Best Best Jeans for Women 2022 Loose

2022 29 Jan 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Corduroy Waisted Vintage Straight Pocket

Corduroy Waisted Vintage Straight Pocket

The bootcut bell bottom pants women black are made of cotton blend material, soft, skin-friendly, and comfy to wear. Women wear wear-resistant, durable corduroy flare pants. The women's bootcut design has a regular fit, high waisted corduroy flare pants, and casual black bell bottoms. Women who wear palazzo pants are perfect for daily wear. It's an ideal gift for yourself, your friend, or your family member. It's easy to pair a tank top, camisole, or blouse with corduroy pants for women bell bottoms. Women could match their bell bottoms with sneakers or high heels. There are 5 sizes available for you to choose from. Women's flare leg pants are recommended to be washed in cold water. Hang dry with no bleach.

Brand: Hber

👤I was excited to wear these pants. They were not the color in the photo at all, they came ripped near the crotch area.

👤I bought these pants in a medium. I am 6'0" tall and slim at 140 lbs. I'm usually a 26/27 tall or 4/6 tall. There were no tall options. I didn't size up because I didn't want it to be too loose and the photos made the pants look longer. The M and L lengths were the same. The waist was loose so they didn't matter. The length was too short. They were serious and halfway up my shins. There is more to that. The back of the pants are not shown in the photos. The pants can't even be tightened by the big buckle. I see the idea but it is not flattering. Not cute. There were some issues with the stitching. The stitching is broken and sloppy. It is on the inside. It is not that big of a deal. The button hole isn't big enough to open up. The fabric is the only good thing about these pants. I was concerned about the quality of the fabric when I bought it but I was pleasantly surprised when they came. It is a soft, smooth material that was true to color. They don't fit in with the images. There is a Don't waste your time and money on these pants if you're over 5'8". Unless you are preparing for a flood, they probably won't work for you.

👤It was too small for the size I wanted and the fabric was poor.

👤My teen likes the baggy look of these pants and they fit her perfectly. I think they look great on her. She says they are very comfortable.

👤I ordered these for my son. She loves them because they are lightweight, soft, and fit perfect. She has a tiny waist.

👤I was hoping they would be baggier on the legs, but I still love them. The color is richer than the picture. The material was good, but not see-through, despite what other reviewers say. Highly recommended.

👤There were no markings of any kind inside the garment, how to care for it, the size, the fabric or where it was made. I will return this.

2. Gloria Vanderbilt Classic Tapered Scottsdale

Gloria Vanderbilt Classic Tapered Scottsdale

Cotton, 26%, and 2% Elastane. The high rise jean has pockets at the natural waist, belt loops, and a slight taper leg for the perfect fit. It's great with all tops from fashionable to basic, from stylish boots to your favorit shoes. This pant has a 31 inch regular/average inseam, 29 inch short inseam, and 33 inch long inseam with a 15 inch leg opening. Gloria Vanderbilt is a versatile yet classic look that attracts and connects with consumers of all ages.

Brand: Gloria Vanderbilt

👤I've been looking for these. I had a pair of shoes a long time ago. wore them until they became threads. My midriff bulge is more hidden because these come up to my belly button. They are very smooth to the touch. I like that they are not like regular jeans and can bend and move with me. I have trouble with my hands and the button hole is easy to button. They are not saggy butt. I will be ordering again now that I have found them. I didn't know they had so many colors. Woohoo! There are no old lady elastic waistband pants anymore.

👤The jeans fit this woman. I ordered these jeans in hopes that I wouldn't feel like a frumpy mom when I go out with my family. The waist holds in my belly, which is nice. I hope to get these in a smaller size after I lose the baby weight.

👤I usually buy some fashion nova jeans in a 15 for $30 and they will show up a little tight but will stretch out in a few hours. They will tear at the thigh anti-gap in a few months. I was persuaded to buy jeans at Target by a coworker. I got 3 pairs ofLevi's in a 14 for like $40/ea. I have to wear these things to work every day because that is the only thing I can do. A pair of garbage pants were ripped in a month. A month. So. I saw these bad boys on sale for $9 on Amazon and thought I should just buy six pairs and just hang out. I changed it to a size 16. They will fit if they run small. I will wear a belt if they run regular. Guess what. They run frequently. The delivery lady dropped them off and I pulled one on, but I ordered them big. I will wear a belt to work. The sale is over, but not sad, because I came back to buy two more pairs. These pants have 4 1/2 Real Pockets, which is more than the ones on fashion nova. I can fit my entire hand in the front ones. I can put a couple TV remotes in the front pockets. Even though the $9 sale is over, full price is still a steal compared to Target. I'm about 5'5 and 197 lbs this week, but I'm dense in the bones. A lot of my weight is in my thighs, but these jeans don't do it justice. I ordered them too big because I wanted to add pictures when I bought the right size.

