Best Best Jewelry Cleaner for Tarnished Jewelry

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1. Hagerty 15 Inch Silver Jewelry Polishing

Hagerty 15 Inch Silver Jewelry Polishing

It can be made in the USA or imported. Cloth is used to clean and polish jewelry. A long lasting tarnish-preventive barrier is provided by the white inner cloth. A grey outer cloth is used to buff and polish your jewelry. The small size fits in a bag. No mess handling when cleaning jewelry.

Brand: W. J. Hagerty

👤The polishing cloth is only 12 x 8 and not as large as the advertised 15 x 15. I thought I was getting a 12 x 15 price. There are two layers of white and two layers of gray. If you are polishing something that is very tarnished, you should expect a "smell". A strong sulfur like odor can be produced by using this cloth on tarnished silver. It is very stinky and6753167531 and675316753167531 will67531 I usually use this to polish silver, so the smell hasn't been a problem for me. I would probably not buy it in the future since I did not get the correct size, but it seems it will last a long time and works well.

👤I have used a lot of jewelry cleaning cloths and other products, but this is the first time I have been motivated to read a positive review. The white side of the cloth is easy to clean and make sterling silver. The blue side of the cloth is for shining and I love how it cleans the top of gemstones, eliminating fingerprints and smudges. This cloth is perfect for cleaning silver jewelry because I like making it shine and sparkle. It is large so it will last a while.

👤I thought I could use this product to clean my tea set, but it was not powerful enough. It's called for jewelry cleaning. When I need to polish something that has a delicate stone next to the silver, I'll reserve this for when I don't want the silver cream polish to get stuck in the crevices or when I don't want to risk damage to the stone with a silver.

👤I love this cloth. I used it alone on things that weren't bad, or for things that are really bad. I used the liquid cleaner and cloth. If you want to restore your silver, get these products. I don't know why I waited so long, but now I'm so happy I got them.

👤The polishing rag has a name, but it's not all that. You wouldn't want to use it on a big project. This is for a quick touch up.

👤There's something relaxing about this. Rub well and VOILA with a dark, tarnished piece of jewelry in your hand. The jewelry is shiny. If you're polishing a lot of items, it will affect your fingers a bit, but it washes off easily. A picture of a pair of earrings. Would definitely use again.

👤I have had a jewelry polishing cloth for under 3 months and I absolutely love it. It's a great size and it cleans off all the dirt and leaves my rings sparkling. I'm very happy with the quality of this item and I'll definitely buy it again from this company.

👤Over the years, I've had many silver cloths. I bought one from Avon a long time ago and it has always been my favorite. I've used it until it's black all over, and have purchased many others, trying to find one that even comes close to working as well. I'm very excited to find this particular cloth, because I recently learned that it is what Avon was using. This is the best and no need to try any other ones.

2. Brilliant 57 106 Jewelry Cleaner Blue

Brilliant 57 106 Jewelry Cleaner Blue

The jewelry cleaning solution is specially formulated. A basket and brush are included to help you get in between hard to reach places. A non-toxic formula. There is 8oz of professional jewelry cleaner. It's safe for gold, Platinum, diamonds, rubies, sapphires and other non-porous gems.

Brand: Brilliant

👤I have been using this product for a long time. The basket design has been changed twice. The basket is too large and small jewelry like earring fall out and sink to the bottom. Good luck taking that earring out without spilling the solution. Is it the way they make you buy their product more often? The solution is still amazing.

👤I like the jewelry cleaner. It works well. My gold is very shiny. My container leaked out because of a small crack, so buyer beware.

👤The produce works well. I was not happy with the packaging. Came in a bag. The container froze and sprang a leak, but I was able to use it. I will probably try the product again but not order it during nicer weather.

👤It is easy to use. Good results.

👤The tray to lower the jewelry into the liquid is great. An old child's tooth brush will work better than the brush. I didn't know my rings were so dirty from soap and hand cream.

👤It didn't do anything but follow the directions. When I put it in the solution, my jewelry looked the same.

👤My jewelry looked brand new in minutes. Will buy again.

👤I don't have any complaints. The product is easy to use and does what it is suppose to do.

