Best Best Juicer for Celery Juice

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1. KOIOS Juicer GERMANY Extended Warranty

KOIOS Juicer GERMANY Extended Warranty

You can buy European engines with a 100% American guarantee. Product features Masticating Juicer can extract all kinds of fruits and vegetables. This masticating juicer extractor is a good investment for a comfortable family. The juicer can be used for less than 60db. It's easy to assemble, operate, and clean dishwasher-safe parts. The perfect design will allow you to make juice in a quiet environment. The masticating juicer keeps the vitamins, minerals, and trace minerals from being destroyed. It is the best to keep a low heat build-up and minimal Oxidation. Slow juicers have higher juice yield by the reverse function. You will get a really good taste, rich and concentrated, thanks to the juice extractor. Slow juicer is made of baby food grade materials and adopts advanced technology. The motor is covered by a 10-year warranty. The parts are covered by a warranty. FDA certification. They offer lifelong technical consultation and customer service.

Brand: Koios

👤I bought a juicer for my grandmother. I juice carrots for her. It has been fine. The plastic piece on the strainer popped off a few weeks ago and made juicing impossible. I have tried to contact the seller by email, phone, and social media but have not received a response. The company claims the product is under warranty, but what if you can't get in touch with anyone? My grandmother is out of juice and money. If the seller sees this, please contact us as this is so frustrating and no way to do business.

👤I am very happy with this juicer. I have never had a slow juicer. I felt that my previous juicer was wasting produce and juices and that they started tasting funny after a day. I like being able to make juices. I got a new juicer this week and am happy with the features for soft and hard foods. I made a mix of juices with produce that worked well, such as cucumber, lemon, orange, apples, pineapple, asparagus, carrot, and unpeeled carrot. There are greens such as beets, and other greens. Most of these do well in this juicer. The juice lasts for up to two days and is still great. The produce works well except for the greens. I used to make 16 ounces of juice with a pound of celery at a time. I am happy that I can save money on produce and that I can get more juice from half a pound of celery. The juicer is easy to use. I'm very happy with how the juicer works.

👤It seems like soft fruits don't get enough juice squeezed out even when I run them twice. I received an email offering a bribe after writing a review. Thank you so much for purchasing our juicer. Hazel is from the team. The juicer warranty has been activated. I think that's correct. I'm so glad you like this juicer, I read your comment on our website and I'm happy to know you like it. Hope that it can help you in your health journey and make you more brilliant. I think that's correct. It seems like soft fruits don't get enough juice squeezed out even when I run them twice. The soft fruit's juice yield is 80%- 85%, since the juice of the soft fruit is higher than the hard ones, at the same juice yield. We will try our best to do better. I would like to give you a gift. There are several options for you, but could you give us a good review on Amazon? Your honest review means a lot to us and we hope you could help. We will arrange the shipment of the free gift for you as soon as possible after we see your review and get your reply. Here is my honest review. I juiced a quart of strawberries after I received this email. The pulp was wet and swimming in juice. I only got 2 cups of juice. I squeezed it through several layers of cheesecloth. I probably could have gotten more if I had gotten at least 1/3 cup more. This is not a great juicer. It's very wrong, immoral and wrong to try to get buyers for great reviews.

2. Bonsenkitchen MJ8901 Masticating Juicer Green

Bonsenkitchen MJ8901 Masticating Juicer Green

Their slow masticating juicer provides you with purer taste juice because it has 7 upgraded segment sprials that extract up to 90% more juice from fruits and veggies. The Bonsenkitchen cold press juicer with soft/hard 2-speed control can extract various of vegetables and fruits. The reverse function of the celery machines makes it easy to clean. The parts can be cleaned with the included brush and dishwasher-safe. The juice extractor is easy to assemble and disassemble, so you can get your kids to down veggies as well as having fun in making juice by themselves. You can enjoy a quiet environment and a healthy life with less than 60 decibels. Lifetime technical support is included in the 12 months warranty. If you are not satisfied, please contact them. They promise to make it right. For you.

Brand: Bonsenkitchen

👤The end cap of the juicer was not able to be twisted off from the rest of the mechanism. It is not good. I am unable to disassemble it to clean it because it is rotting. I've tried a lot of different ways to get it unstuck. It won't twist off. I contacted customer service a few days ago and haven't heard back. Their listing says that they have a 1 year manufacturer warranty. If you are not satisfied, please contact us. We promise to make it right. For you. I could not find a way to contact customer service. I hope this can be made right. I can't juice in the middle of a cleanse. I will update this review once the matter is resolved. *

👤This masticating juicer is what I upgraded to. It's easy to clean and put together. It's quieter than my old one. I'm able to juice greens that I've never been able to before. My pulp is very wet. It's all plastic. The first time I used it, I was worried that the part would come out. That's how they manufactured it. The inside spinner likes to come loose, but it doesn't. The juicer has a smaller opening so there's more time to prepare. It takes more time to juice in general. I like it. I was not expecting top of the line quality for cheap. I'm happy with the product and price. Will probably upgrade to something better down the line. There is an update on 4-21. It stopped working a while ago. The thing lasted 3-4 months. Poor quality.