👤I'm 5'5" and have a waist, hips, thighs, and legs that are no thigh gap. The pants were high waisted and on a lightning deal for 20 bucks. I thought the cut beyond the waist would be attractive. The style is the deal breaker for me. Since I have large thighs, they look like straight legs on me, and it's just more fabric than I want in the leg area. I don't like how the fabric bunches behind my knee and I don't think they're doing my butt any favors. I went a size larger than I should have, I hated the idea of the top of the jeans pinching my stomach. I got the regular instead of the short. I don't think the extra length will make a difference because the tapers are not sharp enough. If your thighs aren't too disproportionate to your legs, the taper's only really attractive. The thighs could be 2 or 3 inches larger in relation to the calves. For the fit I want. I was going to exchange these for some 14's. I think I'll have to use one of the other cuts to get the fit I'm looking for. I think these were a good purchase for the price. It is a nice stretch and color. Not as thick as some denim blends, but a bit thicker than denim leggings. It was comfortable to move around in. It's better than most things. I would recommend based on comfort and fabric.

3. KUT Kloth Catherine Boyfriend Authenticity

KUT Kloth Catherine Boyfriend Authenticity

99% cotton, 1% spandex. A boyfriend jean with cuffed hems has whiskering and fading to knee. Zip fly with button closure The front and back of the Rise are 9 and 14 inches.

Brand: Kut From The Kloth

👤I am 5 years old. 180 pounds. I bought a size 12. I don't want to be a size 14. These fit the same way as a pair of boyfriend jeans. I'm taller in the hips at 45 inches. I included this information so that anyone who is pear shaped can have a better idea of how these fit. I use it a lot. The weight can be plus or minus 5 lbs. I bought the KUT jeans.

👤I do not write reviews. It's not my thing. But... I read reviews and think they are the most important factor in deciding if I spend money or not. I have over 30 pairs of designer jeans that cost upwards of $200 and not a single pair has ever or currently fit as well as these. These jeans feel like they were made for me. They have a small amount of slouch as a good boyfriend jean. Most designer jeans are loose in the waist and not tight in the legs. They sit in the front and in the back. They look like high quality denim. I didn't think jeans that cost less than $100 would have this quality. I will be buying a different pair.

👤I love these jeans! They fit well and are flattering. This is the second or third pair of KUT from the Kloth that have fallen apart in a catastrophic way. They do not rip. I was a teacher at the high school and one of my students told me that I had a rip. I only wear them once or twice a week because they are only four or five months old, and they fit well. They are not worn out. She was correct. I had to go through five more hours of classes and meetings with my underwear and skin showing. They ripped in the back. I ripped the same pair in the same way as the one in front.

👤I love these jeans. They are stretchy and loose so they are the boyfriend look I wanted. They are loose at the waist, which is a problem since they are my usual size. I am usually a 12 but the 10 would fit better. I ordered a size 10 because I wanted them for an upcoming trip, but kept the 12.

👤I ordered Size 8 because it was too large and I like the idea of Kut from the Catherine Boyfriend Jean, Classic Boyfriend Style Rise sitting slightly above or at hips. Fit is perfect. Not too loose or tight. Quality material, denim not stiff, more soft. Medium Blue is the color of authenticity. Many women's jeans do not bag out after a few hours of wear, but Catherine Boyfriend jeans hold shape well, the fabric is 99% Cotton-1% Spandex, and the jeans do not fall out. jeans are not for people who want STRETCH. Inseam is 30. To maintain color, minimize wear andtear, turn jeans inside out, Machine wash cold water-Cold water rinse, if using dryer, tumble dry on lowest setting until jeans are slightly damp. Hang jeans on a clothes rack to prevent them from getting baggy. I own 3 pairs of Catherine Boyfriend Plan and absolutely love these jeans. The KFTK jeans in Catherine Boyfriend are well worth the price if you want to try it. I didn't want jeans with stretch. The product description did not match it.

