Best Best Jewelry Cleaner for Diamonds

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1. New Premium Jewelry Cleaning Cloths

New Premium Jewelry Cleaning Cloths

Their set of high quality jewelry polishing cloths make it easy to restore shine to your jewelry. The outer layer of their premium jewelry cloth is treated with a special cleaning solution to remove dirt and tarnish while the inner layer is treated with buffs to revive shine. The set comes with three sealed jewelry cleaning cloths that are designed to maximize cleaning space and power while maintaining a durable, two-sided construction. Carry a cloth at home, in your car, office, or travel bag. It's easy to use each jewelry polishing cloth, which can be used on a range of materials. Premium cloths are perfect for people who prefer an easy cloth over liquid cleaners or wipes, and they work as a jewelry cleaner for all jewelry types. The polishing cloth for silver jewelry, gold jewelry, and more is filled with ingredients that prevent tarnish formation, keeping your items looking better for longer. It works with coins, heirlooms, and antiques as well. They only use premium materials in their gold and silver cleaning cloths, so they are of the highest quality. Their jewelry cleaning cloths are non-abrasive and durable.

Brand: Simple Shine.

👤I own a lot of bracelets. Two of them had a dark color. There is a sticky film on them. I tried to clean it with soap and water but it was not clean. I tried a liquid silver cleaner and it didn't remove the dark film from bracelets. I used the jewelry cleaning cloths that I ordered. There were dark marks on the cloth where I rubbed the jewelry, so I assumed the film had been removed. I rubbed the cloth until I didn't see any dark stuff, then I used the outer cloth to shine it back up. The bracelets are new and I am very pleased with them. I definitely recommend them.

👤I've tried other cleaners that were messy and left me with a mess in my jewelry. This does not do that. It's easy to use and works like a charm. When using it, keep it away from your face as a white power will come off the cloth, and you don't want to breath it in. I'm not sure if this product is worth the cost because I can buy a tub of silver cleaner for a fraction of the price that would last much longer. It's a choice between a tub of cleaner or a cloth cleaner. This product is a dream if you don't like fuss.

👤These things are amazing. I don't like polishing silver. It has been a long time since I polished the good silver because it is such a chore and a mess. The tea service in the dining room usually sits out in a set of pads. Compared to the usual process of washing it, polishing it with silver polish, washing it again and polishing it with a dry cloth, these things are a miracle. I wondered if they would work on the silverware, which hasn't been polished in a while, because the family is coming for Easter lunch. Oh yeah. Yes! I have polished about half of the pieces, but had to order more pads to finish the job. As much as 50 year old sterling can sparkle, what I have done is literally sparkles. A satisfied customer here.

👤You can't get to every last tarnish on a clarinet's upper joint. The longer rods for the thumb keys are difficult to polished in their entirety. The cloths work well for silver surfaces. I can't dismount all the keys for a thorough polishing. I'll leave it to a technician. They are free from messes. It's better to apply a paste polish and not have to worry about removing it.

👤These cloths work well. I've only used one of the three so far, and it's covered with more tarnish in a few months than my previous cloth. My silver jewelry is shining. Their size is a negative. I'm going to have to throw away the first one because the inner cloth has turned black. The pink edges are easy to untangle and drop little threads when first used. They are great to carry when traveling since they are in a plastic bag. The larger version will be used at home in the future.

2. Connoisseurs Diamond Dazzle Stik Jewelry

Connoisseurs Diamond Dazzle Stik Jewelry

The Diamond Dazzle Stik uses a premium twist-to-dispense click pen to deliver a specialized cleansing solution. The brush has been designed to be easy to clean behind diamonds and other precious stones. The high performance formula has micro-fine cleanser and polishing agents. The brilliance and sparkle of the diamond can be increased by filling in fine scratches on the setting, and by reducing the build-up of dirt. It is gentle on the skin. The Diamond Dazzle Stik will make your jewelry look better. It's easy to use, just twist, brush and dazzle.

