Best Best Jigsaw Puzzles 3000 Pieces

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1. Jigsaw Puzzle Mat Roll Inflatable

Jigsaw Puzzle Mat Roll Inflatable

Buffalo Games puzzles are made using a patented technology called "Perfect snap" which ensures a tight interlocking fit between pieces. The ideal kit. Their puzzle roll up mat has all the characteristics you've dreamed about, including a non slip mat, inflatable tube, hand pump, storage bag, andadjustable Velcro straps. The frame lines on the puzzle mat can help jigsaw players improve the efficiency of jigsaw puzzles and make it easier, they want to provide you unique products with high quality fabric and fantastic design. The puzzle saver mat kit is easy to use. It's designed to be packed in a single minute with 4 steps: first inflate the tube, then roll up the puzzle mat, and finally put it into the bag. That's it! It's pretty easy right? The ideal jigsaw tool. Roll up the pieces of the puzzle. You can either put the puzzle mat under the sofa, under the utility room or on the lawn, whichever is more convenient for you. Hold up to 3000 pieces of puzzles. They can hold up to 3000 pieces of puzzles, which is perfect for your requirements. Their puzzle mat kit is useful for Puzzle Enthusiasts or Starters. They help you enjoy your life and not worry about keeping your puzzle.

Brand: Genovega

👤We like the puzzle mat. It's easy to use and works well with very little shifting of the pieces. We tested it with a 750 piece puzzle and it appears that there is enough room for a 1000 or 1500 piece puzzle. It would be a very tight fit if it was larger than that. There is a piece of cloth that you put over the puzzle pieces. The cloth is small and does not cover the entire mat, so pieces that are not under the mat will fall out. You inflate the tube. After using the electric tire inflator, we found that the hand pump that is included in the box was more effective than the electric tire inflator. The puzzle mat is rolled from the end of the tube to the cover. There is a bag that can be used for long term storage. The frame of the puzzle was intact and there was very little movement of the pieces. We are very pleased with this purchase.

👤I have a 2.5 year old who I can't leave incomplete on my table. Since I use my dining table as my preferred surface for puzzling, I found myself having to move half completed puzzles off the table at dinner time and then back on again soon after. I finally decided to invest in one of these puzzle mats after a long time. There are many on offer on Amazon. This particular one had good reviews and was comparable in price to the one I was looking for. I bought a 3000 pc mat to accommodate all of my puzzling needs because I love big puzzles. I was very happy to see that the quality of the mat is great and the design is well thought out. It's huge in the picture for size comparison. The base felt mat, a black piece of rectangular cloth, an inflatable tube, an air pump, and a carry case are included. I haven't done a puzzle in almost a year because I'm afraid my little guy will mess it up and I'm not comfortable moving off and on the table. I hope that this product is the solution to the issues I've had, because I cannot wait to start puzzling again.

👤The blue thin felt puzzle mat was very frustrating to use. The grey felt feels twice as thick and firm, and the length fits my 3,000 piece puzzle with extra space on the side. It has a nice size guide printed on the mat. The guide and thickness comparison of the grey mat and my old blue mat were shown in the two pictures. The new puzzle had some expected problems. I knew where the corners should start thanks to the size guide. The border is usually the first thing I put together. The pieces were falling out at the edges or sticking to it as it was being rolled out. The black cover on the mat keeps it in place. It helps to keep the pieces where you want them when you unroll them. My expectations were the same as they were with the old one, but it exceeded them. For a moment, I don't regret this purchase.

2. 000 Piece Puzzle World Map

000 Piece Puzzle World Map

The package contains a felt mat, inflatable tube, and elastic band. It is an excellent gift choice for people of all ages. There are no jigsaw puzzles in the package. The world is on an executive map. There is a great map of the world. The puzzle is 54 x 37 x 80 in.

Brand: Educa

👤The puzzle took me 2 months to complete. It took up our entire dining table. The pieces break apart easily. You can't build a section and pick it up somewhere else because it will fall apart. The end result was beautiful and I loved it. We framed it for our home office.