👤I have been using the juicer regularly since I bought it in August. I am happy with this juicer, but it is hard to disassemble one of the parts. I was surprised to see so many reviews about the issue after I came online to see if there was a solution. The reviews were not written when I purchased them. I am also leaving a review so that others can be warned. My husband disassembles the machine every time I juice it. I would have returned the juicer. If you can't easily dismount it, what is the point of a great juicer? Overall: 1. It's easy to assemble, but hard to disassemble one of the parts. 2. Quiet and takes up little space counter. If you are wondering, still leaves some juice in it. I strain my juice to remove all the pulp. It works for all fruits and vegetables. The leftover material is very dry.

👤The juicer has a number of good qualities. I wanted a masticating juicer to juice mostly veggies, and the result is not a strong one, though it helps to put something chunkier in at the same time or bunch up greens with placing them in the machine. There is a I have found it helpful to re-juice any fruit or vegetable that is not completely dry, which has helped a lot. There is a major problem. The part called thesqueezer is used for juicing. It's very hard to get the squeezer off when you've been juicing for a while. The cleaning is not difficult once the squeezer is off, but you can hurt your fingers trying to get the squeezer off. After a few times the machine got jammed this way, I haven't used it as much, and I was hoping that it would be a daily juicer for me.

3. KOIOS Centrifugal Extractor Stainless Steel Dishwasher

KOIOS Centrifugal Extractor Stainless Steel Dishwasher

We want you to feel safe and no worries with your purchase, that's why they offer a 5-year warranty on the motor and 5-year warranty on the service. If you have any issues with the juicer, please contact them first, they will provide the best solution as soon as possible. AMZCHEF juicer is the best choice, let them cheer for health! The juicer was designed in a fraction of the size with a 1300 watt punch of larger, bulkier juicer and a sleek modern steel with 13-row saw pointed. You will be able to make a cup of juice in a few seconds. The extra large feed chute allows you to juice the whole apple, no need to cut into pieces, omitting the cutting process, to save more time to get the fresh juice. The "2 GEARS+PULSE MODE - 1 low speed and 2 fast speed" runs from 15000 to 18000 RPM for softer fruits like oranges, tomatoes and others. There are different juicing modes for produce. The clean-ups are made of 100%BPA free material and are easy to assemble in seconds. You can buy European engines with a 100% American guarantee. Product features

Brand: Koios

👤I don't write reviews, but I decided to because I was so frustrated with this juicer. I bought this in January, and it was working for 4 months, but then it stopped working and started smelling like burnt plastic. I would never buy this brand again. I don't think so, in the description it was written "EUROPEAN ENGINEERED". Our motor is covered by a 10-year warranty, which means that you can buy this juicer with confidence, and happily ever after. The remaining parts are covered by a 3-year-warranty. FDA certification. We offer lifelong technical consultation and customer service. I didn't buy any plan protection, but that doesn't mean that if it doesn't work after a couple of months, not to return the money, or give the buyers another solution. The seller should not have written that in the description. How do we know that the machine will break in 30 days so we can get the money back? I had a bad experience with the juicer.

👤I am very disappointed. I have been sick and haven't been able to eat so I ordered this juicer to get some nutrition into my body. When I got home to assemble the juicer, I thought I would be able to get something in my stomach. I powered on the juicer and it began shredding the plastic off the bottom of the chute. I am very disappointed in Amazon for selling this product, knowing there have been issues with it. All I wanted was to be able to eat and keep it down. I don't recommend this juicer to anyone. It is dangerous to have plastic in your body. So disappointed by Amazon! I have had many issues with products recently.

👤I gave a bad review to this juicer a week ago and the company has since reached out to me and offered me either a new juicer or a refund. I am happy that they were so conscientious. There is a The juice came out great when I got it to work. Maybe I got a bad seed. I will do business with them again.

👤It grinds so you get plastic particles in your juice. This was not cheap.

👤It didn't last a year. Amazon and the sellers should make it easier to file a warranty claim. There is no seller information available. This is typical of 2020. The juicer worked well until it didn't. If it still worked, I would be happy with it. Occasionally, we used it. A small piece of ginger was juiced today. If you are starting a juicing program and will use it a couple of times a day, I would recommend a higher quality machine.

👤It still grinds the plastic from the top. I make sure everything is secure, but it still grinds the plastic. This is not usable. If you use this, you will be drinking plastic. They sent me a replacement which had the same problem. Their quality control is garbage. I have two Koios juicers that don't work. This is not acceptable. Don't purchase this product, you will be in trouble. I have been trying to get a functional juicer from Amazon for over a month. Very disappointed.