3. Connoisseurs Gold Polishing Cloth Inches

Connoisseurs Gold Polishing Cloth Inches

The best gold jewelry cleaner on the market is from the global market leader in jewelry and silver care. It was made to clean and protect. The system cleans and polishes jewelry. Their anti-tarnish shield protects your jewelry from future tarnish build-up by applying a cloth that removes dirt and tarnish. To buff and polish jewelry, use the darker outer cloth. The gold polishing cloth is ready to use. No need to pre-wet like other cloths. It's easy to clean gold jewelry at home or when you travel. The polishing clothes are soft, durable, non-toxic and eco-friendly. Cleans and polishes all gold jewelry, it's great as a ring cleaner, bracelet cleaner, gold chain cleaner, and earring cleaner.

Brand: Connoisseurs

👤I stumbled across a vintage Pulsar watch in a yard sale and decided the 14K gold was a bit dull after I got it working. I didn't know how much grime came off in a few moments. The cleaning side turned black. I haven't even gotten to the final polish after only 3 minutes of gentle rubbing with the cleaning side.

👤The rose gold pins were the worst of the tarnish and refused to take the toothpaste while I rearranged my pin collection. It was pretty bad, so I wanted something that was affordable and would get here fast. The directions were easy to follow. If you are willing to pay for the item you are polishing, then it is definitely worth it. In the second picture, you can see that the only thing on the cloth was the one pin. It looks better now than it did in the last two pictures. The character's legs and hair were tarnishing and it was necessary to remove the worst of it. I recommend this cloth for polishing jewelry and for other pin Collectors with tarnishing rose and standard gold pins. Rose gold is the most tarnishing metal for pins, so please keep that in mind if you want to collect pins. It is frustrating to see how quickly this happens. I polished all of the newer rose gold pins I have so that the anti-tarnish shield the cloth claims to have would go ahead and be applied. I contacted the maker of the pin to change the option I chose to black nickel to rose gold. I don't have time to polish pins and the cloth works very well. I won't be buying anymore. The pins were made of rose gold. I might get a silver polishing cloth in the future, so as to not waste my toothpaste.

👤I used the cloth to clean a pair of earrings that had been damaged. The earrings became as good as new after a few rubs. I tried it on a pair of gold plated earrings that had been damaged and the cloth removed the tarnish immediately. I'm very happy I found this product. Money was well spent.

👤I didn't expect it to work as well as it did. I had some mene 24k gold rings which are very easy to scratch. My rings were dull looking and there were scratches on them. I followed the directions to use the white cloth to clean the dirt and oil and then use the purple cloth to polish it. Wow... just holy cow... It made the scratches look sharper and softer. It made the rings shiny. If you press hard enough, you can polish it using your finger. It became super shiny because of this. Really like this. There are some scratches. You can't notice them. Most jewlers don't know how to polish real 24k gold, so it's better to go to a jeweler. If you want to ruin the finish, you must use a burnisher tool or tumbler instead of your standard wheel polisher. This works the trick. It takes out the jagged scratches and makes them softer and shines up the ring. There is a So. I wasn't expecting much. I am surprised. It worked well for me. Hope it helps someone.

4. GEMORO Sparkle Plus Pre Measured Packets

GEMORO Sparkle Plus Pre Measured Packets

There are 10 packets of pre-measured solution for jewelry cleaning. The specially formulated jewelry cleaning solution is professional strength. It's recommended for removing dirt, grease, cosmetics, makeup and lotion. It's safe. Non-Ammoniated. Non-toxic. Non-flammable. It's safe. Non-Ammoniated. Non-toxic. Non-flammable.

Brand: Gemoro

👤It works with a coordinating machine. It was exactly as advertised.

👤I have the Gemoro Ultrasonic Cleaner, but I don't know how much of the liquid form of product to add. This works well in pre-measured packets. I love it!

👤Don't buy. Walmart has a better cleaner.

👤The GemOro jewelry cleaner is recommended. One of the best solutions I have used. They were quick with their shipping.

👤It works well. I used it on my gold ring and it looks new.

👤The jewelry cleaner was used. It works well.

👤I have used the best jewelry cleaners. I have never seen my rings sparkle so much.

👤tal, en su descripcin.