👤Wow! I ordered this puzzle for half off the usual price, and I think it would be worth it at full price. I worked on it for 34 days without anyone helping me, but I had to use a magnifying glass to read some of the names on the pieces. Sometimes the writing was hard to read, but part of that is my mid-life eyes. Despite a few quirks, I have to give it 5 stars because I thoroughly enjoyed working on this puzzle. You will find it frustrating that the advertising on the box prevents you from seeing what the right side of the map should look like. I tried to find a clear picture, but never could. I have included a picture of most of it. The edges of some pieces do not meet, and the other pictures show that. A picture that shows how a puzzle piece can fit in a place it doesn't belong is included. I had 4 border pieces that fit perfectly but were not in their right place. Sometimes, when you are tired, it isn't obvious that you have to pay attention to the design. There are some quirks with the puzzle, but overall, it was a great accomplishment. If you enjoy puzzles, then you should not pass this one up. The finished product looks great.

👤Sort through the pieces and find the edges. I have a bad feeling about this. There is an update. The latitude and longitude lines are very useful. Their angle shows how close the pieces are to each other. In Russia and the Canadian islands, I learned about this filling. I think the people who reported missing pieces were the ones who got pieces stuck to their arms and sleeves.

👤I didn't know how large the puzzle would be and how long it would take to complete. I don't have an unlimited amount of time to work on a puzzle as a college student, so it is only 25% of the way done, but it already looks amazing! I can't wait until I'm done with it in 3 years.

👤I was reassured that I could use the company's replace-a-piece code on the box to finish the puzzle if I had a missing piece. It is difficult to move when finished and requires support at all times in order to keep from falling apart. I have done some puzzles where you could pick them up and swing them around to not lose a piece. It was fun and educational to put together, but not one of those puzzles. I will hang it on my wall as a reference and teaching aid for geography. The ocean currents are also shown. The Educa puzzle did not come with a gluepowder that you can mix up and use for preserving your puzzle at the end, as I had thought. I was able to find a good quality glue with a great finish at Hobby Lobby that allowed me to quickly and completely preserve the finished product. Excellent and recommend to everyone. The image on the box is too small to see all the details without a magnifying glass, so I think it would be more difficult for older people. My suggestion to the company is to include a larger version of the image as an insert that one can refer to when trying to place some of the harder to distinguish pieces. I was surprised it didn't have an insert, I've seen this with other puzzles of this size.

3. Imagimake Mapology Capitals Capitals Educational

Imagimake Mapology Capitals Capitals Educational

Puzzles are a great activity to do on a cold fall day, and make a great gift for all ages at Christmas and over the entire holiday season. A unique, fun and exciting puzzle toy is designed to help children learn about the States of USA. The child will learn the locations of the states with the help of this toy. FLAG THE CAPITALS. To learn the capitals of the states, place the capital stickers on one side of the plastic flags and put the pieces in the state pieces. A fun fact sticker has been provided for each state. All the pieces are made of 8mm foam and fit to form the USA map. The materials used for this product conform to the standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials, so the parents can be confident that their children will have fun.

Brand: Imagimake

👤The puzzle is very popular in our home. The foam with the flags is brilliant, no smell in our box, like other reviewers mentioned and the stickers were perfect, no trouble at all placing them on flags, but we have some issues with the maps. My son is studying the countries of the world, and he has noticed that several countries are missing from the puzzle, and he has wondered why only Europe has a separate puzzle. Very European. I wonder about the absence of Israel. They are missing 21 countries from Central America, the Caribbean, and the northern edge of South America. Some of the islands are represented by a star pattern. To name a few, Trinidad and Tobago is it's own country. It is not on the map. The same can be said for Africa. There are no flags for missing countries. Random countries are missing from the Middle East. Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Georgia, and Armenia are some of the countries. Iraq and Syria took up the space of Israel, Lebanon, and Jordan. They draw them on the map. Over half of the Africa's countries have no flags for them. This puzzle is a huge hit. Unless you're specifically studying Central America, western Africa, or the Middle East, I wouldn't recommend buying it.

👤We love it! This is a great idea for a fun learning toy. I wish the creators hadn't stopped short with some regions. I know they were tight on space, but what they did was not consistent. Asia is full of many small countries, but only one of them is called Central America. Many of the tiny two letter countries in Asia have flags. There are a number of countries in Africa with large puzzle pieces that have their full names on them. They do not have a flag or capital. There are many small countries in Asia. I want more! I want more in Africa, Central and South America. Is it really possible to print a few more stickers and flags?

👤I bought this for myself to study for the citizenship test. I find it very helpful.

👤I really wanted to like this. The foam outer shape is not what I 888-276-5932 Maybe I should have read better. They just gave a piece of plastic. It will fall apart if you don't have something to lay it on. The piece fell out of the box when I picked it up. I think this is for 8 year olds or above. I would expect to pay less for the map than for the flags, even though they are part of what you are saying.