4. Gradual Joggers Waisted Leggings Athletic

Gradual Joggers Waisted Leggings Athletic

The material is soft, stretchy and comfortable. The high waisted and elastic waistband offers snug wear and looks flattering. When you move, the deep side pockets can hold phone, key and card. The cuff is stretchy and is suitable for exercise. It's suitable for yoga, jogging, running, gym, lounge around house, run errand or casual wear.


👤I was a little hesitant about this style of pants because I wanted to be transparent. I love joggers and leggings. The idea of combining the two sounds great, but I'm afraid of all the failed combinations. This was a great combo. The style and comfort are perfect. I work with animals all day so they are comfortable, but so are other things. These pants are the same as every other one. They almost repel fur. If you have a butt, don't bunch the pockets too much. I'm 5'4 130 lbs and bought the small. They fit. They are thick enough to keep me warm during a Wisconsin winter, but not so thick that I can't handle a warm day. I quickly dried any moisture that I came into contact with. I have washed these pants many times since purchasing them. They have not shown any signs of wear and tear. Any scratches from a claw or two are included. I will purchase more of these pants and highly recommend them.

👤These pants are my favorite. I don't have the best body at 5'2" and 185 lbs. These pants hide it very well. The cuffs are perfect for short girls and the length is perfect. I think they make me look thin. I ordered 2 more pairs. Material is thick enough to hide bumps. I have two dogs that are outside. Hair does not stick to these. Not even joking! I'm not getting any reimbursement for this review, I'm just thrilled to have leisurewear to work out in and wear around the house that aren't sweatpants. I don't think I can get away with yoga pants yet, but these are exactly what I need.

👤These are very comfortable. It's perfect for working from home, lounging around the house, or running an errand. The material is stretchy. Form around butt and hips and then loosen around knees and calves. A jogger type fit is definitely what it is. The waist band is wide and doesn't fit in most places. They held their shape well throughout the day because Lint doesn't stick to them. I wear a medium or size 8 in pants. I got a medium in these and they fit perfectly.

👤These are not tights or joggers. It's in between. I got a large instead of medium thinking. I would get a comfortable style. I'm 40 years old. Size 8. There are 29 waists. I'm 5'8" with a 41" hips, but I have a lot of extra butt and latina hips. I can have issues with size. My mom is a size 10. The person is 5'4" 31 people are wearing jeans. She is a fit body type everywhere else. I think you should go with your pants size. If you're an hourglass figure, TTS. We don't care about the fact that it shows cellulite. It's not much at all. She loved them. Excellent quality fabric holds in the belly and is great to stretch on. Mom wants more colors. I will review the medium later. The large went up high on the waist, so I hope it's the same. The waist width was a bit loose because I am an hourglass figure, which made the fabric slide and bunch at the crotch and knees. Otherwise great. The color is powerful. This is a great lavender and it is on the lighter side. Will get a few of these for hiking and around the house. Great stitching on the seams. Strong hold and not bulky. It could be a bit longer on the ankle. The camel toe is not an issue if you wear tight clothes. But perfect. If you're taller than me, these might be short on you but that's not a bad thing.

5. Tmustobe Bootleg Control Workout XX Large

Tmustobe Bootleg Control Workout XX Large

Polyamide and Spandex. The Cropped pants for women are made of premium material. 4-ways stretch and non see-through fabrics allow you to squat and stretch easily. The Unique Bootcut Design is suitable for every body type and shape. For a streamlined shape, the wide waistband fits the body curves. The large front flat pockets of the capri pants can hold simple objects such as cell phone or credit cards. Simple and classic design, multiple colors to choose from, perfectly matched with sports bras, crop tops, shirts, etc., is ideal for workout, daily wear, date, working, to create your own style. The Lounge capris pants are perfect for most occasions. It's perfect for yoga, lounging around the house, and also for work wear. The highest quality is combined with fashion and function.

Brand: Tmustobe

👤I usually wear a 2X or a 2X and the size chart shows me a 3X. I ordered 2X and am waiting for it to be delivered. If 2X is loose, I'll return it and get the bigger one because I love the style and look. The material is very comfortable. The price is reasonable, and I like the fact that it is a crop top. I took a star away because of a wrong size chart.