5. Weiman Jewelry Cleaner Liquid Brilliance

Weiman Jewelry Cleaner Liquid Brilliance

The Weiman Jewelry Cleaner has a mixture of detergents, ammonia and ch-elating agent to remove dirt and restore shine. Tarnish Remover is effective. This product uses the best ingredients to remove gunk, tarnish, soap, and gunk from your jewelry, rings, and precious stones. The product is easy to use, it has everything you need, a tray and liquid to clean your jewelry, and a soft cloth to buff it to a shine. In a matter of minutes, your jewelry will look like it has been cleaned by a professional. Should not be used on coral, ivory, amber, malachite, pearls, jade or turquoise.

Brand: Weiman

👤The picture of my earrings is amazing. The brush is useful to get behind the setting of the diamonds.

👤I could not be happier. I have a morganite engagement ring that gets cloudy easily. I only planned on dropping it in the cleaner for 30 minutes. I forgot about it, but it is stunning! This cleaner is very good. I was weary because of other reviews that said it was damaged when it arrived. I had no issues at all. I will buy again.

👤Weiman is a jewelry cleaner. I haven't seen my diamond in months, but it works great on cleaning diamonds. The diamond is the same as when I have the jeweler clean it. I don't notice much of a difference on the white gold band, but I have a few small scratches on it and it might need to be fixed. I would give the liquid product 5 stars, but the container it comes in has some flaws that I find annoying. 1st- The earring backs and small earrings fall through the baskets and you need to get a spoon to get them out of the solution. 2nd To pull the basket out by the top of the stick, you need to dip your fingers into the solution and it will push the solution over the edges. This will be fixed once the solution gets lower. The cleaning brush floats around in the container, that doesn't bother me. I thought I'd mention it. 4th The container doesn't have a "lip" on it, so it tends to leak over the sides as you pull the basket out. I don't think I'd buy this again unless they improved the container.

👤I received my order yesterday. The container was empty except for the plastic holder and brush, which was removed. I could tell that it was supposed to have a blue substance in it because of the blue substance around the rim threads. The container was empty and dry. The item is not eligible for return. I will have to warn customers to be careful of who they order from and to make sure the item is returnable.

👤The package came empty in one of the main reviews I looked over before purchasing. All the liquid leaked out when the seal broke. Since Weiman is a great name and I have used their cleaning products, I thought I would give it a try. My bottle was completely empty. I have to return it and find a new product. Very disappointed. I work in a barn and my wedding ring is filthy, so I was really looking forward to getting it shiny again. I guess it's back to square one.

👤The jars were all loose and empty, and the box was soaking and wet from the solution leak out in the package. I am not happy with this purchase and would like a refund.

👤After just a few minutes of soaking, my jewelry was sparkling clean. The container is my main problem. It makes a mess when you use it. Every time you open it, the liquid gathers on the inside lip of the lid and spills all over your counter. When using this product, have the paper towels with you. The brush floats there. They should make this better.

6. Weiman Silver Polish Cleaner Protective

Weiman Silver Polish Cleaner Protective

The long-lasting shine. Silver and other metals are kept beautiful by the finest ingredients. Rejuvenates dull & tarnished silver by polishing it to a brilliant shine. An anti-tarnish formula allows safe use of jewelry with diamonds or gemstones. Protect formula leaves behind a protective coating that prevents tarnish from forming. All silver, silver plater, jewelry, antique silver, gold, brass, copper and aluminum are used on.

Brand: Weiman

👤I like before and after photos. The reviews sold me on the product. Here are my things. I think they speak for themselves. It worked on many pieces.

👤I used this cream polish with an Ultrasonic cleaner and fluid. Most of the native american silver pieces I had were not cleaned for 20 years. I used the Weiman's polish first to get the majority of the tarnish off, and then I rubbed it with a toothbrush and buff it off, which worked well. I used a neutral cleaning fluid to clean the pure silver pieces. I took more than one round of this process to get my pieces to shine. This stuff is thick, sticky, pasty and messy like any silver polish. I put down a brown bag on my table, which I'd cut for a large surface area, and stocked my work area with plenty of rags for application and polishing, a toothbrush, and then I went for it. The smell of this cream is less offensive than other brands, but it still takes patience and elbow grease. It works, but not by itself.