4. Masticating Extractor Professional Function Vegetable

Masticating Extractor Professional Function Vegetable

It is dishwasher safe and easy to clean, the citrus juicer can be placed in the top rack. You will love it if you try it. This will be a good choice. The quality of the manual juicer is something they are confident in. If you have a problem, please contact them. They will give you a replacement or refund based on your preferences. The AMZCHEF juicer machines have 7 spiral masticating for maximum juice yield, minimal oxidation, and most nutrition. It can make a variety of food for your family. gingers, celery, wheat grass,oranges and other fruits and vegetables can be taken from them. The range does not include nuts. It's easy to enjoy different juices with the AMZCHEF cold press juicer. AMZCHEF slow masticating juicers use a low speed motor and fine grinding to retain the nutrition of your fruits, veggies, and greens. Slow masticating can perfectly separate juice and pulp, and it preserves higher-purity juice. The masticating system can squeeze fruits and vegetables. Up to 90% more growth in nutrition. The small Caliber Cold Press Masticating Juicer can help you remove seeds from fruit to make it taste better. Children can be injured during juicing. This humanized design can let you and your family make each other's favorite juice. Slow masticating juicer equipped intelligent protection chips stop automatically for every 20 minutes of operation. The reverse function helps to clean. It's not resistant to strong acids, so please avoid soaking and cleaning the parts, and don't extract any lemons in a single use. It is easy to clean in the dishwasher. They want you to feel safe and no worries with your purchase, that's why they offer a 5-year warranty on the motor and 5-year warranty on the service. If you have any issues with the juicer, please contact them first, they will provide the best solution as soon as possible. AMZCHEF juicer is the best choice, let them cheer for health!

Brand: Amzchef

👤I'm new to juicing and my original purchase broke. I don't make a lot of money because I don't use a masticating juicer. The reviews are read. I felt like I needed to try this one as it was the most affordable of all. Cut up some celery to prolong the machine's life. I decided to use a small processer to do the work for me. Wow! It's slow, but it's actually quite fast, and didn't need to push it down as the auger pulled it in. It came out in dry tubes. If you use a small strainer, it will catch some foam in juice. The juice taste is very strong and fresh, and it makes a lot more juice from the same amount of celery. My small processer is loud while my husband sleeps. I just chopped the small stalks of celery, and it yielded the same results as the day before. It says you can put the dryer pulp back through. I tried it both days and it was so dry that I had to use a pusher to get it to go down. Not an advantage to reuse the dry pulp. I only had one before. This machine is far superior in many ways. I have already recommended it to my family, as the cleaning is easy. I only used it for 2 days. I will highly recommend this juicer to anyone who wants to save money and get a Superior result. Get this one now!

👤You can juice apples, carrot, pear, ginger, leafy greens and wheatgrass with this multi-purpose juicer. It is easy to put together and use immediately. You can enjoy your juices with different combinations and flavors. It has a small chute to help avoid injuries and a juice storage cup panel that will help with easier cleaning after use. The masticating juicer has a 7 spiral updated auger that runs at a low 80rpm and is said to yield up to 90% more juice than normal. With no damage to the cell walls, the healthy vitamins, minerals, and enzymes will be maintained better than with the fast centrifugal juicers. It runs at a noise level of less than 60 decibels. The safety lock design will help you disassemble the juicer in a few minutes. It helps prevent bits from getting stuck inside and it's good for cleaning. The base motor can be cleaned in the dishwasher. All the parts of the juicer are made with Tritan anti-oxidation materials that are food-grade. The AMZCHEF Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor has many small holes to help get more juice. It is up to you how you want the juice from the fruit. The AMZCHEF ZM1501 is a little heavy and measures 15 x 7.7 x 11 inches. There are three things included with this juicer, two cups and a very large cup for storage. It has a 150 watt motor that works at 80rpm and has a 60Hz of Frequency. If you want to juice things like celery, you may want to cut them up well and feed them slowly, but you should use the Rev button if you get stuck. It will work out fine. AmzChef has a nice and modern design, is easy to operate, makes juice smooth and quickly, runs quietly, and is easy to clean. It is a good value for the dollar. You will get a two year warranty, one month free trial and technical support for the product. They will be happy to help if you have any issues with the juicer. Amazon technical support is free of charge with the package.

5. Aeitto Masticating Extractor Machines Vegetables

Aeitto Masticating Extractor Machines Vegetables

The Aeitto slow masticating juicer with 2-speed modes can extract various vegetables and fruits. It will reduce the rate of oxidation. The Aeitto Juicer Machines have an upgraded auger that can increase juicer yield and reduce oxidation. The motor can operate at less than 60 decibels. Every 20 minutes it stops. The one-button design makes it easy to disassemble and clean. It has a cleaning brush to make it easier to clean the juicers. The parts are dishwasher safe. Juice & Pulp Separation and Reverse Function-Perfectly separates the pomace from the juice, provide purest juice and vitamins for you and your family. You can drink more juice. Aeitto Cold Press Juicer is a safer and quieter juice extraction environment. If you have any problems with the slow masticating juicer, please contact them. They will solve the problem for you. Aeitto provides buyers with high-quality small appliance products.