👤These are okay. They are baggy and heavy. The waist/stomach area is huge and they fit mostly as pictured. It doesn't hold anything in but gives. The crotch area was large and baggy. I'm 5'7" so I think they'd be ridiculous on anyone shorter. I'm always in the middle of small or medium so if you are too, go small!

👤It's a good fit and a bit more dressy than standard workout/lounge wear, which allows a wider range of where you can wear them.

👤I wanted a different color. Normally, I wouldn't choose that. I would like to see more color choices. Surprisingly, I got several nice things to say. It was a nice fit and it was true to size. They arrived on time.

👤Love the material. It was soft and flowy. The pockets are nice. The length is great. The top band is so high it reaches my chest. I roll it down, but it doesn't stay.

👤Great material. Light weight and comfortable.

👤The yoga pants are more than I expected. I ordered the spotted black in medium because of the pattern. The fabric is soft and the pattern is great in shades of gray and black. One reviewer wrote that these are not heavy on spandex. They don't smooth your bumps. They are great for the house and the street. I can imagine them wearing a tank top or sweater to a party. I thought about returning them but the small was not available in the print. I ordered another pair in black.

👤The material is very comfortable. It works for me. It is stretchable and has a slimming effect. Highly recommended. My favourite pants.

6. Sidefeel Floral Patchwork Destroyed Mid Waist

Sidefeel Floral Patchwork Destroyed Mid Waist

Also, note: This jean's size is bigger than normal, please choose size down or refer to the size chart before you order, according to customer feedback. This denim stays true to its original form even after repeated wear. The features are: Casual pants, ripped, skinny, blue jeans, long, straight leg, semi stretch fabric, traditional pocket, front zip and button closure. The sewing stitches are very secure and formation. The knee& Leg with wash destruction and raw-edge hem looks very cool. Hand wash or machine wash separately in cool water, wash and dry inside out with similar colors, don't bleach, tumble dry low.


👤I want to look young but not wear mom jeans. These are flattering on the butt and still loose through the legs. The answer to the skin tight skinny jeans and unflattering mom jeans debate is a perfect one. It is hard to find jeans. I am happy with my purchase.

👤They don't look like the same thing as shown in the pictures. The model shows mine don't fit. I know the models are super thin, but they would fit me better if the jean material was the same as the ones shown. They are also a very thin material. I love the high waist and find them soft. They are very comfortable, lightweight, and will be very humid and hot when this area's summer hits. I am okay with this purchase, but feel these are too expensive for what they are. The material sewn under the distressed areas is cute.

👤Should have gotten. I am a size 14. They fit. I wanted them to look like a boyfriend. They look like skinny Jean trying to squeeze in. Love the style and material. I should have gotten bigger. 174 lbs.

👤I am 5ft 3in and have a size medium. They fit well. I have to cuff them. I think it makes them cutier.

👤These jeans are the most comfortable I have ever owned.

👤Cute! They are very soft and comfortable, but they are just a bit big. Great deal.

👤They fit well and are very comfortable, even though they are large.

👤There are many positive reviews for these jeans. They are awful. Terrible quality. Do not purchase these jeans if you are having doubts about them. If you order a size or two down, they will run huge.

7. Sidefeel Distressed Pockets Joggers Drawstring

Sidefeel Distressed Pockets Joggers Drawstring

There are two functional pockets front. It is very comfortable to wear. The elastic waistband has a drawstring that makes it fit most of the body. The joggers demin pants are a good choice for relaxing and working out. Work, beach, dating, street, traveling, shopping, party, school, home and so on are all Occasions.


👤Ok. I read every review prior to ordering and I didn't know which way to go. I'm 5'7",133# and ordered a small and regretted it the minute I hit the go button. I'm the first to say my photo doesn't look like the model photo. I was pleasantly surprised. There were many comments about this, but it was good. I could still eat dinner. I loved them. Hope this review helps others.