👤I had a necklace that was tarnishing and I tried the silver polish on it. The shine came back quickly. Pinching the cloth with my fingers until I stopped seeing black lines was what I did after I squirted a peas size amount on a 100% Polyester cloth. The cloth was dried with a similar cloth. The whole process took about 5 minutes. See the photo before and after.

👤I love this product. I needed to clean a few pieces, including trays and serving bowls. It took a lot of product and effort to get other commercial cleaners to work. I tried to make things with foil. The silver had an odd finish to it and it took a lot of time to make a mess. I ordered Weiman as a last resort, thinking I was wasting more money. It worked quickly with very little effort. I used Weiman on pieces I polished with other methods. The pieces shined up nicely with Weiman. It was very easy to do. I highly recommend!

👤I bought this polish to clean the antique silver that my grandmother needed polished. Well, color me happy! I was expecting it to look a little cleaner, but it went far beyond that. Over the last decade, the tarnish and dirt was removed. Everything shines! I tried it on my jewelry and refrigerator. It was cleaned and shined quickly. I don't like how liquid it is. It's the same consistency as a heavy milk. I was very happy with my results.

👤This product is amazing. I received a set of silverware from my grandmother and had no idea how to repair it. The Weiman brand has never let me down and I got to work after buying a bottle of their silver cleaner. I had my work cut out for me. It's easy to use, the scent is nice, and I was able to finish my project with just one bottle, I cleaned about 50 pieces of silverware, and still had a quarter of the product left. Paper towels would be the best option. You don't ruin a cleaning cloth when you clean up. This product made my first silver cleaning very pleasant. I expected a lot of scrubbing and buffing, but it was less time consuming than I thought. I will definitely do it again.

7. CONNOISSEURS Polishing Jewelry Cleaner Violet

CONNOISSEURS Polishing Jewelry Cleaner Violet

Tarnish can feel unavoidable and can accumulate from everyday sources. You don't have to worry about tarnish again. Their jewelry polishing cloths are easy to use. Don't hesitate to show off your jewelry to anyone again. Their jewelry cleaner makes sure your jewelry always matches your outfit. It is the perfect polish to make your style stunning. Get professional level jewelry cleaning from the comfort of your own home for a fraction of the cost. Everything you need to restore your jewelry is in the Jewelry Cloth two-pack. With this two-pack bundle, you can rest assured that your polishing cloth is durable so you can shine for a long time. Their polishing jewelry cloths fit in handbags, gym bags, in the car, and are perfect accessories to Dazzle on-the-go. Buying with confidence knows that Connoisseurs is the most established and trusted jewelry cleaner brand in The United States. Get professional level jewelry cleaning from the comfort of your home if you join the nation.

Brand: Connoisseurs

👤I took my jewelry to a local shop to have it cleaned so I could pass it on to my kids. It looked worse when I got it back. I have to clean and polish it myself after 4 weeks. Bad stuff was soaked in tarnex. I used the polishing cloths. They work well. I feel good about giving it to the kids now. It all shimmers like new.

👤My best friend gave me a necklace in 2004. It was the first piece of jewelry that bestie gave me. I tried cleaning it before but nothing worked better than this silver polishing cloth. It feels great to revive a piece that is very close to my heart. Excellent product.

👤I had used these cloths before. They remove tarnish from silver and gold jewelry. One of the cloths has a solution and the other has a cleaner. I was happy to find these on Amazon.

👤I don't think they work well. They got great reviews. I don't think they remove much tarnish. I will keep using what I have been using. It works like a charm and is a lot more expensive. These cloths do not.

👤See the earrings before and after. It took a few seconds. I love this product.

👤Theses are great for polishing jewelry. It can be packed for a trip. I now give them to my grown children at Christmas because my mother used to give them to us as a stocking stuffer. Each year my girls look forward to one.

👤Great for sterling silver jewelry and brass candlesticks. Great on brass hardware on cherry. Furniture is great on Brass Light Plates and Brass Light Switches.

