Best Best Jewelry Cleaner for Silver

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1. Goddards Instant Jewelry Cleaner Solution

Goddards Instant Jewelry Cleaner Solution

The cloth is 7.5" x 5" or 19.5 cm. The Liquid Jewelry Cleaner is an instant cleanser. It cleans gold, silver, diamonds, pearls, turquoise, and opals. It can remove dirt from your jewelry and accessories. This liquid cleanser does not require deep rubbing, so it can be used to clean your prized possessions. The cleaning formula it uses does not contain ammonia or harsh chemicals that will affect the quality of your items, so you can rest assured that your accessories will not fade or get discolored. Quick-Shine Formula is a product. This 6-oz. solution has a powerful quick-shine formula that makes your jewelry sparkle. The quick-shine solution is gentle to use on your jewelry. The hassle-free and easy-to-use jewelry cleaner will help you clean your jewelry without having to spend a lot. You don't need to pay for a professional to clean your jewelry. The jewelry can be dipped into the cleaning solution and soaked for 2 minutes. You can also brush the dirt from the jewelry. A brush and a dipping basket are included. Long-lasting protection is what it is. The jewelry cleaner by Goddard will keep your jewelry resistant to tarnish for weeks and months to come. It helps your jewelry last for a long time by protecting it against dirt and grime. The product is made in the US. Long-lasting protection is what it is. The jewelry cleaner by Goddard will keep your jewelry resistant to tarnish for weeks and months to come. It helps your jewelry last for a long time by protecting it against dirt and grime. The product is made in the US.

Brand: Goddard's

👤This doesn't remove tarnish from silver jewelry. It's fine for cleaning gunk, but it's not good for silver tarnish. I had to buy a jewelry cleaner for silver because I was very disappointed. I was surprised that I have used a product from Goddard's to clean silver flatware. Their description is very effusive about "precious" jewelry and gems, but it should state clearly that it won't have the desired effect on silver. I was hoping to find a cleaner that would work on all my jewelry, but it seems like this will only work on gold.

👤I bought this product because it said it covered all fine jewelry, including silver Pearl and gold, as well as precious and semi-precious stones. I tried to clean some of my jewelry but was disappointed. Hand soap and a toothbrush did a better job than this product. It didn't remove tarnish from my earrings. My body expels sulfur so real gold does tarnish. Everyone knows that silver tarnishes. The pieces that I bought for when they came out looked like I had dipped them in water. I had to go to Target. It came out looking brand new after being dipped. I wouldn't recommend this product.

👤I bought Godard's Instant Jewelry Cleaner to clean my gold chain and cross. I followed the directions on the jar for cleaning my jewelry and I was amazed at how clean it was. I would buy this product again, it is a great value for your money, and I received the item quickly.

👤This is my second product. The first one lasted about eight years and used once a month. It makes rings shiny and shiny quickly. Will buy as long as I can find another one of the same problems. The first one lasted about eight years. It makes rings shiny. Will buy as long as I can find it. You just rinse with water after your crazy few minutes scrabble. It's so easy.

👤Do not buy. The product did not work on any jewelry. I think we paid about $7.00 for blue water. I let several items of jewelry soak for a long time. There was no change in the jewelry's appearance. I put all the jewelry in a NO NAME $2.00 jewelry cleaner and it came out shiny and gleaming. Don't buy this product.

👤The diamond cleaning pens didn't do anything for my engagement ring, but this worked wonders in a few minutes on so many items. I am so impressed. I didn't know it could clean an old ring from my mom. I want to clean my jewelry more often. It is so easy. Highly recommend it!

👤I was very pleased with how the rings were cleaned. I used the brush to clean under the stones after soaking. My rings are shiny and clean. I should have taken a picture before that. I have my rings cleaned a couple times a year, so they aren't in bad shape, but still dirty. The Goddard's silver dip cleans your silver well.