Brand: Connoisseurs

👤I was surprised by all the positive reviews for this product. I can't tell you how many friends recommended these pens to clean my ring. I cursed for it all. They are easy to use, but for the price and amount of product you get, I don't think it is worth it. Everyone makes my ring look amazing, but it's not. The best things to clean my ring are a squirt of dawn dish soap, a soft bristled tooth brush, and a spray of glass cleaner. It makes my ring sparkle like these little pens never could. I might return them to one of my liar friends.

👤This is something that I got awhile ago and still love it. It works and is easy to use. The bristles get underneath the stone which is the most dirty part of my body.

👤I've been watching them since I saw them on the best of Amazon lists. I took the plunge to get them because I noticed my ring was dull when I was out and about. I forget to clean my engagement ring. I didn't want a product that required me to take my ring off and soak it because I was busy with my kids. I refused to get a real diamond for our second marriage because I couldn't afford it. We spent a lot of money on a ring but didn't get a CZ. I don't need that fancy bling anymore. Our ring was stuck at the closed jeweler for months because of the lock downs. I didn't want to wait longer so we didn't request a Moisanitte stone which looked more real. He proposed again and we got our ring. It is dull with the small amount of debris. It doesn't take anything to ruin the shine, anything I touch covers it. I wouldn't notice until I drove somewhere that it looked fake. I needed something to brush the bottom and sides off so I could keep going. If I got one I wouldn't have it because I would misplace it. I was about to pull out of the driveway when my fiancée came over with the package and asked what the heck these are. I was able to show him what the knob does in a minute. He was impressed. After reading reviews about getting a dried out one, I was a bit worried but it only took about 6 turns and the toothpaste filled the little white brush. I thought I was jumping the gun in the car because I didn't have a sink to wash the cleaner off. I grabbed the edge of my scarf and had a quick run and it was clean and shiny. I washed it at my next trip to the bathroom. There is no smell or mess. I keep one in my purse and car. I use it daily and feel better. A lot of people still look at a woman's ring finger when they size up who they are if men don't know. You can't change how people work, I don't like that. If you want to dress to impress, this quick ring polisher is a must have. When people see this ring, they can judge if they want to or not, and my fiancée takes good care of me. He didn't have to drop $10,000 on a diamond to get that effect. It's a win because I'm not comfortable with the ethics of diamond harvesting. My 16 year old decided to spend her birthday money on a new ring because she saw how well it worked and she wanted to look good too. I would give these to my customers as a courtesy gift if I were a jeweler. It's great for stocking stuffers. If you brush your teeth well, why not keep this on hand to honor your investment?

3. CONNOISSEURS Polishing Jewelry Cleaner Violet

CONNOISSEURS Polishing Jewelry Cleaner Violet

Tarnish can feel unavoidable and can accumulate from everyday sources. You don't have to worry about tarnish again. Their jewelry polishing cloths are easy to use. Don't hesitate to show off your jewelry to anyone again. Their jewelry cleaner makes sure your jewelry always matches your outfit. It is the perfect polish to make your style stunning. Get professional level jewelry cleaning from the comfort of your own home for a fraction of the cost. Everything you need to restore your jewelry is in the Jewelry Cloth two-pack. With this two-pack bundle, you can rest assured that your polishing cloth is durable so you can shine for a long time. Their polishing jewelry cloths fit in handbags, gym bags, in the car, and are perfect accessories to Dazzle on-the-go. Buying with confidence knows that Connoisseurs is the most established and trusted jewelry cleaner brand in The United States. Get professional level jewelry cleaning from the comfort of your home if you join the nation.

Brand: Connoisseurs

👤I took my jewelry to a local shop to have it cleaned so I could pass it on to my kids. It looked worse when I got it back. I have to clean and polish it myself after 4 weeks. Bad stuff was soaked in tarnex. I used the polishing cloths. They work well. I feel good about giving it to the kids now. It all shimmers like new.