👤I bought this for my son. My 10 and 13 year old children also love it. The have fun putting it together and have begun to memorize some of the capitols. Do not throw out the extra little flags. I wish I had the extras because they lost one flag. I could make a replacement.

4. Ravensburger Country Cottage Jigsaw Puzzle

Ravensburger Country Cottage Jigsaw Puzzle

It is made in the USA. Ravensburger is the best selling puzzle brand in the world. Ravensburger's jigsaw puzzles for adults are crafted with premium quality and are virtually dust free. The Ravensburger puzzles use extra-thick cardboard and linen structured paper to create a glare-free puzzle image and give you the best experience possible. Every piece of their puzzles is made to fit perfectly, no matter how large or small. Puzzles are a great activity to do alone or in a group, and make a great gift for birthdays and holidays.

Brand: Ravensburger

👤The picture made me hesitant to purchase this. It isn't the best picture, I prefer prettier images. Landscape pictures are incredibly difficult and on a normal puzzle the image is always just enough out of focus to cause a migraine. I grabbed my second Ravensburger puzzle after seeing the price drop. It's hard to find there. I assumed this one was available because it was a bad picture. I was wrong. The detail on each piece is amazing. I have not looked forward to a puzzle like this in a while. I had to share how detailed the pieces are. People post pictures of the puzzle. It would be nice to show individual pieces.

👤It's disappointing to end up with a missing piece after so much work, but a beautiful picture and great colors. Love Ravensburg puzzles, but this is not the first time. Will work to complete the puzzles within the allotted time. The puzzle is not a keeper or a gift when pieces are missing.

👤This isn't one of the best puzzles I've worked on. The pieces and bag they come in are covered in the blue dust from the cuts. Some parts of the image are computer generated and look like video game textures. One piece was missing, it was unique to my experience. I built this puzzle once and scoured the room, but no piece.

👤This is the worst Ravensburger Puzzle I have ever worked with. This puzzle left me confused as to whether or not a piece fit with another piece, instead of the beautiful "softclick" technology I've experienced with other Ranvensburger puzzles. It was difficult to tell if we were attaching the correct pieces to the puzzle because there was no softclick. This puzzle is much cheaper and has no claims of "softclick technology". The picture is great, but the puzzle is hard to assemble.

👤The Ravensburger Country Cottage 1500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle was completed by us. There are a few comments. This puzzle was more difficult than previous ones. This is not a quality issue, but more to do with the picture. We did several Ravensburger 1000 piece puzzles and one other 1500 piece puzzle. The unique fit of the pieces in this puzzle was not as precious as previous puzzles. There are 3 more There were 3 missing pieces. We worked on it on two large tables after opening it. We searched the floor for the missing pieces. Have to assume they were not in the original bag.

👤This was one of the hardest puzzles I've ever done. I almost gave up on it, but I didn't want it to get the best of me. It had 2 missing pieces after it was finished. I've seen other people complain, but this was the first time I had missing pieces. It should have been perfect for the price I paid. I'll stick with 1,000 because 1500 piece puzzle was too much for me. Enough of a challenge but not too discouraging. If there are missing pieces, it's not surprising.

5. Buffalo Games Collection Hummingbird Garden

Buffalo Games Collection Hummingbird Garden

There is a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle. The final size is 26.75 x 19.75 inches. The bonus poster is for help in solving. Premium quality materials include 100% recycled paperboard. Buffalo Games puzzles are made using a patented technology called "Perfect snap" which ensures a tight interlocking fit between pieces.

Brand: Buffalo Games

👤This puzzle is shiny. I'm used to reflective puzzle surfaces, but this one made me think I was using Colorforms. Buffalo Games puzzles are my favorite of the various manufacturers. They publish interesting designs, provide a full-size poster, and are usually better about puzzle dust than the other major players. The puzzle is fun because of all the colors. The extra-high gloss makes those colors punch even more. The puzzle was not perfect and had some flaws. There was more backing tears. These are usually associated with bad manufacturing. The fit was loose. That's not an issue I've experienced with any previous Buffalo puzzle, so it definitely raised an eyebrow. The puzzle was fun and a nice diversion from my work. And shiny. Woo!