👤This brand is what I use to clean up my own jewelry, and I can tell you how it removes tarnish from my silver and gold plated jewelry. I recommend this to my own customers, but please note that they are perfect for tarnishing silver and gold plated. I use these cloths to clean my gold because I don't want it to get worse.

👤The cloths I have used before are the best on the market.

👤I am going to re-order to be sure I have everything I need. Even after a professional cleaning, the silver cloth did a great job on the necklace. I had a heavy gold necklace that did not seem like it needed cleaning, but the gold cloth proved me wrong. The necklace looks amazing, like when you see something sparkling in a jeweler's showcase.

8. Silver Clean and Shine Bath

Silver Clean and Shine Bath

This product is made in the USA with friendly ingredients. 60 day money back is what they guarantee. Click on the Add To Cart button to start loving your jewelry. Cleans silver and silver plate. Simply put the Quickshine silverware in the boiling water. Tarnish floats away.

Brand: Unknown

👤I had high hopes for this product. I bought it because I was convinced it would do the job after reading several reviews. The silver was stored in a garage for over ten years and had been badly damaged. I purchased this product because I didn't want to spend hours polishing it by hand. It removed a lot of the tarnish, but not to the point where it could be used without further intervention. I used a second packet with not as dramatic results. Net/net: I think it saved me hours of scrubbing by hand, but it didn't remove everything. Before and after photos and a video of the bath were posted.

👤It is amazing! I get lazy about using cream polish on my coffee service because of the ornate design. I bought this because I was sure it would work. I used three of the four packs to clean my silver because it was large and it was tarnishing. It was worth it. My silver looks great!

👤You have to follow the directions. 45 minutes to an hour is how long it must take for it to tarnish. I can't stress that enough! It's easy to see when it starts to work. I polished our silver about six months ago. It took a lot of time and effort. It took a while for the solution to start working, but I got better results with this.

👤I used this to restore my very fine, delicate, silver jewelry, that is, with surfaces, beads and parts that are too tiny to be polished successfully with creams, treated cloths, etc. The product does work, but not as well as I had hoped, two or more treatments are required to make the items wear again. I followed the directions and have some tips to offer. Put a strainer over the sink drain. When the boiling water is poured, the sachet floats up, so have a couple heavy sterling spoons handy to push it back down, and move any displaced items back in contact with it. One of the plastic dishpans has hot soapy water for washing items after treatment, and the other has plain hot rinse water. A clean towel and a fine strainer are needed for final draining. I left the jewelry in the solution for 10 minutes, not 5 as in the directions, and got better results; it is a chemical reaction and one can see the bubbling action and the tarnish forming a gray scum on top of the solution. I removed the items so that the tarnish wouldn't redeposit after 10 minutes. It's important not to introduce any other metals to the solution because it's a chemical reaction. It's safe for glass beads and gems that are relatively safe. I wouldn't recommend putting it in with soft minerals, like pearl, coral, or malachite. If you don't know what it's made out of, you can remove one bead from the back and test it in your next batches. I hope these tips help. I think this type of product is the only way to make silver items presentable again, and this is the best I've tried, probably because of the heat added by the boiling water. I'm looking forward to trying on my sterling utensils and I recommend it.

9. Caribbean Gem Ultra Kit Polishing

Caribbean Gem Ultra Kit Polishing

A jewelry cleaner kit with everything you need to easily clean your jewelry will give you amazing results. The all-natural banana and coconut oil jewelry cleaning solution will bring your jewelry back to life with an eye-catching sparkling glow. The brilliance in pearls, gold, silver, Platinum, diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, amethyst, topaz, opals, coral, jade, turquoise, rings, necklaces, watches, watch bands and all metals is safe for all jewelry. Their kit includes a jar of cleaning solution, a dipping basket, a soft bristled brush, and a polishing cloth to remove tarnish and scratches from gold and silver jewelry. Simply use the cleaner at full strength to soak your jewelry. One of the only chemical-free jewelry cleaners is available. It's not made with ammonia, alcohols or acids and it's not harmful to the environment. It is made from a blend of banana and coconut oils and it smells great. It's a 100% money back guarantee and a great gift idea. They will guarantee your satisfaction. The most effective natural jewelry cleaner produced right here in the USA is founded by a woman.