Brand: Aeitto

👤I asked and answered my own question. Is this juicer good for juicening kale? Yes, it does. A person with a hypothyroid is supposed to benefit from the help of a vegetable. I will let you know if my new juicer works as well as my new blood work. It also juices apples. I received a phone call while pushing my kale through the shoot of my juicer after using it for a few weeks. I ruined my strainer and brush when I pushed the brush that comes with the juicer to push the kale down the shoot. I told the company what I did and asked if I could just buy the parts that I ruined. The parts were sent for free after they asked for my address. I need to say more. I received the parts this morning and stopped everything I was doing to say "WOW", I can't believe I actually received the parts that I broke. Thank you so much for handling my problem quickly. I'm going to juice up my kale in the best juicer I've ever seen. Thank you.

👤I have a Jack Lalane juicer that can fit a whole apple into it, but I was a little hesitant about using it. I am very impressed. The juicer is easy to assemble, disassemble, and clean. It takes up less space than the other one. I don't mind that the hopper is smaller than my other juice. I like the fact that this Jubilee is quiet. So quiet! I will not use my other juicer again. This is a thing that I love.

👤I'm new to juicing and my friends have been doing it for years. I get sick from the supplements. I decided to invest after a lot of research and comparing prices. I was so happy to do it. Wow! It's fast and efficient, but it's slow. You can re-juice it when it's thrown away. Getting the most out of your produce. A small strainer will catch some foam that is released into juice. This machine is very good and can yield a wonderful juice as well. I have lost 5 pounds and feel a bit healthier since using it, and I have already recommended it to my family. It is so much fun. The kids will drink the juice that we make, but they won't eat the veggies. I am so happy! I would like to have bought it sooner. I have had it for about a month now, and it's holding up well. The instructions are easy to follow and very easy to use. Just in love!

👤What's not to love? The little juicer is awesome. Our guest couldn't get over the quality of the juice that came out of it when we had company over the weekend. I gave her a bag of oranges because she wanted to make her own breakfast. The oranges were peeled, pulled apart, and then popped into the chute to be crushed. The juice from this little juicer is so good that the pulp is almost completely dehydrated when it comes out the other side. A single orange can make 2 ounces of juice. An orange fresh OJ costs about $2.50 a glass. The primary reason we bought it was to juice apples. My daughter is a big fan of apples. There are a lot of fruits that don't juice. The quietest juicer on the market is the biggest selling point. I had my phone on speaker while talking to my mom and I was running the juicer without her asking what the noise was. There are 5 pieces that need to be cleaned. The sieve is the toughest one. You use the toothbrush to clean the sieve when you drink the juice. The rest is a sponge clean and you put it all back together. Not hard. The pieces snap back into place. It does not take up a lot of counter space. I juice 10 oranges, pour the juice into a carafe, and pop it into the fridge until the next time. Same goes with apples. It was a gem of a deal because of the added coupon. Would buy again.

6. Hamilton Beach Centrifugal 2 Speeds 67850

Hamilton Beach Centrifugal 2 Speeds 67850

Slow juicer is made of baby food grade materials and adopts advanced technology. The motor is covered by a 10-year warranty. The parts are covered by a warranty. FDA certification. They offer lifelong technical consultation and customer service. FRESH HEALTHY JICE IS NEEDED IN SECONDS. The fruit and vegetable juicer can transform whole fruits and vegetables into juice in seconds. Every time, the filter strains away the seeds and pulp. The extra-large Big Mouth chute on the fruit juicer lets you easily add whole foods without precutting. This saves time and effort in the kitchen. Less mess and easy clean up. The spout flips up to prevent drips in between batches. The Easy Sweep Cleaning tool can cut the time it takes to clean a strainer in half. The dishwasher is dishwasher safe with the pulp bin, juice bowl, lid and pusher. There is a maximum jail sentence. The juice machine has a powerful motor that makes sure maximum juice yield from hard and soft produce. It works well for apples, carrots, and beets to have high speed and low speed. There is a large amount of FOAM-FREE JUICE. PITCHER: The large pitcher with lid and froth separator keeps juice neatly contained and strains off the froth when pouring it. Juicing can be a quick and easy way to get your daily allowance.

Brand: Hamilton Beach

👤I bought this for juicing and it's my first one. I was worried about the negative comments about it. When I first used it, it was very easy to use. After about 3 uses, and midway through my run, I noticed the celery had a hard time going down and had to be persuaded by heavy pressure on the plunger. I discovered the solution. The strainer has small blades. They stop cutting when they become blocked. When they stop cutting and apply more pressure, the strainer is no longer seated correctly on the base, which causes it to start wobbling. I unplugged the blades, took out the strainer and seated it on the base after I looked down the chute. Problem solved. It works like new again. If you're cutting items that are really coarse, make sure to check the blades periodically and clean them as necessary. It works well now.