👤My best friend gave me a necklace in 2004. It was the first piece of jewelry that bestie gave me. I tried cleaning it before but nothing worked better than this silver polishing cloth. It feels great to revive a piece that is very close to my heart. Excellent product.

👤I had used these cloths before. They remove tarnish from silver and gold jewelry. One of the cloths has a solution and the other has a cleaner. I was happy to find these on Amazon.

👤I don't think they work well. They got great reviews. I don't think they remove much tarnish. I will keep using what I have been using. It works like a charm and is a lot more expensive. These cloths do not.

👤See the earrings before and after. It took a few seconds. I love this product.

👤Theses are great for polishing jewelry. It can be packed for a trip. I now give them to my grown children at Christmas because my mother used to give them to us as a stocking stuffer. Each year my girls look forward to one.

👤Great for sterling silver jewelry and brass candlesticks. Great on brass hardware on cherry. Furniture is great on Brass Light Plates and Brass Light Switches.

👤This brand is what I use to clean up my own jewelry, and I can tell you how it removes tarnish from my silver and gold plated jewelry. I recommend this to my own customers, but please note that they are perfect for tarnishing silver and gold plated. I use these cloths to clean my gold because I don't want it to get worse.

👤The cloths I have used before are the best on the market.

👤I am going to re-order to be sure I have everything I need. Even after a professional cleaning, the silver cloth did a great job on the necklace. I had a heavy gold necklace that did not seem like it needed cleaning, but the gold cloth proved me wrong. The necklace looks amazing, like when you see something sparkling in a jeweler's showcase.

4. Jewelry Cleaner Cleaning Machine Stainless

Jewelry Cleaner Cleaning Machine Stainless

You will get 1x Ultrasonic cleaner, 1x cleaning basket, 1x watch holder, and 1x instructions. They offer a warranty of 18 months and friendly customer service. If you have a question, please contact them. 304stainless steel is the material. The power is 1300W and the steam pressure is 4KG. The equipment volume is 2L and the temperature is 135 C. Before each start, please drain the remaining water from the pot. Add 1 liter of water to the cup after draining it. The water in the tank should be pure. When there is sewage in the tank, don't open the machine.

Brand: Flyhero

👤The capacity longevity of steam production is good for the price. It's difficult to clean without a drain. It was good for the price.

5. ISonic Digital Ultrasonic Eyeglasses Solution

ISonic Digital Ultrasonic Eyeglasses Solution

A quality product is made in the USA. iSonic D3800A-W is a digital Ultrasonic Cleaner. 3Pt/1. 6L, white color. The tank size is 6. 7x2 The Ultrasonic Frequency is 42, 000 Hz. 180, 280,380, 480, 90 seconds are the settings. There is a plastic basket and a watch stand. The material type is Plastic,Stainless Steel, and Electronics. The components include a plastic basket, watch stand, and sample solution.

Brand: Isonic

👤I don't leave positive or negative reviews. I wanted to write this review to make sure that anyone considering purchasing from iSonic understands that the company will not honor its warranty if the item breaks. I bought this unit in March 2020 to clean my retainers. When I wear my retainer only during the evening, I usually put them in the cleaner in the morning and run it for a couple of cycles. The unit broke after six months despite being used as intended. It started smoking and smelled like it was burning inside, which is always a good sign. I reached out to the company for a warranty repair, but iSonic required me to send the unit to them at my cost. I should have just cut my losses and walked away, but I decided to send my broken unit to iSonic. iSonic didn't contact me about the repair unit even though I received it on September 25, 2020. I reached out to iSonic after a month of radio silence and they said that they wouldn't be repairing my unit because the transducer was burned out and that it could only have been caused by my misuse. The Company offered me a new unit and a cleaning solution as a favor because they refused to honor their own warranty. They offered to cover the cost of shipping the items to me. I have never dealt with a company like that. They expect me to give them more money so that they can sell me another faulty product, even though they refuse to honor their warranty. If the company turns a new leaf, I might update this review, but I can't imagine them doing that at this point. If you plan to buy any product from iSonic, you should treat them as disposable garbage, because if they break you will not be getting any support and you will not expect the company to honor its own warranty.

