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1. Leggings Depot Premium Jeggings Charcoal

Leggings Depot Premium Jeggings Charcoal

75% cotton, 18%polyester, 8% spandex. Ultra Soft Premium fabric is made of cotton, sypsy and lysical. Their pants are made from soft cotton and spandex. It will keep you comfortable all day without being see-through. Mini back pockets for convenience are Breathable, Soft and Stretchy fabric. The Elastic Waistband is made of high quality fabric. The essential pair of jeggings are great for casual wear. It is possible to machine wash with cold water and tumble dry low. It is guaranteed that you will be satisfied! If you don't like your order, you can return it for free in 30 days.

Brand: Leggings Depot

👤I'm including mine for people to use as a reference because I get frustrated when reviewers don't include their height, size, weight, or measurements to help others determine best fit. They fit perfectly, I ordered the one size (0-12). They feel like leggings, but have the look of jeggings. There is a bit of a "camel toe" effect with all leggings on me, but I always wear a longer top with leggings for a more modest look. I love all the leggings from leggings depot, they are soft and comfortable and long lasting, and this beautiful color in combination with the look of jeggings is a great addition to my collection, so I will be ordering more colors for sure!

👤It was flattering and true to size. The fabric is very soft and comfortable. I like the idea of being versatile. Can be jazzed up with pumps or flats for a casual look. I'm very happy with the purchase.

👤I've got chubby legs and thunder thighs from the high heavens. The upper half is small. Finding jeggings that are form fitting and comfortable in the thighs/butt without being too loose in the waist is my biggest issue. Someone who always has trouble finding pants that fit well, these ROCK. I was skeptical at first because of the reviews that said there were some holes out of nowhere. I ordered one pair to see if they fit. These are high quality woven fabric, they feel very sturdy and not easy to rip easily. They don't feel cheap and aren't see-through. A pair of dark jeans could easily pass as a pair of dark jeans. I'll be buying more now that I have a pair. I bought the larger size because I'm mega chubby and they feel very comfortable. Not baggy either. Just perfect.

👤I got it in black and green. Love! I've tried other jeggings and they're inexpensive. I would like it to be shorter. It was ok. I was not rushing at the time. The first pair didn't arrive until 4 days after I ordered them, and the second didn't arrive until a week later. I like high waisted for tummy control. Long enough for my friends.

👤The olive ones looked like they had a vertical stripe in the ad photo. They have that texture in person and it enhances a long silhouette. Guess what? I noticed that they have different striping inside. I put them on and they are adorable. I'm going to wear them this way. I don't think anyone could tell the pants weren't supposed to be worn inside out because of the details from the outside. Is this legging striped in other colors? I've been looking for striped leggings. Most designers think that legging stripes should be horizontal so that you look like a toddler. I'm 5'8" and 140 lbs., but there is plenty of length in the One Size, which is 75% cotton. They're striped on the inside.

👤A size 12 is what you should wear. I am 5'10 and weigh 220 lbs. so I got the 1x and 2x just in case. My weight is distributed evenly. I have a 38 inch belly button. I need to lose some weight and am currently the heaviest I have ever been. The pants are an absolute dream. For the first time in my life, I don't feel restricted because I wore them to work today. I will not be rushing to get my pants on when I get home. These are very comfortable. I bought 2 more pairs and will definitely be investing in a few more, as everyone else has done. Let me know if you found my review helpful.

2. Premium Jeggings Leggings Stretch XX Large

Premium Jeggings Leggings Stretch XX Large

Cotton is 75% Premium and 18% Polyester. Premium stretch cotton blend fabric is 75% cotton. Quality denim-like legging with total comfort of ultra soft stretchy leggings is an everyday wardrobe necessity. Flattering is designed to hide all the flaws. The style is pull-on, preimum material, Functional back pockets, faux front pocket and fly design detail. See the size chart for details on the perfect fit.