👤I don't write many reviews but I have found the joy of juicing and Hamilton Beach Premium Juicer is part of that. I used the Hamilton Beach Premium Juicer for two weeks. The machine has no problem with the hard vegetables like carrots, lemons, and limes, and it just breezes through the vegetables. Some people have complained about it leaking. I have found that it only leaks if the top is not on securely or if it is too full of pulp. I put cheese cloth in the collection bin to make it easier to squeeze out juice after the process is done. The tighter seal seems to be provided by the cheesecloth. Before you start, you must make sure that everything is locked up. The only time it leaked was when I juiced so much that the top was full and there wasn't room for the pulp. No more leaking after I cleaned it out. The pitcher that collects the juice keeps the froth out of your bottle. I put the froth in my Blendtec and make a smoothie with a banana, avocab and flaxseed, unjuiceable fruits and veggies. The Hamilton Beach Premium Juicer is a great product and I am very happy with it. I hope it lasts a long time. I hope I can purchase a new blade separately, because I think the blade will get dull eventually. I was concerned about the mess but the ingenious brush provided by Hamilton Beach to clean the blade is not a problem. If you over juice and don't clear the pulp it may leak onto the base making clean up more difficult. P.S. No smoking and no moving around the counter. Happy eating.

👤If you are looking to get a juicer for a lot of juicing, this one is probably not for you. I had a breville before, but the container was small enough to save money. I would have gotten a more expensive one if I could. The scrub brush that forms to the spinner is a cool feature. The measuring cup has a lid to prevent it from splattering. I wish this lid was on when I was pouring Cons moves around the counter, it made for a huge mess my first time. You need some strength for the harder vegetables. Larger pieces are left behind. If you can afford a few extra dollars, you can get a powerful juicer. I would go with something else.

7. Breville JE98XL Fountain 850 Watt Extractor

Breville JE98XL Fountain 850 Watt Extractor

Refer to the user manual for questions surrounding warranty policies and the product is free. The Breville Juice Fountain Plus is the perfect way to get started in the world of juicing, it has a 3 inch extra wide fruit chute, dual speeds, and simple clean up. The unique extract system. The Breville juicers titanium reinforced disc and Italian-made micro mesh filter basket are made out of steel and are designed for optimum juice and nutrition. There is a short prep time. You can juice whole fruits and vegetables without pre-cutting with the unique 3 inch extra wide chute feed. A built-in fountain separator. The juice jug has an integrated froth separator to pour more juice, less froth into the glass. The cargo storage is CONVENIENT. The power cord is wrapped around the base and the container is not attached making it easy to store. The low speed is used for softer fruits and leafy vegetables, and the high speed is used for denser fruits and harder vegetables. The Juice jug has a cleaning brush and a froth separator.

Brand: Breville

👤I have used this product for about a year and a half. It has not lasted very long. It isn't juicing the fruits and vegetables the way it used to, leaving the fruit and vegetables very soggy when it should be dry. I am out of luck because I didn't purchase the extended warranties. I recommend buying those warranties so you can get good service on the product. Breville's customer service told me to soak the blade in a solution of water and vinegar before scrubbing. I scrubbed it after soaking it. It made a huge difference in the world. A happy blade is a clean blade. I feel like I have a brand new machine.

👤We purchased this model Breville after watching Joe Cross' NETFLIX video "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" where he begins his journey to take control of his health through juicing. The reason I gave this model five stars is because it has three very good qualities. It was easy to clean, but the older model was difficult to disassemble. We didn't feel like we had to juice anything after the novelty wore off. The Breville model is easy to clean with warm soapy water because it comes apart easily in 5 components. We put a drying mat on the counter and let them air dry. It comes with a special brush to clean the wire mesh screen, but I have found that you can use your sink's sprayer to clean the screen, if you have one. 2. The fruit and vegetable is recovered. One of the benefits of juicing is that you get a lot of vitamins and minerals, so you want a juicer that extracts as much of them as possible. The model extracts most of the liquid from the dry pulp left over, so it does what it claims. The left over pulp adds volume and great taste to some of our soups. We use the juice from the ice cube tray to make a smoothie with 100% of the nutrients, but in a "smoothie" type consistency. 3. High and low speed functions. You can get the most juice from an assortment of fruits and vegetables with two speeds. Low setting for softer fruits and vegetables. I have lost 10.8 pounds since I started juicing 30 days ago, and this machine is a great addition to anyone that wants to start introducing more fresh fruits and vegetables into their diet. I hated vegetables but now I love them. My sense of smell, taste, and energy have gone up a lot. It has changed my life, so get this machine and you won't be disappointed. It can change yours.