👤I bought this to clean my glasses. I'm quite happy so far. You can see the grim float from the machine. A little goes a long way with the solution enclosed to use. There is a The best way to get the best cleaning is to put your glasses lense facing up. Make sure the crown is closed when cleaning watches. If the battery has been changed on the watch, do not put the whole watch into the solution, just the band. Water can cause damage. It can be used to clean silver, but not to remove tarnish. If your silver is discolored, use a tarnish removal product. Keep the pieces straight when cleaning. A diamond can be scratched. Check the stones of your ring to make sure it's not loose. There are loose stones that can fall out. Go see your jeweler if you hear rattling. Most jewelers can inspect your jewelry. If. There might be a build up of body oil and lotion in your jewelry. The build up will not be removed by the Ultrasonic Cleaner alone. You will need a toothbrush to clean your jewelry. The crevices and the top and bottom of the piece should be brushed. The machine can be used for a few minutes at a time. If you have to run it longer, look into an industrial machine. The machine can use most hard stones such as diamond, sapphires, and rubies. Be careful with soft or organic materials. When in doubt, ask your jeweler or search on the internet. I hope they help. Happy cleaning!

6. 0913 S Sparkle Portable Jewelry Cleander

0913 S Sparkle Portable Jewelry Cleander

It's safe. Non-Ammoniated. Non-toxic. Non-flammable. Their exclusive 97% natural formula is the safest cleaner for diamonds, rings, gemstones, PEARLS and fashion jewelry. For anyone who wants that new sparkle, this is the ULTIMATE gift. The soft brush allows for safe cleaning of all types of jewelry, which brings back its sparkle by removing makeup, lotion and cosmetic build up on and behind stones. The leading manufacturer of both professional and consumer jewelry cleaning products is GEMORO. Professional jewelers, leading retailers and more sell the on-the-go jewelry cleaner on LIVE-TV.

Brand: Gemoro

👤My mother left me the rings that she used to wear daily. She slept with those rings on, gardened with them on, cooked with them on, applied hand lotion with them on, and did housework. Mom said she couldn't get them off her fingers. The last time those rings were cleaned was a long time ago. The gemstones looked dull when I took them over. The silver ring she had was not shiny. I used the Gemoro Sparkle wand product on a 12-carat Swiss Blue Topaz ring in a rhodium over silver setting, the aforementioned silver ring fromBali, and an Emerald Quartz ring in rhodium over silver setting. The brilliance of the stones and metal was returned by this product. The product is easy to use and comes with a small brush that can be used to move around the gemstones. The rings are lovely and twinkle again.

👤This is the best jewelry cleaner I have tried. I used it on my wedding rings and they shined brighter than they have in years. When a jeweler cleaned them a few months ago, they were even more than that.

👤This is one of my favorites. I don't have to remove my lip rings because it cleans them to a sparkle. I carry it with me when I go out and I use it to clean my diamond at the club.

👤My ring is better than ever. I love my cleaner.

👤Great jewelry cleaner! I don't have to go to the jeweler's to clean my rings. As you brush it around, the solution foams up. Clean. It's easy to get the dirt from the settings and stones. Highly recommend this product.

👤Great product! I didn't want to pay the shipping price so I checked Amazon. I was so glad I did. It makes my jewelry sparkle. I'm very happy with it, but I don't know how long it will last.

👤It made my ring look better. It is definitely worth it. It's easy to use and small for my purse.

👤The cleaner is amazing. It makes my cocktail rings look great. Definitely recommend.

7. 0377 UltraSpa Ultrasonic Capacity Pressure

0377 UltraSpa Ultrasonic Capacity Pressure

One-year warranty. If the item is faulty, you can exchange it for a new one. Always check the fuse in the rare event of lost power, because a dual-fuse protection system prevents burn-out. It is not a good idea to turn the cleaner on or off frequently. The world's only Ultrasonic/Steamer combination. 50 PSI steam pressure tank capacity. A 1 quart tank with 42000 waves per second is Ultrasonic. One year limited replacement warranty. Cleaning cycle of 6 minutes.