👤I would like to thank "CONCEITED" for providing me with a horrible quality of clothing that has put me in an extremely embarrassing situation at work. I want the pants to be large so they are not tight. I wore these pants for 3 hours and they fit perfectly, but they split the inside of the leg. After about an hour of wear, a rivet fell off, but that was fixable. The split is not on the seem. It's like the fabric was stuck in a spot and it came undone. I have a huge hole in my pants at work. This is terrible. The product will cost $24. Wow.

👤I read a lot of reviews on the brands on Amazon because I am new to wearing leggings or jeggings. I am happy with my purchase of "Conceited". I chose a pair of jeans in blue and black. I'm just under 5'4" and 157 lbs and the xlg is a good fit. The stripe was cited as being somewhat annoying. The tighter the jeggings, the more visible the striping is. I might be able to wear a med. I chose the size that hugged my legs but not stretched to the max. They're very nice to me. I don't find the fabric cheap or thin, but after reading the description carefully, I realized these were not jeans. I would have bought jeans if I wanted them. The stretch of the fabric is very elastic, which makes it easy to carry different weights. They laundered well and so far no rivets fell off. I'm wearing a pair of shoes that are not sagging or bagging. I had no problem wearing them outside in the cold Alaskan weather. My daughter co-opted the black pair so I ordered another pair in dark brown. If you want a bit heavier legging, try a pair of the "Conceited".

👤I got a size X- Large / 2XL which fits perfectly. It's a bit loose on the legs, but it's super comfy. It depends on the size of your legs, a generous capri is long below the knees. The blue navy color has very thin white stripes.

👤I was not sure if I wanted to buy this type of pants, tight and form fitting. I like the feeling of having loose material around my waits as they are rather tight and binding. I washed them and dried them. It's a nice and comfortable feeling. I like these. I got the green and red pair. I have two colors that I can wear more often. I am very happy with my purchase. Got them quickly.

👤I wore these for 90 minutes before the first rivet came off. I didn't know they were just leggings with a denim look, but I received them. The front pockets are not functional. I am 5'6 and 132 lbs, and I ordered the small/medium capris in navy, they fit very well. I wouldn't wear stretchy waistbands with a blouse tucked in like I had intended to because they give me a little dog in that area. They are good for another pair of jeans to wear to the office.

3. Just My Size Plus Size Stretch

Just My Size Plus Size Stretch

Cotton and Polyester. The capri-length performance legging has a tagless label.

Brand: Just My Size

👤I am happy with the size. I was unsure if a 3x would be small. I have grey and black. Someone said the black was like a grey color. I don't see a problem with them. I can see where they said it looked faded because it is darker. It's serious. It's a good thing.

👤I'm writing this review while wearing these. These cheap capri workout pants are very comfortable. I can buy several at this price, so I have another to wear while one is in the hamper. For summer war and around the house, these are great for me because they are not strongly made. I hang them in the yard or in front of the tv for light workouts. I think they won't stand up to serious workouts. The price is killer and they are comfortable. I went by the chart and they were too big. I went down one size and they were perfect. It's a good thing. The 3x would have been tight if I had gone by their chart. 2x in various brands worked well for me.

👤The buyer is worried about four things. 1. Are they looking at the sky? These are not. The fabric is light enough for summer. 2. The legs should ride up. I assumed they would ride up to knee level after a few hours, but they don't. They stay put. 3. Do they stay up? Sometimes, you pull leggings up and the stretch is so strong that they pull themselves down. I think these are perfect. 4. Will they last? I've purchased these before and gotten at least two good seasons from them before they start to thin between the legs. Can't ask for more than that. The athletic type of capris are more suitable for the gym than these are. They're perfect for everyday wear.