👤There is a new update on January 19 I contacted Breville's product support on 12/10/2018. I explained the issue to Alice after a 1/2 wait. I was asked to send pictures. I was told that the recervoir was not supposed to do that. It was almost 2 months after the fact. I reached out to Alice, she left a voicemail letting me know that they will replace the unit since I have been waiting for so long. I need to wait for them to receive my faulty unit before they can ship the replacement, this way. I need to give them my credit card so they can charge a deposit for the replacement juicer if I want it first. This is my fault? Customer service is not worth much. I will be asking if he is shipping lable or a replacement. I haven't used the juicer everyday since I got it less than a month ago. If you want to juice anything soft or leafy, this is not the one. It works great with carrots, apples, cucumbers and other vegetables. The reason for a 1 star is for a part called the filter bowl surround. Either the part is faulty or the design is terrible. It is not possible to clean the space since it is now storing food particles. See the pictures. I invested money to improve my health, but I am not sure if any of that gunk is getting into the juice. I have tried to contact the manufacturers consumer support to see if there is a way to fix it. I have not been able to get a hold of them. I will try to resolve the issue with Amazon.

8. Omega MM900HDS Masticating Celery Juicer

Omega MM900HDS Masticating Celery Juicer

There is a large amount of FOAM-FREE JUICE. PITCHER: The large pitcher with lid and froth separator keeps juice neatly contained and strains off the froth when pouring it. Juicing can be a quick and easy way to get your daily allowance. The 15-year coverage on parts and performance is the industry leader. According to the medical doctor, everyone always asks me what juicer I use. It is the best juicer I have seen on the market, it can extract the juice from any vegetable. Cold press juice for an infectious disease. The 80 RPM low speed, dual stage masticating juicing produces minimal heat build up and oxidation for juice that extracts maximum immunity boosting and health enhancing vitamins. The end cap has a green insert. Every time you use your juicer, you'll get a special cap that's meant to be for celery, not any other fruit or vegetable. The green insert squeezes the juice out of your vegetables so you get more juice in every single serving. Fruit and vegetable end caps are for juicing all other fruits and vegetables. It is easy to clean with automatic pulp ejection.

Brand: Omega

👤It was hard to take apart the first time, but now it's very easy. If you want to take apart the first time, push the parts out from the silver shaft. Our other juicer was more difficult to clean. I wasn't consistent in using the other juicer because it took so long to clean up. Three people are in our house doing the juices every morning. The juicer will produce 16 ounces of juice from just 6 pieces of celery versus 2 bunches of it, saving us $20 a week. This is easy, quiet, fast, efficient and awesome.

👤I've owned many juicers over the years, costing from $100 to over $3,000. I wish I'd bought the Omega juicer years ago. This machine is the best value for money. It works as well as the machine I used to own for fruit and vegetable juices. I bought the MM900HDS model because I heard it was the best for juicing. It has 2 different end caps. One is made for juice from celery. It squeezes out all the juice it can. The issue I have is the clean up. There are two levels to the strainer. At the beginning it is a regular strainer, but at the end it has an exceptional strainer. The end cap makes it difficult to clean because it compacts so tightly that it forces the very dry celery into the strainer screen. The pulp was very dry. I still got the juice I wanted when I switched over to the regular end cap, but it was easy to clean up. The pulp was moist. I don't think it's worth the extra time to get a few more drops of juice out of it. My juicer is on my countertop all the time. Juicing vegetables is a quick and easy way to get the vitamins and minerals from the plant. Enjoy your juicing lifestyle!

👤I don't understand why the Omega is rated a subpar juicer. I have been juicing for 20 years. I have been using Tribest for 5 years. I was interested in using the Omega as a juicer for 6 pieces of celery for 16 ounces of juice. I bought the Omega because my Tribest did not give that amount. The claim is not true. The waste was damp and not almost powder dry, unlike my Tribest, which was almost powder dry. Tribest is a superior juicer. I will return this one for a refund.

👤Have you ever been so angry with someone that you could have killed them? That's what this juicer does. The Omega MM900HDS Slow Masticating Celery Juicer is efficient and effective. We have been using it for three months. The rubber gasket on the juice filter is weak. We have been very careful about how we clean the parts. The early degradation of the gasket is disappointing. The product is great.

👤After only using it five times, my auger has scratches. I have only juiced a small amount of food. The damage is shown in the photo. Does anyone have the same problem? It is easy to assemble and clean this juicer, but the quality of Auger is questionable.

9. Extractor Centrifugal Vegetable Anti Drip Vegetables

Extractor Centrifugal Vegetable Anti Drip Vegetables

Under its sleek modern design and low countertop footprint, it packs the punch of a much larger, bulkier and more expensive juicer, at a fraction of the size and cost. A cup of juice can be created in seconds with less froth and less gunk. There is a dual-speed Versatility - the low speed runs from 15000 to 12000 and the high speed runs from 15000 to 18000. The Ultra Juicer has a cutting disc made of aculinary grade steel that is surrounded by a micro mesh filter that makes it easy to clean and assemble in seconds. The Extra Large Feed Chute is made in China and has an anti-drip function. The safety locking arm makes sure the cover stays on. The overload protection system shuts off the juicer if the power supply is unstable. Their Customer Care Promise is to make life easier, better and more enjoyable. They want to bring you quality products and the best. They will do everything they can to make sure your Ultra Juicer is perfect if you have any issues at any time.