Brand: Gemoro

👤Before buying the unit, I read reviews. It made your diamonds sparkle like they have been cleaned by a jewelry store, according to a number of positive reviews. The steamer stopped working after 6 months, and a number of reviews said the machine gets clogged easily, sprays water all over when using it, and the steamer stopped working after 6 months. I went against my instincts. I wanted the convenience of cleaning my jewelry at home so I bought the unit. I used distilled water thinking it was better for the environment. The unit stopped working after 4 cleanings. A $50 cleaning is what it comes out to. I paid a high price for convenience. The unit was thrown out.

👤I bought this machine even though the general ratings were not very good. Initially, it worked well. I have a diamond ring that is difficult to clean, and it requires either a professional cleaning or a home machine like the GemOro UltraSpa. The electrical on it shorted eight months after I purchased it. It doesn't work in any of the outlets in my house. Don't spend your money on a product. The first time I received this product, I had to exchange it because the machine I received had erosion and mold all over it. I bought a smaller jewelry cleaner with an Ultrasonic compartment that has a stronger steam PSI pressure than the UltraSpa for my mother in law, which she said works great. I think I'll buy that one next.

👤This thing is great. I was afraid I would get a bad review. I used the open box I ordered. It looks brand new. The water turned it on and I was afraid it would leak. Waited and used it. It makes jewelry look new. The grease and dirt under the stone needs to be cleaned to make it sparkle again. I retightened the lid when I let it cool down. It was turned on. There was no leak. It's important to make sure it's tight the first time. There is a sonic cleaner on top. Tweezers are holding an item under steam. Dries is very fast.

👤The setup is easy, but the systems don't last. The cost of doing business is the most important thing. Two of the last three lived for 2 months. We use distilled water for 20 minutes a day. They don't last. This time, I'm going to try to find something else.

👤After my wife had some rings cleaned at the jewelers, we decided to buy the GemOro UltraSpa jewelry cleaner to get her jewelry clean at home. I wanted to give this 5 stars, but I can only give it 3 because of the reasons. The steam cleaner did a great job of cleaning her jewelry, but it did not work right and I would give it 5 stars for that. It was obvious on opening the box that this was not a new item and had a lot of use. The steam cap and threads had a build up of hard water on them. I think this was sent back for the steam problem and then sent again as new. We decided to try it out and found the problem with the steam unit. The GemOro Sparkle pak cleaning solution did a great job and the steam cleaning made it even better. The hot water spray from the steam unit made a mess. The steam cleaning tank takes 12 ounces of water and the instructions are clear not to overfill the tank or it will spray hot water. We made sure to put in the right amount of water, but the spray kept coming even after the water level was lowered. I don't know if this is a problem with the model or if it is a defect. The unit in the videos did not act like this. There are a couple of additional observations. The company calls it a compact unit, but it takes up a lot of room on the counter. We decided to put this in a back bathroom that is not used much, rather than in the master bath as we had planned. The steam tank heated up very quickly. It was ready to use when the cycle was over. Very nice. The instructions were clear and easy to understand, and along with the various videos we had no problems using it. I always use distilled water when using tap water in the steam tank, even though the instructions say you can. I think it will last longer as steamers get mineral build up and eventually cause problems. We will try to get this again since it does a great job cleaning the jewelry. This time it was a different seller. The seller contacted me shortly after I submitted the review to correct the problem. He said that he does not repackage returned items and that he wanted to personally make sure I got a good replacement unit. He inspected the unit and sent it out right away. The second unit was brand new. I don't know where the problem in the first unit came from. I know that the seller's follow up service was excellent and that I would not have a problem ordering from them in the future.

8. CONNOISSEURS PRODUCT Connoisseurs Diamond Dazzle

CONNOISSEURS PRODUCT Connoisseurs Diamond Dazzle

There is a special substance in the formula. Diamonds, precious stones, Platinum and gold jewelry settings are cleaned. There is a cleanser with micro-fine cleansers. Diamond luster is brought to diamonds by polishing agents.