2. Connoisseurs 1061 12 Silver Dazzle Drops

Connoisseurs 1061 12 Silver Dazzle Drops

The best jewelry cleaning solution on the market is from the global leader in jewelry and silver care. You can cleanse and polish your jewelry by using Renew Radiance, Silver Dazzle Drops. The Tarnish Control Formula from Connoisseurs can keep your jewelry shining for up to 3 months. Silver Dazzle Drops is safe on all gemstones. It can be used to clean antiqued silver and two-tone jewelry used in popular jewelry designs by the biggest brands. Bring back the memories of the day you first put it on by returning your silver jewelry to its original luster.

Brand: Connoisseurs

👤You should read the directions. If they read directions, the results would be amazing. If you're trying to clean blackened silver, this might not be for you. There is a This is the best cleaner on the market, if you wear sterling silver. I put a small amount of the cleaner on the brush to clean my jewelry. I rinse my jewelry in warm water after taking a soft cloth and polish. My silver has never looked better. It is clean and shiny for a while. I'm glad I found this silver cleaner, it makes my life easier.

👤I gave it a try but had some doubts. The result is amazing. The jewelry cleaner couldn't clean the tarnishing. I used the brand silver polishing cloth with this cream. Follow the directions and give it some time.

👤I have a ring made of silver, white and Moissanite. I contacted the company and they were very responsive in their advice as to which cleaner to use. They pointed me towards this one and it was great. When I first got my ring, it sparkled. Highly recommended.

👤I couldn't get it out of the bottle because it didn't work.

👤This is great for my jewelry. It is clean and shiny. Will be buying more.

👤It's not great and very difficult to use.

👤The product did not clean my silver in the way it was advertised, so I was not a fan of it.

👤The product does a great job of cleaning my silver jewelry.

👤I had to stop to write a review because I haven't finished using this yet. This stuff is amazing. My mother and sisters are still bright and my bracelet and charms have lost their shine since my bracelet is newer. The only thing I have is their polishing cloth, the only cleaning kit I had was out of stock. This kit is amazing. It has brought the shine back to the charms and bracelet that I have done so far. I didn't think of taking a picture of the bracelet before I cleaned it, since I didn't know how good it was. The picture of the first charm I got was really dirty. I just scrubbed it with this kit and it looked like new. Will recommend it and buy it again when I need it. The hard work was done with the kit and the only thing I didn't use was the polishing cloth.

👤I have been using this dazzle drops silver cleaner for a while now and I highly recommend it. You have to be careful with most silver cleaners as they can be aggressive. The silver cleaner is very user friendly and safe to use. The dazzle drops are an efficient way of cleaning as you add water to the container then simply add a few drops of the solution to make your own remedy. This way of practice means you are always getting the best solution for the item you are cleaning. You can't cause any damage with this cleaner.

3. Weiman Silver Polish Cleaner Protective

Weiman Silver Polish Cleaner Protective

The long-lasting shine. Silver and other metals are kept beautiful by the finest ingredients. Rejuvenates dull & tarnished silver by polishing it to a brilliant shine. An anti-tarnish formula allows safe use of jewelry with diamonds or gemstones. Protect formula leaves behind a protective coating that prevents tarnish from forming. All silver, silver plater, jewelry, antique silver, gold, brass, copper and aluminum are used on.

Brand: Weiman

👤I like before and after photos. The reviews sold me on the product. Here are my things. I think they speak for themselves. It worked on many pieces.

👤I used this cream polish with an Ultrasonic cleaner and fluid. Most of the native american silver pieces I had were not cleaned for 20 years. I used the Weiman's polish first to get the majority of the tarnish off, and then I rubbed it with a toothbrush and buff it off, which worked well. I used a neutral cleaning fluid to clean the pure silver pieces. I took more than one round of this process to get my pieces to shine. This stuff is thick, sticky, pasty and messy like any silver polish. I put down a brown bag on my table, which I'd cut for a large surface area, and stocked my work area with plenty of rags for application and polishing, a toothbrush, and then I went for it. The smell of this cream is less offensive than other brands, but it still takes patience and elbow grease. It works, but not by itself.

👤I had a necklace that was tarnishing and I tried the silver polish on it. The shine came back quickly. Pinching the cloth with my fingers until I stopped seeing black lines was what I did after I squirted a peas size amount on a 100% Polyester cloth. The cloth was dried with a similar cloth. The whole process took about 5 minutes. See the photo before and after.