👤They're comfortable and soft, but they're not a perfect fit for me. The black is not truly black. It looks like a black that has been washed a lot and faded a bit. I'm between an apple and a pear shape, with a big tummy and thin legs. These pants are not an exception, as I have the best time finding pants that fit. Maybe I have a big behind, but the seat feels like it doesn't go up far enough, like if I bend over, I'm going to be flashing my crack. The legs are a little too big. I had hoped they would cling. They look like a regular pair of capris because of the bagginess in the thigh and calf. I would need to down a size in order for them to cling the way I wanted them to, but that would make them uncomfortable on my stomach, if I inadvertently eat something that upsets my stomach and it bloats. For $8, I can't complain. They're thick, so not see-through, but not so thick that they're too hot, they washed fine, didn't shrink, and they are comfortable, no thick band in.

4. No Nonsense Classic Legging Pockets

No Nonsense Classic Legging Pockets

Cotton, 32% Polyester, and 7% Spandex. The capri jeggings feature stretch fabric with authentic jean styling touches like faux front pockets and real back pockets, which make them very comfortable. A slim, flattering fit that stretches without stretching out and features a 24 inch inseam is what you'll get when you dress up or down in all day comfort. This classic indigo colored denim capri has a body hugging fit with no-show coverage that hides panty lines and a length that hits mid-calf for a flattering look.


👤I am 5 feet tall and 170 pounds and ordered these dark denim capris. They fit perfectly and are comfortable. They don't bag at the knees. They look good with everything, and I have a bit of a stomach, and they make it look flatter and tighter. I'm impressed by their quality and price. I would recommend them to anyone.

👤These are ankle pant lengths on me, I'm 5'2”. The large is form fitting but not skin tight, I'm between a 10 and 12 in pants. There is a lot of room in the waist band. I have several pairs of denim. The size is different between the colors. The printed denim are the Goldilocks fit for me, they are bigger, dark and smaller than the light denim. All are still comfortable. I bought the boyfriend shorts in this brand and they are much larger. I'd go down a size but the knit is the same as denim.

👤I like capri's. You need to have the right size so you gave them a 4 instead of a 5. They are not very willing to forgive. I ordered something small. Too small and not enough give to work around my middle. I ordered a big one. It was too big and gaping around my middle. A medium was ordered. It worked very well. They are comfortable and look good. I'm about 130 lbs.

👤I like them and have tried them. There's a tip. Im 4'11" The length of the CAPRI leggings is perfect.

👤The dark jean is very comfortable. Loving these jeggings. They come up just below my calves.

👤These pants are very good. I ordered a pair after receiving a recommendation. I bought a second pair after loving them so much. The fabric is stretchy and lightweight. The fit is so nice that I could wear a shorter shirt and show off my rear, which I cannot do in other leggings - the pockets help. I feel a lift from them. The dark wash is important. The light wash is very similar to mom jean material. I returned them. They fit great and were in white in a size up.

👤The jeggings are white. I got my usual size and they fit perfectly. I plan to only wear tunics and longer shirts with them, but that is not an issue for me. These are good for the price.

👤I like these capri's. They are comfortable and soft. There is a strong chemical odor. I hung them outside after washing them. They were sprayed with mist. Maybe with a few more washings it will be gone.

👤I've ever owned the most comfortable jeggings. When I put them on, they were so soft and comfortable that I couldn't believe it. Absolutely perfect. It was very flattering. There are back pockets and faux front pockets. There is no muffin top. It is very stretchy. I find jeans very uncomfortable so this is a great alternative. I am only 5'3 so the length fits better on me. I like that better. You can dress them up that way.

5. JUST MY SIZE Legging Leggings

JUST MY SIZE Legging Leggings

The fabric has spandex to move with you. Thin elastic waist. The legging has an open leg bottom. No pockets for a slim look.

Brand: Just My Size

👤I decided to get the 4xl because I was afraid of getting a pair of "too small" tights. I should have gone with a 3xl. I'm 5'7" and have a 52inch waist.