Brand: Connoisseurs

👤I bought this for my 81 YO mom who has very bad arthritis in her hands and it is difficult to remove her rings. She said her ring looked brand new the first time she used it. She said that a little goes a long way and that the stick was easy to use. She went through her jewelry box and asked for a stick for her birthday.

👤I used this on my wedding set, which was already pretty shiny even though it was dirty from hand soap, lotion, etc. I said out loud "Holy $#&%" after I dried my rings. The diamonds look brand new. I have used other jewelry cleaners in the past, but they weren't very good. This stick is easy to carry and travel-friendly. I will be taking it along with me this weekend, and I will be using lots of sunscreen, because I will get my beautiful rings all dirty again. This product is definitely recommended by me.

👤I used the product as instructed, and never saw the blue cleaner on the brush. Nothing appeared on the brush as I kept twisting and twisting. I twisted until the bottom cap came off and didn't see a blue cleaner on the inside. I'm very disappointed. After reading about it on, I was really looking forward to using it.

👤This is fine if you are not used to cleaning jewelry. You will be disappointed if you expect excellence. I use a toothbrush.

👤This is convenient to use. It's best suited for jewelry cleaning. If you sweat or work with horses, your rings need more than this. The brush is soft so it won't scratch gold, but it won't get the dirt out of books.

👤It's easy to use on the go. Just rinse the tip and then turn the knob a few times to see a small blue drop in the brush. After scrubbing the surface area and all sides, rinse the brush and jewelry piece with warm H2O. The brilliance of the gem is brought out by better than new. It's easy for travel. A very good recommendation.

👤This is the best product for cleaning costume jewelry. My old costume sparklers are back in my rings. A little goes a long way. If you try this, you will not be disappointed.

👤My wedding and engagement rings were covered in dirt for years. I used a jar with a flimsy brush to clean my jewelry. The pen with the built-in cleaning solution did a better job than the one without the brush. My rings look new again after 30 years. Highly recommended!

9. Gemoro 0375 Brilliant Personal 16 Ounce

Gemoro 0375 Brilliant Personal 16 Ounce

It is a compact size for easy storage. The dimensions are easy to fit in any spot. The pressure is 50 pounds per square inch. The 2 year warranty is limited. The blue light illuminates jewelry while it is being cleaned. The green indicator shows when the unit is ready.

Brand: Gemoro

👤I love this product. My jewelry is sparking. I have had this for several months and it has not been a problem. Two friends bought the same product and wondered how I kept my rings clean. You can watch videos.

👤I wouldn't buy. I used it about 10 times before it broke. I had challenges with it 10 times. It wouldn't heat up. It wouldn't turn on. It stopped working and popped my GFCI. I threw it in the garbage. The screw cap was difficult to remove. When it actually worked, you should not have to use big pliers to get the cap off.

👤I should have taken a photo of all the calcium deposits that came out of the previous Gemoro Black Diamond. I use it to remove surface germs from implants that are placed under the oral soft tissues. I've seen a lot of research on this process. I went to use it last week and it didn't come out. The cap had calcium deposits all around it. I poured out the water as we are told we can use it. There are lots of calcium. The calcium could not be removed from the exhaust tube. It is in a landfill. Do not use tap water for drinking. I should demand my money back. Do you have tap water in your iron? Not likely. All of our sterilizers use distilled water. The same process of steam production is used to clean.

👤I loved it when I ordered it. It made my wedding rings sparkle. I only used it about six times and it broke. It will not turn on anymore. I followed the instructions to the letter. It costs a lot and only has a few uses. I'm hoping they will let me return it or exchange it, but I'm not sure how to get in touch with the manufacturer.

👤It worked well in the beginning. I used it about 10 times and it doesn't work anymore. It turns on when I plug it in. Don't buy it because it's not worth it for the price.