👤We often entertain family in the mountains. I decided to buy this puzzle a couple of weeks ago because I was thinking about getting one for the cold, rainy days. I have never completed a puzzle as an adult. I didn't know if I would enjoy it or how challenging it would be. I started it by myself, hoping my family would help me the next day. 5 adults were addicted to this for a part of the week-end. We had a lot of fun and it was doable, but we didn't stop until we finished it. It's easy to see that some pieces don't fit together, but we weren't missing any. While 1000 pieces may have been ambitious for my first puzzle, we enjoyed the challenge together and I thought this was a high quality fun puzzle.

👤This is a beautiful puzzle. I like the vibrant array of colors. The bright colors made the puzzle less challenging. I finished this puzzle very quickly, but that was disappointing. The image can peel off the base very easily. I ended up with a few dozen pieces that have some damage. I was afraid that I would damage it more and that I would have to take it apart. There is a You may be able to avoid this if you are careful. The quality of most of the other puzzles I have completed doesn't match this one, but I would still recommend it for the price.

👤What did my wife and I do during the summer of 2020? A 1000 piece puzzle was put together by us. It was a picture of her favorite animals. We spent a lot of time together putting this puzzle together. Sometimes it was fun and sometimes it was frustrating. We felt like giving up and putting it back in the box. It took up half of our dining room table. We finished it. We took pictures of ourselves holding it up so that our friends could see how we spent our time. It will be a memory that we don't know what to think of. Will it be a good memory? Yes, of the time together. Maybe it's the frustrating puzzle.

👤I retired 6 years ago. I have been putting together 1000 piece puzzles since I retired. I put together one a week for the last many years. I saw this one and thought it would be pretty. After working on it for two days, I realized several edge pieces were missing. This is the only puzzle game I have ever played.

6. Bits Pieces Standard Plateau Smooth Fiberboard

Bits Pieces Standard Plateau Smooth Fiberboard

This puzzle set is a lovely present for your child or a lovely surprise for the little ones in your family. Kids from 2 years old can get the wooden puzzles for Christmas or birthday. The original wooden puzzle organizer has a unique sorting, assembly, and storage system for jigsaw puzzles. Four people. Their jigsaw puzzle organizers have four wooden-reinforced sliding drawers to sort and store your puzzle pieces. The built-in puzzle trays make it easy to organize by shapes or colors. The surface is sealed to prevent warping. Pieces glide into place and stay firmly planted due to their two-sided edging. It's easier to keep your puzzle intact after you finish it. This thoughtful puzzle accessory is a wonderful gift for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, Mothers Day, or as an anytime present. The Standard Size Wooden Puzzle Plateau work space is 22 1/2” x 30 and can fit most 1000 pieces.

Brand: Bits And Pieces

👤The description says it fits most 1000 piece puzzles. I wouldn't agree. The photos show it does for length or width. I'm very disappointed.

👤We decided to set up a puzzle station so that we could have a puzzle going most of the time, and one that we could put away when we needed more seating. We are not going to travel with the board. We decided this item was the best fit for our needs. We loved it straight out of the box. We picked up a lamp that was clamps-based and put it in the frame of the board. We got a TV stand that was made of plastic. We only use the swivel base when we are working the puzzle from a couch. When we have a group working the puzzle, we put the top shelf on to raise the puzzle so that it is comfortable for those sitting in chairs. We had a wooden easel in the closet and it worked well to hold the box lid. We can see what we're trying to make. Even with the modifications, we can dismantle the station and put it under a couch or bed. We decided to put smaller "trays" in the drawers so we could share color/shape/area sets without having to remove the large drawers. We had some collapsible organizing boxes that we had on hand. The board isn't big enough for some of the oddly shaped puzzles, but it ships with an easy fix. It's packed between two sheets. We taped the two sheets together on the long edge, giving us a working area of about 52" x 35". When we don't need the larger space, we fold it and slip it behind the couch, where we can work on almost any puzzle we want. We are very happy with the purchase.