👤I'm discovering my body is not the same as it was when I was younger. Different physical changes are brought by women at different ages. I've had to change my style many times because of cancer. I'm still thin. Even though my eating hasn't changed, I'm losing my waist and my belly is getting bigger. My size 24 jeans have become unclosable, and now my 26 are uncomfortable, and leggings look terrible on my body type. I guess this is what happens when you get old. If you've always loved fashion that doesn't change, I was searching for something comfortable to wear that looked ok if I went outside. I didn't know denim joggers were a thing, but I started seeing them on style blogs, so I decided to give them a try. I discovered this inexpensive brand, yet the reviews said the pants looked cute on women who shared photos of thin or young bodies. I was amazed that this style looked good on most women. I thought I'd add an older woman's photo as well. I am 105 lbs and have a small size. They fit perfectly on my waist, no digging in or sliding down, even with the tie loose. I couldn't feel them. I'm too old for a butt lift and they look baggy on my non-existent rear. It's a good thing. If you are buttless and didn't know,added undies work for special looks. I am short but my legs are long, so I rolled them up, but they hit my instep, so aren't too long. I rolled them higher and they didn't roll down as many baggy pants do. They are comfortable enough to wear all day, and the tie didn't bother me. I took my grandson to the park and got a compliment on my clothes from a person I know, so I feel like they're ok to go out in. If you get cold like this old lady, you can wear tights or leggings underneath, but they will also work for summer with a crop or tucked top. The only thing I didn't like was the smell, which is common in things coming from China. I have never smelled it on clothes before. It was strong right out of the bag now that it's gone. For the price, the fabric doesn't feel like good quality denim. We'll see how they do after a few washings, but I'm tempted to purchase them in every color. I wish they had more distressing colors. I don't think these look bad, I think comfort is more important than looks. Maybe I've found a happy medium.

8. HISKYWIN Pockets Control Stretch HF822 Black XXL

HISKYWIN Pockets Control Stretch HF822 Black XXL

Solid color is "Gothic Grape", "Haze Blue", "Rose", "Black", "Purple", and "Dark Blue". The light gray is made of 50%Cotton; 36%Polyester; 10%Spandex; and 39%Polyester. The fabric is soft and 4 way stretch for superior comfort. Straight leg design will slim your silhouette. For a custom fit, there is an elastic waistband and drawcord. There are two big side pockets and a invisible zip back pocket for storing credit cards. A yoga capri is a great choice for any type of exercise or fitness activity.

Brand: Hiskywin

👤I was hoping that these would fit me. There are too many capris. These are great length just below the knee, but were tight around the hips and not what I wanted. I went up one size from my regular size. I will return them and then order the XXL to see how they fit. These run small for me, I don't wear a big shirt.

👤I wear a medium or a size 12. Not in these pants, I'm ordering an XL. Here is the actual measurement for a Medium: Waist is 26 and hip area 38. The waist will stretch about an inch below your navel, so make sure you measure it that way. The hip and thigh area is a bit more forgiving, so I would use your "lower" waist measurement when ordering. The fabric in the black capris is soft and thick. Nice quality, so trying again. Extra Large is an actual garment measurement and could be comfortable up to 40 or so. Measure about an inch below your bellybutton. I chose this option for my size 12 waist and hips because it was a good choice. Being of a certain age makes their waist too tight. The elastic they used in the medium had less stretch than the larger one. The pair you order may be different from mine. The M's legs were cut more generously than the XL's, creating more of a stovepipe leg than a snug yoga look. I'm on the slender side, so body type may affect my fit. The loose fit is cooler for summer wear.

👤I triple check sizes when I buy online because the size doesn't match up with reality. The materials are not cotton. The cost to return is more than I paid for, so I'll just donate. The buyer should beware.

👤If only they fit, these would be perfect. I wanted to love them but they are too small.

👤I am only 5 years old. It is difficult to find pants that are the correct length. These are perfect! I can wear them with sneakers or flipflops and they are not dragging on the ground because of the 29” inseam. They are comfortable and stretchy. They have a wide waist. The elastic band is folded in half inside the waist of the pants because it is not sewn in. It's not a good fit around the waist. It is not uncomfortable and is just annoying. That is the only thing I have to say about these pants.

👤The waist band is very flattering and elastic. I am stretching the band and cutting the strings. If you want a baggy fit, go up a size. The fit of the Large is great, except for the tight waistband which is fixable if you spend a lot of time. I am 5 feet 4 and weigh 175-181 pounds with thick thighs and a slight belly. These are awesome. If you prefer a snug fit, buy your true size. If you want a looser size, go up a size. The color and length are the same. After wearing for a little while, the waistband stretches. You can loosen the elastic by using the drawstring holes. They are not that bad if you buy in different colors. It's a good thing.