👤I love this product. I needed to clean a few pieces, including trays and serving bowls. It took a lot of product and effort to get other commercial cleaners to work. I tried to make things with foil. The silver had an odd finish to it and it took a lot of time to make a mess. I ordered Weiman as a last resort, thinking I was wasting more money. It worked quickly with very little effort. I used Weiman on pieces I polished with other methods. The pieces shined up nicely with Weiman. It was very easy to do. I highly recommend!

👤I bought this polish to clean the antique silver that my grandmother needed polished. Well, color me happy! I was expecting it to look a little cleaner, but it went far beyond that. Over the last decade, the tarnish and dirt was removed. Everything shines! I tried it on my jewelry and refrigerator. It was cleaned and shined quickly. I don't like how liquid it is. It's the same consistency as a heavy milk. I was very happy with my results.

👤This product is amazing. I received a set of silverware from my grandmother and had no idea how to repair it. The Weiman brand has never let me down and I got to work after buying a bottle of their silver cleaner. I had my work cut out for me. It's easy to use, the scent is nice, and I was able to finish my project with just one bottle, I cleaned about 50 pieces of silverware, and still had a quarter of the product left. Paper towels would be the best option. You don't ruin a cleaning cloth when you clean up. This product made my first silver cleaning very pleasant. I expected a lot of scrubbing and buffing, but it was less time consuming than I thought. I will definitely do it again.

4. Wrights Silver Cleaner Polish Cream

Wrights Silver Cleaner Polish Cream

The long-lasting shine. Silver and other metals are beautiful for a long time because of the finest ingredients. Rejuvenates dull & tarnished silver by polishing it to a brilliant shine. A unique formula brilliantly cleans, shines, and restores silver. The anti-tarnish formula leaves behind a protective coating. All silver, silver plater, jewelry, antique silver, flatware, pewter, chrome, porcelain, and more!

Brand: Wright's

👤I sell sterling silver. I would never use anything other than Wright's Silver Cream on my jewelry.

👤I used this on some containers that have not been cleaned in a long time. I didn't show the difference between the two pictures I posted. Absolutely beautiful. I was very happy with how it worked. If you found this review helpful, please mark it. Thank you!

👤Wrights is the best polish you can buy. This is the 3rd jar I've bought from Amazon in the past 4 years and each one has been used. I expected it to be new, but it was unused and wrapped in a gray plastic bag. The rest of the polish is missing, and it looks like someone stirred it up. I will return it.

👤I have been using Wright's for 20 years. It is easy to use and has a low odor, so my children love to help me polish silver serving trays and bowls. We usually have a polishing session on the floor after we spread towels on the floor. The cream needs to be polished onto the silver. This isn't something that can be quickly tarnished. The process always yields beautiful results and I find it relaxing.

👤The product takes the hassle out of polishing. I rub it lightly on my pieces and then rinse it off in hot water. It is okay if some of the product dries too. A soft old toothbrush is hard to get corners and details with. The liquid dip polish will overpolish your silver. I have used this for many years, even after trying new or more expensive polishes.

👤I decided to get this polish instead of the liquid soaking type cleaner because of the horror stories in the reviews of those cleaners, which were too hard for jewelry and left it dull looking. I wore the polish on the necklace. I used the sponge that came with the necklace to apply the polish. You can see the tarnish on the sponge. After rinsing the necklace under water, blotting it with a towel, and wiping it clean, I gave it a soft cloth. The necklace was almost a gunmetal color, but now it is white bright silver. I was glad I kept the necklace because it looks brand new again. The smell of the polish was not noticeable. I used it on jewelry that contained pearls, and it didn't affect them. I got a lot of polish on my hands, but it didn't affect my skin. I washed off the sponge before putting it back in the container. My girlfriends own a lot of silver jewelry and I recommended this purchase to them.

👤I have used this product for a long time and it is the best thing to keep my glass cooktop clean. I have had people ask me if I got a new stove when they see my old one. I have tried many other products that are only for cleaning glass, but none compare to this Silver Cleaner and Polish Cream. Five stars from me!