👤I love it. I'm used to constantly moving because there's no designated puzzle space in my house. I used to have to use a lot of cardboard. That made for some surfaces that were not even. A few pieces got lost, sliding off the cardboard or being kicked by the dog when he walked all over. The wooden puzzle helpers has made my last three puzzles very easy. The drawers are large enough to hold sections that I've solved, but not large enough to place in the big picture. The inside is about 8 x 11 and the average printer paper is about 11 x 11. I like that they can come out all the way, so I can place the drawers next to each other. They slide in and out of the board with ease. It means an extra step of caution when moving a puzzle. You need to carry it either flat or at a slight angle so that it doesn't fall off. The drawers should not come out if you carry it with your body against the short side facing you. This structure means 1. I can use the corners and sides to make sure the edges are straight. It makes sense that the four sides of the puzzle don't try to fix the outer edges. 2. The drawers can be arranged, but I prefer to go back in for easy transport 3. It can be put on almost any surface. I put it on the back of the couch so I could work. 4. I was able to work on two puzzles at the same time. It comes in handy when a puzzle is larger than most. I need to put them next to each other for a bigger platform. The drawers are an example of a puzzle against the edge, how I carry it so the drawers don't fall out, and how putting them together made a huge difference.

7. Buffalo Games Star Wars Chosen

Buffalo Games Star Wars Chosen

The puzzle is in a bag. The chances of the missing piece are very small. Most of the missing events were missed. Take care of your pictures. You have to separate the puzzles from the dogs and cats. They will be 100% responsible for their customers if missing pieces really happen, so please be free to contact them if you need a replacement. There is a 2000 piece jigsaw puzzle. The finished size is 38.6 in. X 25 in. The bonus poster is for help in solving. Premium quality materials include 100% recycled paperboard. Buffalo Games puzzles are made using a patented technology called "Perfect snap" which ensures a tight interlocking fit between pieces.

Brand: Buffalo Games

👤I've attached a photo but it doesn't reflect the actual quality of the puzzle, I'm using an old phone and the camera is not good. This is a very challenging puzzle. This was the most time consuming Buffalo puzzle I've ever done, and I usually only do the 1000 piece, but this is my first 2000 and I've only done it once before. This took over 50 hours over the course of two weeks. I thought it would be easier than the other ones, even though it was double the size I'm used to, after seeing the picture, but I was wrong. Very, very wrong. There are so many pieces in this section, either black, red, blue, purple, tan, or both. The hardest part of the characters section was what I thought would be a snap. I know when I have matching pieces, but most people diving in for the first time will probably get wrong matches, because they think there's something wrong with the puzzle. If you're not used to Buffalo's tomfoolery, a lot of pieces are designed to look like a fit when they aren't, and in the one color sections you could find yourself constantly frustrated. I'm very happy with how it turned out and I'm surprised I didn't end up with missing pieces. I'm sure people who do puzzles like this often get the feeling that it will be a hollow victory with some missing pieces, but this one all came together. It is very difficult to complete and I recommend it only for those who don't do many puzzles. Some people who couldn't hack it rated it poorly in the reviews. Do not do that, it's a BS move!

👤The puzzle took several months to complete, but I enjoyed it. It was missing two pieces when I finished it. The Buffalo Games missing piece form requires a lot number which is unclear to identify at least on my puzzle box, and I tried every code on the box, but nothing pulled up my puzzle in their system. I got a recording of my call. If I can locate the missing pieces to my puzzle, I will email you an update. Puzzle quality was not the worst in terms of puzzle dust or flimsiness, but the pieces did start to pull up in places, indicating less than ideal quality. The image is nice and the puzzle was difficult, which is a good thing.

👤Glue binding on all four sides of the box was torn open and numerous pieces inside were linked together. This is very much like a new puzzle that was passed along. I don't know if all 2000 pieces will be inside.

👤The picture is great but we don't like the puzzle. When you try to separate the pieces, they tear the edges. Some pieces are damaged. We don't like the fact that all the pieces are in straight rows. Some pieces will fit into a slot just fine, even the colors matching up, but they really don't fit there, which you find out when you put them in a row and the edge corners don't make a perfect intersection. When you try to move a piece, the edges are torn. We usually finish a puzzle quickly, but this one has been out for over a week, and everyone finds it too tedious. I prefer my pieces to be more random, uniquely shaped, and hold themselves together on the piece edges, which is why I won't buy another puzzle from this company.

8. Bgraamiens Puzzle Feather 1000 Challenge Puzzles

Bgraamiens Puzzle Feather 1000 Challenge Puzzles

The puzzle is 54 x 37 x 80 in. The Bgraamiens Puzzles are 1000 pieces of great quality. Blue paper made of sturdy blue chipboard. The finish was 26.7" x 26.7". Brain games takes pride in their puzzles. There are beautiful designs to the puzzles. They are always trying to collect different kinds of pictures so that they can share these discoveries of beauty with their friends, who are really appreciate all beautiful and challenge things in life. The back side is divided into several areas with letters marked "A" and "B". The most valuable game is the parent-child game. Intellectual game for adults and kids. Children's patience and focus can be developed if they are cultivated on color and shape. For teenagers and adults aged 13 and over, this is the best gift. The puzzle is in a bag. The chances of the missing piece are very small. Most of the missing events were missed. Take care of your pictures. You have to separate the puzzles from the dogs and cats. They will be 100% responsible for their customers if missing pieces really happen, so please be free to contact them if you need a replacement.