Brand: Caribbean Gem

👤I am going to write a review at the risk of sounding like an ad. It's a good thing. There is a little background info. I got engaged two months ago and have been showing off my ring daily since. I like the way it shimmers but it gets dirty very easily. I take the jewelery cleaner I bought on Amazon for a sonic clean every now and then, but I also take it to the jeweler to have it fixed. As soon as I received the cleaner, I took off my 1.3 carats princess cut ring and put it in the liquid for my own pleasure. I used the brush that came with it, which I think is for the tarnish cream, after I let it sit in there for 30 seconds. I washed it and wiped it clean. I got my ring the day before. It's even better looking than the jewelry store. I read where someone else said that, and I was a bit skeptical about it. It is true. I will say that my ring was not that dirty before I used the cleaner. I didn't need to keep it in the cleaner for a long time. I was cleaning happy after I saw the brilliance of my engagement ring. The Caribbean Gem worked wonders on a pair of earrings, an old gold chain, and a CZ ring that I pulled out, and I am very happy to say that they were also done well. I don't think I'll ever use a different cleaner. This stuff is amazing. I wish I'd tried it before buying the other cleaners. You learn when you live. I am convinced that I sound like a TV ad, but it is all true. If you are in need of a great jewelery cleaner, please give this a try before you invest in anything else. You won't be sorry.

👤The tarnish/scratch remover compound reduced scratches on my titanium wedding ring by 80%. It did not remove them, but they are much better now. The solution worked well. The ring came out shiny after a 6 hour soak. I used the cleaning solution to get rid of the cheap old medal necklace that I had not taken off in a year. It was stained with water. The cleaner made it look new again.

👤I have been buying this cleaner for a long time. I've tried other ones and always come back to this one. I seem to clean better, faster and safer than any other person. I use the cup with the brush the most. I put my jewelry in the cup and then take a tub and brush it off. You don't need to "soak" for a while. I do it in my routine. I don't own pearls but I believe they are safe for them. I know that my diamonds, gold, silver, and zirconia are all very shiny when they are done. Oh. It smells great too.

👤The best jewelry cleaner. It lasts for a long time. If there is a cloudy build up, put it back into the bottle. Adding jewelry can be done in the microwave for a few seconds. The sparkle of a clean diamond is amazing.

10. Vive Ultrasonic Cleaner

Vive Ultrasonic Cleaner

Powerful Ultrasonic Power and Large Calibration: 2 industrial strengthened transducers strengthen the Ultrasonic power and make superior cleaning results. The integrated basket is perfect to hold items in place. There are safe, clean detergent items. The Vive Ultra cleaner uses water and waves to remove dirt and debris from delicate objects such as jewelry, rings, glasses, watch bands, dental appliances and more. The bubbles lift dirt away without harsh chemicals or intensive scrubbing, restoring shine and a like-new appearance to highly-detailed items. Ultra sonic pantyhose: powerful. The jewelry cleaner creates millions of bubbles. Dirt and debris are lifted from small, detailed objects and delicate items when the bubbles expand and burst. Adding a mild dishwashing liquid, denture cleaner or other mild cleaning solution to the water will give you additional cleaning power. There is a new generation of tank containment. The Ultra cleaner water tank is made of metal and can hold up to 600 liters. The jewelry cleaner has a cleaning basket and a watch stand. Simple one touch operation. The Vive Ultrasonic jewelry cleaner has an auto-off function that will give you a full three minutes of gentle, deep cleaning. When a shorter cleaning time is recommended, a single button starts and stops the cleaning action. You can purchase with confidence if you have a one year guarantee.

Brand: Vive

👤The item is five times larger than I need and I had trouble finding a place to store it. If you don't mind, leave it out and add to the mess. Make sure you have a spot for it. The item description should tell the measurement. It works well with water.

👤This is not a good piece of cleaning equipment, it is misleading and you should not buy it.

👤Maybe it was the one that I got, but it didn't affect the water. Only runs for 3 minutes, all very disappointing.

👤I've been using this for a while now. I've never had glasses that were clean. Like always! Everything was cleaned beautifully.

👤It does not clean well. I threw it away because I waited too long.