5. 3 PACK Polishing Silver Metals Largest

3 PACK Polishing Silver Metals Largest

It is made of soft cotton. This is the largest size for long lasting results. It is much easier to use in the large size. Made in the USA.

Brand: Sabrina Silver

👤I make jewelry and do a lot of polishing. Over the years, I have purchased over a hundred of these cloths and usually order at least six of them at a time. These cloths work great on metal and tarnish. About half of the cloths I receive don't work at all. You can grab a brand new rag and polish until your hands are fully developed. The tarnish will rub off with very little effort when you open another rag. I don't know why some cloths refuse to polish, but you can feel a different texture when polishing with duds, like you're rubbing two slick surfaces together, while the "working" rags feel like they're grabbing grease or leftover metal until it's dry. When you polish something with texture, the rags that "work" will shed a bit of dust, while the "duds" won't. I don't know why this happens, but it's probably because of the cleaning agents that they use to coat the rags in that they don't work once they're washed. I give these 3 stars because they are cheap and I don't like having to throw away useless rags I bought. I've been trying out other brands to see if they consistently polish well at a reasonable cost, even though I may attempt to return the rags at some point.

👤I saw this on a list. I don't want to use silver jewelry cleaner on my tarnished fine jewelry. I have used it according to the instructions, but it has pitted. It was very bad! The price was right on this cloth and I decided to buy it. It was a bit like receiving a gift from myself, because I forgot to order it, and it was shipped in less than an hour. I tried it on my Tiffany heart earrings, and I'll hold up. I can't emphasize the difference, but they weren't tarnished. They shone because it cleans them and also they shone. I moved onto the necklace, which had some tarnish, and it hasn't looked that good since 2002. I moved onto the bracelet again. I was polishing everything, silver or not, and it worked well on my non-silver items as well. I used it on some costume jewelry and it perked it up. I'm thinking of getting these for my girlfriends as stocking stuffers. If you're on the fence, you won't be sorry.

👤These cloths are necessary if you have silver jewelry. I put most of my earrings into plastic bowls and lidless boxes for a couple of years while we painted the bedroom. Life interrupted our plans and my earrings stayed in the bathroom cupboard for a long time. When I pulled out all the containers and put them back in the holders, they were tarnishing, which was terrible since silver is my preferred metal. I was in tears as I looked at the pieces. I tried some small squares that were enclosed with a few pairs I had bought. I think they lost a lot of their cleaning capability since none of them were less than several years old. I bought one of these hoping it would do a better job. It will be done in a few days. The earrings in silver, copper, and brass are coming clean. The results have been amazing, and I did some bracelets, necklaces, and chains. I will be ordering more of these and doing the silver pieces I've been hiding in the buffet for years because I don't like using silver polish. They can be seen in the china cabinet. Somewhere, that will make Grama happy.

6. Connoisseurs 1050 Diamond Dazzle Stick

Connoisseurs 1050 Diamond Dazzle Stick

The best diamond cleaner on the market is from the global market leader in jewelry and silver care. This high- performance formula uses micro-fine cleansers and polishing agents combined with a polymer base to make your diamonds sparkle like new. Over time, the visibility of fine scratches in settings is greatly diminished by this specially formulated solution. It's easy, thorough cleansing. The soft-bristled brush is specially designed to cleanse behind diamonds and other precious stones and their mountings without stripping away delicate finishes. Throw it in your makeup bag to keep it portable. It will become another travel accessory.

Brand: Connoisseurs

👤I got a chemical burn on my ring finger when they changed their formula. A friend of mine got a chemical burn when she ordered it at the same time.

👤It took my cleaner over an hour to get to me because I have prime. I kept it because it was only five bucks and I was tempted to send it back. I am so happy I did. I didn't realize how great my ring is. It is shiny and shiny again. I used it on two of my coworkers rings. The first one got off a lot of brown build up from the crevices and it is just like new. I will keep this for the rest of my life. Thank you so much!