9. YESNO Cropped Bloomers Elastic Pockets

YESNO Cropped Bloomers Elastic Pockets

There are capris, Elastic Waist, Side Pockets, and Casual Loose. Holiday; casual wear for home. Shopping. Before ordering, please refer to the size chart in the product description. Hand wash cold; soft machine washing; line dry; classification of washing; low temperature if necessary.

Brand: Yesno

👤These are great! Light/medium weight denim is as pictured. I'm 5'9", 185 lbs, and have a 31" waist and 46" hip, and the 3XL fit great, I could probably go down a size and still have it fit baggy. I wanted the pants to fit baggy as the product is pictured, so if you want the same effect, I would recommend ordering at least a size up. These are a great fit if you have a small waist and a big butt or thighs. I have plenty of room in the front and in my butt, which is rare for me.

👤I was hesitant about getting these pants because I thought they wouldn't be flattering on me, but I wear them all the time. They're cute with a crop top or sweater. They are so convenient. The waist is elastic like pajama pants, but still has a button and zip up. They're cute without a belt, but I usually wear them with one. I can fit my phone in the deep pockets. Every single time I wear them, I get a compliment. If you sit with your legs crossed or bend over, the leg holes will ride up if you do. If it's cold, wear tights or long socks. I got a 3xl because I was afraid they would be Asian sizes and I wear a size 14/16 jeans. I know how it is. They fit well. I could have gone down to a 2x or 1x. They feel like you're just wearing pajamas.

👤I weigh 175 lbs and have a bust, waist and hips of 42in. I am very happy that I got an XL. These fit well. I love that they have a back that allows more stretching. They are right above my ankle. The fabric is very good and they look like the picture. These are great!

👤These pants are great with heels. My daughter asked me to order these for her, I think she saw them on TikTok. I ordered a pair for myself because I loved them so much. We both love them, but we style them differently. I'm 5'9" and usually around a size 4.

👤The legs aren't baggy but the rest of the pants aren't, that makes sense.

👤The pants are wide and comfortable around the leg. It looks like I have on a long dress. I didn't think I liked them at first, but after giving them a second look, I found that I do! They are different and don't look like sweaters or t-shirts. They go well with my sneakers. The pants were not bad. They are very comfortable because of their wideness. I might come back to get a second pair. Will see!

👤These jeans are harem style. I am 5'9" and weigh 140. I got the 2 XL because I wanted them long enough to sit below the waist. They fit perfectly on my hips. The design had a front and back. They come to my ankle bone and can be worn with sandals, low boots, etc. The pockets are small and the opening is small. YesNo makes a larger fit for American size women and I love it! These are perfect if you like the baggy jeans look and like the comfort of harem pants.

10. Signature Levi Strauss Gold Label

Signature Levi Strauss Gold Label

80% cotton, 18%polyester, 2% elastane. Super stretch lasts from day to night. A vintage, worn-in look. The tummy- slimming panel is in the mid-rise waistband.

Brand: Signature By Levi Strauss & Co. Gold Label

👤I love these shoes. These are the most comfortable jeans I have ever worn. You will not regret buying them. They fit true to size for me. They're not short like a lot of women's jeans. They are stretchy, but not like dumb jeggins things. They look like regular denim. No one would ever be able to tell the difference unless they stretched them. Get these and be comfortable in your jeans. They will make your butt look good. I think the only thing that would need improvement is to make the front pockets deeper. We have everything for all women's pants makers. We would like to put in our pockets as well. Two inch deep pockets don't cut it.

👤I'm 5'7" and 145 lbs. I ordered the 8 Long and they fit like a dream. If you like a snug fit, this could work on a size 10 person. The length is perfect for me, I can wear up to a 3-inch heel. The rise is perfect, not too low.

👤These jeans fit. They have enough stretch to make movement easy and comfortable without being tight or uncomfortable like leggings. They look good. They are long lasting. I got a pair of jeans 2 years ago, the only pair of jeans I had or used, and they only developed that wear on the inner thigh this past month. They lasted for nearly 3 winters. I prefer low-rise, but they are a mid-rise jean. I don't like hugging my belly button. I love these jeans!

👤Buying jeans is hard for me. Trying them on first is even harder than buying them online. That's why I was so happy with these jeans. This was the only pair that fit the way it was described, I ordered 3 different Levi's. Give enough to not feel like you are being held in the waist. I'm larger in the waist, butt, and legs, which is more apple than pear-shaped. These were snug where I needed them, and then opened up a little more in the legs for a true "shaping boot cut." These jeans are great for people like me. They don't offer more colors of this exact pair of jeans. I would order every color available. Overall, very happy.