👤I like these leggings. So comfortable! I also bought the capris. I have a small complaint about them not being black as most leggings are. I have a photo of a side by side example. They are a light black. Not a dealbreaker. They fit the same as Faded Glory's leggings. I'm 5'3 and they come to my ankle. I ordered a 2x and they fit perfectly. Not tight or loose. I have a large stomach. They don't slide down when I walk by. It's a no-brainer for the price. You can never have too many pairs of leggings. If anyone is curious, these are not seemless leggings. They have a line on the side.

👤I have a big butt, big legs, and a tummy. It's difficult to find leggings that fit everywhere. They hug every curve and stay put when I exercise. I don't have to keep pulling them up all day. They are not see-through and can be worn all season long. I wish they had more colors. I'm trying to work out and I can finally work on the treadmill without having to adjust my leggings. I'm ordering a pair of black and gray.

👤These are decent leggings for plus size and the price. I returned them because of a few issues. I think it's a good idea to take what I'm saying as my own experience. These are not a true black in color. The picture makes them look like black, but they are not. They look faded, not even really charcoal. These are not skin-tight from waist to ankle, unlike traditional leggings. They are a bit loose in the waist/rear section, but tight at the calves. A very tight fit that gets tighter towards the bottom is not an all-over tight fit. I think they would stay put without being too binding, but they are still tight enough to highlight the bumps and ripples. Not unexpected, but not what I want to see. The fabric is not transparent. The quality of fabric would shorten the lifespan of these pants, but I don't think they would last much beyond that. I don't think they would look good through multiple washings as they are faded out of the box. These barely brushed my ankle. They would lose a lot of length if they were put in the dryer. It's something to keep in mind. The biggest issue for me is that the description states that they are not tagless. There is a double thickness tag along the back seam just below the waist, which is technically true, but the actual phrase is that it is an elastic, tag-free waist. I have a chronic skin condition that makes tags a huge issue and this was the absolute deal-breaker for me. One of the main reasons I chose this pant was because it stated it was tag-free, so to unpack it and see a tag was annoying. It's a bit loose than your average legging, faded-looking black color, but not tag-free.

6. Classic Denim Leggings Dark 2x

Classic Denim Leggings Dark 2x

Cotton, 32% Polyester, and 7% Spandex. These jeggings feature authentic jean styling with faux front pockets, faux fly, and real back pockets, and they look like denim. With gold topstitching on the pockets, side seam, and leg openings, you'll look great in these denim leggings, wearing them with confidence. A slim, flattering fit that stretches but retains its shape is all you need to dress up or down.

Brand: No Nonsense

👤This is the first pair of jeggings I've purchased, and I love them. They look and feel like jeans. I'm not a fan of skinny jeans, but I decided to give them a try because I can't find anything similar in boot cut or flare without a hefty price tag. I've seen jeggings at Walmart. Not good. I've seen other people wearing jeggings, and you can tell they are jeggings. They look cheap? These look amazing. I've never felt more confident in a pair of pants. I'm very happy with my purchase. I will show you my body shape and weight. Something that I don't like very much. I've had ups and downs in my weight throughout my life. I have some extra skin. I am roughly 5'8" and weigh about 220. I'm sort of small. According to me. I have a lot of fat in my belly. My legs are not big enough to fit in real jeans, so I have a hard time finding them. My natural waist is 44, my hips are 54 and my lower hip measurement is 34. When I try on jeans in a size I can get up high enough with my tum tum, the legs look baggy and weird. I think it's important to remember that we aren't the same size, but we could be standing next to each other. My weight is in my belly, but some are fortunate enough to have it evenly distributed. I fit in to a large in yoga pants and leggings, so I ordered an extra large. They fit me perfectly. The fit was amazing. They are not as thin as leggings, but they are not as thick. They structure to them so they don't highlight every bulge. I hope this helps someone.

👤This was the 6th or 7th time I've bought this brand of denim leggings. I'm sad to see that they have changed the fabric. They are unwearable for me. The original leggings were made with a really soft stretchy material that made them look like denim, but they were so comfortable that you could cuff them. The new leggings are a dark and really uncomfortable material and have a printed denim image on the inside. The cut of the leggings and the fact that the waist band goes lower in the back were the things that bothered me the most. I used to wear these as my natural waist, but that is no longer possible unless I want a constant wedgie. I'm very sad. These pants were my favorite. I hope they change them again.