👤I worked in a fine jewelry store for a long time. We used the dazzle stick to add a quick shine to merchandise that was just tried on and on days our jeweler was not there to professionally clean items, we would use the dazzle stick. The diamond stick gave me instant shine. The brush tip can be used to get under the stones and in the setting where gunk builds up. I bought a diamond dazzle stick after getting engaged. It's a great way to give my ring some shine before I leave the house. You wash, dry and go. I don't think this product replaces the need to professionally clean your jewelry every now and then, but it does help with the maintenance of that new shiny sparkle.

👤I have been looking for a way to clean my engagement ring, which is over 3 years old, has never been cleaned, and I wear it every single day. I ordered it on the spot after reading the reviews that were mostly positive. I didn't expect this thing to work miracles, my ring needed professional help, and I couldn't possibly expect much from a cleaning pen, rave reviews or not. I was. So. Very. Wrong. I am not sure if they were that shiny when my fiancĂ©e gave it to me, but this little miracle device wiped out the gunk and dirt from the band and the dirt from the diamonds. The band was shiny and polished. It only cost me six dollars, and I felt like I had a brand new ring. If you don't order a pen for yourself, you're a maniac, and it's my crowning achievement of Amazon purchases.

👤I loved this product. It is very easy to complete in the bathroom. It really does work.

👤I don't like having to drop off my ring at the jewelers to have it cleaned. It takes a couple days to make that stop and then stop again to pick up the mess. I was talking with a person who loved the dazzle stick. She said you have to get it if you want to keep a shiny ring. I didn't make the purchase a day later. I am very happy with my purchase. My ring gets cloudy on the sides and this cleaning pen wiped it all away. You will be disappointed.

7. Ultrasonic Cleaner Portable Jewelry Cleaning

Ultrasonic Cleaner Portable Jewelry Cleaning

The jewelry cleaner can be used to clean jewelry, rings, eyeglasses, denture, watch coins, and more. The Mini Size Ultrasonic Cleaner is small and light cube structure. Ultrasonic cleaner for cleaning jewelry, which breaks through the limitations of traditional technology, makes it save space and easy to use, and it can clean dirty jewelry, dentures, watches, rings, necklace, and other small pieces in minutes using only tap water. The Ultrasonic Cleaner uses 43, 000 Hz of sound waves for a powerful yet gentle clean that won't damage your valuables while refreshing them as new. The Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner is simple to use and has only one power button. The Ultrasonic cleaning machine can be opened by pressing the on/off button. Below 75 decibels brings a comfortable experience.separate body, fuselage, and base separation design to achieve labor-saving handling. It's convenient to change the water with a 6 oz (180 liter) cleaning tank. If you have any questions, please contact them. Their greatest encouragement is your satisfaction.

Brand: Gtsonic

👤The package arrived new in the box, with the user guide and power cord in place. The unit is small and compact, and the instructions were clear. This item works the same as if you've used an Ultrasonic jewelry cleaner before. I cleaned my 14K jewelry, including my wedding rings, and they were shining after being removed from the water. The unit stops on its own after 5 minutes if the cleaning is done. The user guide states that it is okay to use a small amount of dishwashing soap. There is no need for a separate jewelry cleaner. I hope it lasts a long time.

👤When I received this product, I loved it. It was clean and easy to use. I used it 6 times after having it less than a month. It stopped working this morning. Disappointed.

👤This thing is amazing. All my jewlery is new. I add a capful of cleaner from Amazon. The pictures show the water. It's one of my favorite purchases.

👤The package is the best because I can tell it's a brand new item and the electric cord is tied up. As soon as you press the ON button, you will see a blue light inside the tank, and according to the User Manual, there's a 5 minutes timer to clean an item. Before you start a new cleaning process, let the machine cool off. This is the first day I have used it to clean my eyeglasses, and it was only with less chemical dishwashing liquid from Melaleuca products. The tank material is made in China, and the Petite size is inmm: 226x130x118. After each use, I would recommend to empty the liquid.

👤The little guy works well. I like to watch it when I hit the button, as it makes me feel good to see the dirt and dirt come off of my jewelry. It's a good thing.

👤My rings have not been cleaned in 6 years. I ran it twice because they were nasty. They looked like new. I'm glad I got this. I put my necklace on. It has never been cleaned. Same results. Looks new. It's easy to use. One drop of Dawn is enough to fill the line. Five minutes and done. Walk out the door. The gunk that was in the water was not real.