👤These come in short lengths for those of us who are fun-sized. It was the same as pictured (med-light blue with faded whiskering on the top and general fading from just below the knees on up). The fabric of these "jeans" is very thin and stretchy and they feel like leggings to me. I received a tag that said they were made in Pakistan. The fabric is made of cotton,polyester, and elastane. These jeans are not as bad as my other Levi boot cut jeans, which include 534 99% cotton 1%lycra spandex, and two unknown style numbers 98% cotton 2%spandex. If you have thick thighs that rub when you walk, these will last just a few wears.

👤The jeans are the best ever. They are the most comfortable jeans I have ever worn. There is no tightness in the waist and the stretch is perfect. If I wash them and put them in the dryer, they will fit again, even though they are a tiny bit big. As I lose weight, I ordered a smaller pair. If you have an odd-shaped figure that never seems to fit in regular jeans, these will make you happy.

11. Signature Levi Strauss Totally Shaping

Signature Levi Strauss Totally Shaping

Cotton, 15.5% Polyester, 1.5% Elastane. Super stretch denim lasts from day to night. A vintage, worn-in denim look. The pull-on is mid-rise.

Brand: Signature By Levi Strauss & Co. Gold Label

👤Oh. My. God. Shut the front door and hit your grandma. These jeans will cause you to get pregnant. I need to call the police and the fireman. If you have never felt like the subject of a song, then you should buy these jeans. You are about to feel like a badonkadonk, baby got back, fat bottomed girls, and your anaconda is going to make them go, "oh my gawd, Becky!" The funny part of the review is over and you should buy these jeans. Lord knows you will never find a pair of jeans you like again if you buy ten pairs. I am 4'11" tall, 173 lbs, 45" hips, 33" waist, and I can never find jeans that fit me. These are the correct lengths. They fit my body. They do not gap at my waist. This inner tummy panel? Oh sweet baby. Yes. I have a two year old and a pouch of bread. These jeans make me look better than before. I replaced every other pair of jeans with these.

👤These are amazing. I was skeptical because I have a hard time finding jeans that fit well and are comfortable. These are amazing. I carry a lot of extra weight in my stomach, so I like to order bigger rather than smaller to avoid muffin top. I pull pants up all day because they won't stay up. These are perfect! They are pull on. They are not too tight in the waist. There was no muffin top or falling down. The legs are very comfortable. They are flattering. A miracle! I am going to buy the darker color now. The important part now. The most helpful part of a review is the statistics, so I won't leave you hanging. The review is useless without them. People who write, "these fit great!", are nothing worse than people who write. Give no statistics. I'm under 5'9 and 200 lbs, and wear a 14-16, depending on fit, but I hate tight waists so I usually size up for comfort. I got these in a 16 long and they are perfect. Buy these!

👤I usually wear a 20 but took a 16 in these levis. I love these! I ordered another pair. I probably should have gotten a 18 after washing and drying. A little snug. I'm a pearish 5'4 220 shape and the pic are with a 16S.

👤There is a meshy band across my tummy that eliminates my "Mommy" tummy. I have a small dog that jiggles if the waist line pinches. My entire waist is secured with a waist band. My rear isn't as good anymore. My butt is flat in these. My thighs are smoothed out and there is no sign of cellulite. The fabric is high quality. They are soft, but durable like a denim/canvas, and stretch and give when I bend/move without losing shape or stretching out of shape. I wore these to 3 childrens birthdays in one day and still felt confident in them to rock to a friends party. The black long is a size 10 and they fit well. The long still barely hits my ankle bone, but it's better than capri length. The other colors are out of stock, but these pants are magical. I ordered the recommended jeans but they don't have a waist band and don't lift my rear the same.


What is the best product for best jeans for women 2022 loose?

Best jeans for women 2022 loose products from Hber. In this article about best jeans for women 2022 loose you can see why people choose the product. Gloria Vanderbilt and Kut From The Kloth are also good brands to look for when you are finding best jeans for women 2022 loose.

What are the best brands for best jeans for women 2022 loose?

Hber, Gloria Vanderbilt and Kut From The Kloth are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best jeans for women 2022 loose. Find the detail in this article.

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