👤I only give two stars for fit and comfort. These are visible. The material is very similar to jeans, but they are stretching more than you would expect from jeggings. Unless you are wearing a dress with them, they are not going to work. It's really sad!

👤The last update was on 09-06-2020. I will never buy these again. I took another chance because the price was back up to 14. I assumed they were back to selling the better quality jeggings and not the cheap ones that start getting holes within a couple of wears. But not true. There are holes in a couple of wears. It's sad because the good quality ones got so many good reviews that many people are going to order them not knowing they're complete S** Now. All 4 size extra large pairs have been thrown away after an update within 3 months. $3 a pair was awesome but not worth it. They normally sell them for $16 a pair, but they were hoping they were different. I would feel bad if anyone paid that and they fell apart quickly. I bought a pair of these a long time ago. I had holes in the crotch area for 6 months before I started getting them again. I wore them multiple times a week while I worked. I'm pretty sure that contributed because I go commando a lot. They were on here recently for $3 a pair. I bought 9 pairs. The fabric seems a tad different than the old pair, but they still fit the same. I don't smell any chemicals. I will update if something changes. I'll see how long they last after they come today.

7. HUE Waistband Blackout Leggings Assorted

HUE Waistband Blackout Leggings Assorted

Cotton, 38% Polyester, and 6% Spandex. The cotton capri leggings are designed to give you a sleek look with absolutely nothing peeking through to ruin your style. The mid-rise waist with a wide band that won't slip or bunch for perfect comfort is a trendy design. Pair these capris with your favorite t-shirts, sweaters, cardigans, and any shoe in your closet for style that will take you from breakfast to bed.

Brand: Hue

👤A year and a half ago, I bought a pair of them. The product is not the same as before. The previous wide waistband was 3 inches thick and had a large elastic sewn inside. The current product has a 2 inch waistband and a tiny 1 inch elastic sewn inside. I was trying to avoid them, but now they are exactly like the cheap ones. If you want a wide waistband, keep looking. The old and new photos were uploaded side by side. The old pair has elastic in the whole section. The new pair has a waistband that is only 1 inch elastic. The elastic section was shown in the second photo. The product is not wide and should not be advertised as such.

👤I have a collection of capri leggings. I tried these because of the waistband. If you see what I mean, I can't wear leggings under a skirt all day. The waistband won't roll when you move and stays put, and you can wear them all day. I'm happy! I sent back a brand of Hi end that I had purchased because they were on sale for 47 bucks. These are lightweight and can be worn under a dress or skirt, but not quite. You can wear them with confidence. It's like tights on steroids with a waistband.

👤I love these leggings. They are soft and not see-through. I wear these under tunics or dresses when I am 55 years old and they fit perfectly. The waist stays put. The bottom hem is loose and I like it. There are two pairs in white. It's a happy day. Definitely recommend. I think these will be very comfortable on warm days.

👤They fit like they were described and I am 5ft 1 in so the length was great. They were thick enough to fit in an Over sized top. I bought a pair of black ones to go with my other tops.

👤I worry that I will get too tight or not comfortable. That is not the case with these. The band is loose but also stretchy and conforms nicely without suffocating you. I love them! I'm 5'2 163 lbs and have a large build.

👤I checked these out and ended up buying 3 more pairs of leggings in different colors and patterns. These were very comfortable. The "blackout" feature is great. I recommend these to people who don't like the tight waist squeezing that happens with some leggings. The same brand longer leggings in some models need a size up to be comfortable. These fit perfectly.

👤I wish they had a higher rise to these. I have a short torso, but they were too low for me. I knew I would hike them up.