👤I have owned a cleaner for over two years. I decided to update. The holding bucket is not simply attached to the base that plugs in. It should be a single unit. The water got in between when the stand was placed. I walked out of the room. Something smelled when I came back. The base and bottom of the bucket were damaged. If you buy it, be careful about the water because it doesn't happen with a single contained unit.

8. Sunshine Polishing Cloths Jewelry Cleaner

Sunshine Polishing Cloths Jewelry Cleaner

If you have any questions, please contact them. Their greatest encouragement is your satisfaction. The sunshine cloths are packaged in 5 separate tubes for easier use. There is a clear surface of dust, sand, and other materials. Rub the surface to be polished. Cloth must be replaced once it has blackened. The cloth is 7.5" x 5" or 19.5 cm.

Brand: Sunshine

👤Two thighs up! I've been using Sunshine Cloths for many years and have recommended it to many people. I learned that I could use them for a long time when I was a salesperson in a couple of Art Galleries. I'm talking about 20 years. I put my oldest cloth to the test to see if it could clean Platinum, gold, silver, copper and whatever other metal I could find. I use my old cloth on the article, then take a newer cloth to give it a new look, and it will remove fine scratches just fine. I use my Dremel buffing wheels to get a mirror finish on pieces that are badly scratched. I'm packing one cloth and one metal in my backpack with this 5 pack. This deal is not cheap. If you wear jewelry, make sure you have nice writing instruments or musical instruments. This is important.

👤I've bought these before. It makes it easy to clean my belt buckles. Great stocking stuffers. I put them in the tube. You don't need to wear gloves if you don't get tarnish on your hands. These do a good job. I use one until it is completely black. I use that one for things that are tarnishing and then switch to a new one. When they say stop using them, they will work beyond that. If you have a lot of items or a big project, they might not be approptiate. 5 should last a whole year or more if you use them to shine up items. I might go with something else that doesn't take a lot of elbow grease. This is a good place to shop with these. No fuss.

👤I used them on my jewelry. It did a great job of removing tarnish from the silver. I assumed it was dirty because I could see the black on the cloth when I used it on the two types of gold. I wore a white gold necklace to work the next day and after 3 hours I noticed that the chain was laying against the fabric. I wiped the chain down with a kleenex. A lot of black came off the chain. I have never had a necklace like this before, but I polished it with the polishing cloth. I don't know if I was supposed to rinse the jewelry after polishing, but I washed it in warm soapy water and dried it, and I didn't have to worry about black gunk on my clothing or a kleen. I guess I'll have to do the same thing for my yellow gold. Do they get the tarnish off silver? Yes. Would I use it on gold jewelry? Nope. I would use regular jewelry cleaner.

👤I like my little sunshine cloths. I give six of them to my friends at Christmas. My friends said "oh phooey you didn't send me my little silver cloth this year" a couple of times. There is a word. They make my gold and silver jewelry sparkle more and use it on copper. I don't think you would regret buying it. I've been getting them for at least five or six years.

9. Magnasonic Professional Ultrasonic Eyeglasses MGUC500

Magnasonic Professional Ultrasonic Eyeglasses MGUC500

Safe to use on all precious jewelry, including gold, Platinum, diamonds, and precious gemstones. Ammonia-free. Cleans dirty jewelry, eyeglasses, watches, utensils and more in minutes using only tap water. Generates 42,000 Hz of sound waves for a gentle clean that won't harm your valuables. There are preset cleaning cycles on the digital display. It is easy to operate and includes a basket to keep items safe. Generous 20 oz (500 mL) capacity.