Brand: Bgraamiens

👤It is amazing. There are letters behind it that help to assemble it. I think the pieces of good quality and very different from each other make it much more interesting and the result is fantastic. A piece of decoration.

👤The puzzles are all 1,000 pieces and hang in my garage. They have to be great to hang. This was the best puzzle to date. It was just based on colors and patterns, but it was easy to do and enjoyable when done. It was 3 days later for me. This puzzle is the best for 3 days.

👤This was easy. The back has letters on it, we assembled the outside edge inside down, then separated all the letters, flipped it right side up, and did each letter group at a time. It is so large. That is what she said.

👤This puzzle is amazing. The puzzle is a great challenge for any puzzle enthusiast. The border pieces to form the circle are so slight that it becomes more difficult, and the colors are so similar that it becomes harder. What a great challenge!

👤I ordered a couple of their puzzles. I started it yesterday. I already know that this one will take some time and effort, but that is what I wanted. It takes me a few days to finish a 1000 piece puzzle. I have a lot of time to put them together and that makes it more expensive. I have had to put puzzles together by color, and only for those with lines, because I had to work from one side only. To make the puzzles last longer. I'm looking forward to the puzzles. The box contains a large poster of the picture and very nicely made pieces.

👤The picture is beautiful. The pieces are very high-quality. The picture wasn't peeling from the pieces. The pieces connected nicely. Keeping it together and using it as a runner on my table. The letter pattern on the back is great for helping when you are stuck. The dimensions in the description were not accurate. The board that I usually build on doesn't fit on the diameter. I would buy this brand again.

👤This was a great puzzle. Consistency is difficult, but it's there. The back is white with letters. This will help you find pieces when they fall on the floor, and it will help you make sure that a piece that seems to fit at that location. It was easier to work on it from the center out and the rim in, which made it more enjoyable. Highly recommend it.

👤There are lots of black and colored lines on the back of the item, which is a good thing since it is a guide to help assemble. I think it is a really smart idea to make it easier to organize the pieces. Beautiful colors. It sheds a lot in the beginning, but be careful when you get it.

👤Excellent puzzle, interesting layout, helpful letters on the back but still a challenge, and it is pretty big.

9. Ravensburger 16789 Cozy Bathroom Technology

Ravensburger 16789 Cozy Bathroom Technology

Buffalo Games puzzles are made using a patented technology called "Perfect snap" which ensures a tight interlocking fit between pieces. The French provincial "Cozy Bathroom" retreat is where you can indulge in your most romantic fantasies. Ravensburger has sold over 1 billion jigsaw puzzles. Captivating imagery from artists across the globe is what the Premium Puzzling Experience is about. Ravensburger has a perfect interlocking fit. Quality materials for years of puzzling enjoyment. The colors have a matt finish. It is easy to handle larger pieces for all ages. It's a great gift to enjoy with others or just relax.

Brand: Ravensburger

👤One can't see what book is being read. I loved playing the "Cozy Retreat" puzzle and figuring out that the book was "Jane Eyre". I was looking forward to seeing the book in this picture, but the print is small and faint, and I am left wondering what book has a big letter S on the right hand page. The puzzle is well-made, but there is no poster, and they cover up parts of the picture on the box, which is an on-going frustration with this brand. The large piece format is nice. I would like to see more in large piece. Like "The Sewing Shed". The box is wrapped in plastic and the puzzle pieces are in a plastic bag. The picture is charming, and any puzzle with a cat and dog in it is delightful.

👤You will soon learn that Ravensburger means "automatic quality and enjoyment." This company finds and uses the right pictures that contain the right colors, then it's cut in the right way that is easy to sort, so it's never too complicated to put together. If you're in a relationship, this is a great way to get to know one another better, and to fill in the silence as you grow to share your feelings. My Sweetheart didn't even like pranking. I sat in front of her and talked to her. She was just as interested in the puzzle as she was in the topics I was wise enough to discuss. The slow-to-moderate speed jazz and/or romantic expressions have a comfortable, cozy mood. These puzzles are a good way to relax and pull your mind out of stress. Ravensburger is a good name for quality puzzles. I own several of them.