👤I like the feel of cotton. They are not my new favorite because of the fit. I have a body shape that has different sizes across my body. I bought a large because I thought it would fit my hips the best. It does fit the hips well, but the waist is loose which can cause issues with staying in place. The medium would probably fit my waist but not my hips. I am still looking for my new favorite legging. These do very well in the squat test, not seeing through, or just barely.

8. Prolific Health Jeggings XXX Large Turquoise

Prolific Health Jeggings XXX Large Turquoise

Standard sizes and plus size are available. The pants have pockets. The amount of stretch is ideal.

Brand: Prolific Health

👤These fit well and are comfortable, but look and feel cheap. The pants show the lighter color inside, which dulls the outside color. I wonder if a black pair would be more opaque. They don't give me a muffin top, but I have to pull them down to avoid a camel toe. They have some bumps and lumps because they are thin. These seem to be at least 2 inches longer than my 28" inseam. I'm 5'3" and weigh 158 lbs. I usually wear a size 12 in pants, but I bought a size Large.

👤The item fit and looked great. It is disappointing to experience a poor design and workmanship in these leggings. They fit well and look like jeans. They hug in the right places and are not too tight or loose. My wife is a small so she is not straining her clothes. She loved them from the inside and I loved them from the outside. Within minutes the right rear pocket had pulled out. I didn't use them for strenuous activity. Let the pocket flap. Returned the pair and gave the benefit of the doubt by ordering three more. Hope it was a bad pair. The new pairs were received yesterday. Within 10 minutes, therivet on the right rear pocket was gone after I went out with a pair on. The inside of the rivets are too small to hold spandex. These would be great if the design and workmanship around the rivets were changed.

👤I don't buy leggings online. I like to see them in person to make sure they are not seen. I took a gamble after reading reviews and it paid off. These are gorgeous in real life. I like to wear leggings and jeggings rather than jeans because they are more flattering and these do not disappoint! They look like jeans and give me a lift, even though I have heavy thighs. I found these to be a good length on my leg and came just below my ankle bone. I ordered these in large because I usually wear a size 10. If you are like me, you are a little heavy through the bottom and thigh and figure hugging is not tight and flattering. I will definitely be ordering more.

👤If you prefer to hide your love handles, they are not for you. There is a If you prefer a tight fit around the waist, it will be a little loose. It was really loose. The pants were used as work pants. Absolutely wonderful. I like a tighter fit but it was a bit loose and comfortable. The fabric is not transparent. I felt like I wasn't wearing anything. I am 5'5" and 135 lbs. I'm also on the unfit side.

👤Excellent quality material and comfortable. I was hoping that these would be a good fit for me because I'm 200 pounds, 5 foot 7 inch wearing a plus 14 and these fit great. It's snug around my butt. I washed them first because of this BS covid19 and I wanted to see if they would shrink after washing. They did not shrink ladies.

9. Just Love Ripped Jeggings 6854 DKDEN XL

Just Love Ripped Jeggings 6854 DKDEN XL

You should upgrade your sword. That jeans look great without being uncomfortable. The stretch denim jeggings are a must-have. To create a casual outfit, pair them with your favorite top and shoes. There are four types of denim: black, medium, dark and light. More structure; more flexibility. Their jean leggings have 2 real back pockets. The result? You can wear them with all kinds of blouse or even tuck them in. There are 2 mock pockets on the front. COMFORT YOU. Love: The stretchy denim fabric is great for all day comfort. It's made from a blend of cotton, spandex, and polyester and it allows you to move without restrictions. They have great-fitting skinny jeggings from their size range. The pants have an elastic waist and are designed to hold up well in the wash. You get to experience a comfortable fit. The best value. Just Love is about giving you the latest fashion at the best prices. Their women's clothing is backed with a total satisfaction guarantee, because they want to leave you with a smile. Click the button now to slip into stylish comfort.