Brand: Magnasonic

👤I've already tested two things after buying this today. My main reason for buying it was to clean my invisalign trays. They are not a match for the morning breath scent that comes from cleaning them even after using denture cleaner or brushing them. I thought I could use it to clean my engagement and wedding ring because I like to watch it sparkle on my hand after I've married. I compared a few different ones and this one seemed to have the most positive reviews. After testing out an old invisalign tray that had been soaking in Polident solution all day, it still wasn't quite right. I put a splash of water with a splash of mouthwash in it. The trays smelled great after that. My trays didn't have the filmy look, so I can't speak about it. I put it to the test with my rings. They sparkled so much after I added a few drops of dawn to warm water. This made my rings look brand new. You can't really tell from the photos, but it did wonders on them. The color and design of the small one is great, unlike some other bulky ones that I came across. It's kind of a low hum. In the video, it sounds louder than it does in person. It warms up a bit, but it didn't cause any warping of my trays.

👤I bought this based on the reviews, and I'm happy with it. I have free cleaning at my jewelers, but it's rare that I'm able to make it. When people stopped commenting on how pretty my ring was, I realized that it needed a better cleaning than I could do at home. I've added before and after. It looks brand new after I ran it twice.

👤I don't leave reviews on products I buy, but this is necessary... This does a cleaning job. I bought this to keep my ring looking good. It doesn't do a good job. I only wear my ring on The Weekndends, so it is not all that dirty. I have used it five times since I bought it. After I remove my ring from the machine, it has a dull look to it. I followed all the instructions, which are simple and basic. The old fashioned way to clean jewelry is with a brush. The ring was sparkling and the crud was gone. It looked like it did the day I got it. This product was very disappointing.

👤I put the personal care items in the machine and let them soak for an hour or two. The tank and basket have rust stains that won't come out. I've owned this machine for many months, and have used it a lot. They told me they would replace it when I brought it to their attention. The photos were provided. I asked if they would replace it on Monday and they said yes. They told me my unit would be replaced and they only wanted the information for their understanding. I gave them everything they asked for. They blamed my nail clippers which were ruined, and told me that they wouldn't replace my machine. The machine was ruined before it was used this time. I don't like being led on and told something different. I don't appreciate the way I conduct myself, and that's not the way I conduct myself. I make things right for those who do business with me. There are a lot of machines on the market. Don't buy this brand.

10. CONNOISSEURS Purpose Concentrate Jewelry Cleaner

CONNOISSEURS Purpose Concentrate Jewelry Cleaner

The most established jewelry cleaner brand in the US is from the global market leader in jewelry and silver care. The La Sonic Safewave Sonic Jewelry Cleaner or La Sonic Jewelry Bath can be used to give your jewelry a professional grade cleansing that will leave it with a glow. A bottle of concentrate can make a half gallon of jewelry cleaning solution or 8 batches of cleanings. Universal jewelry cleaner cleans gold, silver, diamonds, and gemstones. Bring back the shine by removing dirt, oils, and other impurities that make jewelry dull and dingy.

Brand: Connoisseurs

👤I usually use the regular jewelry solution in my sonic cleaner, but it doesn't go far. The solution is much weaker than the concentrate. The bottle doesn't say that it can't be used again, unlike the regular solution. Is it less convenient? I made the mistake of re-using it 3 weeks later and was greeted with a layer of growth on the bottom as I pulled out my jewelry. I came back to the site and realized it.

👤I thought it was the same product as the one I got with the small bottle. The bottle I used to clean my jewelry was bright and shiny. I had to hand polish my silver after it came out of the Ultrasonic cleaner because it seemed to ADD tarnish to it. Has anyone else had this problem? I own mostly silver jewelry.

👤I used this solution to clean my jewelry. You can use any brand of sonic jewelry cleaner. I dumped my silver and gold pieces in the solution. My jewelry was clean and shiny. I recommend using a jewelry cleaning cloth to touch up the jewelry. Highly recommended!

👤I have a lot of jewelry and my oils and perspiration make it look dull. The CONNOISSEURS Purpose Concentrate Jewelry Cleaner does a great job of cleaning it.

👤It worked well in a jewelry cleaner machine. I was surprised at how much dirt it removed. It is definitely worth the money. The bottle will last awhile because I only use a drop per cup.

👤I found my go to jewelry cleaner at Amazon, because I couldn't find it at the store. I need the liquid concentrate because I have a sonic cleaner. I was relieved to find it on Amazon. Thank you!

👤I have been using for years and there is no reason to change. It makes my jewelry sparkle when I use it in my jewelry machine.