👤I used this steamer about 3 times. It began to throw myGFI. I stopped using it. The return period ended so I can not use or return the unit.

👤It is a great jewelry cleaner. The instructions include gems that won't tolerate steam cleaning. I didn't know that gem stones have to be taken precautions.

👤There is no way to have a large, safe contraption that can generate focused steam and take a while to cool down. It does take a while to cool down, so unless you have room to leave out all the time, you'll want to gather up items for a monthly steam. Take time to let it cool down.

👤This works, but the leaking is annoying. You should have a tray at the bottom to collect leaking water. It is priced perfectly and will do the job.

👤I have to replace it in two years. On to #3.

👤The product stopped working in 3 months. I can't believe it.

10. Magnasonic Professional Ultrasonic Eyeglasses Instruments

Magnasonic Professional Ultrasonic Eyeglasses Instruments

Fight the Clean Fight offers a wide range of products for your household needs. Cleans dirty jewelry, eyeglasses, watches, utensils and more in minutes using only tap water. A 42,000 cycle Ultrasonic energy wave creates millions of tiny bubbles that attack and remove the most stubborn blemish for a powerful yet gentle clean. It is simple to operate with a 3 minute cleaning cycle and auto shut-off. Quiet operation and solid state circuitry ensure a clean every time. Both small and large jewelry can be submerged and thoroughly cleaned using just tap water with a generous 20 oz ( 600 liter) cleaning tank. Add detergent for cleaning. The jewelry cleaner is great for home or commercial use.

Brand: Magnasonic

👤There were many mixed reviews of me. I accidentally purchased this as I intended to put it in my cart. It was the best accidental purchase ever. I love this! I threw in my wedding ring and some Lia Sophia earrings, knowing full well that they could be damaged by reviewers. Everything turned out great. I did three cycles because of how dirty my jewelry was. No fancy cleaning solution. I did one cycle with a drop of dawn dish soap and the other two with nothing but tap water. I have friends that will be bringing over their jewelry to try it out and see if they want to buy one as well. There is a I paid full price and even bought this accidentally, I didn't receive a discount for my review. I like to give honest and true product reviews as I base a lot of my purchases on other peoples reviews. Please let me know if this was helpful.

👤Poor and unreliable built! I've been using the Ultrasonic Cleaner for less than a year. At first, it did work well. It sounded different when it was turned on and there were no signs of waves. Attached pictures tell the story when I opened the unit. There are burn marks on the printed circuit card. The cheap insulation on the transducer probably didn't prevent the electrical arcs from the printed circuit card. They didn't use enough insulation to prevent this type of break-down. It's only a matter of time before this model fails. This shows manufacturing practices. This unit would still be operating if they spent a few cents more for better insulation. I'm looking for a better quality Ultrasonic Cleaner, not made by Magnasonic. I've upgraded from 1 star to 3 stars because of the excellent customer service from the distributor. The cleaner came with no warranty information or a way to contact the manufacturer, so I contacted Shoptronics. I received a replacement unit from Shoptronics. I hope I'm luckier with this one.

👤I didn't think much of this little guy. I thought it was worth a shot. I was tired of waiting and hoping that my jewelry wouldn't fall down the drain, so I put it in the cleaning solution. I gave it a try that night because the cleaner arrived quickly. Warm water, a little detergent, and I was ready to go. I washed 4 rings, 2 bracelets, 2 necklaces and a watch band in the first round, but I ran one cycle per side of the watch to not get the face wet. The picture is of water. Oh my gosh! I thought I had done a good job of cleaning them. My sister-in-law came over the next day. I washed her watch band and it was so dirty you could see the dirt on it. It was both disgusting and amazing. Buy this and wash it all. I'm thinking of going door to door in my neighborhood to sell jewelry cleaning services.

👤I was not disappointed when I ordered this product because of the great reviews. The center stone is a white sapphires and it gets dirty very quickly. I've tried different cleaners and even taken it to a mall jewelers, but they couldn't get it as clean as the one we bought from. My ring would get so dirty that I wouldn't want to show it off. The little guy with the jewelry cleaner made a huge difference. I ran it a number of times because it was dirty, and I can't believe how shiny it is now. Very pleased with the purchase!