👤I didn't think the jewelry was any better after using this machine.

11. Jelmar TX 6 Tarnish Remover

Jelmar TX 6 Tarnish Remover

All silver, silver plater, jewelry, antique silver, gold, brass, copper and aluminum are used on. Tarn-X Tarnish Remover is an effective way to remove tarnish from metals and diamonds. The wipe-and-rinse formula is safe to use. Tarn-X removes tarnish quickly and easily, just wipe and rinse. Return your precious metals and valuables to their original shine by enjoying the beauty of them. An effective tool to remove tarnish from sterling silver, silver plate, Platinum, copper, gold, diamonds and jewelry. It brings tarnished pieces back to life. It's easy to use a cotton ball or soft cloth for the best application. Don't let Tarn-X dry on an item, rinse with cold water. Fight the Clean Fight offers a wide range of products for your household needs.

Brand: Tarn-x Pro

👤This stuff is what you are hoping for. I tried the badly tarnished snake chain in the jars of cleaner with the little basket. Did nothing. Tarnx arrived today. I put it in a small cup with some table spoons. What was blackened came out as silver. Instantly. Like a commercial. I put the lid on the little bowl and gave it a shake to cover everything. All it took was that. It's seriously. Remove it, rinse it off, and dried it. It looks new. The stuff smells like organic rot, sweet and sour, so you have to rinse or wash it. Also willing to bet that it is mildly corrosive. You don't want it on you, it's odd smelling. I used chopsticks because I didn't have gloves. The package says not to do anything for two minutes. Take that as a sign of faith. If you need more, I would just use qtips with the solution.

👤It ruined 2 of my Tiffany necklaces by stripping the silver off and leaving them almost white and flimsy, so do not purchase this to clean your silver jewelry. I am devastated that a company could advertise a product to clean your jewelry, when in fact it destroyed $400 in necklaces in less than 30 seconds.

👤I make a lot of silver jewelry and have tried many silver cleaning products. I found the best way to remove tarnish was to use foil, baking soda, and boiling water. Tarn-X is the last silver tarnish removal I will ever need to buy, and it's a lot easier than the homemade version. I think I will place an order soon. Thank you! Five stars for the product, but only 3 for the scent.

👤I have used this product for many years and it works well on blackened silver plated items when used as directed and with cotton balls, but occasionally there are persistent spots which do not respond. Do not use the product for long periods of time and rinse it with water. I tried soaking the spots for a long time to try and get rid of them, but it didn't work. Try to remove the spots with a silver polishing cream.

👤First time buyer. First time user! You need gloves, stinks, and to be honest, it is strong. I didn't think I would ruin the third item I tried to clean. A beautiful pendant that I owned needed to be cleaned and brightened. It has been cleaned several times. It was a dark, dull, and black sterling silver, which is impossible to be shiny again. I wanted to cry.

👤It is amazing! I used this item on some old dishes after purchasing it last week. I was skeptical but it really works.

👤I have several pieces of pure silver jewelry that are heirlooms from the Hawaiian family. I had to try a dig like Tarn-X because creams wouldn't work because they would get stuck in all of the details. I washed the pendant in warm soap and water, dried it, dipped it in a shallow bowl and then washed it off. I used a lint-free towel, q-tips, and a cooldryer blow to dry the water. It looked like it had just emerged from the mold. You have to rinse off and dry the product quickly if you want to use it for intricate pieces of jewelry. If you want to dry your jewelry, try a blow dryer. I used Tarn-X on a 5mm silver rope chain and it worked well and the blow dryer dried it in 1 min. I will definitely use this stuff in the future.


What is the best product for best jewelry cleaner for tarnished jewelry?

Best jewelry cleaner for tarnished jewelry products from W. J. Hagerty. In this article about best jewelry cleaner for tarnished jewelry you can see why people choose the product. Brilliant and Connoisseurs are also good brands to look for when you are finding best jewelry cleaner for tarnished jewelry.

What are the best brands for best jewelry cleaner for tarnished jewelry?

W. J. Hagerty, Brilliant and Connoisseurs are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best jewelry cleaner for tarnished jewelry. Find the detail in this article. Gemoro, Weiman and Connoisseurs are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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