👤This jewelry cleaner is very good. It makes everything shine. A little bit goes a long way. I don't have a sonic cleaner, but I use an old jewelry cleaner tub and warm water to make my jewelry sparkle.

👤The seller spotted a small problem and they fixed it quickly.

👤I've used this product for a while now in my Ultrasonic cleaner. All my jewelry is clean and shiny after it is removed. The best product on the market.

11. Connoisseurs Quick Jewelry Cleansing Gel

Connoisseurs Quick Jewelry Cleansing Gel

The most established jewelry cleaner brand in the United States is the leader in jewelry care. This gentle gel formula cleans and removes dirt and oils from your jewelry that can dull the shine and prevent it from sparkling like it should. Connoisseurs jewelry cleaner solution is ammonia free, so you can clean your jewelry even while you are still wearing it. The jewelry cleaning solution is perfect for cleaning gold, Platinum, diamonds, and other gemstones. It's safe to use pearls. The ring cleaner brush is designed for easy cleaning behind diamonds and other precious stones. The bottle has a jewelry cleansing brush on it.

Brand: Connoisseurs

👤This solution is a miracle to jewelry. I wash my hands and use the hospital's sputnik at least once a day. It takes 1 minute to clean and works just as well as cleaning at the jewelers. The bottle has a built in brush holder. I don't clean the ring while on my hand because it seems like it would get67531. Be careful not to send your ring down the drain.

👤I have never seen a ring like this before. I got this one because I have a wedding ring that looks similar to the bottle and I thought it was a sign. Works well! Diamonds and sapphires are of the highest quality. Better than what they do at the jewelry stores. I'm sold if the cleaning solution doesn't harm the jewelry.

👤Absolutely love it! It's an easy way to clean your jewelry. It took me a while. I only had my ring for a month, but I thought it was getting cloudy, most likely from makeup. This brought it back to the beginning. Will purchase more!

👤I bought this ring from an antique dealing and it looked like it hadn't been cleaned, it was purchased the first time. There was dirt under the diamond that made it hard to see the smaller diamonds. The shine was brought to life after using this cleaner. The diamonds are clear. I am very happy. I used it an additional time and it worked better.

👤I'm a fan. It takes a few minutes to clean, but it's easy to use. I used to have the jarred solution from this brand which works great, but I always thought it was gross because it was the same solution used to clean multiple pieces of jewelry. I will continue using this.

👤I decided to clean my ring after three months of wearing it. I looked at a lot of reviews and decided to do a quick jewelry clean. I'm glad I did. I didn't know my ring was that shiny. I liked hearing the product worked for people who had the same stone as me. The product is easy to use and it gets the film off of the nooks and crevices. The product is gentle and doesn't have a smell that I like. I can't stop staring at my ring. My camera doesn't translate to the pictures, but this is fantastic, I have a crack in it and it doesn't translate to the pictures. My gel nails are in the pictures.

👤I haven't worn my jewelry in a long time, and some of them had a metallic smell, and some were tarnished. I cleaned a lot of things to see if this stuff worked well for what it advertised and the price. It's a quick cleanser, so I don't think it will work miracles on your jewelry, but if your jewelry is dirty, it will work great! I tried it out on some gems and gold- plated jewelry, but they weren't as dirty as my silver jewelry, so it didn't make a difference. It's all stuff you can get at a store like Target or Claire's, but it still gets cleaned well and has a metallic smell, so you can use it for that even if your jewelry isn't expensive. If you really want your expensive jewelry to shine and need some heavy duty cleaning, this isn't for you. A quick clean is great. I'm happy I bought it. It didn't bother me at all, and it didn't have a bad smell either.


What is the best product for best jewelry cleaner for silver?

Best jewelry cleaner for silver products from Goddard's. In this article about best jewelry cleaner for silver you can see why people choose the product. Connoisseurs and Weiman are also good brands to look for when you are finding best jewelry cleaner for silver.

What are the best brands for best jewelry cleaner for silver?

Goddard's, Connoisseurs and Weiman are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best jewelry cleaner for silver. Find the detail in this article. Wright's, Sabrina Silver and Connoisseurs are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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