11. Connoisseurs Quick Jewelry Cleansing Gel

Connoisseurs Quick Jewelry Cleansing Gel

The most established jewelry cleaner brand in the United States is the leader in jewelry care. This gentle gel formula cleans and removes dirt and oils from your jewelry that can dull the shine and prevent it from sparkling like it should. Connoisseurs jewelry cleaner solution is ammonia free, so you can clean your jewelry even while you are still wearing it. The jewelry cleaning solution is perfect for cleaning gold, Platinum, diamonds, and other gemstones. It's safe to use pearls. The ring cleaner brush is designed for easy cleaning behind diamonds and other precious stones. The bottle has a jewelry cleansing brush on it.

Brand: Connoisseurs

👤This solution is a miracle to jewelry. I wash my hands and use the hospital's sputnik at least once a day. It takes 1 minute to clean and works just as well as cleaning at the jewelers. The bottle has a built in brush holder. I don't clean the ring while on my hand because it seems like it would get67531. Be careful not to send your ring down the drain.

👤I have never seen a ring like this before. I got this one because I have a wedding ring that looks similar to the bottle and I thought it was a sign. Works well! Diamonds and sapphires are of the highest quality. Better than what they do at the jewelry stores. I'm sold if the cleaning solution doesn't harm the jewelry.

👤Absolutely love it! It's an easy way to clean your jewelry. It took me a while. I only had my ring for a month, but I thought it was getting cloudy, most likely from makeup. This brought it back to the beginning. Will purchase more!

👤I bought this ring from an antique dealing and it looked like it hadn't been cleaned, it was purchased the first time. There was dirt under the diamond that made it hard to see the smaller diamonds. The shine was brought to life after using this cleaner. The diamonds are clear. I am very happy. I used it an additional time and it worked better.

👤I'm a fan. It takes a few minutes to clean, but it's easy to use. I used to have the jarred solution from this brand which works great, but I always thought it was gross because it was the same solution used to clean multiple pieces of jewelry. I will continue using this.

👤I decided to clean my ring after three months of wearing it. I looked at a lot of reviews and decided to do a quick jewelry clean. I'm glad I did. I didn't know my ring was that shiny. I liked hearing the product worked for people who had the same stone as me. The product is easy to use and it gets the film off of the nooks and crevices. The product is gentle and doesn't have a smell that I like. I can't stop staring at my ring. My camera doesn't translate to the pictures, but this is fantastic, I have a crack in it and it doesn't translate to the pictures. My gel nails are in the pictures.

👤I haven't worn my jewelry in a long time, and some of them had a metallic smell, and some were tarnished. I cleaned a lot of things to see if this stuff worked well for what it advertised and the price. It's a quick cleanser, so I don't think it will work miracles on your jewelry, but if your jewelry is dirty, it will work great! I tried it out on some gems and gold- plated jewelry, but they weren't as dirty as my silver jewelry, so it didn't make a difference. It's all stuff you can get at a store like Target or Claire's, but it still gets cleaned well and has a metallic smell, so you can use it for that even if your jewelry isn't expensive. If you really want your expensive jewelry to shine and need some heavy duty cleaning, this isn't for you. A quick clean is great. I'm happy I bought it. It didn't bother me at all, and it didn't have a bad smell either.


What is the best product for best jewelry cleaner for diamonds?

Best jewelry cleaner for diamonds products from Simple Shine.. In this article about best jewelry cleaner for diamonds you can see why people choose the product. Connoisseurs and Connoisseurs are also good brands to look for when you are finding best jewelry cleaner for diamonds.

What are the best brands for best jewelry cleaner for diamonds?

Simple Shine., Connoisseurs and Connoisseurs are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best jewelry cleaner for diamonds. Find the detail in this article. Flyhero, Isonic and Gemoro are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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