👤I loved the colors and how they came together. The pieces are very smooth. The puzzle was fun. I want to hang it in my bathroom. I wish Ravensburger had more than 500. There is a hint. I would buy more.

👤I bought this for someone who loved the puzzle. You can see that the person is reading a novel. They discovered which book they were reading. I can see a picture before the chapter break and a large letter S, but the book is blank in the actual puzzle. Maybe I got a bad one. I'm disappointed that the person I bought it for still liked it. The photo of the puzzle was not correct.

👤The Ravensburger Puzzles are of the highest quality and we have always liked them. The only complaint we have is that a separate picture is not available inside the box with a duplicate of the front cover. Sometimes the box has details cut off. Otherwise, we love it!

👤I was so sad that this particular puzzle did not have a top border piece. I looked around to make sure it didn't fall on the floor or under the couch. It was beautiful, but I was disappointed that it was missing one piece which is normally found in Ravensburger puzzles.

10. Marvel Cast 3000 Pc Puzzle

Marvel Cast 3000 Pc Puzzle

Hold up to 3000 pieces of puzzles. They can hold up to 3000 pieces of puzzles, which is perfect for your requirements. Their puzzle mat kit is useful for Puzzle Enthusiasts or Starters. They help you enjoy your life and not worry about keeping your puzzle. Fight your way into the Marvel Universe with the greatest superhero and their foes, and then complete this epic 3000 piece puzzle with Spiderman, Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, and many more. It's Excelsior! Are you looking for romantic gifts? This puzzle is the ultimate gift for fans of the comic books. It's perfect for birthdays, holidays, and family puzzling nights. You can trust premium quality. Their cutting technique ensures a perfect fit for all the puzzle pieces. They use thick quality paper that is glare-free so you can show off your masterpiece. 100% official licensed MARVEL MERCHANDISE: All of their puzzles are designed by AQUARIUS. They're a great piece of collectibles to add to your collection. It's simple. If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, they'll give you a full refund. Click the "add to cart" button to make your purchase.

Brand: Aquarius

👤Not a good puzzle. The only reference image is the one on the box, which doesn't provide a lot of detail, it's too small, and the colors aren't accurate to the puzzle. It looks like the puzzle was printed in half, so there is a line right down the middle where the print and the puzzle pieces are off, attaching images to show. The image is great, but it is not a good puzzle.

👤The cutting is not great and all pieces are the same. It makes the puzzle hard, but not in a fun way, because it is hard to tell if the pieces go together. I didn't know what was wrong after I got down to the last three black pieces. The pieces don't line up correctly in the middle and the colors don't match. The printing and cutting had to be done in 2 sheets. Interesting artwork and characters. There were no x-men or fantastic four. Disney bought the rights to fox. I would glue a puzzle like this to my wall and do it again in the future. I threw it away.

👤Great puzzle! It took my fiancée and I a month to complete it. We were reassured that we had all the pieces and they all lined up well after we finished the puzzle because there were some reviews that noted missing or maligned pieces. The large puzzle makes it easy to feel like you don't have enough pieces or that they don't fit properly, but this adds to the fun once you get the part figured out.

👤I was excited about putting together this puzzle, but my kids stopped me. I got to the end. We are missing 3 pieces. We spent a lot of time assembling and trying to glue and frame this masterpiece. I don't know what we'll do now that it can't be completed. My kids are not happy. I am as well. We need the 3 pieces, but we wish we could just get them. Added some pictures.

👤The two puzzles purchased are terrible quality. All of the pieces are the same shape and can be connected in the wrong place. Some of the customer photos are better than the puzzles that arrive. Some of the Japanese brands are Ravensburger. Not worth the time for something that is going to be thrown out or given away because of poor quality.

👤I did your Beatles at the start of the show and enjoyed it. I chose another of your puzzles. 40391 13408 The quality and cut of this puzzle is not good. The thin pieces, cup and start to peel, as well as being completely cut. The main body of pieces are cut to 4 basic shapes and if not for color tracking I could easily place wrong pieces in multiple locations. I had to place pieces around the edge in areas that were solid blue or black. If I can't trust the quality to be consistent, I won't play the puzzles.

