowl cracked open. If stronger materials were used, this wouldn't have happened because the motor was already showing signs of fatigue when it would make a grinding noise. I can't recommend this product because of my experience.

👤After seeing so many negative reviews about the cord, you should check under the base. I agree! It's over 2 feet long. I have a lot to say about this. Is the most perfect product for $16? No. It does work. I knew that it would be loud and that it could break soon after reading the reviews. There is a warranty for 2 years. It is loud, but not obnoxious. You will be disappointed with the strainer if you dislike pulp with a passion. It doesn't strain all of the pulp on the highest setting. We will keep this product because my husband likes it. I was surprised that the strainer and cone came apart. Don't worry about having the pulp stuck on there and making mold. It is nice that the container is large. I got 22 ounces from 4 oranges. The cone can reverse. Unless you only do one piece of fruit, you should not expect to do it in 5 minutes. I found it annoying that I had to stop and dump the fruit at every oranges. It can't hold a lot without getting stuck. This is great for someone on a budget who likes fresh oranges and doesn't like bottled oranges. I like the noise. Maybe later I will be able to get a better one that has more power and is more quiet.

👤It's concerned about durability. The juicer works fine. We wanted to get rid of the 230V up converters on the counter top because they are attacking the plastic after 20 years. The motor base is less heavy than the old device and the noise indicates a sloppy all plastic gear box. I am pretty sure this one won't last long. Maybe less. Its also 16 dollars. I am pretty sure the old one was at least 3 to 4x. I didn't find it for a juicer, so it probably evens out. After only one week of using 1-2 Lemons a day, the gearbox is moving in one direction. I am returning the unit for a refund because it is about to blow up.

👤I had a fancy juicer that was hard to clean and messy, so I wanted to try this. My old one doesn't juice into a container, I have to put a measuring cup in it to capture it, and it would drips all over, creating a big mess... This doesn't make a mess. I use a mesh strainer, which is the same one I use with my more expensive juicer, because it doesn't weed out all the pulp. I usually don't buy things I don't need, but I'm glad I decided on this purchase. I make my own jam. I drink lemon water. This saves me a lot of time and hassle because I juice 24 lemons every week. It was easy to assemble and disassemble. It already broke. The straining part that hooks into the other straining parts notch broke off on both sides.


What is the best product for best juicer for oranges?

Best juicer for oranges products from Zulay Kitchen. In this article about best juicer for oranges you can see why people choose the product. Eurolux and Proctor Silex are also good brands to look for when you are finding best juicer for oranges.

What are the best brands for best juicer for oranges?

Zulay Kitchen, Eurolux and Proctor Silex are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best juicer for oranges. Find the detail in this article. Vinci, Oxo and Breville are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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