Brand: Just Love

👤These pants are still amazing. Extra stretch when wearing all day but not crazy. I ordered the light blue because the large was out and they fit perfectly. The waist and stomach area still fit fine despite being slightly tighter in the legs. I can wear a large. I am ordering every color in pants and capris. Y'all! If you are larger in the belly but smaller in the hips, butt and legs, these are the ones for you. I can't find pants for a few reasons. 1. I am 5'8" and everything is too short, so I want to roll them at the bottom a little. 2. I have a large belly area that is too large to be flattering but not large enough to be noticeable. My legs are long and slender, my butt is small, and I have zero hips, which makes my butt fit perfectly in every place. If they get loose throughout the day, I will let you know, just size down. I weigh at least 237 lbs. I hope this helps them. As soon as I know if I need to size down, I will order every color and style.

👤I love these! Finding pants that fit is not something that happens to me. These are comfortable and long. I ordered another pair of black ones and will be ordering more. The material held up to the wash.

👤It's a little long, but it's very stretchy. I'm 5'5 and weigh 250 so they fit perfectly with room to spare. Highly recommend! It's hard for me to find pants that fit me well because I have more in my belly area, so I'm ordering more soon.

👤I went by the size chart and I am a 3x woman. I was really excited to get these jeggings but they wouldn't fit past my knees. I thought to myself that these are for kids. They were made in China. They fit like a toddler when you order them, so be careful. They will be used as incentive to lose weight. If you're a big beautiful woman like me, don't order these things.

👤I'm a size 18 in jean and would have loved to have gotten the 3xl, it's tight around my thighs and butt, and the jeggings.

👤Ok. These are my third pair. The first two pairs fit perfectly and make me feel great. I would expect them to hold up to daily wear. They are trashed after 3 months of wear. I like the way they look. I continue to purchase. Silly me. They are too big for me. The leg is cut in half. They are not like pair 1 or 2. They should be the same. We have plans this weekend that will not work. I am giving one star. The quality is not great and the size is not consistent.

👤The fit was perfect. If you want a tighter fit, I would recommend you to size down. I usually wear a L and they are perfect. Stick with your normal size if you like a looser fit. I weigh 190 lbs. The length is perfect. I like my jeans a little long where I can cuff them.

10. VOOVEEYA Jeggings Leggings Pockets Stretchy

VOOVEEYA Jeggings Leggings Pockets Stretchy

75% nylon, 25% spandex. VOOVEEYA high waisted leggings for women look like jeans are the ultimate way of combining comfort with style. The high waist design gives you the comfort of yoga pants and the style of jeans, because it gives you the control and support you need. Jean leggings with two pockets are as comfortable as jeans but have pockets on the back so they look like jeans. denim leggings have been the go-to for pretty much any occasion and to reflect your personality and unique fashion sense. High rise womens jeggings with butt lifting and 4-way stretch impervious technology, will not be seen through when bending or stretching. The fabric is buttery soft. The perfect fit High Waisted jeans for women are 75% NYLON, 25% SPANDEX, which is super stretchy and can be stretched in all directions, and high quality denim-like plus size leggings with total comfort. High waisted jeggings for women with pockets are suitable for yoga, running, dancing, sports, fitness, or daily use. Please feel free to email them with your inquiry, they offer a 24 hour customer service consultation.

Brand: Vooveeya

👤I've been looking for soft leggings. I weigh 135 lbs. I chose the medium size. These leggings look like jeans and fit my body perfectly. They have two pockets on the back that can hold my key cards. I would strongly recommend ordering these leggings, as they are nicely designed, super soft, and made with great material, and it's running great.

👤The leggings have pockets. I have high requirements for this type of yoga pants. I was skeptical at first, but I was surprised when I received it. These leggings are very comfortable. It's my favorite pair of leggings and I really like them. The tummy control is what I am most satisfied with, and you can do squats and exercise without pressure when you wear it. I like the design of the pockets, the pockets are just right, and the things I put in them won't fall off when I'm exercising. I highly recommend these leggings. I'm going to buy 2 more.