11. Harry Potter Hogwarts 000pc Puzzle

Harry Potter Hogwarts 000pc Puzzle

It's simple. If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, they'll give you a full refund. Click the "add to cart" button to make your purchase. The Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is rising in all its glory as you look across the Black Lake. This 3000 piece puzzle is your chance to go to the magical grounds of Hogwarts. Are you looking for Harry Potter gifts? This puzzle is the ultimate Harry Potter gift for fans of all ages. It's perfect for family puzzling, game night, holidays, and birthdays. You can trust premium quality. Their cutting technique ensures a perfect fit for all the puzzle pieces. They use thick quality paper that is glare-free so you can show off your masterpiece. All Harry Potter Puzzles are designed by AQUARIUS and are officially authorized by Warner Brothers. They're a great addition to your collection. It's simple. If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, they'll give you a full refund. Click the "add to cart" button to make your purchase.

Brand: Aquarius

👤My wife calls what I love "horrible puzzles". The kind of exercise you can do on your brain. I've solved at least 30,000 pieces of puzzles in the past year, mostly in the 1500-3000 piece count range. I like puzzles and have done a few. The Aquarius brand does not understand how to make real puzzles. The pieces are shaped and diverse, but they are not quality cardboard or printing. I was able to expose the cardboard below as part of my normal solving process. I own many brands of puzzles. Many of the pieces are not flat. The image on the pieces was glossy, but I prefer a less glossy sheen. The puzzle was cut with each side being a separate process, but the coloring of the 2 halves was different and they were cut offset from each other. Multistep cutting is common on larger puzzles, but this is the worst I have ever seen. The top 1/3 of the puzzle was fun. The last 1/3 was so boring it was hard to concentrate. The printing is very low resolution and it shows at the bottom. I just solved the box by piece shape and rough color blocks. This one was hard enough without that, even though I do that regularly to make a 1000 piece puzzle more challenging and interesting. It was unpleasant because of that addition. If you want a cheap puzzle in a large format, this will do, but it won't be as good of an experience as other real puzzle brands. 3000 piece puzzles are a joy to solve. Challenging no matter the image, but not overwhelming, and taking more time to solve than a 1000 piece puzzle, because of the physical size and piece count.

👤Don't buy! It was a disappointment. I had to tape them all together. The edge is not even because two end pieces are printed wrong. I was going to make this sound like something else. I'm not sure if I want to finish it now.

👤We had an issue with the alignment of a couple of pieces. So what? It adds more complexity to the puzzle. It is one of the most challenging puzzles I have ever done. It was difficult to find the edges of 3000 pieces. Not having a picture to work from was a challenge. The picture was different in color from the puzzle. This is a puzzle. You are supposed to have challenges. That is the point of the puzzle in the first place. We know that those misalignments are intended. It's a great puzzle and yes, it's hard, just stop moaning and get on with it.

👤I'm not going to criticize any of the 1 star reviews, but several of the complaints I've seen are exactly why I almost loved this puzzle. The cons kept me from giving it 5 stars. The puzzle is fun to work on. The difference of the cut on multiple pieces of this puzzle is so small that you can be tricked into thinking they fit together when they don't. The challenge of doing a 3,000 piece puzzle is already formidable. There is a size. This is a huge puzzle. A pool table or dining room table is needed. The difference of the cut on multiple pieces of this puzzle is so small that you can be tricked into thinking they fit together when in actuality they don't. This is also listed as a pro. If you put the wrong pieces together you will end up with a number of damaged and frayed pieces. * There was no poster. If you like to cheat, the picture of the puzzle is reduced on the box. Hey! You will have to squint a bit. * The image is blurry. The 1,000 piece version is much clearer than the blown up version. It looks like the picture once done. After doing ten thousand piece puzzles this year, and having been convinced that many of the pieces were missing or incorrect, it makes this a winner. This took about 3 weeks. The 1,000 piece version of this puzzle is also available on Amazon.


What is the best product for best jigsaw puzzles 3000 pieces?

Best jigsaw puzzles 3000 pieces products from Genovega. In this article about best jigsaw puzzles 3000 pieces you can see why people choose the product. Educa and Imagimake are also good brands to look for when you are finding best jigsaw puzzles 3000 pieces.

What are the best brands for best jigsaw puzzles 3000 pieces?

Genovega, Educa and Imagimake are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best jigsaw puzzles 3000 pieces. Find the detail in this article. Ravensburger, Buffalo Games and Bits And Pieces are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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