Brand: Mueller Austria

👤This is a great juicer! It is easy to put together. It is safe to use in the dishwasher. You can put fruit in it to separate the seeds from the juice.

👤There is an update. The company reached out to me after I posted my review. They said that the piece of plastic must have been a bad product. The entire juicer was offered to be replaced. I will definitely buy from this company again because of their amazing customer service. You can't get a better juicer for less. The reason I gave it 4 stars is because a piece of plastic broke off the second day I used it. Had that piece gone into the blade, it might have been a different story. It would have been terrible. This is an excellent juicer. It's easy to use and you can clean it up quickly. I put all the pieces in a dish of soapy water after I'm done juicing. Everything comes off when I have a few minutes to wash. I put a plastic bag in the bin to make it easier to clean up. The only tricky part of the blade is the brush, which is included in the box. If you're looking for a good bang for your buck, I would definitely recommend this juicer. Since I've had it, I've used it almost every day. The plastic piece broke off and I have no complaints about it.

👤Very happy with this juicer!

👤My wife started a new regimen to become more healthy and she was obsessed with the benefits of juicing. I bought this one based on reviews. I wasn't going to spend hundreds for something that could be used as a counter weight. I was surprised by the packaging. It seemed to be well constructed and not bulky, which is very important as this may sit on your counter or cabinet. The machine did an excellent job when I tried to juice it for the first time, I had a lot of fruits and vegetables to try. When it came to cleaning up, I read many opinions. The clean up was not a big issue for me. I used a grocery bag in the catch all container and left a few pieces that needed to be cleaned. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to improve their health and feel better inside and out.

👤I get tons of juice from my fruits and vegetables because this juicer is easy to assemble. The juicer doesn't make a lot of noise. I didn't know that you have to gently hold it down while you juice, otherwise it will move from its original position.

👤The Waring unit that I bought this juicer to replace recently failed and I wanted to replace it. The unit I decided on was based on the positive reviews on Amazon. The device runs at a very high speed and the blade catches on to the item being juiced and hurts it like a bullet into the plastic cover. If the unit is not held down forcefully, it could allow parts to fly off, and if it is, the cover could be removed. After the item has been through the blade, it can lie next to the uncut blade and have the violent cutting start randomly. I have shop tools that are far safer than this device. The device is large and there are more parts to be cleaned than before. I sent this item back to Amazon because I no longer trust Amazon reviews. This product should not be marketed to the general public.

10. Machines ORFELD Masticating Extractor Vegetable

Machines ORFELD Masticating Extractor Vegetable

The juicer extractor stops automatically for every 20 minutes, thanks to the intelligent protection chips and upgrade motor. You can enjoy a quiet environment and a healthy life with it. Unlike most juicers, the cold press juicer adopts two speeds, soft/hard, which can extract a variety of fiber fruits and vegetables to meet your needs. The reverse function can reduce the food in the crushed juicer. The one-button assembly design makes it easy to assemble and disassemble the juicer. You can clean easily. The parts can be cleaned in a dishwasher. You can clean the juicer with the provided cleaning brush. The 7 segment spiral opening up each cell for maximum juice yield fruits and vegetables, which can produce up to 90% juice output, is higher than most juicers. The 85-110rpm low-speed motor ensures minimal oxidation and most nutrients, providing you or your lover with a healthier life. You can prepare drinks below 65 decibels without disturbing your family. The crushing juicer has a Japanese protection chip that stops working when it's 20 minutes old. Saving money for drinking juice for a year will help you boost your energy and make your skin healthier. The ORFELD team has a 3-year technical support.

Brand: Orfeld

👤I waited so long to get a juicer that I don't know why. My parents have an old breville that seems like a hassle to clean and it sounds like a bike engine. This one is very quiet. I was surprised. The juice is easy to get out. My daughter helped me make some juice. I think she is happy. We have tried many fruits and vegetables and they all tasted great. I didn't find much cleaning as long as it was done right away. You would think that the fruits and vegetables would fit together in a strainer and plastic spiral, but they do, and they fit together so well. I recommend.

👤I have been juicing for over 8 years now and have had a lot of juicers. I put the juicer to the test to see if it would work with my go to recipe carrots, grapes, apples, and strawberries. I had used the big juicers and the product was the same. It didn't have to use the reverse. This one cleans so low that it's good for high-pulp guys. It was easier to clean up in a compact setup. I ran 7 large carrots through the screen and it was necessary to brush the small cone end. I have always cut apples. The rest was pressing smooth after I removed the fuzz. The top end medium range and this smaller version are what I like the most.