👤I wear leggings almost every day because I am like those that are very slim. The pants fabric is stretchy and comfortable. It is as soft as the yoga pants I bought. The design is similar to jeans. The brand size recommendation is very friendly. I ordered a black size, no see through, but I think it's more comfortable to buy a larger size if you prefer a looser fit. I will order again.

👤The item was delivered quickly. The quality is very good. I tried on a pant and it fit me perfectly. I like it. I will definitely get another one after giving this buying experience a 5star.

👤I noticed that some people said they didn't have the right size, but I had many pairs of high waist yoga leggings and it was hard to choose the correct size. I was able to pick out a size perfect for me, according to the size chart on this brand. It is important to pick the right size for your body type, I love the fit on me, it is soft and real size with no see-through.

👤The leggings are squat-proof, I can wear my dark underwear and not have a probem moving my legs around, I also found them to be thin and flexible, they are also good for yoga class.

👤These are cute! It's great to be fit. Customer service is top notch. Give them a try.

👤I was in between sizes and high waisted stuff was not usually what worked for me. I'm at the waist and hips. I have a medium. They are loose on my waist. I'm going to try a small to see how they feel. The material is comfortable and soft. It doesn't stay stretched out. They snap back. Love them so far.

11. Just My Size Stretch Granite

Just My Size Stretch Granite

The material is 98% Polyester, 12% Spandex. There is a wide, comfortable waistband. Shapes are defined by center back seam.

Brand: Just My Size

👤I wore them for the first time and they stayed in place and didn't get too hot. They look very cute. The size 26 was ordered 4x.

👤I am very happy with this, I got it to wear to a yoga class. It stayed put, is flattering, and is of decent quality. I would add the cotton layer at the crotch if I could change anything. The waist goes up high enough to make a difference, which is what I was looking for. No muffin top with these! The white on the side makes the eyes think the leg is skinnier. I bought my size based on the reviews I read here, and I am very happy with it. I wear a size 18 pants and a size 1x shirt. I bought 3x of these leggings and they were the perfect size for yoga. I would have wanted a 2x if I ran in them.

👤The size is not consistent between colors. I ordered three different colors, all the same size. Black/White/Granite was the first of its kind. The second is all black and small. The third is too small to wear. They would get 5 stars if they were the same fit as the first.

👤It's next to impossible to find clothes that are affordable for plus size girls. It's even harder to find them in stores. My size is in the Just My Size brand. I was confident that I would get these on line. They fit, but the waist and hip area is tighter than normal, and I would feel more comfortable if the rise was a little longer, but they don't show my crack when I bend over, so I'll keep them.

👤Great fit. I don't feel like I'm squeezing into it. Right now, I have a 1X. Thanks so much!

👤I thought I would try them because they had a good rating. I am a size 18W and ordered a 1x. The fit was perfect. I don't understand why others don't run true to size. The capris were made of stretchy cotton, not shiny cotton. The material was thin for my liking, but it didn't seem to see. I didn't like the waist band. Someone sewed the top down and then put an elastic band on it. It was very flimsy and didn't have any compression on the belly. The top kind of rolls down when I bend over. I decided to keep them for hanging around the house pants, even though I was going to return them. The price was only $13, so the comfort made me keep them. If you need the compression waist band to hold the gut, it's not good for working out. I wouldn't buy them again, but I did give them a 4 star rating because they are cheap, cute and comfortable.

👤Good fit over my body. I have a short inseam, so these were down to my ankle, but I was comfortable hiking them up to my knees. I covered my butt and belly during exercise and didn't roll down. The fabric was light and cool. I got the 4X when I was a 24/26.


What is the best product for best jeggings plus size?

Best jeggings plus size products from Leggings Depot. In this article about best jeggings plus size you can see why people choose the product. and Just My Size are also good brands to look for when you are finding best jeggings plus size.

What are the best brands for best jeggings plus size?

Leggings Depot, and Just My Size are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best jeggings plus size. Find the detail in this article. Just My Size, No Nonsense and Hue are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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