👤So far, so good. I gave away my other juicer because it was a pain to setup, breakdown and clean. I used the juicer for the first time today and it was a huge improvement. It is easy to set up and use. I juiced a bunch of vegetables, including a large bag of chopped kale, 2 cucumbers, 4 apples, 2 thumbs of ginger, and 1 lemon. The juice from the first 2 apples is what I attached. I was impressed. I let it rest between chopping so as not to over heat it. I'll compost the scraps for now because I'm not sure what to do with them. You have to be careful not to pack too much down the chute at once as it will get stuck. Overall very happy with the purchase. I hope it continues to hold up over time. I've only used it once so far, so I got 4 stars.

👤I'm new to juicing and my friends have been doing it for years. I get sick from the supplements. I decided to invest. After a lot of research, I decided on this one. I was so happy to do it. Wow! It's fast and efficient, but it's slow. You can re-juice it when it's thrown away. Getting the most out of your produce. A fine mesh strainer will catch foam in juice. This machine is very good and can yield a wonderful juice as well. I have lost 5 pounds and feel a bit healthier since using it, and I have already recommended it to my family. It is so much fun. The kids will drink the juice that we make, but they won't eat the veggies. I am so happy! I would like to have bought it sooner. I have had it for about a month now, and it's holding up well. The instructions are easy to follow and very easy to use. Just in love!

11. LINMETIC Compact Masticating Function Vegetable

LINMETIC Compact Masticating Function Vegetable

Saving money for drinking juice for a year will help you boost your energy and make your skin healthier. The ORFELD team has a 3-year technical support. Each part is easy to install and separate. You have to follow the instructions and start juicing fruits. Most fruit can be washed with water. The parts are easy to clean and can be washed in the dishwasher. Most fruit can be washed with water. The Professional Juicer Machine can squeeze up to 98% juice yield. You and your lovers will get a lot of juice every day. The size is portable. It doesn't take up any space in the kitchen. It's a good idea to take it to the office so you can drink it whenever you want. The juicer machine works under 65db and will not disturb your families or shock your pets when you make a glass of delicious juice in the morning. Perfectly separates the juice from the pulp and extracts the vitamins and minerals. The reverse function of theJuice Extractor Machines is to avoid stuck. You can drink more juice. Mini slow masticating juicer will press fruit slowly, protect nutrition. Retaining more vitamins, enzymes, nutrition, and more juice than traditional scurvy juicers. All of their slow juicer parts are made of high quality material which are safe and non-toxic.

Brand: Linmetic

👤I have been juicing for a decade using the Tribest Greenstar Elite. It is a workhouse, but the clean up is taking so long. I have been looking for a compact juicer for nearly a year and decided to try out the LinmeTIC Compact Slow Juicer. My expectations were not high. I used it for the first time this morning and was surprised at how well it worked and how quiet it was. It only took 2 to 3 minutes to clean up. My husband is an airplane mechanic and commented on how well constructed it is for the price. It's not a bad thing to chop the fruits and veggies smaller and remember to lift the machine by the base. Life changing is the time I am going to save.

👤The machine stopped working after a month of daily use. The auger is no longer working. The first piece of celery caught it. We tried to clean it and restart it, but it wasn't working. Beware. I ordered this with skepticism. Would it work out? Is it strong enough? Is it small or big enough? It is yes on all fronts. I am interested in the size of the juicer. I have a small kitchen so my old juicer doesn't make sense. I love to juice, but it's become a bit of a pain to take out the juicer, assemble it, clean it, and store it. It is the perfect size for one person, and I ordered this one to be my go-to every morning. It is super quiet. It is definitely a bonus, though, because I would prefer my juicer to work well than be quiet. When I ordered it, I didn't know that you can keep the spout closed and let the juice build inside the extractor. That cup has measures on it. You know how much juice you are getting. The fact that masticating is slow is great because it allows the juice to come out at the right temperature without the heat that can harm the food. The taste is clean. I can't believe how much better my juicer is than my old one is. That is a huge benefit. Now is the time to see how long it lasts.

👤Four stars for everyday use and five stars for travel. I don't think I could use this every day because of the speed and slight wobble, but it's great for travel if you want to juice up your diet. You won't disturb hotel neighbors in the morning if you're quiet. The slide stop is a great way to stop the flow of juice out of the machine. If you plan to use it for travel, keep the box. It's easy to remove the juicer from its bed and put it back in it's Styrofoam container for safe-keeping in your suitcase. I carry with me a small filter that I attach to mason jars to get the fine sludge out of the juice.

👤This is a great juicer for my needs. Each morning I make ABC with ginger. I don't need a big expensive juicer like Omega. The key to this juicer is to keep your fruits and veggies small and not to over crowd the juicer. It's very easy to clean up and take up very little space.


What is the best product for best juicer for celery juice?

Best juicer for celery juice products from Koios. In this article about best juicer for celery juice you can see why people choose the product. Bonsenkitchen and Koios are also good brands to look for when you are finding best juicer for celery juice.

What are the best brands for best juicer for celery juice?

Koios, Bonsenkitchen and Koios are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best juicer for celery juice. Find the detail in this article. Amzchef, Aeitto and Hamilton Beach are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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